Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Doing the Zombie Tango in the Black Mirror of the Abyss.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

Dogs represent the best and the worst in us. Unfortunately few of us press to the extremes and when we do it is in the undesirable direction, due to the nature of desire in times of darkness.

Yesterday or so, The Rope A Pope blessed a vial of blood because of what was called a (drum roll) “semi miracle'. In other places, people are killing their 3 month olds because of 'demons'. Others are killing their children for various reasons. None of them are being called a 'semi miracle'. Arguably, the popes have killed far, far more children than any of these small time operators and they often have sex with them first. In a smaller but no less powerful farce of a religion they also eat them, which I presume means they killed them too. I don't know about the sexual end but I think for the latter, the killing of them provides that experience. Am I being facetious? No. Is there documentation for this sort of thing? Most certainly there is. A large amount of people would scoff and say, “That is offensive and outrageous and patently untrue”. These are the sort of people who have NO historical awareness except what is force fed into their heads by the people who do these things.

Here's something else that is true... it's worse than what I have said so far. It is much worse. Here's something else that is true. This goes on because most people are only concerned with what they want and though they might be stunned and outraged by the things that happen, they have rendered themselves so stupid that... regardless of whatever degree of awareness they may experience between outrage, indifference and raw naked greed, they will remain rooted to the spot. They might talk about it. They might demand that something be done, while chattering around the water cooler, or in front of their TV ...but they won't actually do anything and most of the time they won't hear about these things because they will be waltzing in an ignorance drenched wonderland, with invisible partners who look like either Ryan Gosling or Taylor Twit in their minds but who look like Freddy Kruger or The Bride of Frankenstein in reality.

There's also a spate of young children, killing their parents, because their parents took away their iPad – iPod, or shut down their video game action. I'm sure there are other reasons. Anyone who has been paying attention should know why these things are happening and they are happening because Materialism is going through the stages it goes through and these are some of them. You will know that you have entered the final stage of Materialism when cannibalism becomes an every day event. It's already going on, under the radar ...and in those cutting edge (pun intended) salons and soirees where the privileged and elite gather together to celebrate the perversities that are the hallmarks of their existence. You think to yourself, “Oh, it can't be as bad as he says it is” I would agree; it's worse.

If you look into this sort of thing, you got to be careful because of what The Neitzsch said about the abyss looking overlong into you and being careful about not becoming a monster. That's two different quotes but who's counting? Also... there is a natural tendency on the part of anyone who gets immersed in the activities of darkness to become depressed and disheartened and wind up like Joe Btfsplk, walking around with a black cloud above their heads, or worse... wandering without knowing, into and through the Gates of Despair. You have to believe in something stronger than the power of appearances AND... in times of Material Darkness, the power of appearances is very, very strong. It is to be expected that many, many people will meet their fate, due to their being captive to the power of appearances. Students of arcane history know that history moves through predictable cycles. Even serious students of generic history know this, via Oswald Spengler and others. As surprising as much of what is coming may be to those not paying much attention, it shouldn't be surprising to those who have been paying attention. I myself would much rather pay attention than pay the piper. Those are 'pretty much' the only options.

I'll give an occult example of this, utilizing The Tarot.

The Magician, Waite Deck

Some of the Major Arcana cards have dual meaning based on this very thing. The Magician symbolizes the power of 'attention' or... 'concentration'. The result of paying attention or not paying attention is, 'life and death'.

I'm not going to wax overlong on this. Let me simply say, “It's later than you think.” depending on who you are. In some other cases it doesn't matter what time it is. In too many other cases, no thinking is actually taking place. It's a curious speculation whether many have any clue about the meaning of anything that happens to them. They interpret their experiences within the dimensions of their belief systems. It makes you wonder about the relative merits of being broke in India but in a state of bliss, as opposed to an executive vice president at Goldman Sachs, who believes himself to be a Master of the Universe. It's the former who is a real Master of the Universe because he is beyond the reach of the force of the power of appearances, while the latter is only a Master Baiter. The interesting feature here is that one isn't thinking of himself at all, while that is all the other is doing.

Some of us have a difficult existence but... life is change. One might say change is the cornerstone of existence. Some of us are dining in the high tower, or living in mansions with monogrammed plates and being waited on by servants, who might well have monogrammed asses. It's easy to think it will go on forever. It doesn't though, does it? If it was all peaches and cream, then why are so many of them wretched drunks filled with self loathing? Of course, you don't have to be rich to accomplish that (grin). Why do so many of them commit suicide? Why do so many of them wind up in court, for seeking to illegally steal more, when they already have too much? These days, granted, they usually don't go to jail. I could list a whole lot of negatives about certain lifestyles but most everyone who comes here knows about them. The one thing I find most unfortunate about these people is how having too much renders people so cheap, as well as their basic mistrust of everyone being after them for their money, which might be true in many cases.

Once again the power of appearances raises its ugly head, because even though we know these things, it doesn't stop us from dreaming about being better off, even when it might well mean we aren't better off. You can strive to succeed and if you are committed enough and got the right amount of acumen, you might get there but it's a lot like the way technology can outstrip the moral sense of a a culture and pitch it into catastrophe like it did in Atlantis and Lemuria. If you don't have sufficient character, being better off will just give you more occasions to exercise your vices. Throughout my life I have heard people say, “When I get money, I won't be like them.” I have actually seen this happen (more than once) and rather than turning into the exceptions that they said they would, they just became more of the same. I must say... I have seen a lot of amusing and also tragic things in my brief tenure here.

The thought occurred... to find some news blip from today ...to put an imprimatur on the post /but all I saw was trivial garbage, transparent BS, disinfo and finally... endless elements of distraction, set to foster confusion and assist in the continuation of la la land, as it zombie tangos into whatever permutation of Armageddon comes about through the combination of malicious psychopathy, on the one hand, and mindless lemming, death ballets, on the other. Most certainly some larger portion of the population is going to no longer be here, due to whatever conditions arise that they can neither understand, nor deal with, after all, they want their MTV and they want their Chef Boyardee and they shall have both, as soon as the microwave is done with them.

So it is that we come to the conclusion of this missive, with no singular bit of evidence to reinforce the points made here. In any case, if the points are not self evident at this locus; what difference does it make? It is what it is and you are what you are; for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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Origen the heretic said...

I imagine he (el pope) started salivating with his mouth that close to blood.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Aaaaaaaaaah. Long piglet burrito with lettuce, beans, onion, tomato, olives, cheese, and a hefty dose of extra hot salsa. Been a few lifetimes for that, but hey.

The more I read, the happier I am that I didn't play the breeding game, but then again I've hated ankle biters with a passion since I was six. (It'snot that I think abusing them and having them for dinner is the way to deal with them even though I am often guilty of calling them burrito filling, fajita topping, rotisserie, stir fry, lunch meat. . .. I just think they shouldn't be had in the first place, especially if you have an attitude like mine, or the 'tude the worthless cunt that had me had, which I suppose was that I was a necessary evil to deal with for the sake of trapping the sperm donor into hosthood. . .I mean marriage. She shouldn't have had the first three of her brood. Heh-heh-heh. Though if she knew how I immortalised her, I wonder if she'd regret not having me aborted as much as I did/do? Not that I'm gonna open that can of worms and tell her. After all, there's been no communication betwixt us for about 33 years, and it's gonna stay like that for the rest of my life.) Thank the gods I never had to change a diaper. My flat mate wasn't so lucky, and my dear nose toy is NOT fond of those memories.

Well, what ever. Calipornia is being destroyed, I wonder when we're gonna have our Sao Paulo moment with the drought a la weather modification? Then again, the rest of the cuntry ain't doin' too well either. And note what hasn't been in the news much lately. Hanford, San Onofre, WIPP, Billings, Shearon Harris, and all these other nuke plants that WERE in the news after having immediate issues that are no longer mentioned. But hey! Last week, me thinks it was, they finally did an article on tons of people dying in the gulf states, thank you Corexit.

This cuntry is toast, and what blows me away is so many seem to be totally oblivious. I am enjoying my front row seat, however. 'Bout time this infernal, genocide based Hell Hole that rivals Rome AND Khazaria (both past and modern) in its evils gets its dues. I'll be dancin' in the streets as we get nuked, firebombed, what ever.

After all, being in the world and not of it, and having seen what's next; why not?

Now why do you have a picture of Ganesha up, and no Siva?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Vis. I benched myself a few weeks ago. I was reading Thinking and Destiny by Percival when I came to a section where he was talking about the sleepers. He said something like; I know you feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for them to, but it is not your responsibility to help them nor is your responsibility to wake them up. If and when it does become your responsibility, then you will be given the ability to do so. What a relief, I realized this dud was right, I don't have the ability. Man,I love being the observer. Glad you got the ability and not me. :)
I'm in the middle of Zarathustra now,what will I learn this time?

Visible said...

For the same reason I have a picture of myself up but not one of you. If you look more closely you will see what you haven't seen, somewhere on my sites.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Duuuuuuuuh. Dancing Siva. Never mind. I've noticed it before, but just had a total 'reality on vacation' brain fart. Dayam. I like that statue, too.

OK, I'm back from the netherlands.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I agree, the ROMAN Catholic Church is a representative of the dark side, and has been ever since Emperor Constantine took it over. This is why the Divine would not let me step foot on Vatican soil!

Satanic energy has used all forms to control and enslave humanity. In the last 2,000 years evil has disguised itself as empires, churches, royalty, and government. Today it has taken the mask of corporations. Those running these institutions have always used the same system but different costumes.

This is why the Divine told us not to worship ANYONE OR ANYTHING in this world!!!!!!!!!!!! The only authority I bow to is the indwelling Christos/Holy Spirit/truth which guides and protects me.

God is the authority for all law, which is why there has been such a concerted effort to malign the Divine via his 'alleged' representatives (churches, mosques, temples etc). The dark side has done this to try and undermine God's law in an attempt to remove it, so there will be nothing to stand in its way.

Anyone who represents the divine would never work for any institution because they know that which is within is greater than anything which is without. This is why Jesus chose everyday people to be his Apostles and not the deluded ruling elite.

People keep blaming religion for the worlds woes but I would like to point out that the trouble in this world currently stems from 'sectarian' governments, sectarian meaning 'sect', meaning satanist sect!

I do not need a King because God lives in my heart. It was my brother Jesus Christ who showed me not to bow to him or any other.

To argue that God does not exist is delusional, because you can't argue about something that does not exist!!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

To Love to Push those Buttons,

My family can be the biggest proverbial pain in the butt. I am even convinced that a few of them offer good accommodation for lower entities at times, but the thing is they are my proverbial pains in the butt :o). As years have passed my journey has bestowed some precious jewels upon me, one of those jewels is that the happier I am in my self the less my family's antics bother me.

Another jewel that came from my family was that they taught me not to sweat the small stuff, which has made me a lot less anal and a lot more fun. It has kept me child like in some ways, because I still see wonder in the world and I love nothing better than a good laugh:o). A wise man called Jesus once said, be ye like little children (Matthew 18:3).

Luv kazz

Anonymous said...

Poems of Tragedy: I. Greece
Iphigeneia and Agamemnon
Walter Savage Landor (1775–1864)

IPHIGENEIA, when she heard her doom
At Aulis, and when all beside the king
Had gone away, took his right hand, and said:
“O father! I am young and very happy.
I do not think the pious Calchas heard 5
Distinctly what the goddess spake; old age
Obscures the senses. If my nurse, who knew
My voice so well, sometimes misunderstood,
While I was resting on her knee both arms,
And hitting it to make her mind my words, 10
And looking in her face, and she in mine,
Might not he, also, hear one word amiss,
Spoken from so far off, even from Olympus?”
The father placed his cheek upon her head,
And tears dropt down it; but the king of men 15
Replied not. Then the maiden spake once more:
“O father! sayest thou nothing? Hearest thou not
Me, whom thou ever hast, until this hour,
Listened to fondly, and awakened me
To hear my voice amid the voice of birds, 20
When it was inarticulate as theirs,
And the down deadened it within the nest?”
He moved her gently from him, silent still;
And this, and this alone, brought tears from her,
Although she saw fate nearer. Then with sighs: 25
“I thought to have laid down my hair before
Benignant Artemis, and not dimmed
Her polished altar with my virgin blood;
I thought to have selected the white flowers
To please the nymphs, and to have asked of each 30
By name, and with no sorrowful regret,
Whether, since both my parents willed the change,
I might at Hymen’s feet bend my clipt brow;
And (after these who mind us girls the most)
Adore our own Athene, that she would 35
Regard me mildly with her azure eyes,—
But, father, to see you no more, and see
Your love, O father! go ere I am gone!”
Gently he moved her off, and drew her back,
Bending his lofty head far over hers; 40
And the dark depths of nature heaved and burst.
He turned away,—not far, but silent still.
She now first shuddered; for in him, so nigh,
So long a silence seemed the approach of death,
And like it. Once again she raised her voice: 45
“O father! if the ships are now detained,
And all your vows move not the gods above,
When the knife strikes me there will be one prayer
The less to them; and purer can there be
Any, or more fervent, than the daughter’s prayer 50
For her dear father’s safety and success?”
A groan that shook him shook not his resolve.
An aged man now entered, and without
One word stepped slowly on, and took the wrist
Of the pale maiden. She looked up, and saw 55
The fillet of the priest and calm, cold eyes.
Then turned she where her parent stood, and cried:
“O father! grieve no more; the ships can sail.”

submitted by McCob

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the Middle East. Interesting times over there too. Everywhere you look authority is in evidence and everyone is looking over their shoulder and their is pronounced lower volume when people talk in groups. Everyone is skittish, like bare feet on ot asphalt, scurrying to find the end of whatever it is that is irritating them. Tempers are short, and especially with those speaking pidgin Arabic.

After getting the jewels caressed by a lovely sow from the TSA, I spent 2 hours trying to get back into my country of residence. Seems my passport mag-strip was busted, and it really had a few folks in a tizzy. And then everything was ceremonially unpacked on top of a table, disassembled and thoroughly sniffed by dogs and officials - likely because I had been to Colombia and Ecuador on this trip too.

I think a change is i order. Travel is not working out, so a job change is due. I was so alternately frustrated, amused and edging towards angry that I lost sight of reality. I swam in the matrix , which is not how I usually transit airports, and it was really awful. I think it may be better to skip traveling and just earn less, stay home and focus on things that let the soul breathe.

It's not just America - everywhere is getting tense and nutbasket types are appearing all over. This trip was very different from my last one 3 years ago - people are behaving differently. Their pace is faster, their worry evident and I felt drawn back to familiar instead of exploring the unfamiliar.

Listening to universe, I think it's time to hang up the passport...

Anonymous said...

This latest combination of pseudo-intellectual pretenders leaves me breathless. It's not enough to provide each other with undeserved blow-jobs all day long but now we must endure the most boring and non germane garbage imaginable. People, there is a difference between being gifted and a gimp. In this matter, the first does not apply.

Visible said...

Such is the nature of these times and why I don't like going anywhere. These days I hardly do at all.

galen said...

I'm stuck on the firing squad approval in Utah. Not that such horrendous escapades are not going on already, some overtly, many hidden; it's just the blatant so-call "legalization" that strutting its stuff all over CNN. What a GIANT step backwards, backwards into savagery and augmented tyranny. If only 10 mil showed up in DC soon as it passed its last hurdle (yesterday). Yeah, can't say that would have made one bit of difference, but still. . . The rope is next. Yes, I know we have the chair and the poison, and various other toxic and cruel kill-methods, but this one just seems to mock us, to say, "Big enough threat for ya? Ya better be good or else." And it's so quick, efficient. Means it could happen fast and easy with not much oversight. I hate it. Maybe there should be a boycott of Utah. Some would say, well you'd then have to boycott all places that savagely execute. But I'm just focusing here right now. F*#K UTAH. Okay, so the orders probably came from the top, and like everywhere else the vote was bogus, but they got it done. The bastards got it done.



Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

I like the version where Artemis spared Iphigenia, and sent her to Tauris as a priestess of Artemis's temple. Then Iphigenia later escaped, after rescuing her brother Orestes from being sacrificed, with the help of Athena and Poseidon.

:o) Kazz

Anonymous said...

Karen, I am not familiar with Homer. This poem gives me the creeps. Hope all is well where you are.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:24

"This latest combination of pseudo-intellectual pretenders leaves me breathless."

drama queen

"... blow-jobs all day long..."

sexually frustrated. Probably can't find any women who actually like him.

" ...but now we must endure... "

Nobody has to endure anything as anyone can leave anytime they want.

"...the most boring and non germane garbage imaginable."

You mean like shallow put downs?

" People, there is a difference between being gifted and a gimp."

Being kind of hard on yourself, are't you?

I enjoy reading your posts. Don't be a stranger. I hope to read more of your stuff.

Have a good day. May the love in your heart be as sunshine.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I've considered the concept of genetic family a liability for a long time, including the days when I was a 'food product'. (As I may have mentioned in previous posts, for me that stopped at age 32. Some of us are a little slow.) I disowned the 'incubator' when I was 19, and the sperm donor who I have no feelings for whatsoever, maybe about 3 years ago. One side of my 'divorced' family I can't stand, the other side I see as pointless time vampires who are just a waste of everything that I don't want to give 2 seconds a year to, so. . .

In my old age, I also decided to keep my contact with people to an absolute minimum. I've got my nose toy (with a Dublin Whiskered Angora nose. It is HOT!), and one chick friend who is also the assistant manager for our flat units who I rarely see, and that's all I want. I'd rather spend the day doing political research and writing one of the most obnoxious, though informative blogs on blogger. I've become quite averse to sharing my discretionary time with my fellow mortal flotsam.

dirtykid© said...

Evidence is overrated, time-consuming, and altogether too ineffective to be worth it's salt... I have nearly 200 saved links that may never see a blog post, or inversely might find themselves being linked from every second word in one on the day I feel I have the energy.

We do as much as we are inspired to do. So long as we are hopefully able to create intrigue or outrage enough for the horse to lead itself to water, maybe it will choose to drink... I figure that's the best we can how for.


Anonymous said...


I'm tickled that you follow Vis' blog. I've seen your comments within another site and value them, along with that sites' observations.

But I always come back here to 'center' myself.

People often think it's just the US going down, but this is global. As Vis points out, it's the matter of materialism that fosters the ramping-up of destruction.


I find it interesting that a couple years ago there was national news of people involved in cannibalism, but it seems to have dropped off. I'm not buying it either.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

First off, the good news: Apparently some magnet short circuited and the CERN "big bang" fire up has been postponed.

Mr. Visible didn't present any evidence for his pedophilia accusations, but for those who are interested it shouldn't be too hard to find. The existence of a 1980's pedophilia ring involving high levels of the UK government, and perhaps even royal family members, is making the MSM in the London papers. Just as big of a story is the concerted efforts of the law enforcement agencies to cover it up. This scandal has reached critical mass and is starting to gain steam. (How's that for mixing metaphors?) It may even jump across the pond and bring up the long overdue exposure of the Franklin scandal involving pedophilia within the Reagan administration.

Lastly, I am deeply offended by being called a pseudo-intellectual. I have been striving so hard to be a pretentious intellectual. Mr. Obvious Troll, control freak wannabe, can't you recognize my efforts? While I'm at it, don't you think it is in really poor taste to use "blow-jobs" in a comment under a blog concerning pedophilia?

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Regarding atheists,
(carried over from Smoking Mirrors)

Why do they advocate so stenuously for a proposition which, in their judgement, does not exist in the first place? Their assent apparently does not preclude doubt. They argue from a position of certainty, not certitude.


Has Stephen Hawking, or any other athiest scientist for that matter, published experimental data as conclusive proof of the hypothetical assertion of the non-existence of a deity?

Designing an experiment or a series of experiments to test a hypothesis, and interpreting the data derived therein--that's what scientists are supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's not terribly scientic to assert the non-existence of god in the absence of empirical data.

Anonymous said...


No point in feeding that troll


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively can't thank you enough, Vis, for pointing me in the direction of Builders of the Adytum (check out Vis's link to B.O.T.A. on all the blogs.... and no, I don't work for them...:).

Just started the first Tarot course and I am simply amazed. After contemplating The High Priestess for the required amount of time, I started getting crystal clear memories from my childhood, quite literally down to the grains of sand at the beach we used to go to as a kid. Wow!

And thanks for posting the picture of our friend the Magician. Yes, I guess it is all about what we're paying attention to....

All peace and harmony to you, my friend!


Thomas said...

This grim and brutal post, though close to True, I'd wager, inspired a short story of a little less than 2 pages. You can read it here, but be warned, it might be nauseating to some:


Thanks Vis!

p.s. McCob, How sunshiny you are today, even to a troll! Haha! Beautiful, my friend.

p.p.s. Mr.Nah, perhaps your take on the physics of black holes is correct. I'd just like to know where the energy needed to create all that mass is supposed to come from... The fabled zero-point energy source? I think the Lord is not so easy to trick, but I wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Howdy Gene,

I am a Mathematician, Inventor, Scientist, Sociologist, Theologian, Engineer, Philosopher. Just another MISSTEP.

If you are interested in the interaction of the Earth's magnetic field with the Sun's, I highly recommend you research a fellow named Attila Grandpierre and his writings. Many of the rest of you might find some real value in doing so too. He is very prolific, an amazing man.

Dear Thomas,

The most succinct way to put it is think of it as a phase transition of so called dark matter. Fooling the Lord has nothing to do with it. If you know anything about fluid dynamics, it is like the difference between laminar flow and turbulence.

Love to Push Those Buttons,

I'll bet the right man could make you giggle like a schoolgirl.

To all,

The British pedophile scandal also includes allegations of ritualistic murder. I have not seen any allegations of cannibalism, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. The Church (as in Roman Catholic) is being busted wide open for its tolerance of pedophilia within its ranks as well.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

research the matter a little further. Evidence is to be found.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

That Great Opportunity to be One of the Luckiest Souls on Earth.

Thomas said...

Dear Mr. Nah.

Thank you for your answer. I do not presume that I understand dark matter. As far as I understand, the only evidence for it so far are gravitational lensing effects from far away galaxies, and the fact that computer simulations of mixing-in-flight galaxies with dark matter incorporated yields similar results to what can be seen, in the cases of a few galaxies, in telescopes. Admittedly, this is not a bad case for the dark matter theory. Still, I don't know. However, even if we assume that there is dark matter in the same space as the Large Hadron Collider, and we assume that the laminar flow of it (which I'm assuming is the usual way it's acting) should change to a turbulent flow, this would not yield a bigger gravitational attraction of the proposed (tiny) black hole, at least not in my imagination. Rather, in my imagination, it would yield an even more unstable black hole; unstable in the sense of evaporation. In any case, as far as I know, according to the scientists who believe in the dark matter theory, this dark matter is still supposed to follow the known laws of physics, and is thus not able to suddenly collapse at a great speed into a tiny space. And I do not see turbulent dark matter as constituting a higher density matrix than laminarly flowing dark matter, yielding an Earth-sized black hole. To me, the theory you propose sounds implausible. I don't know, though. It seems to me to be a matter of Faith, in this case as it is in a lot of other cases. Hehe. Praise that Holy One!

Anonymous said...


Some say that kissing's a sin;

But I think it's nane ava,

For kissing has woun'd in this warld

Since ever that there was twa.

O, if it wasna lawfu',

Lawyers wadna allow it;

If it wasna holy,

Ministers wadna do it.

If it wasna modest,

Maidens wadna tak'it;

If it wasna plenty,

Puir folk wadna get it.


Submitted by McCob

Anonymous said...

(apologies to Mary Poppins)

" Feed the trolls, feed the trolls, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag "


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Howdy Gene,

I am actually a published member of the International Association of Engineers (iaeng.org), but I consider myself more of a Mathematician if I have to pick one label.

I first ran into Dr. Grandpierre's work through a paper called "The Physics of Collective Consciousness" in the early 2000's. It is on the site you found. Blew my mind. Best part is he is a punk rocker in a shamanistic tradition, very interesting fellow.


I am working on a response for Thomas.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...


I saw this little story on youtube while listening to some opera.

"While I was watching this clip, memories flooded in my mind about the very moment I truly fell in love with opera. I was dating a lady who was going to the Manhattan School of Music who later became my wife. She asked me to join her in watching this scene from La Bohème in a performance at the school.- She told me the story-line, and it involved a frail young lady who was dying from consumption, and she was singing a duet with the tenor lead role, portraying a strapping healthy young man.
As fate would have it, the man playing the lead role was a short skinny sickly looking Korean guy, and the supposedly frail lady was played by a tremendously overweight black lady who looked as strong and as big as a house. Before they uttered one sound, I thought to myself "how stupid is this going to be?"-Yes, I thought the looks of these two singers would just make this a musical disaster. Well, when that Korean tenor started to sing,-the power of his voice made him 10 feet tall, and better looking than Brad Pitt. And when that black lady sang so sweetly, she became as delicate as a beautiful wilting flower. Yes, music transitioned the reality of those two singers right in front of my very eyes, and more importantly,-inside of my heart."

Here is Maria Callas singing some Puccini; 2 min 40 sec well spent:



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It Furthers to have Eyes in the Front of Your Head.

galen said...

Shhhhhh. . . Don't waken the mathematicians and scientists; we may never get out of class. Ha! Just kidding. I'm in awe of some of the theory, science and future science that passes here. Speculation is a grand beginning. Thank you all, and sorry I can't contribute more. I'm still on the road with Scarecrow heading toward The Wizard.

McCob, thank you. Yes, a truly beautiful aria. And I know what you mean: Opera creates giants right before our eyes. Here are seven jewels:

Rusalka's Song To The Moon:

La Boheme- Che gelida manina:

Welsh Lullaby, Suo Gan:

Phantom Of The Opera, All I Ask Of You:

The Magic Flute - Papagena/Papageno!:

Turandot, Nessun Dorma:

Andrew Llloyd Webber's Requiem, Pie Jesu:

Archetypal songs, I know. We indulge theater. But with opera, we surrender. Hope you enjoy.



galen said...

Thanks, Gene. Well, that film is from almost 30 years ago. I do not remember the detail of it. I'm not sure how to apply it but this is what comes to mind: we work with what we got and build from where we can, however odd or unlikely the source. I frequently return to square one, or am summarily booted back there by those with boots. Square one has an interesting interior, something like The Fool's precipice in the Tarot Deck. From a distance I can see the Ace of Cups.



est said...

it is what it is
you are what you are
i am what i am
it'll be what it'll be

Anonymous said...

galen: 2 nights ago about 10 pm I am listening to music on YouTube. I put on Puccini being sung by Maria Callas. I was thoroughly charmed! 2 hours later I am still going through YouTube videos listening to Maria. She has been dead since 1977 and here I am falling in love with her. I mean I think she is the most beautiful woman; most beautiful anything I have ever seen or heard.

I listened to all of your selections. Love Pavoratti. I forgot what a powerful soaring voice he had.

Here is Maria Callas in a live performance circa 1962. She is like a beautiful little bird chirping in a tree. Both earthy and ethereal at the same time.


Love, McCob

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

And then there's always this, for the wee folk. (lay that burden down)

Little Bird

galen said...

est, thanks for the instant tune-up. Lines one through three are an alignment for me. The fourth I must sit with.

McCob, thank you. Another beautiful offering. You know, often the rock n' roller in me is self-conscious about my love of opera, I guess because all my life I have felt judged for liking it by those who have proclaimed that they hate it. Well, that's how it is sometimes. And yes, there certainly is bad opera, too. As for the medium, of course I love a beautiful, pure, powerful voice, but I prefer it in the total art form of the whole opera, as it serves the story. The themes are often life and death, love and loss, courage and sacrifice. What lessons they contain. To see them in person is to sometimes find one's heart on the floor. Oh, one last thing. . . Be careful with Song to the Moon. If you listen to it more than three times it will have you for life. In this regard, please be had.


galen said...

est, thanks for the instant tune-up. Lines one through three are an alignment for me. The fourth I must sit with.

McCob, thank you. Another beautiful offering. You know, often the rock n' roller in me is self-conscious about my love of opera, I guess because all my life I have felt judged for liking it by those who have proclaimed that they hate it. Well, that's how it is sometimes. And yes, there certainly is bad opera, too. As for the medium, of course I love a beautiful, pure, powerful voice, but I prefer it in the total art form of the whole opera, as it serves the story. The themes are often life and death, love and loss, courage and sacrifice. What lessons they contain. To see them in person is to sometimes find one's heart on the floor. Oh, one last thing. . . Be careful with Song to the Moon. If you listen to it more than three times it will have you for life. In this regard, please be had.





Joseph Brenner

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