Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Souls in Dogs' Bodies and the Eternal Muse

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and.......

They're at it with a will and they are not going to stop. No one knows what's happening. You hear the one thing and then you hear somewhere else that it's not happening and it is denied. You hear about the real reasons for the wars on deck and you hear what is looming on the horizon, for the general public sooner rather than later. It's clear enough that the problem is the bankers and the infernal master that they serve. It's said that 'the love of money' is the root of all evil. That's true. We're living with it. The supporting cast includes, ignorance, indifference, wanting to be like those hosing you and obsession with material culture. We live in an age, of a population, dumber than a fence post. On the one hand they deserve what they are getting. On the other hand there are the rest of us. Maybe we deserve it too. The bankers need to be taken down anyway ...and by any means possible and necessary, to accomplish it. They're behind all this shit and the corporations and the whore governments are their lackeys to the task. You don't have to look any further ...and the centers are the crime nation of Israel, their banker felons in London and New York ...and the willing whores, in the seats power, all over. The chain of command is transparent. If you don't see it, you are a blind coward. You will see where that gets you shortly.

We've all got our problems and shortcomings. I've got mine and you've got yours. Are these greater than our impetus and intentions otherwise? We'll see. The bankers are Satanic scum. They are the chief employees of the ancient enemy. They fund and finance all the other players. They serve the citadels of darkness, in the invisible; non corporate enemies, that broadcast into the minds, of the physical players or, at this time, actually inhabit the willing bodies of the moment; since they are being driven out from their astral nests, where they have comfortably and confidently dwelt, in this Kali Yuga. There are certain secret societies, of reverse engineered Kabala magicians and practitioners of perversion, upon the old mysteries of the light, which they have stolen from the weak and deceived, into whose hands the protection of them were placed. All of this is true but you deal with what you can deal with, on the planes where it is possible for you, according to what you are empowered and capable of performing. It's simple stuff, though confusing to the uniformed.

Several things are true about Kali Yuga and times of darkness; Extremes of appetite that also devour and consume honesty, integrity and strength; the eminence of douche-bags, because the tenor of the times, flushes the, long term persistently ugly, out of the cunt of Kali. I mean no disrespect to her but for those of this kind, coming out of her, it is only a cunt and if you are a Brit, so are they. Pardon my plain speaking, vulgar tone of the moment. That's how it is and that is what they are; doomed sailors on ships of the long night, bound toward their own islands of individual perdition.

Of course, forgiveness must be the rule. Of course, many unfortunates, unsecured upon the streets, got there by their own acts and intentions. Souls in dog's bodies... souls, especially in this particular time; rooting, honking and rutting, like snorting pigs, in the bodies of pigs, when they are not given a measure of compassion, it only decreases, the storehouse of its containment, in the hearts of those unwilling to give it. There but for fortune go you and I? Fortune? I think not, but you will each come to your own terms and understanding about it. We will each and all of us, collectively and individually come to our own terms and understanding, about the meaning of everything, in time... in time... and out of time, toward and within, whatever the destiny of our particular being so inclines to.

Free will? No will? Liberty and license, will all define their most true interpretations upon you, even as in this very moment they are doing ♫here... there... and everywhere♫

A lot of people, too dumb to know any better, think they're getting all kinds of pleasure, importance, riches, power and all else out of this clusterfucked age; talk about having no taste, or even any inclination for the higher pleasures and joys that are possible. It escapes me how people can value so many things, with so little value, next to what is possible. It escapes me but... I guess I get it somehow. Why it is that so many people, so many artists in every venue, do not court the higher muses for the delivery of what they are engaged in presenting? ...that's... that's up to them. That is between them and their own heart and what it values and there will be value and... reward, commensurate with the product. That's how it is. Say what you will. Believe as you will. There is a large and vast expanse, of many permutations, between Limp Bizkit and Shakespeare; there is a massive differential between Michelangelo and Warhol... between Stephen Foster and Kanye West. There is a geographical immensity, between the bedrooms of Kim Kardashian, Lohan and the sluts of the hour and the varieties of eternal goddess, that only the gods ...and the few know best. Either and both are the given possibilities of the human estate. Whether you ride a Harley or the Chariot of Fire, is a personal industry but... that it is possible? Only the fools who will never achieve it bring into dispute.

There's something about being higher than the angels, but you'll figure that out, or not. Far too many actually go right up into the face of the universe, or fall on their faces in submission ...and ask, “Is that all you got”?

Free will or no will is a personal affair. Some think they got it. Some think they are there. Some believe the obvious lies, about men with bombs, in their underwear. They shouldn't mind getting fondled by ham handed brutals, with zero finesse. They probably have it in real life, each time they undress. It might not be brutal. It might just be quick and lame, or not quick enough, or not even around, so that it's just you a magazine, since you can't even picture, what you need in your mind. It's no complex wonder who owns your behind ...and whatever else that doesn't work right and is there to be had ...and also not used right.

Uh huh, oh no... it can't be so. It can't be that all the things I want to have and haven't had, are nothing but disappointments too? ...or something I'll use too badly, or to quickly and which will disappear... off to the next apartment, or wild place, where appreciation is to be found. Love and real pleasure, will not stick around, for the hands and the minds, of those, who can't even see it there; not my fucking problem, not my fucking problem. That problem is yours.

It a personal matter, for the billions of you and you show it each hour. You show it each day. It shows itself to you in the things that... don't come your way. You're all puzzled about it. Why, you're just mystified. How did it get so, man... so messed up? What strange things are coming, on the Fukushima tide? What twists in the air? What rumbles beneath? What waits in the darkness? What slinks in the mind? What tortures the heart? What does it all mean? You might just stay dirty, since 'you' can't make yourself clean.

All aboard for the death train! All aboard for the way out! All aboard for the way in. We all got our tickets, to wherever that is. All aboard. ♫people get ready, there's a train a coming♫ Oh right, in some cases... ♫you don't need no tickets♫ In certain cases, where it really applies, you know how that lyric continues. Otherwise, you get The Big One, or variations thereof. It's up to you, speaking of free will.

All things that begin must end in some fashion. All roads lead to where they are going and there are side roads and exits, if you don't like where they're going. You got Chronos there to help you, give you time to experience and change your route, on your way, deeper into the shit, or on your way out. It gets hotter and more confining, as deeper into the matter of it you go and it get freer and cooler and wider and more open on that other avenue, that slender silk road.

The devil's in the details, but the point is not complex. It's not brain science, rocket surgery. It's not millions of trees turned to paper, where what is written makes no sense, or isn't important, or is dreadfully wrong. This posting is over and so is this song.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Another timely, spot-on post, Visible - and so true. I'm in the process of being yanked out of my "old life" in a stepped-up fashion, literally by the minute. Had a vision (for lack of a better word) last October, and was shown how to get by financially, by using what was revealed to me about the crooked nature of the men behind the curtain. Since that time I have been slowly planning to make a complete and total life change - change of residence, change of geographical location, change of vocation. It's a scary thing in a way, dropping 12 years' worth of devotion and work in one particular field of endeavor, and leaving it for a chance to do something that most people would consider a fool's game. And yet, I am certain that I was shown this Great Truth for a reason - and thus, I am convinced that it is the right thing to do, no matter how it actually plays out. I am amazed by what can be known by us mere mortals, in our hearts, minds and spirits, if we merely put our faith in Infinity (or the Divine) and pay attention to what is right there in front of our half-opened eyes. Aye, there's the rub - to see or not to see - as you pointed out so eloquently in this post of yours. Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. The longer I live, the less I know. Also noticed the repeating loops I've lived, but each loop, I learn something new about me and everything else; perspective. By the in vogue standard of the world, I have nothing; but then that's a perspective. I've learned the less I have (own) the "more free" I become. I find myself wealthy in another perspective and happier as well. I don't know where I'm going, I'm just going. I want more of that wealth and happiness and I want it for everyone else too, cuz that's what's gonna grow it. The difference is you can't hoard it like that worthless paper stuff or shiny stuff. You can't own it, but everyone will "own" it. Then we will find the only thing that does matter and will ever matter ... Love

Christian said...

I am absolutely positively anticipatory for the upcoming shitstorm of a change that's about to rock the world. We're on our last few ticks on our way up the rollercoaster and that first plunge is going to be a wild ride.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is humping Kim K, and Barry Soetoro is humping Israel or is it the other way around. Whatever it is, the colossal clusterfuck just goes on and on and...war is peace, up is down, black is white. And the drones are gonna GIT ya. They're a-comin' for ya, they're gonna GIT ya. Meanwhile, the bankers are doing one last money-count in their fortified basement bunkers, before moving on to the next War Without End. But the lid is coming off. The veil is dropping. The cart was put before the horse a longggg time ago and the cart is freaking falling apart as the Chariot of Death rambles ON. More and more people know exactly who is behind the whole fucking thing and still, it is in their nature to keep killing and raping and pillaging and plundering and porking their neighbors, because...they just can't stop. They have no self-control. They just can't stop because they are on a mission - a mission of self-destruction. Because evil kills itself. Evil commits suicide, in the end. Evil hates itself, way down deep, and the manifestation of infinite self-loathing is suicide. Why else would they poison the skies - the very air that they themselves breathe? Why else would they poison the water - the very water that they themselves drink? Why else would they poison the food - the very food that they themselves consume? It's as clear as day to some of us - the tighter they squeeze, the faster they strangle themselves. What goes up must come down. And vice versa. But it's all an illusion, anyway - there is no top or bottom. There is no good or evil. There only IS...and it is what it is. Unless we decide it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Les. You've said what needs to be said in the only way it can be said. You mentioned roads: "there are side roads and exits, if you don't like where they're going..." Indeed, where I live the crackup is now palpable. People are cutting throats at traffic lights.

The big thing is, Kali will cleanse us and maybe by means we can't imagine. By wind or fire or flood, or by loosing the psychos upon the materialist-minded cattle.

Man, I gotta get out of here. I noticed the front page of the WSJ the other day, some mega thief who stole billions in Houston was being packed into a prison van. I noticed the guard was a corporation employee. Some private logo on his uniform.

Guess which foreign nationals hold the majority of the prison contracts in America? Guess. Guess which nationals hold the contracts for running TSA checkpoints? These people want to increase the prison population.

I think they're waiting for me to do something stupid. Like I said, I gotta get out of here.

Dave, on the East Toast

onething said...

I used to hang out at the Hare Krishna temple in LA, in fact I even worked for them a while. I never joined, and I am sure they employed me in the hopes I would. I didn't see anything too terrible. I saw kids, with their moms, 6 or 7 years old.

A new friend, some kind of Hindu,I think in fact some kind of Hare Krishna believer, loaned me a book called Monkey on a Stick. This book is making me sick. I had no idea. No idea! I said to him that I heard the leaders got materialistic and egoic. But they were pure criminals, murderers, drug runners, child abusers.

As I read the back cover in some horror I said maybe Prabhupad was the real deal, but not his followers. But I expressed dismay that he had done such a bad job of choosing his acolytes. My friend said Prabhupad was definitely the real deal and he thought it was not a surprise to Prabhupad, but that he probably didn't care. What was important was to get the divine names out to the west.

I found this a puzzling statement, on this lovely summer afternoon with beautiful nature all around and an emotionally happy domestic life in evidence - and now I have delved into the book and I think - with mounting dismay - that I understand his meaning. The Hare Krishnas are (apparently) engaged in the worst sort of spiritual materialism, they are fundamentalists, and think that chanting itself, that the names themselves have some sort of power, rather than the taking of the mind into other realms by shutting off the monkey mind via the meditation, as I thought was the purpose. But no, they are all wrapped up in these divine names, and they excuse their leaders of ANY crimes because he is a "pure devotee"! Whatever that means.

This is exactly the same as the worst stupidity in Christianity, being saved regardless of who you are, by contract with the right club.

I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails, this reality, this human situation, is so completely crazy and I see it more and more like some bad trip, aghast that others go along with such obvious lies and wickedness. I'm upset because these are good people, and I want to get through to them, and I will probably try, and probably offend them...they don't want out! I know the way out but I don't think they want it.

My soul cries out.

Was Prabhupad the real deal? By their fruits you will know them! I am going on the net, looking up ISKCON and child abuse. Oh, man. This was a pure cult from the beginning, no different than Scientology, parents urged to work 12-14 hours a day every day, giving up their children to those horrible schools when they were hardly more than toddlers, rarely seeing them. One father saw his son covered in bruises and went to the school but could not talk them out of beating him daily. So he took him. And Prabhupad saw him and said Why isn't he in school? So the father told him. And Prabhupad said, he belongs in school. If you don't like what they do, resolve it with them. No help.

I never saw any picture of Prabhupad that did not have a sour expression. He spoke in a monotone. He did not care about the child abuse. And I found more. He was a despicable person. He believed in violence. Believed in subjugation of women. Believed they enjoyed being raped. On and on.

Free will? What about willful blindness? People are crazy in their heads! That's the problem!

Visible said...

onething; cool your jets. All of these things happened for the purpose of demonstration. I myself have brought up the book, "Monkey on a Stick" many times. Prabupad was authentic and so are a great many Hare Krishna people. Don't let the Kali Yuga crime zone distract you from all the good souls who got so much from all of that. You get what you put into it, that's it is. It's like the Masons, people think they're all evil. That's a fucking lie. Lions Club people, Rosicrucian fellowship people, Christian churches... whatevea! Those systems are sound and you can absolutely ride them in all the directions that they provide or that you misbehave in. Hey it's individual, it's also collective, it is what it is. AND, if I'm not mistaken, this is Kali Yuga. Yes?

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. That's right. Fucked up shit can happen to you while trying to be engaged in what you believe in when you are looking for that... well that thing. I fundamentally know it is employed in this game, our journey. If in your heart you would like it to be true... and real and remember celebrating and dancing the moments. How good did that feel?

The food was fantastic and... I was never a Hare Krishna of the joined sort but I saw some things too. I knew, met, ran into people who were, are? evil for a time or eternal, some folks go that way.

I'd say more but I have to do something else and I am still not able to give time to this next book which is what I thought I would do... so. The things of the moment get the attention they need. Clear spaces will open in time.

Anonymous said...

I understand why ONE THING gets his jets hot and bothered.
It is damn frustrating to be living in these times and as you said yourself,Les, alot of us are dumber than a fence post.
It is heart wrenching to watch the destruction and horror every single day when truly it would take so little effort to stop it.
Yes, little things could throw the monsters into a tail spin.
If everything is for the purpose of demonstration, which is something you say all the time and I don't always get it, then let the good and decent demonstrate also.
Quit danicing the dance with the demons and they will go away.
I look around all the time to see if the dancing is being stopped.
Sometimes yes but most times no.
I can't wait to hear the verdict in the Sandusky trial. If he gets off it is just another nail in the coffin of the decent and just.
Good Luck to all of us.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how easy is has become to label someone an anti-semite compared to how difficult it is to defend the exclusionary, discriminatory and racist policies of the political enterprise known as zionism.

That thought popped into my mind this morning.

This material plane has truely become bizarro world.


kenny said...

I had a pdf of "Monkey on a Stick." Here it is if anyone is interested.


As Vis says anything can get perverted but it's not all the people all the time.

Richie (Dana) said...

Love or Fear - Part 5

“And I say to you, love yourself. For if you are not wholly and completely, unconditionally in acceptance and Love of your¬self there is no resolution, no Light. There needs to be a complete embracing of who you are. This does not mean acceptance or lack of responsibility. It does not mean to say to yourself ‘Oh, I have behaved badly but it is OK because I love myself.’ No, it is to look at the dark spots within you and say I will love myself, I will change this, and I will shift the energy to an absolute reflection of Love. And how will you do this? You will do it by the actions of Love – trust, hope and forgiveness. The expression of this is not just to love those who are similar to you but also to love your enemies and those you disdain; to love those you think are insane. It is to take them into your heart with compassion and wholeness and to hold them close to you, the same way you would hold a child who is throwing a tantrum and is out of control. You will hold them so that they will not harm themselves or anyone else. That is what has need to transpire – not to drop into the depths of despair; for out of the darkness is the Light.
“Understand my brothers and sisters, as above so below. In the existence in the heart of God, in the Universe, in the heart of One, there is only Love – there is nothing else. It is when you move to this point, the connection of unity that you are home. We bring you home, home to the heart of Mother/Father that you may hold and exist in this Oneness and then express it upon the planet. That is the gift of the Thirteenth Octave – it was to instantaneously heal the hearts of everyone on the planet. It was a gift prematurely given and never before bestowed - to be able to be in physical form and simultaneously connected to the heart of One.
“Make this connection deeper; forge this connection to Love more solidly than you ever have before. Where you are feeling despair, pain, disconnection, love it away. No, I do not mean acceptance of it; I mean complete and total surrender. For it is a myth, an illusion, it is part of the mindset of mankind that has created separation.” ~Linda Dillon – The Great Awakening

We must never forget that we are creators. Our thoughts are things that impact the entire universe. Our feelings and emotions are creations. We are far more powerful than we realize. When we get stuck looking at these silly children and get disturbed by their evil we only serve to prop them up and give away our power to them. They cannot hurt us if we would but believe in the power of Love.
If we truly believe that the Divine has all of this under control, then our duty is to join the forces of Love and Light and become warriors for the Divine.


Visible said...

For some reason all of my important link site peoples emails are being blocked, The Truthseeker, What Really Happened, Rense, even Patrick Willis so if anyone out there has contact with any of them, let them know would you?


brokenbeat said...

We are clearly living in proverbial "interesting times" as Vis deftly (as we've come to expect) illustrates in this post. Complicating wordly distractions are tugging at me increasingly as I strive to uncomplicate and focus on the essential.

Thanks, Sim, for providing the link found over on SM to Clif High's evaluation of Courtney Brown's experiment. I went on to listen to the many hour long interview of Courtney Brown which can be found at farsight.org . I suggest readers listen at least to Clif's audio clip. Very informative and crucially timely and helps explain behavior by TPTB including non-action at Fukushima. I suppose we'll all be where we need to be depending on our level of guidance and protection (and action in response to the former), but there may still be a small window to help determine which timeline we will experience with some reduction of suffering. Perhaps it is too little, too late and might not matter in a larger sense, again depending, but those with RV skills may be in a position to be of service to humanity.

After that wave of doom and gloom, I had my last serving of "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World", having slowly chewed each morsel over a week or so. It was just the comestible my spirit needed and I was stroked and kissed by the Divine with wind and sun at the most appropriate moments as I sat under a willow tree in my garden reading the last chapter. Thanks, Vis, for your guide and I hope all the readers here will avail themselves of the wisdom outlined therein and share with other seekers in their life.



Visible said...

You know I've been puzzled and confused. My emails don't get where they are going. I have been unable to carry out what would seem to be relatively easy task. I couldn't purchase things with my credit card, an item I wanted; didn't happen. I just went and tried that at a porn site and it worked faster than I've ever seen it happen before. Now I got this temporary membership. Gee, I hope I don't get into that or something (grin), worth the little money it took and that I have. Some really fucked up things are going on. In light of that this seems interesting. because I was wondering while I was watching this if this also wasn't just another put up job and the guy talking, that I have never seen before was just part of the program for upcoming police state shit.

I'm not saying that it is so. I do not know but now I wonder if even the people were posting my work are themselves also compromised in some way. I'm kind of in without a clue land. I don't feel too bad about it, the almighty is my friend but, just passing it on.

Visible said...

Thank you John;


Well this looksreal fucking interesting. I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Strange times indeed . An English woman is threatened with having her children removed ( including one still in the womb ) because she was once a member of the " EDL " ( a fake , kosher "nationalist " group that worships israel and bleats the kosher anti-muslim line ) in case she infects them with her racist wrongthink . This from a government that delights in slaughtering brown kids en masse !

An added irony is that her husband is currently serving as a soldier in Afghanistan !!!


Denny said...

Vis... Your post, Serena, Anonymous 6:17 00 PM, onething, Richard, Linda, Mandocello and others...

Well worth staying up all night and reading your words. Truly inspiring and much appreciated.


Meanwhile, the show must go on...

"Anders Breivik now receiving love letters and marriage proposals from girls all over Sweden"...

So THAT'S why I never get any replies on my Swedish dating site... I wrote in my profile that I'm a NICE GUY instead of writing I'm a fanatical mass murderer.

Mind you, maybe someone should inform all those hopelessly deluded girls that he's cheating on them...heheh!


Vis, as for those "teeth", I'm reminded of that scene in Prison Break (bucket required), where, in a strategically "emotional" sequence, a young prisoner told his visiting father that he felt so ashamed of himself for having gotten himself into such a mess, and that he realized he should have done something more NOBLE in his life such as becoming a DENTIST..!!

Yeah, they're at it 24/7. Hey, these noble dentists even get to sign the back of everyone's passport photos because after all, they are such trustworthy and upright pillars of society...

And talking of TV mass conditioning, I have a good friend here who unfortunately spends most of her evenings in front of a TV, and I find it disturbing that I need only to mention the word "jew" to her, and she recoils as if I was the world's greatest racist. It has become embedded in her mind that to merely utter that word is a crime in itself.

Thanks again everyone for all the inspiration. I'm just waiting for that final push into the LIGHT...

Anonymous said...

Shit , I'm single too !

They say girls love a bad boy !

" Jew " is a magic word . In the mouth of a jew it's purely descriptive :

" Im a jew " " My mum was a jew "

" jews against this " and " jews against that " .

But when YOU say " He's a jew "

people CRINGE !!

Yamulkes off , jew brainwashing is simply the best !


Anonymous said...

Hence the swivelling phrase " anti-semitism ".

Why not " anti-jewish " ?

Well , I'm sure dont have to spell it out in present company .

( suffice to say it keeps the word "jew " from the goyims mind and lips....and lends cred to the claim of Palestinian real estate ..)


Visible said...

I am at the end of a long day that I spent almost entirely in conversation with my chief invisible friend. Some of it was so strange that no mention of it will ever be made, I don't think. Someone asked to be friended on Facebook. So I went and checked their page, cause sometimes there is no face and no bio. This person shared other friends with me. If you scroll down on his page at the top of it is Hare Krishna. which Patrick did his voice and video of. He had some comment about looking for ways to improve the quality, I didn't read it all, I just thought. I'd like to hear that again.

It pretty much rocked my world; state I'm and toward the end, my invisible friend said, "Now you see why I like you so much". Well, you can imagine the effect that had on me. I may just still be up for a little while. Of course, I now know that my friend set this all up to begin with. The whole day has been full of these things. So I thought, with the Monkey on a Stick thing and the state of the world that some of you might like to hear it again too. Hare Krishna!

Anonymous said...

Im feeling optimistic despite all evidence ..it's not like me at all..

Im so jammy it's not fair , and I dont want to jinx it , and I always say thanks ..I need £50 to cover the balance of the rent , by wednesday...I got a call today to work tomorrow .." It's only fifty quid " , he said ....

I always say thanks , and I dont believe in coincidence .

Keep on Les .


Visible said...

Then there is material culture. I can't say that I'm not intrigued.

But I got Shamballa on my mind and all indications indicate. Still, entertaining if you're bored, or hungry, or dreaming; given the some of the locations I can see why they are for sale. Given? Ah well

So it goes and so it goes. My invisible friends direct me to the observation of those things, given all the shit and glory and ease... heh heh. Hare Krishna Homer!

Visible said...

It's always been the case that it has been difficult and hard to get the message out but lately the clampdown in wider ways is extreme.

Visible said...

Wow! I went looking for the film, "The Whole Nine Yards" in my hard drives and I found quite a collection of things I had written but never posted, mostly because I wrote them before I had any blogs and was posting at The Best of the Fray at Slate.com where I was mercilessly hammered most of the time. I did finally get to be a star poster, to the dismay and chagrin of the usual you know whos. Well, never mind, that forum is now toast and I did notice a few years ago that more people visited this site than all of the people at that forum so... whatever,

anyway, if you're up late, this is the kind of thing I was writing before I ever started doing this. The posting will have to be in two or several parts.

The other day a poster in another forum did a little fundie scripture dance for me that involved that old saw, "judge not lest ye be judged". These days scripture gets tossed around the way rap insults do at a Hip Hop 'battle', usually the result of a 'call-out'. Scripsters whip out "so sayth's" and "lest ye's" and are met in mid air by "thereforths" and "whosoeverth's"; the collisions are spectacular, the carnage terrific.

I was told I wasn't in a position to judge 'the deathboy' (bush). It put me in mind of something that might happen when I came across St. Peter. Now mind, I've no intention of coming across St. Peter. My preference is to go the The Western Pure land of the Amitabha Buddha, or any of the Tantric heavens, generic Hindu heavens, The Himalayas or just hang around in the immortal Tao. I'm not going somewhere where they sing really bad hymn's and have rule books bigger than the Political Correctness Behavior manuals at your colleges, universities and government offices.

"Les Visible?"

"Yes Peter, that's me."

"I'm sorry visible but I'm not going to be able to let you in."

"Well, that's cool but... why?"

"You said a lot of bad things about people down below. Look at what you said about Hitler and Stalin and Mao, not to mention a number of the presidents of your own country and the list of entertainers and public figures just goes on and on."

"I wasn't supposed to say anything bad about Hitler?"

"Judge not Les, lest ye be judged. You could have found something to like in Hitler if you had looked. In any case, you could have kept your opinions to yourself. You don't know what kind of problems he had. And you were really mean to bush and the bush family"

"okay...uh, so, what do I do, do I go to Hell?"

"Of course not, that's where hitler and bush and the rest of them are. I don't think that would work out. It says here you said something about wishing you had a chance to kick his ass, I don't think you want to go to Hell to do it. Do you?"

"No, Peter,that's not on my mind any more. So, what do you suggest?

You can just go find one of those other Heavens. God's got a lot of mansions. I know you once mentioned something like that in one of your Fray posts."

"You read The Fray?"

Visible said...

"As a matter of fact, a great many of us used to tune in to BOTF and a few others, back in the day."

"Alright then Peter, you be cool and I'll head East."

"Right visible, let's do lunch sometime."


Of course, along with this came a variety of other ideas and one of them was The Ten Commandments. Now, I've broken every one of them I think and some of them multiple times. But those commandments give me pause because some of them seem redundant and some of them seem impossible.

Anyway, let's deconstruct those ten commandments. I've got to go get them, I don't know them all off-hand. Hang on. Wait a minute. It seems that Moses might have broken the first set when he got angry about the Golden Calf. Then there's a whole lot of other questions. . So I'll go with the Catholic one and then adlib if i need to.

1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.

Well, that seems okay...but it does beg the question of; who is who? I know there's only one God so it's not a problem for me. But your basic fundie from any religion, why, that's just an excuse to make everyone else a heretic based on the assumption that they are worshipping the wrong guy.

Visible said...

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Now this one, generally it seems that people associate this with swearing, to me it means asking and not believing, or calling on God for 'stuff'. There's a boy crying 'wolf' in here somewhere too.

3. Remember thou keep the Sabbath Day (usually there's a "and keep it holy" but I don't see that here.)

Hmm. "Go Packers!" (smarmy british soto vocce) "Wood's is singling for his 7 iron. Brian the green's a good 60 yards here with the bunker right in the approach. The crowd has gone dead quiet as Tiger addresses the ball." Now this one is a little strange. I figure all of the days are holy, just as every inch of the Earth is sacred ground. Anyway, it looks like most of America is going to Hell on this one.

4. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

This one might make you think of japanese ancestor worship but to me it means Heaven and Earth. It's usually followed with, "so that your days might be long" I think. Then again, is that a good thing? What if you have a terrible life? Long is good?

5. Thou shalt not kill.

I think we can all agree on this one. But since Cain brained Abel it hasn't been much of a restraint. Fundie's are big time behind killing Iraqi's and anyone who isn't a convert, so this one must be open to interpretation. bush, being chosen by god, obviously gets a pass here.

6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Uh oh. I may be up for serial offender here, but they made me do it. Okay, I can see this one as a necessary for social control. It could get a little wild if everybody were actually fucking everybody else. However, the big problem is, that everybody is definitely 'thinking about' fucking everybody else. Isn't this the lusting in the heart one? Everybody is going to Hell over this one.

7. Thou shalt not steal.

This one creates no argument. This one makes sense. bush and his people get a pass on this one because it's in the national interest. It's not important for you to know why; that's also in the national interest.

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Now I like this one but this is probably the most broken commandment. bush and his people get a pass on this one because it's in the national interest.
But my question here is; what if the person in question lives around the corner, or over in the next subdivision? or a member of another political party? They wouldn't actually be your neighbor would they?

Visible said...

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.

I might want to borrow her but I can honestly say I don't want to keep her. Lot's of people are goingto Hell over this one, especially in New York and California...probably any urban area actually.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.

This one was better when it mentioned "your neighbors ass.". This one was a big problem for me. I have definitely coveted some asses. But it wasn't like I wanted to own them (except in the "who's your daddy?" sense); maybe take it out on the highway and see what it will do, sure...but it will be back in your garage before you miss it. Most of America is definitely going to Hell over this one because I believe it includes your neighbors goods and property and what all. bush and his people get a pass here because it's in the national interest.

Shouldn't this last one be part of number 9? It looks like they only had nine and it didn't look good.

I'm afraid I have to go with the Eightfold Path for myself.

Now this is Old Testament stuff and there weren't any Christians then, nor Catholics. This is a Jewish trip the way I see it. Christ said something about the greatest commandment being to love your neighbor. And I expect that covers most of the preceding in application and infers the rest.

Now if you read the link I gave, (which I just found as I was writing this; I typed in 'the ten commandments' in Google and it was the first hit.)they got the 'first tables of stone' and the 'second tables of stone'...there's some dicey stuff there; especially that 'first born' thing and leaving God's fat out all night. I'm a first born so this either makes me feel real good or big time apprehensive; then I remember...right...right...God is Love.

The truth is, I love God, more than anything there is and I am as certain of God's existence as I am of the fact that I am typing this. But I'm afraid I've got to say that I like your glaze-eyed fundie fruitcake take about as much as I like Disco music or fast food.

And the thing with these fundies is, they can get real nasty. Over at this other site one of them was pretty excited about the prospect of heading for Iran. And it doesn't take very long for the insults to start flowing. Of course I'm no saint here, but I'm not making up rules for other people either, nor am I sending most of the world to Hell in my head every day. Nor am I bugging the shit out of people to believe what I myself do not understand.

Well, we don't need much more than a little Crusader history, The Conquistadores, the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials to tell us what happens when people interpret scripture according to what they want. And it's a fact that when you repress your sexual nature, eventually the weakest link is going to go.

I wish 'most everyone' well. I know their happiness does not have to match mine, nor does their road have to parallel mine. And I realize that regardless of what they say, I'm not heading to any bad places, with or without their idea of who and what they think God is. Where I may not wish some well is due to the fact that I support the greater good and so I do hope for the total failure of the plans of those who seek to rape or enslave others.

Like Bob said, "most likely you go your way and I'll go mine." It's a big world and there's a lot to do here. I prefer other realms myself and would rather be elsewhere- but all things in time. We each go through our days and,... I hope, for each of us, it is with the intention of a finer understanding and a broader, more embracing heart.

What commandments I obey are those which are a part of me. When I go against myself I cannot continue for long. Soon enough I am sorry and I set out to try again; to improve. The more we understand, the fewer rules we need. It should be natural to do the right thing. It's a real shame that it isn't.

zepheri said...

Grew up on the only northernly flowing, bedrock bottomed and tree lined river in the world. This river is called Sandusky and flows towards Erie, enlightening.

ChewyBees said...

The basic energy pattern of everything in what we call universe is the sine wave. It is a simple up and down repeating pattern that never ends.
All matter is energy. All life is energy. All things are simple re-creation of energy that already existed.
The vibration of energy is infinite. It transcends all form. It can be as local as light, sound, or vibration, or as remote as the quantum physicians theoretical quark.
No matter the form, it still is the same pattern, just moving faster, or slower, in a dance with every other vibration out there.
The individual cells of our bodies act in a vibratory manner, react communicably in the body, and respond collectively to the environment put forth. Since everything is vibrational energy, the frequency and level of vibration of everything we expose ourselves to, whether taken internally or absorbed through the 5 senses externally, quint-essentially affects every part of us down to the core of our existence.
We choose how we vibrate, in so many ways. Mental is of great importance, if tapped into, as it is the direct connection to the metaphysical over just physical. Of near importance is environmental, which includes everything that enters our body-space environment. And of greatest importance is spiritual, since it is above physical, and involves separation of spirit energy from body energy.
Spirit involves Love of self, and Love of all Life above any material. It is the highest vibrational tone. It requires the acceptance of truth. Truth requires the acceptance of sacrifice. Sacrifice requires the acceptance of Life before Self.
Many claim their belief in god and yet destroy their self. Many claim their belief in self yet destroy life. Many claim to know the truth yet fail to search. Many claim peace yet yearn for more material. Many claim patriotism yet only parrot party line.
It goes on, like all loops, until a conscious effort is made to break them. Break the loops of your conscious, or unconscious existence. Do something different from your usual prescription. Whatever it is, Love all Life, and tell the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Nice deconstruction of the 10 commandments,I always preferred the Golden Rule,it's far less confusing.
I need to remember to ask the next fundie I bump against if they can recite it.
(don't see how one can claim to acknowledge it while blowing up "heathens")


Alan Jong said...

The Truth burns in the effort of your Love, the one thing that came to me after reading your piece this morning from the Divine was Psalm 50. After reading it and reading your work again it all became clearer to Me. I'm putting all my efforts toward shambala too. I don't leave comments often, but I enjoy your blog, and it does add a layer of sanity to an otherwise dismal experience.
Best Wishes to everyone here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis...great post. I noticed that you made a comment in this thread in which you wondered if some of the people who usually post your work have been compromised. Well, I have often wondered the same thing myself. So I'll just let it fly. (I have lots more ammo than what I am going to post here - my aim with this post is to simply offer some facts that might lend itself to helping flesh out some answers to the original query of yours; what I write here is intended to perhaps foment a discussion with others on the board. Maybe then we can get some good data together and come to a more solid conclusion.)

Jeff Rense. His father was Arthur Rense. Was the PR Director for both Douglas Aircraft (now McDonnell-Douglas, one of the world's largest weapons contractors) and Summa Corporation (owned by Howard Hughes; it contracted to build ships and submarines for the CIA back in the early 70's). "PR Director" is a clever way of saying "intelligence asset". I have Rense's daddy pegged as CIA all the way. And I'll wager big money Jeffy is on the same team. Much of Jeff Rense's "journalist" background was contrived if not entirely fabricated. He came out of nowhere and now he's definitely somewhere. Connect the dots and the picture ain't pretty.

Michael Rivero. Used to work for NASA. Constantly belittles anybody who questions the Apollo moon landings. (Working for NASA is like working for the Mafia - you never "quit".) Rivero also denies the existence of Satanism - he alleges that all Satanists are teenagers who listen to Ozzy Osbourne records and sacrifice chipmunks and cats and such. Rivero works for Hollyweird (controlled by Jews and Satanists), and is a Jew himself (on his mother's side). He also was married to a Jew. I have him pegged for an agency cut-out and will be glad to expand on the precise reasons why if anyone is interested.

But most importantly, neither of these two "High Profile Truth Tellers" has ever had any seriously wicked shit happen to them. Visible has had horrendous things happen to him, as a result of being a true activist. Me too. I won't get into all the shit that happened to me, but it might even make Visible think he had it pretty good...

To cut to the chase, if Rense and Rivero were really doing serious damage to TPTB, they would have been shut down long ago. They would have had shit happen to them that would make weaker souls commit suicide. They would have had their lives and careers ruined, their paths blocked at every turn, and attempts would have been made on their lives. (One of my activist friends got shot through the throat by a sniper with a high-powered rifle on his own front lawn as his three-year-old daughter watched...and that's just a slight taste of what it's like to be a real activist.) Visible knows what I mean here. I'm glad that most of you DON'T know what I mean here.

Rense and Rivero? Bwahaha. They are both making big money and they have high-profile Web sites and radio gigs and that screams "Intelligence Agency Sanctioned" to anybody with the brain capacity of a gerbil. End of story, in my opinion (additional viewpoints and input welcomed here).

Mark said...

"This posting is over and so is this song."

No truer words were ever spoken.

Three year ago, my wife told me it was all over; she had more spirituality yawning than I could ever hope to have. Total strangers would accost her every time she went out in public, then spill their life stories. Because they knew what she was.

"All the energy is gone from this world" is what she told me repeatedly. "Please don't leave, the world is already too dark" is what I thought every time she said that. She was warning me (no, her spirit was), and I was too afraid to hear it.

So you look at the millions of asshole Americans who do nothing because they are no longer alive. I am sometimes tempted to walk around with sticky notes, on each one written "already dead" and slap one on the chest of every person I Pass.

That's how far it's gotten.

Nothing more to say. Someone turn out the lights.

Denny said...


Great interpretation of the Ten Commandments. Now I can breathe out again, knowing that I'm not the only "sinner" around here.. heheh! I'm reminded of the anonymous who, even though I'm sure his intentions were sincere, condemned me for having commented that I'd be quite capable of lying my head off in certain situations. However, what he failed to understand was that by admitting that I'm quite capable of lying I'm being perfectly honest.



Slapping an "already dead" sign on the chest of everyone you pass is an excellent idea. However, I think I'd show some precaution in slapping them onto the chests of a gang of Hells Angels (grin).


Anonymous 7:27:00 AM:

The only ones we can fully and unconditionally "trust" in this world are those with whom a lifetime's friendship has transpired and where a known mutual love exists. With anyone else it is always a matter of "conditional degrees of trust".



I enjoyed your comment on vibrations. It reminded me of the Beach Boys... GOOD vibrations... "I don't know where but she sends me there..." Yeah!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6/12 @ 7:27:

Rense is a Jew also.

Gordon Duff, who runs Veterans Today, is a jew.

The first tactic of resistance is IDENTIFY EVERY JEW.

Dave, on the East Toast.

Copernicus Kidd said...

"I never saw any picture of Prabhupad that did not have a sour expression."

This guy really needs to research more pictures of AC Bhaktividanta Swami Prabhupada. There are PLENTY of them. So common for sophomore atheists to criticize religion when they have never actually studied it.

Also noticed a couple "anon" comments that reek of transparent flattery and ad hominem attacks on the R&R guys. You have addressed your summation of these personalities ad nauseum and succinctly at that, yet these trolls continue to try and convince your readership that they are trojans. Just goes to show that R&R and yourself are doing terrific work. Be Good and thanks for the Music!

Visible said...

I feel like I already said this but, I don't want to take up my time again extensively, to say the same thing. The worst things that ever happened to me in these blogs always came about with my getting up on my white charger in my Don Quixote outfit in the defense one website, person, or whatever, sometimes when I pretty much knew some of these were not my friends but I, ignorant fuck that I am, raise my pen in defense of people who could well be my enemies.

Subsequently, I then hear from people who are above my radar, audience and money wise. I have to scramble and dissemble; no easy feat for a guy whose life is already like some tantric Chinese acrobat. Get offers to help me out or the indication that it just might fit into an already busy schedule and, of course, they never do.

I, myself am not at war with all of these people. I don't know Michael Rivero but he's been pretty decent to me. I don't know Jeff Rense but he has been pretty decent to me; none of them had to post my work, right? I don't know Rixon Stewart but he has also been truly decent to me. A lot of the rest of them have not been. David Icke has no interest in me. I used to get published at SOTT and that's long gone. I could tell many a tale about the tactics visited upon writers like me by Raw Story, or Intelhub and Before it was News and god knows there are plenty of others who just shitcanned me when I didn't say or do what they wanted me to.

But alphabetically only, Rense, Rivero and Stewart have, most of the time, over years, consistently made it possible for people like you to be able read me. Some of these guys don't like each other How the fuck am I suppose to be able to handle that?

I don't handle it. I just do the work. I have no way of knowing if one, or all of them are government agents and I personally don't give a flying fuck whether someone is Jewish or not I have some lifetime Jewish friends and on the other hand the other guys have fucked my life over. I do not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I happen to actually like all 3 of these guys.

I don't care if they are graduates of the laurel canyon stories. If someone is willing to work with me for the greater good, if only for awhile then I am glad for that. I actually think of all of them as friends, I can only imagine what they think of me and I don't go there.

I don't care about any of that shit. I just want to bring the good news and assfuck the bad news. Try to be useful and a really good dog so that my master pats me on the head. That is all I care about. I don't care about power, or money, or pussy or whatever the fuck else there is; not that I am unaware of it. I just care about whether I hear that I an a good dog and not a bad dog. I literally do not care about life or limb in respect of that. I guess Mike James is kind of like that in his own way, probably John Kaminsky would fit there too, in their own way.

My way is all about my master and my invisible friends and visible ones too. That's pretty much my life, I don't have one really and I never did. I am confident that I have fucked up on the way from here to there but I am willing to change and I do by the hour. For me there isn't anything else. Everything else is just heartbreak and destruction and I get hammered for that, Kali Yuga I guess. There must have been a good reason I came here but I'll find out about that later on.

So, fuck, I got all these other things to do, including getting my affairs in order for that farewell tour; whatever that is supposed to mean. I need to hope I made some point here, it doesn't make any difference to me. Everyone serves the order of things, no matter who they 'think' they work for. If that hasn't dawned on everyone by now, it will. Okay, adios for now.

Clarity said...

I hear you, visible. I do. You walk the talk, and that's what matters to me.

To All,
I try to be discerning about everyone and every site. Sometimes I'm not critical enough, or I don't know enough about a topic to evaluate what is being said, or I'm just too new at this to know everything I should look out for. But I do try to keep my eyes open and continually evaluate. If someone talks about this and not that, keep it in mind. Some of their information may be accurate. Take it for what it is. If a person or site seems to be covering something, keep that in the back of your head as you read their information. If a flag goes up, or you feel it's disinfo., or if you think the story didn't go "all the way", do more research. If you find a person or site is consistently disinfo., don't go there. Or just go to see what crap is being put out to confuse others.

I came here for a different purpose, but saw visible's last post and wanted to respond. I may have things to say in response to other comments, but I can't do that now.

My purpose for coming here now:

My "truther partner" and I have a meetup group. Our group has a meetup site with discussion boards. I just got rid of all the members for reasons I won't get into. It's pretty much a blank slate now.

I'm going to post the site. Please keep it in mind as a way to keep in touch should there be a problem here with posting. It can also be used if there are any discussions you wish to continue elsewhere if they are getting too long or if you feel they are off-topic. It can also be used to put up info. you want to share without taking over the comments here.

This is in no way meant to take anything or anyone away from commenting here. The comments are valuable additions to visible's words. It is only offered as a backup plan, or for extras that may not belong here.

If you want to sign up now, that's fine. Otherwise, you might want to make note of the address in case there is a problem at visible's blogs and you are looking to be in touch with someone who comments here.



Anonymous said...

Interesting points Visible made about "doing the work" and not worrying about which side of the fence those who disseminate that work might be on.

I guess we're all machines until we first realize that we are machines. Machines or robots.

Which makes me chuckle as I look below this submission form on Vis's Comments page, and see the following CAPTCHA comment - "Please prove that you're not a robot"...ironic, eh.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
onething said...

Chewy Bees, that was beautiful.


Sheesh, I know I'm being argumentative...Prabhupad genuine. Well, I do believe he was sincere, but sincerely what?
I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt due to my friend's comment.

I have found too much damning evidence elsewhere. There are things excusable, and things that give great pause, and then there are things that destroy credibility.

Not lifting a finger to investigate child abuse of his own follower's children when he could easily have stopped it, and all the comments about the use of violence which would be worthy of any pope, that does it for me. I hold him accountable. His organization was a cult. A destroyer of families and of children psychologically.

Sure, I know some people had a good and spiritually profitable time.

I am suspicious now of Lord Chaitanya as well, because it seems quite convenient that in a geographic area that had been taken over by Muslims, he gets this revelation that Krishna is not just another incarnation of God but the Lord of the Universe Himself. (Not sure I see the difference.)
And this impressed the Muslims, and no doubt kept the local Hindu people satisfied and less likely to wander away into Islam.

Anonymous said...

I posted the info on Rense and Rivero earlier in this thread.

I am no longer an activist - one day I woke up and realized that it doesn't matter which side of the coin you are caught up in ("good" vs. "evil"), you are still trapped in duality here on this earth no matter which side "wins" and you are totally missing the point. But that's not the point of this post...

I am writing this to inform the two or three people who probably visit Visible's blogs on a regular basis and are suffering from Severe Naivete and Activist Urgency Syndrome (or SNAUS, as I like to call it). So you want to be an activist, huh? Think it's noble and cool to try to wake people up to Greater Truths?

Well, we all want to be liked and admired - and that's what the major impetus behind activism really is, when you break it all down. It's an effort on the part of a human being to be liked and admired by others, as you play the knight in shining armor and wake them the fuck up. And that's fine. It comes from a good place, kind of...

However, you two or three people reading this right now, who know some Actual Great Truths and are outraged by the machinations of TPTB, and are determined to spread the word, well, you need to know what to expect if you continue on this Don Quixotic quest.

TPTB holds all the earthly cards, especially when it comes to surveillance and the Internet. "Truther Boards" are like giant, swarming anthills, filled with agents of the CIA and the FBI and the NSA - and other agencies you most definitely don't want to know about. They use these boards to identify the most vociferous, active, intelligent and persuasive writers - they do this so they can shut them up. Permanently.

As I said, I am no longer an activist. Why they didn't whack me when they could have done it a thousand different times is beyond me. They certainly spent enough money on manpower and equipment to track me and monitor me and fuck my life up, that's for sure. A bullet would have been much easier and cheaper. But then, perhaps they know some things that you and I don't know, hmm? Perhaps this game is a bit out of our intellectual grasp at the present moment. Be that as it may, if you are thinking about getting super active and spreading the word, well, if nothing happens when you do it, then you aren't telling anybody anything of importance anyway. God bless you and your notions of karma and the New Age and Ishtar Command, etc. And if something does happen to you, then you will wish that you had kept your mouth shut. These are just some words to the wise here, nothing more.

I know some here will say I'm a troll or an agency employee, and that's fine. That's cool, because I am now in a position where I understand totally why the elite want to wipe out 90% of the "people" on this planet and put the rest in cages working for Nike. I totally get it. And you would, too, if you had my vantage point (which you don't, you haven't gotten there yet). So if you call me a troll, or an agent, and race out your front door to spread the word, well, when the shit hits the fan and you realize I was right, I promise I won't say I told you so.

Activism is for fools. People don't want to wake up. People are incapable of waking up (for the most part), because it isn't their time to do so.

You have only so much energy in this life. You need energy to attain higher states of consciousness. You can't store up energy by being an activist. You will only dissipate your energy and bring harm to yourself.

Work on your own knowledge base. Store your energy via the art of developing inner silence. Great power will result - you will be able to do things that will make your former acts as a human being look tame.

I promise you that. Aloha.

Visible said...

Well, you are saying all the right things and then you also know my position too. Buona fortuna!

Anonymous said...

I get Visible - I know that he does what he can with the tools he has and the leeway he is given. He is owned by no one and co-opted by nobody. He might be useful to certain factions of TPTB, but that is a temporary state of affairs as are all states of affairs on this earth. He might very well NOT be useful to them tomorrow. But that doesn't bother him. He does what he is supposed to do at this time, in this space, at this present moment. He is trying to help people in whatever humble way he can, to elevate their consciousness and help them escape duality. And I can say with absolute certainty that he has gone toe-to-toe with TPTB in identical ways that I have - as an "activist" (for lack of a better word) - and he survived it, he came through the fire, and believe me, that is no small feat, most people WON'T do that if they butt heads with TPTB. Which is why I warned you about activism in my last post.

There is a reason Visible writes about certain topics, and ignores other topics, and does what he does - and we may not know exactly what that reason is or why he is allowed to do it, but we only have so much time on this earth and if we waste it by butting heads with a dark force that has always been here, and will probably always be here (it's a dual world, isn't it), well, that is a fool's game and the people you want so much to wake up, your friends and family, well, they most likely AREN'T your friends and family, anyway - maybe they were put here for appearances' sake to help keep you trapped in this never-ending cycle of life, followed by death, followed by rebirth, ad nauseam. Anything is possible.

One thing is certain, though - something is feeding off of us. Something smarter than we are holds us here as energetic batteries and feeds off of our energy. That's why we die. And it's possible to escape this force, ane become more than mere mortals. The kingdom of god is within you. Energy is precious. By storing it, you will be able to experience incredible feats of perception and ability that will make you realize that you are much more than 98 cents' worth of elements from the Periodic Table housed in a sac of skin.

And when you cross that threshold, nothing else will do. Not sex, not money, not power. Nothing else will do. Because when you are everything - how can any ONE thing be better than that?

Aloha. And buona fortuna to you too, Lord V...

Truthseeker said...


"you might want to make note of the address in case there is a problem at visible's blogs"

WTF? Was that a veiled threat that Visible's blogs will be shut down?

After your hotlink to one of the worst hit piece on MLK ever produced by the MSM - I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole.

Is your real name actually Patrick or Henry?

Visible said...

Holy shit you do talk like the genuine article.


Hey! Hey! Clarity didn't know about MLK. She's an ingenue in certain senses and she emailed me first about this request and I said okay. She's not a bad person. Why do you think I say, "I don't know"? Lighten up, she's actually okay. She's late to the game, okay? It will all make itself known when it has to.

I hear dumb shit every day and don't say anything, you have to give people room to grow or we are just like everyone else then, not saying Clarity says dumb shit, she' just passionate and overflowing from being constrained by the sidewalk she had to grow up through... ♫there is a rose in Spanish Harlem♫ listen to the lyrics of the song.

Anonymous said...

creepy comments here lately..threats,warnings, numerous posts from same poster under different anons and names...vis its horrible, feels like you've been hi-jacked...I'm outa here... all the best to you. Jean

Anonymous said...

paranoia strikes deep
into your heart it will seep

Denny said...

My feeling too. Clarity's okay.

Anonymous 11:08 00 PM: Ditto.

Talking earlier of the Beach Boys... "The bad guys know us and they leave us alone..."

You're perfectly right of course. The ego leads one into all sorts of trouble. I've never imagined for a moment that I personally have any advantage over TPTB other than a "God given protection" provided the ego is not present in whatever I do. And what I can say in this respect is that I've now reached this age in my life after having travelled the world and had so many amazing times in so many amazing places and with so many amazing people (Vis certainly included). And when I compare this with the terrible lives that so many others are experiencing on this planet, I can only say that I'm beyond being grateful.

I can understand why Vis commented that you talk like the genuine article. You gave sound advice. Thanks.

Steve said...

Beautiful post Vis. I could say one of your best, but there are so many that I wont even go there.


If only it were that simple.
I myself have received great understanding from "Prubupada's books" and do believe he went through great pains over what his society turned into. He had a mission to print and distribute his "books" and on a whole he accomplished that. Not without it's casualties though and I don't condone them.

From The Bhågavata, Ethics Its Philosophy, Its Ethics, and Its Theology
we learn;
"We have been advised in the 14th Chapter of 11th skandha of the Bhågavata to believe that truth when revealed is absolute, but it gets the tincture of the nature of the receiver in course of time and is converted into error by continual exchange of hands from age to age. New
revelations, therefore, are continually necessary in order to keep truth in its
original purity. We are thus warned to be careful in our studies of old authors, however wise they are reputed to be. Here we have full liberty to reject the wrong idea, which is not sanctioned by the peace of conscience..."

The trick is to know what is the "peace of your conscience" and what is group think, or the babble of the mind. We are talking the ability to distinguish very subtly the difference at these higher levels. Very difficult to say the least, the most high and difficult quest in this human form. That's why I say, "If only it were that simple".

From the same pamphlet we learn:

"Vyåsa was not satisfied with what he collected in the Vedas, arranged in the Purå∫as and composed in the Mahåbharata. The peace of his conscience did not sanction his labors. It told him from inside “ No, Vyåsa! you can’t rest contented with the erroneous picture of truth which was necessarily presented to you by the sages of by-gone days! You must yourself knock at the door of the inexhaustible store of truth from which the former ages drew their wealth. Go, go up to the
Fountain-head of truth where no pilgrim meets with disappointment of any kind. Vyåsa did it and obtained what he wanted. We have been all advised to do so..."

Go Onething! Go yourself to the fountain head of truth. Take what satisfies the peace of your conscience and leave the rest behind. It's not your shit. Ah Kali Yuga. Hope this helps:-) Ps, I am a little late in responding as I wanted to read Monkey on a Stick first. Thanks for the pdf Kenny.

Annon @ 10:15:00 PM
Thanks for your concern, but FUCK OFF telling me what to do with my life!

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole"

But you'll whip her with your whip.

"Get in line, get in line, everyone get in line." There will be no individuality here thank you very much. Get in fucking line!

Anonymous said...

In times of darkness, The Prince of Darkness is in full sway. Some don’t believe in such forces but I would then ask if they believed in the force of materialism, which they can see in front of their eyes or if they have difficulty seeing that the majority of world leaders are whores for position and money at the expense of their duties or whether they can see that a certain shitty little country is committing murder and evils beyond those of their alleged oppressor years ago and that these obvious vile crimes are justified and celebrated by the most powerful leaders in the west in a way that confounds the mind in consideration of right and wrong as we think we know it. Well? Does this not all suggest the same behavior we might expect if a real Prince of Darkness were rampant and risen above the world in which we live? So what difference does it make? It’s the same, either way… in some fashion or manner …this force does exist.

The Apocalypse moves inexorably forward. Hayward before the senate reveals what the reality controls deny but cannot conceal. It will get more and more powerful as it comes more and more direct and impacting.

One thing the people of America must do at this November election, despite what is certain to happen beforehand. That is to not vote for any Jewish/Israeli lawmaker no matter what. All of them must be thrown out of office. Also, any and every lawmaker who is in support of Israel in any way must be refused office on that basis period. They are traitors in the most indefensible sense. Every single individual who supports the Crime Syndicate known as Israel should be exposed for it as if it were a heinous crime, which it is. Support of Israel must be seen and understood as a capital felony against humanity.

I send this out in print and upon the ethers. I send this in a joining with all souls who now know the nature of that evil known as Israel and its loathsome attendant, Zionism. These states and conditions should be known as murderous psychopathy and accepted without argument as offenses equal to murder and child rape. It must be globally understood that Israel and all who serve and support her are more dangerous and evil than the worst offenders presently incarcerated anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Around the world, people everywhere should fully acknowledge and accept as irrefutable truth that the continued existence of Israel is a cancer in the life of the peoples of the world and that it has no right to exist at all and should be either disintegrated by the full and collective concentrated will of the world or sealed up like a terrible, plague virus away from the peoples of the world.

From being the force behind most Nigerian email scams, to body and organ trafficking, financial crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing and nearly any crime you can think of, Israel is the leader in them all. It should be seen as a hydrophobic beast that cannot be contained or cured. 94 % of Israelis and probably a higher percent of Zionists fully support all that Israel does. Israel directly murdered those seeking to assist a large group of people who are daily tormented by these fiends. They stole their property and money. They laugh about what they did. They make fun of it on the internet and are defended by powerful individuals who have sold their soul to the God of these demonic swine.

They are the direct offspring of that ancient evil that has plagued humanity for millennium. They have stolen elements of culture, language and science from others and claimed them as their own. They control the media and this must be seized, destroyed or replaced by spiritual means.

They grow in the mind of unconscious, sleeping humanity like a Triffid or a body snatcher which they are in all definable ways. They are gathered together in a very significant number in one place that is a message of what is to come to, for once, fulfill that special number they hold with such despicable reverence. There is no coincidence here. If you cannot find the courage to echo what you read here and KNOW to be true then you deserve your servitude and what accompanies it. I speak for a power far greater than they and which every human being possessing a soul is conscious of and knows to be real beyond their temporary doubts and uncertainties.

Anonymous said...

No life is in their hands that does not deliver itself to them or is not martyred for the inescapable destiny they face and which will come upon them with a consuming wrath. I say all of this without fear, for their power is broken and would state such in any case because their power is a shadow which only appears potent due to the darkness of the times.

I command with all agreeable souls their utter destruction and relocation to that plane where they are most certainly headed and will go no matter what.

They are exposed at every turn. Most cannot understand how knowledge of their crimes finds its way to every heart and mind despite their control of most of the world’s economy and press.

No agent of theirs and no representative of their culture and alleged race should be allowed to continue in any place of power for that reason alone. There is no such thing as a good representative in any place of present, seeming power whatsoever, no matter what the argument or justification. The board must be swept clean entirely. There is no alternative. Greet everything they say, no matter how giving or condescending with contempt. Accept no excuse or rationale. They must go entirely and without the hope of any excuse whatsoever.

I state this, knowing it is ordained and in progress as I speak. I state this, knowing that it is inevitable and inflexible. Nothing that happens from this moment on will appear as anything but exactly what it is, regardless of the overpowering effect of manufactured lies to the contrary. Every single effort made by them will turn against them and the speed of this being made known around the world will be convincing in the extreme.

Nothing they have said and done is anything more, in totality, than a lie and an offense against every ensouled being on the planet. They do not possess souls and are foul creations of a darkness that, even now, is being broken up in every place and on every plane where they and their supporters reside.

Take this for what it is worth and know that regardless of any appearance to the contrary that it is outworking now.

Celebrate your liberation from this abysmal and stench ridden engine of departing evil which has encircled the world for centuries and is now experiencing the death rattle of a just and necessary destruction which announces the special poetry and vitality of the advancing new age. Make your every word and action a statement of conviction in the truth of what animates and makes you aware. So is it and so be it. Let the light arise from its secret chambers and illuminate the world as it cleanses our world and ourselves.

Be the transformation as it appears before you and within you. Experience the joy in the absolute certainty of what comes with the full force of the universe and its un-opposable will.

Richie (Dana) said...

You will recall that I was one of the first here to speak directly to you. It seems there was something about your name in there and a few other things I cannot now recall. At any rate, I do guess the intentions of others well at times. The one time this little gift failed me, My wife had left me, took the kids, and all the furniture in the house down to the last fork in the drawer so perhaps I may have been a bit distracted. haha

I hope that I can say this and you can see it from a place of Love.

I went to your site (Is that picture you?). Is appears on that surface as an "old paradigm" thing very politically based in duality which does not attract me. But hey that is just me. What I really want to say is this.

We each have our path laid before us and each of those paths are very different. That is the beauty of it all. Your path is yours to travel alone and it is always a huge bonus to find those other souls who can help you in some way along it. Please remember that whatever advice another gives you is based upon THEIR experience which is not YOU. It may help, or it may not. Bottom line is you, not them. Look within yourself and forget about any critical things said against you. Or even the positive......hehe

I see the site and then I see the real you which are very different. In fact, I would never imagine the person I have read here creating that.
I see a rose blooming. I see the girl on a fast track. It does not matter what you "know" or do not know. The inner soul is doing just fine and making great progress in my humble opinion.

Believe in your inner self that has been here for ages and is actually quite wise. Your memory will be returned to you soon so do not get lost in outward material critical thinking. All that crap matters not. It is only what you choose to create that will affect you in the end. Read my previous post, give it some Love and all will be fine.

Just a friend...


John C (UK) said...

Anonymous chap re Rense, Rivero, energy etc.

You make lots of sense mate. I started with the whole conspiracy stuff shortly after 9/11. Man, I really went down the rabbit hole. Then about 5 or 6 yrs ago I (re)discovered Mind/Consciousness and how it affects your perception of external reality.

What you are saying is how I now feel, the conspiracy scene may or may not be true, but the effect of it all on the people, (activists), is indeed soul-destroying.

I hope this makes sense, unfortunately English is my first language so no excuses there (grin)

Ray B. said...

Concerning 'Anonymous' whose last post was Wednesday, June 20, 2012 11:08:00 PM.

A quicky technique that I use to 'identify' someone, when I am in a hurry:

I go into a neutral, meditative, contact with Higher Self type state. I hold the image or work of someone in my mind. I have the intent that my head will move:

Left - if the person is a good* guy doing good-side agenda.

Up - if the person is a good* guy unknowingly doing bad-side agenda.

Right - if the person is a bad guy knowingly doing bad-side agenda.

Down - something other than the above.

*In a relative sense. It includes dumb, asleep, mundane, etc.

(You can choose whatever variations fit best in your case, of course...)

Then, I just neutrally 'wait'. After a time, I will get a decisive movement. That is the answer. It is sometimes what my intellect has surmised, but profoundly different at other times (even what I did NOT want to hear, if I liked the person).

You might want to try this technique on 'Anonymous', as practice.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Clarity: Like John V. (and Vis, of course), you are starting to take some 'hits'. Take it as a badge of honor, as you must be rattling some cages. I enjoy your freshness and enthusiasm. (And a wave and a smile to all the posters whom I have enjoyed and had no time lately to interact with...)

est said...

who what
where when
how am i

Anonymous said...

You kids will really enjoy this one; talk about prophetic - a Jewish insider spills the beans about their "Master Plan" (an interview, conducted in 1976, and chock-full of predictions that came true):


Anonymous said...


Here's an anti-war speech by MLK from April 1967 just before he was killed by TPTB.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

You're outta here eh? I see the same thing in the world every day. It's everywhere you go. Getting out of here is the point. This site isn't hijacked and if people like that didn't show up i wouldn't be doing my job.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6/20 @ 10:15, launched discussing Rivero and Rense:

I can echo the thinking behind your quotation marks around "people". I look around me and see how the masses are using this opportunity--these unprecedented times. Here they have the opportunity to transcend and improve themselves. Never before has the common man had such access to information, mobility, weapons.

And what do they do? They turn into accelerated brutes. They buy bigger vehicles and drive ever faster and recklessly. They are fueled by grease and sugar. They grow obese and don't care. Their neuronal networks are merging with the devices in their hands. They are cybots.

So I don't have a big problem with our controllers' idea with eliminating 90 percent of them. They're barely human.

I often wonder if the best course is to step aside and let the system cleanse itself, let it take itself down. Our controllers use the Hegelian model to maintain tension and produce a hybrid that works for them.

What if we simply don't add our own tension?

Dave, on the East Toast

Denny said...


Just been reading some very profound and prophetic anonymous comments here. And no coincidence just what you've been saying all along.

Praise the Lord! Heheh!



I'm reminded of those Beatles lyrics... "You say goodbye, and I say hello.. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.."


I'm thinking of writing a spiritual book to make myself some money. The good thing is it's only gonna take a minute to write because it has only one chapter containing one word - ie "MEDITATE". Heheh!


Talking of the Beach Boys again...

"God only knows where I'd be without this Visible Blog"

the gardener said...

I have been having some seriously conversant dreams lately. Usually the setting is in an old big city school setting.

The other day I was conversing with someone in this setting and he was telling me 'how it all works' and why. It even involved what happens to our souls when our meat bags die.

I was very horrified as it was some kind of techno capturing device ... for our souls.

And I asked him 'when did THIS start going on?" and this man in the shadows said 'oh about fifty years ago when Ronald Reagan got into office' somewhat lucidly I did the math in this dream and replied 'RR got into office thirty years ago' and the man said 'no, when he got into the Governorship of CA' and I was like 'oh, has that been fifty years ago already?"

Being distracted with the time element in my dream caused me to forget the meat of the matter of this dream as it was revealed to me what this is all really all about.

I feel like the windows of energy are wide open right now. Make sure you get outside into the sunshine if it is availed to you.

I started my D3 regime again as we've all got that respiratory sickness starting with a sore throat coming down on us again. Five people told me yesterday that the 'left side of their necks were sore' along with half of them saying they had sore throats also on that side.

After last year's sickness involving sore throats, horrible TB like wracking coughs and laryngitis I do feel this is an emotionally based illness caused by speaking out-even thinking out.

the gardener
'fixing a hole where the rain comes in'

Denny said...

the gardener:

Re: Respiratory sickness..

Sounds more like chemtrails to me.

Anonymous said...

In case some of you are experiencing respiratory illnesses and the like (as "the gardener" appears to have been lately), and are wondering how to combat it naturally, I'll throw a couple of remedies out there that I have used over the years. I learned about them from other people, have tried them, and they work. Individual results may vary.

Colloidal silver is wickedly good shit. I question the brands made available at stores like GNC and other Big Box chains. But it kills just about everything (except living human tissue). I have taken it for 12 years straight and was sick only twice during that time (I stopped taking colloidal silver both times that I got sick). You can make it at home (very cheaply) or you can buy it at certain health food stores/natural food stores. A small percentage of individuals is allergic to silver - if you have ever worn silver jewelry and it leaves red patches on the skin, against which the jewelry rested, you might be allergic.

The other really great remedy is Dr. Richard Schulze's Super Tonic. It's all natural, you can make it at home. Here's a link to the recipe - http://healingtools.tripod.com/supertonic.html

Hope this helps some of you who are feeling ill and unable to turn the corner. Taking one or both of the above remedies should really give you a boost.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Copernicus Kidd said...

"Suspicious of Lord Caitanya."

(grin) - thats a good one!

and I'm now suspicious of Marco Polo as well ... it seems conspicuous that he established so many trade routes through Muslim lands.

onething said...

Well, Anonymous at 10:151:08 pm -
I do think it would be helpful if you elaborated bit on how you store energy, and how this helps to escape this wheel.
Cap'n Spadgett-

Thanks for what you wrote. It is helpful. Regarding this advice:

"Go Onething! Go yourself to the fountain head of truth. Take what satisfies the peace of your conscience and leave the rest behind. It's not your shit."

I feel that I have pretty much done that. I am not responding to Prabhupad from the vantage of a seeker. I have similar strong dismays over Christianity and other belief systems. It upsets me when people miss the point so badly, and it upsets me when leaders are the worst of the lot. Speaking of Kirtananda here.
But the leaders and the led are two sides of a coin. The followers were ready to allow him to dictate their very breath, and to excuse him even of murder, to commit fraud and arson - and to tell themselves that because he was a pure devotee it sanctified those actions.

Good Lord, people, can't you give the devil a better run for his money than that?

Visible said...

Those fans of Patrick Willis might want to see this. I'm likely to leave this country I am in around beginning august. I will be back last week of November and then first week of December, I am off to India and will not be coming back. Nothing is going to change my mind so I thought I would let you know now. I'll make sure you have plenty to read in the meantime and you will have the archives and everything I was supposed to do will be there and all in the meantime; how it goes.

Don't worry about it. You will get exactly what you put into things as it goes from here.

Anonymous said...

You are leaving and will be back in Nov or Dec. You are off to India and won't be back.
Forgive me , I am confused.
Do you mean you won't be coming back to the country your are in now but will come back to blog in Nov or Dec.? Sorry Dear One but sometimes you loose me. No one else here ever seems to miss a beat so I must be dense but please clarify your remark if you will.

Anonymous said...

Yep anon-aloha It's a 'limited hangout' out there. I know nothing but do notice things. No David Icke on your list, hmmm. Must be a lizard thing, sssssssssss.

Remember what the dormouse said,

est said...

stars in heaven
and the sky below
mountains then seas
and sands i don’t know

i look out through eyes
that were given to me
sort of on loan
but given for free

i hear with ears
the faintest sounds
the tell-tale heart
making the rounds

plead with my captors
it wasn’t me
still in the end
they set me free

neal said...

I pray India leaves enough for you to do what must be done.

If not, it is really interesting where little bits and pieces have taken some root. They do not call this place the desert for nothing. Only parables, and numbers, make the crossed center, just winging it, across this land. Now, this river,
just goes, and there are big friends, before dogs, that patrol this place.

I am sure you will be snuck in, just ride the fur. The big funny hats are no big deal, just broken pieces of the sun, you know this.

I know one place where this happens, but I do not get to come back, only stay, with some misgivings.

They treat rowers well. Jumpers, well, not weave, just entangle, there is that for which this kind of stuff is really useful. That is just some drag, rqpqjuqi no numbers,w et.

Anyway, I would see a sheltering sky, and teasing trees. If that is OK.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I only ask that if you really do go AWIL (Away in love) , for sure, you give us an official ALOHA..

having had my henia op 2 days ago, and advised to cough as excercise, you gave me a couple of real LOL's (how many LOL's online are real, indicative of the rest of wasted spaces), I can only take 5 seconds of Carlins 10 (10 sounds more official) commandments at present .

"11 commandments, get F* out of here" (maybe 10.5 would suggest honestly our selectiveness and shortcomings).


"Fuck don't kill"
or give a fuck, don't fuck with.

Anonymous said...

pierre said,

although at 5.39 Carlin fails the 911 truth test by mentioning the WTC's as a case for religion being responsible for more killings than anything else ... maybe he didn't know, I don't know, though I cannot countenance that he was thinking of the Zionists perps, and this was not long after. Chinese whisperers of simple slogans without personal variations. we all do it.

Anonymous said...

Hello onething...as far as storing energy goes, and its effect on the human organism, I stumbled upon it quite by accident. Years ago I was producing some of my own music and I spent hours and hours on end, over a period of months, playing instruments, recording every note, every drumbeat, etc., to the point where I got so immersed in the project that I lost complete track of time and shut out everything else.

I'd wake up raring to get back to it every single day, and the harder I worked in a single-minded fashion, the more I started to experience elevated states of consciousness. I had no idea at the time why this was happening. But it was better than sex, or money, or power, or anything else. I could merely hold a thought in my mind (for example a question), and the answers would come to me, as if written on a screen. I had things happen that defied logic, but were so cool, that I simply wanted more of it. I could hold a thought in my mind, about what I wanted to have happen in the future - and it would happen. Down to the very last detail. It was mind-boggling. Of course, being a demented human being like everyone else, I stopped working at producing my own music and it all stopped...

Anyway, years later, I was reading Carlos Castaneda's books, and I'll be damned if some of the things that Castaneda's mentor talked about, which Castaneda wrote down in his books, hadn't happened to me during the previously mentioned episodes. As Castaneda's mentor explains it, being single-minded is the key to storing energy (and thereby generating what he calls "power"). According to a group of people he refers to as the Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico, our main enemy in life is self-pity. And because we are so immersed in self-pity much of the time, or normal state of affairs involves replaying perceived slights and injuries, made to us by others, in our heads, like never-ending thought loops, over and over on a regular basis. (i.e., "He said this to me, and how dare he say that - and she did this to me, and how dare she do that," etc.)

Well, according to these "sorcerers", this dissipates our available energy. It eats up a large part of it. (And that's why they claim self-pity is the mortal enemy of man.) So, when you shut down what they refer to as your inner dialogue, and you become single-minded to the point where you can shut out all thoughts (other people might refer to this as meditation, and I think it's similar, yet different in its scope and overall aim), well, when you can shut out all thoughts and most especially those looping, repetitive thoughts that are born out of self-pity, a funny thing happens. All that energy you used to expend maintaining the illusion of your self-importance, is freed up. And it starts to accumulate inside you. And then it can be applied to just about anything by using a force called "intent" (not "intention", as Wayne "The Shill" Dyer calls it).

From what I gather, once a state of complete inner silence is created within a human being - and a single thought or command is held inside the mind of the human being, with no other competing thoughts - suddenly, a weird thing happens. Your command (or intent), becomes the command (or intent) of infinity (i.e., God, or the Divine). All I can tell you is, that very thing happened to me, and at the time, I had no idea why it happened - and upon reading Castaneda's books, it was explained to me in a practical, down-to-earth, sensiblel manner.

So you might check out some of Castaneda's work. I would recommend all of his books, beginning with "The Teachings of don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge". All of his books are helpful, but I especially like "The Power of Silence", "The Active Side of Infinity", "The Fire From Within", and "The Art of Dreaming". You can read snippets of these books at www.prismagems.com. Awesome stuff. Hope this helps. Aloha.

John C (UK) said...

Has anybody come across the wrings of Vernon Howard? I have just stumbled across his books and wondered if any enlightened souls at this oasis had any thoughts upon him.

Denny said...

Midsummer here in Sweden and everyone is outside celebrating and dancing around the maypole, and this will go on until late in the evening. Perfect weather and clear blue skies...Erm...Well, apart from all those white streaks coming from all directions that covered it over since earlier this morning...Must be lots of people flying in from all directions wishing to dance around the maypole too...

Media latest: "Details of new and dangerious type of 'birdflu' published in Science magazine could fall into 'terrorist' hands"...

Well, let's hope those darned terrorists don't buy Science magazine, then...


Anonymous 5:57 00 AM:

Although you've apparently ruffled a few feathers here I appreciate what you've had to say. Aloha.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Changes and Journeys and Hare Krishna Murders.

Steve said...

Shit, there I go again, jumping to conclusions. Sorry annon. annon? fuck, can I call you George?

Well you did touch a nerve with me as I have been working on a stand up piece and I kind of thinking it's pretty good, and working up the courage to "run out the door" and give it a go. It is aimed at waking people up even though I gave up on "waking up friends and Family" years ago figuring they will approach me if they feel so inclined.

How can I just stand by and watch?

What am I to say to my kids when there are concentration camps and people are getting lined up, and the state of the environment there future faces is just fucked up and I didn't try and make a difference? (If it's not to late anyway?)

"Dads been building his energy boys, any day now nothing will matter anymore 'cause I'm everything. You are to you know, but don't say anything about it to anybody, 'cause you'll just get shut up. Permanently, if you know what I mean";_)

Tongue in cheek man, tongue in cheek.

I don't know?

How do you do nothing and live with that, knowing you maybe could have made a difference, but didn't have the guts to try?

Is it better to try and die as a consequence, or to live a long time?


Hello to the Cia guys and girls reading here :-) did this just put me on another list? Remember to live your life.

Anonymous said...

Two-part comment (this is Part 1) -

Cap'n Spadgett (nice name, by the way)...I don't know why I felt compelled to warn people about activism while simultaneously telling them that there was something out there much greater than themselves that was a lot more compelling (something which could be arrived at by storing energy and accumulating power), but I did. Not sure if intent/God/the Divine compelled me to do it, or if the thought was my own, but that's irrelevant - it's a chicken-or-egg deal and sometimes you just know things directly and you let the niggling rational mind go and you just run with it, because the rational mind is a fucking bitch (versus the infinite mind). I just felt I needed to do it so I did (while at the same time, realizing that I know absolutely nothing).

And you appear to be in a similar boat regarding "activism"...damned if you do, damned if you don't, so...I know exactly how you feel about wanting to wake people up whom you care about. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to fight evil before it's too late. And what I wrote was not meant to be something along the lines of, "You should do this." I try to avoid telling people they should do anything (hell, I rarely even write about, or discuss these topics anymore). But I think it's wise, if you have a unique vantage point, to sometimes warn people of what's around the bend (especially if you care about them - see the similarities there?).

Personally, when I endured a shit storm of trouble, it coincided with having experiences of elevated consciousness. True, the whole thing ruined my "career", ruined my "life" (which really wasn't a life at all), alienated me from family and friends, turned me into a basket case, got me in trouble with the law, and almost took my life, to boot - but would I go back and erase all of that? No. I wouldn't trade all of that for anything. Including the "bad" experiences. Real knowledge is hard-won. Arriving at states of elevated consciousness and experiencing "bad" things are hand-in-hand affairs. I have never heard of a person experiencing one, without experiencing the other (which doesn't mean it isn't possible, of course it is; I just personally have never heard of it happening).

Once you start to find out what real Great Truths are, and start encountering Real Knowledge, it's a frightening affair - by design. Real knowledge is never what you think it's going to be. (Again, this is just from my vantage point - this is just how I see it, and there are infinite paths - infinity is a great big place.)

(End Part 1.)

Anonymous said...

Two-part comment (this is Part 2) -

I think if you feel compelled to be an activist, to inform your friends and family, and others as well (I used to board trains full of complete strangers during rush hour and point out the chemtrails in the skies above them while speaking in a loud voice; they would look at the sky and look at me like I was completely crazy; which, of course, I am, but that makes me no different that anyone else - wink wink), well, again, if you feel compelled to do something, by all means it's up to you and you alone. Forewarned is forearmed, however. Weigh the odds, make your decision, and set your cap and go, man, if that's what you think is best.

But in my opinion, this "drama" that is being played out right now between good and evil, it has always been played out here on the earth plane, at various times (the End Times, or Kali Yuga). And evil destroys itself in the end. It holds sway for a long, long time, true, but in the end it destroys itself.

And there is very little chance, in my opinion, that a person, or even a group of persons, at this precise moment in time, can wake up the entire planet, make them come together, and thwart evil and win the day (especially when 90-plus percent of them is either incapable of waking up, aren't really "people" at all, or don't want to wake up, period). It's a math equation at this point, a calculus equation, and you have to work the math, I think, and figure out the odds and proceed from there.

So what's a person to do? Well, shit, that's up to you, as it always is. However...if you can work hard at escaping the prison - via storing energy, and thereby accumulating power, and thereby being able to fly off in any direction you choose as whatever you choose to be (i.e., wake up to the totality of yourself), well, hell-fire my friend, THEN you would REALLY have something worth telling your friends, family, and others, hmm? Then you could truly save them.

Whole civilizations disappeared doing that very thing - the Easter Islanders, the Mayans, the Anasazi Indians, et al. Archaeologists have often wondered where those people went - where are the skeletons? Hmm. They graduated, basically. They stored energy, accumulated power, and "dreamed" together (see Castaneda's books for more info on "dreaming"), and off they went - leaving this fucked-up world behind. I know that sounds crazy...but as Visible is fond of pointing out, via the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Or, as Gandhi said, "The truth is still the truth even if you are a minority of one." Or as Johnnie Cochran said, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." Heh. (Truth is stranger than fiction, when you boil it all down - yes indeed.)

Something to think about - or not. It's up to the individual, as always.

Whatever you do, give it everything you have, man, and you cannot fail. Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Okay so this turned out to be a three-parter. Damn.

Cap'n Spadgett - the first time I read your post I missed the part about you developing a stand-up routine to inform people about what was going on in the world...the synchronicity is too much to ignore here, thus, the third part in this comment.

I, too, incorporated stand-up comedy in my personal quest to wake people up. In fact, that's how my personal shit storm started...

Part of it went like this: "You know, it seems as if it's really hard for people to come together on anything these days. Seems like we're all divided over issues like abortion. How many pro-lifers are out there, raise your hands? (Hands go up.) How many pro-choicers are out there, raise your hands? (Hands go up.) Yes, we're divided over everything, it seems. Religion, politics, hell, even flag-burning. (Flag-burning was a "hot" topic during this time.) Well...I think there's one thing we could all agree on here, as being the right thing. I think there's one thing we all can universally endorse as being the right thing to do. How about Congressmen-burning? Show me your hands?" (So people would laugh at that point, and they would put their hands up...or most of them, anyway - some were too shocked to say anything or raise their hands.)

But that shit got me into trouble.

Now, once again, I wouldn't trade the shit storm that hit me for anything. So, dude, god bless you if you decide to be an "activist". Just be aware that there is a line out there in the sand. If you cross it, you will receive some serious shit from TPTB. Now, you can dance around that line and get your points across (some of them). And these days, so many of the nefarious things TPTB has been up to, well, they have been divulged for a long, long time now and are already out there for public consumption. So it's a different climate now, the cat is coming out of the bag, and there are too many leaks for the elite to plug up. But I think you need to be forewarned.

Here is an absolute - If you hand people the keys to truly fighting TPTB and defeating them (and believe me, those keys exist, and I am never going to say anything ever again about those keys; number one, I don't hate the elite any longer, I see their points completely; they are as fucked up as we are, and it's a dual world, live and let live, etc.), but, if you pass along ideas in your stand-up routine, designed to empower people so that they might truly fight TPTB effectively, then you are in for a world of shit. That is an absolute.

And, even if you don't hand them the keys to fighting the elite effectively, just by bringing out certain truths and facts and other things on a continual basis that the elite don't want you to talk about during a stand-up routine, the shit storm can arrive anyway. Just ask Lenny Bruce. Or George Carlin.

But fear is the prison. That's a fact.

Go with your gut and be fearless in whatever you do.

However, I still say activism is for fools. TPTB CREATED activism, in order to identify their most ardent enemies. In order to identify them, put a bullseye on their backs, and put them in a gulag or kill them. So that is definitely something to think about.

Plus, you are dealing with a group of "people" who you will find are flat-out incapable of waking up. Sure, the things you are telling them are obvious - to you. But to them? It's like trying to explain algebra to tapeworms. Seriously. And I think your energies might be better spent on elevating your own game, on elevating your own consciousness, on elevating your own knowledge base. "Might be". That's the key phrase.

It's up to you. Give it your best and you will do fine, and you will come out a better person and a more knowledgeable person. That's the key, I think. Evolution. Evolve or involve. That is the choice we have. Aloha.

Steve said...

Hey George, (grin)

You write similar to other new arrivals around here and I think that's the kind of thing that spooked Jean? I'm just watching it unfold though. I'm not saying anything against anyone, long comment or short, sound similar or unique, doesn't matter as it is what you say that counts and what you said made sense to me, so that's all that matters.


I guess I am drawn to "stand up" as I did it years ago and was pretty good at it judging by audience response and was encouraged to take it further but I just found the whole scene to shallow and didn't have the balls or the knowledge to take it to the 'activist" level at that time. I believe that only so much knowledge can come from books. The rest comes from the courage to actually go there.

So I have a few contacts in the comedy circuit and could probably make a go of it. There is no mention of burning any one, but there is some blood and guts in there. I am definatly not under the illusion of trying to wake the whole world. I can see how thick the conditioning is on the majority and there is nothing going to break that. But there is a growing number of people questioning and if I can help a few of them in some way, then all good.

I here what you are saying in regard to waking yourself up and I understand the importance of not "preaching" for want of a better word, above your own level, as soon as you go there any power you may have gets lost and the eyes glaze over into some mystified "other dimension." Not my style.

I'm not knocking other dimensions or Carlos' work, just the other "hopey, changey other dimensions."

Funny thing happened last night. My partner was reading your response to Onething and your mention of Carlos' work, and said, "I have one of his books, I put it your undies draw so you would notice it". I should wear undies more often 'cause I didn't notice it :-) Its sitting beside me now though so will read it over the next few days. The Art of Dreaming.

If they come after me, they come after me. I don't think I am that big of a threat to them, I know may become that if I "cross the line", tough call hey.

The more of us that stand up for truth though, the easier it will be for those involved.

All for God, and God for all.

onething said...

Thanks, "George," that was very interesting, I'll have to think about it. Something similar happened to me, perhaps not as strong as with you, and I didn't understand it or why it happened, but after much thought and reading, I came to the conclusion that it was a kind of meditation, but I call it contemplation. Yes, I spent about three weeks in a fairly single minded pursuit of a question, and got the answer in spades.

Not sure how to recreate that.

I've read all of Castaneda's books, and I love them, although they always seemed disjointed and all over the place. Perhaps need to reread them.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Stella, I haven't even gone there. My imagination is way more powerful than that and I don't use that. I'm quite serious about my objectives. I wouldn't be able to do what I do if that were not the case. Last night while sleeping, don't ask me how this occurred. I spent the whole dream time with Kirstan Stewart. O often spend that time with Ellen Page and others depending. Sometimes I am even the other side of the equation but... the part I like and enjoy is he humanity side.

I would never have done what those guys did. I met Prabupad in '74. I could have gone lights out into the matter but I'm already incarnate in a certain way. I don't require or need that kind of nonsense. If I wanted full bore anything goes, I could have it with no hassles, that's not what I'm after. I had it all thrown at me when I was pretty and mucho capable of extended visitation upon the surrendered body of those who by now know the meaning of being fucked over.

I cannot imagine the pleasure or profit of congressing with mortals when the deities are right there to be had and I damn well know whereof I speak. The difference between matter on matter with the subsequent and always short of the completion and The effortless spiritual connectivity is like the difference between wallowing in the mud and having the mud turn into a river of gold. There is no comparison.

Now minds not given such largesse might well doubt the existence but it's as easy as saying no to the other.

Anonymous said...

pierre said

link didnt go in.

carlin and the ten commandments.


Clarity said...

Visible~ Thank you

Denny~ Thank you

Cap'n Spadgett~ Thank you

Ray B.~ Thank you

Richard~ Thank you
Your response.... It's funny how people can look at something and see very different things. The site we started... I didn't put a lot into it, nor did I think about how it might look to others. It was interesting to see it through your eyes. To try to keep it brief... The site wasn't really meant to be political, but I can see how it came to appear that way. We "met" in another Meetup group that was political. Politics, being new to me, led me to waking up. He was kicked out of the group, and we started communicating when I was "on the edge". When I got kicked out a few months later, he asked me if I wanted to start our own group. We were removed for telling the truth, and his whole focus for our group was freedom of speech. It might look political because once the group was set up, we had only a couple of days before it was going to be "promoted". We had to throw something together fast, and so that's what you see. Freedom of speech to my partner meant open membership, and we immediately got some.. ahem... interesting characters. They obviously were not your "average citizen". I realize everything gets looked at, but I didn't feel we needed to make it easier for them. So I never posted anything, and neither did anyone else. I spoke to him about wanting to offer use of our boards here as an alternative place to be in touch if something came up and he told me to clean house. I hope that clears it up, at least somewhat. I would like to say more privately, if possible.

est~ I have enjoyed your writing, and I'm not sure I ever remembered to post that. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

When you can reach a point where you no longer care what anyone has to say about you...when you can reach a point where you no longer have any points to defend (nor keep track of)...when you can reach a point where you no longer expend mental energy, worrying about whether or not you are liked or admired...when you can reach a point where everything you seek is there for the asking and there is no separation between yourself and anything else...when you can reach a point where nothing has to make sense, it just is, and that is enough...when you can reach a point where the goings-on of those among you, whom you have labeled as "good" or "evil", matter not...when you can see that we are all in the same boat, drifting underneath the stars, who emptied themselves fearlessly, and rose above the worldly fray, like beacons to our very souls, existing as perfect, living examples of what we might one day become...when you can do all of those things my friends...well...please...for God's sake, let me know exactly how you did it...because I want instant gratification, too, and Dancing With the Stars is coming on.

You can call me George. Or you can call me Bob. Or you can call me Hey You. Aloha.

the gardener said...

RE:John C (UK) said...

I lived near where Desi Arnaz, Jr was holed up working for Vernon and would find his great little booklets at garage sales and the great Bart's Books in Ojai where there were so many freethinkers of all sorts and kinds along with the Krishnamurti foundation people and the Theosophists too... One that I really took seriously was about what he called 'The Cruellians' like '50 ways to deal with Cruellians'. One of the 50 I've used is 'don't ever tell a Cruellian what you plan to do to them-just do it' and then 'don't tell Cruellians anything-just write it down in a letter'. Cruellians aka psychopaths which are very blatantly in charge of everything to get what they worship most MAMMON.

Haven't heard much about Vernon Howard or Desi Arnaz, Jr for a long time. Desi's exwife Linda Purl lived in Ojai or her dad did, I went to a garage sale once and it was hers.

the exhausted gardener

the gardener said...

RE: Denny/chemtrails

yes, I agree. Last summer I woke up the next morning after a big spraying spree-I got to be able to tell when they'd be spraying us at night as I'd manifest a post sinus drip in my left nostril. This drip gave me a horrible sore throat and a cough like whooping cough mixed with TB for about 8/9 months.

I did all the holistic treatments I use EXCEPT FOR COLLOIDAL SILVER which I do need to make a kit and makes some... but it just waned away like whooping cough does and it also seemed to be brought on by emotional disturbances... legal SHIT that even caused me to lose my voice-like I didn't really have one in my legal matters anyway-shysters did all the play.

the gardener on a bright blue skied day west of the Rockies

PS I was out early this morn watering and was kind of an open receptacle and was feeling pretty free and clear then it came to me that 'we've not seen nothing yet'. the dirty ones aren't going out without a fight.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarity said...

Denny, the gardner, or anyone...

re: chemtrails

It's rare to go a day around here with no spraying. Where, how much, etc. can be pretty random, but one thing is consistent. I really can't remember the last time I saw the sun set. If there aren't already clouds in the west, the spraying gets real heavy there in the evening, so by the time the sun is getting low, it's blocked.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I know someone who thinks they might be hiding Nibiru/Planet X. I don't know what it is, but it sure seems they're trying to keep something hidden.

Linda, you are not alone.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The BP Hell Bitch and the Fukushima Slut do Lunch.



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