Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You can Fool Yourself some of the Time but not All of the Time.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“The serpent, the king, the tiger, the stinging wasp, the small child, the dog owned by other people,

and the fool: these seven ought not to be awakened from sleep.”

There are many serious, critical and world changing; nature attacked by the unnatural ...events LOOMING on the horizon. The most populous state in the US is soon to run out of water. This is an imbalance and every imbalance trends for further states of imbalance. Dry conditions trend toward runaway fires. It's not just California that is due to be hit in this manner. There are a number of surrounding states that are in line for the same. Consider the size of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, just to name a few. This is a condition that marches like an invading army and it will leave the same results in its path as would an army.

Drought impacts directly on the food supply. The bee holocaust, engineered by Monsanto and their chemical demons in arms adds to the affair. Lack of water in the atmosphere leads to strange and violent weather; out of balance, out of balance, out of balance.

The state of nature in its perverted status, is mirrored by a thoroughly corrupt and perverted culture. International war and mass murder are the driving force of the economy. The orchestration of poverty and plague are also a feature. Crime is business as usual at the top of the pyramid of privilege. That gives you the real trickle down effect. Children are disappearing all over the world to be kept as temporary hostages for brutal sex in Satanic rites. They are temporary because they die in torturous bacchanals of terrible outrage. These are performed in order to create a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds; conduits of power, funneled from dark entities, who feed upon the fear, pain and death and who become stronger and stronger inside the consciousness of those who have given themselves over to host these entities.

In Israel, genocidal attacks are routinely performed against near defenseless peoples, kept in prison ghettos for that purpose. These assaults are carried out on so called holy days. Any fool could make the connections if they chose to but most people do not want to know. They are content that it is not happening to them but that... is simply a matter of time. What goes around comes around.

The people of America and Canada, as well as most western governments, cannot believe that what is happening is what is happening. To believe these things are true is to make them complicit in them and this they cannot abide. Proof positive has been given over and over about the gratuitous nature of the conflicts that have been created by international bankers and corporations for their own financial profit. It is what they do.

How long can this perfect storm of recognizably evil circumstances continue? Scylla and Charybdis are screaming from the Marshall stacks. The volume dial is at 11. Meanwhile, the thick, viscous Dream Karo, reduces the populations to an underwater existence. They think they move on land but they move through liquid Jello. There are patches of light high up on the surface that send a ghostly illumination down into the depths. Normal is whatever you get used to. As Bruce Cockburn said, “the trouble with normal is that it always gets worse." On and on and on it goes and where it stops? Hmmmm...

One might imagine that 'they' have it all sewn up but someone, or something is messing with their agenda. Things are going wrong at the top. Undesired information is leaking through cracks in their faltering plots. The world, against all odds is waking up. It is truly a race to the finish. Will the world wake up in time to counter these fell plots against their very lives? Will it be too little too late? That is what our day following day is given us to determine.

No one can argue that a lot of things are all happening at the same time. Anyone paying attention can see that the movers and shakers on this plane seem to be motivated by some arcane force. They do things that you would not expect from a rational mind. One might say it is just hubris. They are so sure of their right to do as they please and so certain that they will avoid the consequences that they do the dumbest shit one can imagine. What is driving them? Whatever it is, it's really got a hold on them (cue Smoky Robinson).

One might think, having read to this point that all is lost; that doom and gloom are the destined twins of our inescapable fate. This is true only for those who believe and buy into it. It's been coming for a long time and everyone here is here for a reason. That reason may escape the majority of the participants but there is a reason.

No matter when you are here, now or a thousand years ago, you are here for only two reasons; to suffer or enjoy the fruits of your actions and to wake up. If you do not wake up, the cosmic force of awakening will impact upon you ever more severely until you do. You can cooperate with the inevitable or you can oppose it. You can stand stupefied in the path of the tornado, or you can step aside. The tornado will come regardless. The only imponderable to this point, short of the arrival of the tornado is; where will you be standing? Will you be anchored or will you be swept away? There is no 'if' about it. It is only a matter of where and when.

Millions of minds agreeing that something is real, makes it real. It may be only real in a relative sense but that will be real enough. This is why the Satanic elite have gone to such trouble to convince such a large number of people that what they see is real and that it matches up with the explanations and definitions given. They milk the collective belief systems of the populace to convince them of it and use the power of that belief to bring it about. First they tailor those belief systems to their own ends.

Go to any website and you are pounded by images of material culture. They pump up the desire. The desire becomes greater than the desire of any individual and it resonates across the land. It captivates. It fixates. It mesmerizes. Desire manifests through 3 particular portholes and everyone has them. When these 3 portholes are cut off from input from the higher portholes, material culture is all you have and it doesn't matter if it manifests in a temporal or religious manner. It is materialism regardless and that is why the big religious trends of the day are manifestations of evangelical insanity and fundamentalism. If you happen to have a somewhat functioning brain there is the new age movement, owned and operated by the demonic intelligence agencies. They give you that happy happy, 'we are all gods and goddesses' thing. Then you got all that immunity from cause and effect, as millions who have no connection to primitive cultures are herded into the celebration and worship of the same and it isn't where they come from. True integration does not occur and you wind up with a rootless wandering from template to template and none of them fit. You're uncomfortable and alienated but you don't know why.

At the same time that all of these things are happening, discoveries and inventions are occurring all over the world that can radically transforms the world for the better. In countries around the world, people are waking up. Five million people just signed a petition in Argentina against US aggression. All over the world the tide is rising and the tide is being brutally dealt with at the same time but their evil ways cannot continue for long. They are on the wrong side of history and EVIL DESTROYS ITSELF. Unfortunately, in Kali Yuga, evil also replaces itself and that is why when the tables are turned, you often wind up with what appears to be the same people sitting there. This is not going to continue either. The Kali Yuga is coming to an end and so are all of the things that were allowed to flourish in it.

We're on the clock folks and all this time... all this inconceivable time, of plodding perpetuation, is only there to provide you with a window for change. It's all scripted, except where it isn't. We do have that freedom to first make a difference in our own lives and then make a difference in the lives of others.

Look at the irrefutable evidence of what composes the environment in which we labor; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These are antagonistic elements at war with one another. What would you logically expect from such interactive forces? Bring your own elements under command and you won't have any problem with the ones swirling around outside you. Outside of you is an illusion counterpointed by the illusion within. Get rid of the one and the other will vanish. When the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

In the District of Menace with the 3-headed Mad Dog in the Toilet Bowl.

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'When a man's best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.'

“Da plane! Da plane Boss.” What is it with all this plane action over recent times?

Other than the plane, we are caught between two locations that I like to call, 'the dolrums' and 'the creeping dread'. The doldrums qualifies as the grinding day to day, when will it end? When will it start? When is whatever is going to happen, happen or not happen? The other is the district of menace, which manifests itself as the eye of the DHS and NSA, staring up at you out of the toilet bowl, every time you go. Of course, it is an appropriate place to be, down there with the Mossad. It's what one would naturally imagine to be their natural habitat but... I digress. There's also the epidemic of callous police shootings, the terrible state of the economy, wars, more wars and rumors of wars to come and all of this is courtesy of the three headed mad dog in the toilet, which has already been mentioned. This is a strange creature. Most people don't realize that it has the body of a snake because you usually can't see it. It's back down the pipe running out of the toilet bowl. That is the banker portion of the monster.

We're on the verge of something. I don't know if anyone else is feeling what I am. Let me try to describe it. It is a giddy state of heightened sensitivity. It is uncomfortable now and again but... I am told it is always like this during the transitional stages; transitional stages of what? Aye... that's the question. It's difficult to process but... not as difficult as it was a couple of weeks ago (grin). I'm guessing this has less to do with the world situation than it does with a collective elevation in consciousness. We've talked about this before, these weird periods of high end resonance that feel like chaos to many and which I think are responsible for all kinds of unfortunate incidents world wide because a lot of people find it difficult to process them. I guess it is a lot like GHB. You get serious highway action that is attributed to something else and all kinds of fatal accidents, where the victim is unable to come back and tell you how he/she came to not be here anymore.

If I were like a lot of people, I would believe that what I am experiencing is the directed energy of some kind of psy-ops weapon but in that direction lies The tinfoil Hotel, where one locks themselves in their room and mumbles incoherently until someone comes to take them away. It's a modern day, Samuel Taylor Coleridge thing, minus the exhausting poetry. In a world in complete disarray, only the lucky ones have opium. I say this because of the measures of pain being dished out on all sides in this merciless age... seemingly merciless in any case.

Whatever the reason, this writer, at least, is having to use a great deal of attention to stay on top of this strange vortex of undefined energies in search of resolution, confirmation or stabilization; whichever comes first.

Let's be realistic. All sorts of powerful forces are loose in the world and one has only to look at the world to see the evidence of this. You can't see the wind but you can see the impact of it. Sometimes it is benign, as when it is whispering through the trees, or bringing some respite from the heat of the day. Other times it can be tearing homes from their foundations and causing other mayhem. You can't see it in operation though. You only see the effect. That is the way it is in the world at the moment. A variety of variously motivated winds are manifesting undesirable courses for both groups and individuals. Sometimes, no doubt, these courses seem desirable, until they wind up wherever they wind up and the afflicted are to be found tearing out their hair and screaming, “How did I get here?”

There are things the world publicizes and things that the world does not publicize. This is done in order to make certain lifestyles seem more desirable than they turn out to be. If people knew where they were going to get to by living in a certain manner, you may be sure they would not do it. If people knew what the real conditions of warfare were, they would be much less likely to attend. If people knew how hollow material success turns out to be they might well be more restrained and idealistic in their interests and pursuits. Of course, these days, a lot of people are picking up on that and... heh heh... the opportunities aren't what they were once, anyway.

We've been hearing about UFO's for years but it never comes to anything. Carbon dated cave paintings are evidence that aliens have landed here and there is a theory that some of us came from somewhere else but... over the decades that we have been hearing about this sort of thing, what has it amounted to? All those crop circles, what have they amounted to? All these new age philosophies and those prophets who come and go, what has it amounted to? The world is certainly not improved from what I can see. Okay, you can say that the world is a big place and that it gets changed all the time in good and bad ways but it never gets changed entirely. That's even what I would say, most of the time, but that is not the track I am on at the moment. The track I am on is; what good is most of this doing? I just want people to realize that... except at very rare times, the world does not change with any kind of speed and it as often changes for ill as for good. This is why the individual has to take responsibility for themselves and not operate with any expectation that the world will follow. The world is the world is the world and it does what it does which, most of the time, it seems, is to chew you up and spit you out or, at the very least, break your heart. I'm guessing that the answer here is to not put your faith in the world. I'm pretty sure that is not going to turn into an original quote.

This energy I am talking about is intense. It affects everything. It's very much like being high on something; given that being high is not always an enjoyable experience. At the same time, it's not egregiously onerous (can I say that?). Some fashion or another of this energy is sweeping through the world at the moment and people are reacting to it in many different ways. Here is the kicker. It isn't what impacts upon you or dramatically affects you that is of primary importance. It is how you take it and what you do with it. One person might climb a mountain and another person might go right off a cliff. I see the most critical relationship in all of this as being the juxtaposition of this force(s) and one's values. The value end of it is the rudder on the ship. It determines where you wind up. Is where you wind up important? There you go, or not.

I'm not trying to discourage people from being interested in crop circles; UFO's, Byzantine brier tangles of idle speculation about things that happened and didn't happen a long time ago. What possible difference does so much of that make? Present day concerns I can understand. They impact directly on your life but the truth thereof or lack of it concerning what happened tens of thousands of years ago, before present history was recorded; of what use is that except, most likely, “don't do that.” but... do people take these lessons? They have recent and present day examples of all of these things and they ignore them. They see people dying all around them as the result of certain lifestyles and they go right on doing the same things. They're sure it isn't going to happen to them, until it does. So long as 2 and 2 add up to 4, certain courses are predictable.

Knowing particular things can be useful. Being able to do something about them is exponentially more useful and being able to know the difference between what you can affect and cannot affect is more useful yet. For me, much of life comes down to this. Even when we know this though, it can take a long time to learn it; if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Are we going to learn about what really happened on that plane or are we only going to hear from those who might possibly have set it up in the first place, in order to put yet one more Draconian policy into place? Where's the truth about the Malaysian planes? Where's the truth about anything really? The truth is inside you or it is not. Let me rephrase that, the truth is inside you and you are aware of this or you are not. Events come and go out here. Sometimes they are world changing and sometimes they are a fart in a windstorm. On any given day, all of the populations of the world that happen to be in your location (or anywhere) are moving to and fro around you in pursuit of whatever it is that they are after.

We know that Israel and various intelligence agencies; with the assistance of the world wide Satanic network, were behind 9/11. Those of us who do know this, can't do much about it except talk about it and that is, I am sure, a good thing but... getting real results out of our own efforts concerning it is most likely not in our hands. We can only do our best and trust in the certainty that the world will change at some point. Following that, we can only hope that change is of the positive sort. I believe it will be, at some point. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

I'd like to introduce one of our newest contributors to this work in which some portion of us are already engaged.

Oh, right... and all week I have forgotten to link last weekends radio broadcast.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Doing the Zombie Tango in the Black Mirror of the Abyss.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

Dogs represent the best and the worst in us. Unfortunately few of us press to the extremes and when we do it is in the undesirable direction, due to the nature of desire in times of darkness.

Yesterday or so, The Rope A Pope blessed a vial of blood because of what was called a (drum roll) “semi miracle'. In other places, people are killing their 3 month olds because of 'demons'. Others are killing their children for various reasons. None of them are being called a 'semi miracle'. Arguably, the popes have killed far, far more children than any of these small time operators and they often have sex with them first. In a smaller but no less powerful farce of a religion they also eat them, which I presume means they killed them too. I don't know about the sexual end but I think for the latter, the killing of them provides that experience. Am I being facetious? No. Is there documentation for this sort of thing? Most certainly there is. A large amount of people would scoff and say, “That is offensive and outrageous and patently untrue”. These are the sort of people who have NO historical awareness except what is force fed into their heads by the people who do these things.

Here's something else that is true... it's worse than what I have said so far. It is much worse. Here's something else that is true. This goes on because most people are only concerned with what they want and though they might be stunned and outraged by the things that happen, they have rendered themselves so stupid that... regardless of whatever degree of awareness they may experience between outrage, indifference and raw naked greed, they will remain rooted to the spot. They might talk about it. They might demand that something be done, while chattering around the water cooler, or in front of their TV ...but they won't actually do anything and most of the time they won't hear about these things because they will be waltzing in an ignorance drenched wonderland, with invisible partners who look like either Ryan Gosling or Taylor Twit in their minds but who look like Freddy Kruger or The Bride of Frankenstein in reality.

There's also a spate of young children, killing their parents, because their parents took away their iPad – iPod, or shut down their video game action. I'm sure there are other reasons. Anyone who has been paying attention should know why these things are happening and they are happening because Materialism is going through the stages it goes through and these are some of them. You will know that you have entered the final stage of Materialism when cannibalism becomes an every day event. It's already going on, under the radar ...and in those cutting edge (pun intended) salons and soirees where the privileged and elite gather together to celebrate the perversities that are the hallmarks of their existence. You think to yourself, “Oh, it can't be as bad as he says it is” I would agree; it's worse.

If you look into this sort of thing, you got to be careful because of what The Neitzsch said about the abyss looking overlong into you and being careful about not becoming a monster. That's two different quotes but who's counting? Also... there is a natural tendency on the part of anyone who gets immersed in the activities of darkness to become depressed and disheartened and wind up like Joe Btfsplk, walking around with a black cloud above their heads, or worse... wandering without knowing, into and through the Gates of Despair. You have to believe in something stronger than the power of appearances AND... in times of Material Darkness, the power of appearances is very, very strong. It is to be expected that many, many people will meet their fate, due to their being captive to the power of appearances. Students of arcane history know that history moves through predictable cycles. Even serious students of generic history know this, via Oswald Spengler and others. As surprising as much of what is coming may be to those not paying much attention, it shouldn't be surprising to those who have been paying attention. I myself would much rather pay attention than pay the piper. Those are 'pretty much' the only options.

I'll give an occult example of this, utilizing The Tarot.

The Magician, Waite Deck

Some of the Major Arcana cards have dual meaning based on this very thing. The Magician symbolizes the power of 'attention' or... 'concentration'. The result of paying attention or not paying attention is, 'life and death'.

I'm not going to wax overlong on this. Let me simply say, “It's later than you think.” depending on who you are. In some other cases it doesn't matter what time it is. In too many other cases, no thinking is actually taking place. It's a curious speculation whether many have any clue about the meaning of anything that happens to them. They interpret their experiences within the dimensions of their belief systems. It makes you wonder about the relative merits of being broke in India but in a state of bliss, as opposed to an executive vice president at Goldman Sachs, who believes himself to be a Master of the Universe. It's the former who is a real Master of the Universe because he is beyond the reach of the force of the power of appearances, while the latter is only a Master Baiter. The interesting feature here is that one isn't thinking of himself at all, while that is all the other is doing.

Some of us have a difficult existence but... life is change. One might say change is the cornerstone of existence. Some of us are dining in the high tower, or living in mansions with monogrammed plates and being waited on by servants, who might well have monogrammed asses. It's easy to think it will go on forever. It doesn't though, does it? If it was all peaches and cream, then why are so many of them wretched drunks filled with self loathing? Of course, you don't have to be rich to accomplish that (grin). Why do so many of them commit suicide? Why do so many of them wind up in court, for seeking to illegally steal more, when they already have too much? These days, granted, they usually don't go to jail. I could list a whole lot of negatives about certain lifestyles but most everyone who comes here knows about them. The one thing I find most unfortunate about these people is how having too much renders people so cheap, as well as their basic mistrust of everyone being after them for their money, which might be true in many cases.

Once again the power of appearances raises its ugly head, because even though we know these things, it doesn't stop us from dreaming about being better off, even when it might well mean we aren't better off. You can strive to succeed and if you are committed enough and got the right amount of acumen, you might get there but it's a lot like the way technology can outstrip the moral sense of a a culture and pitch it into catastrophe like it did in Atlantis and Lemuria. If you don't have sufficient character, being better off will just give you more occasions to exercise your vices. Throughout my life I have heard people say, “When I get money, I won't be like them.” I have actually seen this happen (more than once) and rather than turning into the exceptions that they said they would, they just became more of the same. I must say... I have seen a lot of amusing and also tragic things in my brief tenure here.

The thought occurred... to find some news blip from today ...to put an imprimatur on the post /but all I saw was trivial garbage, transparent BS, disinfo and finally... endless elements of distraction, set to foster confusion and assist in the continuation of la la land, as it zombie tangos into whatever permutation of Armageddon comes about through the combination of malicious psychopathy, on the one hand, and mindless lemming, death ballets, on the other. Most certainly some larger portion of the population is going to no longer be here, due to whatever conditions arise that they can neither understand, nor deal with, after all, they want their MTV and they want their Chef Boyardee and they shall have both, as soon as the microwave is done with them.

So it is that we come to the conclusion of this missive, with no singular bit of evidence to reinforce the points made here. In any case, if the points are not self evident at this locus; what difference does it make? It is what it is and you are what you are; for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This Thought Born Universe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you're a dog).

There hasn't been much to talk about. It's pretty much all been talked about. I could go fishing on the news sites for something to focus on but... it's just more of the same. The world is the world. While you live in it, you have to be able to make your way through it to the real objective. Otherwise it can tangle you up and... when the tangles are allowed to grow, the vines can get very thick and seemingly impossible to break; even the more so when there is no longer the inclination to want to escape. You're in a hopeless place when your delusions have become reality.

What I can talk about and which I haven't had much to say, is Tsarnaev and that embarrassingly transparent Zio-Gov op in Boston. It was one of the most ridiculous pack of lies I have seen. Some people like to get into the details of these kinds of things and you just fill your head with what ever it is composed of. I don't have to know all of what happened. All I have to know is who and it's the same who that it's been for a while. I could do maybe a 'visible hears a who'. There's nothing one can communicate about this and so many of the others; Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, Kennedy and so on, that has been been able to impact in any wide and meaningful way on the mind of the public.

We've mentioned before that there is some kind of a vibrational force, or a chemical force, or some other force and possibly including all of them that... holds the common mind in thrall. I see that it has always been this way and it is only the amount of us that are awake that is interesting because, regardless of the wider mind, there are millions of us awakening in different stages and this is going to increase and increase because of world circumstances and because of Mr. Apocalypse. The beauty of it is that no matter how distracting the world is, Mr. Apocalypse is going to rock the Casbah... all over the world.

Mr. Apocalypse is a dual use force; more than that actually but dual in the manner of impact on human emotion. It can be both positive and negative. It is perhaps the difference between awakening from a dream, or awakening from a nightmare and sometimes finding that you are still in the one or the other, it's just coming down in another way. Resistance to existence leads to a frustrating state of being that keeps making more of itself. What comes down on this plane does not have to directly engage you and only will engage you to the degree that you are engaged. That would apply to anything and everything.

Consciousness is everything. Physics has proven that existence is thought born. So... once again, your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy and that is why the self styled elite are into mind control. Look at the lyrics to contemporary music. Observe the focus of the entertainment. Look at the news media. Consider the state of art and literature. They are tightly controlled. Can you see how powerful an effect it has? Some of us aren't affected. That is an oddity. All of these forces are under the sway of darkness. In some cases those forces in the darkness contend with each other. In other cases they are fellow travelers with a common agenda. However, once the agenda changes, so does the relationship. Eventually, evil will destroy itself and the one cardinal rule to keep in mind is to stay far away from evil. Even if it is all around you, it does not have to be inside you.

Tsarnaev is now being manipulated, for the purpose of perpetuating fear fantasies, on the minds of those going through the motions out there on the invisible wheel of fire. Anyone who watches the aging process going on all around them can see the effect of that invisible fire, right out there in the visible world. I feel for the guy and all I can do is see it as Karma. We are all caught in some element of that. It's written into the animated dust of our being and just as there are technologies to make machines and all manner of objects out here, there are technologies for internal illumination. Some people want to be rich, powerful and famous and they will do what it takes to get there. In some cases they may have been working for hundreds of years in one envelope or another to get to that particular stretch of extended brief hours (grin). Some of us are living in the mountains and some in the jungle, some are in cites and some on desert plains. All of us are on a connective web. Across that connected web are places of serious darkness and less often (these days) serious light. No matter how it may appear on the outside, you do have some say about the amount of light inside.

Yeah... you might cross paths with one of the rare ones. If not, there are cranks and pumps one can employ to draw on the light or encourage it to come. It is seriously hard to know, what to do and where to go. Ageless wisdom says you should acknowledge where you are. From there you can negotiate all kinds of levels and directions. If you don't know where you are, it throws off the GPS in your system and you can go to all kinds of bad levels and wrong directions. What I have found and... it might not work for everyone, is that whatever point in time you are at there is a frequency of consciousness that attends it and the body mimics it in the general way it does with all bodies. If you are in pursuit of something real; the truth, self realization, enlightenment etc... your frequencies will adjust to the extent that your intensity demands. If you are going in any of the other directions you will find that your frequencies adapt in those places as well. There is a powerful occult truth in this but it doesn't seem to register in the wider world and that is why they all meet a common and predictable fate. It doesn't have to be that way. In many cases, people blithely walk directly into it.

It pays to know some things; some few things. It pays to be in pursuit of the ineffable. Whatever problems might come about as a result of this, you know that the ineffable is walking with you and if you get overpowered by something that seems dark to you, the ineffable will find you and take you out of it. Not recognizing how weak and vulnerable one is, puts one in a state of dangerous over confidence. It's best to retreat away from the bad info and move into range of the good info.

This started out as a Petri Dish and went somewhere else.

I'll close with an unfortunate anecdote. I was trying to link my new bank at Paypal and they wouldn't help me. Finally I got to someone and they told me to upload some information and then they promptly froze my account. I can't take anything out and I can't send any of it anywhere. They asked me to upload a couple of kinds of ID. I did this and finally they told me that my account could be shut down for a month, just to make sure that I didn't owe anyone any money and that I didn't owe Paypal. There is no rhyme or reason for them to do this. It's one of those things and involves a power play on the part of a corrupt moneychanging system. I don't know what I can do except wait it out. In any case, for those of you who are familiar with lesvisible@gmail.com being my account. It is now changed to visible@inbox.com.

There are certainly some strange things happening to me but I'm just going to let them slide by. There's a reason for everything and one needs to know what they can do and what they can't do.

Carry on.....

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Binnie the Rat and the Glueboards of History.

Dog Poet Transmaterializing.......

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Depravity, thy name is TMZ. I don't guess I have to go into the origin of that cesspool. I go by there occasionally because I find the place so hard to believe. They focus near entirely on Reality TV show actors and the Kardashians. That's pretty much it. I feel polluted when I leave but I got my reasons for checking the place out. Of course, the reasons escape me at the moment. Maybe I always wanted to know what it was like to roll in a dead carcass like dogs seem to be very fond of doing; eau de la crypt.

Insatiable curiosity can be a good thing, depending on the direction of inquiry and given that you are not a cat. It can also get you into a whole lot of trouble. Any time you are so far outside that you forget about the inside, you can put yourself in harm's way without a whole lot of effort. It's like talking to someone in a roadside shitkicker tavern. You don't know what's going through their head and it's not like it's going to turn out to be Gore Vidal, stopping in for a quick one on his way somewhere.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you read in the news is an example of what's going on everywhere or whether they selectively pick isolated bad things just to give the impression that that is the general state of the times. We know that bad news sells. We also know that the appearance of doom and gloom and darkness, helps the overlords in their efforts to confuse, confine and terrorize the masses. They got two big whip hands at work in the moment. One is the ever increasing threat of both unknown and known dangers to the stability of people's existence and the other is turbo pumping up of the desire for unnecessary things. Motoring right along with all of this is the near terrifying breakdown in the formerly dependable infrastructure of state and religion and that is counterpointed and amplified by the daily exposure of those who work for the state and religious organizations as criminals, crass opportunists and general predators, in pursuit of personal gain at every turn, at the expense of everyone beneath them in the pecking order.

Let's face it, conditions have gotten pretty bad and critical mass can't be all that far away. I would have thought we would be there by now but everything turns out to be more resilient than expected. I take this to mean that there are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes; things we can't see. From the bottom to the top, a game is being played and we are all players, subject to a variety of manipulations and guidance too from any number of locations. Time will tell and we shall see.

The latest planned and designed provocation is that of the killing of former looter of the Soviet Republic and Zio Bot Nemtsov. Overnight they have turned this plundering agitator into a heroic figure. In this disgusting fluff piece, artfully constructed out of a whole cloth of manufactured lies, they mention what Putin had to say about him and I am inclined to believe that side of it, given the native inclinations of the sort of person Nemtsov and his kind have demonstrated themselves as, during the chaos that was Russia after the fall of the Soviet Republic. There's plenty more of them racketeering across the landscape over there and it is something Putin has to deal with.

The slathering and howling beasts of the material elite are screaming for Putin's head. Why? Putin doesn't go along with the program. Putin won't let them destroy Syria the way they destroyed Libya, Iraq, Egypt and everywhere else they have adventured into for personal gain at the expense of the native populations. Putin didn't let them steal Crimea. Putin opposes their efforts to subjugate The Ukraine and use it as a launching pad to destroy Russia. Once you peel away all the BS and demonic promos of the Zio-Press, you can see it is the bankers and Banker Nation that is behind all of it. They are as bad as bad can be and fitting villains for these end times. When I say end times, I am referring to the changing of the age. This is the end of the Piscean Age and The beginning of The Aquarian Age. The cusp period is nearly at an end. Look for ever more dramatic changes and keep in mind that Lady Nature is going to have a great deal to say about all of it as well.

Things can change very, very quickly. The whole world can become a different place overnight. At the moment, the larger numbers of the population are caught up in the thrall of materialism. That is a doomed direction and it leads to the loss of higher consciousness and objective reasoning powers that make it possible for a person to see and to tell the difference between what is safe and what is dangerous. This confusion of perspective and the loss and perversion of values, leads to chaos and progressive states of suffering, intensifying as they continue to either entropic stagnation or a culture of madness. The theoretical basis for these end results is solid. One can readily view it as it pushes into the event horizon and becomes a state of globally shared misfortune.

However... this is not for everyone. There will be shades and there will be glades. The former are not an attractive locale, unless you live in the Sahara. The latter will be few and far between but they will be around and they will be mostly WHERE THE FOOD GROWS and where aggressive police state tactics are less so than in other places. In some places the police have not lost their connection to the people; hard to find these days. Still... that seems to come along with people finding it hard to find certain things in themselves anymore either. In some cases, in most cases, they can't be bothered to look. It's like the forgotten technologies of yesteryear, when people had to do many things themselves, which they no longer do. There's a great book, if you can lay your hands on it, called, “How they did it in The 1890's”. I can't even find it in the search engines. Of course, my memory of the title might be a little off.

This year is a pivotal year. Much may happen or not happen. This summer and fall will tell us. The warmongers are hungry for blood like a rooster with satyriasis. They got blood moon poisoning. They got the Hecate side of the goddess slithering through their minds like water moccasins in disturbed waters. They've all been hijacked by the hordes of ancient evil that came through a open door. That door got opened by someone cause it was time for it to happen. Perhaps it was like some kind of combination lock that got magically opened by a particular configuration of planets. That's usually how things happen down here; cosmic forces move up against each other for the purpose of inspiring events. Sometimes these events, in isolated form, seem to be stone cold evil but... then they lead to something else that leads to something else that leads to something else and it turns into something that we've been waiting for in a good way.

Finally... it's that time of year again. Sometimes it comes more than once a year, when the prancing agents of Banker Nation come forth and dance like red assed baboons before the lawbreakers of Washington and the lawbreakers who might have once been lawmakers and maybe not, exercise their supreme (seemingly) rights to ride roughshod over the Constitution and every other essential inhibitor to the chaos and confusion of this dark hour. As Bush the Stupid correctly stated, “It's nothing but a piece of paper; more precisely, toilet paper. I stare across the agonizing stretch of centuries, in which millions have died for the crass material dreams of bankers. They died in muddy, exploded trenches. They died hanging on the wires. They died in anonymous rooms and and on the far reaches of desert sands. They lost their limbs and their minds and came back to limp under freeway under passes where they shot up bad drugs and drank Sterno filtered through bread. They killed their families and sometimes themselves as well. They died long before they died, at the command of bankers.

It's hard to image up the right picture. There they are, principally Binnie the Rat, elegantly dressed, appearing to be human but... by no measurement or definition, actually human. Surely one of their holidays will arrive shortly and they will celebrate it with some acts of horrific bloodletting. They will kill men, women and children because that is what their religion demands and anyone unaware of this is slated to live in harness to them and to die in any one of the ways already mentioned or to continue on in a mean existence of sustained torment and want. They will be given the names and faces of those responsible, by those who are actually responsible and they will be suited up and handed weapons to go forth and kill or be killed. In the end, as has been aptly stated, “there is no cure for stupid”.

There he stands and preens, before the most corrupt aggregation of doomed losers the world has seen in recorded history, with the greatest number of victims ever gathered together on the face of the Earth. Like the ghost dancers in the Overlook Hotel, they are caught up in and intoxicated by a passing scenery that no longer exists and when it did exist it didn't really exist in any actual way. They have convinced themselves and each other that it is all real and it is all necessary and it doesn't matter who gets hurt or how. It could all be so very different but it is not. How did it get this way? Look around you. Yesterday I was talking to a man and he said, “I don't pay any attention to it anymore. I don't want to know.

End Transmission.......

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