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Jeff Rense and Impasse City

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every time I get on my white charger and dash off to the defense of someone, I wind up impaling myself on my lance. Different people are kind enough to link to my work and I am grateful for that. They see some value in what I do, apparently most of the readers do as well. The only person that doesn't see much value in me, is me. I've never liked myself very much. I don't care if I live or die; please don't take that the wrong way. I don't mean it like it sounds. I suppose I'm just weary of this world and long to be somewhere but I don't know where somewhere is. My upcoming novel sits there, finished but not entirely transcribed and I find reasons not to do that. I have these other works in progress. They're sitting there too. My music site at Soundclick disappeared. They took exception to my not wanting to pay for the premium features anymore and got nasty with me, citing rules that actually permitted me to have it set up the way it was, as an argument for the reverse. They're not very nice people and I was glad to be gone. I've got at least six albums waiting for me to record them but I can't get it up (grin) to do that. I'm waiting for something to change inside me but it's not time for that just yet.

I know that first paragraph sounds depressing. I don't mean it to be. I'm usually in a good mood. I've got a roof over my head and food to eat. I've got a bunch of wonderful dogs and a great companion, though I live in exile and don't have any associates. My language skills are not the greatest and most people don't want to hear what I like to talk about, which is what you generally see here at the blogs and I don't want to talk about the things they want to talk about, which is mostly pedestrian twaddle for which I have zero interest. So, here I sit, one day following the next and fully aware that there is little I can do to accelerate what I'm waiting on. I just have to wait and try to be useful in the meantime.

I've been debating talking about what it looks like I am about to talk about. That hasn't gone well in the past. I jumped the shark with my SOTT commentary. I posted some high minded tripe about all of us seeking to get along when Mark Glenn and Jeff Rense had a falling out and Mark has never spoken to me since. I've defended a few other people and caught a decent ration of shit about it. Some of the people I am tangentially connected to are at serious odds with each other. I just keep my head down and try to go about my business. If I have a problem with someone, I try to resolve it and if I can't, I just go my way. I've got a conflict going on with some people at the moment that's partially based on my acting out in a certain way, due to telepathic influences that required some action on my part; possibly not the action I wound up taking but that's road kill at this point. Some of it has to do with money but that's easily fixed and will be. Essentially it has to do with my not meeting certain expectations but from my POV that would have been a bad move. Regardless, my Anti-Guru 1.0 kicks in and I can't defeat the software. I need a high end hacker for that and no one wants to mess with the force that installed it. We're looking at Impasse City in that respect.

I've been interacting with Jeff Rense for awhile now. I've always liked him; right from the beginning. He's been good to me and he's encouraged me in various ways and at various times. I'm pretty familiar with his professional background and some of what he's been through. Given some of the people he's been associated with over time and the degree of his personal prominence, I would have to say that he's come through it all very well. A lot of mud could have attached itself to him; given what most of us think of Alex Jones but a careful study of that time slot shows Jeff walking the high road through different amounts of negative crap, as well as being setup in unpleasant ways and then taking the highway out as a result.

The man works all the time. He's about the hardest working man I know. He's got high standards. He's also highly reasonable and forgiving and he can be reached and reasoned with; should one want to engage in that sort of thing. For some reason, a lot of people don't. The combustion level of unevolved ego that operates in the theaters where all of us are employed is pretty low. Many of us think too much of ourselves and the idea that we could be wrong about something is usually not an immediate consideration. There's far too much self importance going around and that's a terrible cross to bear. It really is, especially since, in fact, we are not, any of us, that important. We only think we are and it gets us in trouble because we make unreasonable demands on others, when we ought to be more aware of who we are dealing with and how they view things and what is important to them.

Anyone who interacts with Michael Rivero knows that you don't argue with him about no planes at The Pentagon, or about HAARP (grin). You also need to know that you can't be dragging God into the equation beyond maybe a casual mention because Michael doesn't do God. If you are determined to have your way in these matters, you're not going to show up on his site.

Jeff Rense is seriously informed about Fukushima. It's an area of inquiry that he has put a lot of time and attention into. You don't go to Jeff with stories about planned nuclear explosions causing the Fukushima disaster. I don't know what Jeff thinks about Sorcha Faal or Ben Fulford. Personally I think they're intentional disinfo. They make shit up but they weave some truth through the fiction. I don't know Jim Stone. I just know he's got his name in big letters on his site and there's a certain amount of innuendo about mysterious forces keeping him from being heard. I don't want a man I don't even know, angry at me for mentioning him but if I'm gong to have that feta cheese omelet, with olives and herbs and olive oil, or whatever I'm going to put in it, I have to break some eggs. Now, I haven't had an omelet in several years but that's beside the point. I have had Pop-eyed eggs and poached eggs from free range chickens so, I know what I'm talking about here. For some reason, I don't care if Faal or Fulford are angry with me and I would rather that some people were angry with me rather than my having to work with them and then wind up angry with myself. I'm dealing with that feature in real time at the moment.

I don't know Henry Makow but I generally disagree with a lot of what he has to say when he's talking about women. That's fine. I don't talk about him in my posts but now I am. I can't see any reason for jumping on Jeff just because he doesn't want to print something. That's his inalienable right. He's not the only one who doesn't want to print what Jim Stone says. What he says is highly controversial and speculative at best. Sure, TPTW are capable of anything but they are not doing half the shit that is attributed to them. Now, I don't really know if this did or did not happen but I don't think it did because it doesn't make sense for these creeps to poison their own wells. I don't get there being nuclear explosives in the Twin Towers either. Where's the radiation? And they wouldn't have fallen like they had if there had been basement nukes. But once again, I don't know. I wish more people didn't know because too many people know too much these days and most of the time a lot of what they know is wrong.

None of this has anything to do with Jeff not wanting to link or post something and none of this has anything to do with someone not wanting to be reasonable after being in a working relationship of some years. That's just stupid if you ask me. Why toss a long term relationship in the ashcan? The sensible thing here is to back up and mend that fence.

These days people are tense and getting tenser. There is a plague of anonymous making the rounds, where people are going around ambushing anyone and everyone because they are deeply unhappy and have become mean as a result. We live in a world of acrimony and bad spiritedness. People are rude and cruel as an avocation. There's way too much schadenfreude. I've found nasty behavior in the most unexpected places. I'm almost past being surprised at anything at this point. That's a sad commentary, I know.

Jeff is a decent guy, according to my standards. Imagine his situation. He works all the time. He has no doubt fought a long battle through his life in the face of so many wrong choices he could have made and didn't make. He's still a warrior for the truth, which can't be said for many people in this game. There's a cost for this kind of thing. It's a testimony to the way he's lived his life that so little of a negative order can be ascribed to him. You hear picayune things that don't amount to much at all. You see people try to associate him with Alex Jones but there's no there, there. The truth of that whole matter has been detailed elsewhere and I've linked to it here before. Meanwhile he has to live with accusations like he's got some connection to the Secret Service, the truth is that at the same time he was saving someone's life. You hear he's got some kind of model train that surrounds his house and that he's got a fleet of Harleys. What's wrong with a man having a motorcycle?

This is what happens when there's not enough truth to serve the interests of those who want to paint someone in a really bad light. They have to make shit up. I have just gone through this myself. Isn't the truth enough? Apparently not. I can understand how Jeff feels. I've had to hear things about myself that are as false as false can be and there's not much you can do. The people who want to believe that garbage will. When I beat a life sentence in Hawaii; being the only person who ever managed it, some people said that I bought off the jury. A friend of mine said, “With what? He doesn't have any money. He had a court appointed lawyer. He works for eight dollars an hour at a fruit stand”. Good grief.

What this whole thing is, is stupid. No other word covers it. Jeff works all the time bringing you the news. You don't pay him for it. You don't pay any of us for it and we get by as best we can. The least we can do is defend these friends that serve us when someone has an axe to grind just because they don't get their way. You hear talk about Jeff making 400,000 dollars a year. Jeff has BIG bills and expenses. How much of that do you think he gets to keep; not much. He raised his daughter all by himself against some terrific setbacks since she was a baby. A man in his position could have cut all kinds of deals on the road. He could have compromised endless times. He didn't. The people with serious money want no part of him. You know who they are. One of them relentlessly sues him for no reason except to bring him down. You don't hear Jeff crying about it. You probably don't even know about it. He just soldiers on. I wish I was as determined and together as he is. I'm not.

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Anonymous said...

Who's Jeff Rense? :)

Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn is a really sensitive guy. Banned me from his site after I pretty mildly criticized a story he posted.

Rense, to me, is eccentric to a fault. The UFO stuff for instance. Entirely possible but lets be honest, it doesnt help in other areas(anti-zionist/Israel activism for one example)to be associated with that kind of research.

Visible said...

I had a UFO land right in front of me with an extremely trustworthy witness by my side, who is well known in his community for being truthful. When he heard about me meeting the man on the beach, traveled from the East Coast to California just to verify it occuring. That's not my only UFO experience.

Anonymous said...

Ive always wanted to have a UFO experience. Perhaps thats why I never have.

Visible said...

So far you haven't. that's going to change in event and intensity around the world so, you never know, could happen today, could happen tomorrow. We'll see.

Paul Andrew Mitchel said...

A retired Major General contacted me to say that he had never seen this photo:

I don't think Mike Rivero has seen it either. Here's the story he won't publish:

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Private Attorney General

Matt McCauley said...

Hm. I know nothing about Rense except that his site confirms that he works all the time. Jones's voice makes me cringe, andas he will not touch the Mossad/911 thing he is a douche of whatever proportions. Makow has a lot of excellent theories (like Hitler was a Zionist/English plant) that make dead sense. But Makow is hindered by being 1 jewish and 2 old. Icke I do not know about- a lot of good research on Clintons and etc, and then he swsears that reptiles shapeshift and the moon is the death star, which it may be, but ... Visible falls into no category that I know of. I too am weary and sickened by the times, but an old man once told me to endure, snort those thoughts away and continue to endure.

Anonymous said...

Mike R. also said that "chemtrails" were contrails, and has not apologized yet for making people look stupid just asking questions. And anyone trying to prove, or not prove their is a God, is nothing less than insane.
I was a member of WR. After about a year of seeing Mike's accuracy rating about about 15%, about 10 of us all quit the membership and started our own chat group. I am surprised Mike has not broken his arm patting himself on the back for being right on such things as,,,the economy is gonna get worse...The information Mike gives, in my opinion, is so inaccurate, that its dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Israel Identity, Glenn said he "Looked" into it, yet he still CALLS Talmudia by the Name of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel who never spoke Yiddish, were not Gog & Magog Japhetic PROSELYTES to Talmudic Judaism; what one issue remains higher on the TRUTH KNOWING PRIORITY List? Proving Jesus to be a self hating "Jew" ? You do your thing Les, Truth isn't going to shrivel like a snowflake on a hot stove just because Glenn and Makow or even the vaunted MOUTH THAT ROARED can't assemble the facts in the chronological order to prevent the stench of elephantine TALMUDIC Judaism from wafting into the for profit GREEDY truth deniers NARRATIVE....which begins with the false assumption that the Almighty is a "JEW".....furthermore you have attracted those yearning to be at one with the ineffable, Oh Well....go figure.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Les Visible prabhu,

You rarely ask.

Despite our individual and collective experiences which serve to temper, we are still left human up to and including our moment of truth.

Being human, it's proper to ask.

It's more than proper, it's expected, it's humble, it's holy sacrifice.

I remember well your asking me when you needed support.
This was humbling. Your asking me was both supporting and affirming for me.

In essence we both were asking God.

And all involved gained something which can't be bought with diamonds or in any way concocted.

Forgive me if I don't feel this to be a private matter.

Please ask.

Anonymous said...

I believe Stone is correct. The video of the town of fukushima before the tsunami wave hit shows cars travelling normally on the highway no indication of fractures in the roads etc People going about their business. Bear in mind that earthquake waves travel several times faster through the ground than through water and supposedly a 9.0 ! earthquake had just occured. It is therefore inconceivable that a major quake had occurred out to sea. You are left with the alternative indicating an high energy explosive charge at depth.

Leo P. said...

Long time reader of your blog Mr.Visible. Never felt the need to post but here goes...

I'm always wondering what we all, meaning those of us that frequent this blog and of course Mr. Visible, have in common.
The best I've come up with so far is this-> there's 2 types of people in the world: works in progress and those that REALIZE that they're works in progress.
We're works in progress. (Heck I've been called a piece of work my whole life [grin]) We're striving toward something. What that is I have no frickin' clue.
So I'm working hard (I think). I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing...

But I endure and persevere. I don't know how to do anything else.

PS Thanks to everyone that posts here. Even the asshats. Because you've all taught me something.

DAD said...

I am glad you are not In- visible. You sir are a well Spoke person of great light. I have spent the time on many occasions to read your work. THANK YOU. Michael Rivero is a person I never have spoken to or contacted. That being said I have read his site whatreallyhappened for years on regular basis. I have not thanked him for his work yet but your telepathy has told me I need to. I will. today,

Visible said...

Wow, cars traveling normally on the highways is proof that some government detonated nukes. Yeah, uh huh.


It is one thing for Jeff Rense to refuse to post an article on his site.

It is quite another to ban one of his long-term contributors for publishing that article on his own site.

Also in his article yesterday he called thetruthseeker's Rixon 'MI6'.

That's hysterical and quite laughable.


Lee Eisenstein said...

Bravo! Mr. Rense and his staff deserve the highest praise for their work and the heart they put into it. Spoke with their program director, years ago, about guests for a possible show. Great people, great energy. Mahalo, (thank you), to them, their various contributors and yourself.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Nice picture from God's self-appointed lawyer of some monster filing cabinets being hoisted by a crane.

Visible said...

KB, get your facts straight. He did not ban him for posting anything on his own site.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Nice picture from God's self-appointed lawyer of some monster filing cabinets being hoisted by a crane.

Richie (Dana) said...

A few years ago I came across a website called Jeff Rense. It was, and has been one of the best places to get true information. I noticed an article with a funny looking, slightly out of place, title one day and clicked the link.
I discovered this partially insane guy named Les Visible ranting pure truth.

I would like to publically thank Mr. Jeff Rense for linking me up with Mr. Visible as this has truly changed my life for the better.

My advice to Jeff would be to just let this thing die now. We know that evil is very self destructive so let's just let that happen and not waste more time with this foolishness.

Carry on, Guru's of Truth.


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible- I'm reading this really good astro site right now-since it includes the New Moon of Feb 21rst-Tuesday-I thought you'd like to check this out.

Keep on keepin' on all :)

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Good Day All


Thank you Jeff Rense for what you do.
Thank you Henry Makow for what you do.
Thank You Mike Rivero for what you do.
Thank you Les Visible for what you do.

I've read you all and find you all to be sincere and courageous in expressing your truth as best you can whether or not I or anyone else agrees with everything any one of you say or do the fact remains you are rare men amongst your fellows.

Patrick V1.0

Chinese Sneakers said...

Feeling ya' bro': Rather pensive myself these days. Seems best to just keep keeping on, creating art or what have you.

Wanted to mention that i saw one myself a few years back.

i Was on a high cliff overlooking the ocean on a perfectly clear night. All of a sudden a hovering blue ball appeared before me. It was all glowing light, about the size of your average yurt, with no distinguishable features; but it did have the ability to maneuver on a dime, and to accelerate at mind boggling speed.

It came up on me out of nowhere, paused a good while very close--say, 5 meters away--and then shot off into the black nothingness of the night further on down the coast.

i Have always felt it was more supra-terrestrial than other-worldly. More dark-matter military vehicle than alien craft from another galaxy, at least in my humble opinion.

Which is not to say that there is no possibility of life beyond this earth. But that is another matter and should be seen as a different issue.

Anyway, i just wanted to mention that: If one puts Rense's work on u.f.o.s in the terms i described above, well, then he starts to look less eccentric and more like a lead investigator into covert technologies.

Oh, i also had a listen to what follows and wondered what other people thought?


Anonymous said...

jeff rense is one of the lords,,,,its the same for henry makow he has some interesting articles at times,he also craves truth and lord rivero is like a whole air craft carrier when he gets going on the radio crushing every piece of stinking lie and propaganda that comes his way..i suppose if we allow each other differences and when we know something is wrong,we admit that we were wrong,then we can pull up our socks and get back out there doing whatever it is we do,
the truth has to be the underlying principle......
and definately,,we are all works in progress,,,,
better to forgive ourselves our faults and move on.......

respects neil

Copernicus Kidd said...

‎[his majesty] has been grating on yours truly for a little while now. i turned to him for insights on the esoterics of the enemy, but even that has dried up lately. your point about women is spot on - and why are so many maco posts encouraging western fellas to look for mail order brides abroad? he also seems to hate gold as much as the voting members of the federal reserve open market committee. i'm no cloven calf, but as much as he waxes old timey about Christianity and God, he seems remarkably averse to the potential for dialectics between east and west. (unless we're talking mail order brides that is.) surely someone trying to see the situation vis a vis the Gita is one more poor victim of multi-culti-illuminati initiatives to dilute our sterling character. heaven forbid a sikh police officer be allowed to wear a turban in uniform! and vegans are nwo, dontcha know?

i asked quite simply where the poison was in jeff's presentation. with fat twerps like alex the grate, its fairly clearly found in the verboten status of national zionists today. so are the ufos jeff's poison sent to sink all us seekers in goofy big foot hunter mode - never to be taken seriously by those that have taken us, seriously? apparently not even maco shark thinks so .. his reply was that censorship is the prima facie evidence of malice. hmm, weaker than weak tea if you ask me. some of us call it discrimination in the good way. so if you see an unidentified flying object on the horizon, it just may be the maco shark's ego ... floating to oblivion. there's a lot of woods in canada to get lost in, maybe big mac should step outside the lodge and go looking for intelligent primates to eat fungus with. might be easier to swallow than hot nuke on nuke speculation.

profnasty said...

Divide and Conquer.
That's the name of the game.
Did you see a little thing called 'Iraq'. It was a thing of beauty from a military perspective. Sit back and watch your enemies beat the shit out of each other.
It looks like that is what is happening here.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Rense site, he does an optimum job.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Last April my local 9/11 group hosted a talk by Leuren Moret, a prominent anti-nuclear speaker. We had previously hosted Moret a couple of years ago. Last March I agreed with our group to host Moret again. Fukushima was fresh news, and since the Northwest is downwind from the prevailing winds from Japan, we were interested in hearing what Moret had to say about Fukushima.

Then I learned that Moret was currently promoting her theory that HAARP had been used to cause the Japanese tsunami, which disabled Fukushima, which caused clouds full of radioactive particles to travel all over North America -- all of which was planned and perpetrated by the Illuminati NWO elitists for the purpose of depopulating North America.

When I realized that Moret would be propounding her extravagant theory, instead of giving us reality-based information, I decided not to attend her lecture that we were hosting. There would be plenty of other people from our 9/11 group at Moret's talk to do the necessary chores; my presence was not needed.

On the same day that Moret spoke in Portland, Reed College was hosting the highly informative, three-day "Counter Counter-Insurgency Convergence", which I attended, instead of the Moret talk. The Convergence was mainly about how the US government, military, police, and intelligence agencies target domestic dissidents as an "insurgency". The Convergence featured a showing of "Cointelpro 101", a speech by ex-Black Panther Elaine Brown, a group of anthropologists who revealed the manipulation of their discipline by the Imperialist Establishment, and some activists who had done time in Federal prisons for political crimes. The Convergence was full of high-quality presentations and discussions; I learned a lot from it. See:

My friends in the 9/11 group are pleased that the video of Leuren Moret's Portland talk has exceeded 80,000 views. But I am pleased that I attended the Counter Counter-Insurgency Convergence instead.

Reader said...

OK Vis. May I call you Vis?
I think it's great that you go to such lengths to defend someone who wouldn't bother to defend you. Seriously.
Recently you defended "Dawson" too, which made me reconsider his eccentricities. Seriously.

Personally, I find it most interesting that Rense and Rivero both "work all the time" and both entertain certain opinions which obviate others. Both provide education and perspective, and both are seriously flawed (grin).

As for you Mr. Visible, it seems your channels are clearer or more pertinent, but then you don't really REPORT as much as COMMENT (and I find myself agreeing with you all too often). I smile as I read your posts and I don't have to spit out the egg shells (or other pollutants) as I do at Rense or WRH.

In sum, thanks.

Visible said...

Patrick Willis does it one more time.

Visible said...

Would you please direct me to where I defended someone named Dawson? Are you talking about Ryan Dawson? I don't think he likes me and I couldn' imagine what I would defend him from. Are you referring to my mentioning that he was young?
Seriously, unless I'm doing things in my sleep, I missed doing this.

DaveR said...

I was going to post, then I thought it was a waste of time, so I wasn't, then I thought of something else so now I'm back on....

What I've begun to find quite tiresome (here less than elsewhere, but here too) is the constant 'reductio ad absurdum'. Examples include: 'nukes on the seabed'; 'basement nukes'; 'the middle ages didn't happen'; and others. Let's look at those for a sec.

Nukes on the seabed. This appears to be Jim Stone's premise for what caused a quake off Japan. Detractors use the improbability of this event as fodder to dismiss the entire POSSIBILITY that the reactors were sabotaged, one that I don't discount. I posted on another blog that bombs on the seabed, or under it, could indeed induce a quake. I don't think anyone argues that it couldn't be done. My posting did not include the 'nuke' word, but some jerk got on his high horse to bitch at me about acoustic monitoring signatures of seabed nukes being easily detected and were not. Therefore I was an idiot. When I pointed out that I had not used the nuke word he went silent. Reductio ad absurdum in action. Reduce the whole complex situation into 'sound bite' sized piece and ridicule that.

So, nowhere in the argument is any room left for middle ground, it's either seabed nukes or nothing and the whole scenario is out. I dunno, but I think the acoustic signature might be quite different if the nukes were drilled a couple hundred meters into the seabed or if they weren't nukes, but conventional explosives. A dozen small, well placed bombs could set off a quake and not really make that much noise, it seems to me. Further, large bombs on the surface would bow most of their energy upwards. That would move a lot of water, but in order to couple with the subsea plates, drilling them in a ways would be mandatory.

Therefore, those who wish to preclude investigations regarding such actions might be well served by steering the whole conversation into the absurd corner of either accepting the premise of seabed nukes or dismissing the entire concept of sabotage.

As for quake damage, I myself have experienced a 7.0 shaker and can tell from first hand experience there was plenty of damage around. Crumpled highways, heavily damaged buildings, broken water mains, busted windows, power outages and more. (Northridge). A 9.0 is likely to evidence damage. At 7.0 traffic sucked even by LA standards.

DaveR said...

Pt. 2

'Basement nukes'. That's a pretty convenient way to wrongly package the argument, especially Khalezov's premise. Of the many people poo-pooing the nuke theory I'd bet only a very smalll percentage have read his book or watched the interview. I did both. Simply put 'basement nukes' is a misdirection - more on misdirections later. Khalezov in particular doesn't espouse 'basement nukes' or 'mini-nukes' but full on 150 kiloton bombs 75 meters below the buildings surrounded by granite. His scenario (and he should know) is that the shock wave took 10 - 15 seconds to pulverize the rock and make its way to the basements. The structure of the building them channeled to force upward until it reached about floor 80 and by that time it had lost most of its 'bang'.

High levels of tritium were observed and the 'first responders' illnesses are congruent with radiation sickness. Photos show a smooth edged pit beneath one of the towers which was excused as prehistoric glacial damage. Whoever thought of that shoud get a bonus, and probably did. Nothing Khalezov wrote excluded other demolition charges, or indeed, micro-nukes higher in the building. My personal view includes thermite cutter charges and possibly smaller directional nukes above ground level. Those would account for the charred cars as found on Judy Wood's site, while the large bombs accounts for the "dustification" she refers to. The lack of a subsidence crater is accounted for by the depth of the charge.

Nonetheless, the main point of the short essay is 'reductio ad absurdum', not minutae regarding building demolition. It makes a pretty good little package and easily dismisses much of the 'controlled demolition' arguments by conflating them with 'basement nukes'.

DaveR said...

Pt. 3

'The middle ages didn't happen' is another reduction to absurdity that was mentioned here briefly and elsewhere extensively. I mention it here to again focus on the point - soundbite compression of complex subjects. Clif High is the one who brought up Antoly Fomenko, at least to my attention. Fomenko has gotten a lot of bad press most noticably by people mindlessly repeating the false attribution of him saying 'the middle ages didn't happen'. I read the first of his 7 (!) books, and at 500 pages it is quite a slog. I did persevere and nowhere in all that did he say anything like 'the middle ages didn't happen'. He does say that the dates are wrong and he makes his argument very well. I took a chance and wrote to someone I thought would be objective about it, one Acharya S., AKA D.M. Murdoch, asking her opinion. She got very insulted, said she couldn't be bothered to read anything by someone who claimed "the middle ages didn't happen". I did point out that her own writing pretty much insist that Jesus didn't happen and many dismissed her out of hand ike she did with Fomenko. Her further response was almost shrill and this from someone who proclaims her own expertise based on scholarship! Once again, 'reductio ad absurdum' rears its ugly head.

Now, our own Les has just engaged in a bit of this himself with his response, "Wow, cars traveling normally on the highways is proof that some government detonated nukes. Yeah, uh huh." So folks, let's all please refrain from this activity.

Now, as promised, more on misdirection. This is a very useful tool in arguments and public speaking. The example I will use is the venerable Ed Meese. Many will remember the "Iran-Contra" scandal wherein the US was selling weapons to the Iranians (a 'terrorist regime' - have we heard this before?) and taking the profits to arm the 'Contras' in Nicaragua. The funds from the weapons sales had been 'redirected' to the Contras, according to Mr. Meese. What really happened to those who would notice, is that the entire dialog about the whole incident had been redirected (misdirected) to only include the legality of arming the Contras. The debate of seling arms to Iran was left at the door ever after. The dialog had been packaged and delivered, the 'investigation' lasted months, and seling arms to a 'terrorist regime' was lost in the shuffle.

We must avoid these over-simplifications that lead to easily dismissed and false arguments. Frequently they are intentional on the people who package them as such. We're seeing (if you care to look) an over-simplification (reductio...) going right now with Rense. Those who say stuff about their (Rense and Makow - R&M) long history being dumped so quickly and easily are probably only lately on the scene. I'm sure R&M have had plenty going on for some time and we'll hear very little of it.

There. I've vented. Thanks for listening.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous February 17, 2012 5:17:00 PM:

The absence of earthquake damage in some places is not proof that there was no earthquake -- particularly when earthquake damage did occur in many other nearby places. Apparently you did not get the memo that earthquake damage is typically a random, hit-and-miss affair, dependent on many localized variables, such as fault zones, rock strata, soil types, and construction types.

As you yourself pointed out, an earthquake's wave pattern travels faster through the ground than through the water. So it makes sense that an earthquake whose epicenter was in the Japanese Trench (a well-known earthquake zone) would hit Japan well before the tsunami hit Japan.

Earthquakes and tsunamis existed long before nuclear bombs were invented; you don't need a nuclear bomb to produce an earthquake or a tsunami.

bholanath said...

Jeez, it's just Mars beginning its major triggering of the Neptune-Chiron thingy.
AGGRESSIVE PROJECTION OF PET DELUSIONS (maybe not most precise description, but roughly...)
It's only beginning. Get used to it.
carry on

Visible said...

I was only repeating what the guy said. He was defending the nuke theory and he used moving cars. His explanation was so highly simplistic and so sorely lacking in detail I felt compelled to call attention to it.

As for the nukes in the towers thing there, there is way, way to many conditions and features that don't meet with that. And I am sure they used the same methodology for building 7 and that was obviously controlled demolition, OR? they used nukes in the towers but not in 7? I wathced those things come down. they didn't need to use nukes and nukes creates all sorts of problems and radiation would not have been confined simply to the workers. I could put an enormous list of things that occur to me concerning both of these subjects but I'm not motivated because frankly, I don't care. This insanity of dense detail and multiplicity of plots and endless what ifs just makes my head hurt. The divine has it all in hand.

Visible said...

Well, that's good to know. I'm certainly getting hit by all kinds of new sensations that I can't interpret.

Anonymous said...

Well, here goes: Mike Rivero has some folks posting articles on his website, that frankly seem to have been raised on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and post the most incredibly and easily refuted nonsense. And, he also posts articles that provide a refreshing change of pace from the usual propaganda emanating from the msm sources. So, it's a toss up.

Jeff Rense....well, I can say without fear of error that he posts some suspiciously obvious CIA-type propaganda, some articles with no byline, mixes in the occasional pro-military gibberish along with the alternative news types, like UFO reporting.

I've found this to be true: when there is some nefarious shenanigans the CIA is up to...there will be a UFO video or article pop up to distract the masses...and that is not saying there is no possibility that UFO's exist, it is stating I have never seen ONE video that shows anything clearly enough to pass judgement....and that alone makes me skeptical that any of the life forms sure to be out there have ever reached us...lately, if ever.

Maybe they have, maybe not...but not that I have seen any proof of.

Kinda surprised at the level of support Les gives Mike and Jeff....and kind of amazed that someone so versed on the events of 9/11/01 is unaware of the Tritium levels reported from verifiable sources at "Ground Zero", and from the dismissal of the photographic proof of huge I-beams bent into a horseshoe shape...without a crack to be seen: this takes such tremendous force to occur....I can only state it had to be a ungodly event. Nuclear event.

And the person dissing Moret...subtly....I am not fooled.


Eamon said...

I have only read a little about Rense-versus-Makow, so to speak, so I do not pretend to know enough to speak intelligently about who is or is not right, who may or may not be an asset of an intelligence agency, etc. Maybe they are both Mossad and this is all just one of a zillion distractions meant to throw yet another monkey wrench into the mix? [No, I don't think either is Mossad. That is a joke; however, there is very little that would surprise me at this stage.]

As an aside, I noticed that the 'Anonymous site' that weighed in on Jeff's behalf did not have its comments section operational for very long. Did someone say something that did not harmonize with the agenda of the site owner?

As for Rense and Makow, perhaps neither is entirely in the right? I don't know and it does not interest me enough to dig deeper. That said, I know that when I am clearly, absolutely wrong, it is much easier to see and (hopefully) admit. It is when I am right but going about it in the wrong way that it is much harder for me to see the situation clearly and dispassionately. C'est la vie, I suppose. Although it is said that we live and we learn, it is clear that sometimes we just live (and pretty poorly, at that).

FWIW, visible, the blog entry I posted last night is about this time in the proverbial waiting room. Peace and prosperity to you and yours, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'll Take Jeff Rense anyday over Macaw and his squaw....I remember Henry doing a real hit piece on Edgar always wary of anybody going out of their way to do character assassinations on fellow travellers.

I neither belive nor disbelieve in UFO's - a bit like Ghosts - I'll wait til I see one first.

I've learnt more fom Mike Rivero and Jeff Rense than I ever did in fifteen years of education.

I don't agree with every single thing they do and say - that would be highly unusual but for my money Rense and Rivero are the two best truthseekers on the Net.

Here endeth the lesson.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Dave R:

Dmitri Khalezov himself used the term "sub-basement" (meaning below the basement level) when he described the "zero box" nuclear bombs that he said were located 252 feet underground beneath the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Khalezov also described the "zero boxes" as being comparable to the underground nukes that were tested at the Nevada Test Site.

I have seen and read Khalezov's interviews, watched his videos, and read the material that he posted on his website. My critique of Khalezov's sub-basement nukes theory is based on his own presentations, along with comparisons to the Nevada Test Site, to which Khalezov himself positively compared his theory.

If underground nukes had destroyed the Twin Towers and WTC 7, the radiation levels and their effects would have been very obvious, and the whole WTC site should still be highly radioactive -- now and for many years to come. Even after the removal of the debris from the Twin Towers and WTC 7, the WTC site should remain highly radioactive. But that is not the case.

The creation of earthquakes with nuclear bombs planted along fault lines is science fiction -- it has never been demonstrated in fact. Without proof, the theory that submarine nukes caused the Japanese earthquake and tsunami does not stand up to the principle of Occam's Razor. Since Japan has always been susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis, there is no reason to assume, without proof, that the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs.

The concept of the "Middle Ages" depends on how you define it. In the 21st Century we are ruled by Oligarchs who live like Kings, and feudalism continues under a mask of false democracy. In the 21st Century, we also have a Western Crusade against Islam. Did the Middle Ages ever end?

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

There are some places that not even Rense will go. Logic tells us that if there can be so much as one extraterrestrial species then there can be an infinitude, assuming an infinite Universe. The same applies to extraterrestrials crossing whatever distances needed to reach us from wherever they came from. Common sense would tell us that such entities must span a wide spectrum of technological capabilities although the very least of these must of necessity be so far in advance of terrestrial technology as to be beyond our imaginations to conceive, in which case there could be no doubting who is in control around here and it definitely is not us. Common sense would also tell us that there must be a wide spectrum of good'n'evil among such beings. As to where Rense will not go, either because he is not aware of even so much as the possibility or because he does not wish to stretch his credibility beyond anyone's assumed limits is that the Masonic "nations" - USA, Europe, Israel etc are controlled by extraterrestrials. Very bad ones if the behavior of these gangster hideyholes is anything to go by.

DaveR said...

Exactly Vis. All of these historic events are far too complex to be covered in a few paragraphs by us 'internet researchers'. I too watched the towers fall and have seen far too many videos of this or that. There's a disinfo technique called 'muddying the waters'. Simply throw out so many scenarios that the viewer becomes fatigued and ultimately gives up.

My motivation was not to argue any particular point of view or scenario, only to whine about the reductionism that seems rampant.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Thank you for saying that. You said it well (as always) and with finesse. Jim Stone's theory is at the core of this conflict and I have to admit I've done some reading on his site because of my curiosity about such things. I've formed no opinion though -- been too quick in the past so I take things slower now. I do know I've always liked Jeff Rense's site and radio programs -- great voice and he sounds very sincere. I just hope there isn't a deliberate divide and conquer operation going on here. We need consolidation with tolerance for variance in opinions ... within the perimeter of the litmus test of course. Now I have to struggle with the new wv and hope this one makes it possible for me to prove I'm not a robot (grin). I'm more putt-putt than bot-bot.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Rense's site but think some folks might judge based on appearances. His hair is kinda out there, yeah it's a stupid reason but it happens. I remember that one dude who posted an article calling cousin Visible a "simian communist" in a line up with other monkey-marxists. Hufshit or whatever his name was. Seems like every now and then a dust up takes the truth community by storm and each side accuses the other of being "a plant". I don't know what to make of it all - but maybe none of us are plants. I know that Makow and Rivero are both jews which makes me instinctively suspicious, so don't take my word for it either given my obvious biases - to each his own and may all be made known. Hell, even Alex Jones criticizes the zionists from time to time.

Hokahey & Aho - one and all, the truth will set us free.

abe in ela

Anonymous said...

you guys remind me of a bunch of old women pissing on about who stole their recipe for sugar cookies. get your head and ass wired together, jeasus, WWIII is right around the corner and your gonna bitch about stuff THAT DOESN'T MATTER!. you dumb a-holes deserve to end up in a FEMA camp.
they will never take me alive. screw the rest of you morons.

Bruce Hayden said...

Les, let me set the record straight about the Jim Stone 'Domona 'article. It was put up at for a very brief time. That is where I first came across it. My memory is infallible on this point. By the time I gave it a quick read and clicked on most of the links it was gone. Fortunately, I remembered the link: I've read it numerous times since then and can find little fault with what I consider to be a plausible theory that needs to be examined more closely by a greater number of people. It matters not if it was a nuke or HAARP that caused the tsunami. The smoking gun lies in comparing the structural damage caused by a 6.9/7.2 quake in Kobe in 1995 to the total lack of such in Sendai. Never mind that the Israeli security company set up the security for reactor #3 (the one with the MOX fuel) and high-tailed it back to Israel a week before the nuclear explosion from that reactor. All the damage was cuased by the tsunami and not the earthquake! How do all of you naysayers explain that simple fact? You can't that's why! There is more than a little food for thought in this piece. Rense's view notwithstanding.
A 9.0 is 100 times as powerful as a 7.0! I would truely like to see a refutation of this article by qualified people! The circumstantial evidence for Stone's thesis is more than a little overwhelming, in my opinion.

Secondly, I must agree with Jeff as far as Makow's articles, and especially his guest writers, have been mostly abysmally-written, irrelevant garbage for some time now. Religion is a very warped concept. It can turn perfectly reasonable humans into total headcases. Rense is the first site I visit every morning and I check back during the day. (Although, it seems he is only updating once a day now and has fewer articles. I'm sure there is a valid reason for this.) In short, his site is my all-time favorite and has been for a decade or so now. All that aside, I hope that this Makow/Rense feud has run its course and we can ignore future barbs that these two men may choose to trade in the near future. Henry was right about the Jim Stone piece. I, too, feel that this could be bigger than 9/11. I don't blame makow for being upset, but he handled the situation poorly. And his several years of inferior articles did little to advance his smears of Jeff.

Thirdly, I must mention that WRH has always been my secondary source of news. I had Michael Rivero as a friend on facebook as a "friend" until I closed my account a few weeks ago in protest of their policies. Rivero posts a lot of good stuff; especially on the Palestinian situation and Zionist arrogance. However, his lack of belief in chemtrails and a missle hitting the Pentagram is hilarious! Evidently he sees the world through a different lens
than millions of others of us do. I have not quite put him in the Alex Jones box but when he, like Alex, publishes about 90% good info and the rest is laughable misdirection, and in Jone's case, lying by omission, one does have to wonder.

Lastly, I do admire your writing and truth-telling skills. I'm sure you didn't learn these things in academia. You do seem to have your finger in the cosmic socket and almost all of what you say resonates with me!

Please post under my real name, Bruce Hayden. I wonder why so many mothers named their childern'Anonymous?' I guess it is because they were born without spines. It has to do, in great part, with what is wrong with this country. If you can't put a name, or at least a moniker, with your writing,
I would prefer that you all not comment at all. I'm tired of addressing Anonymous 1, 2, 3 etc.

Eamon said...

"This insanity of dense detail and multiplicity of plots and endless what ifs just makes my head hurt. The divine has it all in hand."

Bingo was his name-o!

All things have their proper time and proportion. Each of us is different, of course, but when the still, small Voice indicates that we are too wrapped up in a particular matter, or when we find that certain pursuits diminish rather than augment our peace of mind and heart, or when we no longer hear or even try to listen to our inner Voice, we may be certain that it is past time to take a break, whether short, more lengthy, or permanent.

IOW, if we know all of these things and immeasurably more, but we allow our interior house to become cluttered and dilapidated, we will be of no real, substantial use to ourselves or anyone else.

Visible said...

Mentioninig what you an't say on Michael Rivero's site is hardly a defense or a promotion. It was a tongue in cheek aside and Michael says under the linked article at WRH; "mea culpa maxima"

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"Please note that these “demolition charges” are thermonuclear, buried many meters under the sub-basement and virtually radiation free." - Gordon Duff, explaining Dmitri Khalazov's sub-basement nukes theory of the destruction of the Twin Towers an WTC 7. -

A nuclear bomb cannot be both "thermonuclear" and "radiation free". - GF

Visible said...

Well now, this is certainly interesting.

Visible said...

Wow! isn't that precious, another brass balled anonymous poster afraid of nothing except being himself in public. I'll point out that the opinions of anonymous don't carry much weight. I'll print them but they won't have any real impact.

DaveR said...

Nukes under the towers? I don't know. Some bombs make lots of radiation, others not much. Tritium levels were up and they brought in all that dirt for some reason. Not all the Nevada Test Site bombs leave collapse craters, though many do. Let's argue fruitlessly.

Nukes causing earthquakes? Maybe. I don't see why not since they do create shock waves. Even conventional bombs might if you put them in the right places, and we needn't limit ourselves to only one. (Take two, they're small...) I'm not a bomb expert (I never even got to play one on TV) nor a geologist. Unless someone tries it and acknowledges that they did so, it will remain in the realm of speculation for me.

The Middle Ages DID end, though I'm not sure when, however the Dark Ages continue still, I'm sorry to say.

Visible said...

I don't know how you'll take this but here it is..

I will say that Arcturus has a deep and profound impact on me and comes to my attention often. I will also say that I am being bombarded by negative forces quite often but I manage (grin) somehow.
I will also say that I do believe portals are going to open and that something major and massive similar to what is being said here is likely in my awareness, though I won't predict anything specific.

Anonymous said...

One of the best traits a person can have is being able to admit when they are full of shit. I'm not afraid to admit when I am full of shit and when lost in an unknown place asking for directions from the nearest local is the way to go. I stop by the Rense page everyday and often find some good stuff there that wouldn't be found on my own without an extensive hours long power surf session. A big thanks to Rense for that and no one is better informed on the Japan nuclear disaster than him. A big thanks to you as well Low Viz, these pages of yours are indispensable.

Visible said...

Jesus (grin) what a load of shit. the headline says big names and there are NO big names. Once again, Zio Media is pushing garbage and atheism is their signature dish.

Richie (Dana) said...

Bruce @ 9:03
The last paragraph you wrote is hilarious.
I had a good laugh reading that.
And yes, My name really is Richard.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To the Anonymous "farang":

I have spent a lot of time in conversation with Leuren Moret, including an evening when she was very drunk. I am aware of her desire to make a living as a public speaker. I am not alone in thinking that she employs a lot of exaggeration to thrill the imaginations of her audience. She is an activist, but she is also an entertainer. Sometimes the latter seems to be more important to her than the former. An activist is primarily concerned with the truth, while an entertainer's main goal is to entertain an audience. Many people are entertained when they get to hear what they want to hear. I could be more descriptive, but I want to remain polite.

Anonymous said...

I've glanced at Rense's website on occasion, but I've been following Mike Rivero's WRH since before 9/11. Rense needs to focus more on "earthly" issues. If aliens exist and are advanced enough to cross the vastness of space to reach us, they are going to do whatever the hell they want to when they get here. Better to focus on issues we can do something about, such as government corruption, needless wars, globalist central bankers, Israel, etc. You know, REAL monsters.

Greg Bacon said...

Anyone who interacts with Michael Rivero knows that you don't argue with him about no planes at The Pentagon

Reasonable, sane adults can agree to disagree, even get in heated arguments without resorting to one calling the other crazy, a kook or saying you belong in a psychiatric hospital just because you disagree with what that person says.

And that's what' Mikey' Rivero of WRH does in regards to the Pentagon on 9/11. Unless he was part of the Zionist and NeoCon scum who pulled off that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB or is getting paid to lead REAL 9/11 truth seekers astray, he doesn't know What Really Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11.

For him to call those who disagree with his theories about that day names and say they're crazy is either a sign of immaturity or he's in on the con job, regardless how much truth he posts about the nut jobs running Israel.

What hit the Pentagon on 9/11? I don't know, but since the 'official' 9/11 Commission Report has been shown to be filled with lies, distortions, omissions and left out testimony, you can't say "I believe this part of the lie, but not that part of the lie."

Grow up, 'Mikey' and agree to disagree with other REAL 9/11 truth seekers and stop calling us derogatory names and you'll get more respect.

P.S. Also, show me where the commercial and combat fighter pilots at Pilots for 9/11 Truth are wrong, since they also say the Pentagon story is a hoax.

But what does a group of pilots that has tens thousands of hours flying 747's, 757's and fighter jets know?

gurnygob said...

Humility is a rare thing these days. Even when one is right in their argument they should still make room for humility. Pride can be a terrible thing especially when ego gets in the way or reputations are at stake. I follow many of the major truth seeker sites including this one and I have to say, in all honesty, the only one I have found with enough humility to put their hand up and say "I got it wrong on this occasion" has been Les Visible. This tells us something very important about the character of the person/s we are dealing with. To tell the truth, there is something about Jeff Rinse that unsettles me, perhaps it's his hair, I don't know, it certainly doesn't qualify as a reason to not trust him. Makow gives me the same feeling, perhaps its his lack of hair, (grin) but I admit that his conservative views did resonate with me in the past. I really don't know what to make of it all. On the face of it, Makow seems to have bit of his nose to spite his face, if you see what I mean. Rinse comes out on top for me, showing a little more humility but then I don't know much of anything so don't take my word for it. I tend to judge a person by their humility or lack of it and Makow, by the way he is handling this debacle, is not cutting it for me. That doesn't mean he is a bad person or a disinfo agent but it does say something about his integrity when his face is against the wall or he suddenly realises he has put his foot in his mouth and hasn't the good sense to shut up. I would really like to see both of them put this behind them and get on with the task of spreading the truth. We may not always agree 100% on everything so we should afford each other that privilege in these confusing times. The important thing is to keep seeking and be as truthful as is humanly possible. Yes we are living in times of deceit. The darkness seems ever encroaching but one thing is sure, the light of truth has already won the battle, we just don't see it yet, but we will. That of course depends on our own truth.


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Jeff Rense or his website, but I do like that you are prepared to defend him when taking sides could carry a price. Now Les, although you do inspire me with your writings, I don't know you either, so my only question is what motivated you to come out and take this stance?


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Dave R:

A nuclear bomb creates an underground cavity by vaporizing the rock and soil, which requires a radioactive blast to accomplish, and produces further radiation and radioactive particles that will discharge into the atmosphere if the blast breaks the surface. Khakezov claims that the force of the nukes under the Twin Towers disintegrated the Towers up to a height of about 900 feet. If so, the radiation from the nuclear blast should have contaminated the entire WTC site. Furthermore, the radioactive residue should have included the full range of radioactive isotopes found after a conventional nuclear explosion.

Most of the illness among the first responders and clean-up crews have been lung disease -- not surprising, considering the dust. If Khalezov's nukes brought down the Towers, we should have seen a lot of classic radiation symptoms, including hair loss and skin burns, among the first responders and clean-up crews. The WTC site should have been so radioactive that it would be impossible to keep it a secret.

The subterranean cavity created by the nuclear blast should remain radioactive for a very long time -- so if underground nukes brought down the Twin Towers and WTC 7, as Khalezov says, the entire WTC site should still be highly radioactive. A walk-through of the WTC site with a Geiger counter should still show a dangerous reading if underground nukes were used at the WTC.

Anonymous said...

I go to Rense's site several times a day. I never liked Makow and knew just by reading the title on Rense that it would be one of Makow's articles. They are always whiney and hateful about women. Like most women don't feel bad enough as it is.

It's good you are standing up for Jeff Rense. I choose Team Rense. To heck with Makow.

Yes, there are UFOs and extraterrestrials. No doubt about it, and I'm glad Rense posts articles on them. How pompous some people are who think that we are so special that we are the only ones in the Universe. That we are the best and brightest. Come on people, look around at your fellow humans. A pathetic bunch they are, and are getting worse by the day. I can releate to how you feel Visable.

Anonymous said...

Rense created the situation by acting like he knows it all. It's product of his ego. I only read some of the stuff he posts and to me much of it seems questionable a best - so I don't know where he gets off pretending like he's the last bastion of truth. He posts way too much stuff abut Fukishima. Makow on the other hand shows himself to be a real vindictive Jew... Can't we all just get along?

katz said...

Quoting the author:
here is a plague of anonymous making the rounds, where people are going around ambushing anyone and everyone because they are deeply unhappy and have become mean as a result. We live in a world of acrimony and bad spiritedness. People are rude and cruel as an avocation. There's way too much schadenfreude. I've found nasty behavior in the most unexpected places. I'm almost past being surprised at anything at this point. That's a sad commentary, I know.

Les Visible, you need to look in the mirror. God Forbid, someone should disagree, or not kiss your arshe. and, your minions, as well.

Reader said...

Sorry Vis.
I DID use the wrong word; I alleged that you had "defended" Ryan Dawson, when, in fact, all you did was say something paternalistic about his being young.

I don't use my real name because I am known to some of the parties, but "Reader" is completely accurate. I flatter myself that I can detect (eventually) almost all intentional untruth. That leaves me with very few websites from which to SEEK information (as you well know). One of MY "litmus tests" is chemtrails, BTW; why would anyone deny what is apparent on an almost daily basis in most of the western world?

Everybody's blind to something. The thing that distinguishes you, Mr. Vis, is that I haven't yet discovered what it is that you're blind to! (Painful, isn't it?)

Thanks again.

Oh, one last thing that no one seems to think about: is it even POSSIBLE that visitors from distant space would be LESS spiritually evolved than humans? Obviously, if they can get here, they know some universal truths that escape us. One of those truths is COOPERATION, which is the flip side of the ziopig principle of "divide and conquer." Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know Henry Makow but I generally disagree with a lot of what he has to say when he's talking about women. "

The fact is, western women have destroyed hundreds of millions of men's lives with their false rape and false domestic violence claims, as well as destroying men financially through the divorce courts, and the worst of all- destroying a man emotionally by kidnapping his children from him and forbidding him to have any contact with his own children.

You've never had children, so you don't know what it is like to be a father. And yet you judge men who are fathers and who have had their children stolen, and you actually DEFEND the vicious monster criminal women who kidnap men's children?

Are you aware that 60 percent of child abuse/molestation in America is done by WOMEN? The majority of child abuse/molestation in America is done by women.

So if you support these vicious sick western women, you are also supporting child abuse and molestation.

Western women are scum. Many western men are going overseas and meeting REAL WOMEN now, Asian women or Russian women, and the western women are REALLY ANGRY and BITTER about it.

Have you ever heard of the word "mangina"?

John Rambo said...

"I don't know Henry Makow but I generally disagree with a lot of what he has to say when he's talking about women. "

The fact is, western women have destroyed hundreds of millions of men's lives with their false rape and false domestic violence claims, as well as destroying men financially through the divorce courts, and the worst of all- destroying a man emotionally by kidnapping his children from him and forbidding him to have any contact with his own children.

You've never had children, so you don't know what it is like to be a father. And yet you judge men who are fathers and who have had their children stolen, and you actually DEFEND the vicious monster criminal women who kidnap men's children?

Are you aware that 60 percent of child abuse/molestation in America is done by WOMEN? The majority of child abuse/molestation in America is done by women.

So if you support these vicious sick western women, you are also supporting child abuse and molestation.

Western women are scum. Many western men are going overseas and meeting REAL WOMEN now, Asian women or Russian women, and the western women are REALLY ANGRY and BITTER about it.

Have you ever heard of the word "mangina"?

Anonymous said...

Les, you're very valuable and so is Jeff servers. What I find more upsetting than Makow's tacky attack on Mr. Rense is that people defend Makow. Maybe it's a sign of the times or maybe I'm old fashioned but there used to be a thing called professional courtesy. It's Mr. Renses' site, he's doing his contributers, such as Makow, a favor by printing them. His income and personal life are no-ones business and for Makow to not only broadcast but twist these personal matters in a fit of vindictive pique is worse than discourteous, it's vicious and says more about Makow's character, or lack of, than Mr. Rense's. Karen Toffan.

Eamon said...

"...assuming an infinite Universe..."

Some assume it; none should.

Space is a measurable, quantifiable thing. Yes, it is rather large, but nothing matter how large...can be infinite, strictly speaking. How big is it? I don't know, but I know that it cannot be literally infinite because the little bit I can see is clearly quantifiable. It is like the oft-heard "an infinite number of _______." If you can count something, it is not actually infinite, properly speaking. No, this does change, for reasons that I hope are obvious, even if we say, "Okay, smart guy, what if there are many, or even 'an infinite number' of universes?"

Yes, contemplating the immensity of space tends to blow our pea-sized minds; no, that is not a valid argument in favor of the universe being literally infinite.


Anonymous said...

I was sorry and a bit shocked to hear about what happened between Henry Makow and Jeff Rense. These truly are extraordinary times. I have no idea how Makow feels he can attack Jeff like that. As was instrumental in leading me here, I will always side with Jeff. Thanks for everything Les, there's no one quite like you on the Internet. You and People like You are more important than you will ever know.

P.S. I dont know if I can say this here, but Alex Jones is a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

I love it. This has got to be the most refreshingly lucid commentary and posts I have read in a long time. Keep it up.

missingarib said...

vis, those Bruce lee moments we have when it feels like one is fending off a dozen emotional assaults -or the comic inspector clouso moments with kato -I expect we all have them and if we don't maybe a few are good to keep us fit (grin)
thanks for your pointing at the moon

Andrew of Sydney said...

The personalities of the alternative media, are just that, they came with good intentions and found themselves chasing dollars through advertising, selling their tacky little products and making a living from their work. The difference between them and the hired whores in the mainstream world, who write as they are told, are not great. They both write utter nonsense at times, sometimes not, they lay claim to be trusted and they fall as quickly as they rise.

Us on the receiving end of information need to understand, that we must always know how we feel, have some perception of what is around us and see if anyone else reflects that in their work to relate to (Les does more than most!). The age of copy and paste and links to someone else's words and factual descriptions,(grin), lead us around the garden like a teddy bear! Entertaining, yes! Filter what we read, and accept its source as human in a place, so dark we live.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 'Visable';

Cars travelling to and fro after a 9.0 earthquake less than 100 miles away is not proof that nukes were used, but IS proof that something does not add up with the official Fuku story.

Of course, my educated guess is that you've not read Stone's article, and you often make youself feel good my making seemingly quick witted 1 sentence responses to what others write.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Pretty clear that Henry Makow did not get laid in his tean years and is still on it for somekind of withheld pussy entitlement. Most of his articles on Rense are second hand, I never did see why Rense put his shit up there.


Visible said...

Western women are scum? Good grief. All I said is that I don't agree with him, that's all.


And the moving cars do NOT indicate anything except that the cars were moving. I sincerely don't know what happened but I refuse to be convinced by generalized summations, unaccompanied by supportable and provable evidence. Until that happens I continue not to know.

Katz; I'll allow you a moment of vitriol. Some people have managed to turn themselves into nasty packages that want to say anything they please but won't brook any opposition whatsoever. You know, control freak dominatrices. I know there's a call for that sort of thing in a particular specialty market but that's not so much in demand around here. Anyway, if you want to spit venom go somewhere it's appreciated and you'll be appreciated too. Why do you keep coming around if you can't stand it here?

Magnus; because it felt like the right thing to do and I didn't see anyone else doing it on their blogs when a whole lot of them owe Jeff a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

HELP IS ON THE WAY! In this world of constant betrayal, the lot of us are thirsting for the truth...
Many times in frustration we get in our own way, and in the way of others...I feel despair a great deal, and am tired of this world as well.
I am addicted to Rense, and I enjoy Makow a great deal too, is humanity doomed to tear itself apart?
It appears so...

YOU, to me ARE "the bending end of silence," and many times my serenity. Just when I am ready to explode, like clock work, I make way because you are "Coming through!"
So I sincerely Thank You for that.

As for me, my nose is wet with the scent of someone I dreamed of but haven't met yet :)

Anonymous said...

Back when you could go on the roof in New York City (the early 80s) I remember going up to smoke a cigarette one night and a ball of light about the size of a grapefruit shot up off the roof and into the sky.



Why then? If the Stone article was that offensive to JR and yet did not appear on the Rense site, What was his reason for dropping Makow? Something said in an email exchange? Maybe I don't get it.

Rense's use of the term 'MI6' in connection with Rixon Stewart does denote some kind of hysteria. Just mad. Stewart has had to physically defend himself against these people.

david griffith said... has been my main portal to the news that the mainstream press aren't concerned about.

without his conduit I wouldn't have found your site - or Henry's for that matter.

U.F.O'S 9/11 - aren't these large concerns? The state of the world?

Strange daze indeed. Thanks for your posts Visable.

Anonymous said...

Les visible, as always, your wisdom in how you approach controversy is to be commended. But in this one (The Rense fiasco)I believe the wisest move wouldve been to not comment at all. The reason being that their is dirt involved in this, not libel and slander, real dirt embedded underneath. Even Renses responses to the controversy confirm this. How hard someone works does not justify an innocence from whatever charges are laid against them if they are true. Rense has become guilty of what he charges against Makow in his retorts against him. A lie is a lie, if you know its a lie there is nothing to be feared by it, its just that, a lie. Lies never prevail. They may have their moment in the sun but they always come crashing down inevitably. Renses reaction to the controversy betrays his self proclaimed innocence. The rallying round the wagons by his contributers, even more telling. But when I see an open letter by "anonymous" in a one sided reproof against Makow on this controversy, I SMELL EVIL AND DECEIT. As a contributer of Rense who hosts your articles, I would be personally offended by some of his statements regarding what Rense says is his and what power he claims he has because of it. Remove all Renses contributors and writers and Rense is NOTHING. Its the people who contribute that make Thats something that Jeff Rense has thrown to the wind. Im not here siding with Makow or his charges, I dont read or follow his material. Im just calling it as I see it from the sidelines and I believe Rense is reaping what he probably justly deserves and has for a long time. Its not a bad thing but a good thing for it makes men better after eating some humble pie.

Anonymous said...

And the Rense thing, to my knowledge, was made public by Henry Makow. Makow won't even tolerate what he calls "holocaust minimizers", you can forget about "denial" with him. So, let's assume that Rense is a self-serving merchant of doom making 400k+ per year from his website.So what, he's an American!! It's a free market baby, and anyone with a modicum of insight will surely realize the hunger, the NEED, the hot burning desire for "truth". If I only truly knew then what I know now, and I too would have specialized in the endless promotion of just how lousy things are, and how divinely shitty it will eventually become. If Rense is duplicitous, so what, he should give you faith in the economy, an economy that his sight is constantly disparaging. Just as elections provide the illusion of choice and electoral influence, the internet is there to...

Anonymous said...

This pissing match has become quite pathetic. Both of these individuals are pioneers in alternative journalism, both have broken stories of great importance. But, now, over one small stupid disagreement, look at what's happening. Makow is smearing Rense, Rense is smearing Makow. Both look like the fool. Personally, I have lost all respect for BOTH of them. To be this small minded over a trivial dispute of little matter, and to carry on like this, escalating it into all out war shows just how pathetic both of them really are.
Kind of like Israel and Iran!
I have news for BOTH of you. There are other, BETTER websites for me to get my "real" news. Rense is made up of almost nothing but links to other sites reporting the news, and Makow only writes half of his articles at best. So, to both of you little children, I will NEVER frequent either of your sites ever again, and I will spread the word to the masses to do the same. Hope you're happy!

Bruce said...

I have read EVERY statement left here and I am continually amazed at all of the professors here with all the answers. All of the smart talk (type) only to argue their own points. amazing. no one knows. you folks get it thru your heads. YOU DON'T HAVE THE ANSWERS. Rense doesn't, nor anyone else. And visibles 1 liners, well, with no CONCRETE PROOF, 1 liners are the bomb. you folks should go listen to "Everything You Know Is Wrong"
or "We're All Bozos On This Bus" (firesign theater)

gurnygob said...

Eamon said..."...assuming an infinite Universe..."

Some assume it; none should.

Space is a measurable, quantifiable thing. Yes, it is rather large, but nothing matter how large...can be infinite, strictly speaking.

gurnygob's response....

Eamon who told you space was a measurable? Consider the human body and all the cells there in. In the microscopic world the human body alone is a universe that is still to be discovered and mapped in full. How can you say that the physical universe we see and know of, is all that there is? Who knows if it doesn't go on forever and ever. Sure we think there has to be an end to it somewhere but that's according to human thinking.

Don't forget that less than 100 years ago it was considered that sending a man to the moon was unthinkable; and even if it turns out to be true that man has not yet landed on the moon, as some suspect, it cannot be denied that man has at least put spacecraft into orbit. I have seen many of them, (manmade satellites,) traverse the sky on many clear nights. you are thinking according to what you know, according to what man has discovered, but let's face it, we know very little.

you said......

" If you can count something, it is not actually infinite"

This is true, but you forget that you are only counting what you can see, that is to say, the universe we know of. The fact is, the universe we know could be acquitted to a bunch of cells in the human body when viewed under a microscope. We know that there are billions of cells in the human body. We have yet to see inside these micro cells right down to their basic structure and beyond. Who knows what discoveries we have yet to make on the microscopic level never mind the comic level. Your argument is thus futile.


Anonymous said...

To Greg Fegel...

what if the sub-basement, zero-box nukes, were not fission weapons, but thermonuclear fusion weapons? 4th generation dial-a-yield fusion devices... their radiation is limited to tritium (observed), alpha/beta/gamma particles (absorbed), and heat/radiant energy.

Don't assume they would use the same fission technology as 40 years ago!

DaveR said...


I'll certainly admit I don't know too much about nuclear demolitions. But I sure would like to know where this hole came from. Just motor on down to about 2:05, have a look and tell me what kind of glacier dug that and how they missed it when they built the towers the first time.

Now go have a gander at this i-beam and tell me what kind of forces were at work to bend it like a pretzel.

Having dispensed with those anomalies please inform me as to what fried all these cars?
(I don't go with the DEW theory, but there ARE the cars.)

Then there's the dirt. Why truck in a bunch of dirt when the whole place will be excavated?

So I can recite the stuff from wikipedia about nuclear fusion bombs releasing radiation, yada yada yada. But are we saying we know all of the technologies available? Now, I don't know myself how long radiation would last in the environment. 10 years? Maybe, but we need to account for the anomalies above with something other than thermite IMHO.

You know? Actually we don't. I don't think we'll ever know what happened. The boxcutters are easier to digest....

Anonymous said...

I for one am pleased that Rense dropped the execrable Henry Makow from his site. Makow's views on women and sex are completely laughable and read like the rantings of a very frustrated and difficult little man.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Congratulations, Les! You have the Mossad "anonymouses" working overtime on this one.

Example: "Rense, to me, is eccentric to a fault. The UFO stuff for instance. Entirely possible but lets be honest, it doesnt help in other areas(anti-zionist/Israel activism for one example)to be associated with that kind of research."

And what if the Devil worshipped by zionists is an extraterrestrial? That would mean that "zionism" is a decoy. And anonymous would be a traitor to mankind.

Steve said...

Shit! That pulled the comments out of the woodwork. Even Rambo showed up.
If only there could be this much interest over at Origami?
But then, we would have to look at ourselves wouldn't we.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

After a major earthquake, if there are some roads intact, I would expect to see people running both necessary and unnecessary errands in their cars. Picking up family members from school, job, or whatever; going home to check it out; going to another location where they feel safer; going shopping for stuff they think they might need; checking on people and things they care about; going to the hospital for themselves, or to see loved ones; reporting for duty somewhere; or getting the Hell out of Dodge.

At the major urban hospital where I worked, all employees were instructed to contact the hospital and come in to work immediately after an earthquake -- even on your day off -- because it was assumed that extra staff might be needed. That instruction was part of our annual preparedness training.

Earthquake experience, and construction and safety standards, are higher in Japan than anywhere else in the world, so I would expect the Japanese buildings and infrastructure to sustain an earthquake better than in most countries. Nevertheless, there was major earthquake damage all over the big island of Honshu from the March 2011 quake, which was the biggest Japanese earthquake since seismographic recording began in 1900. The March 2011 earthquake caused damage or shutdowns at four other nuclear power plants in Japan, in addition to the Fukushima plants.

Anonymous said...

Rense's foray into UFO material and the paranormal in general just reflects the depth and scope of the man's vision of the world. Closed minded people need to get a clue here and do some research before they dismiss this material out of hand. Although not necessarily "politically correct", Rense is uncompromising in his output.

Davey Crockett said...

Les - I am fairly confounded over whatever malaise has come over Makow. Seems his ship has headed off somewhere bad. I think that Rense is a phenomenal resource, I suspect he is under constant attack by folks with alot more power to mess him up than the likes of makow. So, I continue to glean what i can in this messed up world through mainly rense in terms of news stories. I wish him the best.

LorieK said...

Thank you dear Les. As repulsive as this incident has been overall, I, for one, find a bit of satisfaction that the world will now see more of who Jeff truly is what his world is like. He is not perfect, who of us are? However, he works hard, from the heart, making his mistakes, like we all do along the way. He has endured, he has raised a beautiful, intelligent daughter in addition to doing his wonderous work. Heck, he saved Larry Sinclair's life. Meanwhile creating his family home, with his own two hands, mostly. Pics of proof linked on mysite now.

I greatly appreciate him, and I also would not have found you (who I also appreciate) otherwise, I think, but you know, we never know. I can appreciate it all for the moment, even the ugly parts.

We'll see how long that lasts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:54

What if planes actually had hit the WTC towers, and the pancaking collapse of the buildings were given a nudge by the strategic placement of a few good old fashioned explosives?

Why don't we all just give this buried-nuke nonsense a rest already.


Anonymous said...

Et Tu , Cartman ?

" Anonymous said...
you guys remind me of a bunch of old women pissing on about who stole their recipe for sugar cookies. get your head and ass wired together, jeasus, WWIII is right around the corner and your gonna bitch about stuff THAT DOESN'T MATTER!. you dumb a-holes deserve to end up in a FEMA camp.
they will never take me alive.
screw ( you guys , Im going home ) the rest of you morons . "


Anonymous said...

This I think is masterful use of understatement . Like a Lewis Carroll character would say ! :

( Obviously this is meaningless without the linked story about Pakistan standing by Iran , you'll just have to scroll back up )

Visible :

" Well now, this is certainly interesting.. "


Anonymous said...

Some good comments. Bottom line for me is Makow benefited from the relationship much more than Rense, hence Makow should have swallowed his pride. He couldn't, I guess his pride overwhelmed his good sense, and pride comes before a fall. Henry, humility is a virtue, and it is classy. What you have written is the opposite. It looks petulant at best.

And for those promoting nukes in the basements of the WTC's? Really? Ever studied any science? Of course I believe WTC was pulled down, that's on the record somewhere.

But nukes in the WTC's basements is just ridiculous. There would be a huge seismic signature. Fallout without a doubt. And for how the basement was made - the same way most hard rock mines are made, drilled, blasted - and they sometimes go down thousands of feet. Plus controlled explosions can have a neat or squared off looking result because they use hundreds of holes - not possible with nukes. Don't waste another second on this one and move on.

Anonymous said...


I Love this place!

Thanks Vis and All.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

SOTT - is a front for Laura Knight-Jadzyck's doomsday cult. She is a known fraud and plagiarist. If you ever cite SOTT as a source, be sure to check that SOTT hasn't put its own 'spin' on the original story. Based on my personal dealings, these guys are dishonest and fraudulent.

Rense - is a legend who has withstood the test of time. What you see is what you get. You decide. Based on my personal dealings with him, he is a honest guy who believes in what he is doing.

Makow - is an opinionated old windbag, that should be on his knees giving thanks to for all their support of his stuff over the years. To see his pathetic tirade just proves how lacking in facts he always was.

Nymous said...

I would like to share a thought here that has everything to do not only with Jeff Rense. With everything he is doing for YOU and ME. All of us visit his website to soak in the information he labors to give. For FREE. Yes, he works hard and we take it. Because it is free. All things in the Universe have a value. And there lies a tiny large moral issue... when we are invaded by unfriendly microorganisms that take the nourishment from our bodies to multiply, we generally object to that and call them Parasites. Like in 'getting something of value without giving something of a value back'. Catching my drift? So there is a difference between taking and giving. There are those who are shameless takers and there are those who are generous givers. That's why I send those $20 to Jeff and others here and there, to say thank you for what you are GIVING to me. There is a moral in this story somewhere. I trust that you will find it.

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn clan said...

Well Jeff Rense certainly can post or not post what he wants to which may or may not leave pause for concern. Like when he has that ignorant and deceitful Levvy Kidd on his show every other day. Which caused Joe Cortina to smash the Levite. . Or when he had a falling out with Dr. Lorraine Day who is practically infallible if such could be said. Cortina and Day I hold in the highest regard which gives me pause for concern about Rense. This deceitful Jim Marrs that is always on the Rense show is as bad a Jonestein. But to his credit he did publish the data about how the habiroos killed Patton.
Oh brother...

Anonymous said...

Hey visible,
"I wind up impaling myself on my lance" LOL!I learned to never take side too quickly with couples!
We are surrounded by stupid immature beings who cannot debate lively and agree to disagree.
I'm not surprised at all by Henry Makow reaction!He has BIG EGO!
This dude take on women is so one way!
He has been brainwashed by patriarchal society, and he gobbed sink and all that weak, submitted woman stereotypes!
Boy he should have seen those strong independant ancestress from Ireland!They used to accompany their man to battles, and not shy at all with their sexuality...
I like Jeff Rense site, many time found some of his links enlightening!Sometime he pass on youtube links on ufo that have been debunked or if you just read description you would know it is photoshop! BUT he cannot check them all can 't he?
Neverthless he is one of best alternative point it all info links, SUPER!
I liked Alex Johns, but he is so fishy!!!!And too much BERKEley water ads on his radio shows!!!Sickening, really!

gurnygob said...

I think you are all over reacting about Makow and his view on women. As I see it, he is telling it like it is as far as women go. Don't forget that it was the Zionist that give us all this shit about women's rights and gay rights when they themselves don't even allow women to speak on matters of religion. Tell me honestly, when was the last time you ever, ever seen a woman who would shut her mouth when her husband said so?????????????????????????????? I have been married to the same woman for almost 30 years and she is no push over, she has a mind of her own. My mother was the same and if memory serves me right my grandmother was no less a push over. They say men rule the world, I am not so sure. Maybe we think we do. What I gather from Henry's take on things is the big lie that women, led by feminism, which is itself a Zionist construct to destroy the masculine, is intent on pushing the feminine to the fore in order to confuse the sexes. Why do you think so many of our young are coming out and saying they are gay, long before they even know what the word means? They think they are gay because the masculine is being suppressed on one side and deliberately pushed from the other, which is not the natural way of things. When it comes to truth you cannot have your cake; and eat it, it is the truth or it is not. Where is the truth in two men having sex or two women for that matter? Sure some of us might like the idea of two women or two men having sex but that does not mean it is natural, which of course, it is not. There is a false agenda going on that women are somehow below men but this certainly does not apply in the western world view. Men are certainly physically stronger than women and some men use that power over women but any woman who has two brain cells to rub together can easily outwit a man on any number of levels. All she has to do is make him think he is getting his own way and I rest my case. Any woman worth her salt has by far way more power over any man. How far back in human history would you like me to go to show you examples of this? What Henry is pointing out is the agenda behind the feminist Zionist agenda to confuse the sexes. If you are happy with the over-lording gay sex agenda and the influence and havoc it is having on our world then that's up to you but the truth is still the truth. If you are a real truth seeker then you must be willing to see beyond this complacency toward the gay agenda and say it like it is. I could be more hurtful and distasteful if I wanted to be on this subject but I do not wish to cause offence to anyone, gay or not. I said some time ago on this site that there is a thing call bi-love. This is a gift from God that enables a man to love another man or a woman to love another woman. This is how a woman can love her daughter or a man his son or a brother his brother and so on without any sexual intent. You could think of it as the same way Jesus loved John although the Zionist try to make it into a homosexual thing and most of the goy jump on to it like flies to shit. Work it out yourself if you have the guts, which is sorely lacking in these times of political correctness.

Think I have said enough.


Jonny X said...

I don't know about Rense, or Makow. I've read Rivero's site for a few years, and I've found some great info there, and a lot of stuff that I don't pursue. That said, I don't remember how I first came to Jim Stone's page about Fukushima, but I read the whole thing. I watched all the videos. I was left with some questions. Remember, Stone didn't say anyone caused the earthquake, he said that a natural earthquake happened at a much lower strength than 9.0 and that someone took advantage of it. He claimed an undersea explosion was used to cause the tsunami, and that the tsunami wasn't responsible for the damage to the reactors. I keep in mind the fact that the word tsunami is Japanese, and that as a nation they know that a big enough shake means a great big wave. That's why the video of "cars moving normally" bothers one headed to high ground! Also the lack of quake damage, but I am no expert on that. What also bothers me is the claim that Stuxnet was detected in Japan prior to the disaster as well. Another thing I'd like to know is how long would it take for a submarine to travel from the Suez to the Japan trench instead of taking station off Iran as expected? Does it fit the timeframe? Again, not an expert, but would like to hear from one! The timing is all bad! Japan did indeed volunteer to enrich radioactive material for Iran, subs from country "B" did indeed transit the Suez, Stuxnet was indeed found in Japan. I'll likely never know for sure, but I tend not to believe in co-incidence. I'd love some answers, if only to stop the cold creeping heebie jeebies I get when I think about it.
Oh, and I wish the two words I had to type could convince me I'm not a robot!

Eamon said...


Thank you for your comments.

Do you or do you not agree that it is impossible to have an infinite number of anything, provided we stick to the actual meaning of infinite? If not, you must be using a definition of infinite of which I am not aware.

As for the alternative perspectives you mentioned, none of them actually alter or affect my only point and, if we were discussing this over a glass of vino, I'd happily explain why this is so. I realize you probably think they do; that is alright with me.

Pax tecum.

Eamon said...

"How can you say that the physical universe we see and know of, is all that there is?"

Actually, I never said that, gurnygob. No biggie.

As for space being measurable, do we or do we not know how far it is from the earth to the moon or sun, from Jupiter to Mars, from the sun to such and such a near or distant galaxy, and so on? Yes, we do. If we did not, we could not even say that this galaxy is "near" or that galaxy is "far," or that Mars is "closer" to Earth than it is to Uranus, etc. Using such terms would be absolutely meaningless. Ergo, the extension of space, however immense, is a quantifiable thing. Just because we have not accurately measured all of it means nothing where the quantifiable nature of space is concerned. The very term "space" denotes extension, which means measurement. I hope this helps. If not, carry on :)

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. (cavilling on the ninth part of a hair day it seems)
Dimitri aslo said that the explosion formed a glass patina around the whole that kept the radiation there (and I had thought of Fusion or other novel devices) - I'd like to get a mole and dig for clues, but Im not an honest government official doing an honest days work trying to uncover the goddamn awfull truth. I also know that 2planes didnt bring down... you know the story, so if you agree wth that much, onwards Xtian soldiers - but study those eastern texts that tell us about duality and self responsibility. (and uncover those buried Western spiritual traditions too)........ talking to self again.

I like Rense and just when someone comes on with something so far out I think of how it must sound to the unititiated about 911. doesn't mean people have to be mean, 'cept when we are fighting over a bowl of food and don't have any faith in the D entity.

wv: found ymkdne . archeological evidence uncovered in China, take away cannibal food.

MachtNichts said...

Here today, gone tomorrow. Meanwhile something to talk about because whatever else is happening in the world in plain sight just boggles the mind.

Certain experiences that 'other' people have to deal with sometimes make me cringe and wish they weren't necessary, but to engage in a dialogue is only worthwhile when the two parties let go of their masks and take a good look at themselves before they speak up and out. Otherwise it's going to be a monologue, in this case serving noone. The event under discussion is a sorry affair which hopefully fades away peacefully. has been my go-to for the last 4 years as well as WRH. I am not going to mention you, Vis, in the same breath because you are dear to my heart. Endure. Love Silvia

kf said...

Why I decided to add my two cents to this circus I don't know but here goes:

I read Rense, Jones, and Rivero daily. Don't agree with their particular stances on things; some days I wonder if indeed they are part of some vast winged conspiracy. However, information is valuable and as long as I'm not truly offended (as I am by the likes of Makow who reminds me of TD Jakes - men positioning themselves to lecture women); I keep reading.


Anglo Saxon said...

Les Vis, admire your writings immeasurably. This is my first comment posted at your esteemed website.

I have gained much of value from listening to (e.g., YouTube) and reading the writings of Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, Mark Glenn, and Mike Rivero. Although I would place Jeff Rense at the top of any pantheon of truth seekers. Simple as that.

Although, I would agree that the output of Henry Makow's website has in recent years veered away from his once higher standards, and towards giving a platform to unknown people who haven't always done their homework.

As for the "Nuke triggered the Fukushima tsunami" argument, I would state unequivocally that they were not needed! After more than 25 years of research and experimentation, HAARP is more than sufficient to trigger an earthquake in sensitive zones. It is NOT beyond the bounds of plausibleness that the whole Fukushima incident was triggered intentionally using one of the HAARP installations (there is more than one!).

So, please readers, don't try to laugh this idea off the platform. Do your homework instead. Those who never acquired a technical / scientific education will initially find it hard to see its possibility anyway ... but not impossible. So please make the effort.

To paraphrase Star Trek: Let us respect our differences while boldly going where no men seeking truth have gone before.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous February 18, 2012 1:54:00 AM:

Khalezov says the underground nukes were placed 50 meters below the basements of the buildings when they were constructed. WTC 7 was finished in 1987, the North Tower was finished in 1972, and the South Tower was finished in 1973. Did your "4th generation dial-a-yield fusion devices" exist in 1972 or 73?


To DaveR:

I've seen the hole in the bedrock that you're talking about. I don't see anything that indicates it was blown out from below. Bedrock usually has a naturally uneven surface, and none of the bedrock surfaces in the video are even -- they are all grossly uneven.

Are you certain that the bedrock in the video is in the exact location of either of the Twin Towers' basements? It looks to me like some of those bedrock scenes in the video may be located in the vicinity of WTC 4 and 5, not WTC 1 and 2.

The blast forces from conventional munitions, such as are used in controlled demolitions, can bend steel girders like those at the Twin Towers. "Cutting charges" aren't the only explosives in the controlled dem toolbox. The same conventional blast forces that reduce concrete to dust can also bend girders.

Regarding the burned cars at the WTC: the super-heated dust coming off the Twin Towers may have burned them. I'd thoroughly investigate that possibility, before assuming that Judy Wood's "Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons" burned them.

I don't know why the dirt was hauled in to the WTC site. Does anybody know how much dirt was hauled in? Could it have been used to stabilize the toxic dust at the site?

A lot of what happened on 9/11 has me puzzled, too. But I apply Occam's Razor when considering these questions, and I'm not leaping to conclusions from the realm of science fiction for the answers.

Greg Bacon said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ben Franklin said during America's Revolutionary War, where for once we breathed free air after ridding the USA of the Rothschilds agents and banks is true today and what he said was something like, "Gentleman, if we don't hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately."

Let us agree to disagree about the unknowns during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, as long as we stay on the path TOGETHER, seeking REAL 9/11 truth or the last sound you'll hear on this Earth will be the trap door swinging open, as we get picked off or picked up, one by one.

Lee said...

If it wasn't for I would not have known about Eustace Mullins, John Kaminski,and Les Visible, and many others.

I read what interests me and take it from there.



siamsaim said...

systematic lying creates what communication scientists call a 'disinformation situation', in which everybody eventually begins to distrust, demonize and diabolize everyone else.

Paul Watzlavik, among others,performed classic experiments in which totally sane people will begin to act like hospitalized paranoids or schizophrenics after being lied to in a calculated and systematic way.

All part of the disinformation matrix my learned friends.

The Realist Report said...

"Many of us think too much of ourselves and the idea that we could be wrong about something is usually not an immediate consideration. "

Very well said, as always Les! I disagree with Rivero on a lot of subjects (HAARP, plane at Pentagon [and NYC], chem trails, his constant invocation of Nazis and Hitler), but I like his radio show and I call in sometimes. Rense has a waaaay better news site in my opinion. I don't listen to Rense's radio program though. I've always found Makow to have an interesting and well-founded perspective.

The fact of the matter is that all these people have something to offer, and no one is going to agree with anyone 100% of the time.

I knew you'd have a level headed approach to this Les. Love your writing, keep it up!

siamsaim said...


perhaps for the same reason Vis puts up posts from bible thumping hypocritical scum bags. balance:)

ps i think Makow say some important stuff.

Anonymous said...

I really can’t stand anymore bickering, at home, in the traffic, or at the blogs. I would like to please ask everyone to count to a thousand before they get in the middle or on one side of something that is not really their business. Life is so difficult if we have to fight our way through it. Let’s just relax and let the show go on. We can wait for the entr’acte or for till the end and then discuss what happened. It should be clearer by then when the curtain goes down---or up, this being the Apocalypse.

From a far out outpost in Lebanon,

Smyrna said...

Makow vs. Rense. David Icke, Vigilant Citizen, and all these other people I haven't heard of etc. I believe they are all doing their best to enlighten folk and I appreciate their work.

But I tell you what. Les Visible is the zenith, summit, apex. You see, Les Visible KNOWS about the ineffable. Without that, everything is just porn and trivia.

I feel certain to say this; Vis is the MAN.

mugwort said...

Well, I started to comment on this article, and then decided I'd really better read the whole article first and at least skim over the comments -- and now I'm going to write just what I started to write originally, though a few other commenters have made the same points:

What I gathered from Makow's posts was: his beef was not that Rense did not publish his article, but that Rense de-linked from Makow's site because Makow published the piece about nukes and Fukushima that Jeff asked him not to. Now that's something else entirely, and one wonders why such an extreme reaction, when all Jeff had to do was not publish the one article. One can understand Makow's pique at being suddenly dropped after ten years, though I don't approve of his response.

I get that Jeff "is seriously informed about Fukushima," and so "You don't go to Jeff with stories about planned nuclear explosions causing the Fukushima disaster" -- But why de-link?

If Jeff was going to de-link anyway, because, as someone suggested, Makow's articles are not up to snuff, this was an extremely impolitic time to do it, as it has the appearance of retaliation for Makow publishing the article.

And the Anonymous "Open Letter" which was stickied at the top of for several days and is still near the top, I find peculiar. Add to that, now, seven more articles at the top of the page defending Jeff/attacking Makow, including "Who 'Turned' Henry Makow?", "Smoking out the Monster" and "Makow's Punch and Judy Show." Overkill?

I'll still go to Rense every day to get a good listing of articles I should be aware of, and I'll still check out Makow occasionally, though less often, I'm sure, than when Jeff linked to his site. His Jewish-based "Holocaust denial" denial ("I lost 27 relataives in the 'extermination camps'") plus his "Hitler was a Zionist stooge/Rothschild/Jew" schtick exclude him from my "A-list."

But I wanted to make sure it was clear what his provocation was, and state, while I'm at it, that I find Jeff's response to Makow's response excessive and not on the highest plane.

mugwort said...

Since Mike Rivero seems to have become, who knows how, a part of this discussion, I'll add my two-cents on that subject as well. WHR is the second site I normally go to for a listing of important news, since the time of the post-911 Bali bombing, when I was searching the web for a site that agreed with me on the likely Israeli responsibility.

But, in addition to his (somewhat suspicious) intractableness on the subject of no-planes, the personal quirk of Mike's that I endure, but not gladly, for the sake of the good stuff, is his compulsion to bash the Third Reich at every opportunity. He posts articles on who really started WWII, and acknowledges that if the "Holocaust" had really happened it wouldn't be necessary to imprison the "deniers", but he is unwilling to go the next step and acknowledge that if Hitler didn't start the war and didn't "exterminate" 6 million (or, actually, any) Jews, it is necessary to re-think the whole "Third Reich was evil" paradigm.

That he not only does not do the not-exhaustive research necessary to find out that the Third Reich, far from being evil, had the singular fault of being Enemy No. 1 of the banksters, and is therefore an important paradigm to examine Right Now -- but instead gratuitously inserts references to Hitler, "Brownshirts," "Nazis" et al ad nauseum, usually at least once a day, makes one wonder. The reason being that the concealed history of the monumental mid-century struggle between banksters/Communists (2 sides of the same coin) and their enemies, whose disastrous outcome has led directly to the horrific events of today, is incredibly important. Therefore, someone who continually makes references which imply that the history we were taught on this subject is basically correct, so keep moving, folks, there's nothing to see, is certainly serving the function of gatekeeper, whether intentionally or not.

I know that I am not the only one who has mentioned this fact to him, suggesting that if he does not want to bother to get the facts straight he merely leave off the constant Nazi/Hitler bashing that serves to reinforce the lie -- but nothing changes. Is it just because he is Jewish? I don't know, but it doesn't seem quite enough to explain it.

JLOC said...

Jeff Rinse has opened my eyes and brain to so many things I could never
express in words what it has meant to my life. Because of Jeff I came across you Les. Another person who opened up my mind in ways I didn't think were possible. From Jeff I learn all things external in the world and from Les I learn all things internal in myself. I Could never thank you guys enough. I I really mean that.
BTW I always thought makow was a scum bag because of the way he talks trash about transgendered people. He's a hater.

gurnygob said...

Sorry Eamon, don't mind me. I just like to hear my own voice from time to time.


Stephen P.M. Coyle said...

Trying to find the truth on the internet used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack but now it is more like having so many needles that it is now having more needles than hay ( one needle was hard enough.....wasn't it) and the new problem is that the needles and hay are not only there but are so intertwined that one must separate all the needles from the hay and put them in a pile that makes some sort of sense without having needles puncture ones finger and hurting oneself.......Another example would be like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle with many of the pieces lost or hidden by some sadistic psychopath. Then to put together the puzzle and see what the picture looks like. When pieces are missing after all the pieces we have are fitted in it then becomes necessary to fill in the missing information by using logic and other knowledge of what the puzzle most likely shows. It is then necessary to fill the empty spaces in by other methods......
Jeff Rense's site is like this and when you look at all the other information available on the internet from other sites along with ones own knowledge and reading of books and contacts with others who relate personal information from their experiences then the mind of most can very easily be overloaded especially when short attention spans of researching things occurs.
But then there is so much to research..... Rothchild family dynasty, The Federal Reserve bankers, the J.P. Morgan family, the Rockafellers, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Masons, the Bohemian Grove meetings, aliens...if, how, why, The dangers of HAARP, of cell phones, cell towers, smart meters and so much more.
I suggest going to the following sites or doing searches to find them and try to understand how the past intersects with our present and future along with how everything is connected. ....or .com
.com My writing and poetry blog containing works of mine and others.
dangers of smart meters or cell phones or cell towers or rf radiation or microwave radiation
Book "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper or search web using the title with his name
Search ...Tesla
Search Cancer and hydrogen peroxide use in limiting/cure of cancer
Search ... Nuclear Demolition of buildings by Dimetri kolishnikov
Search ... the various veteran organization that are for peace or anti war
And for relaxation, read a book of science fiction ...oops the truth is stranger than science fiction ..isn't it ???
Then try reading some old or new poetry at or go to some readings at coffee houses, libraries or book stores
Try taking a hike and observe thenature of things, trees, streams, waterfalls, small animals and the birds in flight or perching on tree limbs nearby. Plant some trees, grow some vegetables, plant fruit trees, walk along the shore of a river or an ocean, build a model sailboat boat or train car. Watch some old B&W classic movies of the past, Take a nap under a large oak tree and when you wake from the dream talk to the oak tree because most people don't have the will or capability to intelligently listen or speak to others. The oak tree will at least answer our questions with the low sounds of a breeze blowing through it's branches and during the autumn season are the beautiful leaves and if you listen real carefully the sounds of those leaves floating down and whispering in your ear.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Under the Big Tent at the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"Makow" always was what he is, a gauge. One puts these sorts out there, to look at the response they garner, its a worthy evaluation that provides good intelligence and in a fiat monetary system, its basically free.

Anonymous said...

I've been frequenting for a few years. I don't find myself thinking that just because I read something on his site, that it is mr Rense's opinion. I myself enjoy a little variety of articles. I enjoy reading about UFOs and things like Visible linked us to. All I know about 9/11/01 is this: Osama Bin Bla Bla Bla did not do it. But I do know who was behind doing it. What we need to do is just focus on how we can bring these monsters out where they can be punished and in so doing, tell us exactly what was done. The drama is a well worn ploy that seems to work oh so well. Look, it's happening here right now. .......Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your commentaries give me food for thought. In a universe of cosmic coincidence there is always room for conspiracy; and if there is a conspiracy to end civilization as we know it, then it is a conspiracy of errors perpetrated by beings who are competing with each other to have all the toys before they die. All of that happenstance is just evidence of the conflict existing between that which is perceived as light and that which is perceived as darkness; evidence most people ignore because the depth of understanding this evidence is too great, and most people can’t hold their breath that long.
I read Rense and that is where I find you. While may be extreme at times it is a good source of information which requires you to be the judge of what is said and not the moronic head nodder that still believes in a world that isn’t your friend. Hope that makes sense for you. Again thanks for your words.

JLKGreystone - A common laborer

Visible said...

that could well be, however, wherever the article was posted, keep in mind that all of Makow's articles are posted on Makow's site AND THEN linked at Rense; that they were never published on Rense's site to begin with and only linked, so it's a moot point since Jeff didn't want to link it no way no how.

I agree that the response and placement of the critiques might be excessive but people who have been the victim of ongoing character assassination do tend to get a little paranoid and defensive. the whole business is unfortunate and I can only hope they resolve it. In these times this kind of thing is to be expected. It's the way things are at the moment.

Eowyn said...

This rift between Makow and Rense has become nasty, ugly, and counter-productive to the wellbeing of Alternate Media.

Makow struck out at Rense because of hurt feelings and the blow to his pocketbook (from Rense no longer linking to his site). Rense has every right to link or not link to Makow's site because is privately owned. Rense owes no one linking privilege.

Rense should not have used the contrived "Anonymous for Responsible Internet Journalism" for his rebuttal. But Makow should not stoop so low as to reveal information shared by Rense in private. Nor should Rense be condemned for making $400,000 a year (if it's true), in a market economy.

Now can everyone just go back to work and continue the resistance against the encroaching darkness?

Visible said...

I agree. I will mention that gross income is way different from net income, minus taxes, operating expenses and all the rest.

I assure you that if Jeff didn't have to work like a machine in order to keep the whole thing together, he wouldn't.

One thing he gets really torqued off about is when details revealed confidence make their way into public view. This really incenses him and accounts for whatever overreaction may be being perceived. It is the cardinal error and a very big deal with him.

Ron said...

Many years ago when I worked in the non profit Public Relations arena, we used to fairly often use this term to describe what we ran into: HE&R Human Emotion and Reaction. The implication in this was that there was the possibiltiy of perceiving a 'situation, flap, event' from a higher view - outside the 'human box' as is were. It was often to be discovered [when buttons are pushed] and things fly into the realm of REaction. Usually one side [person] of a conflict was found to be 'hiding' something that was ALMOST found out about; and their [human] REaction was to attack the person/identity that Almost found it. Attack was often based in exagerations, innuendos or worse. Sad but true in this case. Hang in there Jeff. This too shall pass. Ron

Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts on the matter: the truth brings LIGHT. When there is confusion, there is no light. I know the truth when I see it or read it or hear it. It's as simple as that. Ask to be guided to the truth in all things ALWAYS, and you will find in time that it will come to you (or you will know it when you see it/hear it/read it. I think those who knowingly print truth in with fiction are not our friends, but since I know the difference between the two, I am not harmed by their existence. I know that this does a disservice to those who are not able to discern truth from fiction, but it is the job of the individual to search and find the truth, to learn the lessons needed to be learned in this life.


Ian said...

His word is more than the miraculous harp.
- The Tempest Act 2 Scene I

elbisiv said...

Makow didnt reveal facts he learned in confidence with Rense, he learned them after the fact!

elbisiv said...

Give me a break with the "its Renses site, he can do what he wants" crap. Renses site is only the site it is because of the contributers who write for it. Remove them, and their is no, it becomes just another rag tag copy and paste news mimic. Rense needs to realize that hes not the star, and neither is it his money that pays for it. His name might be on it but its the columnists who make it what it is. I seem to remember this old story about pharoah beating the hired help and demanding bricks without straw. We all know how that house turned out!

Anonymous said...

Did you actually study Stone's report?

I do not think you have. If you had, you would have more respect for the evidence he presented.

I have been personally in contact with him for weeks now. He is true.

LorieK said...

Les wrote: "One thing he gets really torqued off about is when details revealed confidence make their way into public view. This really incenses him and accounts for whatever overreaction may be being perceived. It is the cardinal error and a very big deal with him."

That is 100% accurate. Jeff is an extremely private person, especially about his personal life. I had to do some thinking before putting those old pictures of his "extravagant" place on my site, it would generally never be something I would do. I knew he wouldn't like it and felt he might not even link to the page. Situations like this is why he gets so protective. Getting butt-hurt over some rejected linkage is one thing, but committing slander and libel in response is sad indeed.

Jeff is entitled to set the record straight. Those who care now have details of his life I never thought I'd see on his site. Like I said, he's a very private person. Onward through the fog.

DaveR said...

@ Gregory:

Apparently you don't read well. I wrote against the DEW theory on Dr. Wood's site. "Super-heated dust"? burning cars many blocks distant? Half the car? Really?

Khalezov's theory includes mention that nuclear devices require regular maintenance and he specifically says they were positioned just before the blasts. This of course allows using the latest/greatest.

Uneven bedrock? Gaping holes like that aren't really possible to build over top. After the site has been thoroughly excavated and cleaned just what evidence would you expect to see that might show they were blown from below?

Truly, Occam's Razor has been applied. Controlled demolition doesn't reduce the concrete to dust, just rubble. They don't bend girders, they cut them. Srsly.

Really, try reading what is written before you critique it.

Visible said...

Of course I've read Stone's report. I just don't agree with it.

I'll tell you what I notice when I read the meanspirited words of anonymous butthole snipers. I see sad cowards who haven't got the sand to stand behind what they say and I always remember when I see anyone in any situation that that could be me and I remember to tread carefully because what goes around comes around. Too much schadenfruede like I said. Too many people who mock and chortle at the expense of others.

I'm not going to go on about this. The people who care already know and the people who don't care, just don't care. No one is going to care about them when the time comes either. That's how it works.

Anonymous said...

I think both Makow and Rense are in the wrong here. Having said that, none of us are perfect...

Makow: Since when was it Rense's (or anybody else's duty) to drive traffic to your site? I have been working on my own site for years, and despite working really herd on SEO, have virtually no traffic, and make no money from it. It is a money pit, actually, because I pay over a hundred dollars a year for hosting and haven't earned a dime. [Here it is, if you care to look:] So, you get no sympathy from me.

Rense: "Highest Standards?" PLEASE. Since when were you the judge and jury of these matters? Some of the material you link to on your site is so laughable, that it's pathetic. I mean, half of the links don't even work for cripes sake, and when they do, I'm more often than not shown some obviously fake UFO video. Recently, you posted a video of someone on YouTube using the Photoshop burn tool on images of the moon to paint dragons and snakes, "proving" that NASA was hiding reptilians on the moon from us. GET F**KING REAL!! You'll post that bullshit, but not a well-researched essay on the Fukushima disaster? Something just doesn't add up here, I'm not saying Rense is disinfo, just that he's not as intelligent or "uncompromising" as many like to think he is.

For the record, I'll still keep visiting both Makow's site, and Rense's, as well as Les Visible. In this world you have to realize that NONE of us have all the answers, and we're all prone to making mistakes. The BIG mistake both Rense and Makow have made, is assuming that they are important, and that that they know fully what happened in Fukushima. Wise up fools...

Jody Paulson said...

I totally agree with Patrick V1.0 -- there's nothing that makes the bad guys happier than to see people who used to be supporting each other tear each other up over a difference of opinion. No one's going to be right 100% of the time no matter how well-intentioned. I don't agree with everything Rense, Rivero, Makow, and Visible write -- but what matters is they get me thinking! And the main thing is to *think for yourself*.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Mandocello:

The anomalous collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was a wake-up call that the US government and its puppet media are lying to us about many vital matters and events. The recognition that 9/11 was a false-flag operation perpetrated by the US government and its minions and allies (Israel, UK, etc) is fundamental to understanding the Modus Operandi of our criminal overlords.

In critiquing the events of 9/11, it is not enough to show that the government is lying. It is also necessary to develop an alternative explanation and alternative motive for the crime. To say that the government is lying, without proposing an alternative explanation and motive, results in us having a very weak case to present.

In order to demonstrate that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by the US government and its minions and allies, we must prepare our case. To do so, we must discuss the "nuts and bolts" of what happened on 9/11, and that will require some debate.

With or without the malicious meddling of disinformation agents, some impossible theories will be proposed that can steer us in the wrong direction. Objective investigation and viligance is needed to keep us headed in the direction of the truth about what really happened. We need to expose the impossible theories and dismiss them.

The US government has presented us with a fiction about 9/11, and our task is to identify what is fiction and what is truth. We will not find the truth, or achieve justice, if we do not discuss the evidence.

I agree that there are times when we should "agree to disagree", but when an impossible theory is presented, those who know better should provide evidence that the theory is impossible. Truth-seeking discussion is a natural and healthy process. 9/11 Truth is not an idle hobby; it's an essential duty.

BTW, the Twin Towers did not "pancake". If they had, there would have been a stack of intact "pancakes" left when the dust cleared. Instead, the Towers were blown to smithereens from the top down.

mugwort said...

Visible said...

"that could well be, however, wherever the article was posted, keep in mind that all of Makow's articles are posted on Makow's site AND THEN linked at Rense; that they were never published on Rense's site to begin with and only linked, so it's a moot point since Jeff didn't want to link it no way no how."

I'm missing your point, Les. My point was merely that Makow was upset, not about Jeff not linking to that particular article, but about Jeff not linking to future articles. Are you saying that Jeff declined to link to future articles on Makow's site in case, once on Makow's site, a reader might click on the article he disliked? I'm very confused, but never mind. . .

Visible said...

No, not nevermind. Why would we do that? The point is that there's bad energy afoot and it is part of the nature of the times. A lot of negative force is being exerted from certain quarters at the moment to fuck up the unity we have. I wasn't hard on Makow at all. However, Jeff is my friend and I have this unfortunate characteristic where I defend my friends. It gets me in trouble, trust me it does but I have always been this way. It's a hard habit to break.

I believe I know Jeff in all the important ways. We're all works in proress and we all have dstance to cover. We'll get there and I'll make mistakes on the way. I have so far but I will energetically pick myself back up and try again and again and again and one day, my shortcomings will be behind me.

European American said...

"Satyameva Jayate" (satyam-eva jayate सत्यमेव जयते)

Truth alone Triumphs.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Dave R:

There is very poor documentation on Judy Wood's website about the burned cars. She provides no map of their location. It is not stated when each photograph was taken. Were some of the cars moved from their original locations prior to when the photos were taken?

Both cutting charges and pressure charges can produce a lot of heat, and the dust cloud from the Twin Towers was indeed pyroclastic. Pressure charges in controlled dems often strip away concrete from girders, and they sometimes twist girders too.

Go to Controlled Dem of Maryland's website and watch their videos (some of which are also on youtube), and you will see that a concrete dust cloud is commonplace in controlled dems.

Khalezov claims that the upward-traveling shock wave from the underground nukes broke the surface of the ground and destroyed the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Khalezov also claims that a 100 meter diameter cavity was created by each one of the three underground nukes below the Twin Towers and WTC 7. How is it possible that a 52-storey building was built on the site of WTC 7, where there is no bedrock left to support that 52-storey building? said...

An eloquent ignorance, is still ignorance. Yet it is dangerously suited to spread its implicitly evil misdirection precisely because its form can sometimes constitute an attractive, convoluted, even pretty version of essentially satanic construction. Like gold-plated shit, however gloriously it flashes in borrowed light, it ultimately does not and cannot advance understanding. In short, rather than spinning out dazzling verbiage for its own sake, to fill a page or timetable or mere whim, Mr. "Visible" would be of far greater service to his worshipping audience if he took the time to perform genuine due diligence and research before puffing his pied pipes in public. Particularly in regard to Makow, Jim Stone, the Fukushima nuclear devices, etc, it is patently evident that "Visible" scarcely perused the site, much less absorbed enough information to justify his lazy attempt at poetic polemic. Try being a responsible voice, rather than merely an intertaining or diverting or amusing voice -- you'll earn a lot more respect from those who actually know what they're talking about.

Rose said...

I have long awaited a chance to post upon the subject of makow. I have in fact exchanged emails and research notes with the man, though he was growing more and more manic about his viewpoint regarding women. He sent me (gift) a copy of his book relating how normal women were 'lacking' and how he had to, farm out, for a third world woman, to meet his needs.

This hardly seems the actions of a man that wishes any kind of family structure where nationalism, is encouraged. (women in your own country become to difficult to deal with, get a poor kid from a third world country because they will be more pliable in their desperation, at least for awhile until they grow up.)

He scored big on the catch he got and it was she (so he told me) that was his web designer.

He used to allow comments from the audience. Now any voice of another opinion is not allowed. I do not know much about rense, personally. I am always weighing the pros and cons, but anyone that spends as much time as he (makow)does, directing his constituents to hating on women of the same respective ages and statures of their counterparts, males, is doing his bit to prepare us for complete assimilation into a united nation order and the destruction of our country's family structure. said...

To Rose:

You distort Makow's views on women and relationships way past the point of either accuracy or fairness . . almost as if you have an ax to grind . . do you? Below is a direct quote from a recent Makow item the directly contradicts your public "witness" against him. Note that he does NOT now (and for years has not) promoted "foreign" women over domestic types EXCEPT as an alternative of virtually last resort. Much of your other commentary is way off the mark as well, but this isn't the proper forum for analyzing just why you might or might not in fact typify the "women with issues and attitudes" some guys run to the Phillipines to escape.
Editor's Note: Preferably Western men will find mates among women of the same background who are still in touch with their feminine instincts. The litmus test is that they are willing to cede leadership to their husband, who naturally consults them, but has the final word. Despite Illuminati brainwashing, plenty of these women still exist in the west and shouldn't be abandoned.

Visible said...

"The litmus test is that they are willing to cede leadership to their husband, who naturally consults them, but has the final word". Are you fucking kidding?

And that has gotten us exactly where over the lasr two thousand years? If you are not talkuing about a partnership of equals then yhou are talking tyranny where subjugation is transformed into smothered hatred.

My guess is you guys have not had successful realtionship with women. I don't know what else to think. I hear the caterwauling about how they are all bitches and such but who made them like that? Precisely the philosophy that you just handed out. If we had spent more time listening to our mothers and women in general we wouldn't be facing what we are facing now. said...

Visible: again you display a facile ignorance of the larger subject matter, using such ignorance as a mere showplace for pandering to your concept of "political correctness" as currently foisted upon Western culture. For starters, the words were not mine, but Makow's, and when lifted from the larger context of his actual articles can indeed seem quite "retro" or even (gasp) Biblical or Christian in sentiment and counsel. But as with Stone's material re Fukushima, your present knee-jerk reaction of LAZY IGNORANCE that cannot be bothered to go to the source discredits you to the point of dismissal. You don't need to "agree" with Makow or Stone or anyone else . . but at least show that you actually have some grasp of their message before spouting off like a fool.

Visible said...

Loomis, I read Stone's work when it first came out. It was sent to me. People were lobbying me to promote but I demured. Does it matter who said those words, i was referrin to their content? You shouldn't get so worked up at other people having to accept you perspective, just state it and leave it.

Look, I have no prolem with you. I don't agree with Makow's view on women, especially given what is coming up in the transformation. I have no problem with Stone. I don't know if he's right. At the moment it doesn't seem so for all kinds of resons.

Why don't you just agree to disagree and stop thumping the bus seat. The bus is going where it goes. Thumping your seat doesn't change the direction. If these things are true they will be proven to be. In these times, you can bank on that. If they're not, well, so it goes. Everything is going to work out. It really will; no need to hyperventilate. said...

Visible -- once again (how tiresome) you do little more than display your ignorance and bias. First of all the quote was not from me but from Makow and the CLEAR MESSAGE therein does NOT support the fabrication presented by "Rose" since Makow quite openly makes the case for staying with Western women and culture if at all possbile. You now choose another subject/aspect entirely, i.e. his stance regarding the natural and most successful "generalized" respective roles of men and women in marriage. As with Stone's material re Fukushima, again you jump in with appalling hubris and ego and opinion and name-calling without even viewing the source material for the larger perspective AND detail requisite to even begin to formulate an informed opinion. Just because you can string a few words together now and then doesn't make you a friggin' expert on ANYTHING much less the age-old male/female paradigm. You needn't agree either with Makow or Stone or anyone else, but at least show some actual familiarity with the person or issue you denigrate in writing. Like I said, you'll earn some actual respect from those who HAVE done their homework, intead of coming across as little more than a verbally-flashy dilettante.

DTF Search said...

I have been visiting since the days of AOL and dsl. I do support

What bothers me most about all this bickering regarding Mr.Rense working around the clock to bring us the news...IS..

The site is mostly made up of links to other websites. All that takes is a simple scrape bot and someone to decide what article gets in..or not.

The man does put in alot of time and effort in his radio product but overall, the site exists because of content created by others.
Lets see how much free opinion is allowedon THIS site. said...

Didn't mean to post twice with same thing IF it came through . . the verification page doesn't always work right. Ok, yeah, we are NOT opponents and I both admire your overall work and read every post. But . . talk about thumping the seat of the bus, I'd say from the response that YOU were the one thumping so loud and on such a sensitive/noisy side wall that people from miles around came by to see what was making all the ruckus, yes? And, contrariwise to your last sentiment, I'd say we ALL need to be thumping our arms and hands to bloody stumps if we are to have ANY chance whatsoever of survival. You may put your trust in aliens or whatever bizarre "emergence" that floats you own boat and lets you sleep at night, but please do not counsel others to tone it down, 'cause the volume had damn well better be turned up to MAX else our voices will soon be heard only from behind barbed wire . . or from the silent graves. I'll sign off now from this site, bye and best wishes.

Visible said...

Loomis, I think I've earned plenty of respect and don't need your minstrations in that regard. I haven't engaged in name calling, why would you say that when the evidence is right there? I haven't got anything against Makow. i just don't agree with him and as for being an expert on the subject, he sure thinks he is and where has that gotten him lately in his own relationship.

I'd say that the women who know me and who I've been egaged with here and then, now and once in a while would probably say that I'm not as clueless as you imply.

You're the one who's all hot under the collar, not me. I'm trying to be reasonable and give you space to make... good god, whatever your fucking point is and then hopefully you'll either go into remission or I just won't answer you anymore. It is time for me to go out into the evening and have a beer somewhere anyway and I believe I will do just that.

You're not going to get anywhere with these juvenile tactic. I don't believe Stone's theory; agree to disagree /and as far as Makow's take on women, I don't think he knows what he's talking about. You want to understand the woman outisde of yourself? Understand the woman within.

Anonymous said...

the topic of possible Fukushima sabotage is a lot more complex than most people would think, as this goes way beyond "oceanbed nukes - yes or no".

Allow me to remark that, to miss a possible 911 event which happened last year around this time, would be a bit inappropriate. Imagine the denial that people have to come out to just consider the possibility.

There has been independent research into this issue by one Dan Eden over at, which has been around since 1996 with online journalism. Nevermind that Jeff Rense has never linked to this site, it is way beyond Rense´s not exactly lightweight scope, although entirely different in its way of reporting facts, or apparent facts.

The article I would submit for consideration is this one:

It provides some background on this intricate issue. Do not wash over this, as I said, you could be missing the recent 911 that put the old 911 in the shadows.

As to your approach to handling this issue, you may well ram your lance into your chest on your white charger. If this shows that a significant number of readers hop onto the Ad Hominem & Freudian Slip bandwagon, then so be it.

I have to say that whenever I first bookmarked this rense site on that old beige Mac the size of a Rubbermaid cooler, back in the late 90´s, I have had mixed feelings about the barrage of relevant and not-so relevant contributions. You can not really recommend this site to genuine newcomers to the truth-finder world - I mean, it looks like the National Inquirer, only in HTML, with a guy on the cover who has either a wig, a dyed moustache, or both. Never updated in 15 years.

But still, pearls are found among the swine swirl. If you pass on 100 articles a day that nobody can read, then your excuse that "I am working 24/7" is for feeding a small percentage of relevant information that is lost within the stream of shrillness.

What I am grateful for is having found your writing. Though it is in its own category, way beyond alternative news world, it reflects this world. Not by posting the awful news, but putting it into perspective. Not even speaking of putting it into context vis a vis the ineffable. And that, if at all, can only be found within, not in outside news or analysis.

In closing, I would say ... the fat man with the bullhorn, the jewish guy with a grudge, and the guy with a wig or whatever, they do what they do, but they can and will be replaced. But your input is irreplaceable, so I urge you to put the six album´s worth of recording on hold until your mission is accomplished and everyone can think for himself. Everyone interested in it, that is.

idiot savant

Steve said...

Hey Rich guy, FUCK OFF!!!!
You just displayed more ignorance in a few hundred words than Visible has displayed in YEARS of writing daily trough thousands of posts and comments on an almost unlimited amount of subjects and topics.
You fucking insipid little creep.

Anonymous said...

"You want to understand the woman outside of yourself? Understand the woman within".

Holy shit visible, game winning home run.

Anonymous said...

stdebunking is what people do when they can't really prove anything one way or the other--all scientific laws are qualified. For instance Newton's Laws only hold up within given reference frames and are not generally true. That is why there is relativity for objects going close to the speed of light and wave mechanics for subatomic particles. Both unproven theories but so far the best explanation we can come up with for their respective reference frames. So, scientific proof is really a misnomer. Science is about repeatable processes. Science can not refute the notion that anything is possible.

911, or other such conspiracies, need to be examined and analyzed and the conclusions about the possible mechanics of the event honestly discussed and debated by qualified persons, like law enforcement officials, transportation and military experts, engineers, until consensus is developed about what the most reasonable explanation would be. This never happened with 911. The government with their paid shills and the talking heads on tv just told us what happened and no organized effort to refute their claims was ever made. It would seem that most would think that we are just supposed to accept what the 'authorities' say. Forensic proof is not the same thing as mathematical proof. It is more like legal proof. 911 after the fact is a matter of forensics.

Then, surprisingly enough, there was an army of internet debunkers waiting to quell what dissent there might be springing up on the internet. Some of the debunkers are just fools drunk on patriotism and jingoism and some of them are soldiers engaged in psychological warfare. This really muddied the waters. So, now, the search for 911 truth has been painted with the same brush as the loch ness monster, bigfoot or flying saucers. Now, maybe there are such things but in any case they are not well substantiated. However, unlike bigfoot and other such things, 911 is crime. It is major crime and it has major ramifications on the political and cultural climate for 10's of millions of people. And for that reason people need to be open minded and rational. It is too important not to be thorough.

What I am saying is that we have been tricked. The people who are doing this are slick and they are working to an agenda. I wish I would have understood this little piece of philosophy 10 yrs ago.

We are ruled by fear and motivated by anger. That is the principle on which this manufactured catastrophe was conceived. TPTB counted on this and they were far.


Visible said...

They won't be right much longer, on that you can depend.

Rose said...

I wouldn't say I have any 'axe to grind,' just an opportunity to speak my mind and since Vis, indicated his attitude on Makow's attitude towards women, I felt 'free to just jump in.' I read Rense and I read Makow, however I am duly noted that a lot of disinformation is wrapped in real truth. That's the danger of it, when something 'goes along with what we believe in,' we tend to see everthing else as truth they say. That said, I read them both as the situation arises and am no 'light-weight' when it comes to 'knowing where Makow, is coming from and what he promotes in this regard.

I don't think that, I'd feel any differently on the subject if I were male or female. I'd like to think reason and consciousness has nothing to do with testosterone or hormones but

can be reached by any reasoning individual.

Henry Makow: "I am attracted to women under 35 who think I am too old. Sexual attraction is an important element in a male-female relationship. Nature, for obvious reasons, has bestowed this appeal on women of childbearing age. I get older but the women I find attractive don't." (p. 6)(A Long Way to Go for a Date). He also states that he doesn't need women for intellectual stimulation. "I read books for that." Quote, unquote.

No one will doubt that a large proportion of American males think this way, so to hear someone actually articulate it shouldn't be at all shocking.

That's some verdict upon the female race as a whole, never mind what country them come from. As Vis points out, the outcome of this 'type' of thinking has not served us to this date, so it hardly seems likely that it will in the future, either.

Now, the problem is that the book (A Long Way to go for a Date), doesn't stop at being a soul-bearing confessional where the author undergoes a learning experience. All throughout the book, Makow has to inject his philosophy (which essentially boils down to the fact that feminism is the world's foremost evil) into his experiences, never admitting that perhaps things just aren't going the way he wants them to - instead, his experiences are a microcosm for what's ailing Western Civilization. The sort of circular logic that Makow employs throughout the book in order to justify his actions made my head spin. For example, he freely admits that his primary interest in young women is sexual. However, when Cecilia (his 18 year old bride-to-be) starts wanting to have TOO much sex (for him) states that "I am beginning to feel like an appliance" (p. 91). He then reproaches her: "It's not feminine to demand sex. Don't ever do it again. You can indicate an interest but when I say no, stop."

So, it must be a 'fine life for his wife.' In actuality it well may be. Anything may be better than abject poverty. I could see that.

Even if it is someone that see's her as a slave, and offers her no intellectual stimulation. Many women it seems are content to be

kept in the slave mindset they exist within, to not see themselves as 'anything more.' More is the pity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"We are ruled by fear and motivated by anger. That is the principle on which this manufactured catastrophe was conceived. TPTB counted on this and they were far."

to which Les replied:

"They won't be right much longer, on that you can depend."

really? I can "depend" on that? Your prescience detects that natural upheavals are imminent rendering all our concerns moot and mute.Or is this when your bogus eternal sanctuary man comes to rectify the wrongs, offer comfort to the weak, and when the "pure in heart" see "God"?
WTF UP MAN!!! It's thinking like that which keeps enslaved to this bogus "god" of love and mercy. You're one who talks to God and apparently "it" says things like, "why didn't you ask me?" oh that's fucking rich!! "why didn't you ask me?" You mean to tell me that you know something God doesn't?
Or, when the going gets tough, you offer juvenile explanations like "reincarnation" for why the world is, in part, the way it is.
All the unproven varibles that are part and parcel of this "denial of death" known as "reincarnation" - render it MOOT. Sometimes, complexity is deception, as when people take something as simple and straightforward as death and distort it to suit their idiotic fantasies.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

As far as we know, no one has ever caused an earthquake with a nuke. We don't know if it would even be possible to cause an earthquake with a nuke; the fault lines might not respond to a nuke, but only to stresses on the tectonic plates.

Causing an earthquake with a nuke is a matter of speculation, not a matter of science. Several thousand nukes have been detonated -- in New Mexico, Arizona, at Pacific Islands, in Algeria, Australia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and in Japan -- including many underground and underwater nuclear blasts. I have not heard about any of those nuclear blasts causing an earthquake.

You could cause a tsunami with a nuke, but the nuclear blast would create a big, obvious mushroom cloud -- just like the nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific did.

Most readers here have heard about the US patents that have been filed for HAARP. The possibility for HAARP to heat the atmosphere and effect the weather is described in a HAARP patent. However, it has never been proved that HAARP caused an earthquake, or that HAARP can cause an earthquake.

The speculations that submarine nukes or HAARP caused the 2011 Japanese are only speculations. Since the use of nukes or HAARP to cause the Japanese earthquake lacks proof or precedent, it is more likely that the Japanese earthquake was caused by natural tectonic shifting.

Some people want to attribute every disaster to human agency and exotic weaponry. But Nature was causing big disasters long before humans populated the earth -- and Nature still has that capability.

Eamon said...

The Anonymous site and the newly-launched makowwatch site have taken the same approach: silence rational discourse on the matter. The anonymous makowwatch site talks about being compassionate, but the vibe their message gives off is not compassionate -- far from it. Raking even a guilty man over the coals rarely accomplishes anything good. The fact that Rense links so prominently to such a third-rate hatchet job (written by men whose knowledge of English grammar leaves something to be desired), as well as to the 'Anonymous' bullsh*t calls Rense's cause into question, at least in my eyes. Rense, if you are in the right, drop those liabilities like a rock; they will harm you much more than help you. No, I am not a fan of Makow and I have no dog in this hunt. He could be just another Mossad tool-bag for all I know or care. As for the folks at Anonymous-journalism-nonsense and at makowwatch, bring your inferior wares to me. I will let you post freely at my blog. Share all the evidence you want, but know that, even if you are right, I will use your own already-available words to make you look like the spineless hypocrites that you are. Compassion? My ass. You've an axe of colossal proportions to grind; if you want to have some fun, come try and grind it on me.

Anonymous said...

Larry “thirty-pieces-of” Silverstein offered to serve breakfast on the morning of 9/11. The promised pancakes were never produced. However, all of lower Manhattan was covered in fucking flour.


Anonymous said...

That Jeff Rense doesn't continue to link to stories at is is not only understandable but above all nobodies business.
Jeff dared to not "select" an article Henry wanted him to post. That was his "crime".

Henry didn't like that. He took his "right" to post on for granted. He get's fired up und becomes very creative in writing an article with the aim to revenge, to take Jeff a notch down, to harm his reputation, to destroy his business. He doesn't shy away to publish private fotos, confidential information and even blatant lies.

A quiet refusal answered with excessive harmful public actions. Quite a difference.

One does not need to contemplate whether Fukushima could have been an inside job. Even if Jim Stones theories were true, it wouldn't give Henry's article any "right" to appear on rense.
I live in Japan and seriously think that Jim Stone's article needs further investigation.

If someone cannot resist the urge to revenge then he should please limit his revenge to a similar scope.

That means in this scenario Henry's revenge should have been limited to not presenting and linking any articles from any more. But as Henry did never promote anything from to start with, he had to think of other things. Just reflecting on himself why he lost Jeff's support was not on his mind.

That alone makes me wonder about the equality in their "friendship". Jeff promotes Henry, but Henry seems to be rather jealous about his successful "friend". Instead of being aware that he actually owed Jeff something, Henry showed his true colors after he realized that he cannot get any favors from Jeff anymore.
So when he saw an opportunity he couldn't resist.

Defaming someone in public is a severe crime in most countries, even if all the points made are true.

I read Henry's contributions a lot. I like it when unexpected subjects or points of views are presented.
And, quoting Bruce Hayden Rense is the first site I visit every morning and I check back during the day."

After reading Henry's "The Hidden Jeff Rense", I really got affected, starting to doubt Jeff's integrity. Not for long. Just reading the first lines of Jeff's reply made me feel better. I write that to document how easy it is to influence people (like me).

I figure this debacle has cost Henry dearly. It's his own fault but it makes me sad.

That was a response to

Otherwise I want to say (quoting Patrick V.1):

Thank you Jeff Rense for what you do.
Thank you Henry Makow for what you do.
Thank you Les Visible for what you do.


Rabbit said...

There is certainly nothing wrong with Jeff Rense in my estimation and people who try to disparage his site by mentioning any of the subjcts he covers are definately missing the point. Rense carries opposing articles including the negative pieces against him in his links and nobody agrees on all things I personally find "Frosty Fruit" as I think of Wooldridge to be a boring racist and Islamophobe but don't judge rense poorly for linking to the clown or even of being his friend.

As for the UFOs, it is the biggest secret and story of our time, and I have had a few up close and personal experiences to confirm things for myself to the extent I feel pity for those in denial, because I don't think any amount of denial will save them eventually having to face the reality. But it is hardly a subject you can credibly brush off as irrelevant or unfounded any longer and if you do, you are just so much further down ghe totem pole of comprehension that is all.

I've always agreed with the bent of Henry Makow's stuff, but have also had a problem with many of the articles he hosts for some time. I probably are more in tune with his views on women though and found his comments on the subject of men/women in the West to be fair and often enlightened.

It is sad that once again as with Ted Pike and his attacks on David Duke that a spiteful and mean spirited attck by one of my preferred authors uon another has forced me to choose sides and I simply choose Jeff's in this one.

Anthony Migchels said...

Hi Les,

Are you sure you want to castigate KB in this way?

This is what Henry has said from the beginning:
"Jeff Rense refused to link to this article. He thinks it is a psy-op to absolve the nuclear industry of blame for Fukushima. Fine. But when I posted it anyway so people could decide for themselves, he announced he would no longer link to my site. You will no longer find my work on Rense's site. Sad that a 10 year relationship should end in this fashion. See, "The Hidden Jeff Rense." and "Jeff Rense Steps in It.")"

So Rense dumped Makow after Makow POSTED ON HIS OWN SITE.

That's the point. I don't think Makow would have in any resented Jeff's right to post whatever he wants. But Jeff cannot try to dictate what Henry can put on HIS site.

Visible said...

Who is KB?

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors-

Succubi Hallucinations in Cellblock 99.

variable said...

Who said the technology available is by prescription at least 20 years behind the truth? I argue that it is man who is 20 years behind the truth, and it is an update of context which is needed. The world of misspecification has reigned supreme for far too long. Thanks for sharing.

Anthony Migchels said...

KB = Kevin Boyle, no one to vote for.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

A correction: in my previous post I mentioned Arizona as a nuclear bomb test site; I meant Nevada, not Arizona.

Thank you, Les Visible, for hosting this discussion on your website.

Eamon said...

I have to laugh at myself and my little prideful outburst. An extra pint or two with dinner made me more edgy than usual and I unwisely shared the effects with y'all. Doh!

Rense-Makow-gate is what it is. Whatever the truth is, it is sad to see, but such are the times. Although I hope things take a healthier, more peaceful turn, they are free to be as nasty as they want. I know that I, for one, have better and more important things to do than keep tabs on their situation. When God asks me about how well I used my time during life, He is not going to care whether or not I knew about or weighed in upon this or that internet controversy, etc.

visible, KB is Kevin Boyle, an Irishman living in England or perhaps just an Englishman with an Irish name. He writes a blog called "No one the vote for," or something to that effect.

Anyway, sorry if the manifestation of my own weaknesses was out of line. Still, everything happens for a reason and I hope to learn the lesson God intends me to learn. Carry on...

Visible said...

You only have to post things once. Sometimes I am not at my desk but... under it (grin).

Scotty said...


Don't fret, for it is only a wise man that hates himself. That statement was given to me by a friend, who was there for me at my nadir. I was recovering from years of sexual abuse. I don't think there was a more self loathing entity in the universe, then myself.
It was up to me to give my life meaning and hope. I think you do the same with your writing. You have a gift and touch many lives. thank you for being you

Anonymous said...

Hi there - from a fellow Mutant.......You do know you're a mutant, right? You're maybe one percent of the population at any given time, probably less...

Been following you for a long time now. Understand everything you say and don't say. After reading this last post from you, let me breathe some life into you.

Go for broke here. Whatever you have, put it right on the table. That's what honorable men and women do.

I get the psychopathic thing going on in this world, very educated on the matter. Understood. But for every action is an equal and opposite reaction - so let's have it, full bore.

Truth is an uncomfortable thing. Always is. The double edge that pretty much guts you, and almost kills you but has the ability - to heal you. It's time for us to take our poison and be BIG about it.

No more waltzes into denial, no more pulling the covers up over our heads and hiding up our own butts or someone else's. Either life and the quality of life is worth it - or it isn't. It's just that simple.

Whining and listing about texting and shopping and all this other mindless crap is only further the demise of not only us but our children's children's children. So I don't know here, is all the talk about being holy and spiritual and moral and decent just a scam with mankind overall? Looks like that from here.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be "Here" where we are. It just wouldn't happen. Why we are HERE is because alot of people made deals, compromises, illicit transactions and looked the other way while selling the whole of mankind down the river and THESE were the GOOD guys, okay? Take a look around guys, smell the stink.

So now it's time for everyone of us to muster up what we claim we are about and BE about it. Otherwise just jump full bore into the cesspool of the psychopaths and enjoy the filth.

From me to you - you're most AWESOME and whatever courage or inspiration that you need to do your work, take a whiff of this and just be about it. Life is precious, every minute, every breath so - Breathe.......take a step back and be your big bad self!

GBCIR said...

Rense has sold out. A 9.1 earthquake would have done more damage than what is shown by videos. deception "Laurels" everywhere. It’s a Sad day when honesty is not obvious. over-and-out (gbcir's gut feeling only)

Bruce Hayden said...

Pushing reality again, I see. Naughty, naughty boy...

Visible said...

Well fucksticks, it wouldn't hurt if you backed up your claims with data. Might I point out that severity of quakes relies on any number of imponderables and your exaggeration of the actual measurement does not inspire confidence.

What's with you people, you think a transitory identity gives a greater credence than anonymous? We're not all chickensits here. You know, I have yet to see one legitimate checkable commentator who trashes Jeff. You can believe anything you don't have the facts to support. I'll go with personal experience. For me there is a reason I only appear on 3 sites and it definitely isn't that I can't appear on more, I just don't trust anyone else and I don't want my name associated with people I don't trust. Whatever you or anyone else thinks about the people who host my work means nothing. You don't pay my rent and you don't buy my lunch. If I like someone and believe in them, no matter what their faults are, then I do, unshakeably and don't think I didn't look for enough dirt to convince me otherwise. I am anally retentive in that respect.

Anonymous said...

Makow has really gone off the deep end. First I saw he wrote Jeff was married 9 times and was jealous and controlling. I wondered if he had been a perv hiding in their closet all of those years to know that. Then I look again and he takes off the 9 times, drops it down to 5 and removes the jealous and controlling, but adds the 5 names of his ex-wives (like THEY had anything to do with what he is mad about. Tells me alot about his hatred of women.)

Now I look and he's upped it to "5-10 times" with some more beastly smears. Who cares how many times Rense has been married? At least he isn't some weirdo with a child-bride who sits around with his cult of misogynists whining about women all day because they can't handle a woman with an actual mind in her head. Seems to me Makow is the control-freak if all he wants is a child-bride who might do as he says now, but as she grows and matures, she will want her own mind and leave him because of it. How many child-brides has he had that has left him, because something sure made him so hateful against women.

I am glad Makow is off of Rense. The man is in full psychosis now. He may need involuntary commitment into a padded room before too long.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

GBCIR wrote: "A 9.1 earthquake would have done more damage than what is shown by videos."

Some mitigating factors: the epicenter of the quake was 43 miles offshore, and 20 miles deep below the surface of the ocean. The Japanese infrastructure is generally designed to be the most earthquake-resistant in the world. Even the traditional houses in Japan are quite earthquake-resistant, being typically timber-framed.

However, a lot of damage to buildings, bridges, and roads occured during the March 2011 Japanese earthquake. To see photos and video of the damage, you must do an objective, unfiltered search -- don't just look at the cherry-picked reports of those who want you to think that the earthquake damage was minor. The fact is that a lot of damage was done to the Japanese infrastructure by the March 2011 earthquake, and it will take a long time to repair all of it. earthquake damageōhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz et al,

Fukushima / Rense / Makow is a huge subject and it made my head hurt too. I am grateful for this forum to discuss it, however. It had seemed like 911 would be the most important event of this century, but Fukushima has surpassed it by a wide margin. If my understanding of the Fukushima event is correct, MOST OR ALL OF US ARE GOING TO DIE OR BE INCREDIBLY ILL BECAUSE OF IT.

So let's not just blow the topic off or stage a nutty. I watched my otherwise brilliant father totally lose it over Viet Nam and the Kennedy assassination / coup d'etat. Art Bell ended his career huffily declaring that of course the U.S. government had nothing to do with 911. Canada has declared it illegal to discuss certain aspects of World War II. I myself avoided, for ten years, studying the wonderful David Icke's research on reptilians; it was just too terrifying.

And now we have an American population that will hardly discuss anything of any importance. Even what will affect their future generations. Even our best writer, Les Visible, seems uncharacteristically put out. I would like very much to shine it all on, but as it is so serious, I would really like to know what happened, if possible. And, if they did it, will they do it again.

Rense is my first news stop every day. He is the chief news gatherer. I am puzzled at his reaction in this discussion, but I am hardly fully informed. The subject is so important, however, that I will pursue it. I have studied the Kennedy Assassination for decades.


Machiventa Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

I have read Rense as well as Makow for years. BOTH HAVE VERY important material. I can not beleive the people on your sight that are drawn to your thoughts and ideas are not aware of this. I am also surprised that you Vis took sides. I think both men are being childish. Makow has accurately put a voice out there for men's frustrations with the effects of Feminism that was funded started and supported by the RedShields and Rockafellows. You know Margaret Sanger and all. Makow is spot on with his writings many of them. It is obvious the observations that he makes are so accurate. He has had some questionable material but so has Rense.
They both lost credibility but I am sure I will still read them both. It is really disconcerting to see this much time and energy wasted on what could just be a Fake for all we know.. I don't know either one of these people at all. I hear Jeff on Radio. I read Makow's writings. This whole thing just stinks. You know if does Vis. I am really surprised you defended Rense so much. I thought Rense's counter attack on Makow was pathetic. I also think Stone has VERY valid arguments the NO one is disproving at all. Nope just shit slinging. That tells me alot there a few people on here that have said the same thing as I am basically. There are people who have digested the material and do not feel like they are stupid or crazy and have valid questions that continue to get ignored by everyone questioning Rense on his stance with Stone. He said it was trash , or at least that is how this he said he said narrative goes. How is Stones information Trash.. If we people that read it and think it is valid are so low in intellect then please enlighten us. Isn't that your job? Probably shouldn't use such language to a certain percentage of your audience. I was not indirectly verbally insulted by Makow was I ? Nope, Rense did that one by calling Stone's Article trash.. Yep things are very fishy in Rense land now. You Vis taking the time to write so much about Rense and defending him says a lot as well. Point is No one KNOWS for certain WRH. RIght? So how does this divide happen so readily between so many people on subjects that we are all trying to help each other understand? I see adults turning into children and the Thoughts are getting narrower and narrower. It seems like the NWo is winning here. they beat Rense and Makow and ever yone that reads them and you Vis with this little division between Rense and Makow. Just the way the NWO had it planned. We will just let them fight amongst themselves while they try to figure out our Black magick? It is working splendidly. Rense has nO clue if a nuke or HAARP or Nature set off the earthquake/tsunami event. He is coming across to me as crippled because he cannot enter into a real discussion on even the possibilities of HAARP being used or anything else other than nature. He does not take into account the fact that 4 months before the incident Japan came out publicly saying that Japan would supply Iran with enriched Uranium. It happens on a very suspicious date. come on Vis you know very well about Numerology and dates and so does Rense. There are so many red herrings is ridiculous and you both know it but ignore it it seems.. You know how smart (or stupid if you want to see it that way (good luck with that (grin) your reader base is). These questions are going to come up. People (more than you know) are going to start coming up wiht questions that seem valid.. If they are not then Please I beg of either you or Rense or any one else to have the courage to debunk all that Jim Stone put up. Actually start in on the real material that he presents and debunk it. If Rense is so adamant about his stance you would think he could explain it in at least an articulate enough manner to persuade us to consider his viewpoint. But that is not happening. Nope just misdirection on how bad Makow is and how bad he slanderd Rense. Which I assume most people are completely annoyed by.

Anonymous said...

I quite honestly do not care about that part of the story at all and I do not appreciate either one of them dragging us readers into their childish melodrama. Qutie honestly it Dumbs both of them down. the anonymous site and Makow watch site that went up in Favor of Rense and against Makow is supper duper cheezy. It make me lose more respect for Rense. I KNow I am not alone.. So save face Vis, but out of this one .. You may like Rense and that is one thing but protect your rep. man there is no reason to be involved in this unless of course you ant to do the due diligence and prove that Jim Stone is wrong about his observations.. If anyone is will ing to provide proof of false testimony on Stone's behalf then you will be getting some where. everything else is just redirect which is SUPER Fishy. you know it is. People who don't like the anon thing get a clue the military started the internet. We are all using a military tool that was released for multiple purposes one being Data mining. Some of us choose to not participate as much as we can. We know it does not really do much to ensure anonymity but hey at least we try to keep a little bit of our rights to choose going. We do not mean to offend by not doing things the way the name Nazi's are saying it has to be done.

Visible said...

As I said in the post, I knew I would probably catch shit but this was a one off and I won't be having any more to say. I sincrely apologize if I offended any readers. This kind of thing is one of my quirks. I'm working on gaining restraint. I hope I don't have to put one of those red ping pong balls in my mouth to get there.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck cares about Jim Stone? Whoever that "anonymous" is above talking about him needs to learn how to make a paragraph.

99% of us aren't offended by anything you say Les. You stand up for what you think is right and have loyalty. If that means sticking up for someone that has helped you, than so be it. I would do the same.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

9/11 Truth began with critical thinking -- as in, "I believe what my own eyes, common sense, knowledge, and experience tell me, not the preposterous story that the US government and its puppet media are telling us."

The notion that "all opinions or theories are valid" is NOT a part of critical thinking. The truth is one thing, and falsehood is another. Black is not white. Some theories make sense, and other theories do not.

Those who preach the gospel that "all opinions or theories are valid" are preaching disinformation. If it were true that "all opinions or theories are valid", it would be impossible to ever know anything, or to ever learn anything.

If it were true that "all opinions or theories are valid", all evidence and all arguments, pro and con, would be dismissed by a Court of Law, because all evidence and all arguments, pro and con, would be considered equal, and no case could ever be proved.

Do not be fooled by those who preach that "all opinions or theories are valid". The credo that "all opinions or theories are valid" is a trap that will swamp and confuse the quest for truth in an endless quagmire of impossible narratives.

Most of those who preach that "all opinions or theories are valid" also argue passionately for their own theory, which goes against the credo of "all opinions or theories are valid". Such people are demonstrating their hypocricy and confusion.

Let the theories compete, and let the most evidence-based and logical theory gain acceptance. That is the true method of truth-seeking.

Anonymous said...

Let the theories compete, and let the most evidence-based and logical theory gain acceptance. That is the true method of truth-seeking.

Very TRue but you have to PRESENT theories before they can compete. TO omit theories without explaining why it is invalid is to cause suspicion amongst independent thinkers.

I do not care about Jim Stone (if that indeed is his real name). I care about his material which is offered and I care about Rense and others that off handedly say his material is trash explaining their position and articulate HOW Jim Stones material is trash.. You know, basic adult type stuff.

I love Visible's work always have, always will. Absolute great writer and thinker. I would probably stick up for someone as well. But Makow has valid articles thoughts and opinions on the matter and his beef is not with women in particular it seems..

His beef is with many of them not being able to recognize the unnatural lives we are all living now through the lens of feminism, an over sexualized culture, over sexualized children, and the manipulation of the Heterosexual lifestyle through "sexual Liberation movement." Also the illuminati satanism and how it all ties in.

If he is wrong in pointing these things out and someone can articulate how he is wrong then Please show us the BEEF. Otherwise no one has the right to get in the middle of a personal disagreement that no one has all the info about except the two parties involved.

ohh look I can make a paragraph..

Anonymous said...

A pattern of 4 quakes in 188 days has been the discussion of some blogs and sites. The stuff I doubt Rense would have any interest in since he apparently has turned Gatekeeper on 3/11 for FUKU just like Goodman and Chomsky on 9/11.

What has yet to be conclusively established beyond a doubt though, is whether this 188 anomaly, is random or follows any trackable, predictable or consistent cycle/pattern. So far, there's been 4 quakes in a row that can be connected or attributed to this latest 188 CYCLE which began on 2/27/11 with the 8.8 quake in CHILE, then the 7.1 quake on 9/4/11 in CHRIST CHURCH, followed by the 9.1 mega quake in JAPAN on 3/11/11, and the last date on 9/16/11 in FIJI that another huge 7.3 mag struck!

Once is luck, twice is interesting, 3 times (JAPAN) shows a PATTERN!! ... and the FOURTH time means you're pretty naive and dumb if you still refuse to even consider the threat and take it more seriously.

One person calculates the chances of this pattern occurring are
364 x 364 x 364 = 48,228,544 or 1 in over 48 MILLION!

If it happens again it will be over 17 Billion!

The NEXT date correlating to this pattern is MARCH 22nd 2012 which just happens to connect to the illuminati skull and bones number 322 ie 3/22 as some interpret.

Which brings me to one of this threads main issues and an interesting connection I haven't seen mentioned yet.

Most who've done in-depth research, will agree that the Illuminati employ cryptic/esoteric codes and occultic numerology in which dates and numbers can be reversed, inverted, averaged, added or compressed to equal or produce algorithmic numerical sequences that correlate to major events or vice versa.

With that said and as it relates to the MARCH 22nd discussion of 322, why hasn't anyone mentioned ANOTHER DATE connected to it??

the REVERSE of 322 & 3/22

OR................. 223 ie 2/23

Anonymous said...

Maybe we are living in a phase where joo-joo is revealed to be ga-ga .

Certain folks will go nuts .

The WV is more complicated now , for this post it was
" psychology singdoer "

What's that? Bob Dylan charging $300 an hour ?

Anonymous said...

FYI - Rense was the first one to provide Fulford a platform. When I wrote an email criticizing him, he sent back a reply that was a strewn with profanity and belittling remarks. I personally have seen the side of Rense that Makow is now encountering. Note that rense's articles on the Makow matter are full of belittling labels and epithets.

lets separate the drama from the essentials -
1) Rense has been pushing a particular angle on Fukushima. Makow published a contrary - but arguably plausible - explanation for Fukushima on HIS OWN site... Rense stated that Henry's decision to publicly allow a contradiction of Rense's position constituted making "mockery" of Rense.
Publishing a contrary view does not make a mockery of anyone - unless the person in question is an irrational egomanic. But Rense saw it as such an affront as to warrant hitting Henry where it hurt, but good - Total cut off of all future article links. We are talking money here - let's be honest about that. This bespeaks the mindset of a petty vindictive tyrant. Therefore, Rense drew first blood.

2) Makow has made it personal, but civil. Rense, on the other hand has responded with a veritable ejaculation of hissy fit. In one article, he refers to Makow as "little man" in almost every paragraph. He also refers to him as a maggot. anyone who has lived more than a few years knows that when a person begins spewing out a river of ad-hominen epithets - then they are usually in the wrong and simply trying to hurt the other party by any means available, belittling them by any means possible.

3) Rense went so far as to pretend to be "anonymous" and the letter written by same is very obviously Rense himself or one of his trolls.

4) Rense created a "Henry Makow watch site" - WTF?

all this seems to bespeak a incredibly paranoid perhaps even psychotic personality. Rense has a contempt for "little people"

onething said...

Wow, I leave for a couple of days and look what happens.

I am not buying the nukes in the twin towers; for one thing they aren't needed. It looks like a professional demolition job which is plausible and causes fewer problems.

But the videos of the completely undamaged area around fukushima does impress me.

I used to read Makow's site some years ago and liked him. I don't know if he has deteriorated or whines about women but some of his thoughts on that I agree with in the sense that I feel American women have been had by the feminist movement. Quite simply, family and children are more important than careers, most people have jobs not careers anyway.

I follow your argument; it is logical, but how can there be a limit to space or the universe, i.e., what comes next?

And you, Vis, I like you very much. I like the way you think and ponder and approach things.

Visible said...

You know, none of that impresses me.I wasn't even around for any of it and we all grow as we go. I only know Jeff in the way he has treated me. That is all I know. To quote a brilliant poet;

"He may be six kinds of a liar,
He may be ten kinds of a fool,
He may be a wicked highflyer
Beyond any reason or rule;
There may be a shadow above him
Of ruin and woes to impend,
And I may not respect, but I love him,
Because-well, because he's my friend.

I know he has faults by the billion,
But his faults are a portion of him;
I know that his record's vermilion,
And he's far from the sweet Seraphim;
But he's always been square with yours truly,
Ready to give or to lend,
And if he is wild and unruly,
I like him-because he's my friend.

I criticize him but I do it
In just a frank, comradely key,
And back-biting gossips will rue it
If ever they knock him to me!
I never make diagrams of him,
No maps of his soul have I penned;
I don't analyze- I just love him,
Because-well, because he's my friend".

That is how I am about people I care about and trust me, I can care about anyone who lets me do so. I try to be the kind of friend I would like to have, even though they do stupid shit and you may be sure that I severely test everyone I meet to see if they are worthy. Maybe my system is flawed but it is the best I have been able to come up with under the circumstances. Everyone fucks up but few are there to catch them when they fall and if you are not equal to that then don't hang out with me.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

on anonynimity,

they can ID you by your writing style and where you hang out, so IMO giving a nick doesnt make you any less anonymous and a name tag helps the conversations. by that I mean a typed nick, you dont have to login and subscribe to satan's portfolio.

you could get here through TOR and scramble your writings so that noone can read them.

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