Tuesday, May 03, 2016

So... Spinoza and Pythagoras Walk into a Bar.

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Occasionally and... these days, more than occasionally, you run into a certain amount of hysteria where people take their own idea of the meaning of isolated events and use it to ramp up something that hasn't happened yet but they need this kind of thing to reinforce their projections of things and maybe it validates something when you are in bed with Alex Jones and you make at least 6 figures a year and well... the beginning number is not '1'. You will note from this article that it's all about things coming, supposedly but... are not here yet.

I'm not saying things like this don't happen or that they won't increase. I don't know but... at least I have the grace to say this. Sensationalism is not my bag. I have an aversion toward cherry picking things that sell ideas that might be but haven't been yet. Sure... we all know that there is shit flying around all over the place and there are big fans set on high but the shit has not hit the fan yet.

You don't have to break into homes to get food in this country; not yet anyway. There are countries where this kind of dire circumstance is in play. This country is not one of them. There is food to be had and when you are in a bind due to OTHER drives, maybe you do break into a house. You will note that they took the man's wallet... that is presented as a 'by the way' incidental to the event. They broke in for food and the wallet just occurred as an afterthought.

True... I have a problem with this guy and his KA's or 'known associates'. There is always this strident paranoia verging on hysteria, which you see as proforma from Mr. Bullhorn Jones.

I have less money than most, certainly but... I eat well. I buy great foodstuffs at lower prices and in bulk and I cook. That last feature alone grants one the ability to eat at a quality level and I know how to make pedestrian ingredients sing because I can cook and I pity those who can't. How it is that someone doesn't learn the necessary expertise, concerning what they do every day, escapes me. I have always felt that the finest disciplines one can learn, with the highest profit, is to become good at what you do with the greatest frequency. And just about anything you want to become good at, you focus on and concentrate on and do and do and do until you get good at it. You pay attention. Attention and concentration are symbiotic dance partners. The greater one's ability to concentrate, the more effective one becomes. Here we have to bring up Love again. Love what you do or... move on to something that you do love. Never settle out of convenience or it will become inconvenient and always more difficult as well.

I should probably just do that 'live and let live' thing but there are too many opportunists at work who are not willing to live and let live. They want to shake things up and see things that aren't there because there is a lot of money in fear-mongering. One of the most certain realities of existence is that no matter how dire and chaotic things might become in one place, they will, more likely, be what they have always been in most places. That is good news and bad news because in some places it has been consistently troublesome and difficult. In others it is like one of those parks in Savannah. Savannah is a beautiful and affluent city. There are places like this all over the world. There are also places like this all over the world and they are far more populous.

I tend to see things through two major lenses; one of them is physics and the other is metaphysics and they are the same except for the one having a wider bandwidth. Some number of the well known and long remembered philosophers were mathematicians and for good reason. I bring this up because there is a predictable and approaching inevitability that is going to play out soon; as early as next week or as long as a couple of years from now and that is the ever increasing disparity in wealth between the 1% and everyone else. This is a mathematical condition that has been artificially created upon the backdrop of archetypes which exist in direct opposition to this construct. Artificial constructs that go counter to the will of the cosmos are granted temporary existence for the purpose of demonstration. They are not allowed to continue indefinitely and they are toast in an apocalypse.

I suspect that the Earth will shake rattle and roll at some point. I expect the seas to rise here and there. That is the nature of an apocalypse but I most definitely expect the whole world to rise up against the predators and psychopaths that are siphoning off the life blood of the public, like ravenous vampires who cannot achieve satiation. Their hunger has no limits. They are a curious breed. It astounds the imagination that they can drink so much blood and yet remain vulpine in appearance. The truth is that they are blood sucking siphon machines for demons who occupy their forms and are not unlike the trackless sands that can swallow the blood of millions and yet retain their pristine appearance.

Yes, the Earth will, 'shake, rattle and roll' and there will be signs and wonders; there always are in an apocalypse but an apocalypse is a time of balancing the scales. It is set up to deal with all of the artificial constructs that come into place when the balance has gone missing and the worst of us are allowed to prance about like rabid baboons showing their ass and looking to turn everyone they infect into an extra in some zombie film. It is a natural event that comes around every time circumstances and conditions get to critical mass. Of course, this is not something that is generally understood because the yardstick most people use to measure what they become aware of, or imagine to be true, is a limited device. You can't use a yardstick to measure what you can't see. You need a different technology to calibrate the invisible and only the intuition will serve in that respect. It is not a precise medium but it is as accurate as the source of whatever is providing you with the insight.

Of all the talents that I could consider worth possessing, the intuition is numero uno. If you are in touch with an agent of the source of all things then there are no limits on what you can realize. You might not be able to speak about it with a transferable and precise veracity but you will be able to communicate the sense of it and that should be more than enough for anyone who has a real thirst because even though you cannot define the composition of the water itself, you can certainly point to the location of the well. The water cannot be defined because it defines itself differently in respect of everyone who partakes. It is seldom the same and it can only be imbibed from an archetypal surrender to the awareness within the water. Sometimes water is just water.

Here are two cards that speak to the impact of that water;

Neither of these are the card of the intuition. This is the card of the intuition;

I leave it to the reader to come to their own conclusions about the meaning inherent in the pictures given and the reason for that is that the understandings that are arrived at are different for each of us. I know that there are schools of thought that maintain we all come to the same comprehension but that is simply not true. We are not all on the same rays. We are not all equally capable of the same results. Some people have deeper cups. They have given way more. You could say that we are equally capable of giving way but we do not all do so; twas ever thus.

The true images are always very similar. The understandings vary and they vary because we do not share the same exact objectives, desires and aspirations. Possibly we do at some further point but we do differ in kind and in what we value and our chief consideration should always be WHERE WE ARE NOW. Now is all that counts because you will never, ever be anywhere but now. Later on in that 'tomorrow never comes' matrix we find that, “in my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.

Make your life count; I suppose that is an example of mathematical humor of some kind.

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Kazz said...

A documentary called 'Thrive' came across my path in the last few days. I don't how long this documentary has been out so many might have already seen it, but if you have not it is really worth a watch. There are so many negative projections about the future out there, as you have pointed out Vis, and although this documentary includes the cause of humanity's demise, by showing what we are up against, it mainly focuses on how humanity could be flourishing and how this could be achieved through positive interaction, encouraging each of us to contribute in a positive way to create a more sustainable world where all of us would benefit.


Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis. One of your Tarot cards made me sit up in shock.

First, let me say that I have not studied the Tarot and its symbology at all. Most of my symbology training comes out of the various aspects of the psychology trade or esoteric studies. Other than that, I have bumped into assorted Masonic symbols in the works of various conspiracy authors. A jumble.

So, on the High Priestess card, to see the B & J Pillars (obviously Jachin & Boaz*) framing an empowered female was startling. The pillars throw us into a Masonic framework, and the feminine is not allowed within their 'temple'. (At least overtly. There is the enigmatic 'star' that is sometimes acknowledged to be Venus; a veiled hint of the goddess. Plus, ancient hebraic lore - shown to be the origin of at least some Masonic ritual - once acknowledged a matriarchal side in addition to the patriarchal side. Carefully hidden, since the rise of the misogenists.)

Thus, the juxtaposition of the two was jarring; perhaps even closetly seditious. Was this a 'secret' barred-from the lower grades, only revealed when the member was proven trustworthy-enough to have goddess revealed? (In an anti-female age, with the church fathers listening-in through informers.) Or, is this just a semi-mundane reference to the intuition coming from the feminine aspects of us?

It would be interesting to have your thoughts on the matter, Vis...

(The Hierophant card also has the two pillars - although unlabeled in this case - which confirm the Masonic framework.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

* Other reference are to Pillars of Enoch, King and Priest, Mercy and Severity, masculine and feminine, and even Enlil and Enki (or Enki and Ninharsag).

Visible said...

This is the reason that I said what I said in yesterday's posting about orders and fellowships and lodges and the disrepute they have fallen into in recent decades while they have been being subverted by the dark side. I probably should have said recent centuries but when and where is not important. Regardless of their hijacking of the higher teachings there are levels they never get anywhere near. NEVER. All the sturm und drang and scary shadows are without substance but one should never forget that some of these fiends can burn a hole right through a plank of dense, thick wood. Still... NOTHING occurs that is not permitted and friends of the lord have the lord for a friend. All it takes for friend to turn into fiend is to remove the r. Interesting letter. It is almost like an arm reaching around an invisible shoulder.

My thoughts on the asked matter must be expressed as I don't know. Of course, some parts of it, such as the feminine and the intuition are obvious.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic posts, but for those who missed the Vanuatu quake. . .they're still happening by the way ;


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply.

On the matter of "Regardless of their hijacking of the higher teachings there are levels they never get anywhere near. NEVER.", this may be a natural consequence of the various levels going-up to all-God. Telepathy gets more and more 'ubiquitous' as you go up. Everyone is 'transparent' to those a few levels higher. Hard to hide. Plus, there is a tendency to 'grok' (hi, LtPtB!) that we are all in this together as you grow upwards. It gets harder and harder to shoot 'yourself' in the foot...

Assuming that the Cleanings that I 'participate-in' are real, they give me great comfort. Once the bad-guys (including some relatively 'high' types) are stripped of old pain, told what was done to them, and informed of the current level of bad-dom, they are left alone to mull things over. The vast majority soon-decide to become good-guys. (A tiny segment go neutral.) Deeply heartening...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz, you were sounding perplexed in the last VO on “Life, the Universe, and Everything.” As within the bounds of traditional Christianity, you may find The Saker's views helpful:

A small reminder and clarification: I am an alien, really :-)

A negative view of Christianity and religion in general.
(The Saker: “When I say 'negative', I don’t mean to say bad things about it, but rather to say what it is *not*.”)

Much wisdom, although coming from the viewpoint of one 'early' in their contact with Higher Self. Definitely on The Path...

torus said...

Greetings. Some might tell me to Jam it up my ass when I say that the letter "J" looks like a inverted cane or walking stick. We learned of Cain, when he was able, through an old "Jewish" book that spoke of a wrathful Jehovah and Jezebels. Needless to say, alot of Jobless people are looking to Donald J Trump, who many consider a Jerk. They fear the Jack boots, hence alot of Jeering and Jousting. Is the Jigsaw taking shape via Jewish money? Jah mon!
Jahbulon. Even Joy implies activity, motion. For some, the circle-Jerk Jettison of Jizz. For others, like myself, the Jamming of Jazz.

For what it's worth, numerology compresses, or sums, digits. 2016 sums to 9. 9th letter of alphabet is "I". We're witnessing alot of ego strutting. "I" can make America great again. "I" am Jewish socialist with a plan. "I" am not a crook. "I am woman, hear me roar. In numbers too big to ignore.
2017 sums to 10, completion. "J"

"Don't you think the Joker laughs at you!? Hee-hee-Hee! Ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho!
See how they run like pigs from a gun, I'm crying..."

The preceeding was for entertainment purposes only. But 2017 will be no Joke.

torus said...

But mark my words, people are getting Jacked. J as the consonantal "branch" of "I", rooted in manifestation. J corresponds to the soft "G". JG. Jesus escaped the prison of matter? A "Jack in the box". "JINGO!" A jaunty, jovial, jester. Juicy! Jack be nimble, Jack be quick! Jack jumped over the candlestick! Job of the Bible. Our "job" on earth is to effect the transformation of suffering. "Je suis", Jesu IS, not Charlie Hebdo. Ask the crucified man, in "jail", if it hurts. "Only when I laugh!" :)
Jumpin' Jehosaphat, Jeremiah was a bullfrog! Words I'll never hear directed towards me and other, "what God has joined together let no man tear asunder".

Anonymous said...

Remember that a shepards crook ...J... Was used to pull unwanted actors/ performers off the stage who wouldn't leave willingly! I believe Mr. Apocalypse has one quite handy right about now!!!!!

Kazz said...

Dear torus,

Another good letter is Y - WHY?

One can only question how so much knowledge abounds yet such poverty and suffering exists on this earthly plane?


Even though our brain is a wonderful organism one must question whether it is the autopilot or the pilot?

Here is an extract from the link below. Just a bit of food for thought. 'The heart spoke from genuine feeling and authenticity, in the present. The mind spoke from opinions, fears, shoulds and shouldn’ts. I had them switch chairs several times, until they had an epiphany. Very often the client would realize their heart’s voice was their true self, a voice that offered both more intuition and common sense intelligence.'


What would I know? I AM only a stupid woman. That is how it goes, isn't it?

Luv Kazz

torus said...

@Kazz. Y, indeed. A thinly disguised hieroglyph of a being with outstretched arms, asking the eternal question; WHY? Every sage and thinker has wrestled with it. You're not closer to the answer by berating yourself for being "stupid". So stop it.
Yoga, (Y)union. Yes. What walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening? WoMan. The infant on all fours, the "youth" on two, and the elder assisted by a cane. J, his "third foot".

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz: Your post in which 'heartmath' talked about "switching chairs" brought up old memories! When I was conducting semi-conventional psychotherapy, I used the "switching chairs" maneuver for a person's quarreling sub-personalities. By having each sub-personality 'come out' and speak to the other sub-personality, numerous issues were resolved at a level much deeper than intellectual psychotherapy. The 'technique' does work...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I though the B J stood for something else, and that "torn" in her lap something else again, but that's just me.

And for the cups that are out there with the saucers, a British 3hr doco on the moon hoax (or not) as recommended by someone.

This La Violatte book - Secrets of anti-gravity propulsion - (coincidentally he came on Rense this week after 15 years intermission there) now has the phase conjugate mirror systems with the reflected light going back in time... like my word games every night with the TV (and also without it occassionally), I am sure it is in the nature of things ( cue David Suzuki) and going on all the, well, time .

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Fewmits of Pending Destiny Perfume the Throne Room of the Manifest.



Joseph Brenner

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