Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Enablers and their Psychopathic Masters

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

For shame, ten thousand times for shame; the juggernaut of the murder machine of Death Incorporated, the Bush/Obama slice and dice, human meat processing, corporation of mulched woman and children rolls on. In Afghanistan a couple of days ago, they killed a group of women and children with video game drones. Karzai said that was the last straw and an hour later they killed a bunch more at the other end of the country. NATO, which is only a fraud of nations, masquerading as a coalition, under the rule of American and British bankers, kills with impunity. British SAS, probably with American corporate mercenaries, have been spotted as ground-troops in Libya, looking to kill Gadhafi because he doesn’t want a central Rothschild bank and wants a collective African currency.

I can only pray that raging djinns rise up from the Earth and rip their fucking hearts out and toss them into the flames of Hell. Fuck Memorial Day and all the stupid canon fodder that went to die for banks. They went to die for the banks, so that the domesticated cattle population could keep on being enslaved with usury from Neo-Pharisee banks. Fuck you, you frothing psychopaths! May the Hell you seek to raise upon the Earth, ascend from the bowels of darkness, open her gates and burn you where you stand but not allow you to die. May you be served white phosphorus cocktails with a cluster bomb back. May the cluster bomb be dropped into the cocktail in a burning shrapnel shot glass, like some demented working man’s boiler maker and turn you into one of Dick Chaney’s hunting partners.

You sleazy, stinking shit-heels and your partners in crime the duped and stupid Michelin Tire Man public that parades behind you, with a bloodthirsty Onward Christian Soldiers, blaring from dissonant horns, counterpointed with some John Philip Susa’s, “This Duck may be Somebody’s Mother”. Bring on the tornadoes and the tsunamis and the earthquakes and bury this stupid, pigged out culture like rat corpses in a landfill. Then raise a marker that says, “Here lie those we will not name, they deserve no remembrance. They are killers all, who killed and died for banks”.

I want screaming, flaming devas to come out of the sky and tear Goldman Sachs into pieces and stomp the bankers into the pavement; every trader, hedge fund weasel, derivative scamming and blood drinking last one of them. Hang them on crosses from Wall Street to Broadway and set them on fire so they might be street lamps, lighting up the dark, alcoholic night of the American nightmare.

You sleazy entertainers; actors, masturbating musicians that glorify the killings; that act in the propaganda flicks, that celebrate the killing of Muslims who had nothing to do with 9/11. A 9/11 and 7/7 and Madrid Train Station bombing that was done by Neo-Pharisee, Israelis and her bitches, America and Britain at the behest of AIPAC, which IS the American government; yeah, your BFF swine nation of Ashke-NAZI, land stealing, genociding pirates from Europe- non Semitic trolls, who changed the truth of history so that they could pretend to be the very people they are bent on eliminating; who all through history have been preying upon life wherever they find it, while pretending to be the victims of events they made happen, so that they would look like victims; they cry out in pain when they strike you... all of you, all of you can just take a seat and wait for the piper.

What punishment is enough for these blood drunk reavers and their ignorance infected enablers? They should be born as the victims of any and every hideous act, against any and every human being for the next million years. Then they should be turned into a rock to start all over again. They should be inoculated with a vaccine that kills evil and they must march the streets of the world loudly proclaiming their crimes with a sign on their back that says “kill me but take your time about it”.

Who is worse? The ones who do it or the one’s who help them out as accessories; the writers and smegma-journalists like Jonathan Kay, the actors and musicians, the politicians and religious leaders? From every walk of life they come, serving for money or out of fear. Performing felatio on the world stage; on their knees for the killers and rape artists of the millennium; you dirty rotten, stinking, fucking poseurs, whose only inspiration is, “what kind of lie can I tell today. What kind of Kabuki-masked drama can I perform in, that makes Muslims and anyone sitting on resources a danger to the trough gobbling pigs who support it all and soak it up, as if it were their mother’s milk from the polluted airwaves of a damned nation, that is one incarnation short of falling down on all fours and saying, “fuck two feet and hands, what I want is to really get into it. I want six stomachs and flies buzzing all around my face, until they turn me into hamburgers for the next generation coming.

You programmed imbeciles. How incredibly dumb do you have to be to keep swallowing impossible lies that their own press exposes to you every day. Take those dress hats from dirty wars and stick them up your asses. Suck them all the way in until they take shape on your skull, under your skin and then you can have some medal piercings, pinned into them. Get a t-shirt that says, “I kill on orders from neo-Pharisee banks and then I march in parades that honor my acts. I wipe tears from my eyes when I think of my fallen comrades who don’t get the meaning of “I sing of Olaf”. I want to be a Hobo with a Shotgun in Mecca.

“My country tis of thee, doomed land with no liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my father’s died for banker’s profits and pride. Cover us with a shit landslide, to the grave I ride”. Bono honks on Bush’s dick, jerking off under a Joshua tree, making the sun stand still for the wonder of his collecting money for terminal Africans, who never see a dime, while buying up all kinds of fancy real estate around LA with his buddy, The Edge of Nowhere and managing to piss everyone off at the same time; suing his hairdresser for the return of a pair of blue jeans. How did they come off in the first place; no comment; making Bob Dylan who forgot whatever it was he used to say, while he tours non stop all over the world, because he needs the money and attention so bad; Leonard Cohen playing for the neo-Pharisees of Israel; Sir Paul McCartney attending fashion shows; that’s his job now; hanging out with glamour freaks and wearing his title like a rhinestone tiara; no comment. No comment, no comment.

The twisted neo-Pharisee media, whose supporters brag about being and doing what they do but if you mention, you’re a pariah. The truth is anti-Semitic. Thanks for men like Jim Kirwan and Jim Coors and all the few of the rest of them that put it on the line for what is so and cannot be denied. Thank you Patrick Willis for putting your career and your health on the line, because you are a real man and not some phony, no balls profiteer on the backs of those who die so you can make your money.

Thank every one of you who risk it all to tell the truth; you few. Thank you for those embedded in Palestine, being showered with rocks, tear gas and bullets, while the IDF looks on and applauds. Thank you Ken O’Keefe for riding on the flotillas, thank you Spain and all the other nations that are declaring Palestine a state, thank you Iceland for having the stones to give the banks the finger and then jail the bankers thank you Matt Taibbi. Thank you all. Thank every awakening soul who speaks out in their communities. Thank you every state who goes up against the TSA.

If you want this bullshit to stop, do not fly on an airplane, ruin the airline companies. Don’t go to work and when you do, do it wrong. Don’t shop in their stores. Don’t watch their news. Don’t cooperate. Sit down and wait them out. Don’t pay taxes. Stop funding the killers. They cannot put you all in jail. They cannot put you all in jail but they are going to put as many of you in jail as they possibly can anyway. They are going to commit a colossal false flag very soon and then blame it on Pakistan and Iran. They believe in the superiority of their weapons and they want to destroy China and Russia now, while they still have their imagined edge. They are not going to stop, so stop them. It’s simple, turn your backs on them and cut off their financing. Stop what you are doing or the cosmos will stop you. I apologize for understating my case and not being passionate enough. I’ll try harder. I really will.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

This time the bastard scum will dump a nuclear false flag on us . . . And all the hundreds of millions of telezombie morons will believe exactly what their Talmud TV God tells them to believe about it.

End of story.

They fuckingwell deserve what is coming to them.


Anonymous said...

They attacked the US Liberty.

It's a metaphor.

Creation is about us. It tells us everything we need to know.

But few see it.

Gratitude for Visible and all those others for pointing fingers at the moon.


Anonymous said...

Bread and Circuses (WIP)

Give ‘em what they want - more!...more!
It’s just give and take.
We give then we take. Simple!

pax verbum

PS Exit via the shop

Dave Klausler said...

You have explained EXACTLY why I cannot, or will not, if you prefer, love these things.

I have given up on "humanity."

As many have said, and I stand by: let the chips fall where they may.

siamsam said...

Maybe you've seen this. To understand the evil of these fucks it is a must watch. Just watch the first 10 mins if your busy. Same names in the frame.


PS Vis doesn't promote the Masons in a god light, I would be interested on your take.

Miriam said...

What the Apocalypse is all about. Thanks Visible, and all those who speak out.

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi: The Truth Hurts
Lies Kill - Real Truth Behind the Phony Wars

Cynthia McKinney on Libya Destruction:


wv: greci~ Greek word ~untranslatable; in essence it feels like LIFE! JOY! and what we are in Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Les...

What a tirade. There is no hope? A general strike as a possible solution? No way man! Look at history. All human societal change involves blood lust and lots of gory stuff. The cockroaches go underground and reemerge once the dust has settled in order to finance reconstruction. The Tibetians figured it out with their prayer wheels.

Just wondering who's going to toss the match,

Tom Frum

fioan said...

Thank you for your impassioned plea to the unawakened and awakened alike: to be ourselves and let the rest continue their journey through hell - just not taking us with them! In the wiliam cooper's 'behold a pale horse' book I really get the line, something like, 'to know what i know and for others not to believe me is incredibly painful'...

gemmell said...

Excellent post.

The Michelin Man is called Bibendum, unfortunately i used to work for them.

John C (UK)

DaveS said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Excellent and very true.


Wv: Coomayst... I'll have to ponder this one a bit.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Vis
I have to hand it to you, when you lay it on the line, YOU LAY IT ON THE LINE. Didn’t sleep last night, did you? Don’t beat up the American sheeple so much, waking up is hard to do and it is depressing as hell also. Our keepers are smarter than most people realize, fill the people with fluoride, aspartame, msg, mercury, gm foods, anti depressants, and set them in front of the Jew Tube and they will believe and do anything you need. I have been watching cartoons for quite a few years, and I don’t turn the Jew Tube on. Just watching everyone go about their everyday life is more entertaining than anything on the tube. I just spent a wonderful weekend with the grandkids, while my co workers worked to keep their big boxes and fill their SUV’s with fuel. Is that funny or what? Keep putting it to them Vis, maybe you can shake a few of them free.
Peacemaker :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I heard one of those cheerful, upbeat, stay-tuned teaser blurbs on the local evening news just before a commercial break. It was something along the lines of 'what you and your family should do in case of a nuclear disaster'.

Something big is coming down the pike. Probably it will happen not too long after U.S. troops are officially 'drawn down' from Iraq by September, I would bet.

There are now little hints being dropped in the news that Iran aided and abetted the 9-11 attack and such. This is tyhe same bunch of lies proffered in 2003 before TPTB moved on Iraq.

What a fucked-up world this has become. Totally fucked-up.


Anonymous said...

When I see the kids cry I cry. Then I get real pissed just exactly like you do LV. A Rage rises in me.

Prison ? We're already in Prison.

Well God , maybe I'm just some dumb shit but if I had your power this would be over in my next heartbeat.

So if you're real help us. If you're not my apologies for believing in you.

If it is to be it's up to me. Never has been easy and I don't expect anything fuckin different this time.

Ya'll quit hoping for easy. Easy is what got ya where you are. Butch up.

You're gonna die one way or the other. You're not that important. Get it ?

Patrick V1.0

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I often despair if I focus too much on the physical world with its mindless banality.

I read the news online and look for signs from Heavenly Father.... and He does provide signs.

Remember that when there is warfare in the spiritual world it is manifested in the physical world... the evil become more evil while the righteous become more righteous. The neutral remain asleep and it has always been thus.

Father is sending signs of the warfare in the spiritual realm. One sign that has recently fascinated me is the arrest and public "scourging" of Khazar zionazi Dominque Strauss-Khan (Cohen=Priest). The High Priest of global finance has been arrested, perp-walked and metaphorically scourged. People like Strauss-Khan usually "enjoy" complete impunity and immunity and can freely behave according to their demonic nature. I suspect Strauss-Khan himself is seriously wondering "What the hell happened here; why is this happening to me?"

I think of the beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry, when He rebuked and scourged the money-changers at the Temple. He did this again at the end of His earthly ministry. This is the only time we see the Son of Father Creator using violence; this is significant.

I strongly suspect we are seeing the beginning of the end of the money-changers. They won't go down without a fight but go down they will.

At 2:34 PM PoTai noted that the zionist attack on the USS Liberty was a metaphor. PoTai is exactly right... Father Creator sent us a sign on June 8 1967. It is important to remember the signs within this sign. Ultimately the USS Liberty did not sink but returned to port. Ultimately the zionists and their international money changers will fail and Liberty will be restored. But there will be some bloodshed and considerable turmoil before this restoration occurs.

Unknown said...

Been livin' the rebellious life from the beginnin'. I actually made more off the banks than they did off of me. Support the system as little as possible. Never had a credit card, and was in debt for less than a year of my life. Paid $18.00 interest on a student loan. That's it.

The descendents of Khazaria seem to be the ultimate testers of today. Will you be one of their useful idiots for material gain, or will you stand against them and be able to at least look at yourself in the mirror.

What will happen when you are made to judge yourself after you have shuffled off this mortal coil?

You go, Les! You are one of the beacons of light in the darkness, metaphorically speakin'. But ye ken tha'.!

Anonymous said...

Right fucking on.

Machiventa Melchizzedek

Annie said...

There's a lot of talk on the web about how the Ashkenazi jews are descended from neandethals. Even the UN are interested in seeing the evidence. I don't know if they are but I do know they ain't like me and mine. I have often wondered if they are a different species. All I know for sure is they're not human.

Goldie said...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

marilyn said...

geesh les, this was my rant yesterday, memorial day, and needless to say that in a matter of a few hours i was alone...people don't want to hear this..i should say sheople..but, what the hell else can you say after all is said and done...like prince philip, i'd like to come back as an elite virus and take all those elitist mf'ers out for good!

Nayon said...

What happened to "All you need is Love" and sir Paul?

Thank God we have sir Visible, now all they need is a good cosmic kick in the ass...Lets see those torches light up New York, the Liberty light has gone off for too long already.

You are the beacon of God's light on earth Mr. Visible, even piercing thru the blindness of the dead.

Love you all

Strum said...


(sounds of wild crowd reaction)

Best post for ages.

Righteous anger and passion worthy of Jesus himself.

Anger can be a powerful force for good, all this new agey bollocks about being "positive", anger management, and assorted horse shit just serves to keep us oppressed, let it out, scream it out. These are things we should be angry about, if you're not you're dead inside or in denial, neither state will help.

let us all pray together as we read this again and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

amen Visible, a f$%%#n men.


WV: discear - an auditory condition brought about by hearing too many skipping CD's

amarynth said...

The Unveiling! Where the acts of those involved in mad massacres become so evident, that everyone will recognize it.

I add my voice to yours Visible!

Anonymous said...

Thought this Henry Miller quote, written just before the onset of World War II, applies, given your plea to "strike":

If we could just eliminate newspapers a great advance would be made, I am sure of it. Newspapers engender lies, hatred, greed, envy, suspicion, fear, malice. We don’t need the truth as it is dished up to us in the daily papers. We need peace and solitude and idleness. If we could all go on strike and honestly disavow all interest in what our neighbor is doing we might get a new lease of life. We might learn to do without telephones and radios and newspapers, without machines of any kind, without factories, without mills, without mines, without explosives, without battleships, without politicians, without lawyers, without canned goods, without gadgets, without razor blades even or cellophane or cigarettes or money. This is a pipe dream, I know. People only go on strike for better working conditions, better wages, better opportunities to become something other than they are.

Thanks -

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

That just about covered it .... you are on fire today Les.

Al said...

Right On! Fuckin' EXCELLENT!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

neal said...

We purposely live below the poverty line to avoid feeding the machine any more than the minimum. We eat once almost every day, live lightly in a travel trailer, and try not to miss the people we thought we knew.

A general strike is coming, with force, for everyone. Those who keep hanging on to this crap will have everything torn from them, and it would be better to choose now, and save what should never be lost, than to wait and have the judgement made for you, I think.

You can find high, remote places all over where some lived by faith and separate from the rest of the madness. Over and over, the whirlwind came, and many have been there, and back again, and are still climbing, and watching, and waiting.

Funny thing about that high ground, everything below is visible, but not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - feisty today - all those goshdarned tarnation americanisms ;-)

'V for Visible' perhaps?

Me, I'll stick with satyagraha (it's working in Madrid & Barcelona, despite rubber bullet machine guns) and let the psychos, now that Strauss Kahn't, find out who's Alpha all by themselves ...


Anonymous said...

Now if you really want to get angry, Les, try this guy's extra-ordinary take on Fukushima - 9/11 to 3/11..?


wv: 'dinger' - yessir, indeedy - looks like Carnegie Mellon got it right for once. Hopefully you guys do understand the concept behind 'captcha' - yep, it's 'gotcha'...

j with Love.

neal said...

Neanderthals might just be your last best hope to be of the world you see, and the world you don't.

The were not the "Khazars", they were rubbed out, to erase a way back, and forward. A vital link to another place, like the cave bear, and the dire wolf, and the old tigers. We do not disparage the cats and dogs for surviving that purge, why the real humans?

Enough ranting, we wish more could remember being there, this war has confused it.

Lukiftian said...

That's better Les, much better.

Don't worrying, what's coming is well on its way.

But be careful what you ask for, they might not stop with the profane.

kenny said...

Yeah!!! I'll go with the understated this time but you really should let go a little more.

wv: flating
dictionary.com says it's "in a prostrate position"

ha ... they wish

Rebel 4E said...

I feel so sad lately,

I don't remember ever feeling so low,

I feel angry too, angry with the fucked up state of the world..

But mostly I just feel sad.

Anonymous said...


Hi All & Vis,

The above link was sent to my f&f(friends & family), with not a peep or any kind or retort as of now (more than 24 hrs ago).

I now know that it WILL take a crash of epic proportions to rectify their 'programming' and 'faith' in the global fiat currency.

I probably have known that all along, but it does not help my psyche as the MATH/previous history speaks the truth for me but not for them.

Most of them say what can 1/one person do about it Dave?

I say plenty, such as, take all your worthless fiat dollars and start buying physical silver, start growing some food, etc...

Thank You Vis for all of these recent posts. I know that they are redundant but it's keeping me somewhat grounded until the
21st century d-day (way beyond the 911 tragedy).

Love to All,

DW In The Tahoe Forest

Shahzad Khan. Karachi/Pakistan said...

Love your posts, as for the nuclear false flag op, yes its definitely coming, the only satellite in space that could identify the radiation signature of a blast has conveniently developed some faults, and 4 days prior to the orchestrated killing of OBL a Al-CIAda member in american custody revealed that they have a nuke hidden in europe and if OBL is killed or arrested they will blow it up, since the past 10 years its the first such threat and ironically OBL is allegedly killed 4 days later, wow, the plots of false flag ops are getting really thin, probably because the zionist mossad is having fun and trying to check the gullibility level of the average american, they wanna assess how brain dead the west has become and the average beer guzzling joe doesnt have a neurone left that can support independent thought process, whatever fox, cnbc, cnn etc say they take it as gospel truth. Lemme tell you what all this is about, its about the arrival of the zionist messiah the anti-christ and how the centre of power which once was london, than washington, shall now be shifted to jerusalem, where he is supposed to arrive, the zionist/illuminati used the americans, used their numbers, their wealth, their resources to gain access to jerusalem, they could have had any land they wanted, yet they fought the world to get this piece of earth which has lousy water and weather and no scenic beauty and is surrounded by muslim countries, why in their sane minds would they do that, simple because their satanic/illuminati leaders know the anti-christ will emerge here, and than they will use their mighty brain washing machine to tell the brainless westerners lo an behold christ is here, thats the way it will unfold, so my advice to christians is please do some research use your brain...but alas its also written that majority will follow the false messiah.
Thanks for the articles LV and Pakistan is a resilient nation, we have corrupt leaders who are in washingtons pockets and democracy has screwed us over, but we have an army which is the most professional army in the muslim world, and thats why you see CIA, Mossad, RAW, MI6 backed attacks taking place on our key assets, this is all being done because they need to first demoralize our armed forces and show them as incompetent, while the politicians who rule Pakistan serve their illuminati masters and discredit our own armed forces, however a nuclear false flag op will probably bring about the onset of a major war in this region, and its not a matter of IF its a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Les Visible

I stand shoulder to shoulder.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Visable turn your back, shun them, the shunning must begin. Advise people to leave the banks, leave the gas lines,
advise them to take back their lives, liberty can only come when people realize they are completely enslaved to this system that runs on blood. It is no longer sustainable. Put out the word. Stop. Stop the murder, and stop the fear. Can't be afraid now. The time is fast approaching, what will you show? Fear or love?? I choose to show love.


the Grizz said...

Amen and Hallelujah

I went over the edge last night and talked long and hard with the Divine with my heart in the same condition that you express; needless to say as I read this post the resonance knocked me off my feet.

Ghaddafi is a hero, maybe the only real leader in the world that will not lie and bow to evil power. If he can keep his vibrations up, they won't be able to get him.

Same with you, Vis. Very high vibration on this post. One vote for the book.

Now if we could all just draw the bow with full strength like Jehu and really let it go! The son of Ahab and Jezebel dropped on the field of Naboth is also a type that is given to us, and so is Jezebel herself, very high relevance these days. Dog dung for the land.

Vis, you seem to be able to voice the group mind. This post says we have about had it. Let's turn it up a notch and get it done!

Love and light to all

steve said...

Well said.. the evil of this world is very hard to take and understand.

neil said...

blood drenched lips
dollars to the moon
warmongered sacrifices
minds left with wounds
damaged smashed children
dead sisters and sons
mothers left crippled
fathers with guns
ruthlessness inhumanity
absurd and insain
desecrating reality
falsehoods false claim
trailing the bottom
sucking all life
to serve the death of itself
from itself it cant hide


amarynth said...

Our teachers, our speakers, the ones that walk out in front of us, are 'tuning their instruments' in a similar way. I know many do not like David Icke. His message however is ringing out loudly!


Titus Sviatoslav said...

1/6/11 is the satanic inverse of 11/9/1 (D/M/Y)
10/6/11 is the satanic inverse of 11/9/01 (D/M/Y)

Both of these dates meet the requirements for a “bookend event date”, although zeros are mostly considered insignificant in esoteric numerology.

Former Soviet Nuclear Compliance Officer Dimitri Khalezov has stated in his Affidavits that nuclear demolition devices of less that 150 KT yield located under the WTC towers and the then Sears tower (Willis tower) were declared by the U.S. to the former Soviet Union under the provisions of the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty (PNET).

Larry Silverstein’s consortium now owns the Wilis tower complex, and Rahm (“Mega”) Emanuel is now Chicago’s Rudi Gulliani for the bookend event for 911!

Remember, these psychos love their number games!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you visible, my brother was stupid cannon fodder, fuck you! Buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

This post is a thing of beauty. Thank you Les.


Rich Waid said...

I'm 60 and pretty much a lifelong dissident, VN war refuser etc. Since I figured out 9-11 I have been haranguing everyone I know and have worn thin a lot of friendships not to mention my marriage with discourses on pretty much the gamut of things you write about (altho' I go a little gentler on the veterans, especially those of WW2, as I think matters were less clear then than today).

I am working a pretty conventional job, as I have mouths to feed. But even my employers, although they love my work, regard me a little fearfully (as I once went off on 9-11 in the presence of clients, although saying that my views were mine and not my company's).

But Dude, while I'm engaged in trying to educate everyone I can, you are laying it out there like the Truth Sword of Jehovah God. My prayer tonight will be for you, for your health and safety -- and that the Almighty may make mine into big, brass ones, like yours!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You become what you resist. We resisted the Soviet Union for so long, we have become the Evil Empire in a way greater than the communists could ever imagine.

What do you think you are accomplishing with all of this hatred and vehemence towards these folks?

Steve said...

Hey Rebel,

don't be to hard on yourself bro,


Anonymous said...

thanks les,

That one got me going. So true, karma is a bitch and when she gets ahold of all the shitbirds, their armani suits won't stop their feathers being plucked by the fickle finger of fate. Keep up the good work Les, thank you. Ken

Anonymous said...

Video game drones? If it weren't so sick, I'd laugh at their stupidity and transparency. I'm trying to cork the wine bottle, but some nights, it seems to be the one thing that eases the pain of craziness for a while ...

Had a long talk with an old friend yesterday. She's seen a lot, been involved with some mighty powerful changes. She was in the second and third line of the civil rights marches. She had a long meditation one day last week. She told me that this apocalypse is all about expansion. Every thing and every one is expanding. It can be painful and destructive on one level, and at the same time it will bring peace and loving energy to all. She kept repeating that the veil is so thin right now ... it is so thin.

She's no longer afraid of what is playing out, and told me not to be afraid either. We live in a big, big city. Neither one of us is in a position to leave. And yet, she said, don't run, don't be afraid. As much as the expansion will hurt, unloosen the belt around you and you will breathe again. So many metaphors in that one.

I, too, want to turn my back from it all, and focus on my daily joy of raising doves and sending them off on their way back into nature. There is nothing more than I can do but to keep my thoughts pure, my heart open, and hope not to have to bend over and kiss my arse good-bye.

So be it
Peace and blessings to all

wv: photh ... is he related to Thoth or Toth?

Miriam said...

Shoot, amarynth, I love David Icke and think his message is very much a part of what we talk about here.
I have been working my way thru these vids of his, a lecture he gave in 2010 covering his new book "The Lion Sleeps No More", and it is right in line all the way for me.
Part 1:

I don't know what has just hit me past two days, maybe the one-two punch of Vis and Icke, but I feel a rug pulled out from under me...a new space I cannot tell where I am in the Universe or get an orientation...Lauren Gorgo makes me laugh at myself as she so aptly describes her own process that I am mirroring:
"Yes, for just a bit longer, we get to play in the (fun) house of mirrors, clearly seeing the multiple ways in which we are still polarizing ourselves by projecting, reflecting and exposing our remaining loveless parts onto each other. And a good thing too cuz I always look forward to acknowledging yet another part of me that sucks."
She calls it clearing out (e)goo.

wv:nobeled~wow, where do they get these wv's from?; the Divine knows just what we need and who to send us to to keep us on course.

Rob Schultz said...

Rob Schultz, Masters of New York.
HELL YES. Best post ever Les. I am one of the raging djinns. Follow-me. I will march into their corporate office and stomp on their necks and their balls. Follow-me. We have no fear. Follow-me. I have no mask to hide behind or need of. I am free. Follow me. I am free, thanks to their stealing everything I own, including my children. I am free thanks to their spiritual deprivity. I am free, thanks to the evil vail they cast over most of humanity. I am free because I can see through their schemes. My rage comes to me through their acts, not my own. I am a caring individual. I care for my family, whats left of it. I care for our sanity, whats left of it. I care for our country, whats left of it. The time is now for action. Overt and Covert, the time is now ot set our selves free. FOLLOW-ME.

Rob Schultz said...


Stephen said...

Yo Neal .. right on.

Neo-anderthals? Heh.

Some ink can not be rubbed out.

iconoclast said...

Well said; reminds me a bit of Tool's Anema lyrics.
Yeah, Sir Paul/Mick/Elton, phags one and all. That idiot or yet another idiot, Cate Blanchett whoring for carbon tax - what a moron.
One of the few places where I may still post a comment that doesn't get removed for being non-pc.

SummerRain said...

You are correct.....it all just another video game to those young soldiers. Who can get the highest score & trot off to the PX for Burger King hamburger.

I fear the day when all of this comes back on America and we start seeing this happen to us.

Bobby Dullard said...

Well sheeit if we don't love them joos how will we get a seat at the raptur? Reverend Do Wrong says jeebus the jewish carpenter gonna whisk us away like calgon.

Lee said...

Thank you for speaking that, which is in your heart, and getting it off your chest.

Very terse language there but, there is an ongoing struggle for our very souls.
CLARITY is needed.

Honesty, conviction and passion is what people need to hear these days from good souls like you.

I reactivated my blog here thanks to your words of activism.

So, I would ask you in this forum to contribute if you may, Mr. Visible at:

We are here to support you.

We are all in this together.



walter washco said...

Hi Vis.
Great post very powerful, thanks for having the courage to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Great piece! That unabashed rage is exactly how I feel, often... and am always analyzing myself for why. Am i jealous of their wealth? Do i want power over the planet like they do? Do i want my family to have such a legacy as theirs?

In the end, deep down, I share your rage out of a deep inherant, natural desire for harmony, and know that these creeps are intent on breaking the laws of the Universe as much and as often as possible...

People sometimes ask me "what do they want?" knowing that I have thought about this for some time...

I reply with a line from one of my favorite movies, Tombstone, where Wyatt Earp asks Doc Holliday why evil men do what they do

Holliday replies: They want revenge
Earp: Revenge for what?
Holliday: For being born...

Anonymous said...


How could a devotee measure if the supreme personality of the One exists in an organization; labor for God could be its only merit? Is that organization's acaryan its trunk? Are the devotees its leaves and is there a wave of human suffering distilled into enlightened permanence upon humanities individuality that it entangled with and awakening each embodied soul it engulfed into it's congregation? Would this appear as wholesome fruit, measurable throughout its time providing shade and respite for the avant-garde searching to merge back into the Light? Would the root of that tree not have to be harnessed by the grasp of the One in order to provide a fertile foothold even if the tree couldn't distinguish the difference between existing on an escarpment or a valley floor? I have learned that the path back is an individual journey with experience shared while an organization is a window of the times compared.



Mad Farmers Liberation Front said...

Here is a quote from Pan, the chief nature energy:

"...this time will not be the troubling of a few, or the troubling of the many, nor even the troubling of the troublemakers; it will be the troubling of the ALL"

What we see in our world is our collective responsibility and we're in for a serious shakeup.

Anonymous said...

Yep It's truly amazing belief in lies gives folks the basis for their entire lives.I think that there is alot of insanity coming when it begins to dawn that the support and sacrifice these folks thought they were giving is obcene and perverted.I think the shock may very well be too much for many.But this shock is absolutely necessary.The crying out and the knashing of teeth is coming.
Mo visable
WV well I don't give a damn about a greenback Magollor.

est said...

i got
no words left

les has
used them all up

est said...

oh yeah
somebody shot
a poet

Anonymous said...

Rebel 4E; I'm sorry that you're sad... hugs to you. Maybe this will cheer you up a little?


Yes, I am an idiot. I also loves da muzik!

I go through moments of sadness myself, but we know that this too shall pass. If you wallow in your despondency you will merely drain your energy. Become impassioned on behalf of others and remember that you are a child of God; God knows and sees all the suffering and the broken hearted and they are upheld in his glorious and everlasting love. Of this I have no doubt.

Psalm 147:3
He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Matthew 5:4
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.


Anonymous said...

amarynth said...
Our teachers, our speakers, the ones that walk out in front of us, are 'tuning their instruments' in a similar way. I know many do not like David Icke. His message however is ringing out loudly!


Damn, I want to see the rest of what he said!

I don't agree with everything he says but David Icke is one of my favorite awesome nutters I'd love to hug right along with Vis; I love people who get fired up about doing the right thing it's such a huge turn on.

The people who're more meek about these things need to take some cues from the more ardent among us. Even if you can't manage a fiery tirade, you can still develop and demonstrate the same indomitable sense of purpose in a quiet way. Get to it meekers!!

Kray Z8 said...

Well put, Les. A voice in the wilderness no longer.

Three points:

All U.S. service personnel swear an oath to "defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC". No veteran I know of has ever rescinded his/her oath.

When asked about the 2nd Amendment, Thomas Jefferson said "The right to keep and bear arms is the citizen's ultimate gaurantee against tyranny by his own government".

After an alleged act of domestic terrorism occurred in Oklahoma City, then President Clinton stated "I do not believe that you can love your country and hate your government". Many in this country despise the govenment for what it has done to the country they love.

If the words and actions don't match, pay attention to the actions.


gurnygob said...

Les said "I apologize for understating my case and not being passionate enough. I’ll try harder. I really will."

Yes,,,,you must be getting soft in your old age. :0)


Visible said...

That's because there are fewer legitimate attractions to make one hard.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Higher Love and the Mastery of the World.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. THANK YOU! Let's hope it's not left up to the cosmos to take care of...

Anonymous said...

IMHO there is nothing wrong with this planet that a medium to large sized, metal asteroid couldn't cure...

Pond Owl said...

Okay let's see...
1.Do not fly on an airplane, ruin the airline companies.
(Check. I don't fly american airports/airlines and don't plan to. If I want to leave the US or in case of an emergency I'll try to take a train or vehicle to another country and then fly from there.)
2.Don't go to work and when you do, do it wrong.
(Check. Got that covered too.)
3.Don't shop in their stores.
(To a significant extent check. I am very familiar with thrift stores, dumpster diving and curb crawling. The list is long on how to get around this, more examples such as Craigs list, Ebay, Freecycle, Flea markets, Auctions, Yard sales, etc.)
4.Don't watch their news.
(Hella check! As one commentator here long ago so comically put it, "I can't stand the non-stop brain manipulations!" Fuckin' A Bro! I haven't watched even half of a tv news program in almost two years now. I can't stand the constant deception, propaganda, outright lies, and insults to my ability for independent and intelligent thinking. Commercials rival the news for being the worst offenders and with the exception of a few decent tv shows out there most of the stuff is boring and dumbed-downed. As a matter of fact I've probably only watched several hours of tv in the past year and a half.
5. Don't cooperate.
(Check again. Trust me, I am veeeeery familiar with the spirit of resistance. Very.)
6.Don't pay taxes.
(Once again check.)
And maybe you mentioned debt earlier, I can't remember, but if not I would add try to screw the bankers and corporations and politicians and government as far as any crooked 'debt' you 'owe' them any time you can. I don't care if it's outrageous interest charges on anything under the sun,
unfair enormous college loan debt, charging you an arm and a leg for some simple health care, hell even outrageous interest charges on a credit card, stick it to them anywhere and whenever you can. They are are sure screwing us and are not going to stop.

I think anyone with a little imagination can think of more ways to disrupt and take down the system with a little thought. I am no saint myself but like others here I would enjoy seeing a better world than the boring backwards self-destructing shithole it has become in recent times. If all of us who truly want to see a better world were to do things like this then hopefully it would make a difference. I am confident that if ALL the 'little people' did these things it would make a huge difference and change the world. But that is the problem. Many of the little people are content with the way things are and have no intention of risking what they cherish for a better world. I don't agree with it but I am aware of the situation. (Rhetorical Question Alert!) How many people, what percentage of the world's population does it take to turn the tide and truly change the world? Is that what is going to happen? Or will it be divine intervention? Or both? We shall see.

It is sad that americans think that all the creature comforts and technology is their God-given right. As Visible has so rightly pointed out that stuff is the result of preying on the people of other countries and plundering and destroying planet earth. They have no intentions of giving up their comforts and materialistic excesses willingly.
Where I live I speak to whoever my path crosses with and who wants to listen and that ain't many. My feelings and convictions on matters are susceptible to change but I have never had a problem with speaking my mind. (grin) And damn the torpedos I have no intention of developing that problem here in america now.(grin)
I pray that when that divine shitstorm finally does hit the fan that I'm worthy of a little mercy.

Pond Owl
Josh in North Carolina

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for this 100% true post.

There is no one I have ever read who can touch you when you write like this.

In many ways your very best post in four years (as long as I've been reading you).

A true 'tour de force' unparalleled anywhere on the net/alternative media.

Humbly yours, Mouser

Anonymous said...

les you do with words what [beloved] Mr Jimi did with the fender strats...

(your guitar licks aint too shabby either, all due respect)

I've read where Jimi was, at first, afraid to sing in front of people.

He had no fear, however, on guitar (Monterey my fav). No fear. No fear whatsoever.


European American said...

Living in todays world is like waking up every morning from a hang over but not having consumed a drop of alcohol (Boy, those were the days; the invincibility of youth), and wondering if I've really awakened. Is this stuff on the Internet "really" going on? I mean, wasn't this suppose to be a vacation haven, a stop over for some R & R? What happen to this place. Wasn't the fundamental structure Inherent in the design of this planet the soothing bliss of harmony and peace. What went wrong?

I find the thought of revolting, revolting.

The funny thing about this is that if I don't get on line to get a pulse of the daily reality show, if I stay home and work on the solar system or the wind turbine or weed in the organic garden, or mow the lawn with the electric cordless lawn mower, or better yet, cruise on my mountain bike to the top of the 4200 foot mountain in my back yard, I feel alive and pretty damn good. For some reason all this crazy stuff going on, on all levels of creation, seems to be "out there", not really directly apart of my personal world. (On the other hand, considering life without the Internet would be pretty bizarre. I think I'm hooked.) However, throw all that out when it comes to "Now I lay me down to sleep" - sleep state and dream state bring on that triple feature film (seemingly taking place from someone else's perspective, not mine) every night. And I wake up feeling beat up and worn out. (E tu?)

The only time life makes any sense whatsoever, is when I sit comfortably, close my eyes, stamp my passport for the Transcendent, where I align myself with the invincible force of Nature, and kiss this relative world goodbye. Everything else seems like a waste of time. One Big Collective Drama based on infinite mind altering dramas.

Ho, hum.

Anonymous said...

I agree 1000%. I hate the fuckin'
ashcan-Nazis-the fuckin' congress are all traitors,sending ten billion $ a year to fuckin'Israel while our own middle class goes down the tubes...Wall St. pig-dogs wallow in neocon confetti $hit and make economic slaves out of the world. Long live Rachel Corrie's spirit! A revolt is long overdue.
Thank god for some cojones like Iceland,Greece,Spain,et al.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how far back in earth time the rage you articulated and the subsequent quest for "justice" resides in the consciousness of man. Your anger is the same anger as expressed by my father (now deceased) who lived through British and American saturation bombing in Germany. A man who literally smelt the lust of the bankers, politicians, ad nauseum via their cowardly ejaculations which incinerated German cultural centers and her civilians with the blessings of Harriman, Lovett, Churchill et al. He wasn't reading about it on the web. It's never going to end folks. Put down the silly and juvenile notions of messiahs, avatars, etc once and for all.
As a young lad, I enjoyed mystery novels and the comfort I received through the intrigue, rising action, climax, and subsequent resolution. Then I was fed a greater mystery, known as the Bible, with its Genesis, rising action, resurrection, and subsequent Revelation in which the filthy, vile, mockers, deceivers, murderers and idolaters are once and for all banished, Peace, love, light, and liberty for all reigns supreme. It's a story folks....
However a true mystery...is just that. With one exception...it has no resolution. You appear, you live a life of a few nanoseconds and you're gone. Of course, we're not satisified with that are we? No...we must have ETERNAL life, this damn ego must have infinite extension. To what end, and who put those ideas in my end? People whose understanding of "reality" was just as cockeyed as the rest of us. Chant your mantras, appease your non exixtent deities (bold "assumptions" I know!) sing your hymns and pray your prayers...it's got us this far.
We're all going to be dead SO SOON.
Lighten up....

Anonymous said...

"And now over to our BBC correspondent in Jerusalem, Dr. A. Piers Fullamalis."

It's also quite amazing and most lovely just how lustfully some Christians will fellate the serrated blade of Zionism, all in the name of their "Jesus".
Stan Deyo posted at his site, Millenium Ark, a video entitled, "Let's Blame The Jews".
prefaced with the following:

"NOTE: We do not agree with Condell's mocking attitude of Christianity, but there are too few defending Israelis and it is hoped listeners will take in the bigger message – that Hebrews have been forever the victims of antisemitism, more now than ever in history, that they are God's chosen and have a right to exist."

The revolution was televised!!
9/11 was an in yer face, one-two-three sucker punch, KA-BAM! televised revolution. Do I need to remind anyone that they "won". BIG TIME!! Yup, they won the whole showcase and took a big shit on the collective,flouridated, fat-assed, ignorant, masses that they fucking despise. That's why they televised it. One can't discuss Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, etc without discussing 9/11, yet, the talking heads DO! You realize that they all accept that combusting jet fuel and aluminum can literally pulverize skyscrapers to dust. Of course you do.
Fuck 2012, another diversion, along with "wikileaks", Assange, the "bailout",the "apocalypse", Bin Laden's murder, climate change, Strauss-Khan, Schwarzenegger, Oprah.
Mass murder was televised...and they're winning!!
Karma? George Walker Bush earning millions on the lecture circuit.

Pond Owl said...

Also I would add to number 3 for people to shop local mom and pop stores over the big box chains whenever possible. Also support local farmers and buy local produce and other foods instead of the global market GM Monsanto poison at the supermarket chains. Everyone here probably already knows this but it doesn't hurt to be stated again. :)

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

pierre said..(plagiarising)

oh, and may their noses be hot and dry.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Lately your blogs fit right along with my inner gut instincts...are we attending the same classroom while we sleep?(grin)...

although it feels like things are not moving fast enough...lately, we are moving ahead at "light" speed...my inner voice tells me we might have 20 years if that long...20 years go by in the blink of an eye.

these demons will realize their days are numbered the more crazy they will be...stay centered...understand it is the destruction of evil that we are witnessing...the way to end evil is to allow evil to self destruct...this time...our divine CREATOR is involved and thus everything will be judged during the clearing process...

Only those of evil will not want to hear this message...

they know who they are...take a close look at these Zionists... they radiate this putrid energy...I clearly see the demon residing in a human body...

Their end is near (and ours just beginning)...we are witnesses to and exposure of this evil for what it is...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

In my studies of 911 the most important conclusion I made was that there were no planes, which means that the MSM was complicit with TV fakery.

The 911 "truth" movement is controlled opposition that hides the fact of TV fakery as this revelation will bring down the house of cards.

Anonymous said...

"If you read the Laurel Canyon stories, you’ll be knee deep in all sorts of oddities and speculations about lifestyles and deaths of the famous."

Never heard of the Laurel Canyon deaths before so went to look it up and found this interesting place:


Shit is seriously fucked up...

Surprised to know that Tim Buckley and his son were also connected with this, I love their music. Some of them it seems were just hapless victims, how sad.

Anonymous said...

That's great Pond Owl. Good for you.

I pretty much have all my bases covered.
Long before I stopped everything else though, I stopped watching tv. I HAVE a tv but no service, I only watch movies on it occasionally. I do enjoy the foreign cinema.

3.Don't shop in their stores.
(To a significant extent check. I am very familiar with thrift stores, dumpster diving and curb crawling. The list is long on how to get around this, more examples such as Craigs list, Ebay, Freecycle, Flea markets, Auctions, Yard sales, etc.)

There are a lot of great websites dedicated to reducing waste/garbage, where people share, trade, barter, and sometimes just give away their stuff.

I used to have fun dumpster diving in the rich neighborhoods.
Years ago, a friend and I were dumpster diving in wealthier area and this guy looks out his window and he yells, "Hey! What are you doing?" my friend replied,"Umm, I'm looking for my dog..." and the guy said, "You're looking for your dog? In the garbage?" "Yeah, he got lost... in the dumpster"

Needless to say, we had to make a hasty exit.

Anonymous said...

U are so funny . . . not to mention truthful. I'll be reading. Jame Omar.



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