Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dreaming of Reptiles under a Skinny Dipping Moon

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Good morning, everyone. It looks like, what we used to call the bad guys, (b4pc) are looking for Shambhala too. I have always been looking for Shambhala. Some have been looking for Bin Dead, or Bin Laden, or have Bin going to get their hearts and/or asses hardened and broken on the way and tossed into a Bin liner. I had a reader there that I used to hear from. I hope he’s well. Diplomacy is an art that goes on forever. You can read any number tales from Maugham about consuls and the like and catch my drift, which also goes on forever (grin). Actually in person it’s an entirely different thing but this is the Petri Dish and we're left here to hang it out further than elsewhere and “I’m still shakin it here Boss”.

I noted they were bringing yurts. I’ve been admiring that lifestyle for awhile and I imagine (assume) that some LOTR fans will make the connection to The Nazguls who use whatever mounts are necessary or available for their frontier style, field work. Of course, if we didn’t depend on Big Ass Oil and Big Chest Nuclear to power our fluorescent horseshit, we’d be incandescent in other ways; geo-thermal or so very much more, just go ask Brother Tesla. The thing I like about that picture is that I don’t see any droppings; house trained? Or is that Central Square trained? I even put a free ad (only ads I do) on my page to help promote that lifestyle.

Now... what I don’t see is whether, in their lust for acquisitions of all things plastic and pathetic; having tortured and turned Mother Nature into dangerous hybrids, like The Nazgul mounts, is whether they are just going their way a la Rio Tinto or... do they have a darker purpose in mind? I’d probably pick ‘all of the below’, since ‘above’ is not their landscape, even if they have the planes and weapons to prove the sky ain’t no thang.

There are old stories about powers on Earth making war on Heaven. The new movie Thor, which wasn’t half bad, except in particular elements of casting for the need to be exposed, you can see that someone thinks other realms make their wars on this one. In my particular, wide angle, world view there’s too much coincidence. Why would those who rule this plane, seemingly, destroy so much of it when they have to live here? Maybe they have The Terminator gene and like devastation or maybe they think ‘on the ground’ weapons can pierce the heavens. Heck, they’ve already convinced themselves that they control the skyways but are they free of the chains thereof? It’s never worked out before so their trying again means they enjoy failure or it’s just proof that evil destroys itself. I can live with the results because I’m not with that program.

It’s a curious thing that in all these obscure and ancient spots where they go after plunder, they always seem to protect the energy haciendas, while the museums get looted in the meantime. They’re into mean time. They like their time hard. It’s why they build so many prisons. It’s why they keep fucking with the laws to make sure they have more people in jail than even the most repressive countries in the world. That’s what being in the land of the free is all about. “You’re coming for a sleepover”? “Great, just remember to bring the whiskey and smallpox infected blankets". I’m guessing these people have their own solstice celebrations. I played at something like the 20th anniversary of Woodstock. I don’t know if Ritchie Havens went on before or later. I remember doing an accapela of my song Alcohol because there were drunken keg fights going on out there in that crowd of about 30 thousand. Afterwards, I'd have people come by and yell, "Alcohol" at me. Behind the stage I remember all these New York City members of The Tribe pulling their bankrolls out of their pockets like it was their dicks and comparing them under the pretense of something stupid but just showing off. Don't tell me different because I was there; was at least a dozen of them.

How stupid do you have to be to believe what they tell you? It’s like American Idol and I think Scotty and Hailey are the better pair and nations operate in a similar fashion, only it’s with real blood sweat and tears. Every day that comes is like a lifetime and a lot of us are not doing our part.

That’s the thing about ‘awakening’. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. I see a lot of myself in Steven Tyler and the rest but I’m on mute with that sort of thing because of the culture of corruption. If you aren’t willing to bend over then they just hit the refresh switch.

Surface activities and long, lying dead events are closer in time than they know and far more vulnerable than they think. It takes two to tango and that means you and whoever you are dancing with should all take a closer look at yourselves so that you don’t turn into someone else; someone you didn’t intend to be. I deal with that every day. It’s a harsh curriculum in some ways but I do know one thing and that is that the longest route is the shortest certainty, absent grace, miracles and whatever.

So I have to ask if you share my suspicion that these people, whoever they are, are after more than just your physical world. We don’t pay enough attention to the connection between bad history and the covering of tracks but we should because we are what’s for dinner. I could tell you that the whole thing... from way, way back is all about the fact that we eat each other to survive, one way or another because well, the serpent has it’s tail in it’s mouth; “Honey, where did you get that belt”? I could do that and it would answer all your questions and explain that Jesus Christ thing about, “this is my body, this is my blood” That kind of thing is only important to people who appreciate good wine, metaphorically speaking.

TPTW are out there looking for something. I get that feeling and I get the feeling that no matter what, they will never find it and they will destroy themselves in the attempt. It’s the published excuse for Israel, which happens to be Palestine. It’s the one thing that is the greatest enemy of all and that is the fabrications of history according to what did and did not happen. I can tell you with true sincerity that Germany is not a bad place, nor are Germans bad people. They’re too intelligent, industrious, honest and organized enough for their own good sometimes. It’s because of the language. German is the language of business. You would all be much improved by looking to the mystery of languages and the interesting phenomenon of which countries drive on which sides of the road and which countries read left to right or right to left. It explains a lot. You’ll have to get someone else to explain it because that’s not my department.

The reason people want to control the historical record and plunder ancient realities is in order to control the perception of what is and is not. It is the essential veil that hides one world from another in order for it to operate or you can use a Mobius Strip if you like.

So what have I told you? Things are the way they are because essentially we are eating each other because everything is essentially made out of the same thing. There can be no question that some kind of a God exists and there can be legitimate questions about any author besides randomnomitry; chaos takes the blame and Jeff Goldblum plays him in the film.

It all comes down to what you can live with, be seduced into or sell yourself off for. We all make some kind of an arrangement. It doesn’t work otherwise and with deals you get problems. That’s how it is down here. You might want to be on American Idol and you might want to find Shambhala. You might screw up your life on American Idol but you’ll have a nice bank account. You might want to destroy Shambhala but you will only destroy yourself. Certain things work certain ways. That’s why we are still here. Evil does indeed destroy itself because it would be ever so much worse otherwise; bad as it is already. In that case Pinhead from Hellraiser would be president visibly.

Obama is a sock puppet. Maybe Mel Gibson is trying to say something like that. There are some things I wouldn’t apologize for, famous or not. The people who understood would understand and, as for the rest, well, I’m not on American Idol. I don’t have to dance to their tune. I’ve got my own; “Still ringing the bell here Boss”.

It all comes down to what you can live with; wake up or uh oh. You can just tell people what Lord Buckley once said, in character, “I didn’t get all these miles on my face in one lifetime". It all comes down to you. You collectively are more powerful than they will ever be. Their only power comes from controlling your perceptions; like the elections aren’t rigged, the check is in your mouth and so on and so forth. If you turn away from their machinations and don’t participate they collapse. Get off the treadmill darling and hang out in the wide, high and deep lonesome with me. They are a house of ‘cards’. Treasure the insight.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Then You Let Go by Les Visible♫ Then You Let Go ♫
Lyrics (pops up)

Radio show tonight at 7:30 Central Time.


Anonymous said...

The title of this post makes me think of young naked women, well lubricated with gin, laying on their backs under a full spring moon right after a midnight swim, fantasizing about (one-eyed) snakes and how they'd light to have one for a pet - at least until the sum comes up. that what you were also originally thinking with the title?

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les and thank you for your post.


Visible said...

There's no way of knowing what I was originally thinking. I'm often to the sauna and steam at a fantastic therme but I will be relatively unaware of the bodies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

This evil system is a house of cards...

the sheep (or robots) keep this evil system afloat...the sheep feed them the energy needed to maintain an appearance of normal...once their energy is withdrawn they will wither into their true nastiness their beauty veil will no longer serve the deception...their true demonic selves will show...

these demons never anticipated their energy source would be withdrawn and they would be starved into exposing themselves so far the plan is right on track...

these demons and their evil demigod creator cannot survive outside of this and lower dimensions...the vibration of the new energy brought for "Liberation" of the True Beings vibrates higher then they can their energy depleats you will see more and more crazy as the ego mind destructs...

Buckle in it is going to be a rough ride...especially for the evil and unawakened as their world collapses...while

the AWAKENED ones will rejoice watching evil self destucting and coming to an end...and True Beings of Light preparing for going home...Liberated from this Hell Hole hopefully with our noses still cold and wet.

Best Wishes Always

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

via Jimi Hendrix..

Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
But wonder why the fight is on.
But they're all, bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.
Just ask the Axis.

(He knows everything)

Bushukshi said...

Mellifluous in its usual beauty, Viz,

Some thoughts on this beautiful Sunday morning:
“This is The Apocalypse; make no mistake about that, which means that all other attendant verities and transformations are also operative.”
Agreed upon and…. confirmed. So many questions, yet so much seeming chaos and so many confirmatory events out there…as well as in here.
In fact, with such overwhelming evidence building about, almost becomes another form of “litmus test”, n'est-ce pas ?
Given humankind’s evolution or “punctated equilibrium” with which we have contended, one could only accept with somewhat of a delayed resignation that we, as a fractal of the vast cosmos, will not go quietly into that night.
With all of the attendant forces operating here near the end, I believe it is safe to conclude that it is only going to get weirder. I, too, have become almost numbed to the levels of ignorance, self serving , and denial of the masses. I have recently, though, begun to hear some few voices beginning to cry out from their wilderness of past somnambulism actually asking “what the hell is going on?” This seems to be a phenomenon that only occurs to an individual when they are affected personally by some event that creates either trauma or wonder to an extent which they can deny no further. Unfortunately, it has not seemed to occur to those whom I love and am closest to, so the dogs bark but the caravan moves on.
Our consolation is that the current systems that are in place in order to keep humanity under control are totally inadequate as compared to the forces of change and the Eschaton that have been unleashed.
I do believe that we will be tested to the limits of our imaginations and resources, yet somehow glorious emerging on that other side. Perhaps Terrance McKenna said it best when he said: “This is what it’s like when a species prepares to depart for the stars.”
Thank you again and much love.

Still rising from the miasma,


Visible said...

If that's not me it could be. I'm going to go sit in the garden now as night splendors and I suspect I know you but I will keep it to myself because I don't know who you are but that was elegant. yugas are passing before my eyes so to speak and you think you are awake and aware but, God's lucky charms and grace abide.

for you I will pull up the rough draft of last night's songwriting

I'm bringing home starlight
in a bottomless pail,
as we lie in tranquil worlds forgotten
no tigers on our tail

was it the dust that I was made of
that made me walking blind
when you permeate and surround me
in the darkness of my mind

you can have the worlds of splendor
that wrinkle and decay
I take my passion timeless
and know that help is on the way

Help is on the way
to the better part of me
help is pushing sunlight
through my ancient judas tree

From the compost of corruption
comes the power to transform
all the worlds we'll ever know
and keep us cool and make us warm

you're the bending end of silence
my true serenity
You're the timeless
look I forgot my watch
don't cry
it's only me

dry your tears upon my heart cause
help is on the way

To the dying gulf of Mexico
in the fukishima rain
I can feel the mountains tremble
I know love will win again

no matter who opposes love
still love will find a way
to kicvk our ass and break our hreats
while it finds a place to stay

I've been hungry for the homeland
I've been gone for lifetimes by
now I see the flames that flicker
in the fireplace tonight

I looking through the ever leaves
in the darkling of the night
from a place that is the future
my god its awful bright

There's no one can oppose me
make way I'm coming through
I'm walking through my falling down
into the heart of you

I've been drunk on wine and whiskey
I've been stoned and I've been shunned
but all of that's behind me
I believe I've found the one

Help is on the way
help is on the way etc

it took a lot of lives and detours
it took it's time and time again
but I am on the near horizon now
on that you can depend

they've been taking bets about me
for several thousand years
you wouldn't believe agony
that ocean is all my tears

So it a strange intoxication
that I'm impatient for you now
as long as this has taken
I should be stoical somehow

but there's no way up around it
it could be a million years
I would just keep on a coming
cause that's the death of fear
rough draft like I said

but we'll slender that out

Bushukshi said...

I’m much honored.
Your song speaks to me….as so many of your words have.
The Master’s grace does abide.
Will be anxiously awaiting the radio show tonight. I’ll have extra popcorn for this one !

Still rising,

Thomas said...

What awesome posts you've been putting up these past days, mister Visible...

thanks, and much Love

p.s. To Snake Sage:
You wrote a beautiful and insightful comment to Debbie the other day, in my humble opinion. Thank you for that :)

Citizen Elle said...

5/8 RPD

Maestro LV, thanks for the great lyrics, Cool Hand Luke flashback (came out the year of my birth in 1967) & the Mongolian inspiration piece featuring those brilliant indigenous with those beautiful horses - what powerful, graceful, healing beasts, both.

Re: TPTW & their “all of the below” leanings: seems to me, surely, it is a probable side effect of the reptilian brain (lower chakra oriented). At times, albeit rarely , I even have felt compassion for them & their apparent inability to connect to the lifeline of pure love that we’ve come to so enjoy here in this dog park we’ve come to share.

“In my particular, wide angle, world view there’s too much coincidence.” Hear, hear.
Ever since the concept of “hidden in plain sight” entered my gray matter all too recently, my instincts have resonated with this statement - right on. Many people don’t understand the meaning or significance of worldview (a worthy investigation IMHO).

It is rather unbelievable to go down that rabbit hole of Hollywood’s manipulations on us. Not just that but, EVERYTHING seems to be scripted somehow, as hard as that is to fathom. I remember watching “Night at the Museum”, specifically, the scenes of history (typically war) that would “go live” behind the display glass. A profound feeling came over me that this is what really is going on here & that something greater was watching/directing us here on Terra the same way… actors on the stage taking our places – unawares (to quote dipshit dubya) of our scripted roles in it all.

From CHL 34 years ago “What we got here is... failure to communicate.” I’m remaining optimistic that we’re taking a turn for the better in this here & now although it sure as shit doesn’t look that way. Great performances often have surprise endings. Stay tuned….

Much love,

L.L.O. said...

Happy Sunday all,

So I've been thinking about the trigger event. I too have been using my wide angle view and I've spotted something interesting.
I'm sure most of us here are aware of the upcoming million person march on Israel on May 15th. I will also assume that most of us here know that Israel will not let this happen without killing a shit-ton of people. This could be the moment we've been waiting for. For the true face of Zionism to be shown to the world for what it is with no room for ambiguity (although those of us with eyes and brains have been seeing it for a while now). The recent unity deal between the Palestinian camps, the opening of the border of Egypt, the "awakening" in the greater middle east, and the increasingly sophisticated armament of Iran all point to a time in the seemingly not too distant future of a showdown in the Levant. As much death and pain as it will bring I hope I am right. I know it's almost sick and wrong to say these things because I will be thousands of miles away from the fighting in my relatively safe location but that is my station in life. As corny as it sounds I am with the Palestinians in Spirit; along with the Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, etc... Regardless of geographic location a spiritual war (which it seems to be to me more and more) involves all of us. Some days the level of injustice(s) I see in the world around me makes me want to scream and gouge my own eyes out of my head with disbelief. I haven't yet.
As a side note, there is some Christian fundie group calling for the official end of the world to begin on may 21st. That's exactly 6 days after the commencement of the march on Israel. Just enough time to really get things heated up for the Big... Something.
Or I could be totally wrong. Just an idea.


abe said...

Try substituting Obama been lyin' for Osama bin laden in your next conversation, 90% odds the person your speaking to won't even notice - those that do usually agree with the freudian slip anyway.

Clawed Dallas said...

Thanks for these posts Visible, they are a beacon of light in a temporal swamp! That reply to Bushuki reminded me of the great Ken Nordine over at word jazz, could'nt help but superimpose his barritone on your words. Looking forward to the next as always.

Clawed Dallas

neal said...

They are looking for something. You can call it the Grail, or Shambhala, or the map from Time Bandits, or the Mind of God. There was War, and everything scattered to the four winds to keep this safe; this was never going to be a machine run by sleeping batteries; an asylum controlled by lunatics, even with free will.

They just couldn't live with it, this undeserving clay connected with what they perceived to be their rightful role in Creation. They should have been patient, they would have been ready, the invitations were on the Way.

There are bits and pieces all over time and or/space, and buried, and traveling with nomads, and hiding in plain sight, meek and humble and dirty under the museum lights, and staring out with luminous eyes in photographs.

They think that if they can keep the Advocates sleeping in the ones not won over, this can drag out long enough to make a valid case for a Karmic transfer, and win a reversal of a foregone conclusion to the story. If you can't afford a lawyer, you'd better learn the rules of the game, for self defense.

This is the end of the night watch, it would be preferable to stay awake, and ready to fulfill Destiny, rather than getting kicked in the head (again) by a mythic being, when least expected.
These histories are Mobius Origami, a tangled web full of knots, but not nots. They are both mutually exclusive and complementary, in a Karmic way, and a human mind can only dance with a certain number, unless autism allows scissors and long-chain polynomials to do their thing without madness poking her pretty head in for a nosey peek.
When I was younger, I had the emotional sourdog(h) starter talk to the Hand, and created an ashtray for Mom on Mother's day. She threw it at me once, I had it coming, but ducked anyway. It's still there, I'm mostly gone. Hi Mom.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those lyrics.


Anonymous said...

nice stuff mr visibles...neil

kikz said...

thanks les. wonderful.

Miriam said...

Reading the lyrics here, I took the opportunity to go to Visible Stream and pursue more of your flowing consciousness.
This one speaks to me today: authenticity, surrender, and Love~
"More Than Blue Eyes"

2 snips please:
...and I am either drunk or mad
I believe in what I cannot see

I believe more deeply
than I have ever been deceived
and even then

only temporarily deceived
and even then
only out of fear

if a man should confess
or witness with his heart
that will shape the words he speaks
that will shape the life he leads
he will have a witness
he will not go down like a beast to the grave...

...A man must come to the desperate edge
of the walls he's built around himself
and beat with his hands on the cold hard stone
and cry for the years that he's been alone
and break like a dry dead twig
under the wheel of time
and rise
and live
and understand
the power of Love in his masters hand

Rob in WI said...

Comments are great today, thanks all. Fun question; When we see and touch dinosaur fossils, does that make the dinosaur world a "fact"? Lots of questions about "forbidden archeology" preceded the internet. Same with "revisionist history". Now questions are reaching more of us via the internet. Funny, I think the mass access of the internet to the plebes may be the seed for the downfall of the moneygrubbers and warmongers.

Anonymous said...

I always return 2 or 3 times after the first reading to read all the comments.

Beautiful Bushukshi and Magnificent lyrics Visible. Thank you.

Looking forward.

~Melanie in Egypt

DaveR said...

Clawed Dallas!!!

I thought I was the only one in the world who knows about Ken Nordine. Send him an e-mail - HE answers. Maybe a little compliment will cheer his day. I did. Fantastic stuff.

wv: catesti - irritable feline

Anonymous said...

Les,the "lightside" special forces are here, and engaging the enemy, but you already know that. More and more family of light are waking up and making themselves known. The other side is in for a rude awakening.

Erin Parsley said...

"Get off the treadmill darling and hang out in the wide, high and deep lonesome with me. They are a house of ‘cards’. Treasure the insight."

Have stepped off in the interior realms. Working towards being able to in the external as well. Relishing the space, relishing the solitude, relishing the freedom.

Would love to meet you all there, when the house of cards has finally fallen and there is room to dance again.

Anonymous said...

"The new movie Thor, which wasn’t half bad, except in particular elements of casting for the need to be exposed," You mean negros portraying Norse Gods of course?

Anonymous said...

"I'm bringing home starlight
in a bottomless pail"

I was sorely tempted to do this piece last night.....

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

perceptions are so important. its nice to have the physicists show how this is, more than the perception of perception, its the fundemental reality (on the material/quantum/energetic level at least). that a foetus born to a worried mother will tend to have more development in the he-man department, the fight flight area of the brain, but a more comfortable bub will be born with more pre-frontal cortex thinking capacity. a constantly frightened entity will have energy taken from its inner areas (growth, digestion, repair) towards it outer (arms and legs, for running and fighting). you are what you eat, but also how you digest, what you think you're eating.
I am doing to myself what I have seen (on TV) in a bhuddist monastery. the master behind the devotee, wiating to hit him with a rod. most of my thoughts I question, the patterns, the negativity, without replacing them with more negativity (ok I did it again, I always do it). looking for that still place that is filled with the inner 'voices', that have more sense than the scratched record quality of so called choice of the usual Ktel word selection mode.

I'm out to do myself a favor and its already paying dividends (divine dollars) . First level, Gee Boss, I wish I'd stop being so nice to me (with babble for company).

for them: todays song Alan Parson's "I don't care what you do, I wouldn't want to be like you"
I like Klein bottles, being 3d and all.

last thought, I;m still pondering if they have Alien techno. if they have, then the internet and almost everything can be game planned (say on Quantum computers), I say almost because of our human unpredicabilities. (plug for the new Dr Who, second episode and the Aliens with a peculiar and transparent way of having taken over on Earth the past few thousand years - similarities to what are probably more mundane human, or partly human, evildoers amongst us).

out to squeeze a 25th hour in the day and over thence to Streams to digest more of your lyrics, Das war gut.

wv: osentet (pass, one day Im going to meet and strangle the person or machine that makes these things up).

Anonymous said...

A hero against the israeli occupation soldiers:

Mark Glenn/ The Ugly Truth said...

"and of those, 1.5 billion Muslims who have already demonstrated clearly that they cannot be bought off or bullied when it comes to calling in that I-O-U they have been holding since their lands were invaded and their women and children murdered en mass."

Visible said...

/actually I meant Natalie Portman whom I consider one of the worst actresses I have ever seen. I loved the black man who guarded the gate he was my favorite character. I named my daughter after Mohammad Ali and my three favorite historical personages are black. That's well known.

Visible said...

Patrick, (grin) don't you dare. That's a rough draft that I have to polish off. It came tailing out of something est said. Both he and Neil hit me with a barrel-load when I was high and defenseless. I couldn't help myself.

I would love to make a movie with you playing Lord Buckley; could happen, Called The Naz.

One of my oldest friends heard you doing "There is no Injustice" and was floored. It's one thing to do something. It's another to bring it to life.

Visible said...

one further thought, because I don't know which side of the argument you are coming down on. Maybe you should listen to the autobiographical song at Smoking Mirrors, "I am Alive" where I say "a black man saved my ass in prison".

I have repeatedly posted the links to who the slave traders were and as for my personal history, it speaks for itself, should anyone wish to inquire. I am not ashamed of my past except for a certain period as a drunken fool when I thought I was drinking because of a problem when the problem was that I was drinking. Once I comprehended that everything changed and I could even drink again but it doesn't taste the same anymore.

I occasionally worked door security at a club here and there and in my first novel I relate a real life scenario where I an encounter took place between a Jewish club owner and a policeman, a black rap group and others; "You hate me because I'm a jew" "On the contrary, I dislike you because you are an asshole". He had refused to pay the band.

By the way, I do absolutely detest rap and most hip hop. I hope that's okay.

Gypsy Scholar said...

So, if OBL and the arabs didn't do the NYC attacks, who did?
And more important why?
And most important what do these answers mean to you and your loved ones' lives?


Wrong color to get help said...

"All but 11 of those on board died from thirst and hunger after their vessel was left to drift in open waters for 16 days. Every morning we would wake up and find more bodies, which we would leave for 24 hours and then throw overboard,"

Zionist Rothschild's NWO Nato are doing their job exactly as they are instructed to.

You can take that to the (IMF) bank!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

In the Saucer Pod on the way Somewhere.

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,I love it when you get them poems and song lyrics out and I bet est does to,..I'm just sorry I havent got any poems over the weekend..
and mrs life has graced your pages,another of the poets along with gudrun aswell....
respects ..neil

Anonymous said...

Thanks Thomas...

Vis, I'm not sure if I even know the difference between rap and hip-hop, but this 'Diss', 'Zionist Money', is fairly good stuff, IMO:

Snake Sage

SummerRain said...

"...Evil does indeed destroy itself..." Yes, evil is always destroyed, but only when people stand up to evil & fight it. Had not we fought Hitler then his way of life may still be around.

Need to read a new book out about Americans who take a stand against evil (tyranny) in America. A thriller but more important it's about each of us 'taking a stand'.

"...don't participate they collapse..." I love your comment cause it would be so easy to do if only the people would organize. For example, everyone take all of their money out of their bank accounts & watch the banks get humble.

Or, all of us choose just 1 day a week & not drive our cars...just stay home & see what that does to the oil giants.

Love your writing....great work.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Circumcising the Truth in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Visible said...

Edited the song and recording soon-

Help is on the Way.

Anonymous said...

As an attendee at the original Woodstock, I can report to you that Richie Havens was the first act on the first day of the concert.

Visible said...

I was performing at the 20th anniversary. Sorry about the confusion.

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Remember the Hare Krishna banner on the stage front as Havens played?

Richie Havens - Strawberry Fields Forever Woodstock 69 (1:18 seconds)



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