Friday, August 24, 2012

The Hang the Banker's Christmas Tree Ornament

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You see some really funny things on the internet. You see stuff like this from the people who literally control 96% of the world's media, while making up 0.2% of the global population. It's interesting that there is only one comment there, while making claims of tens of thousands of supporters. It's just another day in the tank, when it comes to the stream of bullshit that hammers the human eyes, ears and minds with each succeeding day. I notice a change in the general consciousness, slowly but surely. It's like the agonizing drip of a leaky faucet, in a cold water flat, somewhere in the wrong end of Liverpool.

We've all heard of critical mass and the straw that broke the camel's back. I imagine it will be something like this. One day it's more than enough and then the plains flood, so to speak, if I can somewhat mix my metaphors, over more than one sentence. I'm hopeful. I wish I didn't have to listen to that faucet. I'm not even in Liverpool. Must be some kind of resonance (grin).

Some part of my mind has this eerie certainty that really bad things are going to happen to the corrupt of this age, to the bankers, finally, and to a certain crime syndicate nation in the Middle East. I can't say that I'm ardently wishing for these things. I have a certain kind of watchful indifference. I know not to take any amount of inordinate glee, in even the righteous comeuppance of others. That's bad form because, “there but for fortune goes you and I”. Schadenfreude is never a good idea, even though it is a compelling attraction. We see so little of true justice done here, that having it show up at any time can be refreshing and make one optimistic that it might become a trend. A great many people that I hear from and even talk to, are not optimistic about any of this. They give me arguments about how these people are just too damned powerful but the uproar over Corzine is not going to go away. Eric Holder is not the only industry shill who is in position to confound the process he was supposed to employ and who is in that position for the very reason of being an obstacle to justice. Over recent decades, a sophisticated vetting of personnel, has been taking place in areas of government, law enforcement and judicial agencies. It's been taking place in the Senate and House of Representatives. It's been taking place in Gubernatorial arenas and at the local political level in the states.

Whole new agencies were created with the single purpose of an operative police state. The borders were opened and illegal immigration encouraged, for various disruptive reasons, as well as for reasons of profit at the corporate level. This has all been in the works for quite some time. It's an intimidating picture, if that's all you have to go by and if you forget what inevitably happens to empires, when they over extend and they always do. When they become corrupt, it is a simple matter of time. There's some mysterious force in the universe that goes to work, when a nation falls into the hands of evil administrators. It is associated with the same principle, which declares that “evil always destroys itself”.

Now, deep inside, we know this is a truism but we are hesitant to be confident of it's operation. Then again, dying empires can take some time to fall and before they become an archaeological curiosity, they exist as an unpleasant lesson in going along with the program. One doesn't always have to appear to be in defiance of the program. That makes no kind of tactical sense. One can appear to be going along with the program but have other intentions entirely. The important thing is to never forget that you had other intentions, as so many do.

Judgment is coming. It's part of the process of awakening and there are precursors to all of that, though we may not know about the actuality of them. According to Hannibal Lecter, 'avarice and hanging', were linked together in the medieval mind. He was giving a little lecture in Firenze. It also included the mention of 'self destruction' and he referenced a quote from someone, which stated, “I make my own home, be my gallows”. We can presume this is all accurate because of what we know about the mind of Lecter and the research reach of Thomas Harris. Anyway, banking and hanging apparently go together and it's interesting how often you hear the phrase, “hang the bankers”. We will see if there is truth in that, as well as the already established precedence shown. Dante had a lot to say about all of this and he's quoted extensively by Lecter.

There are various kinds of wild beasts with different motivations. In this case, the wild beasts are the one's throwing the party. One thing we know for sure is that there is an enduring tradition of the government, engaging in depraved activities, around the presidential elections. We also know that the elections are as fixed as it gets. There literally are no elections anymore. The outcome is decided in advance. It's too bad for them that these fools can't decide their own outcome, which will be based on all their expressions of doing wrong shit at every opportunity. Some people are more or less twisted and the job of Karma is to straighten them out in the long run. Some people are diabolically twisted and their impetus is to do bad shit, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself and to go out looking for, or create opportunities, should they fail to show up, in a timely manner, on their own. These are the ones, as I have said many times, who do evil for the sheer joy of it. These are your Kissinger's, Bushes, Rockefeller's and other banking families. These are the channeling architects of terrible, collective destinies. These are the people who make the conditions that so many suffer and perish in. They too are agents of Karma but not in a good way.

You know, Thanksgiving isn't that far off. Hopefully you'll have something to be thankful for. Halloween comes first. I hope you don't actually meet Pumpkin-Head. Then, finally, there comes Christmas and one of you lucky entrepreneurs, is going to follow up on my idea of a hanging banker Christmas tree ornament. It's a guy in a three piece suit, with a rope around his neck and you can hang it from the tree or the mantelpiece. You can hang it from the wreath on your front door, or even from the rear view mirror of your car. The spinoff into t-shirts, coffee cups and the like, through agencies like Cafe Press, should be an energizing and galvanizing consideration, for some one of you who needs to make some extra cash, or any cash at all. This ties in with that kind of subversive activity that I've mentioned in the past, such as printing up stickers that say, “9/11 was an Inside Job”, or even “Israel did 9/11”, as long as you are telling the truth, you should be good to go. You put these stickers up in toilet cubicles, right next to the Sharpie advertisements for meeting up with someone in that location at 2:00 AM. You could put up little bumper stickers, with these blog sites on those walls, or anywhere, or something with the alternative news-gathering sites on them that have integrity and you know which sites those are, cause you usually see me linked there (grin).

One can be very creative in this area, if they think about it; government agencies; heck! Some of you work in those places. Some of you are in the military. Some of you are in Palestine. A few of these slogans would look good on The Wall.

Moving right along; “Hang the bankers”, “Put the government in jail”. “Fuck Homeland Insecurity and the TSA”. “Fuck Janus Napolitano, somebody, please”! “Welcome to Wall Street, a law degree is a license to steal”. “Eat the 1%, then vomit”. I guess you can't keep a bad man down. Anyway, you are easily as creative and can think of all sorts of things like this that are not violent and are effective in their own small way, especially if hundreds of people are doing it, in a V or Scarlet Pimpernel sort of a way. Do consider The Hanging Banker Christmas Tree Ornament”. I think it could be a big seller this holiday season. You could put it on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Craig's List and I've barely scratched the surface of the possibilities; hang it with the mistletoe, or tie it to your dick, wearing only a trenchcoat and a short length of pants legs, held up by rubber bands and expose yourself at the park. There's nothing obscene about this, it's a revolutionary act. Haute couture ladies, can hang one from the end of their braids, or from a chain around their necks, nestled in their cleavage, kids can hang them from the handlebars of their tricycles and bicycles, life-size examples can be hung from lampposts on Wall Street but watch out for cameras and patrol cars. They can be hung from highway overpasses. They can be affixed with Gorilla Grip to the back doors of tractor trailers. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Appropriately, I am watching a very funny movie called “High School”, about marijuana smokers with Adrian Brody. That's probably not a good idea considering where I've gone with this post but as everyone knows, this is for entertainment purposes only (grin).

“Hang a Banker for Jesus”. “Bankers do it in your coffin”. “Bankers, it's what's for dinner”. “Bankers, the other red meat”. “Got bankers”? “Yeah? Well Bank you”! Help! I can't stop doing this. Steady boy. Take a deep breath and think about something else, like Obama in a bathhouse, scratch that, not a good idea on reflection and this is Reflections in a Petri Dish. Robot, Cisco, Detroit, over and out.

Hah! We just went over 2,000,000 visitors.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Mr Viz!
Hey why you picking on Liverpool!

Thats where I am - and no, I dont have a leaky faucet - or at least I didnt last time the doctor checked ;)

On that banker ornament idea: how about Banker scratch-cards? But instead of winning (if you scratch off 3 cherries say) you get to pay a similar amount into a "Banker Bailout Fund" of your choice - sorta like a United Way fore Wall St!

PS If you have Liverpool on your mind, maybe you ought to pop over - sing some Beatles songs in a few oubs etc ;)

- LIverpool Frankie

Visible said...

I know you didn't think I was dissing Liverpool, I just mentioned the wrong end (which every town has) that means there's a right end; probably where you are. Well, I might get to Liverpool, you never know.

Anonymous said...

It seems the banker was unable to love
It forgot how to,it seems it was unaware
It stuffed it's face full of fantasy
Removed its truth it's life it's care
Beauty couldn't lead it
It's heart was crumbled and collapsed
The presence of itself
Divided false and axed
The banker was a fool
A wasted life of no virtue
Chained to its own victimhood
Deformed in role reversal
Unable to abstain
Closed off and shut down
The bankers just another parasite
A vampire devouring each town


Sim said...

I'm just a getaway car's drive from Liverpool myself - and trust me Vis, there is no "wrong end" to the city - the whole place is f*cked up, thoroughly deserving of its label as self-pity city.

I do support Everton, though. Now I go and read the rest of your post.

Anonymous said...

The banker sold its spirit
Sent it to the depths
Mongered war,hatred,division
Sent many people to their deaths
Soldiers left in pieces
For the zionists insain cause
Worshipping pure evil
At the feet of falsehoods law
But when the people come united
When everybody stands
Everyone together
Hand in hand in hand
No matter what creed or color
Or if they're big or small
The power of the truth
Will smash down the bankers walls


niijii said...

Thanks V for the inspiration and smiles.

This is an interesting way to wake from a puppy licking your face dream.

Best to not have berries on your breath I figure.

Flood said...

Ya know Vis, your columns are something else. I bought a tube of Gorilla Glue a week ago and it's just been sitting on my dresser since then and you mention the glue in your article. I just watched that hillbilly horror flick Pumpkinhead two weeks ago and you've mentioned pumpkinheads twice now in your articles since then. Seriously, what are the odds of that? Anyway, fun stuff. On another level, the themes of some of your recent columns have been matching up on a personal level as well. It's odd, uncanny, and cool all at the same time.


Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I hear your doing a radio show with our good brother Michael rivero,lord visible....
I am looking forward to hearing......

Respects Neil

Visible said...

How can anyone know about the Michael Rivero radio show? He just asked me in an email last night.

preacher said...

We shouldn't forget the remembrance medals in our marketing concept:

Anonymous said...

He said on the radio last night,,,I think he's much looking forward to it lord visible,,,,,, neil

Visible said...

Heh? Yeah, out of the blue he contacted me last night and did seem a tad more interested than he usually is. I haven't been on his program in a long time. Well... so it goes.

Anonymous said...

I was telling my dad last night,it would be good if both of you were on the tv....... Who knows maybe one day both of you will,,,,,,neil

the gardener said...

Probably why so many are really into the real gangsters of the 20s and 30s-for a lot of them-they were into bank busting. Bank robbing. Dillinger and his gang. Ma Barker and her gang. Al Capone and the mobsters who went West and created Las Vegas. Both sides, all sides which worked Havana-all involving money and the sordid works it can buy.

Also the big gangs of the turn of the last century-created as a natural response to crooked judges and that system. Kansas City (both states) was a real wild land of mobs and mobsters taking over the white bread establishment mobsters. Gave Chicago a real run for the money. But those mobsters gave the working man and women JOBS-gave them power through Unions. All totally controlled by the Mobsters. That batch of KC mobsters paid the way for Truman to rise to power.

Interesting actions+reactions=more actions and reactions until the whole mobster mess either intermarries into one horrid mobster mess like it is now where there are the government mobsters united with the bankster mobsters and the street mobsters but the working men and women do not get any jobs or work security out of the mayhem.

Maybe the world wars were designed to rearrange the mobsters? When ever mobs get too strong, popular or powerful WHOOSH here comes War dragging everyone out with Selective Service and other gov ops that start shining the lights on data collected during the 'good times'.

Maybe if eBay stops sellers of the 'metaphysical' something new can crop up like 'wePray' and there will be ceremonial applications with little bankster poppets to play with and do things to. Like the things they do to the working class every day in every way-all of them cruel and heartless and soulless. LOL!

A bunch of little black candles and the poppet du jour. "Make it dance, Make that fat assed bankster poppet jump through the fire...ooops your fat assed bankster poppet just a little too winded to hop through the fire LOL ... your poppet can give hours of entertainment for the entire family!"...

the gardener

up to her knees in the holy waters that nourish and refresh!

Anonymous said...

I stopped into our company bank (small business) last week to ask our VP banker when our screwed up line interest (in their favor) will be fixed. “It’s out of my hands”, said he. I told him that he’s one of the good guys (OK – stretching the truth, but I know he loves his family, disabilities and all) and he should get out of the business before they make a scape-goat of him. He asked if we had any positions open. I asked if he can read blueprints. He said he’d try. Dude is nervous. They moved him back to the city from the burbs 3 months ago.


Anonymous said...

Israhells Racial violence
Syrian Soldiers Severed heads
Vampire banking houses
The days of lost innocense
Useless institutions
Drugs that just don't work
Children dressed as adults
The desecrated earth
But by the spirit of a mountain
The temple fills with fire
The calling of the people
The death of hopeless liars
The founding of the ancients
In reliance of the truth
In defiance and deterance
To corruption and misuse


Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be a comma in "Bankers" in the title. Just trying to help.

Anonymous said...

How funny.Reminds me of the female elites during the French Revolution who wore thin blood red strings tied around their necks with their party dresses and wigs to mock the know what happened...

Patrick V1.2 said...

Today this is my small contribution to gumming up the works.

For anyone who is in the U.S. and under attack from banks, mortgage companies and collection agencies or any Alphabet Agency, IRS DHS and COPS everywhere there is some amazing work going on at

Since every bank loan and mortgage has actually been paid off the instant you signed your name on the dotted line, various methods have been researched to settle these so called debts. They have been very thorough and are having great success.

Also these people have found the Achilles heel of all *cough* (public servants). That is in their hubris to appear legit they have all sworn an Oath of Office where they swear to uphold and protect the Constitution which up to now they have then wiped their asses with.

The people at this website are using this fact to have judges and lawyers removed from cases. Agents and Cops of all manner and type are having criminal charges brought against them and more. These methods are very precise and well documented as to procedures and proper process and they are working.

I'm very skeptical of many of these kinds of sites and I've studied many , but some do ring the Bell of Truth . This one does. The basic premise of the founders of the website is that nothing comes between you and the Divine and I personally believe their success is granted on that premise.

Unfortunately their Oath method is really only relevant to US citizens. But I know some of you around here are struggling with these bastards. Check it out.

John Rambo said...

God bless you, you are one of the lights in this present age of darkness.

Keep bringing hope to many. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A rumble of the fire
Lightning through the dark
A curve across the conscious
An electrifying spark
Beams of understanding
A touch along the way
The wind across the oceans
The calling of the flame
Moments in the summertime
A race across the night
Streams of many colors
A heart that opens bright
The tensions of compassion
Where a heart was spun
Flaring through existence
Beaten on the drum


preacher said...

Yeah, it's rap, but the church choire makes the difference, I think...


Sim said...

Anon, 7.30pm

Thanks for your help. I too, think the apostrophe is misplaced. Perhaps Vis is happy with it there ? -he certainly hasn't edited it out. Maybe he's waiting for me to do it, and it's a question of who blinks first? I just don't know.

You have presented me with a quandry. Do I leave it as it is, and have Vis think that I'm too lazy / unconcerned to change it for him -or do I remove the apostrophe and risk incurring his wrath for interfering with his blog post?

Answers please to Best answer wins a fleet of Rolls Royces!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
unless I am getting it wrong in studies these days, what is going to make this mini-reboot pressure cooker pop different from all the others?

French Revolution, Russian Revolution, US Civil War, both World Wars, the Depressions, seems the Askenazis have played a leading hand in all of them.
adding the Hippie Movement, the US Civil Rights Movement, probably OccupyWallStreet. in short, where money is involved.

meanwhile it's "Okay Dokay".

(incidentally the Bolshevik Cheka actually did eat the brains out of peoples skulls. The latest batman movie reminded me of the Chekas antics, including the sending of people over thin ice - I call these movies Lego Movies now, so much derivative taken off the shelf - that's ShowBiz - in a degenerating culture, white-anting itself out of relevance. They also probably have the memoirs and medals somewhere for all these good deeds, bloody showoffs).

Anonymous said...

The "comma in the title" comment by Anon. at Friday, August 24, 2012, 7:30:00 PM, was truly funny.

It's an apostrophe, not a comma.

Reminds me of the guy I saw in a chat room one time, who told another chatter that he was "ignorunt".


Anonymous said...

I would love to see neocon wind chimes advertised and sold on Each wind chime should feature a spiraling array of neocons Bush, Cheny,Rumsfield, Wolfowitz Dov Zakheim,Zelikow, dangling from a noose, chiming as they bump against each other in the breeze. I wish some enterprising wind chime maker would produce one. Hell, I'd buy a set in a heart beat.

Denny said...

If anyone here is contemplating shooting their ex-boss, may I offer the following advice:

Carry out the deed somewhere other than outside the Empire State Building and you'll stand a better chance of escaping.

preacher said...

And the cops would have less people to shoot at, so that's also a win-win.

Just How Many Bystanders Did New York Police Shoot?

Probably all nine of them...

Visible said...

Exactly when and where have I ever been enraged with you (grin)? I don't care one way or another, change it if you like.

I didn't change it because there was no comma there to remove. Ergo, I was hamstrung. I put the apostrophe in there because I thought Bankers was possessive of Christmas but I left school in the 10th grade so I may have missed some things and misinterpreted others.

I must admit that 'sometimes' I get slightly tweaked when someone shows up and all they have to say is a remark about punctuation and I think everyone will agree that I'm not that bad with it and always edit once it's up but I do occasionally miss something. It's not from lack of trying though.

I'd feel better if they said something about the post too. I'd feel more inclined to hop to. With me, it is often the way things are presented and not what is presented. I go very much by perception of attitude.

What probably sets me off more than anything is slander. Like when someone claims I said something or exaggerates the amount of times I said something, or adds in shit that I never referenced, even while the evidence otherwise is either there, for all to see, or something regular readers would be cognizant of.

I've been a victim of that kind of thing from childhood and so I have a history with it. If people just stick with the truth and a right perspective I'm willing to hear anything and even change, should that be necessary; sometimes I am intentionally doing something for effect.

I probably shouldn't mention my thing with slander, cause the psychopaths might see it and want to go to work on that but the bad news for them is that I'll spot it and just go on with my day. As today's Origami will show, that's all small potatoes to me at the moment.

Sim said...

Grammar and punctuation police aside, I prefer it with the apostrophe thanks Vis.

Also, (for the record should anyone be taking notes) you have never had a single unkind word to say about me. You're steadfast and loyal beyond measure and here we are (I am) getting hung up on an apostrophe.

Keep on keepin'on Vis.

Anonymous said...

Visible, the tune you posted "Sing it Loud" is beautiful, lyrics, tempo, everything. That is my new favorite Visible tune. You sound a lot like Willie Nelson on it


preacher said...

George Carlin-Monday night crucifixtions

the gardener said...

Thanks Patrick V1.2... is their site all 'calls'?

Reading around about that issue came across at Kenny's site this horrible story resulting in death for the victim...

This was originally posted about Mr Sheu's murder last summer 2011. Totally outrageously unbelievable story all the way around. But... it happens every day in America. One way or another the mobsters are after everyone who has anything to steal. Might just be your life force they're after... might just be your bank accounts... might just be your TRUCK AND TRAILER FULL OF TOOLS. Might just be all of the above but you have to die first to partake of the goods of others.

I am working on the presumption that the cycle which allowed all these mobs and mobsters to do their dirty works unmolested by any laws or enforcement of laws is OVER...the thugs don't know it yet but I am working under that premise that that cycle is OVER.

All who have survived this deadly cycle pat yourselves on the back. You're going to have to do your own patting and while you're back there make sure there aren't any knives accidentally still stuck in there.

In fact-do your self a big favor and do a complete body scrub with salt and a bath brush from top of head to soles of feet-making sure to spend a lot of time at that spot right between your shoulder blades and nape of neck as that's where a lot of kling on cooties love to attach to our etheric life force fields.

Any salt will do but use salt. I just take the container in the shower with me and apply it to the scrubber or else you can empty into a pan and apply from there. But important to get at soles of feet. Salt is a BURNING CLEANER- it burns away the etherics which cause harm.

Wars are always most dangerous at their beginnings and their ends. There's been one going on for decades now-shhhhh it's been a secret war. Protect and disinfect and protect some more.

the gardener

Patrick V1.2 said...

Hi gardener

The Phone Conferences (Calls) and videos are quite lengthy and will give you a good idea of what the site is all about. I have listened to and watched several hours of same.

They have a store selling DVD's and have seminars in various cities.

They do charge for these things but of course if you are in foreclosure, being sued etc. the cost may not be an issue.

Free advice is lovely but it is just that and of course people need to eat while in these Bio Suits. Just like Vis selling a few worthwhile books. Quite ok with me. Others may feel otherwise.

I tend to agree with you gardener that it's all just for demonstration but I like games as much as anyone and it's always fun to know the rules and play a more interesting role in the Grand Drama:)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I think you should tend maybe more towards the Elizabeth Warren tack, teach people how to tend and fend for themselves, even if the environment is corrupt, kind of like an anti-corrosion coating for ship hulls that must brave the brine and survive. We are still largely captains of our own fate to a large degree, therefore it is wiser to see to our own self-preservation than to bemoan the tendency of figurative barnacles and oxidation to inflict themselves upon us. We don't live in a perfect world, never have, never will, the story of corruption is as old as Man, how do we do right by ourselves and our fellow man/woman? What represents honest, forthright, and virtuous conduct in a company of thieves?

the gardener said...

Thanks Patrick -as one who's fed the other side of the banksters' success stories-the lawyers plenty of nickels into their gaping maws with either minimal or less than nothing in return and worse! I don't have a problem (except lack of funds due to being bled dry by the lawyers hahahah) with paying anything to anyone that can make this game a two sided one... or three or four or MORE!

I get it that the details will always reveal the outeys of anything one is being bothered with. Always an outey! Like they 'have no legal rights to do such and such and just bluff and huff and puff their way into absconding with everything you own...

it's funny-I haven't heard James Taylor's 'You've got a friend' in maybe even DECADES but quickly snapped to and sang along with the lyrics... THEN IT CAME TO A PART OF 'they even take your soul if you let them, but oh no, don't you let them'... that was like 1971 and I was totally clueless about soul taking and stealing and selling back then-so that really took me by surprise though I was mindlessly singing along with Sweet Baby James... <3... always the notifications-always the clues is how the games are played and by our silence or by our going along with them totally unwittingly is how they consider it our CONSENT...

There is a groundswelling of those who are tired of these 'games' which involve others profiting whilst we just pay and pay with every thing we have... including or especially with our souls.

the gardener

PS-you all know that Carly Simon was of the Simon & Schuster Simon family right? She got left NOTHING from her family and has really had a harder row to hoe than one would think. Strangely interesting her connection with James Taylor back in the day. ahhh the star makers and the star whackers and the games they play.

Lee said...

I absolutely love the idea of a "Hang a Banker" ornament.

I read the Rants and Raves section in the local craigslist for the Stockton area and this is what I found. For awhile I thought I was reading one of the links you post here, so here it is.

Stockton Bankruptcy May Force 'Mass Exodus' Of Police During Crime Wave.

The city's poor financial decisions were aided by Wall Street, a leading economist in the region reported in July. In 2006, Lehman Brothers, which collapsed into bankruptcy in 2008, underwrote $125 million in pension obligation bonds, according to the analysis by Jeffrey Michael, a University of the Pacific economist. Revenues from the bond sale were channeled into stock market investments that soon nosedived.

"Wall Street clearly encouraged and was a partner to many of the city's risky bets,"

PS..I returned to and am living in Stockton now.

Visible said...

Elizabeth Warren? Everything you mention has been mentioned here many times. You cannot find any kind of totality or comprehensiveness here in any one posting.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Musical Chairs in Red Flag County.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Musical Chairs in Red Flag County.



Joseph Brenner

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