Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Enablers and their Psychopathic Masters

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

For shame, ten thousand times for shame; the juggernaut of the murder machine of Death Incorporated, the Bush/Obama slice and dice, human meat processing, corporation of mulched woman and children rolls on. In Afghanistan a couple of days ago, they killed a group of women and children with video game drones. Karzai said that was the last straw and an hour later they killed a bunch more at the other end of the country. NATO, which is only a fraud of nations, masquerading as a coalition, under the rule of American and British bankers, kills with impunity. British SAS, probably with American corporate mercenaries, have been spotted as ground-troops in Libya, looking to kill Gadhafi because he doesn’t want a central Rothschild bank and wants a collective African currency.

I can only pray that raging djinns rise up from the Earth and rip their fucking hearts out and toss them into the flames of Hell. Fuck Memorial Day and all the stupid canon fodder that went to die for banks. They went to die for the banks, so that the domesticated cattle population could keep on being enslaved with usury from Neo-Pharisee banks. Fuck you, you frothing psychopaths! May the Hell you seek to raise upon the Earth, ascend from the bowels of darkness, open her gates and burn you where you stand but not allow you to die. May you be served white phosphorus cocktails with a cluster bomb back. May the cluster bomb be dropped into the cocktail in a burning shrapnel shot glass, like some demented working man’s boiler maker and turn you into one of Dick Chaney’s hunting partners.

You sleazy, stinking shit-heels and your partners in crime the duped and stupid Michelin Tire Man public that parades behind you, with a bloodthirsty Onward Christian Soldiers, blaring from dissonant horns, counterpointed with some John Philip Susa’s, “This Duck may be Somebody’s Mother”. Bring on the tornadoes and the tsunamis and the earthquakes and bury this stupid, pigged out culture like rat corpses in a landfill. Then raise a marker that says, “Here lie those we will not name, they deserve no remembrance. They are killers all, who killed and died for banks”.

I want screaming, flaming devas to come out of the sky and tear Goldman Sachs into pieces and stomp the bankers into the pavement; every trader, hedge fund weasel, derivative scamming and blood drinking last one of them. Hang them on crosses from Wall Street to Broadway and set them on fire so they might be street lamps, lighting up the dark, alcoholic night of the American nightmare.

You sleazy entertainers; actors, masturbating musicians that glorify the killings; that act in the propaganda flicks, that celebrate the killing of Muslims who had nothing to do with 9/11. A 9/11 and 7/7 and Madrid Train Station bombing that was done by Neo-Pharisee, Israelis and her bitches, America and Britain at the behest of AIPAC, which IS the American government; yeah, your BFF swine nation of Ashke-NAZI, land stealing, genociding pirates from Europe- non Semitic trolls, who changed the truth of history so that they could pretend to be the very people they are bent on eliminating; who all through history have been preying upon life wherever they find it, while pretending to be the victims of events they made happen, so that they would look like victims; they cry out in pain when they strike you... all of you, all of you can just take a seat and wait for the piper.

What punishment is enough for these blood drunk reavers and their ignorance infected enablers? They should be born as the victims of any and every hideous act, against any and every human being for the next million years. Then they should be turned into a rock to start all over again. They should be inoculated with a vaccine that kills evil and they must march the streets of the world loudly proclaiming their crimes with a sign on their back that says “kill me but take your time about it”.

Who is worse? The ones who do it or the one’s who help them out as accessories; the writers and smegma-journalists like Jonathan Kay, the actors and musicians, the politicians and religious leaders? From every walk of life they come, serving for money or out of fear. Performing felatio on the world stage; on their knees for the killers and rape artists of the millennium; you dirty rotten, stinking, fucking poseurs, whose only inspiration is, “what kind of lie can I tell today. What kind of Kabuki-masked drama can I perform in, that makes Muslims and anyone sitting on resources a danger to the trough gobbling pigs who support it all and soak it up, as if it were their mother’s milk from the polluted airwaves of a damned nation, that is one incarnation short of falling down on all fours and saying, “fuck two feet and hands, what I want is to really get into it. I want six stomachs and flies buzzing all around my face, until they turn me into hamburgers for the next generation coming.

You programmed imbeciles. How incredibly dumb do you have to be to keep swallowing impossible lies that their own press exposes to you every day. Take those dress hats from dirty wars and stick them up your asses. Suck them all the way in until they take shape on your skull, under your skin and then you can have some medal piercings, pinned into them. Get a t-shirt that says, “I kill on orders from neo-Pharisee banks and then I march in parades that honor my acts. I wipe tears from my eyes when I think of my fallen comrades who don’t get the meaning of “I sing of Olaf”. I want to be a Hobo with a Shotgun in Mecca.

“My country tis of thee, doomed land with no liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my father’s died for banker’s profits and pride. Cover us with a shit landslide, to the grave I ride”. Bono honks on Bush’s dick, jerking off under a Joshua tree, making the sun stand still for the wonder of his collecting money for terminal Africans, who never see a dime, while buying up all kinds of fancy real estate around LA with his buddy, The Edge of Nowhere and managing to piss everyone off at the same time; suing his hairdresser for the return of a pair of blue jeans. How did they come off in the first place; no comment; making Bob Dylan who forgot whatever it was he used to say, while he tours non stop all over the world, because he needs the money and attention so bad; Leonard Cohen playing for the neo-Pharisees of Israel; Sir Paul McCartney attending fashion shows; that’s his job now; hanging out with glamour freaks and wearing his title like a rhinestone tiara; no comment. No comment, no comment.

The twisted neo-Pharisee media, whose supporters brag about being and doing what they do but if you mention, you’re a pariah. The truth is anti-Semitic. Thanks for men like Jim Kirwan and Jim Coors and all the few of the rest of them that put it on the line for what is so and cannot be denied. Thank you Patrick Willis for putting your career and your health on the line, because you are a real man and not some phony, no balls profiteer on the backs of those who die so you can make your money.

Thank every one of you who risk it all to tell the truth; you few. Thank you for those embedded in Palestine, being showered with rocks, tear gas and bullets, while the IDF looks on and applauds. Thank you Ken O’Keefe for riding on the flotillas, thank you Spain and all the other nations that are declaring Palestine a state, thank you Iceland for having the stones to give the banks the finger and then jail the bankers thank you Matt Taibbi. Thank you all. Thank every awakening soul who speaks out in their communities. Thank you every state who goes up against the TSA.

If you want this bullshit to stop, do not fly on an airplane, ruin the airline companies. Don’t go to work and when you do, do it wrong. Don’t shop in their stores. Don’t watch their news. Don’t cooperate. Sit down and wait them out. Don’t pay taxes. Stop funding the killers. They cannot put you all in jail. They cannot put you all in jail but they are going to put as many of you in jail as they possibly can anyway. They are going to commit a colossal false flag very soon and then blame it on Pakistan and Iran. They believe in the superiority of their weapons and they want to destroy China and Russia now, while they still have their imagined edge. They are not going to stop, so stop them. It’s simple, turn your backs on them and cut off their financing. Stop what you are doing or the cosmos will stop you. I apologize for understating my case and not being passionate enough. I’ll try harder. I really will.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Where is the Antidote for the Poison in the Well?

I was virtually leafing through a news gathering site this morning. I didn’t sleep last night. I had one of those riveting periods of integration with the one. It came as a result of relentless driving inwards and crying out. I was giving no quarter (grin) and I got what I was after, which is not always or even often the case but... I was intense. It paid off. I saw something that was very present but had been elusive to my inner eye. The power of the experience held me all through the night and it seemed only a short time before it was light out. Time was not playing by the usual rules. I had this happen on a drive from Italy. Hours went by like nothing and I was suddenly at my destination, with a speed that defied science and logic. I was impressed. My state of mind was severely altered at the time, not by any comestible but as a result of a series of supernatural experiences that preceded the journey; boy what a digression!

Anyway, I was virtually leafing through this site and, probably because of my state of mind, the experience was surreal; Texas (you don’t mess with Texas), backed off from the porno-bot pedophiles at TSA (tits slits and asses). NATO (nasty, arrogant, totalitarian, oligarchs) are bombing Libya because Gadhafi wants a transnational African currency. Various AIPAC psychos are frothing at the mouth, there’s another disinfo report on Iran about nuclear triggers and Egypt is opening the Rafah crossing this weekend. There was more. There is always more and it’s all massive change rumbling at all levels. What do you do?

I’m one individual. I’m part of a group conscious awareness of these apocalyptic times. We are, mostly, unarmed witnesses of, not only, global but galactic change. It is as if the whole system that we have known has turned into a lurching drunk, who is reeling across the landscape, acting out from the lowest common denominator of rage and acquisition fueled, intoxication. It’s a small house with a big drunk, people are looking to put some distance between themselves and this half conscious, mean drunk, bent on rapine and all those ill concealed lusts from the dark larder of the subconscious.

The drunk was more or less okay a few hours ago. He was charming, if a bit overbearing and he had an unpleasant way of brushing up against you, touching you, raising his eyebrows as if you might get the message. He’s got an IMF rape card so there is a lot of latitude. The bouncers can’t really throw him out because he is the system that employs them to bounce. Ordinarily he’s just a moderately offensive dickhead but now he’s got a load on. He’s got a load on because everything he was up to for so long will no longer support his weight. That’s why he’s lurching, besides being drunk on all kinds of unpleasant things.

He might have been okay once, stable and composed of ideals that most everyone would agree were in the best interests of the majority but some kind of personality change happened because he wouldn’t stop drinking. He morphed into an overblown caricature. He shit himself, lost his glasses and now he thinks if he just amps it up a bit he can move into a new dimension and the mental and emotional climate will adapt. He really should go to the bathroom and clean himself up but he’s drunk. He’s as pickled as The Queen Mother. You head off to the cemetery where the queen mother lies and you will find a collection of alkies with long metal straws inserted into the grave dirt looking for that truly dry martini.

You can’t get stabilized if you keep drinking. You have to dry out but that can be an extraordinarily painful affair. Visible traversed those swamps once. There’s nothing good going on down there. People who no longer care, hang out there with people who care far too much for all the wrong reasons and they’re all drunk. Somebody threw a party under pretense, which turned out to be about something else and it’s not a party anymore.

There are a lot of funny things going on. American Idol got grooved, country western, pop tart Barbie and George Strait Lite coming down the pipe. I actually enjoy ‘some’ of these people and they are all faces that are being molded for order, while ugly entertainment ops like 50 Cents worth of ugly are intruded into the mix. They give you decent normal youth and insert the uglies alongside. The point is separation. The point as George Harrison noted, is, “I, I, me, me, mine.”

That’s your life buddy, not mine. I wonder how I am supposed to assimilate the good stuff from the bad. The system is now in a state of injury because some people want to have more than everyone else. There really is plenty for everyone but the people with too much have to have more.

Open a cantaloupe. I like melons. Look at all those seeds. Nature is abundant. You get more than you need all the time. There’s plenty for everyone. However, some people just want more and it’s more than that too.

The presentation of innocence and the corruption of it is a big part of the present game; hammer slammer and no justice in this world. Well, it’s all karma from my point of view; whatever you are into you are into and I am just banging on the universe to clean this shit up. I realize that I can’t personally clear it up and I realize that I generate some amount of garbage, which I’ll be recycling today when I travel in my car to the recycling center to do the right thing. I’ve got to keep my eye open for that drunk because he is on the highway too. Alcohol, no matter how you parse it, is a bigger killer than Fukushima. That is the kind of thinking that was behind Fukushima. I went there as a baby, the last time ugly force got dropped on a lot of people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I came in, in the aftermath, at about 6 months old and Japan was my first real opening into this world and my first five years.

I learned early that I was going to get the shit beat out of me. At one point, I painted a masterpiece of shit on the wall next to my crib; oh those early artistic urgings. I got more shit beat out of me for that effort but I do remember being proud of it. Maybe I was trying my hand at calligraphy? Over time it turns into a massage, which is much more preferable. I was willingly to learn and I still am. I don’t think any one person or group can fix this thing. I think people need to step away.

Scotty McCreery is a nice guy and a fine singer and reminds me of myself in that picture that sits at Visible Origami. They promote our finer aspirations and then they hammer in the Tim McGraw’s that support the wars and then they hammer in the rain of Beyonce Armageddon sex on you in the followup. You get a clean American Idol with a kiss on the cheek and then you send then all off to war against an enemy that you created for that purpose. Maybe some of you don’t follow my thought but when I see Tim McGraw with a black lead hat and no eyes leaning into a 17 year old kid, I see the devil behind all the things we don’t like about the world and ourselves.

Madonna has been replaced by Lady Gaga and the insolence of the moment wasn’t missed here. These are the people sending you to war. These are the people offering up the sacrifices for your dreams and aspirations; fresh and promising innocence, dropped like a slab of fish, with the minders in the shadows. And powerful people show up. Bono and The Edge appear with Reeve Carney in a Spiderman scenario and this is what we are up against. This is the soundtrack for police security nation. It’s all pop tarts and prisons because the manglers have usurped the reins of power in our world and that’s how it goes in ages of darkness. You can see it on your TV and you probably do.

I believe in the good I see and I look at all that ancient evil that is showcasing it for your doom and I feel sometimes a little like Gadhafi. He’s no saint but he he’s not stupid. Hey, it’s all a show. That is actually good news. It’s a production; it’s supposed to sweep you away. You are supposed to be captivated. Will you be? That’s what this apocalypse is all about. That’s the whole point. Which way will you go? Quo Vadis.

One thing for sure, you are here. You are where you are, right there in the Petri dish and the show continues. Keep in mind that every show has a beginning and an end. That should be the uppermost point in your mind. "He's in it to win it" (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Fall of Ron Paul and the March of the Psychopaths

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Let me see if I have got this right. Nearly every single central bank is Zionist owned. Until they did a facelift at The Federal Reserve, everyone on the board was Jewish. Central bankers start the majority, if not all of the wars, so that they can enslave the combating nations and make huge profits on whatever is possible. Israel was founded by the most powerful central banker on the planet in order to grant protections through dual nationality and other perks of having a sovereign nation, so that crime could be practiced without fear of the usual reprisals. It was a state founded on deception and historical revision which displaced 700,000 inhabitants, who were already living in Palestine and they have been practicing genocide on them ever since.

Members of congress have to sign a loyalty oath to Israel or they will be sabotaged in their electoral pursuits. Israel was behind 9/11 and all of the following wars that were justified as a result of it. Bin Laden publicly said he had nothing to do with 9/11.

Israel started every war they’ve been involved in and where provocation was needed she practiced false flag events and then used the Zionist owned press to impress lies into the mind of the public. Israel attacked an American ship, killing many Americans in an effort to start a world war. Israel is presently lobbying internationally to have attacks launched on Pakistan and Iran.

Ron Paul has been in congress for 12 terms. He’s a financial expert. He has run for president collecting large amounts of money and then simply dropping out of the race. He has now stated that Israel is a friend of America. He says we are giving too much money to Israel’s enemies. He says he wants the Federal Reserve audited. He is a financial expert (or did I already say that?) and he must know that Zionists control the Federal Reserve but he says nothing about that. Has he always been like he is or has be been ‘reached’ finally? Israel is an enemy of the United States and controls her government at all levels. Israel controls the media. Israel sends American youth to die in her wars. Israel has bankrupted the US through gratuitous wars for profit and through criminal behavior on Wall Street via Goldman Sachs and others. The congress of the United States is an enemy of the United States and it appears that Ron Paul is also an enemy of the best interests of the United States. Please refute what I have said so far at your leisure.

Israel attacked the aid flotilla and ruthlessly killed a number of passengers including an American. Israel is intending to kill more flotilla aid workers in June. The nation of Israel is a satanic entity that worships materialism and practices human sacrifice. After peace was declared and agreed upon, Israel dropped over half a million cluster bombs on Lebanon in a war they started. 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Very few Israelis are Semitic. All Palestinians are. Israel confines the original populations of the land they stole in a concentration camp that has become the most populous place on Earth, due to the constant diminishment of their lands.

The Israeli security company ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station. I could go on and on here about known facts but there’s not much point in it, given that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is most likely a duck. Consonantly, if it drinks blood and behaves like a vampire it is, for all practical purposes, a vampire.

Obama got on his knees and performed felatio on all of the members of AIPAC on videotape. Everyone who works for him lined up behind him to do the same, there or anywhere the zippers came down. The world is in a state of outrage because Zionist bankers are looting the economies of the euphemistically named, free world. Something is moving in the hearts and minds of people around the world. Boycotts against Israel are mounting. The truth about Israel is coming out. Israel is becoming a pariah nation in the eyes of the world and Israel is planning massive false flag events to distract the hearts and minds of the world’s population from the truth of her behavior, everywhere there is money to be stolen through usury and political arm-twisting.

It doesn’t look good for the world to be under the heel of stormtrooper bankers, whose religious books refer to goyim (that would be you) as cattle and whose lives are unimportant, except as a servant class or blood sacrifices for the self chosen. In the meantime the cultural perception of what is acceptable, is controlled by a PC propaganda machine that purports to represent the rights of all people but whose main thrust is to support the behavior of those committing so called anti-Semitic acts against themselves, for the purpose of sympathy and legislative changes on their behalf. The education system is in their hands. Their progeny have first rights into all of the top schools and the curriculum is bent to serve their agendas. They collect a kosher tax on many foodstuffs and employ other hidden taxes and privileges, because they own the currency printing rights, which they have used to buy up all important agencies for the service of their elitist status.

The majority of them don’t believe in anything besides their own abilities to enslave the populations and here is where they are headed for trouble because the cosmos is alive and aware and orchestrating their doom. Otherwise, the people of the world would be toast. They eat crap diets. They get their news from the people who are abusing them. They are addicted to superficial entertainments. The lure of sleazy sex and the hope of material gain, drive them to the exclusion of other ambitions, except when they are praying to an anthropomorphic white guy with a beard, residing in a non-existent heaven. Their holy books have been altered to serve the interests of their slave masters, who laugh at them and charge for seating in their own temples, where Baphomet sits on the dais. This group of shape shifting psychopaths has been at work for centuries but now... now the old age is closing up and the summing up approaches. They know they are running out of time and the only solution, they think, is to plunge the world into global conflict. In this they are being assisted by the empty suits they shoehorned into the seats of power.

I don’t want to offend the supporters of Ron Paul but Ron Paul has revealed himself as an agent of this force because there is no way he cannot know what is going on because he is... a financial expert. I briefly supported Ron Paul but he never said what I felt he needed to say and everything else he said was not unlike what Obama said before he became the least powerful man in the world with the biggest appearance of it.

By the day, around the world, people are being thrown out of their homes and jobs. They are being reduced to fear and want in order to sap their will to resist. They are being diseased and murdered by stealth and the obvious venues. They are being poisoned and thrown into turmoil by the operations of those governing them and those governing the governors.

Most of the people who can see what is happening won’t say anything and the rest are dumber than a turtle on a fence post, hypnotized by perverted religions, or in deep denial of what is going on. Insane money junkies are betting for and against everything, while they manipulate the outcome. They are driving food and fuel through the roof and waiting upon global mega-death, to reduce the population congestion and free up the entire world for extended plunder. The big actors on both sides of the coming conflict are making their threats and shifting their game board pieces.

Tension fills the air. We await the inevitable, unless that is to be sidetracked, because everything really is under control and now, every act of evil turns upon itself and will amplify and accelerate to that effect with each passing day. I am convinced of the good that lives in the heart of humanity and of the existence of forces working to awaken it. These forces rule preeminent in the visible and invisible spheres and all arguments to the contrary are nothing more than the doubts being sown to divide the people against each other. Buckle your seatbelts because the storms are here and growing in power. Nature is not amused.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Georgie Sorrows and the Cowabunga Cowpie

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Little Georgie Sorrows (sounds like a serial killer in a Clive Barker book, channeled by Thomas Harris after being ghostwritten by whoever handles those things; reminds me of that trenchant film, that slipped under the radar, “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie”.)

When it comes to 24 carat bullshit, Fox News gets The Golden Hippo, Cowabunga Cowpie. You look at the stupid things that Mossad, MI6 and CIA do and you think wtf, if you think at all, which may be the point. Besides the outrageous and impossible occurrence of 9/11, which Bin Laden directly said he didn’t do, you get someone trying to light his foot on fire and being unable to; yet ‘they’, supposedly, did 9/11? and then you get someone trying to blow up a plane with his explosive underwear, with his handler caught on video, which also didn’t happen and... they supposedly did 9/11? This all leads to the pedophile TSA, with satanic robo-girl, Napolitano and ‘no dick’ Pistole, feeling around in the undergarments of children, in public, with government sanction because...? Well, because that is the kind of thing they do recreationally and religiously in their spare time and just like those children they are ‘grooming’, the public to accept a police state. What motivates them? That would be greed, perversion and fear. Fear is the most operative working force, because The Apocalypse hits them different than it hits you and me.

I don’t think there’s any question that Napolitano wants to muff dive pre pubescent girls, preferably on Oprah, while the audience sits in bondage chairs, with a gag reflex ping pong ball in their mouth. Pistole, on the other hand is likely a boy banger, who wants the laws to reflect his own personal tastes. These tastes were probably implanted in these tools by Chertoff and Lieberman Associates.

It all comes down to stupid, which is why there is so little concerted objection, except in some states like Texas and Maine and why the people of Indiana are not standing in front of the state Supreme Court with ropes, torches and tar and feathers. Stupid is very obliging and stupid is going to get what stupid deserves. You’re not stupid are you? Thank God for The Apocalypse because, unbeknownst to them, there are good people in the middle of all of these operations, following orders out of fear, duty and simple lack of comprehension, combined with a sense of helplessness in the face of mounting absurdity and the apocalyptic time bomb is ticking away in their hearts and minds, setting off incremental explosions, because it is all coming about by degrees of ever greater intensity.

Shoes and underwear are a couple of items that they can command you to make available for investigation, so as to continue with the preeminent satanic drive for the violation of innocence and the creation of naked vulnerability, before the eyes of a hijacked country policy, aided and abetted by vultures, perched on the ugly tree, whose mantra is, “Screw patience, I’m going to fly down and kill something”.

It’s patently clear that the corruption of the tenets of The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus are all about unleashing the engines of corporate/banking directives, to the lawmakers who then send the interpretation of their documents to the vultures perched on the ugly tree. These are not stupid people (relatively speaking) so they are either motivated by a fear greater than any virtue they can muster against it, or jolly well, into it. They want to be able to go out to a public restaurant and order Consommé of Palestinian children with some missing, milk box kiddies’ pate in an upscale way, beyond the routine McDonald’s burgers that the rest of you enjoy, when they package and feed your progeny to yourself.

They let you cannibalize your children, while they take the best parts. That, is serious relish and once again, thank you for The Apocalypse.

Freedom is a living dream. I am living it inside myself and it is going to happen unpredictably.

What is it that keeps oceans of money, like Fox News and Oprah, slinking into your mind, from actually doing something about what they report on? What keeps this whole scenario in your face, while it reorganizes itself for another place of operation? It is serious business and it is usually under a certain order of control so, according to your karma and industry, a game plan gets followed but... this is The Apocalypse and all bets are off.

I don’t know if little Georgie Sorrows knows what he’s doing. He is the guy who broke the Bank of England, or so they say. I don’t know anything about gold. I don’t wear it and I don’t really care about it. I think there’s some lying around hereabouts but I can’t even remember where. The particular system of the moment, is of the ‘house of cards’ variety. It’s a Ponzi-Hindenburg and it’s a matter of when, not if, it crashes and burns. They are playing musical chairs with pieces of paper; physical gold is something else and then there’s that other gold (grin).

Yes, it is coming down around their ears now and they have to operate in so many locations, at so many levels, that the police presence thing becomes a necessity. Like I said, they’re not stupid, so they factored all of this in, without factoring in the ineffable, which they don’t get and... because they are allowed to get away with a lot of shit for periods of time, they figure it isn’t an immediate concern. They figure it won’t come around in their time. It’s the same game they play with finances. It they can get away with it for awhile then they can get away, they think. Now, they’ve come to the point where they have been able to pervert the laws, so that whatever they do, it is no longer illegal. The hubris is amazing and it follows that they now want to prance and strut and brag about it and rub it in your faces, which is their downfall. If they only kept their mouths shut and their behavior more discreet, they might have been able to go on and on for awhile... but not forever.

The note has come due; that which they have put off, detoured around and avoided by every trick in the book; employed armies of lawyers for, has come upon them. It’s here. Nemesis is here.

Rapture junkies are saying that they are going to be raptured on May 21st. They say the world is going to end in October. Of course, they predicted similar events a few years ago and then before that. They keep their rapture suits in a humidifier closet and bring it out on certain years, like the Fasching carnival, marching bands in European cities. You see ranks and ranks of hundreds of men in dresses with big faces and breasts behind identical female masks; blowing horns and pounding drums, in a kind of kumbha mela extravaganza that says what?; That’s life; life and what you do with it, is in your hands to the degree that you are capable of taking the reins of your own existence as much as you are allowed.

If you are like me, you welcome The Apocalypse. You are that glad that it’s finally come around. No one knows how it is going to express itself because a lot of it depends on your reaction to what you are newly discovering about them and about yourselves.

I’m happy to be here. I feel a little banged around and bruised from the constant struggle to understand what I can’t comprehend and the accidents of my deficiencies in the mix but otherwise it is better than it has ever been. I hope the same is true of you. I do not hope that the fortunes of Little Georgie Sorrows get better. I hope he and they step on the mother or all cowabunga cowpies and then it explodes and covers them in shit. It would be a relief for the rest of us. Sooner or later that day is going to come and Sooner is leading the pack.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Palaces of Excess and Temples of Wisdom

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‘God is a serpent and dog spells God backwards. I’d be fully informed, except for the fact that I don’t know, Ahroooooooooooo’!

We’re coming to the part of The Apocalypse where the serious malefactors are going to step on their duck and it’s going to squawk and draw the eyes of the world. The thing they are stepping on is far too short to suit the reality of that image but we are dealing with their own ideas about how big they think they are. Ergo, you get something like this. The road les traveled, goes more like this and- as should be taken for granted by this point- the author does not promote any particular methodology. He only says that it’s all made out of the same stuff and people tend to fight about what it’s called and how it looks, so that they can have some security in their false identity and maybe make a little money too, doing opera with the Shakespeare masks. The author does like to present things he considers ‘riveting reading, watching’ ...and so forth, because if you think about it, you know something like it is going on. Keep looking and don’t expect to find it, ‘out there’.

Yes, my friends, the time of indefensible outing is here. World leaders, public figures (and that’s across the board, up and down, notoriety wise) are going to be acting out in some very peculiar ways. Take for instance this IMF cad, already known for not being able to keep it in his pants. Wouldn’t you think a guy with his kind of bread would be able to buy them by the case? Here he is getting hauled off out of a first class seat because he had to go after a housekeeper. This was not in his personal game plan. The cause of this is also why you are seeing more and more public figures not leaving well enough alone; not fixing what needs fixing but, instead, breaking even more shit and telling impossible lies to justify it.

We’ve got some especially juicy moments lined up for Blankfein and The Crew Internationale... oh yeah. Geitner is whining about how the system is in danger if the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised higher than those towers that he and his buddies knocked down. I look at the things he is listing as being threatened and I think, “Huh? Absolutely they have to be either flushed or incinerated. On a day like this you want to hear Max Keiser go on a rant but he’s been pretty chill of late or I’ve been out of the loop.

I want to point out a few things about the good, the bad and the bone deep ugly, which broke every branch on the way down and is presently engaged to be married to Donald Trump’s hair. ‘The Donald’ has been doing a little Toulouse Lautrec, winding out of that anus he calls a mind and ‘shake ‘n bake’ , instant rice, “I don’t believe this isn’t tuna fish”! mindset.

I can do that’ lion’s and lambs laying in peace thing’ . I can do hunger and, in fact, I am getting younger but that’s beside the point, maybe... Donald -; it is a McDonald's (cue Ronald) moment and it is the essence of the kind of shit that has to do with that kind of shit. Donald likes to license his name. You don’t really need to see the whole program about Donald all you need to know is that people who believed in Trump lost large deposits on places that didn’t happen but it’s not Trump’s fault cause they were just using the name. The point of this is that he is running for president and I guess you know what you get. You do know that you don’t get what you thought you were getting and that glimmers of something illegal or gone bad, tunafishwise... personally I love fish. It keeps me from being a full vegetarian and tuna is one of my favorites but what happens when it isn’t tunafish?

You could say that those who believe a guy like Trump deserve what they get; best to lay out the whole awful mess in a forum context. We all deserve what we get. We come back here for that purpose, “karma, neh?” However, this kind of thing is old news and it’s been going on for a long time and is at the root of most of what ails us and is intensively involved in killing us and serving us for dinner. So it goes but... this is The Apocalypse and same old, same old, doesn’t get to be, same old, same old anymore and it is rising. Yes, you are going to see some spectacular duck squawks soon enough. We are heading into Prime Time Apocalypse, so break out your Looney Tunes.

Yes, there is much to both fear and avoid in the gangster international, turf wars of the moment but that’s not the Big Kahuna. Nature is the Big Kahuna. Some say the sun is going to do the damage and some say a mysterious planet is responsible for the sun’s behavior and the magnetic pole shift. Some say it’s a matter of internal murmurings but the fact is that no one knows. Prophecies seems to be pretty consistent about the broad picture of wide spread devastation and destruction but, none of that is relevant either because all of the things that may have come true with accurate prediction in the past, were during ordinary times and these are not ordinary times. This is The Apocalypse and nothing is set in stone. We have something to do with what happens to us, based on the degree to which we wake up and do as we should and see as we see.

My commentary on name entertainers and all of the varieties of artists and all of that side of our, so called inspired side, is pretty damning to me. Are famous people saying things and simply not being reported on or... are they tucked into their safe house state? With public recognition comes responsibility. You are either for what you say you are or you are just saying it. Integrity is an ineffable quality, whether in material substance or more rarified states. It’s hard rock bottom, solid unshakeable, or it’s some form of rendering something authentic, into a pop tart and so it goes.

What hurts the most is that those who are so much in a position to cut the crap don’t turn on their bankers and tell the truth, because I thought it was the love of truth that got them into the business. A hero is only so good as he keeps being a hero, through the trial of the times; you can sleep further up the road but you have to stand and deliver day to day, easy does it, however it may go but go it must.

I’m sitting here thinking of all the incredible artists who have inspired me and I am wondering what it is they are singing or talking about? It must be some kind of an immensity that makes so many seemingly righteous souls compromise upon their passion.

I don’t expect more from people like Donald Trump. I expect him to be what he is and the only thing I don’t get is the hair. With all that money, you ought to be able to buy something that doesn’t look like it crawled up on your head and died but... the rest of you out there, all of you rich entertainers and artists, is the money that important? Is security such a necessity when it’s short term anyway? Is it about being vilified and slandered? You’ve made your peace with the forces and now they own you? You break my heart when you don’t speak out. Many of you were incredibly important in bringing me to where I am and now... where are you?

Where are the voices of celebrities and legends? Where are you? I never even had your breaks but I haven’t stopped and I’m not alone. There are many of us wondering what it is that keeps you from going on TV- IN ANY COUNTRY... radio wherever and saying that 9/11 was an Israeli/UK/USA false flag. I’m not going to start listing all of the lies that YOU KNOW ARE LIES, or you are asleep; but how can you be unaware and as successful as you are... nah, you know. It’s got to be something else.

The world is GOING TO TRANSFORM anyway. It would be a lot easier if a lot of you remembered what you told yourselves when you were on your way to where you are today... and all of what you told us too; does that still ring with you? This could go on for awhile yet but I think I’ll close it down for now.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Kind of War, Coming to a Neighborhood near You

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet and acute’.

Wars aren’t wars anymore. They’re entertainment. They’re entertainment for the people who promote them, for the people who profit from them and for the people who hear about them. Since they mostly concern some kind of brown people, they’re economical and cost effective; given diminishing food supplies, at the hands of hedge funds and euthanasia cults. They even have sponsors now, who know a good line of exposure when they see it. They’ve got musical soundtracks and supporting malls with surveillance, stocked with Israeli kiosks, selling Dead Sea cosmetics made in the occupied territories.

It appears Mel Gibson was right but then I knew that already. Whenever you’re right the hammer comes down. Otherwise, no one pays any attention, because it isn’t brought to your attention by the people who finance and profit from the wars that the larger population bases are subjected to.

Wars are going to become more and more fun, as morale goes into the toilet and they basically become a fashion show, with blood and semen on the ‘daily specials’ menu. Oh, is that me being intolerant? Well, as you can see, it doesn’t end with expanded rights and recognition of Zionist PC efforts. It goes on and on, until certain sexual and social mores become mandatory and then non compliance becomes a misdemeanor, then a felony and then a capital crime. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘getting and giving head’.

There’s some curious reading appearing these days. Is it true? Is it sensational lies dressed in intolerance and hate? Is it or is it not whatever it is? I don’t know. It just appears like the entire mainstream, landfill overflow of flotsam and jetsam, from a drowned and damned culture, on its way to the cosmic sewer. My suggestion to those of you responsible is to grab hold of the grates, street level, as you’re washed on your way down.

The most curious thing to me is the mindset of the ancient and enduring malefactors, who are engaged in the destruction of cultures and nations, one after the other, across the course of time, who do not think it will come down on their heads in the process. It all seems to be based on the acquisition of power, influence and money. The operative image is a flyblown corpse, teeming with maggots. Whatever they’re eating, it tastes good to the maggots, though it might not be all that palatable for you. Hey! It’s the Petri Dish. What do you expect? Origami will be on the way in a day or so and then you can focus on the front end of the process.

We have to write what appears in front of us and attended by the appetizers, side dishes and deserts. In this case, it would be; opening acts, collateral events and just deserts. There’s no way this macabre, fantasy continues for much longer, now that they’re molesting babies by feeling around in their diapers. They’re eventually going to discover the contents of what most babies diapers usually contain and then it becomes what; war paint and cologne? An army of scented shit golems, appears on the horizon with a handbook that runs longer that the works of Marcel Proust. Here they learn how to dip those special madeleines in the house wine, which ain’t wine. They learn how you should behave under penalty of death, since they wrote the book and it ain’t The Book of Love. We’re still waiting to find out who wrote that, though I have my suspicions.

It’s an eerie sensation, to watch the whole thing approach the bridge of dénouement. You keep thinking that it can’t become more absurd. You keep thinking the final outrage has to be right around the corner, coming up next week; already accomplished but not yet reported. You think, one more six pack of dead sea turtles; one more horrifying series of images, containing blasted bodies and grinning politicians, one more financial crime against the populations, one more ridiculous claim by religious leaders and the media, one more step into the insanity of reality TV, but it keeps going; a deranged Energizer Bunny with a tumescent attitude for indecency and violent outrage. “It just keeps going and going and going” and so do they and so do you.

United Pigfuckers, pig-eaters and pig players, joined together in a consortium of excess and the play by play is all written down in the rule book. Since this is Animal Farm, you don’t get to be one of the pigs, no matter how you might behave accordingly. After all, if so many of you didn’t behave accordingly, none of this would be happening. Ignorance and appetite are the biggest weapons they have along with the willingness to be willing to survive under any conditions, as long as you are allowed to keep surviving. Why isn’t this psychopathic minority swinging from lampposts by now? You’d be the go to people to ask that question of.

Business as usual, it just goes on and you go on with it. You don’t step away and let the monster dies from neglect and lack of attention. You pitch right in, doing your part, working at their industries and offering your children as canon fodder in the name of some goddamned flag that stands for all the abuse you keep taking in the name of patriotism and self interest because... you’re going to get your piece of the action. You do what you’re told and you don’t make waves and you’ll get a place at the trough.

Chuckie Schumer, member of The Tribe in good standing wants No Ride lists for passenger trains. Could it be any clearer what he is composed of? Could it be any clearer what a psychopathic piece of shit he is? He was born in a babies diaper and he likes it just fine. He’s supported in his efforts by another member of his clan, Joe Lieberman; Homeland Insecurity Senate Committee Chairman and Peter (genocide the Muslims) King is the head in The House. He’s what’s known as a Judas Goat.

Somebody powerful and invisible must be righteously pissed at this juncture. Somebody is watching Rupert Murdoch, Little Georgie Sorrows and Natty, Nat Rothschild. Somebody is watching and there is going to be a cosmic asskicking that hasn’t been seen in recorded memory. I’m convinced of this. I’m certain. Nature doesn’t like imbalance and Nature is the operative side of the invisible force. She’s got her powers back and she’s drawing up the plans, with her invisible helpers who are charting the landscape for some dreadful season of Carnival Destiny. The Dance of the Macabre is coming to Broadway and beyond. The Masque of the Red Death is on the double billing. It’s a multiple billing and it’s all about billing and what goes around coming around.

Why the ever mounting amplified absurdities and venal, psycho-sexual nuclear level offenses? Why are the allowed to continue? It’s so there can be no doubt when the moment arrives. There’s going to be no doubt. There already is no doubt and it’s just arranging itself for what’s coming round the bend, riding six fire breathing, black horses in a Kali Yuga harness. Diddling little babies in their diapers has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with how you take it and take it you do and that means... it will increase in both spectacle and evil accent.

They’re after Pakistan now. I’ve been saying for some time that Pakistan is the prize. I’m not exactly sure why but it definitely ties in to China and Russia. On the one hand, we don’t want to pay our bills and on the other hand, we want the resources and we want to be King of the World, while we play the fool in the Graveyard of Empires. There’s a cosmic scheme to everything that happens because everything here is a lesson. This is the sole purpose for life on Earth. You learn or you don’t learn and if you don’t learn you repeat, just like the seasons do, through greater seasonal wheels that contain the smaller wheels and it’s all clockwork and cosmic imperative.

I don’t know where any of this leaves me or where it leaves you; there are so many of you. There are so many of you who came here because this is one of the great cosmic moments and times of amazing opportunity, but you forgot all about that the moment you came out of the chute and got a taste of the opposition and saw that opening at the trough. You’re all here because of something you forgot all about. Well, its reminder time and reminder time is only a short window but it will get more impactful, insistent and dramatic. Watch and see. What must be going through the minds of the rat crew and the passengers on the great, doomed ship of approaching destruction? I don’t know. It must be riveting, to be able to blind everyone to what awaits. That’s how it looks today.

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dreaming of Reptiles under a Skinny Dipping Moon

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Good morning, everyone. It looks like, what we used to call the bad guys, (b4pc) are looking for Shambhala too. I have always been looking for Shambhala. Some have been looking for Bin Dead, or Bin Laden, or have Bin going to get their hearts and/or asses hardened and broken on the way and tossed into a Bin liner. I had a reader there that I used to hear from. I hope he’s well. Diplomacy is an art that goes on forever. You can read any number tales from Maugham about consuls and the like and catch my drift, which also goes on forever (grin). Actually in person it’s an entirely different thing but this is the Petri Dish and we're left here to hang it out further than elsewhere and “I’m still shakin it here Boss”.

I noted they were bringing yurts. I’ve been admiring that lifestyle for awhile and I imagine (assume) that some LOTR fans will make the connection to The Nazguls who use whatever mounts are necessary or available for their frontier style, field work. Of course, if we didn’t depend on Big Ass Oil and Big Chest Nuclear to power our fluorescent horseshit, we’d be incandescent in other ways; geo-thermal or so very much more, just go ask Brother Tesla. The thing I like about that picture is that I don’t see any droppings; house trained? Or is that Central Square trained? I even put a free ad (only ads I do) on my page to help promote that lifestyle.

Now... what I don’t see is whether, in their lust for acquisitions of all things plastic and pathetic; having tortured and turned Mother Nature into dangerous hybrids, like The Nazgul mounts, is whether they are just going their way a la Rio Tinto or... do they have a darker purpose in mind? I’d probably pick ‘all of the below’, since ‘above’ is not their landscape, even if they have the planes and weapons to prove the sky ain’t no thang.

There are old stories about powers on Earth making war on Heaven. The new movie Thor, which wasn’t half bad, except in particular elements of casting for the need to be exposed, you can see that someone thinks other realms make their wars on this one. In my particular, wide angle, world view there’s too much coincidence. Why would those who rule this plane, seemingly, destroy so much of it when they have to live here? Maybe they have The Terminator gene and like devastation or maybe they think ‘on the ground’ weapons can pierce the heavens. Heck, they’ve already convinced themselves that they control the skyways but are they free of the chains thereof? It’s never worked out before so their trying again means they enjoy failure or it’s just proof that evil destroys itself. I can live with the results because I’m not with that program.

It’s a curious thing that in all these obscure and ancient spots where they go after plunder, they always seem to protect the energy haciendas, while the museums get looted in the meantime. They’re into mean time. They like their time hard. It’s why they build so many prisons. It’s why they keep fucking with the laws to make sure they have more people in jail than even the most repressive countries in the world. That’s what being in the land of the free is all about. “You’re coming for a sleepover”? “Great, just remember to bring the whiskey and smallpox infected blankets". I’m guessing these people have their own solstice celebrations. I played at something like the 20th anniversary of Woodstock. I don’t know if Ritchie Havens went on before or later. I remember doing an accapela of my song Alcohol because there were drunken keg fights going on out there in that crowd of about 30 thousand. Afterwards, I'd have people come by and yell, "Alcohol" at me. Behind the stage I remember all these New York City members of The Tribe pulling their bankrolls out of their pockets like it was their dicks and comparing them under the pretense of something stupid but just showing off. Don't tell me different because I was there; was at least a dozen of them.

How stupid do you have to be to believe what they tell you? It’s like American Idol and I think Scotty and Hailey are the better pair and nations operate in a similar fashion, only it’s with real blood sweat and tears. Every day that comes is like a lifetime and a lot of us are not doing our part.

That’s the thing about ‘awakening’. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. I see a lot of myself in Steven Tyler and the rest but I’m on mute with that sort of thing because of the culture of corruption. If you aren’t willing to bend over then they just hit the refresh switch.

Surface activities and long, lying dead events are closer in time than they know and far more vulnerable than they think. It takes two to tango and that means you and whoever you are dancing with should all take a closer look at yourselves so that you don’t turn into someone else; someone you didn’t intend to be. I deal with that every day. It’s a harsh curriculum in some ways but I do know one thing and that is that the longest route is the shortest certainty, absent grace, miracles and whatever.

So I have to ask if you share my suspicion that these people, whoever they are, are after more than just your physical world. We don’t pay enough attention to the connection between bad history and the covering of tracks but we should because we are what’s for dinner. I could tell you that the whole thing... from way, way back is all about the fact that we eat each other to survive, one way or another because well, the serpent has it’s tail in it’s mouth; “Honey, where did you get that belt”? I could do that and it would answer all your questions and explain that Jesus Christ thing about, “this is my body, this is my blood” That kind of thing is only important to people who appreciate good wine, metaphorically speaking.

TPTW are out there looking for something. I get that feeling and I get the feeling that no matter what, they will never find it and they will destroy themselves in the attempt. It’s the published excuse for Israel, which happens to be Palestine. It’s the one thing that is the greatest enemy of all and that is the fabrications of history according to what did and did not happen. I can tell you with true sincerity that Germany is not a bad place, nor are Germans bad people. They’re too intelligent, industrious, honest and organized enough for their own good sometimes. It’s because of the language. German is the language of business. You would all be much improved by looking to the mystery of languages and the interesting phenomenon of which countries drive on which sides of the road and which countries read left to right or right to left. It explains a lot. You’ll have to get someone else to explain it because that’s not my department.

The reason people want to control the historical record and plunder ancient realities is in order to control the perception of what is and is not. It is the essential veil that hides one world from another in order for it to operate or you can use a Mobius Strip if you like.

So what have I told you? Things are the way they are because essentially we are eating each other because everything is essentially made out of the same thing. There can be no question that some kind of a God exists and there can be legitimate questions about any author besides randomnomitry; chaos takes the blame and Jeff Goldblum plays him in the film.

It all comes down to what you can live with, be seduced into or sell yourself off for. We all make some kind of an arrangement. It doesn’t work otherwise and with deals you get problems. That’s how it is down here. You might want to be on American Idol and you might want to find Shambhala. You might screw up your life on American Idol but you’ll have a nice bank account. You might want to destroy Shambhala but you will only destroy yourself. Certain things work certain ways. That’s why we are still here. Evil does indeed destroy itself because it would be ever so much worse otherwise; bad as it is already. In that case Pinhead from Hellraiser would be president visibly.

Obama is a sock puppet. Maybe Mel Gibson is trying to say something like that. There are some things I wouldn’t apologize for, famous or not. The people who understood would understand and, as for the rest, well, I’m not on American Idol. I don’t have to dance to their tune. I’ve got my own; “Still ringing the bell here Boss”.

It all comes down to what you can live with; wake up or uh oh. You can just tell people what Lord Buckley once said, in character, “I didn’t get all these miles on my face in one lifetime". It all comes down to you. You collectively are more powerful than they will ever be. Their only power comes from controlling your perceptions; like the elections aren’t rigged, the check is in your mouth and so on and so forth. If you turn away from their machinations and don’t participate they collapse. Get off the treadmill darling and hang out in the wide, high and deep lonesome with me. They are a house of ‘cards’. Treasure the insight.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bad Ass Bozos on the Downtown, Hellfire Express Train

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Michael Rivero had a photo of The Empire of the Damned politicos, monitoring the Zombie murder of the long dead Bin Laden (presumably now sleeping with the fishes), where these tone deaf, brain dead, walking heart attacks, were taking a glad-handing, serious bidness looking, poker up the ass photo op, sitting in front of turned off laptops, with a caption saying something like, “Perhaps they should have turned on their laptops first”. It sums up these Smegma Cum Laude, demon fluffers from life’s Fox News porn shoot; these ‘68’ junkies on the make for another machine gun spatter cum shot into darkness. What’s a 68? You blow me and I owe you one.

Joe Biden looks like he could use a blow job but he’s not the kind of man who would marry or be involved with a woman (or a man) who knows anything bout that kind of thing, or even which end of it he’s supposed to be on. Does it work the way things work for him politically? Man that sounds gay. Or does it work the way the people who work for him are pretending it happens? Joe Biden is the perfect Vice President for O’Bummer. One of them has shit for brains and one of them is shit out of luck. You make the call.

Hillary Clinton looks like she might know what a blowjob is, all she has to do is wax nostalgic and get into her voyeur bag; dream a little dream about Mossad agents bringing their knee pads to Washington. I don’t think she actually performs them. I know all about ‘the soul of a lawyer’ but as much as the act applies to the profession, they are probably the last plumber you want to call. It does recall the old joke about the lawyer who was paying the plumber for a house call and who says, “Geez man, I’m a lawyer and I don’t bill at these prices”. The plumber responds, “Yeah, I know, I used to be a lawyer”. You bite me now and I’ll claw you to death later.

O’Bummer looks like the human straw, shit siphon that we know and despise. His ass has been in hock for so long he doesn’t even know what it looks like anymore, or even what it’s like to have one, which is why it’s so easy for him to be one. The only hard decision you ever have to make about Biden and O’Bummer involves the torturous effort of having to determine if they are Hall of Fame assholes or just shit for brains incompetents. There’s one thing they’re not incompetent at and that is following orders from their Israeli paymasters, presently scoping one more colossal fuckup in an attack upon Iran. I hate to say that one of the things I look forward to as much as an interdimensional shift in consciousness, which would preclude feeling this way, is anticipating the country of Israel melting down to the hot, liquid center of the Earth. It’s a contradiction but it would be the equivalent of a long awaited bowel movement, juxtaposed with an orgasm to end the ages, juxtaposed with a hot shower, while coming on to some real MMDA.

Some of you believe in an interpenetrating divine presence that makes everything out of itself and is all of the actors and scenery, as well as the beginning, middle and end of existence and some of you don’t. That’s not a concern of mine, if it’s no concern of yours but... all of us believe in karma. No matter what we say, instinctively we know, ‘what goes around comes around’. We comprehend obvious karma and inexplicable karma, as in, “Yeah, I can see why that happened to me. I did the same thing to someone else more than once” or, “Why the Hell did that happen to me? It doesn’t make any sense”.

My point is... even though a good portion of the public has the status of being stupider than a serf from The Dark Ages and nearly as brutish, the movers and shakers; the ones we’ve mentioned here ...and their counterparts around the planet are, ultimately, stupider and more brutish. Why are they stupider, since they are running the world, feathering their own nests and taking a dump in everyone else’s at the same time? It’s because of karma. I would not... and no sane person would, want to be one of these Bozos on the cosmic downtown train. The operative word is ‘down’. Why are they more brutish? Duh.

Sometimes I wonder why I like Putin so much. It could be just more of my Sai Baba, Jacque Fresco Syndrome but I do like him. That’s strange given the way he came up through the ranks but he’s done some pretty spectacular things and he is a heavyweight when it comes to oligarchs. What other world leader has had the sand and the stones to accomplish such a thing. I’d love to spend a week at his Black Sea dacha and study the cut of his jib.

Most of the rest of the world leaders, sell their ass for filthy lucre and the illusion of world-shaking influence; these pathetic power junkies, who have no power because they work for The Bank of Satan, Israel. I’m patiently awaiting the return of Jesus Christ, under another name, of course, with the hammer of Thor. I envision it as something like a nail studded baseball bat, though scalpel blades will do, if it’s a finesse mode scene in search of human remoulade.

Its karma, people and if you do comical, the image is of Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, saying “buh buh buh buh that’s all folks” and then comes The Tandava. Truly clueless is a mysterious state, scripturally it’s mirrored by the line, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul”? Well, the soul would be the critical item but the mind, the heart and the ass get their portion too.

I feel like I spent considerable lifetimes getting to where I am, wherever that is and I’m not disappointed by the promise of it and hope I won’t be disappointed in myself but, apparently, these fools also spent considerable lifetimes getting to where they are and I have to ask, “What’s the point? Where’s the payoff”? Like I said, it’s mysterious. I can get, in it’s real form, everything these psychopaths think they possess at most any time, experientially speaking, even if only as metaphor and I don’t even want it. There is surely a wide, wide margin between different parts of us collectively. I can only liken the mindset of those under discussion here, to a fever or a state of possession. Nothing else makes sense. They’re all sitting around the campfire in The Treasure of Sierra Madre and they all think they’re Humphrey Bogart. The windstorm is coming. Reality...? I don’t need no stinking reality.

It’s the same thing top to bottom and the relative hallucination percentages are similar in every sense. You know that a good portion of people looking for a job at the TSA are into some strange sexual things and that’s their motivation for employment. The motto is something like, “To offend and serve... myself.” They’re all on that downtown Hellfire Train. Some are sitting in first class with the Pullman option and some are in the cheap seats but they’re all on the hot seat, with no liquid cooling to be had. It just gets hotter and hotter as they travel along, until the train morphs into a microwave, covered dish, Tandoori pot. No matter what happens, they can’t die and there are cannibals waiting outside the windows with garden shears.

What kind of Bozos are these? How does one measure the level of denial and ignorance? You cannot. It is as limitless as light in its own way. One is lighter, cooler, freer and airier and the other is denser, darker, hotter and more confining and they talk about free will? That’s the tragic irony of it all. Maybe there is no free will but I suspect there has to be. There has to be.

When you hear about horrible things and trust me, I suspect many of you have not heard about some of the truly horrible things that can afflict and come after one on this plane of existence. When you hear about the atrocities of the war torn Congo, Rwanda and the gamut of historical events, what you are hearing about are the varieties of experience reserved and given to those who acted like the Bozos in today’s Petri Dish. These lives repeat again and again. There is no reason not to feel compassionate about their state. It is what makes us different but... there is no injustice anywhere. Everything is exactly what it should be, which is why it is imperative for us to be exactly what we can be. Pain and suffering are the guides along the length of the great road of awakening and a wise soul will turn all their industry to giving an ear to the source of their torment and recognize the intransigence in us that makes us suffer and the following torment that informs us we are alive at the same time.

I’m learning not to hate these people. The more I understand what awaits them, the more truly sorry I am for them ...but too often we are in a ‘pearls before swine’ modality in which the pearls aren’t even seen in the first place, much less a provocation for turning again and rending you. It doesn’t come up in their windshield and forget the rear view mirror. Yes, it would have been better if they had turned on their laptops. They might have learned something, if they knew where to look. All aboard!!!

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Patrick Willis narrates:
There is No Injustice

Monday, May 02, 2011

The One in the Middle is Definitely Bin Laden

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had pain taking a piss (I thought) so I went to the doctor and he told me that I have something that has been showing up a lot these days due to the alien contact and he had just the ticket. I could have had an injection that would have required two strong men to hold me down over a table while he stuck a needle into my kidney, because it is intensely painful and then it would stop in a week or so or I could just go to the Pharmacy and get the prescription and it would take a couple days. I was torn on which route to go, so I had a nervous breakdown instead and that appears to have cured it, even though it took 9 men to hold me down and I didn’t even get the shot.

They’re calling this thing, Jim Carrey syndrome, because when you look at these microbes under the microscope they have a face just like Jim Carrey in The Mask. These microbes are very interesting. They line up on the glass slide and create a circle, feet to the center of about ten of them and other shapes as well. No two are alike, like a snowflake and they get so thick that you can hardly see through them. Apparently this has been the cause of the masses not being able to perceive what is actually happening to them.

This reminds me of a story about the early efforts they were making to counteract the effect of this alien infestation, piss pain syndrome. One of the earlier pioneers had used a combination of remote viewing, combined with hypnotic regression and came to believe that one possible method of protection was to have the patient receive a tattoo vaccination of Paul McCartney on one thigh and John Lennon on the other.. One woman I know who was still having problems afterwards came to me and after hoisting up her skirt, asked me if these tattoos did indeed resemble Paul and John. I was a bit in my cups at the time but as I can remember I told her that I wasn’t all that sure that they did but that the fellow in the middle was definitely Willie Nelson. She hasn’t spoken to me since, although I don’t see how a bad tattoo job could possibly be my fault. I don’t do Tattoo but then again, I’m not gay or into midgets either so...

There are all these new methods out right now, dealing with this alien thing. Some of them come from Torchwood I think and some of them come from Deadwood from what I can see of the effectiveness level. I mean, the hard time at the pissoir is only the beginning. After that one develops severe neo-con tendencies, become indifferent to the pain and suffering of others and actually seeks it out. Following that, the prostate, or female version of it, swells up like a balloon and limbs start to fall off of the body. At the moment there’s only a fifty percent recovery rate and thankfully I am in that group as the first signs of remission are evident and that is a general nervous breakdown, followed by massive serendipity of sequential life events.

The massive serendipity is a real puzzle for me. I don’t see how being cured of an infection starts to affect karmic activity but for some reason it does. I hope that feature stays around for awhile. It is even affecting the weather and the days here have been as wonderful as any I have ever seen in a long time.

I know there are some good things that come with the alien incursion because they are somehow tied in with the transitioning. It’s too bad that a certain class of alien and human had not enough restraint to forgo sexual congress with each other; however they managed it, because the affected humans can then transmit it to other humans simply by shared toilet seats and the handling of food, whichever comes first. Those infected by direct sexual contact have no recourse to vaccinations, strong men with needles or the pharmacological pulvers. They’re toast and not very appetizing toast by any stretch.

The piss pain syndrome is not the only ailment to come out of these interactive engagements. There is another more pernicious condition that has been affecting political, financial and social leaders where they begin to believe all sorts of nonsense like the recent news that Bin Laden has just been killed. It appears that this particular malady has made its way into the American middle class without missing a beat and is paid proof to the certainty that a lot of people are going to miss The Transition by a distance equal to that between Chicago and Chiang Kai Shek.

This alien plague seems to be relative to the inverse dactyliomancy of the middle finger extended into a mirror followed by a labefactation of brain matter into a pachynsis soup that vibrates like Jello on the hood of a Krupp V-Cat D8R. The vibration eventually transforms the brain matter into a sacchariferous lump of something Owsley might have green-smeared some of his LSD on, if he were a Guinness challenged man but Owsley is gone now to that big acid trip in the sky and we’re not going to be getting any more of what we haven’t been able to get for thirty years anyway. My tangoreceptors still go off the charts every time I hear his name.

The epidemic wapenshaw that is now likely to emerge due to the long dead, suddenly fresh-corpsed, habromaniac presence of Bin Laden is something I don’t want to see but will see none the less, as the hakenkreuz headed media demonstrates it’s aversion to fallibilism in thought and canters off like a butt ugly, reality TV show producer who doesn’t know the difference between a bahuvrihi and a kamelaukion.

The most pernicious of the viruses that are afflicting the human race is the one that causes the infected to believe that there’s a cure for Zionism just as soon as we run out of Palestinians. It now appears that Zionism is nothing more than a reaction by nanocephalous psychopaths to the presence of Palestinians anywhere on the planet. Of course it is worse if they happen to be in Palestine but we have recently heard that the presence of a Palestinian anywhere on the planet is a certain sign that another part of Israel has suddenly been discovered and needs to be reclaimed. This is somehow connected to Goy-mania, where the presence of anyone who is not Israeli is a mandate to plunder, main, mutilate and kill. It could be a good thing that some things never change but it probably isn’t.

Every day they are discovering new alien/human, cross breeding of bad microbe interaction. Without knowing what is what anymore we are left with something like a macaronic quadragesimarian that still leaves us with 325 days of not knowing what the fuck is going on.

The bad aliens that are obviously living inside the head of Obama (rhymes with Osama) and everyone who works for him have come up with a tandem election strategy whereby the snowflake, alien water ballet is destined to close out the general view of anything outside of it forever and ever amen. Good bye transition and hello doloriferous ever and ever again. I can’t get my head around any of it but I do wish I had the terminator gene and I could get my hands around it, tightly.

The world is the world is the world and one can truly never go broke underestimating human stupidity. How anyone could believe that Bin Laden was still alive or that it wasn’t actually him in the middle instead of Willie Nelson is beyond me. I’m just going to have to whip out my Tandava suit and get ready to close the curtains because the show definitely must not go on. Everything is so full of shit at this point that it’s become religious and everything in it is either shit or dossal paper for the modern art wipe for the benefit of posterity or your posterior, whichever applies.

I wish I could be the bearer of good news but all the good news I have is already known to the people who are not a part of this sad spectacle and I’m running out of ways and motivation to preach to the choir. That must mean that the end really is near and it can’t come soon enough for me. I’ll close with saying that it is true that pornography is very difficult to define but you do know it when you see it because I am seeing it now. I am definitely seeing it now.

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