Monday, July 15, 2013

Ass-Hats and Mulligan Stew from my Inbox too.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ah... these are interesting time, in a Chinese sort of a way. Some lady jumped out of my Inbox to read me the riot act about Jesus Christ. What is it about Christians? They are always looking for an argument or a fight and they are as hard nosed as it gets, about Jesus being the ONLY way. Christ himself said, “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so”. Basically he was saying; let's get a quote from visible in here, “There are many roads up the mountain but... once you get to the top, you can see all of the ways down (or 'up', if you prefer)”. My feeling is that this desire for argument and conflict comes out of a basic insecurity in understanding. I didn't even know what she was talking about. Of course, I get so many emails, sometimes they just run together in a kind of Mulligan Stew.

Then, a long time reader, out of nowhere, without any provocation I am aware of, unloaded on me with such a denigrating screed, as I have not experienced since, frankly, I can't remember when. Nor did he make the connection between what he said and the effect it had on me; one of the most surreal cases of cognitive dissonant disconnect that I've ever seen.

I have explained many times about the tenor and intended (on purpose) personality of these blogs. I've said it was my intent to respond to comments (when I do, which isn't often) differently at different blogs. Visible Origami was supposed to be the softest, then Smoking Mirrors would be less soft, then Petri Dish, the least soft. I had it in mind from the beginning that I would seek to be a regular guy, someone who could portray the gamut of human emotions, which would provide a learning atmosphere for all of us. I also did it to avoid that guru thing, which has followed me around ever since my monumental Kundalini experience at the age of 21 and which stayed at a particular intensity for at least three years before it integrated back into the ordinary landscape, sort of. This wasn't one of those Osho type of forced energy shaking, or any kind of momentary or sporadic events, that lasted for an afternoon, or an evening. So I wound up having followers wherever it was that I was and that never stopped, as my trip in India pointed up once again, most recently. Because, early on, I could see this would happen to some degree at the blogs and because I do not feel that I am at the level that some people believe me to be, I have purposely acted out, to my greater misfortune, on a regular basis. This was stupid on my part but I didn’t know what else to do. I've managed to do away with that now but former damages done will probably always be there. It's small comfort that I was proven right in each circumstance, as far as the hidden agendas of the involved personalities went, followed by the awful irony that I have forgiven all the way around and remain unforgiven all the way around. So it goes.

Some very weird things have been going on. That's not all that strange, considering that they are happening in my life, which is a pretty strange place to begin with... but even so, I am at a loss to account for the meaning of these things. I've mentioned the two following occurrences before. I feel compelled to mention them again. I had a friend in the area here. He'd been a contributor to my work for a couple of years and then I discovered he lived right around the corner and we began to do things together; tramp through the woods, go to rock festivals and occasionally have dinner at his house when some of my guests were in town and he'd come by my place at least once a week if not more. When I knew I had to get out of India I wrote him and he said, “Great! Look forward to getting together”. I got back and he was unreachable. I had decided he was dead or in the hospital, until I accidentally miss dialed a number and got him on the phone. He had nothing to say. There was no event, nothing happened and... the silence is deafening.

A person who had been reading the blogs for some time invited me to a country in South America. It was the place I had wanted to go for a long time. We had positive communications back and forth. Then, without warning and with no event, he shut me off, although he still comes to the blogs each day. As Sherlock once said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbably, must be the truth”. So... I've got certain speculations that come to mind but... I'll keep them to myself for the moment.

I'm talking about these things now because there is this undeniable resonance between certain of the readers and myself so... some threads of similarity run betwixt and between all of us. This is meant to imply that I've been getting all kinds of emails about strange goings on at far removes. These are different kinds of strange but strange, none-the-less. What this tells me is that the planetary rubdowns have gone through a bit of pitch-shifting lately, creating some previously unseen harmonics in our particular solar system, which means, even more kinds of strange. I have no idea what's going on with this. What I do know is that mysterious planets were announced some time ago and now...? Now we have a mysterious planet, who, so far as I know, does not have the first name of Janet.

Regardless of the momentary distraction of not know what the Helsinki is going on, I'm not much discomfited or negatively moved, by that which I only gave a portion of my attention to. I'll admit that one of the events hurt my feelings; what few of them remain but that was just a passing surface wound.

Lately, I've been feeling, by turns, down and dismayed (early yesterday) and then ebullient (like today) for no know reasons, well, the 'down and dismayed' came about by having my focus forcibly fixed on potential negatives that might seem insurmountable, given the narrow time frame and my own ineffectiveness. However, I am not the one who has to surmount. I'm the one who has to be mounted, in a platonic sense, of course.

Today I was swept up in such a positive frame of mind, I was singing from room to room. There was no particular reason for me to feel that way. It was a couple of octaves above the ebullience of other recent ebulliences, if I remember correctly. I could have said that it had to do with stopping smoking. No. What it was, was a view opened in my subconscious, showing a future time, which I could not see in a conscious zone but could experience the reflection of it on the astral plane, which I did, thank you very much. I'm guessing some not insignificant number of us have been 'balls to the wall' over recent times, to such an extent that we've grown somewhat depressed and concerned, that's how it is in these times. So many of us believe that the big problem is external activities, working contrary to the public interest, without hindrance. The truth is that it is our internal states that are our biggest concern. This is the main determinant of our passage anywhere. It's like that conversation between Frodo and Bilbo, in which Bilbo says, if I am remembering correctly, something to the effect that one must be careful setting out upon the road, that the road right outside their door could lead anywhere, even to the gates of Mordor itself. It's our mental state that determines how we go and has a great deal to do with where we go.

Our minds are being hijacked by a group of concerted fiends. In some cases the hijacking has been accomplished already. In other cases the effort continues. Some of us are immune, for one reason or another. Usually it indicates some degree of heavy protection; having friends in high places, or so it is rumored. We've spent our lives making various associations. Sometimes it is from affection and sometimes from antipathy. Sometimes, most times, it involves one or another of our fellow travelers but... sometimes it involves travelers from the road less traveled, or in my case Les traveled. What we appreciate most in our friends is loyalty, without it you cannot call anyone friend, in truth. The same can be said of those from les visible spaces. They demand loyalty. You can't call any of them friends without it.

It can be said that, in this day and age, there are several things that are in short supply; manners and loyalty are two of them. Still, it doesn't matter if most of the world does not possess them or care about them. What matters is if you do. Before we can meet our own standards, we first have to have standards and generally our standards are set according to the level of our self interest, whether we are laboring for the common good, or for a personal good. Sometimes, people with more idealism than integrity, set impossible standards and fail to meet them. This eventually transforms them into a caricature and often a buffoon. Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the ass-hats at Fucked News, are examples of people who demand high standards, pretend to live by them and wind up exposing themselves as garden variety hypocrites. Integrity and having a personal code can make you unfit for all kinds of employments these days.

Yes, I've been talking all around things as is sometimes my wont. This is in the hope that what I am trying to say will somehow make its way to the reader from between the lines and the necessary resonance will be engaged. I wish you all the very best on this day following yesterday, on it's way to tomorrow. I'll see you there if there is one.

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Anonymous said...

Peace b upon u Les.
U are getting there I respect your truth. My truth is that iaM sure that the time to come has come. On the island waiting 4 the sky to rain rocks. May the force b with u always.

dirtykid© said...

I don't know how you manage to separate your 3 main blogs... It appears to work and all 3 of them seemingly take stabs at similar topics from different angles...

Maybe it's this trifecta/trinity effect that throws people off.

Admittedly, my own rantings sometimes take on a seemingly other persona (at least when I look back on them myself), but I am not so 'in control' of such to be able to rotate them according to the day of the week as you appear to be.

If it helps, sorry about your friend turning invisible, then being verbally incapacitated in a lack of excuse for the former... Some friendships are simply transitory once they cease being mutually beneficial, meaning they weren't really friendships, they were parasites.


Annie said...

Les......just wanted to offer an uplifting thought....I have it on "Good Authority" that Armageddon has already been fought on the subtle levels, and won hands-down by the Forces of Light. So...what we are now witnessing on the material levels is the echo of the battle and the last rotten breath of the defeated. I have to remind myself of this quite often because there is a tendency for those who are spiritually sensitive to feel great anguish at times...the heart is sometimes very strained with the effort to remain in balance on this planet of pain and suffering. Someday, if wisdom prevails, we will all learn through Joy and Creativity, rather than pain and suffering. My Heart goes out to you! Best light to all who are heart-centered (and pretty darn smart also....)

grassapelli said...

When standards are set on utility value, you can be generous and extend the utility of others.
But, when standards are set on esthetics...well, some things are just plain ugly, aren't they?

That may or may not make much sense. I'm just not seeing much esthetic value in what is often put before us.

Then again, I'm a sucker for a good story.

missingarib said...

Vis, whatever language we use we chose words to identify persons according to their significance to our lives .The word identifier is often maliciously used to denigrate and diminish the personality or import of a person .
Teacher,mentor,guru, saint ,bodhisattva ,Buddha all invoke the embodiment of such a being -that said (if I may) I consider you a teacher ,essayist ,a neo renaissance man.

A whisper-so it must often seem- in the dark of the kali yuga.

We are keen to listen and consider your observations.

"The Guru, being like the Dharma-Kaya (aggregate of all enlightened beings) is like the expanse of the sky.

Upon the face of the sky, the Clouds of Good Wishes of the Sambhoga-Kaya (aggregate of overseeing deities in heaven worlds) gather.

From the Clouds in the expanse of sky, descend the flowery showers of the Nirmana-Kaya (Great Teachers incarnated on Earth)

These falling on the Earth unceasingly, nourish and ripen the harvest of Saved Beings.


live long

Anonymous said...

Les, magnetic north has shifted about 15 degrees east in the last 40 years. The sun sets in the NNW now. I stood in the identical place I used to stand as a kid and I remember where the sun set and where mag north was 40 years ago. Both have shifted clockwise. Both the sunset point and mag north have moved clockwise.


mick said...

Oh, that just sounds like bad Mercury retrograde stuff.

May you always keep singing, Les. Your writing always helps me.

Is God handing you that guitar, or is He showing you how to play a new chord on it?

Anonymous said...

Visible, I think one of the reasons why you might have some people dropping off of your "friends" list is because you are so consistent. You never criticize others for having beliefs that are different from your own; you never attack people who attack your own belief systems; you constantly and demonstrably maintain an open mind; and you handle personal criticism very well. In short, you are always on an extremely even keel. And most people find it very hard to be that consistent in their own lives. So they attack you, out of sheer jealousy, over their non-spiritually elevated status.

Tyler Vincent said...

Aloha Visible, well my dim witted comment was poorly written and, although I was sincerely seeking answers from you, it could have been done better and I obviously was not in a solid state of mind. It could be due to the planets in part, I will post a follow up on that. I wish that I had been more mindful about what I said and how I said it. I did not intend to hurt you, I didn't realize the effect it would have. It could be that I am dealing with entities (or mind hijackers as you suggest) that are encouraging myself and others to act in a certain way in order to learn something, because at the core of all of it must be a teaching or a divine lesson... so perhaps I am learning about some of my own problems that I have with ego and entities. Even so, it was not intended as an assault so much as constructive criticism, so it seemed at the time. Hopefully you can see this, or at least accept an apology. I've lost many friends over political disagreements of late, even palestinians who were all supporting the ouster of Assad... it really threw a wrench in my relations but I'm starting to look beyond it now and re-establish former friendships. Sometimes I figure that maybe it would be better to be kind rather than to be right... even when I know that I am right, or think it anyway. I offer you my sincere apologies.

Tyler Vincent said...

Quoting text from Willow's astrology... who I apparently seemed to have pissed off recently... says that

Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on July 13 at 8:22 a.m. CST, and it will transit the sign of the crab until August 27.

This is the planet Mars (war, aggression, action, will, direction, assertion, instinct, sexuality, desire, masculine/yang energy) taking a more roundabout tack through Cancer, the sign of its fall.

With Mars transiting Cancer, people can be more emotionally triggered than usual. They can be less rational and more easily drawn into conflicts that play on their emotions. People's actions will be rooted to how they feel in an immediate way during this transit. This creates emotionally-based behaviours that can be extremely ineffective, diffusing physical energy. And this can be capitalized on by the state to advance its agenda.

With Mars in the sign of its fall until the end of August, we can expect thwarted wills and frustrated desires to be a part of the scene. Things will not necessarily go according to plan, as our personal actions (Mars) are tied inextricably to broader sociological and political forces (Uranus/Pluto). What we want may not be what is wanted for us, from us, or through us by the universe. Or it may not be time to get what we want. This is going to make a lot of people very pissy and short-tempered, especially if they don't have the astrology as a navigational map.

Cancer has an innocence about it, but people can use this innocence (or pseudo-innocence) to fight or to avoid things that need to be dealt with during Mars in Cancer. Passive aggressiveness, denial, emotional manipulation, avoidance, and the use of family connections can all be fighting tactics during this transit, as can an aggressive desire to be seen as the most caring, the most loving, the most nurturing, the most motherly.

Mars in Cancer is a slippery placement at times and can be difficult to deal with. Understand the different pacing toward goals, accept the roundabout way, and know that the big picture is much bigger than we can even grasp at this point in time.

Peaceful Lake said...

Les, there have been times lately where I've wished I could meet you and talk about all this weirdness, and maybe figure some of it out. I've had too much bizarre stuff happen in my life to spew it out here, but what I've found is that the closer to the truth you are, the more shit you get. Life gets all the weirder when you begin to see the dark underbelly more clearly. You'll get no ad hominem attacks from me. No, just hugs, prayers and well-wishes. The bizarre ones who left your life...they were never friends to begin with. Bid them loving peace and farewell. You're doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
How very synchronistic your mention of "in my Father's house are many mansions..." as I was thinking about that just a day or two past. I thought then of goddess Freyja's Hall, great Sessrumnir, where also are many rooms, where her chosen half of the fallen heroes are taken. Odin gets the other half but I always thought I'd much prefer Freyja's place, given her charms!

But as I am a Christian who does not know all the answers but trusts in God's love and mercy, I must pass on Sessrumnir, but sure wouldn't mind visiting. We should go together, you and I.
Les, we Christians are not perfect by any means and are as equally prone to error and failings as anyone. Many are good hearted but bewildered by some error, and there are even harmful beings who may call themselves Christians to deceive. 'False flag', as it were.
Things aren't so simple, as you know.
At any rate, you are most aware and compassionate, and your orientation is towards love.
Yes, we Christians believe that no one comes to paradise but through Jesus, but I understand that to mean one does not have to profess him to get there, especially if they are uncertain, but only that he is the judge, and good-hearted ones have nothing to fear.
We look forward to the 'new heaven and the new earth' of peace and harmony. I pray I am there to see you Les.
Thanks for speaking out. I am always learn from your essays.

Visible said...

Hi Les,

I'm not sure why I can't post but it's probably operator error! I do try to post on some sites sporadically but last time I tried that in order to create a name as opposed to anonymous the site changed everything so I'm now Eudoxia Jones! I don't have an HTML my only source of comminications is email and as a general rule of mine I don't usually post simply because of troll attacks, however, I've changed my mind about this particularly now that I have plenty of time to post in lieu of me being made redundant - oh joy! I have been following your posts now for a few years and love your work and the below is what I wanted to post.

Yes the internet trolls are an interesting species. However, much like psychopaths who can only mimick human emotions trolls can only mimick being high functioning beings as opposed to low functioning persons. A low functioning person can never pretend to be a high functioning being, simply because they have no construct of that state of being so a point of reference for them is unobtainable. A high functioning being could pretend to be a low functioning person, but motivation to do so eludes me........ The point is as they are unable to exercise emotional restraint and can only berate and tear down others in an effort to exalt themselves, it stands to reason that it is only a matter of time before the mask slips and it always will. The ghouls will stop at nothing - it never ceases to amaze me how resiliant these dark souls are. Your definitions of them are so apt and that never ceases to amaze me either :-

I've given up on most alternative news sites, bar a very few. The garbage and chaos that is being stirred is almost unbearable and people keep buying this shyte. I can't be bothered being barraged by it any longer.

Keep up the excellent work Les!

SHIAMOND < Shine on you crazy diamond!


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, and right after I woke up, I was going to write Les and try and explain to you on this dream I just had. The reason being, you were there.

My inner conscience showed me in a dream that had you show a way to climb a mountain side only using you're bare hands; driving your fingers right into the cliff rock as a person pushing fingers into clay.
You also spoke about stuffed toy gorilla's and Bolivian pack camels smiling too much?? I keep a dream book for the ones that are different and what I consider to be important.

About Christians; I believe in the story of God's 'great earth project' finale of the 'final judgment,' souls claiming they are very good Christians and even getting wide-eye'd and right-in Christ's face about it are the ones Jesus said who won't see God. They ever did.

It was explained that Jesus simply won't be able to recognize them and can't be added to God's positive side. I'm guessing this might have something to do with the arrogance factor of a soul's Luciferian-like blinding ego.


Visible said...

Thanks for all the great comments people! I was dreading coming in this morning, thinking perhaps I had not crafted the posting as well as I could and also left out the cardinal item (the point), possibly leaving some readers in the dark (I never want to do that-grin).

The point was that there is an active psyops action coming on several fronts and designed and intended to unsettle those of us who are not psychopaths. I wanted everyone to be aware of that feature in these times.

Although their psychology is pretty juvenile, unless you are watchful they can temporarily discomode you; dis-'comode'? (grin). Pig toilet alert!!!

Anyway, Annie that is precisely what I was saying and why I put that verse from my song "Spread your wings", which Sim; oh he of infinite subtlety and perception then went and put as today's song on Petri Dish.

Mick; he is handing me the guitar. I always thought that was a cool thing to do, albeit pretentious, considering what a poor guitar player I am.

Peaceful Lake; we'll certainly meet at some point, if not here, then at the meeting of many rivers. I've been getting a lot of guests lately which is always fun and more to come. One fine friend is returning for my birthday next month so that should be fun

Tyler, it's forgotten. I am a little surprised that you don't get how heavy all of that was but... it's pointless for me to take too much umbrage and you have, previously (grin) been a great supporter, posting my work with Patrick here and there, which I have noticed (grin).

Yeah, the astrology... if anyone out there is among those who have given me insights in the past, I would appreci8 an update. thank you one and all and on to Origami.

I finish my novel today (Hooray!!!) and then theirs a weeks proofreading from my end and then off to Eamon the editor. Book should be out around my birthday. I was determined to make it a gift to myself. Now I can go on to Neil's collection. Some might have thought I'd back burnered that but it was always my intention to try to make it an anniversary thing.

dirtykid© said...

Oh, and you mentioned something about Christians, arm yourself with these for next time:

Anonymous said...

I only use email to hook up with people on local forums to buy stuff. That way the money goes directly to a person who needs it. Les we have one of the best blessings of all, the ability to see right through all lies and obfuscation. Our bullshit meters peg to the right when some shitheel starts reading a teleprompter. We laugh out loud at politrickians and their verbal circle jerks and wonder why the sheep fall for it hook line and sinker. When you went to school has a lot to do with it as well. An high school education from the 50-60s is probably like a college education of today. Keep on keepin' on.

the gardener said...

All of the comments are so earnest and heart tendered... I love what Annie says about those who feel 'great anguish'. Noticed the sunsets shifting too David... very disconcerting to even have THEM change and shift on you.

From that martial artist's site I posted about yesterday---his book on 'survival and self defense' first thing to do is:
"Have a Plan"

which is funny because that's what the psychopath's always have... a plan. And that's what we need. A plan, a goal and that's what's stopping me from really moving on.

I spent much of last week remembering a car I had parked in my driveway for a good seven years. Nothing less than a thousand would have gotten into a safe nice ride. Instead... I FORGOT ABOUT IT... until 20 years later! wtf is that about???

I needed a good safe decent car and not having one really jacked my life up then... but I ALREADY HAD A GREAT CAR... sitting PARKED with a newly rebuilt engine and new tires! Right there in front of my self! what the %*&$ was WRONG with me? What did I do to tell myself it 'wouldn't work?".

That's what I woke up remembering one morning last week and have dwelled on it all this time. "I already have everything I need"... that has proven true to me so many miracle filled times!

WE already HAVE everything we need-we just need to see it-have a plan-not let the insane monkey mind talk us out of what is really already there!


It has been my experience that 'setting seeds' is what is best efforts with Mercury Retrograde 3 week times. Then it goes direct and SHAZAM! Especially when it is in Cancer! like it is right now. Of course, what house of yours it is in will reveal what the deal of 'going backwards through it again for 3 times deal' is what is important to know.

It just moved from my 2nd house back to my first! So there is: Mercury, Jupiter and Mars in my first. Sun in 2nd... and a dosy doe.

I have been feeling great anguish lately. I have been feeling like I've forgotten important things-like my Peugeot parked in front of my face. I would get in it about 2x a year and clear out the cobs and give it some air. what made me think it was not viable? It was really important then not having a safe good car which I ALREADY HAD AND HAVE JUST NOW REALIZED 20 YEARS LATER.

Like a sick 'life review' AFTER death-I've been having a few of those 'rememberings' lately.

That big Star of David aspect coming up this week, Mercury direct station on the 20th, Full moon Cancer/Capricorn the 22nd. Careful and easy does it...

Praying that everyone comes home for you Vis... everyone comes in and home for you.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Silverfishsteins, Riverworlds and Virgin Sperm Dancers.

Anonymous said...

Here in Ohio, the heat index is about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. People are more irritable and don’t need much of a reason to jump on someone. My wife and I are vegetarians and also avoid all of the refined foods. We freeze in the winter, but are able to stand the heat better than most. With about a third of the people taking anti-depressants, it is best to lay low and keep quite during these times. Perhaps you are serving as a sounding board for stress relief these days. Don’t let them get you down. I look forward to reading your blogs and have found many words of wisdom in them.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Ah, sweet man with fine words, thank you!! I have been unsettled too as of late, this morning I was on the verge of tears and feeling so insecure and anxious, with no reason I could pinpoint. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that I usually tally up to being a healthy female with moon tides, has been on turbo charge lately. So again, you bring me solace to know that I am not alone in these transitory, high impact emotions.

I too have had many friends fall away in recent years and I like what DirtyKid said..."they weren't friends, but parasites". Being in a new community now, I can see the transparency of people's intentions, it is an instant game of comparisons and whose dick is the biggest, with new introductions. It is mostly nauseating, but I remind myself to respect the (my)process and keep the option open that there is a seed of genuine, a part of good within some.
Great job on not smoking! I know you have been speaking for some time about this change up and I know how challenging it is.
With gratitude and love:)

Annsie said...

Hey Visible, In my experience there are people who appear to be friends but when you need something from them they suddenly disappear,or are not available,Maybe he didnt expect you to take up the offer and go,, but you did so he suddenly disappeared...because he didnt really mean it.. My sister always tells my son he must come up and visit her she would love to see him but as soon as you try and pin down a date she always gets vague and promises to get back to you.. she never does..

Visible said...

But I didn't need anything from him and since finding out that he was okay I've pretty much forgotten about him, figuring he has his reasons and I don't really need to know what they are. I only brought it up again because it's part of a string of similar events.

Speaking of which, I just got an extremely ugly comment from a reader whose been around for some time. He's a fundie Christian and typical of those smug know it all types. If you say anything he doesn't like he lashes out.

The oddest thing was that I was going to entrust my new book to him and I just finished it today and he picked today to do this. I can only figure the ineffable had a hand in it and was protecting me from this person.

Some kind of ugly virus is going around. To top it off he started bragging about how much smarter than me he is and how he could destroy any argument I might have. He was in full ego flame. He must have been chewing on it for some time since what aroused him got said yesterday.

I've never seen it get like this but at least I have the solution and I clarified that for him.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Nearly Unendurable Stench of a Gone Dead Culture.

Anonymous said...

Les, One thing I like about your writing is that you run the gamut. There are times when your writing is cold, analytical and clinical. Then there are times you let your emotions dominate. Your emotions can be chaotic and frenzied or melancholy and resigned like this post. I get the sense you are truly bearing your heart which takes courage and shows your sincerity.

I want to thank dirty kid for his questions to Christians. I grew up in a Christian society some of my best friends are christians but I don't have a high opinion of Abrahamic religion. Personally, I think Christianity and Islam are cults on steroids. Why can't people just be decent to each other without instructions from the almighty? And even with instructions from the almighty our race still tends to act like a bunch of assholes; a bunch of mean, violent, psychopathic assholes.

Take care, Viz! I know we are not friends but I like to think we are friendly acquaintances. Your writings have really helped me to sort out a lot of my personal (personality) problems and I feel better about my life and healthier in my mind from reading your stuff.

Be Well,


Visible said...

I consider you a friend McCob, although we've never met terrestrially.

messianicdruid said...

"Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples, And said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another? Jesus answered and said unto them, Go and shew John again those things which ye do hear and see: The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me."

It makes me wonder 'why would anyone be offended at Jesus' person or teaching'?

My guess - people accepting someone's version {idol} of God [ie. the doctrines and commandments of men], taking it to be the real thing, then, being unable to forgive God for it!? A fool decides a matter before he has heard it. Rejection of idolatry is commendable. Defence of the gospel {good news} of Jesus Christ *IS* exposing idolatry, especially "churchianity".

Jesus is the only One able to deal with sin {law - less - ness 1John 3:4 [bet you never heard that one in a sermon]}. Sin made us mortal. It destroyed our "mansions" [made us subject to death]. This is the tension in creation:

Do not show up at the marriage supper of the Lamb without a wedding garment [naked] when it is freely provided for you {Matt.22:2-14}. Being able to blame hypocrites/idolaters will not be very satisfying.

Ty said...

"I have forgiven all the way around and remain unforgiven all the way around. So it goes."

Thank you Visible, I appreciate your honesty and your forgiveness, and contrary to your statement above, I (and hopefully others) forgive you and I surrender my ego, as well and any unconscious residual resentment will be released in time as I continue to work on my forgiveness towards everyone and everything that has ever done me harm, including myself. Your writings and Patrick's compilations have been and continue to be an integral part of my spiritual evolution and a necessary step towards more refined states of being, beyond the duality and pettiness of worldly affairs that have gone on and will continue to go on and on for time immemorial. The Origami pieces that I cherish will always be in the archives & when and if you ever revive the essence of Visible Origami, then so much the better.



Joseph Brenner

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