Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bad Ass Bozos on the Downtown, Hellfire Express Train

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Michael Rivero had a photo of The Empire of the Damned politicos, monitoring the Zombie murder of the long dead Bin Laden (presumably now sleeping with the fishes), where these tone deaf, brain dead, walking heart attacks, were taking a glad-handing, serious bidness looking, poker up the ass photo op, sitting in front of turned off laptops, with a caption saying something like, “Perhaps they should have turned on their laptops first”. It sums up these Smegma Cum Laude, demon fluffers from life’s Fox News porn shoot; these ‘68’ junkies on the make for another machine gun spatter cum shot into darkness. What’s a 68? You blow me and I owe you one.

Joe Biden looks like he could use a blow job but he’s not the kind of man who would marry or be involved with a woman (or a man) who knows anything bout that kind of thing, or even which end of it he’s supposed to be on. Does it work the way things work for him politically? Man that sounds gay. Or does it work the way the people who work for him are pretending it happens? Joe Biden is the perfect Vice President for O’Bummer. One of them has shit for brains and one of them is shit out of luck. You make the call.

Hillary Clinton looks like she might know what a blowjob is, all she has to do is wax nostalgic and get into her voyeur bag; dream a little dream about Mossad agents bringing their knee pads to Washington. I don’t think she actually performs them. I know all about ‘the soul of a lawyer’ but as much as the act applies to the profession, they are probably the last plumber you want to call. It does recall the old joke about the lawyer who was paying the plumber for a house call and who says, “Geez man, I’m a lawyer and I don’t bill at these prices”. The plumber responds, “Yeah, I know, I used to be a lawyer”. You bite me now and I’ll claw you to death later.

O’Bummer looks like the human straw, shit siphon that we know and despise. His ass has been in hock for so long he doesn’t even know what it looks like anymore, or even what it’s like to have one, which is why it’s so easy for him to be one. The only hard decision you ever have to make about Biden and O’Bummer involves the torturous effort of having to determine if they are Hall of Fame assholes or just shit for brains incompetents. There’s one thing they’re not incompetent at and that is following orders from their Israeli paymasters, presently scoping one more colossal fuckup in an attack upon Iran. I hate to say that one of the things I look forward to as much as an interdimensional shift in consciousness, which would preclude feeling this way, is anticipating the country of Israel melting down to the hot, liquid center of the Earth. It’s a contradiction but it would be the equivalent of a long awaited bowel movement, juxtaposed with an orgasm to end the ages, juxtaposed with a hot shower, while coming on to some real MMDA.

Some of you believe in an interpenetrating divine presence that makes everything out of itself and is all of the actors and scenery, as well as the beginning, middle and end of existence and some of you don’t. That’s not a concern of mine, if it’s no concern of yours but... all of us believe in karma. No matter what we say, instinctively we know, ‘what goes around comes around’. We comprehend obvious karma and inexplicable karma, as in, “Yeah, I can see why that happened to me. I did the same thing to someone else more than once” or, “Why the Hell did that happen to me? It doesn’t make any sense”.

My point is... even though a good portion of the public has the status of being stupider than a serf from The Dark Ages and nearly as brutish, the movers and shakers; the ones we’ve mentioned here ...and their counterparts around the planet are, ultimately, stupider and more brutish. Why are they stupider, since they are running the world, feathering their own nests and taking a dump in everyone else’s at the same time? It’s because of karma. I would not... and no sane person would, want to be one of these Bozos on the cosmic downtown train. The operative word is ‘down’. Why are they more brutish? Duh.

Sometimes I wonder why I like Putin so much. It could be just more of my Sai Baba, Jacque Fresco Syndrome but I do like him. That’s strange given the way he came up through the ranks but he’s done some pretty spectacular things and he is a heavyweight when it comes to oligarchs. What other world leader has had the sand and the stones to accomplish such a thing. I’d love to spend a week at his Black Sea dacha and study the cut of his jib.

Most of the rest of the world leaders, sell their ass for filthy lucre and the illusion of world-shaking influence; these pathetic power junkies, who have no power because they work for The Bank of Satan, Israel. I’m patiently awaiting the return of Jesus Christ, under another name, of course, with the hammer of Thor. I envision it as something like a nail studded baseball bat, though scalpel blades will do, if it’s a finesse mode scene in search of human remoulade.

Its karma, people and if you do comical, the image is of Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, saying “buh buh buh buh that’s all folks” and then comes The Tandava. Truly clueless is a mysterious state, scripturally it’s mirrored by the line, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul”? Well, the soul would be the critical item but the mind, the heart and the ass get their portion too.

I feel like I spent considerable lifetimes getting to where I am, wherever that is and I’m not disappointed by the promise of it and hope I won’t be disappointed in myself but, apparently, these fools also spent considerable lifetimes getting to where they are and I have to ask, “What’s the point? Where’s the payoff”? Like I said, it’s mysterious. I can get, in it’s real form, everything these psychopaths think they possess at most any time, experientially speaking, even if only as metaphor and I don’t even want it. There is surely a wide, wide margin between different parts of us collectively. I can only liken the mindset of those under discussion here, to a fever or a state of possession. Nothing else makes sense. They’re all sitting around the campfire in The Treasure of Sierra Madre and they all think they’re Humphrey Bogart. The windstorm is coming. Reality...? I don’t need no stinking reality.

It’s the same thing top to bottom and the relative hallucination percentages are similar in every sense. You know that a good portion of people looking for a job at the TSA are into some strange sexual things and that’s their motivation for employment. The motto is something like, “To offend and serve... myself.” They’re all on that downtown Hellfire Train. Some are sitting in first class with the Pullman option and some are in the cheap seats but they’re all on the hot seat, with no liquid cooling to be had. It just gets hotter and hotter as they travel along, until the train morphs into a microwave, covered dish, Tandoori pot. No matter what happens, they can’t die and there are cannibals waiting outside the windows with garden shears.

What kind of Bozos are these? How does one measure the level of denial and ignorance? You cannot. It is as limitless as light in its own way. One is lighter, cooler, freer and airier and the other is denser, darker, hotter and more confining and they talk about free will? That’s the tragic irony of it all. Maybe there is no free will but I suspect there has to be. There has to be.

When you hear about horrible things and trust me, I suspect many of you have not heard about some of the truly horrible things that can afflict and come after one on this plane of existence. When you hear about the atrocities of the war torn Congo, Rwanda and the gamut of historical events, what you are hearing about are the varieties of experience reserved and given to those who acted like the Bozos in today’s Petri Dish. These lives repeat again and again. There is no reason not to feel compassionate about their state. It is what makes us different but... there is no injustice anywhere. Everything is exactly what it should be, which is why it is imperative for us to be exactly what we can be. Pain and suffering are the guides along the length of the great road of awakening and a wise soul will turn all their industry to giving an ear to the source of their torment and recognize the intransigence in us that makes us suffer and the following torment that informs us we are alive at the same time.

I’m learning not to hate these people. The more I understand what awaits them, the more truly sorry I am for them ...but too often we are in a ‘pearls before swine’ modality in which the pearls aren’t even seen in the first place, much less a provocation for turning again and rending you. It doesn’t come up in their windshield and forget the rear view mirror. Yes, it would have been better if they had turned on their laptops. They might have learned something, if they knew where to look. All aboard!!!

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
There is No Injustice


Dave Klausler said...

"I’m learning not to hate these people."

By far, the most difficult task for me.

kikz said...

"These lives repeat again and again"..............

xtianity's dogmas; yaweh as creator, and the negation of doctrine of reincarnation..certainly don't help.

as far as freewill... i imagine an invisible jcol. essup sits jimminy cricket on most shoulders..... 'you can't handle freewill!" so... they don't.

guess it all boils down to how one views the universe/deity.......benevolent vs malevolent... it shapes and colors all.

Anonymous said...

Your brilliance and talent are growing exponentially and I would not have thought it possible. It's a real pleasure to visit with you, pastoral as it all is.


Mouser said...

Slam dunk, Visible.



Ben said...


I've liked and admired Putin for years. The reason for this is a bit hard to pin down; part of it might be that my admiration for him is in inverse proportion to the zionist media attacks against him.

Putin's eyes reveal a certain serenity and confidence; he is said to be a devout follower of Jesus. One could argue that a follower of Jesus would not do some of the things Putin has done... however, Jesus, on two occasions, used violence against the money changers.

I also suspect Putin has learned through his life experiences of the absolute sovereignty of Father Creator and Putin knows that all, as in all, authority is given by Father. Putin has that authority and he is using it. For this, the zionists hate him, and they hate him for going after their khazar money changers.

I've believed for many years that Russian will play a role in liberating the whole world from the international money changers. It may be that Father Creator has raised up His servant Putin for precisely this role.

Anonymous said...

I hope nobody takes this too personally, I'm talking generally here:

It seems to me that Reincarnation is sort of an expansion for the concept called Karma, or the idea that The Creator is benevolent and just and ultimately (perhaps after trials) rewards Good and punishes Evil.

Reincarnation and Karma make sense in the way that The Creator allows many chances, it is not just 'You can have your cake and save it too' instasave religion, which admittedly is easier to sell especially if it is coupled with the promises of eternal damnation to those who do not follow that particular corporation.

However, Pre-Nicaea Christianity had the concept of Reincarnation. It may be unhelpful to deny Reincarnation, yet there are many Christians who follow the example that Christ set (and many who don't) anyway.

Also, there are those who profess belief in Reincarnation and Karma but claim there is some 'trick' or specific 'ritual' to control it - I think that is far more hubristic than denying the concept altogether.

Snake Sage

DaveS said...



wv:dismsu... To ignore the reality or truth someone has chosen to share with you. It's easy for the ignorant to dismsu, given all the other 'choices' they have.

Anonymous said...

Of what little I do know, I know that whichever way the Bozos head, I wanna be off in the opposite direction. Nope, wouldn't want their karma.

I once listened to some people discussing the underground escape hatches the Bozos have built for themselves. My first thought was, who, in their right mind, would want to be sealed and bolted in some bunker with them?? Like exactly how long will it take before they are at one another's throats? My second thought was, I don't think that's gonna work out as they anticipate. I'll take my chances above ground, in the light, thank you.

I do appreciate hangin' out at LV's soul food shack. Gosh LV, you're such a good cook!!

Love & Hugs, Serena

Anonymous said...

"Learning not to hate these people." It is what I am trying to do also. Like Richard Nixon once said, "If they make you hate them then they win.", or something like that. If our hearts become infected with hate rage will soon follow and then we are no better than the goons.

From now on my motto is: Learn not to hate!.

Thanks! A very beautiful sentiment. I am really glad I read this!

Anonymous said...

via Homer...

or does it boil down to how the universe/deity views US?

"As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pṛthā."

Anonymous said...

I've tried to send white light to these people and pray for them to have some sort of light they can see in themselves and what usually happens when I do that is I get visited or raped by demons at night in my dreams.
I wonder what that means?
What I find is that I don't allow myself to get filled with hate and anger towards them but I do feel anger at the secrecy and mental disease. I don't get angry at the devils or psychosis possessing them but I rage at the long drudging wait for them to get just what they deserve. It might never happen in my lifetime and I sometimes become numb to so much because I am tired of feeling so much sorrow about it but I guess that's what makes me human right.
I do get caught up in it though.

That photo does look so picture perfect, doesn't it, with half filled coffee cups in all the right places and all laptops open except not running.
Love you Les, as always, you guide and teach me that my road here isn't just a silly mistake but trully a divine experience and I need to have more faith that it will work out.
Love, Debbie.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"benevolent vs malevolent" Kikz, are you sure it isn't both at once?

Weirdness grows and the BS has long since past the point of absurdity. The illusions of power and control may be their primary drivers. Their capacity for self-deception is only exceeded by their hubris.

Losing one’s soul has such a high cost. It may take ten thousand lifetimes to “buy it back.” And how much of the unmitigated suffering we are witness to represents some of those transactions?

But what do I know?
I know that I have moved past most (never quite all) of the anger and frustration.
I know that there is peace in the acceptance that I cannot make other’s choices for them.
I know that there is yet more for me to learn and that the divine lessons can be a bit painful if you try to hold on to what you may not keep.
I know that letting it go results in benefits that may or may not reflect what is released, but always exceed it.

I know that I might sound insane, but in this world at this time, that is probably a good thing.

Make no mistake; this scarred and singed alley cat has no illusions about his (total lack of) ability. And that the divine is found within but the internal guidance is to allow the universe itself to provide more riches than are dreamed of in our simple philosophies.

Watching the dew vanish from the blades of grass like a falling tine here in the cul-de-sac,


Miriam said...

There is another story being told about Bin Laden, that he has been on ice for ten years.
Personally I don't buy it. It is another disinfo tale to make people think Bin Laden was actually thrown overboard.
I mean why have a body and not use it for pictures.

But for giggles let's just say that is true.
Here's another caption for that staged picture~

"OMG! That is what he looks like after ten years on ice? Oh No, that won't do at all..."

Story on the staged picture:
I like Putin too. Just something about the guy.
I mean, kicking out the oligarchs and paying off the huge debts ahead of schedule thereby saving his country billions...who heard of such a thing?
Taking on Israel via Georgia in a slam dunk, and wrestling with tigers.
He sure has the kahunas.
I have a hard time sometimes holding that Souls ask for 'victimhood'. That individuals are given sexual abuse, murder, and all the things I don't want to consider and turn my head from, for their karmic balance.
Yet on a personal level I know it is true(and my payments here this life time are nothing in comparison).
That the harsh and worse conditions people are living in are their collective karma.
Collective karma is even harder for me.

Compassion demands that we do what we can, which often is nothing physical due to tptb blocking most efforts at relief, but even supporting them in their struggles to get thru to the balance point is greatly helpful in the bigger picture, and helps our own karma to gain the higher road.

So when we watch entire countries rising up to make new beginnings, such as Egypt and the Palestinians, it shows that there really are cleansings of the whole of a people. And this is heartening and hopeful.
It shows me that the Energies that have been increasing are really getting thru to raising and awakening the Group Heart.

We must be very close to the Transition indeed.

William Freeman said...

On the face of it this crowd couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery; The absymally fakey birth certificate, the faked situation room photo op, the fakey Bin Laden photos etc.
All fakes.
Then again it could be intentional. Fakey gives ample room for speculation and speculation makes tired when there are no real answers on the horizon. And since there is no (yet) recognizable instance on the Planet to set things right, it's back to business as usual the day after tomorrow. 911 was no different.
It all smells of psyops-smoke and mirrors bullshit made by fakey-holocausty land. These type of things are their proven speciality and a sign of their influence over the usa.
I think the worst anyone can do to this disgusting crowd is just laugh at them and make jokes about them. They don't like being laughed at, they prefer anger because it's a sentiment they can identify with and feed off of.
Laughing also helps us to keep the hate out of our hearts and souls, which is by far the most important aspect of things.


William Freeman

bholanath said...

Yeah, what could the 'payoff' be? Scary.
"I don't need no stinkin reality" - Scarier.
Wow! F-ing great, señor.
All aboard, and keep your hand away from the emergency cord...TSA is watching.

Anonymous said...

Yes his garden is truly beautyful.

Anonymous said...

Just a room full of clones in that photo, what do you expect. Look at their eyes. Robotoids, no feelings, emotions or empathy. Programed demons, Satins hoards. Most probably don't realize what they are. Do any of them ever change stripes? Tell me something any of them have done that would be considered good for this country.

As far as carrying their bag of rocks into the hereafter forget it. No soul, no karma, no afterlife. The original was offed way back when.

Is this hard to believe? How about the Synagogue of Satin putting a stranglehold on most of the world and the prince of darkness facilitating this adventure. Or a country that had the potential of being a utopia about to enter the dustbin of history. Yep, lots of incredable things out there.

On another note, TPTW are becoming increasingly alarmed at people not buying into the recent Osama bullshit. Could these individuals be terrorists? Anyhow I want to go on record that I believe all the Osama bullshit no matter how preposterous it might seem. The clones wouldn't lie to us. I'm not a crook errr terrorist.


Anonymous said...


You a dame or a guy? There was a comment about cat description made a commenter wonder.You never responded. I know you created a male Blogger account, but straight up, do you sit down or stand up empty your bladder?

Your a good man Charlie Brown said...

Mr. Fud,

Applause. I'm a 'Crook' from a different mother. It's all bovine excrement from here on. You got savy, you got style. Don't you let them zionizis cramp your it. Be true, be free man. You got it, use it don't lose it. Fuck satin or satan or whoever else is the malfeasant flovour of the month.
I salut you Fud for your years of truth here at Visible's sites.
May love and peace be with you all of your days.


Anonymous said...

As far as Karma and payback (and payoff) are concerned, there's really only one rule to remember before thinking, projecting energy, or acting.

That's "treat others how you want to be treated."

If everyone truly lived by this (it's included in most religions and certainly in all spirituality), all other rules and laws would become unnecessary.

Since everyone doesn't care to live by this, the degree of Karmic blowback can be deduced by the treatment dished out. The when and the how are beyond control.

I'm not sure the badass bozos are even remotely aware of these concepts. My mind goes to the place of "see ya - - sure wouldn't want to be ya" : )

All of us here are lucky to have this community where folks are more in tune.

Thanks Les and everyone,

wv: zonebe, as in zone-be.

Visible said...

Bholanath is a guy. I answered this once already so I hope this is just some kind of curiosity given the shit stirring that's been rearing its head around here lately. Future queries of this sort aren't going to make the cut and this one wouldn't have expect for the opportunity to make this statement.

In my cups said...

Okay so if P.O.T.U.S. stands for president of the United States, and
F.L.O.T.U.S. stands for first lady of the United States.
What will the husband of the first female president of the United States be called for short? F.G.O.T.U.S.
Will that stand for fucking goof of the United States?

Anonymous said...


I think it might be that you are taking a too heavy burden on yourself at this point and the light you send serves as 'here I am'...

It might be prudent to nurture the Love you have, and start from passing smaller conflicts and I'm sure you will get a 'stronger back' eventually to carry heavier burdens.

It will naturally happen, I'm sure, and then you can defeat those demons.

Please do not consider this condescending.

Snake Sage

Mouser said...


I agree 100%.


kikz said...

@neko:" "benevolent vs malevolent" Kikz, are you sure it isn't both at once?'

both and neither ;)
but... most peepz i'd guess, are binary in their thinking and polarize their way or the other... not a lot can grok.....that it can be both/neither concurrently ;)

yeekz, col jessup.. bad typo earlier.

Anonymous said...

That's a great suggestion.
Thank you Snake Sage. :)

Mark said...

The train to hell is really rolling now. Courtesy of Charley the Choo Choo. Those poor kids start out smiling, but their smiles turn to terror when they find out they will be eaten alive…or worse. For his part, Blaine the Mono (Blaine is a pain) was insufferably arrogant, which goes without saying for these misguided miserable creatures who think they are riding the A train. But it’s breaking bad for all the occupants of the Mean Planet (a little Rogue Butterfly there).

Pardon all the metaphors, but I’m not Les, and I’m in a hurry.

I got Dish TV for some reason after 12 years without. I think I wanted to see a little bit of what I had been missing. And I confirmed for myself that it’s breaking bad all across the board, and many of us are making decisions which will come to haunt us in no time flat. Fuk U, Shima, and Blaine is a pain, let’s not forget that.

Up ahead is Game of Thrones, and it’s gonna be cold. Some of us knew this a long time ago. I did. Just keep in mind it’s evil to lie to your (red) king. On the bright side, if you know how to fix dipolar circuits, you’re in like flint, for a while, anyway. Are we there yet? Tic-tock, tick tock. Hurry up, please, it’s time.

Anonymous said...

Billie - Bob - Sue ...

Eat the trolls said...

Billie: "I think ABC about XYZ and it has nothing to do with zionism"

Bob: "Dear Billie, I hear you bro but although you're right, that it has nothing to do with zionism, I think it's really DEF"

Sue: "i just want to say I'm so glad to be here and that you are both right, that it has nothing to do with zionism, but that it is GHI"

and so on and so on - post after post after post...

Michael Cecil said...

Perhaps inadvertently, you have put your finger on the precise doctrinal issue: You believe in a Doctrine of 'Rebirth' (or, in monotheism, "resurrection") and 'karma'; and they don't.

They don't believe that they will EVER be punished for the evils that they do.

And the Jewish, Christian & Muslim theologians are right there, standing at their side, to reinforce their disbelief.

Josey said...


The whole Bin Laden, capture/killing event has put me in bad space. The idea that so many of the people I know, who I assumed knew the real story, have suddenly started to talk about Bin Laden as if he were the real perp.

It is mind boggling, or maybe I've been around the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

Les -
I've said before your writing reminds me of Henry Miller's, so thought I'd share this quote, which seems apt (and I think you've provided a glowing example of a man who dances with life!:
… The art of living is based on rhythm, on give and take, ebb and flow, light and dark, life and death. By acceptance of all the aspects of life, good and bad, right and wrong, yours and mine, the static, defensive life, which is what most people are cursed with, is converted into a dance, “the dance of life”, as Havelock Ellis called it. The real function of the dance is – metamorphosis. One can dance to sorrow or to joy; one can even dance abstractly, as Helba Huara proved to the world. But the point is that, by the mere act of dancing, the elements which compose it are transformed; the dance is an end in itself, just like life. The acceptance of the situation, any situation, brings about a flow, a rhythmic impulse towards self-expression. To relax is, of course, the first thing a dancer has to learn. It is also the first thing a patient has to learn when he confronts the analyst. It is the first thing any one has to learn in order to live. It is extremely difficult, because it means surrender, full surrender. Howe’s* whole point of view is based on this simple, yet revolutionary idea of full and unequivocal surrender. It is the religious view of life: the positive acceptance of pain, suffering, defeat, misfortune, and so on. It is the long way round, which has always proved to be the shortest way after all. It means the assimilation of experience, fulfillment through obedience and discipline: the curved span of time through natural growth rather than the speedy, disastrous short-cut. This is the path of wisdom, and the one that must be taken eventually, because all the others only lead to it.
*E.Graham Howe : I and Me; Time and the Child; War Dance

Thanks -

neal said...

Once upon a time, they were as full of promise as any of us. There is no hate, only moving on, and mourning that which should not have been lost, if as if that would change anything.

We don't get those kind of choices for others, we are blessed to have not gone there, but that's not up to us, and there usually is a price not anticipated up ahead that will let you know just how much resonance is not personal control of these situations.

These pearls can be targeted like BB's, or maybe naturally radiated out like neutrinos, it's sneaky, but has the advantage of faith, and being unpredictable.

Maybe reflect everything, but try not to be a gun, at least not intentionally.

Mark said...

Thanks for meeting my anger halfway, and letting me get rid of most of it through a catharsis of a laugh and a realization of what these people really are underneath the act that they care when it's clear they've lost any connection with what some of us actually still possess... humanity and the ability to share with humans.

mececil said...

Perhaps inadvertently, you have put your finger on the precise doctrinal issue: You believe in a Doctrine of 'Rebirth' (or, in monotheism, "resurrection") and 'karma'; and they don't.

They don't believe that they will EVER be punished for the evils that they do.

And the Jewish, Christian & Muslim theologians are right there, standing at their side, to reinforce their disbelief.

Anonymous said...

harmony tea
with sublime and profound
vibrant colors
high lifted sounds
golden streams
of cultivating virtues
pounding moments
of mother earths truths
wondering integrity
of lifted hearts open
embraced in the everywhere
waves of the ocean
whistling skyway
on the tip of the breeze
on the hum of the moment
the medicine weaves


DaveR said...

Damn! I clicked through to write my measly comment and just before I started typing I scrolled down to:

mececil said...

Perhaps inadvertently, you have put your finger on the precise doctrinal issue: You believe in a Doctrine of 'Rebirth' (or, in monotheism, "resurrection") and 'karma'; and they don't.

They don't believe that they will EVER be punished for the evils that they do.

... and he wrote exactly what I was thinking! But further (and this is a thought I don't agree with myself) what if they are right? We (I) sit around feeling all smug thinking that they'll get theirs in the end, but what if I'm wrong about karma. So many people seem to think both that the only reality is what the observer thinks is reality but then go into the "absolute law of karma" mode.

If free will exists and I will it that there is no karma and that there is reincarnation, then I can be as big a fucker as I like for as many lifetimes as I like and fuck you all, I'll do it again.

What if we got it all wrong?

wv: spore. OK that's too easy.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT, Les, thank you.

Anonymous said...

"...all of us believe in karma...."

This member of "us" doesn't. For those who do, I suggest reading the Book of Job. It's called one of the Wisdom Books, because it's full of wisdom.

At least within the limits of human consciousness, events in the universe happen randomly. That's what's behind the saying that no man can know the mind of God.

Finding the universe as disorderly, we impose our own fantasy order upon it.

That's why the concepts of heaven and hell were invented. A good person whose life is hell on earth can console himself that he will go to heaven and find eternal happiness. He can also console himself that the people who make his life hell on earth will go to hell and suffer eternal misery.

Likewise for the concept of re-incarnation.

There will be pie in the sky by and by (or dung in the bowels of the Earth eventually.) Yeah, right.

No higher power owes us justice, nor does he/she/it deliver it, either.

Mark said...

Another Mark post who isn't Mark. Not that I really care. Go ahead, have your fun.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ah. putin. what a study he is! seriously, all humans are subject to humanism. its not a choice. but what this man does in spite of his humanness is just amazing. we are all humans, we all have good and bad. i swear, it would be tough to follow putins footsteps. he has, as Ben said, a serenity and composure about him that just defies everything. if he makes a mistake, he fixes it. yet if you so much as mention it here, armchair commie-snatchers start screaming YOU ARE A COMMIE! A FASCIST!! YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN! and putin is not even soviet. is he a good leader, damn near one of the best. my daughter wrote him a letter back in her junior year of high school. this man is intelligent, a leader, composed, and just all in all, is being the best he can be of himself as much as he can. thats way better than most of us already. it is sadly a running joke in my home, the frequent comparison of our bumbling and callous and war-mongering leaders to vladimir putin. there is no comparison, he is just an unusual person and an unusual leader. oh well, we have to deal with what we have right here at home, i guess :(

dublinmick said...

Just thought you would want to know, the Mississippi River is beginning to flow backwards into the creeks. It can't take much more water.

bholanath said...

Anon 11:17 -

I'm sorry that Les had to respond TWICE to this, and waste his valuable time. I'm not here all day to answer strange-ass-vibe questions from anonymous probable cyber-trolls. Vague, inappropriate personal queries previously have resulted in unpleasant situations, with the blowback ultimately landing on the ones trying to hide their agendas.
Show up or shut up. This isn't a sandbox.

est said...

“Nine years and eight months ago a faraway fanatic brought forth on this continent a new notion, conceived in Kandahar and dedicated to the proposition that the American republic is a house of cards. Now we are engaged in a great War on Terror, testing whether our nation or any nation so easily enticed into bankrupting itself and its principles can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to commemorate the end of this mastermind who devoted his life to our republic’s demise.

“It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But in a larger sense, he could not dismantle, he could not demolish, he could not desecrate our Constitution. A population of petrified pygmies, Republican and Democrat who proved so ready to jettison liberties for promises of safety have damaged it far above his poor power to add or detract. The world will little note nor long remember his videotaped rants, but it can never forget what we did to ourselves. It is for us now rather to be dedicated here to ending the nightmare which they who have terrorized us with what happened that day have thus far so glibly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that with this monster’s death we return to our senses and our Constitution — that we here highly resolve that the victims of a decade of lunacy shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new restoration, and that the pre-9/11, pre-Empire, pre-Corporate American republic shall not perish from the earth.”

“Obama to visit Ground Zero on Thursday, May 5, 2011 following bin Laden’s killing.” — News reports

A Draft Speech for Obama
The Abbottabad Address
May 4, 2011
Niranjan Ramakrishnan lives on the West Coast. He can be reached at njn_2003 at

Anonymous said...


Don't know `bout kinds of hate, but visceral hate leads to fighting. And fighting is not always a strategy to win.

To win without fight is the goal. An adversary's desires fears weakness and any microbial vestiges of emotion not hocked to the red monkey are absolutely required do develop a winning robust strategy.

Empathize with the free rider. His words and thoughts are never his, he parrots what other say or instruct.

Learn to look em in the eye with that "I think you're a g*d and I'd like to suck your dick" flirt and they will play.

For example. A seminar where NYT coast to coast wine taster and Iraq Genocide Market Script writer Judith Miller presents and then takes questions from the "fans". With pony tail inside collar and ear ring in pocket say, "Ms Miller, thank you, and the sponsors, for this presentation, your dedication to craft and giving time for our questions". Then ask, "Are there moments you weight the possibility of a War Crimes Tribunal using the articles you published in the NYT as evidence to prosecute you for war crimes?"

Nipples tauten mouth dries. A taste of death fear. Your opponents self confidence weakens. Tactical advantage to your side.

Everything flows from main street to the Political Brothels of DC and the Investment Brothels of Wall Street. Pure, unrefined digital tokens are the blood desert of our moments vampires.

No digital tokens - the vampire withers - unless he foolishly baits the gentry's capacity for retribution.

There is no double secret power plant turning tungsten to photon when a switch in the brothel clicks. There is no Genesis Machine Cave under the brothers processing cultures of virgins' livers and child fat for the vampires to suck.

It all comes from main street. The brothels persist at our pleasure. We invent we build we maintain we live in we own the infrastructure flowing our harvest to the brothels.

There are because we allow them to be.

In short - word cuss rant hate - good. Blind hate f*cks the noodle's capacity to develop a winning plan.

Free riders are vain and fearful and therefore open to even the most superficial pantomimes of respect. Easy plays.

.. intermitent connection error 068 .. lost signal

Rob in WI said...

Just a suggestion; please clean and disinfect the petri dish before starting another culture. The virulent nature of the contents is dangerous. Its even infecting some who I believed to be rational. I'm not talking about your experiment, but the MSM blitz, using the same zygote. Really believe its an operation to discredit anyone with a working mind. Thanx, as always, Rob

Richard said...

Wow man, may all days be the 5th of May ( or a reasonable facsimile).

Is the job of the coal shovelling fellow still available?
I trust it is steam powered, not a MagLev bullet.

As an aside, in the Jewish tradition the re-incarnation bit is called 'trans-migration of the soul', and is practiced with fervour, although obviously little talked about. About the neo-and-ashke-nazis I truly have no idea nor care to at this moment.

Unlike the Tibetan Buddhists, after all the Dalai guy has 14 straight and still claims ignorance about the horrible treatment of women there (among other issues to run away from).

Ahhhh, what would Karma be without Dharma, and of course Right Living we won't even mention.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom.

Someone please put some music on, Shiva/Shakti are raring to dance their Tango.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.

Anonymous said...

Les "Lenny Bruce" Vis,

" the only tough decision is if they are hall of fame assholes or just shit for brain incompitants" and " then the train morphs into a microwave, covered dish, traprori pot"

I think these two as best as I could rewrite them are my pesonal fav's.
The tears blasted out of my eyes at the same speed and time the roaring laughter belowed out of my mouth.

Thanks Les. I still find I get the best laughs theses days from your stuff. You should do some spoken word shows some day, some where, and some when like when all the assholes are gone and we can really enjoy ourselves.

Thanks again Bro!!!

To Davey Jones' Locker, Here We Come said...

Could it be the poisoned air in this and other Visible blog scrolls is because of a collective unrest that the Titanic on which we sail is momentarily about to slide into the deep forever taking most of us with it?
Folks who comment here at Les Visible's sites are by virtue of their presence more in tune with the zeitgeist of the times.
Could it be that the backbiting, scratching and hissing is fueled by a collective but unspoken knowledge that our whole world is about to sink and that we are powerless to stop it?
Could it be that we are behaving like rats fighting with each other because we know we are all going to drown very, very soon (read days or weeks not months)?
Just a thought.


P.S. The trolls sort of keep us honest in a paradoxical manner (-:

Anonymous said...

The Osama story keeps changing and Obama's nose keeps growing. (grin)

Mouser said...

With Miss Airport, shake'n'bake pole dancing has taken on a whole new meaning!

Kray Z8 said...

To you and all your Common Taterz, as David Essex so aptly put it: "Raw Khan".

Visible said...

Tom, first of all, it's none of your damn business what Bholanath is and let me tell you that even if he answers you about what HE is or is not, I won't print it anymore than I just didn't print this comment because you don't deserve an answer and should be left unknowing. We don't care for troll activity around here and there's no way that your intentions and actions can be considered useful or benevolent so... take a hike.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify on my comment Karma and Reincarnation that not all 'rituals' are bad, and indeed having a good Spiritual Tradition to follow is a blessing.

Rituals, or Dharma (or whatever it is called on your own system), serve as good spiritual habits and habits build character... Bad habits build bad character and good habits build good character.

There is a Balance between faithfully following a tradition and tempering it with wisdom to understand the ultimate reason for that tradition, so the tradition will not become 'just for show'.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Putin, I recall Edgar Cayce said something to the effect of russia would become the light of world.
Maybe worth investigating?
Didn't make sense to me back then (25-30 yrs. ago)when I read it but it could fit totay.

Thank You Vis and Readers.

Walking Hawk

Visible said...

We've got a slight troll infestation as I suspected from the Bholanath caper. A lightweight wise ass without chops just commented that he was having a pint with Tom and Harry which, I believe makes him Dick; appropriate I must say.

Ranting about pseudonyms when Bholanath's taken as his name a Hindu appellation more fitting for his being and my passport and driver's license says Les Visible, though I'm only called visible now.

Anyway, I'm using Troll's Be Gone so you won't see them anymore. Regular readers must be aware that this is an all purpose remedy so if you don't see a particular comment of yours it's because Troll Be Gone got it and you'll probably have to live with that. This also has an anti-Hasbara factor so it will take care of that too.

kikz said...

@anon 4:28
"At least within the limits of human consciousness, events in the universe happen randomly. That's what's behind the saying that no man can know the mind of God.
Finding the universe as disorderly, we impose our own fantasy order upon it."

some random thoughts early in the am...

universal 'order' exists whether 'we' can discern it or not.

in the 'physical' universe there is no physical effect w/o physical cause.

IMO - karma, simplistically... is humanity's description of its limited view of cause/effect.

nature is patterned; appearances of randomness are a byproduct of perspective either micro/macro.
perspective can be altered, consciousness expanded and pattern recognized. we do it every day. it's what we do.

i consider it humanity's purpose to understand itself; thru understanding itself - w/in nature and the cosmos, however limited that effort may be. this is how we can strive to know even a shading of 'The Mind of God' as you refer to Deity.

'the book' would have us be content to remain ignorant, as - no one can know the mind of God, so don't bother trying to figure anything out.. the mind of God is what 'we' tell you it is.

...of the only three things i take frm 'the book'..
the man Jesus, intoned...

The Golden Rule; love others as self...

'know thyself'.

'the kingdom of God is within'.

aside frm the attributions of/to Jesus - as books go.. i think the kybalion is superior to 'the bible'.. no vengeful, bloodthirsty egomaniacal deity demanding worship, no hierarchical priestclass, no trauma/drama, no useless bs filler, and no attributed authors. :)

two of my fav's..

the universe is mental.

as above so below.

another anon quote i was reminded of ystrdy.. :)
'you know your god is man made, when he hates all the same people you do.'

Anonymous said...

yeeeahhh!!!trolls begone!thank you very much visible.

Miriam said...

Thank Goodness Visable!

laurel~ Just so you know, Putin readily admits to being part of the KGB during the Soviet regime.
This has not prevented him from being a truly great leader.
Listen to how he has formed his ethics:

Walking Hawk~ I have read Russian Orthodox visionaries say that Russia will bring Spiritual Renewal to the world, too.
During the time when I was part of that church, there was an old woman who always said that the Soviets would not last.
70 years later when it did fall, she said " I told you so.".

wv: fungtol: another brand of Troll Be Gone

just me, Laurel A. said...

@walking hawk, 4:35 am! funny too, it was my middle daughter who unwittingly tuned into that thought, several years ago. she is 18 now, but way back, she announced that she was going to learn russian and wanted to study diplomacy, and russian culture, because she was convinced, then at the age of 13, that russia was the future of the world. and she has continued to pursue with all of her focus, and she has never set sight on a single edgar cayce anything. kids these days :))

just me, Laurel A. said...

@bholanath 8:25 am....... love your style!

@miriam 8:18 ......souls with any sense will choose all manner of experiences good and bad. victimhood is one of the experiences we all need to have in order to complete our "education". it aint fun. and i am mortally in awe of those who choose the worst of the victim situations. and make it through with an increased knowledge.

just me, Laurel A. said...

@miriam.....yes, putin did, and its just another thing that he has used to his own betterment as a leader. evolve, evolve. hey! i was once a backup singer for a crappy heavy rock garage band that opened for Styx in chicago and just played local bars forever after that. i learned to lose my voice! so i moved on and up and learned to do other things. no harm done, we all have a past :))

Miriam said...

kikz, your answer expressed beautifully what I could not get to.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Nice quotes Kikz, I’m resonating with you this week.

My own take to Anon @ 4:28,
Don’t bother quoting Arian text at me, "The Age of War, Fire and the Ram" ended two thousand plus years ago. The Piscean “Age of Monotheism, Spirituality, and the Fish” is ending even now, and although I’m willing to accept New Testament references, bear in mind their limited remaining applicability.

“Finding the universe as disorderly, we impose our own fantasy order upon it”

Just ‘cause you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Open your eyes.

‘nuff said, The Sheeple cannot be awakened in this manner. I have experienced enough grief trying to explain rainbows to the blind in my own house. I no longer try.

“That the multitudes will NOT awake to the touch of the tao is apparently necessary to universe, as it is.” – Clif High

“Just because you wish to enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts, is no reason to neglect keeping your claws sharp.” - Neko Kinoshita

Step on my frog if you must Visible, I’ll not take offence. Just watching more clouds pass over the cul-de-sac,


wv: butoc - A treatment for keeping one's posterior looking young and firm for the minion who has chosen you for the moment...

Visible said...

I'm not doing frogs this afternoon and it would be unlikely in any case.

Visible said...

And now for something truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Release the infinite within.


Vajrasattva said...

The eternal question contains all questions
The cause is asking and repose is faith
The answer then is the question:
Is love given, or is it received?
The effect is denial of the answer
The answer then is restated:
Am I loved?
Faith in repose is between cause and effect
As now is between past and future

ping Pong with NakChuks said...


That is amazing.


How did Bruce Lee die? What year?

Dead Men Don't Lie said...

"The American government is leading the country towards hell. … We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests not the interests of the Jews.

If the present injustice continues with the wave of national consciousness, it will inevitably move the battle to American soil, just as Ramzi Yousef and others have done. This is my message to the American people. I urge them to find a serious administration that acts in their interest and does not attack people and violate their honor and pilfer their wealth.” – bin Laden 1998 John Miller interview

OBL came out days after the attacks on NYC and said he and his rebels had nothing to do with 9/11.

Imagine if the world had listened to OBL in 1998.

America, sweet America, your sons and daughters are dying for zionist Rothschild and his counterfeiting IMF cronies.


Mouser said...

Les Visible,

If you print a T-shirt with the words "Smoking Mirrors" over a picture of Osama bin Laden, I will buy one and where it with pride.

Anaughty Mouser

B-Rad said...

We have free will. It's our birthright. It's just that the free will of today structures the determinism of tomorrow.

Mouser said...

"wear" not where, sorry.

Miriam said...

Here is something unbelievable~ except it comes from the Zio-nazi branch of the Bad Ass Bozos. They sure just sped up the Hellfire Express Train:

Yesha Leaders Write UN, ‘Bible Records Israel as Jewish Land’
"The document states, “The letter attached herewith also expresses the expectation of its signatories that you, as Secretary-General of the United Nations, lead your organization to reaffirm the already recognized and eternally valid rights of the Jewish People as the sovereign over all parts of the Land of Israel presently under the control of the State of Israel – especially those sections of the Land – Judea and Samaria, mistakenly known also as the ‘West Bank – liberated in June 1967 from the illegal occupation of the Kingdom of Jordan from 1948.” "
The letter states that “repeated references by the U.N. to the territories liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War – territories until then illegally occupied by the Kingdom of Jordan – as “occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)” conceals from the public the true legal status of the lands to which you refer and causes the Jewish people unwarranted anguish.”

Liars, Murderers, Thieves! said...

"causes the Jewish people unwarranted anguish."

What about the Palestinian people who the Jewish (actually they are false-Jew white khazarian ashkenazis who Christ refers in Revelations as 'the synagogue of Satan' - but I digress) people are not only anguishing they are genociding?

Much less than 2% of the world needs to get a much more than a little time in the woodshed.

Anonymous said...

charging tiger
chasing wind
swift of eagle
roll within
stream of starlight
clap of thunder
howling north
hum of summer
flower feilds
potent essence
climbing feathers
lifting presence
center flow
beaming life
all around
fill with light


est said...

they lie
they cheat
they steal

we let them
take the wheel

we’re going out
saturday night

going to get in
a really big fight

let's hope that it
don’t get too real

TheSparkle said...

That Bruce Lee video is amazing.

The force was strong in that one.

Mickey Dees said...

Now let's think about this for a moment.

Outside a MacDonald's restaurant in America. People arguing, grabing, pushing - and then the car in the middle of the mayhem first drives forward 10 meters, put the car in reverse and deliberately runs over three people.


Americans gone wild? More like sick.

A video of things to come? Hope not.

A cause to pause. Where are we (going)?

Miriam said...

Well this is heartening news for the 3D crowd~ok the rankings aren't top ten or even 100. The increase in traffic is being called a 'surge' and that is a good sign. One more awake person is equal to...well it is good.(grin)

Alternative Media Rankings Surge After Bin Laden Assassination Spectacle

Alas you are not listed separately, Visible, but we know you have links to WRH and David Icke, etc.

Another step closer to Reality....

Anonymous said...

World jewish population 13.3 million. World population--almost 7billion.

That comes out to 0.186%.


Terrance said...

Hello Visible, the Bruce Lee clip was fantastic..... Worked with a fellow, who was a student of Mr Lee's at Danny Insantos studio in L.A. in the 60's. He learned the one finger punch from Bruce that could throw a man across the room. He also said Bruce was not stupid and liked to carry a 38 pistol......

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbie,

Snake Sage already provided very sound advice (that I agree with). I wish to add my 2 cents that you can hopefully make some use of.

In my experience, when someone channels light they're doing so because they've been called to do it. As a channeller, I recognize that the power I use is something that flows through me it does not come from me; I am merely a conduit for it.

It looks as though you're relying too much on your own power and ability and not on God from whom all power comes. Even though you may have the best of intentions, you're encroaching on God's domain. You only channel to people like that if you're called by God to do so. I've dealt with my share of annoying entities... malevolent creatures clothed in human flesh, and they wanted to kill me. They wanted me REAL bad. :)
I have no desire to know what end they met and I'm still not entirely sure why 'they' were around me for so long but I have a pretty good idea...

Anyway, if you're being attacked then please just focus on praying for yourself and calling the light into yourself. If you wish to be a channel of light for others then you need God's blessing and permission for it is His power that you would be borrowing.

In the meantime, if you're still having nightmares I suggest you read some psalms and pray to St. Michael before going to bed.

Anonymous said...

wowwwww 2

hate to play chess with him this way.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, one day I hate them and then hope they get it (see the light) the next.

More than ever, I have to keep on telling friends and family members to turn off ALL company TV news shows so they'll be able to learn. So they can think about the whole picture now , instead of wasting that special space inside their heads.

But it's the people who stick to getting rented information from dummied down tv media, and cheer for more are those who got me feeling slightly nervous as of late. Those are the ones who don't realize they have a serial killer hanging around inside them.

And how the predicted path the neo-cons are taking things, they would be the ones who'll easily take the "mark". It's what was seen is now closing in.

Yes, I believe in Karama making a mean stride backflip once in a while. Giving a chance for the fence sitters to catch a break here and there, encourage more and more to side with the truth and thus cut the beast down to size and it will pass by.

Willaim G.

Liars, Murderers, Thieves! said...

"That comes out to 0.186%." of the total population of the world that is jewish.

Thank you for that Mandocello.

Can anybody explain to me how this relatively tiny group of people got the whole world to be attacking and killing each other and how they got total control of the money in 193 of 197 countries?

It beguiles me.

They must be getting help from the devil himself. No other explanation is possible.

Liar Lipsincs Ludicrous Lullabye said...

Is Ashcroft, the new ethics(sic) advisor for Blackwater singing 'Let The Eagle Soar'?

Surreal is just too tame. The US, along with ALL western countries, has completely lost it's marbles.

This is erie. Reminds me of a bagpipes' rendition of Auld Langs Aye on the Titanic.

Our world really is cluless and lost.

May the Lord help us all in our moment of need.


Zionists genocided 150 million christians in Russia said...

"Long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of the German Jews, the leaders of the worldwide Jewish community formally declared war on Germany."

And remember according to Estonian independent historical researcher Juri Lina,

the jewish Bolsheviks were in the process of using communism to kill ca 150 million (sic) christians in Russia.

Marx, Trotsky and Stalin were all jewish.

Mid 1930's Germany could see what the zionists had for plans for all christian european countries.

At look at europe, america, australia today. The zionists have a strangle hold on them all. We the sheeple are just waiting for the genocide to begin.

Reminds me of a Linkin Park song from the album A Thousand Suns - but that's just me.

So there's only one relevent question the zionists are asking us now: Head or gut?

Anonymous said...

spring light swift
palms of streams
wonders burst
river beams
weaving dreams
union whispers
fire lighting
warming lift
loving earth
hold of worth
touch of wind
hum of star
brush within
near and far


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Paint House Illusion of Corrupted Light.

Anonymous said...

eagles lift
on mountain breeze
rivers wake
sunlight weaves
summer stars
vibrant sound
shining colors
hum the ground
of living earth
lift of sky
brush of ever
crush all lie's
rising truths
stirring peace
upon the winds
cross the sea's


Visible said...

The good news is that the devil works for God and everything has a reason and season; you'll note that they rhyme speaking of which


Nice streams Neil....

Anonymous said...

thankyou mr visible's...neil

Anonymous said...

Karma: the fact that not a single Stalinist torturer, concentration camp commander, or executioner, has been place on trial for Stalinist; and never will, not in this life. What other life IS there?

Anonymous said...

"the good news is the devil works for god"

Isn't that a rather pathetic attempt at resolving a contradiction for which there is no resolution?

Be kind to Israel Les, just doin' the work of the Lord. Which of course will go unpunished. The big boys, who don't rely on projections of their imagination, otherwise known as "god", know this. The KNOW this...and of course, it fuels their lust.

Anonymous said...

"They must be getting help from the devil himself. No other explanation is possible."

See no sense in asking that question. You already know the only possible answer. Synagogue of Satin.


Visible said...

Here's a little homily for you, don't go constructing a life unless you are okay with playing all of the parts, including the penalties and blessings that descend or ascend; not necessarily in that order.

It's a Mobius Strip and you only see the part of it that you are on. Think of Escher in terms of graphics

Miriam said...

That is a great homily, Visiable.
So many lessons to gain from that graphic~ MYOB, pay attention to where you are going, have mercy for yourself and others because you don't know when it will be your turn for fortune or pain(and how will YOU handle it), go with the flow because the perspective will change at any time, be centered in your Higher Self and the Divine, on and on.
Escher was a genius.

Visible said...

I have to confess ignorance here. I don't know what MYOB means. I know what BYOB means but I think that's ancient, not that I'm ancient and not that I'm not but I'm sorry not to know what it means.

It's a strange course for me. I'm no Luddite, more idiot savant, I can operate my computer but cellphones and all those electronic gizmos are for other people. I guess I have to be computer savvy but my best act is on a large porch front in a house where you can play your music as loud as you want at any hour of the day; not that you would. It just has to be a place where you can. It's a place where you can get up in the morning and walk out of your door naked, not that I do that because I don't but you have to be able to. One wing, no bird is flying. Huh? I think I just did a Haiku. Of course I impress myself like that all the time (grin) that's what happens when you are the soft emotional dough of God... impress, compress, knead and roll; quite the opposite of 'lock and load'.

Miriam said...

Visable~ MYOB means 'mind your own business'. Sometimes "D" and/or "F" is inserted...I will leave that for you to figure out where and what those mean, you're not that much of an idiot(grin), and you are savant enough(another grin)
BYOB? 'Bring your own booze'? I guess that is ancient, huh?(grin)

I can't figure out cellphones at all, and I don't want all those microwaves oozing in my pocket, which is of course ridiculous since we are WIFI networked and sliced to smithereens all day long.
Bad enough the land phone rings all day at home, and it is not for me except window replacement sales people.

My first husband was/is a musician and there was a lot of music on front porches and in living rooms(old timey styles), and for whatever else he was and wasn't, he was and I suppose continues to be a good musician.
No I don't miss it, because of all the garbage that went with it, but the music was certainly fun.
I enjoy my kid's playlist of world music, and my daughter is a genius at whatever instrument she picks up(not the first's kiddo).

My(now) husband agrees with the being naked part, but he would say pissing in the back yard, and I have scolded him lots because while we have privacy, it is not private enough.
Did I just say too much?, well there it is.
He doesn't read the comments(grin). He doesn't want to have to comment on my comments, and that is nice of him really. So I am free to really cut loose.
Oh I am cracking myself up even if no one else is laughing.
Gee I hope God is...if not I am sure I will get squished.
Haiku-ka-too. Beatles, right?(grin)

wv:necti~ a fashion drink.

Miriam said...

Miriam said...

Visable~ MYOB means 'mind your own business'. Sometimes "D" and/or "F" is inserted...I will leave that for you to figure out where and what those mean, you're not that much of an idiot(grin), and you are savant enough(another grin)
BYOB? 'Bring your own booze'? I guess that is ancient, huh?(grin)

I can't figure out cellphones at all, and I don't want all those microwaves oozing in my pocket, which is of course ridiculous since we are WIFI networked and sliced to smithereens all day long.
Bad enough the land phone rings all day at home, and it is not for me except window replacement sales people.

My first husband was/is a musician and there was a lot of music on front porches and in living rooms(old timey styles), and for whatever else he was and wasn't, he was and I suppose continues to be a good musician.
No I don't miss it, because of all the garbage that went with it, but the music was certainly fun.
I enjoy my kid's playlist of world music, and my daughter is a genius at whatever instrument she picks up(not the first's kiddo).

My(now) husband agrees with the being naked part, but he would say pissing in the back yard, and I have scolded him lots because while we have privacy, it is not private enough.
Did I just say too much?, well there it is.
He doesn't read the comments(grin). He doesn't want to have to comment on my comments, and that is nice of him really. So I am free to really cut loose.
Oh I am cracking myself up even if no one else is laughing.
Gee I hope God is...if not I am sure I will get squished.
Haiku-ka-too. Beatles, right?(grin)

wv:necti~ a fashion drink.

I'm having trouble posting, hope this hasn't gone thru many times...glad I copied it before it blinked out on me too.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Russia is destined to become the light of the world (assuming I know what that means) is anyone's guess, but I don't believe that that will happen through Putin. I won't bother to mention what I've seen - let alone what I've felt - in his eyes. Then there's what I've read; suffice it to say I disagree with most of the opinion here and I have nothing good to say about this man nor do I wish to be in his immediate vicinity, ever.

Bruce Lee on the other hand... I could watch him all day long. I've admired him since I was a child and I'd loved to have been a student. Thanks as always, Mr. Visible. Bruce Lee is pure poetry in motion...

I'd like to think I'm an idiot savant too, instead of just an idiot but only God knows for sure.

Anonymous said...

however inconsistent I
may be,however held for a lifetime in the thrall of false adventure and
the silly passions of whatever
impersonating flower in momentary bloom...
I will come out of this realm and pass through the wheel of fire
out of the burning worlds.

Miriam said...

That was beautiful Paul.
God there are some great poets here!

Past 2 days been feeling 'off' inside.
Looking, Looking, but still feeling the pressure build, that twinge of pain becomes a stab.
Bingo, finally the breakthru, and the damn(yes) breaks to rush down the river once again and carries on.

Anonymous said...

Heya Miriam,
I only wish that those were my words. they belong to Les Visible, from Mystic Musing:

Miriam said...

Sorry Vis...same compliment for sure.(grin)
Thanks Paul for letting me know. I will have to visit there, the one blog I have neglected. Have to have the right atmosphere and mood to delve into it.

Anonymous said...

Heya Miriam,
In case you may get a tad lazy to read one fine day... Listen to the Viz's poetry here.

Carole Massey-Reyner said...

There is free will. However, the god they serve doesn't allow it but once; after you say 'yes' the first time, you've sold your soul. And they are all bought and paid for. Forever.

The things that drove them initially were power and greed - even to rule in hell. But after they said that one 'yes' they were from that point on, sold into slavery. No more free will. Now they serve the evil one, who continually holds that bone just outside their reach ... and they keep thinking what they want is just around that next curve. It's not.

They are filled with the cancer of evil. They've been dying almost from the moment of their physical births. And they will continue to die spiritually into eternity. Finally, they will learn and be forced to accept, TRUTH.

They think we are their slaves. They are wrong. They are the slaves, the blind, the deaf, the dumb. They are to be greatly pitied.



Joseph Brenner

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