Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Relentless is as Relentless Does

Dog Poet Transmitting......

Good dog, good doggie, you're my friend.

♫Colorado Rocky Mountain High♫...cue Micheal Martin Murphy. Under certain conditions that song could be considered tedious, unless you are in the mood. I'm not knocking the song or the composers. They look like pretty decent people to me; the kind of people I wouldn't mind staying up all night writing songs with, might certainly enjoy it. You will note that John Denver had a moment with that ultralight concerning available fuel. I am the sort of person who appreciates talent. All I ever wanted to do was to be able to work with people that could do the things I can't do and add my words and even my voice but I'm okay on the sidelines; however the contribution would fit, I would be into it. Consider Jessica Sanchez, who should have been the winner and who did the national anthem about as well as I have ever heard it done, at the NBA finals. Joshua Ledet should have won too. They should have had two winners for that past season, Joshua and Jessica ...but young, white, teenage girls make that decision and so it goes as we approach the corner and come on up to the point, shortly.

Yes, I watch American Idol. I watch a few, specific things of that sort. I don't watch any of the other versions. I watch, Game of Thrones. I watch, Breaking Bad. I watched Deadwood but Dead wood went to Deadwood and never even became the theater release it was all set up to be. I don't watch much of the rest of any of that. I watch movies, often when I am writing things like this. Sometimes I will buy a world series pass. I casually follow that. Occasionally I might see a particular NBA game, I follow that less than baseball. At some point in the season I will buy the NFL ticket. I played all of those sports with varying degrees of ability from being ordinary at basketball, to being a lot better at tossing or catching a football, to tossing no hitters and hitting monster home runs in baseball, some of it has to do with the eye.

Anyway... this isn't about me, except for my tenuous connection to being an American. This is about America, that place that isn't a country, just an idea that a lot of people signed on to and had different ideas about. Among all those ideas, however differently desired and expressed, are the ideas of freedom, self expression, liberty. Give me your tired, your poor, I forget how that goes. Some win, some lose. A lot of them eat bacon and pork, because a pigs idea of liberty is a full trough and... now that I've had something to eat, you can suck my dick. Liberty? License? Where did they go wrong? Goodbye to the homestead, in a rather comprehensive way and so Colorado is on fire. What am I supposed to say? Your difficulty with romance is a pathetic, plug ugly. You're looking to go down on all fours. Have at it and you might soon be the same bacon that you enjoy so much. I guess that explains the 'whip it to me' factor.

Well what do you know? Lady Nature has got her powers back and you want to go on with your wars? We shall see what your plastic Jesus delivers, once you have bent over for the bankers who finance both sides. The bankers do indeed expect it to turn out as it always does, just like it did the last time and the time before, when the tables are turned and the same people are sitting there. Uh... no.. not this time. This time they know who you are and where you are. Even the people that work for you, know a thing or two and Mr Apocalypse is taking a stroll. He's got Lady Nature on his arm. He's using his stick to lift up all the covers. He's poking it down into those holes. “Wakey, wakey, children”. I should also add that there are all kinds of vampires and werewolves, tis true. You keep that in mind when your own note comes due. Huh, maybe that's not even a vampire when you think about but I expect the effect will be the same as if.

This guy in Turkey, Receipt-Yippie- Tayyip-Erdoğan, just goes to show you what can happen to a man. The Israelis tried to assassinate him. The Israelis killed his people on the flotilla. I had thought he might be one of the good guys but now he's in the shit fired sauna with All Fogged Up Rasmussen, playing the heavy now, cause he was reached, he got paid and he's being played. What did they promise you? I assure you it's not worth it ...but relentless is, as relentless does. You will have your wars. You will decimate the globe. You will refashion the landscape but, in the process, I suspect you will find someone standing behind you, in an unfortunate Luca Brasi moment.

There's still time to change your mind but relentless is, as relentless does. What is it about people who can see something happening to someone else and can even participate in making it happen to someone else and they just don't get that they are in line for the same thing? Once you give it up, it's not yours anymore. It's like sex, getting control of that monster can take lifetimes. But hey, once you do, you really do control the world. It's also like when you're sitting at a table and you get up to go to the bathroom, or outside for one thing or another, people might talk about you. You should remember that when you're sitting at the table and someone leaves. I suppose, given the ass and the circumstances you might watch them walk away and talk inside your head ...but then you still don't have control. It's as simple as a handshake and as complex as the implications might be. You lay down with dogs and you wake up with Paris Hilton. I remember another place something like this. I was just a player in a larger circle which now, no longer exists and one fellow, talking about Paris said, “I'd do her”. It was then that I realized there was an inseparable gulf between us, like with the people who took acid and grooved on the colors and asked for spare change in the streets. They're all about the side effects, not the principal mover. ♫Roll over Beethoven♫, let's do it doggie style and then we got Rap. It kind of helps to synchronize with the machine guns and batons, when you're only doing your job and being honorable men, while the same shit keeps happening again and and again.

Putin went to Israel. I would have never done that but Putin is Putin and it must have been serious time about that Syrian thing, even China is willing and Pakistan too. Looks like Clusterfuck City for illustrious tools. There's no future to be independent, Gaddafi could tell you that. The foreclosures are on all levels. It doesn’t matter about deeds or documents. They own the printing press, for the moment, for the purpose of demonstration. Let's see what they'll do. Let's see what they'll do. Everything is under control. Let's see what they'll do. Einfacht, it's simple.

I can see now why it is so hard for people to get it and also why it is impossible to inform most of them, even if you could get to them. Of course there are many, many people who would respond; people who have thrown away their hard earned money on stalking horses, strawmen and whatever they call comfort in the night. They could be reached and they will be. Ah “the precious”. Look how it glitters. You can't eat it, though some people try. You can't make love to it, though some people try. For some it's the cock-ring in their eye, where imagination must pleasure the beast. Few of us know about the monsters in the deep or the rarefied Devas who dance the timeless songs.

I was born in New Jersey and lived near and around, some of the time. Lot's of interesting girls with excitable skin. I used to sell Seashell Pipes in the malls. I didn't make it to the smorgasbord table where you get to pork all the waitresses cause I was always too busy trying to finance something like this. I still listen to my early Bruce Springsteen now and again but now... now... in this Petri dish, this culture of accomplice, this indifferent... my charade... my issues!... 'have a tissue', it's a brokeback mountain and it can't be fixed, that's “aft gang agley” and kinda ties into Yeat's poem about things falling apart and the center not holding and the widening gyre, so on and so forth.

It didn't have to be like this but it was like this and now? I guess it depends on who you are and where you are and many other things factor into those considerations. Life was easy here. Life was good. I went along to get along, now I got wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and landslides and murderous rains. I got hookers in office who blow the bankers at noon. I got the real Godfather crime nation who wants me to die in their wars. This is the kind of criminal, lying bullshit we hear from whores who say what they are paid to say. Relentless, 24 carat assholes, down, down and away.

I got hocus pocus and aluminum, dream confetti that are supposed to be clouds, or maybe it's something else. Personally, I got a vaccination about all of that and I suppose there are others too. You are what you are and you do what you do.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: 911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible♫ Something Good (is Coming Soon) ♫
'Something Good (is Coming Soon)' is track no. 10 of 10 on Visible's 2002 album
'911 was an Inside Job'

Lyrics (pops up)

911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Should be that the Red Ice Radio broadcast is coming up soon. Could be we discuss that in Origami after a bit. Now for a cup of tea!


Roy said...

i listen to lots of reggae....Bless

Anonymous said...

there are others, too.

yes, the highway's filled with broken heroes ...

and still we love to hear you 'sing'.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your inspiring post Visible.

"We are the violent fascists!

'The United States condemns this brazen and unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms,' Clinton said in Washington. 'It is yet another reflection of the Syrian authorities' callous disregard for international norms, human life, and peace and security.'

Ridiculous, and for comments like this to be made by the Secretary of State and then for redactions to be made when they are immediately seen for the lie they are would have been an unforgiveable disgrace before 9-11.

Now they are emboldened, running amok and out of control, making statements and fabrications so obvious and so unbelievable to back up their killing machine that it seems an effort in futility to try to counter such an assault on humanity.

For that is what it is, an assault on humanity, on every thinking, breathing, feeling and conscious being on the planet. When one country is allowed to kill at will, a country with a president who laughs that he has a daily assassination list he signs off on, the world must pull together and cut off the head of the beast even it is the Hydra.

We must not sit idly by while they invade yet another sovereign nation on false evidence; any country that does so even once must be stripped of its weapons and of any right to wage war.

Time to stop, look and listen.

USrael/NATO has become the the next Gengis Khan, Attilla the Hun, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler.

WE will go down in history as a blood thirsty, fascist, psychopathic tyrany led by the United States of America.

And defeated by the rest of the world we will be as surely as night follows day."

The name of the man who is leading the present attempt to take over the world is Rothschild.

tmcfall said...

"hookers in office who blow the bankers at noon"...priceless
don't know what i'm gonna do now that the rappin, walkin, dunkin,tatto ball season is over..
oh that's right, i don't watch that shit
tom in tempe arizona

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Visible, we got rap, like, "fo sho". Speaking of which, the following article is a keeper. It's an insider's view of precisely why rap music was created - and it just might freak you out, but it makes a hell of a lot of sense -

Anonymous said...

You are the Center, Les. People like you, solid and good people. If you left the Center, the Center isn't holding.

Turkey was a Jew op from the beginning. Rotchschild money established the state of Turkey. Ataturk was a Jew. The genocide against the Armenians was instigated by Jew assets within the Ottoman government. The goals were two: accelerate the breakup of Ottoman Turkey so to free up Palestine; and eliminate the Christian Armenians, who were and are business rivals to the Jews in the region.

And this is why the Israelis find a reason to bomb the fuck out of Beirut every few years: it is a banking and tourist center, competition for Israel.

Dave, on the East Toast.

Visible said...

that doesn't surprise me at all. I could see that it was engineered for the purpose of profit and definitely could see the way it was being tooled.

Not everybody believes in God but I know in a seriously confirmed way that such a being does exist. It's why I'm not disappointed about my own, scratch that, I am but there has to be either a very good reason or it isn't over until it's over. It just kind of goes on.

I hadn't seen that before but I can imagine it's true. Look at what happened. All I would say is that it goes a little deeper than just the prison industry.

But you know, Kali Yuga. They're roasting up a really big shit sandwich for themselves and I won't hit that smorgasbord either.

Yeah, well, how it is.

I want my MTV said...

"Speaking at a UN-sponsored conference commemorating the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Tehran – Iran’s first vice-president Mohammad Reza Rahimi, said that Zionists control international narcotics business which they use to destroy human societies across the globe."

According to the protocols' playbook: drugs, prostitution, porn, usury, unhealthy food, unclean water, satanic music are fair game for other cultures to destroy themselves.

Kali Yuga could be called the Rothschild Jonestown.


Anonymous said...

This has moved back up on my play list.

Well my mind has been overflowin'
'bout some things that don't seem right.
And my gun is cocked and loaded,
I hope I get me some sleep tonight.

Well I don't know what went wrong,
It seems like nuthin' is right.
Well I don't know what went wrong,
I hope I get me some sleep tonight.

So take it nice and easy,
Leave the coals in the pit.
Don't let your mind post-toastee,
Like a lot of my friends did.

Just keep me out of L.A.,
Things are crazy out there.
From people that I been meetin',
Seems I got to beware.

"Post Toastee"

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

That Colorado fire ablazing amazing.

It's the lofty places of Colorado Springs that are burning. That place is the biggest exploiter of people in the country. Called the roach motel, by some, because if you move there, you'll never make enough money to move out. I worked there for years and this fire makes my spine tingle.

The circus masters all built their magificent million dollar mansions on the wooded mountainside, overlooking the slave plantation. THAT's what's on fire. Right below Pike's Peak, which was the inspiration for "America the Beautiful". It's a blazing smoking ruins. My spine is tingling at the Almighty's work, right now.

I fully expect a hot dry wind to come out of the north and blow it over to the Broadmoor, where they pay $100,000 a year to knock a little white ball around a cemetary. Those fatass, wasteful pigs!

Every one of them have the mark of the beast.

HE speaks today!

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

I’ve observed that “growing up in America” and perceptions does have something to do with who you are; meaning how much money you got and what color you are. When you haven’t any money and happen to be the “wrong” color, the possibility of seeing thru the “America” illusion is greater. I got to be “different” with little effort on my behalf. Then, “dumb-ass” kept asking the “wrong” questions; that didn’t help matters much either. Even “Mommie Dearest” (who actually wasn’t very dear) couldn’t figure me out. I longed for odd things. (At six years of age, my ambition was to grow up to be an Indian and live in a teepee, in spite of how Indians were portrayed on American television in the 1950s. One day, I overheard some Wonder Bread girl (blonde hair, blue eyes) say she had Indian blood in her. I figured maybe I did too. I asked my mother if we did. She said no. I began to inquire everyday if she was totally sure about that. Exasperated with the question, my mother finally said yes we did, but ONLY a tiny bit. I was ever so happy about that! The way I saw it, I was closer to living in that teepee. One day I fell and split my leg open and my leg was bleeding. I cried for hours. My mother decided that it couldn’t still be hurting that much and why was I still crying. I replied that I didn’t want to lose my Indian blood.)
Most of my life, I was designated as some sort of counterfeit person who never actually fit in. (Best not invite her; she’s liable to say/do the “wrong” thing.) But the bright side to all that is that’s pretty much what fast-tracked me to here and now. Yep-per. Lessons and a peek behind the curtain. Those tickets to ride ain’t worth a gnat’s ass. However, living in this special corner of “bizzaro-world” right now is very trying in many, many ways!! Everything has reached the point of utter ridiculousness and the denial here is incredible!! I no longer see them as sheep, I see them as ostriches. So, which end is up?? Thank you for helping me hang on Visible.

Visible said...

Well you might be surprised to know that I never even heard about the guy. Maybe because I didn't listen to Deep Purple, Led Zep and the rest. Stones, well of course you couldn't avoid them but I was thinking, these are the instruments of uh huh, but I am so much older now and I become impressed after the fact. I was going directly to godhead and didn't need a Hare Krishna movement to tune me up. I spent enormous amounts of time, hitch hiking from one place to another, standing all day on a solitary road, with no idea of what was going on, picking it up as I went. I was seldom sexually harassed by the drivers, sometimes I slept in empty houses, or cars out in the desert. Still haven't figured most of it out (grin).

Visible said...

Wow Serena!

Wow Ray!!

Oh yes, I guess it is. I know what I hear and where I will go and even some of what I will do, effectively making me into what I have been at pains to avoid. I did not know those were those people's homes. Well, I have the understanding that those so engaged had better cry for mercy and forgiveness because, uh huh and mercy and forgiveness are to be found. We shall see.

I spent an interesting evening with Mose Allison in Boulder one evening, gave him a tape, never heard from him. Had some high times in Boulder over a few months once.

Anonymous said...

They got to Erdogan easily enough via the oil and gas field boundary dispute off the coast of Cypress. Erdogan is like a dog with an electronic collar now.

Connect the dots between the Greek financial crisis and the Cypress oil fiels boundary dispute.

They're working both sides of the fence, as usual.


Anonymous said...

And with all that oil and gas off the coast of Cypress, this whole Arab Spring revolt bs make sense as a way or reshuffling the states that border the Mediterranean.

Zio-land as a re-imagined 13th century Venice, as far as the flow of capital is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear ya, Vis...I think the proliferation of rap circumscribes a whole series of dark-side goings-on above and beyond the prison system...that low-frequency bow-WOW bass crap makes babies cry and small animals's wickedly bad shit for the human organism. Throw in the Protocols and the plan to "pair the goyim's women with the blacks" and that, too, is just the tip of a shit-dipped Rap Music Snow Cone. Then, of course, you have white youth and Latino youth and even Asian youth going the gangsta route. Wearing cockeyed ball caps and gold jewelry and speaking gangsta. Females, too. The subtextual message is, "It's incredibly cool to be an outlaw and sell drugs and kill people and be a gangsta - and have sex with gangstas." And these days, going to prison is a merit badge for these young puppets. So is having children by six or seven different gangstas. If you asked these kids if they can truly think for themselves, they would say, "Oh hell yes." Nothing could be further from the truth, of couse. But hey, I guess they get to all of us, one way or another. Back in our day it was peace/love/dope. But our musical heroes had been co-opted in much the same way. The social engineering involved back then was much more subtle - but still just as effective. I guess the moral of the story here might be, "Dance to your own tune." Aloha. - George

Denny said...

Re: Anonymous who commented at VO that possibly the Gulf rig explosion and Fukushima etc are all pysops and are not causing any damage to the planet..

What about monsanto, chemtrails and depleted uranium etc..? These are known to be causing damage to the planet, so why not all the rest too..?

Clearly TPTB want us all dead, so I think it's a moot point as to whether these "disasters" really are causing the amount of global pollution being claimed by the alternative media. Whatever the case, the sheer anmount of people now going down with cancer, strokes, heart conditions and various other serious diseases here in Sweden alone certainly indicates that TPTB are systematically poisoning our bodies even if nothing else.

I personally witnessed the chemtrails covering the entire sky on Midsummer's Day here in Sweden (ie when everyone was out all afternoon in the open air celebrating), but I haven't seen anyone falling down in the street yet. All I can say is that whatever it is TPTB are doing is insidious to the extreme. And yet despite all of this cloak and dagger, here we all are anyway, still alive and kicking after so many years of countless dangers on planet Earth (erm.. at least at time of writing..).

Holographic Universe..?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

Tayyip-eeaiyea is a DONMEH or got his testes in the DONMEH vice (because one thing you can be certain of - Turkie is DONMEH owned)

also - you have any plan to put some of your blog works into a printed form ...?

("activitsts" are (well meaning dupes; those aren't duped - are gate-keepers; all are controlled oppositions)

Clarity said...

Visible, I loved the song - very hopeful.

Linda, did you say you have a little boy? Can you tell me his age?

Denny, I really haven't read this carefully. I remember seeing it, so I am posting it here. It might be wrong, or it might answer your questions. I'm including part of the blog owner's note and here's a link to the page so you can read the rest of the note and the article she posted.

FEAR MONGERING, FEAR MONGERING...... the evil Satanic ones, that were the ones that did a "controlled Fukishima event" and this as well,.showing that reactor 4, BEFORE THE BLOW OUT, was defueled and had no core.... it was all bogus to get us into fear. They would never jeopardize themselves or their minions til they were through using them. They false flag, pretend, blew out the gulf and Here, so, you can take it to the bank, that they would never jeopardize their underground facilities and their seed bank by doing what they are trying to sell us in this article below. All ecological events are false flags created by those that want to run the world, ha, they are insane given the way they have run it so far. LOL

Remember "PERCEIVED" (not actual) ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION WAS IN THE 1966 IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT.along with the alien invasion, but that has since been outted so now we are back to fear induced extinction events warning by miliary personnel. Ha, the military is infused with satanism at the highest levels as we proved on this you cannot trust anything you hear from the leaders of our military. They would not be leaders unless they were part of the Satanic group of controllers. Our Series on the Bloodlines should have proven that if nothing else. If you are in a leadership position, you were placed there because you are one of them.
(See additional VN below in article that is important)
There are lots of links and info on the Fukishima false flag pretend radiation killing event. (Do not use Google, rather go to Dog Pile search engine and its all there). Its been two years and no one has died here in the states from radiation and every single expert in nuclear physics says if could not happen anyway, but even if it did, it would be early on and not two years later. Dutchsinse went into the fields all around the country trying to measure this radiation that was supposedly released by fukishima and found nothing, nada.... he had three different types of geiger counters and nada. Shortly after that, Dutchsinse was shut down on Utube. That tells you volumes about the veracity of his findings.

They want us in fear and helpless, because they know if we believe all is normal, then we would simply get mad at them and take them out. Instead they want us neutralized by fear and inaction so their small numbers can remain safe. You can never fully protect yourselves from someone committed to getting you, and they know this. No amount of security will protect them against a committed group of experienced stalkers.


Visible said...

Once again, my posts are not getting through to Mike Rivero or Jeff Rense and Jeff says people were complaining to him about the title of the last SM, probably because of the words slut and bitch. I thought those words were okay. They say them on TV. They are common parlance. I don't get it. Good thing I'm headed out. The time is all too right.

Visible said...

Boy Howdy Clarity. Could that be so? It would explain a lot. I know some people think I know all about these things but I am only allowed to know what is specific to my task and sometimes my pleasure or pain. Hopefully I'm a useful tool.


as to the other matter, I will digitally publish all of the blogs into books before I go.

It also looks like the people that host my work are not getting my emails and they don't go up. It could be they don't like me anymore too. I don't know but I always operate as if the better thing were happening. If the worst were so, then I spend a lot of time wasted resending the links and the various complexities necessary to the task. Kali Yuga. Might be I can even have them into printed book form too. I've got some months yet and changes in the interim. We'll see.

Clarity said...

Maybe so, maybe no, visible. I guess it's just something else to consider. For anyone who wants to look into it more, do the research.

Speaking of research, the blog owner does lots of that. It's pretty much all she does. She lives on very, very little and has dedicated much of the last 10 years to trying to find truth. She says she doesn't know, tells you to do your own research, and will often warn the reader when she finds info. from a known disinfo. site. She is a feisty "old lady", as she has called herself, who will not back down and has gotten good at putting pieces of the puzzle together over the years.

You're having trouble again, and it's not new for you. She has had a lot of trouble as well. Emails are gutted, blogs are gutted, formatting and scheduling is changed, links and videos are deleted... It has gone beyond that to the personal now, as she is being sued by a satanic couple (former neighbors) on complete bullshit charges. I don't know Dutchsinse very well, but he seemed legit and I've enjoyed his videos and analysis. Patrick had a bunch of videos deleted. Maybe one way to tell who's who is by noticing who gets bothered and who gets left alone.

BTW, this is her take on the fires:

"I figured it out..... they are not fighting the fires so they can chase everyone out of colorado. Its a conservative state with tons of guns. If there are no forests, the resistance can't hide. Hows that for clever. Remember this is going to be where the new White House will be located."

I don't remember much about a new location for the White House except maybe in connection with the Denver airport: the symbolism, the huge underground areas, etc. Oh, and Colorado was the other location of the earthquake last August. That and the Virginia quake were claimed to be not earthquakes, but destruction of underground bases, and the two (bases) may have actually been connected... if you believe those reports.

You do know a lot, but I don't expect you to know everything. Useful? Definitely. A tool? I'd choose a different word. (grin)


Anonymous said...

Well I'm definitely thinkin' the Fukushima thing is a psyop, as was the BP Gulf thing (as stated in a previous post). Maybe Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bogus, too; there's a lot of evidence that points at nuclear weapons being as big a scam as the Apollo moon landings, if you've ever looked at it. I think it all boils down to this - even the elite don't shit where they eat (at least not copiously). And since Vis appears to be getting rejected recently, by Rivero and Rense (whom many of us talked about being on the elitist side of the equation in one of Vis's prior Petri Dish posts), well, hmm, that all makes sense, since Fukushima is basically all you get these days at Rense's site.

Which brings me to Clarity's point about fear-mongering. She's dead-on there, I think. Many well-known "Truthers" (cough, cough), run sites that are totally gloom-and-doom in nature, and totally co-opted by the Elite. It's a page taken straight from the agency playbook. (Or, the fear-mongering playbook.) For example, if you go to Rense's site (or Rivero's), you will see "They're Gonna Git Ya!" articles, ad nauseam. Looking for a glimmer of hope at those sites is like looking for a needle in a haystack. (Unless you think Michael Rivero's penchant for quoting himself is "a glimmer of hope" - wink.) Which ties right in with the fear-mongering hype of the choreographed Fukushima and Gulf events, brought to us by the MSM. Which makes an even stronger case for Rense and Rivero being co-opted to the core, if you catch my drift there.

The Elite have no intention of killing themselves off, just to kill off a couple billion sheeple in the process - rattlesnakes don't commit suicide. It's a law. They've spent way too much time (centuries) and money (quadrillions?) on this little End Game of theirs to cut their own throats via radiation poisoning, etc.

But, once again, this all boils down to perception. If they can convince 90-plus percent of the people that all "publicly available" food and water is inedible at some point...and if they just happen to have huge storehouses of "allegedly pure" food and water in those little Camp FEMA pens that are scattered all over the USA (and all over other countries as well, under different names - ever notice that those puppies have water aquifers in them?...oops, now you get the picture), well, shit, it's game-set-and-match anyway, now, isn't it? Every soccer mom and their brother is going to take their vaccinated kids to the pens, because, "They wouldn't do anything bad to us...I saw it on CNN!". So, if they do that, and get that our fault? No. The vast majority of them is incapable of waking up anyway. Any effort put towards waking them up at this point is the equivalent of being a hamster on a treadmill. Right now, it's all about waking yourself up, even more...big payoffs await for doing that.

As I mentioned a while back, I'm okay with the Elite whacking 90-plus percent of the "people" on the earth (myself included). This has all been done before and it's part of the End Times scenario. The Elite play their roles, just as we do. They know there is much more than Life Here on Earth, but they want to stay here and rule in hell, anyway (I mean, rule on earth). They resonate with the vibration of elitism, and it is an addiction harder to beat than heroin or crack or Diet Coke.

So in the words of George "The Shrub" Bush, "Bring 'em on!" They can have this body anytime they want it. As my grandmother once said to me, "Oh to be young again!...but no, I'm too tired for that." Ha ha, she was right. Aloha. - George

Visible said...

Well, I don't know what to think. I just wrote them both and told them I wouldn't be sending my work in any more. My counter is way down. One post gets through then two don't. I jump through hoops to make it happen but I'm not going to do that anymore. If I'm supposed to be heard I will be. I'm just getting my affairs in order for my trip to India at the end of the year and focusing on the stuff I have to get done. The novel will come out and I will publish all of the blogs into books go have my meetings with remarkable souls, probably should have done it long ago. I'm watching an interesting movie called "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Sounds like the place I should be.

tmcfall said...

I've always believed most if not all of these huge fires are intentionally set and allowed to burn. Not even the government and their agencies are that incompetent. They want us out of the wild and into the prison cities.
Tom in Tempe Arizona

zepheri said...

Marigolds keep out pests and a pansy is a hearty flower

Denny said...


Well done. I've been seriously doubting everything they're saying about these global threats such as Fukushima and the Gulf oil spill. Imperceptible stealth is by definition something that goes on completely unnoticed except by those whose level of perception is at least equal to those responsible for it. As I've mentioned here before, by far the healthiest and most expedient response to whatever TPTB come up with either in their mainstream or alternative media is in laughing out loud to EVERYTHING they throw at us. And most predictably, next comes the deadly BIRD FLU PANDEMIC.....! But not to worry everyone... I'm sure they've already got vaccines stockpiled for it.

The real dangers to our health are not so much the far away Fukushimas but more what's being pumped into our bodies by trained monkeys in white coats at the local "health centers".

Rob in WI said...

Visible and all, Hi,
I wasn't planning to comment, but for something I heard on the way home. The classic rock station is crap, but what alternative? Now, AC/DC has a wine label, with bottles named after their lame contortions. Vis, you talk about music, and the business, quite a bit, and IMHO, AC/DC, and their clones, who can only scream and make loud noises with instruments, are in the same league as rappers. The manipulation of all media began before we were born. It's all described in the protocols. Now, I might be a wino, but would I pay extra for these screamers? No, will stick to my MD 20/20.
Just kidding, I'm a beer man. Be well, all. Rob

Clarity said...

You know, Tom, I really never had much reason to think about that, but wow, it just doesn't end, does it? And these are the psychos who are saying there are too many people for our planet to sustain, and then they will go and destroy god knows how many acres, not to mention all the wildlife killed or whose homes are destroyed. We know they don't care about the people, but when they get all preachy about the environment (and well-meaning sheeple buy into it) and then go and destroy it... Well - grrrrrrrr should about cover it.


peacheds said...

I haven't heard that Michael Murphy song in years Vis always loved it.

Where to begin in this bizarro Kali Yuga World. Putin did go to Israel. Is it bankers vs. bankers? idk. It's almost comical now.

I don't know this world anymore and we have the media to thank for that, in part,with their cohorts in local and federal govts

As you well know.

Love to all here and I love your feedback.


Patrick V1.2 said...

So Vis

What happens when one of your students actually graduates? Would you know it ?
I'm pretty sure it happens but I'm just stupid Patrick. I didn't do bati or er wutever. I'm there brother. I bow to no man.

Now the bad guys. Here's how it went down. They were needed before you came along. They were trusted with the keys. But they thought they'd outsmart the master. Well that's a shame cause the big ass kickin is just around the corner. How do I know. Same way you do bro.

You got two out of three and your blog is wearin u out. Everything is possible under the divine. You know that better than anyone else I've ever known and I don't know you.

So here it is. It's just a game brother. It's just a game . You're here to fuck up and learn how shitty that feels. End of Story. You can't learn these things in bliss, it's not possible.

Tom in Tempe. Please tell the Israeli Revenue Service to fuck off and Google Dean Clifford. Watch all 8 hrs of video over and over and see who God is.

I love you Les Visible and all the people who share so much here.

Best Regards Dumbass

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Yes Putin did go to Israel first but afterwards while visiting occupied Palestine he said, once again, he has no problem recognizing an independent Palestinian state. I find that to be encouraging. And once again Visible has touched upon many of my current thoughts and his song was quietly uplifting. And now to graze in the comments pastures ... hope Clarity has stopped by and Neil might have a poem. It's been a "something good" kind of day today and after some trying times that is greatly appreciated.

A.Mouser said...

"Maybe Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bogus, too; there's a lot of evidence that points at nuclear weapons being as big a scam"

I have personally been to Hiroshima in 1988. In Peace park one can still see the melted hands on the town clock tower. The nuclear bomb in Hiroshima which killed 10's of thousands in the blink of an eye really happened.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I just finished the comments and my thoughts have been well and truly provoked. Vis, I found "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" to be a pleasant experience. That was another "something good" day. The wildfires in Colorado are a worry for us because we have friends and family there.

Denny said...

Re: Hiroshima/Nagasaki...

Here is a typical example of how each individual viewpoint can be conflicting...

A friend of mine once met my uncle in England, and the subject of dropping the atomic bombs over Japan arose, with my somewhat naive but well meaning friend telling my uncle that there was absolutely no excuse for the suffering the US caused all those innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What she didn't know is that the day after his marriage (a few days before the outbreak of the War) he was sent half way across the world to fight the Japs for the following four and a half years. What he experienced during that time, and the hell and torture he witnessed and endured at the hands of "these totally conditioned, sexually repressed, sadistical demons", is beyond explanation (nurses hanging upside-down in field hospitals with their stomachs cut open etc). What I'm getting at is that he certainly wouldn't have hesitated at that time in releasing those atom bombs that killed all those innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and he continued utterly despising the Japs right up until the day he died.

When my friend realized who my uncle was and what he went through all those years (ie his body resembling a pin cushion and miraculously coming out ALIVE!), she understood clearly how our individual opinions based on our own experience on any subject will always conflict.

Had I been a victim of the Japs (or any other race of sexually repressed, sadistical bastards) in any of their prison camps, I too wouldn't have hesitated in wiping out their entire race with one push of a button regardless of whoever were responsible for having started that War in the first place.

Opinions not based on first hand experience are worthless.

Clarity said...

Why, Denny, have you been meditating? You "pulled a visible", getting into my mind.

Here's what I watched last night. The video was on another site, but I just saw it here with comments. It's about the bird flu pandemic (and talks about Sweden a bit). I did a quick search on Jane Burgermeister, and with a fast look, she seems to be legit. I sent this around to some friends and even (gasp!) some family. People need to know about this and what's being done - not just the lies they're spreading to use fear to get people vaccinated, but the lengths they will go to in order to shut up those trying to tell the truth. Sick bastards!

There was also an article at Natural News about how the CDC lied big time about the swine flu numbers. Swine is an appropriate word here.

Btw, let me know when you get your book published. Being one page long, I should be able to finish it pretty quickly, and then I'll have the satisfaction of having accomplished another goal. ;)

Em, that was a nice thing to say.


Richie (Dana) said...

I have no idea if this is true or not, but military insider Drake did a radio show last night and stated that operation "Greenlight" is on which is the beginning of the round up and arrest of all the Dark Ones who have been trying to murder and imprison the entire human population. Lets all hope this one is true. More info here...

Anonymous said...

If they wanted the fire out they would make it rain. No dance or cloud buster needed.

Here's an outfit over in Fargo ND that you can get your own turn key chem-plane.

Duluth has almost washed away and the mighty Mississippi is flowing double time up here.

Best to all,

mike m said...


I come to your site every day for inspiration and humor but back in the "old days" WRH and Rense was where I went for "news" and it was because of them I found YOU!!!!

But as another poster stated they have become just a couple of gloomy gus's and never seem to offer any kind of solutions, spiritualy or otherwise.

So just keep on truckin and you have another dedicated "subscriber" cause as most of us know that there is a ton of bullshit being slung around on the old bloggosphere.

Anonymous said...

That forest fire next to Pike's Peak is harsh symbolism from above. Remember what V (the other V) said about symbolism. A whloe mountain next to Pike's Peak is now blackened toast, and it's not over yet. It won't look like it looked last week for hundreds of years. Pike's Peak is the most popular mountain in the country. You can drive right up to the top or hike 6 miles to the top or take a train. America the Beautiful? What song will it inspire now? How 'bout "AMERICA IS FUCKIN TOAST!" If people can't wake up and smell the coffee, maybe they can wake up and smell the smoke and see the symbolism.

I saw the people crying. Waking up is serious business. I'm thankful a rainstorm came along and doused Woodland Park and the horse ranch of some of my good friends. My other friends are safe out there among the sage brush on the plains, with the rest of the Goyim.

Where was HAARP to bring in a rainstorm and save the obscenely extravagant mansions of their homeys? The firemen were up there doing it, as 300 homes burned below them. Did HAARP cause the drought that made a forest covered mountain choice firewood?

I get tired of comments that lend to the idea that these pigs control everything, even the weather. It's demoralizing, it causes helplessness and it's lies. They're just a few magicians with a big bag of magician's tricks.

You gotta get grounded in some laws, these days.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

One of the links in the Petri Dish post referenced the prison industrial complex.

There's also an eco-green scam going on. To wit: yesterday I came home and was greeted by a mailed citation from the local recycling center. I was fined $1020 for dropping of an old water cooler that was rusting away in the basement. Included wer photos from the security cameras. There I was, in the middle of an trash pile scene that evoked the irony of the song 'Alice's Restraurant'. $20 was for dropping off an unwanted item. While the fee for freon 'removal' was $1000.

What a fucking scam.


Denny said...


I know about Jane Burgermeister and she's the genuine article. She was among the first to inform everyone of the Polish presidential plane "crash" that occurred in Russia after the Polish health minister refused the bogus swineflu vaccines.

And yeah, all the women here in Sweden can sit and read about the deadly bird flu pandemic whilst they sit in waiting rooms for their "mammographies" after having received a letter through the post with the word "summons" written on it. Yeah, a "summons" to go get your "mammography", and if you decline then you are required to inform them otherwise you will receive a bill anyway. And these women don't have a frigging clue as to the subtle psychology being used against them.

They wouldn't listen to me anyway, and so it has to remain "chacun pour soi". Maybe they'd stand more of a chance if they just stopped chewing that "zombie" chewing gum...

lightandlongshadows said...

Chris Martenson cuts through the noise like none other. Brilliant, concise & lucid. Everything else follows, business as usual in unusual times.

"All the Kings horses and all the kings men..."

We're in the last five minutes. Babylon is falling.

Seems some here are giving "them" too much credit and power.

This Will Destroy You

Take care all.

Anonymous said...

Michael Martin Murphy...cue Cosmic Cowboy...
and a Brave Awakening by Terry Reid or Live Life
right after the Electric Horseman dims out the light...
Grüsse vom Martin

Anonymous said...

Rob in WI, you gotta put on a little school boy outfit and try to shake your head off, then you would get it man. I like their song "Ride On" best. I also like that cheap assed $14 for 36 Boxer beer, strong nasty swill that limits my consumption.

It's all designed to blow our mind...

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Denny at 12:28

More people died in either the Tokyo and Dresden firebombings than the initial number killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The atom bombs were considered to be just a more efficient way of doing the same thing that was already being done sytematically to Japanese cities and German cities. Each A-bomb mission only required three planes to destroy a city, and in one fell swoop, instead of many hundreds of planes over the course of several days.

More people died in the RAF bombing of Hamburg in 1943 in single night than died during the entire German bombing campaign of England just three years earlier.

Of course, the most insidious thing is the radioactivity--the gift that keep on giving(and killing) years later. However this was not any kind of condideration at the time.

tmcfall said...

Love & Gratitude
tom in tempe arizona
currently 106 degerees and rising!

tmcfall said...

it was not just the Japanese who engaged in war crimes. you don't think our boys did the same or worse? Fire bombings in the japanese cities.Dresden, the outright pagan insanity in vietnam?
how about what our boys have been doing all over the world for the last 125 years? And most of all, what the jew Eisenhower did to the germans after the war. war is hellish insanity and atrcities are comitted by all side at the behest of the bankers. So NO, there was no excuse for dropping those bombs.
Love & PEACE
tom in tempe arizona

est said...

we must gather together
and set ourselves right

if you think the days long
just think of the night

Denny said...


I agree with you that there was no excuse for having dropped the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The point I was making was that under certain horrific conditions anyone would probably be capable of pushing a button and wiping out an entire race just to put an end to those conditions. Even though I agree that there was no excuse, you can be sure that once they were dropped, my uncle along with so many others must have been relieved to say the very least. And incidently, a friend of mine in Florida was married (now divorced) to the son of the bombardier who actually released one of those bombs (name withheld), and she told me that there was clinical psychopathy in the family.

And yes, I agree too... LOVE and PEACE. (Let's hope the real demons are soon rounded up so that no such horrors can happen again.)

Rob in WI said...

Hi Niijii,
Good to hear from you. $14 for Boxer? I can get it for $12, and, bonus included, its produced by a "craft?" brewery. I think "Dirty Deeds" is kind of a fun song, but the radio up here plays AC/DC, Motley Crue, etc. about 1 in 3. Where's my Freebird? Be well. Rob

Rob in WI said...

Just turned on the radio, and they were playing Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar". A song that describes, IMHO, alot about the music biness. Thems that control the media love to rub our noses in it. Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

print all the blogs? using how many forests. may I suggest a "companion" DVD?

Rense couldn't complain about your language, given Rifat's regular power porn. I like it all, in context. it seems the gentleman Rense doesnt like that language but suffers Rifat for content purposes. Rifat is a classic "I alone know" guy like Duff. there's the rub.

on the facts, I doubt they could fake fukushima, as there are many with their own geiger counters. I radiation spectrometer ($2500) is on my wish list to test food and which particles (therefore whoerefrom).

one can go crazy and distracted with fighting the disinfo (and lets not forget hubris and ignorance that we all have, especially when career mongering or as Hitler put it, earning one's daily bread).

nicer a world of trust, guaranteed minimum incomes, enough familiarity (or a workable, trustable internet facility - which I doubt can happen to the degree that human to human gives, a degree we need to detect and isolate socio/psycopathy), to get on with it.

yes the edges are frayed, broken words spoken, poisonous elements of all kinds to varying degrees. but what do we want? paradise on a plate? it doesn't *work* that way.

talkin' 'bout myself of course. (but who's doing the talking?)

Anonymous said...

Mandocello, first thing I don't know how to act. Before I'd take it in the ass for a K I'd make them fuckin joos prove there was freon in that thing because I hauled in a couple of old fridges that they were getting paid to empty freon from during a clean up thing here and watched the fucks stick a fork from the lift right through em and dump em in a dumpster. Tell em the reason that you threw it away was because the damn thing had no freon. Get a stocking mask man!

Best to ya,

Visible said...

Pierre, I'd suggest when you get into a mood like this that you kick a small animal or something. I'm publishing them in digital format. Meanwhile you might want to head over to Colorado and put out some fires and save some of those trees.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

From the Ridge, one more Valley and one more Mountain.

ken hatfield said...

I hopped a fence once as a young teenager. I remember that when I landed I was overcome with such a feeling of abject terror, I thought I would die. Almost as quickly, a feeling of pure love and warmth suffused my soul, and I knew everything would eventually be right again. Now I just wait. Thanks Les, enjoy your wait.

Odin's Raven said...

Could it be that the dangers of radiation have been exaggerated? Are excessive regulations part of another scam?

Here's an amazing story from Galen Winsor:

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

about time I got my share of a visible spanking.
oops, didnt read "digitally publish into books" carefully enough. can't help over there, busy enough keeping the home fires burning and keeping the fuels down around the house.

note to self: reread before commenting on specifics or giving advice or suggestions.

G. said...

Rock and roll as we knew it really ended in the early/mid 1990's, right around when Cobain was shot (I think he was). Little Steven says it was 1994 and that seems about right. Talked to a guy on Venice Beach who grew up knowing the Cobain family in Aberdeen and he thought something happened, and not suicide. Nirvana was reviving rock music, and his murder ended that. Goes right along with the forced rap BS music push. Speaking of Springsteen, I'd like to know why Kissenger's former bodyguards and FBI guys hang around the Springsteen / Billy Joel camp. When a close friend of mine who worked with them for 20+ years told me this, I asked him the same question. He just thought they were fans. I don't think so.

Visible said...


One of the reasons for my 'mild reaction' (grin) is due to things like this which is an industry primer.

However, i have read a variety of sources that tend to corroborate most of what is said there. What they don't say is how the toxins pollute waterways. Sweden is home to the largest box manufacturers in the world as well as lot of the paper and they've fucked their environment in several ways due to it. I have a good friend, Magnus who is a pastry chef on Maui and he used to tell me all about Sweden. He was also one of the hardest working men I ever met.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Dark and Hideous and the Great Unwashed.

Anonymous said...

piere said...

burnt after reading. I wasn't complaining about the paper though, rather making a humorous point of the volume of materials you have created.

though I always wonder about the nutrient cycle whenever claims are made for sustainable harvesting (the shit needs to go back from where it came) . that needs to be contrasted with nutrient creation (from rocks) by the plants and soil chemistry. hemp is a goer in many ways.

is why i like burning my own grown wood rather than oil coal or nucular, - unaerosoled ashes go back onto land - but even then theres the asthma and particulate issue (what if everyone did that).

then again there's the cost of electronica ( a letter today in the local rag covered that point), toxic electronics etc.

there are no innonents, as you have said.



Joseph Brenner

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