Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Declaration of Total Dependence upon The Spawn of Satan

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

When in the proscribed intercourse of entrus behindus in human events, it becomes necessary for any number of people to break the political binds that have shackled them in ignorance with another and to seize the powers of Heaven, the separate but equal station they have never possessed, which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a gone missing respect to the opinions of mankind demands that they should, in your face, present the causes which insist upon this separation.

We hold these shapeshifting truths to be self reverent among all of the chosen, who are more than equal that they are endowed by their creator,The Mud God, with exclusive unalienable rights that among them are, your life, your liberty and the pursuit of their profit at your expense., --That whenever any form of government becomes the sole property of sick fucks from Hell who derive their power without the consent of the governed, --That whenever any form of Banker owned government becomes destructive for the sheer joy of destruction, it is the right of the ignorant sheep and willing slaves to be deceived into believing they have any right to alter or abolish it and to extend that fantasy into the erroneous belief that a damn thing has changed, laying the foundation for this fantasy on farcical principles and organizing their lack of power into such useless forms that will manage to convince them that their Safety and Happiness means a damn thing to the dual nationals that rule over them. Ignorance, indeed, will dictate that governments long established actually ever came into being when the same government, believed over thrown, actually continued to rule their dumb asses; accordingly all experience has shown that sheep are wholly disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to actually change the shit that The Central Bankers put them through and which they swallow without chewing like something passed off as oatmeal, which is not oatmeal. When a gone dead train of abuses, economic rape, Chosen People Status and a host of psychopathic industry shows clearly an intent to bend them over before the front quarters of these bi-pedal beasts into a condition of absolute Despotism, it is their right, their duty to writhe and undulate beneath the fornicating force of the animals ass raping them because they are both dumber than rocks and less agile than fenceposts. Given this, in all likelihood they will clamor for the opportunity to be assaulted and violated by the offspring and treacherous compatriots who wait in the wings to continue the abuses.-- Such has been the willing sufferance of these potato heads; and such is now the continuing befuddlement that constrains them to wander clueless across the looted landscape of their countries vanished wealth and security that have been given over to a criminal banking syndicate of a manufactured country, built on the genocide of the original inhabitants which took place by the consent of the abysmally mindless and ignorant to whom the same thing is now happening. The history of the present Satanic rulership of Israel, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States. We could prove this but will eschew presenting these useless facts to a less than candid but more rather, pornographically naked world.

Here follows the silence of the unmentioned and unlisted points that none of the robots engaging in stupid fireworks displays today would have paid any attention to anyway. Feel free to drink a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon from the can and stuff your faces with any of the many configurations of processed pork that make up your dietary preferences and then, drunk and incoherent, feel free to set your national parklands on fire, beat your wife, drive your pickup truck into a tree, or over one of your neighbors glue huffing teens. Feel free to give all praise to Jayzuz who is now working as an MC for the b'nai b'rith on the wedding and circumcision circuit, when he's not at his second job as a security guard on 47th Street for the stipend of a dose of Methadone and a bag of stale bagels. You'll be happy to know that someone's security is intact.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have simply bent over and waited for more. We have died in the banker's wars. We have starved in their manufactured depressions. We have drowned in their porn and blushed with pleasure at their ridicule and contempt. Our repeated cries for, “Can I have another, Sir”, have been answered with another. A slathering demon whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant is perfectly cool with us; “Can I have another, Sir”!

Nor have we been wanting in attentions from our Israeli masters. We have failed to warn them, since we are their bitches, from time to time of attempts by their Satanic and wholly owned domestic legislature to please spank our asses and make us call you Daddy. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here and their unobstructed access and egress from here, bypassing all native security of their in house security organ, the TSA. We have appealed to their completely absent sense of Justice and (snicker) magnanimity, and we have conjured them up out of the bowels of Hell to oppress us at their leisure, with no ties of common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably fall on deaf ears. They have also been deaf to the voice of justice and consanguinity, since they are vampires and would prefer to drink our blood accompanied by a canape tray of blood matzos made from the drained forms of our children, in this unleavened concentration camp. We must therefore, acquiesce like the craven cowards that we are, the necessity to denounce nothing and hold them and release them as they see fit because we are not worth shit in our present condition. They are our friends in war to whatever extent they command us and anyone they say is our enemy is toast.

We, therefore, the bought and sold Representatives of the disunited States of America, in general catamite Congress, Assembled and appealing to hard of hearing Heaven and the presently Supreme and horned Judge of this world, whom they serve and we get hosed by, please respond to us with the full measure of contempt which we deserve. We state this by the laughable and hijacked authority of the blind and brain dead People of these Colonies and according to the non existent rights of the slave and non independent States; that they must give full allegiance to their Israeli masters and that all political connection should be determined in whatever manner they please and as an anything but Free and Independent States, our Israeli masters have full Power to send us to die in their wars, ignore any opportunity for peace, until they have sucked the last bleeding nickel from the conflict, destroy and piss on all Alliances, completely control all commerce and do whatever else the fuck they want to because we are a slave nation and deserve no better. And for the non support of this Declaration, with a limp dick reliance on protection by the plastic Jesus ♫riding on the dashboard of our car♫, we mutually pledge to be indifferent to each others lives, our stolen Fortunes and our (cough, cough) 'reach around' and reprehensibly profaned honor. That said, we invite ourselves and our compatriots to go fuck ourselves at the earliest convenience, providing that we are not already engaged in some menial task for our Israeli masters and given, that we have already forgotten that this has been our most consistent avocation through all of the shameful years of our subjugation at the hands of the Synagogue of Satan. “Can I have another, Sir”!

Here follows the J. Paul Gettysburg address; Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers allowed to come forth upon this continent, an AskeNAZI ruled nation, conceived for Central Banker profit and dedicated to the proposition that all gentiles are created equal beneath the hobnailed boots of their degenerate masters.

Now we are engaged in a manufactured war, showing that this nation and any other ignorant nation is well disposed to fight for the profit of those printing the money. We are met on a continuing battlefield of endless war. We have come to dedicate a portion of this bloodsoaked land as a final resting place for all of the fools who gave up their lives so that that nation can continue to live in servitude to bankers. It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this because we are the very definition of morons.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate – we can not consecrate – we cannot hallow – this ground because it is a testimony and enduring evidence of just how fucking stupid we are. The brave and deluded men, not hardly living and dead for real or simply walking dead, who struggled here, have profaned it, far below our poor power to spin or morph it into something other than what it actually was. The world will little note, nor long remember what we said here because it is a pack of lies, but it can never forget the art deco colored bullshit of our attempt to lend meaning to it. It is for us, the zombie sheep, rahhthar, to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from this dishonored crows food we sanctimoniously pretend to a tedious devotion to which they gave everything for the banking houses of Europe and their branches here in the host body – that we fatuously and with empty words bombastically proclaim that these feckless and programmed idiots most definitely did not die in vain because the bankers made a killing in every sense of the word – that this pathetic nation, under a cloud of delusion, shall see an unending redundancy of stillborn and oft aborted freedom and that a government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers, shall not perish until there is nothing left to steal. Shalom Baby.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer

Happy 4th of July!

End Transmission.......

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willie said...

The CERN scientific consortium has just announced an almost-sigma 5 confidence level in the discovery of a new particle that is probably the Higgs boson, and you do not seem to be the least bit thrilled.

Soon, mankind will abolish all uncertainty. I favor thermonuclear housecleaning myself....

Visible said...

Thank you for staying on topic.

Visible said...

When you have time you might find this of interest.

Visible said...

Ray, anonymous and named

First of all, I don't give fuck about people who didn't have to get vulgar to say something. Bill Cosby is a plenty vulgar guy in real life, just ask any of the people he stepped on.

I consider the use of the word 'nigger' and negro vulgar but you don't. I now wish I had posted that comment you sent. Send it in again so that the readers may indulge themselves in your refined presentation.

Anonymous said...

To busy mourning for Andy Griffith to get drunk, blow off my fingers and pretend to be free this year. Maybe next year man, if there is one.

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Pricelessly funny, especially the J Paul Gettysburg address. Being a Southerner born and bred, my GGGGrandfather found himself taken prisoner at Gettysburg before the carnage began, (as stated in the family history) otherwise I might not be here to post this comment. Oh, what a different America it might have been. Makes my day!

Pam in CO

biggee said...

Circumsismically speaking of course, they are giving the Devil his due. Then it's off to the bowels of Patagonia for a fun filled vacation while the rest of the world burns!

Clarity said...


who doesn't feel much like celebrating today

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Bill Cosby's personal life, but his humor is respectable.

I used those words in the context that THEY use them, and I kept that to a bare minimum.

I don't have that post anymore, or I would post it. I thought you had it. You can post it.

In my 1948 dictionary, those weren't bad words. More spin from the tribe. The word "black" will get the same connotation if it's up to them. "African American" is replacing it. And in 10 years, they'll go into your archives and say that you used slurs against African Americans.

Scared people are dangerous people.

I think I was fair about it.

You can post it or not. I'm a guy who's had black friends and black enemies too.

When I was under arrest in the marines, they gave me a black escort. Him and his friends got drunk in the dorm and started talking about bashing my brains in and making it look like I was trying to escape. Why? Because I was white and they would get away with it. They thought I was asleep.

Like you said : They're people too. Is this just talk?

And while you're looking up Bill Cosby, look up MLK too! His own wife said if they released the records of his FBI surveillance, his reputation would be ruined for all time. And they locked it back up.

And ask those southern sheriffs why they got out the fire hoses! Do you need a hint?

You can't be tactful about this, evidently. The very words set off a pavlovian response. Subtle they are.

This is getting ridiculous

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

You don't give a shit that Bill Cosby never had to get vulgar, but you give a shit that I did. I guess it all depends on where it's directed.

WTF is going on here? You're failing at everything you've preached.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

I made up my mind Monday night to quit this smoke from the pit blog world. It's a bunch of hooey.

I'm in this world to endure until the end and I want worldly knowledge and wisdom that will actually yield a crop, or sharpen a knife.

If your chakra is the wrong color or if mercury is in retrograde, then stay in and worry about yourself all day.

You're talking to yourself anyway and lost in untested speculation, like that clannish culture.

Bye bye

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

"At their origin through some biological mutation or phenomenal hybridism, the Jews can have been no more than a band of squalid savages, less numerous and less important than the Mohicans or Algonquins on this continent. Had their ambition been only to survive as a tribe, they would soon have disappeared, absorbed into the teeming populations of the Near East. But that minuscule race, inspired by implacable hatred, perfected though ruthlessly selective breeding a very high degree of predatory intelligence and a genius for dissimulation and deceit. Endowed with a loyalty to their own race that maintained their unity in dispersion, they infiltrated more civilized nations to exploit the superstitions and appetites, the gullibility and venality, of the masses. Thus, in only 25 centuries, they became the arbiters and virtually the masters of the world today."

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, 1980.

brian boru said...

Sadly, that sums it all up.

Eamon said...

Truly classic, my dear friend. Thank you (c:

Visible said...

Ray, I've always appreciated your input here but you can't call someone a nigger at my blogs and trying to piss all over me doesn't get it either. Meanwhile, Cosby is a notorious sonofabitch and Louis Farrakhan is a great man.

Go away and calm down.

missingarib said...

Vis,a Canadian schools day would start with these lyrics ,God Save the Queen

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen:
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen.

O Lord, our God, arise,
Scatter her enemies,
And make them fall.
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
On thee our hopes we fix:
God save the Queen.

Thy choicest gifts in store,
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign:
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the Queen

From every latent foe,
From the assassins blow,
God save the Queen!
O'er her thine arm extend,
For Britain's sake defend,
Our mother, prince, and friend,
God save the Queen!

we sang this B S with gusto at first ,than by rote until somewhere in the recess of our little minds the words were stored there and only god knows how the words drilled into our subconscious still impact how we think.

Believe what you are told get with the program or find yourself with a shovel in your hand for the remainder of your pre 60 year stint-oh ya and pray they throw ya a pension bone .

Many have been called -only a few understand the siren song.

live long -

Clarity said...

Re: Louis Farrakhan...

In my sheeple existence, I never paid much attention to him. I knew he was "bad" because everyone just said so, and that was much easier than thinking for myself, especially in areas that weren't of much interest or import.

I remember the first time I heard him speak, in a video, after I woke up. "Holy shit - hes's right." I have listened to quite a few videos of him since then, and I have not heard him say one thing that I didn't know to be the truth, or with which I disagreed. It's a damn shame that someone is speaking up and speaking out, and people have been so conditioned to believe that he is evil and dangerous. And that is true because the media says it is so. My god, if I could figure this out, anyone should be able to.


lightandlongshadows said...

Wow, so how do you really feel?

Apparently a prophesy in the Zohar states that in the year 5773 of the jewish calendar their messiah will arrive, this apparently corresponds to 09/2012-09/2013.

Every dog has their day.

"...and this too shall pass"


Take care all

Anonymous said...

speaking of great black men, Jimi Hendrix. what a special person he was. Fell in love with him (in the spiritual sense) in high in high school. only recently discovered some of his deeply spiritual thinking about the coming end of the age... and the star spangled banner that he played, how very appropriate. anyway, for anyone curious, here is what Jimi reportedly said about the changes we are living through now, which he spoke of over forty years ago:


Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth of Jew Lie!

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....Born into this world during the time of the devils den....a difficult challenge to love all and serve all when we are under constant assault and deception is the name of the game...thanks for your insight and help

Visible said...

Ray; I'm asking you to rein in your childish behavior. I understand that you did not appreciate being told that I did not want certain language here. You went off and started seething about it and now you want to bomb the site with a bunch of 12 year old garbage. It's not going to go up. Dig yourself. You are in the wrong here. If you can't see it, that's too bad but you will not be allowed to act out here.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Visible,
There is truly no one on this planet better able to articulate more profoundly the world that surrounds us.

I have been thinking of all this in the past tense lately and that view is fascinating. I told my girl yesterday how cool it was that the chemtrails are now virtually non-existent. She replied that she wondered what all those people would think when they found out. I laughed and said they never knew about the whole thing to begin with and that the whole thing was “over their heads” Haha.

It is very interesting that a certain segment of the population was given eyes to see and another faction of “children” were employed to create the most fantastic show of evil against God and man simply for the purposes of demonstration. That demonstration is designed to further our abilities to see the true depth of the Love of the Divine. As we learn these things and take another step closer to him, he responds by advancing into new creations thus making this a never ending pursuit and expansion.

I am seeing many signs that the “children” have been stripped of whatever power they may have thought that they once possessed. I see that the battle has been won by the forces of Love, but now realize that the battle was always “won” and in fact there never was a battle. Your belief in a battle between good and evil is only supported by your investment in the illusion.

I realize that some investment in all this will remain until we are returned to the full memory of who we really are but until then I am declaring this an Independence Day from duality and vested interest in this hologram.

I did not come here “save souls” or “convert” anyone to my definition of reality. I only came to observe and learn. I choose to use my powers of creation to envision a beautiful villa surrounded by huge trees enclosing a stone patio on a warm sunny afternoon on which there are comfortable seating arraignments. Seated on those chairs are Visible and I surrounded by many who frequent these blogs and we are all laughing. We are laughing because we now realize just how foolish it all was to actually believe that somehow the Divine had lost control of a certain part of this universe.

Fear not, my friends, all is under control.


Rose said...

"Declaring this an Independence Day from duality and vested interest in this hologram." That is a celebration indeed! Marking that on my calendar from here on in. Thanks Richard. Vis -a phenomenal post as well!
Blessings from Woodstock

GodSend said...

You forgot to mention that these Israeli Zionist Slimeballs, who did 911 and 311 and are generally messing up America, Humanity and our habitat, are really humanoid, reptilian AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) from below the belt of Orion!

GodSend said...

OK - but let there be no doubt that these Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are really humanoid, reptilian AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) from below the belt of Orion - come to mess up America, Humanity and our habitat (911, 311, etc.)

Emmanuel said...

That was totally fucking awesome, Vis! Just what I needed to hear on this day of "independence". I'll have to forward this to the few folks I know that are awake enough. I used to forward a link to the recreation of Smedley Butler's War Is A Racket speech to a few friends on Memorial Day. Your latest post deserves circulation to at least those same few friends on this Fourth of July. Great post. I can dig it. That grabbed me by the shirt, yes, sir!

Richie (Dana) said...

Ahh, Our long time friend Godsend returns.
I have a few questions for you Sir.

WHO created the belt of Orion?
WHO created SATAN?
WHO allows them to survive each second and in fact LOVES them?
WHO created our “habitat”?

I propose that as long as you keep your eyes fixed upon these distractions you may be missing something quite important. Have you noticed the recent calm in this world? Oh sure, there are a few small hotpots remaining and a bunch of useless fear mongering rhetoric on MSM, but there are NO wars being allowed and the big banks are coming down as I speak along with all those Dark Ones who have ruled this planet for so long. Their time is over. They no longer can harm us in any way. There is NO battle to be fought.

You may want to consider turning around to SEE the One who liberates his children.

“God’s not dead, he’s only hiding". ~Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Very interesting Richie, I live in the Boise area and haven't seen much of chemtrails for over a week. Prior to that they would cover the sky. Maybe the filthy bastards ran out of money, and for some reason Bernanke won't print them any more. I do remember that for the last couple of years the chemtrail spraying stops/slows around this time of year.

I think it is pretty well known that Martin L King plagiarized almost half of his dissertation. Some Canadian dude sued him for this. Boston university refused to take his doctorate because "it would serve no purpose." It is interesting what Ralph Abernathy had to say about him. (And The Walls Came Tumbling Down)

I remember back in the late eighties Louis Farrakhan said the government was responsible for supplying drugs into the black neighborhoods. At the time, I said those black preachers will say anything. It wasn't until years later I realized he was right. I always listen to the guy whenever I get the chance. Don't have any problem with him. He wants the best for his people, and doesn't hesitate to chastise them.

How about old Drake. You guys seeing any mass arrests? Is the guy a shill, full of shit, high on something, just jumped the gun? What's he going to say after this no show? Think he has any credibility left? A month ago Cliff High said he was full of shit, and David Wilcock is a useful idiot.

Channeled sources say these arrests are coming, actually have already started. Lots of resignations lately. Lots of shit going on and none of good.

Have a happy 4th people. I'm going to go see the fireworks and celebrate our freedom. Me and you and a rabbit named Lola, how I love being a free man. Belch.


Anonymous said...

Nice all seeing eye logo. Clearly this shows your an insider.

Anonymous said...


well played, young jedi.

Rob in WI said...

Wow, I've known many Canadians, but none mentioned this school ritual. Thanks for sharing it. In usa we were forced to recite "the pledge of allegiance", which began as an advertisement to sell flags to the tens of thousands of one room schools (one of which, I attended). I have a plan, which involves my grandkids and friends, to produce a video(can't get them to cooperate), with a group of kids reciting;
I pledge allegiance, to the burger, that comes with the cheerful meal. And to the fries, with which it is served, one meal, under the golden rainbow, very delicious and highly nutritious, we swear to God. Then, one kid says, "and it comes with this cool toy; and another says, oop's mine broke".
I can't seem to pull this off, but will bet it would succeed, if an explanation of PLOA as an advertisement were included. Feel free to use it. Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get the impression that the ziopigs finally jumped the shark when Rahm Emmanuel was
(s)elected mayor of Chicago; that somehow, in some small but consequential way the tide turned at that point?


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"That said, we invite ourselves and our compatriots to go fuck ourselves at the earliest convenience," shades of Calamity Jane in Deadwood? ,
I am going through the 1960s SF show Outer Limits (for the first time), it ends "and now we return the viewer to their normal TV screen", and I think of Calamity every time.

Jew Lie ... HAHHAHAH! (12 year old laughing but happy on the verandah, in the sun in winter, on the net with Vis & Co). count yer' blessings and strive towards the energetic.

Anonymous said...

Vulgarity has it's place in Shitz n' poopin's guide to germanic control of the new world order.

Today was Bohemian Grove day, where all the powers that think they be gather to
burn all their cares away on wise old owl.

John D Rockefeller wrote eloquently about the Jewish image and religion being stolen by Japeth. The Khazar jews are not jews, they are a germanic people who stole the religion and then stole the nation of Israel. Just count how many blue eyed blonds are in Israel.

The real jews that went abroad were wiped out, and those who stayed in Palestine, converted to Islam, and are now being wiped out by the fake german nazi bastards that have taken over.

that's really the whole point, a group of Germans headed by a king, converted enmasse to steal an identity and a religion, we must applaud them for their obvious success, because reading the responses here, you can see how duped people are into hating the 'jews.'

The German's or khazars who stole the religion are laughing all the way to their banks.

Anonymous said...

Amerika the Divisable! The rich against the poor! Two Classes under one nation which has a god it trusts and that's the Federal Reserve! So Amerikans as you go to your Temples and receive communion at the nearest ATM just ask yourself, why am I so controlled and ponder it while you shopping or spending a day at Disneyland wishing your life could be like Peter Pan's life flying around the Magic Castel! Happy 4th of July and Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

"If you cannot profile a psychopath, you are not a responsible member of human society. If you cannot detect and defeat psychopathic behavior as it presents itself in your immediate personal reality, you are not qualified to live in a free world. Freedom ain't a free lunch. Such is the humble view of a warrior in Kali's Band. "

--John Lamb Lash

Anonymous said...

It's fucked up beyond repair. Evade, ignore, stay under the radar....Vanish into the background. If you do get cornered act like a man and beat the shit out of the Nazi fuckers.

edna :) said...

Plastic Jesus! How good is Jello? I might not comment much but I am always reading. Thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Wha'? 12 year old garbage? I'm not mad that I can't use that language. I didn't use it that way. There's no euphemism for that word.

My last post was the 4:38. Did you answer it twice? I sure don't understand the 2nd answer.

I posted different this time, to make myself more identifiable by you.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

I can't swear to a hundred percent recall on what I read. I'm pretty sure of what I saw and certain of how it would have gone over. That said, vast amounts of comments and emails along with messages and what not go past my eyes every day.

For myself I love what you have to say and enjoy it when you show up. I have a native resistance to certain things though it's possible I took something out of context; it wouldn't be the first time. What is important is where we take it from here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sir, and I'm flattered.

One salesman says "I can't sell to them; they're clannish" Another salesman says "They're clannish; I can sell to them". So, people can end up miles apart and never be able to trace it back to the attitude they started with. I'm glad you can sell to them, but that hasn't been my experience, so much.

So, fortuitously, I'm on the B's (house) in the encyclopedia now and I come across Francis Bacon and his 4 idols that corrupt science. More fortuitously, your new Origami pretty mush nails every one of those idols. Francis Bacon is in bed with you. He must have got up to some really serious shit with it, because he died an awfully strange death. Something about him being last seen being chased down the street by a bald chicken. K, back on point, near as I can tell, those 4 idols have ruled science for about 100 years now. The Apocalypse is wide open for anyone who can discipline those 4 idols. Do we dare?

Balls before wisdom

Ray Zerwitt

GodSend said...


"Have you noticed the recent calm in this world?"

While it is perfectly clear that GOD has created EVERYTHING and that His permissive will allows "bad" things to happen, these all ultimately serve His purposes - some of which are hidden and will remain hidden (to us, His creatures).

Pray tell, which "calm" are you talking about? The calm in Syria? The calm in Japan (Fukushima and FAR beyond)? The calm in America, where the GRAND DEPRESSION is happening all around us (if you care to look, instead of believing MSM garbage)?

The "calm" (like the above) will increase until prophesy is fulfilled and UTTER DESPAIR fills the billions of (UNSAVED) minds and hearts.

The earthly trial for humanity is coming to an end and each person will received one of two FINAL GRADES: PASS or FAIL. If you have been "born again from Above", you will PASS. If not, you will FAIL. It's a simple as that. For a more thorough explanation, visit my websites and blogs.

And God is ALWAYS visible to those who know where to look!

GodSend said...

PS to Richard:

"NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me" (Jesus the Christ, aka the Son of God). Guess what that means!

And NO, Satan and his brood will NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven and become members of God's Spiritual Family! He (Satan) has been cast out of Heaven to Earth, along with his demonic worshipers. Next stop for THEM is the PIT.

Where do you get your weird ideas?

WTFU! (start by reading Holy Scripture, aka the Bible)

Timster said...

I will fight to the death to defend the fact that this is the BEST you have ever written, Les!
And upon this suspicious occasion, I have even taken the LIBERTY to reprint your "J.Paul Gettysburg address" on my site! Hope you don't mind...but is like SOOOOOOO good!

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Godsend,

The calm I feel is in my mind because of complete faith in the Divine and knowing that he has our best interest at heart at all times.

On all other points, you obviously have that squared away, so I have no argument.

God Bless

GodSend said...


"The calm I feel is in my mind because of complete faith in the Divine and knowing that he has our best interest at heart at all times."

That's great and correct! - as long as you are aware that "the Divine" is synonymous with "the ONLY Name by which we must be saved" (Jesus the Christ). We can have complete faith because we accept what He did for us on the Cross. Anyone who does not and thinks he/she has calmness of mind based on complete faith in some mysterious Divinity, is delusional.

God's Blessings to you, as well!

Anonymous said...

To those of you passing judgement concerning MLKing's rumored personal malfeasences, consider this: The man was not seeking personal glory and self-aggrandizement when he took leadership of the civil rights movement in the 50s/60s. The man did not assume that role out of personal ambition. He was "drafted" by his people, and he felt personally obliged to answer the call and devote his life-energies to find remedy for their oppressions and sufferings. Everyday the rest of his life after answering that call, he was subjected to the most grotesque humiliations. Everyday of his life after assuming the burdens of his people's sufferings and aspirations - the burdens of trying to enlighten and lift up amerikans in general - his life was on the line. And everyday, he knew that eventually "they" would get him. That man woke up every morning of his adult life knowing it would possibly be his last day in this world. And yet, he did not shirk from his responsibilities, did not cease and desist in his efforts to point out wrongs, to speak truth to the powers who plotted his destruction. And this kind of courage from a very young man at that (just 39 when he was assassinated), carrying that heavy load and doing the dangerous bidding when most males that age now are still sucking their thumbs in the safety of mommy's & daddy's protective roof and dime while acting out their perverted juvenile fantasies playing "lords of war" or "dungeons & dragons", whatever these idiotic video games are named. How many men in amerikan history can you name with such courage and conviction (about the closest historical figure I can come up with is Joe Hill, or Robert Gould Shaw). Like so many other activists, politicians, and union leaders he could have sold out, lived comfortably and prestigiously for the rest of the long life still ahead of him (unlike pigs such as Abernathy, or Jesse Jackson, just to name a few of his traitorous former followers). But he did not. And he died young, with full prescience that that would be his fate. So, maybe you people who want to be so quick to throw Hoover's dirt on that great soul whose ambitions were not for self, but for amerika at large, think about his life in this context. Who living today can compare in courage and conviction. Hell, the vast majority of people today are scared to death of just getting a negative item on their credit report! And isn't this the kind of robustly committed and undeterrable spirit so many of you who think themselves "awake" deep down inside long for to fight and save you from the satanic powers threatening to make drones and slaves of us all. Hell, if someone with those qualities emerged right here and now most of you'd probably just help the satanic powers and their propaganda organs throw dirt on him (or her) too!...leaving yourselves to wallow in your boundless confusion of heart and mind. Most people are not as awake as they like to pat themselves on the back for. And the self-righteousness of such people sometimes make me want to root for the NWO! As Les points out repeatedly here, the vast majority of people are cowardly. IS it that nothing offends a coward more than a brave soul guided by his or her inner conviction? I just ask you MLK critics to think about that.


Steve said...

There he goes...

Limiting the unlimited again...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning.

Anonymous said...

To those of you passing judgement concerning MLKing's rumored personal malfeasences, consider this: The man was not seeking personal glory and self-aggrandizement when he took leadership of the civil rights movement in the 50s/60s. The man did not assume that role out of personal ambition...he felt personally obliged to answer the call.

LTravail - I hear what you're saying but, I'm of the notion that it's very difficult for us to truly ascertain the motives and intentions of others. I'm not going to say that MLK didn't do a lot unselfish work, of course he did, we see the evidence of that and he should be remembered for it. However, to completely whitewash the things he did behind the scenes while espousing something else in public doesn't do anyone - certainly not his memory - any justice. Mr. King was a fallible human being who (along with the help of many others!!) accomplished great things for his race and for our species; as a preacher, he's naturally held to a higher standard of which he simply did not live up to, according to my own research anyway. Some people might label his actions as hypocritical.

If anything, I've always considered his wonderful wife Coretta an unsung hero in all of this because she could've divorced him after finding out the truth. But I believe that for the sake of her family and that of the greater good, she chose to put her own personal needs aside and God bless her for that. Her famous husband however, was unable to make the same sacrifice of his own personal wants the way that she did...

I believe it's important for us to know the people who say they stand up for truth and justice, because many of them are not as they appear. I do not condone the tired habit of my species to make hero's out of myths.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add: I think that real cowardice is when we refuse to see something for what it really is, especially when you have all the real and tangible evidence in the world staring you in square the face.


Anonymous said...

It is not our species in general tht does this nina, it is the MSM and the corrupt system we live under. The zombies go along with it because they are too lazy/stupid to investigate and find the truth.


Anonymous said...

pierre said

Godsend's godsend
cue Sinatra (from the other mob)
♫You Did It My Way♫

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind when visible says AshkeNAZI, or Satanist, or Zio-Nazi, he means Judo-Bolshevist, because the Nazi's, just like all the other nations being targeted by the war machine today, were decent and righteous people. It is insult to Nazi's to have any reference to Zionism attributed to them. I am not sure who would be more offended by this, the Jews or Nazi's... but it doesn't give the truth and the dead justice. If the Jews destroy Palestine and continued to write the history-books, in 50 years the Palestinian's would be demonized in the media, just like the Nazi's.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Hitler's first typewriter

♫and the walls fell down, all the way to hell♫



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