Friday, August 17, 2012

Runaway Stupid and the Train to Nowhere

Dog Poet Transmetastasizing.......

May your noses always be cold and bold (to go where no nose has gone before)

Early morning alternative news site surfing, led me to this top of the page entry for one of my more controversial works; well, it was at the top of the page when I was writing this. There are times that you wish you hadn't written something and that is a sure guarantee that you will see it again (grin). It's not that I disagree with what I said, it's the intensity of it that makes me cringe but... I do believe every word of it.

I got a Zio-Sniper bot that comes around, not infrequently and who rails against my mention of Zio-Control over so many aspects of modern (and not so modern life). He doesn't bother to refute any of it, since it is irrefutable. He just doesn't like it. I don't like it either. I wish they would stop. The historical record indicates no ambition in that direction. 'Murder most foul', is the watch phrase of this strange, globally linked up underground Orc army. It's not so underground anymore because of the press of The Apocalypse on all things hidden.

In these times and possibly in most times, considered more or less modern, given that this is a dark age, the impetus is to instinctively react in the negative, because of the depressing, soul-numbing chiaroscuro aspect of our daily fare. It's understandable but it is inaccurate. Simple progressive logic makes it possible to see things in a different light, even if they haven't appeared yet, if that makes any sense. What I mean, can be best expressed in an example. We all agree, for the most part, that some kind of awakening is taking place in some fashion, in the hearts and minds of some people. We all agree, for the most part, that all kinds of things are being revealed that did not tend to surface in the past. There had been a very tight and ubiquitous control, exercised over the content and quality of information, disseminated through the usual propaganda organs, which are owed by the people committing the more heinous acts, upon whoever gets in their way, or has anything that they want.

Consider the meaning of this awakening and revelatory force. Truthful information and the growing, wider awareness of malfeasance, is contrary to the interests of the ruling elite, yet they seem incapable of stopping it. They go to incredible lengths and create all kinds of scenarios to defense against it. Some of them are elaborate indeed and some of them are wittingly and unwittingly spread around by the alternative media. Let us consider the case of Andy Warhol lite, the less than honorable, Julian Assange. Mr Assange is a high profile, disinfo agent and I think that is pretty much beyond dispute, unless you are a moron or a disinfo agent yourself. There are plenty of people who answer to that description. As for the latter, it's a full time industry.

Julian Assange's method is that of omission and the half-truth. A romantic backstory is created for this suave gentleman, involving sex with Swedish cupcakes. In Sweden, sex without a condom is considered rape. I'm not up on the details of these non events. Did he force them at weapon's point to allow some form of penetration without latex? Did he tell them he was wearing one but actually it was a fishnet, French tickler? Only the folks at Dumbass Central could come up with something like this. Another part of the tactic is saturation and perpetuation. If you keep a story front and center and do it long enough, people tend to simply accept that it must be true, because it is front and center and it keeps being repeated over and over. Some truly monstrous lies have been imprinted on the collective psyche in this manner, in order to justify really bad behavior following after.

Returning to my point; all kinds of things are taking place and being exposed, contrary to the wishes of the psychopathic mass murderers, who are focused on the population reduction and enslavement of a greater part of the world. You might say that most people are not aware of what a bogus intel-bot Assange is but we're not through the cycle of apocalyptic revelation yet and that continues with more and more force, intensifying as time passes. It is the very existence of this revelatory energy that we need to examine under the lens of simple, progressive logic. Maybe a little algebra wouldn't hurt either. This would let you shoot around corners. If ? and ? equal ? then one can also conjecture that ? and ? ...might well be true also.

Along with the surfacing, of the intent, of the various plans of the elite, against the well being of the masses, comes the release of vast amounts of the sort of information corroborating it all. Now, it is immaterial (irony alert) to me what you attribute this to but it can only be considered benevolent whatever it is. Let us add something else to the mix. The elite keep fucking up and any number of their efforts and plans are going sideways. You might say, au contraire, Monsieur Visible. They've been decimating one country after another, looting the funds of the people, stealing their homes, changing the laws to make all of their criminal enterprises legal, instituting a police state, ruining the economy, fucking up everything they touch but... quite some number of things are not going the way they want them to and all sorts of decidedly comic events are taking place as well. These are all acts of desperation and you will find, if you ever make it to the plains of Armageddon that the battle is already won.

I am not here to argue for the positive outcome of all things, in favor of the greater number of us. The greater number of us, are hand in glove with the oppressors, either due to intransigent ignorance, a desire to emulate them, or some motivation, driven by runaway stupid, who is the chief conductor on the Train to Nowhere. What I am here to argue for is that, even though it is the nature of the general human mind, to react in the negative these days, to most things, there is some kind of powerful and positive force working on our behalf. Exploration of this feature can lead the heart and mind in some surprising directions and to some surprising conclusions but that would depend on what we believe to be essentially true about life. Is this true? Of course it is. Is the story itself true? No. At least I don't think so, because it would be news impressive enough to have gone viral. Is there some deeper meaning to this event and what it was really about? Study it. It also took place in Aurora. This is certainly true and brought to you by someone who used to be in the employ of The Beast. The awakening that took place in this man's consciousness, is presently taking place in a lot of minds, presently in the employ of The Beast. I am stating this as a result of my use of a certain algebra and simple, progressive logic. I'm not going to do the math for you and I may not have presented what I wanted to say as well as I might have but you are expected to extrapolate on your own. We've all got to dig our own way out of the mine of darkness (or would that be mind of darkness?) we are buried in because we are not all buried in the same location, or even in the same mine. You have been provided with a headlamp but you will need to find the on/off switch.

What I believe, rather, what I am certain of, insofar as I can be certain of anything, is that this whole tale of this specific existence is scripted and has a director. There are two magnetic lodestones that are exercising an attractive force on one and all, dependent on the desires and predispositions of each individual. Some of us are engaged in 'herd consciousness'. That is an unfortunate state for a human being. In many cases, in most cases, both of these lodestones are having an impact of the 'pushme, pullyou' kind. Some of us are locked on to one or the other. Very good news on the one side and very bad news on the other. Light is more powerful than darkness. Increase your light.

If you are unsure of your direction you can measure your situation by this simple dynamic. As one proceeds into darkness (metaphorically speaking), it becomes denser, hotter and more confining. As you proceed in the direction of light, it becomes less dense, cooler and less confining. This is a simple yardstick. Are we confused? What is confusing us? ? ♫What's puzzling you is the nature is the nature of my game♫ Think in terms of resistance, environmental pressures and attendant apathy. Think in terms of depression and inertia, as they impact upon us and consider what steps might be taken to militate against these conditions. There are inspirational access points and vehicles that can take you there. By example, certain musics can lift the spirit and others can bring it down. You have to extrapolate on this because there is a difference between discovering something and being told something. This is one of the tenets of most ancient traditions, which are designed to bring the mind into a state where it can apprehend what is hidden, where it can enter into a timeless slipstream, as opposed to the temporary winds of change that buffet one to and fro. As long as you are in that zone, the rules of that zone apply to you and you'll get what you see all around you and your fate will be the common fate of those chained to the wheel of fire.

People can argue against all of this, because the thrall of the temporary holds a greater sway and they are loath to leave the fields of play. Some are actively employed as agents of the temporary temporal, for power, position and gain, along with the usual other perks. They are soldiers in the war against Liberty. They are the ones who oppose Truth and Justice, in the name of Truth and Justice. They are the backwards walking, wardens of devolution and retrogression. They are your leaders, governmental and religious; your celebrities and faux artistes of every stripe, who have made their deal with The Devil and don't mind the cost. They're all about temporary gain in the kingdom of the lost. There is a sucking wind that attends the movements and activities of the aggregate blockheads of the age. If you're not on a determined and persistent course, they will drag you down with them. That's just how it is. Argue with the whirlwind and accomplish the powerful impact of a fart in a windstorm, Speaking with your own voice carries the force of personal intent. Speaking with a greater voice, applies that force to individual conditions in a more timeless and transformative way. It's a magical act in a world ruled by magic, which is seen as something else. Deception occurs when you mistake one thing for another and accept it as being so.

End Transmetastasizing.......

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'I Need More Light' is track no. 4 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible

Strange italics; a question for the more linguistically erudite among us. What the Hell does it mean when words are presented like this (S)tatistical) or Moron(s)? I've seen this abused to the point of wanting to hunt down the people employing it. It hasn't been around all that long. I remember the time when you never saw it. I'm pretty convinced that it is some kind of affectation but maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just pretentiousness (grin).


McKenna Fan said...

When in Rome, do as the Huns do.

Anonymous said...

Visible, an incredibly timely dish today. As I am dedicated to health issues and "Truth," as I'm sure many of your readers are, take a gander at this: This really gripes my crawl, but the good new is the TRUTH can now be extrapolated about the "organic" juices and sauces we've all been wasting our money on. The problem may soon be finding decent quality food at all. I have several bottles of this 'organic' shit in my cabinets which I guess will now be consigned to my 'survival' shelves.
Here's another eye-opening truth about the one little indulgence I allowed myself in my Starbucks raspberry double Latte.
The only power consumers have any more is to NOT buy their poisoned crap

Gluten and bullshit intolerant

Anonymous said...

(S)tatistical is meaningless assuming "tatistical" is meaningless.

Moron(s) simply means either one or more morons, but the author wasn't sure - but I'm sure you're aware of this interpretation.

Can you give some more examples? I haven't run into the abuse of this phraseology myself, yet.

preacher said...

You're going viral Vis:

Visible said...

You mostly see this weird italics shit on the pages of anal academics and pseudo intellectuals, at least that is what I've found and it's always the last letter or the first letter that is closed captioned. It means something and it's not been in use all that long.

insiam said...

Being little pedantic myself: Why do so many Americans use then when they mean than i.e. 'I am older then you'.

Also why do they say - 'i could care less' as opposed to 'I couldn't care less' - which obviously means it is not possible to care less than i do.

What does 'i could care less mean'? In this context it would men - I do care some but i could care less. But that loses its meaning in the way it is meant.

Visible said...

Thank you for clearing that up (grin).

insiam said...

Your welcome. But this has to stop:)

missingarib said...

Kennedy said Ich bein ein Berliner and we say ich bein a Rodney king (of L A beating fame now deceased)--thus consigned to the status of a Rodney King we forgive and hope to in the words of Mr king "can't we all get along".

Only some of the beatings are physical most are emotional,financial and your writing describes the events and perpetrators all to well .

I pray we all come to understand who our enemy /enemies are .
thank you-- live long

Anonymous said...

Lateley my monkey mind's verbal jukebox has been riffing on the word 'craptastical'.


ScarvedOne said...

[T]his is done to indicate that I am grabbing this sentence from somewhere in the middle and the [T] the way I'm quoting it is properly capitalized, but where I grabbed it from, it is not. For example, my favorite quote from the Bible (note: I'm not Christian) is 1 Timothy 6:10, which begins, "For the love of money is the root of all evil...". Well, in order to understand the complete context, you need to read the nine verses before 6:10, but when the point I want to make is simply that "[T]he love of money is the root of all evil...", I quote it thus. The correct quote for that verse includes the word "For", but because it's in the middle of a pretty long-winded speech on the subject that we don't want to have to include, we cut out the rest, start the sentence where we want, and indicate that hey, we're taking our part from the middle. It's kind of like "...", only at the start instead of the end.

ScarvedOne said...

An example. I'm not Christian, but I happen to like the following quote (1 Timothy 6:10):

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Since the only really useful bit (for my purposes) is "the love of money is the root of all evil", however, I can indicate that I'm lifting only a part by starting it as a sentence by itself with the beginning "t" capitalized (as it should be for a sentence) but inside square brackets to let it be known that this isn't the full quote. Similarly, at the end, to indicate that there's more to it, I can use an ellipsis ("..."), and then follow that with a fourth period to end the sentence. My quote, then, is:

"[T]he love of money is the root of all evil...."

This lets pedants, curmudgeons, and grammar Nazis know that I know this isn't the whole quote, so shut up about it already.

ScarvedOne said...

LOL If you got two posts from me, please only approve one or the other. Sorry. ;)

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for the Pat Robertson satire link. Mailed it to a big fan of his. Waiting for her hysterical reaction. If only it was a video clip from Larry King, or something she would accept as real. O'well, guess we have to wait for things to get that juicy, and fun. Could happen, though; a number of evangelicals have had their, "forgive me, for I have sinned" moments.
Excellent post, by the way.
Be well, Rob

grassapelli said...

Visible--you must be in the zone. You can't screw up your writing even when you flub the grammar. It comes out poetry: "winds of change that buffet one too and fro"

Visible said...

They were both useful and not entirely the same.

Visible said...

Thank you by the way. Now I know. I was correct. It's mostly pretentious.

Visible said...

Anonymous; you are tiresome. You are repeating yourself over and over. You're smug and vain and have a superiority complex. I'm tired of posting your shit and even more tired of your insinuating innuendo. There are other places for you to be contentious and find people to get into shouting matches with.

Anonymous said...

John lash says we got about 200 yrs to go,,,,,
Other people say different things,,,,,I stick with John lash,,,I trust him,
Maybe as a community we are in an initiatory process at the moment,,,
If nobody does anything it will just get worse,
That is my take on the situation

Cliff high has some very interesting things to say about dynamics on his latest,,,frames and fracking and other stuff,,,
Also I think bho maybe having a drum session tonight,he did mention something,

We should join him in spirit

Respects ....neil. : )

niijii said...

Pat Robertson's freeing the herb plan could work out quite well for him. I mean he could start the 420 Club and claim God told him the reason for the drug war was because people were wasting their money on overpriced bud instead of sending it to him.

We sure could use the prison room if we ever get our shit together like Iceland and keep a cell open for ole Pat.

Pam, the thing about Castoreum is it's natural and tastes just as good the next day. MMMM, beaver musk. Sticking with wild rasberries here.

We grow, gather and can, 100's of quarts of veggies, fruits, fish, venison and add nothing but water a little salt and lotsa love.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Senor Visible - was wondering if your name, "Les Visible", had anything to do with the Rosicrucians, who are also known as "The Invisibles"? Seems like a hell of a coincidence...any correlation there? If so, or if not, are you a member of that order?

Visible said...

heh heh, life imitates art as my friend Sasha put it.

Visible said...

Am I a Rosicrucian? They haven't asked me. I am a member of an ancient brotherhood but due to bets that have been made by the dark and light (which they do routinely a la Job and many others) I am unable to know the exact dimensions or even the name of that brotherhood. They do communicate with and protect me however.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, your comment to me about not being a Rosicrucian.

I am a little confused here, Senor Visible (this happens to me a lot, don't hold it against me - wink). I just read a blog piece of yours, posted at Visible Origami, on December 19, 2011. Here's the link -

In that piece of yours, you state the following -

"Since I'm a Rosicrucian and have looked into it from that angle (Yeah, I know, they're a branch of the Masons and Cornelius Agrippa made blue jeans; Agrippa Blue Jeans, 'they Agrippa your ass'!) I would have to say there was something to it because nobody was buried in Rosenkreuz's coffin; no word on Guilderstern and I may be puntificating."

In that piece you state that you are a Rosicrucian. In your response to my initial query in this thread about your name (Les Visible) and the fact that the Rosicrucians are called "The Invisibles", you stated that you were not a Rosicrucian.

Just trying to wrap my mind around this, Visible, I'm sure there's an explanation. Not that one is necessary. Just curious.

How can you be a Rosicrucian, and not be a Rosicrucian? Were you once a member, and quit? My brain is fuzzy today.

Please advise, if you have a spare minute or three.

mike m said...

Moron(s) must be related to G-d.

Visible said...

I think I am pretty clear. In spirit I am a Rosicrucian but I don't have a union card and the mysterious stranger, that particular mysterious stranger has not shown up yet I was invited by them to go to LA and join them and work there but I didn't. I am a member of the human race (sort of) but I'm not actually a member.

I don't know what you are trying to find out. I don't belong to anything org wise but I belong to a lot of things spirit wise. I am all about internal esoteric connections but not much for temporal external orgs. My problem here is whether you are trying to trip me up or there is genuine curiosity. Obviously I am connected to some things but that does not mean I am going to talk about them.

Anonymous said...

I was just curious about your name, and how it tied in to "The Invisibles" (i.e., the Rosicrucians). Then I Googled for a bit, and found your post wherein you stated you were indeed a Rosicrucian. Now that you've stated you are a Rosicrucian in spirit only, I suppose that explains it. The last bit, wherein you said you were obviously connected to some things but were not going to talk about them - that was clear as...mud? Ha ha. Have no clue. But it's all good. I think we just wasted 10 minutes of each other's time. My bad. Like I said, I get confused easily. "Rosicrucian in spirit." Gotcha.

Visible said...

I never knew about them being called the Invisibles and I have read Arthur Edward Waite, Paul Foster Case and Manly Palmer Hall on them which pretty much covers the gamut. My name Les Visible came from the ethers but ostensibly came about because I was going to do a gig and we all decided to take a name suitable to us. Franklin Russel became Franklin Stratosphere because he is a bit of an airhead. Bud Clifton became Bud the Creep due to his propensity to piss people off and I became Les Visible because I have a habit of disappearing and also being very hard to find. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Also it means it doesn't mean you're not going to talk about them things, eh Les visible prabhu?

That's next. Childish.
Nice of you to reply.

Anyone reading even ONE composition of yours knows who you are, prabhu.
Or therebouts.

Visible said...

Abusive comments no longer get the time of day here. Technically I am a Bodhisattva and I have the marks to prove it; big deal. That and 6 bucks will get me some slurry shit from Starbucks that I don't drink.

Of course one can't get into certain things because it gums up the works, leaves friends confused and give enemies ammunition. Plenty visitors here know some degree of what's what but none of it grants immunity from the slings and arrows.

Anonymous said...

By the love of all love
That twists and turns us
Backwards and sideways
Along old roads
Back from where we came
The original point
The tip of the eye of the needle
The place we wander
Rejuvenating in spontaneous play
Beyond,where all melts into everything
All something else
Sung in the blink of an eye
Through existence
the calling of attention
The bringing forth
in totality
All the love that binds,,,,


preacher said...

I just don't know what to make of this:

Support Megadeth? Buy album 13?

I'm getting pretty confused from the shenanigans lately...

Visible said...

I saw that. Apparently he is tagged as a right wing heavy metal musician and he is pissed about coverups. Within one month things like this will be routine across the board. Understanding anything at this point implies that any of it makes sense to begin with. It doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Well there is some definite synchronicity there. I started researching the Rosicrucians and found that "The Invisibles" is indeed a name of theirs. According to some people. Since I'm not a Rosicrucian, though, who knows, really? And then of course we have Manly Palmer Hall and his treatise about "arcanum arcanorum", which I think means, "the invisible world, or the less visible world"? Interesting stuff. What has always bugged me about the writings of people who are allegedly members of the inner circle of a "secret society", is, why would they tell the Profane (non-members) the actual truth? Could it be they are disseminating disinformation? My grandfather was a Freemason and a Knight Templar, as were most male patriarchs in my family back to the Crusades. Divulging the truth, the real skinny, on the knowledge base of the fraternity is a no-no, from what I have been taught on the subject.

So when it comes to reading the works of people such as Waite and Hall, I think a person who utilizes discernment has to ask, "Why should I believe a word that they say? Why would they divulge the truth about their organizations, and their inner secrets, when part of their initiation into the fraternity involves pledging to never divulge any of that information to the Profane?" (So how much of what they write about, can we take as being true? It gives one pause - or at least it should, I think.)

Speaking of thinking, I think what you are hinting at here (correct me if I am getting too far afield), is that you have chosen certain elements of certain schools of thought and have incorporated them into the totality of your being, without being a card-carrying member of any particular dogmatic organization. If so, I can relate to that.

Smyrna said...

Top sermon there, Vis. Coming through loud and clear. Those German goth festivals have been good for you. Loved the 'Sympathy for the Devil' lyrics. Quite so.

preacher said...

Thanx! You made me remember that the mind is always trying to make sense of things; even random images.
Imagination then creates something non-excisting...
A thing I mastered when I was a child; changing the image I had imagined.
But lost apparently.

Visible said...

Actually I can answer that, I'll take subliminal and symbolic for 500 dollars Alex. They don't tell the unwashed any secrets. What they do is hint. You see, all this stuff is internal and when a particular soul lights up, there is someone watching and they are led from the general public showers, by degrees, into more cloistered locations. Then, once again, by degrees, they are tested according to their trustworthiness, stability and integrity; well, all sorts of things actually to see how much they can be told and what can be entrusted to them.

You have the following on my life and my soul. We are all watched every moment. We are all on the doorstep every moment and in a position to make massive leaps should we be paying fucking attention.

Pearls are not tossed before swine but some of us are not standing in the general thoroughfare and sooner or later, given passing the necessary tests, you would be surprised, greatly surprised at what can appear and be available depending on the individual and whatever their abilities and receptivity might add up to. It is principally about depth and capacity for surrender, nothing more.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 8/17, 11:21pm

Vis, he is just trying to trip you up, and discredit you through innuendo.
Psy-op, pure and simple.

I (we) don't give a crap about the medium or persona. Your personal life has (and should have) no interest to me (us). (Don't mean to offend) Only the message counts; that's all we can see/read anyway.
I don't care if you worship gerbils, and are the chief of the Flat Earth Society. Those things are irrelevant.
However, your message and insights resonate deep in the psychic guts as uncompromisingly true and honest. That's all that matters, the rest is fluff.

A good example took place many years ago in Jewland. The State Symphony orchestra refused to play Wagner's works labeling him "antisemite". Along came Zubin Mehta the conductor (an Indian), who got the contract to conduct the Jewband for a period of time.
He said (paraphrasing): We WILL play Wagner. His talent and music are one thing, and they are superb. His personal beliefs are another thing. But it's not our job to pay attention to that. Our only concern is the MUSIC itself, wherever, whoever{!) it came from.
P.S: They played Wagner.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"Mr Assange is a high profile, disinfo agent and I think that is pretty much beyond dispute, unless you are a moron or a disinfo agent yourself"
or don't have access to the internet. without it I would still have doubted, but not armed like this.

currently reading Under the sign of the scorpion by Juri Lina about the illuminati, jesuits, freemason, bolshevik infiltration etc etc.

I won't post the pdf links directly, it's in the hit list there.

gramaticon correctus : simply by putting the () in the first or last letter of words, as time goes by and people consider themselves more clever, those letters will be dropped altogether. then the next first and last letters and so on. eventually nothing will be left of the language, as Orwell spelled out (with permission from the tribe most likely).

(P)eace... and positively, it 'aint so bad considering and there's plenty to look up to.

negatively , much as I enjoy Breaking Bad, is it not another tribe production to glorify crime and get the US used to 3rd world status?

Visible said...

Depends on what you call crime.

Actually, I think that person is okay. Doesn't matter though, I don't lie and there's no sense of self importance here. If you meet the guy I work for you soon realize you are lower that dirt; not really but humility becomes pretty automatic.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely, and thanks for your heartfelt encouragement. It seems as if we get a jolt and an occasional prodding. The truth is right there and the window is wide open, but only if we can see it. Being cloistered, I can definitely relate to that. I've spent much of my life shut off from humanity - by choice. You have to do the work in order to see the truth. Everybody wants instant gratification. But it doesn't work like that, does it.

It seems as if this is a testing ground, eh? Or a classroom. And when you graduate, there are lots of possibilities. I get the definite feeling that something is using us as energetic food. Something holds us here, as their prisoner, and feeds on us. And we are asleep in the world/dreamscape that they created for us. Sometimes I awaken with a rush, only to slip back into the trap.

I think it's like being on a train, maybe a train of consciousness. The train keeps moving forward, and sometimes we spend time in the lead car, sometimes we drift back into the cars toward the rear. But always, it is moving forward. I guess eventually we will all get there, hmm - wherever that might be. Some faster than others. All things in due time.

preacher said...

In Arizona, some cell towers are cleverly disguised as saguaro catcus

uninformedLuddite said...

I think you will find that those odd parentheses are much like the fabled letter 'A' that freemasons use to recognise each other.
The parentheses thing is a way to recognise othe rmembers of the wanker club.

Anonymous said...

This is for the Skepticfrog person.

As far as calling me someone who is trying to discredit Visible "through innuendo" ("Psyop, pure and simple"), as you so deftly put it, um...surely you can see the irony of your statement.

Mr. Visible himself stated he was a Rosicrucian in one of his previous posts. He made this statement, flat-out. This is a matter of public record, something he posted at his own blogs.

So I asked him if he was indeed a Rosicrucian. And he then said he was a Rosicrucian in spirit only, but not a member of the organization.

I asked him this question to clear up the contradiction.

If you state one thing, and then recant and state another, that might appear to be a tad curious, or, "disinformational", or perhaps even part of a "psyop" - that is, it might appear that way if you can walk and chew gum at the same time...don't you think.

Now that Visible has cleared it up, that's fine with me. I merely pointed out the contradiction.

When you "regulars" pile on like this, whenever a person points out facts (such as Visible, said one thing, and then said another), it makes me leery about the whole board.

Facts are facts - the truth is the truth, whatever it might be.

If i were to accept your logic here, Mr. Frog, I should ignore contradictory statements made by everybody; I should blindly ignore contradictions made by the very people who are insisting that whatever they might say is true. I should ignore them and either get in line and do as I'm told, or get out. That is precisely what got us all into our current predicament in the first place. Giving people with podiums the benefit of the doubt. And then eventually turning a blind eye to their contradictions, instead of trying to clear them up. We stopped asking questions and just blindly followed, and look where we are now.

I am not that type of person, sir. I won't blindly follow anybody, and I don't suggest that anyone else should, either.

Are you that type of person?

Whatever you are, it's irrelevant to me, and it's entirely your call.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

series 5 episode 5 at the end, the consequences of "petty" theft in putting in place a situation that can get out of control and innocent bystanders/witnesses get killed. he didn't do it, but the situation was set up like that. hell, it's just a show, but I do look at that potential propaganda angle knowing how wrong I pretty much always am, work in progress. has there been a perfect show that reveals *the* truth?. would it be shown?

mike m said...

records are ledgered
accounts are lined up
ones who are paying attention
those who aren't
no matter where
no matter who
your true intentions
are going to count


Ray B. said...


In the spirit of your piece:

Princess Leia to Governor Tarkin: "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

Darth Vader: "I sense something; a presence I've not felt since..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I liked your responses on August 17, 2012 11:07:00 PM & August 18, 2012 1:00:00 AM. Profound. Thanks.

Visible said...

Well, anonymous, I had thought your inquiries were friendly, or at least neutral. Now, reading what you had to say to Skeptifrog, I can see you were looking for a way to tarnish and diminish me. Just for you information, I am very capable of doing that myself and don't need outside help.

As for contradictions, EVERYONE contradicts themselves. The use of words and the length of time we are given, makes that a certainty and certainly a writer (myself) who often writes on metaphysical matters will contradict themselves. Contradicting yourself is perfectly okay, depending on intent, because there is often more than one truth about all kinds of things and perspectives change since you can't step into the same river twice.

Now, I could easily have said, "Yes, I'm a Rosicrucian". I did not. However, I actually might be, I just don't know. The order to which I belong is still a mystery to me. I communicate with the fellowship on a regular basis but no details are given me because of things having to do with who I am, which is also concealed. I'll be sure to clear all that up when it becomes clear to me and, as I understand it, that's not going to be too long now.

I do not encourage people to follow me. I discourage it. I even behave badly on purpose sometimes in order to work against the inclination for people to do so. People have been following me ever since my Kundalini experience and it can be a pain in the ass, if you are not the kind of self important person who gets off on that kind of thing.

I regularly publicize my shortcomings and attempt to move with all humility in my doings here and there and pretty much everywhere. I admit that I am wrong sometimes. I apologize for misbehavior, even when that misbehavior is intentional in order to make certain that some degree of tarnish attends me.

Usually when people get all wound up about my popularity and all the good things people say about me, it is due to jealousy and envy. Some people have gotten so wound up about it that they went so far as to 'try' to destroy me. I don't take all the complimentary language personally; don't acknowledge it nearly all of the time. I do respond to criticism on occasion for reasons that I don't feel the need to get into but suffice to say, it is not what one would reflexively imagine the reason to be.

Many times people have tried to catch me at something and people look all over the place for things that might paint me as a bad guy. There just isn't anything much there and I will say, in all honesty, I try to be truthful in everything I say. I sincerely try to do this.

The reason I don't take credit for what happens here and in my other creative endeavors, is because I am a tool and the resonance and praise are due to the actions of my creator upon me. I'm just a flute and I am well aware of it and I am made aware of it often but not so much as was once the case because the need is not so pronounced anymore.

If you are serious about looking for some way to 'cut me down to size', I would recommend not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. This was so insignificant that it wasn't likely to go anywhere in any case. Try to find something with meat on its bones. However, I can tell you that the major percentage of people bearing me some degree of affection are unlikely to be influenced by anything I say or do and that which might influence them I am extremely unlikely to say or do.

JLOC said...

Great song Les

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Bath and Beyond in the Rubber Room.

Anonymous said...


That reminds me of a stupid tribe member trick I call "Who shot the dogs"
In that, when the conclusions are obvious and not in their favor, they say "Wait wait wait, back up here. Is this truly as it appears? Back up 15 minutes and look at the labels on those tires." And they all put the Eureka look on their faces and and nod their heads to eachother with a look superior understanding, saying "Yes, it's clear now". Meanwhile the mullet goy is thinking "I must be the dumb one. I better shut up about it, or they'll know how dumb I am. Jews are so much more intelligent than me."

That one kinda ties in with another stupid tribe member trick I call "You can't understand this, you're just a girl"

In this one, you're sitting in modern physics class when the most preposterous bullshit is advanced for your approval. They soften you by saying "There are only 10 people in the world who truly understand relativity." (Guess the ethnicity and asylum and win $1). So, you look around and you see every trekkie in the class thinking "Well, now there's 11". Have you ever listened to a trekkie who wasn't the 11th?

I play the "You can't understand this, you're just a girl" stupid tribemember trick a lot on my rabid feminist obamanoid cousin. She dives right in with a fury, ready to strain some muscles, to wrap her head around some perfectly incredulous bullshit I make up as I go along.

Stupid tribemember tricks can be a lot of fun.

Lake of fire coming from your keyboard in that one, V.
Powerful stuff!

The ones who writhe and hiss and spit in it seem to be shorthanded. Their hissing and spitting has also become a source of entertainment for me.

Skepticfrog said...

Thought, you'd want to know:

Batman shooting in CO.

"Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at age 46."
Belfast Telegraph


She saw and heard plenty at the time. Perhaps she got feisty when told to shut up. Anyway I'm not a believer of coincidences.
Notice how the MSM is so incredibly mum about this. That in itself should make you suspicious.

As for Anon, he is dense. I illustrated with a specific tangible example how the message is paramount and not the medium/messenger. However, he just doesn't comprehend this, and says this: "I am not that type of person, sir. I won't blindly follow anybody..."
I follow the CONTEXT or message only. It's you, who's obsessed what secret or not so secret society he may or may not belong. If the context doesn't resonate, I stop reading. Period. Per my experience, Americans in general and Jews (the Jews even in a different host country/culture - including my own) have an innate inability to separate the person/persona from the message/achievement/deed. Yup, I just don't get that. Other cultures from Europe to India (like Zubin Mehta) can do it. These two cultures mentioned above, can't.

I stopped having discourses and discussions with Jews and Americans (with some notable exceptions) years ago, for this very reason. In their little heads the personality/status defines the message, and they are utterly unable to separate the two. Of course that explains the Americans' blind worship of (a) president(s) who cannot even produce a valid, above board, birth certificate.

For example: I listen fairly frequently to Alex Jones. I'm pretty sure he's a shill. However, his MESSAGE often has new, useful and verifiable(!) information. Of the context he presents, I keep what is true and useful, and discard the rest. His persona or personality? I don't give a rat's behind about it, in fact I find him generally repulsive.

Anonymous said...

To reiterate my position, everyone's opinions are their own. I don't care what they think about me, or about anyone else, or about anything else. They can either think for themselves or they can't. The truth is what it is, and if they can think for themselves, they will it. If they can't, why worry about what they think - they think other people's thoughts and do not know it. Visible said he wasn't a Rosicrucian, only in spirit, and that was good enough for me. Attacking the messenger is a childish and viciously warped approach, taken by people with something to hide, or taken by people whose minds have been warped to the point that they see bogeymen everywhere; i.e., anybody who disagrees with them is on the wrong side, a "disinfo agent", participating in a "psyop", etc. And that's dangerous, not only for themselves, but for anyone with whom they associate, IMHO. It is never that simple. If you embrace that mindset long enough, you will morph into your enemy. Your methodology is already a mirror image of theirs. If you start seeing everybody as either good or bad, despite any legitimate questions they might pose - especially when they point out glaring contradictions and ask for clarification, lest they be led down the primrose path to a spiritual and intellectual dead-end - you have become exactly like those bad guys you so ardently rail against. Using their same methods, casting the same aspersions, attacking the same messengers - and not the message...never the message, because it can't be assailed. Someone says one thing, then they contradict it. Someone says they are indeed a member of a secret society - and then, when asked if this is true, they add a footnote, and recant their earlier position, or modify it, as Visible did. Which is fine; people contradict themselves frequently, just as Vis pointed out. Since they do indeed do this, it should be okay to ask for clarification. Apparently, that is not the case around here - don't ask, don't point it out. Which is quite telling in itself. But hey it's all good - nobody on this earth is anything but a complete fool, myself included. Hopefully we can become more, which is the whole point of the earthly exercise.

Visible said...

Look, you are taking this to a whole other level and it speaks ever more emphatically to your real intentions. Let me crystal clarify this for you, just in case you actually can't see what is happening here. There's no objection on my part to you classifying something as a contradiction, or any question you may have. I've no problem with that. What I have a problem with is your snarky innuendo through the text of your last two messages.

I'm not a dim bulb. I look very carefully at what people say and your intention is to use some version of "first the kiss, then the whip".

For your information, long before I said anything about being a Rosicrucian I have said, over and over that I belong to no organization or religion. I have said I do belong to an arcane brotherhood established quite some time ago but I do not know what it is (another glaring contradiction right there). So... disclaimers were in place long before your non event.

You're making yourself look like a dick with all this high horse posturing. That's your choice, none of this will effect what I do one wit, except for me having to waste my time talking to you. Let it go... it doesn't make you look good when you say things like, "Apparently, that is not the case around here - don't ask, don't point it out. Which is quite telling in itself"

Quite obviously you came here to stir shit. We're not stupid here and we also don't prohibit people asking and pointing. Everyone knows that so you're wasting your time. You totally ignored my last comment to you and all of it's contents which were benevolent and understanding and clear. You want to play this stupid game you will have to go and play with yourself (hmmmm, is that some kind of double entendre?)

Anonymous said...

"Know it in thyself, and you will see it in others." - Author Unknown

Visible said...

Radio show is now up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Bozo the Clown and a Six Pack of High School Girls.

unnur said...

" I need more light " ... beautiful, brings a tear to my eye, thank you , I am moved .



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