Sunday, May 08, 2016

Not so Footloose, in a Rigged Casino Wonderland for the Rich and Powerful.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm not a fan of Michael Moore because his job description is to reveal things that are concealed or obscured and he skirts 9/11 big time. However, his latest film, “Where to Invade Next” is an eye opening foray into what is possible and available in countries besides the USA (USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!). It is amazing what is free elsewhere and what is certainly not free here. America is a rigged casino wonderland for the rich and powerful and the rest of you had better watch yourself and stay in line.

This film is worth seeing. It will break your heart to see what we don't have and so many other places do. It should be obvious that the experiment that is America, exists for the purpose of demonstration. We are going to see this. The sad fact is that there are a lot of wonderful people here. We can only hope that this world wide awakening that is taking place will occur in time for us to do what is needed to overthrow the shadow master, who has made indentured servants out of all of us.

Okay, I just got to the point where Moore is grandstanding the holocaust horseshit. The Holocaust is a lie!!! It isn't even a very well concealed or constructed lie. It is easy to see through but you need to possess the courage and curiosity to do so. One of my most sincere hopes is that the monstrous lie that this is will be revealed ASAP. This single consideration will radically and completely change the face of the world in which we live.

I remember telling Germans in pubs and other places that the Holocaust Fantasy was a fabrication and cynical maneuver by the money changers to act as a distraction from what they did in the Soviet Union. You should have seen the horror on their faces and the intensity of paranoia that they manifested in telling me I should keep my voice down. Then came the surprises when some of the people I told this to agreed with me. They knew it was bullshit. Possibly I was out of my mind for being so open and upfront as I was but I was possessed and am still possessed by a spirit that fills me with the confidence to say what I know to be true and the lies that I know to be false. I will not knuckle under or bend the knee to a lie and the greater the lie, the less likely am I to submit to its influence over my thoughts and the dignity of my heart.

I recognize the dangers that come from telling the truth but the dangers that come from not telling the truth are of a far greater significance to me and are of a far greater spiritual cost. I cannot bear that expense. I find it hard to believe that anyone can bear the cost of it but somehow they do. My life would not be worth living for me. I would rather be dead and am sure that even if I were still walking around, I would be dead. All that gave evidence of my being alive would be extinguished because I gave up the truth to live a lie ...because I was afraid, or I exchanged my living state for zombie status.

For some reason this is okay for a frightening number of people. It's not only due to fear that people give up their humanity and their love of freedom. That is a big part of it. Appetite and desire play a large part as well. So does the impetus for personal gain. This is a country of the functionally insane. What that means is that you can be crazy but you operate within certain perceivable patterns of normality, or what we have determined is sane and most of that is insane when viewed through a purely objective lens. Our concept of sanity is shaped for us through media saturation and bogus education models that are designed to program, as opposed to educate.

I'm not going that route and I never have. A lot of trouble came to me through this way of being. I spent the years I spent in prison because I refused to admit that I had done anything wrong. I had not. You can lock my body up but you can't lock me up. I will remain free regardless. You will not change my mind through intimidation, brutality or fear. The alternative is far worse and you might never get free again.

You can tell yourself anything you want but it has no impact on what is true. There is something within us that knows what is true and what is not. We may be unaware of this at the conscious level but that within us that knows... knows ...and it will allow us no peace until we recognize what our deeper self is trying to say to us.

I don't look like Tom Cruise but I do not spend my life agonizing about it or taking every available step to make myself more attractive to people who don't care about me in the first place. I am not rich but I do not spend my time trying to be. That will come on its own or not. Running around like a rat inside the maze of the mind after an ephemeral piece of cheese is not my idea of a good time. I am not powerful in the pedestrian sense but I am as potentially powerful as anyone who has ever lived. The determination of how some amount of my time will be spent here is not in my hands. How I react to this is in my hands. I am not a great many things but I can be anything the moment the ineffable waves his hand and declares it so. In the meantime, in my mind, what we do is to serve as we go along. We express what is genuine and compassionate in all our dealing with others. We seek a communication with the indwelling divine and if we prove persistent and sincere enough, we WILL hear back.

We will fail in our efforts to do the right thing, again and again but we will fail less so ♫as time goes by♫. Our persistence and determination will be the deciding factor in our becoming more skilled at doing the right thing and it doesn't hurt to know what the right thing is to begin with. As we engage more and more in self inquiry it will become more and more clear to us what the right thing is. The more we uncover the truth about ourselves, the more we will be able to identify the truth in others and all around us and the key to that is to look beyond appearances; to fundamentally comprehend that appearances are a lie and to not be distracted by or put in fear of them.

If it is easier for you to believe in the obvious and provable lie of the holocaust, the more you invite one into your own life. The more you believe that it is a dog eat dog world, the more you will live in one. The more you embrace the common lies that surround us, the more you will be a part and party to them and eventually they will seem like the truth to you and that renders you walking blind through the land of smoke and mirrors.

Something happens in the hearts and minds of those who refuse to believe in and serve the illusions and the lies. The truth comes looking for you. When it comes to the residents and maintainers of the divine regions, when you are looking for them they are looking for you. Before you even know you are on this journey, there is someone journeying toward you. “When the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.”

There is no upside to buying into lies. This does not afford you some consistent protection, when it is lies that you need protecting from in the first place. It is a given that except in rare circumstances, we all die. What this should prove is that what matter is HOW you live your life. How you live your life sets the coordinates for where you wind up, passing onward into what is largely unknown on this side of the equation. We collectively mistake the meaning of death. It is largely only in primitive cultures that death is better understood. They seem to also have a better idea of how one lives their life as well. We are not all primitive. Most of us are not and have not been for a very long time. We are in no danger at any time from primitive cultures in any greater sense. We are in constant danger from the so called 'civilized'. It seems like the more civilized we believe ourselves to be, the more dangerous we are.

I am not here as an apologist for primitive cultures. They can be as brutal as anyone but they don't visit that upon the whole planet and they have come to their own terms about the meaning of what they believe and what they do.

One thing I have noticed in my travels through different lands and different cultures is that the poorer a people are, the more friendly and generous they often are. I have also found that the richer a people are, the less friendly and generous they are. I don't want to be like that and I will not be like that. Better to be poor in worldly goods and rich in the ways that really count.

Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les - a great read,

torus said...

Greetings. Well, 200,000 hectares and growing. That's the approx. current size of the fire raging in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada. Judging from the average size of its residents, it could be called, Fort Big Mac Murray. Our poodle in charge, Justin Trudeau, says he will not visit the disaster until it's "under control".
Wow! He's typically an opportunist and loves a good selfie. Canada is a fucked up place. Trudeau's old man, the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau vowed to never raise the tax on a gallon of gas. He subsequently converted Canada to the metric system and raised the tax on a litre instead. I wonder, if and when Trudeau the younger legalizes marijuana (HA!) if he will vow to never raise the tax on an ounce of pot and eventually raise it on a awqiyyah instead.
He bemoans the previous "conservative" administration's lack of tolerance towards Muslims, ie, like removing that God forsaken niqab when receiving Canadian citizenship. Yet he's signed an 11 billion dollar trade deal with those fun living Saudis. A deal initiated by the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Everybody lies - it's a matter of frequency and degree. If you told the truth all the time, you would have no friends, no job and no lovers. For example, let's say your wife asks you if you think the smoking-hot chick seated on the other side of the restaurant is prettier than she is. What are you going to do? You're going to lie. Because if you told the truth, you'd say something like, "Honey, of course she's hotter than you are. In fact, the only reason I'm not over there hitting on her right this very second is because your fat, ugly ass is still sitting here with me." And if you said that (the truth), you'd have no wife. Or let's say your boss asks you to evaluate his performance as your supervisor, and he really, REALLY wants you to tell the truth. Would you tell the truth, and say, "Gee, Stan, I think you're a bean-counting pencil-pusher with no discernible talent who has a Little Man Complex and only got his job because he married the owner's daughter." No. You would not. Because if that happened, you'd have no job. Or let's say a close friend asks you to tell him what you truly dislike about him the most. Would you lay all those things out, just like they are already arranged in your mind? No. You would not. Because if you did that, the dynamics of your relationship would change instantly, and your friend soon wouldn't be your friend. (In the end, friends are friends because they help us maintain the illusion of our own grandeur, but that's another kettle of fish.) Everybody lies - it's a matter of frequency and degree. If you told the truth all the time, you would have no friends, no job and no lovers.

Dkblue said...

Perfect, thankyou, from a voice Downunder

torus said...

@anonymous 3.

You're saying "speak your truth", and shed the codependency?
The "hot wife" scenario is somewhat juvenile. If you've made a relationship "Holy writ", you really should be beyond who's hot and who's not. With the maturity to deal with it without the aid of divorce

Ray B. said...

Torus, I feel for those caught up in the wildfires by Fort McMurray. We have scary wildfires down in Southern Oregon, too. On one, the fire was so close that I had packed my car and was ready to go. On another, we could see fire cresting the last hill on the other side of our river at night, and coming down on our side of the river atop another hill behind us. Magnificent in a certain way, but scary. Fortunately, they both got stopped. (Thanks.) However, I believe that was the blaze where a bulldozer operator/fireman got caught and burned to death...

Coincidentally, I live about a half hour from where the famous Erickson firefighting helicopters are rebuilt and serviced. I imagine they may be used in the Fort McMurray area, right now. Ironically, all the governments (US, Canada, and others) try to pinch pennies and lease the minimum amount of big-helicopter back-up. Some seasons, they get away with it. Other seasons, the common people get bit. Sigh.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Truth first consequences later (subject to the do no harm rule, or try not to) is my motto.
It's working out, and no, I don't have a job.

this one worth watching 3hrs of moon hoax but 20 years ago (♫as time goes by♫) on mainstream. fairly convincing it all is, the conspiracy theories that is.

Stone ( is always going on about how it's better in the land of the free (Mexico) than the USA Prison Plantation.
todays example, in Mexico you take your health reports and scans home to do what you want with them . USA (and Australia I might add, it's all going digital), you have the right to be healthy and have as little to do with the system as possible (impossible), any mental illnesses like anti-semitism and conspiracy theorising can and will be used again you in a court of The Brotherhood (sub Judice to The Tribe).

fortunately their insanity, inanity, and even urbanity will destroy them. it all started with the brick walls of sumeria and the First Holy Lodge, before that sociopathy was punishable by shunning or accidents or for that matter neighbouring tribal warfare. all in the bible (CHERRYPICKING WARNING THOUGH).

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Endless Pageantry Across the Face of Inflexible Space.

wiggins said...

I understand Mr Putin has offered help to the Canadian firefight by way of Air water tankers....apparently the Russians have had no response. It would appear Uncle Sam is pulling some negative strings... shameful!

torus said...

@Wiggins. Indeed. Then again, poodle boy Trudeau needs to think about dinner with the Obama's, selfies, Sophie's dress, etc.
It's disgusting.

torus said...

It's most likely forced migration via eco-terrorism. Somebody loves the smell of uranium in the morning.Essentially the same old game of rearranging the deck chairs in hell.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Those Precious, Tenderskinned Prima Donna's of the Material Plane.



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