Friday, May 27, 2011

Where is the Antidote for the Poison in the Well?

I was virtually leafing through a news gathering site this morning. I didn’t sleep last night. I had one of those riveting periods of integration with the one. It came as a result of relentless driving inwards and crying out. I was giving no quarter (grin) and I got what I was after, which is not always or even often the case but... I was intense. It paid off. I saw something that was very present but had been elusive to my inner eye. The power of the experience held me all through the night and it seemed only a short time before it was light out. Time was not playing by the usual rules. I had this happen on a drive from Italy. Hours went by like nothing and I was suddenly at my destination, with a speed that defied science and logic. I was impressed. My state of mind was severely altered at the time, not by any comestible but as a result of a series of supernatural experiences that preceded the journey; boy what a digression!

Anyway, I was virtually leafing through this site and, probably because of my state of mind, the experience was surreal; Texas (you don’t mess with Texas), backed off from the porno-bot pedophiles at TSA (tits slits and asses). NATO (nasty, arrogant, totalitarian, oligarchs) are bombing Libya because Gadhafi wants a transnational African currency. Various AIPAC psychos are frothing at the mouth, there’s another disinfo report on Iran about nuclear triggers and Egypt is opening the Rafah crossing this weekend. There was more. There is always more and it’s all massive change rumbling at all levels. What do you do?

I’m one individual. I’m part of a group conscious awareness of these apocalyptic times. We are, mostly, unarmed witnesses of, not only, global but galactic change. It is as if the whole system that we have known has turned into a lurching drunk, who is reeling across the landscape, acting out from the lowest common denominator of rage and acquisition fueled, intoxication. It’s a small house with a big drunk, people are looking to put some distance between themselves and this half conscious, mean drunk, bent on rapine and all those ill concealed lusts from the dark larder of the subconscious.

The drunk was more or less okay a few hours ago. He was charming, if a bit overbearing and he had an unpleasant way of brushing up against you, touching you, raising his eyebrows as if you might get the message. He’s got an IMF rape card so there is a lot of latitude. The bouncers can’t really throw him out because he is the system that employs them to bounce. Ordinarily he’s just a moderately offensive dickhead but now he’s got a load on. He’s got a load on because everything he was up to for so long will no longer support his weight. That’s why he’s lurching, besides being drunk on all kinds of unpleasant things.

He might have been okay once, stable and composed of ideals that most everyone would agree were in the best interests of the majority but some kind of personality change happened because he wouldn’t stop drinking. He morphed into an overblown caricature. He shit himself, lost his glasses and now he thinks if he just amps it up a bit he can move into a new dimension and the mental and emotional climate will adapt. He really should go to the bathroom and clean himself up but he’s drunk. He’s as pickled as The Queen Mother. You head off to the cemetery where the queen mother lies and you will find a collection of alkies with long metal straws inserted into the grave dirt looking for that truly dry martini.

You can’t get stabilized if you keep drinking. You have to dry out but that can be an extraordinarily painful affair. Visible traversed those swamps once. There’s nothing good going on down there. People who no longer care, hang out there with people who care far too much for all the wrong reasons and they’re all drunk. Somebody threw a party under pretense, which turned out to be about something else and it’s not a party anymore.

There are a lot of funny things going on. American Idol got grooved, country western, pop tart Barbie and George Strait Lite coming down the pipe. I actually enjoy ‘some’ of these people and they are all faces that are being molded for order, while ugly entertainment ops like 50 Cents worth of ugly are intruded into the mix. They give you decent normal youth and insert the uglies alongside. The point is separation. The point as George Harrison noted, is, “I, I, me, me, mine.”

That’s your life buddy, not mine. I wonder how I am supposed to assimilate the good stuff from the bad. The system is now in a state of injury because some people want to have more than everyone else. There really is plenty for everyone but the people with too much have to have more.

Open a cantaloupe. I like melons. Look at all those seeds. Nature is abundant. You get more than you need all the time. There’s plenty for everyone. However, some people just want more and it’s more than that too.

The presentation of innocence and the corruption of it is a big part of the present game; hammer slammer and no justice in this world. Well, it’s all karma from my point of view; whatever you are into you are into and I am just banging on the universe to clean this shit up. I realize that I can’t personally clear it up and I realize that I generate some amount of garbage, which I’ll be recycling today when I travel in my car to the recycling center to do the right thing. I’ve got to keep my eye open for that drunk because he is on the highway too. Alcohol, no matter how you parse it, is a bigger killer than Fukushima. That is the kind of thinking that was behind Fukushima. I went there as a baby, the last time ugly force got dropped on a lot of people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I came in, in the aftermath, at about 6 months old and Japan was my first real opening into this world and my first five years.

I learned early that I was going to get the shit beat out of me. At one point, I painted a masterpiece of shit on the wall next to my crib; oh those early artistic urgings. I got more shit beat out of me for that effort but I do remember being proud of it. Maybe I was trying my hand at calligraphy? Over time it turns into a massage, which is much more preferable. I was willingly to learn and I still am. I don’t think any one person or group can fix this thing. I think people need to step away.

Scotty McCreery is a nice guy and a fine singer and reminds me of myself in that picture that sits at Visible Origami. They promote our finer aspirations and then they hammer in the Tim McGraw’s that support the wars and then they hammer in the rain of Beyonce Armageddon sex on you in the followup. You get a clean American Idol with a kiss on the cheek and then you send then all off to war against an enemy that you created for that purpose. Maybe some of you don’t follow my thought but when I see Tim McGraw with a black lead hat and no eyes leaning into a 17 year old kid, I see the devil behind all the things we don’t like about the world and ourselves.

Madonna has been replaced by Lady Gaga and the insolence of the moment wasn’t missed here. These are the people sending you to war. These are the people offering up the sacrifices for your dreams and aspirations; fresh and promising innocence, dropped like a slab of fish, with the minders in the shadows. And powerful people show up. Bono and The Edge appear with Reeve Carney in a Spiderman scenario and this is what we are up against. This is the soundtrack for police security nation. It’s all pop tarts and prisons because the manglers have usurped the reins of power in our world and that’s how it goes in ages of darkness. You can see it on your TV and you probably do.

I believe in the good I see and I look at all that ancient evil that is showcasing it for your doom and I feel sometimes a little like Gadhafi. He’s no saint but he he’s not stupid. Hey, it’s all a show. That is actually good news. It’s a production; it’s supposed to sweep you away. You are supposed to be captivated. Will you be? That’s what this apocalypse is all about. That’s the whole point. Which way will you go? Quo Vadis.

One thing for sure, you are here. You are where you are, right there in the Petri dish and the show continues. Keep in mind that every show has a beginning and an end. That should be the uppermost point in your mind. "He's in it to win it" (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

However, the proposed ban on salvia divinorum FAILED in the Texas lege.
Ironically? teaparty republicans talked about personal freedom and liberty and ron paul type stuff till the clock ran out for this year.

Paul Birchard said...

Hi Vis!

Wonderful word-smithing today - Thank you!

You write: "I don’t think any one person or group can fix this thing. I think people need to step away."

You're probably right in this conclusion...

You write a lot about The AVATAR = the descent of God into human (and every other) form, for the purpose of True-ing the scales and the angles and curves -

The way the Avatar does this is by assuming literally into His physical, subtle and mental bodies (illusory bodies, but the beauty of the Avatar is that He willingly and fully participates in this cosmic illusion - Maya) - He assumes into His Form the suffering attendant upon all the unpleasant, unwise and miserable choices everyone and everything has made in the past 700 - 1400 (apparent) Earth years - He absorbs the suffering that would otherwise shatter all of our tiny prating, blathering egos - and thereby allows the spark of Divine Individuality in each drop(soul) of His Ocean (of LOVE) a chance to unfold, evolve, INvolve and grow once again toward Oneness with the Divine.

If the Avatar exists - *He* is the one Who - the "person or group who can fix this thing."

He may already have done the physical suffering part - His work may ALREADY have been accomplished, and we may be merely witnessing the unfolding of this monumental labor of awakening.

That is certainly how I feel feel about all this awfulness - so cogently summed up in your Ugly Drunk simile - Thanks! - and I feel very strongly that we are witnessing this Work unfolding when I read your posts and the comments they evokle from our Sisters and Brothers around the world...

By the way - Meher Baba said - way back in 1925:

"I have come not to teach, but to awaken!"

A.Mouser said...

The antidote for the poison in this well is the words in the petri dish.

Thank you.


Visible said...

Paul, I to believe that it is only the acting out now. The work has already been accomplished.

Zoner said...

Having tossed my share of obnoxious drunks out of an establishment filled with people just looking to have some fun and hear some good music, it became quickly apparent that many of them desperately wanted to have their ass kicked - they would not be satisfied until violence was brought to them and would go to any length to ensure that outcome. Having been triggered into obliging (once), it became clear that even the most repulsive of these creatures was, at the core, suffering and seeking something.I know there are those that would brag about such actions, but the event described above haunts me to this day. You may have been a bouncer yourself at one time (if memory serves), so I'll bet you know what I mean.

Nobody wants lurching, destructive drunks in their midst. Fewer still have the ability to resolve another's issues for them (Maybe only One), so we are then left with the task of protecting self while being open to assisting those in the self-destruct cycle should they find it preferable to choose healing over annihilation. Mostly, though, it seem imperative to avoid the fallout as the drunk inevitably gets their wish and goes out in whatever tragic fashion they choose. It's just too bad so many innocent people get taken out by the actions of these tortured souls.

amarynth said...

On another note, or the same note, "The Work has been Accomplished".

It is our pleasure to announce the online store is open.

Visible's Novel, The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World, described as "Part crime novel and part occult thriller", is available for purchase.

Also available is The Sacred and The Profane, a double album featuring Visible on Words and Patrick Willis on Voice and Visuals. Currently this is available in mp3 download. The physical CD will be available in the next week.

This is a milestone for plans for physical community as 30% of the net income of Visible's art, through our online store, will go to the establishment of The New Shangri-La.

To get to this point took a group of people simply doing what they are best at. Our thanks to Visible for writing, Patrick for speaking, Karyn for publishing, and Nina and Darren for art.

To enjoy this occasion, you are welcome to join us in the virtual pub today for song, music and dance and chatting on the wall. Visible's 'tunes' are available on his radio player to listen to.

Amarynth and Erik

Anonymous said...

The poisons in the well,
The poisons in the well,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The poisons in the well,

The Zio’s take a life,
The Zio’s take a life,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The Zio’s take a life,

The life takes the child,
The life takes the child,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The life takes the child,

The child takes the bait,
The child takes the bait,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The child takes the bait,

The bait takes the cake,
The bait takes the cake,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The bait takes the cake,

The cake takes the soul,
The cake takes the soul,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The cake takes the soul,

The soul stands alone,
The soul stands alone,
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The soul stands alone,

Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The soul stands alone,

Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The poisons in the well.

and many more.....


Mark said...

The poison in the well is booze, and you hit upon one of the major reasons why western civilization cannot get it together. It's because most of us are swimming in a large petri dish of beer, wine, and whiskey. I once posted that everyone I know drinks too much. 'Drinking Made Easy" is showing the next generation how it's done. I've had to dry out, more than once, the old school way, and you're right, it ain't much fun. But it's the only way to not only stabilize, but to reconnect with the spirit.

I had my first drink at the age of 2. My parents were doing happy hour with friends and I made a dash for a martini on the coffee table. I downed it before anyone could stop me, and it made a lasting impression, the only memory I have going that far back.

Booze, TV, and Lazy Boys call the masses home from work, and no matter how bad their day went, this fallback position is how most of their days end. Sure you feel like shit in the morning, and the day is spent getting through the day instead of seizing the day, but the remedy awaits, and it's legal, too. So it's ok, right? Whatever gets you through the night?

I'm only writing this because you brought it up, and I'm glad you did. It might be one of the most important observations you have ever made. The majority of people who live in Russia, Europe, Canada, and North America are addicted and they will never admit it. Once you come to grips with this fact, everything that is happening to us will make a lot more sense.

Dave Klausler said...

Amarynth and Erik:

"The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World"

Is this not a cleaned up version of the original "Dark Splendor" (which I already own)?



Odin's Raven said...

Here's a little good news.(Human supporters of) Japanese woodpeckers repel American helicoptors:

M said...

Some military brats learned early on the Machine reeked of hypocrisy. The constant, "Do as I say, not as I do," just never fit right....especially when the whole idea was supposed to be about doin' the right thing and defending truth, liberty, and a decent way of livin' a life for everyone.....and it weren' just weren't.
Les, have ya ever wondered if the radioactive proximity wasn't like a Spidey bite that altered the ol' hard wiring? If so, a lotta other subatomic answers just might be a blowin' in the wind.....with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide...for anybody.


Visible said...


Yes it is. It's being released in a new format as the first of six books this year. Next month comes Spiritual Survival on the Temporal Plane.

Visible said...

There were complications with the original publisher (since cleared up) so it has been released under a different title (despite being given away for free about 500 times as a PDF). It's part of a program to fund The New Shangri-La, which I am only a member of.

amarynth said...

Dave, all the changes are detailed by the publisher here on the comments where you originally asked the question.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

An Avatar is not always, or necessarily, a "nice guy."

At least not from a human mundane perspective which is the 99% dominant view of humanity.

Parasurama Avatar comes to mind as does Kalki Avatar.

Vajrasattva said...

I speak as a child desiring love remembered. We know we are always together.

You are the body, or the mind, or you are spirit - choose one, to the negation of the others. The world gains the body and the body gains the world; mind perceives it’s movement as the body and the world. Mind thinks many bodies and worlds and all bodies and worlds end. Mind is merely a direction; it does not end and does not rest and only moves inside or out, future or past. Forward and back is meaningless to spirit.

All possible minds as one begin and end in choice “I am.”

This reasoning has no relation to your troubles; your suffering is impermanent and the only pain is in thinking you are one of many. If there is only one of you, then there are billions of you. If there is not any “you,” then there is one of you. The cause of this fragmented you is identifying with time.

The body and the universe are inseparable and are the same. Mind moves the body, and so the body is a function of mind, as is the universe. Spirit is life, and mind is an aspect of life. The universe, and the body, is impermanent; the universe changes form in the way thoughts rise and dissolve. Life utilizes mind to make “life” of the universe as the body. This “life” made by life through mind is not permanent. That which is not its self always is not true. Truth is eternal; if it is not then it’s false. That which is false is not real and is illusion. To continue the illusion of “life,” life utilizes mind to make many “lives” and universes. Time is the measure of this fruitless progress.

Life is truly eternal. Consider that if death were true, life could not be. That which is not true is illusion. Death is the tick of the clock which measures the universe mind made to imitate life. This clock, or the body, is the denial of decay. This decay is the dissolution of thought. This thought mind has persevered to extend eternally. Only life is real, therefore the thought of mind cannot be eternal.

Only life can create life, as life itself was created. No other type of life is possible because only life is real. Life, in absolute expression, singled-out an aspect of its self. Mind, the decision maker, perceives and is perceived as being separate from its source - life. Doing as its source, mind attempted to create life but could only make “life.” Life is whole and creates whole life. Mind is not whole but an aspect, and could only make as itself; it is a perceived division from the whole which never really separated. This perception is the illusion taken as real by mind.

Any aspect of life is of life itself, but no aspect of life is whole life. The play of life that singled out mind is that which mind reflects when it singles out elements of itself in reflection of its source. Life creates true eternal life, but mind cannot create truly, or wholly, and so it makes elements of eternity but keeps them eternally separated. The aspects of time, the past and future, are the expression of singling out or dividing. This division is the denial of now, or of decay, which is the end of thought, or its death, as mind concedes its source. Now is true and always has been and always will be.

The body is really perceived, but it is not eternal.

God (life) created the child (life), the child singled-out mind (ego), mind made “life” (body/universe). In this dream/illusion “life” believes it is the child and that mind is God. “Life” fears God for being the source of its decay, which is mind fearing the child for being the end of its separation. Even “life,” though, is of the child, and the child loves God and God’s memory, God’s wholly spirit, is always with the child and will enable the child to call God who only loves the child - and even “life” calling to mind is the beginning of wholly.

When “life” stops to remember the light, mind is enlightened (Buddha). And when mind is one with life the love of God is in “life” as the love of the child (Christ).

Sergej said...

Mark, if not booze then pot, or pills, or food addiction, TV addiction, sex addiction, sports addiction or what have you. It's not the alc itself, it's the senseless stress-filled life of most people. People need some sort of supplement for real pleasure and peace and whenever you remove one possibility, three others will emerge.

Vibrant 1 said...

Agree with the comment by Mark about alcohol being the poison in the well. Add a shot of television and you have the perfect cocktail of mind-numbing distraction from reality.

Two powerful words are connected with these distractions: Spirits & Programming. Mull it over.

Stepping Away from these poisons is a good start; it leads to clarity and control of your own mind. This lucid state of being quickly gives one the ability to see through all sorts of illusions.

Peace & Love

Visible said...

we're getting there. for me awareness is a daily thing. Susanne is on the phone with my brother. it seems my mother is passing. she let me go a long time ago i never understood it, my family never was. the rest of them stayed in touch but no one stays in touch with me, it's only when i check, as i have done that you hear things. there's no animosity among us i don't think. life just exploded and my family is wherever I am I guess and on more than one level.

amarynth said...

A very interesting antidote for one part of the Poison in the Well.

Anonymous said...

"Sit, be still, and listen, because you're drunk and we're at the edge of the roof." Rumi

Blessings to your mother and to you, Les.

Anonymous said...

funny how i can get here w/o blogger in the way...

persona non grata

kikz said...

gee that was fun... 24hrs mute.. many thx eric for relaying the msg (thru fb) that i was not katz.

that blogger fix took, clearing the cookies, cache and some more general hoodoo. too bad i can't tell the general populace about it..

one of the fun aspects of the situation; is not being able to get to the comments pg, unless you come in thru another link, such as fb or wrh (which gets you to the post/comments) but only in a read mode. gaaaaaa!

well, inre the texASS TSA issue, austin folded like cardboard in the rain. pussy perry/dewhearst et al, should get some knee pads.

what was breathtaking in scope for me.. in that the DOJ/DHS/TSA all violated the Patriot Act in 'coercion' of killing the bill.... typical orwellian daisychain illogic.


Franz said...

Les, that is the best thing I ever read.

For 3 years in my totally mispent youth I was a Mall Cop, no shit. I came to realize the hard way (the only way) that people shopping for bargains on Black Friday are in an advanced state of inebriation. Drunk! On their feet, mobile, and loaded!

The top dogs want to turn the world into a rat's nest of porky shoppers, consumers perpetually downsized but continually thinking that this one last shopping binge is going to set them up and make them free.

The result is always a hangover. Synchronicity is operational today also. As you posted this great piece, all over America this is the opening day of a movie called HANGOVER 2. (Big COINCIDENTAL grin!)

Anonymous said...

All sentient beings have been, at one time or another, your mother, Vis. While in this lifetime, your mother is passing, try to reflect on the sacrifices she made for you, maybe there were some times in your early life where she tried so hard to be there for you and to give you all she had. I don't know, but if you can do this reflection there may be some healing for both of you and it may be easier for her to move on. My family, too, has gone on separate ways, in many respects. I wish it were different but that's how it is, that's the reality of it. I will be thinking of you.

Visible said...

Kilaya, it's not like that with me. When the kundalini rose I lost every sense of the previously familiar. My ancient mother and father force established themselves in my consciousness. This seems to have been understood on the other end too. I was no longer anyone they even recognized; different from the other siblings. I just don't have any sense of blood ties.

B. Bombay said...

Having tossed my share of obnoxious drunks out of an establishment filled with people just looking to have some fun and hear some good music, it became quickly apparent that many of them desperately wanted to have their ass kicked - they would not be satisfied until violence was brought to them and would go to any length to ensure that outcome.

Damn! Reading that scared the shit out of me. Because. It is true.

And thank you Les. You make my little light shine a little bit brighter.

B. Bombay said...

Just a question.

Could all of the death and suffering in the world be sacrificial? And if so, how much does it take before the universe says enough?

Just a question.

Visible said...

It might be easier to say that all death is suicide because you don't have to die. Immortality is a reality in a variety of ways and they walk among us.

Anonymous said...

don't trust this quilt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les. Thank you to all commenters. And thank you, Vajrasattva. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Vajrasattva, did you learn that by choosing I AM ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

glowing of melodies
full vibrance trails
harmony essences
feather tied tails
multiplied starlight
electrifying spark
unifying unity
all of one heart
sublime and evident
sweet summers breeze
stirring the motions
oceans and trees
a sweep of eternity
sailing delight
paradise calling
the living of life


Quilt's amiss said...

Anon 12:22,

Me either. To many synthetic threads containing the letter 'z'. Just don't feel right.

Watching from the alley

katz said...

sorry about your mom. peace to both of you. one love/one heart.the circle of life is frequency, to another. so sorry. wish I could help.

Sim said...

Hey Kikz, can we have that again, but in English, please?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les.

All is dream blaze.

"Man, sole awake in an unconscious world,
Aspires in vain to change the cosmic dream."


PS: Thanks.

Miriam said...

Congratulations Vis, amarynth, Patrick, Karyn, Nina and Darren on the birth of your book!
And the other side of the coin is the passing of Vis's mother. I understand the gap in family, I have it in mine and I wish my parents would just let it be, but they want us to all be in touch and they try to bring it about, but my siblings and I are content to give wide berth to each other.
It is just the way it is, and blood relations don't have to produce friendships. There is a karmic reason for families that sometimes is completed and everyone moves into their own path.
My husband and I see it with our own children and some are friends and close and a couple aren't and we have to let it be and honor those choices. It is true also between us as parents and our children as well. We love them all, and that does not change, but paths do.

We have a job to do and we create family in the midst of that~ look at what is going on here!

As an antidote to poison:
this was first posted here I think by Vis or someone else. Then 2 other people sent it to me. When I get something 3 times, I know it is very important to look at.
I found this inspiring as I prepare for the transformation and Apocalypse, and I want to pass it on again.
More than inspiring, I feel that some burden was lifted and I have a more focused vision of myself. My energy level went up in a day...
Never mind the messenger, does the message fit?
Especially for those who don't think they have a connection to the Source, or feel that they are waiting for the right time of life and that it may have passed them by...this interview is a gift~
The links below are also valuable~

INELIA BENZ : the full interview - with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

From Notes:
"In this fascinating personal interview, Inelia Benz talks to Project Avalon's Bill Ryan about her life and her mission to this planet.

It's an extraordinary story, and many people who have seen this video have been very moved and inspired. The subjects Inelia discusses go to the very heart of who we are, and the situation we are in. Of all the interviews Bill Ryan has done in Project Camelot and Project Avalon, he considers this may be the most important to date.

A comment I'd like to make: for some, watching this entire video from beginning to end may be a transformational event. Don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling emotional, moved, inspired, elevated, or having new realizations about yourself, about reality, or about any aspect of what's going on in the world. This is the territory we're journeying in."

Download this video here:

Download the audio:

More information:

esteban said...

'my father was of the sky
my mother was of the earth

but i am of the universe
and you know what it's worth

well i'm lonely gonna die
if i ain't dead already

girl you know
the reason why'
thank you

Anonymous said...

Evil is of man, it is not outside that of man, the universe just is.

Therefore when one touches the outside realm of the infinite, one becomes as infinite. thus becoming ungood or unbad, but just is.

And so one would change, the surrondings, according to the laws of ones sight the plyns of being as one sees right.

This is not about one man, this is about the power of force, and in that power peace.

the world today lives by a confused method of this teaching, and all grasp for the top, when they should remain leveled.

Growing up ive found it hard, relaying onto people the worlds view, it must seem as our own, yet it is of the surrondings which is not right, according to that path, so one has become angered at the pace of mans willing of their nature, and so a major calling to the cosmos was met.

They will come, they will prey on mans soul, theres is no runing from it, they are to be everywhere, it is how i learnt as a child, man must learn this lesson to.

i normally disrespond to adverts of anykind, including a mans book, which is ultimatly evil, once a mans demise is met, as it can only be changed by him and is not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

I got drunk once, for 15 yrs.

Finally had to quit after the last motorcycle accident. 70 mph. drunk no helmet felt like I was falling into the pit of hell and the devil was trying to rip the limbs from my body. (bent my brain and fractured back) but all good now.I said Thank you God I still have my wife and my life.
Life is Good

Selfishness is Root of All Evil

Selflessness is Pure Love

Walking Hawk

Anonymous said...

hey neil ,

Kickass poem.


Terrance said...

Scotty McCreery....' What Me Worry ! ' ...

kikz said...

lookie lookie :)

lotza links on that pg... :)

almost makes me wanna snoopy dance!

Anonymous said...


I was in the room alone sitting next to my mother when she passed 21 months ago. It was very early in the morning, not long after midnight. I fell asleep for a short time during which I had an intensely profound experience. It seems I followed her part way across. I tried to follow; it was as as though I was once again again a small child, lost in a crowd, having let go of her hand.

I was returned back through the 'tunnel of light', which in itself was another life-altering event. I just knew at that moment that existence is continuous. It was so beautifully tangible. I was then not sad. She merely left this particular physical plane, the one in which I knew her my entire physical life, from zygote stage.

She had things to do, things which had been put on hold in the here and now. We shall all attend to our destinies in some other plane of existence, reborn at the moment of our passing.


est said...

you had me
but i never had you

i needed you
but you didn't
need me

so i,
i just got
to tell you




dr Samirzdat said...

What's The Big Idea?

George Herbert Walker Bush, former president of the U.S.A. Government, who stated in his State of the Union Address of 29 January 1991:

“What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order ...”

A BIG IDEA by Jerry Frelix

The Beast, the Destroyer, the Machine
Banking Influencing Government
International Drug Enforcement Agency
It’s about greed and impoverishment
Soon there will be no nations
The Great Work is nearing its end
It’s time to rearrange the mind of men

The wars are created from lies to deceive
Telling you we are fighting for peace
More arms, more soldiers, more police
It’s all happening to put our fears at ease
People are dieing to be fleeced
Don’t harm the oil and the meat
Getting the news from the TV
Surely they will inform the people of what’s to be
Just you watch and see

The hour of truth is at hand
When you get that midnight knock at the door
Will it be the so-called Man
How will you even the score
Do you know the master plan?
When all your freedoms are gone
Will you still have a home?
Off to the internment camps you will go
I do not want to say I told you so
Most of you will never know
Why your Nation has ceased to be
Look around and you will see

Wake up!
Open your eyes
Many are about to die
Don’t look to the sky
You should have been able to discern the Lie
This is what you should see
One Life, One Being
Don’t become fodder
Go within your Hearts
And find True Love and Order.

The Beast, the Destroyer, the Machine, says Mr. Frelix, and I could not agree more. That is what we are up against and it is ruthless and unrelenting.

A Serious Message From The Heart of America

dr Samirzdat said...

Indeed, I know a woman who recently told me that I am “one in a million,” and she was not too far wrong. I am one of the precious few people in this modern society who have gone out nonviolently on the nuclear missile silos to protest the hell and the horror that is deployed there.

And so we slide towards unmitigated catastrophe, because so many of us have been so cowardly when we should have and could have displayed bravery. So many of us have remained passive when we should have and could have acted. When we could have and should have spoken out, we remained silent. When we could have and should have arisen as one, we remained prone, supine. We meekly acquiesced, when we could have and should have refused to go along.

Nuclear missile silo H-8 lies on the territory of the Fort Berthold – Three Affiliated Tribes Reservation, not too far from Minot Air Force Base. Early on the morning of my demonstration I stopped on the far southeast side of the reservation at the Old Scouts Cemetery, where the slain Native American warriors who fought with U.S. Army General George Custer's troops against the Sioux are buried. I pulled over and said a brief prayer for the living and the dead, just to the north of the desolate and wind whipped north shore of Lake Sakakawea, right along North Dakota Route 1804. I saw no one else. Nothing could be heard but the sound of the wind.. I stopped and put on my crystal necklaces there, and draped a rainbow skein of multicolored yarn around my neck, with which to weave a new personal and societal narrative, said a final brief prayer, and drove directly to the nuclear missile silo and climbed over the fence.

I had this song in my heart all the way from the Toltec Mounds in Arkansas to Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country and straight up the spine of North America, right up Highway 83, all the way to North Dakota, stopping again to pray in the Sand Hills of Nebraska just south of Valentine, and once more ask the blessing of the continent for what I was about to do.

In fact, a lot of you will not even trouble yourselves to read my two statements that I provide links for above. And even if you do start them, you will grow bored and not finish them. And so we draw ever nearer the edge of the abyss, out of sheer boredom, lethargy, intellectual laziness and weakness, individual cowardice and passive acquiescence to the pathetic status quo.

p.s. A final note: if you are financially able to purchase property and would like to transition out of wherever you may be and relocate to South America, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience: dr_samizdat1618 at Heavy events are going to be coming down in the coming months and years and if you are able to, and desire to establish a life in South America, right now is a propitious time to act. Serious inquiries only. Please don't waste my time and yours if you are not financially able to relocate, and prepared to act.

WV: doggeeze
The simplicity with which man's best friend gets along in life.

Gypsy Scholar said...

"The Canadian Jewish Congress wants to limit freedom of speech, using the draconian Section 13 of the Canadian Human Right Act to make sure the 'Canadian Jewish community' is protected from “hate speech” which will ensure that “as a last resort that harmful speech does not progress into violence.”

"May 26, 2011: Exactly one year ago, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issued two rulings (Henry Makow and Arthur Topham) which effectively stopped all enforcement of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Section 13 is Canada’s pernicious censorship law, which outlaws Internet postings by controversial writers, bloggers and internet commentators. Victims of Section 13 could be hit with fines up to $10,000 (to $30,000 for hurt feelings) and a lifetime gag order, which if violated could result in a prison sentence up to 5 years."

So here's the skinny on this. The new (Diebold affiliate) elected majority Canadian government of Harper is a pathologic apologist for zionist Rothschild's burgeoning NWO and all things jewish.

Internet censureship is trying to be foisted upon all media in Canada where dissenters to zionist hegemony are treated as terrorists (sound familiar?).

But many truthseeking non-antisemitic (sic) writers and bloggers are challenging the this centureship which limits everyman from free speech about 9/11, holocaust, NWO, international central banking cartel, usury, Khazarians, ashkenazim, the thirteenth tribe, the synagogue of Satan, media control and world wide zionist control of everything.

In December 2011 a court case will in effect END this threat to free speech according to Marc Lemire a Canadian blogger.

P.s. Anti-semitic is a misnomer because the white skinned "jews" are not semites. On the other hand the arab Palestinians being genocided off their land by "israel" are semites. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

desiring love remembered.

Vajrasattva - it is the memory that is painful for me; there's a longing and the hurt caused by it that comes and goes. Which leads me to the question of separation... it seems our sense of separation is only valid in the field of time and we can accept this concept on an intellectual level, but as a being living in the field of time it's a difficult thing to actually live with. In a sense, separation is true because even though I am a part of the whole I am at once an individual who exists independently of it. The Whole let me have my individuality for a reason.

It's one thing to intellectualize certain concepts and to be able to put them into words, living them, however, is a different matter altogether. We struggle to reconcile all these contradictions in the field of time.

Everything originates in the spirit and is then gradually brought into physical manifestation.

As we're all living in the field of time - otherwise I presume we would not have these bodies - we still abide by some of its rules and some of these rules can throw you, but then I suppose it throws all of us now and then. Since truth is the only thing that is real, what determines the manifestation of truth at any given time in our lives? Is it the meeting of two eternities, the inner and the outer? Sometimes it seems as though it is spontaneous with no effort on our part; it simply makes itself known. I'm painfully waiting for many truths to manifest, sometimes I call out to it I think in vain. :)

But thank you anyway for being such a sweetheart, anon... if only I could stop and remember the light again. If only I could stop and remember that I am. If only...


Mouser said...


Alan S Blinder, Princeton professor of economics, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.

"A game of Russian roulette is being played with the national debt ceiling. Fire the wrong chamber of the gun, and the result could be the second Great Depression."

"The trigger was a default on the global reserve currency, in that case the pound sterling. The US dollar is now the global reserve currency."

"The concern is that default could create the same sort of global panic today. Dark visions are evoked of the president declaring a national emergency, Federal Emergency Management Agency plans locking into place, camps being readied for protesters..."

"This may all just be political theater, but do we really want to get close enough to the economic precipice to find out? The conservative ideologues toying with the debt ceiling are doing it to force cuts in the budget, a budget that was already approved by congress. Congress is being held hostage by a radical minority pushing a risky agenda, one that is based on an economic model that is obsolete."

"High-stakes Gambling. On May 16, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece titled ''The Armageddon Lobby,'' which claimed that a ''technical default'' on the federal debt was just ''political melodrama'' and not really a big deal."

"Bond markets can figure out the difference between a genuine default when a country can't pay its bills and a technical default of a few days if it serves the purpose of fixing America's fiscal mess."

"It is not just that the government could be brought to a standstill, with a third of its bills now being paid by borrowing; or that interest rates would shoot up, forcing thousands of homeowners into foreclosure. Failure to pay on the national debt could trigger a default on the global reserve currency."

All of this economic fear mongering is to try to get the American public, and the rest of the world, to accept a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency run by the World Bank, IMF, BIS, WTO collectively controlled and known as Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies.

Instead of a privately owned international central bank currency (SDR's), we should demand the complete and total end to ALL private central banking globally.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Emerald Tablets and Times of Transformation

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

The drunk who assaulted me was in such a state, a tortured soul on the road to much suffering. Was I killing him with kindness, not playing by the rules and not reacting after the king punch from behind he inflicted on me? Me confusingly to him still offering assistance, even a drop of wine as an inducement (poison drop?). I've often wondered if they were acting as humans, or if they were indeed touched by evil somehow. A sick homo Fight Club love thing with the new and novel nice guy? (I got out of it relatively intact,the best under such circumstances which included instant Karma for them). I do know that if I knew I couldn't handle the grog, I wouldnt take it in the first place. And I do know if I had done wrong the night before I would seek to make ammends.
(and I do get "pissed" fortnightly - no hangovers partly as a result of my permanent state after the above), I'd swap a Hashish society over piss heads any day. I often think of the Muslims this way.

anyway, hope the mum thing works out ok. Similarities at my end and no regrets on my part, just the same empathy for ceaseless sufferers, could be boredom and lack of an insightful culture (am I maternally Jewish I even wonder?) enough Laundry!

(your news brought to mind Paul Newman in Cool Hand Look when his passing mother visits, though your comment corrects that dependency and regrets aspect a bit)

just stayin'

wv: knlin - pyres of relatives over the Ganges, kindling to start and spoke the real fires of eternal life.

Visible said...

Dr. Samirzdat;

No doubt you have read "The Monkey Wrench Gang". That is one of the best books I've ever read. It's never more than ten percent of us that make things happen. It could be even less. What it important is that we do not give up and also have the wisdom to see what might result from our efforts.

Visible said...

Thanks Tony; I suspect the right people will see that.

B. Bombay said...

I don't know if you read down this far or not, but I just want to say,"thanks" for answering my question and I am very sorry about your mother. The situation with my brother and sister is the same as yours. I don't know what else to write. I wish you peace and happiness. That's all I have to say.

Visible said...

Well thank you all for that but my mother isn't dead. I think this came out of a comment I made that my brother said she was passing and that could well be. I appreciate the thoughts but my mother is eternal and cannot die and gives birth to everything and continues to delight and scare the shit out of me.

The karmic end of things is what it is, What I find odd is that no one asks me if I want to speak to her but I think that's part of the process of release. Sometimes I think we're gone long before we go and much of what we are about is an echo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

I get goose bumps every time I read your blogs is a jittery bubbly feeling deep within...

you stated

"I’m part of a group conscious awareness of these apocalyptic times."

I understand exactly...we are witness to what was promised long ago...many True Beings have forgotten we are trapped in this evil dimension and cut off from the rest of creation...or some have even changed sides from eons of exploitation and abuse this evil system creates...

I have some very unusual events lately myself...

the past several days I am NOT being serenaded by birds in the morning...I live where birds should be abundant...right now we have NOTHING...a few here and there...NOTHING singing at day break...NO Hummingbirds this year...we went from 8-12 cups a day of nectar the last 5 years during peak season...this year NOTHING...I believe the birds have begun their clearing process of this dimension...

ended up in another dimension several nights ago...very vivid (I haven't had such a vivid experience in a long time) and my house (the same with a few changes) was full of demons having a party started offering me money and whathaveyou...I took a deep breath and stood up to these demons...demanded every one of them leave my home that I wanted nothing to do with their money or anything else they had to offer...

we had a bear in our garden the other the size of his paws he was a good size...

This dimension is going to get crazier and crazier as these demons continue to expose themselves in their is the sons of dark that have everything to loose...and they will loose it all including their minds...

we will rejoice as their evil world disintigrates around them from their own actions...the clearing has begun and there is nothing they can do now to stop it...

Best Wishes Always

Miriam said...

Mandocello~ I was at my motherinlaw's bedside last August along with her daughter and her best friend when she took her last breath.
When her Spirit was hovering, she said "Well THAT's enough of That!!"
She has suffered a lot, and she was glad to be done. I was so happy for her, I had to remember that others were more attached to the physical person.
She had a loving ending and I did not cry; did not need to.

It was so profound an experience that I stopped the news forum I was ran. There were more important things to do besides all that news posting.

Obviously I continue to pay attention, but the part of me that had been set aside demanded nourishing.

There has been a lot of dying in my husband's family this year and we do wonder why, uncomfortably.
Yet in the end we know these Souls are free.

Vajrasattva said...

Without a name –

To know the end choose the beginning and you will remember reason. The body teaches of the world, mind teaches of the body, and spirit teaches of mind: I am.

Choosing mind, the body is poet of God as every face speaking end of world as world of mind. Choosing spirit is not choosing; not divided, mind is dancing art of God.

What moves the dancer without a name? All things support the art.

gott_cha said...

Les Ive been reading your dribble for about a year now, started with SM,...moved on to PE,...and then PD.
WOW! what a ride.

I grew up as a good little baptist southron boy who didnt question things,....served uncle sugar,..came out very confused, made it worse.
Ive known Zion was an evil entity for a few years now,....the brain-washing on me didnt take 100%.

My "religion" not my faith,...sorta big time left me a hanging.
Im not into the karma and metaphysical and such, not into mans religions anymore. Dont hate me y'all for saying that now.

But truth is where truth is found,..I will admit at first I assumed you to be a dope smokin traitor who bailed on his country,..maybe you are,..but shit-fire bro,..I feel like joining you in Europe these days.
You seem to have been correct years ago,...I know you have a cpl years on me,..but shoot the moon bro,..its light years as far as "SEEING" goes

Seems like Babylon isnt my cup of
tea no more.

Now im not sure I divey up to all you say,..not sure I dont either,.
Things just dont look right to me anymore. My rose colored glasses are a bit foggy now,...whats with that?

Im in my 50's with 5 kids and boo-koo grandkids....been trying to stock-up an get ready for a few years now...
Damn bro!!!! I cant lead horses to water,...It seems to me that our CREATOR wants us to get out of the infested ZIONist areas. (BABYLON).

Im not sure why Ive written this post here because I only half agree with what you say,....funny that though!!!! I keep coming back,....WTF?

Ok,..just wanted to quit lurking and say "HI" im here!!


PS,..please dont flag me out as a troll.

Anonymous said...

Vajrasattva said...
What moves the dancer without a name? All things support the art.


I do my utmost to remain stalwart as my sense of commitment is tried and tried. Perhaps too much attention is being paid to the quality of breaking rather than bending? More water less earth.

You are a sweetheart.

I have indeed been helped greatly this day (I may even have to have one saltatory jig over it.)

much love to you. <3

om shanti om shanti om

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Have you seen this yet?
Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?


Anonymous said...

Good news -then bad;University of Alberta discovered cheap safe cancer cure.Bad news is;MDs and pharmaceutical companies are not interested,drug is too cheap.Must be expensive to interest them.It was dichloroacetate.Not sold by me.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Vampires are Real.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Sunday, May 29, 2011 8:31:00 AM

re safe cancer cure

Human trials start this year 2011.

Many pet owners involved in veterinary trials of EBC-46 have ... literally watched the deadly tumours on their pets disintegrate within five to seven days of being treated," she said in a statement. "It is absolutely amazing to see this drug in action. "The tumours almost shrink before your eyes." The drug was developed over six years of research into the seed of a Queensland rainforest plant.

I have used this product myself on skin cancers on my arms - magic is the word.




Joseph Brenner

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