Thursday, November 26, 2020

"Gratitude. Oh, What a Splendid and Wonderful Thing you Are, Upwelling in the Human Heart."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Oh my... how many things am I grateful for? Let me count the ways. No... that is not possible. I cannot count the ways, for they are COUNTLESS. I will list some of the big ones;

Number One:
God is in my life, living his life through mine and more and more, as I hinder him less and less.

Number Two:
The Satanists have been foiled in their attempt to take this country. God is a Master of Time because God is TIMELESS. So... when it looked certain that the president would win, THEY panicked and left a trail, a stupendous trail of evidence that a blind man could follow. WHY... is it so important that he win? Here is just one example of a trending meme, a focused agenda of many moving parts. Here is another example. I have quite a list and I will spare you that in the post itself. If you care enough, you can find all the evidence you need. Even if you saved the websites I have listed, one opens into another, on and on.

Number Three:
Mr. Apocalypse! Do I even have to go into why? Mr. Apocalypse is the hardest working archetype in The Revelation Business. I consider him one of my best friends. He's one of your best friends too, AND... HE'S REAL~! Yes, he's real. I suspect he is a permutation of an ageless force that goes by other names, but Mr. Apocalypse will do for now.

Can you believe how much Truth is being exposed with each succeeding day? Can you believe how all of those plotters and connivers are getting caught and hoisted on their own petards? It is as if everything wrong, done by those doing wrong, turns on them with a vengeance. You can't tell me this isn't real because I am watching it happen. I might add that THEY literally do not know whether to shit or go blind and so... they have decided to do both. The one is the excremental evidence of their actions, and the other is what they require to KEEP ON KEEPING ON. All of this is the province and proof of Mr. Apocalypse at work.

(I was told last night, “Visible, you haven't seen anything yet. I'm about to bring out the BIG GUNS. You'll see what I mean when it happens.”)

Number Four:
The Awakening; it may be invisible to you if you lack the awareness to see it, BUT... if you are already awake, or in the process of awakening, YOU SEE IT! You surely do, AND... it's non-stop. Those who are caught up in their own machinations and dreams of conquest and plunder are MYSTIFIED. They cannot figure out what is happening, and their fear is becoming palpable, as evidenced by the increase in levels of panic and hysteria. GOD IS REAL!

Number Five:
The Aquarian Age. It is HERE, my friends. It is HERE! The Age of Universal Brotherhood is upon us. Feel it! Luxuriate in it! Let it suffuse every particle of your being. It all comes back to The Greatest Commandment and The Addendum; Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind, AND... your neighbor as yourself. Your neighbor is yourself. He/She is a Karmalized Persona through which, HOPEFULLY, the Impersonal Light is shining. All that differs is the form and density of the Karma, which is formed in its individuality for the purpose of its resolution. The ultimate result is when the individual recognizes the Universal Self in Residence. That is, wittingly, knowingly... or not... the SINGLE objective of life. PERIOD.

Everything otherwise is delusion, masquerading as everything under The Sun, as The Prophet (allegedly Solomon) pointed out in Ecclesiastes, under the moniker of VANITY. This is one of the reasons I dislike Vanity so much, it is at the root of almost every spiritual offense, or in tandem with whatever it is. There can ONLY be one of two personas in expression; The False Self or The True Self. You are EITHER, struggling and suffering OR God is expressing EFFORTLESSLY through you. Sooner or later, my friends, sooner or later; ♫ Oh Happy Day ♫

This is why it serves to be filled with GRATITUDE because... it attracts GRACE. It magnetizes GRACE. Be grateful and God will give you more to be grateful about. People do not realize that NO ONE is as generous or forgiving as God. We, UNFORTUNATELY, measure the qualities of God according to our own anthropomorphic ruler. God IS NOT a big you and you will never know God, in whatever fashion that may be possible until you let go of your separated self-will. God is LITERALLY chomping at the bit to shower you with blessings. All you have to do is LET HIM!~!

Number Six:
The qualities of God, most especially, in the context of this post, Mercy, and Forgiveness, also Compassion and... of course; should have listed it first, LOVE. For what reason do the qualities of God exist? We are the reason. We are, assuredly, our own worst enemy, courtesy of our undisciplined mind. You got to rein it in.

Number Seven
Interior Wisdom Teachings. Station KRSNA and Station CHRST are broadcasting LIVE all day long. What station do you have your awareness dialed to? This is real, my friends and it comes to you via The Intuition. It's there. I KNOW it's there. It's not just there for me. EVERYONE has access to it. You don't have to activate it. You only have to tune in. Closing out the noise in your head is a necessary prelude. You have to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND. All you have to do is evict all the squatters in your head, and hold your attention FIXED on The Indwelling. No! He's not going to show up the moment you do so, BECAUSE, ♫ Chances are ♫ you'll get right back to the clutter and confusion. If you don't mind the store, you won't have one. If the mind is not under your control, someone else is at the command console. Being intelligent, rich, powerful, any of that won't make any difference. You have to be there.

Number Eight:
Faith, Certitude and Determination. How can I possibly tell you how important these are? I can't, but... you surely know if you have them.

Number Nine:
Being willing to be wrong. Being willing to recognize your mistakes and being Filled with Gratitude for the ability to do so. Yesterday, (or was it the day before?) I went off on a reader who routinely, at intervals, serves to piss me off. I don't know if it is by design or just a feature of his character. I shouldn't have done it. I should have let it go right on by, AND... these days I am able to do that more than I used to, BUT... these things happen to show me the flaws that still exist in me. I am so grateful for that and for the capacity to be sorry. I am sorry. My job brings me up against ALL KINDS. Do I pay attention to the things I say? Such as the words I have just written here today? I hope so. It is my intention to.

Number Ten:
Gratitude; should be higher but I wanted to end with it. I am so PROFOUNDLY grateful. All day today it has welled up in me. It's a constant and I KNOW that is the angel of God, prodding me with the evidence of it. I have so much evidence. People looking in at my life might wonder why I am near intoxicated with Gratitude. It is primarily due to Number One. I have God in my life. Every day is a surprise and it never gets old. Meanwhile, I KNOW it is going to get better and better and better. This is what happens when you permit God to express in your life, AND... the more you let it happen... the less you interfere... the more your life becomes a thing of beauty, because... God is the very essence of Beauty. He shines us. He polishes us. He sands off the rough corners. He melts down every negative in us to a positive result in The Cauldron of Experience.

I have so many reasons to be grateful and once I am done writing about it, I am going to go celebrate it. I can already tell that today is going to be a significant watermark in my spiritual evolution because I got told some things that struck to the core of my being, and which I can see cannot be touched by The Darkness of this World. I am starting to catch on to 'being in the world, but not of it'. I've been aware of the idea of that for a long time, but nothing takes until it registers viscerally in The Solar Plexus. What a marvel The Solar Plexus is. I had no idea. Master Aivanhov explores it in detail in his book, “Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres.” Well, this is AMAZING! I just found a PDF of it. Enjoy! Now you have a reason to be grateful.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

What he has to say about the AURA is also fascinating. This book will change the way you see yourself. Heh heh... I can hardly believe that showed up at the top of the search page. That is pure Magic.

Please let yourself be filled with gratitude today. God will notice.

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The most recent discourse from The First Church of the Presence of God is still there. I hope to add to it soon.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

"As the Evidence of Electoral Fraud becomes OVERWHELMING, is another 9-11 Caper in the Event Horizon?"

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I was not going to write a post today, focusing instead on the First Church of the Presence of God discourse, BUT... something has begun to trouble me and it won't go away. I am going with the idea that when you say something, it won't happen. Sometimes speaking out about a potential incident on The Event Horizon serves, in some mysterious and magical fashion to derail it.

There is now SO MUCH EVIDENCE of election fraud that when the president's lawyers get to the Supreme Court it will be a slam dunk. The corruption of the Democrat machine and most especially, the Satanic worker bees; George Soros (employee of the Rothschild Cartel). Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and others is as deep and depraved as ANYTHING I have ever seen. They will STOP at NOTHING to have their way. What this means is that another 9/11 style distraction disaster is ON THE MENU. I can FEEL it in the invisible as it vibrates across the ether.

I am calling attention to this in the hopes that doing so, might... militate against it happening. I realize that I am only a tiny particle of life force in a great sea of humanity. I am not even an Ant-Man, I am a mite or even less. This is not an attempt to present myself as humble. I already know that I am humble because of the brief glimmers I have captured of the splendor and majesty of God. I am simply putting it in perspective. In the ordinary sense, I would... if you do the math, amount to just a little more than nothing. HOWEVER... the power of prayer is beyond remarkable and when joined in tandem with LIVING Faith and Certitude, it can cast mountains into the sea. I KNOW this to be true AND... when joined in conscious union with others who share my faith and certitude, tell me; what can we not accomplish.

I mention that BECAUSE... if we have a collective concern about the matter and bring it to the attention of the angel messenger(s) that transmit prayers to the Throne of God AND we offer it with sincere conviction, God WILL hear it. The same applies to our prayers for this nation and its defense against enemies FOREIGN AND... DOMESTIC.

God is WELL AWARE of everything presently taking place. He KNOWS what every one of the players are up to. He KNOWS about the plots and contrivances, presently at work in the minds of the conspirators, who are seeking to hijack the presidency.

The array of armies of darkness is breathtaking. It is near Armageddon-like. What the armies of darkness do not know, because they can never know it, is the nature and power of the Lord of Light. At the mere approach of him, the darkness fades to nothing, which is what, in fact, the darkness is composed of= NOTHING. Shadows have NO POWER except what we give them. The power that we give them is generated by our fear. Fear is the offspring of doubt. Everything is connected in respect to the actions of any one part. Love manifests union because it is the ultimate attractive force. Alternatively, where Love is absent, Fear generates separation. It divides us against ourselves.

They will be looking for a 9/11 type event to cover themselves. President Trump is not going along with the plans of The Globalists. He is withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan and this is one of the main sources of income for the Globalist cabal. They want the war in Afghanistan to continue because MAJOR MONEY INTERESTS are deeply involved in the poppy business. You have seen the photos of American soldiers protecting the poppy fields. What did the Taliban do when they came into power? They shut down the opium trade.

Attempted assassination is also a possibility, whether it be the Commander in Chief OR his lawyers.

The globalists want to control and PERVERT US without limit. What is happening in present time is nothing less than an Orwellian and Kafkaesque drama whose objective is genocide and enslavement of the world. In EVERY country, there are forces at work to erase the idea of Freedom from the human mind. They intend to enslave us with Draconian laws and by legitimizing depravity in every form you can imagine and some you cannot. This enslaves us from without and within. God help us!!!

Once again, let me state that the evidence of election fraud is OVERWHELMING. A most curious event took place a few days ago, as justices were reshuffled following the death of Baader-Meinhof Ginsburg, and here is the result of that. NOW... 'conservative justices hold emergency jurisdiction over 4 of the 5 states key to President Trump’s victory.' That means that when this OVERWHELMING evidence is presented to them, the president will be continued in office.

This is intolerable for the opposition, many of which are going to be facing serious jail time. Now we know why the president left Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray in charge of their respective agencies. It is all a Mr. Apocalypse end run to expose the traitors in the midst. You can be sure, as desperation leads to panic that they HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE!!!

I'm going to sign off now. I've done what I intended. PLEASE READ THAT ARTICLE~!!!

My love to you one and all!

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TODAY... I WILL record the next discourse from the First Church of the Presence of God... heh heh. At least I hope so. Here is the the last one.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

"I See a Hand Coming out of the Clouds Above my Head with a Martini (Shaken AND Stirred) from God..."

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How do I begin? Heh heh... The Shit is about to hit the fan. Maybe you've been on the fence about Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening? We'll see where you are once you have watched this. There is this young lady standing behind Rudy and next to the inimitable Sidney Powell. She had this barely contained smile on her face throughout and then SHE SPOKE! Holy Cowabunga, Yogi!!! She is definitely smarter than the average bear.

Yes... this is their opening statement in The Court of Public Opinion. They aren't in court yet. I don't know if it will go to court, given the incendiary nature of what this team of lawyers have, and mind you, they didn't bring out the Big Guns Smoking but they mentioned them.

Rudy Giuliani mentioned George Soros; oh my!!! He mentioned him financing Antifa and BLM! Careers are about to be ruined. One of the major political parties in this country is due to be tattered and torn and left in shambles. Like all the King's Men, this Humpty Dumpty CANNOT be put back together again and... oh boy, did he let the Fake News have it? Yes, he did.

All along, over recent days, as my state of mind concerning this situation, and as I watched the fist of corrupt conspirators in high places, come down again and again on calls for transparency; as I saw the lockstep, compromised media and Big Tech, lie and obfuscate and twist reality into a poisoned origami; not to mention the constant OMISSION of Truth, my spirits went up and down like an elevator that had lost its mind. The Angel of God, who is the intermediary between me and The Big Guy, kept saying, “Visible, don't worry about it. I've got this.” I heard this many times in different ways. As I was watching this epic, Truth to Power presentation, into my mind came The Voice, over and over, in different ways, “Did I not tell you? Have I not been telling you this all along?” Yes, Lord, you have.

I don't know where it goes from here. This is beyond ANYTHING we have ever seen. You would have to go back to The American Revolution, or the Civil War to find a time of national crisis like this. Somewhere out there, in backrooms across this country, in backrooms in other countries, SERIOUS and TENSE conversations are taking place. Yesterday, I mentioned what would happen when The Truth started to come out and I asked you about what you thought might happen, when those facing dire penalties, for their complicity in this massive fraud; what would they do? MANY of them would run, not walk, toward the nearest locations where they could CUT A DEAL and inform on their partners in crime. We are about to see a tidal wave of mea culpa petitioners scrambling for the public confessional.

I am not going to be dancing through the house and high fiving my invisible friends. I am going to be contained and circumspect. I am going to be restrained, except for this; YIPPEE~!!! Okay, there's that sorted. Now... back to measured, and prudent, and watchful.

The stakes are SKY HIGH. Lives and reputations are on the line. Great citadels of power are soon to be shaken AND stirred. I see a hand coming out of the clouds above my head with a Martini from God. What are they going to do? This is winner take all and FROM WHAT I CAN SEE, and from what I am AWARE OF... nothing would be off the table. These people, PROBABLY, should not be getting into a plane any time soon. Geez! This makes the hairs no longer on my head, stand straight up, and tremble. This is not a MAYBE kind of thing. They have ROCK SOLID evidence and they have SO VERY MUCH OF IT.

An international cabal of VERY BAD PEOPLE got caught in a TIME SENSITIVE bind as the election showed that the president was going to be CONVINCINGLY reelected. What to do? What to do? So they shut the whole process down and have been caught... at ALL KINDS OF unlawful and nefarious behavior. BIG MONEY and the naked hunger for REINS OF POWER are about to have their pants pulled down in front of the world. As you know, or should know, if you come around here, Mr. Apocalypse appeared to me in Italy and told me that all the things I see happening were going to happen AND... SHAZAM!!!

It looked like... it looked like... to this poor fool, lacking Faith and Certitude, that they were... more than possibly... about to get away with it. It is hard to maintain one's confidence when ALL of the forces of manifest EVIL are dominating the airwaves with their lies. It pounds on you. It wears on you. Still... though I was occasionally shaken (not stirred), I believed it would come round and it did; “Did I not tell you? Have I not been telling you this all along?” I could visualize God shaking his head with the unspoken, but very present sense of... “Oh ye of little faith.”

Well... it wasn't as bad as all that. I tend to be fully transparent at these blogs and I think you read what my heart was telling me; BUT... BUT... what are they going to do??? I'm not going to focus on that. I am going to focus on The Ineffable and my certainty of the PROMISE of the Aquarian Age, presently present and accounted for, in evidence... all over the place. I am going to focus on the VERY REAL presence of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening, which keeps increasing by the day.

Yes, some among you will say, “Well, The President is as corrupt as they are.” Some of you are jaded and cynical negativist; not a lot of you, but... some. Some... I don't know if it has to do with their age, or their lack of belief in a divine being, and a celestial hierarchy, or their disappointment in life, themselves, or their fellow beings in this time and place, but... some have no faith in a brighter day and a just accounting. Some... some refuse to see what I KNOW is coming. It isn't going to be coming for everyone. Maybe that's it. I don't know. Maybe it is as scripture states, “according to your faith is it done unto you.”

I believe in a brighter day. I have ALWAYS believed in a brighter day, even in the most desperate of circumstances, and I have been there, in Dire Straits, MANY TIMES. I have been in times and places of extreme danger and little light, in extreme want, and ALL of the hard highway that sometimes is the lot of a man. It is only in recent times that life has smoothed out for me. I lived an entire life in crisis and turbulent mayhem, with only brief patches now and again. HOWEVER... I NEVER let go of my belief in a brighter day. I think that deep inside, I KNEW, and that sustained me.

The President has his faults, WE ALL DO, but GOD uses us, even the most improbable of us, toward his appointed ends. Sometimes... The Office makes the man, and we are ALL capable of dramatic change if fortune smiles. I look at WORKS. I don't look at what people say, or even their mistakes on the way, because I have had PLENTY of my own and I DON'T FORGET THAT. I will say this... whatever his shortcomings may be, he is Lancelot by comparison with the competition and I will tell you that he HAS TO BE relatively honest and without any great amount of calumniatory dirt because WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ALL ABOUT IT. Armies of negative minded investigators have been through every moment of his life that they could find, AND...? Yeah.

I am not President Trump's apologist. I don't know the man and was never, previously, warm toward him. I didn't hate him either. WHAT I WILL SAY, though... is I work with what I have. People can hypotheticalize, and project, and get all bent out of shape with personality conflicts and the like, but... I work with what I have. I don't live in a 'what if world', filled with alternatives that DON'T EXIST. I don't want to tear this world down and replace it with something worse.

I don't have all the answers, like some people. I work with what I have. It could be he turns into a scoundrel. It could be pigs fly. These days, someone could well find a way. I don't have the luxury to live in a world of personal illusions, filled with... what if? I have to go with what is there. Yes... I believe in an invisible hierarchy that I believe controls everything we see and hear. In fact, I KNOW this to be true. I believe that this hierarchy knows far better than I. All I can say is that I am OVERJOYED that, at the VERY LEAST... these things of darkness are being forced into the light.

If you can't see this positive change in the wind, and not only about the election but... in so many subtle ways that are waving at us, peripherally. If you can't see that we are on the verge of spiritual and technological breakthroughs that are going to address problems that have been tormenting us for ages, I don't know what to tell you. I see them and they give me HOPE and encouragement that I haven't been the beneficiary of... not like this... in a long time.

Finally... let me say, I am CONVINCED that he set the whole thing up to this very end.

End Transmission.......

Still hoping to get that discourse recorded. Here is the last one from The First Church of the Presence of God.

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Monday, November 16, 2020

"Life is in Full Disclosure Mode, I Suggest Some Amount of Personal Housekeeping in Advance of The Cosmic Broom."

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There is a massive tsunami, forming in the deep ocean of the Human Subconscious. It started as a whirlpool, that went downward with terrific force until it hit the seabed. A giant was sleeping on it and the impact was so great, it roused the giant from his slumbers and caused him to turn, restlessly to and fro. This caused a fault line beneath the seabed to tremble and split. This unleashed a tremendous reaction from deep in the Earth, where ancient ancestors, from countless ages past, were also sleeping. Tossed from their own seabeds, they bounced against the high walls of the ever-widening canyon of The Fault Line, and this shook the ocean in such dramatic fashion that a series of waves, thousands of feet high, began to race at high speed toward the shores of the Self-Conscious Mind. This is an allegorical and technical explanation of The Awakening.

The nation of America is about to be shaken to its foundations. Massive voter fraud has been exposed, evidence has been gathered, and more evidence is coming in yet another tsunami as whistleblowers, and offenders, seeking to avoid prosecution, are lining up to give testimony. As the truth of what took place is revealed, it will be proven that President Trump won the election in a landslide. Highly placed and influential members of the economic, political, and entertainment worlds are about to be in serious legal trouble, attended by great public embarrassment. The Media is going to be so shaken to its foundations that it will be rendered utterly bankrupt in the eyes of The World. Social Media is going to take a hit it will NEVER recover from. Every area of the FORMER INFRASTRUCTURE of our world is about to be completely transformed.

What is happening is all due to the passage of human awareness from its former Piscean Perspective to an Aquarian Perspective. This is in the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS. It is a seasonal change, having to do with seasons of a far greater length than our yearly seasonal changes. The WHOLE WORLD is about to be transmogrified into something we have all been yearning for, except for those who have been acting as predators and profiteers upon the human race. Those deserving of it are about to be rewarded past all expectations, and those ALSO deserving of it, are going to be punished in a specific and ingenious fashion.

Coming along in the tailwinds, are technological breakthroughs that are going to fundamentally restructure our world. I do not possess the talent, the knowledge, nor the resources to out picture for you what this is going to be like. No one can, really, because it is in a state of flux and being modulated and modified all the time, as new permutations form from the previous systems that are disintegrating before our eyes. What I can tell you is that those who think they will simply migrate from their former positions of Overlords and Predators, who worked the systems to their advantage, are VERY WRONG. A great many people who THINK they will be riding the tides of global change to some new executive suite are going to SURPRISED, to say the least.

Some of us have known for a long time what shape our changing fortunes would take and some of us are going to be VERY SURPRISED as well. This is a time to embrace Humility, Compassion and Selfless Service, because you are BEING WATCHED at all times. Of course, any decent person has already been hard at work to acquire these and other priceless qualities, but WORD TO THE WISE; if you don't sort yourself out properly, YOU WILL BE SORTED.

Whether we shall see a personalized Avatar this time around, I could not say. For a long time, I have believed that The Avatar was going to appear in the human heart, wherever a place has been made for him to reside. It seemed to me that this was the best expression of Universal Brotherhood that could be imagined, where the spirit of it was awakened in many hearts, and then is broadcasted FAR and WIDE. Of course, it may well be that a physical representation does appear. This I do not know. I do know that The Avatar will PERSONALLY exist on some plane of existence and transmit from there.

This idea of it occurring in some amount of individuals around the world has come to me OVER and OVER. I can't identify the origin of it. Somehow, I am completely convinced of it, though I lack all sorts of details concerning it. I believe this Awakening that is sweeping the world, is the precursor of its appearance; due soon. There are MANY who think they are in the advance guard of what THEY THINK the world needs, and which they will be all too happy to impose upon the rest of us. It IS NOT going to work out like that. This is a Divine Pulse from the Mind of God and not to be trifled with by personal ambitions. Those who imagine they have the cachet or contacts to enforce their presence are in for a BIG SURPRISE and we can already see indications of this.

Less than two weeks ago, Fox News had double the watchers of the next competitor, for their version of the news. Now they are BELOW even CNN. Just like that, it happened. As they turned on The President, their fans turned on them and left them. Despite the massive efforts of all the Fake News outlets, which are large enough to impact, not only on the United States, but the wider world, and despite the censorious behavior of nearly all of the Social Media and Big Tech industries, they succeeded ONLY in exposing their prejudices to the scorn of the rest of us. The same can be said of many individuals who imagined themselves a spokes-bots for points of view around the world. It is ASTOUNDING what is happening.

In certain areas, where political interests expended HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, vastly outmatching the investments from other sources... IN EACH INSTANCE, their candidates LOST. What is happening is UNPRECEDENTED. Always before, the entrenched interests have had their way, due to their outsized influence and obscene wealth and power. They are the ones who implicitly believed that when the tables were turned, they would STILL, BE SITTING THERE. This is the Hand of God at work. How do Iknow this? Because it is operating for the Greater Good and not operating as a vehicle for those who DO NOT have the Greater Good in mind.

You may, of course, believe what you like, BUT... in these times when Satanic Force is at its highest level of 'seemingly' unhindered manipulation, and when LARGE corporations of every stripe are all in lockstep to bewilder and torment humanity... they are losing their grip. Governments, The Media, The Entertainment World, Social Media and every other area of enterprise, including the machinations of those seeking to ENFORCE absurd Social Justice Concerns upon the rest of us, are losing their grip and their sway over the common mind. Large... VERY LARGE segments of the population are awakening and they ARE NOT going along with the program.

George Soros' Commie Army of Black Bloc anarchists are in a VERY small minority, so are the campus agitators and Social Reformers trying to fold, spindle, and mutilate human sexuality and the Family Unit. They hope to transform it into The Family Eunuch. They came out of the Hellish pits below this plane and swiftly grew into forces to be reckoned with. They marched into the lights and now... there they stand, captured for posterity, in their clueless and mendacious attitudes and poses, revealed for what they are, before the eyes of the world.

I know that many of you think they are winning and if you listen to the liars that have held the human mind in a negative trance state, it could well look like they are winning. NO! When... not 'if', BUT... When the full picture of the election fraud is exposed, it is going to TAKE DOWN all kinds of ancillary players. It is going to collapse entire industries. It is going to shake the world to its foundations.

I recognize that... in the coming transition between the world that was, and the world that is coming into being, many, many people may perish. This includes the natural catastrophes which are presently pending. As much as we sincerely wish and pray that these events do not take place, it seems, at present, that there is no other way. The malicious intransigence of those, who WILL NOT relinquish their stranglehold on our lives, and the many who support them, seem incapable of change. Their attachments to their own sense of entitlement and privilege have a stranglehold on them. Change WILL COME. How that affects you depends on the degree of your resistance to implacable change. This force for change is relentless and uncompromising and cannot be resisted.

What I am seeing, leaves me near breathless at the scope of it. This is far past what I had previously imagined was coming. As wide-ranging as this coming metamorphosis is, it is also surgically precise and will literally pick individuals out of enormous crowds for rewards and retributions. NOTHING will be left unknown. Life is in Full Disclosure Mode so I suggest some amount of personal housekeeping in advance of The Cosmic Broom.

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(I already knew he was a fraud- and Barr may be too)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"The Answer to Every Question UNDER THE SUN is Hidden in Plain Sight, Under the Veil of Ignorance."

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Well... my friends, it is heating up indeed and there is pressure on the hindquarters of big players. They had to put a ring in Bill Barr's nose to force him into action. It would SEEM that someone has SOMETHING on him. Nonetheless... there is a massive gathering of force occurring across the country that APPEARS to be GROWING. Huge marches and rallies are going to take place and NOTHING from the other side, who... by now, must know that they REALLY screwed up with their tactics. They were CAUGHT by SURPRISE and reacted instinctively without thinking. This will prove to be their downfall. Links will appear at the end of the post. There are so many of them, I could only glean a few. I don't have the time or motivation to go full bore here.

I intend to refrain from getting caught up in the sociopolitical theater that is going down. God is my single focus and celebrating the presence of God is my single objective. There is nowhere to run to that proves a convincing alternative to where I am. I'm in the best spot this country could provide at the moment, given that I saw this coming several years ago and took steps to put myself here, UNDER THE DIRECTION of the angels who look after me.

Here is what I am seeing. People... many self-important people are leaping into the camera lights to defend the indefensible and this is BEING RECORDED by agents of Mr. Apocalypse. Communist front-bots are compiling Enemies Lists of everyone of any significance who can be identified as a Trump Supporter or a Trump Enabler. I don't know what their intended actions are. I think it varies from deranged radical to deranged radical in degrees of intensity. Some want total censure and shunning. Some want Chinese Communist-style reeducation camps. Some want imprisonment and some want them put to death; “nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.”

Keep one thing in mind and THAT IS THE REASON I present any of this as a backdrop; GOD... The Supreme Ruler of Existence and the SOURCE of ALL FORCE is in ABSOLUTE and TOTAL CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Period... Exclamation Mark!!! EVERY TIME an age changes the ARCHETYPES are RECONSTITUTED. They are the same archetypes but they will present through a different persona. For instance, in the overall sense; in the Piscean Age, the highest expression of Love was in SACRIFICE as demonstrated in the Life of Jesus the Christ. In the Aquarian Age, where we WILL BE fully resident in 41 days, the highest expression of Love WILL BE in Universal Brotherhood. This IMPLICITLY indicates... a coming Golden Age as a fait accompli.

This Golden Age could well be a mini-Golden Age, and it could also be selectively present. It will materialize following some number of catastrophic events. It will include those who came here for that very purpose. I have outlined a schematic several times, concerning the destined outcome for each and every one of us here. Imagine the Los Angeles: Pregerson Interchange.

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange

Now, visualize it a hundred, a thousand times more complex than it is. Now, get M.C. Escher to draw it in his inimitable style. Now visualize a PORTAL at some point in every single stretch of highway. Sometimes it will be right at the beginning, as you merge with traffic. Sometimes it will be in the middle, during gridlock and sometimes it will be at the end, a little way past the sign that says, “Road ends in one-quarter mile.”

Each of these PORTALS is a Bardo, or a specific Purgatory, or a Loka in the Lower, Mid, or Upper Astral Plane. All of these may be the same thing with a different name. Each of these is a temporary point of residence, like the one you are in, only less materially dense. I could add caveats here for the advanced mind, BUT... I won't because any advanced mind should be able to sort that out themselves. “La la la la la la, I can't hear you.” Then... there is also that.

You could say that I have described certain features of The Ascension here. Once again, there are a number of terms that refer to the same thing, as-so identified in a different religious or social construct. So... what some would see as precursors of a Golden Age, others will see as Armageddon, or an apocalypse, as it is TRADITIONALLY understood by high ranking members of various traditions who DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

It could also be THE END OF THE WORLD! This should be considered within the context of the WHOLE WORLD ending for several someone's every single day. Holy Shit!!! The Sky is falling!!! Here I should mention that this also may be true in certain theaters of experience. I should also add that it is indeed Holy Shit. It is all HOLY, as exemplified by Paracelsus and many others who talk about the Black Dragon and assorted similes, metaphors, and adjectives all related to the same thing. I fully intend to make Gold out of Lead but... for me, the REAL GOLD is Sunlight. I should add that there are various kinds of Sunlight, with different properties and powers.

The answer to every question UNDER THE SUN is hidden in plain sight and the only thing obscuring it is the relative density of one's veil of ignorance. This also proves out the construct that, “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” IF... IT... was something one could simply define or explain, EVEN THOUGH IT IS, there is no way it could be translated into Common Parlance, BECAUSE for many who would hear it, it would sound like a foreign language. I should also add that it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to define or describe something that isn't being seen in the first place. There IS A REASON why it isn't being seen and ONCE AGAIN, that reason is IGNORANCE, although you can use words like DENIAL, or INDIFFERENCE, or Geez, Louise... there are a lot of terms that cover the same thing.

Just as, “when the pupil is ready, the master will appear,” so is it true that you will see it when you are supposed to see it, and just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. A person can ACCELERATE the process of seeing. Few choose to. Other things get in the way and this is how we get 'left to our own devices.' For those who can see it AND many another wondrous and peculiar thing, it is simplicity itself. You mean it was right there all along? Yeah... it was AND IS.

One does what they can but THERE IS NO WAY to force the issue. You might as well try to pull the bud apart to reveal the flower. Once again, there are ways to hasten the process, UP TO A POINT. This is called (or I call it), 'hothousing'. Just as there are Fast Tracks along every route of personal advancement, in business, in the arts, in every area of enterprise, depending on WHO you know, or the demonstration of superior skills, so there are also Fast Tracks in every area of life, visible and invisible, physical and metaphysical. Most people don't care about the invisible when the visible is calling their attention through the mediums of desire and appetite, not to mention ambition and the rest of the ancillary drives.

The quickest route to ANYTHING of a more rarefied nature is LOVING GOD and the speed of that route is determined by the intensity of the Love. Of course, the more intense the Love, the less the one experiencing it cares about anything else. Once again, it is SIMPLICITY ITSELF.

Whatever the knuckleheads out there are getting up to, it IS going to COME BACK ON THEM. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on INTENTION. If covering one's tracks were such an easy thing to do, so many offenders would not get caught, and ESPECIALLY in a Grand Apocalypse, one is going to get caught. WHEN one gets caught depends on what the Lords of Karma decide is best for The Purpose of Demonstration. Sometimes, the point being made needs to be a more lasting example. Sometimes it is for individual epiphany and sometimes it has a wider reach. We'll be seeing about all of that, sooner AND later.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the MOST important thing any of us can get up to is to put our own house in order, lest we become the object lesson of The Purpose of Demonstration. You can't tell anyone about this UNLESS they are supposed to catch on. By the way, (digression coming) tomorrow is 11/11. I don't know if that means anything. I'm just pointing it out.

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Thursday, November 05, 2020

"The Dreams and Designs of Those Caught Out Will Unravel and Mr. Apocalypse is the Reverse Seamstress."

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Hmm... Petri Dish today... perfect... just perfect. So... you may (and you may not) be wondering what I think about this circus of an election. Here is my 'take of the moment'. The president KNEW all along that they intended to steal the election. He couldn't really just come out and claim this and insist on action ahead of time to prevent it. The Press would have made mincemeat out of him. They do so as a regular routine anyway. So... he and his people made sure to be in a position to CATCH the voter fraud actors AFTER THE FACT, and as time goes on, the truth of the matter becomes more lurid and patently obvious by the hour. Rather than place a large body of links into the text, I am going to put them at the end of the posting. I've also got some videos for you to see. One of them may not be relevant to the subject at hand but it is good watching anyway.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that the forces behind the Democrat effort to win the White House are corrupt as all get out. Me even trying to discuss this ball of confusion is beyond my powers. Look at the links and be aware that I only included a few of them and possibly not even the most important ones. It matters not to me. There is enough there to get a sense of what is going on. I do wish I had had more time and more enthusiasm for the task BUT I DON'T. Make up your own minds.

Heads are going to roll. Reputations- most of them false- are going to be destroyed. Entire industries, such as the polling organizations, are being ruined and will never recover. The Media is in BIG TROUBLE and Big Tech and Social Media are going to take huge hits, and likely be broken up in the coming times. The world is going to be changed PROFOUNDLY. In many ways, these will be positive changes and some won't be, due to the intransigence of those involved.

The ones engaged in this international, criminal caper did not think it out very well. They were counting on a Blue Wave Landslide, which... had it come, would have made all the skulduggery afterward unnecessary and given no cause, also, for greater scrutiny. They could just say that the number of votes for the Democrats was so great that there is no need to look deeper. They thought, surely, that with all the hundreds of millions, billions even that were poured into the coffers of the Democrats that they could, through sheer force of MONEY, accomplish all they intended. It DID NOT work as they planned. Instead, there was a huge Red Wave of American voters who came out for the president.

Once they saw what was taking place they scrambled and scurried, with never a thought for covering their tracks adequately and NOW... NOW? They are going to get sliced and diced by the investigators. Whistleblowers and witnesses and evidence aplenty is rising to the surface. Heh Heh... it is going to be appalling and very funny at the same time. Mr. Apocalypse is center stage, working through his minions nationwide.

Okay... Okay... MAYBE the bad guys win. Maybe the fix is in. MAYBE but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like a whole lot of people who never thought it was possible are going to be hung out to dry. The bad guys can't stop themselves. They have no restraint and are being propelled forward, without them even being aware of it, with the false hope that somehow... somehow they can pull this off; NOT IN THIS DAY AND AGE.

I don't know what is going to happen and strangely... I am detached from it all. It is as if I am standing in The Sun in a large park, a quarter of a mile away from a large and boisterous crowd. The voices rise and fall. I can't make out what they are saying. They are too far away but because the crowd is so large, I can hear the sounds, even at this distance. It is sort of like being on the banks of a river in Spring. It is rushing by and tearing at the banks. Large items are floating by and the sound is constant BUT I am not even facing the river. I am facing The Sun and Lord Vivasvan is speaking to me and that is all I care about or want to hear.

You may not know about this feature. It has been around since, and before the beginning of Time. The Sun speaks to us in angelic, solar language. Most of us cannot hear what is being said because WE ARE NOT LISTENING and the language is foreign to us. It is not about the things so many of us are attached to. There is another language for that and that is the language most of us speak and understand BUT NATURE and that which inspires Nature, has a vast array of languages, as does the Devic Realm and as does the Celestial Kingdom.

It is not necessary to understand the words in these languages, as much as it is important to FEEL what is being said because that speaks to a deeper part of us. It gets translated there and then processed up to the conscious mind. Everything manifest is speaking all the time. Unfortunately for most human beings, they don't hear and don't want to hear. What their appetites and desires demand is all that is important.

I tell you with absolute certainty that there are many worlds. There are Hell worlds and 'levels and planes' of Middle Earth and there are Heavenly spheres and all of them are populated by countless numbers of souls who sent themselves there. It is literally impossible to tell anyone about this unless they are one of the few who wish to hear or those even fewer who are already well aware of it. Most traditionalists and materialists, who profit from the effort, couch their dialogues and diatribes in the religious language of their times. It is an exceedingly narrow bandwidth that contains mostly HOPE and FEAR. It is useful to those who use these mechanisms to prey upon the masses who have no clue, ONLY Hope and Fear, and all of that is based on material concern, unless the hope of Heaven has made itself present, due to the unrelenting suffering and age of those so engaged, because all they have (they think) is Hope.

I am reminded of that old adage, “Wish in one hand and Shit in the other and see which fills up first.” That, oddly enough, comes from the book of a strange and twisted fellow named Stephen King. I am also reminded of another saying. I think it was a poet but I don't remember who it was, “Hope springs eternal.” I am not one for Hope. I consider that a dead-end street of delusion BUT, I am very much one for Faith. I find it constantly amusing to observe those who have such Faith in material culture and who have proven it to be real, according to their dedicated industry but who have little or no faith in things unseen. That is possibly my favorite Bible quote, mostly because people hear it and NEVER understand it, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” What that means is that if your faith is strong enough, you can materialize ANYTHING. Of course, you probably need permission but USUALLY, those so capable, know who to ask. Then again, it's a matter of channeled WILL.

Well... my friends, it is going to be 'a dark and stormy night' shortly. THEY can't admit defeat and went to great lengths to guarantee victory and they have lost. The country is rising up in various states to demand what is to be what is, not what someone decided they wanted it to be. As another old adage that I like, and never use cause it's worn out goes. “That dog won't hunt.” Indeed!

This is a colossal turn of affairs and it isn't in the windshield of most yet, BUT it WILL BE. Some very bad people have been caught out. Perhaps I shouldn't call them bad, maybe they are just misguided but it does look like they knew what they were doing and they weren't doing it for the greater good; not hardly. As the hours unfold, the dreams and designs of those caught with their hands in the cookie jar are going to unravel and unravel and unravel, with Mr. Apocalypse as the reverse seamstress.

Enjoy the show. I may or may not be back for a bit, though videos from The First Church of the Presence of God will continue at odd moments.

Here are some links;

(what a sleaze)

(I was going to include that quote by Stalin but Henry did it for me)

and a few videos;

There is EVER SO MUCH MORE but if you can't find them on your own you are probably not allowed to see them because all it takes is a little thought and ingenuity. I am certainly not the brightest bulb in that gay dude's chandelier. I'm also not even in that chandelier, so if I can figure this stuff out anyone can.

I got most of this at where I haven't gone in almost a year or more. Michael Rivero, who is the webmaster, used to post my work all the time BUT... he is a virulent atheist and did not like my spiritual writings. HOWEVER... for this particular time period, it is one of the best places to go. I don't let his hate for me intrude on my recognition of his usefulness FOR OTHERS. Rense got rid of me too, but not for the spiritual work. It was because I wouldn't stop my work from being posted on Truthseeker. I don't walk on friends. It's not in my nature. Rixon is a friend. Jeff Rense is not.

All this linking is a one-off. It WON'T happen again.

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