Thursday, September 29, 2011

Signs of the Times in the Crosshairs

As it turns out I do not have a clear idea of what I am talking about in this post and you probably shouldn't pay any attention to it. I don't know what to do about it so I will just leave it here as it is and that's how it is

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Every now and then we have to come together and show what we are made of, that is; if we are composed of anything one would consider worth saving. I don’t know who said it but someone once said, “if we don’t hang together then we shall all hang separately. The French authorities are going after Signs of the Times.

I’ve had my differences with the Signs of the Times people but I would say that the main falling out on my part was that I was in favor of the use of psychotropic substances for my own personal use. As I remember, it had to do with psychedelics because I hadn’t even used ketamine at that point (grin). It was about seven years ago now that I met them; gone down to their lodgings in France and had a couple of visits.

I had gone down there with the intention of possibly being able to network with them and maybe even join in with them for mutual profit and sharing of resources for the greater good. I had hoped they might be interested in publishing my books. That’s no longer a concern since I have some fine and splendid people like Amarynth and Eric to handle that end of things for me now. Psychedelics are not for everyone but they had been of incalculable assistance to me in my search for a greater understanding of myself and the world in which I live. The people at Signs of the Times, hereafter to be referred to as SOTT, are opposed to the use of chemical enhancements and this is in line with teachers everywhere, because it’s not something for the general public to profit from. On the other hand, what can one say of alcohol which is a hundred times more murderous and insidious and which the general population is addicted to, to the point that it is harmful all the way up and down the ladder, especially among the lawmakers with their martini and scotch glazed eyes and dreadful behavior but they have different rules for themselves. It’s a sticky wicket and I don’t want to spend too much time on it. Let me just say that some of us have a special dispensation from the hierarchy to act as a testing field for the greater good; we visionaries and pioneers (grin), like Terrence McKenna, Aldous Huxley and John Lilly.

They were perfectly correct in looking askance at me for being in favor of this avenue of research but maybe less so in forming an opinion concerning special cases. It’s understandable that this would not sit well with them but the bottom line is that I do not promote the use of these things among other people. We each make our own decisions and we each must bear the consequences. I’m good with that. I bring this up only to point out that they are straight in that regard and as far as official powers go, whom we know engage in the proliferation of these items for social control and black bag operations, that’s within the professed guidelines.

They’re being accused of being a cult and that is something that they are not, as far as my limited observations can be considered to be trustworthy. I’m very tuned in when it comes to that kind of a thing, in any case. I’m one of the sharper tools in the drawer in spotting mind control games and the manipulation of perception and behavior. In the sixties I became something of an idiot savant and street level guru to the youth in Dupont Circle due to my kundalini awakening. People came to hear me speak there and trusted me, even though I was only 19 years old and even though the kundalini thing had not yet happened, it was on the way.

One day, two young girls around the age of sixteen came to me and asked me what I thought about Scientology, which had their flagship operation right up the street. I didn’t know that much about them but I was superficially familiar with the book “Dianetics": it was called something like that. I told them I thought it was bullshit or words to that effect and thought no more about it. A day or two later someone came to me and told me that they wanted to see me at the Scientology center. I went over there and was taken into the office of a woman in her forties, who asked me how I came to an opinion of their operation. I told her I had read the book, which I hadn’t and that I didn’t find it useful. I can’t remember now how the conversation went but at some point she leaped out of her seat and screamed at me, “You are a suppressive! Get out of here!” She was trembling. I was astonished. I left. Over the course of the next several days, no less than ten people came to me and handed me slips of paper which said, “I can no longer talk to you because you are a suppressive.” I thought it was funny.

Shortly thereafter two undercover policemen were sent into the park to set me up in a marijuana sting. I did not deal drugs. That wasn’t my thing but of course I knew how to get them. When the event went down, I was with John Hall, who later went on to be a founding member of the band, Orleans and who later became a United States congressman. The police later told me that they were informed that I was engaged in drug trafficking by an organization in the city and John’s parents told the police I was staying at their house because they were concerned about my influence on their son, Was I a budding cult leader (grin)? I doubt there was any connection between Scientology and the Hall family. That’s just how it worked out.

Scientology is very definitely a mind control operation and they very definitely go after people. SOTT is not. I know there have been claims of censorship over at the site. I know nothing about that. I know that most organizations usually file commentary when they don’t like the spin. Whether SOTT should be more or less open than they are is not something I would know about. What I do know is that they are, or appeared to be, pretty ordinary people, except for Laura who is extraordinary when it comes to being a researcher and writer and she is right up there with David Icke as far as detailed analysis goes. I’m not entirely fond of some of the things that Icke promotes but I don’t see eye to eye with SOTT on various things either. What I do know is that Laura is a brilliant writer and a great mind when it comes to the things she writes about. She’s a rare bird.

There isn’t any sense that people at SOTT need to be deprogrammed. I know Joe Quinn who is one of the editors there and he is a bright and industrious young guy and straight as an arrow as far as I could see and all of the other people I met at SOTT had their heads screwed on right. They were normal and reasonable and engaging people when I knew them.

SOTT is cutting edge when it comes to putting out the truth about things that are going on. They reach a lot of people and they do a lot of good work. The French authorities should be ashamed of themselves and we should keep in mind how far the Satanic pedophilia operations exist up the ladder in the more powerful circles of French temporal authority. We cannot discount the heavy hand of Zionism there either.

France has a history of being open minded and should keep that history in mind. I’d like to call on everyone who thinks my opinion is worth anything to do whatever they can to stand up for what’s right here. SOTT doesn’t have all the answers and they may or may not be wrong about various things on the relative plane in an ultimate way but the same can be said for any of us.

What it boils down to is that the people at the top of the pyramid are corrupt and their time has come and they are also trapped in the results of their machinations and inefficiencies, as well as their greed and profiting upon the backs of the people and they are lashing out at everything that represents the truth about things. They would be much better off coming forward and seeking mercy before there is none to give. Time is short.

Any fool can see through Laura’s writings and the writings of the people who work for and with her, that SOTT is the diametrical opposite of cult activity. It’s the cults that are behind the push and shove against SOTT. I want to tell you, you fools, whose power diminishes by the hour, that you had better wake up because your time of influence is passing.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lie Down with Dogs and Wake up with Cat Scratch Fever

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According to a number of calculations, the ninth wave of The Mayan Calendar began in early March of this year and will complete on October 28th, around one month from today. This is supposed to usher in the new world that we have been awaiting for so long. The death throes of the old world seem to have gone on forever. The death rattle has been vibrating for so long it has been like living day and night with an angry diamondback in the room so long that accommodation has taken over. It could just as well be a jackhammer going on outside the window because we no longer hear it.

That bloated corpse of the treacherous and hypocritical left, Michael Moore, is lumbering about the landscape as living proof that our clay footed pigeons have grown fat in the massive profiting of our need to know the greater lies served to us from the buffet table of the alternative media. Alex Jones is dancing with rabbis from Goldman Sachs and the degree of naked patronizing on the part of those leading us have shown us what an ugly and unappetizing figure naked ambition can prove to be.

Webmasters of full disclosure are berating the big guys for censorship, while practicing it themselves and more concerned with being important than with representing the importance of the message over the medium. They’re all expanding horizontally, while shrinking vertically in terms of standing up for what we would all rather believe in. Only the few remain, while the majority follows their lemming leaders over the cliff, as only true believers can manage.

We argue about planes or missiles hitting The Pentagon; particle beams over controlled demolitions, strain at gnats, while swallowing camels and miss the irony entirely, while the best quarterbacks in the business throw four interceptions in one game (grin). We’re a piece of work without having put a whole lot of work into it.

Perception governs appearances, as myopia becomes epidemic. The end of the road has disappeared from the rear view mirror. The president of the United States is dragging himself across the floor of the Knesset in estrus, hoping to be mounted by one of the hounds of Hell, before the leaders of Britain and France can preempt the penetration on their own behalf. Bend over and wait. Bend over and wait.

The flatulating functionaries speak to us out of the wrong orifice because the message they bring can only be produced from there. It’s a bad hair day in the wind tunnels of irresistible destiny and we are left with a legion of bad Elvis impersonators, going mad with cans of hairspray. Pass the Krazy Glue.

‘Shit out of luck’, is the winning phrase on The Wheel of Fortune and it’s Bob Barker on all of the channels with a dead animal on his head. Sane has left the building and the only cameras working on Wall Street belong to the people getting maced on behalf of the rest of us who don’t care. Where’s my latté?

Bill Clinton told the truth, can Armageddon be on the doorstep? Israel got the bunker buster bombs, now they only have to get the lumbering delivery system past the missiles and jets. Ahmadinejad tells the truth and everyone who gets paid by the lie leaves the room. All of this is for the purpose of demonstration. We need to see the traitors in action before court convenes.

If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with cat scratch fever. How much does the moment resemble the intro to the French Revolution? You tell me. How much truth can we manage to ignore? You tell me. How much evidence can we bury before the ground rejects its presence? You tell me. How far can the minority push us before the majority react? You tell me. You tell me, cause I am watching to see. Somehow we seldom get told who it is that complains when people exercise their constitutional rights and that is a good indicator of who it is. It’s the same people that want crucifixes out of The White House but insist on a Menorah in the window. Well, the crucifixes will be making their way back and they won’t be scale models. That is, if you believe in cruci-fictions. Well, Batman should be along any time now.

Shall we gather at the river? Don’t worry; the river will be coming to you. Maybe you can sail away on that ship in the bottle. It’s all for the purpose of demonstration. Life is for the purpose of demonstration.

Three Zionist Jews and Mossad Spies, with real American sounding names, go intentionally into Iran and then, once released come home with a mouthful of lies about their time in capture and why they were arrested

They don’t make them like they used to and they are no longer made by the people that used to or for the purpose they used to make them for. Animal Farm has become a reality. The pigs are pumped in defense of The Bull. They are no longer the protectors of the public. They are the private police force of the rich. They aren’t rich themselves but they do have jobs, so do the absent reporters and cameras of the catamite media, which is owned nearly entirely by the people who brought you Wall Street, for the purpose of grand larceny. ‘Something wicked this way comes’ and something witless that way goes.

The phony Libyan resistance is in disarray, in retreat and fighting against itself. Weapons depots are being blown up and nothing short of the introduction of mass amounts of foreign troops on the ground is going to have any effect now, unless, of course, they want to bomb entire cities out of existence. Baring some huge and monstrous new development, Khadaffi has won and Libya- the true spirit of the Libyan people has won. This is how it is going to go everywhere because there is no support in the hearts of the majority anywhere for those oppressing them. Israel is toast as well. It only takes going through the motions now. Not only does the whole world hate them but the Earth itself hates them for the abomination that they are.

The suffering and loss of life around the world is tragic, the result of it will not be, except for those instrumental in causing it.

The slow motion movement of long awaited change has been excruciating for all of us who have been waiting upon it for so long. It is finally here and all of the long time coming shifts are about to shift. Within the days of one week, leading to another, the whole world is going to change and it couldn’t come soon enough for me and the rest of you.

The time has come for the old world to die and for those, who have made bloodshed and theft the final expressions of her last gasp, to die right along with it. We shall only mourn the extent of time that was given you to accomplish so much disaster and heartbreak. The invisible hand, inexorably moves for the golden handle on the cosmic toilet, flush once and give thanks. Aloha, psychopaths and miscreants, the Gates of Hell await you.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel

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May your noses always be free of the metal rings of the usurers.

Oy Yez, Oy Yez, the Temporal Court of the World Public is now in session, the more or less honorable, Judge Visible presiding! Be seated.

“Peoples of the world, I have reviewed your petition and I find the following to be righteous and true that a criminal banking and extortion empire was created in a land, formerly known as Palestine and now, illegally known as Israel. I have studied all of the documents and briefs pertaining to the historical record of actions, events and incidents that led to the illegal and immoral founding of this parasite, crime syndicate upon the previously named territory of Palestine. I find all arguments for legitimacy and continuance of the illegal state of Israel to be untenable and declare all of them null and void. I declare on this date, September 22, 2011, the recognition of the state of Palestine on all lands occupied by those so named and defined as Palestinians, as they existed prior to the First World War. I command that all usurpers going by the designation of Israelis be immediately expelled from all of the territories so named and relocated to any country that will have them and failing that to a secure, walled facility where they can be quarantined for the public safety and good.

I hereby command that all of the assets of the illegal state of Israel be seized as well as the assets of all Zionist entities and sympathizers the world over. I command the dissolution of all central banks, which are no more than organized crime laundries and counterfeiting operations, presently under the control of Zionist interests and headed up by the Satanic Rothschild Family. I command and demand that all assets of the Rothschild Crime Family and their surrogates and associates be seized and held in trust for the world public for wide dissemination among the victims of this vampire clan as soon as is practical and possible.

I command that all world politicians proven to be complicit in the drive toward world subjugation, under the rule of Talmudic Israelis and Zionists be arrested and held for trial under the charges of crimes against humanity. I command that the Federal Reserve be dissolved and all serving officers put under arrest and held for trial. I command that all police forces be stripped of all authority and all members placed under review for previous acts of suppression and violence against the citizens of any and every country so affected.

I command that Wall Street and all stock exchanges be rigorously investigated and all criminal actors presently engaged there be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I command that the entirety of world media, publishing, entertainment and any corporation and company, such as Monsanto that was purchased by the theft of public monies from criminal banking institutions, be taken out of the hands they are presently in and administered by non criminal professionals of proven provenance in respect of truth and full disclosure. I declare AIPAC, the ADL and all Zionist extortion gangs be declared hostile enemy combatants and the assets of all of these entities seized and their charters revoked.

I demand and so command that all ZATO forces of the Zionist Armies for Total Occupation immediately remove themselves from the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and sundry and surrender their rank and membership in this murder organization effective immediately. All members of this mass murder machine who are found to be incriminated in violence against the world public are to be detained and held for trial.

I recognize Hamas as the legitimate voice of The Palestinian people and summarily demand Mahmoud Abbas remove himself from any further representation of the Palestinian people. I remove the authority of The United Nations and command the formation of an independent body to replace it.

I announce to the people of the world that Israel has been incontrovertibly proven to have been behind the 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid Train Station attacks and those who were so employed at this and all of their agents and accessories are to be arrested and held for trial on the crime of mass murder. I call for the arrest and detainment of all Mossad employees and agents around the world for crimes against humanity and demand the rearrest of the 3 dual national Mossad agents who were caught spying in Iran.

I declare all Kosher taxes on the people of the world to be at an end, effective immediately. I call for a full and complete investigation of all major historical events of the last hundred years to determine whether or not there has been systematic revisionism at work. I declare that it is impossible for 125,000 so called holocaust survivors to be living in the US and needing specialized medical care, as per the petition of two Israeli citizens, employed as representatives of the United States government, since that many persons were not liberated from the camps in the first place. I demand the return of all Homeland Security monies that were given ‘in the majority’ to Zionist entities in America to the exclusion of all other entities.

I rule and command that no Israeli or Zionist sympathizer be allowed to serve in any political or legal manner in any government anywhere and that they be forbidden to engage in banking or the law or any endeavor where the public may be placed at risk of the repetition of similar events associated with them over previous centuries and amply demonstrated by their expulsion from the majority of the countries of the world for the same crimes over and over again.

I officially declare an end to the promotion and perception of Khazar and Ashkenazi victimhood and define them as predators upon the body and fortunes of the public at large. I officially recognize that they cry out in pain when they strike you and I declare that the use of the term anti-Semitic be defined as a hate crime and an illegal act in the pronouncement of it and to be punished by terms of confinement soon to be set and by public ridicule and scorn.

I so affirm that political correctness is also a crime and is to be dealt with swiftly and comprehensively whenever it rears its ugly little head. I demand a full investigation into Zionist control of all representative organizations of alternative sexual practice to see the essence of the agenda at work and to determine whether or not these organizations are used as war material against other religions, as well as the culture and continuance of whatever country they are operative in. I command that the Talmud be formerly recognized as the official Bible of Satanism and that the practitioners of it now be seen and defined as the parishioners of the Synagogue of Satan. I declare all Noahide laws invalid from this moment in every country where they have been shoehorned into the charters and constitutions of whatever country it may apply to.

I officially remove all authority from all persons worldwide who are sitting judges in any and all capacities until their integrity and value can be proven to an impartial committee of their peers. I demand that all individuals in any and every capacity connected to government, industry, banking, the military, law enforcement and any organization or operation that affects the public in the day to day, immediately come forth and inform on their comrades, concerning any crimes or malfeasance and betrayal of the public trust, of which they may know anything at all, under penalty of suffering the fate of their associates, should they not act expeditiously and at once. All international corporations are now to be considered operating illegally and are commanded to stop and desist in all illegal activities or be subject to the full weight of temporal and cosmic law.

I declare all of the preceding as law and my authority to do so is affirmed by the cosmos that has had it up to the eyelids with the relentless shovel loads of shit that the people of the world are daily being buried in. I command and implore the heavenly hosts to descend upon this planet and wipe it clean of iniquity and all manner of criminal enterprise, so engaged in, by the so called elite, immediately. No appeals to the contrary of anything here said are allowed or will be considered at any time from this moment on. So say I, Chief Justice of the Temporal Court of the World Public, the more or less, honorable Les Visible. This court is now adjourned."

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Landfill of Disinfo, Piled Higher and Deeper.

I knew that WRH thing was going to backfire on me (grin) and I’m glad it did and soon. Many thanks to Ethan Allan and the Green Mountain Boys; I’m going to leave this end of it to others for the foreseeable future and that way what needs to go up will and my nose can stay cold and wet.

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I’ve been asked by several people to comment on this bit of business here. I read about a third of the way down the scroll arrow on the right side of my page and that was a considerable distance. The sound of a deep and powerful voice began to resonate in the deeper regions of my mind. It sounded like what I imagine Roland’s horn sounded like and it was saying, “Bullshit”. I get really antsy at the superficial glossing over definite proof and when you read it yourself, I think you will find this not unlike a Jennifer Aniston interview in Cosmos by comparison, on several levels. It’s sort of a ‘he said, she said’ not very much.

It might carry a little more weight; not much again, concerning Israel’s much smaller role than it actually is, if it weren’t for all of the history prior to the establishment of the state and the forebears are hardly mentioned when it comes to Soviet Russia. There’s no proof at all concerning underground bases being bombed and there’s so much that’s fantastic otherwise, with not a shred of corroboration in most cases. I began to feel I was reading a Sorcha Faal interview, which, for those of you who don’t yet know, is a play on words for ‘such a fool’.

My initial take and, I could be wrong and am willing to be proved wrong, is that this whole business is full of shit. It’s not like there was just some small amount of it either. It was a real PHD of a thing. (P)iled (H)igher and (D)eeper. It’s all interspersed with events and history that we take for granted as so and which are used as some sort of comparative proof to legitimize the rest of it but that doesn’t wash and now there are all these dirty clothes hanging on the washline and the kids are going to get laughed at by their mates when they show up at class. That’s how it looks to me.

I’d like to see those underground bases get blown up as much as the next guy, if indeed they do exist as stated and I don’t know either way. I don’t doubt their existence and I’ve said the same thing concerning population reduction. What troubles me is the cavalier glossing over what should be grounded with greater evidence and it happens over and over all through the interview.

There is no force, besides the general and genetic ruthlessness of the Israelis, when it comes to the decades old genocidal behavior of the Khazars and Ashkenazis in respect of their treatment of The Palestinians. Some mysterious cabal does not appear to be behind the killings on the flotilla. The plethora of dual national Israeli names involved in 9/11, the ownership of the media and many, many other things I could point out over centuries and in recent times, does not leave me with the impression that these people are simply dupes being used at all times and in all places. I know it’s anti-Semitic but that’s how it comes out to me.

I haven’t given Benjamin Fulford or David Wilcox much thought at any point in time and that’s because the former always has things to say that are being said by him alone and no one else is saying or defining any of it in similar fashion that I trust. I’m guessing Fulford works for someone and the chances are that his pay stubs reflect the same paymaster as Sorcha Faal. This kind of thing has CIA written all over it. I could be wrong and I am glad to be wrong and glad to admit to it as soon as it becomes clear that I am but until then, this is how it looks to me and not under any veil of hazy uncertainty.

It isn’t just the unverified number of claims that pepper the interview, except for the enormity of them. It’s the casual driving at a hundred miles an hour past them all and tossing them out of the window like McDonald’s drink containers, which I don’t approve of anyway and the highway shoulder are not made more beautiful as a result of this.

My initial take- and it’s strong enough for me to be writing about it- is that this is one of those agency operations that are going on all over the place and which are designed to discredit the truth movement. Maybe there was something that would have changed my mind in the next two thirds of the scroll distance and maybe the interview ended only halfway down the page and the next article then started. I couldn’t be bothered to look because by that time I was getting aroused and annoyed about the whole thing and preferred to move on to something else, anything else, except maybe a Jennifer Aniston interview or any film with Natalie Portman in it except for The Professional. I’m not much for bad actors or bad actresses and I do know the difference, even if you disagree with me.

For awhile now, I’ve been influenced, like all of us, by wild claims and predictions that don’t come to pass. I’ve had my fill of woo woo and various sturm und drang. I’ve told my mind to shut up about this shit and just take each day as it comes and trust in the interpenetrating consciousness on all accounts. I’ve been precipitate and wrong on occasion, simply by taking things at face value because they seemed likely but proved not to have been real.

I’m sticking with ‘follow the money’ and ‘cui bono’, as opposed to follow the cowpies and Cher Bono, otherwise you wind up having to clean your shoes and things like Chastity Bono. I remember being temporarily taken in by Bush the serial killer at Matamoros. I remember thinking how Iran was going to get attacked at any moment and never did, not to say it won’t happen soon. All the rest of the Zio-Ogre proxy wars have so far.

In any case, the bulk of what I read concerning this interview has the aroma of a dead skunk in the middle of the road. Like I said, I could be wrong. I don’t know if I hope I am. That’s something I don’t know. What I don’t know is piled higher and deeper too.

So, we shall see what your take is and we are certainly open to deeper information of a more verifiable kind. I know there are readers out there who are better informed than I am. This will probably be unimportant given what is likely to occur over the next six weeks. I do get the very strong conviction that the next six weeks are going to be among the most tumultuous that we have seen so far and a fitting preface for what will follow in the aftermath.

My feeling is that those who too readily accept this sort of Tiger Beat journalism are going to wake up one morning and find out they are in bed with Chastity Bono. That might be okay for some but it would scare the living shit out of me. I suspect you’ll also have to sit through the tractor driving scene in that agonizingly bad David Lynch film, “The Straight Story”, or be forced to watch Black Swan over and over. There is truly no accounting for taste.

Some people prefer style over substance and form over function. I like it when the two work together to a mutually beneficial end. I’m one of those people who would have MOMA burned to the ground and most modern artists of the last hundred years confined in reeducation camps (just kidding, I think). The same goes for modern poets and most of the successful musical performers of recent years; when you’ve got nothing to say, make sure it’s heavy on the tits and ass.

I think that’s enough for a Monday morning. I need another cup of tea and an American Spirit rollup, as well as a shower after the way the morning has gone so far. I’ll see you tomorrow when I might actually have something useful to say.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pointless Cartoon Sacrifice of the Military Dead

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Given my frustration with getting the TOR network to work for me and finding that the Silk Road is about as accessible as what I want to acquire there, I think I’ll just go ahead and write whatever post I was putting off for the day, since I’ve got to fill my time somehow (grin).)

I guess that false reality can be propped up and worried indefinitely. Like some kind of supernatural hangnail on the Energizer Bunny, it just grows on and on and on. Like all the robot soldiers dealing death from the skies and on the ground, with superior weapons that turn war into video game, where the victims don’t have shoulder pads or helmets and the aggressors can run around in full NFL gear. There’s no real down side to endless war when your object is attacking mostly defenseless people, living in tents and crumbling stone huts.

There’s a deep futility in what they do because it comes down to killing yourself over and over in another body, which you will certainly inhabit in another life. So that makes these robot soldiers like the Energizer Bunny that walks into a wall and then falls down and makes sideways circles, shooting in all directions, until the battery runs down and they slip into any one of the long line of lives, waiting for their appearance, as the object of their previous mendacity.

I always get that crawling sensation on my skin when I hear about the noble troops defending our freedoms, as if our freedoms were ever challenged by anyone but bankers and politicians, who send them out to die in place of themselves. I’ve been in the military, like everyone in my family. I grew up on military bases around the world. I know how soldiers talk and what they get up to. They’re like any other yahoo with a gun and a legal right to kill.

You get your parades every year, when the ones who defended our endangered freedoms, trot themselves out as symbols of something that all the politicians and bankers want the youth to hold in high regard, because there are more wars coming, because the bankers and politicians see something they want and can make more money out of. There’s no real need for war, except to enrich the ones who start them and don’t fight in them. We enshrine ignorance, dressed up as patriotism, surrounded by banners and bunting and attended by martial music that turns goose-stepping into a cash register fox trot, filled with the pomp and vanity of thundersticks, which make a ridiculous hyperbole out of an ever diminishing, time lapse cartoon of a stiff dick and its exaggerated potency. Later on they’ll be on a barstool somewhere telling each other lies about their glorious service to the realm; the realm of bankers and politicians and priests. As Diderot aptly put it, "Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”.

War is commercial enterprise and it’s got jack shit to do with anything else. Surely there are those who have no alternative but war. Those would be the disadvantaged warriors of the invaded lands, such as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. How many photo-ops do we need to see of psychopathic politicians, shaking the hands of Saddam and Khadaffi, prior to hunting them down and killing them, after the former understandings and business deals gave way to new arrangements where they became expendable, just like the soldiers they use to kill on their command? How many times do we need to see pictures of allied forces guarding the poppy fields that were destroyed by the Taliban? That’s the nature and purpose of war; right in your face and ignored by those taken in by the glory of their imagined sacrifices for a liberty they do not possess.

It’s a powerful institution of the deluded mind. It’s a recurrent and tawdry scene of drunken legionnaires, weeping over the memory of fallen comrades. These are the men who can’t put two and two together concerning 9/11. Seeing the truth makes a mockery out of everything they gave their lives and limbs for. It’s that intrinsic vanity of the male fetish for ribbons and metal stars. It’s a guy thing. It’s a dick thing. It’s a fucked up thing and the more fucked up it is the greater the rage of the one offended by language like this.

This is one of the mysteries of existence. It should and probably does dawn on the minds of many that they have been and are going the wrong way. However, their investment in all of the memories and paraphernalia of the past is too precious to let loose of for something as nebulous as clarity and truth. We are addicted to our myths, which we embellish with every passing year. We are noble and honorable and filled with sacrifice for country, kith and kin. Never let it be seen that it was all about our vanity, based on a primary deception as bankrupt as it is.

Peace is the province of women, that secondary appendage to the greater male realities beyond their comprehension. The wars of bankers are a rite of passage into manhood, that defining movement between, ‘young dumb and full of cum’ to ‘old, dumb and impotent’. They are the never ending descendents of Onan, spilling both blood and seed on barren ground. Something is birthed and born there, something like dragon’s teeth are sown to raise new zombie armies of the dead. They’re dreaming of the poetry of trench warfare on the Western Front and they will find their place and die there in the mud, among the rats and the lice and the cries of their fellows on the wire.

Here is the unanswerable question; “How can my sacrifice have been meaningless”? They can’t get their heads around it and they won’t. Their essential vanity will not permit it. It is better to be dead than to admit that you were wrong and that you died for the profit of bankers and their paid for politicians.

It comes down to an age of darkness. Little can be done in an age of darkness except to demure and endure. You cannot argue with the darkness or the darkness of the minds in which is resides. You can only live as an example for the few who can see the value in it and under the scorn of the many who cannot. It is better to live in the quiet apart, so long as there is an apart to be found. The wise run for the hills in these times. They know it is a part of the process, a great outworking of a collective darkness in search of light.

The truth is everywhere to be seen but cannot be observed by a mind in darkness. The truth is simple and self evident but impossible to discover when it is cloaked and veiled by ignorance and appetite. There is no real danger or difficulty except what we carry with us on our way. Every portion of ourselves is magnetized to the conditions and attractions through which we pass. You carry it all with you until you lay it down. Until you do, you have made war on Nature and every plant, insect, animal and invisible force is aware of what you are. Once you have freed yourself of the need to make war on your fellows, by whatever means you employ, in whatever field of conflict you operate in, Nature immediately knows and claims you for her own. She is the active and radiant expression of the stillness upon which she rests.

How long this will continue, I do not know. Perhaps it goes on forever in places, while the light of understanding dawns somewhere else. There’s no way of knowing how comprehensive and pervasive it will be until it arrives. For those of us in relentless anticipation, we wait and endure.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ides of Something are Upon us

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

It was the time of religious wars. It was a time of materialism and intellectual darkness. It was a time of epidemic moral compromise and the end justifying the means by whatever means. It was a time of the worship of the transitory and the elevation of drunken ignorance over the thirst for truth. Truth was a refugee in flight on a violent night. It was a time of deception and reaction toward the solution of freedom as an intolerable state and a non commercially viable condition. It was a time of precessions and regressions and a confusion of the moment on the doorstep of irrevocable change. It was a hard time to live in unless you were one of the few who made existence hard for everyone else. It was a time of images and symbols that were wielded as weapons upon superficial minds so inclined and submissive in a pornographic sexual exchange that mocked the true surrender of the deeper self to the higher awareness and all things human. It was a time of debasement for the virtues and a celebration of vice because it was a time of political correctness masking the hatred for all that was good and real.

We were the people that might have been; you should have gotten in touch with us then. We were the unseeing in relentless persecution of those envisioned who were labeled a threat to the disorder of order. We were pawns engaged in our own destruction, proud and stupid and false. We cheered in the coliseums and informed on our fellows. We raised perversion to be normal and locked normal in a barn. We laughed with merciless humor at persecutions that came by our consent and everything that was true and meaningful within us, got up and went. We were the Hell-bound in denial of the heaven sent. We embraced the animal as the civilized way, cannibalizing our loved ones and killing ourselves, like a collection of poor unfortunates who gnawed off their own foot. We held what was trivial as a worshipful profound and we went all too quickly into the cold and forgotten ground. We made heroes out of rogues and pariahs out of our most important friends. We were the generation of vipers, ever and ever after, amen.

You will not see or I could show you. You will not hear or I could tell you. You will not be stopped or moved. You will see perdition as the holy gates and hear the lies of your corrupted guides as they take you through corridors of the condemned up the thirteen steps. We would have served and healed you but we were cast out from our quarters as your neighbors and friends.

Into this time of darkness came a signal event. They called it 9/11 and they made it into a royal seal, like a lock on a letter for the eyes of the few who composed the lies it contained and who carried out the crime. You could not see the contents but you had their guarantee that all was well and legal, keeping moving, there is nothing here to see.

You vain and fatuous mortals you shall reap the indifferent wind that was roused by your indifference and nothing will be the same again. You dance and pray and celebrate the horror and the lies. You pinch your face and become solemn though you must be uneasy beneath and your keepers snicker and make jokes at your expense. You lick their hands for they are your master and determiner of fate.

You can’t get there from here.

You can’t get there from here.

You can’t get there from here.

We few who wait by highway, we hold up the signs, “the bridge is out” and the road is slippery when wet with the blood of those you have driven over through proxy and malicious assent. You cannot hear and you will not see so you will be forced from both perspectives and you will be brought to your knees. A pestilence moves among you motivated by hunger and greed. They are the habitation of demons. They are the demons seed and you are honored and privileged to serve on their behalf which is the end of all of you. It is no wonder that they laugh.

They will not change. They cannot change they are the expression of what cannot be pacified or convinced. They are open to no argument that might affect profit or excess. They are the poisonous few in your midst. They pretend they are you and you are content.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Eternal Night Time of the Eternally Damned

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

We’re at the midway point of the month between the beginning and the anniversary bash of 9/11. Many things are going on in the background and I’m going to list some of them with my take, unsupported by links, though there are some out there, if you are of a mind to go and look for them.

The Libyan army is coming out of the desert with attendant mercenaries and the support of Algeria, as well as other countries who don’t care for the carpet bombing of civilians and who also realize what that may mean for them in the future. Turkey is pulling out all the stops against Israel and seriously mucking up their intentions of a sneak attack on Iran. At this point you can think of Turkey as an early warning system for the Iranians and I don’t doubt that Turkey will make it hot for Israel any way they can. This puts Erdogan directly in the Mossad crosshairs where he has been, in any case, for awhile. Erdogan’s chief concern of the moment is to purge Israeli influence from the ranks of the military and elsewhere and shut down on Israeli business enterprises there. He’s got to clean the cockroaches out of the kitchen.

Israel’s intention to attack Iran from bases in the area of Georgia, now has to be considered seriously compromised. Then there’s the real concern that Iran will hit the Zio-controlled Saudi oil fields and whatever other havoc they can loose in the straits, as well as whatever strategic initiatives they have up their sleeve, should an attack come. We have to remember that this threat has been on the table for a long time.

It goes without saying that the Israelis, who engineered 9/11 and the London and Madrid attacks will be in a full court press to make something monstrous and evil go down as the declaration of a Palestinian state on the 20th approaches by the hour. It’s a sure bet that they are setting up all sorts of mischief for the Palestinians. Most of the whole world is now aligned against Israel, primarily for their messing around in everyone’s county on the planet and secondarily for their genocidal murder against the authentic and original inhabitants of Palestine, which was renamed as Israel but ‘a rose by any other name’ and so on and so forth.

The ZATO murder spree in Libya is sure to crank up for more holocaust work against the residents but we shall see how that turns out. Yes folks, it is most certainly a holocaust, what is happening there and the dread irony is that those who have trumpeted their minor holocaust, compared to the one they pulled off in the soviet states, are continuing to engage in holocausts anywhere they can manage one because their bloodthirsty god demands it in support of the engines of materialism and free enterprise; you are free to get out of our way (maybe), or die.

It’s a terrible and fascinating thing to see what is taking place these days and it has never been more clear what control of the majority press will make possible. The carnage is terrific and the coverage is either full on fabricated or staged in other countries for the purpose of propaganda. Meanwhile, The Rasmussen kill team is on the scene, torturing, burning, mutilating and dismembering anyone standing between them and the theft of someone else’s oil and gold. ♫Rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other♫

You should read the article on Strauss-Khan by T Stokes. There’s plenty out there about Turkey now planning to accompany Palestinian aid ships, as well as the relentless effort of the British, German and others interfering in the Iranian elections. You can find out all you want to know and more and you can intuit the obvious, even uglier details, simply by looking at the surface. I like the mention of Lord Mandelson’s small furry animal caper in the T. Stokes article. You don’t get much sicker than the members of Parliament in the UK.

Let’s consider the mind of the international banker, as he sits with his fountain pen poised, over the death warrants of hundreds of thousands, millions perhaps; what festering swamps they must be. Can we know the depth of the black hearts that carry out these operations every day? They are a fathomless abyss. This is the eternal nighttime of the eternally damned. The ordinary mind has no clue of the depravity and casual violence of these Hell-born vipers. They are a breed apart. They are serial killers and torturers of a magnitude that goes beyond the reach of a normal imagination. These are truly, sick fucks from Hell.

When the hammer of the cosmos comes down upon these miscreants, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. That’s to be understood in the sense of ‘weeping for joy’. I could see Lord Buckley doing a routine on them now, “mi-lords and mi-ladies of The Satanic Court, the tormented sex and murder fantasies of the British aristocrat”.

Anyway, another day is passing, stuffed to the filling with murder and mayhem. Forty one people got shot in New York City over the weekend. The stock market is about to take an epic nosedive. New storms are brewing on the troubled oceans of the world. Fukushima is bubbling like a runaway crockpot and the winds are traveling over the North American continent, dispensing slow death and mutation as they go.

It appears that all the bad cats among us are mobilized against some kind of a deadline. I don’t know what’s driving them (well, actually I do) but whatever it is, it has some kind of deadline in mind too. Yes, there’s a dead line out there that’s been drawn upon the sands of time, while some amount of the same sand is pouring through the hourglass.

How truly crazy is it now? This article should tell you all you need to know.

The thing is that each of us is in a similar situation to the rest of us. We are being pushed by the force of change. If we do not change we are made more and more insane. This is why the politicians and the police are behaving like they are. They can’t adjust to the sane course out of the madness they are engaged in, so they get crazier by the day. It’s some kind of cosmic imperative. There are also a frightening amount of the rest of us out there, who refuse to budge against the imprimatur of our desires and appetites. They’re going crazy too. What’s happening in New York City should be a warning sign to all the congested urban sprawls of this world but, of course, few will see it as any kind of sign except for a renewed chance to abuse the citizenry at every opportunity.

The thing about crazy people is that they don’t know that they’re crazy. That’s one of the main tenets of being crazy. When Ronald Reagan threw the mentally ill out of the institutions, he said that they could just take their medication at home or at whatever bridge abutment they were living under. However, crazy people don’t take their medication because... because they are crazy and the medication, uh huh, that’s not the solution either.

The further you depart from the familiar and healing territory of Nature, the more and more insane you get, until you live in a completely artificial world that has cut itself off from Nature and can only come to destruction as a result. Without an awareness and respect for Nature, you are absolutely doomed. Reason goes out the window along with balance. Crazy becomes the new sane, as you can see from the single link I added here. This is going on all over the place because the inmates have taken over the institution. They wanted control, now they think they are in control which means, they are completely out of control. Interesting times are upon us and there is no telling what’s likely to happen now. I wouldn’t even begin to speculate. All I know is that since insanity is in charge the conditions are most likely to be insane.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Thursday, September 01, 2011

When the Guano Explodes at the Zombie Prom

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'May you miss the dread staccato of the murder guns of ZATO'.

I’m one of those people who tend to believe there is a reason for everything, even if I don’t know what that reason is. Usually I attribute most things to Karma. Sometimes I feel like the Alex Guinness character from Passage to India, wanting to say, “Karma neh?” …whenever anyone is wondering what the Hell existence is doing now. The simplistic explanation for Karma is that all of our words and actions have consequences and if our thoughts lead to words and actions, I suppose thoughts would be included as well, although, many of the thoughts that pass through our head are not our own, regardless of whether we identify with them or not and that is one of the things that The Powers that Imagine they are in Power try to manipulate, through all sorts of mediums and mechanisms.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve spent a lot of time recently, pondering why it is that so many people can be so out of touch with what is actually taking place. I try to imagine how stupid I would have to be to buy into the ridiculous lies that are accepted by the rank and file. I have to go back to when I was a child but even then I knew something was wrong with the whole setup. I did try to fit in but that did no good because people like me are not allowed to fit in, no matter how hard we try; that’s probably Karma too. That’s probably good Karma.

Now, the 9/11, exploding lights and colors, surround sound, 24 hour lie machine is going into turbo mode. It’s like an enormous disco light for The Zombie Prom. The walking dead do the Thorazine shuffle, The Prozac Pony, The Wellbutrin Waltz -or whatever the chemical stew they are on is called- to a toned down, palpable, musical looping of Lawrence Welk on Haldol; 3 enormous skyscrapers come down at the speed of free fall into their own footprint, where not even one building has ever done this before, no problem, Norad is told to stand down by Dick Cheney, while engaged in an exercise to prohibit the very thing they are not responding to, no problem, Jesus hates Muslims and torments house cats with a dinner fork, no problem, Israel is god’s chosen land, surrounded by suicide bombers, absolutely. It doesn’t matter how many people they kill in their genocidal rampages at home and around the world with their false flags, like 9/11, we’re cool with that.

ZATO-NATO kills tens of thousands in Libya, breaking every law in the book, under the orders of psychopathic bankers and oil corporations and the house band at The Zombie Prom plays on. Blood runs in rivers, as the infrastructure of Libya is bombed into rubble, so that the bankers and corporations can add on the rebuilding charges for it, as they get it all up to speed again, while shackling the people of Libya with crushing debt and making it impossible for them to continue as they were, with all that pretentious educational shit that they can’t possibly need, if they are going to serve the bankers and the corporations the way they need to be served, according to the corporations and the bankers. Here’s what one of the most evil men in the world had to say back in 1992, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched”.

It has to be Karma. It has to be a tightly controlled stage set, which is either controlled by the powers that imagine they are in power, or it’s something composed by the cosmos, which is designed to outwork into an enduring lesson, for unshakeable Nimrods, who can be awakened by no other means than terrifying trauma. If it’s the former, we are all in a whole lot of trouble. If it’s the latter, then it’s selective and generally applied to areas of disease and dysfunction for cauterization and reengineering. I’m going with door number two, simply because my experience tells me this has to be what’s happening, even if I don’t fully understand it and never will. I also would not be here writing these words now, if door number two were not the proper entrance or exit, depending on whether you think you are coming or going. If you don’t know whether you are coming or going, then it is most likely door number one, right up until the backdraft builds up enough to do its thing. Surprisingly this happens when oxygen is introduced into the fuel air mixture when the other right conditions are present. Would oxygen be some kind of a metaphor here or… does the conflagration come about when the optimum level of guano and the concentration of methane, in relation to the size and confinement of the occupied space, reaches a fever pitch? Does that fit the bill better? Shit can be explosive under the right conditions and boy, do we have a surplus at the moment.

Well, time for me to trot out my 9/11 poem. It’s a very early work and much of what was later discovered missed inclusion but I do believe it fits the playbill, for all the red-faced, martini soaked, Michelin men who will be parading across the stage with somber mien and funereal gaze, as they remind us of the terrible cost of that day; that day when they and their fellows and the killer clowns from Mossad, trumped up a load of guano for the extermination of the Muslim masses.

The hypocritical dog and pony show should be something to see, if you are dumber than a rock and you’re wearing your Twin Towers Watch. Every Zio-stooge on the planet will be grandstanding for the cameras, pushing and shoving for their moment in the lights, reading from their scripts and teleprompters, as they lie like the craven cowards that they are. They know who did 9/11. They know what happened and what followed and they approve. They continue to approve because their lives and their jobs depend on it.

Day follows day as the dead corpse of the American Dream is dragged out for display and draped in torn bunting, for the marveling eyes of those who cannot see what is in front of them, or remember what came before. They’re traveling down the road in their Wide Load Jeans. Jaysus is screaming through the bullhorn, as he counts the exposed ass-cracks, on their way to paradise in the skies. We destroyed it here so it has to be waiting there, over the rainbow.

Thank god I don’t watch TV and don’t have to see the smirking chimps, telling the usual lies to the usual dupes. Texas and Oklahoma are in flames and more hurricanes are on the way and who knows what’s coming up behind them? Like it says in one of those books; “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. All I can say is let’s get the show on the road.

It sure does look like America is being blessed by all that faith invested in the old white guy in the sky, with the Big Gulp in his hand. Last time I looked, God was blue and there are a number of reasons to account for that but… what do I know?

Ya’ll just keep on keeping on, feel the burn and enjoy the rush with your aspartame aerobics, while your brains turn to mush. Celebrate and mourn that 9/11 thing, brought to you by Israel and the CIA, with Dick Cheney’s hand puppet in a supporting role. Keep killing dictators and stamping out Islam, like the good little, sexless robots that you are. Bow your head in a moment of silence for the real victims of 9/11; yourselves. Stand under the golden shower of your betters and pretend its lemonade, legally provided by Dead Sea vendors. Keep on believing what cannot possibly be true, right up till the moment that they come for you. Keep believing the nonsense of a fabricated past, supporting a false present that will not last. Keep on nodding your head and telling yourself you’re awake, while you’re fast asleep in your bed; dreaming of poisoned sugar plums and bat guano shakes. There’s no hangover quite like the truth when it hits you between the eyes, like a captive bolt killer in no country for old men, or any age group of any gender. You’re just one of Darwin’s mistakes, with your dick in a blender and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

9/11, the greatest cash cow since they did that Hollywood job on World War Two; watch the zombies dancing to the music that only they can hear. There is no pomposity more unbearable than that of the sanctimonious puppets, whispering those sweet nothings into your ears. Wake up! Wake up! Never mind.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible