Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Truth Within and the Lies that Fly Around the World.

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We're brought up a certain condition of the moment, a concern possibly that has been operating below the general radar, except in the places where it has been happening, or threatening to happen. It has been my contention that it is Lady Nature we should be looking at, rather than the turmoil of the political, economic and cultural spheres, where wars, financial threats and migration issues are eating up the majority of the headlines. Mount Sinabung is right there on the Ring of Fire that runs along the coast line of the Americas. It 's a large sector and it's rumbling all up and down the line.

In the political realm we have the prophecies of an authentic psychic and his words dovetail with the perceptions some of us have been experiencing. I am not here to speak as a supporter or a critic of Vladmir Putin. I don't know what the realities are behind the scenes. All I can say is that I am very definitely a supporter of his actions, which are working to thwart the pernicious plague of Satanic Zionists and bankers who have been working for a long time now to deceive and subjugate the masses of humanity.

In the meantime, some number of us are working to expose the fabrication of the Holocaust. This writer is hitting on one of the themes we often bring up here. That is the strange math where a claim was made that 4.5 million were executed at Auschwitz. Then the number was reduced to 1.5 million. Then the number was reduced to 1.1 million and none of this Israeli Amusement Park Math affected the myth or the math of six million dead overall. The writer also explores the outrageous fantasy of how 13.5 football stadiums of people could be gassed in a location the size of a 3 car garage.

It has been clear to me for a long time that there is something more than the low jinks of saturation media and the hijacking of the educational system behind the public blindness of this transparent hoax. There seems to be; I say (I say- cue Foghorn Leghorn), 'seems to be' an amount of pulse weaponry and subliminal programming going on. This is obvious to some of us and I have personally experienced it. However, a small number of us are immune to these efforts. We might be disconcerted or annoyed by it but we remain independent of its influence.

Day by day, larger percentages of humanity are waking up. They may not be clear about precisely what is happening but they are getting a general idea and this idea is going to spread like seeds on the wind. In permaculture, one's environment is designed around natural interplay between forces. By example, certain flora is planted around the perimeter of a body of water and this attracts ducks who carry fish eggs in their bills and this stocks the water with fish. There are parallels here to the actions of Mr. Apocalypse who uses known and unknown forces to disseminate ideas and awarenesses into human consciousness.

There is an emergent symmetry that is at work and it is rippling across the surface of the world like a rock tossed into a lake. The tiny waves of influence eventually encompass the lake. Something said in Prague is heard in Egypt a few days later. The invisible sounding board of the ether carries the message around the world.

Whenever the resident population of the times is transported into the inevitable changes that come with the arrival of any age, the population is changed and is adapted or recycled according to the specific dictates of the archetypes of the age. This particular arriving age is very significant, much more than the ones that have preceded because this age is a point of transition into a much larger cycle of 12 ages and it is possible that it is also a point of transition for an even larger cycle. One can take a measure of this by considering the position of our solar system in the Milky Way at this time. It is no accident that near 7 billion of us are here at this time. It is possible that every soul who has ever been here is here for the grand finale or in the process of returning. I am not saying this is true, I am saying it might be.

It stands to reason, in my mind, that something nearly unimaginable is on the doorstep and that we are all in the process of being routed toward specific ends, according to inclination and disposition. There are other factors at work but these will do for the moment. It stands to reason also that all the angels of the celestial realm and all the residents of the infernal region are at work from their spheres of influence and that influence is being directed to the material plane for the purpose of demonstration.

We are each of us a battle ground for the forces at work and this is all being sorted and evolved within the crucible of our being. Some of us are skating along on the ice of our indifference, or in the pursuit of any one, or many, of the pleasures and delights to be found here in this time. Some of us are bent into the wind, as we climb the switchback up the magic mountain, through one level of awareness after another. Occasionally one of us is cast down from the mountain for any number of reasons. The higher one ascends, the greater is the wind of resistance. It is only in our struggle against the winds of resistance that we are made strong and only love is a force powerful enough to sustain us in this and bring us home.

We need to realize these truths because only in the realization of these truths will we have the faith, certitude and determination to continue. There are some who say that only through complete surrender to our higher nature can we achieve our true destiny and I would not argue with that. What I believe is that both struggle and surrender are necessary and indispensable from one another. Whether one is a proponent of the Herculean meme or the path of the Buddha/Christ, both aspects are required.

I hear people argue endlessly, outside of my range of hearing (grin) about advaita and duality. I believe that both are interdependent and extant simultaneously. I believe this is where the problem in all arguments comes from. Unless you can hold these two contrasting views within your mind, you do not have the whole of it. Surely you can come to liberation and enlightenment with either, or in the process of gravitating from the one to the other but... they are and always will be legitimate realities and there is no point in arguing on behalf of one or the other. One can argue that there is no day or night. One can argue that ultimates take precedence over all interplay of polarities and one can insist that the phenomenal world has no reality or permanence but that is of no meaning when your head hits the concrete or a punch lands on your jaw, or mortality makes itself known. There are certain irresistible tides that cannot be resisted from certain states and which have no application in states beyond.

We are all mortal and immortal at the same time. One is kinetic and one is potential. As a particular Taoist once said; “Strive hard!” The only immortality is conscious immortality. Most of us are processed at the level we occupy and settle on. Don't settle. Existence can be bewildering and confusing. The ineffable is known to pick certain souls that he loves to play antagonistic parts. When you hear scriptural statements like, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” you may count on that being due to such phrases having a multitude of meanings for me, as well as deeper and deeper possibilities of meaning. Sometimes we don't know because we are not permitted to know because it would screw up the desired impact of our roles.

All wars are spiritual wars, regardless of the battlefields employed, or whatever terrain they may be staged upon. Some insist that the material and spiritual planes are separate. I believe all planes are interdependent and could not exist without each other. I believe that fire is an element and I also believe it is much more, depending on the plane it is being expressed on and the same applies to all of the elements. Something means one thing at one point and something else at another.

I believe that all of those, acclaimed to be gods but who were present in times long past, actually walked the Earth. Furthermore I believe they still do, whether you encounter them or not. I believe that there is a god of the wolves and the elephants and the tigers and the whales and dolphins and all of the rest. I believe the Devic realm permeates this one but is seldom seen. There is a reason that it is said that Lord Ganesh is the deity who is closest to the material plane and if you have studied the images you will notice that he carries both snares and tools of liberation. He, in fact, operates as both the one who entangles and frees us and this is hard for people to get a grip on but one must remember the phrase, “Lead us not into temptation” as well as, “deliver us from evil.” Evil and ignorance can be considered, after a fashion, as being interchangeable.

The very force that enslaves and entangles us is also the force of liberation. One might consider the sex force in this regard. Behind the frightening image of the demon is the corona of the angel, should we be perspicacious enough to get it. Once you do then fear will have no place in your heart or mind. Once you do, in the words of Lao Tzu;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

I'll leave you with that.

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Someone at the most recent Smoking Mirrors asked if "The Fire is a Woman" was a new Vis song; it's a song, albeit not a particularly new one - and here it is:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seriously, does My Ass Look Fat in These Pedal Pushers?

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♫The snail track glows orange on the mountain tonight
Not a penis to be seen
A sexual usurpation
And the king is now the queen.

My gender is howling like this swirling storm inside

My out must now go in, Hell knows I tried!
Oh let them in, let them see
Be the good boygirl you always have to be
Don't Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
Well, now they know and on with the show

Let it go... uh! uh! uh!
let it go... uh! uh! uh!
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Stick my dick in the jamb and slam the door!

I don't care
What they're going to say
Sane people will rage on,
But sanity never bothered me anyway!

It's funny how an elephant
Makes all my junk seem small
And the reasonable mind that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all!

It's time to see what I can do
In a toilet stall that's built for two
No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I'm deranged

Let it go, Cut it off
I turn my butt to the wind and sky
Let it go, Cut it off
I'm pretty when I cry!

Here I stand and simper
And here I'll stay
Let the normal people rage on!

My power flurries through the air into the ground
Who wrote this piss poor song?
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
These lyrics are shit and juvenile
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I'm going to drink Brandy Alexanders until I'm smashed

Let it go, Cut it off
And I'll be open like the break of dawn
Let it go, Cut it off
That perfect girl can now turn her head and cough

Here I writhe
Like Dame Elton John
Let the storm rage on,
Decorum never bothered me anyway!♫

We thought we would take that song, “Frozen” which reads like a Short Bus 12 year old wrote it and alter it in honor of this.

In the film, “The Player”, one of the characters is talking on his cellphone while driving down Sunset BLVD (at least I think that was the street) and he says to the Tim Robbins character, “I'm on my way to an AA meeting.” Robbins' character says, “I didn't realize you were an alcoholic.” He replies, “I'm not but that's where all the deals are being made these days.” I might be paraphrasing but it is close enough for rock and roll.

This serves by way of an introduction to a great idea I just had. I was thinking, “Why don't I come out as gay?” I don't actually have to be gay. All I have to do is say I am. While I am at it, I thought I would announce that I just found out that I was Jewish, on my great, great, great, great, not so great grandmother's side. As a newly minted gay, Jewish man I could possibly be in line for something like this.

I'm getting to that stage where I might not be around 25 years from now and I really feel I deserve at least some small expression of material success and this is the way to get it done. I am also about to discover that I am black on my great, great, great, not so great grandfather's side. As a black, gay Jewish man I cannot imagine that anything would be denied me on the material plane.

I have already started acting out, as a prelude to coming out, in front of my friends here ...and they think I have the camp thing down; if their laughter is any indication. Of course, we are in the preliminary stages. I'm looking down the road, past the initial whirlwind of being hounded by paparazzi and nailed by eager suitors, in the stalls of some public men's room. I probably wouldn't be in places like that but ambiance has always been important to me and you can't get better ambiance these days than in an inner city park, men's bathroom, since most of the states have opted for the black light atmosphere, with piped in disco music. Like I said, I'm looking ahead because transgender is where the really heavy success action is going down (pun intended). Does my ass look fat in these jeans?

Well, the real reason that I think going transgender might work for me is that I've always wanted to be a lesbian but I have to be a chick to “getter done.” See... there's nothing wrong with being a man who used to (really really) like women, turning into a woman who really really likes women. Nothing has changed except for concerns about getting it up ...and boy! That's a load off my mind.

So... I was thinking, how about, instead of Les Visible, why not Bergstein Steinberg and you can call me Berggie, or Ms Berggie, puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?” I can't wait for someone to say, “You go girl!” How fun would that be? I'm thinking about relocating to Santa Monica and opening an antique shop and that works really well, considering what an antique I am. The idea is that I run into Caitlyn, in my Subaru. Apparently lesbians really like Subarus. 'I'm not the walrus. I'm not the egg man, I'm the egg lady!”

Of course, since I am also Jewish, I need to go to Israel and it is there that I intend to meet my next love interest. I mean, just the way this article is written by a compassionate Tribester... and the one before it was written by a Muslim, truly moves me. Get out of here! Really? Yeah... really; some guy named Abdullah Pork Salami ...and all those prohibitions about pork go right out the window because if you are gay then pork is kosher. Does my ass look fat in these jeans?

The next step is to head down to the transgender karaoke bar, where I begin to seriously belt out show tunes and since I'm black also, I thought I would make Porgy and Bess my go to Broadway signature prance. Then I become the spokeschick for Black-Jewish Transgender Lives Matter and as a lipstick lesbian, I think Shachar is going to be digging my groove when pretend boy meets pretend girl and it won't be long before Caitlyn shows up and we have this weird sex triangle and boom! Like it had eyes, I get my own reality TV show.

I would probably be the lipstick lesbian because I am svelte and rapier thin, so Shachar would probably be the shaven headed, leather jacket wearing end of the equation.

Oh Gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwd I just want to feel safe, while I am transitioning from a man to a Duck Billed Platypus. SAFE! Like a human condom.This is a major league steaming pile of Hippopotamus shit. Scrutinize the language. It's like dead cockroaches organized into some kind of hieroglyphics for the thinking impaired. 

I deserve at least a little success and I am willing to put your money where my mouth is. Is he talking about the 'money shot'? I'm thinking I can give a whole new meaning to 'shooting gallery' and I really do want to find out if you can get four queens on a bar stool by simply turning it upside down.

"Shachar," which means Dawn in Hebrew; Shachar said he did not want to garner undue attention while serving.” Serving? ♫Dawn go away I'm no good for you.♫ See, getting extra attention is not what I am after either. That's why I'm going to do everything in the media, so I can keep a low profile.

99% of women say they don't like men who wear leather pants, which works out perfectly, since 100% of men who wear leather pants don't like women. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Because those men already have boyfriends. I really want to be able to walk down the street before I get gender altered and see a beautiful woman and turn to my date of the moment and say, “"It's women like her that sometimes make me wish I was a lesbian...” Then, in this Shake 'n Bake world, presto! I am.

I'll be having dinner at Barry Diller's. I'll be in the recording studio night and day. I'll have a column at Time Magazine. I'll be the new It It ...something... something. It's all so confusing, I'm getting all flushed with my new sensitivity. It's like I really care that I care that I don't care. ♫I want to be me!!!!!!!! I want to be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♫ I see things like this and then I see things like this and yet again I see things like this. All of them are 6 years old so that would make them like 666. Right? How can anyone say that a six year old is not mature enough to know what they want?

I deserve success, just a smidgen and I have finally found the way to get some. I also want ten million dollars. I don't think that is asking a lot. The government can give it to me without a care in the world and I can build the barn home of my dreams and all of you can come and visit and we'll have quiche or something and I can go on The View and Ellen Degenerates and Montel's and golly Cheese Wiz, I can spread out on a Ritz cracker and beg the world, the whole world, to do me back and forth and with some ropes and pulleys, or pullets even.

Sure I've been strange all my life and am about to get stranger still ...but if this is what it takes for me to get a leg up (heh heh), then this is what it takes. I realize now that I never gave it all my all. I wasn't willing to risk everything so that I could sit poolside and dream. I had all these stupid inhibitions about integrity and honor and where has that gotten me? I'm in Nowhere Land but I'm not going to be Nowhere Man. I'm going to be Nowhere Girl.

Please, dear reader, do not judge me too harshly. I've had a difficult life and before I punch that cosmic time clock on my way out, I want to taste the good life, at least just for a little while. Sure... sex might be a little awkward at first because I don't know how to do the things I am going to be doing but it has to be a little like riding a bike. Meanwhile, I don't want to be buried in Mozart's grave. I want to live a little. Who can blame me? I'm tired of bucking the trend. I want my place at the trough. I want to root in the darkness before I stumble into the light. I want to sleep all day and stay up all night.

Please show me a little compassion. I tried so hard but it has all been in vain. I deserve to have Bobby Vinton's hair and sing some harmony on ♫YMCA♫. I want to be Mrs. Claus and ring that Salvation Army bell ...on Christmas Day. I want to be in the middle of the mosh pit with all those anonymous bodies. I want it to be in total darkness where everything is done in Braille. I want to carry starlight home in a bottomless pail. I want to whimper when it feels good and I want to wail. I want to howl at the moon and shriek like a loon. I want to go on forever and not come too soon. I want to know what the function is for all those mysterious unguents and flexible toys. I want to giggle with the girls and ponce about with the boys. I want to be wanted and dance until dawn... hopefully with Dawn. I want to paint your toenails and then mow your lawn. I want to be the pool boy in a steamy summer flick... uh oh... I can feel it coming cause what rhymes with flick? I think I'll just back up now. Damn... that sounds innuendo laden too. I want to do it with me before I do it with you.

Dear Reader; I apologize for coming out like this. I know this is scant warning and some of you might have an investment in what I used to be but I really do need some name recognition and money. It's just for a little while. I'll have some kind of epiphany on the further side and it will all be alright again. I am especially sorry if I seem insensitive, especially because I feel like crying all the time, ever since those estrogen infusions. How can I be so sensitive and insensitive at the same time? I realize that one can't go back after having turned in this direction but... so it is. I will try to be a good transgender and maybe you will even like me further down the road. It will surely be difficult at points as I try to adjust. I hope you can eventually adjust and we might just meet at the Adjustment Bureau one of these days. Seriously though... does my ass look fat in these jeans?

End Transmission......

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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Not so Footloose, in a Rigged Casino Wonderland for the Rich and Powerful.

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I'm not a fan of Michael Moore because his job description is to reveal things that are concealed or obscured and he skirts 9/11 big time. However, his latest film, “Where to Invade Next” is an eye opening foray into what is possible and available in countries besides the USA (USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!). It is amazing what is free elsewhere and what is certainly not free here. America is a rigged casino wonderland for the rich and powerful and the rest of you had better watch yourself and stay in line.

This film is worth seeing. It will break your heart to see what we don't have and so many other places do. It should be obvious that the experiment that is America, exists for the purpose of demonstration. We are going to see this. The sad fact is that there are a lot of wonderful people here. We can only hope that this world wide awakening that is taking place will occur in time for us to do what is needed to overthrow the shadow master, who has made indentured servants out of all of us.

Okay, I just got to the point where Moore is grandstanding the holocaust horseshit. The Holocaust is a lie!!! It isn't even a very well concealed or constructed lie. It is easy to see through but you need to possess the courage and curiosity to do so. One of my most sincere hopes is that the monstrous lie that this is will be revealed ASAP. This single consideration will radically and completely change the face of the world in which we live.

I remember telling Germans in pubs and other places that the Holocaust Fantasy was a fabrication and cynical maneuver by the money changers to act as a distraction from what they did in the Soviet Union. You should have seen the horror on their faces and the intensity of paranoia that they manifested in telling me I should keep my voice down. Then came the surprises when some of the people I told this to agreed with me. They knew it was bullshit. Possibly I was out of my mind for being so open and upfront as I was but I was possessed and am still possessed by a spirit that fills me with the confidence to say what I know to be true and the lies that I know to be false. I will not knuckle under or bend the knee to a lie and the greater the lie, the less likely am I to submit to its influence over my thoughts and the dignity of my heart.

I recognize the dangers that come from telling the truth but the dangers that come from not telling the truth are of a far greater significance to me and are of a far greater spiritual cost. I cannot bear that expense. I find it hard to believe that anyone can bear the cost of it but somehow they do. My life would not be worth living for me. I would rather be dead and am sure that even if I were still walking around, I would be dead. All that gave evidence of my being alive would be extinguished because I gave up the truth to live a lie ...because I was afraid, or I exchanged my living state for zombie status.

For some reason this is okay for a frightening number of people. It's not only due to fear that people give up their humanity and their love of freedom. That is a big part of it. Appetite and desire play a large part as well. So does the impetus for personal gain. This is a country of the functionally insane. What that means is that you can be crazy but you operate within certain perceivable patterns of normality, or what we have determined is sane and most of that is insane when viewed through a purely objective lens. Our concept of sanity is shaped for us through media saturation and bogus education models that are designed to program, as opposed to educate.

I'm not going that route and I never have. A lot of trouble came to me through this way of being. I spent the years I spent in prison because I refused to admit that I had done anything wrong. I had not. You can lock my body up but you can't lock me up. I will remain free regardless. You will not change my mind through intimidation, brutality or fear. The alternative is far worse and you might never get free again.

You can tell yourself anything you want but it has no impact on what is true. There is something within us that knows what is true and what is not. We may be unaware of this at the conscious level but that within us that knows... knows ...and it will allow us no peace until we recognize what our deeper self is trying to say to us.

I don't look like Tom Cruise but I do not spend my life agonizing about it or taking every available step to make myself more attractive to people who don't care about me in the first place. I am not rich but I do not spend my time trying to be. That will come on its own or not. Running around like a rat inside the maze of the mind after an ephemeral piece of cheese is not my idea of a good time. I am not powerful in the pedestrian sense but I am as potentially powerful as anyone who has ever lived. The determination of how some amount of my time will be spent here is not in my hands. How I react to this is in my hands. I am not a great many things but I can be anything the moment the ineffable waves his hand and declares it so. In the meantime, in my mind, what we do is to serve as we go along. We express what is genuine and compassionate in all our dealing with others. We seek a communication with the indwelling divine and if we prove persistent and sincere enough, we WILL hear back.

We will fail in our efforts to do the right thing, again and again but we will fail less so ♫as time goes by♫. Our persistence and determination will be the deciding factor in our becoming more skilled at doing the right thing and it doesn't hurt to know what the right thing is to begin with. As we engage more and more in self inquiry it will become more and more clear to us what the right thing is. The more we uncover the truth about ourselves, the more we will be able to identify the truth in others and all around us and the key to that is to look beyond appearances; to fundamentally comprehend that appearances are a lie and to not be distracted by or put in fear of them.

If it is easier for you to believe in the obvious and provable lie of the holocaust, the more you invite one into your own life. The more you believe that it is a dog eat dog world, the more you will live in one. The more you embrace the common lies that surround us, the more you will be a part and party to them and eventually they will seem like the truth to you and that renders you walking blind through the land of smoke and mirrors.

Something happens in the hearts and minds of those who refuse to believe in and serve the illusions and the lies. The truth comes looking for you. When it comes to the residents and maintainers of the divine regions, when you are looking for them they are looking for you. Before you even know you are on this journey, there is someone journeying toward you. “When the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.”

There is no upside to buying into lies. This does not afford you some consistent protection, when it is lies that you need protecting from in the first place. It is a given that except in rare circumstances, we all die. What this should prove is that what matter is HOW you live your life. How you live your life sets the coordinates for where you wind up, passing onward into what is largely unknown on this side of the equation. We collectively mistake the meaning of death. It is largely only in primitive cultures that death is better understood. They seem to also have a better idea of how one lives their life as well. We are not all primitive. Most of us are not and have not been for a very long time. We are in no danger at any time from primitive cultures in any greater sense. We are in constant danger from the so called 'civilized'. It seems like the more civilized we believe ourselves to be, the more dangerous we are.

I am not here as an apologist for primitive cultures. They can be as brutal as anyone but they don't visit that upon the whole planet and they have come to their own terms about the meaning of what they believe and what they do.

One thing I have noticed in my travels through different lands and different cultures is that the poorer a people are, the more friendly and generous they often are. I have also found that the richer a people are, the less friendly and generous they are. I don't want to be like that and I will not be like that. Better to be poor in worldly goods and rich in the ways that really count.

Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

So... Spinoza and Pythagoras Walk into a Bar.

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Occasionally and... these days, more than occasionally, you run into a certain amount of hysteria where people take their own idea of the meaning of isolated events and use it to ramp up something that hasn't happened yet but they need this kind of thing to reinforce their projections of things and maybe it validates something when you are in bed with Alex Jones and you make at least 6 figures a year and well... the beginning number is not '1'. You will note from this article that it's all about things coming, supposedly but... are not here yet.

I'm not saying things like this don't happen or that they won't increase. I don't know but... at least I have the grace to say this. Sensationalism is not my bag. I have an aversion toward cherry picking things that sell ideas that might be but haven't been yet. Sure... we all know that there is shit flying around all over the place and there are big fans set on high but the shit has not hit the fan yet.

You don't have to break into homes to get food in this country; not yet anyway. There are countries where this kind of dire circumstance is in play. This country is not one of them. There is food to be had and when you are in a bind due to OTHER drives, maybe you do break into a house. You will note that they took the man's wallet... that is presented as a 'by the way' incidental to the event. They broke in for food and the wallet just occurred as an afterthought.

True... I have a problem with this guy and his KA's or 'known associates'. There is always this strident paranoia verging on hysteria, which you see as proforma from Mr. Bullhorn Jones.

I have less money than most, certainly but... I eat well. I buy great foodstuffs at lower prices and in bulk and I cook. That last feature alone grants one the ability to eat at a quality level and I know how to make pedestrian ingredients sing because I can cook and I pity those who can't. How it is that someone doesn't learn the necessary expertise, concerning what they do every day, escapes me. I have always felt that the finest disciplines one can learn, with the highest profit, is to become good at what you do with the greatest frequency. And just about anything you want to become good at, you focus on and concentrate on and do and do and do until you get good at it. You pay attention. Attention and concentration are symbiotic dance partners. The greater one's ability to concentrate, the more effective one becomes. Here we have to bring up Love again. Love what you do or... move on to something that you do love. Never settle out of convenience or it will become inconvenient and always more difficult as well.

I should probably just do that 'live and let live' thing but there are too many opportunists at work who are not willing to live and let live. They want to shake things up and see things that aren't there because there is a lot of money in fear-mongering. One of the most certain realities of existence is that no matter how dire and chaotic things might become in one place, they will, more likely, be what they have always been in most places. That is good news and bad news because in some places it has been consistently troublesome and difficult. In others it is like one of those parks in Savannah. Savannah is a beautiful and affluent city. There are places like this all over the world. There are also places like this all over the world and they are far more populous.

I tend to see things through two major lenses; one of them is physics and the other is metaphysics and they are the same except for the one having a wider bandwidth. Some number of the well known and long remembered philosophers were mathematicians and for good reason. I bring this up because there is a predictable and approaching inevitability that is going to play out soon; as early as next week or as long as a couple of years from now and that is the ever increasing disparity in wealth between the 1% and everyone else. This is a mathematical condition that has been artificially created upon the backdrop of archetypes which exist in direct opposition to this construct. Artificial constructs that go counter to the will of the cosmos are granted temporary existence for the purpose of demonstration. They are not allowed to continue indefinitely and they are toast in an apocalypse.

I suspect that the Earth will shake rattle and roll at some point. I expect the seas to rise here and there. That is the nature of an apocalypse but I most definitely expect the whole world to rise up against the predators and psychopaths that are siphoning off the life blood of the public, like ravenous vampires who cannot achieve satiation. Their hunger has no limits. They are a curious breed. It astounds the imagination that they can drink so much blood and yet remain vulpine in appearance. The truth is that they are blood sucking siphon machines for demons who occupy their forms and are not unlike the trackless sands that can swallow the blood of millions and yet retain their pristine appearance.

Yes, the Earth will, 'shake, rattle and roll' and there will be signs and wonders; there always are in an apocalypse but an apocalypse is a time of balancing the scales. It is set up to deal with all of the artificial constructs that come into place when the balance has gone missing and the worst of us are allowed to prance about like rabid baboons showing their ass and looking to turn everyone they infect into an extra in some zombie film. It is a natural event that comes around every time circumstances and conditions get to critical mass. Of course, this is not something that is generally understood because the yardstick most people use to measure what they become aware of, or imagine to be true, is a limited device. You can't use a yardstick to measure what you can't see. You need a different technology to calibrate the invisible and only the intuition will serve in that respect. It is not a precise medium but it is as accurate as the source of whatever is providing you with the insight.

Of all the talents that I could consider worth possessing, the intuition is numero uno. If you are in touch with an agent of the source of all things then there are no limits on what you can realize. You might not be able to speak about it with a transferable and precise veracity but you will be able to communicate the sense of it and that should be more than enough for anyone who has a real thirst because even though you cannot define the composition of the water itself, you can certainly point to the location of the well. The water cannot be defined because it defines itself differently in respect of everyone who partakes. It is seldom the same and it can only be imbibed from an archetypal surrender to the awareness within the water. Sometimes water is just water.

Here are two cards that speak to the impact of that water;

Neither of these are the card of the intuition. This is the card of the intuition;

I leave it to the reader to come to their own conclusions about the meaning inherent in the pictures given and the reason for that is that the understandings that are arrived at are different for each of us. I know that there are schools of thought that maintain we all come to the same comprehension but that is simply not true. We are not all on the same rays. We are not all equally capable of the same results. Some people have deeper cups. They have given way more. You could say that we are equally capable of giving way but we do not all do so; twas ever thus.

The true images are always very similar. The understandings vary and they vary because we do not share the same exact objectives, desires and aspirations. Possibly we do at some further point but we do differ in kind and in what we value and our chief consideration should always be WHERE WE ARE NOW. Now is all that counts because you will never, ever be anywhere but now. Later on in that 'tomorrow never comes' matrix we find that, “in my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.

Make your life count; I suppose that is an example of mathematical humor of some kind.

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