Saturday, September 21, 2019

All Potential Purple Unicorns, draw near and Lend me a Moment at Your Ear; be Careful what You Wish For.

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About 10 years ago and... it could be more, I was getting very strange sensations about Seattle. I thought something bad was going to happen there. I do, strongly suspect that one or more World Changing event(s) is/are going to take place shortly. I can't seem to shake that sensation. My life feels like it is on hiatus, or in limbo due to this sensation. It follows me around like a ghost dog. It is strong enough to make me look over my shoulder, even though I know it is not going to happen anywhere around where I am. The over the shoulder thing has to do with how radically world consciousness is going to have to reboot, shortly... whenever shortly proves to be.

That Seattle feeling is back. Of course... the sensation is in some respects, an all up and down the Left Coast thing. Life, what I see of it from a distance, in the Land of Golden Slumbers, is tearing down the highway in a Ferrari that someone sawed through the axle of ...and is leaving the following, general mechanical stress, to take care of the time and place, in respect of when and where that axle goes full schizophrenic. The level of crazy in Kalifornia has become so extreme that most things don't even raise an eyebrow anymore, in that land of air-kissing insincerity. Meanwhile, Seattle is elevating crazy to a whole new level not previously seen. Power Washing is racist! Woo Woo.

Something is brewing back in the shrubbery. Is it waiting for the dark of the night? Is it waiting to get strong enough for the broad daylight? Is it waiting... contemplating... what it can manage somewhere off camera... back in the shadows... where a thousand Rachel Maddows... are giving Ed Buck a reach around? John Podesta's in a cap and gown... graduated from Epstein University, with a degree in Advanced Perversity. He's got a diploma from Pedophile Island and they're all eating Comet Ping Pong Pizza. Yeah, they're all eating Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The human Pepperoni is evil sliced so thin, you can see right through it to that place on the other side, where you're caught in the floodlights and there is no place to hide.

Now... where was I? Right, Seattle. Seattle at a distance actually; a disrespectful and non appreciative distance. A pressure washer will not reach all the way down here. The rippling Earth, turned all bouncy castle from the coming Richter 10.5 can't reach here. The tornadoes don't come here, so far. The roving bands of Antifa thugs don't come here, so far. It's always a good idea to be somewhere that... when the fecal matter hits the whirling blades, you have time to think and strategize your next move, even if it is no move at all. Even better, still... is utter reliance upon the Supreme Controller of all Things, who manifestly, palpably exists, in direct relation to the degree of one's faith. Of course, he exists regardless but the presence seems less present, if at all.

Vaccines in Kalifornia are now mandatory if you want to go to school. I don't know if they have outlawed homeschooling yet but they're working on it. Meanwhile the streets are seasoned with shit and piss. There's no question that someone is trying to destroy the population of that once beautiful state. The evidence of autism and other afflictions, being due to toxic vaccinations, is now beyond dispute by any reasonable person. The ridiculous uproar by callow and uninformed youth, about Global Warming lies, is being lavishly funded by George Soros who is here pictured with Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg and Soros

Joined with Soros in this Satanic enterprise are Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono; the most megalomaniac entertainer of our times and whatever other infernal killer clowns there may be. Here is what happened to Willie Nelson when Soros possessed him with Satanic force.

In the interim, you have to ask yourself; why would the United Nations permit the release of something like this?

There is a lot more going on my friends than is apparent, within most people's narrow bandwidth of the senses. Let me once again post two very important statements from much earlier times;

“Whenever dharma (eternal and inherent nature of reality) declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.”


“These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.”

The first of these statements is being realized this very moment and it accounts for all sorts of otherwise inexplicable happenings, not the least of which is this apocalypse. The second statement is in operation at all times in cyclic expression. Let all good hearted souls, presently here, or anywhere, take comfort from the presence of the Avatar; as the first statement bears testimony to. Let all rational minds study long and hard upon the implications of the second statement. I know there are people who think and say, “Oh I wish I were a bird. (imprisoned on the chains of the skies) Oh, I wish I was a lion. I wish I was this, that or the other thing.” All potential purple unicorns, draw near and lend me a moment at your ear; be careful what you wish for. I will also point out, this is much like relationships forged in the magnetics of passionate embrace. Some things are much easier to get into than they are to get out of. Every lover in that limbo, where the thrill is gone, knows about this.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “those whom the God's would destroy they first drive mad.” By the day and even by the hour, it sometimes seems that this is inarguably true. Here is the latest by freethinking psycho-atheist, Richard Dawkins. Speaking of crazy, what are all of these people doing in the same room with each other? It really is all just show business, isn't it? There are millions of theories buzzing around like locusts, swarming over the green fields of reason and devouring it. Each theory is an appetite that feeds lunacy and shits darkness. None of us know what we are talking about and that is why we argue and stamp our feet and no one pays any attention because they are all waiting for their chance to speak.

Wisdom is, “I don't know.” Let the beauty and wonder of not knowing, course through you. By your visceral not knowing, you have set free the inner divinity, to inform you at every turn, whatever you need to know, at whatever time you need to know it. The old knowing is attached to the ego, that petulant child, who insists on being the center of attention and manages to accomplish being the center of its own attention and serves only to “strut and fret its hour upon the stage.” Then... poof! It's gone, off to become something else, having forgotten what it was and unconscious of what it will be, just a cork bobbing on a restless ocean, going nowhere and having no knowledge of it. Burning with passion for this idea or desire, until the next comes along. Relentlessly disappointed, shortly after acquisition is achieved, like the aftermath of an orgasm, as the glamour melts away. There is only one union worth accomplishing and we do everything we can to avoid the awareness of it because... that means the end of all of our clumsy efforts at playing God, with no idea of what God is, no idea of what we are and... everything else is seen in the context of this ignorance, so that NOTHING is seen as it is. No wonder we do such a bad job of it.

We are all seated at a banquet table, dressed in the shrouds of the grave. We are surrounded by skeletons draped in cobwebs. We are captivated in a looping dream of riotous excess, living in the echo of what never was. On and on we dream. We wake up when we die. Then... how long will that last? Highways run in every direction, up and down, in and out of each other, always curving back to where they began and the fool wanders the courses of the distances that imagination charts to the impetus of desire. Like moths incinerated in the flame, it achieves no purpose, it has no purpose, there has never been more than one purpose and millions and billions of years stand as resounding testimony to the truth of it.

You cannot tell anyone. Try your best but it will be to no avail. Sometimes there is a serendipity to fortune and a synchronous resonance occurs. It seems like an accident but there are no accidents. Oddly enough, it is always in times like this when it happens and you can both hear and say something and be poleaxed by its having happened, having been communicated, against all odds. Of course, you always expect it to happen, even though it never does but that changes nothing. You keep at it. You're sure that this time you will reach someone and they will get what you are saying. Who knows why it happens when it does happen? It could be nothing more than you having stopped for a moment and finally listened to what you yourself were saying.

Well, personally, I don't know. Anything important that I ever heard, I heard long after I could have said anything back to the one who said it to me. Of course, I am not talking about the voices in my head, that's a whole other thing.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Today we have a Petri Dish Potpourri of the Strange, the Bizarre and the Wonderful.

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Today, instead of a Petri dish we are going to employ Petri Potpourri. This is when we make a posting Jambalaya of thoughts and images, experiences and events that have crossed the screen of Visible's attention, across the suspension bridge attention span, that goes from focus to object to identification, which is the appearance that was shaped by my mind, in its focus contact with the object of attention, as the focus of attention shifts from one thing after another, just as it does in the minds of everyone in possession of one.

Out of confusion, clarity. That is visible's answer to E Pluribus Unum or... “out of the many, one.” In essence, what we are saying is that it is our hope that out of this potpourri, there might appear a singular unifying chord of consistency in these seemingly disparate items.

First off and here is a wonder, for some reason, this season, the peaches taste great. For years now, peaches have been going downhill. I have not had a decent peach in years. This year is different. I should point out that peaches 'were' among my favorite comestibles and at the very pinnacle was the California Freestone Peach. You cannot find a Freestone Peach any more and that has been the case for decades. I suppose if you are in the neighborhood of their origin, you might get lucky ...but otherwise, nyet. This is because of the Japanese. For the Japanese, the California Freestone, like the Japanese Pear, is a spiritual item and they will pay whatever the freight may be for these peaches. Therefore, they have purchased the entire crop of Freestones for some time now.

There are gourmands and then there are the Japanese. You see this in their beef. You see this in the Sushi. You see this in what they will pay for their coffee. I imagine a lot of Civet inspired, cat scat coffee gets consumed there. They have coffee shops and... mind you, price wise, I am hearkening back several decades to when I first heard of them, where you can pay $40.00 a cup for the coffee (no doubt much more now). In this case, it is not just about the quality of the coffee but about the quality of the customer. Certain people don't want to hang out with you, unless you can afford what the rest of them are drinking.

While we are on the subject of food. It was also decades ago when I heard Guru Bawa say that cannibalism was going to become epidemic and that when that happened you would know we were in End Times. Then the Avatar comes (he didn't say that, I did). Once again I am reminded of Krishna's words from the Bhagavad Gita-

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.”

Also- “As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” Here is a GREAT selection of Krishna's quotes from the Bhagavad Gita.

Along the lines of cannibalism, with a dash of extra crazy, we get this glorious demonstration of it. That said, take a gander at this. I should point out as well that there are indications children are being eaten, for different reasons, in various locales. There are also deranged individuals who think themselves vampires, as well as people who think themselves vampire food. You can easily find evidence of this, or anything I mention, by looking for it. I don't say something unless I've seen at least three independent examples and have sourced the legitimacy to my satisfaction.

It takes little more than cursory inquiry to see that there is a pandemic of insanity, making the rounds of the whole of the Earth. If you are inquisitive enough and delve deeper, you will find indications of a great many, very bent people. Then it is that you should inform yourself that if this is what you see and hear about; how much more of the iceberg are you not seeing? Crazy is now a fashion statement, where people are going to any length to increase the attention upon themselves, in the hope that it will increase their celebrity. We are now to refer to this non entity as 'they' and 'them'. He isn't sure who he is so he now has to refer to himself in multiple personality speak (why not Legion?). If he doesn't know who he is, I assuredly am even less well equipped to know, so I will call him 'it'. I do take exception to him wanting to be 'VISIBLE'.

Moving right along... what would a Petri Potpourri be without some mention of Sex? Let us consider what Mikhael Aivanhov had to say about the matter. He said, (not verbatim) “If we knew who shows up to have lunch while we are having sex, we would be very careful about what thoughts passed in our mind while we were so engaged.” If we had the bandwidth needed we would see space all round us populated indeed and often with things best left unseen.

When I was younger, my hunger for God was much stronger than my hunger for girls. Through the years and the intensity of moments in which I was engaged, that concentration and focus led to an extraordinary Kundalini experience that lasted at intensity for several years. Inevitably I was integrated back into the dance of life, thrown into the cauldron of sensory experience and it involved extended intoxications of every kind. I hope and pray I never have to go through that again. I suppose it had to happen. Now that is in the past and it was only through the power and grace of my sadguru that I survived it all. In the process I learned a few things about energy vampires; succubi and incubi. I learned a few things about entities like the Semen Demon. The Semen Demon is present everywhere boys and men are masturbating. By now, you could say that the Semen Demon, Mammon and a number of others have the energies to materialize at will. There is an army of darkness outside the bandwidth of ordinary human sight. The same is true of the servants of light.

There are those who possess extended bandwidth and know about the spiritual war and the harvesting of souls and who are employed by one faction or the other. As for those who cannot see, many are controlled through their subconscious without being aware of it, except indirectly where sexual, as well as other, attractions are expressed and the individual is left with a deep and lingering sense of regret afterwards. During occasions when I was incarcerated, sometimes among people facing decades behind bars, it came to my attention that MANY OF THEM did not even remember having committed the crimes they were accused of, or otherwise, what created the urge in them. In many cases, alcohol and other intoxicants were present, as accelerants for infernal behavior.

Here is something I have known about for a very long time, ever since Meth became a feature in the recreational drug community. Meth creates a particular head-space, similar to Cocaine, in that it makes evil and depraved behavior attractive and inviting. Meth is lower end and more raw and both give a frantic energy to the behavior of the one using it. Meth lasts longer, depending on how you ingest it. It most certainly creates an 'uncaring of consequences' mindset. People have committed many gruesome crimes on this chemical. What proponents of gay and other alt-sex practices never mention is the accumulating sense of guilt and self loathing that comes out of it. It creates a despairing attitude, nihilistic perspective and a sense of certainty that you are going to catch HIV anyway so there's no point in worrying about it. Now with the latest drug cocktails, people don't die anymore, so long as they take the medications.

My friend (Long dead now from AIDS) took me to the most intense and subterranean gay clubs in NYC. He was the doorman at one of the top dance clubs in the city (Harrahs), so he got in everywhere and knew about everywhere and everything in the city. I saw things that you don't want to hear about and- trust me- what goes on in these places is worse than you imagine. NO ONE is going to convince me that those lifestyles are anywhere near; not even on the same planet as Normal or Sane, no way, no how. It was all like a vision into Hell. It made me think of the world's end and the twisted natures of those who had left their humanity, somewhere on the road behind them.

I feel like the passengers in the other car, trying to tell Steve Martin and John Candy that they are 'going the wrong way'.

For whatever the reason, people have to learn the hard way, through bitter experience, about the error of their path. I've had my share of this and that is why I am so impassioned and driven, concerning the wonderland of salvation, that is the fruit of a transformed awareness, visited upon the truly repentant and formerly lost. God is all about second chances but there does come a time when one has exceeded their allowance of Grace for that lifetime. This can happen over and over and over and over and over and over again. Personally, I quit. I throw up my hands and... throw myself upon the mercy of the Court of the Everlasting Ineffable. How can I possibly communicate the degree of my gratitude, at the vast and immeasurable reaches of the compassion of God? My days are filled with everlasting thanks and serious reflection; not to mention, remembrance. Memory is one of the greatest powers for the attainment of Self Realization.

105 readers of the blogs have come and signed up at Pocketnet. When I look at the visitor stats, over the course of a week, somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 visitors come by for each blog posting. There are, of course, repeat visitors but still... the numbers have been consistent. They were far greater once but... all's well that ends better. Now I wish to apologize to those that I invited to Pocketnet and who may be experiencing 'buyer's remorse', although it cost nothing but their time.

I know that some of you are put off by the coarse nature of some of the inhabitants, the testosterone overload, the refugees from the Bruce Springsteen song, “Glory Days”, the trolls and bots and assorted dysfunctional. On the other hand, I assure you there are jewels to be found and information I have acquired NOWHERE ELSE. I discovered this fellow at Pocketnet and he comments on conditions in China, as well as other places. He has a very intuitive awareness about him.

I found this trenchant commentary on the predators among us.

Invariably there is humor.

Then there are some cutting edge examples of sardonic introspection (my favorite kind- grin).

You have to know who to follow and who to ignore. It is like the world we move through every day, except in this case, you can get lucky every now and again. I think the odds are better anyway. To accomplish this requires a certain amount of preliminary exposure to the crass, the stupid, the self fellating and no small amount of individuals who exist as a performing satire upon themselves, without knowing about it.

I LOVE these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that I also found at Pocketnet.

You have to pick through the garbage in the bins. Sometimes you find real jewels. Just watching these ladies smile and interact with each other, gladdened my day considerably. I felt an instant rising of love in my heart, from witnessing the obvious love they all felt for one another; (Yeah... I didn't miss the double entendre about the rising. Not funny guys.) These ladies are seriously lovely people and give me hope and renew my faith in the heartland. I can't tell you how moved I was just to watch them. I know the golden age IS going to come and here is one more example of how and why.

So... take or leave Pocketnet as may be your inclination but... there are many useful and teaching links to be found there. I found this Herbalist Lady. And there are sharp intellects who tell you how to get rid of SPAM and other things. There are a good dozen more people besides the ones I've just grabbed out of recent contact. You have to wade through the swamp to find the terra firma. Okay... I'll say no more.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Official 911 Government Lie is now Old Enough to do Porn. Coming to Amazon and Netflix Soon.

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9/11 is now officially old enough to do porn. That makes today's anniversary fraught with meaning, as lambs in vengeance suckle, at the teats of irony. Tangential to this, the amazing monster paranoid machine, is transmutating sunlight into dreams. He's hiding in the curtain, but no one's really certain, why he doesn't want his amplifier seen. We've come a distance along the vanishing peripheral margins of what was once called reality ...but is now beyond the reach of voices.

In NYC today, the fitting tribute would be a Zombie Walk, First Responder Fashion Show but I've heard nothing about this taking place. I can see them in their shrouds and grave wrappings, coming up like Rhianna and Kim Kardashian, doing a Pepsi commercial, in a rap remake of Michael Jackson's, Thriller. The money shot moment, is when their hair catches fire, running naked through an automated car wash, that is spraying the area with kerosene jet fuel. Then... upon some Jumbotron, multiple steel buildings, fall into their own footprints, following which the tide comes in and washes them away. You know, the usual, with a side of maggots. There will be a stream of trans-sexual, acrobat models, who will be walking on their hands; what the Hell... up and down and sideways, as a symbolic representation of the public's awareness of what actually happened on 9/11.

Animated Star of David figurines, will be shown frog marching Palestinian villagers through the streets of Gaza, while a Thanksgiving, Macy's Day balloon of the Reverend John Haggee, floats in the air overhead as Patrick Willis recites-

You knew that certain things had to be true. You might have figured that the cabal promoting perversity, is also the cabal that was behind the 9/11 attacks. If you can follow footprints, or snail tracks, or the smell of dead bodies in the middle of the road, you can follow the legacy of 9/11. It's not rocket surgery.

You might well ask yourself; how come with so much proof about what happened, nothing is being said in the media and nothing is being done? Well... it turns out that the same people who did 9/11, also own the media. How did that happen? The reason that certain people own so many critical industries, is due to the fact that members of this demographic, also control the machines that print the money, as well as the banks that masquerade as Federal institutions, but which are actually privately owned.

The one thing that will guarantee an assassination attempt, is any effort to put an end to the Federal Reserve Act and this group's control over the material plane.

They do not really control the material plane but they appear to and appearances are one of the primary forces of the material plane, as is desire and appetites, out of which appearances are interpreted and woven. The truth is that an indefinable and incomprehensible force is in control of everything, at all times. Why then... are so many bad things permitted? All of what is permitted, is permitted, for the purpose of demonstration ...because the outworking of that ever reoccurring drama, is both a teaching mechanism and an endless series of cautionary tales. ALL of us, regardless of the present state of our being, in this particular incarnation, are driven toward Liberation. The drive toward true freedom is the greatest impetus of them all, no matter how misinformed may be the objective of the moment.

It is said that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. Well, the name Jesus is an adaptation of the name Joshua, who was the son of Nun. That's a fish. Fishes indicate plentitude. The name Joshua, means literally, Jah Liberates. From this... one can take the meaning that, in the name of one's own liberty and freedom they will surely bend the knee. This should indicate to the 'thinking mind', to the mind still capable of objective reasoning, that most everything has a meaning deeper than the surface meaning. If one really intends to understand the Old Testament, they need to be a student of Gematria, or the science of the transposition of names and numbers, letters and numbers. Then... you find that the whole of the book is code. As I have said before, I have no real use for the Old Testament, or for the Kabbalah, or for any of the arcane and Hermetic Sciences I used to show such an interest in and... no doubt, showed a great interest in, in other lives as well.

I have discovered that Love is the Crown of Wisdom and that Love is the Pearl of Great Price and that Love is The Philosopher's Stone and that Love is the skeleton key to the secrets of the universe and that Jesus 'the' Christ came 'to show the way' by which one might arrive at the Christed State. I am not one of those expecting Jesus to literally drop by and save me. The salvation he brings is to walk in the footsteps he left, to follow his teachings and perforce, Salvation WILL COME UPON all who do so. This is not to say you may not meet Jesus, or that so much of what is lyrically described in scripture and tales will not and does not take place. This is simply to say that, for myself, I have a different approach. I am not fond of a great deal of what I hear, being disseminated by the various churches who, from what I can see, are more about crowd control and shearing the flocks, rather than shepherding them. I tend to, 100% of the time, 'follow the money'. I have yet to find anything here, no matter how Byzantine, complex, mysterious, or hard to understand that is not suddenly revealed to me in its true light when I, 'follow the money'.

Every savior of humanity is, by definition of what they do, A Wayshower. You have to walk the way that you are shown. Like the song says-

♫ “You gotta walk that lonesome valley,
and you gotta walk it by yourself.
Nobody else can walk it for you.
You gotta walk it by yourself.” ♫

Of course, you will not be walking it alone. There is that awareness that will be alive within you and in the process of mystical transformation, you and that awareness will become one, with the singular exception of the uniqueness of you that 'it will be shining through'.

You might say that the bad guys are in the movie to add spice, drama. They are not going to win, not unless they can convert you to their perspective. They will be defeated by the same invincible force that turns all evil machinations into compost; into food for all of the beautiful and extraordinary flowerings of righteous existence. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” The rest of the batshit and dissonant musicians, who play in the infernal orchestra, can only be heard on a particular wavelength. It is FEAR that gives power to the servants of evil, when they are in fact doomed and ridiculous clowns, bound for perdition. They will earn their station and their stripes, under the hard hands of their horned master. We have no need to be concerned about them.

Yes... it is grim and disturbing indeed, when seen through the particular lens of doubt and profane desire. Doubt gives the enemy access and profane desire gives the enemy leverage. Without these, there is no access and no leverage. Despite how long life can seem at time, it is quite brief in relation to sojourns elsewhere and depending on the degree of your investment and the value of the particular currency you trade in, your time on the meter can be very long indeed and you could well find yourself skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathing on the rocks of eternity. There are realms of existence that are so fine and wonderful that the mind of the moment cannot comprehend it at all.

As bad as it presently can appear to be and as shocking as it is to see the unbelievable numbers of those led astray, into the terrifying darkness, which... though seemingly warm, comfortable and concealing now, can prove to be suddenly horrible beyond description, one needs to remember that because of all of this, the DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY is GREAT and that means there exists the opportunity for a quantum leap, spiritually. You can wind up with far, far more than you actually earned or ever bargained for.

Yes... it is terrible to think of the peril into which so many are blithely walking, without a care in the world but you must well know that there is nothing you can say that will dissuade them in that sad procession, toward the painful lessons indicated by the direction taken. The power of prayer is much greater and more profound than has ever been accurately shown and the effect of a good example and the loving consideration shown by each and any of us, so motivated to that end, is capable of tremendous impact upon manifest life so... do the best that you can, because few of us know just how powerful the effect can be, when it is inspired by The Great One who resides within. Not all the other powers on Earth, or anywhere else, not all of them put together, is as powerful as Love.

All will eventually find their way out of the darkness and into the everlasting and conscious love-light of the Almighty God.

So... while the official spirit of 9/11 is busily occupied by drunken punters, farm animals and ping pong balls. While the monstrous lie of what they tell us took place on that day... continues to find voice through porcine and sweating personages, who swagger across stages and in front of television cameras; the true tale of corruption and deceit, of murder and dreams stolen from the hearts of the public, as well as its innocence and faith in their leaders, grows more and more powerful, offstage in this apocalypse and the time WILL COME, when the truth is made known and oh... oh my... what will they do then? What will they do then?

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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

"Montebanks, Charlatans, Rank Amateurs, Poseurs and Painted Prancing Ponys; take care, God is Watching!!!"

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Cave! cave dominus videt!

Every now and again, I write something that I personally feel is important; more important... say... than usual and as usual, those postings often drop like a brick to the bottom of the lake and it's not the Caribbean. There is a momentary burst of bubbles upon the surface and then, quoth the platypus, “sqnzirgnash orbllerham” This is my take on, “quoth the raven, nevermore” That is only an approximation of the sound made by the platypus and whatever it was, was incidental to the sinking, the bubbles and whatever this posting is going to be.

Often, I don't know what I'm going to write here and... not infrequently, I don't know what I said, until I read it afterwards. It's not automatic writing, it just goes by pretty rapidly and it is influenced and colored by the one I serve. Today... I do know in advance what I am going to talk about and it very much needs to be said, before I make more enemies than I already have and... worse, for no good reason; mostly because of confusion over motive and intent (yeah, they're much the same but...)

First let me share with you something my friend, Peter Blum once told me. I had been out of town (Woodstock) for a few years. I spent 20+ years going back and forth between Maui and Woodstock. On this one occasion, Peter had risen rapidly up through the social ranks, becoming the Culture Editor for The Woodstock Times and a successful hypnotherapist. I'd been gone for about 3 years ( that was the usual length of time, give or take) and I had told Peter I was coming back. He excitedly went about saying to people, “Guess who's coming back to town?” So... he was telling me about this and he said, “Wow! I had no idea! People either really, really like you or... really really don't like you.”

He continued, “I thought this was strange so I asked the people who didn't like you if they had ever met you and every single one of them said, “No.” So I asked them how they could dislike you so intensely without having met you and they all said; “It's the things that he says.”

I had a local cable TV show. I put it together because I thought Saturday Night Live sucked so bad that I went and put together this kinda, sorta, comedy variety thing for 90 minutes every Saturday night, at the same time as SNL. When I started, I was spending the week in NYC and on the train ride up each Friday afternoon, I would write the show. It dealt with whatever had happened in the world that week and many another thing. Basically it featured 7 different characters, all played by me and they each had a different hat and glasses, or sunglasses and in one case, a wig. One of them was a formerly high ranking covert operative, presently in hiding. One was a deathless Tibetan master. One was a serial killer; these two featured as main characters in my first novel. Well, the show was a success and I continued it from Maui, mailing a different episode to Woodstock each week to my girlfriend, Svargo who would put it on the air. It was also broadcast in NYC. It got to where people were recognizing me on the streets and companies like J. Crews wanted to buy advertising. That was when I quit.

This brings me to the reason for this posting. I have this passion for the truth. I despise lies, cowardice, slander, hypocrisy, treachery and any and all forms of Integrity gone missing. I try my hardest NOT to be holier than thou, sanctimonious, self righteous and sundry. Maybe I haven't always been 100% successful at that but I have tried my best and I have apologized more than once for being wrong, or not clear enough and I am not afraid to admit it when I am. It has made me a rigorous researcher and as scrupulous as I can be.

In recent months I have been posting my work at Pocketnet. It's the first place I have discovered in years that isn't run by venal scoundrels, opportunists, materialists, atheists and the like. Recently I ran afoul of one or two people. One person came all Fundie goosestepping on me, for saying that I had little use for the Old Testament and also implying that Jesus- the living Son of God, as I understand it, needed the Old Testament because that was all he had. It apparently escaped his notice about interior revelation and God speaking directly to Jesus. I wasn't even putting down the Old Testament, I was simply saying I had little use for it because I have the teachings of Jesus and I also have an interior relationship; rock solid and ALWAYS accessible. People can make of that what they will. I only have to convince myself and that I have done over and over.

From my studies in metaphysics and arcane subjects, I have learned that the Old Testament is a book of Gematria; where letters and numbers are transposed to create new meanings. Not being left brain, I moved on to the more intuitive and inspirational; right brain territory. NO! I am not into Neuro- linguistics.

I also criticized the video of another fellow, for representing himself as someone who can read auras and stating HOW SIMPLE it is and you can do it too. Right. Now... I have been studying in all religious traditions for all of my life. I've read most everything you've heard of and much that you have not. I owned a spiritual-metaphysical bookstore for some years for the SOLE PURPOSE of being able to read everything I wanted to. I have basically been in school, nearly every waking hour for decades. It is my consuming passion. Well... God is... but that includes everything connected. In order to actually see auras, much less accurately interpret what you see, you MUST possess the necessary siddhi. Here is a dissertation I picked at random, you can find plenty of other information if you look and that applies to EVERYTHING! Some people are born with paranormal abilities but they earned them at another time. I have a few, anyone industrious can have siddhis, they naturally appear from certain practices, including austerities, sexual continence, meditation, prayer etc. They can be a nightmare! Be aware of this. It is best when they are forgotten and only appear in the immediate moment of need. People in the pursuit of powers WILL BE used as a teaching moment, at some point, for the rest of us.

So... I have wandered the world, literally and virtually, on the internet. I am ALWAYS learning something, studying but mostly...mostly... seeking after and practicing the presence of God. The pursuit and celebration of the almighty is the centerpiece of my life. I am compelled (forced) to share my love and joy at the certitude of God and the experience of God in all things, most especially each other. I 'try' to make it a point to see God in the eyes of everyone I meet. It is our choice who we invoke in each other; both God and the Devil can be drawn forth.

It is VERY DIFFICULT for me, having to criticize, expose, reveal and discuss what I see sometimes but it is my DUTY, to you and everyone, to speak out on certain things because of the danger, the peril that exists in so many locations in the world of today, both externally and internally. I beg the forgiveness of each of you if I sometimes come on too strong, or if I have hurt your feelings. I can't not do what I do... heh heh.. double negatives. Do two double negatives make a positive?

Anyway, the fundamental truth about me, viscerally and what I remind myself of relentlessly is, I DON'T KNOW. I don't know. If I don't know then God does know but if I know then I have preempted God and God doesn't know and the whole world is filled with examples of people who know and very few examples of people who admit that they do not know.

Of course there are things I know (are there? Really?) but I seek to be as retiring and humble as I can manage before the awesome splendor and glory of God who... I am by comparison with, not even a fart in a windstorm. NEVER think that I think otherwise! I do not. I have had direct encounters with God and that has stripped me of any possibility of self importance... EVER. If I come across as authoritative on occasion, I am sorry. The ineffable speaks to me. Whether anyone else believes that I do not care. Once again, I have ONLY to convince myself. The truth is (and I have been told this) God speaks to everyone but... few listen. Speaking from personal experience, it can take a lifetime to get to the point where you can hear. It only opened for me about 8 years ago. Before that it was mostly one way, with intermittent exceptions.

In this Pop Tart, shake 'n bake world of instant gratification, people become experts in no time at all. I can't remember how many times I have seen the listed qualifications of some of these Nimrods; Reiki Master, massage therapist, dance intuitives, life coach, past life reader and so much more. I listed this woman the other day. Please, check out her qualifications. There are thousands of these people misleading others and charging them for the experience. I laugh when I see people advertising themselves as Tantric Yoga teachers.

Of all of the yogic systems, that is the most profoundly complex and you ABSOLUTELY have to have a bonafide teacher and they are extremely rare. Sex is incidental to the process. The process is about the refinement of the sexual force. It takes a VERY LONG TIME to master this or ANY of the yogas. The worst offenders of this sort of thing are the countless offspring of Bhagawan Rajneesh, also called Osho. I am stunned by the extremes some of his followers have gone since he's been gone. The ashram at Pune is a literal money machine. You have to change your money into their currency and you can't change it back later when you leave. It all has to be spent and it all comes dear.

I will be releasing a FREE seminar online, at some point, about The Tarot, which I have been studying for decades. I'm not doing this to showcase my knowledge or for any other reason besides clarity and proper use. Answer me this; what is the point of trying to read your future and fortune in this manner, when you can LITERALLY change your fortune and future, by properly using them as meditation aids, for the purpose of arousing the archetypes in the subconscious. Then they will vibrate their information into your self conscious mind.

I'm doing this because of all the bad information out there and this foolish emphasis on fortune telling. Aficionados of this system, please feel free to criticize my presentations (grin). Seriously. I write these postings and all the other things I do, to celebrate and talk about God. If it is not your cup of tea, have yourself some coffee somewhere else. This isn't for everyone. Find what works for you.

To make an already long story shorter. This is my way of saying, I don't know. I am a seeker, just as so many of you are and I am an opponent of sham and deception, ESPECIALLY when money is being charged. I don't have to charge money, no one does. And before some anonymous character wants to point out donation buttons on my sites, unlike just about everyone else- and I can't remember not seeing buttons everywhere else, I NEVER directly ask and you can assume that the work I do, all day long, 7 days a week, is pretty much free.

If you work for the ineffable, you WILL BE taken care of. I will do my best, not to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings, but not at the expense of the truth, should I be fortunate enough to know what that is. You can't be energetically out there in the world and not step on someone's frogs now and again; apologies to the frogs. I do try to look where I am going. Alright then, this should serve until next time.

Cave! cave dominus videt!

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