Friday, February 24, 2012

The Nightshade Nightmares of the Monsters among Us

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Weird and seriously weird, appear to be the order of the day, these days. A few days ago, I noticed that Spring was here. That's something I have always been able to sense. Several days later, it is obvious that Spring has arrived. It comes earlier in this part of Europe than most anywhere else, except the far south. This is only tangentially connected to my point; those change in seasons. It doesn't matter that it is Spring. It could be any season. It is the change factor that is important.

Last night, I am sitting in my office, watching a movie with someone and I started getting hit with an amplified version of what I have been experiencing for a couple of months now. It was unpleasant and powerful. I took certain steps to tone it down and that worked, for awhile. I went to bed and could not sleep. In a little while this 'attack'; I don't know what else to call it, ratcheted up significantly. My whole body felt waves of force moving over it, like highly amplified chicken-skin, rolling over me like ocean waves. I asked for help from my invisible guardians and found myself moving my hands in unknown gestures and speaking out in an unfamiliar tongue; certainly not any of the commonly used languages of the day. This served to intensify the experience and I was told this was supposed to happen. Shortly after, most of the phenomena went away but sleep was out of the question.

After dawn had come up, I fell into uneasy dreams. The main feature was Macaroni and cheese casserole and there was a deep and powerful meaning to it (like I said, weird). I don't think I've had a Macaroni and cheese casserole in years. I can't remember the details now but I do remember that they made plenty of sense. I will be cooking one for lunch today (grin). I didn't have any fear, while this event was taking place last night. It was just a state of discomfort, with me faced off against and confronting an unknown force. It is the same kind of thing as when we are focused on using force and concentration to accomplish a complicated and technical effort. There's a deep assurance I have in the agencies that protect me; from myself and other things external. They tend to get me thru everything, even if the ride can be a little bumpy. Enough of that. I put this out only because I am hearing from many people about similar things. This morning I received an email from a friend who was concerned about me and who wanted me to send him a 'smoke signal' because he was worried about me, based on something he must have been feeling. Odd, that. Like I said, enough about all that for the moment. Let's look at what's going on in the world around us.

Once again, the general insanity generated by materialism, is acting up. The rank and file of humanity is certifiable. Do not get between these people and whatever it is that they want. One of the cosmic laws is 'the more mundane and stupid any collective attraction may be, the more likely people will be inclined to kill you for it.

Another law is that the more laws that are created to protect children, the more children will be abused, tortured and killed as a result, especially if it is in Florida or California. Mickey Mouse and the gang definitely fit into all of it. California is really out there when it comes to this. It is beyond debate that California judges, state social workers and other facilitators are engaged in Satanic, child abuse rituals and in making sure that children are placed in, or returned to truly terrible conditions, where they can be harmed and tormented for extended periods of time. I have listed very little of what I have come across and using a major search engine will turn up more information than you could read and absorb in a very long time. A few months ago, more or less, there was an article that listed case after case, after case in California, where the courts were returning large numbers of children to abusive situations, when a sane and caring parent was available to receive them. In case after case, the courts returned these children into the hands of monsters, who already had a history of violating them and turned a deaf ear to the good parent; often the parent who had brought it to their attention in the first place and who was backed up by the testimony of the children and corroborating medical evidence.

Over the course of recent decades, the corrupt system of appointing the very people engaged in the crimes they are appointed, or hired to prevent, has accelerated beyond all reason. It is obvious at this point that the officials put in charge of hiring and appointing, are picking individuals with a pathological mindset for the very worst behaviors in this diseased age. Whether it is DHS, TSA, Child Protection Services, or any of the gamut of bloated and useless government agencies, they are specifically hiring criminals, perverts, troglodytes, serial sexual psychopaths and serial killers, for the very reason that they are what they are. There is no hyperbole or exaggeration here. That is how it is.

A couple of years ago, while remote viewing Obama and others of recent infamy, I saw things I don't even want to talk about. Under certain circumstances, remote viewing is as easy as daydreaming.

Does this mean we are on a terrifying downward spiral, into an abyss of accelerating degeneracy and dysfunction, with no end in sight? No it does not. What it means is that the boundaries are being pushed to ever increasing levels of insanity, until a cosmic global reaction takes place. Portions of this are taking place at this very moment. That portion of the awakening populations are pushing back and will soon be joined by a much larger mass of their fellows, as conditions make their lives more and more unlivable and more and more dire. It is a matter of time and we are in that time frame.

Rampant materialism and the emergence of organized psychopaths and sociopaths, who flourish in this environment, are oppressing and abusing humanity, until it reaches its breaking point. The cultures of the world are being soaked in a belladonna/nightshade nightmare. Ugly things from the depth of the cosmic ooze, are surfacing like creatures from a Lovecraft novel. Those on the cutting edge of exposing these energies, conspiracies and environments, are being pounded by both visible and invisible means. It's a hard road for those on the forefront but there is no other road that is acceptable.

These twisted abortions from the dark side of the human psyche, know that their time is coming. They cannot change and they cannot go back, so they press on in the pursuit of the destruction of all that is good and beautiful. They press on in search of ever greater violations, of innocence and every residence where the finer qualities of the human heart, are barricaded and in hiding from their pernicious advance. There is no way to put a better spin on it at this time. One can only endure and hold tight to the inevitable certainty of their demise. It is in times of trial that those hidden strengths and enduring virtues, within the human matrix, are driven forth into heroic expression out of the desperation of the times.

We have been here before. This planet is a battleground, where all that is good and enduring must come up against the temporary monstrosities, created out of our confusions and weaknesses. It is because so many of us are in a state of convenient blindness, born from self interest, that these creatures can go about their dreadful enterprises.

These fiends are worse than we know and they will never be satisfied, until the entire Earth is one big concentration camp and killing floor. They delight in the misery they bring about. They do evil for the sheer joy of it. They take an extreme pleasure in outrage and torment. They have developed a taste for it and there is no reason, rationale or restraining emotion that can be applied in any argument that will have any success, in causing them to cease and desist. They are monsters. They have forfeited every human quality, in order to be what they are. They are beyond reach of anything but the urgings and appetites of the infernal realms.

I hate to say these things. It is my nature to paint a brighter picture and to draw attention to the temporary time-line of this egregious period but it is what it is and all the promise of what is bright and beautiful and which lies ahead, does not change the conditions and concerns of the moment.

I face each day with renewed hope and faith in our finer nature, rising triumphant above the murk into a better world. I see evidence of it all around me in the basic human decency of those who soldier on through this dark night and I will not be convinced of anything short of permanent victory over these malicious agents of darkness. I know that freedom, security and strength will come out of the collective heart of our majority. We are many and they are few. May it come soon and remain for a long time, until the tears, the loss and the awful injuries are no longer even remembered.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Tea for the Gillerman

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May your noses always be hoses for the best of the ineffable's comestibles...

and then some.

Enter Dan Gillerman; toxic death-bot, looking to make Xerxes jerky. He's got the manual, the recipe book. It's like that Twilight Zone segment, “To Serve Man”. You're on the menu. Feister Gillerman, all buffed and bravado bound is bumping uglies with hatchet handed syntax and if you want hear him talk again, that's no problem because they own the air waves ♫a romp a bump bum, a rum ba bump bum, beat on my drum♫ Right there, is a Profile in Evil but it is also noxious enough to simmer and seethe in the Petri Dish. Since I myself am one of the cosmos’s chemistry experiments it all works out.

They got different suits that show up as a precursor to each new war. They had Michael Ledeen for Iraq and somebody else for Afghanistan and another again for Libya, where they destroyed the guy who built the waterworks under the desert and wrote The Green Book. Of course they want to get Assad too cause he's been raising the standard of living and engaging in way too much toleration of competitive religion.

On and on it goes. They tell the same lies that got proven false in every other encounter, so have another slice of yellow cake while you're at it because you can fool some of the people all of the time and that's usually enough to get her going, when you throw in all the rest of the people who don't care, aren't paying attention or are too stupid to get in the way. That sounds stupid but I'll just leave it there and move right along, cause they are moving right along, kind of like marching to Pretoria.

There's this thing about arrogance and hubris as they make their way on to the stage. Sure they egg each other on hoping the guy next to them catches it first and being just that pretty damned sure about themselves. Hey, you throw in a little pomposity and poise, you nod your head, as if, “Yeah, that's what's going to happen because we can't permit that happening because these are evil, diabolical people”. Actually they are describing themselves.

Vladimir Putin is an interesting man. I look at him and I see one of those forces of destiny... now, force is just force. Motive gives meaning to force. We all have motives and therein lies our field of dreams and motives are the determinant of whether we have nightmares, or worse or, far, far better interludes of the stuff that dreams are made of. Putin isn't making war on people. Ahmadinejad isn't making war on people. Assad isn't making war on people. The people getting into the planes and ships, flying and sailing and don't forget DRONING on and on are from the United States, Israel and England and sundry countries that make up that weird and tangled alliance that was once NATO and is now ZATO.

All the aggressions of recent years, have been coming out of a nasty collective of psychopaths who have taken control of large parts of the world. Anyone who isn't dumber than a toaster oven knows who really did 911 by now. All the violence that followed has profited their interests.

These other world leaders, they all know who did 911. We now live under the echo of the thunderous fart that was cut by the elephant in the world's living room. It is public knowledge that Mohammed Atta was on Jack Abramoff's gambling boat and the trail of hyena shit, scattered like Frisbees out of a skeet machine, all across the U S of A, is sounding off like driven rivets , hammering the truth home with all the corresponding catalog of connected incidents to the point that everybody knows at some level that things are not what they have been presented as and everything that keeps happening, based on this pulp fiction continues on.

The people who did these things have painted themselves into a tight corner. They stole everything they could but they didn't have the good sense to stop themselves, once they already had way, way more than they could ever spend. It's their nature. They are Hellbent. So the cosmos has to step in. The thing is that there is a system. There is ebb and flow. When Ebb stops ebbing, or Flow stops flowing, adjustments have to be made. The bad guys can't see any way out except to pummel and punish everyone else and hope that plays out as some kind of crowd control. It never works. It always fails.

This is why Gillerman is banging on the drum. When you can't fall back, you have to push forward. If you're small and smart, then it makes sense to befriend someone who is big and stupid and to convince them to go and pound on anyone you don't like. You provide the big and stupid with what it thinks it wants and big and stupid will give you what you want. But, there is a problem. It's a big world and there are all kinds of bigs and smalls and stupids and smarts. Sooner or later, you are going to run into the wrong combination. That's not the only thing that can go wrong. Big and stupid might get a smart pill, or he could trip over his shoelaces and knock his head against the ground and some parts of his brain that weren't working before start working. That's kind of how astrology works. Planetary forces move through us, engaging in various relationships for the purpose of transformation. The human factor, independent will, affects that dynamic so... the outcome is variable. We all play our parts. Degree of intensity and determination, make a big difference in the force of the will. We all have to answer on some level, no matter what you believe, because what is going on around us is happening anyway.

You see little signposts on the way, like India tossing out chabad houses for doing monkey business with the Mumbai caper. There's that arrogance thing again. A tiny little, privileged, crime syndicate, operating as a country, figured it could take the silk road money that was generated by its war games and pocket that too. Now India, Pakistan, Russia and China are all having to come to grips with it on the playing fields of Syria.

The leaders in various countries are having to deal with domestic problems being created by this crime syndicate, especially Russia. Well, you can only push so far. You can only steal so much. Then, one day, it is too far and too much. Nobody wants Armageddon; except the batshit insane and they will press and press and probably should have read the first part of the Bhagavad-Gita. Maybe they did, like Oppenheimer, but just missed the point. There are controls in place. There are parameters. No one has ever taken over the whole world. It can't be done. Well, that's arrogance for you and... a tip of the hat to Mr. Gillerman sitting at the controls of his Gameboy mind and clenching and seizing up like a a boy with his dick in his hand, surprised, astonished, in wonder; wow, did I do that all by myself?

I'd like to take a personal moment in this posting to speak directly to you miscreants who could care less who gets hurt so long as it ain't you and yours. There's nothing you can do to me that hasn't been done before by people with greater expertise; some of us, more than you might think, we keep coming back. We just keep coming back until every single one of you is in the place you need to be. That might be Heaven and that might be Hell. I don't know. I don't make that determination. You do. You do. Some of us come here for the purpose of observation. However it is, that southpaw backhand that comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with us. You did it to yourself. You got that backhand or you got the surprise kiss on the cheek for being righteous and real when it was a lot less trouble not to be.

Things don't always make sense down here and that's how the programmers in the back like it. We get the half Mobius Strip cause the game doesn't mean anything unless there's doubt about the outcome. The game can't have the dramatic effect it needs to have if there was total security in knowing, one way or the other. “Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars”. Well, I couldn't say. I don't know.

So Gillerman. You and the rest of your assclown associates must be creeming in your jeans about now. You just figure it's a slam dunk and Chocolate Thunder is going to take it to the net for you because he's big and stupid. Chocolate Thunder's not as stupid as you think he is. What he is, is confused and all it takes to change that is some kind of serendipitous, or tripping over a shoelace. For some reason and I do believe it is a cosmic law, something like that always happens.

Mess with people long enough and sooner or later they are going to mess with you. You talk about peace while you're making war. You talk about orphans as you are busy creating them.You set up rescue missions for abused children so you can help yourself to them. Hey! It's not like they haven't already been doing it, eh? You can't unfuck somebody, right? Well, you keep on keeping on and you will wind up exactly where you are headed. I don't think poetic justice covers it but it will do.

End Transmission.......

People... if you don't catch or understand certain terms or words; put them into a search engine. I always make sure it's there before I use it (grin). Of course, a variety of things may go by the same name. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to determine which one of them might apply.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeff Rense and Impasse City

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every time I get on my white charger and dash off to the defense of someone, I wind up impaling myself on my lance. Different people are kind enough to link to my work and I am grateful for that. They see some value in what I do, apparently most of the readers do as well. The only person that doesn't see much value in me, is me. I've never liked myself very much. I don't care if I live or die; please don't take that the wrong way. I don't mean it like it sounds. I suppose I'm just weary of this world and long to be somewhere but I don't know where somewhere is. My upcoming novel sits there, finished but not entirely transcribed and I find reasons not to do that. I have these other works in progress. They're sitting there too. My music site at Soundclick disappeared. They took exception to my not wanting to pay for the premium features anymore and got nasty with me, citing rules that actually permitted me to have it set up the way it was, as an argument for the reverse. They're not very nice people and I was glad to be gone. I've got at least six albums waiting for me to record them but I can't get it up (grin) to do that. I'm waiting for something to change inside me but it's not time for that just yet.

I know that first paragraph sounds depressing. I don't mean it to be. I'm usually in a good mood. I've got a roof over my head and food to eat. I've got a bunch of wonderful dogs and a great companion, though I live in exile and don't have any associates. My language skills are not the greatest and most people don't want to hear what I like to talk about, which is what you generally see here at the blogs and I don't want to talk about the things they want to talk about, which is mostly pedestrian twaddle for which I have zero interest. So, here I sit, one day following the next and fully aware that there is little I can do to accelerate what I'm waiting on. I just have to wait and try to be useful in the meantime.

I've been debating talking about what it looks like I am about to talk about. That hasn't gone well in the past. I jumped the shark with my SOTT commentary. I posted some high minded tripe about all of us seeking to get along when Mark Glenn and Jeff Rense had a falling out and Mark has never spoken to me since. I've defended a few other people and caught a decent ration of shit about it. Some of the people I am tangentially connected to are at serious odds with each other. I just keep my head down and try to go about my business. If I have a problem with someone, I try to resolve it and if I can't, I just go my way. I've got a conflict going on with some people at the moment that's partially based on my acting out in a certain way, due to telepathic influences that required some action on my part; possibly not the action I wound up taking but that's road kill at this point. Some of it has to do with money but that's easily fixed and will be. Essentially it has to do with my not meeting certain expectations but from my POV that would have been a bad move. Regardless, my Anti-Guru 1.0 kicks in and I can't defeat the software. I need a high end hacker for that and no one wants to mess with the force that installed it. We're looking at Impasse City in that respect.

I've been interacting with Jeff Rense for awhile now. I've always liked him; right from the beginning. He's been good to me and he's encouraged me in various ways and at various times. I'm pretty familiar with his professional background and some of what he's been through. Given some of the people he's been associated with over time and the degree of his personal prominence, I would have to say that he's come through it all very well. A lot of mud could have attached itself to him; given what most of us think of Alex Jones but a careful study of that time slot shows Jeff walking the high road through different amounts of negative crap, as well as being setup in unpleasant ways and then taking the highway out as a result.

The man works all the time. He's about the hardest working man I know. He's got high standards. He's also highly reasonable and forgiving and he can be reached and reasoned with; should one want to engage in that sort of thing. For some reason, a lot of people don't. The combustion level of unevolved ego that operates in the theaters where all of us are employed is pretty low. Many of us think too much of ourselves and the idea that we could be wrong about something is usually not an immediate consideration. There's far too much self importance going around and that's a terrible cross to bear. It really is, especially since, in fact, we are not, any of us, that important. We only think we are and it gets us in trouble because we make unreasonable demands on others, when we ought to be more aware of who we are dealing with and how they view things and what is important to them.

Anyone who interacts with Michael Rivero knows that you don't argue with him about no planes at The Pentagon, or about HAARP (grin). You also need to know that you can't be dragging God into the equation beyond maybe a casual mention because Michael doesn't do God. If you are determined to have your way in these matters, you're not going to show up on his site.

Jeff Rense is seriously informed about Fukushima. It's an area of inquiry that he has put a lot of time and attention into. You don't go to Jeff with stories about planned nuclear explosions causing the Fukushima disaster. I don't know what Jeff thinks about Sorcha Faal or Ben Fulford. Personally I think they're intentional disinfo. They make shit up but they weave some truth through the fiction. I don't know Jim Stone. I just know he's got his name in big letters on his site and there's a certain amount of innuendo about mysterious forces keeping him from being heard. I don't want a man I don't even know, angry at me for mentioning him but if I'm gong to have that feta cheese omelet, with olives and herbs and olive oil, or whatever I'm going to put in it, I have to break some eggs. Now, I haven't had an omelet in several years but that's beside the point. I have had Pop-eyed eggs and poached eggs from free range chickens so, I know what I'm talking about here. For some reason, I don't care if Faal or Fulford are angry with me and I would rather that some people were angry with me rather than my having to work with them and then wind up angry with myself. I'm dealing with that feature in real time at the moment.

I don't know Henry Makow but I generally disagree with a lot of what he has to say when he's talking about women. That's fine. I don't talk about him in my posts but now I am. I can't see any reason for jumping on Jeff just because he doesn't want to print something. That's his inalienable right. He's not the only one who doesn't want to print what Jim Stone says. What he says is highly controversial and speculative at best. Sure, TPTW are capable of anything but they are not doing half the shit that is attributed to them. Now, I don't really know if this did or did not happen but I don't think it did because it doesn't make sense for these creeps to poison their own wells. I don't get there being nuclear explosives in the Twin Towers either. Where's the radiation? And they wouldn't have fallen like they had if there had been basement nukes. But once again, I don't know. I wish more people didn't know because too many people know too much these days and most of the time a lot of what they know is wrong.

None of this has anything to do with Jeff not wanting to link or post something and none of this has anything to do with someone not wanting to be reasonable after being in a working relationship of some years. That's just stupid if you ask me. Why toss a long term relationship in the ashcan? The sensible thing here is to back up and mend that fence.

These days people are tense and getting tenser. There is a plague of anonymous making the rounds, where people are going around ambushing anyone and everyone because they are deeply unhappy and have become mean as a result. We live in a world of acrimony and bad spiritedness. People are rude and cruel as an avocation. There's way too much schadenfreude. I've found nasty behavior in the most unexpected places. I'm almost past being surprised at anything at this point. That's a sad commentary, I know.

Jeff is a decent guy, according to my standards. Imagine his situation. He works all the time. He has no doubt fought a long battle through his life in the face of so many wrong choices he could have made and didn't make. He's still a warrior for the truth, which can't be said for many people in this game. There's a cost for this kind of thing. It's a testimony to the way he's lived his life that so little of a negative order can be ascribed to him. You hear picayune things that don't amount to much at all. You see people try to associate him with Alex Jones but there's no there, there. The truth of that whole matter has been detailed elsewhere and I've linked to it here before. Meanwhile he has to live with accusations like he's got some connection to the Secret Service, the truth is that at the same time he was saving someone's life. You hear he's got some kind of model train that surrounds his house and that he's got a fleet of Harleys. What's wrong with a man having a motorcycle?

This is what happens when there's not enough truth to serve the interests of those who want to paint someone in a really bad light. They have to make shit up. I have just gone through this myself. Isn't the truth enough? Apparently not. I can understand how Jeff feels. I've had to hear things about myself that are as false as false can be and there's not much you can do. The people who want to believe that garbage will. When I beat a life sentence in Hawaii; being the only person who ever managed it, some people said that I bought off the jury. A friend of mine said, “With what? He doesn't have any money. He had a court appointed lawyer. He works for eight dollars an hour at a fruit stand”. Good grief.

What this whole thing is, is stupid. No other word covers it. Jeff works all the time bringing you the news. You don't pay him for it. You don't pay any of us for it and we get by as best we can. The least we can do is defend these friends that serve us when someone has an axe to grind just because they don't get their way. You hear talk about Jeff making 400,000 dollars a year. Jeff has BIG bills and expenses. How much of that do you think he gets to keep; not much. He raised his daughter all by himself against some terrific setbacks since she was a baby. A man in his position could have cut all kinds of deals on the road. He could have compromised endless times. He didn't. The people with serious money want no part of him. You know who they are. One of them relentlessly sues him for no reason except to bring him down. You don't hear Jeff crying about it. You probably don't even know about it. He just soldiers on. I wish I was as determined and together as he is. I'm not.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Torturous and Byzantine Road of Self Deception

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's said that Neptune removes boundaries. There are obviously more than one kind of boundary. There are boundaries between you and higher truth and boundaries between you and illusions. Obviously the borders are getting blurred in a big way. This is past really strange. I've been noticing weird business at that location for awhile but I'll reserve commentary and judgment since, I don't know. If more of us said “I don't know” we'd be a lot better off. I'll say just one thing, based on a vibrationary feed; there's an emotional texture to this writing that impacts on me a lot more than any of the actual information in it. There is an unusual energy vortex going on here.

Unlike many people who blog, I have few external sources, mostly only internal sources. I'm not connected to the mainstream of the official, alternative blogger-verse and I'm certainly not connected to the no alternative Cloaca Maximus of the mainstream. Due to the, by comparison, extremity of some of my views and the manner in which I present them, I'm avoided by a wide area of influential sorts, who make their living servicing those they criticize, within the officially permitted, parameters. Sites like and Greg Palast come to mind. The latter finds it absurd that 9/11 could be an inside job and the former does the cha cha over skid treated rocks. I could list a bunch of them, or incidents like Thinkprogresses, fawning backpedal of late. The thing is that many of these sites are either getting paid or working some angle that provides for them to get paid. I have another litmus test and that is the converse relationship between advertising and content. I'm not going to get into obverse and contrapositive here (grin) but if you're wearing Chuck Taylor's or any high heeled sneaker from the corporate line, then someone is controlling the direction of your footsteps. Now, how many people are going to get what I just said (grin)? This is a test in attention and absorption because I know that the general trend is to just keep going, if something doesn't seem to make any sense. Some smaller portion contemplates it and some few don't rest until it's come clear. I like to think of myself in that last group and people who have had the misfortune to be around me and not be on the up and up can attest to this.

I purposely put free ads on my site, because I take the invisible at its word, that I don't have to concern myself with spinning more colors than Solomon in all his glory. I got a donation button because that is the least I can do to avoid repetitive back and forths every time someone is feeling generous. It's not that I dislike money. I like money. You can do really cool shit with it but it is very secondary to my primary drive, the same way that food as sustenance is to the pleasure of eating, or channeling the sex force, as opposed to spraying the environment and making picnic tables or base camps for lower astral, mountain climbers. None of the things necessary to offset gravitational pull are easy. That's why few do them. It's a calling, I suppose. Certain scientists and artists who get caught up in their work, practice some of these things, without being aware of it.

We all need to make a living, or think we do. It's a tricky scenario. How do you operate in the marketplace and not wind up on one of the shelves? I'd say the first thing would be to check and see if it is possible by virtue of example, or (grin) maybe even by virtue. I try to bring out the parallels between what we see and don't see. I like to use the example of cosmic rays. Our senses operate with a bandwidth. Some exceptional people have a larger bandwidth than the norm and, depending on how you live your life, certain things can happen as you progress in age. The bandwidth can expand or narrow. Obviously, according to any science that measures and computes this sort of thing, there are conditions and constructions that operate outside of our general bandwidth. Here is one of the fundamental problems in society. People just assume that there is nothing going on that they can't hear, see or touch, or... they get wacko beliefs and theories based on ancient, distorted and reworked texts. A true occultist or metaphysician knows that there is a science to these things, just as they know that there are laws of Nature that are hidden from the common observer.

Like I've said, it all depends on whether you think the cosmos is conscious or not, because if you do, then you are dealing with potentially, reachable intelligences. Back to all the people that talk about what is or is not really happening. Everyone serves someone or something; no matter what. This is an inflexible law. Some not insignificant number serve themselves and the ratio of them that do is relative to the degree of pervasive materialism in the culture. Most people who starve to death in the woods, do so surrounded by food. Most people who believe themselves poor have too many desires. Most people cannot prioritize and discriminate between essential and desirable. Meanwhile, your buttons are being pushed all day long. It must be really intense these days to be a child who has the TV set as a babysitter and then they go to schools, where learning has been replaced by programming, 'no child left with a mind'.

The competitive aspect is enhanced by the climate of shrinking employment opportunities and the vast numbers of those who will do it for less. So corporations, which have no loyalty to anything but profit, destroy the balance and infrastructure of a nation, in the pursuit of ever greater margins of profit. They literally suck it dry, while preparing to relocate. They are engaged in 'capital crime' and you can make what use you like of the double entendre. Back to those who report on and analyze life's events (grin).

When you notice a steady departure of any writer from their former core principles, or a quick and reactive change, as was the case with Christopher Hitchens, something is up. People get co-opted every day by the usual fare; money, power and sex. You can add in fear as well. We're weak and we have to watch ourselves because, depending on our level of exposure and the nature of our work, you never know who's who or what's what, depending on the circumstances. I see life generally, very different from most people. I've been lucky in the sense that I had no choice coming to this point and unlucky, according to many, given what I had to pass through to get here. As Timothy Olyphant asks in “The Girl Next Door”, “Is the juice worth the squeeze”?

If life were a cakewalk and abiding by certain principles easy, then maybe there would be a lot more people doing it, then again, maybe not. There's an interesting feature about discipline. It might be hard to develop in the beginning but at a certain point it becomes automatic and difficult to break. In other words, it becomes easy. People don't persist and that is understandable given all of the things that can turn your head in any moment. Changing your diet; takes about ten days for your taste buds to change. This is too long for most people, who may not even know about this component to begin with. Stopping smoking (should that interest anyone) can be much, much easier than it generally is, if two things are kept in mind. The first principle is that one must absolutely believe they want to do this, more than they want to do it. The other principle is that the impulse of desire is short lived. If the person knows this then they can wait it out. It comes and goes. This impulse grows weaker over time but it can also grow stronger in the short term. Once, when I quit smoking for a number of years, I was absolutely convinced that I had stopped and it wasn't difficult at all. The uncertainty of whether you want to or not is what compromises you.

People lie but they don't always imagine that they are lying. No instrument can rationalize better than the human mind and no instrument is as easily deceived as the human heart. Without intrinsic values, greater than the lure of whatever they would be compromised for, compromise is easy. Some believe their compromises are temporary, an arrangement to expedite passage onward. They'll just reacquire them on the other side. It doesn't work like that. You can get them back but only at the cost of what you gave them up for. Thoroughly compromised people can make a serious angle adjustment, if they really wish to. Usually they don't or the cost is too dear. I assure you it is not, not by comparison with the cost of continuance. In these times of The Apocalypse, we are going to see some surprising examples, I suspect. Some of them are out of simple desperation and some of them, having to do with a greater resonance, coming down on the area of the conscience.

The definition of 'uncovering' and 'unveiling' doesn't get the more intense scrutiny that it deserves. You are dealing with a cosmic force that is a naturally reoccurring portion of a cycle. It comes around like clockwork. Why this happens is something else, but that it happens is a given. Times like these, the porpoises of demonstration are leaping out of the water and reflecting the sunlight when they do.

Telling the truth for the sheer duty of it, is an oddity in these times. There's no material advantage that makes itself known. However, in order to lie for the purpose of employment, it requires a consistent self deception and self deception is terminal. Your own body will come after you. Your heart and mind won't function properly. It's like deliberately walking off the path into the wild because you saw something glittering in the trees. Everything you need is going to come to you anyway but... you're not sure about that, are you? You need to make sure don't you? Well, there you go.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Flags over Nukeville, Opening Soon

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There was a “dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard and laid poor Jessie in his grave”. I was wondering if this is a descendant of his, presently operating out of Syria. Oh right, he's not even in the country anymore. And... we have new born babies dying in their cribs in hospitals, just like Kuwait. How about that? And we've got the usual unnamed spokes-bots and we've got the usual rebels that no one knows who they are, who are using Israeli weapons and being operated by British special forces, who are setting up all of the helpful car and building bombings, just like they were doing in Basra. This article reeks of Zio-Gov disinfo. Please be sure to drop by the One World Government Facebook page and tell them what you think. They be pushing for whirled war, folks.

Here's a taste of the kind of impacted colon rhetoric that you encounter in this poorly written, blatantly lying, non authored piece of shit; “Wood said no battle damage was visible in the photos taken Friday, but previous images captured by the company's satellites did show the effects of fighting”. Oh! Oh! They don't have any battle damage in their present photos but they have 'effects of the fighting' in previous images. Well, where are the previous images? Why aren't we seeing them?

It's been happening for awhile now, you see article after article in the Zio-Media that has no author. You always used to have an author in the past but now...? Yeah. Well, as has been stated many times, I'm, preaching to the choir and the illiterate pinheads, who should be reading here, are getting their news from the non authored services of the Zio-borgs. They're on the doorstep people. They want any possible provocation that will bring Iran in on it's mutual defense treaty. Then they construct that post apocalyptic theme park they're slavering to have, “Six Flags over Nukeville”.

If you support these people then you might as well be holding the gun yourself. That's how karma works. If you're in the cheering section then you might as well be suited up and on the field. The cheerleaders have two duties as far as I know of. One is to work up the crowd and the other is to fuck the players. That sounds like a seminal part of the apparatus. “Honey, would you come over here and take a look at my apparatus? I think one of my pistons is misfiring; probably not enough lubrication in the cylinder”. Oil is a good lubricant and so is blood, depending on the intended impact of the penetration. Oil and blood go together like Abbot and Costello and are about as amusing as Jekyll and Hyde; both residents of Jekyll Island, which is in the same body of water as The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was while watching that movie that I knew that Val Kilmer's career was headed in the same direction as Michael Madsen's. 90% of being a prophet is keeping your mind open. What is the biggest problem in the world today? Closed minds and of course, closed hearts.

I was talking about the Christian Zionists on the radio yesterday; that great, unwashed body of deluded and herded sheep, bound for the killing floor; ignorance will kill you just as surely as a gun but it might take a little longer because certain animals and psychopaths like to play with their food before they eat it. Anyway, I was talking about how these tens of millions of donut heads (cause there's a big hole in the middle; kosher tax) can sit down every day and read the words of their master; look right at the words about love; compassion, forgiveness, mercy, peace and all the rest and then something happens between their eyes and their hearts and minds. Something happens. They go to church and they pray for this or that. They listen to the quotes that appear in the sermons and something happens. I'll wager there's way too much Old Testament, as would befit a religious movement, completely co-opted by their worst enemies, who were also behind the murder of their master and who were the focus of much of his ire. I'll wager that most of their preachers are on the take from various sources that want that particular demographic, maintained in a state of static stupidity, so that they can support and vote for one horrorshow after another.

How stupid are these people? You don't even have to change the lies from the last manufactured conflict. You just recycle them. These lies aren't even 'new and improved', which is what you slap on the label of a product you haven't changed at all, except if some new, toxic chemical has recently been created and might be inserted therein.

I always wondered in earlier years why so many people fought in so many senseless wars; how they were able to tolerate leaders who were oppressing them beyond endurance. Why didn't they relocate when invasion was on their borders? Why didn't they do all kinds of things they might have done but didn't do? I'm not curious or confused anymore about that. They are just incredibly stupid and deluded and they are led around; they are carrot and sticked by their appetites and desires, as well as whatever mumbo jambalaya their bloodthirsty, avaricious priests have cooked up. They scarf is down like hogs at the trough. Someone ought to make a photo tour of Alabama and Mississippi and photograph a collection of the Christian Zionists located there. I could make the connection between the fear of vulnerability, intimacy and love in relation to creating a great big buffer zone but that's just one more of the elementary truths that don't get said because it could cause problems for the people behind it. It's the same thing in another way when you look at priests and young boys. None of this stuff is difficult to figure out. Unless... unless you are compromised by it at some level and most people are.

The truth has very few friends. I've paid dearly for that fact more than once. People can injure another well enough, just by telling the truth, as it is or was, but then they go and create ridiculous lies and exaggerations, in order to bolster their case and then no one believes them and everyone feels bad and the investment they have made in their lies, creates an intransigence and denial that they can't bring themselves to back away from. You can't make peace with some people and all you are left with is the capacity to show them you won't be pushed around, or to just try to go away quietly and hope for something better up the line.

I used to wonder at what appeared to be unfortunate episodes in my life. I would imagine how I could have handled it better or done it differently. In just about every case, hindsight has proven that the outcome, even when unfortunate, was the desired end. You can't make things the way you want them and you can't get what you want when what you want is misrepresented or mislabeled. You can't justify yourself in the aftermath either, except in cases where you are dealing with the deluded, who have been programmed a certain way. The textbooks in elementary, junior school and beyond, all teach the fallacy that a rag tag gang of stone age Muslims, hijacked a bunch of planes they couldn’t fly and then committed near impossibly, precise maneuvers that experts would have had difficulty with and then, 3 towers fell into their own footprints at free-fall speed, None of these things could have possibly happened singularly. They certainly couldn't have happened altogether, in one day and, in the case of the falling towers, never has happened before, even when the fires burned longer and hotter at other, similar locations.

Immediately following this staged event, gratuitous wars for the benefit of the people who were actually behind 9/11, followed and continue to this day. How long will this continue? No one knows. Once again, I must state that no nation or movement has ever taken over the whole world. It hasn't happened and it isn't going to happen.

At the present, the compromised Zio-owned countries of The West, are spreading, havoc, destruction and death. Their enforcement arm of ZATO is at work in many locations bombing and burning with a will. They destroyed Libya and now they are on to Syria and Iran and any location that still seems to stand in their way. They are the bad guys. They are the bad guys who carry out the orders of the 1% against the rights, fortunes and futures of the other 99. They are poisoning the planet with their terrible industries. They are corrupting governments and the collective minds of the people. They are trying to destroy the world, even if that is not their conscious intention, that is the certain result of their policies of the present.

The best way to accomplish the ambitions of the big pigs is to turn everyone else into little pigs. The 'how to' about it is to hold out the promise of all the things they will never get and then to hand it out to those used as examples of the possibility; like winning lottery tickets. Consonant with this, you promise them pie in the sky when they die.

Enforcing and spreading stupidity is a calculated art and one needs look no further than the education system and the media to see what is afoot and one doesn't have to look very hard to see who is behind it. We're talking 'no child left behind' in a society of crippled adults; walking chemistry sets of bad pharmaceutical experiments, engineered for the purpose of managed dysfunction. This is no world that I want any part of and it is passing as I speak.

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Monday, February 06, 2012

The Ice is Thin and the Fix is In

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May your noses be filled with the scent of someone you dreamed of but haven't met yet.

Well, it is the day after, after all. The word completion function wanted to say, 'aftershave' (grin). I saw The Super Bowl last night. It came on at 12:30 PM my time. People were telling me yesterday that the games are fixed. I lacked personal proof of that projection and lacking personal proof is always my watchword because when I buy into anything and it's not true then I become false as a result to the degree of the severity of the untruth. I know for some that sounds like words; easy words to say, hard words to live by but... they are not just words. We see the cost of this factor in the lives of the people around us and in our own lives and the worst part of this is when people don't see it. No, that's not the worst part. The worst part is when they don't even care and the worst part of that is the changes they are certain to be put through in order to make them care. Caring is the gateway to compassion and compassion is the reservoir of higher love and higher love is a whole different ballgame than pedestrian love or any of the other things people conveniently mistake it for.

As a result of watching the game last night, it appears that the people who told me the games are fixed are probably right, not because I favored one team over the other but because I saw things that I can't deny (it's probably why I was cued in the first place, given that there are no accidents in my life) and that was quite a disappointment but I'll get over it. After all, the game of life is fixed and I have no problem with that. The truth is that I appreciate that feature as much as anything I can think of because it is proof positive that things work out. They may not work out in what we call a 'timely fashion'. They may not work out according to how we think we want them to work out- as if we had some clue as to what we really wanted- but things work out nonetheless. They absolutely do and that should make you confident of the future, depending on the confidence you have in the moment, dependent on what makes you confident. If it's the right thing it won't let you down, when the course of time brings you to the moment of reckoning in respect, or disrespect of what you have been depending on and... that WILL HAPPEN. For some of you it already has.

Madonna came on and it was so bad, so excessive, so egotistically off the charts that I couldn't watch. I saw a minute of it here and there with the sound off. I heard enough of the sound to be able to determine that I should shut it off. I'm assuming it's on youtube already. What the hell, let my fingers do the walking for you. I can see where this might prove informative in a cultural, anthropological sense. I think it was Norman Mailer who said that a person can tell a great deal about themselves by studying their shit. This video is well defined in that category and if you study it you will definitely discover a couple of things. One of them is that the intensity and complexity of the spectacle is commensurate with the absence of talent. The other thing is that it is indeed shit. I literally cringed with embarrassment, for the lack of embarrassment, on the part of the one who should have been embarrassed. I also cringed at the thought of those who were entertained by it for no other reason than the assumption that it must be worth watching because it was on TV in the first place.

This is why leaders have followers. This is why entertainers have fans. This is how the world gets fucked up because people believe that people in power must know what they are doing because why else would they be in such an important position? This is why people think this guy is representative of something they can't see. Why else would he live in a unique city state, with thousands of attendants and get to dress up like Elton John? Why else would he look like this? He should have Ellen Degenerate sitting next to him. What an A list couple that would be.

Do you get the impression that the world took a wrong turn at the corner of Shit and Go Blind? Can you put yourself in the position where the comic aspect comes into view and the full impact of the ridiculous dawns on you? This means putting aside the serious and threatening appearance of what seems to be the case, in order to be able to grasp that this really is all for the purpose of demonstration and that everything really is under control. People signed up for certain roles and levels of participation. All it takes to opt out is to take off the mask. There are different levels of investment in the mask. It gets to the point where some people really think they are the mask but... they are not.

When you interact with people, bypass the mask and mirror the entity behind it. This has a very peculiar effect on the situation and it is the difference between dealing with The Adversary or someone entirely different. It is the essential, core reality of the martial and marital arts. It is pure magic, prove me wrong. It is the expeditious route to awakening from The Dream. It is reality itself and the threshold of enlightenment. It's the simplest thing in the world. Know who you are talking to. You are talking to yourself. Every problem in existence is one of communication at some level between you and yourself.

I could move to Miami, dress up like Madonna and pick up Cuban boys for an aperitif. I could do almost anything, because anything and everything awaits my decision, to put on whatever mask fits the occasion. The mask is a suit of clothes. It is a uniform. It is what it is for the purpose to which it is applied and every purpose is given its relative importance, according to the intensity of the desire that motivates the whole dynamic and that is right where you are at this moment. This is where you reside for as long as the dynamic applies. We are like a person hanging by his fingertips from the top of a wall. Our hands are frozen in place. The ground is six inches beneath our feet. You have to let go. You can't see the ground beneath you and that is the fundamental proving ground of faith.

Here's an interesting thing. Many of us have been in situations of extremity. Some of us have been in life or death situations and some of us have been there more than once. I certainly have. Some of us have been in financial extremity, or suffered the loss of someone we did not believe we could live without. We've had our whole life crash down around us. We've had relationships on which very important things depended and had everything go south, despite our best or worst intentions and at the time, any of these things consumed all of our energy and thoughts. We didn't know where to turn or what to do and... we hardly think about these things now. We can't remember exactly how we got out of them and they're not important now, something else is. That's an interesting component of life and something most people don't give a great deal of thought to. Things work out.

The inside of the human mind is a very busy place. There is always something going on. In most lives the chatter and manipulated imaging never stops, until the life cassette runs out. There are simple techniques to empty the mind. I've given some of them out but it's like advertising demographics. They say you are guaranteed a two percent return, no matter what. The mind does not want to focus on itself. The mind is very alert to the implementation of controls, due to having gotten its own way for so long. It's like trying to put a bridle on a wild horse. Gaining control of the mind is similar to being able to ride that horse and it will take you anywhere you want to go; far more quickly than you can accomplish it on foot. In fact, it's a lot more like Pegasus than an ordinary horse and then some. If people had any real idea of the resident and latent powers of the mind, they would become quite expeditious about becoming more familiar with it. You could think of it as a magic carpet but it's a lot more than that too.

A lot of people wish they were Madonna, or any of the other retarded chipmunks who get the spotlight for one reason or another. Just being in the spotlight is so important to many people that it doesn't matter what it costs to get there or what they have to do to stay there. Don't get in these people's way or you'll be sorry. People are so driven to be in the spotlight that they often don't bother to develop any talents beforehand. I find that amusing. They don't care about how big a fool they make out of themselves, as long as they get to do it in a big public way. Look at the presidential candidates. Heck, look at the people who support them. It's all about the masks. The mask is an emblem of mortality. It costs your life. That is the price of the mask and not the worst of it. There's a lot of suffering that attends the mask. It comes with it as an accessory along with a lot of other things. Life is basically a costume ball, with levels of exclusivity and commensurate pricing.

Shakespeare was all about the masks. Shakespeare himself was a mask, in a good way. You're all familiar with the two masks that you often see on the posters for a Shakespearean play? Those are the operative symbols for the play of life. These faces alternate. That's what they do. If you have a real life behind the mask then the faces don't alternate. Otherwise, well, there you are aren't you? Got a problem, any problem? It's because of the mask. Accommodating the mask is the root source of problems. Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Hades Syndrome and the River Styx

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Before you know it, we'll be at that time of the year where Gourmet magazine will have a Caesar salad on their cover, with a bunch of tiny daggers sticking out of it, like they were rehearsing to be a swizzle stick but something went wrong at the audition. Obama would probably like to play Caesar but he's not even equipped to be Pompey. I do like the fact that the two allegedly fought over ballsacks. Well, of course they couldn't have been fighting over Balzac. He wasn't even around then. This is the point at which you explain to me how Balzac could have written all those books and never said much more about Caesar than, “Render unto”.

History is complicated and a lot of it never even happened. That is because there are many kinds of historians. There are the historians who are paid to write things that are historically inaccurate; that's most of them. Then there are the ones who write inaccurate history for free because it dovetails with why no one will pay them to write history for money. Then there is that rare breed that writes history because it, more or less happened that way. You have to go looking for these people because they are not readily found. They're usually found, ♫High on the back shelves♫, or would be if Bruce had been singing about them instead. They're in life's back catalog. They're on back order. They're in The Way Back Machine and they are definitely back to the future.

To get an idea just how fucked up history is, you only have to read your daily paper and note the enormity of the lies being told about something as close as yesterday. This is why the people who own the printing presses own them. You'll probably tumble to the fact that they own more than one kind of printing press and one of the other presses also makes the money. If you are a satanist and... they are, this is a pretty sweet deal. Generally satanism is a reincarnation kind of a thing. You develop certain behavior patterns and a syndrome. We metaphysicians call it the Hades Syndrome. This is where a certain set of louvers come down over the interior lights. This has the effect of concealing certain things and revealing certain things and it works out just fine in terms of calculated blindness.

Usually, this sort of thing is a 'big up' in the material world and leads to all kinds of access behind the velvet ropes and seats in the VIP section. As I have mentioned before, these people get really big funerals and there's a cosmic yardstick that says, the bigger the asshole, the bigger the limousine and the bigger the funeral. There are exceptions. Hundreds of crocodiles attend these funerals, with big silk handkerchiefs and they wave them in wild abandon, as the cigarette boat makes its way down the River Styx. ♫Yes, we'll all be together, yes, we'll all make a stand. Yes, we'll all be rewarded, when the shit hits the fan♫ or something to that effect.

The funerals of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are coming up fairly soon and you'll get to see what I'm talking about. You'll see legions of Dr. Hyde's in top hats, talking in hushed whispers about the departed. There will be a tight circle of 'family only' and there won't be a public smile among them. They're saving that for the wake and the reading of the will. There might not be a lot of smiles then either. It depends.

Yes, a lot of the leading points of darkness, for the preceding age, are going to be getting their travel vouchers. Whole countries are going to be getting travel vouchers. They're going to have to take The QE2 out of drydock and recommission her, just to get some portion of these people down the River Styx. They might better take that false flag aircraft carrier and put it into ferry service, instead of sinking it with an Israeli submarine in The Straits of Hormuz. Well, you do know that both sides want the strait closed off, right? That's sound economic policy. Profits are highest when products are most dear.

Never before have such a collection of the very worst of us been in such wide abundance at the top of the compost heap. The compost heap looks like one of those mushroom visions; crawling and alive. That's because millions of dung beetles and hungry worms are motoring all through it. A lot of people think this is all either an accident, or the obvious result of a certain Darwinian imperative; nothing of the kind. Mr. Apocalypse has put all of them up on his Facebook page. He's friended them, although I think that's a misnomer. Mr. Apocalypse has put their names up in lights. They're going to be feasted and feted in “♫All the old familiar places, that this heart of mine embraces, all day throoooo♫” Yes, it going to be “♫A hot time in the old town tonight♫”

We are on a vast horizon, facing into the blazing sun and we have come to Armageddon, just to find the battle's won. Spread your wings, close your eyes, let your love flow, come inside and so on and so forth. Inside looks a lot better than outside at the moment; of course, that depends on your precognitive capabilities. Some got em and some don't got em.

Yes, at the moment they're all sitting around inhaling out of their Darth Vapor bottle like it was 'Rush' or some derivative thereof. They're ridiculously high on themselves. They got uniforms and rows of service medals. They got pictures of themselves with all the high toned corpses and certificates of practice and authority mingled in among all those 8X12's. “Harumph, by the power invested in me, I hereby grant you the power to abuse your fellows, in all ways contrary to the greater good, so help me... uh uh... uh, oh God, I'm coming”! Yeah, precognition aside, that's where we are at the moment. A lot of them will be at The Super Bowl, recently of Davos and soon to be in attendance at Bilderberger in June, except given what lies between then and there, June won't be soon.

Damn, they're impressive aren't they? They got trillions of dollars and armies and police forces. They got concentration camps all over the former Land of the Free. They got coffins stacked up outside Atlanta; no telling how many people have set up housekeeping in them; like they were capsule rooms in one of those unique Japanese hotels. Is your coffin wired? Yes, they're impressive and wanna be scary. They got it all covered. They got their underground, surround lounge complexes and freeze dried hookers from Ost Bloc. They got cases of McCallan scotch, that 25 year old, five hundred dollars a bottle stuff. They got military grade Viagra. They got the complete works of Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow and The Turtles. They might even have The Chairman of the Board on Bluray. They got warehouses full of oxygen bombalas and naughty nitrous. You can be sure they've got plenty of cocaine for medicinal purposes. They got wide screens and an enormous library of DVD's. They got that bidet style, warm rinse, all water toilet paper and probably the 'invisible hands' option as well. Of course, they can't destroy everything, they need some kind of a world still standing when they crawl out of their holes. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. They know something isn't battened down somewhere. But... they don't know what that is and won't until it's standing next to them on the inside of their reinforced steel, panic rooms.

See, there's an interesting and inescapable cosmic dynamic. You take your character and your fate with you, everywhere you go. You can't escape it. It is you. The only thing you can do is change it, to some degree. Like I try to tell people who presume to read fortunes with Tarot cards, “Why fumble around in the dark, trying to predict the future, when you can change it with the same mechanism"? The symbols, like Ginseng flowers, with their phosphorescent glow, close up, when footsteps approach. It's why people hunt them with a bow and arrow. This is the case with all sacred mysteries. They go into concealment at the approach of the profane. It's an old story but one whose impact, like all the fables and allegories of times past, tends to escape the minds of those who seek out powers for nefarious application. You are under observation, from the inside and the outside. Your own vehicles of perception are utilized for this purpose. That should give some of you an extra boost of affirmation in these times. The rest of you are welcome to the paranoia which that reality implies.

Yes, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They are grabbing your elbow when they shake your hand. They're scratching your back as they move you through reception and asking you about your handicap. You'll all be together at the 19th hole. That's quite a hole and directly connected to the hole in your heart and the hole in your head, cause you didn't bother to 'seal the door where evil dwells'.

It will all sort itself out, differently than anyone expects, on the way to the oppositional destiny that will never rear its ugly head. It's just wraiths and shadows looking for a welcome port.

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