Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty Valance.

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Erred Again, is a text book case; text book. Now he's combining that with being an 'object lesson'. You can now file him under dumber than shit on a sidewalk ...but near equal to him who steps in it, still, quite obviously (certainly to the one who steps in it), several steps below. Speaking of one hundred percent shits (which we weren't), you got to travel some distance. Well, let's just say from the old St. Elizabeth's mental institution, from which I am an alumni, to the White House, unless the Capitol comes first, or the Supreme Court, to find a truly, in full bloom professional, practicing Satanist, like this astro-turf munching barracuda, Janet 'Butch' Napolitano. Now I'm not knocking her sexual preference because it is the same as mine. What I'm suggesting, is that her engagements probably involve blood as a lubricant. Do I hear a Bosch hammer drill vibrating in the distance? Man! That thing has more attachments than one of those complete Dremel setups and Butch needs all of them. She's a lot like Dr. Mengele, overdosing on a testosterone, Viagra milkshake. The problem with her particular form of death Tantra, is that when you get hyped up, on pharmaceuticals ...and your native predilection is toward violence, bondage and generic S&M, performed on the general public, without their consent, it becomes a social issue and... for all we know in this particular instance, a social disease as well.

Right about now, the reader might be wondering, why has visible lately begun to express himself in such harsh terms. The truth is that these are harsh times, with some harsh creatures, running amok in it. Speaking of weird things that aren't happening at the moment (which we weren't), I went to NBC.com and I didn't see a single mention of the Tribe inspired, gay rights agenda. This means they are plotting something big (grin). Of course, they're always plotting something. It's what they do. Speaking of John McCain (which we weren't, his level of mendacity is off the hook and for some reason, unknown to us, he and Lindsey Graham are joined at the hip. They're like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Lindsey actually resembles that remark.

I'm beating this same dead horse a lot lately. I have my reasons. One of them is that the horse doesn't mind; not anymore anyway and I sort of enjoy the repeated thump. After awhile, drumming on a dead horse, using various percussive tools, can develop into an art form. I've been thinking of an orchestra of the dead for some time. PETA has told me they'd be glad to supply me with a steady stream of those dead dogs in the dumpster out back. I can't understand why PETA doesn't have a private army that drives around in black vans, engaging in, well, engaging in what they actually do. PETA is a multi-tasking operation. That means they can be all about extorting guilt money and sensitivity money, while wasting the object of the fund raising. Here's a slogan that might work for them. “Euthanasia, it's not just an oriental youth organization anymore. It's a subdivision of Scientology”. That's one of the things there's no shortage of in these days; arrogance, sheer, megalomanic arrogance is rampant. Why is this? At the upper levels of of the social strata, it is about impunity, regardless of the nature or severity of the crime. They have gotten the correct impression that it doesn't matter what they do and it seems that it doesn't. Not a single banker has been brought up on charges and jailed yet, for the 'off the hook' behavior that has been going down for the last however many years. At the lower end of the spectrum, there is the awareness of a complete lack of a moral compass at the top and the understanding that making an honest living is a mug's game. So... the potential possibility of getting to where the upper segment of the social strata exists is worth the risk, as opposed to living hand to mouth for the duration of one's term.

This is the source of the fall of empire, when those entrusted with setting a good example and the expectation of living within the parameters of the laws they make for others, become irredeemably corrupt, it is just a matter of time before the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, as Yeats might have put it. Hmmm, you know what, he did put it. Social structures, like anything else, only exist for so long as the rules that sustain them, are practiced by those in charge of their maintenance. When maintenance goes south, so does the foundation of whatever it is holding up. A good example is termites getting into a house. When no one pays attention to that anymore, the termites can literally eat the house. You can stand back from the house and not notice that anything is wrong and yet... the entire house can and will collapse, once the termites have been at it for long enough. That is why we have enduring statements like, “eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty Valance”. It is. It is the price of Liberty Valance. Something seems a little off about that quote, like it got changed somehow but... since the waters of clarity in thought have gotten muddy, the tenets of formers times has processed through origami machine.

Can anyone reading here, imagine that 20 years ago, twenty years from then, things would be as they are? Could you have imagined that your political leaders, could be so transparently and obviously corrupt? In the past, certainly they were also corrupt, making laws out of the same ingredients as sausages will lead to that but... they at least had the dignity to mask it from the public. Now they could care less who sees them do what, because people have gotten so stupid that you can tell them anything and they will believe you. My theory on why this is, besides the dumbing down and bewildering array of distractions, from cellphones to objects of instant gratification, is... 9/11. I think something happened to the minds of the lumpen proles, once they bought into the governments version of events. The part of their mind that recognizes the difference between truth and lies, short circuited ...and the intellect and objective reasoning capacity, began to shut down, in order to assimilate the endless litany of following lies. Once the mind becomes content, with accepting what cannot possibly be true, it seizes up like an engine that ran out of oil. Here we have yet another maintenance concern that is no longer of any concern. The indifference that comes out of being indifferent, leaves the complacent believing that everything will take care of itself and everything does not take care of itself and begins to degenerate from a lack of attention and care. This is logical and provable, but not to those who are unable to accept what is and have instead, for mere convenience, embraced what is not. A pile of shit by any other name would still be a pile of shit.. This is a personal issue, that has become a general issue, because it is collectively practiced by a large number of people.

I go into the streets of the town where I live, sometimes I sit on a park bench, or in some location like an outdoor cafe and I watch people. I do this in larger venues and in those locations where one travels by rail or air, to wherever one might be inclined, or required to go and I watch people. I watch people. I see people on the internet. I see people any number of ways. I watch them talk and I hear about things they do. Over time, certain things become clear to me, whether I like it or not and quite often, these days, I don't like it one bit but I can't get my bowels in an uproar over what I can neither influence or control. So I accept that things must be the way they are, until they are no longer the way they are. What I do have control over is myself. I can decide how I will go, regardless of the directions taken by those moving in the world around me.

The most significant thing that I notice, which is present in the majority of the people I observe, is that they appear to be on automatic pilot. While I am in my observation mode, I closely look to see if anyone else is observing, similar to myself. It is a rare thing indeed for me to encounter that. I've had a lot of wake-up calls. Back in the day, when I used to take psychedelics on a regular basis, sometimes waiting only for the required 3 days, until they will work again, I thought everyone was having the same experiences that I was. This was not so. Through my life, up to a point, I believed that everyone felt as I did. This resulted in a lot of misplaced trust, for which I paid the price. I lived in an envelope of self identified objects, entities and conditions. I finally learned not to identify anything, until it had identified itself. I let go of every designation placed on anything and I try to make that a reflex in relation to anything that appears. It appears to be working.

One of these days, any day now is going to show up. I'm thinking that day is closer than we may suspect, even though many of us have no watchful awareness about it at all. Sooner or later, 'we'll see' is going to result in 'we see', for those so inclined.

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mike m said...

Butch Napolitano was never in her pathetic life ever groped by a man so that must be the reason she deems it okay for her mindless minions to perform their "body searches".

Its a race between Butch and FrankenFienstien of who in the caustic vagina class will be boiled in a cauldron of boiling shit first.

mike m said...

"I thought everyone was having the same experiences that I was. This was not so. Through my life, up to a point, I believed that everyone felt as I did. This resulted in a lot of misplaced trust, for which I paid the price. I lived in an envelope of self identified objects, entities and conditions. I finally learned not to identify anything, until it had identified itself."

And this exactly why I appreciate my canine buddies. Even though they have different wants and needs on the other hand they are loyal, eager to please and just seem to know when you are not feeling so good they act in the appropriate manner.

Shout out to Dog Nation....WOOF WOOF!!

dirtykid© said...

"Through my life, up to a point, I believed that everyone felt as I did."

I think this is where my own path in life differed from yours. I became a pariah in most social circles early in life and taught myself when to become a chameleon... Unfortunately an act tends to break down over time and become much more difficult to maintain which led to the inevitable choice to embrace being either the chameleon or the pariah...

This also explains why it's become so easy to spot the chameleons out there because they've past the point where the facade can still be maintained without adding hours to the 24 hour day.


Anonymous said...

"We see." I hope so. If we don't lose our vision from looking at too many lies first.

You know, for someone inEurope, you sure do catch the mood in the heart of the empire very well. Apathy is what all the cool kids (aren't ) doing! I see so much that is just slowly stagnating and dying, it appalls me that most people think it is perfectly ok.

What I really don't get is why resources still flow to things that promote stagnation and death, but all the people who want better are just hanging on. We are allowed to survive, but not to do anything more. Won't fixing this mess require a bit more than wishful thinking?

How goes the chocolate business? Find someone to help out?

-Andy M.

Visible said...

No Andy; None whatsoever. That's okay, all things in time.

Pete said...

LV, Your 1st Ray is showing :-) I relate to the misplaced trust thing as well. When we talk about the concept of projecting onto others we generally tend to think of it that we project our vices onto others, but it works both ways, when we project our virtues onto people, then we get misplaced trust, dissapointment, etc. Although not on topic, the whole NSA leak thing has my bells and whistles going off as well. On the one hand it can be seen as an act that will awaken people to the depredations of big, fugly government. On the other hand it could also serve as a psy-op, whereby it has now been firmly implanted into everyone's consciousness that they are being watched and recorded at all times. Such a psy-op could have a massive chilling effect on the free exchange of information and ideas via the internet and would perhaps stem the rising tide of Brzezinski's "Global Political Awakening." Its not necessarily contrived, but "allowed to happen" in a way. Thats what my read says. In other words, just a bigger, scarier version of the Wiki Leaks bullshit. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Butch used to be a man. Maybe the same people who paid for its sex change also paid for dear leader messiah's edumacashun. As for ladyboy Lindsey just stand back and let the republicants destroy themselves so we can have that generation of one party rule that destroyed Mexico. Will they use the poor downtrodden immigrants for the catalyst to get subdermal chips and facial recogniton for everyone in the rainbow fewmets utopia?

lightandlongshadows said...

A Scientific Description of God

Anonymous said...

for me it was Waco, or more succinctly put the mass murder of the Davidians...with Air Support


who had "neighbors" that didn't come to their rescue...because they didn't know the Law and believed the LIARS & MURDERERS working for the "Jewish" media


...and the so-called CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM who were fresh from a kill on Ruby Ridge...


we could have gone in . . .

ever seen the view from the 6th floor window ?

incidentally, enjoyed your radio show...con mucho gusto



Anonymous said...

It is interesting times. The last couple of years I have been trying to get people to join my club. The bylaws are simple, we ignor the goverment, tell the one percent to get the hell off our land, stop all of this stupid competition and start taking care of each other. So far I am the only member, going to make my stand soon,(grin). Hope things are going well for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The various new age and NWO gurus had announced, for decades in advance, that the year 2001 wuold bring about a "fissioning event" which would separate mankind into two distinct camps: the "enlightened ones" and the rest, who would remain in the dark and require disposal. By Golly! That event DID take place! Only, it didn't quite happen as predicted -- or did it? Substitute "hypnotized" or "brain dead" for "enlightened, and there you have it.


Anonymous said...

"...like this astro-turf munching barracuda, Janet “Butch' Napolitano. Now I'm not knocking her sexual preference because it is the same as mine."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When I read that, I was swallowing a protein drink, and half of it came out my nose after I snorted...whew, I love laughing. Thanks for that.

Anaughty Mouser said...

It is a true joy to read you when you write like today.

Ray B. said...

Vis, your 'looking forward from twenty years ago' got me reflecting (damn!) somewhat deeper. I am from about the middle of the Flower Power generation, although I was slow to wake up. I am exceedingly proud of what (collectively) our generation did. So many forward-looking 'movements' (including musically) were spawned out of the inwardly-dead predecessor times. (If I just watch a movie or television show from before the early/mid 60s, I just find myself repeating "Oh My God!") We may have come only partway, but it was a good start.

The one exception to the above seems to be on the spiritual side. The massive groundswell of consciousness-raising permeating the air at that time seems to have just blown into the wind. No doubt it has had an effect (witness here), but has not profoundly changed the culture the way, say, the women's or civil rights movements have. I often wonder about that. Did we just fail to cross a certain 'hundred monkeys' threshold, or did we run into a powerful 'counterattack'?

As you, I am hoping, "Sooner or later, 'we'll see' is going to result in 'we see', for those so inclined," using the deepest, most profound sense of 'See'... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

JerseyCynic said...

our whole lives have been one big smash and grab by the self appointed ruling elite

Mika Brzezinski: 'I'm Probably Guilty' Of Hypocrisy Over NSA (VIDEO)

Anonymous said...

The Gods decide who wins and who loses. As mortals we can only choose whether or not to join in the struggle.

And when one feels like their homes and families are safe - and a lot of us do - we tend to not want to get involved and we hope to maintain the status quo.

Namaste, McCob

Anonymous said...


You state the case precisely--smash and grab, en masse. And they've gotten away with it just about every time.


Visible said...

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