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Little Georgie Sorrows and the Cowabunga Cowpie

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Little Georgie Sorrows (sounds like a serial killer in a Clive Barker book, channeled by Thomas Harris after being ghostwritten by whoever handles those things; reminds me of that trenchant film, that slipped under the radar, “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie”.)

When it comes to 24 carat bullshit, Fox News gets The Golden Hippo, Cowabunga Cowpie. You look at the stupid things that Mossad, MI6 and CIA do and you think wtf, if you think at all, which may be the point. Besides the outrageous and impossible occurrence of 9/11, which Bin Laden directly said he didn’t do, you get someone trying to light his foot on fire and being unable to; yet ‘they’, supposedly, did 9/11? and then you get someone trying to blow up a plane with his explosive underwear, with his handler caught on video, which also didn’t happen and... they supposedly did 9/11? This all leads to the pedophile TSA, with satanic robo-girl, Napolitano and ‘no dick’ Pistole, feeling around in the undergarments of children, in public, with government sanction because...? Well, because that is the kind of thing they do recreationally and religiously in their spare time and just like those children they are ‘grooming’, the public to accept a police state. What motivates them? That would be greed, perversion and fear. Fear is the most operative working force, because The Apocalypse hits them different than it hits you and me.

I don’t think there’s any question that Napolitano wants to muff dive pre pubescent girls, preferably on Oprah, while the audience sits in bondage chairs, with a gag reflex ping pong ball in their mouth. Pistole, on the other hand is likely a boy banger, who wants the laws to reflect his own personal tastes. These tastes were probably implanted in these tools by Chertoff and Lieberman Associates.

It all comes down to stupid, which is why there is so little concerted objection, except in some states like Texas and Maine and why the people of Indiana are not standing in front of the state Supreme Court with ropes, torches and tar and feathers. Stupid is very obliging and stupid is going to get what stupid deserves. You’re not stupid are you? Thank God for The Apocalypse because, unbeknownst to them, there are good people in the middle of all of these operations, following orders out of fear, duty and simple lack of comprehension, combined with a sense of helplessness in the face of mounting absurdity and the apocalyptic time bomb is ticking away in their hearts and minds, setting off incremental explosions, because it is all coming about by degrees of ever greater intensity.

Shoes and underwear are a couple of items that they can command you to make available for investigation, so as to continue with the preeminent satanic drive for the violation of innocence and the creation of naked vulnerability, before the eyes of a hijacked country policy, aided and abetted by vultures, perched on the ugly tree, whose mantra is, “Screw patience, I’m going to fly down and kill something”.

It’s patently clear that the corruption of the tenets of The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus are all about unleashing the engines of corporate/banking directives, to the lawmakers who then send the interpretation of their documents to the vultures perched on the ugly tree. These are not stupid people (relatively speaking) so they are either motivated by a fear greater than any virtue they can muster against it, or jolly well, into it. They want to be able to go out to a public restaurant and order Consommé of Palestinian children with some missing, milk box kiddies’ pate in an upscale way, beyond the routine McDonald’s burgers that the rest of you enjoy, when they package and feed your progeny to yourself.

They let you cannibalize your children, while they take the best parts. That, is serious relish and once again, thank you for The Apocalypse.

Freedom is a living dream. I am living it inside myself and it is going to happen unpredictably.

What is it that keeps oceans of money, like Fox News and Oprah, slinking into your mind, from actually doing something about what they report on? What keeps this whole scenario in your face, while it reorganizes itself for another place of operation? It is serious business and it is usually under a certain order of control so, according to your karma and industry, a game plan gets followed but... this is The Apocalypse and all bets are off.

I don’t know if little Georgie Sorrows knows what he’s doing. He is the guy who broke the Bank of England, or so they say. I don’t know anything about gold. I don’t wear it and I don’t really care about it. I think there’s some lying around hereabouts but I can’t even remember where. The particular system of the moment, is of the ‘house of cards’ variety. It’s a Ponzi-Hindenburg and it’s a matter of when, not if, it crashes and burns. They are playing musical chairs with pieces of paper; physical gold is something else and then there’s that other gold (grin).

Yes, it is coming down around their ears now and they have to operate in so many locations, at so many levels, that the police presence thing becomes a necessity. Like I said, they’re not stupid, so they factored all of this in, without factoring in the ineffable, which they don’t get and... because they are allowed to get away with a lot of shit for periods of time, they figure it isn’t an immediate concern. They figure it won’t come around in their time. It’s the same game they play with finances. It they can get away with it for awhile then they can get away, they think. Now, they’ve come to the point where they have been able to pervert the laws, so that whatever they do, it is no longer illegal. The hubris is amazing and it follows that they now want to prance and strut and brag about it and rub it in your faces, which is their downfall. If they only kept their mouths shut and their behavior more discreet, they might have been able to go on and on for awhile... but not forever.

The note has come due; that which they have put off, detoured around and avoided by every trick in the book; employed armies of lawyers for, has come upon them. It’s here. Nemesis is here.

Rapture junkies are saying that they are going to be raptured on May 21st. They say the world is going to end in October. Of course, they predicted similar events a few years ago and then before that. They keep their rapture suits in a humidifier closet and bring it out on certain years, like the Fasching carnival, marching bands in European cities. You see ranks and ranks of hundreds of men in dresses with big faces and breasts behind identical female masks; blowing horns and pounding drums, in a kind of kumbha mela extravaganza that says what?; That’s life; life and what you do with it, is in your hands to the degree that you are capable of taking the reins of your own existence as much as you are allowed.

If you are like me, you welcome The Apocalypse. You are that glad that it’s finally come around. No one knows how it is going to express itself because a lot of it depends on your reaction to what you are newly discovering about them and about yourselves.

I’m happy to be here. I feel a little banged around and bruised from the constant struggle to understand what I can’t comprehend and the accidents of my deficiencies in the mix but otherwise it is better than it has ever been. I hope the same is true of you. I do not hope that the fortunes of Little Georgie Sorrows get better. I hope he and they step on the mother or all cowabunga cowpies and then it explodes and covers them in shit. It would be a relief for the rest of us. Sooner or later that day is going to come and Sooner is leading the pack.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Soon isn't soon enough.

Neko Kinoshita said...

“I feel a little banged around and bruised from the constant struggle to understand what I can’t comprehend and the accidents of my deficiencies in the mix but otherwise it is better than it has ever been.”

Expresses it so well.

“Stupid is very obliging and stupid is going to get what stupid deserves.”

I hope I’m not, but the bruises and singe marks indicate I still have my share.

Watching and waiting, and still trying to get the garden going here in the cul-de-sac,


Terrance said...

Hello Visible...seems as if we are all riding in the Graf Zeppelin, having a meal, listening to the grand piano, watching the sites, and all it's going to take, is some one to light up a cigarette and everything will go up in smoke.....

Anonymous said...

The rapture on May 21? Far out. I need to stock up on weed and muchies so I don't run amok.

Perhaps some Boone's Farm also since it's too early for Night Train Express.

Tom frum

Anonymous said...

The real trouble when the the zio-boil is lanced is the shear mess it's going to make, contracted as it is into such a dense pustular lesion. All that oozing pus has to land someplace.


Visible said...


Don't you have one of those clocks where every number is 5 and a little sign on your desk that says "no drinking until after 5"? (grin)

dublinmick said...

You don't want transformers blowing out especially the ones that feed reactors. Not good.

Now we have a situation that brings the movie “transformers” to mind as they are blowing out. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the new solar particle changing matter as we talked about, here comes the sun.

There seems to be another story making news, that of transformers blowing up all around the country. California medical centers, Delaware, kansas, Missouri, Carolinas, Georgia, Oregon, Ohio Connecticut, New Jersey, Pakistan, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, India, Michigan, New York, New Zealand, almost everywhere etc.

Underground transformers blow up and send man hole cover into back of bus.,0,5831729.story?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Miriam said...

Love the music-
"..Kingdom of hell, flood it with Light...
we have unraveled this riddle to night..."

I find myself singing the refrain of "I am Alive" frequently. Makes me feel...well, alive(grin).

wv: beastore~ the Apocalypse will do that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mythology from a somewhat gnostic perspective...

The story about Persephone is beautiful and sad and contains quite a lot of 'laws to suit personal tastes' on the part of the two villain small g gods / Archons in it - Zeus, who sold her own daughter to Hades without her consent and Hades abducting her and then conveniently having a law that supposedly binds her to underworld altough she did not know about it...

"Sorry sweetie, according to the laws we make up ourselves and don't always bother to follow ourselves you just have to accept what we just did."

That is quite different to the Law Court of the Creator... Archons/gods being foolish and hubristic like much of humanity in sort of 'as above, so below' manner.

Snake Sage

dublinmick said...

Rolf-Dieter Heuer director of CERN told Britain's Royal Society they may find the God particle soon. They are looking for the God particle and the God particle is also looking for them. Interesting and a bit ironic.

In fact it may be the God particle blowing out transformers, strange booming noises and appliances gone wild. Earth is entering the photon belt, center of the milky way.

You might consider a new song Les, instead of deep in the heart of Texas, change it around to deep into the heart of the milky way.

Anonymous said...

1984 came just a decade or two behind schedule. Great article. Too true.

But re the comment above -

"Hello Visible...seems as if we are all riding in the Graf Zeppelin, having a meal, listening to the grand piano, watching the sites, and all it's going to take, is some one to light up a cigarette and everything will go up in smoke....."

The Graf Zepellin flew 590 flights, over a million miles, between 1928-1937, with a perfect safety record.

Miriam said...

Oh lookie what they continue to attempt to herd us into ~
The push for a Single Unified North American Regulatory Regime

They have been working for this for years. First NAFTA and now this.
Harper tried before but didn't have a Conservative majority to do his bidding. Now he made sure he does.

All kinds of regulations of what we can buy and eat and be poisoned with. Loss of Sovereignty for all peoples.

Welcome the Apocalypse!

A.Mouser said...

I litterally was laughing through most of the linked Faux news 2½ min clip. It felt good to laugh.

I can only shake my head in disbelief that anyone one would believe anything like that piece from the MSM. Who is their audience?

Thank you for your post Visible.

May 21st huh? I'll put a circle on my calender (grin).


Anonymous said...

Was it "daisy cutter" landmines Sorrows and his Yid ilk have murdered countless children with? I think so.

Let's see the POS step on one of them.

Anonymous said...

I take it you won't be attending the rapture. Well so be it. I've seen adds even on Craigslist asking those intending to rapture to turn over their worldly possessions to the sinners who will remain earth bound. I even saw an add where a rapture ready candidate was pleading for someone to assume his debts because he didn't want to stiff anyone. There are some real nice cars in my neighborhood. I was just hoping some of the Mormons (lots of Mormons here) might rapture and I can claim a couple of nice rides. Well they say this is the land of freedom and opportunity and I would like to get my share of the spoils of rapture.



Visible said...

How very spiritual of you.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've seen this movie before, heard the theme song too.

I find myself humming it from time to time.

It's involuntary..

In the immortal words of Otis Redding... "this song is a song that, you know.. we all ought to sing sometime.."

(P.S. I fought the Lord and the Lord won.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Beloved,

Here's strewing some jeweled cushions on the softest carpets for you and Susanne and Poncho....special roshogollas and rosh malais from the sweet sublimity that is Kolkata's classic haute dessert offerings.

And here are my kisses to you on both cheeks and all that come to visit in love, let's chat.

My goodness, if I see one more poster on a highway that says the Bible confirms May 21st as the end of days - I wonder if folks have seen this terrific movie called "The Survivors" - Robin Williams, Walter Matthau - 1970s - eerily mirrors present concerns.

Walter had me with his "which America did you want to live in" speech towards the end.

And then again, one of the first things the East Indian Company oh, sorry, the British occupation did (and India - Bharat - does not whine, though history has given it enough reason to) was to outlaw weapons and gun ownership. From then on - from the first Indian mutiny (this is real India - without the Winston Churchill created Islamic Republic of Pakistan, yes that is what they call themselves, and the Islamic republic of Bangladesh - - in 1857followed by the giving over of power to her fugliness, opium addict, Victoria - it gives you quite an interesting perspective on Gandhi's non-violence to get the only country in the world that gained its freedom with an appeal to human dignity and the fair-mindedness of the British people as opposed to the sick imperial Windsor/Rothschild COMPANY.

What folks that visit here also dont know is apart from the glorified Gandhi version (please dont hurt us as we sodomize you, luv British East India Company)the actual war of independence was won by the good old force of arms - aka the Mahabharata/Gita style by none other than Subhash Chandra Bose, another lion from Bengal - who every Indian reveres, and whom the media and successive Indian govts tried to erase.

SCB collaborated with the Axis powers, primarily with indian pows who fought for the allies (pre-1947) in German pow campus and with Germany's, Italy, Russian help and that of Japan, secured some real politik that lead to a demoralization of the vast Indian Army troops that were fighting for the British allies. The sacrifice of the Indian National Army lead by SCB turned the actual tide and Her Fugliness had to bid adieu.
So read up.

Funny 1947, as the light of the world India shook off British occupation (cannot thank the Europeans enough for purging India of the horror of Islamofascist occupation between 10 AD through 15 AD though), another "country" came into being - anyone, anyone?


Love and laddoos


Zoner said...

The 21st is it? Shit, I'm busy that day. Can we do it next weekend, 'cuz the next week looks pretty booked as well?

This place has gone off-the-charts whacko. When I see stuff like the "undetectable weapon" bit, it almost seems like comedy now. Bad comedy, but funny and entertaining in its own way. That's what you get for watching FOX news. A week with the mother-in-law proves how effective that shit is on minds not trained (or freed from dogma)to use the power of discernment. "Woof woof" was all I heard after the dear lady began to speak the mantras.

"Obama is a commie"

"The Muslims are out to enslave/kill us all"

"Iran MUST be stopped or we will all be under Sharia law soon" (although there is never any elaboration of what that means exactly - it is "Muslim" so it must be evil, right?)

The kicker, though, was the assertion that the disaster in Japan was payback for Pearl Harbor. Fuckin' priceless.

C'mon, Apocalypse!


PS; sorry to be profane. It just feels appropriate somehow.

Visible said...

Hey Devi;

Let's get together at kumbha mela 2013. I'm already talking to a tent company for about 30 people, which is what I figure for...

Visible said...

A couple of weeks after I met Susanne at one of my gigs at Kihei Maui I took her by a pub on Karaoke night and kind of brought the house down with my version of Dock of the Bay. I think that might have helped her fall in love with me. I have always loved that man. He, Sam Cook and, Stevie Wonder are immortals in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... Start with talking about love throw in some flattery and then...

Realpolitik is so effective! Pick your side now! HATE the Brits!

Violence was and is the only solution! Non-violent resistance is for wusses! Gandhi didn't achieve anything!


"Islamofascists" about 600 years before Islam was founded!


Ho hum...

Well seriously, the polytheism vs monotheism mostly false conflict is something I've wanted to talk about... In the supposedly polytheistic Hinduism you have the Source from which all the other gods emanate... And monotheism you have One God and angels, jinns, ifreet, spirits.

The divide shouldn't be that big, in my opinion.

Snake Sage

Josey said...


I met Georgie at a University Speech he gave nearby. He talked about human conflagrations as being like a gasoline fire, that once ignited, will continue to burn hot until all the fuel is consumed, or all the lives lost and revenge killings settled. At least that's how I remember one portion of it.

At the time I was more interested in his market tracking acumen, so it registered with me as unusual.

I go thru days of faith confidence and optimism, to days of uncertainty and despair at the general level of concern by the broad population.


Josey said...


I meant to ask, do you remember that guys name who was in contact with the alien beings? something like Andre Palov ? Anyway i was going to look at what he is saying now.


Anonymous said...

Beloved, I am with you always and you are the genuine article.

I was off the hooks sick to the stomach when we didnt hear from you for a time last month, was sure something had happened, my rock, and then cheered up when saw your comments, not posts, and then the reveal - you did have to go get treatment - YES you were missed, and yes we noticed. And yes I felt it.

And out of the blue, the LOVE has created this nest of this songbird that I dont know the name of laid four eggs and chicks in the branches of this eye level rhododendron bush - where no bird frequents and the sparrows for whom me and my better half layout sunflower and bird seeds for - and every day this soggy, foggy New England week, I worry, send my love and protection to them and YOU and am gratified with this GIFT.

And when you were thinking and celebrating Ram Navami and informed me of Satya Sai Baba passing on - I was informed by you and was gratified.

Thank you for the deep honor of the invite, I am there with you now and always and will be your guide in your mind, that is also my mind and the MIND.

I am happy to offer all the help so you do not lose sight of BHARAT, INDIA when you encounter "india" of 2011, 2012, 2013. You will find your way. Though you may find that openness will have some benefit in the most casual of acquantances in your tent, but more importantly with a tusted helper or friend or two - one with a family and more importantly, the means to afford a guest.

General amenities, typical facilities, cynical cheats, hangers on, hippie racists and others may take advantage of you given they themselves have been robbed of any connection other than survival, so seek out the reliable on the ground Indian (Hindu-respecting)friend and stay with families.

Also, much love to North India, but the transuil, genteel civil and honorable South India (Auroville, the other ashram which is home of the hugging Saint) is where things are at, the peaceful Hindu and Jain temples of Gujarat (west) and the lovable, cultured love of the mind, good food, good books and high culture of the Bengali in Kolkata (West Bengal) - the hills of Darjeeling (West Bengal)and Ootacamund of the Blue Mountains (Tamil Nadu)are where its at.

North India gems lie in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir (no thanks to regional bullies US, China, Pakistan, Israel, UK - malcontent despoilers all).

So, if reality bites, know Bharat in these palces and I am with you love, always.

Friendly, intelligent, sacrificing people - and get used to the word Saab - you will be called Saab or Sir, a sign of immediate respect.

Who knows, with your passing my litmus tests of India and Hinduism, perhaps it is you that will teach them a thing or two about reconnecting with the Devta or Devi energy again.

While you do, for your entertainment, India's most respected and media wise most maligned movie star, the only one in the world that cares to blog daily to rise above the din and mud-slinging that truthseekers everywhere know: (Amitabh Bachchan) - ha there's another coincidence, Amitava, Amitabha.

My beloved, this is not a wuss out, I intend to walk with you hereon, beyond time.

Thank you for the LOVE and finding me gurudev.


Anonymous said...

a row of afghan widows
piles of dead mens clothes
bones of cold dead children
palestinian checkpoints closed
libya exploding
banksters playing games
vultures pick the system
the people cast in chains
the effect of living ruthlessness
inhumanity neglect
the collapsing house of ill repute
consumed by no respect
sacrificing culture
wars against us all
all the little people
under psychopathic rule


Anonymous said...

Furthermore Les, The young woman purportedly raped by the head of the IMF comes from a country that is notorious for this practice.

Miriam said...

Now look at what the Fundies did to the Mayan calendar progression; turned it into a joke of a rapture and then the end of the world.

The next opening of 18 days starting on May 20 is for LIES TO BE EXPOSED AND PROGRESS MADE.

I guess 'rapture' will be the first lie exposed. Hope they don't do a Jones Town or Heaven Gate episode of this bad 'daytime drama'.

I am not a believer of the Mayan calendar, I look at the evidence, and it is right in front of me so far.
Wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it.

I would feel sorry for these fools who are so easily manipulated if it wasn't for their hatred of everything that isn't like them.

Zoner~ I feel for you. I understand, really. Different words, but same tune. 'nuf said there.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan... Where Empires go to die. (sure I borrowed that from someone, just not sure who)

Thought everyone would appreciate this piece of commentary, as the Globalists' plans fail to reach fruition:

It is impossible to impose a globalist system when one does not control up to ten percent of the social surface of the planet or more. Additionally, having failed to take control of Afghanistan, the elites are faced with yet another dilemma in that the failure will breed further resistance, and this in turn will further destabilize their internationalist plans. It is ironic that two of the world's oldest tribes, the Punjabis and the Pashtuns – traditional rivals – have apparently faced down the depredations of an equally merciless tribal community with equally ancient roots based in the City of London. (From the Daily Bell, who, IMHO, provide some of the best analysis out there. They have some excellent analogies, as well, such as the Internet Reformation.)


Anonymous said...

Devi... I apologize.

Snake Sage

Miriam said...

Thanks for those thoughts Snake Sage@ 9:30pm

Anonymous said...

Les. hate to be a pain but Regarding the young woman from Guinea and the IMF incident...

Anonymous said...

Miriam, hopefully you're talking about the parts about polytheism vs monotheism...

The sarcasm part wasn't my best... I kind of thought I was talking to somebody else.

Things are getting bit weird but I still like it and I'll keep trying.

Snake Sage

Terrance said...

Anon 6:47? Sorry , the Hindenburg had already been taken....

est said...

he'll be

and so
will i

Miriam said...

SS~ perhaps not appreciating your sarcasm(grin)...I found Devi's comments confusing...
certainly India is an example of the worst kind of oppression of British Empire control to be later carried out further under different names like United States and Israel.

In reading a short, incomplete, and at least some erroneous account of this part of India's history~ as is all history written by the West, I see that SCB had a very different view of how to accomplish India's independence.
From what I see, he may have been a hero to his people for his bravery and continued armed resistance, but he was not successful in the same way that Ghandi was in my limited understanding and in fact.
No doubt there was politicking involved and pressure for SCB to withdraw, etc.
I don't believe Ghandi was above that at all.
But, again, from a certain writing, SCB was possibly used by the Axis to gain a foothold for their own uses during WW2, and that is too bad. In the end, his forces had to withdraw and then disband.

The remarks about Pakistan I find troubling for sure.
I am not interested in more Islamic bashing in favor of other religions.
SCB did not hold that sort of prejudice

Your comment about polytheism vs monotheism has merit for me.

Don't want to step on anyone's toes here, and I sure don't know as much about India as someone who lives there, but what was presented here has some holes.

Anonymous said...

And the truth is, that all one has to do is substitute the word "Pharaoh" wherever the world "Lord" appears in the O.T.....and you have the truth of who the "Lord" really was.

ya see, kinda explains how all those ancient "patriarchs" were able to directly face and converse with "Their Lord."

And don't bother to tell me about how the "Lord" told his supposed "Chosen People" they had "sinned" and he used the pharaoh to punish them: there were almost always TWO EGYPTIAN KINGDOMS.

Hence the fable of the two kingdoms of isreal and judah.

I'm digging that root up boss, I'm digging that root....


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Snake Sage,
Have you perused the Vishishtadvaita
Vedanta (qualified dualism) as propounded by Sri Ramanujacharya?

I think you'd find this very interesting.

This is a good link to check out..

Google: The Vedanta Philosophy of Ramanujacharya

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone.

Here is one creative way to wait for the apocalypse.

Perhaps the ineffable is at work here ?

Thanks for your Blog Les.

Patrick V1.0

Citizen Elle said...

Anon 9:56 ~ thank you for your endurance - the poetry continues to amaze me each & every time & I haven’t told you that lately.

Visible Maestro,
Your service as conductor of this fine group here is bar none, providing the finest performance that I've been witness to on this here 10” x 14” EM screen. Cheers all & please join me in offering a standing ovation (despite it only being some intermission as we approach a grand finale of some sort).

From the sea, to me, to thee – much love,

Anonymous said...

Tim Geithner married Carole Sonnenfeld so his two children are jewish, and according to Rosner in the jewish press so is Mr. Timothy Franz Geithner jewish.

Samuel Rosner blogs daily at

"The Jews set to play a central role in Obama's administration

President-elect Barack Obama has yet to name his cabinet, but the identity of at least...

All the main candidates for the crucial job of Treasury Secretary, the man who will have to deal with the global financial crisis, are Jewish. They include Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, who both held the job in the Clinton Administration, former president of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Tim Geithner and even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is mentioned as an outside candidate. "

neal said...

Rapture, take a tour, detour?

We held our collective breaths when we crossed the bridge over Point Pleasant, WV, back in the day. Moth, Man, you are still absolutely badass.
I never expected the bridge again, after a few or more years, but here she comes around the mountain, again.Now she shows how she is connected with the sky, I didn't think it would show so clearly here.

I read about a discovery of archaic Tibetan artifacts found in a hidden place in the Grand Canyon, can't recall the archeological database link, but if the Great Revealing is bringing this, the surface scratching will probably reveal things mostly deeper, not just light and sound.

That road is opening up, and obstacles are entirely up to us.

Thanks for not trying to kill or capture me, these jumps need a small vacation. Or is it just the company I keep?

Miriam said...

Spain Awakens~
Spain's Tahrir Square

Anonymous said...

thx Les. u have the gift. i look forward to your newest post, more than any other, uhmmm, posts, from anywhere else. you just encapsulate things so well. many thx my friend.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

I watched the first half of a movie "Barney's Choice" staring Giomatti (Hoffman in less major role). the intersting thing is it has Jewish themes and content , but not in the usual sense. It is even somewhat critical in that area. kind of curious. maybe just a half decent movie, but I do always try to get to the "why are they doing this". so far it hasn't set off my BS detectors or litmus tests etc. it nice sometimes just to relax and enjoy a mainstream production.
that the first half though. I wonder if they ruin it, or if I will.


wv: ovibe. what you sense when you detect Tesla Mark II's ovity from the other day's wv.

Chinese Sneakers said...

So, i noticed that they made that film, "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie," at the ole' C.E Tuberman hide-out, way up in the Holy-Wood hills, on one of those super-natural ley lines that are just right for that kind of thing, don't ya' know.

And, with the illustrious Charles Finch doing everything to make it so, i'm going to make a point of checking it out. If i can find it--that is; 'cause that film has been all-but disappeared down the memory hole.

Be(e) well.

For Whatever It's Worth said...

Kabbalah Centre, Madonna's Charities Under IRS Criminal Investigation.

Anonymous said...

Reading up on Subhash Chandra Bose... Highly recommended. It is true that we do have to pick sides whether we support tptw, the Empire (in whatever guise it comes) or Humanity, Nature and Truth...

Conflict is very unpleasant and there is the temptation to just go to Dr. Pangloss sleep and conform, but oppression and defilement of Nature, Humanity and Truth is much more so. I'm not necessarily talking about force of arms at this point... Spreading Truth, projecting Awakening and keeping Love in your Heart is very powerful.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Miriam, Her second comment was very personal and made me ralize I know her... II'm still sometimes bit suspicious because I'm protective and I just made a mistake in the sarcasm/dismissal.

Homer, no... Thank you for your suggestion... I try to be as enduring as I can in reading up about Spiritual Truths, from casual glance it seems to be that the Material and the Spiritual Worlds are sort of interlinked mirror planes of existence.

Farang, I believe that view has merit... From what I've understood Akhenaten was this pharaoh, this jealous "god" who forbade people to worship according to their preferences and made them worship him instead, some historians praise him that he had open worship places (Christ taught us to worship privately...) and had blind singers singing praises to Aten/himself (why so many blind people - and 'god of the blind' comes into mind).

This is where, in my opinion, lay the roots of the aggressive 'Judeo-Christian' monolatry and the 'Empire Spiritual Structure'... Destroy/defile the competition so you have a monopoly of Truth - but Truth is not something that can be turned into a tool of the Ego.

Perhaps Synagogue of Satan = Synagogue of Aten? Or perhaps Satan simply means selfishness (as some translations suggest)...


Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Pardon the comment stream...

But I have to say on the subject of Islam that wahhabist 'Islam' is aggresively monolatrous too and intolerant of Hinduism...

Of course Islam is deliberately promoted as The Grand Boogey Man™ (Al-Ciada) to get people fighting for Israel in the West (esp US where the foot soldiers come from) but that doesn't mean that from an Indian perspective the pov is understandable... Some Wahhabists (and their leaders certainly push this) just won't accept that someone has, say, a statue of Ganesha or Durga in the home to remind of those aspects of Divine... It is usually not Hindus being offended by Divine being called Allah (actually Sufis prefer Divine).

Also, the Sauds who are pushing currently the violent, dominating form of Islam flock together with the British 'Queen' and USG...

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Loved the anarchists cutting down the CCTV pole in Manchester, England. The naughty boy pissing on the illuminati pyramid was good for a real chuckle.

Saab, please tell us more about Dr. Pangloss and how what he represents is relative to us as we await the coming third phase of the apocalypse.

Applause is not necessary for any member of this awsome caravan of truth trekking in cyberspace. Our sherpa and we carnies are just doing what we gotta do. Our reward will come after the unveiling.


Anonymous said...

Zionist khazarian ashkenazi false-jews = the synagogue of Satan

Gypsy Scholar said...

Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) resigns effective immediately from the IMF.

It was a take down sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself.

This was a set up honey-trap, an inside (b-) job

Why? Somehow Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies are planning to implement a private fractional-reserve-usury currency.

How they will try and how DSK's take down factors into it is presently unclear.


Anonymous said...

The main stream media's 'War on Truth'

Says it all doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Rachael Maddow's touting of the alledged post-humous (dead for 9½ years!) tape from Osama bin Laden takes the MSM level of "media whoring" to an all time high.

MSM's war on truth, yup.

Wv: sessessa
Is zio-ogre trying to tell me something?

Anonymous said...

Apocalypse (revealing):

Stage 1) The truth about the dark activities of the powers that be are unveiled.

Stage 2) The dark powers that be begin to cannibalize each other.

Stage 3) ?

Stage 4) The metamorphosis of all things temporal in this world to another dimension of time and space.

Anonymous said...

Buffy Sainte-Marie is wonderful. Never heard God Is Alive, I could listen all day; also Universal Soldier & Until It's Time For You To Go. All these years and I never knew she was Cree! *feels shame*

Tribal/Native music is the best, it helps me to connect with a more primordial space within my inner sanctum.
Mike Patton (love him) made more than a respectable - gorgeous - effort with the Anonymous album via Tomahawk.
A few of my fave tracks:
Red Fox
Ghost dance
Mescal Rite 1

These past few months I've noticed Mother Nature doing some strange and wonderful things. I feel her life force intensifying (whew!) yet I don't feel anything dangerous or threatening. Communing with her yesterday, I thought of the nuclear mess and whatnot, she in turn radiated much love and peace to me reassuring me that she would be fine as will all who love her. I've NEVER felt the power of her presence to the extent that I do now; there's also a sense of strong solidarity. Her powerful spirit awakes with the rest of us. I'm reminded a lot of Miyazaki films right now. As for stories, I had a bat land on the side of my face once. I was just sitting in a parking lot minding my own business, maybe he thought I was a warm fleshy tree? He didn't JUST land on my face, he wanted to go on vacation, on my face. He was relaxing and wouldn't leave on his own so I actually had to 'unhook' him to peel him off. i was going to leave him alone (live and let live I say) but I couldn't very well get on a public bus with a bat attached to my face even if it was late at night. When I got home I had two puncture marks on my cheek. I've had other unusual bat encounters. Bats love me?

al spense - I noticed the moon as well... and what it's doing to me! WTF is up with that I wonder? Something is definitely a-changing. Like it's coming alive along with everything else...

anon 6:00:00 PM - I thought the same thing! I feel sorry for the guy. He made some infantile remark about belief in God or heaven being merely 'fairy stories' or some such and I thought, "Is THAT the most intelligent thing this man has to say about this topic? Really. I know he can be more articulate than that. He just came across as bitter and condescending to me. I do hope he gets to leap over with the rest of us so he can finally "pinch" his wife's ass, that poor man.

Thank you to all the commenter's here. Many of you give invaluable food for thought.


Miriam said...

SS~ I don't know you so I don't know where you feel you know me from...(grin)

Tit for tat hatred is not an excuse I accept between believers of any sect. If a person believes in the Divine and seeks/lives within that Being to the best of their ability, this will not be a factor. The hatred that people feel for each other based on any of the illusions of this world is a created thing from the Controllers. It is something to be fought against on as many levels as is possible and it is a very difficult entity to overcome, probably not until we awaken completely.
There are horrible examples of all kinds in the realm of oppression, and yes standing for Truth Nature and Awakening takes many forms.

Force and war is often needed against foes of great power. Even Gandhi understood this, but took a different road in his own fight for independence for India, and yes he encouraged a myth around himself.

This is a very good article about the ideology and philosophies of Netaji(The Revered) or SCBose and what he thought of the Axis nations.

The historical is consolidated in Wiki(with problems) and various other articles I read say essentially the same thing with various degrees of heroism:


Netaji(which he was called as a sign of deep respect by all)was a great man, highly intelligent, inspiring, well respected, and a great Warrior.
He included women in his ranks of soldiers and loved India with all his being.

It is true, that he was not able to free India by force;
his attack on the British, his forces in South India thru Burma(as it was then called) was shortened and incomplete because Japan was losing the war and had to withdraw, leaving his forces exposed. He had to withdraw and disband.

Netaji is honored all over India and SAsia and it is shameful that his contributions to India are not known to the world.

We need to be sure to tell the truth here which in no way diminishes the man known as Netaji.

Zoner said...

+1,000 on the Miyazaki films. An awesome depiction of a deeper truth with each incredible tale.

A fine counter to the the rest of the "art" world. For some reason, Les reminds me of "Howl" sometimes. (big grin)

Anonymous said...

.Mouser said.. I litterally was laughing through most of the linked Faux news 2½ min clip. It felt good to laugh I can only shake my head in disbelief that anyone one would believe anything like that piece from the MSM. Who is their audience.

Their audience is the guy in the office next to me who thinks that Donald Trump and Michelle Backman would make an "awesome " presidential ticket. His SUV sports a bumper sticker that reads " Caution! In case of Rapture this vehicle will be without a driver". I kind of think it's without one already. ;)

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that the askeNAZI tribe were penis worshipers. i also read that some rabbis have been know to suck blood from fresh cut foreskin in the circumcision ritual. They also forced their dick cutting on the masses of non Jews, that was a scam. Maybe cut gentiles should start a class action for sexual mutilation and child abuse against the medical establishment

Anonymous said...

Miriam, Im not talking about tit for tat hatred... Loathing injustice is possible while staying Compassionate.

Also, it is not 'hatred' to point out historical track records of certain religions, or to speculate on why they are like they are...

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Miriam, you are not Devi and i never claimed to know you...

Snake Sage

josey said...


You may find this article helpful in understanding the Grand Canyon Story.

Canyonitis: Seeing evidence of ancient Egypt in the Grand Canyon

Is there, within the Grand Canyon, an enigmatic system of tunnels that is evidence of an ancient Egyptian voyage to America? Is it all bogus? Or is the truth most likely somewhere in between?

Philip Coppens

Curious minds wish to know said...


Are you a female alias for someone else who regularly writes here? I don't mind if you are male or female. The reason I ask is my spider senses are tingling about your syntax, cadence and lilt in your last lengthy comment. It was good - but it was distinctly male in character.

Or am I all wrong?

Miriam said...

Snake Sage, I misunderstood what you posted here: wondered why you referred to me in third person! Oh the pit falls of the written word~
"Miriam, Her second comment was very personal and made me ralize I know her... II'm still sometimes bit suspicious because I'm protective and I just made a mistake in the sarcasm/dismissal."
It read to me as if you were saying that *about* me, not to me, (geez! duh! ;p)
Sorry for all the confusion between us...

I am done with this topic I this format it is getting too hard to communicate properly.

I am also having some difficult days being under some serious psychic attack, so please forgive me if I am not communicating very well.
Holding the fort down with love.

Anonymous said...

Don’t Say I Did Not Warn You About Your 401k…

Congress has a proposed bill that would make it more difficult for you to tap your 401K. The proposal would limit the amount of loans against the accounts and eliminate 401k debit cards. They of course are doing this to protect you from raiding your savings. The government does not want the sheep to get out of the barn before the slaughter.

Just in case you missed that last, very important point:


Economically for sure - perhaps physically as well.

Applies to all people under governments controlled by zionist central banks (193 of 197 countries).

Anonymous said...

Ashkenazis penis worshippers? Well, I don't know... Doesn't match up with enforced circumcision. Besides it is a religious tradition in the Judaism we have today whether Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi or Beta Israe as far as I know...

Besides, lot of Christianity is penis-worshipping when you have Divine Father + Sexless spirit/white bird creating Divine Son.

People who try to put Divine Feminine back to Christianity (Shekhinah/Holy Spirit = Divine Feminine) got treated very badly by the ptw... First slander then murder.

It's not going to end well for men either... The Masculine and the Feminine need to be Balanced. This doesn't mean sameness between men and women but being complementary.

Can man be free if woman be a slave?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

For creation/stage 3 Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine need to do what needs to be done to have a baby, in my opinion...

Snake Sage

Visible said...

This divisiveness shit will stop or I will stop it.

Anonymous said...

This also tells of the Grand Canyon discoveries in 1909.

“Over a hundred feet from the entrance is a cross-hall, several hundred feet long, in which was found the idol, or image, of the peoples god, sitting cross-legged, with a Lotus flower or Lily in each hand. The cast of the face is Oriental, and the carving shows a skillful hand, and the entire is remarkably well preserved, as is everything in this cavern. The idol most resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents."

Miriam said... are all wrong.

Visible, If I have been divisive, my profound apologies.
I did not mean to come across in any way offensive.
Got side tracked here by my own feet.
So sorry.

Anonymous said...


DSK looks like a 2 message courier that I can cypher: We are cleaning up loose ends. Demigod DE Evelyn giveth and he can taketh away; no matter your seat at the table of lower nature. Prolly nothing more. Solidification process of diarrhea; sorta.



Visible said...


I am certainly not talking about you Miriam.

Miriam said...

Thank you Visible...(grin)

and me writing " are all wrong" did not come out right; boy what a couple of was meant for the question as to who I am and that person asking "or am I all wrong..."
Yes you are all wrong...just to clarify before anyone thinks I am talking to them...

wv: efies~ when you are feelin' 'saucy' as a man or woman and feel a bout of fkyou coming on.

bholanath said...

curious minds 7:52 -

you again?...or a copy cat?
what's with the gender obsession?

as I was gonna say to amarynth earlier after her cool funny comment,
"do you remember the SNL character named 'Pat'?" (grin)

ChewyBees said...

I've always been amused by the rapture, and those that have, through their exclusive knowledge of an external God, proclaimed their automatic and deserving participation in a ticket to the Elysium event.
I wonder why a God of so much power would take away the most prized soldiers in an eons long spiritual battle, at the precipice of the conflict? Perhaps those that plan to get off scotch free (see priest, UK) are not quite what they think they are in the scheme of things.
I must say that if you are a warrior of God's word, a carrier of the spirit of Christ, and full well expect that you have an inheritance coming to you in some heaven somewhere, then you had better have in your heart the willingness to defend it, to the suffering and bitter end if necessary. In the words a a great trio of rockers somewhere, "No one gets to the heaven without a fight".
You may get your ticket out sooner than you think. In the meantime, find another way to live our your final days than worshiping some God-forsaken organization of men, designed to divide, and conquer, your mind body and soul, the only real trinity you can ever reach.

And then there's love, and love is now, and will only exist in the future if you yourself bring it there.

DaveR said...

It never occurred to me in the slightest that Miriam was anything but female. Her "syntax, cadence and lilt" just made me think English is not her first language. She does write some beautiful stuff, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Point taken and accepted at face value. Thank you for answering.

Gypsy Scholar said...

Danish film director Lars von Trier has said he is sympathetic to Hitler.

That statement got him bouced out of the Cannes film festival because it is funded by scads of zionist money.

Could it be that von Trier is Truth savy and that he can see the same pattern in the Western world now that Germany faced prior to the rise of the Nazi regime against zionist jews?

There are many parallels between Germany's reaction to the zionist jewish cancer which plagued Europe before Germany reacted and the present Western world situation.

Since 9/11 the Western world has become more and more aware that Rothschild orchestrated it and futher that the ongoing counterfeiting (private fractional-reserve-usury) central banks which exist in most all Western countries are owned by Rothschild and his oligarch cronies.

Also the awareness that Rothschild and the country he bought into existence (israel) are manipulating Western goyim to fight and die in wars created for further power and profits of the zionist jews.

Lars von Trier seems correct in his sympathies for Hitler as far as hating the infiltration and control of society by criminally acting zionist jews. The zionist jews are deliberately fomenting debt slavery, war and poverty around the world.

I am quite sympathetic with Lars von Trier.

It has been often conjectured that:

Zionist khazarian askenazi false-jews = the synagogue of Satan


Anonymous said...

It is true that written word isn't an ideal medium... Of the five senses you can only use one. Misunderstandings occasionally happen, or maybe nothing is really an accident? Hmm....

If the 'divisiveness' refers to what I've said about (True) problems certain religions have about acknowledging The Divine Feminine principle among other things, well then, if that is divisive then I guess I'll just have to wear that label too - with dignity.

Most, if not all of the religions in this Kali Yuga are corrupt and tools of politics and money-making, but doesn't mean that there aren't different degrees of corruption in different sects.

Snake Sage

Just Saying said...

Jacob is the real boss, not Evelyn. THE CITY Trumped Paris.

Going to be some dandy fireworks this summer.

Visible said...

Why would that be the reason? Is it all that difficult to spot? Well, it doesn't matter because certain kinds of comments won't be showing up for comparison anyway.

gemmell said...

Rapture this weekend?

'God' wouldn't do that on a Grand Prix weekend, would He?

The bastard!

wv: demie, obviously not a 'full' god then.

John C (UK)

G.Scholar said...

Inciteful comments Sir.

May I?

"Just Saying said...

Jacob is the real boss, not Evelyn. THE CITY Trumped Paris.

Going to be some dandy fireworks this summer."

1. Is 'Just Saying' the same writer as penned the infamous 'last paragraph' listed above? If so thank you again.

2. That Jacob is the alfa Rothschild male makes sense. Do you have a straight forward link to this information?

3. Is 'The City trumped Paris' referring to The City of London skut down DSK? That would go contrary to my understanding of the fact that the IMF was created by Rothschild at the end of the 2nd WW to facillitate plundering the world through debt slavery and extortion of 3rd world countries' natural resources. Why would The City of London (read Rothschild) take out their own number 1 lackey of his IMF (read DSK Paris)?

4. What do you mean by fireworks this summer? Please elaborate.


Anonymous said...


Sure, if it comes, than it comes - so what? If it does not comes, than we are lucky! Every living day on our Earth is a lucky day. No one realise this. We living in a universe with complete CHAOS! Only human thinks that we can create ORDER....

WRONG! It IS the universe itself who creates the ORDER on it's own terms!

This is nice:
Our Universe is Magic. The age of science has failed to explain our universe in rational terms.

Consequently the power of magic has gradually emerged from our conscious minds to fathom the unfathomable.

Our most distinguished scientists reluctantly admit, that mankind is nothing but some billion creatures, sitting on a piece of solar driftwood floating in space.

Magic is the art of influencing the cause of events by the intervention of spiritual forces or some other occult device.

According to arthur c. clarke any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Early civilization often mistook the unexplainable world around them to be magic.

Rupert sheldrake in his book "seven experiments that could change the world" has stated that scientist's attitude toward their experiments affect the results of their experiments.

There is no such thing as a definite fact in science and therefore the irrationality of magic plays an important part in our rational world.

Werner heisenberg, the leading 20th. century physicist has stated, that mass is a physical interpretation of energy.

Religious organizations have understood the power of magic; and therefore monopolized the interpretation of the supernatural to control the human mind.

The universe as a whole is beyond explanation.

Only at the end of the 20th century the roman catholic church admitted, that the great visionary galileo galilei was, in fact, correct.

The second millennium has come to an end. Scientists have to admit that the universe is magic.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now-

When the Walking Half Dead become The Walking Undead.

Miriam said...

LOL! English is my first language.
When I proof read, I have to sometimes laugh...I wonder where I developed my writing style from~ Yoda?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

That was beautifully written...I feel the same...the joy I feel inside could light an entire village...I hope everyone here is tapped a worker for the light ask and you shall receive...

The big pay day is you stated they have had free rein for some time and got cockee...evil will always self destruct when given the chance...for evil does not respond to the light never has and never will...they hide in the dark and they are running out of dark to hide in...

The Apocolypse has already begun...all this destruction is a display of evil destroying itself...and also a clearing of this dimension will take place in the process (as we are witnessing)...

Either you are of the light and continue the dimensional shift...or you are of the dark and are eventually transmuted...everyone and everything will be judged either way..

The time is here for True Beings to celebrate our Liberation...

the only one that knows that final date of completion is our Divine Creator...but

in the mean time hold on as it will get crazier and crazier as these demons start showing signs of their Terminal Madness of the End Times...

Best Wishes Always

Neko Kinoshita said...

Any sufficiently advanced Magic is indistinguishable from technology - Neko Kinoshita

So there!

Anonymous said...

The REAL boss is Krishna and Jacob the head and Evelyn the tail can put that in their serpent pipe and inhale as they eat each other!

Bongos and blue skies,


Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Binnie the Rat Nitwityahoo.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

They've got a Thing for the Crack in The Liberty Bell.



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