Thursday, November 19, 2020

"I See a Hand Coming out of the Clouds Above my Head with a Martini (Shaken AND Stirred) from God..."

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How do I begin? Heh heh... The Shit is about to hit the fan. Maybe you've been on the fence about Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening? We'll see where you are once you have watched this. There is this young lady standing behind Rudy and next to the inimitable Sidney Powell. She had this barely contained smile on her face throughout and then SHE SPOKE! Holy Cowabunga, Yogi!!! She is definitely smarter than the average bear.

Yes... this is their opening statement in The Court of Public Opinion. They aren't in court yet. I don't know if it will go to court, given the incendiary nature of what this team of lawyers have, and mind you, they didn't bring out the Big Guns Smoking but they mentioned them.

Rudy Giuliani mentioned George Soros; oh my!!! He mentioned him financing Antifa and BLM! Careers are about to be ruined. One of the major political parties in this country is due to be tattered and torn and left in shambles. Like all the King's Men, this Humpty Dumpty CANNOT be put back together again and... oh boy, did he let the Fake News have it? Yes, he did.

All along, over recent days, as my state of mind concerning this situation, and as I watched the fist of corrupt conspirators in high places, come down again and again on calls for transparency; as I saw the lockstep, compromised media and Big Tech, lie and obfuscate and twist reality into a poisoned origami; not to mention the constant OMISSION of Truth, my spirits went up and down like an elevator that had lost its mind. The Angel of God, who is the intermediary between me and The Big Guy, kept saying, “Visible, don't worry about it. I've got this.” I heard this many times in different ways. As I was watching this epic, Truth to Power presentation, into my mind came The Voice, over and over, in different ways, “Did I not tell you? Have I not been telling you this all along?” Yes, Lord, you have.

I don't know where it goes from here. This is beyond ANYTHING we have ever seen. You would have to go back to The American Revolution, or the Civil War to find a time of national crisis like this. Somewhere out there, in backrooms across this country, in backrooms in other countries, SERIOUS and TENSE conversations are taking place. Yesterday, I mentioned what would happen when The Truth started to come out and I asked you about what you thought might happen, when those facing dire penalties, for their complicity in this massive fraud; what would they do? MANY of them would run, not walk, toward the nearest locations where they could CUT A DEAL and inform on their partners in crime. We are about to see a tidal wave of mea culpa petitioners scrambling for the public confessional.

I am not going to be dancing through the house and high fiving my invisible friends. I am going to be contained and circumspect. I am going to be restrained, except for this; YIPPEE~!!! Okay, there's that sorted. Now... back to measured, and prudent, and watchful.

The stakes are SKY HIGH. Lives and reputations are on the line. Great citadels of power are soon to be shaken AND stirred. I see a hand coming out of the clouds above my head with a Martini from God. What are they going to do? This is winner take all and FROM WHAT I CAN SEE, and from what I am AWARE OF... nothing would be off the table. These people, PROBABLY, should not be getting into a plane any time soon. Geez! This makes the hairs no longer on my head, stand straight up, and tremble. This is not a MAYBE kind of thing. They have ROCK SOLID evidence and they have SO VERY MUCH OF IT.

An international cabal of VERY BAD PEOPLE got caught in a TIME SENSITIVE bind as the election showed that the president was going to be CONVINCINGLY reelected. What to do? What to do? So they shut the whole process down and have been caught... at ALL KINDS OF unlawful and nefarious behavior. BIG MONEY and the naked hunger for REINS OF POWER are about to have their pants pulled down in front of the world. As you know, or should know, if you come around here, Mr. Apocalypse appeared to me in Italy and told me that all the things I see happening were going to happen AND... SHAZAM!!!

It looked like... it looked like... to this poor fool, lacking Faith and Certitude, that they were... more than possibly... about to get away with it. It is hard to maintain one's confidence when ALL of the forces of manifest EVIL are dominating the airwaves with their lies. It pounds on you. It wears on you. Still... though I was occasionally shaken (not stirred), I believed it would come round and it did; “Did I not tell you? Have I not been telling you this all along?” I could visualize God shaking his head with the unspoken, but very present sense of... “Oh ye of little faith.”

Well... it wasn't as bad as all that. I tend to be fully transparent at these blogs and I think you read what my heart was telling me; BUT... BUT... what are they going to do??? I'm not going to focus on that. I am going to focus on The Ineffable and my certainty of the PROMISE of the Aquarian Age, presently present and accounted for, in evidence... all over the place. I am going to focus on the VERY REAL presence of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening, which keeps increasing by the day.

Yes, some among you will say, “Well, The President is as corrupt as they are.” Some of you are jaded and cynical negativist; not a lot of you, but... some. Some... I don't know if it has to do with their age, or their lack of belief in a divine being, and a celestial hierarchy, or their disappointment in life, themselves, or their fellow beings in this time and place, but... some have no faith in a brighter day and a just accounting. Some... some refuse to see what I KNOW is coming. It isn't going to be coming for everyone. Maybe that's it. I don't know. Maybe it is as scripture states, “according to your faith is it done unto you.”

I believe in a brighter day. I have ALWAYS believed in a brighter day, even in the most desperate of circumstances, and I have been there, in Dire Straits, MANY TIMES. I have been in times and places of extreme danger and little light, in extreme want, and ALL of the hard highway that sometimes is the lot of a man. It is only in recent times that life has smoothed out for me. I lived an entire life in crisis and turbulent mayhem, with only brief patches now and again. HOWEVER... I NEVER let go of my belief in a brighter day. I think that deep inside, I KNEW, and that sustained me.

The President has his faults, WE ALL DO, but GOD uses us, even the most improbable of us, toward his appointed ends. Sometimes... The Office makes the man, and we are ALL capable of dramatic change if fortune smiles. I look at WORKS. I don't look at what people say, or even their mistakes on the way, because I have had PLENTY of my own and I DON'T FORGET THAT. I will say this... whatever his shortcomings may be, he is Lancelot by comparison with the competition and I will tell you that he HAS TO BE relatively honest and without any great amount of calumniatory dirt because WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ALL ABOUT IT. Armies of negative minded investigators have been through every moment of his life that they could find, AND...? Yeah.

I am not President Trump's apologist. I don't know the man and was never, previously, warm toward him. I didn't hate him either. WHAT I WILL SAY, though... is I work with what I have. People can hypotheticalize, and project, and get all bent out of shape with personality conflicts and the like, but... I work with what I have. I don't live in a 'what if world', filled with alternatives that DON'T EXIST. I don't want to tear this world down and replace it with something worse.

I don't have all the answers, like some people. I work with what I have. It could be he turns into a scoundrel. It could be pigs fly. These days, someone could well find a way. I don't have the luxury to live in a world of personal illusions, filled with... what if? I have to go with what is there. Yes... I believe in an invisible hierarchy that I believe controls everything we see and hear. In fact, I KNOW this to be true. I believe that this hierarchy knows far better than I. All I can say is that I am OVERJOYED that, at the VERY LEAST... these things of darkness are being forced into the light.

If you can't see this positive change in the wind, and not only about the election but... in so many subtle ways that are waving at us, peripherally. If you can't see that we are on the verge of spiritual and technological breakthroughs that are going to address problems that have been tormenting us for ages, I don't know what to tell you. I see them and they give me HOPE and encouragement that I haven't been the beneficiary of... not like this... in a long time.

Finally... let me say, I am CONVINCED that he set the whole thing up to this very end.

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Still hoping to get that discourse recorded. Here is the last one from The First Church of the Presence of God.

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Visible said...

Every now and then, you see something a little off the beaten path

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I am going to focus on The Ineffable and my certainty of the PROMISE of the Aquarian Age..."

One teacher mentioned that "these times" were meant to shake-up certainties. It is hard to grow (especially in consciousness) when you are certain how things are. However the current kerfuffle turns out, lots and lots of certainties are being stripped-away. And, I expect that as each side unlimbers their bigger and bigger 'guns', more and more skullduggery will come out. Cool.

On the higher levels, the Good Guys tend to wait for an 'invite' before stepping-in. (Except in the case of emergencies.) It is part of their ethos. I expect an ever-growing percentage of humanity (especially Americans) to raise their eyes to their version of God and ask for Help. Invitation made...

My greatest hope is that humanity has a consciousness-raising event. Not just a victory for Left or Right, Blue or Red, or Yankees vs Dodgers. Something that changes the Playing Field (hopefully upwards). All the 'action' around Cleaning at higher levels has been to 'remove' the Players approving-of our present consciousness-level. If this is real, any consciousness-raising event is going to be like river-ice breaking-up with the spring thaw. Unstoppable...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Bounteous balls of fire, batman!

Experience brings expectations that negative natterer with nagging fears hanging on their tender parts MUST reflexively regurgitate rants of derision!

Just like the habitual reflexes of a miserable marriage, where whoever raises a positive pole gets doused with withering subjective whining, the conditioning of the fear-enslaved, slavery justifiying zombies must shout out the soul's softer sympathies.

What causes the most unncessary pain is when the Judas-minded, believing in their superficial windmills more than their own hearts, throw acid on the fire of any spirit preparing for flight above the mundane misery of the mass experience.
What matters is how we lovingly we hold our own spirit

"You would have to go back to The American Revolution, or the Civil War to find a time of national crisis like this"

This is not a constitutional crisis! This crisis is where the conception of the Constitution was born to rise above corruption, raising the objective truth above subjective lies, to demonstrate how the spirit can free itself from delusion, with the WIll provided by the One!

"All I can say is that I am OVERJOYED that, at the VERY LEAST... these things of darkness are being forced into the light"

That is the unmistakable pattern: what lives in darkness will be brought into the light.
What the heart can see with crystal clarity, the heart can heal
Humanity rises with the breath of the Spirit

"If you can't see that we are on the verge of spiritual and technological breakthroughs that are going to address problems that have been tormenting us for ages, I don't know what to tell you"

The French call it "le deni", which is elegant summary of TDS, atheism, transhumanism and all the other barnacles on the keel of the ship of life. As long as there are drugs, sensual distractions, media Matrix fantasy worlds and anti-social media, "le deni" is the laziest mind game to play!

We have been held breathless for so long, with the pendulum of the cosmic clock pinned up to the dark side swing, that only fear of death seems to seep in.

We MUST learn control of our emotional reaction to fear-playing parasites!

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
After over a decade reading your posts, and, well, a bit of friction some years back, this the first time, between this post and a sensation of momentous change of the apocalyptic sort, while being out of function at armageddon junction, i am about to have a drink after a post of yours.
Since grandpas favourite, Armagnac, is not readily accessible here , red vermouth,dady's favourite, will have to do, since i have never had a martini, to my memory, even though a Sifu, of the White Crane tradition observed at the start of the millennium, that the last four letters of my phone 0007 make me more responsible tp serve the Queen of Nature, in Love, than Bond..... surreal life continues on, even in these days....
long rambling sentences were grappas trait, please do not take too much offense...
My computer had a complete breakdown a few days ago, son could not send an email, hahahahahaha, once again start from scratch.....
A 'Nazdravlje' to you, Sifu, the man with the walking stick, and to being 'out of function at armageddon junction'....
Cheerful Love, Grizzly Bear Hug

Unknown said...

Hi Vis, thankyou for what you do here and a small request please , i have been asking and praying that we here in canada may see the end of turdeau and his ilk as there puppet handler george the slug has them by the short hairs , could you please pass this on to your dancing friend with the cane to swing through Ottawa while he is doing a little pant pulling. ty in advance Neil

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Excellent post, and I await the longest 21 days in eternity to get to where we're going.

Sukh said...

Tucker Carlson was a sort of hero to me, but has fallen quite a distance in my eyes.

In her press conference, Sydney Powell and her team clearly stated why they could not release much of their evidence prematurely, namely courts frown upon that sort of thing, weakening one's case and it could also endanger witnesses (they have already been threatened and doxxed). There is also the matter of tipping one's hand to the enemy.

Tucker knew all that, but he conveniently forgot to mention it to his audience. Instead, he brazenly chastised Sydney for not coming on to his show and releasing the evidence she had. He said he was only interested in the "truth".

He made someone who is a true hero look like she was hiding something.

She wasn't hiding anything at all and he knew that, but put the seed of doubt in people's minds anyway.

That's slander, that's purposely hurting President Trump at this very sensitive time when he needs all the help he can get and not get back-stabbed by heretofore allies, that's dark and sinister.

I respected Laura Ingraham too. However, I read she encouraged President Trump to concede right after Fox called the election for Biden. Another back-stab.

Just recently, she had a glowing segment on AOC and pondered how conservatives could work with her. Sorry, but you can't "work" with pure evil.

Mr. Apocalypse is truly exposing people for who they really are. It's absolutely stunning. I NEVER thought those two could ever cave. Boy was I wrong.

Anyone who stands for truth now during this most precarious time, is the person you go to battle with.

Sukh said...

Sorry, here is the transcript and video relating to Tucker Carlson:

The Daily Wire: Tucker Carlson Unloads On Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone here! I am humbled and privileged to be among you.


Guy Reid-Brown said...


Once again, I attach a link to another song that precisely echoes what you are saying here, and as ever, I do not expect you to waste precious time listening to it, just NEED to attach it anyway, like last time -

'God and Goodness guide us all
Speak Truth to Power, Stand Fast, Walk Tall'

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It All Depends on What Lesson God Wants this Country to Learn; a Prayer for our Country."

Visible said...

It must be something to be so remarkably informed as you are and the cynicism and general misanthropy paints quite a picture. I am guessing you do not see yourself the way others do but I suspect you don't really care anyway. I wish you luck, especially with that elegant roadmap you have constructed. I'll stick with acknowledging how little I know and utter reliance on the God you don't believe in but which I am certain does exist, lest I (shudder) find myself on the same road as you.

Innokentiy said...

Hey Vis I too have faith, 1917 Russia must not be allowed to reurn. all humanity is on the line, as well as Russia. My prayers join with yours.



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