Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goat Boy Country and the Worlds Beyond

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Let's see, 1387 postings, 150 radio shows. That's around 2,300,000 words in the blogs and about 400,000 for the radio shows. So, make it around 3,000,000, give or take. I don't know how many words the books have, anyway, a lot of words. Words make me tired but what are the options? A different collection of symbols every day; sort of like Prince blogging? A succession of empty pages, some kind of Zen blogger? Of course, each empty page would be different but not everyone would get that. How about pictures? That would mean I could already be up and well over 3 billion words, given that a picture is worth a thousand words and that's only if I only use one picture per blog posting. As you can see, I have a lot to think about. This might answer that burning question of what I do with my days. The nights are no different and that brings us to a particular consideration that most people don't consider; the act of thinking.

The power of our minds is extremely dilute for a couple of reasons; the nature of the things we think about, because this is Kali Yuga and...the frequency of thought. If a person would employ the techniques that have been presented here over time and by others long before I started doing it, your problems, of every kind, would be solved. It's a simple process. You don't let anything stay in your mind that you didn't summon there or which didn't arrive from a trusted location. You can look at it the way you look at verified signatures on your computer. The gentle snorting that attends the expulsion of cycling thought forms is simply a form of punctuation. One can find variations more suitable if you don't like what's on offer.

When you are in control of what passes through your mind, you're in control of your world and also the things that come and go in it. As simple as the process is, it is no easy feat because habitual patterns are habitual and that means they have a tendency to return. All of these patterns have power commensurate with the time they have been in operation and the frequency of their occurrence. They have a certain size and insistence of force and that is because they have been fed, just like you feed a pet, or a wild creature. You feed them with your attention, sometimes you feed them with your desire and that can appear to be of different aspects but it's all sexual force. There are only a few ways to dispense with these things and I'll just put one on offer today because it is the most immediately accessible and anyone who wants to can do it. You stop feeding them. They won't like that so they will be demanding and let you know, just like a pet would. Of course they can be intimidating but one has to gain the firm assurance that one is stronger than anything that can be presented in a thought form; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. So, outside of some withdrawal symptoms, success is assured.

The main problem, which arises in respect of success, is consistency of application and this is due to a divided will. It's the old 'house set against itself' thing. Because of the nature of the times, if a person can practice what is presented here, the flow of their energy will soon begin to reverse itself, since the usual point of transit is no longer an option. This will shortly put you into conscious contact with your teacher and from there you don't have to worry about the course of the chariot anymore. After a certain point you don't have to be concerned about good and evil because such distinctions no longer apply. The purpose of the whole affair, beside self realization and progressive serenity is having to do with Karma.

Karma is inexorable and managing the processing of it is a critical thing. What a teacher; master, guardian angel or guide does is variable but it all has to do with the most rapid and expedient dissolution of Karma. The usual route of dealing with Karma is a tedious and painful affair; “all life is suffering, caused by ignorant desire”. The cycling nature of the thing is most accurately described as a wheel of fire.

There are a few things that get in your way when trying to get out of your way because you are the primary problem to begin with. One of the basic problems is in believing that the world is real, while not believing that that, which is more real than the world, is real. Our reflexive addiction to the report of the sense is strong. Therefore our faith is weak because it is already misplaced upon things that cannot deliver what is needed. There is no there there and never will be. “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen”. Bringing one's mind to the point where one has certitude is a key element. Once this is established, success can be very speedy because not only is the opposition diminished but the force of forward progress is increased at the same time. If you can do the math you will see what I mean.

Occasionally a master will take upon him/herself the Karma of the disciple. This kind of grace is most desirable and there are ways to acquire it. Simple reflection should provide a sufficient answer. The master and the indwelling self, knows the most expedient route to liberation. There are certain mysteries attendant to discharging your Karma. It's not as difficult and arduous as most people imagine and other avenues present themselves to one as they continue on the path.

A lot of people have trouble with the concept of Karma. They don't like it. They see it as unfair and unjust. This is a problem. People have difficulty accepting things as they are and that is a real hindrance. There are any number of unpleasant truths that we refuse to accept. Some of the things we see and hear about in these times are pretty distressing but... you have to understand the reason for Kali Yuga in the first place. This is the period of the flaming landfill. This is the time when long outstanding debts and rare and truly wonderful possibilities come together on the same landscape. Debts outstanding, from many former periods, show up for resolution. It's no accident that such an enormous collection of souls are here. If only they knew what was possible for them. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all. It's also why there is such a smorgasbord of nasty treats on the buffet table. It's definitely an 'all you can eat' affair. It's a 'consume until you puke' vomitorium of excess. People don't make the connection between The Garden of Earthly Delights and that other garden. They are victims of misplaced values and the smoldering rage that is manufactured by the sense of frustration and disappointment in all things not being sufficient to fulfillment makes helping people to see things as they are, a dicey affair.

Many people are very angry because none of it is what it cracks up to be. False advertising is everywhere. It's all wearing eye shadow and a very short skirt and it's saying, “Hello Sailor”. Then you find out it fucks like a Teletubbie and has the personality of a rock or maybe a Chatty Kathy doll. There's a reason for the occasional use of certain language, simply because this is just the sort of objectionable stuff that uptight, dogma and cant-righteous souls carry around with them on their 'holier than thou' Quixote crusades.

People have various windows of opportunity and that's Karma dependent too. After a point they get locked in and just repeat themselves and things become chronic. This really is a mental institution. I'm not just saying that. It is. As has been stated, one of the major problems is that the psychiatrists, nurses and attendants are even sicker than the patients.

I remember the first time I took LSD. Before I took it I had a head full of things I had learned in books. There were 4 males and 3 females in the apartment. As the acid came on I found myself looking at the young ladies and the most remarkable transformation occurred in my perceptions. Where before I had seen these ladies as desirable points of interest, my eyes suddenly opened and what I saw was frightened, insecure creatures whose makeup was melting and running down their faces. There was a temporarily famous Greenwich Village poet there named Leslie Irish, not a nice fellow. His goatish nature was illuminated in a surreal light. Let's see... there was a guitar player named Rusty Clark and a bass player named Lou Findley. I began laughing with the deepest sense of liberation, something beyond anything I had ever felt before. Nothing that I had previously thought was important was important anymore. Very few of the things I had learned until then had any meaning and the freedom in getting that was indescribable. An ocean of information flowed through my mind as the subconscious gave up some of the things that had been locked away.

It got into evening and as there were 3 ladies and 4 guys, Leslie Irish was mentating about Goat Boy Country. He started making a gesture of his finger, rotating around a non existent wrist watch, a sign to me that it was time for my ♫bootheels to be wandering♫ I found this amusing in the extreme because I had zero interest in the pending festivities and was very anxious to be off into the night with my brand new mind. The last thing I wanted was to be doing the human trampoline, horizontal hula. I walked out into the night and it was like being in a fairytale, not to mention that I would have the apartment to myself as well. That was another thing I saw that night, how people have different priorities. Sex just about never crossed my mind on acid, unless it was congress with the gods or observed as a dynamic process in the cosmos.

I'm out of sync blogwise. This is certainly no Petri Dish posting but I'll stick it in there anyway because the traffic is higher (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thoughts are like energetic passageways,,,Neil

Anonymous said...

You know beat Les,

"When you're write, your right"
...frio Agua ?

curiously, if all the "money" in the world was available -
- (in the world} - HAR HAR !

.... maybe our interest would be to hire A's calligraphresse'{s} to summon the ocean of emotions attendant to the illegitimate rape...

of all mankind....

...but then Michael Tellinger would have appertifs with Zechariah S. and the flying monkeys who support the -

"Zionasty Entity"....cui bono, ?

...trapped in a house,
or is it a cage...

life goes on...
...it's the latest rage.

There is only ONE RELIGION that Hates Jesus, and they have a Kill Hitler Channel running 24/7...

...now who prints the currency ?

"the bomb in the baby carriage was wired to the radio"...

you can call me Al...

Anonymous said...

Thoughts will always be floating around....the key thing is to not cling to them as being real...just let them go. They are as illusory as this realm of existence we call our world. Ignorance is our greatest enemy.

preacher said...

I find it extremely difficult to shut down the chatterbox in my brain. Constantly in the past and present when all I want to be is in the now.
I'll just have to keep on trying.
Thank you for your wise words (again).

Great article:


preacher said...

I meant: ...past and future.

Anonymous said...

I've been waking up suddenly lately from a deep sleep and checking the time on my mobile phone...it's been exactly 4.44 a.m on at least three occasions.
Also after having a conversation on the telephone I have checked the call time and it's also been 4.44 seconds..
this has also happened a few times.
I checked on t'internet to see if there was any information about seeing the number 444 and on a few sites it said this...
"444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well."
This afternoon whilst walking home in the sun I had a conversation with the 'Angels' and asked if they could give me another sign to confirm their presence.
Upon arriving home I had a telephone call and after the other person had hung up I checked the call time...it was 4.44 minutes exactly...
It made me smile :-)

Useless Eater U.K.

Laura said...

This is a wondrous Petri Dish posting......I for one am pleased to be the observer/reader of it being "out of sync". Karma it is that is the basis of all that unfolds in the world and within us, until it no longer is, as its transmutation is the most powerful act of personal resolution within. IMHO, karma is born of our judgment and fear. Any karma that comes around again and is experienced without the judgment and fear that created it, will be dissolved. We are the gateway to our own freedom and liberation. As Vis expresses, thoughts and words, and the attendant feelings, is where it all begins, and changes, when we divinely re-direct.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful way of stating that nothing is as it appears, Visible. That's my dropper full of wisdom for today. I never know what I'm gonna find here, mostly because of your seemingly fluctuating moods as they are translated through your written words! You are a real piece of work


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Very nice composition.

Another facet of the explanation of what is needed. This has been given many times already.
It appears to be the same need every time.

"In vedantic literature, there is a beautiful analogy. The bowman has already sent an arrow and it has left his hands. He cannot recall it. He is about to shoot another arrow. The bundle of arrows in the quiver on his back is the sanchita; the arrow he has shot is prarabdha; and the arrow which he is about to shoot from his bow is agami. Of these, he has perfect control over the sanchita and the agami, but he must surely work out his prarabdha. The past which has begun to take effect he has to experience."
Sri Isopanisad..

Karma, akarma and vikarma are very clearly described in the Bhagavad-gītā. Actions that are performed in terms of one's prescribed duties, as mentioned in the revealed scriptures, are called karma. Actions that free one from the cycle of birth and death are called akarma. And actions that are performed through the misuse of one's freedom and that direct one to the lower life forms are called vikarma. Of these three types of action, that which frees one from the bondage to karma is preferred by intelligent men(and women).


Stephen said...

Intentional thought can do something interesting when combined with a unique action. Call it a prayer. Say you have a desire, a real need, something really felt. One way it can happen (for example [because there's a million of 'em]) -- is, you might be out walking late at night and you suddenly have the urge to perform a bit of magic. You stop on the sidewalk and see two whitish rocks by the curb. Abandoning all faith and doubt in a supreme what-the-hell gesture you verbalize your intent and perform the unique action, something so simple and mundane that it is not occuring anywhere else on this planet. You take the two rocks and place them on the other side of the sidewalk in a particular configuration known only to you.

Then you walk away and forget about it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Whoops! Wrong site..

Can't help but notice though, how Visible prabhu's theme is the same theme as Sri Isopanisad.

The Kali yuga has little effect on such a thing.

Mostly common sense.

Visible said...

heh heh, not bad, given that I often engage in behavior just like that. It's how I got my saucer pod.

Visible said...

I don't mention a lot of things, like how very deeply I love dolphins or how we resonate. Ergo John Lilly and my K work. I'm pretty sparse about that but it's a heavy aspect to my life. you might enjoy this.. It's a little over the top on the self sacrifice part, given that smaller things can move faster than behemoths but I'm stickler for reality; all that right brain stuff excepted. Sure these things are true. It's just that the tale is less and far more than the Hollywood version.

Clarity said...

The dolphin is one of my Animal Totems.

Dolphins are beautiful, playful animals. They live in water but are actually mammals that need to breath air through a single nostril also known as a blowhole located on top of their head. Normally dolphins surface approximately every two minutes for air, but are capable of holding their breath for several minutes when making rapid deep dives.

Dolphin comes when we need to break emotional barriers and communicate truth. Dolphin will then guide us to find harmony by moving forward with our life.

If you want to make a deeper connection with your Animal Totem, fill your environment with images of the animal to let the animal know it is welcome in your space.


Steve said...

Happy Birthday Vis!!!

I know it's not your bday where you are, but if you were in Australia it would be. I hope you get many surprises.

It's a shame Origami doesn't get the same traffic as here and mirrors. I would have to say it is my favorite of your writing genre by far.

All the best to you my friend.


bholanath said...

Japanese Island Makes Dolphins Official Citizens

the gardener said...

Happy Birthday Visible!~you are definitely just getting better and better and better.

Love YOU,

the gardener

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis!

About halfway down this posting, I thought, "This is a Visible Origami!" (and I was enormously pleased). This is one of your deepest postings in a while, and very lucid. Thanks.

On thoughts: As I have (hopefully) progressed, my 'sense of self' around thoughts has changed. Originally, it was just 'monkey mind'. Now, there is still 'monkey mind', but it is like a chatter off in the corner that I have to actually 'pull in' and sit down with, to become involved with it. Most of me is in this expansive, still state even when times are hectic. It is odd to describe, but I like it.


"After a point they get locked in and just repeat themselves and things become chronic."

I got a fellow worker interested in my unusual life the other day. Eventually, I told her my 'disappearing car' true story (as posted on here, months ago). After mulling it around for a while, she pronounced, "It must have passed you while you weren't looking. Occam's Razor." I just internally shook my head. Too scary for her.


"One of the basic problems is in believing that the world is real, while not believing that that, which is more real than the world, is real."

True, and I wonder who benefits from that? (ironic grin)

When I first met them, the 'real Elves' had moved to the point that they believed the lower consciousness areas, including humans, were illusions. The detachment of realms had become that severe. Now, we are somehow important to them.

My current world view is that while every level is illusion outside of all-God, the illusions are somehow important. (Even a demiurge like YHWH, who is only a 29-level consciousness, can be seen as an illusion to 'folks' some levels above it.) As of this time, I am behaving as though every level is important, and trying to support and encourage those within each. At worst, I will have further 'openings' to show me the error of my ways.

Good column. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Patrick V1.2 said...

Fuckin dolphins all they do is swim around and shit and piss everywhere and eat the shit out of every fish they see. They fuck at will and are obviously assholes.

Oh you want proof ok!! Do dolphins have a government to tell them where to fish and shit and stuff? NO! Stupid dolphins. Do dolphins have a few inbred dolphins that can say who gets a fish or not ? See how fuckin dumb they are !? Do you know any dolphins who have saved a single cent for their retirement ? No you fuckin don't ! Dolphins are assholes. They don't even have self help books.

Do dolphins even pay taxes? Do they expect the rest of us to just take care of their lazy asses? I guess. Hey Mr. dolphin enjoy your free ride !

Do dolphins have fractional reserve banking ? Heh. NO ! Do dolphins have a deficit ? HA ! Need I say more? We are obviously so much smarter than those dolphin pricks. Fuck Dolphins.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Cap'n! Hare Krishna!

You are so right.

It really is a really big deal!


Visible said...

That news from Japan is fantastic!

Guldur said...

Salute Thee Lord Visible!
Please, accept my very best wishes to you for your today´s birthday. May the

Light of christening love and wisdom of Truth always shine in abundance through

the darkness surrounding this world!

By the way - aren´t you 66 right now? (not that it would matter any way as,

according to your recent photos from the "vampire (even without moon? - strange -

grin) child wannabe devilish fun fest, you look probably younger than myself (35

just now). But consider the double age of Christ, triple date of your birth,

6x11, etc. - OK, I´m stopping with that (smile).

I myself being born on August 20th could be probably very similar lion as you

are, so I slightly know all the hardship sometimes comming with the reactive mind

and so on, but all for it´s purpose - I know how very helpful it could be on the

other way and you know it too, I guess. I just feel/know, you will always be

taken care of, basta.

My deepest wish to you and all - stand up to your purpose given to you here on

this plane, however unclear it sometimes could be, just feel it. Fulfill your

destiny! Somehow I feel that could be the portal you speak of here. Whatever we

have to do, we have to do. Fight your best!

Thank you for all you do and thank all of you as well.

Clarity said...

A little birdie told me that today was your birthday, Visible!  Or... maybe you mentioned that in the August 14th Petri Dish?  

Whatever the case may be, there are many people here who appreciate you and want your birthday to be a special one.  I was hoping that before you get started with whatever you have planned for today, you might stop by this page where something special awaits you.  

Some of your elves have been busy trying to contact your regular visitors and friends from around the net.  Unfortunately, the gremlins and Zio-Ogres have been out in full force, thwarting efforts made to get in touch with people via Fakebook and Google Friend Connect.  

I imagine you have a full day of celebrating planned but I hope you can pop in and revisit the page later in the day when you get a chance.  While you are off partying, your friends will be visiting your birthday page.  The elves want everyone to join in, and they left a message with instructions for those who could not be reached earlier.  The page will be updated periodically, so when you return there will be more to see.

I know I am not only speaking for myself when I say that I hope your birthday is everything you could wish for.

Happy Birthday!


Clarity said...

PS - It might be fun if you wore your new glasses before heading over to that page so that later we can all experience your experience with you as you experience it.

Or something like that...

I'm going back to bed. Save me some cake, please?


Der Slürmer said...

Whimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Visible. What flavor cake are you gonna have, or are you gonna have cake?


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami-

Fish in the Ocean and the Monkey Mind.

mike m said...

Feliz cumpleaños Vis

Paz mi hermano

Rick said...

Happy B-day, Vis...I enjoyed your post and find it profound. Not only do we need to learn how to quieten our minds, we need to incorporate and balance our emotions. It takes great care to balance both sides of our brains. Emotions can be like vaporous clouds, and logic doesn't always apply to them. You have to figure out your own symbols. It is so easy to have knee-jerk reactions to things. I prefer to mull over things mentally and emotionally. We need to learn how to let life flow and develop an almost dispassionate view of things. That way, we are a true observer, and able to embrace the Zen concept of "being".

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I don't see any Dolphins joining the freemasons, that's how stupid they are. anyhow, I'm having mud cake and it's not my Birthday even ('aint born yet I reckon).

best wishes Vis.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Crocodile Swines and Gang Banging End Times.



Joseph Brenner

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