Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children of the Father of Lies.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We are all aware of certain things. Then we figure, “Okay, got it, moving right along” and we promptly forget what had seemed memorable and important, only a short while ago. We've all been warned that Hasbara Whores and Sayanim Sociopaths, are hard at work, disseminating false information and performing inhuman acts, upon the human population, as well as pretending to be someone they're not and that involves other armies that are employed by corporations or anyone with the money to spend.. Recently, they have ratcheted up their efforts and expanded in numbers, out upon the landscape, like a swarm of mosquitoes. If you have a blog or blogs and you are someone concerned with the truth, you are automatically made an enemy of the Talmudic Children of the Father of Lies. They are the sworn and unnatural enemy of truth. Positive archetypes and the presence of finer qualities like integrity; honor, compassion and various other invaluable possessions, treasured by those who know the true value of them, cause these pit dwelling night feeders to burn in a frenzy of rage. Their teeth gnash against each other. They cry out in pain, at every and any contact that occurs between them and the forces and serving agents of light. They live to do harm. Accept this, see them for what they are and you will be informed and protected in ways that you may not be now.

They are coming after you and I now. With money stolen from other countries, extorted monies, counterfeit monies and many another, deceptively acquired monies. They have hired legions of programmed vermin, to attack any and all websites, where any opinion, counter to their own lying propagandas may appear. Here's an example of what I am talking about that's generic, meaning it doesn't directly relate to any of the many, many offenses against humanity that are carried out each day by Israelis, or their agents ...but which has to do with policies set in place by them.

How fucked up is the not so human race? Here's a clear example. Here is a psychopathic mass murderer being celebrated for killing people in wars, orchestrated by Israel, in reaction to the 9/11 attacks that were orchestrated, engineered and carried out by Israel. Gaze upon the wise and compassionate face of this testosterone, overloaded steer, this reject from Jersey Shore, this self satisfied, smug asshole, who is too stupid to beat his kids and chew gum at the same time. He and thousands like him, on their way to beer gut heaven, crowd bar stools and pork rind diners, talking about their Glory Days. Forgive me, I'm not where I should be yet. I'm not beyond certain human, all to human reactions to certain things and... I have to say, it would please me. It would please me greatly to see this thug, this tub of contracted lard, with a big red hole in the center of his forehead. No... it's worse than that. I'd like to see him strapped down somewhere where no one speaks English and they interrogate him in an unknown tongue, about things he knows nothing about, until he agrees to everything and anything that is asked of him, whether he understands it or not. Goddamn you to Hell, Brandon Webb. Goddamn you to Hell, Bill Briggs. Goddamn you to Hell, NBC.com. Goddamn you to Hell, nation of Israel. Goddamn all and everyone of you ...who turn the warm heart cold and terrorize the soul.

I know I should be all new age and warm fuzzy, loving them, one and all. I used to have a girlfriend, who wasn't a very nice person and... she could talk a good game of that, while being a flaming hypocrite about many another thing. I see me an army of Eckhart Tolle clones, who talk a good slumber inducing game of that kind of thing, as they go out the door with saddlebags full of cash. I get people coming by here who can look right at the avaricious behavior of these kinds of people and explain it all away, cause they got some kind of an investment in the person, or are just waiting for their chance to do the same thing. No one has ever plumbed the heights and depths of the human heart. We are beautiful beyond comprehension and potentially, equally as vile, in the opposite direction.

We've heard plenty about the NSA and their insane intention to vacuum up every communication and stray bit of information thought, spoken or read, anywhere in the world at any time (I may be exaggerating only a little). Here's what this kind of ignorant and impossible agendas results in. Then I get the unflagging and ubiquitous 'anonymous', showing up and letting me know, through poorly drafted sarcasm, supported by zero facts but plenty of wide-eyed, frothing at the mouth conjectures, that the original Children of the Devil, are actually employees of The Catholic Church. I am pretty confident that he read all about this on some deep purple website, with pink text, that he found at the ass end of the internet.

I have put enough time and attention into studying what seems to be going on behind the scenes, through the employment of both deductive and inductive reasoning that... had I attended various institutions of higher learning, I would have long ago gotten my doctorate. There are quite a few like me out there and... some of us are... 'out there'. My personal preference is to be at the diametrically opposite position as that of Sherlock Holmes, though I use both the deductive and the inductive. That should tell you (immediately in some cases-grin), which reasoning technique I prefer. I have yet to see any new information, in years, that goes 'provably' counter to what my research and ruminations have presented me with. I DID NOT set out already convinced of something and then arrange the facts following to confirm my projections (irony alert). I went where my inquiries and the facts led me. As I have stated in these blogs many, many times, there is no conceivable profit for me to hold the opinions that I do. They are career destroying and pariah making in the extreme but... what do I do? Do I tell the truth to go fuck itself because it didn't make things all wonderfully acceptable to the masses? Do I deny to myself what my Lying Eyes are telling me? I have to live with myself. I have to live with myself and... so do you ...so do you.

You aren't hearing a word about this on the Crass Media. Is it true, untrue, or mere speculation? This deserves to be seen again, especially by those who didn't see it the first time. It tells you, as so many things do, these days, what sort of monsters walk among us. Is this true, untrue or mere speculation? I'll tell you this, when I see things like this, I let off with a war whoop of appreciation and gut level support. I'm no fan of the Taliban's perspective on how life ought to be lived but... that's none of my business. That's how they do it over there, unless they're otherwise occupied as the sodomized targets of the Zionist military, industrial complex. When I see things like this, I let out a war whoop, until it occurs to me that he probably set the whole thing up to collect on the insurance (read the article, sounds like an inside job) and whatever he got kicked back from those he employed to do it. When I see things like this, I got to admit, I'm impressed (but no war whoop) and... since the governments are only the most powerful, organized criminal syndicate, I look at their responses to other criminals, as simply an attempt to eliminate the competition and crack down on entrepreneurship. Nothing is more convincing proof of the criminal nature of ZATO and the governments of the nations that compose it than this. Before the Israeli attack on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and empty Pennsylvania pastureland, which were performed to legitimize gratuitous (for profit) assaults on various nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Syria and sundry, the opium trade from Afghanistan was completely shut down. Now it is rocking along like the American private prison industry. Western military troops are observably employed at protecting the opium fields for multinational drug dealers.

When things reach the zenith of the ridiculous. When it all becomes nothing more than a joke... but it hurts to laugh. When professions held in high regard (probably many centuries ago) are composed of a large percentage of serious incompetents and when professions that are based on an informed knowledge of a process, become professions devoted to the perversion of that process, you know you're in uncertain waters with a thick fog rolling in. When the world's second oldest profession becomes indistinguishable from the world's oldest profession, you know the system is sure and certain to implode, in the not too distant future. When the institutions of moral instruction and the repository of alleged spiritual teachings, are reduced to sexual grazing areas for the ministers and priest employed therein, you know that that infrastructure, of however many thousands of years in existence, is very soon going to tumble to the ground.

Massive and irresistible change is upon us and we can only successfully greet it, by not resisting the changes within ourselves that are taking place at the same time. If we are all hot and bothered about the world changing but inattentive to changing ourselves, change will be forced upon us and the experience will be similar to the difference between consensual sex and forcible rape. Have it your way, you don't have to go to McDonald’s for that to happen and you can get a pink slime shake just about anywhere these days.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse beats with his Walking Stick around the Burning Bushes.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

When we consider how much we do not know... and then we find out a few things, we have to consider just how wide is the sea of our continuing ignorance. I ask that you pay careful attention to this. One of the ways that evil destroys itself, is that it is subjected to the same tactics it seeks to visit upon us. It is divided against itself. Few of the servants of evil trust each other and they are more than willingly to engage in all kinds of crimes against each other. Also, evil is far more easily compromised than good. The only reason a lot of us are looking at Croque Monsieur is because life is a club sandwich and you get 3 levels, although all of them may not be functionally operative at the same time.

What do you do when you are an internationally famous vampire and mass murderer, on your way to the pizza ovens of Hades? You get on a road show epidemic of photo-ops and... it doesn't hurt to let the world know how many government, skinhead Nazis it takes to protect you either. Yeah, when you're going down the big skid-mark highway, having been Big Kahuna at the CIA and instrumental in the killing of the most popular president ever (JFK) as well as the father of the least popular president ever; the head of the Carlyle war machine and a three term president of the United States , of which he only got elected to once, becoming president by proxy in a kinda-sorta, evil twisted way, just like numba won sun did ...through voter fraud...'”aw, lawd, lawd, I can't stop thinking about her, out dere in that cold graveyard, night after night, ngghhh! Ngghh! Ngghhh”!

There has been no more evil a clan in American history than that of the Bush Family Manson, maybe the Rockefellers were, maybe there was some other band of syphilitic sociopaths that I'm overlooking or don't know about . Seems like every single member of that Morlock brood of Bushes, had some kind of a hand in 9/11. I guess there's all kinds of trees planted in IsraHell for this family of righteous gentiles so... you got the Bushes who are the poster children for what a righteous gentile is all about. This is the kind of thing the Bushes brought to the country of America. In the words of the old mass murderer himself; “"If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us”. Here's another example of what Bush and his banker buddies did to America.

This is what America gets now in the form of leadership and he was far and away the front runner, until his serial, sexual psychopathy, reared its ugly mushroom head one more time.; course, it's New York City, where it doesn't matter what you do, where the weak are killed and eaten, it only matters who you are and who you know. Yes, weennie waggers and craven, degenerate bankers is what you get in the age of materialism. Tyranny is what you get, in capitalist nations, that are founded on the ideas of individual liberty and justice for all. What you get is a Draconian police state, where both government and law enforcement, operate for the welfare of the rich ♫I'm rich! Sonofabitch, I'm rich♫”where justice is only for the rich and it ain't justice.

What kind of a country is it, where a bank can break into your home and steal the contents and throw them away or sell them and it turns out to be the wrong house and they don't have to replace what they stole? What this calls for is the vigilante justice that didn't happen in The Grapes of Wrath. Nothing says, I am an asshole and proud of it like this does. These are the people who say, “He who dies with the most toys wins”.

What's America's favorite sandwich, really? This is America's favorite sandwich. You know, round here, it's not a posting, not an authentic jennuwine, visible bas relief of a posting, without some mention of Mr. Apocalypse. When it started out, Mr. Apocalypse was standing against the wall, near the table with the punch bowl and toxic, GMO, fake cheese filled, treats ...with a boutonniere affixed to his jacket pocket. “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton was playing on the high school gym sound system, to be followed shortly by Ray Charles with “Ramblin Rose”. Those as had the stones to ask someone, or who were dancing with the ones who brung them, were cheek to cheek, during these poignant, nostalgic moments. This was before there was two guys cheek to cheek, or a couple of Sumo wrestler chicks, with miniature (not all that miniature) cinder block, nose ring piercings, hanging down as a sort of ornamental testimony to “been there and done that”.

Anyway, Mr. Apocalypse started out leaning against the wall, like the rest of the wallflowers. Then something a little faster came on and he started moving around a little and things started happening. There was just a tad more truth in the air and that led to a degree more intimacy, in the changes among the people in the gym. This wasn't all positive because neither the truth nor intimacy is always positive. Then Chuck Berry came on, probably “Maybelene”, ironically, ♫why can't you be true♫ and the atmosphere definitely changed, as invisible forces moved through the room, out the door too and up into the jetstream, where it began to proliferate all over the place. Then, I don't know, maybe something by Duane Allman or Lynyrd Skynyrd came on. It could have even been The Boss. It definitely wasn't Tom Waits and- what I'm saying- is that the mood kept intensifying, Truth keeps increasing and subsequently things kept changing to adapt to the truth and every day there was more and more of this kind of thing. Mr Apocalypse is on his way to becoming a cross between Michael Jackson and James Brown. It is inevitable and that is something else one really ought to keep in mind.

Once again, cause it gets missed, I've got nothing against most anything cheek to cheek and I have danced like a mad, intoxicated fool with drag queens and drag racers, who managed to get out of their rides for a moment. They might not have been dancing. It might have been simple tension happening, from some hours at 200 miles a hour. My point being, with all of the Minority 'pre-crime' Report, future hate crime legislation coming, I got to use humor to militate against all of that happening. The Devil cannot abide ridicule. “Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you”. This is an important point that people can look right at, nod their head and then go on about their business as usual. The truth hides in plain sight. It vibrates between the lines of inspired text. It is as near to you as you are near to it and as far away as you are far from it.

When death comes, as death invariably does ('some kind of death' (or change) comes to us all), death will scan you for the truth that is in you and then, like one of those automated, parking garage machines, it will spit out a ticket to somewhere. This world is a bus station waiting room, where some are doing more than waiting, for better or worse. Otherwise, they are waiting, which is also called, “going through the motions”. This is something that occurs at a certain point, after childhood and early adulthood have passed and then that window of opportunity closes, wherein one is given the chance to make the connection necessary, to live a life that is not composed of 'going through the motions”. This is a rare occurrence, as you can see, by taking only a superficial look around you and... we live in a world, where looking superficially around, is pretty much 90% of any looking around that takes place.

Paying more than superficial attention, makes you aware of things like this. Of course, being aware of things like that, makes you responsible for acting a certain way and living a certain way, as a result of being aware and that's why a lot of people choose the roads of denial and stupidity, to help ease the pain of going through the motions. That's where they go through the motions, down at the corner of Denial and Stupidity. There's quite a crowd there. It's nothing but elbows and assholes and glazed eyes, highlighting the fixed and frozen grins that acts as a stiff-arm, going down the sidelines to who knows where. All that matters is getting there, not where 'where' is. That might change a person's whole game plan, knowing where 'where' is and what 'where' means. Not knowing means never having to say you're sorry, until it's too late and you're already there, where 'where' is. Where is a lot like nowhere, sometimes it's a lot like Purgatory and sometimes ...it is only a barren and empty field with no one to keep you company but Saturn.

It's a bit of a dichotomy how there can be so many people stranded in their own loneliness, millions of them. It's like a dense crowd of people, who somehow manage to be all alone. Maybe it's like those ranks after ranks of cubicles, that stretch on till the view bends out of site, since space is curved; a kind of barbershop window display of the front and back of your head, going on and on and on. There's probably some kind of meaning, wrapped in a riddle there.

It's all coming down and it's all coming out and they are racing to get 'where' and they will get 'where' but it won't be what they think. No matter how fast they go, it will not be fast enough. No matter what they do, it will not be enough. That will dawn upon them with an ever greater degree of intensity and that is how it should be. That is how it should be.

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Given that there is an intractability and resistance in my environment to the things I wanted to do, I won't be doing them. I won't be going where I was going to go but others might. The opportunity for what was available to me, is probably available to you if you are the right sort of person, meaning the land and whatever opportunity there might be in it. I will just move to another location somewhere in the country I am in. if anyone has a spare room or a guest cottage anywhere in Germany, Eastern France, Northern Italy, I'd be more than interested. I'd be interested in considering any offers that might exist in Europe. I'll have funds to maintain myself for a decent period of time. My only requirements are that it not be in a city (hopefully; though I might even consider that depending on the city) and that it has fast internet, is secureable, relatively crime free and tight as far as heating goes. It's time I looked out for myself a bit and stopped doing what everyone else wants me to do. This way I can write my books and publish those other books, already written, that need to be compiled, put together a good recording situation and get those nearly ten albums I've written these last years recorded, ...that need recording, as well as getting all my video work digitized and available and basically being and doing what it is I do. Running off into the wilds of anywhere, will effectively make it impossible for me to do any of these things for awhile and I will be fine wherever I am. So... if anyone knows of a location, do let me know and I will look on my own too. This will be a good thing for me. I'll be by myself with nothing else to think about and can fully immerse in what I do which is where I like to be. That's my 'where'.

I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who might have been looking forward to what I had talked about doing at the Les Visible blog. There's nothing I can do about it now because of the opposition at this end. I can do what I am talking about now though and so, I might as well. I have a feeling it will be a launching pad into the spaces I should have been occupying for a long time already.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Dirge for Helen Thomas and other Headstones in The Cemeteries of Night.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

First, let me pay my respects to that fine and enduring lady, Helen Thomas. For all of the things she has done. For some reason she always reminds me of Danny Thomas, who was also Lebanese. She was a good egg was Helen Thomas and if most everyone else on our side of the fence, is not going to give her the time of day, then I certainly will. I have always admired that woman. She may not have been perfect but none of us are (save for a very few) or we wouldn't be here. She was a woman of great courage and conviction. She showed the fire of her metal and integrity there at the end. I would have rather she had not apologized afterwards, I never would have and my words would have been stronger but that is me and I will not sit in judgment of her for it. She held the various president's feet to the fire, I saw her doing it and she had the balls (unlike so many of her neutered male, house pet contemporaries) to say that George W. Bush was the worst American president in history and... that's saying something.

So, if you're a man or a woman who like a drink now and again, do me, yourselves and Helen a righteous favor and raise a drink to her this very evening. Toast her for setting an example, followed by few. She will not be forgotten and certainly not by me. God Bless you Helen, wherever you may be now. The world is better for your having been here, not worse ...and that it something all of us might well wish to be true of ourselves and there is life enough and time enough to make that so.

Now, just watch anonymous, show up with some nasty things to say about her. It won't mean a thing cause, it ain't no thing. There aren't too many ladies with her character around. She was consistent and she was honest, in a profession where those two qualities, along with integrity are seldom, if ever seen. Someone who only lies half the time, would be far ahead of the pack and at the top of their field. In a world where lying poseurs like Greg Palast, are lauded as cutting edge, we can't seem to set the bar low enough. How anyone can spend such a large part of their life sucking the Zionist tit, just for some exposure and a paycheck, is beyond me and always will be. Count me in with Olaf, by way of E.E. Cummings, “There is some shit I will not eat”.

I've been wondering a bit lately what might happen to me. It's due to my, one way or another, going off into unknown country and... however I shuffle and sort it, it remains unknown country. It's also due to seeing things like this. (site is continuous in output I guess, so I don't know what you will find but... you got the other side of the story there. It is due to murmurs and rumors and also being around long enough and around enough fonts of information, for me to catch the drift of what things are drifting into. I have spent, wasted (maybe yes, maybe no) my time and my life, trying to get together with other like minded sorts and... 'get the band back together'. I'm a singer and a writer, not really much of a musician but... I sure can sing and dance; not to everyone's taste but then no one is... not really, no one is.

I like the place that I think I am going to and it looks like I can swing the place I am going to but more about that at the Les Visible blog shortly. Anyway, if you are of a mind to join me, it looks like a solid reality and once it's gone, it's gone, ....so put in your order now and connect with me as to what your costs and the potential limitations are.

Yes... it is very, very apparent that the administration in America is looking to start a race war and the usual suspects are behind that too, as evidenced by the recent film “The Purge”. They consider themselves to be forced into tactics like this, because their bad behavior has put them into a world of shit. That's the thing about evil enterprise. It may pay off like gangbusters, for awhile ...but eventually the piper comes calling. There is no way the piper does not show up on your doorstep, especially when Mr. Apocalypse is doing his Fred Astaire, across the mossy topsoil, of the cemeteries of night.

One of the reasons 'they' like to control history, for the purpose of changing it, to suit their purposes, is to keep the public ignorant of the truth and informed about their version. This is the same reason 'they' want to (and do) control the press, for the purpose of controlling the information of the present and for the purpose of being in a position, to be the sole arbiters and interpreters of it. When you control public perception of what has been and what is, then you control the direction of the future according to them.

As far as I'm concerned, they control nothing, except those who surrender their freedom and autonomy, into the hands of those whose intention is to destroy them and who hold them in withering contempt. This is something I can't get my head around. It is blatantly apparent that the stool sculpture deity worshipers, these fecal obsessed Talmudic vampires, hate the human race.; not being members of it, yet, the hoi polloi think nothing of putting their fate in their hands, out of the fear of offending them. Well, ♫It ain't me, Babe. It ain't me you're thinking of♫. They can close me off to every theater of enterprise and I won't budge an inch and I hold all of their fellow travelers in withering contempt, for not speaking out about their associates, which makes them partners in crime. Sins of omission are not less offensive and vile than sins of commission. Silence is the last refuge of the coward.

I'm going to tune out now, given the admonitions I just received from an astrology reader just now As I told him, strangely enough, I'm not feeling any of these things at the moment, gratefully, (but... you might so pay heed). His initials are C.V. And I will leave it up to him to introduce himself in the comments sections should he wish to. Anyone else, so informed, can also insert their take, like the wonderful Bob Hitt, or The Gardener. I'll see you tomorrow if there is one.

The following is from that gifted astrologer "Willow";

"People are more sensitive to conversations, tones, and opinions when Mercury is in a water sign, as it is now. We're very aware of our words and how our words can hurt the feelings of others, and this can keep us from having conversations we know we need to have. We may find we have to withdraw from interaction and discourse at times during the Mercury transit of Cancer, drawing our heads back into our crab shells to deal with the sensitivity and maintain emotional stability...

During the Mercury in Cancer transit, we'll be required to have conversations that unnerve us and to participate in interactions that make us or others uncomfortable. There is initiatory movement required here (cardinal energy), and we have to talk about it in order to keep things moving in the right direction...

Cancer involves emotional conditioning, especially from the early upbringing. With Mercury retrograding in Cancer within cardinal t-square, we are breaking out of communication patterns that involve manipulation, emotional blackmail, or guilt - all possible Cancer territory. We are intellectually coming to understand how our emotions can be used against us, how our fear can be used against us, how our desire for comfort can be used against us, and we're working to disengage from those sources of manipulation - personally and on a societal level.

Communicating honestly now without those layers of emotional manipulation - even the subtle ones - is our challenge.

Mercury will be slow in the zodiac for the remainder of this month, re-gaining full speed direct and leaving the retrograde shadow degrees by August 3. This keeps the squiggly-squirmy pressure on us for the rest of July. Any necessary conversations or connections previously avoided will be coming up now.

With powerhouse transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto so strongly involved, we have the ability to hurt people quite deeply with our words and tones now. The mental and emotional territory in which we're being held can seem intolerable (Pluto), and there will be strong and immediate urges to rebel, to break away, to say anything that could move us in a different direction (Uranus).

Understand that these transpersonal planets don't care about hurt feelings. They don't care about the people you care about. The immense amount of energy coursing through our systems, our minds, and our conversations could do a lot of damage if we are not oh-so-careful with our tongues over the next couple weeks.

Don't allow these transpersonal planets to run you or your conversations. Control the energy and curb the urges to be shocking, rebellious, or hurtful. Mental comfort zones will certainly be disrupted by the Mercury contacts to Uranus and Pluto, but we don't have to make this any more difficult for people - or for ourselves - than it already is.

Mercury enters Leo August 8.”

Once again, long may you wave, Helen Thomas. I loved you then and I love you yet and ever shall. There was many lass considered more lovely by any measurement to you but, to my eyes, you were beautiful in ways far too often unseen. If beauty is only skin deep then some portion of your own went all the way to the bone.

Revisited: Patrick Willis narrates Visible's Helen Thomas Does Zion



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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Queen of Farts and the Cat-Houses of Congress.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The Visibilantis, 'Lying Sack of Shit Award', is overwhelmingly and unanimously conferred upon the prissy and unctuous Lindsey Graham. The perennially blackmailed senator (sexual preference alert!) made it a point to twice mention in his Mox News interview that 200,000 Syrians had died due to Assad, when the going numbers everywhere else is around 90,000. Furthermore, as a representative of a country with secret renditions, global torture, imprisonment without trials, the murder of journalists, the gunning down and tasering of children and the sport killing of family dogs, he is also in line for the Hypocrite of the Year Award but... the competition there is so stiff that it resembles a naked Lindsey Graham, following a pubescent Boy Scout (granting the benefit of the doubt here) happening to walk past his bedroom window (warning, Politically incorrect commentary preceding). This is in no way a judgment on anyone getting hard for any number of reasons. What it is is a judgment upon a man who represents a country, whose depraved fascination with its citizens private lives, is counterpointed by his concealment of every salient detail of his own life. The litany of lies that this sewer mouthed sociopath, spews forth upon the electronic airwaves, is sick making in the extreme.

It both amazes and depresses me that there is such a large body of sold out whores, occupying the highest offices in many of the governments of the west and let's not forget Australia; whatever its location designation may be. The reason for this is, of course (irrefutably) because the Zionist-Satanic cabal decides, has been deciding, who gets into any of those offices and which then influences all of the appointments as well; keeping in mind how the judiciary and law enforcement, are also monitored, minded and inspired; things that can happen when the wrong life forms control the currency printing presses.

Did any of us ever imagine that the level of absurdity and hypocritical acting out upon the world's stage would ever get to this point? This is to me the most concretely conclusive proof of Mr. Apocalypse that one could ask for. If these fools were in their right minds; meaning those manipulating them (and being exposed at it) and... those being manipulated, they would never have come to such a pass. Somehow and in some fashion they would have restrained themselves. Had they one wit of awareness, or any clue of the horrific spectacle they have made of themselves, they would either kill themselves or buy a new identity and migrate to a far away land where 'everything's broken and no one speaks English'.

Hardly a day goes by when I do not see something new and either equally as outrageous, or more outrageous than anything previously accomplished, in terms of personal public embarrassments. In some cases the players seem to be committed to manifesting the most incredibly juvenile scenarios, like the Lady Gaga farting extravaganza. Here's what the dictionary says about the word 'Gaga', “Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused; senile”. I'm guessing the infatuation part is self directive. The synonym is, 'senile'.

Now, while the Gaga thing is truly ridiculous, as is she, in any case, much of the rest of the mounting insanities, involve horrendous offenses against humanity by those who are not human. It should be patently clear to even the casual observer that a good portion of the human race, has been taken over by alien intelligences. When you don't control your own mind, something, or someone else, will do it for you, or is that, 'do it to you' (♫one more time♫. It's made all that much easier when you're already bent over in the first place. That sort of happens in stages. It often begins at home with your parents
(They Fuck you up Your Mum and Dad). If you are in that rare situation, where your parent are both sane and stable, then it's only a short wait to Kindergarten and primary school, where the pseudo-maestros of personality morphing get their hands on you. The efforts become more sophisticated, as you go further up the grades. If you're a lumpen prole, you won't continue all that long and if you're not, you may well wind up working in the same places as they do in the end, after all. Following that, perhaps a military service stint is in the cards; if you can't pay for college, or your breast is unnaturally swollen, with the sort of pretentious patriotism that makes you yearn to bayonet Arab people, or gun them down or... even kill them video game style. By this time your pretty messed up and whatever claim you had to a mind of your own, well,... the deed for that is in the hands of the usual claim jumpers and ass bandits extraordinaire.

Try, try for just one moment to step back, to step far back, to where you have a panoramic perspective of the whole ugly, steaming pile of shit. Cast your gaze upon The Supreme Court, The Justice Department, the FBI, The two Cat-Houses of (unnatural) Congress and gasp... the... the... (groan) White House. Just look at what they are doing and saying; the decisions they are making. Could anyone still in their right mind and subject to the level of media exposure they are subject to, really countenance the behaviors they get up to on a regular basis? It's not possible that they can actually see themselves as they are. Ergo, something has happened to their perceptions and reasoning capacity. Criminal behavior is of no consequence to them. Consorting with criminals is of no consequence to them. Pocketing monies from criminals and criminal organizations is only business as usual. Passing laws in favor of killing millions of people is an attractive pursuit. Speaking out in public on behalf of it, is done without hesitation. They do what they're told and it makes no difference what they are told to do, they just do it.

It is as clear to me as clear can be that this whole theater of the absurd, Grand Guignol, extended performance, bonus DVD, murder and money porn, is under the direction of someone, or something, with a particular end in mind, emphasis on 'end'. There's a strange and unworkable dynamic taking place. You have a mass of trampled humanity, being squeezed like a Valencia orange, for the pleasure and profit of a small minority of creatures, who already possess far more than they can ever need, or use. It is not enough for this trampled humanity to be squeezed and sheared but they must suffer various injuries and extremities as well, for the entertainment of the aforementioned minority. A system like this cannot continue for any length of time, it is terminally self destructive. For reasons unknown to me, those contained within it are, more or less, unaware of the meaning and implications of their situation. That probably accounts for their passivity in the face of being devoured by the pernicious matrix that contains them.

Examine The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Now compare it to the daily operations and policies, of those entrusted with the governance and smooth running of the ship of state and witness what an absolute travesty is taking place, at the hands of these personages in authority in relation to those documents .... They blatantly and inarguably, violate every tenet of the laws and ideals, on which the country is allegedly based. They're doing it in broad daylight. They are doing it without shame or restraint. The Nodwell public is blinking like a poleaxed steer that is also being engaged in the rear. There are no words or terms, equal to the task of accurately describing the singular clusterfuck, now taking place in the United States and every other enslaved principality, around the world. It cannot long endure.

Ah well, one more polemic from the provinces in these dire times. There is that hope that help is on the way. There is that hope that these foul beasts will “fall like Lucifer, never to rise again”. There is the hope that hope will rise in the hearts and the minds of those with no hope. There is the hope that the scales will be adjusted and that judgment swift, certain and final will come to pass. As long as the stars twinkle in the skies there will be hope. As long as the sun and moon, dance from day to night and back again, there will be hope. Wishing and hoping... we wish that the wind shall shift and that the high and the mighty shall fall into ignominious disgrace. We wish and hope in silence and speech that the furies of Hell shall come and take away, Larry the Leech.

End Transmission........

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Ass-Hats and Mulligan Stew from my Inbox too.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ah... these are interesting time, in a Chinese sort of a way. Some lady jumped out of my Inbox to read me the riot act about Jesus Christ. What is it about Christians? They are always looking for an argument or a fight and they are as hard nosed as it gets, about Jesus being the ONLY way. Christ himself said, “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so”. Basically he was saying; let's get a quote from visible in here, “There are many roads up the mountain but... once you get to the top, you can see all of the ways down (or 'up', if you prefer)”. My feeling is that this desire for argument and conflict comes out of a basic insecurity in understanding. I didn't even know what she was talking about. Of course, I get so many emails, sometimes they just run together in a kind of Mulligan Stew.

Then, a long time reader, out of nowhere, without any provocation I am aware of, unloaded on me with such a denigrating screed, as I have not experienced since, frankly, I can't remember when. Nor did he make the connection between what he said and the effect it had on me; one of the most surreal cases of cognitive dissonant disconnect that I've ever seen.

I have explained many times about the tenor and intended (on purpose) personality of these blogs. I've said it was my intent to respond to comments (when I do, which isn't often) differently at different blogs. Visible Origami was supposed to be the softest, then Smoking Mirrors would be less soft, then Petri Dish, the least soft. I had it in mind from the beginning that I would seek to be a regular guy, someone who could portray the gamut of human emotions, which would provide a learning atmosphere for all of us. I also did it to avoid that guru thing, which has followed me around ever since my monumental Kundalini experience at the age of 21 and which stayed at a particular intensity for at least three years before it integrated back into the ordinary landscape, sort of. This wasn't one of those Osho type of forced energy shaking, or any kind of momentary or sporadic events, that lasted for an afternoon, or an evening. So I wound up having followers wherever it was that I was and that never stopped, as my trip in India pointed up once again, most recently. Because, early on, I could see this would happen to some degree at the blogs and because I do not feel that I am at the level that some people believe me to be, I have purposely acted out, to my greater misfortune, on a regular basis. This was stupid on my part but I didn’t know what else to do. I've managed to do away with that now but former damages done will probably always be there. It's small comfort that I was proven right in each circumstance, as far as the hidden agendas of the involved personalities went, followed by the awful irony that I have forgiven all the way around and remain unforgiven all the way around. So it goes.

Some very weird things have been going on. That's not all that strange, considering that they are happening in my life, which is a pretty strange place to begin with... but even so, I am at a loss to account for the meaning of these things. I've mentioned the two following occurrences before. I feel compelled to mention them again. I had a friend in the area here. He'd been a contributor to my work for a couple of years and then I discovered he lived right around the corner and we began to do things together; tramp through the woods, go to rock festivals and occasionally have dinner at his house when some of my guests were in town and he'd come by my place at least once a week if not more. When I knew I had to get out of India I wrote him and he said, “Great! Look forward to getting together”. I got back and he was unreachable. I had decided he was dead or in the hospital, until I accidentally miss dialed a number and got him on the phone. He had nothing to say. There was no event, nothing happened and... the silence is deafening.

A person who had been reading the blogs for some time invited me to a country in South America. It was the place I had wanted to go for a long time. We had positive communications back and forth. Then, without warning and with no event, he shut me off, although he still comes to the blogs each day. As Sherlock once said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbably, must be the truth”. So... I've got certain speculations that come to mind but... I'll keep them to myself for the moment.

I'm talking about these things now because there is this undeniable resonance between certain of the readers and myself so... some threads of similarity run betwixt and between all of us. This is meant to imply that I've been getting all kinds of emails about strange goings on at far removes. These are different kinds of strange but strange, none-the-less. What this tells me is that the planetary rubdowns have gone through a bit of pitch-shifting lately, creating some previously unseen harmonics in our particular solar system, which means, even more kinds of strange. I have no idea what's going on with this. What I do know is that mysterious planets were announced some time ago and now...? Now we have a mysterious planet, who, so far as I know, does not have the first name of Janet.

Regardless of the momentary distraction of not know what the Helsinki is going on, I'm not much discomfited or negatively moved, by that which I only gave a portion of my attention to. I'll admit that one of the events hurt my feelings; what few of them remain but that was just a passing surface wound.

Lately, I've been feeling, by turns, down and dismayed (early yesterday) and then ebullient (like today) for no know reasons, well, the 'down and dismayed' came about by having my focus forcibly fixed on potential negatives that might seem insurmountable, given the narrow time frame and my own ineffectiveness. However, I am not the one who has to surmount. I'm the one who has to be mounted, in a platonic sense, of course.

Today I was swept up in such a positive frame of mind, I was singing from room to room. There was no particular reason for me to feel that way. It was a couple of octaves above the ebullience of other recent ebulliences, if I remember correctly. I could have said that it had to do with stopping smoking. No. What it was, was a view opened in my subconscious, showing a future time, which I could not see in a conscious zone but could experience the reflection of it on the astral plane, which I did, thank you very much. I'm guessing some not insignificant number of us have been 'balls to the wall' over recent times, to such an extent that we've grown somewhat depressed and concerned, that's how it is in these times. So many of us believe that the big problem is external activities, working contrary to the public interest, without hindrance. The truth is that it is our internal states that are our biggest concern. This is the main determinant of our passage anywhere. It's like that conversation between Frodo and Bilbo, in which Bilbo says, if I am remembering correctly, something to the effect that one must be careful setting out upon the road, that the road right outside their door could lead anywhere, even to the gates of Mordor itself. It's our mental state that determines how we go and has a great deal to do with where we go.

Our minds are being hijacked by a group of concerted fiends. In some cases the hijacking has been accomplished already. In other cases the effort continues. Some of us are immune, for one reason or another. Usually it indicates some degree of heavy protection; having friends in high places, or so it is rumored. We've spent our lives making various associations. Sometimes it is from affection and sometimes from antipathy. Sometimes, most times, it involves one or another of our fellow travelers but... sometimes it involves travelers from the road less traveled, or in my case Les traveled. What we appreciate most in our friends is loyalty, without it you cannot call anyone friend, in truth. The same can be said of those from les visible spaces. They demand loyalty. You can't call any of them friends without it.

It can be said that, in this day and age, there are several things that are in short supply; manners and loyalty are two of them. Still, it doesn't matter if most of the world does not possess them or care about them. What matters is if you do. Before we can meet our own standards, we first have to have standards and generally our standards are set according to the level of our self interest, whether we are laboring for the common good, or for a personal good. Sometimes, people with more idealism than integrity, set impossible standards and fail to meet them. This eventually transforms them into a caricature and often a buffoon. Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the ass-hats at Fucked News, are examples of people who demand high standards, pretend to live by them and wind up exposing themselves as garden variety hypocrites. Integrity and having a personal code can make you unfit for all kinds of employments these days.

Yes, I've been talking all around things as is sometimes my wont. This is in the hope that what I am trying to say will somehow make its way to the reader from between the lines and the necessary resonance will be engaged. I wish you all the very best on this day following yesterday, on it's way to tomorrow. I'll see you there if there is one.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stalking Horses and Robot Whores of the Kali Yuga.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

In the spirit of trying to find something to talk about, besides the most evil gene pool of faux humanity to ever river dance with their cloven hooves, across the the tawdry, imitation tinsel stage of this Kali Yuga, let me gift you with some reading material from the finest magazine presently being published. It's also my pleasure to pass on a photographic travelogue that will take you a long time to finish perusing. I learned a lot myself by giving an hour or so to the study of these photos. Watching Elmo grope Anderson Cooper was interesting, given the claims made about the Elmo guy and what we know about two dimensional talking head Cooper. I also didn't know that Mark Twain and Nicola Tesla were friends. You'll be seeing some strange bedfellows here (if there is a pun in there, it's intended.)

If you are up for it, you learn something new every day and... as I said... Cracked Magazine is pretty cool, consistently. A lot of weird things go on, on this planet. The readers, some of them, seem confident about their debunking of some of these mysteries but mysteries continue. Some things are not all that mysterious but what is mysterious is that the public is hamstrung in their capacity to respond to the monstrous violations of the laws of Nature and common sense. Yes, some things are no mystery and some of us have known the truth of the matter for a long time.

The degree to which insanity has taken hold of the culture is truly profound. What do we know about insanity? We know that it is inherently self destructive and that it gets worse as it goes along, like any other disease, all of which are a symptoms of an organism out of balance and at war with itself. Whether it is an individual, or a country, it's end is certain, unless corrective steps are taken. The degeneration of the culture, is exemplified in the sort of leaders that frolic about like ambulatory cowpies. As I've said, I've got no opinion on what people do behind closed doors, so long as it doesn't involve mass murder, or any of the other horrendous crimes being performed by the self styled elite, upon a stupefied and obliging public. Still, it's always useful to explore the possible reasons why any number of world leaders are disposed to do what their Central Banking Israeli masters tell them to. Obviously blackmail is playing a big part in the manipulation of politicians, throughout the western nations and when that isn't operative, the promise of riches and corporate position, are wagged in front of their beady little eyes and greedy little hearts for future consideration.

In any case, things of this sort are surfacing all over the internet and surprisingly 72% of Americans believe it is happening. It all goes back to the dual national neocons at PNAC and to other devilish plots that preceded that. The Zio-owned press is pretty clear about what they think and it is obvious that there is no depth or depravity to which they will not stoop. When you are genetically predisposed to killing tens of millions of people and when genocide is your primary directive, it stands to reason that you will stop at nothing. It is amazing how many of the evil deeds performed on this planet, in recent memory, can all be traced back to the same sources.

It is difficult to talk about the good that is unseen in the atmosphere, all around us, because it is unseen. Of course, good surfaces every day, in thousands of different ways, in the actions and words of those who have committed themselves to their humanity, rather than the growling beasts of appetite, who are curried and stroked by the mass of the population. Eventually these beasts can grow to a considerable size, at which point they make the majority of decisions, in whatever life they have become preeminent in. There is only one way to gain mastery over these energies and that is to stop feeding them. This makes them angry and they can become scary and intimidating for a bit but we are always stronger than they are. This is something we need to assure ourselves of because our appetites are not going to tell us this. I am presently engaged in saying goodbye to a practice I have engaged in for a very long time. It can truly be a beast and difficult to be quit of but that is only for so long as one is uncertain of one's determination to accomplish this separation. If one is convinced that the decision has been made, it can be managed with no great difficulty. If one is not convinced, it is agonizing and unlikely to be successful. Just about anything that is life changing has to be engaged with one's whole heart. Nothing else is effective.

If you're going to be bad, you should be really, really bad and the same applies to being good. One of the truths about existence that does not seem to penetrate many minds is that you cannot take anything with you when you leave here and any appetites and desires that have not been mastered, will attend your departure as heavy weights upon you. It's kind of like trying to make your way into outer space. When space programs send rockets off planet, the rockets have booster components that are much bigger than the rest of the unit. It takes a lot of force and power to get out of Earth's atmosphere. Very similar principles apply when you leave this life. There are many densities of atmosphere between here and the more rarefied zones. The higher you can go, the longer you can stay. A lot depends on what you have accomplished here too; what you have been in the service of.

You head in the direction of what you are magnetized by, just as it pulls you and pushes you around on this plane, it does the same on the next plane and more... appetites, desires, convictions, beliefs, these become as powerful as you have allowed them to become and you find yourself surrounded by others of similar predisposition. It is as if there are hundreds of different ballrooms, prisons, cities, wildernesses, you name it ...and each of them has many, many or fewer inhabitants, who share a common taste and a common theme. The internet is like this. There are whole areas of the internet where you have never gone and which you have no interest in. There are others who spend a large part of their every day there. It's like sex. Some people can only gain the release they seek from experiencing pain or causing pain. Some must dress up. Some need a variety of props. These days, normal is an endangered species and if things keep going the way they are, it will soon be against the law as well. They're hard at work toward making it happen. Of course, this Aloysius Fosdyke is another of those Sorcha Faal constructs, the same way that this is a staged Romper Room level street drama. It's a sad commentary on contemporary human intelligence that people will watch this kind of thing and not realize what a pathetic amateur hour they're looking at. It's much like the people who think this robot whore has their best interests at heart. There's no question he's working for the dark side, just like there is no question that his daddy, like John Kerry was, is a stalking horse, siphoning off the hopes, dreams and finances of the terminally duped. Hope dies hard and this is a bad problem with people. Once they've invested a certain amount into one cardboard cut-out or another, they refuse to see what is ...because they don't want to look a fool so... more fool they.

This is the point of all the multipronged efforts on the part of those who oppress and abuse their fellows; keep humanity in a confused and weakened state. This is the actual reason for stoking the fires of perverted and low level appetites. This is the point of the devolution schemes and the elevation of the bestial consciousness over the human. Once they are able to take things to a certain point, the bulk of humanity will be prepared to believe that no matter how twisted the circumstances get, it's what they wanted all along.

A big part of the problem is the generation of vipers factor. The same way a certain generation materialized to fill the ranks during the greed is good '80s and who still think Reagan was a great leader, another generation has now come into play that exists only for the hedonistic expression of vile desires and the pursuit of self interest. So long as there are people who care so little about their fellows and can see a profit out of vampire Hell Bitches like Margaret Thatcher, counterpointed by people so impossibly stupid that they can see advantages for themselves, in something where there is no advantage whatsoever and where, indeed, there is nothing but loss to be found, well, it will continue and continue until... there is no one to continue along that route, in any case.

I'll close with a graphic example that everyone still breathing should keep very much in mind, or quite possibly, the next time you have a breathing apparatus it will be somewhat closer to the ground. Every single moment of life is weighed in the cosmic scales against timeless imperatives. Imagine that you generate a bead of a different color depending on the quality of your speech and action, continuously as you go. Imagine that there are 3 colors, let's say white, black and gray. Arbitrarily we'll say the white is good, the black is bad and the gray is neutral. If you've got some kind of PC virus you can switch the white and black beads. It's only for the sake of argument anyway. At the end of your course of life and... no one knows when their cassette tape will run out, even in terminal status, you don't really know, your beads get added up. For all the things we think we know, we don't know very much, on that point I assure you. No matter that the beads are a metaphor, something like that exists and it behooves us one and all to keep this in mind. Whatever the mistakes of the past might have been, enormous strides in the right direction can be made in very short periods of time. It is a tragedy, both global and personal that so few of us are motivated to that end. We only find out how great that tragedy really is when we reach the end of any particular segment. We never do actually reach any kind of enduring end, except under the most unique circumstances.

End Transmission.......

Monday, July 01, 2013

Enjoy your Double Bloomburger on Hard Roll with Toe Cheese.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and then you learn something new. You see something that was going on right under your nose but you weren't aware of it because it was very well concealed and it was concealed through the process, routinely employed by those who control the press for that very reason. This changes the entire complexion of things and the way things look is not the way they are... apparently. Given that this is all true and... I have no reason to believe otherwise, Bloomberg turns out to be one of the nastiest and most treacherous snakes on Earth. I'm especially affected by this because I read most of the things given as an example in this article. Though I know the Zionist owned media is more corrupt than used toilet paper at a zombie prom, I presumed that ordinary reportage, concerning interactions between public figures, owned and operated by the Zionists, would be pretty much what I was reading. It turns out that members of the present administration are not as 100% in lockstep with The Prince of Darkness as formerly presumed. I haven't had a wakeup call like this in a very long time.

I'm having a certain amount of difficulty processing this information. This is off the charts. What Bloomberg and his orcs have done, is one of the most consciously evil things I have heard of in some time; given that the intent is to provoke war, leading to the deaths of many thousands of people. I was already aware that Bloomberg was a psychopathic reptile but... now I find he is ten times more vile than I imagined.

I haven't felt one hundred percent about V.T. for awhile; things that sometimes get said there don't ring true for me. Then I find that I can't remember what those things were (grin). That poses a certain existential dilemma, I guess. These days it's hard not to be in possession of at least one existential dilemma or crisis. One might be considered out of touch with modern society, lacking at least a few tics and twists. Otherwise you don't smell right to the other animals. Sometimes that will get you pecked to death. Sometimes it makes you invisible. Sometimes it makes you scary, without there being any obvious or concrete reason for it.

Regardless of digressions and speculations, recently shoehorned into the spaces here, as a kind of hamburger helper, the truth remains and sustains that Michael Bloomberg is a first class Grade AAA sonofabitch, without class or conscience. Only in times like these, times of deep and profound corruption, is some'thing' like this allowed to prosper, much less continue to draw breath.

I have experienced a sea change. As much as I have believed I was looking right at things and knowing I was seeing a lie, at all times, without respite, without relief, without the discomfiting appearance of the truth, rearing it's undesirable head, up into the fecal cotton candy-land of this flyblown wilderness, masquerading as a living environment, I have been missing things. Whatever it is, it's not conducive to children, plants and other, similar, living things; unless, of course, you are referring to children of nightmare and plants of darkness, into which no healing light will ever shine again. Okay, okay... maybe I'm being a little under the bottom here (as opposed to over the top, in case the reference escapes the reader). As I said, I'm experiencing a sea change in awareness.

I had formerly believed that all of these nogoodnicks were in the same barrel of rotten apples. Sure, some of them were there due to blackmail, baksheesh and bully boy submissions but... I assumed, willing or unwilling, they were on the same stroke-book stained pages, in the minimal text sections. If what I am reading from this V.T. article is true, all is not fairytale sweet in Blunderland. I haven't been this tripped out about reading something in a long time. Usually, I go, “uh huh...” or my eyes glaze over and I go on to the next tasty bit of regurgitated Pablum. Now, 'it seems', 'it seems' as if there is a hidden war going on. I hope so. We need war among the chief architects of war, more than we need just about anything I can think of, except for the blessed disappearance of all of them, tout de suite.

For a long time, I've had the suspicion that behind the scenes there is a percolating outrage going on, concerning treason, other high crimes and terrible offenses against Nature, humanity and beast. That gets shot down on a regular basis when I see things like the Oath Keepers, knuckling under to the ADL and Southern Poverty Scam Center over things like appearing at Freedompalooza. Where I would view censure from these Morlocks as a badge of honor, the rest of these clowns do the back peddling retraction dance, the moment these mass murder practitioners and apologists level criticism at them of any kind. What this means is that they are saying, “Yowsah Boss! Whatever you want to do is A-1 okay with us”. How does this match up with their pledge to defend The Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic? What it means, is that they are lying hypocrites and cowards. It means they will wilt at the first sign of opposition, from the very people they are sworn to protect the country against. They are traitors only in a smaller way that those they walk in fear of.

What does the charter of the Oath Keepers state? How do they rationalize these bold statements with their reflexive capitulation, the moment that a powerful cabal of monsters, looks at them cross-eyed? Does this not ring a bell in your belfry; given that you still have a bell in your belfry? You cannot serve the higher principles, if you bow your knee to the followers and practitioners of the lowest principles, who are also making war on every possible level against the country you claim to love and honor. This is only a portion of a nationwide, worldwide cognitive disconnect about what is staring all of us in the face. Yet! Look at my own confusion in the beginning of this post. I have to accept that many people simply do not see what is right in front of them because, actually, it is not right in front of them and... if it is, it is disguised as something else. We need to wake up.

It stands to reason that these twisted and poisonous snakes will destroy themselves, along with all of those who sold out to them, or were too stupid to ever make a connection between these acolytes of evil and their own unfortunate state. We KNOW that evil destroys itself. What we might not know is that evil comes into full bloom first. Evil raises the menacing specter of it's appearance of power in order to subdue our resistance to it. It is a specter though. It is an insubstantial wraith, whose only real power is its capacity to generate fear in you. It's hard to accept this, I know. It looks like some kind of enormous kraken whose tentacles stretch around the world. It's a shadow, pumped up to enormous proportions by a manipulation of the false light.

This is what happens in the latter days when all that was once meaningful has become nothing more than empty words, with no force or power in them. Liberty and Justice have become jokes. The country celebrated for its individuals freedoms has become a womb of tyranny. It has other offspring as well, like the kind of progeny you would get from Immaculata in Weaveworld.

The most powerful strategy of the anti-life pit dwellers, is slow and persistent, morphing change. What you would certainly notice over the course of a week or a month, you would not notice over the span of several years. Another feature of this well planned horror show, is the managed information sector. First something appears as a good idea (so they say). Then a chorus of parrots; members of the inner fraternity of shitmeisters and the compromised whores who serve them, begin an information assault from all sides about how very good an idea it is. They are supported by paid experts who lie on command, giving you scientific proof of what a good idea it is. Study groups and organizations of concerned citizens are formed, to add a greater public weight to the general belief of what a good idea it is. Finally you get a collection of law makers, whose sexcapade video tapes are safety tucked away in Mossad safes. They get together and formulate new legislation that turn into laws; laws you have to obey and follow. Across a very long course of time, one corporate theft-fest has been followed by one dumbing down after another, in every area of learning. In the meantime, ever greater latitude is extended to The Chosen (god forbid anyone should criticize them for what they do; certainly not the Oath Keepers) and those bankrupt souls who serve them.

Imagine stepping forth into the public eye and criticizing them. You are going up against powerful industries, whose bottom line is enhanced by all these deceits and depravities. Perhaps most people think that the epidemic of pedophilia and all sorts of other sexual pathologies, are simply an indication of pervasive weakness in a dumbed down public. Some might think that sexual attraction for children has something to do with revisiting one's youth and, at the same time, enjoying forbidden fruit in a culture of permissiveness, where the youth is already sexually active so... so what? The fact is that these appetites are being encouraged and manipulated by intention because one of the hallmarks of Satanism, is the ravishing and despoliation of innocence; the trodding underfoot of all that was once protected and sacred in saner times. It's all about the reversed cross, spitting on the host, reciting The Ten Commandments backwards (it's okay to laugh), doing everything contrary to what is generally accepted as good (not that it is).

The fashion industry is not just the fashion industry. None of these industries are what you think they are. Given what was said in the beginning of this posting, possibly nothing is what we think it is. We just don't know. We just don't know.

End Transmission.......

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