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Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Watching the culture, it depends on the level you are observing it from what you extract from your observations. It should be patently obvious to anyone, not trapped in and operating from that level, that superficiality is the primary objective. This is the origin of things like Twitter and un-reality TV. It is the origin of gratuitous sexual associatives, with products of every description. Sexual attraction is the essential magnetism of the times- often of any times, except where an individual has sublimated it to the point where it has been transformed into another kind of attraction, for something presumed but not evident because it only comes into presence, once the self has entered the bridal chamber of the alchemical marriage.

We might consider the princess in the tower, which is guarded by the black knight. The black knight, so named for his armor, is ignorance. The tower is the spinal column and the princess is the kundalini. Of course these things are not precise, they are fleshed out by the individual in the process of the journey. This is why the signposts and guidelines cease to appear at a certain point. That part of the pathway is not marked, it is written by the personalized footsteps of the one walking it. It is why the veils of the High Priestess close behind the aspirant. Well, enough about the authentic occult. There's plenty of bogus occult, via the reversed Kabala of the Chabad Lubavitcher and the goblins and gremlins that do the scut work of sound and image mutation, for the purpose of ensnarement. This makes sure the spider gets fed, while the awareness is sucked out of the victim on the trembling web.

There's a certain feature that doesn't get discussed much and it has to do with the daily arrival of more and more repressive laws and street level aggressions on the part of the zombie police. 9/11, of course was set up and carried out by rogue intelligence agencies, under the direction of the state of Israel. Following this serendipitous event, which removed the unfortunate limitations of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and made it possible to do away with posse comitatus, along with habeas corpus and led to the legitimization of labeling anyone disaffected as an enemy combatant, modern life was ushered into a chiaroscuro wasteland of shuffling masses, shackled by invisible leg irons. Material culture made it possible for people to surrender their independence. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. We have entered the age of the chronic master-bater; not all sense of mastery has been lost.

In any case, since before PNAC, a collection of psychopathic minds, knew where they intended to go. They knew that it was morally wrong, against the law (though they are changing that) and that it intended for either the elimination, or sustained subjugation and repression, of everyone not them. They knew in advance where they were headed and so they came at the public in a multi-pronged manner. They intensified the negative, dumbed down impact, of the entertainment and music industries. They set about to destroy the middle class, because successful revolution can only come about once the middle class has been engaged. They attacked the economic standards and infrastructure, while eliminating the manufacturing base. They attacked the job market, in order to supercharge the impetus to join the military and law enforcement. They privatized the prison industry, which then led to changes in the law that would guarantee maximum occupancy. They created a foreign enemy, while the real enemy was given carte blanche in the corridors of political and economic power. Today, Israelis are being given the opportunity to bypass TSA scrutiny. There should be no question at this point who the bad guys are. There might be an incomplete and non comprehensive listing of all of the players, but the general outline is beyond dispute, except by those summarily seduced by the trivia machine and the house divided construct, which pits opposing ideals against one another, while giving the impression that there is the slightest difference between the candidates they support.

Prior to 9/11, it was decided to end the appearance of a democratic process and take control of the electoral process. All of these efforts have been engineered and synchronized, in order to pacify and make docile the wider public. This is assisted by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as all sorts of quasi invisible technologies that work on the nervous system and brain centers, of those rendered into sheep, by various offenses being committed against them.

One has to look at the culture and observe its operation and take for granted that everything you see is being 'worked' by those who want to fuck you up, enslave and kill you. The police state apparatus was set into motion ahead of time, because public outrage was anticipated, as the scum of Wall Street and The City, the central bankers and those employed by them, in the various areas of their enterprise, set about looting every country of its assets and presumptions of personal liberty and independence.

On the surface it all looks good to go and it is going. The surface is the place where public perception is modified and controlled, while subliminal activities are going on behind and below the scenes. You definitely need the right sunglasses and some of us have them. These sunglasses allow some of us to see Alex Jones for who he is, along with Chomsky, Greg Palast and a variety of disinfo stooges ...who work for the banks. It doesn't occur to people to wonder why such a quantity of porn is free. It doesn't occur to people to wonder why the biggest voting bloc in the United States is nothing more than a transparent propaganda organ, for the ones who hijacked it and who are the original villains of the refashioned and progressively perverted tale of the religion's founder.

A lot of things do not occur to people, because their mechanism for independent thought, has been compromised by various technologies. There is a very good reason why people are wearing headphones and earbuds all of the time; watching television 8 hours a day, thumbing their cellphones, while bouncing the one knee on top of their other leg, managing the thousands of apps that attend the instrument. This is all about occupying the thinking process so that it does not detach and find itself forced to contemplate the nature and relevance of its own being. This is the essential disconnect of the greatest importance to the executive junta.

This could all be very depressing and overwhelming, to those who have no fallback support system and who do not realize that all of this is for the purpose of demonstration. As has been stated here many times, there is a single source of power, regardless of who may temporarily possess the use of it. As has been exampled many times, one needs to consider what happened at the Battle of the Morannon, during the moments following the Ring of Power being unmade in the fires of Mt. Doom. Those being affected by despair and depression, are those being manipulated by surface sounds and images. Something else is going on behind the scenes, in other ways than just the machinations of the bad guys. The bad guys themselves are being distracted, while employed in their nefarious activities against the human race. It could be said that nearly all of us are being distracted to some degree, while,at the same time, Mr Apocalypse is out turning over rocks and beating the bushes. We've been on a consistent time-line up to this point ...a steady incremental progression that could well be accompanied by the insistent pounding on a single bass drum; 'doom! Doom! Doom! The speed has not gone into hyper-drive because opportunity is being given for people to come to their senses. Opportunity is being given for people to change their course. Awakening is in operation, to provide awareness for those who advantage themselves of it. This is all an individual affair, even as it includes collective destiny.

Efforts are daily and consistently being made by any number of people around the globe. Brain dead acquiescence marches in opposition to its own liberation. Pernicious, once human, predators are working overtime because, 'their hour has come round at last'. They may know this and many of them may not, at least at the conscious level ...but all of them know about it at some level and it follows in their footsteps like The Hound of Heaven. It breathes on the nape of their necks, as one might imagine Mephistopheles did with Faust. Before one sets about killing their fellows, they must first kill their conscience. In times of darkness, some number are even born without one. Opportunities for transition and a quantum leap, are not the only possibilities present in these unusual times. Opportunities for reverse transition and a quantum fall are also available.

I feel for those whose focus of importance and personal treasures, have obscured and diminished their access to the protective and sustaining virtues within. However, as has often also been quoted here, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Most people don't reverse their courses, even as the signposts become more and more ominous, even as the landscape gets darker and the soundtrack more sinister. It can be done and if you are, more or less, going the right way, the direction can be firmed up and the speed and intensity can be ratcheted up. Since that is already taking place in the cosmic sense, it is only dependent on one's posture of alignment and a willingness to seek it out. It's not like it isn't aware of you. The problem is that so many people continue to be unaware of it. That's not an absolute requirement. Inventive hearts and minds can quickly find other avenues of approach. All kinds of help and assistance are at work ...but they are hard to see, if your attention is all on the negative end, which is the motive and intention of the negative.

Day by day, so it goes and so do we, toward whatever that may be.

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A.Mouser said...

Like crystal clear water flowing out of a mountain stream are the words of the true prophet.

Those with ears let them hear. Those with eyes let them see.


kikz said...

enjoyed it... thx

Richard said...

More and more Vis
Is that possible?
Can it become more visible? Of course it can, but the anaesthesia has to be removed, and that is a painful process. The firing up and the registration of all those nerves waking up again, hurts even if it was only the signals from an arm that 'fell asleep' during a inappropriate posture during a nights rest.
When the night was not restful, and the nerves are from the soul, for those who have one, the pain is what is called the 'long dark night of the soul', that realization that one has indeed been self-removed from the source.
Thanks again for the words that , not always gently, help to des-anaesthesiate.
Sensitive but not susceptible, ahhhh the criteria.
Be well.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in bloom.

WarmZephyr said...

Les Vis, Beautiful and asounding;

Reading you is like sipping from a cool brook on a hot day - all the while staring into a drop of water which holds the microcosm of the macrocosm.

I can see it all in dazzling clarity - the dark the light the shades in between and something hard just loostened in my soul.

~ Babble on you font of wisdom ~ sparkling waters of grace ~ I'm blowing you kisses ~ as tears run down my face ~

Visible said...

I went and put a link in the post but since many of you have read it by now, I'll put it here too.

Visible said...

Well, this is amusing. I had to send someone the video of "The Black Swan is on the Wing".

When I went to get it I noticed there were only 57,000 hits. Months ago there was over a hundred thousand. The Brotherhood of the Golden Calf is at it again. I think that's what I call them from now on and will title the next Smoking Mirrors after it.

Denny said...

Hi Vis,

You're right. Never mind "No one shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through the Son". I'd also wager that no one with a mobile phone shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven either. Talk about weapons of mass distraction.



Re: Me being alternately grumpy...

Just take my word for it, it's not easy being me. You wouldn't believe what I have to put up with every day, what with having to go shopping and having to talk to people etc. And the worst thing is, even though I KNOW that it could be a THOUSAND times worse, WHY for crying out loud couldn't it be just a measly say THREE times better...? Nah, I'm just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of people who are addicted to their cell phones and Twitter and Facebook (and online porn), etc. - in a way, they are not really people any longer. It's as if their very souls have been hijacked by the forces behind the creation of these things. Their primary methodology for accumulating "information" consists of two-second glances at text messages and online news headlines. They are continually distracted by these tech gadgets as they go about their daily business, to the point where they virtually cease to be alive any longer, in the classical sense.

When the time arrives that their cell phones no longer function, and the ATM's won't spit out cash, and rushing home to watch Dancing With the Stars is no longer an option - when all of these things happen, during the End Game Finale - we will see a display of absolute stark-raving lunacy the likes of which has never been rivaled. We will see a few billion instant-gratification junkies going through withdrawals en masse.

Yesterday I watched a man SCREAMING into his cell phone. He was walking along blindly, completely co-opted by the device, to the point where he almost fell down when he missed the curb while stepping up. And he just kept SCREAMING into his phone the whole time (bad reception, I think). And on and on he raved while being oblivious to his own footsteps, and as he passed by me, he was shouting a phone number to someone on the other end of the line. And finally, he said, "Shit, I must be CRAZY...I just gave you MY phone number, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." Which kind of sums up the whole thing - these devices hijack people's souls to the point where nothing else matters, and they cease to be functioning human beings, and they become "crazy"...

It doesn't matter where a person might be, nor what they might be doing - whenever the phone rings they will immediately detach from whatever they are doing and answer. It's absurd to see 50 people in a grocery store, and 40 of them are on their cell phones, talking, pushing their cart along, completely detached from the task at hand and the people around them. Their telephonic discussions are by and large irrelevant, if you should catch snippets of them. So, since they have nothing critical to must be an addiction, there must be some sort of "juice" or "jolt" that these people get, each time they use their cell phones. And they just can't get enough of it...even though it is frying their brains.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh... Mr Viz - you've gone and done it again - hit that sucker right outta the park!!!

Anonymous said...

Vis, whenever you write, "A new ______ (blog name here) is up", I envision a group of field hands walking hurriedly toward the farmhouse, wiping the sweat from their brow after a hard day's work, and smiling in unison, due to hearing their favorite sound - the evening dinner bell. It's comforting, somehow.

Anonymous said...

That's a good thumbnail of Zio's tactics and strategy, Les--but you left out the one that makes empaths like us VERY uncomfortable. That is the use of Third World peoples to break the working and middle classes in America. The most damaging tool is the negro--and you will notice the increasing use of the blonde white woman/black man in ads and entertainment.

The jew himself is obsessed with blondes--vide the Marilyn Monroe icon. You can see this plainly in everyday; 9 out of 10 white women with negro men are blonde or red. Men of color think these are the "whitest" white women, the biggest score.

Make no mistake: miscegenation is genocide and when you go after your enemy's women you are ripping him out by the roots.

The jew knows exactly what he is doing. It's time to look at race, or we're just dancing around the fire in a semi-kumbayah.


Anonymous said...

I'm responding to the last couple of writings since I'm running to keep up with them. I need the exercise anyway.

You are truly a wonderment. It's a good thing you've told us where it comes from; else we'd think it weren't real. I'll always remember not to follow you as a guru, but to seek what/who you seek. I find it more and more difficult to live in two mindsets as the real one takes over.

Re: snuff films - It freaks me out how many deny their existence along with all the other baggage people carry that you so eloquently point out.

I just commented to the family how the big divorce is a distraction from what's going on in Syria. (Deer in headlights alert.)

I removed all of the religious 'smiley faces' some years ago, even while the child was finishing up in the catholic school. (The academics were better than public school to the degree that academics can help. At least the discipline existed, sort of.) I never did like smiley faces. Even boss' son at work told me he had trouble going from religion class to science class. It was a good thing to revisit the thought.

via Kathy,
My son graduated from high school this year (valedictorian, no less - but he knows he needed real competition - public school and all) and refused to participate in the graduation ceremony because he had to purchase a cap and gown, plus, most importantly, he refused to do the ritual of shaking the hands, crossing the stage, etc.

He explained it to friends and family (family still doesn't get it - quick, look surprised!) by comparing it to the cap and gown the KKK wore in their meetings; and the rituals they performed amongst themselves. Nice.

Voting gives the same consent to rule over us.

All y'all,
There's so much input from your comments that it's impossible to respond as I would like. Suffice it to say "Thank you".

I love this refuge.


John Caelan said...

Posted by invitation, thank you, Les.

A Message from Neptune by John Caelan

So, you read the poem, and considered it quaint,
The apologetic twist on the fiction you paint
Where seraph is sinner and devil is saint,
The illusion of promise, however so faint.

So, you read the prose, and concluded it wise,
The inspiring insight that opens one’s eyes,
The crafty reflection that duly implies
The tattered mosaic of the thoughts you revise.

Well, I got a message from Neptune today,
Encoded in light in a long-distance ray
Addressed to the watcher who wandered astray,
The great vessel hailing, “Come away, come away.”

So, you joined in the chants of the bewildered slave,
“Evolve, evolve, lest we fall to our grave!”
How trite, how clever, how patently brave;
Imagine the number of souls you will save,

With a word, with a poem, with a song or a tune,
With a gathering of vagrants to worship the moon,
With a temple, an idol, a charm and a rune,
With a restyled Garden where the robots commune.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…embracing the beat
Of a clock, a timer, of machines that repeat
Until they wind down, their mission complete,
To count out the minutes as the watchers retreat.

Marvelous minds, mimics and mimes
Wait for their cue from the belfry chimes
To relegate wonder and chronicle times,
To proudly position their lesser of crimes.

Meticulous cadence conceals the glare
Of contrary thoughts in your colorless stare.
Your measure and meter in the human affair?
The dangling resolve of the scarcely aware.

Well, I got a message from Neptune today,
Encoded in light in a long-distance ray
Addressed to the watcher who wandered astray,
The great vessel hailing, “Come away, come away.”

So, dig as you will through stanza and verse,
For signs of the torment and shades of the curse,
For hints to the roles and the scripts we rehearse,
For the fading applause, as the legions disperse.

No study, no musing, no earnest review
Will pull back the cloak and illuminate you;
The deception is great, and more than you knew;
And those who know nothing hold that which is true.

See, I got a message from Neptune today,
Encoded in light in a long-distance ray
Addressed to the watcher who wandered astray,
The great vessel hailing, “Come away, come away.”

Anonymous said...

we could all be deed.

and then what...

...the "Jewish" blessings keep on a comin'....for the braindeadgoy.

seriously, if the "Jews" are actually "Israel" shouldn't America be seeing some blessings..?

or was "God" Almighty not just a voyeur of Abram {laugher} & Sarai...but a Liar ...too ?

One wonders how the Khazars turned into all 12 Tribes, not being Judahites and all...

serious tune up ahead...if the "Jews" are Israelites/Hebrews surely they won't mind stepping in the OVENS just to prove the genuine genetic validity of their claim...RIGHT ?

...and we could all be free



lightandlongshadows said...

God Is an Astronaut

Chinese Sneakers said...

Very fine piece.

Several astronomical points.

Never been better.

Must scare the Dickens out of that so-called bortherhood of the golden calf (grin).

Be well, good people.

Anonymous said...

Do You See What I See? - a 6-minute video

Ignoring the Obvious, a short article that might be good for those who think that what's going on "isn't so bad"...

A history of the Khazars, for your information, or to use with someone who argues with you about about who is doing what and likes to throw out the anti-semitism label at you...

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Boinking in the Box Seats, a great one by visible, and it happens to apply to the two links directly above... (grin)


Clarity said...

"I believe that when we are born into the world, we are born into soul groups. And I think what we are seeing here amongst those friends out there who cannot be here and share these great and emotional moments... we are soul groups. There is a kind of a lightness that attracts people - just like the communists attracts thugs and murderers and torturers, other people attract finer people. And we might not be the most beautiful people to look at, but I think in this day and age, when it would be so easy to be corrupted - through money and sex and dope and drugs and alcohol and everything else - that there are people in the world, like you, like us... makes me think. And when I look at my own children and at your children and I look at Eugen and the way he has come along since I know him as a little boy - if young men like Eugen can grow up in this society and withstand all the temptations of the world that are at his feet every day... And if men like Frank Wallace, small and simple, even difficulty with the language, can stand up to such gigantic forces of evil which has everything at their disposal, and I mean everything - even life and death over us... And we can walk out - and we can walk out there proudly and say, 'I will not be cowed. I know what I'm doing is right.' And if we can find friends like that to help us... and if we can walk into the court and out of that court, these devils - and that's what we are dealing with - can never win. We have, by our very being, just bey being ourselves, have denied them victory."

-Ernst Zundel, to his support team, during his Canadian trial

"The passport that you have in your pocket, the driver's license that might state your name, is virtually immaterial. It is what you are made of as a human being."

-Ernst Zundel, to his lawyer, before the verdict at his Canadian trial

I watched the video about his trial and was so impressed by his character and his courage. He was doing this for the right reasons, and was willing to risk physical harm, destruction of property, and jail time in the name of truth. He took the high road, refusing to play dirty, and was content with the fact that while he did not win (until his second appeal), his experience made more people aware.

The world needs more like him. I think there are a number of those people here... Blessings to each of you who have faced the truth, often at some expense, and who work on becoming better people, better souls.


Visible said...

That pet goat animated link was removed from youtube. Here it is on Vimeo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Visible

I am a regular reader and fan of yours, but not a regular responder on your blogs. You have many astute responders so I don't bother to add my two cents. I have noticed your mentioning your love for dogs many times. I share your affection for dogs, parenting five of my own (as well as a shy little cat who someone abandoned at the base of my driveway). All are rescued throwaways who needed the loving home which others, for whatever reasons, had been unable to provide. They are a close knit pack, each having their own little quirks and habits, needs and insecurities. They look out for us and for each other. They bicker and moan but soon make amends and forget what they were arguing about. At the moment we have an aging and failing pack leader (age unknown but definitely 14) and two of the others are halfheartedly beginning to vie for that leadership position. Having five dogs means my house is usually a smelly hair factory and my property usually a poop factory, (always have to examine my shoes before entering the back door) but those are minor costs compared to the joy this crew gives me. We are always entertained; we give them love, they give it back. I've always loved dogs, but in recent years have grown even more fond of them, perhaps because of my general dislike, distrust, and outright contempt for most of the human species. These dogs give me genuine friendship, love and loyalty, admirable and honorable qualities which most people seem to have forgotten they ever had. Where people will miserably fail, dogs always come through.

My husband and I decided years ago to separate ourselves from the insanity of the city and moved to the peace and calm found in the mountains some 40 miles West of Colorado Springs, the site of the recent wildfire which consumed so many homes and has destroyed many lives and dreams. Here we have the sound of silence or at its loudest the sound of quivering aspens, red-tail hawks and songbirds, and the sites of almost tame deer and not so tame herds of elk. There is hardly ever a car in sight. We have an easy life, a home-based business, and have hours each day to ourselves with nothing much to do, so we decided to surround ourselves with the unconditional love of as many dogs as we could effectively care for.


Anonymous said...

With the eruption of the Waldo Canyon wildfire we have been cut-off from Colorado Springs ( a minor inconvenience for us) and in a no man's land due to the closure of Highway 24 last Sunday the 23rd, the only true Westerly route out of Colorado Springs to points such as Aspen and Vail and other tourist destinations. The closure of Hwy 24 cut off at least three thousand of people in Teller County from Colorado springs, where many if not most of them work. It's a short twenty-minute commute from Woodland Park down the Ute Pass, ground zero - the site of Waldo Canyon, and into the Springs. There are other routes, but to take them means a minimal two and a half hour drive well out of the way to either Denver or to Canon City. To make matters worse, the population of all points West of the Springs and into Woodland Park were forced to evacuate with the threat of the Waldo coming up the Ute Pass along Highway 24. Then the supply line was cut-off as trucks could not make deliveries. Grocery store shelves were emptying quickly. The local Walmart was in the red zone and forced to close. Hell, the people here had nowhere to which to evacuate. Very few hotels in the area, only a couple of makeshift shelters which could not accommodate pets.

My husband and I wanted to do something to help, but also wanted to stay as far away from the human chaos as possible. We have done some volunteer work in the past at the local animal shelter, TCRAS in Divide, colorado, a small no-kill facility that typically houses a maximum of 16-20 dogs and about twice as many cats. This week they have housed a total of up to 170 total. That number is surprisingly low to me, but many evacuees would have refused to let their animals go, choosing instead to sleep in their cars and in their presence than to leave them at the shelter. That would have been my personal choice for my pack, suspecting that the trauma of a few days of shelter life might destroy their beautiful spirits.

We decided to pitch in and help as many dogs as we could by relieving their obvious stress with 20 minutes walks while their kennels were being cleaned by staff and other volunteers. We walked our asses off; we compiled at least 50 miles each into 6 days (not done yet) upon our aging mid and late 50s bodies, redeveloping and straining muscles we forgot we had.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the cat volunteers, but what I can attest to is the dignity and restraint of these dogs in the frightening situation in which they found themselves. TCRAS usually houses the truly unwanted, the Pit bulls, most of whom are the best dogs in the world but come with an undeserved stigma. They are very difficult to adopt. Then you have the ugly, homely Heinz 57 type dogs who nobody wants or those who seem to be untrainable, when in fact they are simply in need of love and attention. After having been imprisoned behind bars all day, they are understandably bouncing around and out of control, wanting to release the stress for a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine and a kind human face. Some can nearly jump over their cells; some are so smart they can literally unlock the door unless an additional, removable little pin is added to the lock. In any case, this week saw the addition of the pampered and the spoiled, the pure breeds, the couch potatoes, the working dogs, all sorts smart and not so smart, old and young, huge and tiny, fit and fat, some of whose owners left specific instructions to "DO NOT WALK" since they would come in themselves to doing the walking. (I would too, not trusting the average volunteer to keep a firm grip on the leash). TCRAS has a large walking area in the sight of Pikes Peak, so walking these dogs for a good distance isn't an issue.

They quickly recognized us as being there to help them. After day one, the caution and distrust in many eyes - and a few stubborn cases who refused to leave their prison cells - was replaced by a tail wagging "Oh, Boy" while they waited their turns for some needed enjoyment. Some were not so patient, proclaiming "ME NEXT" upon our entering the large, kenneled rooms, but after we'd leave with the chosen two, they'd calm down until we returned. Walking some was not easy with so much pent up energy. Many wanted to challenge our authority, twisting and turning in a hardy effort to escape the leash or collar, while many others were so full of gratitude and kisses that they would pee themselves. The more vocal ones would cry as their way of saying "Thank You, Please More." Some of the dogs don't like each other, something instinctive that kicks in, an automatic response to the others' eyes or tail or color or something else. We'd always try to keep them apart by 15- 20 feet while walking to avoid a doggy show-down, but it didn't happen. Returning them to their prison cells was heart-wrenching and sometimes next to impossible but they finally accepted their plight and quieted down for a while. For those who were forced into small, confined airport style kennels, they'd tell you "NO WAY" but would then surrender to authority. Not once were we bitten or attacked; not once were we shown a mouth full of shiny teeth. Not once, after the first day, did a dog forbid our entry into his private prison cell. Dogs rule. Dogs make far better people than people do. If only people could be so honorable, so appreciative, so loving and understanding...but I don't see that happening.


Anonymous said...

Today will see the evacuations lifted and the canine and feline guests returned to their owners and their loving homes. It will also mark the reopening of Hwy 24 from this no-man's land and our ability to make our way into Colorado Springs to see the devastation of 346 homes right there on the West side and do to the shopping we need done. We have friends there on the West side. We have yet to hear from them, but I am sure they are fine. We are planning to make today our final day at TCRAS to assist in the happy chaos of reuniting loved ones and plan on spending more time there in the days to come after our bodies recover to reassure the regulars that we have not forgotten them. Dogs make this prison planet a lot more tolerable, don't you think?

From one dog lover to another

P. in the Colorado High Country

WarmZephyr said...

Patrick's voice and your writings are a formidible counterbalance to evil.

Here's a wonderful forum you guys might enjoy.

Clarity said...

Visible, love your song (still). Brotherhood of the Golden Calf - yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

lightandlongshadows - hot damn!! You are running five for five. Can you feel it? 'Cause I'm sending you some love...


Dave, if these numbers are accurate...

1900 - Whites were over 30% of the world's population

2010 - Whites are less than 10% of the world's population

2050 - Whites are projected to be less than 5% of the world's population

Save Your Heritage


John Caelan, that was nice...

To everyone who complimented Visible's writing today, you found some beautiful ways to put it. I'm going to "ditto" you all, as I'd never come close to finding the right words.

Denny, I'd like to send you a message privately. If that would be okay, let me know. If not, say nothing - no problem. :)


the gardener said...

Good works done by you "P in the high country"... I was right there with you in the kennels as you told your story. I am sure they were all so grateful for your efforts to make it a bit less stressful for them.

Vis-I thank you so much... who was it who said it's 'like the slaves on the plantation hearing the dinner bell ring' whenever you've announced a new post? EXCELLENT description of how I feel for sure.

Pretty damn dry here in SE Idaho-high temps with the clear blue skies this week. Amazing that anyone would sell or buy fireworks. Between the risks of fire and the harm and horror they cause to the dogs and horses too... I just don't get it. But there's plenty of not getting what brings so much joy to others evidently.

So many loving comments. Assures me that it will be all's well that ends well.

I haven't hit that 'despair and depression' link of yours yet. No matter how strongly grounded I work to be it can come over me like a death sentence -ripples of it whispering in my ear some days-strong currents of force on others. I'm still here so I'm an example of enduring for sure.

the gardener
PS-due to poverty scene I gave up the cell phones. Teen was last in his school to have one and he texted like a monkey on crack-displaying ever addictive mode... even with him in his sleep. He told me 'I'm glad we don't have them anymore'... NOT for my reasons mind you... but his own. Then lightning came through the phone when I was on it disabling our mobile phones (blew speakers out on both of them !?!) on the landline so we're using a cheap connected phone-tethered to the wall-like in the old days. Does cut down the phone usage for sure. Everything does happen for a reason.

the gardener said...

Funny observations about Cruise divorce papers and marriages of Jade Jagger in England and Alec Baldwin in NYC- ALL sets of players and their guests look so low class-so not elite... and many comments are taking note of that and more.

I do believe the walls are tumbling down. And quickly too.

PS-anon with the man screaming into his cell phone all crazy... a friend of mine lives in a big city and she's been telling me about that for a while now-how EVERYONE just walks around shouting into their phones on the sidewalks, buses every where so deranged. *shivers*

the gardener

Denny said...


Wow! I've not had so much attention from anyone since the time a former show jumping lady I met at a spiritual retreat mistook me to be a millionaire and then spent a very intimate time with me in Scotland, until she discovered that I wasn't a millionaire.. (Huh! And I thought for just a moment there that I was actually worth something.)

Vis has my email address already but pleez don't write anything I might find upsetting, such as "get a job" or something..

Thanks for those links. Re the khazar article.. It reminded me of Arthur Koestler and his wife.

Anonymous said...

I work in the web development field, and most of my clients are real estate agents. Over the years I've noticed this progression, this deterioration, among the people with whom I meet in a business setting. They all seem so demented these days - so absolutely out of it. Ten years ago, things were different. Most people I encountered back then had good attention spans, they were civil, and they behaved in a business-like manner. But now, virtually all of the prospective new clients with whom I meet, have no attention spans, they cannot recall what was said to them, they cannot recall the agreements they make with me, and they behave like lunatics at various junctures during our relationship.

I was in Houston a couple years ago, and I met with this real estate agent at a nice hotel, and we were eating lunch in this expansive, serene, atrium area. He kept calling me the wrong name during out meeting (he kept calling me someone else's first name). Finally, after he had addressed me by the wrong name for about the twelfth time, he jumped out of his chair, put his hands on either side of his head and gripped his skull, and screamed, "I'm losing my MIND. I'm losing my MIND!!!!" This was in full view of the other 40 or 50 people who were eating lunch nearby. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I actually sat down and made notes regarding all the prospects I had met with over the last two years. Every single one of them did something that was extremely demented, except for maybe two or three (out of about 30 or 40 people). In the last two years I've encountered people in business settings, who evidenced astoundingly demented/insane behavior. The primary thread among all these people is this innate inability to remember things - critical things that are said to them regarding dates, circumstances, agreements, etc. And another thread involves bizarre verbal outbursts of one type of another, where they will say something accusatory in a shrill voice, due to mishearing something that was said to them.

And the truly frightening thing is this - I think this behavior is the new NORM. I think this sort of behavior is now the rule, not the exception. Increasingly, I am seeing it everywhere I go now, not just when conducting business.

Anybody else here seeing the same thing?

Anonymous said...


not a stone unturned.

Denny said...

Daily Mail latest:

"Scientists at CERN now convinced that they've found the elusive Biggs hosen God particle..."

Anything to justify the crap they're all getting away with!

Listen, you morons at CERN... God AIN'T a particle!

Clarity said...


"You should remember that though another may have more money, beauty, and brains than you, when it comes to the rare spiritual values such as charity, self-sacrifice, honor, and nobility of heart, you have an equal chance with everyone to be the most beloved and honored of all people."

-Archibald Rutledge


Sim said...

Denny, Clarity, anyone else who might want to correspond outside of the comments area - an easy way is to subscribe to Petri Dish (or Mirrors etc) as a "Follower"; (look in the sidebar for the "Followers" gadget).

It's helpful if the name you use when following the blog is the same name that you use when commenting - but if it's not, you can just leave a message in the comments area and ask whosoever to send you a PM via the Followers gadget to your "Follower name", if that makes sense.

Rob in WI said...

You have a tough job, trying to inform the many who have no awareness, let alone exposure to alchemy, astrology, and the Tarot. You do it well, thanks. Hope some new readers will explore further. The comprehension of fire, water, air, and earth should be common knowledge, as should an understanding of feminine/ masculine. That would put an end the homo promotion agenda (well, maybe not). One can hope.
Be well all, Rob

Anonymous said...

piere said...

reading this issue, parallelly considering the plight of many Japanese whom we (our turn will come) might say ought to consider evacating, and all the reasons one gives not to change.

Pet Goat animation amazing.
this is the creators

(pity vimeo wants cookies - wtf for?, and ditto the adds that are creeping into Vimeo and YT , given they get most of their content for free).

something for to consider, I dont know.
new term I make up, controlled 'controlled opposition' opposition, and I am opposed to it (Python conservative dude skit , I'm sick and tired of people being sick of being tired and fed up, and Im fed up with it blah blah).

zepheri said...

lovin the tough new look at the site, it fits you

Anonymous said...

that "i, pet goat" was a really cool video. what did the imprisoned old woman represent?

thom j

Ray B. said...


This was one of the clearest and most thoughtful expositions of the 'state of the world' that I've read here. Also enjoyed 'the authentic occult'. Thanks.

One of the main responses it brought up in me was "Why?"

To me, such a huge and sustained undertaking means that either the entity at the top either truly 'enjoys' (in a sick, perverted way) it like a beloved hobby, or it is profoundly fearful of something and is working to prevent it with all of its powers and attention.

The reason that I bring this up harkens back (how's that for ancient wordage) to a Science Fiction short story that I read in teenager-hood. In it, two species are in a space 'border skirmish'. Both are inflicting casualties on the other, but nothing is settled. One officer is despondent that his forces are inflicting losses on the other forces that ought to be peace-forcing by his trade studies. Then, he has the insight to study the alien culture and find out what they hope and fear. He alters his "engagement rules" to match the alien culture's values, and soon a peace is negotiated.

In a similar 'study', what causes an immaterial, immortal demiGod (or demiurge) to have pleasure or pain (or what corresponds to pleasure or pain at his level)?

On the pleasure side, my conclusions (in a prior Comment) were that 'it' somehow gains satisfaction from our pain. It cultivates and harvests it like a crop. Whether this is a necessity, like 'food', or simply for jollies or control, I have no idea.

On the pain side, and this is where it segues into your article, I believe it fears the 'rise' of other beings equal to (and more experienced) than itself. I believe that this is the underlying 'structure' behind all the triviality and misdirection that we see in the world lately (and in the last multi-thousand years).

As I see it, anyone on this planet today (in body) has already experienced all the levels 'on the way down' to earth plane (also in a prior Comment). We came down here because we had 'finished up' each prior level, and were 'bored' at that level. Many on this board are the equivalent of 'old souls' who have also finished up at least the 'bare bones' of what this final level has to offer. Now, all we have left to do is 'put them all together'. Wow. (grin)

Can you see how this final 'integration' might be the equivalent of terrifying to someone who has never 'dipped it's toe' into physicality? And, how it might exert everthing it can to keep 'old souls' distracted from our 'main path'?

(Again, this point of view probably got it's start in a series of SF novels called "Lensman" stories by E. E. "Doc" Smith that I also read in teenager-hood. The parallels to today are outrageous.)

I offer the above as a 'deep incentive' to readers to alter their "engagement rules" to this culture, now knowing the "Why"... (To the current best of my ability.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. As Vis, others, and I have intimated, some of the above is now 'past tense' as regards the demiGod. Nevertheless, this final 'integration' still beckons...

Anonymous said...

"Hell hath no limits,
Nor is it circumscribed to any one place.
For where we are is Hell,
And where Hell is
There must we ever be."
- Phillip Marlowe, Dr Faustus

Could that be equally true if one substituted the word 'Heaven' for 'Hell'?

That pet goat ii video is the best thing I've seen since 'the inner life of the cell' by Xvivio.


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Loved reading your post, P. in the Colorado High Country. That area was our home in the 80's so it has been an anxious time for us, worrying about family and friends there. I know the Divide dogs thanked you and your husband for your help but this is a lowly human thanking you too. Our dogs (both passed) were discarded near our Colorado mountain home and we were honoured to have been adopted by them and to have had them as a precious part of our lives. It's good to know that there are caring people like you giving loving homes to "throwaways" and recently solace to the doggies in distress due to the Waldo Canyon Wildfire.

Visible said...

For those who have been reading at these blogs for a few years, you will remember the variations on a theme that had to do with meetings I was having with invisible friends and where it was mentioned that people would begin to 'act out' from the pressure of repressing what was real in them. Also mention was made about the ingenious sense of humor of the divine and how comic (though they may not be essentially funny) events and circumstances were going to become the norm. Yes, people are losing their minds and it will become epidemic. Just yesterday a flight attendant lost his mind on an airplane and we've seen many comparative things going on of late.


Mr Visible does not function as a social secretary.

John C (UK) said...

"that "i, pet goat" was a really cool video. what did the imprisoned old woman represent?

thom j"

The feminine blocked/locked away.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Kali Yuga and the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Vis "if your attention is all on the negative end, which is the motive and intention of the negative" for this reason I've stopped reading most alternative as well as msm information. It makes me feel powerless and weakens my ability to work on myself and scares the crap out of me too.
The worst thing about the hand held devices to me is that there is so much lost opportunity for interaction and growth. How many butterflies do you miss or old friends or smart dogs b/c your head is buried in that stupid little screen.
John Caelan - thank you that is beautiful. Diane - congrats on an awake and functional son. Mine suffered 4 years of attempted indoctrination and punishment for being awake and cognizent of what is and isn't going on in school. It was the ultimate "f
you" for him to beat them at their game in cap and gown, although personally, I'd have been happy had he chosen not to participate.
P- dogs have much better sense than people, except for my shepard who eats shit, yuch
Vis why aren't you a social secretary? You excel in so many disciplines.
Peace out

preacher said...

@Ray B.
Maybe this excellent article will clarify some things for you about the 'Demiurge':

Corruption of the Demiurge

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous,The Dog Lady...just my 2 cents worth...You might enjoy "Flawed Dogs" by Berkeley Breathed - Karen Toffan

Anonymous said...

"that 'i, pet goat' was a really cool video. what did the imprisoned old woman represent?"

The Babylon whores Madonna and Gaga braless in 30 years.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit, I've just noticed, its Christopher, not Philip, Marlowe.

Hi Ho, Sorry

Actually Raymond Chandler was originally a Geometry Teacher, and his first published book was called "Here's looking at Euclid"

Anonymous said...

@ dave and the rest of the cryptowhite-supremecists: 'bout time ya show what's REALLY on your mind....
gee viz: between you and your crew: narry a responsive critique...s'up wif dat? you so infected with gluttony for the ass lick you don't spell it out for em?

yeah; da jooz played ya'll: gave ya an infected false history [illusion..dig it] and had you prancing up and down for years with your "ruler of the woild" pantomime.... and now that it's biting you in the ass all you can come up with is "negros" iz da badguys to da blondroidz?

git a grip and grow the fug up...and vis+company: grow some balls and checkmate this shit or stop spouting your "neo-hippy-metaphysics-lover-of-iznesss" nonsense.

either ya iz..or ya ain't ...

the jooz [tm] would have gotten NOWHERE if'n wonderbread hadn't so deliriously and gluttonously sucked that particular dik....

whasamatter don't like the kibbles in yer bits? this space one get's to see folks genuflecting that they got injun blood [genes] while the mighty ubermench whines about "whyte peepuhl"[tm] geneflip percentage drops?....

egad....such faggotry.....
can't have it both ways....

it's why the cell phone new wave datagazm is bending all of you over......

simple solution: live with honor: step off the stupid sh1t.

oh right, you need some kind of semantically stated outline on how to live so you can say "praise the lord" and cream yer jeans while ya kill more brown, yellow, red, tan and all shades above and below...

beyond the beyond.....

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I just heard the fishin dude on the radio say to be sure to slather on a bunch of sun block if your out day fishin but be sure to bring along some biodegradable soap and wash your hands real good a couple of times otherwise a trace of it will kill your whole bucket of minnows within a couple of hours. Call me nuts but I'm sticking with my baggy white shirt and large brimmed hat, non of that shit for family and I. What next moon block?

Best to all,

Thomas said...

what a beautiful offering, Visible! All of it, but really liked that occult part. Thank you.

also thanks to John Caelan for that outstanding poem... Psychic razor to me,

And cool video link, cheers.

May we all be well and blessed, thanks :) I sense that the Divine is putting on its dancing shoes, whoohoo!

Visible said...

10:08 Don't tell me what to do. If people want to make stupid comments that's what happens, then other people can point out the error of such a thing.

I didn't miss it. Unfortunately you missed the opportunity to be eloquent and educative and just came off as a mouthbreather and... anonymous at that. Apparently, however offended you might have been, it wasn't enough to stand behind your comments.

I realize that you, like some others who come here, have a sense of privilege and any time something doesn't meet your specs you get proprietary like you own me which you don't. You can say what you like as poorly as you like but it's got zero influence on me. I didn't make the comment and I left it there precisely to see what others might have to say.

I don't know why I'm bothering to explain anything to you. You've no sense of loyalty and obviously have never gotten anything out of coming here. You're that sort of fairweather friend that will shitcan anyone and everyone when they don't meet the expectations that you fail to live up to yourself.

Hopefully you get my point.

Sim said... missed the opportunity to be eloquent and educative and just came off as a mouthbreather

That's because it was LeMat playing on his new IPad. I got his position; and I have friends in Oregon.

LeMat needs to watch that he doesn't get that IPad stuffed up his ass.

Visible said...

Ah, that explains it. Something sounded off about it being an African American. LeMat's just a garden variety psychopath. I guess people don't know that we can trace posters and their origins.

I'll keep an eye out for him trying to slip in under the radar. He's not someone we want around here.

Anonymous said...

♫ Cellphone, cruise control, buggy got in the way.♫

♫ Do you smell that smell?♫

The county commissioners were gonna solve the problem of idiots running into the back of Amish buggies {sporting a bright orange triangle} in broad daylight by having them get registration on their buggy.

100's of calls from us "English" asking them how the hell that was gonna help and what was wrong with their heads, they decided to leave them alone.

Bloody red sunset tonight.

Best to all,

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Satanic Brotherhood of the Golden Calf.

Visible said...

Ray, I'm not going to publish that comment and anything further I hear from anyone with racist overtones won't see the light of day either. My experience of those people has been completely different and I owe my life to them on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

Good call.

It's time for ME to stop doing this anyway.

I've been using it for escape and procrastination.

I never wrote a comment I didn't regret, really.

Take er easy

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

That would make a 300 comment circus of your blog. It's not in the scope of your blogs, and good thing.

There are other blogs for that and any truth that might come out is done so in an hour. After that, it's fanatical.

Too narrow for here, so sorry about that.

Take care
Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...


Could you imagine what the reaction would have been given the use of certain terms? Can you imagine the shitstorm I would have caught for publishing it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can imagine, however belatedly, in the shower where I do my best thinkin.

I'm glad you didn't publish it. Thanks, even! I've known a lot of blacks and I know how they talk to eachother. So whew! close call.

That subject would definitely sully your blog. Like I said, sorry about that.

My last word on that
Ray Zerwitt

I have a month of work to do

Visible said...

You're missing my point and you have most definitely missed a lot of black people. People are people. I see, without filters just how fucked so many of them are in their own way. I also see and meet the exceptions. May the roses bloom on your cross.

est said...


along those same lines
i have a new friend
he is a congolese tutsi
he was involved in that
stuff going on there
his wife was killed
twelve years ago
he is here in the states
raising two sets of twin girls
he was in the military high rank
when he made the decision to let four planes to take off carrying seven hundred brethren against orders from the top - turned him into a hunted man the un put an arm around his shoulder then six years in france then here [us]
twenty-seven members of his family are also here as refuges
he has all the documentation
and wants me to help him get it into book-form as you all know
i don't write like that but i wish i did here is a story that should be told he has the shrapnel scars to witness plus unspeakable abuse
he is a strong man luckily
any ways count your blessings my friends you perhaps don't realize your good fortune
i'll let you know if there is ever a book if i have a part in it
30 toostsu - ha

Anonymous said...

I think you missed my point too.

Didn't I imply 'people are people'? I don't hate them because they're black and don't love them because they're black either.

Why does Terry Miller do what he does (Shaq does it too)? It's tough love. It takes balls the size of churchbells for those black men to see the clannishness of that culture for what it really is and decide that life is just too short, and more ballsy yet; step out of it. They haven't deserted and betrayed their people like uncle tom's. They don't do that.

A respectable guy gets respect. All this propaganda about how the white man is a monster only makes them retreat further into their isolated fantasies. Some of them have been so secluded, they get the fight or flight response when they have to talk to white person. And their speech, only the other blacks understand. More proof of their seclusion. They're scared because of the lies they've been told and they've embellished those lies.

I hope the black men can get through to them.

This has all the makings of a race war and all courtesy of the tribe's lies, as they would have it. It's had 50 years of repetition after acceptance, and might be unavoidable.

It's a vicious cycle of desperation and violence and perceived revenge, all started by fear, which was started by lies and then nurtured in secluded theory without the lab work.

I realized a long time ago that my waking mind is handicapped by vanities. Only in my sleep is my mind unburdened with it. I never understand my dreams when I wake up. I got some instruction in my sleep last night that was a real doozy. I'll understand it when I can master my hangups. It's in there. I try to consider that weakness. If you can school me better, have at it. I don't fear instruction.

Do we want the truth or not?

I hope the black men have more courage about this than we do.

Catastrophe is looming.

Ray Zerwitt

Let me shut up about this. It's a problem for the black men. My interference is forbidden by EVERYBODY. If they can't school their peeps, it won't be done. In that vein, God bless Louis Farrakhan.

Anonymous said...

And God Bless Pastor Manning too, and Muhammud Ali and Alan Keyes and Judge Thomas and Terry Miller and Shaq and Bill Cosby who NEVER had to get vulgar to get a laugh.

Ray Zerwitt



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