Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seriously, does My Ass Look Fat in These Pedal Pushers?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

♫The snail track glows orange on the mountain tonight
Not a penis to be seen
A sexual usurpation
And the king is now the queen.

My gender is howling like this swirling storm inside

My out must now go in, Hell knows I tried!
Oh let them in, let them see
Be the good boygirl you always have to be
Don't Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
Well, now they know and on with the show

Let it go... uh! uh! uh!
let it go... uh! uh! uh!
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Stick my dick in the jamb and slam the door!

I don't care
What they're going to say
Sane people will rage on,
But sanity never bothered me anyway!

It's funny how an elephant
Makes all my junk seem small
And the reasonable mind that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all!

It's time to see what I can do
In a toilet stall that's built for two
No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I'm deranged

Let it go, Cut it off
I turn my butt to the wind and sky
Let it go, Cut it off
I'm pretty when I cry!

Here I stand and simper
And here I'll stay
Let the normal people rage on!

My power flurries through the air into the ground
Who wrote this piss poor song?
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
These lyrics are shit and juvenile
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I'm going to drink Brandy Alexanders until I'm smashed

Let it go, Cut it off
And I'll be open like the break of dawn
Let it go, Cut it off
That perfect girl can now turn her head and cough

Here I writhe
Like Dame Elton John
Let the storm rage on,
Decorum never bothered me anyway!♫

We thought we would take that song, “Frozen” which reads like a Short Bus 12 year old wrote it and alter it in honor of this.

In the film, “The Player”, one of the characters is talking on his cellphone while driving down Sunset BLVD (at least I think that was the street) and he says to the Tim Robbins character, “I'm on my way to an AA meeting.” Robbins' character says, “I didn't realize you were an alcoholic.” He replies, “I'm not but that's where all the deals are being made these days.” I might be paraphrasing but it is close enough for rock and roll.

This serves by way of an introduction to a great idea I just had. I was thinking, “Why don't I come out as gay?” I don't actually have to be gay. All I have to do is say I am. While I am at it, I thought I would announce that I just found out that I was Jewish, on my great, great, great, great, not so great grandmother's side. As a newly minted gay, Jewish man I could possibly be in line for something like this.

I'm getting to that stage where I might not be around 25 years from now and I really feel I deserve at least some small expression of material success and this is the way to get it done. I am also about to discover that I am black on my great, great, great, not so great grandfather's side. As a black, gay Jewish man I cannot imagine that anything would be denied me on the material plane.

I have already started acting out, as a prelude to coming out, in front of my friends here ...and they think I have the camp thing down; if their laughter is any indication. Of course, we are in the preliminary stages. I'm looking down the road, past the initial whirlwind of being hounded by paparazzi and nailed by eager suitors, in the stalls of some public men's room. I probably wouldn't be in places like that but ambiance has always been important to me and you can't get better ambiance these days than in an inner city park, men's bathroom, since most of the states have opted for the black light atmosphere, with piped in disco music. Like I said, I'm looking ahead because transgender is where the really heavy success action is going down (pun intended). Does my ass look fat in these jeans?

Well, the real reason that I think going transgender might work for me is that I've always wanted to be a lesbian but I have to be a chick to “getter done.” See... there's nothing wrong with being a man who used to (really really) like women, turning into a woman who really really likes women. Nothing has changed except for concerns about getting it up ...and boy! That's a load off my mind.

So... I was thinking, how about, instead of Les Visible, why not Bergstein Steinberg and you can call me Berggie, or Ms Berggie, puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?” I can't wait for someone to say, “You go girl!” How fun would that be? I'm thinking about relocating to Santa Monica and opening an antique shop and that works really well, considering what an antique I am. The idea is that I run into Caitlyn, in my Subaru. Apparently lesbians really like Subarus. 'I'm not the walrus. I'm not the egg man, I'm the egg lady!”

Of course, since I am also Jewish, I need to go to Israel and it is there that I intend to meet my next love interest. I mean, just the way this article is written by a compassionate Tribester... and the one before it was written by a Muslim, truly moves me. Get out of here! Really? Yeah... really; some guy named Abdullah Pork Salami ...and all those prohibitions about pork go right out the window because if you are gay then pork is kosher. Does my ass look fat in these jeans?

The next step is to head down to the transgender karaoke bar, where I begin to seriously belt out show tunes and since I'm black also, I thought I would make Porgy and Bess my go to Broadway signature prance. Then I become the spokeschick for Black-Jewish Transgender Lives Matter and as a lipstick lesbian, I think Shachar is going to be digging my groove when pretend boy meets pretend girl and it won't be long before Caitlyn shows up and we have this weird sex triangle and boom! Like it had eyes, I get my own reality TV show.

I would probably be the lipstick lesbian because I am svelte and rapier thin, so Shachar would probably be the shaven headed, leather jacket wearing end of the equation.

Oh Gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwd I just want to feel safe, while I am transitioning from a man to a Duck Billed Platypus. SAFE! Like a human condom.This is a major league steaming pile of Hippopotamus shit. Scrutinize the language. It's like dead cockroaches organized into some kind of hieroglyphics for the thinking impaired. 

I deserve at least a little success and I am willing to put your money where my mouth is. Is he talking about the 'money shot'? I'm thinking I can give a whole new meaning to 'shooting gallery' and I really do want to find out if you can get four queens on a bar stool by simply turning it upside down.

"Shachar," which means Dawn in Hebrew; Shachar said he did not want to garner undue attention while serving.” Serving? ♫Dawn go away I'm no good for you.♫ See, getting extra attention is not what I am after either. That's why I'm going to do everything in the media, so I can keep a low profile.

99% of women say they don't like men who wear leather pants, which works out perfectly, since 100% of men who wear leather pants don't like women. Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Because those men already have boyfriends. I really want to be able to walk down the street before I get gender altered and see a beautiful woman and turn to my date of the moment and say, “"It's women like her that sometimes make me wish I was a lesbian...” Then, in this Shake 'n Bake world, presto! I am.

I'll be having dinner at Barry Diller's. I'll be in the recording studio night and day. I'll have a column at Time Magazine. I'll be the new It It ...something... something. It's all so confusing, I'm getting all flushed with my new sensitivity. It's like I really care that I care that I don't care. ♫I want to be me!!!!!!!! I want to be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♫ I see things like this and then I see things like this and yet again I see things like this. All of them are 6 years old so that would make them like 666. Right? How can anyone say that a six year old is not mature enough to know what they want?

I deserve success, just a smidgen and I have finally found the way to get some. I also want ten million dollars. I don't think that is asking a lot. The government can give it to me without a care in the world and I can build the barn home of my dreams and all of you can come and visit and we'll have quiche or something and I can go on The View and Ellen Degenerates and Montel's and golly Cheese Wiz, I can spread out on a Ritz cracker and beg the world, the whole world, to do me back and forth and with some ropes and pulleys, or pullets even.

Sure I've been strange all my life and am about to get stranger still ...but if this is what it takes for me to get a leg up (heh heh), then this is what it takes. I realize now that I never gave it all my all. I wasn't willing to risk everything so that I could sit poolside and dream. I had all these stupid inhibitions about integrity and honor and where has that gotten me? I'm in Nowhere Land but I'm not going to be Nowhere Man. I'm going to be Nowhere Girl.

Please, dear reader, do not judge me too harshly. I've had a difficult life and before I punch that cosmic time clock on my way out, I want to taste the good life, at least just for a little while. Sure... sex might be a little awkward at first because I don't know how to do the things I am going to be doing but it has to be a little like riding a bike. Meanwhile, I don't want to be buried in Mozart's grave. I want to live a little. Who can blame me? I'm tired of bucking the trend. I want my place at the trough. I want to root in the darkness before I stumble into the light. I want to sleep all day and stay up all night.

Please show me a little compassion. I tried so hard but it has all been in vain. I deserve to have Bobby Vinton's hair and sing some harmony on ♫YMCA♫. I want to be Mrs. Claus and ring that Salvation Army bell ...on Christmas Day. I want to be in the middle of the mosh pit with all those anonymous bodies. I want it to be in total darkness where everything is done in Braille. I want to carry starlight home in a bottomless pail. I want to whimper when it feels good and I want to wail. I want to howl at the moon and shriek like a loon. I want to go on forever and not come too soon. I want to know what the function is for all those mysterious unguents and flexible toys. I want to giggle with the girls and ponce about with the boys. I want to be wanted and dance until dawn... hopefully with Dawn. I want to paint your toenails and then mow your lawn. I want to be the pool boy in a steamy summer flick... uh oh... I can feel it coming cause what rhymes with flick? I think I'll just back up now. Damn... that sounds innuendo laden too. I want to do it with me before I do it with you.

Dear Reader; I apologize for coming out like this. I know this is scant warning and some of you might have an investment in what I used to be but I really do need some name recognition and money. It's just for a little while. I'll have some kind of epiphany on the further side and it will all be alright again. I am especially sorry if I seem insensitive, especially because I feel like crying all the time, ever since those estrogen infusions. How can I be so sensitive and insensitive at the same time? I realize that one can't go back after having turned in this direction but... so it is. I will try to be a good transgender and maybe you will even like me further down the road. It will surely be difficult at points as I try to adjust. I hope you can eventually adjust and we might just meet at the Adjustment Bureau one of these days. Seriously though... does my ass look fat in these jeans?

End Transmission......

The last two radio shows are available for DOWNLOAD.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Do I note an iota of sarcasm here?

Are we glad this era is coming to a close, or are we glad this era is coming to a close?!

And those song lyrics had both of us rolling on the floor!

Visible said...

Sarcasm? Moi? Of course I was dead serious and I am now gay, Jewish and Black. You can expect to see me with my name in lights soon. The ten million will help too. It's not enough but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible. I mean Ms. Berggie. I know you think of yourself as having a svelte physique but to be honest your ass does look a little fat in those jeans. But don't worry we'll photoshop you on the cover of all the major mags. You'll be gorgeous. Everyone will love you. Ten mil is just a start. You'll be the biggest gay Jewish black thing ever. Give us a call at 1-800-mys-atan.

robert said...

(part one of two)

The Precious Few

When I reflect in a stone cold attitude on the stark futility of what I have created from infinite potential,

My awe and admiration for those who have been effective serving the greater good hit me like a tsunami.

Those very few precious lives which made real differences to the human soul for all time and space!

Born blind into this cosmic creation engine, taught only how to consume by vampires on parole,

Infinite potential reduced to mere seasoning, adding flavor to the dreary process of eating the world

Any remembrance from before the commencement of time, brings only the deepest racking remorse:

How could I have mindlessly wasted all this precious time trying to stay asleep instead of trying my soul on for size?

During childhood, when Spirit was a welcomed and tangible presence, and the primary playmate in all play,

Whenever impulses indulged proved to be life-killing and evil, in imagined anticipation of Spirit’s reticent reaction,

I learned how to wall away my feeling connection, as I built up mental blocks to entomb my cruel acts.

This grew into the supreme bad habit of turning away from my own present being, just to stay myself…

A lifetime persisting in the collection of reasons to be less than Spirit, to accept a more limited being

Leaves us crying outside the promised party, wondering without any doubt, how we killed the one we love.

Why we choose our carefully constructed self-delusions and the illusion of belonging to the human herd

Over the eternal pipers’ call to wake up and smell the freedom just outside of view, is the mystery we must solve!

We know our mind is but a limited version of the Mind yet we are granted the power to create with Mind!

We feel our hearts are but a local version of the Heart yet we are given the connection to feel all of Creation!

We sense our bodies are but a microcosmic version of Creation yet we are freely offered membership in Motion!

Our wills are limited at present but the way to learn to act harmoniously is not to deny our will but to actively align it

To choose to direct ourselves from the conductor’s baton, instead of just making more noise from willful ignorance

Our understanding is only partial but to become more means taking responsibility for how we actively use mentality!

Comprehending all of Creation is beyond our grasp but we can use our reflecting power to clean our own lens!

Knowing only one principle upon which Love operates, we can fiercely remove lies and deceptions from our Mind’s eye!

Understanding that limits only exist in limited perspective, we may boldly cast out all pretenders selling us limitations!

Feeling instinctively that ALL disempowering concepts and fear-based aphorisms are merely cattle prods for egos

A mountainous pile of shitty lies layered upon us like mummy wrappings, all for purposes of controlling the human herd

Was deliberately mixed in with dimly remembered flickers of true vision, to confuse the children into a deathly sleep…


robert said...

(part two of two)

Whatever we have commanded into our life experiences, at least we should gain the wisdom from our miscreation,

Clearing the prefect living mechanism of handed-down lies, so that we can observe and unwind our false steps,

This we have the power to accomplish using our baby powers, if there is nothing else to divide and conquer our will…

While we have breath, we can direct our attention in any direction we can conceive of, including the Heart of the One.

Instead of being directed by the herd harvesters to participate in group slaughter, we can serve the harmony of All.

Rather than try to resist the evil flow against Life, we can learn how NOT to resist Immanence seeking expression,

The One Desire to breathe Life through empty temples, bringing the Sound of Joy into our being and into Our Being.

Should we have the courage to fly upon greater wings then we possess, we must leave the false security of the herd.

Join the group of voluntary souls desiring to play only the Creator’s way, not the empty games which sum to zero…

After a lifetime’s momentum of striving in futility against our own self-programmed identification with death,

Are we ready to ask for Divine intervention, this time for more than a temporary release from the snares of selfishness?

Do we truly welcome the return of unmistakable intimacy with a Being beyond our experience and thus our control?

What do we have now that we would hesitate to surrender it, in favor of an active union with the Heart of Creation?

The practical surrender is not passive, nor bereft of responsibility to stay in tune and in time with the rhythm of Life!

Just as human love requires unconditional commitment to the flow, yet also requires paying attention at all times,

To dance in time with the changes, the ongoing three-sided fractal frenzy, which makes Life the puzzle worth living.

Even when in human partnership, MORE will, MORE attention, MORE responsible thinking, MORE caring is required!

Surrender sovereign will to no human being, but only to the timeless Will to Live, which drives the entire creation crazy!

This is like giving up training wheels to ride the bicycle built for a fool more freely, leading on to a better design!

Why stand outside while the party goes on without us, just because fear and limitation are familiar to our identity?

By now, life in this devolving death cult going inevitably down the drain, is making the decision to jump ship simple…

Not easy but simple enough contrast, for even the most hammered upon carriers of the cult’s deceptions, to clearly see!

If only we choose to wipe our eyes free of all the gritty bullshit which has been thrown into them by the MEdiaMatrix.

If only we hunger more for real feeling than for ersatz simulacra, for true understanding than for false assurance.

When we finally grow weary of beating our willing but almost dead horse, to get up and pull our weight in the machine,

Then will we let go of all burdens we carry as ballast to keep us down, and release our spirits to return to us renewed!


Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed this long and hard since the last thing you wrote that made me laugh this long and hard...and I am a woman! Hmmm! Maybe you have something there!!!

Don't forget your "disability"! One just can't muck about without a "disability"! How about...dyslexia! Or would that be "lexdysia"?

You made my day! As usual.

Anonymous said...

You could be known as the performer known only as..."Princess"!

torus said...

"Holy Lamb
See the world we started
Is it so low again
Like a light that's lost upon the stage
So the more it shines, it goes away

Surely then
See the curtain rising to show us once again
All the magic of the Earth and the skies
See the more we find
The more we realize

That every time
See the laws of nature keep telling us like a friend
It's the spirit of emotion dancing in the wind
High above
High above
So sure inspired again

I can tell a new story now
Can we see through this mask of uncertainty
Surely now
How can it be so hard when all there is to know
Don't be afraid of letting go
It takes a loving heart
To see and show
This love
For our own ecology

Hold the light
Hold the light
Out of love we'll come a long long glorious way
At the start of every day
A child begins to play
And all we need to know
Is that the future is a friend of yours and mine"

Anonymous said...

Carlin ain't got nothing on you. Have you thought of doing a comedy album?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @9 you are seriously connecting with my thoughts!
Visable! You need to do this whole piece...just as written made up as a black, Jewish,gay...(add dyslexia if you wish) and made a dvd! It would make you a fortune! Get a gofundme page and give the donors who give $50 or more a free dvd! Forget YouTube ! Go fund me would reach a better heeled audience. No advertisers to yank your chain! Plus you are not taking without giving! Just my humble thought!

You could sell them direct for $25 but the donors would get..... Your autograph!!!

I just love you!

Anonymous said...

That was good. LMFAO laughing my fat ass of at that one.

Vanilla Xtreme said...

If you can pull all this off AND become a midget — I'm sorry, "height-challenged" — I'm sorry, "little person" — oh fuck it, become a dwarf per impartial biological classification, with a desire to be tossed through the air, naked, well then, I shall honor your differentness by not comparing it with my own. Jesus, but this PC stuff is work.

Anonymous said...

"Did you see what she was wearing?"


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Sarcasm , irony and the declaration of 'independence' all at once, and all without crossing the border into mocking.... seems USSA is doing some catalyzing of the creative movement on the keyboard of your long and slender fingers....

Yet what inspires me to comment is the certainty, as a result of this poetry-song and the subsequent prose-dance, that i am no longer completely alone in this age of asscention (smile from coccyx almost to the perineum, also known as the grin that is presented to a bicycle seat, or maybe its a Harley-Davidson, jeez , let me check the material of my shorts, oops i forgot, don't use any since toilet paper and bidet were available). Some time back some unexplainable urge also made me come out of the closet, ..... “"It's women like her that sometimes make me wish I was a lesbian...” , some inspiring female no? The Yin part of my Heart finally understood the Yang part and declared herself Lover of the Yin as well, well at least of the Yin that dances with Yang, as in Yin within Yang, and Yang within Yin, like the TaiChi symbol with the paqua, an ever expanding spiral of the Loving Dance of the Shiva/Shakti Tango... in more coloquial terms a 'lesbiano'.....

i so longed that my great, great, great, awesome grandfather, maybe you heard of him he spoke yiddish so they named him yitzak, and being somewhat of a rabid mind, the last name was rabin, ahhh the consonants, sort of like jack and rubenstein, when he was such a dear that all called him jack 'the ruby' and his wife the onassis jacque-line, not to be confuscious with greek shipping lines ( the smile -line described above, where one end is the perineum and the other the cock-sick area and the 'hole' in the middle is to be considered a circle into which a square dance peg needs to be inserted or which should be square-danced about by yitzak unless he wishes to blow up his ambitions, like the hotel that had ruth's grandson's name .... now vertigo has set in, as if tinnitus and alzheimer were not enough, dealing with so much trangenerational, or is it transgender, themes.....

even though my intentions were pure, i oh so wanted to make the bush into a brush, or vice versa, beavers can be confuscious, and by my declaration of 'lesbiano' fulfill the instructions and shop, shop, till i drop, like the ultimate consumer of material products , including the comestibles, no such 'luck' has followed my act of 'courageous' stepping out. In experience so far, on the contrary, i have been reduced to spending interminable hours experimenting on possible remedy in my 'alchemical' kitchen to autism..... of my Soul, natch...

May your coming out be of greater success that mine, after all, it is ok to learn from the mistakes others have made, not only from the one's own...

from a lesbiano to you, black jewish transgender gay, may the pollen of your flowering serve as food and source of joy to the honey-bee....


Ray B. said...


Vis: "I'm getting to that stage where I might not be around 25 years from now..."

As we are roughly of the same age, me too. Unless I go "Poof" along the way...

Seriously (grin), when I turned 60 years old, I had this great relief come over me - from within. Apparently, some part of me (perhaps a deep part) had this thought/knowing that if you got tossed off the planet before 60, they won. If you weren't tossed off the planet before 60, you had 'made it'. I have no idea where that came from; just that it welled-up from a very deep place...

Okay, back to the theme of this blog: If you go to the BIG Sequoias in a month, you could hang-out (aarrgghh) with the (real) faeries. (Sorry, guys...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Okay... I ordered a fake nose and an afro wig and some black face paint and a yarmulke with the star of David and a swastika in the middle. So far the material is a scream. People are doubling up with laughter here. We're including the holocaust and 9/11 and all kinds of things and if this goes viral it will be an STD time bomb for the mind. Whoever you are here that instigated this and inspired me to go off the rails, you bear equal responsibility . Expect it on youtube in two weeks. I have to put it up with a false name or else I will lose my channel. Some of this stuff is so funny it is getting hard to breathe. I'm kinda helpless in the face of doing this because of the force of it. I'm guessing the ineffable must have some part in this because the material is just streaming out and it is most assuredly not PC. What makes it really work is including all the sober statistics with the shtick. All the characters talk back and forth... gay black, gay Jew and transsexual.

polyb said...

No, your ass only looks fat in that mirror. Now c'mon girl, you know Caitlyns' after that ass. And you know that Sacher will always love that ass of a lesbian trapped in the body of a gay jewish black man! Now you go girl!

Visible said...

I am definitely going to the Sequoia national forest; never been. Been to others like St. Albans and such. I know this is going to be powerful.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

don't start me.. ok....

"it has to be a little like riding a bike." or dike

I am coming out as soon as I get my transparent abdomen operation... what shall we call it (Shirley, not Tripe? More than this (upgrade from wear my heart on my sleeve) cue Brian Ferry - real name probably Brown Ferrenstein). Let's Testes together - If I find that third testicle masquerading as a BorWithSIJointLumbarSacralisation I want another $10m. Then I shall have it marry #2 Testicle (it came out a long time ago though it often wants to go back in again, literally, I wanna go home, I want my baby back).

Might I suggest a more reasonable Les Vis-Able to Lez-Be-Anne if you don't make the full upgrade, over the border to Trannysilvania into that Fabian Socialist Pool of BigTitsTSHirt that says "if only these were brains"... not if only these were Brians.

Seriously though, I still dont know if the ptb are these ways themselves (you know, burning and or buggering babies, and all that OT stuff) or if that is all just for our denoument (and population control). Can you be openly gay in Israel? Is it a literally reptile thing?

When asked by a reporter in the 1950's Carl Jung was asked about the worlds first transgender operation, he refused to answer saying it was an individual thing. Like, I suppose, a lonely girl being raped on a crowded train in Switzerland now by a Moslem agitator with noone coming to her aid (if Rense reporters be true, and see newest art for one on that). How times move on. and how the Moves are Timed On by the great watcher up there in the yellow sky (cue shakespeare taming of the shrew and 1984's 4/5 finger trick). there
's an idea, shakespeare role reversed, taming of the Zardoz Man. starts with boiling in wax for chest hair removal and calling your mother a whore (Talmud style, 315 to Yuma/Yo'mumma ).

Class shall resume normal operations as soon as planet X has made it's debut.(keep banging those rocks together guys - cue douglas adams)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I left this one out because it was the first date... for this year.. last night I had communion with an Echidna (not Kidding Ya), a real prick of a thing, rolled over before I got there, talk about playing hard to get, it must have shit it's ants (sic, and sick too) when it saw me. thought I would go gentle at first, rather than getting shafted on the first go. nosey parker must have been stalking me (I am Jewish and have the Catholic proof)! Then after a long quiet wait (mutually) the thing walks away from me. (reminds me of that dildo nosed robot doll in Bladerunner, though less animated, more antimated, almost,). I demand the right to commune effectively as a team (Oblivion movie), if not affectively as a team. It's just not fair and it's all God's fault. If you do not prick me, do I not bleed?

Ray B. said...

Interesting to ponder on, from Wikipedia:

Ochlocracy ("rule of the general populace") is democracy ("rule of the people") spoiled by demagoguery, "tyranny of the majority", and the rule of passion over reason, just as oligarchy ("rule of a few") is aristocracy ("rule of the best") spoiled by corruption, and tyranny is monarchy spoiled by lack of virtue.


Under oligarchy and tyranny, a quote by Professor Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University), from his "Tragedy and Hope", one of the NWO sourcebooks:

“...the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

Anonymous said...

As long as you are in the mood for changes, you can also consider this option...

torus said...

Don't forget your unisex "Rapist Magnet", made right here in Ontario. (Subject to applicable taxes. Taxing to applicable subjects. Neck chain included) If you order NOW, we'll also include two copies of Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed" 45rpm stylized nipple rings. 2oz jar of "Safe-Space" nipple lotion included. Become the death of the party today! And enter for a chance to win a night out at Toronto's glittering hot spot "The Abba Toir", where you can learn Lisa Lampinelli's secrets on inhaling spent jism up your anus and regurgitating it out your mouth, something the hipsters call "Andrew Dice Spray"!

torus said...

The feminists, who support the "bathroom bills", and tranny rights, are crying that we live in a "rape culture", nurtured by the "patriarchy". Anti-feminists, who do not support the "bathroom bills", claim that we do not live in a "rape culture".
I live in a province that is allegedly a magnet for rapists. In North America there are certainly more rapists, thugs, and predators, than there are "Caitlyn Jenners" et al.
So, open up the public bathrooms to the gender of your choice, so that any rapist in a dress may enter. Subsequently nurturing the "rape culture" that the anti-feminists say dies not exist.

It's getting closer, the towering cunt of "babble" is about to Andrew-Dice-Spray us, eventually rendering language inadequate to describe the insanity.
Where,"let your yea mean gay, and your nay mean gay" become equally impotent.

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

What we have in reality is a cloaca-ocracy, Courtesy of the Tribe.


Visible said...

Yes... the Cloaca Smack U Cuz.

Anonymous said...

On my honor...I swear to uphold everything you put on your YouTube channel! I will share responsibility and promise if your channel gets pulled to upload another one for you in another name!

I will have to be tutored in how to do this since I am not savvy to computer stuff.

This is going to be the greatest!

I would love to accompany you to the sequoias since I haven't been since a child .

And for Ray... Turning sixty is the most incredible thing to experience ... Kinda like shedding a skin and now you can feel, breathe, think with amazing clarity. Why people are afraid is vexing! Embrace the changes people! I thank my mother for this gift. The most fearless person I have ever known and beautiful until she passed at 91 years.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! That is some funny and true in a gumbo. If you carry out what you are saying you will you are going to cross one of those interdimesional lines and it might even go viral. I suspect it will. If anyone can get this done, you will. I support you 110% on this and I believe most everyone else here does too. I laughed out loud many times as I read this. It was a type of relief. Thank you so much for the courage and honesty on a bicycle built for two.


Anonymous said...

I am having soooo much fun in my mind and spirit with everything you are doing! Thank you for being you!
Maybe one of your bits could be with a white hitler hair and mustache (remember you are black, Jewish and gay...) singing and dancing goose step style a la Will Ferrell in " The Producers" doing "Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News ! I Got A Bad Case Of Killing Jews! No pills gonna cure my ills I got a bad case of killing Jews!

Hey, they got away with the movie...! Hitler was a Rothschild!

Anonymous said...

Hitler singing a duet a la "Unforgettable" with pics of Angela singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing I will use anonymity here but you will know who it is-

'start killing the Jews
let's do it today.
I want to be a part of it
in old New York.
If we can kill them there
we'll kill them everywhere
it's up to you, New York
New York."

This is supposed to be funny. I hope no one thinks there is something darker and otherwise implied here. The greatest enjoyment I get out of it is that it pisses them off. I'd never actually do anything like that but, they would.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: All references to Jews here are ONLY the "Jews who say they are Jews but are of the Sanhedrin of Satan"! My very first love was the most sweet man and Jewish !

No one here hates on Jews ... Only the infiltrators who used the Jewish people mercilessly to front their evil ways!

Woe unto them when the real Jews realize what has been done in the name of their will defy all description...!

Anonymous said...

"Diddler on the roof" for 911!

Anonymous said...

"My Foreskin Belongs,my foreskin belongs,my foreskin belongs to me!"

Anonymous said...

Germany, Poland and Russia... Just to name a few recent victims of these monsters deserve this video. The destruction of these beasts must be publicly vindicated by ridicule and unrelenting observation and reporting of their crimes... Nuremberg trials will look like a cakewalk when we are through.

We will laugh you off this planet!

Anonymous said...

Is Melanie Safka still around? Maybe she would do a serious ending with you of "Candles in the Rain"

torus said...

@Ray B 21. The problem with Quigley, and I have read his tome, "Tragedy and Hope", is that he "exposes" only the Anglo-American nexus of the "conspiracy". He thus inspires the wannabe communist lads to grow longer beards and chant their anti-white, anti-capitalist dogmas, and that's just the women. The Zionist factor was never factored in by Quigley, and tenure, as always, triumphs.

"Start killin' the Jews in ol' New York.." ? We have to admit, they're relatively generous with youtube et al
"Jootube" & "Joogle". David Duke hasn't been banned, and most people don't a flying fuck about 9/11, let alone revisionism. One of many reasons why I'll be leaving "their" web. You know, I've never posted a thing on Facebook. never have, never will be. I haven't had cable TV for over twenty-five years, and now the internet is just about spent to me, aside from business which necessitates it's use. It was fun, for a little while.

Anonymous said...

"There's a hole in the world tonight, and the Jews put it there.. That's right.
There's a hole in the world tonight... Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow"

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like I have been invited to Woodstock and the room where the Declaration of Independence was being signed all at the same time...feel like I'm 18 but I know what I want this time!

"Not try in' a cause a big sssensation... Just talking bout my gggeneration!"

Anonymous said...

Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. 
William Shakespeare

"Get yer ass out's a command performance! (Thrust, thrust, thrust!)

Anonymous said...

Hitler on the Hoof--a parody mashup of Fiddler on the Roof and The Producers.


Anonymous said...

Manna, or something like it.

torus said...

Relax said the kike man,
You are programmed to believe.
You can decal anything you like
But you can never weave!

torus said...

Arvo Part - Te Deum

The pinnacle of Christian composition. In my humble opinion.

Visible said...

Someone decided to put together a Facebook page with my name.

Anonymous said...

"....don't a flying fuck about 9/11..."

Scriptures they heed have misled them
All praise their Sacrificed Sons

Ray B. said...

Hey, Torus! I published that paragraph from "Tragedy and Hope" because it directly talks about banksters. Most people can 'infer' who the banksters are. Just stirring the pot for newbies, and refreshing why it is important to look deeper for the snake's head for oldies...

"Tragedy and Hope" was published way back in 1966, just after JFK was 'offed' and just before RFK was 'offed'. I suspect Quigley was a deep-state-type, and up to his eyeballs in what we now call the AngloZionist establishment. However, I also expect his 'wanting to live' kept him from publishing deeper stuff...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Bill D. said...

Have not laughed so much in a long time...thanks so much, are a howl!

Kazz said...

There are so many crazy things going on in this world that it all gets too much at times. Everything starts piling up and feels too damn hard, but then I come across something that shows me all is not lost because there really are beautiful souls walking amongst us to show us the way. Just when I begin to think I have come far on my journey I come across someone like the man in the video below who makes realise how truly far a journey I still have ahead of me. I have so much to learn before I will even come close to being what Jesus inspired us to be, a truly selfless human being. Imagine what living in a world filled with people like this would be like?

I hope you are as touched by this man's actions as what I was.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

I wish it were that simple Kazz. Indeed, these are not just the days of miracle and wonder, but of self-serving opportunism as well. Assuming the entire thing isn't a set up, the homeless man's actions are commendable.
The cons? Johal wants control. He wastes no time in trying to up his view count. Johal doesn't even want an honest display of tears, just teeth. "Don't cry, no, no, don't cry". Cut the crap with an iPhone 6 and the mock exploitation of a child's suffering. The best charity remains anonymous and free of view counts. Up those view counts and monetize the channel so that corporations with too much to begin with can broaden their market.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Johal, taking over for Percy Ross in the digital age. I think it's real, and I like what he's doing. Too bad the help is only temporary, though.

Anonymous said...

Visible, it's too bad you've been closed out of the mainstream because you would light the place up if given the chance. I am sure it will not always be so. One day you'll get noticed in a wider sense and I am going to applaud until my hands hurt when that happens. I looking forward to your video. That's going to be a hoot. This post was rib aching. I had to stop reading every other paragraph because I couldn't take it.


Anonymous said...

This will be your breakthrough moment!!!! :)


wiggins said...

Don't forget the amputee'll have ticked all the right boxes with a missing limb to go with all the rest.

TyrannyNews said...

Les, I trust you remember our old friend, Rob Kettenburg. I wound up doing some research and produced a brief documentary about the guy. He's just so freakin' interesting on a few levels. I think you'll find the hand-written letter to Rob from MTV's Martha Quinn as bizarre as I did...

By the by, you'll no doubt be interested more than a couple of my other recent video productions. Like, for instance this one entitled, "This Man May Be a 9/11 Conspirator"...

Visible said...

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