Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stalking Horses and Robot Whores of the Kali Yuga.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

In the spirit of trying to find something to talk about, besides the most evil gene pool of faux humanity to ever river dance with their cloven hooves, across the the tawdry, imitation tinsel stage of this Kali Yuga, let me gift you with some reading material from the finest magazine presently being published. It's also my pleasure to pass on a photographic travelogue that will take you a long time to finish perusing. I learned a lot myself by giving an hour or so to the study of these photos. Watching Elmo grope Anderson Cooper was interesting, given the claims made about the Elmo guy and what we know about two dimensional talking head Cooper. I also didn't know that Mark Twain and Nicola Tesla were friends. You'll be seeing some strange bedfellows here (if there is a pun in there, it's intended.)

If you are up for it, you learn something new every day and... as I said... Cracked Magazine is pretty cool, consistently. A lot of weird things go on, on this planet. The readers, some of them, seem confident about their debunking of some of these mysteries but mysteries continue. Some things are not all that mysterious but what is mysterious is that the public is hamstrung in their capacity to respond to the monstrous violations of the laws of Nature and common sense. Yes, some things are no mystery and some of us have known the truth of the matter for a long time.

The degree to which insanity has taken hold of the culture is truly profound. What do we know about insanity? We know that it is inherently self destructive and that it gets worse as it goes along, like any other disease, all of which are a symptoms of an organism out of balance and at war with itself. Whether it is an individual, or a country, it's end is certain, unless corrective steps are taken. The degeneration of the culture, is exemplified in the sort of leaders that frolic about like ambulatory cowpies. As I've said, I've got no opinion on what people do behind closed doors, so long as it doesn't involve mass murder, or any of the other horrendous crimes being performed by the self styled elite, upon a stupefied and obliging public. Still, it's always useful to explore the possible reasons why any number of world leaders are disposed to do what their Central Banking Israeli masters tell them to. Obviously blackmail is playing a big part in the manipulation of politicians, throughout the western nations and when that isn't operative, the promise of riches and corporate position, are wagged in front of their beady little eyes and greedy little hearts for future consideration.

In any case, things of this sort are surfacing all over the internet and surprisingly 72% of Americans believe it is happening. It all goes back to the dual national neocons at PNAC and to other devilish plots that preceded that. The Zio-owned press is pretty clear about what they think and it is obvious that there is no depth or depravity to which they will not stoop. When you are genetically predisposed to killing tens of millions of people and when genocide is your primary directive, it stands to reason that you will stop at nothing. It is amazing how many of the evil deeds performed on this planet, in recent memory, can all be traced back to the same sources.

It is difficult to talk about the good that is unseen in the atmosphere, all around us, because it is unseen. Of course, good surfaces every day, in thousands of different ways, in the actions and words of those who have committed themselves to their humanity, rather than the growling beasts of appetite, who are curried and stroked by the mass of the population. Eventually these beasts can grow to a considerable size, at which point they make the majority of decisions, in whatever life they have become preeminent in. There is only one way to gain mastery over these energies and that is to stop feeding them. This makes them angry and they can become scary and intimidating for a bit but we are always stronger than they are. This is something we need to assure ourselves of because our appetites are not going to tell us this. I am presently engaged in saying goodbye to a practice I have engaged in for a very long time. It can truly be a beast and difficult to be quit of but that is only for so long as one is uncertain of one's determination to accomplish this separation. If one is convinced that the decision has been made, it can be managed with no great difficulty. If one is not convinced, it is agonizing and unlikely to be successful. Just about anything that is life changing has to be engaged with one's whole heart. Nothing else is effective.

If you're going to be bad, you should be really, really bad and the same applies to being good. One of the truths about existence that does not seem to penetrate many minds is that you cannot take anything with you when you leave here and any appetites and desires that have not been mastered, will attend your departure as heavy weights upon you. It's kind of like trying to make your way into outer space. When space programs send rockets off planet, the rockets have booster components that are much bigger than the rest of the unit. It takes a lot of force and power to get out of Earth's atmosphere. Very similar principles apply when you leave this life. There are many densities of atmosphere between here and the more rarefied zones. The higher you can go, the longer you can stay. A lot depends on what you have accomplished here too; what you have been in the service of.

You head in the direction of what you are magnetized by, just as it pulls you and pushes you around on this plane, it does the same on the next plane and more... appetites, desires, convictions, beliefs, these become as powerful as you have allowed them to become and you find yourself surrounded by others of similar predisposition. It is as if there are hundreds of different ballrooms, prisons, cities, wildernesses, you name it ...and each of them has many, many or fewer inhabitants, who share a common taste and a common theme. The internet is like this. There are whole areas of the internet where you have never gone and which you have no interest in. There are others who spend a large part of their every day there. It's like sex. Some people can only gain the release they seek from experiencing pain or causing pain. Some must dress up. Some need a variety of props. These days, normal is an endangered species and if things keep going the way they are, it will soon be against the law as well. They're hard at work toward making it happen. Of course, this Aloysius Fosdyke is another of those Sorcha Faal constructs, the same way that this is a staged Romper Room level street drama. It's a sad commentary on contemporary human intelligence that people will watch this kind of thing and not realize what a pathetic amateur hour they're looking at. It's much like the people who think this robot whore has their best interests at heart. There's no question he's working for the dark side, just like there is no question that his daddy, like John Kerry was, is a stalking horse, siphoning off the hopes, dreams and finances of the terminally duped. Hope dies hard and this is a bad problem with people. Once they've invested a certain amount into one cardboard cut-out or another, they refuse to see what is ...because they don't want to look a fool so... more fool they.

This is the point of all the multipronged efforts on the part of those who oppress and abuse their fellows; keep humanity in a confused and weakened state. This is the actual reason for stoking the fires of perverted and low level appetites. This is the point of the devolution schemes and the elevation of the bestial consciousness over the human. Once they are able to take things to a certain point, the bulk of humanity will be prepared to believe that no matter how twisted the circumstances get, it's what they wanted all along.

A big part of the problem is the generation of vipers factor. The same way a certain generation materialized to fill the ranks during the greed is good '80s and who still think Reagan was a great leader, another generation has now come into play that exists only for the hedonistic expression of vile desires and the pursuit of self interest. So long as there are people who care so little about their fellows and can see a profit out of vampire Hell Bitches like Margaret Thatcher, counterpointed by people so impossibly stupid that they can see advantages for themselves, in something where there is no advantage whatsoever and where, indeed, there is nothing but loss to be found, well, it will continue and continue until... there is no one to continue along that route, in any case.

I'll close with a graphic example that everyone still breathing should keep very much in mind, or quite possibly, the next time you have a breathing apparatus it will be somewhat closer to the ground. Every single moment of life is weighed in the cosmic scales against timeless imperatives. Imagine that you generate a bead of a different color depending on the quality of your speech and action, continuously as you go. Imagine that there are 3 colors, let's say white, black and gray. Arbitrarily we'll say the white is good, the black is bad and the gray is neutral. If you've got some kind of PC virus you can switch the white and black beads. It's only for the sake of argument anyway. At the end of your course of life and... no one knows when their cassette tape will run out, even in terminal status, you don't really know, your beads get added up. For all the things we think we know, we don't know very much, on that point I assure you. No matter that the beads are a metaphor, something like that exists and it behooves us one and all to keep this in mind. Whatever the mistakes of the past might have been, enormous strides in the right direction can be made in very short periods of time. It is a tragedy, both global and personal that so few of us are motivated to that end. We only find out how great that tragedy really is when we reach the end of any particular segment. We never do actually reach any kind of enduring end, except under the most unique circumstances.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

the allegorical imperative is just that . . .

could it be the braindeadgoy public is hamstrung in their capacity to respond to the monstrous violations of the laws of Nature and common sense. . .

that allows for the butchering of the language by the carnivores who print currency...

simply because they are so extra special....?

I love it when a plan comes together...

Sunshine is the best disinfectant

{Talmud printed 500AD/ Islam 640AD /
Khazars 740AD} ???




Anonymous said...

The following is one hell of a read (pun intended) - and "Aloysius Fozdyke" didn't write it. Read it, then try to tell yourself there's no truth in it (it's about Satanism, who the major players are, what their techniques are, and how it has spread, rapidly, especially in the last few decades) - and it also explains what Israel allegedly is all about (a cutout lapdog for the Satanists), but hey, who's on top is a matter of opinion (and if you don't know who's on top, your opinion isn't worth shit anyway) -

(Copy and paste will work here - copy the link, paste it into your browser; I'm not HREF-ing any links in here - lol - you gotta do the work, and you'll only do the work if you're interested, and you'll be interested only if it's your time to get interested.)


Laura said...

Many "pertinent" points of wisdom expressed, dear Vis ~ thank you! Warm wishes of ease and flow as you let go of your long standing practice.

With love, in grace ~

the gardener said...

Most of the dirtiest works concerning the selective annihilation of great masses of the public for the profit of the few, are done in the dark... light shined upon them just makes them more determined to go under the covers to get what they want accomplished.

RE: your "learning something new everyday"

I never knew that it was Aldrich's daughter who immediately married into the Rockefeller mob and produced the five sons from utter hell.

And the arranged marriages for wealth consolidation and power continue on to these times, of course, as Al/Tipper Gore's daughter married into the Schiff family.

Very inter and in bred factions here ruling this planet to its death in all ways possible and inconceivable to most to realize.

Most of us know that Senator Lindbergh (father of aviator Lindberg) was a very vocal opponent of these monsters taking over and selectively destroying the countries and people of the world with their financial murders and war murders... we all know that Lindberg's son was kidnapped and found murdered.

Smith College, then and now, is the female counterweight to Yale. Their daddies being the 'diplomats' and money men producing females for the males to breed with. Lindberg's wife was a 'Smithy'... as was her sister. As was Julia Child and Gloria Steinem.

I worked for a Smith girl for a long time and read all their quarterly alumni mags etc... Nancy Reagan and Babs Bush Smith girls too. (who'd think?)... but these mobsters have plans... and no matter how much any of the players may resist or refuse to go along with particular anti-life schemes and plots they will find out who holds the powers over their lives.

The 60s were really good for breaking up a lot of these controlled families and their forced and arranged marriages.

Availed those with a conscience and a heart to split out of the loop. Not marrying and not breeding for the benefit of the mobs.

the gardener

Sim said...

To Anon who who left a comment about "Speedbumps" on Vis' most recent Smoking Mirrors posting: it's track no. 7 of 7 on Visible's "Pope of Rock and Roll" album and you'll find the full 13 minute+ version of the track on this page.

(That page will be changing address soonish though, as all Vis' music pages are due to be moved: (currently they are at - they will migrate (once I can find a spare half-year :-) to plain old

So please go spend a dollar and the song is yours - or buy the whole album for $6.50. And tell Vis I sent ya ;-)

wiggins said...

Like you say, some strange bedfellows in the Picture Gallery but, fascinating at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity to view it.

McKenna Fan said...

All You Zombies, listen up!

McKenna Fan said...

Because this is the situation, very soon.

McKenna Fan said...

And that just makes me think like this.

McKenna Fan said...

Those songs seem like a kind of trilogy to me.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Secret, the masonic belief system that all high ranked masons hold believing they will receive eternal life by committing pedophile child abuse.

This perhaps explains why so many priests in so many religions are both freemasons and pedophiles. Sodomizing young boys is a satanic practice for Freemasons.

the gardener said...

the photo site of strange bedfellows was an amusing one but WHO is Amy Poehler? She was all over the new ones. The one with Bardot at the table 68/69 outdoors in the Sun shine... the lighting reminding me of the times when our Sun was yellow not this blinding white that it is right now.

How SMALL so many of the stars are... Judy Garland was a childlike 4'11" -Mickey Rooney standing next to her in one shot wasn't much taller. Princess Leia same size with Mark not much taller than she. Funny that.

Saturn in Scorpio just went direct-since going retro Feb 18... right prior and proper to the New Moon in Cancer. Whole lot of water going on.

Woke up lol at that funny series of pic comparisons between Putin and Obama "Putin controls his dog without a leash, Obama's dog walks him"... that was so funny of a pics comparison. lol

It's the 7/11 today-hope we all roll some good numbers for fortune today.

the gardener

the gardener said...

RE: Anon's "The Royal Secret, the masonic belief system that all high ranked masons hold believing they will receive eternal life by committing pedophile child abuse."

You've summed up in a sentence why they do what they do... but 'eternal life' or immortality here on this plane? Somewhere along with Vis' photo spread link (never did find the one with Tesla and Twain-and it was Tesla's birthday yesterday too!) was the site for child movie/tv stars by decades... went back in time to the 20s and 30s and was so amazed at how many of them lived to their late 80s and 90s. hmmm

the gardener

Anonymous said...

I don't care about gays. Live and let live. When it comes to sex what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is nobody else's business. Just don't force people to do things they don't want to do and leave the kids out of it.

Next to the Bible the most influential book of western culture is probably Plato's Dialogues. It is clear when reading this text that 'boy-loving' was popular pastime in ancient Greece.

Greed, injustice, corruption and murder are the price of civilization. Perhaps civilization itself is a perversion and abomination and the reason why so many of us are in such misery.

I have heard it said that science is a dead end. I am starting to think that might not be so far from the truth.


Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit off topic but could somebody tell me which one is Rachel Maddow and which one is Chris Hayes? I really would like to know who I am getting my "news" from.

JJ Fumbduck

neal said...

I don't know, maybe those that are not really from around here, should maybe not lust so much. It is a mess when some lust after their ancestors, maybe that was a son or daughter, dude, that could be your mother.

Those kinds of twins used to be easily torn apart, maybe not so much in this place. You know, the ones out first usually get screwed by those deals, maybe a fading situation, more explosions, and beheading, stuff that gets talked around in polite company.

Visible said...

I didn't know who Amy Poehler was either. Apparently she was/is one of those Saturday Night Live hacks. The Twain Tesla photo is toward the very end.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-
The Last Gasp Monsters and the Zones of Transition.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain was a helluva guy - literally. He was one of the founders of Bohemian Grove -

I'm sure it was all folksy when Twain founded it. Huck and Tom and the rest of the crew came by, and they roasted marshmallows and drank moonshine. Mm-hmm.

Visible said...

"I'm sure it was all folksy when Twain founded it. Huck and Tom and the rest of the crew came by, and they roasted marshmallows and drank moonshine".

It's always best when innuendo is sourced from hard data. Failing that it's just innuendo and speculation and very much the tactics of the dark side, simply slander without provenance. Anyone looking into the truth of the matter knows that it was a writer's club initially for those of bohemian aspect and simply a place in San Francisco for them to meet; so far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Below excerpt taken from

"Twain was a Freemason. He belonged to Polar Star Lodge No. 79 A.F.& A.M., based in St. Louis. He was initiated an Entered Apprentice on May 22, 1861, passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on June 12, and raised to the degree of Master Mason on July 10."

So we have a Freemason (of a very high stature, most likely; I doubt he stopped at Master Mason - lol), who founded Bohemian Grove, a place where the big-wigs of society now go to rape, defile and murder people (including children), and worship Satan.

Nothing wrong with that, eh? Doesn't implicate Twain in any way, doesn't raise a slight doubt, nope, nothing to see here, move along...

Keep peddling that Kool-Aid to the Profane, Visible.

I totally get where you're coming from.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

If when reading Mark Twain a person is unable to soak up the finest human qualities and perhaps even sip a little divine spice, then they're not reading hard enough.

Visible said...

Once again, just anonymous speculation. And... as I've said many times, there's nothing wrong with the majority of Masons. This is witch-burner rhetoric; these things that seethe with anger and rage at those we know nothing of. Furthermore, Twain wasn't even brought up in any context except as far as being in a photograph; you decided that was indicating p[raise and support where nothing was said except how interesting that he and Tesla were friends.

According to your logic, this also means Tesla was a Satanist via the 'birds of a feather' rule. I don't have a gut ruled by cold and venomous hate, arbitrarily unleashed in any and all directions.

Many fine and wonderful people have been Masons. Masonry is neither good nor bad but made so by the quality of the heart of the practitioner. Once again, this is the kind of logic where when someone comes across a piece of spoiled beef, the person says "why, this meat must have always been spoiled and all beef is thereby poisonous by extension"

Visible said...

Here's an example of someone who sees monsters everywhere.. this is also someone who knows all there is to know about women and what is good for them and who brings up all sorts of twisted lies in the defense of Jewish interests and very much believes in Antisemitism as a real condition or tool used in oppressing Jews when they aren't even Semitic and if they were then antisemitism would be an absolutely valid perspective for anyone with a love of truth.

Meanwhile, once again, Twain wasn't brought up in any context except being in a photograph. It's seriously disingenuous to extrapolate from that to the consideration that someone was pushing him as a paragon of anything. However, as far as I'm concerned the world is a better place for him being in it.

Meanwhile, cherry picking about The Bohemian Club, many many years before any of a certain type of associations surfaced concerning it, for the purpose of spurious argument fleshed out with unsubstantiated projections is just wasting everyone's time and isn't going to convince anyone of anything. It's known as 'shit-stirring'

Anonymous said...

Dear Monsieur Visible.

I am one of your many fans in the UK where there are apparently 11 CCTV cameras for every citizen. Well I guess there is some sort of irony in that, given that 1984 was written by a fellow Brit and our current government ##spits vehemently## seems to think this was a "how to" guide rather than a work of fiction. “Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….”

I will admit, being a gay man, I used to feel a certain chagrin at your comments regarding the gay community. But, lo and behold, as soon as I started to do a little research I found that all the major gay rights charities are run by the Ashke-nazis. As the yanks would say - "Go figure."

However, I would also say this: if anyone thinks a person would choose to be gay then they're an absolute nutter. "Walk a mile in my shoes..." and all that.

It would be nice to see a few more triumphs for the lightworkers over the followers of Satan but, as you said, he is actually the chief prosecutor as well as their main witness - what beautiful irony.

Thanks for keeping me sane in these dark luciferian days, and hopefully I'll see you one day at the commune you are creating. I am a cellist and pianist and if a couple of movements of the Elgar will keep a roof over my head then I'm there with bells on!

Until that time, may the angels protect you and keep you safe.

Richard Taylor, London.

Visible said...

Well... I have to walk a thin line with that particular equation. At least you see what my concern is. A Cellist and a Pianist. You don't see that too often. Cello is my favorite classical instrument.

Richard P. Taylor said...

Not really - Dad loved jazz and Mum loved classical so ended up learning 2 instruments that bridge the gap.

There is nothing I find more moving than the final movement of the Elgar, played by du Pré, and only her. Once perfection has been created it cannot be improved upon. I believe it was Tortelier who said of her "what burns twice as bright burns half as long."

I'm sure everyone on this blog saw the recent Bilderbugger debacle which took place a few miles down the road from me. The one positive thing I took from it was the shameful Alex Jones interview on the BBC - if anyone was still in any doubt as to whether or not he is actually working for The Powers Who Think They Are they now have their answer.

Right, I won't clutter up the comments with any further whimsy. Please feel free to put my name rather than anonymous.

Visible said...

Your name was included in the last comment. It just occurred at the end.

Anonymous said...

your new blog on visable oregami is being blocked here in the u.k vis

Visible said...

That is surprising isn't it? However, Origami has been blocked in various places. Smoking Mirrors was blocked for awhile in China and now it's not. I just get up each day and try to do my best; can't really do more, whether people see my work or not.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano.

the gardener said...

Many years ago I was cruising through some old East Sierra burg and stopped to get gas where they had a really old local market v the corporate convenience store which is why I stopped there in the first place (love those old stores and bars and stuff)... there was a rack with all kinds of thin books by Mark Twain about his visits and works in the area. Never realized he had been there TOO... in the mad scuffle shuffle to evacuate leaving all of my books and most of my personal stuff behind due to court orders, that series of books is out of my possession but I remember one of them talking about 'his brother in law who was the governor of the territory of Nevada'... which also surprised me as I hadn't ever investigated the rest of "Mark Twain"'s family.

Seemed like it would have been a sister of Clemons who married a man who got into the governance of the Wild Wild West... hence Twain's wanderings and workings in CA... up in the Bay area where the Bohemian writer's club was located.

Many 'writers' clubs back in that time.

I have been long convinced that behind everyone 'whose names we all know' there are connections better left undiscovered if you 'like or love' a celebrity or famous person. I've delved into connections with many for many years-like this weird little connection...

How many know that the QUAID brothers were first cousins with SHARON TATE?

That info makes what Randy Quaid has stated-legally and regularly-about 'star whacking' to steal the assets and more importantly... the royalties of those who garner them through their works. hmmm "royalties" isn't that a funny term for what they are?

Those who've been ripped off but live to tell the tales have done something to disobey the masters and mistresses of those who've put them where they are or were.

Watching a rousing play round of 'Blondie' hit songs and interviews the other day, I came across a few where Harry and her partner talked about the 'millions of their monies that were ripped off by cheating lying money managers'... "It's gone" Harry said... 'and no way to find it or track the thefts down"... just gone.

Something similar happened to both Twain and Tesla in my familiarized assessments. Both were very much alone in their last days. Twain had his most beloved daughter die... I think several of his daughters died and his wife. That one photo of him in his last years with the little kitten provokes the same feelings from me as the stories about Tesla and his pigeons.

I have always loved and resonated with the man called "mark twain"... I considered him to be the stereotypical Sagittarius man.

I will endeavor to explore Twain's times and do an astro investigation of him and his life as well.

With Tesla there were so many hard core dark side players in his world-I got the feeling that only if he bent over would they allow him to continue living on this realm.

On Robert Phoenix's radio show of Friday-we were able to touch on Tesla a bit-Robert knows quite a bit more about the situations with Tesla than I do... brain picking time. Robert said that Twain's "Mysterious Stranger" was about Tesla... and Tesla's past life problems that he'd come to rectify but instead just gave the monsters the tools laid out for them to use against yet another world full of people. sigh... hopefully Robert will do a good investigative posting on those of that particular tribe-the inventors of the late 19th century.

This all is important info to know since 'education' in this country is a testing field to glean out all the brilliant ones, the genius ones, the different ones. The general attitude is to drug and destroy those out of their loop and unavailable to be fully used and abused for any creations they have that could set a few billion on earth free from the control and stupid idiotic anti-life controllers.

the gardener

xtiml said...

hello lesvisible, I haff zumting you may find amusing or informative or maybe even what type of loping interloper I practice or do so to speak,in relation to spreading uncomfortable facts to my fellow humans here on earth,goyta do my bit eh? vell so be it.anyways. I went to the link for the cracked magazine you had up here and got lost on that site for 3 or 4 hours finding it amusing but butt ah also it reeks of a smug shittinessd that is clear.and i aint smug er nuttin but well lets see here. so they had a by line that of famous lines left out of songs s o i read the one on irving berlin who wrote white chriostmas how it actually was he hated being here in kali kornie for christmas so he wrote it er soem thing like that. well i posted a commentthat since he was a jew hje probably did not think about chrisatmas much and from what the jews talmud says of jesus boiling in sdemen and his mother is there too being done up as well.and the point was removing jesus from the agenda and switching it to a holiday with santa and trees decortations and all that retail marketing fer dem jooz as vell.well I gotr a flood of responses none very original or uniquebut the standard responses(I suspect these people are not i get the same shit soemtimnes when i am feeling holy and rersponsible to pass out info to people while i play texas hold em on line and same shit like they take it personally when i tell them um vaccines are poison dont let your kids get them or yourself,or asking them is it curious who owns all the mass media and skews you into their mind screw and info them on who owns it and a shit load of other shit they run or have influence incomparable anyweaysi usually dont get any one who ever makes the cjhoice to go see for themselves, soemthing i did do when pointed in that direction also being tiffed they had me thinking the holocaust was real and brimnwshed me when i was in the 3 grade in 62 or thewre a boutsof course once you find out that lie the house of cards starts coming apart quite nicely at least for oneself as one ammasses all the evility and well yuou know., also when i went there the first time they had a thing on conspiracy theories 9/11 and so fourth and they were buyinhg it which i was a little surprised at so i wrote down what i knew in to be the main points but it all got eresed due to a error of registration er sumpin.MAD magazine was funny too and cracked was a late inferior conternder back then but it is a pretty good site for me to go to when bored and not getting attention where i can easily pick up 7 emails that denigrate my state of mind,or forgive me for being retarded,or or what ever the point being he was a jew and jews dnt like hesus and dont celebrate christnas rather reverse ya trink? hahaha,it is rare one find someone who takes the initiative and goes off to their shattering realization that onew has been had bad .well one must make adjustments in this life and the truth must be amalagamated(lol) into ones miental and or being bean to get anywhere as you know the golden rule say to thine own self be ... well taint the golden rule but the real rule or having tooo many unreal thoughts abvout yourself and who you are is not nice to have false ideas about oneself is it one must keep them to a minimum or have none at all which is part of the hi way or lo way such as it may be well i wax verbose so i must close I will now go to cracked magazine again and do a holocaust search , that will be amusing I should think. hahahaha best regards

xtiml said...

god damnit i just lost a big ole comment i wrote on my adventures at cracked magazine it was funny too i thought or maybe amusing was about the songs missing lines and i made a comment on irving berlins white christmas,how since he was a jew he didnt think much about jesus except what the talmud says he boid in semen and mary is getting her share of pain there with him, and how switching the day from jersus to trees and santa klaus and buyinhg shit was a way to take jesus out of his own holiday . well i got a lot of responses none unique and all similar as allways brains are stamped out like the good jew mind screw process runnoing smoothly. any ways I shall now endeavor to return to crascked magazine and do a holocaust search and see what i can frazzle the good denizens there with a few facts or choice pieces of prime truth its a yuck at lerast and who knows I might hook some one oiut of the morass a shit they in, have helped abnout three people i think over the years so well better n nuttin I guess. ok bye bye regards,



Joseph Brenner

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