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Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

This is blog posting 1075 and then there’s 104 radio shows. I looked at the computer screen this morning and said, “Oh no, not another blog post (grin)”. It’s not the blog posts that bother me so much. It’s the times I have to say something about someone and I don’t want to but I can’t help myself. When I see seriously safe writing like this, it bothers me and when that same writer talks about meeting Gaddafi and how he is crazy and dangerous and should be gone and that same writer talks about the beauty of The Arab Spring and how he supports it I start to get those George Soros Shingles all over my body and they won’t go away until I say something. It’s also known as Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles and only people troubled by the seeming absence of clarity and truth catch it for some reason and it hurts like regular shingles, or so I hear; I’ve never had the regular kind.

I don’t want to get into more about me again; I’ve felt the need to do that lately, mostly because some people don’t read carefully. They see some hot button item and they go off without studying the totality of my approach. Or maybe they just don’t want to get it and lack the objectivity to consider the facts and the figures on the merits. I don’t know what the problem is but I suspect it has to do with degrees of awakening in concert with the level of personal courage that is possessed by the reader. Regardless of the force of awakening acting upon the planet in these times, most of the population remains in a deep slumber and accepts the main stream Pabulum, no matter how insipid, ridiculous or patently untrue it may be.

I don’t want to point out certain things but that is the very nature of what I do and all I ask is that people meet what I say with intelligent refutation. Lately I am hearing from people who tell me, “Yes, some Jews were involved in 9/11 but certainly Israel had no part in it. I ask them to explain to me what is stated in this link and I don’t hear from them again. That is because you can’t refute or explain away what you find there, all fingers point at Israel, in tandem with rogue elements in various intelligence agencies.

I do not profess to possess the whole truth on anything. My motto is “I don’t know” and I don’t. I am always left with the most seeming conclusions and in the case of 9/11, it’s a slam dunk when it comes to those culpable. The thing is, most people do not have the courage to call it like it is. They want some kind of workable compromise that leaves them off the hook for the licks taken when it comes to recognizing and pointing out the hard truths that call down the wrath and marginalization that comes with stating that the emperor is naked. For so long as the majority of people can not and will not call it like it is, they will remain the victims of those who prey upon, herd and manipulate them. Their living conditions continue to worsen but somehow they imagine that it will all go away one fine day like it was never here to begin with. Possibly that respite will arrive in the grave or whatever lies beyond but I suspect it does not, because if you can’t see clearly here then you probably can’t see clearly somewhere else either.

The world, in its totality, is an expression of the beliefs held by the populations. In times of pervasive ignorance and darkness it can be a stifling affair for some of us. People don’t want to know. They’ll argue from whatever uninformed point of view they have settled on but they won’t look more deeply for the truth, because the truth is a dangerous area of endeavor. You never know what you’re going to find out and it changes you. It makes accepting the same old same old harder and harder to do. You will become disenfranchised from your fellows. It comes with the territory.

I know that Gaddafi is a dictator. Saddam was a dictator too but that is precisely the type of government desired by the majority of those peoples who live in tribal conflicts that go back for generations. The alternative is chaos and we’ll be seeing some of that now. Libya, in fact, had one of the highest standards of living in the Arab world. The water system, now destroyed by ZATO (Zionist Armies of Total Occupation) was a marvel of these times. Gaddafi didn’t want to play bend over and take it from the international bankers and he wanted an African currency that would militate against the routine debt enslavement of the bankers, which is in operation around the world and is the source of so much of the troubles of the present day.

I’m not saying that Gaddafi is a great human being. I don’t know the man. What I do know is what he has done and intended to do. He is and was a better man for his people than Bwak! Obama is for his. The Lockerbie Bombing was not carried out by Libya. It was carried out by the same government terrorists that carry out all of the horrible events in these times. Gaddafi is not and was not treating his subjects the way Israel treats the Palestinians. Who is the greater evil? Gaddafi doesn’t export terrorism, Israel does. Why should there be such a serious disconnect in the minds of the wider public? The force of materialism, implemented by those who worship it as a god and a means of social control is the reason. Materialism is a darkness of consciousness and those who subscribe to it are going to be buried in it. It is a coffin for the practitioners of unbridled appetite.

We live in a world of Twits with cellphones who chatter like chipmunks on a dead log. The scale of awareness and active insight has been reduced to an elementary level and survival has been made the premium concern, even while those entrusted with securing it are looting the store in front of their eyes and they won’t see it because that is going to scare them more than all of the things that presently confront them. Armed insurrection is not the answer, thought that is coming. A simple stepping away from the predatory industries in which they are employed and tormented by is all that it takes. Entire nations have to step away and sit down until the machine stops turning.

I don’t like to make predictions because I am often wrong, as I have been with the timing of Iran being attacked. Everything moves much more slowly than I expected but I suspect that is all about to change. I do predict that the next two months are going to include the most tumultuous events yet seen. I hope I’m wrong but that is how it looks to me. It looks like it is going to go terribly sideways all over the place. Now we are hearing dire things about this comet Elenin, as well as Nibiru, Planet X and what have you. I don’t know what to make of it so I will do my usual wait and see.

I’m an optimist most of the time. It’s how I’m made. I’m an optimist due to what I hear from my invisible friends. This doesn’t change the approach and immediacy of spectacular change on the horizon. There are two critical problems that seem to be without a solution. One of them is that collection of insane vampires, whose means of operation threatens us all ...and they are not going to stop what they are doing until they are stopped. The other is the vast expanse of the sleeping public, who are determined not to awaken because of what they consider to be the responsibility and personal cost that comes with rising from their sleep.

The cosmos is a precise and irresistible machine that is like no watch that has ever been built. It moves inexorably according to its own mysterious vision of what will be. You can’t argue with it and you can’t affect it, except to embrace the change, which may ameliorate the severity of the changes that have to be employed to bring about what is coming. I have no questions about the existence of something beyond our comprehension that orchestrates the events, within the theater of our existence. It’s been proven to me over and over again. Others may contend and argue about it but had better meet it in the middle. Personal resistance is like screaming into the mouth of a hurricane and expecting to be heard and expecting some kind of effect as a result. It takes little imagination to visualize what the hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami’s response will be.

People tell me that I must be mistaken about their sacred cows. Others tell me I should embrace the celestial harmony and retreat into contemplation, while doing nothing because that will have the greatest positive effect on everything else. Neither of those things seems to be the appropriate course of action to me, however well they may work for others. I’ve got my dharma and the course of my life has made that clear to me. The only thing anyone can say with any authority is, “we shall see”.

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Ben said...

Vis, All,

Great read, much much resonance.

Solomon, the world's second wisest person, said this:
"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."

Indeed... there have been times when I've wished I was the village idiot, going blithely through life with no clue and no grief. I don't claim wisdom (though I pray for it); however, I have obtained a certain amount of knowledge, as have most that visit Vis's site.

In some respects I believe it is Father Creator's mercy which keeps so many people (the sheep) asleep and unaware. Were they to awaken they might rise up against their oppressors and shed blood. I suspect the oppressors would welcome that, since that would "legally" justify more oppression.

And while an uprising might gratify my urge for vengeance, Father says "Vengeance is mine, I will repay." (And in my angst I cry out "When?!")

In keeping the sheep asleep, Father is ensuring that the vengeance will indeed be His, and then perfect and according to His perfect purpose. It is my belief that the oppressors have gone beyond the original mandate Father provided them; He authorized the wooden yoke of oppression but they are replacing that with an iron yoke. For this reason I believe Father will take the "kingdom" from them and give it to those that please Him.

Solomon also says thus: "The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble."

Like Vis, I am optimistic (though impatient) and I believe Father's day of wrath is approaching. I also believe this will be an immensely trying time for most of earth's inhabitants. Like Vis, I have my dharma. I don't know how all this will play out, but Biblical prophesy states that it will be horrifying for those have made themselves the enemies of Father Creator.

siamsam said...

I invariably see several hot buttons in most of your posts. Never-the-Les, I usually post according to what comes to me without too much effort.

I would put in more effort if I found myself in disagreement with what you say - but that has not been the case thus far.

Hot button alert. I have often wondered why said people have nicked all the money knowing fine well that one day they would have to pay the piper. Well maybe that is just it. They know they won't have to pay as an Extinction Level Event (and whatever NIN stands for) will stop the linch mob before the piper calls.

Maybe all the money has been spent on digging in. Although the revelations says this will be to no avail.

Then again what do I know :)

Unknown said...

"Possibly that respite will arrive in the grave or whatever lies beyond but I suspect it does not, because if you can’t see clearly here then you probably can’t see clearly somewhere else either."

It is so! I know from personal experience. . .over and over again.

But look on the bright side. Israel is doomed. Everyone with half a brain knows it. Even Israel, the artificially created country that should not be, AND her controllers.

Hopefully before year end? I'm not a prognosticator either. Not in this realm, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I really think those George Soros Shingles will be the least of our worries as time goes on Les.
My dad took me to a large abattoirs when I was a kid (12). He wouldn't show me where the sheep were killed. He said there was too much blood, in the pits, swirling around the gum booted feet of the slaughterer men; thanks Dad.
I believe conditions will be so bad that this type of 'slaughter' will be the only way out; the sheeple will wake up one Monday morning and be just so angry with the realisation of what's been done to them, they'll pop.
French revolution times the increase in population, worldwide, sweeping across the face of the globe like the night shadow; unstoppable.
That's, of course, if anything is going to come from the people; they may succumb.

Congrats on your 1075th – good one.


Richard said...

More and more Visible.
A dear collaborator wrote to me yesterday that it takes more courage to let the sun shine, then to face the shadow. It is with writings as today's that your courage is more visible. Gratitude is inspired in a natural way. Thank you.
Wrath-ful are the protectors of traditions, they keep sacred and pure the path. Part of their Dharma. Love and merciful attitude is what the Heart contains, however mercy is not towards the abuser, but the victims, not towards the vampire but towards the prey of the vampire, on whatever scale one is capable of perceiving.
Solomon . as the Zionist crowd well knows-after all they are building the second temple named after this particular pervert-proclaimed himself King, against the indications of his own tradition Maybe he is one of the original Khazar or Moabite infiltrators, after all Ruth is not that far down his family tree. Vengeance is not the path, righteous fury, in the sense of righting a twisted path, is easily confused, internally to one's self and how much more seeing it acted externally. Wrath and Fury are not one and the same. Vengeance and righteous justice are highly dis-similar, although for those that have infantile criteria they 'feel' the same.
Among the many 'talents' that you have been gifted with,more Visible, as you have expressed on your broadcast this past Sunday, is to inspire others to have the courage to shine. That you have chosen,to hone these talents should bring about a certain degree os genuine self-satisfaction. Thanks again.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation


kikz said...

well done.

tsk, tsk, tsk...floyd danced all around it..

the one who must not be named...

fuk that... strike the root.


Anonymous said...

Nietscher made the comment that Pilate was the only character in the Bible who made any sense. In John he asked, "What is truth?" That question is the sole of all philosophy.

Anonymous said...

That message keeps jumping out at me, too.

Come out of her, my people. Get out of Babylon. Step away from the machine. The explorer is always lost.

It's hard to hear the voices among the cacophony of quacks, let alone believe them. Their dissonance affects us whether we know it or not.

What does it mean to realize the holocaust is a lie? It's on TV, in schoolbooks, movies, newsprograms, documentaries, etc etc... To realize that, you also have to realize you've been adrift in a sea of lies.

What's the difference between saluting a clay baal and this? What does that do to their fucking minds?

Isn't Venus a captured comet?

Anonymous said...

I read the link to the meaning of Dharma... felt that the simple def was missed.... Dharma is doing what is needed at the right time. Buddha's teachings? Well, maybe sometimes you got to say: 'To Hell with buddha.'

Maybe it gets better, though, knowing about doing what is best is given us in the very moment it's needed... which sometimes goes against that knowledge we possess or, rather, tends to possess us.

We know, but most don't know they know... er.. well, most are not listening.

Les has his Dharma... tis true, but I have mine, buddha has his, and so it is with anyone.

Sometimes it might be good to test friends to see if that is what they are. If you tell them to f-off, true friends will be back because they are, after all, true friends, a rarity. The others might just be people you've met, or worse. Sometimes it isn't good to find this out using 'the-hard-way' method, as suggested here. Like some great poet once quipped: Better to let sleeping dogs lie. (c;


Copernicus Kidd said...

Dude, I laugh inwardly every time I read your "Bwak!" tag. Magnifico! I like to picture those little skeletal braniac aliens from "Mars Attacks" barking it out in repetition as they vaporize mouth breathers across the Heartland. "BWAK!BWAK!BWAK!BWAK!BWAK!BWAK!"

Check out Lucky Larry the Iguana-Don on the Hot Seat AGAIN:


Anonymous said...

"Real philosophy is nothing more than this: friendliness to all living entities."

-Srila Prabhupada

Jody Paulson said...

Some of what you wrote, such as how there doesn't need to be any violence, just step away from the machine, reminds me of Cindy Sheehan's latest post:
Revolution is a Potluck

Odin's Raven said...

Here's another reprise of 911, with the suggestion that the 10th anniversity follow-up may be an attack on the internet to justify more censorship.


WV; Trous said...

Anon 4:01;

You are making music - more please!


WV; trous
The smaller jewish version of the trouser snake (grin)
I mean why do you think they make up so much shit - attempt at compensation - just ask one of the tribe dr. peruvian flake himself!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible for your post.

I would just like to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate your work to produce these blogs - week in and week out - without advertising. I have been coming here for my daily dose of sanity since 2007 and I never tire of your ability to write about the world the way it really is. Your ability is unique and very appreciated.

Soros actual name is Swartzman. I have read he owns the controlling shares of RT TV - go figure.


Gordon Duff has contracted small penis syndrome said...

That little fucker Gordon Duff at VT is at it again!

He is saying Gaddaffi is being supported being Israel.

WRONG! Israel is Rothschildlandia and therefore it is working for zionist Rothschild's NWO to squash the gold Dinar.

Gordon Duff seems to have grown into a full fledged zionist shill.

So sad.

The truth about Libya - about the whole fucking world under zionism:


Anonymous said...

Hey there beloved,

So belated happy birthday on this plane, this time around.

Yep, Aug 22, 2011 - Lord Krishna's birthday and here the background -

Krishna Janmashtami falls on Monday, August 22, 2011.

Krishna took birth at midnight on the ashtami or the 8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan (August-September). This auspicious day is called Janmashtami. (Janam - birth Ashtami - the eight day)

More on the yearly celebrations here: http://festivals.iloveindia.com/hindu-festivals.html

And if you think alien invasions and project blue beam is shelved for now, this impossible segue:


Check out all the candidates - Miss Malaysia and Miss India hold on to some dignity - others - MK Presidential class.

Also, get it - Irene, Katia (subliminal - Iran, Katrina - at least the American pronounciation)


DaveR said...

Nice today Les. Very succinct.

I'm nearly finished with the book on the Philosopher's Stone (Book of Aquarius) and will give the short version later in the week.

I'm a hardy believer in synchronicities and they can come in pretty quickly if one pays attention. My own belief on it is that everything is a synchronicity, it's just that we don't notice most of them. So today's mention of Activist Post linked up pretty heavily with today's entry at urbansurvival.com, about the ELE that may be coming in a few weeks or months depending on who you believe. Lines up with thunderbolts.info as well. This winter could be very cold in many ways.

The other thing I read at urbansurvival.com in yesterday's post was from a reader expounding about the big why of all the goings on around the planet and using all sentient beings as a power source through our emotions. Not exactly new (Matrix anyone? Monsters Inc.?), but when put with Icke's newest tome it adds fuel to the fire. (Makes me wonderr about the "Church of the Harvest" I've seen around.)

Anyway, the sleepers aren't going to awaken no matter how loudly we ring the bell. It might be better that way - inertia can be a good thing. A certain huge percentage of the populace believes the world works in a certain fashion and it might be that the world works at all is largely due to this inertia. Removing it might just allow chaos to reign, and I'm not talking about politics or economics, but the very basis of reality as we have come to believe it to be. Real chaos. ("Real"? see below...).

It could be that there is no physical reality except for that we believe it, and if that belief goes away there might be real problems. Now I'm not saying that our present reality is all that great either, but that bring me to the one item from today's post that I find I agree with you completely (if that's possible): I don't know either.

I'm gonna think about this some more yesterday. Thanks for the space, man.

acid_claus said...

The Lockerbie bomber got let go because he didn't do it. The dying thing was an excuse for the public and the media fixation on it recently is stupid.

PFLP was/is a Palestinian 'terror' group. One of the first. They are also Mossad according to de-classified intelligence. They were initially blamed even. If they were not Mossad, Israel would not have allowed them to go free. It was a CIA/Mossad drug op. New CIA agent was on the plane that got bombed. He knew too much or was going to rat it out. Handler let the bag through as usual but no drugs this time. BOOM!

Linda Mack was a journalist sent to plant propaganda and gather media info for MI5. She trolls wikipedia to this day as SlimVirgin and edits the Lockerbie article constantly.

Just like everything else, all signs point to Israel.

Josey said...


I've seen October 16th 2011 in several places, as a critical junction point for Earth.

I know we need to celebrate "Thanksgiving" everyday, but maybe this year we should move the official date up also by 6-8 weeks.

Happy Birthday and Thanks for all your help in trying to make sense of it.


Insanity of grown men said...

Has the whole fucking planet gone batshit crazy for Rothschild?

Grown men flying planes with bombs to kill women and children because of oil and gold?

What the fuck is going on?

This is completely insane - Sirte, Libya, Syrian, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and of course Israel and last but not least Palestine.

If I was God I would flood the whole earth one more time.

We have become animals for mammon.

George Carlin gave up on the human race - soon I will too.

Anonymous said...

mountains of evidence
of commemorative slaughter
in the domain of error
inhumanity enforces
lost are the causes
failure always sucumbs
lies are not stregnths
the truth is all one
ignorance values
chasing false dreams
the precipe of destruction
in psychosis of greed
deeds of a savage
opposite of life
israhell and death cult
in darkness not the light


Chris Paleo said...

Chipmunk on a dead log, that's priceless. Some smart guy, I forgot who, postulated an affliction he named " scotosis" which he identified as " a resistance to unwanted wisdom." It's a little bit like selective certainty. I'm certain I'm right, and I'm certain you're wrong, although I can't articulate why. People have the propensity to believe the best about themselves and the worst about others. That is why it is so easy for the MSM to slag the " bad guys." We nod our heads sagely, secure in our exceptionalism. On another site someone pointed out that in the 1930's the National Socialists burned books. He pointed out this is no longer necessary because nobody reads anymore. We don't think the big thoughts, we don't wonder, there is no curiosity, we are devolving, we have become like Eloi and we don't even know it.

the Grizz said...

The same ones that produced the holocaust lie have used the same technique to connect the words "Ghaddafi" and "brutal dictator" to be inseparable.

Actually Gaddafi is not even a dictator - he turned power over to the people in 1977 using local committees as described in his Green Book, which blew my mind when I read it. Everyone who has dug deeper into the man seems to be incredulous at the disparity between the popular opinion and actual reality.

He is a great man loved by 90% of Libyans. There was a rally for him in Tripoli on July 1 that China estimated at 1.7 million (95% of the city population) with a flag 6 km long, both world records; and no coverage at all. It boggles the mind.

You write great words, brother, and the commenters are right with you. Quite a little island community in the stream going over the waterfall.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@DaveS re. synchronicity all the time. I've suspected that one in the last year or two. It is a "meaningful coincidence" by Jung's definition, and requires a connect between the observer and observed with a common denominator of sorts) . I am agape when I get my TV show/mythink connections, sometimes serial (or several times within the hour). Maybe like the universes in the spaces between atoms, it "comes out" with the thought. or maybe it really is all taking place at the same time in a way our clockwork minds (I speak for myself) don't comprehend. It gives me some comfort to me to accept to some extent my own limitations (attention span, repetitive thoughts, pain distractions and obsessions) as part of the package and that they exist for some reason (this is not to say "whatever", it's an uphill crawl to be of any use).
we will see, for those that want to when the times comes.


wv: dedster. as they drive their cars down the road, way, way on down. wacky races indeed.

Rob in WI said...

A small request, please. The name is not Gaddifi. Arab, and other names that are not spelled out in something resembling the queen's tongue, are presented phonetically; as they sound when spoken by native speakers. Qaddafi, or alternately Khaddafi, was, and is, the proper way to spell his name in the queen's tongue. The Gad... spelling only came about during Ronnie Rayguns 1986 attack. The impetus was to equate him with "gadfly", and the spelling at that time was "Gadafy". Same with Sidam, in Iraq.
He became "saddam", which sounded much like "sodom". The media has many tools to manipulate us, and this is just one of them. Thanks

Anonymous said...

"You will become disenfranchised from your fellows. It comes with the territory." Thanks man, I thought it was just the way I look or something. Even the Watchtower folks don't drop in any more. I may take their end times preachin a bit more seriously if they ever do return. I've found that saying anything negative about Israel around here causes alot of people to have a fearful look as if they see horns on my head.
Peace to all, from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Les, and spot on.


Anonymous said...

I and others have asked what the f**k is going on?

Thank you for your answer Les Visible in the 10 minute video called the Big Ticket Item:


Anonymous said...


I am on my second reading of that book and it does make sense, especially with the quotes from the original alchemic tomes and how it is just harnessing or helping out what nature does naturally. Then there is the question of the 'prophesies of the alchemists'. Very interesting indeed.

Do we have 3 - 8 years with electricity? Because it would be a damn lot harder with coal and wood, no wonder it is called 'The Great Work'.

Visible - No disrespect mate but your attitude towards the book was a bit closed, i was surprised by that. You may be a busy man but that quote by the famous ashkenazi comes to mind, 'condemnation without investigation...'

Visible said...

Look, if you want to promote a book on my sites, I tend to look the other way. When you start insisting that I read it and demean me for not doing so that is another thing entirely. I am busy edting two books for publication. I am recording songs. I have chores around the house. I have guests coming in. I have all manner of things to do and I am not reading any other books at the moment, including the one you are trying anonymously to force feed down my throat. I'm not going to get anything from a book anyway. It doesn't work like that. i probably have the largest collection of old occult texts around and unlike most people I have read them. If you understood anything about The Great Work you would know it is done entirely without the interference of the person it is being accomplished in and not up to any practitioner how and when it comes about. I'm not amused by your making me take the time to have to say this. I didn't sign on to be a casual shill for anyone who wants me to suddenly become a cheerleader for something when I still need to sleep now and then.


As for the spelling of the Libyan leaders name that's nitpicking and there are nicer ways to bring it to my attention. I'd prefer to hear how there are eroneous statements concerning acts and events ratheer than something like this. I'm going to make errors liks that now and again and I always spelled his name with a K until I got another email telling me that was was wrong. I would prefer not to have to be in the position of not knowing whether to shit or go blind as that can cause complications that require either a shower or a doctors visit grin)

Visible said...

As an addendum, I recognize there is a lot of frustration going on and varying degrees of tension and uncertainty because of the times and what is coming up soon. Let's not let too much of that loose around here.

I'm not an employee of anyone and no one has special rights with me. I've been coming here for years offering what little I have in the way of trying to operate within the flow and dictates of the cosmos, I never ask for anything and even when I do ask if anyone has access to Special K, I get excoriated by the self righteous who have no idea of the uses and applications.

This is a free zone and I am not required to drop what I am doing and turn into a book reviewer or a book consumer just because someone decided I owed them something along those lines. There is some kind of behind the scenes agenda going on about this book and I feel not only manipulated but abused as well. When's the last time someone went out of their way for me? Except for my invisible friends I live in a sort of deprivation tank and yet I cheerfully soldier on as if nothing matters but doing what is in front of me every day, which is true as it so happens.

I stupidly gave away over five hundred virtual copies of my first book and you can imagine how that has helped in the dissemination of it. I've been smarter with this next one. The thing is, if I say I'm busy I'm more than busy and if I say that I don't expect to get something from any book that lays out a roadmap for something that can only be accomplished by the direct action of the guardian angel on the operation that is something I have come to understand by the failure of all my attempts -and that has been the only thing I've been up to in any consistent way in my life so I might know a little something about it-, insofar as my own failures can testify. Now I have the understanding I needed and that is going well, after a fashion. I mean no disrepect toward this book, I was talking about all books. They only go so far. Now I had to take the time to write this too.

tim said...

you know that I have the utmost respect for you, but if we step away from the machine, we'll starve. I've also thought the same thing. But if we walk away from the refineries and tractor factories, industrial farming collapses. Billions will starve in Africa and Asia without industrial farming in America, Canada and Europe. Maybe soon that will be imposed on us anyhow.
The link to the information underground above also has a typo or something's wrong. The editorial "America the Target" was said to be written September 30, 2001. That would be after 9/11/2001.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Shit and Shinola on the Banks of the River of Darkness

Visible said...

I don't agree with the math there. I believe the system collapses before the people starve and what they have planned is infinitely worse. I think most people have quite a bit of food around and steps could be taken to prepare for a timeline. However, if the whole world steps away then what kind of a message does that send. It's pointless speculation anyway, given the amount of people that read here. I don't know about the link you're talking about, I'll go look, I assume you mean in the comments by 'up above' and I assume it means one of mine since you would have worded it differently?

Visible said...

I checked the one in the post and then checked it other ways and it seems not to be working; Zio-Ogre must have gone after it. I replaced it with another source. It would have been nice if someone had told me earlier (grin), or maybe it just got messed with.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Les. The link I meant was the huge one about israel and 911. It was from the information underground; an editorial called "America the Target" from the Jerusalem Post and was dated 9/30/2001. Which was after 9/11/2001 so any prediction would be silly. I hope you're right about the food. You're right about what they have planned.

Visible said...

I fixed that link.

Anonymous said...

tim said: at 12:24:00 PM
Please tim watch this if you haven't already: Food INC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqQVll-MP3I
I've found that it's belief in myself that matters most to me.
Peace to all, from Minnesota



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