Thursday, September 01, 2011

When the Guano Explodes at the Zombie Prom

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May you miss the dread staccato of the murder guns of ZATO'.

I’m one of those people who tend to believe there is a reason for everything, even if I don’t know what that reason is. Usually I attribute most things to Karma. Sometimes I feel like the Alex Guinness character from Passage to India, wanting to say, “Karma neh?” …whenever anyone is wondering what the Hell existence is doing now. The simplistic explanation for Karma is that all of our words and actions have consequences and if our thoughts lead to words and actions, I suppose thoughts would be included as well, although, many of the thoughts that pass through our head are not our own, regardless of whether we identify with them or not and that is one of the things that The Powers that Imagine they are in Power try to manipulate, through all sorts of mediums and mechanisms.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve spent a lot of time recently, pondering why it is that so many people can be so out of touch with what is actually taking place. I try to imagine how stupid I would have to be to buy into the ridiculous lies that are accepted by the rank and file. I have to go back to when I was a child but even then I knew something was wrong with the whole setup. I did try to fit in but that did no good because people like me are not allowed to fit in, no matter how hard we try; that’s probably Karma too. That’s probably good Karma.

Now, the 9/11, exploding lights and colors, surround sound, 24 hour lie machine is going into turbo mode. It’s like an enormous disco light for The Zombie Prom. The walking dead do the Thorazine shuffle, The Prozac Pony, The Wellbutrin Waltz -or whatever the chemical stew they are on is called- to a toned down, palpable, musical looping of Lawrence Welk on Haldol; 3 enormous skyscrapers come down at the speed of free fall into their own footprint, where not even one building has ever done this before, no problem, Norad is told to stand down by Dick Cheney, while engaged in an exercise to prohibit the very thing they are not responding to, no problem, Jesus hates Muslims and torments house cats with a dinner fork, no problem, Israel is god’s chosen land, surrounded by suicide bombers, absolutely. It doesn’t matter how many people they kill in their genocidal rampages at home and around the world with their false flags, like 9/11, we’re cool with that.

ZATO-NATO kills tens of thousands in Libya, breaking every law in the book, under the orders of psychopathic bankers and oil corporations and the house band at The Zombie Prom plays on. Blood runs in rivers, as the infrastructure of Libya is bombed into rubble, so that the bankers and corporations can add on the rebuilding charges for it, as they get it all up to speed again, while shackling the people of Libya with crushing debt and making it impossible for them to continue as they were, with all that pretentious educational shit that they can’t possibly need, if they are going to serve the bankers and the corporations the way they need to be served, according to the corporations and the bankers. Here’s what one of the most evil men in the world had to say back in 1992, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched”.

It has to be Karma. It has to be a tightly controlled stage set, which is either controlled by the powers that imagine they are in power, or it’s something composed by the cosmos, which is designed to outwork into an enduring lesson, for unshakeable Nimrods, who can be awakened by no other means than terrifying trauma. If it’s the former, we are all in a whole lot of trouble. If it’s the latter, then it’s selective and generally applied to areas of disease and dysfunction for cauterization and reengineering. I’m going with door number two, simply because my experience tells me this has to be what’s happening, even if I don’t fully understand it and never will. I also would not be here writing these words now, if door number two were not the proper entrance or exit, depending on whether you think you are coming or going. If you don’t know whether you are coming or going, then it is most likely door number one, right up until the backdraft builds up enough to do its thing. Surprisingly this happens when oxygen is introduced into the fuel air mixture when the other right conditions are present. Would oxygen be some kind of a metaphor here or… does the conflagration come about when the optimum level of guano and the concentration of methane, in relation to the size and confinement of the occupied space, reaches a fever pitch? Does that fit the bill better? Shit can be explosive under the right conditions and boy, do we have a surplus at the moment.

Well, time for me to trot out my 9/11 poem. It’s a very early work and much of what was later discovered missed inclusion but I do believe it fits the playbill, for all the red-faced, martini soaked, Michelin men who will be parading across the stage with somber mien and funereal gaze, as they remind us of the terrible cost of that day; that day when they and their fellows and the killer clowns from Mossad, trumped up a load of guano for the extermination of the Muslim masses.

The hypocritical dog and pony show should be something to see, if you are dumber than a rock and you’re wearing your Twin Towers Watch. Every Zio-stooge on the planet will be grandstanding for the cameras, pushing and shoving for their moment in the lights, reading from their scripts and teleprompters, as they lie like the craven cowards that they are. They know who did 9/11. They know what happened and what followed and they approve. They continue to approve because their lives and their jobs depend on it.

Day follows day as the dead corpse of the American Dream is dragged out for display and draped in torn bunting, for the marveling eyes of those who cannot see what is in front of them, or remember what came before. They’re traveling down the road in their Wide Load Jeans. Jaysus is screaming through the bullhorn, as he counts the exposed ass-cracks, on their way to paradise in the skies. We destroyed it here so it has to be waiting there, over the rainbow.

Thank god I don’t watch TV and don’t have to see the smirking chimps, telling the usual lies to the usual dupes. Texas and Oklahoma are in flames and more hurricanes are on the way and who knows what’s coming up behind them? Like it says in one of those books; “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. All I can say is let’s get the show on the road.

It sure does look like America is being blessed by all that faith invested in the old white guy in the sky, with the Big Gulp in his hand. Last time I looked, God was blue and there are a number of reasons to account for that but… what do I know?

Ya’ll just keep on keeping on, feel the burn and enjoy the rush with your aspartame aerobics, while your brains turn to mush. Celebrate and mourn that 9/11 thing, brought to you by Israel and the CIA, with Dick Cheney’s hand puppet in a supporting role. Keep killing dictators and stamping out Islam, like the good little, sexless robots that you are. Bow your head in a moment of silence for the real victims of 9/11; yourselves. Stand under the golden shower of your betters and pretend its lemonade, legally provided by Dead Sea vendors. Keep on believing what cannot possibly be true, right up till the moment that they come for you. Keep believing the nonsense of a fabricated past, supporting a false present that will not last. Keep on nodding your head and telling yourself you’re awake, while you’re fast asleep in your bed; dreaming of poisoned sugar plums and bat guano shakes. There’s no hangover quite like the truth when it hits you between the eyes, like a captive bolt killer in no country for old men, or any age group of any gender. You’re just one of Darwin’s mistakes, with your dick in a blender and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

9/11, the greatest cash cow since they did that Hollywood job on World War Two; watch the zombies dancing to the music that only they can hear. There is no pomposity more unbearable than that of the sanctimonious puppets, whispering those sweet nothings into your ears. Wake up! Wake up! Never mind.

End Transmission.......

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

"Stand under the golden shower of your betters and pretend its lemonade, legally provided by Dead Sea vendors."

Poetry and politics.

No one does it better than you, Les.

Smart move about no tv, keeps the brain functioning almost at optimum.

And on that day, mention anything about "conspiracy truths" and just see what happens.....

I hear that they are carefully perusing who can attend the "ceremonies" and have outlawed many to attend including those who helped save lives. I imagine Pam Geller and her band of crazy coots will have no problem getting in.

kikz said...

the blipverts for the big day have been going for sometime.

one is a spielberg production........ rising..

yeah, the stench is still 'rising'......the bat quano pile is still 'rising'..

i'm enjoying the vampire cagematch, w/cheney baiting the rogue's gallery outside thunderdome. powell's line about deadeye being pinochet'd made me snicker.

but, cummon gang, enuff of the sissy-ass poo fling.. i wanna see y'all go full bore hannibal cannibal. now, tha'd be entertainment...

DaveS said...

Dog Poet,

Yeah, keep on keepin' on.

The world is crying out for truth. Every storm, conflagration and earthquake is another cry for that truth to be heard. The physical is being affected and shaped by the metaphysical. Our world is being transformed and most can't see how they've been changed, let alone how the landscape that spawned humanity has changed.

I look at the miniature monsters spawned by adults whose bodies are chemical wastelands full of crap and I'm not surprised by the outcome of their drunk couplings... but they seem to be.

I love so many broken humans... yet I can't 'fix' any of them. Hell, I've a hard enough time fixing myself. Unfortunately, I have a feeling a lot of people I love are going to be surprised when Mr Apocalypse starts in on the main number. Right now he's just tuning-up the orchestra, wait 'til they start in on his version of Wagner and I assure you that you'll feel it in your bones.

And since we're remembering the big lie, 9/11, I like to remember what HST wrote about that moment, in the moment:

The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. Make no mistake about it: We are At War now -- with somebody -- and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives.
It will be a Religious War, a sort of Christian Jihad, fueled by religious hatred and led by merciless fanatics on both sides. It will be guerilla warfare on a global scale, with no front lines and no identifiable enemy. Osama bin Laden may be a primitive "figurehead" -- or even dead, for all we know -- but whoever put those All-American jet planes loaded with All-American fuel into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon did it with chilling precision and accuracy. The second one was a dead-on bullseye. Straight into the middle of the skyscraper.
Nothing -- even George Bush's $350 billion "Star Wars" missile defense system -- could have prevented Tuesday's attack, and it cost next to nothing to pull off. Fewer than 20 unarmed Suicide soldiers from some apparently primitive country somewhere on the other side of the world took out the World Trade Center and half the Pentagon with three quick and costless strikes on one day. The efficiency of it was terrifying.
We are going to punish somebody for this attack, but just who or what will be blown to smithereens for it is hard to say. Maybe Afghanistan, maybe Pakistan or Iraq, or possibly all three at once. Who knows? Not even the Generals in what remains of the Pentagon or the New York papers calling for WAR seem to know who did it or where to look for them.
This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed -- for anyone, and certainly not for anyone as baffled as George W. Bush. All he knows is that his father started the war a long time ago, and that he, the goofy child-President, has been chosen by Fate and the global Oil industry to finish it Now. He will declare a National Security Emergency and clamp down Hard on Everybody, no matter where they live or why. If the guilty won't hold up their hands and confess, he and the Generals will ferret them out by force.
Good luck. He is in for a profoundly difficult job -- armed as he is with no credible Military Intelligence, no witnesses and only the ghost of Bin Laden to blame for the tragedy.
OK. It is 24 hours later now, and we are not getting much information about the Five Ws of this thing.
The numbers out of the Pentagon are baffling, as if Military Censorship has already been imposed on the media. It is ominous. The only news on TV comes from weeping victims and ignorant speculators.
The lid is on. Loose Lips Sink Ships. Don't say anything that might give aid to The Enemy.


What a sage that man was. What a freak he was too.


covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

Les do you know you are a modern day version of the horn of Gondor? It's just unfortunate(tragic) that the intoxicated masses are unable to hear the call.
What is it that keeps populations so dumbed down and asleep that the only thing that will stir them is literally a rocket up the arse?Of course the game is over then.

The truth frequency that resonates from your work is only able to be picked up by a few souls who read your work here...we may not understand the reasons why this is so...except to say that it is the will of the divine and obviously figures in his great scheme.

Thank you.

Tannon said...

"There’s no hangover quite like the truth when it hits you between the eyes, like a captive bolt killer in no country for old men, or any age group of any gender."

I just got through reading "No Country for Old Men". There is a piece of dialogue between Sheriff Bell and his uncle that goes like this:
Do you think God know's what's happenin?
I expect he does.
You think he can stop it?
No. I don't.

So then I'm reading from this blog here; Phishna's New Theory of God . And wouldn't you know what I came across:
"Can god stop the war? Can god stop famine? Can god stop the tsunami, or earthquake, or flood? The honest answer is no. The unspeakable heresy is that god has limitations like all beings."

I know I went off on a tangent with that, but I think it still relates enough to be here.

the BCth said...

Dear Les,

First, thank you for a dynamite radio show last Sunday. This one, like many before it, has been and will be listened to multiple times, for maximum effect. No one speaks off-the-cuff about the things that matter quite the way you do. Your ability with the spoken word is a divine gift, put to the best possible use. Please continue to record your shows as long as universe allows - we thirst for that tonic water of the words of truth.

Sept. 11 was the PTITHP's last great propaganda coup, now utterly demasked in the eyes of anyone with the spiritual guts and the temporal means to see it. I look forward to their pathetic (and, I presume, their last) attempt to milk that sordid fiction for all the pathos and vitriol they can get, one more offering of fear-laced loosh for their treacherous demon gods. Gods who, depending on whose story you believe, may already have been dragged off the stage, leaving their human minions in the lurch as the end of days approaches. In any case, their days are clearly numbered, even if appearances continue to favour the continuing march of insanity, violence, and subjugation. I know this in my heart. Thank you, Les, for standing by your own conviction to that effect, as a strengthening agent for the faith of those who gather here for that purpose, and to share in this sacred synergy of minds and hearts.

I am fortunate in these times. Of the (real-life) people I've gotten to know recently, most are either on the same page, or open to being brought up to speed. It is comforting, whilst the great trials near, to have the company of conscious individuals who know they can depend on each other when the spark finally sets off this steaming mountain of guano.

To all my brothers and sisters here, thank you for your contributions. Each one of us is important. Seek God, as Les keeps saying. Integrate yourself with Self, let the dross fall away in the fire of transformation. Tune your instrument, follow your dharma. Shine as brightly as you can. Remember to love, to forgive, and to serve with a glad heart. The hour is late, but we are still working, according to the good pleasure of the One who dreams us all into being and who waits to awaken within us.

Godspeed, and may good spirits be with you,


Anonymous said...

"They’re traveling down the road in their Wide Load Jeans. Jaysus is screaming through the bullhorn, as he counts the exposed ass-cracks, on their way to paradise in the skies. We destroyed it here so it has to be waiting there, over the rainbow."

Enjoyed it. Now that's poetry! (c;

(shhhuuuusssh... quiet... I heard it... the secret for the learning too... Dorothy gets disappointed on the other side of de rainbow and comes back here again).



JerseyCynic said...

Oh Les,

you be da bomb! Day after day, you keep out doing yourself.

maybe our upcoming solar storms will bring people closer to the light

I am SO email blasting this one!

Anonymous said...

Highlight: 'They continue to approve because their lives and their jobs depend on it.'
Like one of your readers said elsewhere, 'Les, if I step back how do I live'.
'No fear' is missing in their life.
Here is a portrait of my favourite post 911 family although these people were like this pre 911; may give you an insight:
Five members, own business, each has a job; the mother has three part time jobs plus she is the doormat for the rest of the family in the home. Two of the young adults (not related) are together and live in the family home.
The father is very controlling, over the years has had a relationship with three of the (then under 15y/o) next door neighbour daughters, nothing that would (probably) put him in goal.
When the subject of conspiracy arises - that's nonsense, it doesn't happen; everyone stops talking.
On the subject of airport shenanigans, the father says , 'I like it, it makes me feel safer".
When blatant lies are pointed out to him (the father) re news reports he turns abusive and angry and everyone stops that line of conversation.
This family will travel overseas to see, only, the new Disney and Movie World theme parks and return every so often; each member is over 25.
There is more that the father does that is of the family very manipulative, he is also obnoxious (mainly sexual displays) in his ownership of 'his backyard' but that is his world and the family, by default.
Re-quote "their lives and jobs depend on it".
Les, these people are 'normal' everyday people, the ones you brush up against in your daily travels, the same people driving their cars coming toward you in the oncoming traffic on the roads, the people who help run our world – how frightening is that!?


ps I know this is a bit 'warts and all' but this is what it's all about - how we live our life reflects in the Cosmos and that's how it is!

m. edward godward said...

"9/11 was an Event, considered as a Psyops, that has caused more Mental Destruction than Any Other Single Event in the Whole of Human History. It is a Psyops Directed to Common Sense, to Human Reasoning, to Logic. It is a Psyops Intended to Absolutely Destroy and Demolish Human Sanity and the Logical Workings of the Human Mind."

John Lamb Lash

Behind you at the meeting said...

response to "Larry $ilver$tein" at cnsnews/../negative-view..

Oy, Larry, you kill me - why do you even bother with the goy and their babble? Though, I must admit, there is a certain aesthetic pleasure in offering a hand to the one underfoot - before the pressure of our boot makes the liquid of their eyes run out like tears.

These goyim are incapable of insight, Larry. Their inferior intellect maintains the belief that to own a thing is to have the power of its destruction. They cannot see that who controls this very idea has true power – we, Larry, of course, control the dissemination of idea. So we further divided this ridiculous notion, and here you see their make-believe battlefield. Oy, not even children express such rabid petulance, truly they are dogs.

The beauty, of the plan, Larry, is that they are terrified to see themselves as human, and instead see themselves as what they wear. They merely wear ideas of course and are naked of shame, and we have parceled out to them the most insidious O Liberty and Unity - the dog chases its tale. They laughingly say Law reconciles these visions and Justice keeps it all straight - but Larry, we know what makes a father send his son to kill his brother for; Goldstein, indeed.

I see anew your sense of humor Larry; it warms the critical perspective of artistic pleasure. The goyim are utterly stupid, and one is at times incredulous that God has made an animal in our image for our pleasure. Yes, even I am tempted, from time to time, to give the dog a pat on the head as it were – but I would never talk to it, Larry, to a dog.

But your humor is rich, Larry, as we are chosen to be. I must confess a need to enjoin your sport – here I place information from goyim not so deluded by information from us, and so dangerous to us:
Ha! They will not believe a word of it, Larry. They will merely see a distraction from their game of ideas which we gave them. What pleasure!

You are sick Larry, and I will commend you at the next meeting.

(not one person bit...)

Anonymous said...

I have watched my Americon brothers and sisters take a population of 330,000,000 and triple it and the agents of seduction I witnessed involved were sloth (zombies), gluttony (cannibalism), and envy (suicide). Their bastard children I see grasping around their kankles, kneesles, small cox, man tits, no neck and flabber jowls. I witness the dirty fingernails of learned hatred, leaving scars and tattoos of veins and discolored skin and there is plenty of cottage cheese to go with the poisoned peach-fish. The fathers of Anti-brotherhood taught them kosher ways of how to carry the weight of masturbation of animals into their mouths with teeth honed like daggers, calcified by the shadows of 5 pointed stars; designed to crush dreams and flesh.

They refuse to see the Cosmos beating the Calypso drums while they are dancing in Conga lines being pulled taut and shoved full like the Palestinian sausage they choked down with the Starbucks promise-of-no-political-donations; vente latte. In a chorus they chant, “If that's 2% skim Libyan breast milk, pour extra!”.

In the food distribution arena I learned sausage is twisted closed from both ends and fuck yes, that gristle could have been some goyim's finger. If you truly knew what they are feeding you; you would roll down the street, gain speed while engulfing entire garage sales and shit all over their front yards with all that nickle and dime fecal matter that some sweatshop beat out of a woman or child. Who paid the criminals $50.00 a few years ago to smash these people into production equipment, so then you could turn around and lose $49.75 in your front yard and never see the blood turn into gravy?

Your resolve gives me hope and courage my brother.



Anonymous said...

My God is blue too; the Divine got here before Israel or the jew.

My God is Azul and for the destruction of the goat; Love will be the tool.

Anonymous said...

Wahrheit Macht Frei, indeed!

Anonymous said...

The nice thing aout earthquakes and hurricaines is that the lackeys and stooges and assorted hand puppets can't convince anyone, no matter how hard they try, that it didn't happen. Nuclear meltdowns and massive oil spills notwithstanding, of course.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

You're "UP" at Blondesense by an old friend of mine named Jersey Cynic.

Anonymous said...

The pain of truth vision. Maybe it is like when open your eyes under water while swiming in the ocean. I don't know. I do know that trying to see the truth and even more sahre it, can be quite painful.

The intense animosity from those who do not want there illusion bubble burst is amazing. I am not talking about the perpetrators of the lies, I am talkking about the walking dead who will eat anyone who wants to stay in the light of truth.

I speak from experience. yes, it may be from birth that there is something different. A different kind of vision or capability, or lack of, in the brain or soul. who knows? Some see the truth without much effort, and some will avoid it withi a lot of effort.

Maybe there is only some percentage who walk this earth who are actually ensouled while many are but biological robots programmed to do and see only what they were intended.

time will tell...


Anonymous said...


I had to add a note to my previous post... Woudl not the programmed biological robot theory explain why you can have people with lots of letters after their name but can not see the world around them? Woudl it not explain the cold brutality of these heartless/souless/ greedy programmed ones?

A thought..


Alpha Silex said...

"I did try to fit in but that did no good because people like me are not allowed to fit in, no matter how hard we try; that’s probably Karma too. That’s probably good Karma." EXCELLENT! I could not have said that better myself. Awesome and thank you brother!

Anonymous said...

Every time I shut my mouth about the crazy shit people believe, I hang my head, if only in my mind. Then I'll read somebody like you and understand that courage comes in many forms. You influence me in that I shake myself and say, if Les Visible has the balls to speak the truth, so shall I. Many thanks for what you do Les. Jim Dunlop.

Jacob said...

When you say "Last time I looked, God was blue", am I totally barking up the wrong tree or are you referring to what you've seen with your other eye?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Les, I've been pondering these things too and got to thinking that it's part of the programming to get us to think most folks are idiots. The old lookin crosseyed at each other thing. There are not nearly as many as it appears, it's just that they get the spotlight.
I've found that it's best to not just shut off the TV ,but to unplug that power robbing parasite.
Peace to all, from Minnesota

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Guys,
I think we are actually dealing with 3 distinct types here. We have the greedy and soulless which are easy to spot. We then have the seemingly, at least partially innocent self-absorbed sheeple zombies who reject truth. The 3rd seems to be a "truth" seeker with some screws loose somewhere. The 3rd causes me much reflection because they seem so committed to their beliefs that it always makes me wonder if I am just as tweaked in my belief. Perhaps we are all a bit insane which would not be surprising.

All of this results in a strange and lonely existence as if you were planted here from a totally alien civilization with the only similarity being your external appearance. This can be very disconcerting.

In the end I have only the message my heart tells me and am greatly encouraged by the similarity of my experience and those who land here.

I can never stop thanking Les for all he does.

God Bless,

neal said...

They say that the earthquake created for those listening a trumpet sound.

You can be most anything, but SPOOK from Langley, hearing that, might just decide to change that mind.

Seeing only one side will not affect Karma. Maybe that's just in time, and giving Identity what is required.

Anonymous said...

it seems earth stood still
things changed that day
like a ritual sacrifice
to all lies and disaray
under false inhibition
wickedness and darkness
the fruits of all lies
just wither disadvantaged
suspended in stagnation
psychosis conceals
false intentions pathway
leads to desolations hills
now who would pick that moment
kill their own debase their trust
only falsehood and error
when faced by truth always crushed


Franz said...

Great, I almost hate to say it.

My bet? The USA was Groud Zero for electromagnetic Mind Control... and it worked beyond anyone's dreams.

Explain it some other way? I can't. I live between the shutdown mills and the staging area for FEMA and the waterworks. They are removing old pipes and replacing them with ZombieMaker waterlines. The end ain't near, it's come and gone for this place.

Still. The last thing anybody would do it go right to the root cause of all this, even when the local pols are in Israel for their yearly "holiday". Getting their instructions to make next year worse than this one and there's not many flavors of bad left.

All I can say is keep pissing them off. As long as there is life there's hope. Not very much maybe.

Anonymous said...

thats what they did
falsehood and error
warmongered fabricated
the lies of 9.11 terror
disfunction crookedness
in disservice to all truth
engineering a psychosis
on illusionary pursuit
crafting deceptions
through corporate media
disinformation deposited
world wide almost imediate
prospects for humans
living under unnatural law
just a zombified state
of minds chained to a wall


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

then there's the dream world, where the "other" comes out to play. the way our "civilised" world dismisses dreams speaks oodles on the attitudes towards the Self and the inherent limitations and possibilities of the individual thus composed. any how the dreams niggle at the woken, sleeping, mind. I'd like to think that people are having dreams that reveal what is obvious to their greater, ignored, selves. maybe that's as futile as Orwells hope in the Proles, but it is a factor and how it comes out, we will see.


wv: derpa. a stupid sherpa, but as a mule, can be quite useful in the long haul up that mountain. (apologies to mules).

Anonymous said...

People take strong objection to some of the things I say and they are always anonymous. That’s a freedom that the internet has given us and maybe that’s a good thing because so many of us are pissed off and powerless. So we like to trot out our swords, under a cloak of invisibility in order to get it off of our chests. That doesn’t make us any kind of hero because hiding from the reaction to what we say and do brands us as cowards. Every single thing we do is recorded, make no mistake about that.

(Profound apologies for being slightly off topic here. Some of us have lives outside of the internet.)

Calling someone cowardly for being anonymous is like calling someone courageous for standing behind a name or reputation that has absolutely no way of being proven or verified using any of the usual means available to the average person. Nice try though.

There are a host of people who stand behind names who take no responsibility whatsoever for what they do, or they try to create the appearance of personal responsibility; make sure you're not one of them. This is the internet, you don't like anonymous then choose another medium.

We know who's keeping record and keeping score here. No worries on that end. Anonymity is a myth in that respect. No one can escape the inevitable consequence of their deliberate misconduct or malevolence.

We know of no one trying to save the day on their own, that would not be a very prudent thing to do.
We know of no one with illusions of power or grandeur. Feeling powerless would mean that one was under the impression he or she had any real power to begin with.

Everyone is held accountable, whether they use a useless meaningless name or moniker for others to call them by, or not. We all have a past. And in most cases, particularly on the internet - this web space - all we have is our word(s) and nothing more. Sometimes we seem to get too caught up in words to where we ignore or overlook everything else, to our detriment.

Everything exposes itself for what it is eventually, there's no mistake about that. Until that last lovely moment, judgments on intentions, motivations, what is possessed or not possessed, remains happily unknown, always under question and scrutiny.

Just a thought: If we begin to even remotely emulate the characteristics of those we castigate then we become nothing more than a lousy hypocrite.

Surely you already well know you are being watched, LV. Rest assured it is not for your own sake.

By all means, do go on.


est said...

so, last week i'm walking
down the main street

of the biggest town,
in this little state

i never broke stride
as i dropped a buck

into those two or
three guitar cases
down past the shelter
a good dozen cried out :

'jerry garcia' - i said :
'the hell i am' - they laughed

'i've heard 'jim morrison',
before, though'
[as in - you look like him]

and i shouted back, at them
'i feel like him'

i made it home

i can't speak
to the rest

Anonymous said...

One other thing; you may not want to publish that last one about you since you don't want any of the readers here to question who you are or what you do, oh vitreous one.

When you proclaim to have nothing to hide we cannot help but feel the thick wisp of irony.


Anonymous said...

Here is another 9/11 song via Rivero: 9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes.

And again my personal favorite whose lyrics stand up in a just court: Yet Another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song by ScootleRoyale.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. apocalypse go fuck yourself. I've seen too many dismembered bodies of children to believe in your shit anymore.

It's time. Work in the system make as much money as you can and buy what you need then do what real men do . Defend your self's. Remember the french resistance ?

God gave you a cock to fuck with a stomach to eat with and a brain to think with. Use all of it.

Freedom is NOT free ! Expect to die bitches. Get off your fucking knees.

I'm so fed up with all this horse shit. 3 Million men show up at the IRS tomorrow with a cease and desist order. End of story.

They use violence against use daily. Buck up for fucks sakes.

You know this Vis. You are a martial artist. Remember

Thanks for your Blog LV
Patrick V1.0

siamsam said...

You are the main feature with the man with the sax Mr Vis.........

Although strangely (or not) you get no mention!!

Kray Z8 said...

Mr. Vis, you have an amazing way of mixing visceral humor with fundamental truth; it's both entertaining and effective. I'm not on-line every day so I'll have to give you a blanket bravo for S&M and RPD. The cosmic energy seems to be building again lately and, judging from your blogs, you're feeling it too. Powerful stuff; don't stop now.

The posts from the Friends have been amazing too. Lots of synergy and synchronicity and although we all have to validate ourselves, it's still nice to know others can see through the deception we're surrounded by and discuss it openly here.

As intense as the recent political and natural events have been, they still seem like opening acts to something even bigger. What exactly I have no idea, but I do know I'll keep coming back here to get some perspective.

Thanks L.V., and thanks Friends. Live each moment to the fullest and stay connected to the Divine within you.

Peace, Love, Truth,


est said...

@7:31 am

let me explain it to you
in the simplest terms

if you have nothing to say
and drag it out endlessly

you might be a fruitcake
or it's a paid position

as in vertical/horizontal
you don't give a fuck

as long as you
waste a little time

still not gonna get
you fuckers off the hook

good luck with your
duct tape and plastic

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

as always another great blog Les...

it is great to be back from my own technical difficulties...i missed several blogs and of course everyone here while on the low road to recovery...

this dimension is becoming one big zombieland...and for those that don't fit in to the programed lies of the demons in you said...they must be receiving the GOOD Karma...the demons lies are so makes the truth look just as outrageous to the programmed zombies...those believing this reality of illusion and lies appear on the divine radar as normally abnormal...

evil in many ways is openly declared to be normal...and Good is now considered abnormal...the demons truly are in charge of education and the media...the primary means of indoctrination into the evil system...including a double edged sword that ensures zombieparents will also inject toxic vaccines into their zombiekids to attend the criminal education system as well...

the demons have brought to us...HELL on Earth...

the lowering of moral standards...the acceptance of wrong as "right" merely reveals the depths to which humankind has sunk...this indoctrination is mandated by the media and education to acclimate us into hell...

when the good recognize the reality of evil in their its institutions...and in their nation as a it "paranoia" when one understands that evil rules this is the truth...and the truth is coming matter how cherished the illusion - or how bold the lie...

society lies to us continually... especially its self-proclaimed experts...authorities...and know-it-alls...those who have no idea of spiritual truth claim to be spiritual authorities...declaring that the "challenges" of life are good for us...that "god" has blessed us with hardship and suffering to test make us teach us how to succeed and grow...this is...of of the biggest lies of ALL lies...

evil does not ever produce Good...AND...evil is not necessary for us to know what Good the rest of the infinite Divine creation (and it is vast) this is not distorted... evil does not exist...and the experience of the beings of Light is that of bliss...not lament from is the hallmark of evil to try to get the beings of Light to accept something less in exchange for something get the children of Light to accept evil...the demigod and his spiritual teachers have declared that evil is just as good as Good...that that it is just as valuable...that it is just as necessary...this theme of denigrating and devaluing all that is good...pure...right...and true...and elevating the lie and all that is evil...impure... degrading...and that which is common to every system created by evil...the exchange of what is of value...for what is the basis of social exchange for giving up what is truly of value (you can see this in all their evil created systems)...the love and guidance of the divine True God...that of freedom...the children of Light are made to accept a world of pain...suffering...disease...oppression...lies...fear...and endless regulations to keep order and control...with their false promise of a later reward...

needless to say...every system of order - law...government... politics...religion...medical and science - simply oppresses...corrupts...abuses...and exploits further...contrary to any appearances...these worldly systems do not increase freedom...justice...creativity...progress...truth...understanding...and goodness (or God's will)...rather...they are mechanisms for enslaving the true spirit in man...they are designed by...administered by...and profited by the elect of Zion in the Kingdom of Zion...always to the disadvantage of the true spiritual residents of this world trapped by evil...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Dick Cheney, War Criminal and Chickenhawk Deluxe.

tim said...

Learn to read.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Prophecy, Alchemy and the upside of Armageddon.

Ironically it turns out the solution is to just piss on it.
That’s right folks, while the greatest minds of antiquity were strictly focused on making the philosopher’s stone, the transformational healing elixirs; the modern mind completely misses the point.

It’s not that the quantum alchemical processes are too complicated for our modern fool; it’s that the making of the philosopher’s stone is too simple for them to possibly comprehend. aurum fulminans, azote, barilla, cadmia, calamine, calcination, cinnabar or vermillion, didymium, Dragon's blood, and all of the terms in Arcanum where just there to confuse those of inflated intellect and egos. The truth is the philospher’s stone is made in a slow low heat, precipitation process with only a hermetically sealed glass retort and water warmer.

All that is required to make the live giving elixir is a litre of your own humble piss and a bit of time and patience. To all you closet alchemists out there (when climbing those last few helical turns on the DNA activation spiral, we all become Alchemists.

You can download a free audio book and PDF book describing making the stone at the following link.

Reoccurring prophecies in numerous cultures from early earth history say that in the end times all hidden knowledge will be made known. Get your furnace fires lit and enjoy the end times.



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Here is the URL that did not make it as a link in the previous post.


Electrolux said...

Well said. I sympathize with your observations. Things happen because the conditions have been provided for them to happen and since they happen all around us I suppose it's safe to say that it is we who have provided the conditions. Even if our thoughts, as you say, have been introduced by others, it is still we who have provided the "fields" that the "farmers" can plant their seeds. The best way to make the "fields"grow a kindlier crop is for us to cultivate our minds in a more compassionate style and deeply too. Aspire to see our enemies, friends and lovers in the same light and our mind will be ours again. MLK said that the Universe arcs toward justice. I love that thought. I know it's true but it starts and finishes with us alone.

mick said...

The common people are not stupid. They are willing and active participants in their own deception. They want it worse than any junkie wants his fix, and they will pay any coin and condone any crime to get it.

I think they are also fundamentally schizophrenic. This is what Native Americans noticed about whites when we first arrived here. They said "You people are all crazy."

The schizophrenia is necessary for the deliberate self-deception. The big monsters who sell us this smack are partly pushing it -- but I really think they are mostly just servicing the voracious demand.

The common people who are so desperate to not be woken up -- they remind me of people who are profoundly, desperately afraid of something. It's very large and very real and present in their larger minds -- and they have walled the knowledge off like a monster in the basement and will do absolutely anything to keep it there.

And it's pretty much the same thing for all of them.

But what is it? What, what, what?

Whatever it is, the walls that keep it away are wearing very, very thin.

The war of twelve thousand years finally has come down to -- a few months?

siamsam said...

Oops, sorry Vis. I thought from listening to one of your audios that you were the voice. Im now clear :)

ref my post at 10.08

Anonymous said...

Tim, I wasn't sure of the wording or who commented but my comment served my purpose; it only need 10% to step back to make a difference. From then on your concerns can be dealt with over time.


siamsam said...


The common people who are so desperate to not be woken up -- they remind me of people who are profoundly, desperately afraid of something. It's very large and very real and present in their larger minds -- and they have walled the knowledge off like a monster in the basement and will do absolutely anything to keep it there...........

I think it is a bit like when people have some signs of major physical health problem. Many will avoid seeing a Doctor as they fear the reality of the situation.

More likely though that most people have a serious mental health problem and they don't even know they are sick.

tim said...

I guess all that I really meant was that nobody is innocent. We all eat because of industrial farming. Look at how complex (and toxic) it is to have this world-wide conversation with these magical boxes we type on.

Visible said...

Visible Origami up-

Les Visible, Lord Buckley and Whatever.



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