Thursday, August 30, 2012

McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's almost like time-lapse photography to watch the suit buffoons, posing and posturing like drunken monkeys at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I see it all going on in my peripheral vision. There's no need to look directly at it anymore. It isn't really there. It's fading, like the faces on an old Carte De Visite photo. They talk in Linotype, on rotting paper that might have once wrapped mummies in their sarcophaguses. They are ambulatory dinosaur shit. They are attended by scavenger hordes, who feed in the wake of the sinking ship of state. They sunk it. They sunk it with their weight and indifference to routine maintenance. They're not about fixing, they're all about feeding. They are cannibals of a certain kind. Eventually they will eat each other and then they will eat themselves. They are bipedal cancer cells, with frozen hair and skin laminated with eau de spray can. When they laugh it is like glass breaking or rats speaking. They think of themselves as free and independent but they are no more than mind control slaves for the banks. A tiny cabal of Velociraptors, herds them through the stock-pens; to what end? We can only guess.

I cannot watch them for long. Decades ago I saw them moving through the streets and out of the buildings of Washington D.C. I have seen them coming in the thousands down the stairs of Grand Central Station, at the end of the working day, into the main concourse, bound for points upstate and Connecticut. They ride off to their lairs, after a day of hijinks with fountain pens that make mountains appear and disappear. Mountains of resources turn into slag pits and mountains of garbage rise somewhere else. Neither of these appear through the windows of the homes, where the suits reside. Everything there is tailored and manicured. Their hearts are manicured, just like their nails. They shape and reconstitute them in special schools and boardrooms, where empathy and conscience are career killing liabilities. Welcome to the world of GMO hearts and minds. Levels of detachment are achieved. It's like looking at life through plexiglass windows. It's like touching skin through neoprene. It's Latex and bondage at Club Fetish. Essential and ordinary practices no longer get the job done. Normal has left the building. Their progeny reflect that. We're not that far off from the McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride. We have entered a time where the only way to feel, is through torment, torture and humiliation; there lies redemption and epiphany. It's reverse cowboy, Kundalini in the Kali Yuga. Yee ha! Ride that cowboy!

Enter The Magic Kingdom of Methamphetamine. The Palais De L'enfants is now a child procurement agency. They're snatching them out of the homes in the UK. The thing with kinky and evil sex is that you can never get enough and you always need a need an edgier thrill. You can imagine where this leads and you don't want to but there are people who do. They imagine it all through the day in the bank offices where they work. It's why they do it. It's why they make the big bucks. Certain things cost a lot of money and are only illegal for the people in the cheap seats. The people in the cheap seats provide a punitive diversion, to distract from the monsters at the top. That's how it is.

These beached whales of The Apocalypse know how to party down, all the way down. Down to the bottom. They kill by proxy. They kill with paper and ink. They kill indifferently. They kill for the sheer weight of the numbers, who are marching to their deaths. Their minds are held together with sealing wax and chewing gum. Their minds are composed of chewing gum. They are ciphers applauding the death of ciphers. It's a cartoon. It's Tom and Jerry with hammers and nails, crucifying Bugs Bunny on cross of fiction.

Nature is outraged, violated over the centuries, now she has her powers back. The dark backward is moon-walking into the abyss. Abaddon, Asmodeus and Belial are calling; another law firm. The cellphones of the world are lighting up as they did in Lawnmower Man; “access denied”, “access denied”, “access denied” and then? And then? And then? ♫and then along came Jason and Michael Myers♫, dancing cheek to cheek on Moonlight Bay, except, there is no Moon. Some say there is no Santa Claus, ♫First there is a Santa Claus, then there is no Santa Claus, then there is♫.

Nothing is what it seems these days. Human scorpions are climbing out of the woodwork. You can only hope they sting themselves before they get to you. Sometimes we are not so lucky. They come in disguises. They pretend to be something else. The stinger goes in and you can't tell where it bit you because that's manifesting in a whole new way. You're getting gaslighted. It's enemy ops, in a new kind of camo. They come in colors; lurid pink, pornographic purple. Oh yeah, the flatulent trades are the wind in the willows. Mr Toad has gastrointestinal distress. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. It's the end of the line. Do you fight? Do you surrender? Do you disappear? It's a personal decision.

No matter how long term enduring the ignorance has been, we never fail to be surprised at the level it can sink to and still maintain life. With everything Obama has done, seemingly intelligent people, still support him. How do they rationalize this in their minds? How is this possible? How can they not see the death and destruction in his wake? Hundreds of thousands, serve in the government agencies and assist in the killings and deprivations. Psychopaths, with arrested development, sit at computer desks and murder women and children halfway around the world, as if they were only playing a video game and it wouldn't have been all that long ago when that was the case. It's no different now than it was then. Janus Napolitano, is running an alternative sex bacchanal over at Homeland Insecurity. Class has gone out the window, although, albeit it was never 'in the house'. The daily fare is 'shit on a shingle' from the enlisted men's mess.

Behind the scenes, it is organized Satanism on the rise. The reason for this, is the same reason for the economic perversions, the sexual free for all of Kundalini in free fall, the fragmentation of society; it's cultures and religions. It stands to reason that Satan is the new crucified God. We've been too hard on him, people. He only had our best interests at heart. He only wanted to give us what we want and wanted and then he wants us to spend the after life, in his eternal summer camp, where it is always high summer in an endless, wet t-shirt party of girls (and boys) gone wild, Baron Samedhi is on the throne and you are never alone. You are never alone. That's not good news by the way.

These are strange times. Elaborate efforts are underway by those posing as other than what they are. I am reminded of Mick Jagger on the stage at Altamont. The fighting broke out in front of the stage. The appropriately named Hell's Angels were hammering the concert viewers and Mick stopped his song and started saying, “peace, brothers and sisters, peace”. Then he launched right back into 'Street Fighting Man', whipping the pentagram painted stage with his studded belt. I was there, right up close. I've been up close, at a distance, for some time. I don't see where I missed much, except for getting right down into the dark ugly and showing that twisted solidarity that makes it look like I love you, just cause I got down with it for you, in it with you, cause you were alone. You were alone and couldn't handle it and... there is nothing in life that is sweeter than the innate ability to be alone and not need anything more ♫first you are alone, then you're not alone and then you are♫.

Years ago, from the beginning, I always went that extra mile. I walked into the wilderness on high octane fuel. I did the things that brought the wolf in his shoulder boards to my door, given that I even had a door and that might have gotten me a cup of coffee in this world but this world is a shapeshifting beast in search of a cage. If that beast looks like one of the guards or attendants, they'll just open the cage and out it goes. Years later, that has stood me in good stead and I suspect that my companions of the moment, on the occasion I had companions, don't remember that much about all of it now. Anti-life has intruded upon the memory of arcane states and moments. They are in the groove of ordinary life and necessary circumstance, or it appears to be necessary. It seems to be and it gets value added from the intention invested. It gets what it gets and you get what you get, according to what you value, in order to show you the value of anything and everything, in time. So it goes.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Twitter Fellatio in Asia Minor, with Modulation to B Flat

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As most of us know, there are those events and news items that are just a part of the routine of life. They don't usually take on any meaningful significance, even though they can be important, like brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom. Then there is the next level that is relatively important; landing a better job, getting rescued out of the US, or having your TV die. Finally, there are the really important things, the milestones; things you remember for the rest of your life. With this link you want to note two things; the following comments, which give us a cross spectrum insight into what people really think and the very odd comment that reads, “thousands of fake followers, were receiving her updates”. If they are fake then they are not real, yes? Then how do they receive the updates, if they are not there? Am I missing something? Are they using fake followers who 'are there'? In that case there would be some amount of uproar, given the likely truth that all heavily saturate, adult diaper facsimiles are loaded with the specific commentary.

The comments tell us something we should probably already know and some of us do. Twitter is heavily promoted by certain powerful forces as an 'it thing'; a must have life option. It's an intentional effort and device, created to dumb down the general awareness. It's hard to miss the essential meaning of 'Twit' but, obviously that is just what a Twit would do, no? There are a number of cultural movements and agendas that are receiving massive face time, which are not a general public interest and which, quite often are not in the public good. Think about some of the hot button items that show up just about every day and only serve the interests of those whose intent is to destroy the culture and which most people don't concern themselves about and don't support across the board. However, shoehorning these things into the general consciousness and relentlessly profiling them in a particular light, has the effect of eventually putting a lot of 'challenged objective thinkers' into the reflex affirmation column.

I recognize that the use of Twitter would upgrade my recognition factor. I think there might even be someone doing that on their own. I could also go out on to a public street and expose myself to passersby and that would increase my recognition factor too, but not in ways I am generally accustomed to and not in a direction I am willing or likely to go, no matter what the public outcry for me to do it might be. Every time someone asks me to do this, I gently demur, not wanting to hurt their feelings or kill their hope. Only a really non empathetic person would do something like this.

Twitter is a great deal like going out on the street and exposing yourself. It's got a certain pornographic flavor and it's fantastic for the people who write like this; “r u in”? Why you would actually be texting someone in such a private moment is beside the point, because if anyone were to be actually doing this kind of thing, it would be them. The culture has finally reached the dimensions and appearance where, if you don't understand it, you can most definitely roll it in flour and look for the wet spots. I try to use a wide angle lens, when I'm going for the big picture because I can get the full effect. I don't recommend engaging in this sooner than an hour before mealtime. When it comes to specifics, I narrow my focus, so that the item under consideration is the only thing in the frame. Sometimes that still requires a wide angle lens. Using Louise Mensch as a poster girl for the article mentioned in the first paragraph is easy to understand, once you study her politics.

The biggest problem in the culture these days ...and something that Twitter speaks to, both in terms of motive and effect, is the present condition where most people cannot trace the pathway from A to D, or even to C. I used those keys in the construction of my last classical composition, entitled “Blow me in Asia Minor”. It has elements that remind one of John Cage being pressed through the piano strings on a Bechstein Grand. As much as I have often wished to hear this, it did not, so far as I know, occur ...but I have a powerful imagination.

Keeping in mind the track from A to D, I submit for your consideration, planned obsolescence, light bulbs that don't burn out, cars that just run and run, as well as parts manufacture and assembly standards that do not exist but could and should. Throw in the reverse engineered Kundalini practices being promoted and a discerning mind might soon come around to the conclusion that someone, or several someones, is/are engaged in a calculated war against human dignity and all of the values and virtues we are heir to.

If you can't get from A to D and A to B are your usual parameters of apprehension, you are easily hoodwinked and deceived. You are very likely to go into a state of confusion when presented with Shit and Shinola at the same time and probably don't notice that the hand never leaves the wrist. Classic misdirection, attended by a reduction in intelligence, awareness and motivation, speaks to a dire and certain fate. The only question that needs be asked is, do you wish to be a willing party in the conspiracy of your own self destruction? Are you willing to feed your children to Baal and Moloch too? As a card carrying Basilisk, I don't “trouble my beautiful mind” with this sort of thing but maybe some of you should. It's a personal decision in any case. If you want to join the Organization of American States of Degeneracy, no one is going to stop you. If you are intent upon being a member of the Unaligned Federation of Dumbass, that's your call. It's probably a big help during mating season.

It's six of one and half a dozen of another to the bad shepherds, whether they are clubbing Dodo Birds or baby seals and just another alternative in the seasonal, assisted migration of Lemmings. They are motivated because there are Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes at the end of their efforts. ♫There's something happening here♫. Well, the wakeup buzzer went off in the music decades ago and it took them some years to get Disco off the drawing board, followed by The Mouseketeer clones and then Rap. This is all a progression, similar to something John Cage might have had in mind, or that Jean Genet could have written about, if there had been more Warhol in his Walpole ...but Andy wasn't even around yet. It's the kind of thing that Alexandre Deschaumes might have come up with, had there been more Robert Maplethorpe in his conjugal, succubi visitations. There's a reason that some people might want to control the art world. You have to remember that none of these things are actually true, even if they are absolutely true, because they will tell you that they are not and concrete facts be damned. Some will tell you, it's poor form even to bring these things up because it makes all the chicken hearts nervous about their place in line at the glory hole, not to mention, missing the usual golden shower on alternating Saturday nights.

Twitter is the culture in the shitter. It's something you might take the music from an old James Brown song and put new words to, “Say it Loud, I'm Dumb and I'm Proud”. People take pride in their ability to come across as more trivially informed than the competition. The game Trivial Pursuit has now morphed into life imitating game theory. Tens of millions are looking for Jesus to drop kick them between the goalposts of life.

Religion has devolved the parishioners into organ grinder monkeys with a side of fries. You wash that down with a pork Slurpee and you're good for a night on the town. Go on, shake your ass, you've earned it. The sparks are jumping off of the rooftop of Department of Controversial Tweets. Breaking news is on the doorstep of every moment, in between all of the moments when you might have had a moment to think about how you got from Point A to Point D. A diploma from F.U. is no guarantee that you'll get to play with the big boys, unless you're a born again fluffer. It's not all that different than following the elephant, with a broom and pan, as you wait for your big break in the business. Too many of us are Lana Turners, dreaming on the counter stool at Schwab's Drugstore. Don't be deterred by the fact that it never happened. Your chances weren't any good to begin with but the consolation is that shit happens and that's not always a bad thing, depending on the state of your digestive system.

One thing you can be sure of is that the more a culture stays exposed to unnatural conditions, the more vermin show up. You can take it's temperature by counting the cockroaches and rats that feed off the efflorescence.

Some might take me to task for what seems like harping on certain subject but too much superficial focus and too much importance placed on trivia, is life threatening and I'll tell you why. There is the enduring and the temporary. If your attention is mostly on the latter then you have little contact with the former. You are also easily swept away by the brooms of change, when the latter goes into the dustpan. If you are not anchored in one place, you will definitely go to the other. Make what symbolic parallels you wish out of this. Twitter, like so many things in these times, is a weapon against your continuing survival. This is in the same way that dietary ignorance and excess means little in the short run and a great deal in the long run. Why is it that people can insist that what is happening right in front of their faces is not even taking place? It's for the same reasons that they believe absurd lies about things that make them willing victims. They believe that the path of truth and courage, is far more dangerous than the course of running with blinders. The opposite is and has always been what is so. You can either pretend you have friends or you can make friends. It depends on the criteria by which you define the word, or anything at all.

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Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ Without a Clue ♫
'Without a Clue' is track no. 11 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Color Ball'

Color Ball by Les Visible

The Dog Poet has written the Sirius Song and it will be up in a couple of days. Here are the lyrics;

the dogs are howling
they're howling for you
you are awakening
the scriptures are true
Poncho Moonlight is under the dog star
Silky Lilly Nelson is sitting there too
Sirius is sending us help from the heavens
What does it mean? ahroooooooooooooo!

Canis major, howl for me darling
The voice of the Devas is never wrong
I love the music but the words are magic
as they dance in the measures of the Sirius song

I see the ships of the new Ulysses
the ancient poet is no longer blind
a golden age is rising from the ruins
Rise up with it or get left behind


Lemuria whispers as we stand and deliver
On the roulette wheel of fickle time
all of the answers are below the surface
I got yours and you got mine

I had a dream about the death of empires
saw the smoke and burning as they passed away
a clean serenity within in the embers
as the sun is rising on a brand new day


Remember the past for a fortunate future
Tara weaves her colors inside the lines
Tighten your sails in this brilliant morning
Listen to the captain speaking in your mind

I'm on the bridge of the starship leaving
headed for that cluster in the distant sky
There is no joy like the promises fulfilling
and singing in the planets as we glide by

This weeks radio show is now up and the right one is there; our apologies for the temporary confusion. It's all fixed now.

Thank yous to one and all for your great information on animal seizures and your compassionate responses; somewhat less gratitude for thinking I'm a borderline intellect, or unaware of basic things.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Hang the Banker's Christmas Tree Ornament

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You see some really funny things on the internet. You see stuff like this from the people who literally control 96% of the world's media, while making up 0.2% of the global population. It's interesting that there is only one comment there, while making claims of tens of thousands of supporters. It's just another day in the tank, when it comes to the stream of bullshit that hammers the human eyes, ears and minds with each succeeding day. I notice a change in the general consciousness, slowly but surely. It's like the agonizing drip of a leaky faucet, in a cold water flat, somewhere in the wrong end of Liverpool.

We've all heard of critical mass and the straw that broke the camel's back. I imagine it will be something like this. One day it's more than enough and then the plains flood, so to speak, if I can somewhat mix my metaphors, over more than one sentence. I'm hopeful. I wish I didn't have to listen to that faucet. I'm not even in Liverpool. Must be some kind of resonance (grin).

Some part of my mind has this eerie certainty that really bad things are going to happen to the corrupt of this age, to the bankers, finally, and to a certain crime syndicate nation in the Middle East. I can't say that I'm ardently wishing for these things. I have a certain kind of watchful indifference. I know not to take any amount of inordinate glee, in even the righteous comeuppance of others. That's bad form because, “there but for fortune goes you and I”. Schadenfreude is never a good idea, even though it is a compelling attraction. We see so little of true justice done here, that having it show up at any time can be refreshing and make one optimistic that it might become a trend. A great many people that I hear from and even talk to, are not optimistic about any of this. They give me arguments about how these people are just too damned powerful but the uproar over Corzine is not going to go away. Eric Holder is not the only industry shill who is in position to confound the process he was supposed to employ and who is in that position for the very reason of being an obstacle to justice. Over recent decades, a sophisticated vetting of personnel, has been taking place in areas of government, law enforcement and judicial agencies. It's been taking place in the Senate and House of Representatives. It's been taking place in Gubernatorial arenas and at the local political level in the states.

Whole new agencies were created with the single purpose of an operative police state. The borders were opened and illegal immigration encouraged, for various disruptive reasons, as well as for reasons of profit at the corporate level. This has all been in the works for quite some time. It's an intimidating picture, if that's all you have to go by and if you forget what inevitably happens to empires, when they over extend and they always do. When they become corrupt, it is a simple matter of time. There's some mysterious force in the universe that goes to work, when a nation falls into the hands of evil administrators. It is associated with the same principle, which declares that “evil always destroys itself”.

Now, deep inside, we know this is a truism but we are hesitant to be confident of it's operation. Then again, dying empires can take some time to fall and before they become an archaeological curiosity, they exist as an unpleasant lesson in going along with the program. One doesn't always have to appear to be in defiance of the program. That makes no kind of tactical sense. One can appear to be going along with the program but have other intentions entirely. The important thing is to never forget that you had other intentions, as so many do.

Judgment is coming. It's part of the process of awakening and there are precursors to all of that, though we may not know about the actuality of them. According to Hannibal Lecter, 'avarice and hanging', were linked together in the medieval mind. He was giving a little lecture in Firenze. It also included the mention of 'self destruction' and he referenced a quote from someone, which stated, “I make my own home, be my gallows”. We can presume this is all accurate because of what we know about the mind of Lecter and the research reach of Thomas Harris. Anyway, banking and hanging apparently go together and it's interesting how often you hear the phrase, “hang the bankers”. We will see if there is truth in that, as well as the already established precedence shown. Dante had a lot to say about all of this and he's quoted extensively by Lecter.

There are various kinds of wild beasts with different motivations. In this case, the wild beasts are the one's throwing the party. One thing we know for sure is that there is an enduring tradition of the government, engaging in depraved activities, around the presidential elections. We also know that the elections are as fixed as it gets. There literally are no elections anymore. The outcome is decided in advance. It's too bad for them that these fools can't decide their own outcome, which will be based on all their expressions of doing wrong shit at every opportunity. Some people are more or less twisted and the job of Karma is to straighten them out in the long run. Some people are diabolically twisted and their impetus is to do bad shit, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself and to go out looking for, or create opportunities, should they fail to show up, in a timely manner, on their own. These are the ones, as I have said many times, who do evil for the sheer joy of it. These are your Kissinger's, Bushes, Rockefeller's and other banking families. These are the channeling architects of terrible, collective destinies. These are the people who make the conditions that so many suffer and perish in. They too are agents of Karma but not in a good way.

You know, Thanksgiving isn't that far off. Hopefully you'll have something to be thankful for. Halloween comes first. I hope you don't actually meet Pumpkin-Head. Then, finally, there comes Christmas and one of you lucky entrepreneurs, is going to follow up on my idea of a hanging banker Christmas tree ornament. It's a guy in a three piece suit, with a rope around his neck and you can hang it from the tree or the mantelpiece. You can hang it from the wreath on your front door, or even from the rear view mirror of your car. The spinoff into t-shirts, coffee cups and the like, through agencies like Cafe Press, should be an energizing and galvanizing consideration, for some one of you who needs to make some extra cash, or any cash at all. This ties in with that kind of subversive activity that I've mentioned in the past, such as printing up stickers that say, “9/11 was an Inside Job”, or even “Israel did 9/11”, as long as you are telling the truth, you should be good to go. You put these stickers up in toilet cubicles, right next to the Sharpie advertisements for meeting up with someone in that location at 2:00 AM. You could put up little bumper stickers, with these blog sites on those walls, or anywhere, or something with the alternative news-gathering sites on them that have integrity and you know which sites those are, cause you usually see me linked there (grin).

One can be very creative in this area, if they think about it; government agencies; heck! Some of you work in those places. Some of you are in the military. Some of you are in Palestine. A few of these slogans would look good on The Wall.

Moving right along; “Hang the bankers”, “Put the government in jail”. “Fuck Homeland Insecurity and the TSA”. “Fuck Janus Napolitano, somebody, please”! “Welcome to Wall Street, a law degree is a license to steal”. “Eat the 1%, then vomit”. I guess you can't keep a bad man down. Anyway, you are easily as creative and can think of all sorts of things like this that are not violent and are effective in their own small way, especially if hundreds of people are doing it, in a V or Scarlet Pimpernel sort of a way. Do consider The Hanging Banker Christmas Tree Ornament”. I think it could be a big seller this holiday season. You could put it on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Craig's List and I've barely scratched the surface of the possibilities; hang it with the mistletoe, or tie it to your dick, wearing only a trenchcoat and a short length of pants legs, held up by rubber bands and expose yourself at the park. There's nothing obscene about this, it's a revolutionary act. Haute couture ladies, can hang one from the end of their braids, or from a chain around their necks, nestled in their cleavage, kids can hang them from the handlebars of their tricycles and bicycles, life-size examples can be hung from lampposts on Wall Street but watch out for cameras and patrol cars. They can be hung from highway overpasses. They can be affixed with Gorilla Grip to the back doors of tractor trailers. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Appropriately, I am watching a very funny movie called “High School”, about marijuana smokers with Adrian Brody. That's probably not a good idea considering where I've gone with this post but as everyone knows, this is for entertainment purposes only (grin).

“Hang a Banker for Jesus”. “Bankers do it in your coffin”. “Bankers, it's what's for dinner”. “Bankers, the other red meat”. “Got bankers”? “Yeah? Well Bank you”! Help! I can't stop doing this. Steady boy. Take a deep breath and think about something else, like Obama in a bathhouse, scratch that, not a good idea on reflection and this is Reflections in a Petri Dish. Robot, Cisco, Detroit, over and out.

Hah! We just went over 2,000,000 visitors.

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The eponymous Les Visible Music Album

There will be a radio show this weekend for streaming or download. This one will be at 33 RPMs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goat Boy Country and the Worlds Beyond

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Let's see, 1387 postings, 150 radio shows. That's around 2,300,000 words in the blogs and about 400,000 for the radio shows. So, make it around 3,000,000, give or take. I don't know how many words the books have, anyway, a lot of words. Words make me tired but what are the options? A different collection of symbols every day; sort of like Prince blogging? A succession of empty pages, some kind of Zen blogger? Of course, each empty page would be different but not everyone would get that. How about pictures? That would mean I could already be up and well over 3 billion words, given that a picture is worth a thousand words and that's only if I only use one picture per blog posting. As you can see, I have a lot to think about. This might answer that burning question of what I do with my days. The nights are no different and that brings us to a particular consideration that most people don't consider; the act of thinking.

The power of our minds is extremely dilute for a couple of reasons; the nature of the things we think about, because this is Kali Yuga and...the frequency of thought. If a person would employ the techniques that have been presented here over time and by others long before I started doing it, your problems, of every kind, would be solved. It's a simple process. You don't let anything stay in your mind that you didn't summon there or which didn't arrive from a trusted location. You can look at it the way you look at verified signatures on your computer. The gentle snorting that attends the expulsion of cycling thought forms is simply a form of punctuation. One can find variations more suitable if you don't like what's on offer.

When you are in control of what passes through your mind, you're in control of your world and also the things that come and go in it. As simple as the process is, it is no easy feat because habitual patterns are habitual and that means they have a tendency to return. All of these patterns have power commensurate with the time they have been in operation and the frequency of their occurrence. They have a certain size and insistence of force and that is because they have been fed, just like you feed a pet, or a wild creature. You feed them with your attention, sometimes you feed them with your desire and that can appear to be of different aspects but it's all sexual force. There are only a few ways to dispense with these things and I'll just put one on offer today because it is the most immediately accessible and anyone who wants to can do it. You stop feeding them. They won't like that so they will be demanding and let you know, just like a pet would. Of course they can be intimidating but one has to gain the firm assurance that one is stronger than anything that can be presented in a thought form; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. So, outside of some withdrawal symptoms, success is assured.

The main problem, which arises in respect of success, is consistency of application and this is due to a divided will. It's the old 'house set against itself' thing. Because of the nature of the times, if a person can practice what is presented here, the flow of their energy will soon begin to reverse itself, since the usual point of transit is no longer an option. This will shortly put you into conscious contact with your teacher and from there you don't have to worry about the course of the chariot anymore. After a certain point you don't have to be concerned about good and evil because such distinctions no longer apply. The purpose of the whole affair, beside self realization and progressive serenity is having to do with Karma.

Karma is inexorable and managing the processing of it is a critical thing. What a teacher; master, guardian angel or guide does is variable but it all has to do with the most rapid and expedient dissolution of Karma. The usual route of dealing with Karma is a tedious and painful affair; “all life is suffering, caused by ignorant desire”. The cycling nature of the thing is most accurately described as a wheel of fire.

There are a few things that get in your way when trying to get out of your way because you are the primary problem to begin with. One of the basic problems is in believing that the world is real, while not believing that that, which is more real than the world, is real. Our reflexive addiction to the report of the sense is strong. Therefore our faith is weak because it is already misplaced upon things that cannot deliver what is needed. There is no there there and never will be. “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen”. Bringing one's mind to the point where one has certitude is a key element. Once this is established, success can be very speedy because not only is the opposition diminished but the force of forward progress is increased at the same time. If you can do the math you will see what I mean.

Occasionally a master will take upon him/herself the Karma of the disciple. This kind of grace is most desirable and there are ways to acquire it. Simple reflection should provide a sufficient answer. The master and the indwelling self, knows the most expedient route to liberation. There are certain mysteries attendant to discharging your Karma. It's not as difficult and arduous as most people imagine and other avenues present themselves to one as they continue on the path.

A lot of people have trouble with the concept of Karma. They don't like it. They see it as unfair and unjust. This is a problem. People have difficulty accepting things as they are and that is a real hindrance. There are any number of unpleasant truths that we refuse to accept. Some of the things we see and hear about in these times are pretty distressing but... you have to understand the reason for Kali Yuga in the first place. This is the period of the flaming landfill. This is the time when long outstanding debts and rare and truly wonderful possibilities come together on the same landscape. Debts outstanding, from many former periods, show up for resolution. It's no accident that such an enormous collection of souls are here. If only they knew what was possible for them. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all. It's also why there is such a smorgasbord of nasty treats on the buffet table. It's definitely an 'all you can eat' affair. It's a 'consume until you puke' vomitorium of excess. People don't make the connection between The Garden of Earthly Delights and that other garden. They are victims of misplaced values and the smoldering rage that is manufactured by the sense of frustration and disappointment in all things not being sufficient to fulfillment makes helping people to see things as they are, a dicey affair.

Many people are very angry because none of it is what it cracks up to be. False advertising is everywhere. It's all wearing eye shadow and a very short skirt and it's saying, “Hello Sailor”. Then you find out it fucks like a Teletubbie and has the personality of a rock or maybe a Chatty Kathy doll. There's a reason for the occasional use of certain language, simply because this is just the sort of objectionable stuff that uptight, dogma and cant-righteous souls carry around with them on their 'holier than thou' Quixote crusades.

People have various windows of opportunity and that's Karma dependent too. After a point they get locked in and just repeat themselves and things become chronic. This really is a mental institution. I'm not just saying that. It is. As has been stated, one of the major problems is that the psychiatrists, nurses and attendants are even sicker than the patients.

I remember the first time I took LSD. Before I took it I had a head full of things I had learned in books. There were 4 males and 3 females in the apartment. As the acid came on I found myself looking at the young ladies and the most remarkable transformation occurred in my perceptions. Where before I had seen these ladies as desirable points of interest, my eyes suddenly opened and what I saw was frightened, insecure creatures whose makeup was melting and running down their faces. There was a temporarily famous Greenwich Village poet there named Leslie Irish, not a nice fellow. His goatish nature was illuminated in a surreal light. Let's see... there was a guitar player named Rusty Clark and a bass player named Lou Findley. I began laughing with the deepest sense of liberation, something beyond anything I had ever felt before. Nothing that I had previously thought was important was important anymore. Very few of the things I had learned until then had any meaning and the freedom in getting that was indescribable. An ocean of information flowed through my mind as the subconscious gave up some of the things that had been locked away.

It got into evening and as there were 3 ladies and 4 guys, Leslie Irish was mentating about Goat Boy Country. He started making a gesture of his finger, rotating around a non existent wrist watch, a sign to me that it was time for my ♫bootheels to be wandering♫ I found this amusing in the extreme because I had zero interest in the pending festivities and was very anxious to be off into the night with my brand new mind. The last thing I wanted was to be doing the human trampoline, horizontal hula. I walked out into the night and it was like being in a fairytale, not to mention that I would have the apartment to myself as well. That was another thing I saw that night, how people have different priorities. Sex just about never crossed my mind on acid, unless it was congress with the gods or observed as a dynamic process in the cosmos.

I'm out of sync blogwise. This is certainly no Petri Dish posting but I'll stick it in there anyway because the traffic is higher (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Runaway Stupid and the Train to Nowhere

Dog Poet Transmetastasizing.......

May your noses always be cold and bold (to go where no nose has gone before)

Early morning alternative news site surfing, led me to this top of the page entry for one of my more controversial works; well, it was at the top of the page when I was writing this. There are times that you wish you hadn't written something and that is a sure guarantee that you will see it again (grin). It's not that I disagree with what I said, it's the intensity of it that makes me cringe but... I do believe every word of it.

I got a Zio-Sniper bot that comes around, not infrequently and who rails against my mention of Zio-Control over so many aspects of modern (and not so modern life). He doesn't bother to refute any of it, since it is irrefutable. He just doesn't like it. I don't like it either. I wish they would stop. The historical record indicates no ambition in that direction. 'Murder most foul', is the watch phrase of this strange, globally linked up underground Orc army. It's not so underground anymore because of the press of The Apocalypse on all things hidden.

In these times and possibly in most times, considered more or less modern, given that this is a dark age, the impetus is to instinctively react in the negative, because of the depressing, soul-numbing chiaroscuro aspect of our daily fare. It's understandable but it is inaccurate. Simple progressive logic makes it possible to see things in a different light, even if they haven't appeared yet, if that makes any sense. What I mean, can be best expressed in an example. We all agree, for the most part, that some kind of awakening is taking place in some fashion, in the hearts and minds of some people. We all agree, for the most part, that all kinds of things are being revealed that did not tend to surface in the past. There had been a very tight and ubiquitous control, exercised over the content and quality of information, disseminated through the usual propaganda organs, which are owed by the people committing the more heinous acts, upon whoever gets in their way, or has anything that they want.

Consider the meaning of this awakening and revelatory force. Truthful information and the growing, wider awareness of malfeasance, is contrary to the interests of the ruling elite, yet they seem incapable of stopping it. They go to incredible lengths and create all kinds of scenarios to defense against it. Some of them are elaborate indeed and some of them are wittingly and unwittingly spread around by the alternative media. Let us consider the case of Andy Warhol lite, the less than honorable, Julian Assange. Mr Assange is a high profile, disinfo agent and I think that is pretty much beyond dispute, unless you are a moron or a disinfo agent yourself. There are plenty of people who answer to that description. As for the latter, it's a full time industry.

Julian Assange's method is that of omission and the half-truth. A romantic backstory is created for this suave gentleman, involving sex with Swedish cupcakes. In Sweden, sex without a condom is considered rape. I'm not up on the details of these non events. Did he force them at weapon's point to allow some form of penetration without latex? Did he tell them he was wearing one but actually it was a fishnet, French tickler? Only the folks at Dumbass Central could come up with something like this. Another part of the tactic is saturation and perpetuation. If you keep a story front and center and do it long enough, people tend to simply accept that it must be true, because it is front and center and it keeps being repeated over and over. Some truly monstrous lies have been imprinted on the collective psyche in this manner, in order to justify really bad behavior following after.

Returning to my point; all kinds of things are taking place and being exposed, contrary to the wishes of the psychopathic mass murderers, who are focused on the population reduction and enslavement of a greater part of the world. You might say that most people are not aware of what a bogus intel-bot Assange is but we're not through the cycle of apocalyptic revelation yet and that continues with more and more force, intensifying as time passes. It is the very existence of this revelatory energy that we need to examine under the lens of simple, progressive logic. Maybe a little algebra wouldn't hurt either. This would let you shoot around corners. If ? and ? equal ? then one can also conjecture that ? and ? ...might well be true also.

Along with the surfacing, of the intent, of the various plans of the elite, against the well being of the masses, comes the release of vast amounts of the sort of information corroborating it all. Now, it is immaterial (irony alert) to me what you attribute this to but it can only be considered benevolent whatever it is. Let us add something else to the mix. The elite keep fucking up and any number of their efforts and plans are going sideways. You might say, au contraire, Monsieur Visible. They've been decimating one country after another, looting the funds of the people, stealing their homes, changing the laws to make all of their criminal enterprises legal, instituting a police state, ruining the economy, fucking up everything they touch but... quite some number of things are not going the way they want them to and all sorts of decidedly comic events are taking place as well. These are all acts of desperation and you will find, if you ever make it to the plains of Armageddon that the battle is already won.

I am not here to argue for the positive outcome of all things, in favor of the greater number of us. The greater number of us, are hand in glove with the oppressors, either due to intransigent ignorance, a desire to emulate them, or some motivation, driven by runaway stupid, who is the chief conductor on the Train to Nowhere. What I am here to argue for is that, even though it is the nature of the general human mind, to react in the negative these days, to most things, there is some kind of powerful and positive force working on our behalf. Exploration of this feature can lead the heart and mind in some surprising directions and to some surprising conclusions but that would depend on what we believe to be essentially true about life. Is this true? Of course it is. Is the story itself true? No. At least I don't think so, because it would be news impressive enough to have gone viral. Is there some deeper meaning to this event and what it was really about? Study it. It also took place in Aurora. This is certainly true and brought to you by someone who used to be in the employ of The Beast. The awakening that took place in this man's consciousness, is presently taking place in a lot of minds, presently in the employ of The Beast. I am stating this as a result of my use of a certain algebra and simple, progressive logic. I'm not going to do the math for you and I may not have presented what I wanted to say as well as I might have but you are expected to extrapolate on your own. We've all got to dig our own way out of the mine of darkness (or would that be mind of darkness?) we are buried in because we are not all buried in the same location, or even in the same mine. You have been provided with a headlamp but you will need to find the on/off switch.

What I believe, rather, what I am certain of, insofar as I can be certain of anything, is that this whole tale of this specific existence is scripted and has a director. There are two magnetic lodestones that are exercising an attractive force on one and all, dependent on the desires and predispositions of each individual. Some of us are engaged in 'herd consciousness'. That is an unfortunate state for a human being. In many cases, in most cases, both of these lodestones are having an impact of the 'pushme, pullyou' kind. Some of us are locked on to one or the other. Very good news on the one side and very bad news on the other. Light is more powerful than darkness. Increase your light.

If you are unsure of your direction you can measure your situation by this simple dynamic. As one proceeds into darkness (metaphorically speaking), it becomes denser, hotter and more confining. As you proceed in the direction of light, it becomes less dense, cooler and less confining. This is a simple yardstick. Are we confused? What is confusing us? ? ♫What's puzzling you is the nature is the nature of my game♫ Think in terms of resistance, environmental pressures and attendant apathy. Think in terms of depression and inertia, as they impact upon us and consider what steps might be taken to militate against these conditions. There are inspirational access points and vehicles that can take you there. By example, certain musics can lift the spirit and others can bring it down. You have to extrapolate on this because there is a difference between discovering something and being told something. This is one of the tenets of most ancient traditions, which are designed to bring the mind into a state where it can apprehend what is hidden, where it can enter into a timeless slipstream, as opposed to the temporary winds of change that buffet one to and fro. As long as you are in that zone, the rules of that zone apply to you and you'll get what you see all around you and your fate will be the common fate of those chained to the wheel of fire.

People can argue against all of this, because the thrall of the temporary holds a greater sway and they are loath to leave the fields of play. Some are actively employed as agents of the temporary temporal, for power, position and gain, along with the usual other perks. They are soldiers in the war against Liberty. They are the ones who oppose Truth and Justice, in the name of Truth and Justice. They are the backwards walking, wardens of devolution and retrogression. They are your leaders, governmental and religious; your celebrities and faux artistes of every stripe, who have made their deal with The Devil and don't mind the cost. They're all about temporary gain in the kingdom of the lost. There is a sucking wind that attends the movements and activities of the aggregate blockheads of the age. If you're not on a determined and persistent course, they will drag you down with them. That's just how it is. Argue with the whirlwind and accomplish the powerful impact of a fart in a windstorm, Speaking with your own voice carries the force of personal intent. Speaking with a greater voice, applies that force to individual conditions in a more timeless and transformative way. It's a magical act in a world ruled by magic, which is seen as something else. Deception occurs when you mistake one thing for another and accept it as being so.

End Transmetastasizing.......

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Strange italics; a question for the more linguistically erudite among us. What the Hell does it mean when words are presented like this (S)tatistical) or Moron(s)? I've seen this abused to the point of wanting to hunt down the people employing it. It hasn't been around all that long. I remember the time when you never saw it. I'm pretty convinced that it is some kind of affectation but maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just pretentiousness (grin).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Truth is Out, there is No Moon

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I went to a large Goth/Emo/Satan Boogie festival this weekend and evidence was gathered about that. It was a strange affair because, with the help of my trusted associates, M and S, I was able to get to the heart of conspiracy theory. The fact is, or so it appears, that there is no Moon. It is only a holographic projection. So, of course they had to film the Moon landing in Colorado, because there was nothing for the astronuts to land on. This explains all the problems with astrology, where predictions often turn out to be wrong or confusing. My friends and I took the Moon completely out of the horoscope and everything suddenly became crystal clear. It was the Moon that was messing everything up because there is no Moon. This is why Mondays have such a bad reputation also. It turns out that a lot of our problems are just moonshine and this is because there is no Moon to begin with and that is what makes the whole thing so illusionary.

I now understand what it means to be followed by a Moon Shadow and why I often imagine I hear Moon Doggie's howling but I never see any of them. They're not there. The essential problem with finding out the truth about 9/11 can be directly traced to the Moon. Since there is no Monday, it actually occurred on a Tuesday and so everyone is looking in the wrong time frame. I had to think about this for awhile and then I realized if there was no Monday that maybe this happened on a Tuesday (not Wednesday) because you lose a day every week and this finally explains the meaning of that line in the Bob Dylan song; “I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now”. I imagine that many of you are now catching my drift.

What about the tides? If there is no Moon then what is causing the tides? Good question. Maybe there are no tides and being as there is no Moon, it becomes fairly obvious that the world is flat and it is the gravitational pull of the other planets that causes the Earth to tilt twice a day, providing us with what we call the tides.

This is all very heavy information and it is becoming increasingly clear that this is why JFK and MLK were assassinated because they were about to expose the truth that there is no Moon. It had nothing to with the Federal Reserve or anything else.

In terms of screwups, of which there have been many, this is all because of time-line technology based on Sundials and Moondials and since there is no Moon, some portion of all related time programming is off. This means that, though things may have happened, they didn't happen when they say they did and they didn't happen where they say they did, which ties right into Henry Ford's comment that, “History is bunk”. And dovetails right after into the revisionist policies of the International Jew. They are behind this Moon thing. When you dig deeper you begin to understand why first there is a Moon, then there is no Moon and then there is and that leads directing to the consideration of; what is the sound of no Moon shining? If Moonlight falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it? From this we can assume that Moonshiners were actually government agents and the Revenuers turn out to be the good guys, which is how the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment. As soon as you realize there is no Moon, the devil ceases to exist. Of course, if you're not into Zen, you are under the influence of the Moon being real.

The whole system of Geometry and Math are false. If Archimedes could find a big enough lever to shift the Earth, he would have to use the Moon as a fulcrum and since there is no Moon. See what I mean? This is why a new religion has to come into being and why most people can't have any kind of a workable relationship with the creator and why things like Scientology and the Urantia Book show up in the first place. It naturally follows, according to both Schrodinger's Cat and Heisenberg that there is no possibility that Tom Cruise and John Travolta will ever show up in the same bathhouse, at the same time, unless Bwak! Obama is there first and why both Tom and John are turning into older white men, which is Bwak's preferred felatio delivery system and what Rahm Emmanuel is doing as a member of the same Chicago gay bathhouse. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this so I won't explain any of it because it would only confuse the issue.

Ergo, this affirms that certain readers and posters here are government operatives. Especially if they are based in Montana and provide transparent excuses for not being able to be reached in person. It then follows that vicious attacks will ensure and then be passed off as nothing more than some strange, though virulent form of camaraderie, cloaked in false bonhomie.

All of these things have been engineered in such a way that even the language has been altered to suit the fantasy of the existence of the Moon. For instance, when you have a presumed solar eclipse, with a false Moon, when the Sun is only being shut down, for the purpose of rebooting, or any necessary repairs, what you wind up with is a double negative and that blows the general syntax all to Hell. I know you can see where I am going with this so, explanations will once again only muddy the information. You can forget all about every conspiracy in existence now because all of them are the product of a Moon River and that you not only can't step into the same none river twice, at any different point, or the same point, because there is no Moon River. This begs the question if there ever was a Nat King Cole and also why John Fogarty has not been offed, due to Bad Moon Rising, because it is a bad Moon. From here you can see why this was one of the most popular songs 'in country' during the Vietnam War, even though it is not a country song per se, although I suppose one could mess around with the arrangement and wind up with Tammy Wynette Syndrome.

Now you can grandfather all of this stuff into the aftermath and find out the real reason why Visible is pursued by so many young ladies and from there it is an easy step from Kirsten Stewart being the illegitimate offspring of Jimmy Stewart, who was the patriarch of a long line of vampires, which is readily substantiated by reading his poetry and employing the gematria keys that are going to become available with the No Moon product line. Dig it! Don't get me started on the green cheese thing and it's relationship to the American currency. That brings up the eerie parallel in relation to all of the many offspring of the Man in the Moon and his long term suit, soon due to come before the Supreme Court of Zion. Neither the Jews nor the Gypsies can be held completely responsible for this because if you study the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Hogan's Heroes you'll pick up on all of it right away. I'm not going to explain any of that because if you don't get it then you are dumber than a Moon Rock and probably can't make the connection between Moonwalking and the murder of Michael Jackson.

I'm going to show you just how deep this penetrates into all of our lives. Since there is no Moon, what really happened didn't really happen. Does Michael Rivero know about this and when did he know it, or not know it? This is definitive proof that Jeff Rense was never married and could not be feuding with another website that may or may not be mirroring his own because the Moon is reflective and a mirror and since there is no Moon, there can be no mirror site. How deep does it go? This is all explained in our forthcoming book (part of a much larger package) entitled, “Chicken Soup for Moonies”. There you can learn about the Rev. Sun, M'Young Moon and his whole organization. Notice the word 'Sun' in his name and the obvious connection to Neil Young and the tune Harvest Moon. Can there be any doubt now? Of course not.

Visible received a visit from The Pope before the weekend past, who mooned a bunch of Catholic school girls, through a stalled school bus window and who has a tattoo on his forearm that clearly shows the four directions that the Moon does not exist in. We now know why members of The Tribe banker religion hate Muslims because, there being no Moon there can be no Moon in that logo with the star.

I don't expect you to be able to grasp all of the details, like why Visible was born on the 22nd day of this month and how two and two makes four, or why some of you need to be hit with a two by four, in order to get the essential principles and that is why Visible, M and S are releasing the deluxe No Moon package, complete with work-kit, a Moon free telescope, a new Astrological method, sans Moon, a veritable library of research books, DVD's and black light luminescent BVD's for wearing in the dark, where many of you spend most of your time, groping the obvious and only serving to make yourselves further aroused, giving your privates pet names, like Moon Rocket and not getting why my dog is called Poncho Moonlight, creating the mystery of how come he glows in the dark when there is no Moon.

What about all of these Moon Goddesses? Precisely. How does this effect a woman's menstrual cycle? Un huh. But you won't be able to know about these things until you send in 999 Euros for the No Moon package and sign up for the every 28 days newsletter at 28 Euro a pop. You may also be the recipient of one of Visible's orange Japanese squash, which celebrate the absent Moon and are called Hokkaido and from which a whole new martial art is derived and expertly practiced by Japanese Pumpkin heads and when does the Harvest Moon ascend? That's right, in October from which you get the number 8 and which is precisely double two and two is four ...and two short of a two by four, unless you multiply it but not if you are unaware of the real meaning of “be fruitful and multiply”. A squash is not a fruit? Precisely and now you understand that whole Gay Thing, or you should.

I now understand and can identify every government operative that comes around here and none of them will be hearing from me in this life again because when your intention is to wound in the most egregious manner possible, the only saving grace is that I am not vulnerable but, oh, if I was. In the second link at the top of the page you can see me, enjoying the fruits of my research into the clitinography of geriatric, anachronistic time lapse regression and can clearly see that the name Christ is not reflected in the word but Chronos is and which precisely indicates the time lapse feature. Precisely.

All right folks. I have done my best to educate you and I'll now return to the fruits of my research, which does not involve fruits. Do you understand that whole Garden of Eden thing now? Precisely. Don't let that snake bite you in the ass, raise it up the spinal column and you're good to go or hang out forever, as you prefer.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pinup Girl and Heart-Throb Boy Continued

Dog Poet Dumping.......

May your noses always be out of other people's business.

I did not want to write a post today. I intended to do a radio broadcast instead but apparently I need to write a post, given the reaction to yesterday's posting. Interestingly, my Facebook readers were supportive without exception; not so here. That's a phenomena that needs mention. The people who go to Facebook stay on Facebook and comment on Facebook and do not comment at the blogs itself and the reverse is true. I can't think of any exceptions. Weird eh?

I am quite frequently stunned by the degree to which some people can misinterpret simple statements and also, adding insult to injury, make all kinds of additions to what I said and not realize that they are doing it. Of course if they do realize they are doing it, that's psy-ops. One thing I don't discuss here are some of the people who have communicated with me, as a result of having come across these blogs. There are a couple of surprising names that anyone would recognize. One of them actually comments under an assumed name. It's not only the occasional appearance of this kind of person but I also hear from people connected to government and other areas of endeavor. I'm not going to get into any detail about any of this and I bring it up for a specific reason. I was fairly recently contacted by someone, who is in a position to know, about psy-ops activity directed at me. I was told that people would come along and ingratiate themselves with me. They would let themselves get known by other readers and then, after a certain amount of time, turn on me and try to wind me up. I had seen some evidence of this in times past and dealt with it. However, this fellow told me that this was now an official policy in respect of certain websites and blogs and that I, most definitely, made the list. So, I ask the readers to keep their eyes open and note peculiarities and things that stand out as being very much out of character in terms of character development.

Okay, that said... let me repeat myself, I am quite frequently stunned by some people's ability to draw seriously wrong conclusions from what, to me, seems to be very simple and easily understood statements. Now, of course, I don't expect everyone to agree with me concerning some of the things I say. That is neither desired nor expected and it also results in some entertaining dialogue between the readers and each other and the readers and myself and it's one of the reasons people come here because they are free to express their opinions and to disagree with me and it makes it a fun place to come to, which is all I ever hoped for out of these efforts.

I remember when I first started to blog with Visible Origami. I had a few readers due to having been formerly a poster at The Best of the Fray at Slate. That was not a pleasant place for me and overly represented by members of a particular demographic that I don't think I need to identify. You're familiar with some of the things I say, so you can imagine how that went over. When I was awarded a star (a big deal there), there was a burst of enthusiasm and support from some amount of the other residents and another burst of anger and outrage from other quarters. So, when I started Origami, I had a few visitors and I used to say to myself, “If I can just get a couple of hundred people to come around for this I will be very pleased”. It's gone far beyond that. The creation of Smoking Mirrors drew in that much larger majority, who are not particularly attracted to Visible Origami, which is much more how I am inside than Smoking Mirrors. People, for the most part, prefer the things of the world to the things of invisible dimensions. That's just how it is. I created those other blogs to draw people to Visible Origami but it continues to appeal to that 10% for whom those things are important.

Yesterday I said that heart-throb boy missed a golden opportunity, to show a major amount of class but instead cut off pinup girl completely and won't communicate with her in any fashion. I tried to point out that she is only 22 years old and arguably one of the most desired women in the world. I tried to point out that people make mistakes and if you love them you have to forgive them, or you never loved them at all. What you loved was possessing such a desirable item because it made you look good and be the envy of so many millions of other men. That is why your ego and vanity were so terribly injured.

I recognize the right to be hurt by what happened. I completely understand that and wasn't seeking to diminish the person for that aspect of their response. Many people would have felt the same way; betrayed, made a fool of, manhood challenged, especially manhood heavily amplified by celebrity. I tried not to get much into this person's lack of convincing acting skills, or the soda pop quality of the Twilight series, which is nothing more than a jumped up network TV show of the Buffy Vampire Slayer variety. That's not important and didn't influence what I had to say. I just looked at what happened and my first thought was how unfortunate and regrettable that this occurred. That's one of the costs of celebrity and it comes with the territory and those shit flies that nose around these people's lives, looking for anything that might make them money and give them some celebrity too, can be nasty and vicious to an alarming degree. Everybody should see the movie, Meet the Feebles, for the way it portrays certain personalities that feed off of these people. It's a truly brilliant, hilarious and shocking film; unique, like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is pure genius. Around this house it is not unusual for someone to start singing one of the songs from that movie ...but, I digress.

I recognize that most people don't feel the way I do about unconditional love, nor do most people pursue it with the same enthusiasm. For me, though, possessing something or seeking to possess it, means exercising it and practicing it. It has no value otherwise. People like to talk about higher concepts and states of being. They are much less likely to practice them because of the sacrifice that these things entail. They also bring a responsibility to embrace and live these things, regardless of the threat to life, limb and reputation. There is a whole world between what people say and what people do. Talk is cheap and easy. Actions are another thing entirely.

I truly want to possess unconditional love. I know the value of it. I want to possess all of the virtues, like forgiveness, compassion, integrity and sundry. I very easily forgive people, even when they are incapable of forgiving me, as I not so long ago experienced. Interestingly it wasn't anything I actually did but the fear of what never happened and never would have happened. So, if I had been heart-throb boy, I would have taken that golden opportunity to shine, to sincerely shine. Quite simply, it is what I would have done. I might have been hurt but then again, if it were actually me, probably not. I am viscerally aware of the frailty of people and their vulnerability to the temptations that get set in their way. One of my favorite sayings is, “There but for fortune goes you and I”.

I had a really interesting talk with my companion today. We are in full accord about what I had to say yesterday. Now, I have been with this person for almost 13 years and nothing like what was discussed yesterday has happened, even though we are genuinely free to do as we like. When people meet and that special chemistry goes off between them, it makes them feel free. It is liberating. That is one of the chief qualities of love that makes it such a desirable experience. What people do, all too soon, is to then get attached to the other person and seek to control them and regulate their behavior and the liberty and freedom goes away. I've seen it happen over and over. I won't let that happen to me. I don't want a jail warden for a partner. I don't want to live inside the lines of somebody elses idea of who I am and who I am supposed to be. As a result, I have a very good friend, whose company I really enjoy. I have someone who is free to live their own life, have their own friends, come and go as they please and I never ask about any of it. When she wants to go off on an excursion with an old boyfriend for a couple of weeks, I don't mind in the slightest. When this person comes around and who really dislikes me, I get out of the way and behave in a very civil manner and endeavor to be a gracious host. Nothing untoward is going on there but that's beside the point.

This morning I went to post the comments for yesterday's Smoking Mirrors and found people ranting about feminism, as if that has anything to do with the situation, which it doesn't. People have been routinely unfaithful all through the centuries. Someone called Kirsten Stewart a cunt, also pointing out to me that heart-throb boy is a musician. I have no idea what that has to do with anything. I was also accused of being sexually attracted to Stewart. I had a dream about her some months ago. It wasn't an erotic smorgasbord, though there was a sense of genuine affection. I only mentioned it once but apparently, unbeknownst to me, I have been having numerous dreams about her and mentioning it all the time ...and... my geriatric status was pointed out to me, which is also amusing because anyone who spends any time around me knows I exhibit none of those things and can be any age. Several times in recent years, people have guessed my age at 35 to 45. I'm not able to lie here because people who know me and these situations read these posts. At the recent concert, where this woman groped me, which was witnessed by someone who had come with me, she kept asking me how old I was and I know why that was. Aging is an illusion. In Japan there are men in their 80's, who dance around like they are in their 20's, due to certain lifetime disciplines, as well as a particular mindset. I knew a man who was over a hundred years old who didn't have a line on his face. I've met people in their 20's and 30's who are decrepit and besieged by all sorts of maladies. I've met women in their 20's that look like they are 50. You see a lot of that in Hawaii and I have met women in their 50's who look ever so much younger than that. Aging is an illusion and those who believe in it are welcome to it. I don't.

The most surprising thing to me around here is when people add all kinds of things to what I said, or draw astonishing conclusions that I gave no indication of intending. I was trying to make a particular point and unfortunately, that point makes people angry. It doesn't change my position in any case. If I love somebody, I love them. If they get into trouble or need help, I have several times quit my job and gone thousands of miles to be with them. To me that is the most natural thing in the world. I wouldn't do it now because I have no intention of going to Police State Central again. Anyway, friendship means a great deal to me. There is little I would not do for a friend and I know who my friends are and I know there are people who think I'm their friend but I am not. Any of us can see deeply into other people if we look deeply into ourselves. There are some truly surprising abilities that anyone could possess if they just allowed for them to be operative within them.

Kirsten Stewart is just some person out there. I have no feelings for her one way or the other, except that she is a human being and I am generally affectionate with human beings, unless they give me good cause not to be. Heart-Throb boy is just one of a whole lot of Heart-Throb boys and I wish him well. I wish most people well, except for those who don't wish others well and set about showing it in egregious fashion.

I in no way promote or celebrate infidelity. I know how badly people get hurt by it but I am not going to let the limitations that surround me become a part of me. I've spent my life getting rid of things and hopefully by the time I decide to go, there won't be much left and what there is will be those cherished possessions of mine, which are a part of me and the only things you take with you when you go. Have a nice day.

End Dumping.......

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Times of the Season in Armageddonville

Dog Poet Transitioning.

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, one Tribe fueled issue is heating up and certain to turn into a culture war at some point, which is the intent. Those seeking to rule over those they consider expendable cattle, are tirelessly at work through their powerful media organs, sowing confusion and dividing the public into various camps of opposition toward each other. Sowing discord and puzzlin' you is the nature of a particular entitie's game and one of the chief weapons of his worshipful servants. There is a twofold thing that people are overlooking about the gay phenomena. One is the change in cosmic impulse, which is engineering a feminization of the basic dynamics, in respect of the return of the divine feminine principle, as an operative power. The long term intent is to bring about an awakening of various powers within humanity, as it transitions into a new state of being. However, the state of the culture is one of steep decline, so the manner in which this force is being expressed is as you see it. Any student of history, real history, has observed what appears and is extant during certain periods in the life of a culture. Cultures have seasons just like the general weather changes and you get things in The Fall that you don't get in The Spring. People can argue about this all they want but they are arguing against provable conditions that have repeated themselves in many cultures and in many times.

The gifts given to us by the alternative sexual community are significant. The problem arises when vested interests seek to legislate morality in opposition to the will of the majority. You're dealing with Satanists and their manner of celebrating the anti-life is through the intentional reversal of the Kundalini force, as well as the application of infernal magic via the reversed Kabala. The reason that members of certain 'positive' secret societies are required to take vows of silence to protect the traditions they receive, is because the dark side is always on the lookout to steal these secrets and reverse engineer them to their own fell purposes. This is how the reversed Kabala came into action in the first place by willful perversion of The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage, as well as the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sepher Zohar. These were not orginally Tribe traditions but came out of Chaldea, where the original flame alphabet, which they also acquired, came from.

These traditions go way back and have been seen in ancient Egypt, Sumer and further back into Atlantis. They were practiced by Plato in his school and in various climes and times. The looting of Tibet had less to do with taking the terrain than other things. The relentless wars of the Middle East are launched for reasons other than what most people imagine. All wars are magical wars and their purpose is the subversion of normal life and an assault on the secret places of the Earth. That will become much more apparent as time passes. They can't win, of course, but they can make quite a mess on their way out and they can take a lot of people with them and that's the point. It's a kind of body count harvesting. It's going in two directions but one has a less significant pull due to the tenor of the age. The options are there but the electro-magnetism of contemporary psycho-sexual force is powerful and effectively masked on different levels, which enhances the impact and renders ordinary defenses less potent than they might be. If you can't see it coming and you don't know what it is, well, there you have it, or rather, it has you.

The present impetus on the part of the predatory vermin, who are afflicting the greater population, is to reverse the natural order of things; to make abnormal normal and normal abnormal. This is how you get things like, “war is peace”, “freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is strength”. This is the purpose in the dumbing down, through a compromised education system and the deliberate trivialization of media and entertainment. This is where Twitter comes from. This is the purpose of reality TV and the elevation and celebration of ever more vacuous entertainment icons. This is all orchestrated, just as the economic situation is being manipulated, in order to funnel the young into military service.

The point behind taking over the publishing industry is to control the books resourced in academia, as well as to control viewpoints presented in both fiction and non fiction releases. The point of controlling the music and entertainment industries is to, over time, impact upon the minds and the emotions of a docile and receptive public. The control of the media has to do with controlling the flow of information and, more increasingly, manufacturing and fabricating the news, in locations other than where the imaginary events did not take place. This includes studio lots, created for the purpose of staged non happenings.

Over time, due to their control of the Central Banks and their ability to print money out of thin air, they have been able to buy these industries and the fealty of willing tools, who will serve at their pleasure in government, the courts and wherever certain influences are desirable to possess. This endless source of money, also allows them to defeat the campaigns and efforts of those who are less cooperative than they might wish for. Where a greater coercion is necessary, they further resort to intimidation, threats, blackmail; accomplished by staging sexual events and then videotaping them. They also employ murder, when it seems their only option, or even when they just want to make a statement to the rest of the tools. They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and any restraint. They are without mercy and there is nothing they will not resort to, to fulfill their agenda, which is collectively; the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of some large part of it. Nothing less than the raising of Hell on Earth will satisfy them and this is according to the design of the one they serve. They are the chosen employees of humanitie's primary enemy. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It provides a sexual and spiritually negative charge. This along with the spilling of blood, the ritualized, rape-torture and murder of children and a laundry list of other offenses, serves to wake “the very demons of the deep” and march them across the landscape in pursuit of Armageddon. Its a pretty simple program. It gets complex where the mind of the observer is confused by things like seemingly conflicting forces that are generated for that very purpose. It gets complex when you are confused.

People get intimidated by the appearance of what they have to go through, in order to get to a desirable state. That is because they imagine the onus for accomplishment is on them. It doesn't work like that. It succeeds by permitting the intelligence that has done this thousands of times to do it again. It's like being and not being. As illustrated here on several occasions, because of the present state of the material world, people see things upside down and backwards, because their cameras have been fucked with from early times. Truly independent thinking is as rare as hen's teeth. By example, a realized being would not be affected by taking LSD. Their normal state would already be like that in the most pristine sense. I'm not stating an absolute here but... let's say in any number of cases this would be true.

The contemporary state of this poisoned world, automatically shuts down certain centers in the brain and inhibits the production and flow of certain, truly magical chemical combinations that have an extraordinary effect on the human organism. There are secretive organizations, who possess all sorts of knowledge concerning these things and my advice is to behave in such a way that you draw their attention. Conversely, you can behave in such a way that you attract the attention of the other organizations, who routinely monitor the universities, private and public schools and who employ a certain amount of the teachers and instructors that report back to these agencies. They are on the lookout in every area of public life for promising recruits. You get promised any number of things on your way in and then you are put in any number of compromising situations, in order to make you malleable to their will. The military takes a certain kind of individual and does all kinds of things to them. These organizations also keep abreast of the residents of penitentiaries and maximum security mental wards. They seek out true psychopaths and sociopaths for specialty work. The CIA and other black bag murder agencies that work for The Central Banks and the lord of the root of all evil, routinely employ sexual sadists and mental defectives of every stripe. It's no accident so many perverts and dickheads are in the pay of the TSA. These are the very people they want in those positions. All the bobbleheads, Nimrods and ambulatory hood ornaments, are where they are because Shit for Brains Central wants them there.

People who think they are more hip and aware than their fellows watch John Stewart, Bill Maher, Alex Jones and think Chomsky is an oracle and friend to the underdogs. Every one of these men work for The Central Banks. The actual alternative press is a rare bird. Actual soldiers in the real war for human liberation are very few, considering the prestige and the pay. Ignominy and pariah status are just a few of the perks that come with the territory. The payoff is on the back-end and of course (grin), they do it for the sheer joy of it. There's more to the whole dynamic but if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Okay then, my friends ...and those with other positions and perspectives. We've come to the end of another transmission and I'll see you at the next Origami, if there is one.

End Transition.......

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