Monday, August 27, 2012

Twitter Fellatio in Asia Minor, with Modulation to B Flat

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As most of us know, there are those events and news items that are just a part of the routine of life. They don't usually take on any meaningful significance, even though they can be important, like brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom. Then there is the next level that is relatively important; landing a better job, getting rescued out of the US, or having your TV die. Finally, there are the really important things, the milestones; things you remember for the rest of your life. With this link you want to note two things; the following comments, which give us a cross spectrum insight into what people really think and the very odd comment that reads, “thousands of fake followers, were receiving her updates”. If they are fake then they are not real, yes? Then how do they receive the updates, if they are not there? Am I missing something? Are they using fake followers who 'are there'? In that case there would be some amount of uproar, given the likely truth that all heavily saturate, adult diaper facsimiles are loaded with the specific commentary.

The comments tell us something we should probably already know and some of us do. Twitter is heavily promoted by certain powerful forces as an 'it thing'; a must have life option. It's an intentional effort and device, created to dumb down the general awareness. It's hard to miss the essential meaning of 'Twit' but, obviously that is just what a Twit would do, no? There are a number of cultural movements and agendas that are receiving massive face time, which are not a general public interest and which, quite often are not in the public good. Think about some of the hot button items that show up just about every day and only serve the interests of those whose intent is to destroy the culture and which most people don't concern themselves about and don't support across the board. However, shoehorning these things into the general consciousness and relentlessly profiling them in a particular light, has the effect of eventually putting a lot of 'challenged objective thinkers' into the reflex affirmation column.

I recognize that the use of Twitter would upgrade my recognition factor. I think there might even be someone doing that on their own. I could also go out on to a public street and expose myself to passersby and that would increase my recognition factor too, but not in ways I am generally accustomed to and not in a direction I am willing or likely to go, no matter what the public outcry for me to do it might be. Every time someone asks me to do this, I gently demur, not wanting to hurt their feelings or kill their hope. Only a really non empathetic person would do something like this.

Twitter is a great deal like going out on the street and exposing yourself. It's got a certain pornographic flavor and it's fantastic for the people who write like this; “r u in”? Why you would actually be texting someone in such a private moment is beside the point, because if anyone were to be actually doing this kind of thing, it would be them. The culture has finally reached the dimensions and appearance where, if you don't understand it, you can most definitely roll it in flour and look for the wet spots. I try to use a wide angle lens, when I'm going for the big picture because I can get the full effect. I don't recommend engaging in this sooner than an hour before mealtime. When it comes to specifics, I narrow my focus, so that the item under consideration is the only thing in the frame. Sometimes that still requires a wide angle lens. Using Louise Mensch as a poster girl for the article mentioned in the first paragraph is easy to understand, once you study her politics.

The biggest problem in the culture these days ...and something that Twitter speaks to, both in terms of motive and effect, is the present condition where most people cannot trace the pathway from A to D, or even to C. I used those keys in the construction of my last classical composition, entitled “Blow me in Asia Minor”. It has elements that remind one of John Cage being pressed through the piano strings on a Bechstein Grand. As much as I have often wished to hear this, it did not, so far as I know, occur ...but I have a powerful imagination.

Keeping in mind the track from A to D, I submit for your consideration, planned obsolescence, light bulbs that don't burn out, cars that just run and run, as well as parts manufacture and assembly standards that do not exist but could and should. Throw in the reverse engineered Kundalini practices being promoted and a discerning mind might soon come around to the conclusion that someone, or several someones, is/are engaged in a calculated war against human dignity and all of the values and virtues we are heir to.

If you can't get from A to D and A to B are your usual parameters of apprehension, you are easily hoodwinked and deceived. You are very likely to go into a state of confusion when presented with Shit and Shinola at the same time and probably don't notice that the hand never leaves the wrist. Classic misdirection, attended by a reduction in intelligence, awareness and motivation, speaks to a dire and certain fate. The only question that needs be asked is, do you wish to be a willing party in the conspiracy of your own self destruction? Are you willing to feed your children to Baal and Moloch too? As a card carrying Basilisk, I don't “trouble my beautiful mind” with this sort of thing but maybe some of you should. It's a personal decision in any case. If you want to join the Organization of American States of Degeneracy, no one is going to stop you. If you are intent upon being a member of the Unaligned Federation of Dumbass, that's your call. It's probably a big help during mating season.

It's six of one and half a dozen of another to the bad shepherds, whether they are clubbing Dodo Birds or baby seals and just another alternative in the seasonal, assisted migration of Lemmings. They are motivated because there are Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes at the end of their efforts. ♫There's something happening here♫. Well, the wakeup buzzer went off in the music decades ago and it took them some years to get Disco off the drawing board, followed by The Mouseketeer clones and then Rap. This is all a progression, similar to something John Cage might have had in mind, or that Jean Genet could have written about, if there had been more Warhol in his Walpole ...but Andy wasn't even around yet. It's the kind of thing that Alexandre Deschaumes might have come up with, had there been more Robert Maplethorpe in his conjugal, succubi visitations. There's a reason that some people might want to control the art world. You have to remember that none of these things are actually true, even if they are absolutely true, because they will tell you that they are not and concrete facts be damned. Some will tell you, it's poor form even to bring these things up because it makes all the chicken hearts nervous about their place in line at the glory hole, not to mention, missing the usual golden shower on alternating Saturday nights.

Twitter is the culture in the shitter. It's something you might take the music from an old James Brown song and put new words to, “Say it Loud, I'm Dumb and I'm Proud”. People take pride in their ability to come across as more trivially informed than the competition. The game Trivial Pursuit has now morphed into life imitating game theory. Tens of millions are looking for Jesus to drop kick them between the goalposts of life.

Religion has devolved the parishioners into organ grinder monkeys with a side of fries. You wash that down with a pork Slurpee and you're good for a night on the town. Go on, shake your ass, you've earned it. The sparks are jumping off of the rooftop of Department of Controversial Tweets. Breaking news is on the doorstep of every moment, in between all of the moments when you might have had a moment to think about how you got from Point A to Point D. A diploma from F.U. is no guarantee that you'll get to play with the big boys, unless you're a born again fluffer. It's not all that different than following the elephant, with a broom and pan, as you wait for your big break in the business. Too many of us are Lana Turners, dreaming on the counter stool at Schwab's Drugstore. Don't be deterred by the fact that it never happened. Your chances weren't any good to begin with but the consolation is that shit happens and that's not always a bad thing, depending on the state of your digestive system.

One thing you can be sure of is that the more a culture stays exposed to unnatural conditions, the more vermin show up. You can take it's temperature by counting the cockroaches and rats that feed off the efflorescence.

Some might take me to task for what seems like harping on certain subject but too much superficial focus and too much importance placed on trivia, is life threatening and I'll tell you why. There is the enduring and the temporary. If your attention is mostly on the latter then you have little contact with the former. You are also easily swept away by the brooms of change, when the latter goes into the dustpan. If you are not anchored in one place, you will definitely go to the other. Make what symbolic parallels you wish out of this. Twitter, like so many things in these times, is a weapon against your continuing survival. This is in the same way that dietary ignorance and excess means little in the short run and a great deal in the long run. Why is it that people can insist that what is happening right in front of their faces is not even taking place? It's for the same reasons that they believe absurd lies about things that make them willing victims. They believe that the path of truth and courage, is far more dangerous than the course of running with blinders. The opposite is and has always been what is so. You can either pretend you have friends or you can make friends. It depends on the criteria by which you define the word, or anything at all.

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Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ Without a Clue ♫
'Without a Clue' is track no. 11 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Color Ball'

Color Ball by Les Visible

The Dog Poet has written the Sirius Song and it will be up in a couple of days. Here are the lyrics;

the dogs are howling
they're howling for you
you are awakening
the scriptures are true
Poncho Moonlight is under the dog star
Silky Lilly Nelson is sitting there too
Sirius is sending us help from the heavens
What does it mean? ahroooooooooooooo!

Canis major, howl for me darling
The voice of the Devas is never wrong
I love the music but the words are magic
as they dance in the measures of the Sirius song

I see the ships of the new Ulysses
the ancient poet is no longer blind
a golden age is rising from the ruins
Rise up with it or get left behind


Lemuria whispers as we stand and deliver
On the roulette wheel of fickle time
all of the answers are below the surface
I got yours and you got mine

I had a dream about the death of empires
saw the smoke and burning as they passed away
a clean serenity within in the embers
as the sun is rising on a brand new day


Remember the past for a fortunate future
Tara weaves her colors inside the lines
Tighten your sails in this brilliant morning
Listen to the captain speaking in your mind

I'm on the bridge of the starship leaving
headed for that cluster in the distant sky
There is no joy like the promises fulfilling
and singing in the planets as we glide by

This weeks radio show is now up and the right one is there; our apologies for the temporary confusion. It's all fixed now.

Thank yous to one and all for your great information on animal seizures and your compassionate responses; somewhat less gratitude for thinking I'm a borderline intellect, or unaware of basic things.


Visible said...

posting has been added to, if you've already been and gone.

Anonymous said...

no one explains why witches don't wear panties better than you...

John Friend would if he could...

but a Kenny side show will always do..[GRIN]

And Queen Noor never fails to provide a Silhouette of the garden in the morning dew...

even those encrusted in the cages of freedom wonder what Isaac will do...

Ground shaking visions peer through the window at you...

cui bono,

and my hat's off to you

bartholomew cubbins

Anonymous said...

Just when I think you cannot outdo do it.
I was getting very depressed about these times but then something dawned on me. These times are a blessing. If things run along in a medicore way, there is no inspiration to get the hell out.
Well, now I have plenty of inspiration. I don't care what the masses are doing anymore I am just relieved that I do not want to be a party to it. I no longer wish to subordinate myself to the
gross and the absurd.
How freeing it is. Thanks for all your words. They are indicators to me that I have not chosen wrongly.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

Bravo Les,

You are one of the great distillers of comtemporary culture par excellence.
I don't comment often but you have excelled yourself in perspicacity after a recent bout of cognitive ?
Ah...Transition, Thou sacred cloudy being.

Much respect brother,


Anonymous said...

Their dialectics are tic tac toe games. You can't prove anything to a person that doesn't understand proof. Their schemes and models are anchored to themselves, self referential circular logic. Their theories stand on a previous postulate, based on a former hypothesis founded on a conjecture. People are so fucked up because they think such anchorlessness is an anchor.

You can't win a tic tac toe game, unless they let you win, or if you're playing with someone who's too dumb to play tic tac toe, which is incredibly dumb because it's dumb to play tic tac toe to start with. You can't correct people who will never ever stand corrected, and I think it was Aristotle who coined the term "I stand corrected". The fault lies in believing they are what they say they are, or that they are 'just like you'. Forget the titles they give themselves and go by the fruit.

I'm not playing in their playhouse anymore. They win the tic tac toe game by wasting your time and resources on it, when you could have your snoot in more powerful stuff. You can't extract the original thesis antithesis from that muddy water. I'm not playing tic tac toe anymore.

I'm gonna tear their playhouse down ... pretty soon.

Not alone, of course.

Almighty willing

Anonymous said...

It's the old joke..
YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are amalgamating..
They are changing their name to -
Boom Boom!

Hell Is Other People.

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

I really like that song lord visible,,, making me want to howl aswell,,, Neil : )

Visible said...

"In May 2008, The Wall Street Journal wrote that social networking services such as Twitter "elicit mixed feelings in the technology-savvy people who have been their early adopters. Fans say they are a good way to keep in touch with busy friends. But some users are starting to feel 'too' connected, as they grapple with check-in messages at odd hours, higher cellphone bills and the need to tell acquaintances to stop announcing what they're having for dinner."[202]

Tech writer Bruce Sterling opined in 2007 that using Twitter for "literate communication" is "about as likely as firing up a CB radio and hearing some guy recite the Iliad".[203] In September 2008, the journalist Clive Thompson mused in a The New York Times Magazine editorial that the service had expanded narcissism into "a new, supermetabolic extreme—the ultimate expression of a generation of celebrity-addled youths who believe their every utterance is fascinating and ought to be shared with the world."[204] Conversely, Vancouver Sun columnist Steve Dotto opined that part of Twitter's appeal is the challenge of trying to publish such messages in tight constraints,[205] and Jonathan Zittrain, professor of Internet law at Harvard Law School, said that "the qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful".[206]

Novelist Rick Moody wrote a short story for Electric Literature called "Some Contemporary Characters," composed entirely of tweets.[207]"

Visible said...

Under the radar stuff like this goes on.

I followed that case back when it all went down and it was pretty dead certain they did it, though one can never be 100% certain, still, the preponderance of all of the evidence had serious weight

morty gleckmann said...

L.V. was reading another page yesterday about dhs (sounds like a package delivery company) when some trolltard commented about come on everybody let's all go to fakebook and pass out our private info. A few comments down he/she got lit up with a gtfo government troll. It was good for a laugh anyway. Have never used twatter, fakebook, mespace or any of that crap and never will. Never owned a cellphone and like Jesse Ventural I'll make it a life goal to never own on. Carry on. Huu Rahh!

preacher said...

Okay, I confess: I use twitter.
Let me explain how:
Everytime I post something new on my wordpress bloggie it gets automagicly transferred to my twitter account. And everytime I read a really great article, I tweet it in the hope it gets picked up by others.
That's all folks!

Great animation:

Celebrity Twitter Overkill

Visible said...

I recognize the usefulness of it. Unfortunately I have this purist thing going on and it's not always the best thing. However, I suspect my capacity for impurity is large so it's really a personal affair, like not living in a bustling city where all sorts of things are possible for a creative type without the usual restraints under the wrong conditions. I've learned to honor my limitations.

Laura said...

Sometimes the use of certain words denote judgment, but there is observation without judgment, as is my intention.

There seems to be too much banality and triviality in the course of life as presently lived. It has become choices and focus on the lowest common denominator. As a collective, we do not realize or are aware that if we simply stop doing certain things and do not feed certain streams of energy, we could make massive changes in our lives. As Vis expressed elsewhere, that chain around one's neck that allows one to be led, is only removed by ourselves. If collective agreement to how the game is currently played would shift direction, we would have a completely different experience.


preacher said...

I think the greater strenght lies in saying no to things within your reach; not by avoiding them. But maybe yours is the better way in this time and age.
God knows I'm no saint and my strenght feels drained lately.
It feels like I've been too long in the city and see no escape.

preacher said...

The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Even google makes me type 'tarHead'...

Visible said...

It's the noise and confusion factor that affects me the most. I like privacy, silence, nature. That far from the maddening crowd thing. It's not really a matter of temptations or weakness on my part. I'd never have gotten this far otherwise. I just don't like it screaming at me from sidewalks and shop windows, pressing up against me with dark fire heats. I'm generally in a Cold Mountain state of mind.

Anonymous said...

Rich Kids Of Instagram

'They have more money than you and this is what they do'

I wonder if they also 'Tweet' every other fucking minute just in case there are some people who aren't aware of just how much fun they're having...

Hell Is Other People.

UselessEater U.K

preacher said...

I'm glad you are in a beautiful place Vis. If someone deserves it, it is you.
And it wasn't my intention to doubt your capability to withstand temptation. I reacted to your earlier comment, but I must have misunderstood it.
Loosing strenght needlessly is foolish.

I also had a beautiful place. Then 9/11 came along and the darkness entered my live.
I was working at a military hospital when it all happened and saw the second tower blow up surrounded by soldiers. One of them said: "This is going to be war" and he looked very pale and all too human when I watched him. A feeling of utter devestation gripped me.
And the blackness marched on...

Visible said...

Useless eater, well, that is something else. Their lack of taste is a permanent compliment to their excess of money. You can tell how tasteless people are by the degree to which they are compelled to buy things ONLY because they are expensive.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

"Hell Is Other People." speak for yourself (grin).

TwitTwatTwat being more evidence as the years go by contradicting the
infinite monkey theorem
that an infinite amount of monkeys banging away at keyboards will at some point produce the completed works of shakespeare.

Bang bang!

more and more I am pulling back from the distractions. quality vs quanity sort of thing. these temptations and distractions are not going to get any better in the near future (if there is one). then agian, some said that TV would kill... oops.

David V said...

"John Cage being pressed through the piano strings of a Bechstein grand"...

Man, that is funny!

I don't tweet, face, follow, or any of that. I do occasionally fart, sometimes while online. I don't have an iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. I live in the Appalachians and use a dial-up modem. I do have a cell phone but am unwilling to pay three prices to go online with it. I keep explaining to my sons that, in the bad old primitive days of yore, we did just fine without all the technology.

Yes, we hillbillies do wear shoes, have color TV, drive cars...but I'm working on ways to do without. A bear ran through my yard a few days ago. I've considered putting up a sign at my driveway: Warning! Flasher Ahead! However, the local terrain keeps anyone in their right mind from pulling up my driveway. So, if I want to tend my garden in my underwear, no one need get excited.

I see the texting phenomenon as a diabolical plot to cause as may head-on collisions as possible, also to let depraved people bare their souls to each other while sitting on the crapper.


Ray B. said...


My take on Twitter, etc., has to do with who wins the 'Big Game'. If the bad guys keep you looking 'outward' from birth to death, they win. Otherwise, the natural path is for in/out, in/out, in/out (grin), and we eventually reach some enlightened or transcendent state.

I also look for what is Pushed and what is Suppressed, to infer bad guy plans.

Pushes: The whole 'social networking' meme has been incredibly pushed - to sop up 'inward' time as above, to dampen emotional skills, to collect personal data, etc. Ditto sports. Ditto fast food. Ditto popularization of greed. Etc.

Suppression: My personal 'hmmm' for suppression goes to "The Book of Enoch." It was apparently so dangerous that it was literally wiped out of Europe, and only rediscovered in the fringes of Africa. (Impressive...) The precision engineering ability of early-dynasty Egypt is being suppressed, as shown by Christopher Dunn, etc. Nikola Tesla is being extinguished from everyday consciousness (with Thomas Edison replacing him). Space travel is being suppressed, with the world reverting to pre-Shuttle technology. Psychic abilities are being massively suppressed (on the public stage, anyway). Etc.

I 'enjoy' unearthing the Pushes and Suppressions and then letting my intuition wander about...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Glad to hear Poncho is better!

Anonymous said...

As israhell spits in the face of rachael corrie
Netanyahu makes devious lines
The pit of a habitation of demons
The fractured state Of rothchilds archonic mind
It seems humanity stood stuck frozen
Most people just don't even care
The western world completely bankrupted
Shackled to the devils affair
Tyrannical forces suckered in hopelessness
To Chaos is the order of the day
Criminal Cartels seekIng control
Vampires feeding dismay
But the truth overcomes all struggle
Just a challenge just another task
Lies are disconnection from unity
Freedom strikes from humanity's stance


Anonymous said...

Sorry getting aggressive,,,will try and turn round,,,,,...Neil

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave.

Visible said...

That is the kind of comment I think about posting but I am sure everyone will get some humor out of it.

Visible said...

Whoops! Someone announced they are Christ and left the link to a personal website; must have been on an earlier posting.



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