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Alex Jones, Mike Adams and the 9/11 Litmus Test

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Well now, boys and girls. I’m kind of in Hobson’s Choice-land today. This has come up on my radar and I am bound to engage it. I have no choice, even though I might seem to have a choice. Let me digress for a moment.

My good friend Roy and I were in Uberlingen at the lake this weekend. I like to get away with Roy, when I can, to have conversation. Roy is from India and a native of that land. For some reason we can sit and talk for hours and it’s all good. Roy is a very bright fellow of spiritual inclination. He’s also very well read and honest as the day is long. He told me a story this weekend, which was distressing to me to say the least. His father was a soldier and his father told him the tale. I spoke about it on the radio show this Sunday night.

Roy told me that Gandhi was not at all as he is made out to be and that he actually wanted the British to stay and worked to that end and that it was Chandra Ghosh who drove them out, even though they didn’t actually leave, they just went underground and behind the scenes. I haven’t researched this and have no idea of how true it is. As with all things, I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle but actually, at right angles to everything else.

I mention this because it is possible that all of our assumptions concerning everyone are wrong and that brings me to today’s brief.

I’ve appreciated the writing of Mike Adams and even went so far as to put a link to his site on my sites. Without even knowing why, I was uneasy about this and an event occurred, that had nothing to do with Mike Adams, except for the coloration and presentation of his link. It resulted in the link being removed, shortly before I read his commentary in the first link of this article.

Let’s move on the Alex Jones for a moment. I’ve never been that fond of his work because of the wild, bombastic presentation and also because a lot of the things he says are drenched in hyperbole and often don’t ring true to me in their totality. I didn’t think much about it. We all prefer some to others and I left it at that. It’s not my job to judge people on the elements of their style, given that people will also judge me the same way; regardless of whether I do or don’t (grin). I recognize that it is my certitude that Israel did 9/11 which keeps me off of the larger web sites and any number of various perspectives contributes as well. I’m fine with that. I don’t want to play in their sandbox anyway, lest I get infected by, or associated with the lies that rise out of their sand.

It’s a solid and incontrovertible fact that Alex Jones fails the 9/11 litmus test. If you want to see some of the things said about him, it’s there to be seen. I linked ‘Alex Jones is’ so that you could see the drop down menu but apparently it picked fraud on its own (grin). All you need to know about Alex Jones and 9/11 can be found here. We KNOW that Israel and assorted psychopaths did 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world. If you are a major media figure whose foundation of reportage is the truth then YOU MUST address what is presented in the last link and which can be found in varying degrees of minutiae all over the place. There’s no argument for Israel not doing it. Alex Jones also says that the Saudis control Hollywood. You don’t need more than borderline intelligence to see what this and his other antics imply.

Now we have this cloying love-fest by Mike Adams; his joined at the hip, - ‘soldiering on, on behalf of all humanity’ epistle to Dipshit. That would be you, if you buy it. I do not want to have to say what I am saying here. I didn’t want to find out that Israel did 9/11 or anything else. I just wanted to know the truth and that is where it led me, convincingly, to the point that if you don’t accept it, something is wrong with you.

Let’s be clear, money and influence are at work here and if you tell the truth about 9/11 you have no wide reach radio show and you have no money coming in from your efforts, which will not see the light of day in any case, given who controls and owns the medium. If you’ve got questions and you haven’t read the link entitled, “All the Proof in the World, Israel did 9/11” then read it.

Alex Jones and his sidekicks have money and influence and they are welcome to it. It’s a poor substitute for integrity and honor but that is how some people are made. I am not made like that and most of the people who come here are not made like that. Truth is an acquired taste. It’s not for everyone. It’s an acid and it will burn you. It will strip you. It will make you vulnerable and it will eventually make you look at yourself, which is the primary effort of singular importance that so many of us avoid. Truth is a living force. You can’t ever really see it 'full on' as I have stated many times, when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

Please understand that I don’t want to say the things I feel I have to say. I have no choice, as I’ve said. If enough people were saying it, or rather, not saying the things they do say, then I wouldn’t have to say these things. If people weren’t being murdered and oppressed by those proclaiming to give them life and to free them and... if the majority of the world didn’t believe these liars and mass murderers, then I wouldn’t have to say these things. As a result I do.

Israel is not a nation; it is a crime syndicate, seeking to operate under a national sovereignty. The residents of Israel are the descendants of those who were responsible for the mass murders of The Bolshevik Revolution and a host of crimes before and after; as well as monstrous lies that they have employed to defend and justify all sorts of horrible actions. They are not the sole players in the terrible offenses against humanity in this hour but they are a very major player, made all the more intensely vile by their limited numbers. If you don’t know this, you are stupid or self blinding, due to self interest or cowardice. If you purport to tell the truth and you are engaged in a large effort in the ‘so called’ alternative media and you avoid the principal reality of that which it is your duty to expose, then you are an agent of these forces and not a counterpoint to them.

Mr. Apocalypse is going to be bringing this matter to the attention of those who need it done and it will be done by whatever degree of severity is necessary to make it understood.

Do not imagine that just because the hand of the cosmos is hidden at this late hour that it is not present. Do not imagine that things will continue to be what they have been for too long. It is not about the possession and operation of external forces of power and control. It is not about our vast disparity of resources, as the peoples of the world, in relation to the dark empire. It’s about routing. Power comes from one source, in a way that is physically represented by the sun in the sky. This same principle exists at a frequency and in a dimension that is not available to the senses and it permeates our lives, no matter what you are inclined to call it. When the time comes for the transfer of power, from the representatives of the old way of doing business, to the hands of those representative of the new way of business, it will happen and there’s nothing anyone can do about it and I don’t care how many guns and bombs and how many deceived soldiers and police in uniform are under your control. It won’t make any difference. If necessary, those very forces will be turned against you in a heartbeat.

Let the killers go right on killing and let the liars go right on lying. Let the greedy and acquisitive go right on accumulating the resources and property of those too weak to defend themselves against the theft. Let the arrogant and mighty in their seats of power go right on in their pitiful charade. This is all for the purpose of demonstration and revelation.

I can’t imagine what any of the subjects of this post could say in respect of the evidence presented. I cannot imagine them reading it and point by point refuting it. My guess is that they wouldn’t go near it and just let it slide because they have their audience and as long as that is the case, someone will be listening to them but it won’t be me. One might profit from a visit to a physics site for an elementary study of frequencies and rays. May good fortune rain upon those whose beings are open to the descent.

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Anonymous said...

The worst predictions of those who say they "know" have nothing to do with Ultimate Reality.

Do not buy into what others are telling you -- even if those others are people in authority, people who seem to have all the information and all the understanding and all the answers. Embrace, instead, the desires of your heart, and make those your experience.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Alex Jones has fooled way too many people. He is the definition of controlled opposition.

Also, "wikispooks" Israel/911 section is my new favorite 9/11 link.


Richie (Dana) said...

Excellent Les,
Yes, the kettle is still black.
While it is necessary to search for truth I must always remind myself that it not the destination. While Mike and Alex both have spoken some truth, where are they leading us? I have been reading Mike for a long time and just watched him pick his side yesterday.
Why are people always fooled into following some vapid little human as if he were God?
All of the "noise" these guys make is for one purpose and that is to distract you from what is really important.
I shall keep my eyes fixed on the Divine which always seems to quiet the deafening racket of the money changers.


Anonymous said...

My sense is that Alex Jones is not our friend. If you only tell half-truths, then you do not have my best interests in mind. I steer clear of Alex Jones.

I think Mike Adams puts out a lot of information that is very good, however, I feel uncomfortable when people attempt to tell me how or what to think--who attempt to manipulate my mind with articles such as the link you provide at the top of your post today. If you have to write an entire article about why we should all just trust Alex Jones and jump on the Alex Jones love train, then I suspect ulterior motives behind all the cheerleading and trust him even less. A person's character shines through without having to have someone else convince me.


siamsam said...

Alex Jones serves us well. All the regular faces that work the net and associate themselves with Mr Jones should be automatically flagged as working for the man.

They may fit in to various categories - but all of them are in someway at odds with what they proclaim!

Anonymous said...

Great post Vis
Jones is a fine example of controled opposition, but many times they fail. I started out years ago listening to jones. Then moved on to rense, then Visibles blogs. The real truth seekers will move on. I think it all ends at incomprehendable love.

from a remote area in Oregon

William Freeman said...

When I read that piece by Mike Adams my jaw dropped instantly and I thought "What the fuck is he going on about?" It was so smarmy and sickly sweet that I almost threw up.
The only thing Mr. Health Ranger Mike - "I usually show up at his studio with my blue jean ranch shirt"- Adams has achieved is to poison his own work. Why?

On the bright side though, Jones, true to form, actually posted the piece on his own website first. LOL!


William Freeman

Visible said...

It seems only fair that I should share this as well.

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

"The House of Saud" ...

Aren't they of the 'crypto' variety?

Anonymous said...

Yep, the truth can be quite painful at times, but not near as painful as operating within a lie. Been slapped down for telling the truth. Was told, “people don’t wanna hear that stuff.” I used to scratch my head and wonder why, till I finally “got it”. My take on truth is that if you are not operating with it, any action you take will end in error. Truth seekers go back to the drawing board to see what went wrong; others look for work-arounds. I never want to give up seeking truth. I find it more exciting and less stressful than trying to come up with some work-around. It also makes saying/realizing, “I don’t know” less painful.
@ siamsam -- yes, I use the same system.

Zoner said...

Go hang out in the comment section of any of these sites and ask yourself - would I want to hang out with these people? Who is the target audience and what message are they embracing?

Litmus test #1 for me anyway. Also explains why I have been coming back here again and again for years.

Health Ranger has a VERY busy website that is commercialized to the max. Maybe not definitive proof of anything, but also a clue. Truth doesn't need sponsors or take credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les for pointing this out. It sure looks like Mike is shoveling some unhealthy shit for sure. As you've written "trust but verify". This verification shows me that he can't be trusted and is just another whore of the tribe's. Oh well, on to the next one there are many more to flush.

amarynth said...

Yes, Alex Jones we all know about. I would spare a thought for Mike Adams. Because he has done a great job of commercializing his site, does not mean he is bad to the bone. It may mean he has worked very hard at it, which he has. Has any of you seen his first site? There are also products there that are unavailable anywhere else at excellent prices and his newsletters are excellent if you follow the food and health alternative press.

I don't know him but I do know that he has done a great deal to simply make info available around food and health and government interference and attempts to simply kill people. He is known to be a 9/11 'truther' and given a terrible rap for this by his detractors.

Perhaps Mike Adams is perhaps in a place where he does not know that he does not want to be. More or less in the beginning of this year, he had to get involved more in the political arena, specifically food and drug legislation .. and then he reported on the raid on the healthfood coop, Rawsome foods which started an avalanche.

He did an good job and this brought him to the notice of people like Jones who of course got him in on interviews.

I think give him a little space to sort out who is who in the zoo - he may make the right decisions as time goes on. I know currently he is under threat of his life as many do not like what he brings into the light.

Mike passes the litmus test to my knowledge (I can go and look for the articles and writings on his site), he does a good job of highlighting the food and health 9/11 to the extent that he is in hiding because of threats.

Like I said .. spare him a thought and let some time go by.

Anonymous said...

The pursuit of Truth. Why is it avoided by almost everyone? Because it's a thankless task. It's hard work to strip away the encrusted crap of a lifetime, only to reach the point where you figure out that just about everything you assumed about how things are and how the world works has been a fairy tale.

All that effort just to have your little world exploded.

No wonder most people prefer to remain comfortable.

Better for most to remain, self delusionally, part of the childish mass.


Jody Paulson said...

May I also point out that Ron Paul fails the 9-11 litmus test as well. Ron Paul serves a purpose in that he got people to imagine doing away with the Fed, and no doubt he's a better choice than the other clowns the main parties have come up with, but he lacks the integrity of former representative Cynthia McKinney. I fail to understand why he has so long been considered a god to so many 9-11 truth activists.

questioning said...

Erik @ 4:52

Absolutely, just as the insane Wahabism they promote was EXCLUSIVELY formulated and vomited out by Islamic "Marranos". Ain't it sucha feckin' coincidenky? Sucha deal! How the fuck is it that so much shit and nasty evil gets started up by these disgusting "Chosen"?!?! Their numbers have to be much larger than we are lead to believe.

Anonymous said...

"If you purport to tell the truth and you are engaged in a large effort in the ‘so called’ alternative media and you avoid the principal reality of that which it is your duty to expose, then you are an agent of these forces and not a counterpoint to them."

Students must learn basic arithmetic before graduating to geometry, trig, then calculus. Lots of people know arithmetic (well maybe not in the US) a good deal fewer learn calculus. The point is if you are going to learn math you have to start someplace and it sure as hell isn't calculus. Teaching calculus to the mases would turn them off for sure.

Alex teaches basic math, maybe some geometry and trig occasionally. He gets people interested in the basics and if they have the interest/intelligence they move on to higher math. His approach appeals to the greatest number of people. (many are called few are chosen)

You teach quanta. The general population can't handle it because they don't have control of their minds. If an individuals tells you 911 was done by Osama and his gang they obviously never arrived at that conclusion through thought and research. If after ten years someone still believes the official fairytale how much other crap clogs their mind. Their opinions don't come from careful contemplation/research but are given to them by the MSM. Why think when the idiot box will do it for you.

Same with government. If Ron Paul started saying 911 was an inside job and Israel orchestrated the event he would be cutting his own throat.

People criticize Paul and Alex but they are examples of the best we have for popular appeal. They do what they have to do. I'll bet Alex wishes he could take back that Arabs run Hollywood nonsense, but he will never say Jew. Let the clever person figure that one out for himself.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada is very straightforward and blunt about the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was a failure primarily because he was pursuing a program of non-violence and trying to apply that to politics.

On a walk in Los Angeles in December 30, 1973, Srila Prabhupada states, "Well, in politics, unless there is violence, you cannot take. Simply by sweet words, not possible. That was the difference between our political leaders, Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose."

Srila Prabhupada goes on at length to describe how, in reality, Subhash Chandra Bose was the actual personality who brought about independence for Indian, and not Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhi prolonged the Colonialism by promoting his non-violence, and the British were very smart in letting him do so.

Srila Prabhupada explains that not only is Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence bogus, the myth that he brought about independence is also bogus. Which brings up another important philosophical point: when persons in political power and position take on a saintly persona and then promote bogus philosophy that is not supported by sastra, then one has to speak up with the truth, regardless of how unpopular it may seem to a majority of listeners.

rexmundi said...

I'm a well studied student of history, and have lived 40 years of it. Of all the juggernauts I have witnessed, Alex Jones takes the cake. Without corporate funding, Alex has built a media empire out of nothing, and he has done it based on integrity, and truth.
I knew 911 was an inside job the moment the first tower fell, but Alex is a true father because he was on broadcast that day saying it. He has spawned hundreds of others, who have really put the truth in the public mind. If you wish to label Alex, an undercover, Jesuit Jew, who is out to obscure the truth then fine. That is your choice. But it does nothing to diminish the impact Alex, and Mike Addams have made for the good of humanity.

Anonymous said...

I have found that people that have a zero audience, will start condemning those whose audiences are growing. I could spend 5 hours destroying visible and mike rivero also...its easy. I choose not to.
Its just good that visible/mike rivero etc have such a small audience. It doesnt matter what they say. By the way, Mike rivero wants his audience to pay for his trip to speak at a "progressive" corp, because he wants to move to the east coast. I.N.N is a progresive movement with very few members...also, mike said he was boycotting flying...are you getting my point here? I could destroy both visible and mike if I wanted to. Visible, TAKE THE SPECK OUT OF YOUR OWN EYE my friend. You DO NOT want me to continue investigating you...you do NOT want that. I use to like you because you were above this nonsense..I, and those that know the real truth, are abandoning you, and we all know you use the name "alex jones" because he is popular, and you will get more hits..Its friggin obvious, Ryan Dawson does it too. As mentioned, I am glad your audience is about 3 people.

Richie (Dana) said...

Mandocello @ 5:50
All of us here can sympathize and identify with the angst of finding truth. I have often said that ignorance is bliss. That bliss is not for us, as something always seems to push us forward.

Let us just say that what Les teaches us is true. Specifically, that this is all carefully planned and under control. It would then stand to reason that these self serving, lying shills are there because they are meant to be there to help you.
They are doing the will of the Divine.
When I finally realized that the only "enemy" is myself I was able to turn a corner in my mind and free myself from putting such importance on which "side" any of these people are on. It simply does not matter. It does matter that we point it out and identify evil as Les so eloquently does. This is very needed so that we do not waste our time running down some rabbit hole with a dead end.

My body resides in this hellhole, but my mind tells me I do not belong here and there is something much better out there.

Many thanks to Les as always.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year evermore Visible!!!

Yes, some people must say what others ought to be saying, and the emphasis is on must.
As gratitude springs for the willingness that you have to drink down the acid of truth, that does indeed make one go naked in front of any mirror, efforts are always necessary that this gratitude does not get sidetracked into the truth, or spiritual seeker version of, the Hollywood Mutual Admiration Society. The pull of that ever present Ego virus in the genetic code of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

So thank you for saying, in that particular way that you have, how the fumes of the acid you drink down feel on the way to your larynx and the tips of the fingers that press on the keyboard. Daily it inspires yet is not addictive.

As for the ' unmentionable ' name of the whore of Babylon, I very much doubt the Alex the Macedonian, would find the mediocre-within-mediocre examples of her expression today, the least bit interesting, certainly not enough to stick around Babylon, notwithstanding the pelvic preference of His Greatness or that of is army.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Les, that he can put in his next hit piece.
Who was Andrew Jackson Fighting in the mid 1880's? And was israel even an entity then? Andrew was fighting the bankers, and israel did not exist. How about world war 1? where was israel? israel did not exist. How about WW2? yet again, the rothchild bankers caused it, not israel. Israel is rothchild banker appendage, just as the U.S. and many other countries are. Israel is important tho, its my opinion, israel is the Rothchild intelligence hub, and was placed strategially in regards to geographic location to take over the middle east. Why the heck would I spend ALL my time beating up israel, when all they are is one of the Rotchchilds children? Same as the U.S. and many other countries. YOU are wrong by going after the kids, Alex is RIGHT going after the parents. Not only that, but if Alex started beating the crud out of israel, his audience would be as small as yours and NO message would get out...You have ZERO wisdom Les.

Visible said...

Anonymous 6:47.

I'm sure it's an oversight that you didn't give your name; you being so all poweful and such. I do want you to 'continue' investigating me because there's nothing to find; do your best. Please, bring it on. If If I wanted more hits I would have put sex in the title. Everyone knows about Alex Jones already so, it's not any kind of a big deal to use his name. Anyway, please deliver some information for the 3 people who come around here because I'm like it a little less crowded.

DaveS said...

Anon from Tuesday, August 23, 2011 6:47:00 PM

You're a fool, nuff said.


Thomas said...

Brilliant Les...

your unfailing integrity is a great, great inspiration.

This is excactly why I read nothing but your words of the internet anymore. Sure, there are a few others, but I have lots of work to do on myself and what I can do on my sorroundings, so not so much time for trawling the net. Besides, information-wise, you deliver the full package... For everything else, I tune in inside.

I stumbled from my path at the beginning of this month, letting my dog of desire pull me by its leach, but I'm apparently dear enough to God that he didn't let me sin. Just put me through a load of pain, to get me back on track. Teaching-wise, it was very rewarding, though. How wonderful, and awe-inspiring, the Love that flows from our Creator.

All my Love to you, Les, and everyone else here :)

Anonymous said...

There was a time where I thought Alex Jones was working for the people but as time went on and I learned that Israel's Mossad was heavily involved in 9/11 and Alex wasn't acknowledging this fact I began to look closer at his motivations and as far as I'm concerned Alex Jones is very likely a Mossad operative that is moving this nation closer to a civil war by continually fear mongering and pushing the agenda that Israel must be protected at all costs. LIES LIES and more LIES.

Anonymous said...

Do you want Alex to do everything? Sheesh! We all know Israel did it, but the Israel conspiracy is heavily defended... In war you do not attack the enemy at their most defended position, STUPID.
Bottom line is Alex Jones has done more in the infowar than anyone on earth. Others are doing an excellent job interpreting the problem with Israel, if Alex touches this topic, he will be history.

apeman2502 said...

Israel's 'boss' did 9-11 and Zionist jews provided the ground crew ONLY. I suppose you believe Cheney, Bush senior,Bush junior,every engineer in America with an ear on why the original demolitions were set and are set in the Sears(Willis) tower did and do so under the hypnotic trance of the jews. And Bush, Cheney, etc. still fall under the trance of the jews.

Whose freemasonry symbols are those all over the 'world court of the world' in Israel? Who built the silly thing in the first place?
Israel? Israel is a neanderthal boardgame. Played by neanderthals.You guys are obsessed with a cat toy.

Anonymous said...

Mike Adams' expertise lies in his knowledge of natural foods. Notice, I did not say he's always right, but he does seem sincere and basically quite knowledgeable. However, shortly after Julian Assange and Wikileaks burst onto the media scene, he wrote an article that was so orgasmically worshipful I had difficulty reading it. I regret that it made me lose respect, not for what he's attempted to do re Natural Remedies, but for him as a person.

apeman2502 said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Ahhh, this sounds so sweet...

"Truth is an acquired taste. It’s not for everyone."

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Visible said...

I just realized that I left several things unsaid and they apply to the comments area. I would appreciate it and the readers would appreciate it if anyone critical of anything I may have said here, or elsewhere, would take the trouble to intelligently refute the evidence provided in THE LINKS and in the body of the post. To simply call me names behind a cloak of anonymity is to reveal yourself to be incapable of this as well as a coward. We may not know your name but the cosmos does. Please take the time and trouble to address the actual substance of what I say and present from others. I can't learn and improve if you don't and the rest of those who come here aren't improved by substanceless snarling simply because you have run across something you didn't want to hear. That's one of the problems with truth. If it's not the truth, refute it. It should be easy to do. Take the commentary and other things present and show why they are not so and we shall see in the back and forth what is realized by the interplay.

Also, if anyone has any evidence of some sort of dark personal secrets in my life similar to what I treat with at these sites well, present them, please. I've got to great lenghts to expose the various idiosyncracies of my existence. You may or may not like them and it's certainly none of your business in any case (grin) but if you're in a position to expose me for hypocrisy or operating out of personal gain or what have you, let's see it. I don't think I'm asking too much.

It is perfectly okay to say that you prefer Alex Jones or anyone who is mentioned here because you have also made a compromise with the darkness inside and you appreciate that in others. That's a legitimate position to make an argument from.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful.

Visible said...

6:59 anonymous. That's a poor argument. When did Rothschild set up his banking cartel? There's my answer. Israel is just a contemporary expression of banker crime and I already explained what it is in the post. Got another argument?

Now, as far as Alex JOnes not being able to say that 9/11 was done by Israel, I would have no problem with that but UNFORTUNATELY, he is rabitg about them not having done it and I could add a lot of other things he has said that are EASILY disprovable and which he didn't have to say. Here is the point. If you can give the truth only in a limited fashion then stick to that and all is well as far as I am concerned. That changes when lies are passionately expressed in defense of the indefensible. That is the area of critical error.

The key thing here is does the individual present themselves as a truthteller. That is when the conditions change. As I said, you may not like what you hear so... refute it, please. We're waiting and mind the anonymity, it makes one think of hasbara and sayanim.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure Les is shaking in his boots over this threat.

As Les suggests, give us the gory details otherwise sit down and shut up.


Anonymous said...

colonialist outposts
false jews and circus's
in service to evil
delusion and worthlessness
ridiculus circumstance's
falsemongered war
laws of debasement
to keep the poor poor
blind men in ignorance
governments conspire
industrial take overs
of theives running wild
life seems is cheap
this world is insain
all falsehood crumbles
in the truths mighty flame


Tom Lowe said...

It may seem unrelated at first, but:

How does the concept of Santa Claus fit into all this?

Anonymous said...

Just felt a mild earthquke here at work. Rare for the east coast. Unsettlling. 5.6 earthquake in Virginia. Felt it here in Philly. Real unsettling. Humbling.

Mr. Apocalypse and his stick indeed.


Josey said...


The perpetrators of 9/11 now know the walls are closing in on them. The fake Bin (iced) Laden killing must have been a real disappointment for them. What have they got left to use, to convince the masses, that the fake narrative was true, nothing.

Their entire existence, including their physical lives is at risk, and the risk continues to grow, exponentially.

9/11 will not die. The more we learn, the greater the treachery of the plan is exposed. There is no hiding it. The capabilities to orchestrate such a plan and then cover it up and control the news and politics around it, makes who did it all the more apparent. Only one country had the means, motive and opportunity. Israel. And the fact they did it to their closest ally, makes the betrayal and mass murders that much worse.

And the world knows Israel did this to their best and most loyal friend, and the friend that went out of its way to give them a country.

And the U.S.S. Liberty attack shows they are fully capable of such treachery, so it is no stretch of the imagination.

Jack Kennedy once said, "Why did he try and screw me, I never even did him a favor". This applies in spades to Israel.

I beg the world and all brothers and sisters of character, please help us to expose this murder and treachery, we need your help or they will do it again.

Anonymous said...

People should take a moment to read up on what 'sophistry' is. It is an ancient school of tactical reasoning. 'Dumbed down' education is part of it. My point is that Israel is not really protected. We are in a world where most people are so simple that we have 'THE PUBLIC SECRET'. The public secret is our so-called not-secret secrets. How far into the land of nowhere would you need to go to find someone who didn't know one of the people who shot Kennedy was on the Grassy Knoll? A public secret. EVERYONE knows - but - did it matter? Nope. Everyone knows and simultaneously, no one knows. Everyone knows Biz-Z/Israel/Their pals did 9-11. Public secret. America is ALREADY gone and ruled by Big-Z Israel-nazis. Public secret. What should be obvious is: why would they care if everyone knew what they did or are doing? If I was them, I would not care in the least. Know everything. Let everyone know everything: what will come of it? Nothing. It is a public secret that Jones works for Israel (just as everyone else with a licensed job) Do they FBI keep a file on Les? Of course. He does not pray to Israel. The real battle of turning what everyone ALREADY KNOWS into reality, and turning the sophistry of their reality back into the bullshit artistry that it is - is the battle. Nearly all 'truth bloggers' spend most their time writing 'counter sophistry' which was THEIR goal. It is helping them maintain the world of public lies. Only by turning off their sophistry entirely can you stop falling victim to their game theory of using their move to OWN YOUR MOVE in the game. Who makes their lies into worthy topics to debate? My own side does. Jones is in no danger. The real hustle in play is running strong. He will keep the real truthers dancing to his tunes for years to come.

Visible said...

Supposition without substance, projection without basis and argument without content and... once again anonymous. Now why would that be? Speaking of sophistry...

Anonymous said...

Hey Lex..I was anon that said you used alex to get more hits.. the fact is, I cant expose you because you have no past to look into..You complain about me being anon, but dear lord, how about I make up a name and call me "more visible" instead of les visible? ...dear lord. All I can find on you, are articles you wrote. Since I dont know your real name, I cant find anything...You called me the kettle black...Why not give out your real name? I can see why you are so confident when someone decides to look into you...you are a ghost, the same as obama.

Shaolinlite said...

anonymous 6:47 sez he goan tell mamma on u!
u in truh-buuul!!

seriously-unless he the one who kidnapped my daughter I so don't give a rat's ass. Visible's secrets are no worse than mine, or anyone else reading this post. What could u possibly tell me about Les Visible that would change the fabric of my day-to-day life in any signifigant way? He is the legitimate heir to the throne of Ireland? Yawn. Elvis Presley's love child? Meh. Hostile AI deathmeme? Fail. Anteater or helmethead? Well...I suppose there are elements amoung the readership to whom that factoid might be of particular interest, but this ain't that kind of website.

I might not dig on all things Visible, and thats ok 'cause I don't have to. Nobody died and made Les Visible king on a throne- he is just one voice amoung millions who choose to call it like they see it. He is, like us, one of the bungled and the botched.


Visible said...

The name on my passport says Les Visible and has for twenty years and I have repeatedly published the name it was changed from which is Leslie William Crook. Any other problems you need addressed? What is it with you people and the idea that my name is not my name? For one in trouble with the government as many times as I have been, the name Crook was not a workable title. Since I recorded and performed and wrote under the name Les Visible it seemed like a good change. The point is that I use my name and you don't. There's a reason for that.

Anonymous said...

Les, no doubt your Indian friend Roy is nice to hang out with, but he has probably forgotten the real story. The supposed hero he has in mind is not Ghosh. He is Subhash Chandra Bose. And I am pretty sure Roy's soldier dad was not as well-informed as you believe either. Gandhi's faults are pretty well documented since India is full of skeptics, but no one would bother to follow Roy's dad's account. I am also from India.

I wish you would get on to something about Alex Jones apart from his annoying blustery style and that absurd statement about Saudis running Hollywood. He has made thousands of comments off the top of his head and some of them are bound to be way off. But he is very steady in talking about the financial powers that run the world out of the City of London. I keep looking out for bullshit from him, and I am pretty impressed with his focus.

I have noticed that Jones used to be far more defensive of Israel than he is now. We all learn. I wonder if you have seen him deny the sort of material that Chris Bollyn has discovered. I have not. If you have, you should give a couple of examples as plain as that statement about Saudis and Hollywood.

We agree that reality is mind-created. A person of your meditative gifts could do a lot of good by thinking kind thoughts. I know you can do it, and you would carry a lot of us along with you. How about it?

--Syed Zaidi

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I agree ... quite simply ... I agree. A few years ago when I timidly stepped into internetland I was reluctant or perhaps just not confident enough to place blame squarely where I knew it belonged. I am bolder now and have no regrets about being so. I see a huge hand of cosmic justice poised above a big reset button and I look forward to seeing it come down, even if it means I’m not around to see the complete transformation. As long as I see the beginning I’ll be content.
wv: nesters -- Ah, that seems directed somehow. Is it okay to nest or is it time to fly or at least try to dance. Hmmmmm.

Visible said...

Syed, your defense of Jones makes it impossible for me to take you seriously, especially since you've had such exposure to him. On the Gandhi thing I gave a link to Ghosh and there's many articles on him, you want to say that's not him, fine. I was quite clear about not knowing beyond what I heard and simply mentioning it. The point was not about him anyway, it was about Gandhi.

Thinking kind thoughts? How do you know what I think or what I do with myself? Some of you people amaze me with your ideas of what I should be doing. Do it yourself. Truth be told I keep my head completely empty of thought except when I focus it on the divine and that's where I get my marching orders from and they are very clear to me. I'm not Louise Hay and despite the assumptions of passerby I'm not into new age modalities.

I'm done responding for the evening. I don't usually do so anyway but I thought it might be useful. The blog posts are a take it or leave it propostion and all I have to say in the first place. Tomorrow it will be something else.

Anonymous said...

Peace cousin Les,

Ive wanted to comment for so long - but you've been on fire lately and I have had nothing to add. I will say though - since the Saudi Royals are descended from Turkish donmeh jews, he may in fact be unintentionally right about that one (grin).

To the setting sun with them all.

Richard said...

Ever more Visible

If I have understood you over the course of the year having the pleasure to read the blogs, your message is:

Walk your talk, talk your walk

The only way to bury the skeletons in the closet is to take them out of same closet

If you are going to play poker with the Divine, texas-hold-them style, you better go all-in

May your noses be wet, and the fragrance of the Rose Garden of your Heart be always present

Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Eat the trolls said...


Sorry I'm late out of the gate this evening - I missed your diatribe until now.

You are a complete putz, with a big Z on the middle of your forhead.

Did Alex's wife sent you over here to write inflamatory non-sense.

Be gone little flea before you are made to eat your own knat shit.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Wow Visible, Mention the fool’s name and the defenders of the faith all show up to spit their crap into the comments.

I often wish, if only for a moment that I didn’t have to see myself, that I could go back to sleep, and just relax and enjoy the chains. Alas, once you see, it just doesn’t seem possible to stop seeing, can’t go back, and take the blue pill, too late.

Sometimes it burns, and sometimes it empowers, but it’s never dull. At least not as dull as the apologists that are showing up in this thread claiming innocence for Jones, and Isreallyhell. “It’s the freemasons, Jesuits, pope, bankers!” Well, ok, it IS the bankers, but the money-changers have been Pharisees since before the beginning of the age.

My favorite was the fool that thinks to teach math, or maybe the one that only showed up because of the name in the headline and then claims you are a ghost. Golly this is funny. I’ll take whatever you have to say, and enjoy the voiceover, it never bothers me anyway. Unless you are pointing out flaws I see within myself, but then that would be my issue would it not?

Yeah I felt the quake too, biggest so far today worldwide. My spouse called me more than a little disturbed by it, having never felt one before.
Of course, she was most annoyed that the cat slept right through it…

Ah well, none of this matters except in the pointing out of what you are when all the illusions are burned away by this acid. I could use a little of that rain, but I’ll content myself with listening to that favorite Les Visible song again. It sure does fit the post.

May the sent of the roses overcome the stench of the landfill in our cool wet noses,


Andy P said...

Intuition whispers only the truth. Time for us to sit and listen for a while, regardless of how uncomfortable it might make us feel.

Great words as always Les
Love and thanks.


Alpha Silex said...

The hour is at hand, fellow watchers and travelers. May God bless all and I wish you all "It's" speed. Something to listen to on the way out. Peace friends.

Alpha Silex



kenny said...

Les @ 7:36:00 PM,

You struck a chord there. It's not a crime to be afraid or uncomfortable with going all the way with truth. It's not for everyone. It's also not a crime to be honestly mistaken. It's the knowing lies that are a problem.

Ron Paul and 9/11 and his 'blowback' and eventual denial of 'conspiracy' theories is an example. He should have never gone there. He knows it's false. We would have understood if he had just kept silent on certain things. Too late.

Zoner said...

Wow, this Mercury retrograde thing is a mofo!

The Cosmic Player said...

Hi Les. While reading the Natural News article a couple days ago, I instantly thought of you, and now I know why. We all perceive "Truth" according to our level, and here is the "Truth" the way I that I perceive it. I know Mike, I've spent a couple weeks (I was on vacation) with him down in South America, and the man definitely has kind heart. Mike and Alex are friends, and think the article that he wrote was just a show of support for a friend , nothing sinister. I can't speak for Alex, but seriously doubt that Mike Adams is part of the dis-information movement....otherwise keep the good work.


Citizen Elle said...

I have chosne the words of LV for years due to his clear detachment from capitalism! my mantra...

FU, you f'n capitalist swine! your day has come with a WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN GOIN ON - all the best
value here ??

the (bloomin) who - eminence front
The sun shines
And people forget
The spray flies as the speedboat glides
And people forget
Forget they're hiding
The girls smile
And people forget
The snow packs as the skier tracks
And people forget
Forget they're hiding.

Behind an eminence front
Eminence front - It's a put on.

Come on join the party
Dress to kill
Won't you come and join the party
Dress to kill.

The drinks flow
People forget
That big wheel spins, the hair thins
People forget
Forget they're hiding
The news slows
People forget
The shares crash, hopes are dashed
People forget
Forget they're hiding.

Behind an eminence front
Eminence front - it's a put on
Come on join the party
Dress to
Come on join the party
Dress to
Come on join the party
Dress to
Come on join the party
Dress to kill
Dress yourself, dress yourself to kill.

Ciao bella ~~~Ellie~~~

est said...

you're not really
up on the roof

'till you kick
the ladder away

Alpha Silex said...

Anyone happen to notice what the pigs on Wall Street were shouting, as they felt the building shake today and were told to evacuate? "Keep trading!!! Keep trading!!!". I think this succinctly states what is wrong with this sick, materialistic world. I hope they enjoy the dividends and returns on all the karma they've traded, at the expense of the rest. The Grand House Cleaning is here and I don't picture any French maid outfits being a part of the script. But The One DOES have quite a sense of humor, so you never know. "And some castles made of sand, fall in the sea. EVENTUALLY".

Andrew of Sydney said...

Hey Les,

You've certainly stirred up the bees in their hive today! The reactions are strong ones from many different sources. Regardless of the true nature of such men, I've never met them, they do offer a introduction into an alternative narrative for many of the world's events. This cannot be denied, controlled opposition or not?!

For me the litmus test is always, how much money do they want? Sogyal Rinpoche, Tibetan spiritual leader has a program for enlightenment which costs a fortune. It's essence in spiritual terms is irrefutable, but it's a New Age business.

'He who wants cash, is no good....' whatever he has to sell. MY philosophy. But Rinpoche, Icke and Jones and the like, are an introduction to that, that exists outside the four sense, duality we call our world. We just need to see things for what they are.

Your contribution to this, for free, is invaluable! Keep sharing the resultant honey. . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your -as usual- fine works Les Visible (and good wishes to your dogs)!

Les Visible writes:

"... it is possible that all of our assumptions concerning everyone are wrong ... .".

If i may add: not only about everyone, but almost everything - particularly massive, distortions, revisions, and fabrication of at least 2 centuries worth of history; not to mention the absolutely skewed, warped materialistic-trash "reality" people around the globe have been imprisoned in ... And for example; the almost total lack of any knowledge, by the world's people, about the most horrendous crimes against humanity committed (real genocide, mass murders, tortures, theft of entire nations' wealth) in the name of talmudic supremacy and utopia - a.k.a. communism/socialism/rigged-market capitalism.

According to a new biography, recently published, there is much more about Gandhi that has, until these times, been hidden from public view.

Info for consideration, regarding A.Jones (the source may be annoying to some, but the information appears to be valid):

"Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew Bronfman?"

"...1) Personal Staff 2) Website Advertisers 3) Link To Time Warner President, Edgar Bronfman Jr."


"Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?..Controversy Swirls"


Anonymous said...

Just want to pipe up. AJ is a zionist shill, of that I have ziro doubt. Were the Israeli's at the heart of 911? As any crime scene investigator knows - the ones who supposedly benefit the most on this side of eternity is where ya look, it's a foregone conclusion.

LorieK said...

At times like this we recall Jones being in with the In crowd. I have said it before and will say it again...AJ is a liar, a coward, and a shill.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Alex Jones for who he is at the gun protest in Austin when he went nuts with his bullhorn. He has a coterie of adoring followers (always a bad sign) that hang on his every word. I liked Alan Watts description of him. He is a fear monger and tries to scare everybody to death. I hope people will wise up to his tricks. He pretends to expose the truth but in reality he obscures it.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."-Lenin

Fred said...

Dear Les
I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The very first time I saw the towers fall my immediate reaction was that is impossible but I did not understand why I thought that. I reflected on it during the day and then realized that a realistic failure scenario would be for the top of towers to fall side ways stemming from the point the jets impacted them. What I failed to realize at first was I was watching the buildings collapse at the speed due to the acceleration of gravity through the path of the greatest resistance. From that moment on I dove into reading everything I could find, and trying to tell everyone I knew what my version of the truth was. That was a miserable failure in the early days. Everyone would parrot the WH & MSM talking points back to me as a refutation to my assertions. I finally realized there was no way I could deliver a graduate level lecture to all my friends that quit learning anything about science after the 6th grade. And then came the videos. The first one was F911 we cheered at the end of the movie and I swear i had no idea who Debbie Schlussel was before that movie but I sat right next to her and after the movie outside I saw her and smiled and said something nice and she shot me a dirty look and scurried off. Later on I found out what she thought about me in her news report website (photoshop is definitely Debbie's friend). I no longer trust Michael Moore either. But my natural curiosity drove me to continue. I figured out rather than going face to face and using logic and science I would use videos so i packed a cd full of videos and documents and started to hand out loose change and some David Ray Griffith lectures. Alas once again only half of the people actually had computers to view my information with. So I REALIZED DVD'S! Let them sit on the couch and watch a movie. Now 10 years later and having handed out over 700 dvd's and cd's I realize I have changed a lot of minds. It is my game plan to start as many small fires as possible and let them spread. I passed out a lot of AJ's video's as well but
he got tossed on the dung heap with a lot of others. It was a slow process for me to get to where I am today. My current offerings are Missing Links and Ryan Dawson's The Biggest Taboo and I tell people not just Spielburg can make movies now as I hand it to them. Well I have rambled on enough and in closing I wish I had more writers to read that encompass your wisdom and wry sense of wit be well Les

Anonymous said...

neko said: "My favorite was the fool that thinks to teach math,"

Interesting, over the last couple of years that's the third time I posted this analogy on the Les sitein defense of Alex. Les may not remember this but on the first occasion he agreed with me. Thanks for the comment, it obviously goes right over the head of the simple minded like you and they are the ones it was directed at. I won't post it again. I made my point.

Back when it cost very little to go to college I was a professional student of sorts. I finally quit when I had over 200 credits. I was interested in everything. When I look back, other than science, I didn't learn that much. A lot of the stuff was pure BS. I got a bachelor degree in business administration and if someone had questioned me concerning the Fed I wouldn't have been able to tell them jack shit. I doubt the professors knew the whole sordid details. Same goes for fractional reserve banking and a lot more. I always knew things weren't quite right but it wasn't until years later that I started to get it figured out.

There was no Internet in those days, no Alex types and certainly no Les Visible. The dark hats had their secret totally locked up. Then Al Gore invented the Internet and the rest is history.

People starting on the path of truth must begin somewhere and Alex is as good as any. If nothing else they will be entertained and just maybe a light will go off in some of those noggins. Then over time they dig deeper and get a real education.

Can't say I meet many with what I would consider a real education. I know they are out there but.... Most just make off the wall comments like you and everything just blows over their head. WOOF WOOF


Anonymous said...

That was deep, my friend. You have used your talent to look into my soul and have taken a big scoop of my heaviness as your own. I see that the more criminal this world is, the more its citizens are provided equal opportunity to emulate their lying leaders. The stench has gotten so rancid that I can hardly interact with the average person. Lies have become the norm and it's okay by the people; they even expect it as it festers in their consciences and overshadows all of their humanity. LIES rule the world and it's okay. How did we come to accept poison as food? I mean it figuratively and literally! One lie follows the other and all of it circles down the whirlpool into the abyss of darkness in which I an nade ti stand as witness because I happen to see the vileness...to what end? It's not that I am perfect, not by a long shot, but I still hang on to truth, every dry-rotted strand of it. I cannot bear to see truth fall to the floor as mere garbage to be swept up and thrown away without a thought as to what we are losing. I ask myself if I am crazy to weep as I do for the world and to carry it as I do because the pain is deep and severe, when it seems those of my own blood, town and country are awash in blatant and outlandish lies that they actually choose for themselves and wear proudly if it gets them where they think they want to be. And then they pass lies on to others who know better to believe them but they do it because they see it done so it must somehow be "okay". Our leaders, our parents, our pastors or brothers, sisters, they are making us sick like them and they saya they love us. This can't be love, to spread disease knowingly. This can't be love. This can't be life.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make? Since when are we supposed to be too caught up in what others think. I've found good information from Alex. I've found good information from Les Visible. I've found good information from Mike Adams. I've researched what has been said for myself from various sources. If it doesn't ring true inside me, I disregard it. Maybe Israel is responsible for 9/11. But we have to start somewhere. It's obvious that the government was complicit. Just watching the video of Building 7 collapse tells me that. If we would ever just face that and then have a real investigation, it should lead to more. As more is discovered, people will have a chance to face the truth (or not). But if we don't at least awaken en masse that 9/11 was an inside job, how will we ever get to the point where we will know for a fact who exactly was responsible? Anyway, thanks to all involved for encouraging me to think outside the box. Where it takes me is up to me and the Source that continues to awaken me. And that Source is none of you.

Anonymous said...

this will cook yer noodle folks i live in scotland 5 hours in front of new york 9am in NY is 2pm here .I DOUBLE DOUBLE DARE YOU FOLK TO ASK WHAT TIME IT AIRED HERE WANT 2 PLAY 9.30 AM GMT .bet u dont find that anywhere on the net .read behold a pale horse by william cooper that guy had balls .gives you an idea of how big a con is involved and how many with it a 3 other good books are by capt archibald m ramsey THE NAMELESS WAR & THE TUTANKAMUN DECEPTION BY GERRALD O/FARREL .the same name crops up rothchild over & OVER .IF U WATCH RON PAUL & FRIENDS SHAKE HANDS U WILL FIGURE IT OUT . O WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE WHEN WE PRACTISED TO DECIVE NANU NANU

Anonymous said...


Andrew Jackson was dead by the 1880's, so was Lincoln, Garfield was shot, but alive and a family relative, President McKinley would be dead in 20 years.

Jackson was born during the mid 1700's and was President in the late 1820's to early 1830's. He killed the Rothschild banking cartel from London at that time. He revoked the banks charter. Bye-bye and good riddance to the First Bank of America. It took a Civil War, 2 Presidential assassination and a 3rd attempt on Garfield; between Lincoln and McKinley, to get the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 by racist and Zionist boot-licker, President Wilson. He even admitted fucking the country of America over on his death bed.
It took a World War (Man Made) , 1918 Flu Epidemic (Man Made) and Depression (Man Made) to actually turn the printing over though. Not one act of God, not even the Flu. The minute they got the money, Prescott Bush funnels it to Germany for Hitler and the Nazi party and WWII births Israel.

Israel is an aborted fetus birthed from murder, theft, buggery, apartheid, and slavery. It has been kept alive by the criminal organ theft of nations and the threat of “nuklar” destruction of the planet. And here we are today, living in it's Synagogue of Perpetual Death, led by Rabbi Lunatic Fringe.

When Alex Jones fires and RPG in the car window of Henry Kissinger or better at a Build a Better Burger Convention, I'll grovel and believe that he is on the side of right. He could get that vampire every year and instead, he sells whiskey and blankets.

If Alex Jones is doing so much, how come Wal-Mart , MicroSoft, Apple, DynCorp, Lockheed Marteen, and the other boogie-men are still alive and weathering the sea-sick stock market? Aren't they the puppet masters of the Build a Burgers? When Israel fucks this all up and these legacies of the New Religion of Consumerism crash and the people freak out, ohhhhhh and they will freak out, will Alex Jones here the last twig break the proverbial camels back in the forest of blind trees?

Dig in Vis,


Denny said...

Hi Les,

Count me in as one of your three readers.

Latest (bogus) news from Sweden:

The increasing cases of narcolepsy are now claimed to be a side effect of the (bogus) swineflu and not the (bogus) vaccines, and a panel of (bogus) experts is being put together to verify it and have it published in (bogus) medical journals...

Meanwhile (bogus) photos in the (bogus) media of "Blue Beam" (bogus) UFOs being monitored by (bogus) nato jets...

No wonder the truth is taboo in this world...

Hey, maybe that Alpha Silex guy wasn't suffering from delusions of grandeur after all...

est said...

the truth, by definition
cannot be parsed nor parceled

it is whole - unto it's self
there are no partial truths

Anonymous said...

disturbing stuff yesterday for vampire rat squids....
in the world of symbolism it seems washingtons penis thing has been broken...,by mother nature herself.....

thankyou mother nature....neil

Anonymous said...

"this will cook yer noodle folks i live in scotland 5 hours in front of new york 9am in NY is 2pm here .I DOUBLE DOUBLE DARE YOU FOLK TO ASK WHAT TIME IT AIRED HERE WANT 2 PLAY 9.30 AM GMT .bet u dont find that anywhere on the net."

Please be clear. Was 9/11 aired at 9:30 am GMT in Scotland?

If so this is huge MSM corruption script news.

Anonymous said...

“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” ~ Ann Rand

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Where did the Towers Go?

Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11. This is not only “The New Investigation,” it is the only comprehensive-forensic investigation to date in the public domain. As of this publication only one person —myself, Dr. Judy Wood— has conducted a comprehensive investigation to determine what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC) complex.

Interview with Dr. Wood

Sim said...

you're a stinking, despicable coward. awwww Lies Visible too scared to stand-up his own claims in public. Pathetic. Too scared to stand-up your claims, but too stupid to stop making them.

You are not as far out of range as you might hope, chummy:

IP Address
Country United Kingdom
Region Gloucestershire
City Coleford
ISP British Telecommunications

(Report abuse via: abuse@bt.com)

Still feeling brave, Last Name Left?

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace, Alex Jones has woken up more people than you losers x 10, instead of critising someone because you don't totally agree or can't emulate his success, get over it, work harder you lazy stupid morons. I suppose the aliens and planet x are going to save us...fools...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stan and Kyle know what Cartman is about. They either just ignore him or tell him to shut up. But sadly and funnily enough even Eric Cartman is right some of the time.So take what's useful with a grain of salt and throw the rest away. So take a page from the gang,what do you expect/ It's Cartman!

Sim said...

What a disgrace, Alex Jones has woken up more people than you losers x 10, instead of critising someone because you don't totally agree or can't emulate his success, blah, blah, blah etc...


Corrugated Supplies Company
Chicago SC LLC
5043 West 67th Street

Tel: (708) 458-5538

Does your employer know that you are using his network to spout your bile? Should I call him and ask?

Visible said...

he heh, so I'm in the UK? Well done! Do you enjoy displaying your stupidity in public? You must. Interestingly, I happen to know who you are and who you work for, not that I'd take any kind of action or make impotent threats, like yourself but your Hasbara associations are tied into your nick. Anyway, I'll allow these postings for the amusement of the reader, most of whom know where I am, in every sense of the word.

Visible said...

Truly amusing, please, I beg you, inform them this minute.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Tree of Stupidity and the Fall of Empire.

Anonymous said...

merry weather
mountain whistle
meadow spire
sunlight whisper
chrystal fountain
spiral stream
tips of colors
rainbow beam
inwards skyward
deep around
mighty vibrance
living sound
higher way
unions call
liberation sweep
whole and full


Visible said...

Okay, my mistake, I was finishing up the latest Smoking MIrrors and fielding comments and a couple of other things were happening at the same time and so I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have and what happened was that a perspicacious reader nailed the troll who was commenting here and it is he who is in Gloustershire and who is employed at said firm. Here I was being assisted by one of the various angels who look out for me and I mistook it for enemy action. I apologize for not being attentive. I will tgry harder in the future.

katz said...

I was right about you, yesterday. I knew it when you lacked the balls to print my comment.
You are a shill. You are designed to make people complacent about total breakdown of society.

That is why you constantly snipe and peddle Mr. Armageddon.

I suppose you prob don't have a gf to pay your bills, instead relying on a check for your "work" from those who want complacency, not action or Resistance. That is why it's not "your job" to name names.

You are prob handing over all the addresses of all the anti-zionists to zog. You certainly know how to print them out.

Reminds me of another plant that is the topic of this blog. Same old story. Rense and M.R. should stop giving you traffic.

Visible said...

Katz, the reason I didn't print your hasbara, profantity laced diatribe of invective and insult is just because it was that. I can tolerate a certain amount of assholism here and there but your'e over the limit and not welcome here. Go peddle your Tribe approved wares somewhere else where you lawyers are more desired.

SouthHungary said...

Just read Mikes health articles and ignore the rest,as for Alex Jones-ignore him totally!

Sim said...

This gibbering, swivel-eyed, semi-literate waste of bandwidth is a lawyer?

Is there some regulatory body I could report it to, for criminal damage to the English language?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, thought I had posted a comment?
Ill try again.
Hello from Rotten State.

Here in Denmark, we just had a new book come out.
"Conspiracy?" by Ole Retsbo.
He calls himself a journalist, but hes a spin doctor/propagandist.
The 911 truthers here were invited to comment on his book.
Will they get a fair treatment?
No chance in hell!

Ole Retsbo made a full length State TV sponsored "Conspiranoid documentary".
It goes through the Diana killing, JFK killing, 911, and a few other things.

The part about 911 starts out with "some believe that zionists and Israel were behind 911". Why anyone would think so, is never made clear.
That section uses a massive amount of idle and wasted time on: The one and only Texas bullhorn, Mr Alex Jones".
Yes Jones is a zionist shill.

The program ends with a nutter conspiracy made up for the occasion.
"Soccer World Championship in Sweden 1958".
A number of fruitcakes have studied the footage of the soccer matches, and concluded that they didnt take place in Sweden, but were recorded in a Hollywood studio.
Making anything that rhymes with "conspiracy" associate with funnyfarm candidates.

Yes, Jones is a zionist shill, but that doesnt mean that Mike Adams is one too.

I was quite disappointed when you lauded the late Sai Baba Les.
Thats where you didnt pass MY litmus test so to say.

Sai Baba is/was a child molesting creep, a fraud, his divine statements full of contradictions, his metaphysics belongs in the category of "low calorie 100% cholesterol free".
There is/was over twenty cases pending from foreign citizens against him for sex offences.
Yes, there was a murder attack on him.
It is not told why, and the attempters were executed on the spot by the police, without any investigation.
This child molestation network goes right into the top of the indian gvnmt. Its all out on the net for those who want to investigate.

About Gandhi.
He was a racist.
He fought for equal rights for indians in british ruled South Africa, not for blacks.
The indians did get equal rights, not the blacks at that time.

Gandhi was a Hitler admirer, along with Ramana Maharshi.
Seems that Hitler is the indians favourite dictator, probably cuzz of the swastika, and the "indo/aryan" thing.

Gandhi ruined his health by his prolonged hunger strikes.
It was somewhat corrected after Dr. Bernard Jensen advised him to drink raw milk.

He used this hungerstriking as a repressive control method against his own children.
"Do as daddy says, or ill stop eating!"
"Please no daddy, we cant stand it, well be good".
Talking about saints in India, ask them what they think about Mother Theresa.

Well, that was my two cents worth.

I have no doubt about your sincerity and integrity Les, I love you.

Love and Light


cayrick said...

Sorry but I disagree with most people attacking Alex. I have never known him to lie. He is front and center and is at great risk for taking on the elite. I have never heard him deny Israel's invvolvement in 9-11.
I too find his presentation to be theatrical but that is part of being a radio announcer and is just his style.
My one gripe is that he has a very narrow list of guests and could broaden it but he does like to control them. I have suggested good knowledgeable guests but he has declined. Susan lindauer is one; a lady with a story to tell of being screwed over by the Patriot Act.
Alex will not broadcast info unless it is proven to be fact. I don't blame him as his credibility is at stake. As for Dr. Wood she may or may not have a case. Facts point to explosives in the bldgs. She talks of energy weapons that may or may not exist.

Visible said...

Cayrick, he most certainly does deny Israel's involvement in 9/11.

Visible said...

I never met Sai Baba and I have heard many, many voices from the other end of the spectrum. My favorable commentary on him was confined to his good works, unfortunately people very often do not read what I actually write but what they prefer to assimilate from it. People's opinions of me are routinely unimportant whether good or bad. My uselfulness or lack of it will be determined at some point according to the standards that apply in all of our cases.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones aside, it is a gross mistake to pin illuminati activity on one group. That is their genius in that they have dispersed their activity through many different groups, agencies and secret societies, all working to their one end-- global dominion. Yes, I believe the massad was part of the scam, but only part. Don't get distracted by zeroing in on one group!

Alpha Silex said...

Peace and God bless, Denny! Your last post made me laugh! Check out this video for Chris Cornell's (Soundgarden/Audioslave) solo song "Preaching The End Of The World". Awesome song. His eyes and expression at 1:43-1:45 is CLASSIC. "You will see that I am perfectly sane...." I highly recommend you guys checking it out....I stopped paying attention to Alex Jones last year. I agree that his bombastic nature is a turn off and instincts strongly told me that there's something that can't be trusted about him. Can we say, "controlled"? I can. Have a great day folks! Oh yeah, Vis, EVERYTHING worked out the way I hoped last week, thank the Lord. I wouldn't recommend it to many, but when your ass is on the line, sometimes you are much better off representing and speaking for yourself. God IS GOOD. I'm truly grateful for that, as well as for the real and genuine, good people who speak truth here from the only place it resides. Within the heart.

Alpha Silex said...

Sorry, forgot to include the Chris Cornell video link:


Dick Eastman, Yakima said...

Have you noticed that even off center stage there are operatives? However small the forum, if it is accessible to the general public, they will be there.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Great post, Alex Johns is in general the first very visible truth teller most will found on internet when they start to search Google for the truth, clever way to control opposition...For sure Alex refusal to discuss Zionism and deny any involvment in politics around the world and the most blatant his stance on Saudis own hollywoods!!!LOL
Everyone knows Jews own it!!!!
The most funny was I call it Charly Sheen gate, how they hyped the interview to crash in a total comedy...LOL
I still listen to Alex johns radio
because I know he says some truths to better manipulate us, constantly saying he wants you to go search for yourselves, that he don't want to be seen as Leader.... But so many adds...For colloidal silver and berkey water that at the end of show i was thinking a lot about those products and maybe buying some gold!!!!!! Easy to manipulate us, i had to slap myself!!!

Casey Jones said...

Fud --

Your math analogy is somewhat apt but with a built-in flaw:

You can't teach calculus to someone who has been taught that 2+2=5

If the lower base fundamentals are wrong, how does one expect the higher algorithmic calculations to be correct?

There is NO excuse.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I hope this post of mine gets through where the last half dozen have not.

I've just received the book Where did the Towers Go? (as anon mentioned above).
I think the last time I bought a new book (aside from formal education requirements) was in 1974 - Heinlen's Stranger in a Strange Land.
So far I am impressed (it's a tool and die forensics book). She asks only what happened. then who and why can follow.
us intuitives can do better than that (although less convincingly as it requires trust and faith, perhaps through familiarity with the speaker).

in Aus we have a chap called Philip Adams, gatekeeper of the left, with his own 'little' radio show. he puts up for the Palestianians but is always downplaying "conspiracy theories" with a self satisfied derogatory chuckle.(Arnie Gundersen does the same jokey thing).
recent program on Late Night Live he announced that "for the first time" the "truth about 911" will be revealed (unionist Steven Bracks actually gets that credit from my POV). and then proceeds to interview someone about those Saudis.I turned it off quick smart.
if only they would just come out about the bleeding obvious, that planes didnt bring those towers down, and that the investigations were cover ups. then all might follow. instead we get more ammo (wikileaks style) to throw at them mad brown skinned people who hate us for our freedom. God our 'Denmark' stinks something rotten, almost to the core.
these days I have to ask, in such cases , "are they Jewish or married to a Jew". it seems the right question, and more often than not, the answer is yes.


wv: desting. testing destiny, seeking the Divine.

Ilya said...

More people run pop culture than Jews -
see Dave McGowan on Laurel Canyon rock bands,
Tavistock, evil Disney.

Billionaire Saudi rulers are crypto-Jews
and Freemasons investing worldwide and deeply
tied to, controlled by American secret intelligence.
Kissinger made OPEC. He gives marching orders to
both major parties in Israel, a place owned by
20 families, on both BarryChamish.com.
CIA+Pentagon influence across Hollywood is
as strong as 'the Jews' who yes are important.

Zionism is victim/religious cover for predatory
Rothschild banksters and Israel's true satanic,
anti-Jewish founding (BarryChamish.com). Alex
wisely avoids the 'slide' of anti-semitism while
nailing the pervs and perps using it. Jew and
Rense friend HenryMakow.com admits Zionist evil
yet traces it up the pyramid like Alex to occult

'Zionism' is a propaganda leaflet, not a target.
Use names not ideologies. The Mossad Dancing
Israelis have names - good. Mike Harari is a
better focus.

A WTC architect, a Soviet officer, an American
officer, and formal WTC NYC construction permits
detail 9-11. The Soviet officer names not just
Mossad, but agent Mike Harari, and offers to
put his testimony under oath.

GCN hosts nail Mossad regularly (Deagle, a Rense
guest). Mossad wasn't alone on 9-11, and is just
a war platoon from Rothschildland - not the only
artificial state from history or today (Scramble
for Africa, etc.) Soon they'll create
Nation Palestine to inaugurate WWIII, working both
sides of conflict as during Napoleonic times.

How nice for the perps that 9-11 truthers smear
one another. Anti-Zionists can't even unite
in that cause,

Bravo to Mike Adams for rare positive testimony.
He joins researcher Freeman Fly in saying Alex
not an agent - yet FF respectfully differs over style.
I think with all the yelling O'Reillys, it's good
to have Alex yelling back. Some people need a loud
voice to compete inside their heads. See how
O'Reilly succeeds with it, people believe lies
told loudly; putting loudness in service of truth
is fine with me.

Machiavelli said...

When talking about who and what to trust, regards controlled opposition, I might come with the small annoying tip that Lesvisible, on his own homepage have given a prominent place to the Venus project. Below is a link to an article that tell us what kind of project that is:

Zeitgeist Addendum: Toward a Technocratic, Communitarian, Cybernated Society

The one-time New Age Theosophical Christ-Maitreya, J. Krishnamurti — thrust upon the occult, Utopian socialist underground at the beginning of the 20th century by Theosophy head, Fabian socialist Annie Besant and pederast-Freemason, C.W. Leadbeater — begins and ends the film. For something that purports to espouse “a modern, non-superstitious based understanding” of the world, well, let’s just say that it is hypocritical and deceitful not to even identify the theosophical current throughout both films, or the outright socialism of the latest. Though Peter Joseph hasn’t admitted his Theosophical debt, at 1:35:37 he tips his hand by the obscure mention of “intellectual materialism” - a term used by Blavatsky herself in Lucifer magazine (also, see here for another theosophic source) - and touts the “true divinity” of Man (1:48:25). New Ager aka “economic hitman”-Perkins has experienced the seething energies of Lucifer as well. At 1:43:07 he talks of the bliss of connectedness and our “God spirit,” while an “Illumined” man makes a gesture with his hands of a triangle in front of the sun

Here I dissect the above article, by picking the raisin out of the harvest.

1. Theosophical =
2. Fabian socialist Annie Besant
3. Pederast-Freemason, C.W. Leadbeater
4. “Intellectual materialism”
5. Blavatsky
6. Lucifer magazine
7. “True divinity” of Man
8. “Economic hitman”-Perkins
9. “Illumined” man
10. Triangle in front of the sun

So I guess, anyone interested in a org. that accentuate or supports such things as pedofilia and Luciferism, have come to the right place? Or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments! I learned more from the comments than from the post itself. That JFK quote was priceless! I think it's great that the 3 plus people who read your posts are also continuing to click on this site to see what people are saying next. It's like Facebook without all the ridiculous rules designed to stifle too much free expression. What I find most effective about your posts are the titles you choose, which inevitably lead me to read your posts, since I don't seek out your posts habitually, just when the title strikes me. Thanks to rense.com for broadcasting so many differing views, leaving out the repetitive and unoriginal Rivero asides. I mean come on, enough of the bovine meter already! I'll choose to remain anonymous however, since I'm not interested in harassment from the very real powers that be that are surely monitoring your every post. Keep up the good work Les!

Visible said...

Pierre; Sorry some of your posts aren't making it in. For some strange reason your posts are always designated as spam. It must have something to do with something but I have no idea what. This doesn't keep the posts out because I see what's listed as spam and I post you from there too, so, I've no idea what's happening but thought you should know.

As for Jacque Fresco, he's a friend of mine and that's how it is. I've also learned a great deal from the Theosophists and don't buy all that weird shit that's said about them. My suggestion is to meet Jacque and that might clear things up a bit.

When people are inclined to believe anything in particular there's not much a person can do to change it and it's not my job to go around doing that anyway. Time and the cosmos change us all.

The problem that exists is that the good guys and the bad guys use very similar systems. The bad guys steal the basics and the infrastructure from the good guys and then adapt it to their own ends. So when anyone superficially looks at any of them they see so many common features in the construction that everyone winds up looking like a bad guy.

I leave this subject with the words of a world teacher from some time ago, "by their works ye shall know them". Take your impressions of someone from the impact of their actions here as well as the lack of the same. Everyone should see The Future by Design by Fresco and that pretty much says what needs to be said about him and what his intent is. Cities are cities and technology is technology. These things are not wrong in essence. It is the uese they are put to that define them.

Car polute but they also provide a service. Knives are very useful but they are weapons too; the same way you can build a house with rocks or hit someone over the head with them as Cain allegedly did with Abel.

est said...

he killed him with a stone ?

it didn't take long
for weapons
to enter the story

will it never end ?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Skateboarding with a Bent Wheel in Visibilandia.

the BCth said...

Twilight Zone? SOTT just reprinted this post on their site.
I was thrown for a loop, given the drama that went down last spring. Wouldn't have expected to see a Visible essay promoted as "Best of the Web" by SOTT... I'd like to see this as a positive thing, and certainly it is, to get more people seeing and discerning the compromised partial-truths that obscure the truth whenever the love of money, power, and fame get involved (or, in some cases, fear for one's own skin under the threat of powers-that-seem). No icon shall be held infallible, for the truth must, and will, stand on its own.

Thank you, poet Visible, for your penetrating and eloquent words once again. May Love and faith increase to you and to us all, as the times will soon demand such Love and faith as of which we have yet to imagine ourselves capable...

rays of the sun to light your ways,

Anonymous said...

Please think about the following questions:

Who or what is "Israel"?

Are "Israel" and other groups/states/organizations/businesses/clubs/... interconnected?

How long does "Israel" exist?

How long do other (secret) powerful groups exist?

Are you sure that "Israel" is "at the top of the pyramid", or the most powerful one, or might it be that "Israel" is just one branch of the multi-facetted hidden power?

Could it be that some people that try to find the truth are discovering and focusing on one branch of that hidden power while others are finding and displaying another one?

Would it be helpful if these (two) truth research groups fight each other for "lying about the truth"? Would it be better to help each other in friendly revealing shortcomings and errors in each others researches? Would it be better to look into the results of the others researches, to point out the previous errors and shortcomings in the own researches, and to honor the ones that helped nearing the truth? Would it be better for all to find out if there are (long time) connections between these branches and to display these connections? Would it be better to divide some labour in this important research field but to stay in respectful and contact to each other, and united in the honest search for truth?

Harry said...

If you have yet to discover what a fruad Mike Adams is then you are not fully awake.

Anonymous said...

thanks vis, it might have something to do with my posting from Aus through a US VPN. servers are tightening up on bots. the captcha should be enough to prove humanity (or similar).
maybe I shouldnt be so paranoid anyway, I,m here if they want me, wherever that is.
anyone else here commenting through a proxy server (like a VPN)?
this one straight from the horses stable.(no VPN)

wv: pronster. I aint, really I aint (a monster prankster)

Anonymous said...

"Twilight Zone? SOTT just reprinted this post on their site."

Yeah, SOTT has been outed by the truth community. Trying to get back in it seems. Too late though, once that mask has come off, it's off. That's the thing about the apocalypse, much revelations and exposure going around ;)

More than you ever wished to know about Sciento...uhm...SOTT:


Anonymous said...

What is Israel?

The scale to see how much Jesus was the weigh!

What isn't Israel?

The Truth.


Franklin said...

Many try to appear so spiritually enlightened, knowledgeable and sophisticated about the so called "truth".Remember,each individual has the right to discover the truth as they understand it.NOBODY has ALL the answers.Many view this crime as a "team" effort,while others point the finger at one criminal entity.Regaurdless how studied one believes they have become on this issue,my guess is we could all write down what we believe to be true today....look at it in another ten years....and be humbled by our own ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones claimed his organization earned $2 million this year 2011.

That would require 100,000 sale of DVDs at $20 per DVD a hard pill to swallow when they are given away free on YouTube.

Jones says it clearly "follow the money" so what is the real source of his revenue and how does he pay for all of the travel, the staff and production?

Somewhere in the background there must be a financier.

HPrice said...

The last comment asked about Alex Jones' funding. Well if you read the alexjonesmachine.com website you will find that AJ has a lawyer called Elizabeth Schurig, and that she works for some of the Bronfman family of Canada.

How do I know this to be true and not just some fanciful thing put together by the person who runs the website?

Well dear reader, I was the one who actually stumbled over this rather strange fact some years ago now (2007 maybe?). I posted my findings to abovetopsecret.com, and also sent them to Michael Collins Piper and Daryl Bradford Smith, and I guess in the end they were picked up by the lady that runs that website, and more recently by Brother Nathaniel Kapner.

[In a way I assume this because there was nothing on the net about Schurig & the Bronfmans before I posted to said places above. I do concede the fact that others may have discovered all this not long after I posted my findings on the internet, or even at the same time.]

In fact MCP actually read part of the email I sent to him on one of his podcasts, recently. As you can imagine, when I heard him read part of it out and realised that he was talking about me ... well my jaw dropped to the floor and rolled across the room.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that AJ is funded by the Bronfmans in part. The rest probably comes from all the advertising (all seemingly run by Jewish people it seems) on his website, and the money he gets from people "BUYING MY VIDEO".

I gave up listening to AJ quite a few years ago now, after about 2 weeks of listening to him and never went back. I saw him for what he was pretty quickly, I think.

And now I cannot abide his nonsense, his fearmongering and his supposed ignorance of the Israeli lobby/Zionism et al. It sits there in plain sight and he refuses to acknowledge that it may be the prime factor ruining our world and bringing it to the edge of destruction.

Nevertheless people still support him, and that disturbs me I think more than anything. He is so fake, so utterly phoney, it beggars belief that some people cannot see this (probably something to do with the cult of personality?).

One day I hope their eyes will open and see what AJ actually is and represents (I call him the "Infowrestler" ... for obvious reasons).

But of course he is only one of a gaggle of so called truth seekers, and people should be aware that he isn't the only one who misinforms and/or disinforms.

There is Rense, Deagle, Tarpley, Bollyn, (possibly Rivero) etc etc etc ... its as if the entire 9/11 truth and/or patriot community is or has been set up to lead people astray or down false alleys by false prophets (naahh ... could never happen ...).

Hopefully one day those bastards who killed so many people on 9/11 will get their comeuppance. It may or may not come in my lifetime but I believe it will come one day.

Just more people need to awaken to the facts thats all and once critical mass has been reached, well hopefully there will be no going back.

You can always hope anyway.

Best wishes

Harvey Price, Christchurch, NZ

ps and what is it with the whole Berkey thing anyway? ... I've often wondered that lol.

pps please excuse the ramblingness of this comment. I have a bit of a health complaint that is preventing me from concentrating too much and rambling seems to be the only way for me at the moment lol.

300Sploggers said...

My blog is full of Alex Jones NOT exposing the REAL culprits behind 9/11. My new book JEW WORLD ORDER (Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Pubit) DOES.

Anonymous said...

In WW@ Rabbis told jews to cooperate with Nazis as Rabbi knew Hitler was secretly a jew and a zionist and death camps for jews was rubbish.Also Hitler was a German traitor and never intended to win the war,He escaped to south America with help of British agents who later wrote James Bond books.British soldiers were not massacred on the Beaches as they evacuated but it was possible.Hitler sent soldiers to fight in Russia without winter uniforms.Martin Bormann was allowed to send army secrets to Russia. etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
I spent over a year and a half living and working labor jobs in Israhell in the 90's. Due to what I personally witnessed [provocation by the IDF] on numerous occasions, and my conversations with Israelis of right and left persuasions and Palestinians, I find it impossible to have any real trust in anyone who does not bring the "chosen ones" to task regarding their involvement with so many problems in the world.
They are self chosen.
After spending over 40 hours of personal research regarding the events of Hardin, Montana two years ago, I know to take Jones with a bucket of salt.
Any intelligent rasearcher/activist/concerned citizen will consider AJ simply a stepping stone, not a final destination of info.



Joseph Brenner

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