Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Excrescent Efflorescence of the Flowers of Evil.

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This is an 'Israel did 9/11 website'. We need a graphic that says that and which appends to the page. More critically, we need all blog sites whose impetus is a search for truth, to also put that (pending) graphic on their page. It is my intention to make it my thumbnail for Facebook as well and to place it in all of my emails. Thank you.

Here is the John Friend radio interview from yesterday.

There are a lot of questions out there for which we don't have answers. This is what makes, “I don't know” an invaluable, 'must have' accessory to one's makeup. One of those events for which no clear answer is present, is the shooting down of TWA flight 800. What purpose was served by shooting down a commercial aircraft in 1996? There must have been a reason, even if it was only for target practice.

Another burning question is, why would Israel and the host of neo con dual nationals, who have penetrated to the highest positions of strategic power, in the Departments of Defense and State (and many another location) want to destroy the biggest cash cow, of all the countries that they extort and milk for revenue? There has to be a reason. The truth about this vile chicanery, surfaces more and more, in all its grim detail, with each succeeding day. There are some plausible theories; since rapacious Tribe members are in control of The Central Banks, it's possible they know ahead of time that the economy has been destroyed beyond possibility of repair, as a result of their long term efforts to suck the till dry, as well as make fortunes off of illegal stock manipulations.

Another possibility is that this is what they always do, it's their nature and the reason they've been tossed out of every country in the world, sometimes more than once. This theory implies that they just can't help themselves, it's what they do. One thing we do know is that there is an agenda at work and that it has been operational for quite some time. Early on in the game, several of the founding fathers argued against allowing them into the country. This, like so many important things in history, has been shelved back into unexplored archives. The need to control the vast amount of convicting evidence that keeps floating to the top, accounts for them taking control of the Media and Entertainment worlds, as well as Publishing; deciding what books do and do not get published and what details of history get hammered into the public mind, for the purpose of replacing real history because... well, because it is inconvenient and far less remunerative.

It should prove interesting to watch what happens, as Mr. Apocalypse continues to bang harder and harder on the manifest, to reveal what is going on behind the appearances. It's kind of like shaking out one of those mysterious pillowcases, from a house robbery that you weren't part of; hopefully. That's better than sticking your hand under a rock in the desert, or under the sea. Things come out from under rocks but they need to be motivated; usually that means to eat, breed or eliminate the remains of the latter. We've been the beneficiary of the excrescent efflorescence of the flowers of evil. “My... my... Mr. Visible, that's a lovely bouquet”. “Thanks, it's not mine, I'm just holding it for someone”.

Dearly departed, we are gathered here today, between God and the Devil, to make sure it's all on the level. That's what Mr. Apocalypse does, he levels the playing field, he balances the scale. He is most definitely a whiter shade of pale... rider. ♫I rode into the desert on a whore with no name♫ Yes, it may have been a slow train coming, ♫slow, slow, slow your boat♫ and... we live in a time of pervasive impatience. That is the general climate, when materialism is preeminent. You get anxious and overly excited about things of no importance. You wouldn't think they were unimportant because they are made out to be very desirable. Often they make whatever it is seem rare, enhancing the mythic value, like diamonds. There are a whole lot of diamonds out there. Some of them are hidden in the rough. Mr. Apocalypse is a diamond in the rough. Yes... it has taken a long time and we despair of a just resolution. Still, if one were paying attention and had been paying attention, one would have (might have) noticed how things have progressed; besides the outrages of 9/11 and all that that led to and... still leads to. Despite all of that, a great many other things have been happening. The wider world knows who did 9/11, or is about to, or has been told and doesn't want to know; meaning they will be forced to.

The slavish adoration of the deity of materialism has upset the balance of Nature. This means that balance has to be restored. In order for the balance of Nature to be restored, it has to go out of balance to a certain degree. At that point, an automatic recovery system kicks in, like 'system restore'. Once a culture has built up a head of steam toward the precipice, it can take upon itself the appearance of a stampede. That is why the process is often compared to the march of the lemmings. Cultures, political and religious systems, do not restore themselves on their own. It is not in their nature. They reach a point where their only commitments are to survival and expansion. They resemble a cancer cell. That's just how it is. The formerly human who think they run the joint, make themselves comfortable under the rocks, much as Gollum went underground, cursing the sun and moon. They are not unlike him in many ways. Consider yourself lucky that you can't see their true forms. 'The system', represented by all the systems that interact with each other, within 'the system', either changes those who serve it, for the purpose of their own survival, or it deals with them on a case by case basis.

The aim of the system is corruption and compliance. This serves the deeper intent for which it came into being in the first place, kind of like being triangulated by the world, the devil and the deep blue sea. It appears impossibly hard to most people to see a way out of the situation, so... they accommodate to the demands placed on them, until they retire and expire, should they get that far. There are plenty of distractions to keep the attention occupied. If you're lucky (or think you are), you get distracted by the high end side of things and get to feel singled out and privileged. This spares you the discomfort of all the things designed to wake you up. I can see where waking up, inside the system, could be similar to waking up inside a coffin made of glass. It can certainly feel that way, until you discover the necessary tools that attend the awakening.

Horror movies are very big among a certain segment of the population, along with creature features and zombie flicks. They all pale by comparison with the real and seeming horrors of this world and some of the creatures that inhabit it. Much of the beauty of life has been stolen through the agency of bad chemistry. Bad chemistry is being flushed into the system from all kinds of directions and via all kinds of conveyances. Pacification is the object and that's the zombie side of the equation. There's a reason for everything and it is usually not the reason we are given. The reasons we are given are just more bad chemistry. Toxic environments give birth to strange behaviors and chronic pathologies. Psychiatrists and psychologists are schooled in identifying them and applying certain treatments to eliminate or control them. As usual, in an allopathic format, most of the time, the actual cause is ignored and that accounts for the ridiculous amount of pharmaceutical solutions (which solve little) that are applied; more bad chemistry.

If you don't have the pharmaceuticals or the distractions. If they don't work on you. You're going to wake up and you are going to find that you have to change some things. You won't have any choice. There's something inside of the human psyche that knows this and this is why people resist awakening and resist change. It very often means the loss of thing you imagined that you held dear, or want so badly that they blind you to what they are. It certainly means a change in the way you identify what surrounds you. Your values change. There's no way around this. Once you see things as they are, it is often the case that they lose their hold over you. Once you see through the monster, you no longer have to go in fear of him. In occult teachings; meaning simply that which is hidden from the 'general sight', it is said that the devil has a corona of light around its form. It's said that the fearsome aspect of the devil is nothing more than a mask for the angel, which is concealed by the image, which is given form by your fear. It's not just fear that does this. The quality and composition of your desires does this as well.

It's said that the universe is benevolent, in its long term effects upon us. It can seem quite the opposite most of the time because the universe interferes with the acquisition and achievement of what we think we want, or want to be. What to do, what to do, I've leave the answer to that up to you.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hasbara Hula and the Empire of Vice.

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'The Hasbara Hula and the Empire of Vice.'

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In these times, there are some morally bankrupt sleazes, as well as criminal and compromised journalists, whose sole purpose for being in the game, is to shill for the Israeli party line so, like I said, “there are some morally bankrupt sleazes, as well as criminal and compromised journalists“ and then... then there is Jeffrey Goldberg; Afghanistan War cheerleader, Iraq War cheerleader, Syrian and Iran War Cheerleader unapologetic, media power, so made a power by those who run the shop and hire only those who serve the interests of the propaganda mill. If you don't do the Hasbara Hula, you don't get on stage. Back when I was doing some of my controversial tunes, I found it hard to get a gig in a lot of clubs on Maui, “You make the tourist uncomfortable and angry. They want to hear Jimmy Buffet tunes and get drunk. They're not interested in that political shit. Get with the program”. Of course these statements were not entirely true, there were some number of people who appreciated what was getting said but... they lived there and so, were of lesser importance. Yes, that's one of the main participation sports that the tourist would engage in, getting drunk, possibly like Jimmy Buffet, who fell off his bar-stool six times and broke his leg six times (the last paragraph). They seem to have left out this broken leg multiple redux. I read that in Rolling Stone some years ago. Apparently he and Warren Buffet are not related as if often stated or inferred. They're just real tight buddies.

I suppose when you move in the rarefied atmosphere of the super rich, you tend to have super rich friends. Over time, this kind of a thing, living in an envelope, can lead to maladies like Bonoitis, which manifests as an irrepressible need to suck up to evil power junkies. If the money's right, I suppose most musicians would play anywhere. I wouldn't and I know there are others who wouldn't but many would.

We are not usually privy to the pornographic excesses of the super rich. Suffice to say, Louis the 14th has nothing on them. Truly ridiculous sums of money are spent on nothing more than demonstrations (to other rich people) of just how rich you are. I remember a couple of anecdotal reminiscences from the roaring '80s. During this time, the Saudis and some other Arabs migrated to Hollywood, at least for part of the time. They didn't know how things worked there, so they asked some insider what it was that people really enjoyed at parties. Apparently he told them cocaine. Well, they are very, very rich, so they started throwing these parties, where they would put out huge glass bowls of cocaine. I'm told it was a real circus, as many of the guests, not so surreptitiously would be scooping the coke into whatever container they could get their hands on, in order to take it home with them. These sheiks also had public hair painted on all of the nude statues at their Beverly Hills cribs. This is probably where Alex Jones got the idea for the Saudis controlling Hollywood. Of course, the Saudis are Tribe Members too (aren't they?) so, what difference does it make?

Also in the '80s when Reagan deregulated white collar crime and extended that , still operational, Carte Blanche to the mega-thieves, traders were making obscene amounts of money so... along with the cocaine, which made the whole stock exchange look like everyone had one of those sinus colds, the traders would take these two hour lunches, over at The Four Seasons and other select dining emporiums and order bottles of wine whose prices were significantly north of 20,000 dollars a bottle. Of course, there wasn't just the one bottle and the rationale was they did it because they could. Those were the days of “greed is good”. So are these days as well. They've extended the portfolio quite a bit since those halcyon (cue George Bush) days. These days, mass murder is also good, crushing The Middle Class is a fine sport, destroying the economies of entire nations is a kudos worthy enterprise and you can add any crime you can imagine because, one or more of these gay (the term gay is here used in respect of its former meaning) wags are most certainly engaged in them. When everything begins to go South, which is the opposite direction of the pricey wine, the ballrooms and bedrooms of the ruling elite, begin to take upon themselves the look, behavior and atmosphere of the courts of Nero and Caligula. Excess becomes something practiced for it's own sake. Perversity becomes something practiced, “because we can”. Since there are no restraints on the business practices of these privileged few; why should there be any constraints on their behavior and actions? It makes perfect sense that they, the privileged, should have a multipurpose, across all platforms, droit de seigneur, which applies to anything. When Madame La Guillotine comes calling, or simply an angry mob in a red haze of furious wrath, the usual protections will not apply. As has been seen a time or two in recent years, the soldiers lay down their weapons and watch. All manner of things fail. It's amazing what people can tear asunder with nothing more than the force of a collective, focused will and a few hands tools, accompanied by the usual Molotov cocktails and gadgets of revolution.

Jay Leno's long lost brother, the one who isn't funny, has got a passel of nasty, invisible creatures crawling all around the nape of his neck. I imagine his discomfort is pretty extreme. His Israeli masters have obviously put some serious juju on his ass. I can't imagine what he got up to, 'something stupid' (cue Nancy Sinatra) no doubt; one of those 'act in haste and repent at your leisure' things. It's apparent he got one of those Tel Aviv Ass Torpedoes, where the sun don't shine. There's nothing quite like a time lapse, Tribe suppository, to assist in the construction and application of one's professional and official policy.

We know it's end game time because... for decades the hidden controllers remained out of sight. They worked their various leverages to get what they wanted but face time was more generally accorded to the stooges carrying out their will. Now they've come out of the closet and don't care one way or the other, whether anyone knows what tiresome and evil shits they really are. This is an example of extreme over confidence and endemic of the outrageous hubris that goes before the majority of epic falls. The key to enduring success from the control room is to be neither seen nor heard except through one's chosen mouthpieces. This way, however it shakes out, the mouthpieces get the blame in any case and the boy's in the back can just continue with their games of death and disorder. Once you expose yourself, as the minds behind the oppressions being suffered by the masses, it's not going to be too terribly long before a groundswell of resentment and anger begin to form into reactionary forces. This is, in fact, taking place this very minute at locations world wide. Governments are on shaky ground and their methods of dealing with the people, are just the sort of brutality to further incense the crowds of enraged citizenry.

A good portion of the people now know that it is the Central Banks and their affiliates, who are behind the majority of the mischief on this planet. Together with Wall Street and the multinationals, attended by the political and media whores, you have got the whole of it right there. Of course, the runaway intelligence agencies, are running their own rogue operations because... every area of government is insanely driven, toward greater expansion and a larger portion of the public funds. They are like starving hyenas tearing at an enormous corpse. The table manners are horrific but... I suppose so is the conversation. To themselves they appear the very model of decorum. They're looking into the mirrors at The Overlook Hotel. They don't see the viscous drool, hanging from the corners of their mouths. They don't see what they don't want to see, making it possible for them to see things that are not there.

Every morning, Jeffrey Goldberg and other earwigs like himself, get up and saunter out into their day. They see themselves as powerful voices for the Empire of Vice, which they support. They see themselves as gleaming knights riding off to joust with the enemy, which in their case would be Truth, Justice and their various relatives. They do not see themselves as the paunchy and disheveled bottom feeders that they truly are. Their 'gone nova' egos will not allow such a reflection to appear in the mirrors at The Overlook Hotel. Like Judith Miller, Jeffrey has never met a lie too outrageous for him to tell with a straight face. I cannot believe he believes his own bullshit but... stranger things have and will exist(ed) on this planet now and again.

In closing, I'd like to give honorary nods to a couple of Gatekeepers, who've been more prominently visible of late. Maybe they're getting their second wind, after their similar comments about 9/11. They would be Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky. Let us never forget the base hypocrisies and crimes against human intelligence of these two sold out whores. Let us remember, when we see them on the dais, getting some award for courage or truth in journalism, for taking certain posturing stands, on one fabricated position or another.. let us not forget what feckless cowards these two men are and will continue to be, prostituting themselves for a small sliver of fame and monetary reward. They are contemptible, beyond the power of mere words to define. They are in a no class, class, among far too many others who, will say anything in the pursuit of self interest.

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I will be out of town as of this afternoon and until Sunday evening, however, a radio show should be up this Sunday evening and Sim will be here to address your needs, should he consider them worthy of his time (grin).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty Valance.

There is a new Patrick Willis rendering up now of
4 of
Neil Rogers' poems.

Hear Visible read
'Eternal Vigillance is the Price of Liberty Valance'

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Erred Again, is a text book case; text book. Now he's combining that with being an 'object lesson'. You can now file him under dumber than shit on a sidewalk ...but near equal to him who steps in it, still, quite obviously (certainly to the one who steps in it), several steps below. Speaking of one hundred percent shits (which we weren't), you got to travel some distance. Well, let's just say from the old St. Elizabeth's mental institution, from which I am an alumni, to the White House, unless the Capitol comes first, or the Supreme Court, to find a truly, in full bloom professional, practicing Satanist, like this astro-turf munching barracuda, Janet 'Butch' Napolitano. Now I'm not knocking her sexual preference because it is the same as mine. What I'm suggesting, is that her engagements probably involve blood as a lubricant. Do I hear a Bosch hammer drill vibrating in the distance? Man! That thing has more attachments than one of those complete Dremel setups and Butch needs all of them. She's a lot like Dr. Mengele, overdosing on a testosterone, Viagra milkshake. The problem with her particular form of death Tantra, is that when you get hyped up, on pharmaceuticals ...and your native predilection is toward violence, bondage and generic S&M, performed on the general public, without their consent, it becomes a social issue and... for all we know in this particular instance, a social disease as well.

Right about now, the reader might be wondering, why has visible lately begun to express himself in such harsh terms. The truth is that these are harsh times, with some harsh creatures, running amok in it. Speaking of weird things that aren't happening at the moment (which we weren't), I went to and I didn't see a single mention of the Tribe inspired, gay rights agenda. This means they are plotting something big (grin). Of course, they're always plotting something. It's what they do. Speaking of John McCain (which we weren't, his level of mendacity is off the hook and for some reason, unknown to us, he and Lindsey Graham are joined at the hip. They're like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Lindsey actually resembles that remark.

I'm beating this same dead horse a lot lately. I have my reasons. One of them is that the horse doesn't mind; not anymore anyway and I sort of enjoy the repeated thump. After awhile, drumming on a dead horse, using various percussive tools, can develop into an art form. I've been thinking of an orchestra of the dead for some time. PETA has told me they'd be glad to supply me with a steady stream of those dead dogs in the dumpster out back. I can't understand why PETA doesn't have a private army that drives around in black vans, engaging in, well, engaging in what they actually do. PETA is a multi-tasking operation. That means they can be all about extorting guilt money and sensitivity money, while wasting the object of the fund raising. Here's a slogan that might work for them. “Euthanasia, it's not just an oriental youth organization anymore. It's a subdivision of Scientology”. That's one of the things there's no shortage of in these days; arrogance, sheer, megalomanic arrogance is rampant. Why is this? At the upper levels of of the social strata, it is about impunity, regardless of the nature or severity of the crime. They have gotten the correct impression that it doesn't matter what they do and it seems that it doesn't. Not a single banker has been brought up on charges and jailed yet, for the 'off the hook' behavior that has been going down for the last however many years. At the lower end of the spectrum, there is the awareness of a complete lack of a moral compass at the top and the understanding that making an honest living is a mug's game. So... the potential possibility of getting to where the upper segment of the social strata exists is worth the risk, as opposed to living hand to mouth for the duration of one's term.

This is the source of the fall of empire, when those entrusted with setting a good example and the expectation of living within the parameters of the laws they make for others, become irredeemably corrupt, it is just a matter of time before the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, as Yeats might have put it. Hmmm, you know what, he did put it. Social structures, like anything else, only exist for so long as the rules that sustain them, are practiced by those in charge of their maintenance. When maintenance goes south, so does the foundation of whatever it is holding up. A good example is termites getting into a house. When no one pays attention to that anymore, the termites can literally eat the house. You can stand back from the house and not notice that anything is wrong and yet... the entire house can and will collapse, once the termites have been at it for long enough. That is why we have enduring statements like, “eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty Valance”. It is. It is the price of Liberty Valance. Something seems a little off about that quote, like it got changed somehow but... since the waters of clarity in thought have gotten muddy, the tenets of formers times has processed through origami machine.

Can anyone reading here, imagine that 20 years ago, twenty years from then, things would be as they are? Could you have imagined that your political leaders, could be so transparently and obviously corrupt? In the past, certainly they were also corrupt, making laws out of the same ingredients as sausages will lead to that but... they at least had the dignity to mask it from the public. Now they could care less who sees them do what, because people have gotten so stupid that you can tell them anything and they will believe you. My theory on why this is, besides the dumbing down and bewildering array of distractions, from cellphones to objects of instant gratification, is... 9/11. I think something happened to the minds of the lumpen proles, once they bought into the governments version of events. The part of their mind that recognizes the difference between truth and lies, short circuited ...and the intellect and objective reasoning capacity, began to shut down, in order to assimilate the endless litany of following lies. Once the mind becomes content, with accepting what cannot possibly be true, it seizes up like an engine that ran out of oil. Here we have yet another maintenance concern that is no longer of any concern. The indifference that comes out of being indifferent, leaves the complacent believing that everything will take care of itself and everything does not take care of itself and begins to degenerate from a lack of attention and care. This is logical and provable, but not to those who are unable to accept what is and have instead, for mere convenience, embraced what is not. A pile of shit by any other name would still be a pile of shit.. This is a personal issue, that has become a general issue, because it is collectively practiced by a large number of people.

I go into the streets of the town where I live, sometimes I sit on a park bench, or in some location like an outdoor cafe and I watch people. I do this in larger venues and in those locations where one travels by rail or air, to wherever one might be inclined, or required to go and I watch people. I watch people. I see people on the internet. I see people any number of ways. I watch them talk and I hear about things they do. Over time, certain things become clear to me, whether I like it or not and quite often, these days, I don't like it one bit but I can't get my bowels in an uproar over what I can neither influence or control. So I accept that things must be the way they are, until they are no longer the way they are. What I do have control over is myself. I can decide how I will go, regardless of the directions taken by those moving in the world around me.

The most significant thing that I notice, which is present in the majority of the people I observe, is that they appear to be on automatic pilot. While I am in my observation mode, I closely look to see if anyone else is observing, similar to myself. It is a rare thing indeed for me to encounter that. I've had a lot of wake-up calls. Back in the day, when I used to take psychedelics on a regular basis, sometimes waiting only for the required 3 days, until they will work again, I thought everyone was having the same experiences that I was. This was not so. Through my life, up to a point, I believed that everyone felt as I did. This resulted in a lot of misplaced trust, for which I paid the price. I lived in an envelope of self identified objects, entities and conditions. I finally learned not to identify anything, until it had identified itself. I let go of every designation placed on anything and I try to make that a reflex in relation to anything that appears. It appears to be working.

One of these days, any day now is going to show up. I'm thinking that day is closer than we may suspect, even though many of us have no watchful awareness about it at all. Sooner or later, 'we'll see' is going to result in 'we see', for those so inclined.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Lothario from Loserville in Handjob Heaven; Ben Sompow Rhodes

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Oh! Oh! No! Can it be? What are the odds? What's the opposite of anomaly... commonplace, routine? You'll probably want to be sitting down for this. There's extra points, if you happen to be sitting on the toilet, which means you're using a laptop or a tablet. Guess what? Go ahead, guess. Hmmm, probably a good idea if I mention what it is first, being as most of you aren't psychics, although we do get the occasional psycho. Okay, wait for it. What are the odds that the guy, AKA; 'sold out, murderous, psychopathic, oleaginous whore' or SOMPOW, one Ben Sompow Rhodes is a Tribe Member? Wow! Yes, uncanny and unexpected as it might be, Sompow Rhodes is a member of that 'Chosen' Satanic Cabal who are day and night, working overtime, in overdrive, to plunge the world into a red fury, of carnage and destruction. Would it shock you to find that Sompow Rhodes has a brother who is president of CBS News? What are the odds?

It gets better. Guess what Sompow Rhodes used to do for a living? He was/IS a fiction writer! Well, he's an alleged, fiction writer. I don't know if he actually wrote any books but he is definitely still at the fiction game AND... he's the very same Zio-Troll, who worked at muddying up the waters, following the Benghazi debacle, which the Obama 'crew', 'posse', whatever... set up as a public relations stunt that turned into a public embarrassment, with a few deaths thrown in.

You can't have a Tribe inspired operation go down without a few deaths; that would go against their primary modus operandi. Preferably there would be more than a few deaths... because their god, euphemistically speaking, is a blood thirsty, very thirsty, demon out of the deepest bowels of Hell and not a God at all. This demon demands blood, as the price for his efforts on their behalf. Here's a little bio blurb on this paunchy poltroon; “He did not have a degree in government, diplomacy, national security; nor has he served in the CIA, or the military. He was toiling away not that long ago on a novel called ‘The Oasis of Love” about a mega church in Houston, a dog track, and a failed romance.” Since I didn't see any published books mentioned, we'll presume that he hasn't written a damn thing, except for vile, death intending, lies. This is his job description; 'deputy national security adviser, for strategic communication'. Yes, this failed experiment from The Hair Club for Men, this single's bar junkie from Handjob Heaven, this Lothario from Loserville, got shoehorned into the (snicker) president's inner jerk-circle (those are the terms you run into when I moonwalk the words), because the (snicker) president is a robo-controlled mind slave who does exactly what he's told. Word!

Oh! Oh! Oh! (good grief, I'm starting to sound like Sompow Rhodes when 'he's' on the toilet seat) The dreadful (unintended) irony of this whole affair, is dripping down in some horrid deliquescence, like one of those agonizing scenes in “Alien”, where Yaphet Kotto is walking around with an automatic weapon, looking for the monster ...and it's all about as funny too.

If there was ever any doubt that the United States government is a wholly 'owned' enterprise of The Zionist Crime Empire, these doubts can be set aside today. It's a done deal. The cat is out of the bag and it's not a cat. It's a great big, flesh eating wharf rat from the meat packing district in New York City ...who thinks he's uptown. Speaking of districts, I'm pretty sure that this whole plague of Zionist soul suckers, when their true form is revealed, will look very much like the aliens from “District 9”. There is no way that these creatures can be human. Forget that. It's not possible. They are, without a doubt, alien infiltrators, who are walking around in human bodies that have been manufactured at The Rand Corporation's underground laboratories and this, this explains all that organ harvesting that they get up to. They got a corner on the international organ harvesting business and it's a matter of survival. See, the bodies they have aren't equal to the long haul. The organs wear out on a regular basis and they need new ones after a certain period of time. It makes perfect sense. Think about it.

Oh! Oh! Oh! (stop it Sompow; somebody has to take those Divine videos away from this cat). Sorry, I'm getting telepathic bleed offs from this creature. It's some kind of Vulcan Mind Meld thing. I have this capacity to tune in to the subject of my focus; in this instance that would be Sompow and I feel like I'm trapped in a toxic waste dumpster behind an Israeli medical research center. Concentrate on happy images, Visible, fluffy bunnies and caterpillars with texting balloons over their heads, saying bright and optimistic things:

Yeah, that's better, much better.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I can hardly stand it. It's so vividly real. It's so completely in your face! Obama needs a big tattoo on his ass, or his forehead that reads, USDA Prime, Israeli owned, Stepin Fetchit Ass (the quality comes out before the name goes on”!). It's too much! I can't take it anymore. These sick, twisted shitbags have completely taken over. It's too bad they own Monsanto, cause maybe they could come up with some kind of an insecticide that works against this infestation. We need lightning bolts out of the sky. We need astral flamethrowers incinerating... we need... we need... sigh... we need something, something military, industrial grade. We need flying saucers from Arcturus or the Sirius Cluster. We need an army of benevolent aliens to rescue us from these infernal, psychopathic, crocodile swine.

Where is the cosmic pest control? This is darker than dark. This has got to stop. It's official people.

The bad guys, the really, really bad guys are completely in control of the American government (and Canada and Australia and the UK and sundry). It's not just a concept anymore. They're deep into all of the law enforcement. Israeli security companies are all around the nuclear sites. They're in the airports. They're selling plutonium laced, Dead Sea cosmetics in mall kiosks.

I gotta go do something else. I gotta cut this short. This it just too much. It has become so obvious and transparent and irrefutably so that there just isn't anything more anyone can say. It just is. It just is.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sewerhead Harper and the Martini Soaked Monsters.

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I have been mulling over certain questions in my mind and this writer has given voice to those questions. There is a lot that is curious about Mr. Snowden and, like the author, I can't say one way or the other but... it's real curious. Any one of the questions I have, makes the whole deal curious. The totality of the questions makes it very curious. Question everything.

For those who may not be up to date, we live in a world of Chinese boxes. We live in a world where situations are arranged and defined, in order to control the nature and tone of public reaction. It's hard to see the positive angle for the vampire elite, in the exposure of their NSA, butt sniffing obsession. I don't trouble my pretty little head all that much about it cause I know they're doomed and damned; once again it's simple math. Of course, I use math in ways most people don't, so it's no surprise that my calculations don't support the conclusions that vested interests arrive at. I tend to go with Mark Twain when he says “there's lies, damned lies and- then there are- statistics”. As usual, the Tribe wants to expropriate this quote for one of their own, Benjamin Disraeli ...but it doesn't wash, since there is no evidence of it. I think we can safely assume that whomever was publishing Twain's books, made it seem like he attributed it to Disraeli. This phrase is a companion to the three types of unreliable witnesses, 'a liar, a damned liar, and an expert'.

You have to start out on the premise that the world is an enormous Lie Factory and that certain segments of established authority, like government and religion, lie without exception, for the sake of power and profit. The commercial marketplace is also a bewildering landscape of lies, with all of it's products tailored to ping off of one of the bottom 3 chakras. The lone exception being when they want to tug on your heart strings, in order to bring your attention further down, until you drown; lot different interests have an interest in seeing you dead, though you might not think so. Of course, these days, sad to say, a great many people are too stupid, occupied or unconscious to connect the dots.

Because of this indifference, or ignorance in respect of the dots, we get multi-pincher assaults on the fabric of society. What possible justification can there be to put someone at the head of a corporation, simply because they are gay? This of course, leads to things like this. To repeat an oft included quote; “Those whom the god's would destroy they first drive mad” (it's probably ironic that Nietzsche is reputed to have gone mad). This is a cosmic truism and an expression of one of the unknown laws of Nature, of which there are many. Should you be fortunate enough to encounter someone with an awareness of them (and they are around), you will consider yourself a most fortunate person.

People wonder why they don't meet remarkable people, or have regular supernatural experiences. It all has to do with magnetism. One of the greatest and most facile powers in the world is electromagnetics, which is little understood at the present time. It will be though. There are new technologies and systems of thought, simmering just below the surface of the moment. We'll be seeing them in the not too distant future should we still be here. These things are predetermined. Not everything is but... some things are.

One of the reasons that established religions are perverted, is because of the tremendous power that resides in a collective with a single focus. The PTW are dedicated every day to keeping us divided against each other and ignorant of our true capacities. So long as they have been capable of convincing us that we are what they say we are, we will remain that way; how it goes, for so long as it goes. The universe has that covered though, with the power of the planets engaging each other, the cosmos sets up conditions and awakens the abilities necessary to meet them. Most of us have very little idea of what our potential is; what we are capable of, had we the understanding of simple principles. Do the math.

In every culture at the moment, there are two ends of the spectrum, in contention with each other. The same could be said of the internal works of most people. We have a moral compass. At the same time there are all sorts of magnetic distractions that can definitely affect the needle. The reason the doomed elite are pushing the gay marriage agenda and working to subvert the basic family structure, should be obvious to those with eyes that can see. For those whose minds have been co-opted by emotional manipulations of their thinking processes, there are all kinds of convincing, seemingly high minded justifications for various things. It's the same thing that is extant in the kind of patriotism that seduces the 'young, dumb and full of cum', leading them into the carrion fields of brutality and death. It's all a psychopathic murder dance, for the benefit of bankers and those who serve their ends.

The hypnotic stupor is difficult to break. One sees the rich and powerful, in their sanctimonious self righteousness, posing and preening, mouthing the obvious lies, all swollen up in the pomposity of their self importance, caring not who they injure or kill and coming off all reasonable and privy to that privileged information, which the rest of us do not possess, which explains it all, justifies it all, permits it all.

Robots in uniforms, with shiny brass buttons, play their horns in the pit below the stage. The wind tears at the bunting and fat faced, martini soaked monsters, flash their pricey dental work and tell absolutely ridiculous lies, just like the lies told by the last bunch of creeps, on the same stage, a few short years ago; the same tired lies the guys before them told a few years before that. Given the opportunity, a new bunch of liars will appear on the same stage a few years from now. If they are on that stage, they are lying. They don't get on that stage unless they lie. It's just like that on network TV. You don't get on network TV unless you lie and the only exception to that is when you are hired to tell a part of the truth, in order to convey the perception that some kind of reasonable and fair exchange of ideas is taking place. As long as you are dumb enough to buy into that, it's what you're going to get.

They hijacked the world, destroyed the economy and put people on the streets, now they're taking away their sleeping bags and food. It can pretty much all be traced back to the same people in every instance. On the one hand it is directly evident and on the other hand it is indirect. It's a system of sorts. Through having recourse to their own printing press, money is no object, so they put certain people into office, people of a certain stripe and then they compromise them, if they aren't compromised already. The article is pretty clear about what's going on and recent news about Sewerhead Harper puts it all into perspective.

These people, who let people like this, head up the fraud division of their police force and who celebrate this kind of behavior, as an expression of sound business acumen, are not just going to go away. They've been at this kind of thing for centuries. They are the willing servants of evil incarnate and by their works you damn well know them, or you don't know much. I understand how the combination of cowardice and brainwashing, known as the Hasbara Shampoo, can account for your rationalizing away everything they do, while you perform the Gollum Genuflection at their feet. They're not going to go away though and they're not going to look upon you as brothers in arms, who are going to get some kind of a pass for being good little doggies. That's not how it works.

The only thing that is going to work is a relentless effort to inform the public, in tandem with the glaring evidence of their actions on the world's stage. There's a reality about public consciousness which is extremely powerful. It's a kind of critical mass, straw that breaks the camel's back, kind of thing. Once a certain portion of the public is made aware of the truth, it begins to vibrate, to hum through the collective consciousness, at which point it magically begins to initiate change, according to... according to? It begins to initiate change, according to yet another mysterious law of Nature that is not commonly recognized.

People have to be told and they are being told. They are being shown as well. Right at this moment Erdogan is being shown. Erdogan is done. You can stick a fork in him. It doesn't help matters that he purged the military either. This is the time and this is the place. Presently we are in the humiliation setup phase, where the clowns who don't realize they are clowns, are in competition with each other to see who can embarrass themselves the most. They are in competition to see who can be more sold out and bought off than their peers. Once they have effectively demonstrated what they are made of, well, the next phase will naturally follow.

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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Truth and Lies in a Material Culture.

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We so often tiptoe through minefields around here that we sometimes forget they are even there, until we step on one, of course. One of the things I have noticed in the alternative media, is how many writers play it safe to the advantage of their careers, however they perceive that to be. Some people can separate themselves from what they do. I cannot. My career is my life in a certain way and maybe I should call it a 'careening' instead of a career (grin).

Anyway, it comes down (in my mind) to whether you tell the truth or not. Following that, we have to define the truth and that, apparently is not the easiest thing in the world. Like Pilate asked, “What is truth”? Ironically he was addressing the truth at the time. I wonder how many people have captured the significance of that? I'm always getting unusual messages from the various scriptures. I don't read them anymore but they are indelibly imprinted on my mind. I say that they are unusual messages, because the usual translations I get from, 'the great out there' often doesn't resolve itself into what I'm picking up on from 'the wide in here'.

The truth is an elusive thing, almost serpentine at times. Then, at another time, it has corners and angles, reminiscent of some of Escher's work. On occasion, it seems to me like a shining light that is so bright one cannot see the form that encases it and this puts it past description and definition, except for something, like 'shining light'. In a world of lies, people inexplicably die for the truth and on many occasions it is not the truth at all.

One thing for certain, the truth, whatever it may be, is a hard commitment and the wise truthseeker has to learn to employ silence on occasion. Seeking the truth and furthermore, presuming to speak it, can put you at odds with almost anyone and even everyone at times but... the importance of risking this and following wherever it leads, is something to be determined by whomever is engaged in it. As we have seen, in this world, people's ideals and youthful aspirations are often sacrificed on the altar of pressing (real or imagined) material necessity. This comes about through the inevitability of challenges, as well as pressures, which seem designed to test and too frequently separate one from one's principles and beliefs.

One can assume that not everyone who becomes a doctor or a lawyer, is initially driven by self interest exclusively. However, it is one of the things that can come with the territory. As far as bankers and stockbrokers go, one can assume that self interest was always the main (de)generative drive to begin with. An argument could be made that occasionally someone gets into politics with the idea of helping people but... politics is the art of the deal and soon enough, integrity is gone in the process of further continuance. I'm not sure we've ever had such a collection of vicious sociopaths and bumbling clowns, operating in the political area, as we have today. It's hard to process the collective venality and herd instinct of the present American Congress, or their facsimiles in various other countries, joined together in mutual antipathy, against the Muslim people, for no other reason than that the single most dangerous creatures on the planet are driving them to do it. There is most assuredly a conspiracy to evil on this planet and anyone who doubts this is either complicit or a fool. We’ve no shortage of either.

It seems to me, in these days of maximum exposure, people are being given the opportunity to present themselves any way they want to. The results are, or will be, devastating at some point, or... the object of a guaranteed payoff, in some manner of speaking. It can take weird twists on occasion, like costing you your life and that not making a whole lot of sense in terrestrial terms but... we're only looking at half of the equation, aren't we? Many people don't believe in the other half of the equation and many that say they do don't either. Often the version of it they believe in does not exist. How that works out gets determined by the other half of the equation (grin).

In these times, when the force of material culture is so great, a goodly majority of the population, either believes in nothing but material culture and... that's really noticeable in The East because of the tragic-comic way it can look at times. We don't see the tragi-comic aspect here in The West because... because we are looking at ourselves. Then there is that significant portion of the public that does believe in some version of the other half of the equation and it is personalized to their tastes, with whatever real strictures might actually exist, being bent to the needs and desires of the one so engaged.

Truth places nearly unendurable requirements on us sometimes. Do we take the opportunities that life seems to give us and play along with the conditions on their terms, so as not to disturb the possibilities inherent or... do we test the conditions to see if they contain the necessary merit for us to continue in those conditions? Once again, that's a subjective and personal thing. We sort out the details of this in our conscience and it gets filed under, “What we can live with”.

If you're serious about the truth, it stands to reason that the truth will eventually get serious with you. I see this kind of thing in terms of inevitability because it's all there for the computation, in the proper application, of simple math. The same holds true for the other side of the equation, which, simplistically can be stated by the phrase, “as above, so below”. It really comes down to what one wants to be convinced of. When it comes to the other side of the equation, established religion can really screw up one's perspective on the truth because most established religion is absurd and no rational person can take it seriously, after a certain point. Religion is for people who still need to color inside the lines. It provides systems of behavior for people to operate within. It also holds out that hope of something after; beyond all the struggles of this plane that affect the majority of us. The priest class is aware of all of these things and quite often it constructs a variety of ways to milk the parishioner dry.

It is a rare bird indeed, who ventures forth and beyond the boundaries of organized thought, into the place where inspiration and revelation reside. It's like walking out of a city, through the suburbs and outlying areas and then into the vastness of a desert, in search of a rumored oasis; keeping in mind the near certain appearances of Fata Morgana and the usual deprivations of the course. You can look at the desert as a metaphor if you like. You can look at this entire posting as a projection because it certainly is. It's how I've come to view the thing itself.

“What is truth, indeed”? One thing I do know is that everyone is stuck with what they've come up with in terms of identifying themselves and everything around them. They come to these definitions based on their level of self interest. Whatever we believe has to accommodate what we want. Thankfully, within the vastness of existent creeds, scriptures, interpretations and whatever, one can find something suitable for however they need it all to look. If you're filthy rich, you can find all kinds of justifications and support for your fortunate situation. If you are poor, you can find all sorts of explanations for that and even an impressive hope for the future as well.

I want to go back to that bit about these times being times of incredible media pervasiveness, along with all of the communications devices, not to mention social networking. We truly are being given the opportunity to define ourselves, in ways and to a degree never seen before. At the same time, the infrastructure of all of our enduring institutions and systems are crumbling away. We're up against it, so to speak, or, like some, we are cruising through the wreckage, indifferent to the landscape or even our effect upon it; survival of the fittest, after all. It's what many of them believe. They're made to feel this way, or, let us say, the way they have been predominately disposed to feel, has been enhanced by the cosmos to see they arrive at their destined end. In reverse, the same is true for sincere seekers after the truth. You may be sure you will be tested to see if your commitment is real and not just another hot-tubbing, firewalking, Reiki seminar, with engraved certificates of attainment, suitable for framing. 90% of the aspirants are pretty assured of leveling off at one plateau or another and then claiming it to be the top of the mountain.

I see all sorts of things going on among my peers but it's not my place to analyze their motivations. That was for earlier times when I was less certain of my own. Truth isn't for everyone and when it comes to lies, we've got something well past Baskin and Robbins as far as selection goes. These days we're walking through a virtual automat; 'lies to the left of me, lies to the right of me, into the valley of lies, marched the clueless millions', to paraphrase a poet.

We're given a length of time to experience and to decide what life means to us. We're all going to find out something, or find out nothing, depending on who you believe and, as I have said ad infinitum, that all depends on what's in it for you, according to what you are after; what you value, what you hold dear, upon that rests your fate as well.

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Monday, June 03, 2013

Unspeakable Madness at the Turning of the Age.

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