Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Kind of War, Coming to a Neighborhood near You

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet and acute’.

Wars aren’t wars anymore. They’re entertainment. They’re entertainment for the people who promote them, for the people who profit from them and for the people who hear about them. Since they mostly concern some kind of brown people, they’re economical and cost effective; given diminishing food supplies, at the hands of hedge funds and euthanasia cults. They even have sponsors now, who know a good line of exposure when they see it. They’ve got musical soundtracks and supporting malls with surveillance, stocked with Israeli kiosks, selling Dead Sea cosmetics made in the occupied territories.

It appears Mel Gibson was right but then I knew that already. Whenever you’re right the hammer comes down. Otherwise, no one pays any attention, because it isn’t brought to your attention by the people who finance and profit from the wars that the larger population bases are subjected to.

Wars are going to become more and more fun, as morale goes into the toilet and they basically become a fashion show, with blood and semen on the ‘daily specials’ menu. Oh, is that me being intolerant? Well, as you can see, it doesn’t end with expanded rights and recognition of Zionist PC efforts. It goes on and on, until certain sexual and social mores become mandatory and then non compliance becomes a misdemeanor, then a felony and then a capital crime. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘getting and giving head’.

There’s some curious reading appearing these days. Is it true? Is it sensational lies dressed in intolerance and hate? Is it or is it not whatever it is? I don’t know. It just appears like the entire mainstream, landfill overflow of flotsam and jetsam, from a drowned and damned culture, on its way to the cosmic sewer. My suggestion to those of you responsible is to grab hold of the grates, street level, as you’re washed on your way down.

The most curious thing to me is the mindset of the ancient and enduring malefactors, who are engaged in the destruction of cultures and nations, one after the other, across the course of time, who do not think it will come down on their heads in the process. It all seems to be based on the acquisition of power, influence and money. The operative image is a flyblown corpse, teeming with maggots. Whatever they’re eating, it tastes good to the maggots, though it might not be all that palatable for you. Hey! It’s the Petri Dish. What do you expect? Origami will be on the way in a day or so and then you can focus on the front end of the process.

We have to write what appears in front of us and attended by the appetizers, side dishes and deserts. In this case, it would be; opening acts, collateral events and just deserts. There’s no way this macabre, fantasy continues for much longer, now that they’re molesting babies by feeling around in their diapers. They’re eventually going to discover the contents of what most babies diapers usually contain and then it becomes what; war paint and cologne? An army of scented shit golems, appears on the horizon with a handbook that runs longer that the works of Marcel Proust. Here they learn how to dip those special madeleines in the house wine, which ain’t wine. They learn how you should behave under penalty of death, since they wrote the book and it ain’t The Book of Love. We’re still waiting to find out who wrote that, though I have my suspicions.

It’s an eerie sensation, to watch the whole thing approach the bridge of dénouement. You keep thinking that it can’t become more absurd. You keep thinking the final outrage has to be right around the corner, coming up next week; already accomplished but not yet reported. You think, one more six pack of dead sea turtles; one more horrifying series of images, containing blasted bodies and grinning politicians, one more financial crime against the populations, one more ridiculous claim by religious leaders and the media, one more step into the insanity of reality TV, but it keeps going; a deranged Energizer Bunny with a tumescent attitude for indecency and violent outrage. “It just keeps going and going and going” and so do they and so do you.

United Pigfuckers, pig-eaters and pig players, joined together in a consortium of excess and the play by play is all written down in the rule book. Since this is Animal Farm, you don’t get to be one of the pigs, no matter how you might behave accordingly. After all, if so many of you didn’t behave accordingly, none of this would be happening. Ignorance and appetite are the biggest weapons they have along with the willingness to be willing to survive under any conditions, as long as you are allowed to keep surviving. Why isn’t this psychopathic minority swinging from lampposts by now? You’d be the go to people to ask that question of.

Business as usual, it just goes on and you go on with it. You don’t step away and let the monster dies from neglect and lack of attention. You pitch right in, doing your part, working at their industries and offering your children as canon fodder in the name of some goddamned flag that stands for all the abuse you keep taking in the name of patriotism and self interest because... you’re going to get your piece of the action. You do what you’re told and you don’t make waves and you’ll get a place at the trough.

Chuckie Schumer, member of The Tribe in good standing wants No Ride lists for passenger trains. Could it be any clearer what he is composed of? Could it be any clearer what a psychopathic piece of shit he is? He was born in a babies diaper and he likes it just fine. He’s supported in his efforts by another member of his clan, Joe Lieberman; Homeland Insecurity Senate Committee Chairman and Peter (genocide the Muslims) King is the head in The House. He’s what’s known as a Judas Goat.

Somebody powerful and invisible must be righteously pissed at this juncture. Somebody is watching Rupert Murdoch, Little Georgie Sorrows and Natty, Nat Rothschild. Somebody is watching and there is going to be a cosmic asskicking that hasn’t been seen in recorded memory. I’m convinced of this. I’m certain. Nature doesn’t like imbalance and Nature is the operative side of the invisible force. She’s got her powers back and she’s drawing up the plans, with her invisible helpers who are charting the landscape for some dreadful season of Carnival Destiny. The Dance of the Macabre is coming to Broadway and beyond. The Masque of the Red Death is on the double billing. It’s a multiple billing and it’s all about billing and what goes around coming around.

Why the ever mounting amplified absurdities and venal, psycho-sexual nuclear level offenses? Why are the allowed to continue? It’s so there can be no doubt when the moment arrives. There’s going to be no doubt. There already is no doubt and it’s just arranging itself for what’s coming round the bend, riding six fire breathing, black horses in a Kali Yuga harness. Diddling little babies in their diapers has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with how you take it and take it you do and that means... it will increase in both spectacle and evil accent.

They’re after Pakistan now. I’ve been saying for some time that Pakistan is the prize. I’m not exactly sure why but it definitely ties in to China and Russia. On the one hand, we don’t want to pay our bills and on the other hand, we want the resources and we want to be King of the World, while we play the fool in the Graveyard of Empires. There’s a cosmic scheme to everything that happens because everything here is a lesson. This is the sole purpose for life on Earth. You learn or you don’t learn and if you don’t learn you repeat, just like the seasons do, through greater seasonal wheels that contain the smaller wheels and it’s all clockwork and cosmic imperative.

I don’t know where any of this leaves me or where it leaves you; there are so many of you. There are so many of you who came here because this is one of the great cosmic moments and times of amazing opportunity, but you forgot all about that the moment you came out of the chute and got a taste of the opposition and saw that opening at the trough. You’re all here because of something you forgot all about. Well, its reminder time and reminder time is only a short window but it will get more impactful, insistent and dramatic. Watch and see. What must be going through the minds of the rat crew and the passengers on the great, doomed ship of approaching destruction? I don’t know. It must be riveting, to be able to blind everyone to what awaits. That’s how it looks today.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

I know I came here for a reason, but I forgot.

Perhaps I'll remember when it all falls apart around me.


Erik said...

Hi Vis,

Reading this, the story of 'The boiling frogs' jumps to my mind ...

I hazard a guess that all here also get 'a bit scalded' every time they (have to) jump in and out of this 'boiling pot of manifest reality' ... (grin)

Anaughty Mouser said...

"There’s no way this macabre, fantasy continues for much longer,"

In full agreement with you Les Visible.

Great chops on the present zeitgeist.

The problem for the tribe is going to be when they are kicked out of the USA and Palestine and the whole Western world they aren't going to have anywhere else to go. They have been kicked out of so many societies already, that they are essentially personae non grata everywhere on the planet.

They were going to be sent to Africa around Balfour's time but Natty's grampa finagled a way out of that idea.

Siberia? Anartica?

Where is the question, but that they can't stay here due to their trough behaviour is a fact.

As their front man, Rothschild must be told in no uncertain terms to leave the theatre of civilised society and to do so now.

Deep down the world is not interested in killing each other for power and profits. I believe the wars and murdering now occuring are being fuelled 98% of the time by the synagogue of Satan.

Such an incredible mess.

Diaper diddling pretty well somes up where we are today.

Thank you again for your spot on post Sir.


Visible said...

Reading a little today, wandering around- Some of you may enjoy this.

Anonymous said...

"sums" not somes.


Anonymous said...

Since I was just a pup Orion has been my favorite constellation. Now I discover the dog star stands therein.

It's Sirius with you poet: 'You are the big dog'.

Greg Bacon said...

Why fight it when you could be part of the orgy bumping and grinding its way to oblivion?

Just toss your soul, brain and heart into the nearest dumpster and start cheering wildly anytime you see a report of the USA murdering some peasants in Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan, and you too could become a honorary Tribe member.

Gypsy scholar said...,2933,41576,00.html

MSM Fox News reported in December 2001 Osama bin Laden had died of "an untreated lung complication" in the mountains of Tora Bora where he was laid to rest.

In the summer of 2001 OBL received dialysis at an American hospital where he was interviewed by the CIA. The necessity of a replacement kidney machine confirms he was suffering from renal failure. The lung malady (pneumonia/upper respiratory infection?) was cited as a complication to his primary diagnosis - reanal insufficiency.

Without dialysis every few days patients with renal failure take on a yellow tinge (icterus) in their sclera (whites of their eyes) and in their skin.

Up in the Tora Bora mountains OBL would not have regular access to a dialysis machine which in turn lead to his death through a lung complication of his primary condition - renal failure.

Anonymous said...

Actually yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (icterus) is most common with liver disease though it can be mimicked through extended renal failure which is not properly treated with dialysis.

That bin Laden's overall condition was deteriorating after he stopped dialysis treatment at the American hospital in the summer of 2001 is confirmed in the last real photos showing OBL in the fall of 2001 showing him with ashen grey skin color and flat, weak facial expression.


Visible said...

Some sums; the Tribe version of Dim Sum

Money as debt said...

This video explains money as debt. It unfortunately does not go far enough to explain that Rothschild and his oligarch crony bankers CONTROL the issue of all money in 193 of 197 countries today.

The potential for corruption to put money in their own pockets, to loan to their buddies/cronies in a club of non-repayable loans at low or no interest, and to loan only to governments and individuals who agree to abide by the wishes of the oligarchs; is infinite.

Creating money out of nothing (by international private central banks) is "counterfeiting" by any other name.

The result is debt slavery for the people creating the wealth through their work and ultra rich and powerful oligarch status for the counterfeiters.

This is the world we live in.

Good film though a bit long.


Visible said...

I should have titled this "To be King of the World, in the Graveyard of Empires". However, my fuel attention bar was lower than it is now. Thank you God.

Visible said...

I got this from a trusted source. so I haven't even watched it. he also sent me this.

He's an eye doctor. I must say that I have some of the best associates going. There are even lineages like The Village Idiot and Ghana. it's like rivers running in and out of a deep kunda pool. I need to remember this when I get sidetracked and start thinking I don't know if I'm good or bad or even who I am, which happens. I think one can be judged by the company they keep and that, of course, leaves room for a wider perspective in cases like Jesus Christ with the publicans and sinners. If this is true, I'm a very lucky guy.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Where is the question....

Appropriate, so they can be with their; they don't have friends. So they can be with their associates.

Visible said...

I think the operative thing is that awakening includes cleansing mistaken perceptions and motives, except in the case of psychopaths and that is in the hands of the transformer and his engines of change according to all sots of mediums, delivery systems; good and bad. It always comes down to ultimate authority and the wisdom of application, with the options of Grace, insight, surrender and so on. Surrender is a river to me but, I'll tell you. I'm not the greatest swimmer in any eel sense. My specialty is to keep on going long as I can in the correct direction, if I can figure that out. It's not the long term... that I have sussed, it's the intermittent ignorance and karma that mess with me but I am still shakin' it here (grin).

Visible said...

Considering everything that is going on, this is certainly something you will want to read.

Anonymous said...

I am beginining to doubt that there will be an apocolypse. Human society has always been a mess since the dawn of civilization. There are more people now so in that sense there seems like there is more trouble. But, outside of that it looks like business as usual for the human race.

I have been hearing about the end of the world being just around the corner now for over 50 yrs; ever since I was a little shaver. And so far all predictions have been wrong.

I think that what so many people are so scared of is not that there is going to be some great cataclysm but ,rather, that such and event will not happen and that things will go on unchanged indefinitly.

So, think of a happy song and realize that one only has to die once. And by all means never take life too serious. You owe it to your loved ones who have gone before you to enjoy your life.

Visible said...

The end of the world comes to a lot of people every day. As for The Apocalypse, you are presently in it. Enjoyment, of course, is not something I shy away from or I would be way further up the road by now.

Anonymous said...

Mouser at 1:04,

They're creating an enclave for themselves in Southern Patagonia. There's even enough local oil down there for them to be self-sufficient. just google 'Patagonia Israel'.

Intersting to note however is it is also in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands, near which huge oil reserves have been discovered.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:32

'Apocalypse' is more a piercing of the veil than a cataclysmic annihilation. What is shattered are perceptions.

An inchoate apocolypse is in bud. A critical mass of brings fruition.


Visible said...

Patagonia.... hmmmm, I believe that came up in my windshield recently. I'll take a look.

Visible said...

This should suffice in their own words. Well, that's not my department. Through passage and all ports of call are no longer what they are but what they are going to happen into. I couldn't say one way or the other but one thing I know, the divine is Supreme over all and turns all things to it's own purposes for the purpose of demonstration and some of the location of the world, like Argentina, Guatemala and you can make quite a list, have been the victims of certain economic efforts that resulted in genocide and desperacio kinda activity, scene of the crime and so on and so forth. One of the often overlooked features of The Apocalypse is surprise and the unexpected.

Anonymous said...

Let's do the math, shall we:

Israli presence in Patagonia(a strategic choke point if ever ther was one) + Resource bonanza in Antarctica(minerals, coal, oil, fresh nonradioative water +
British oil grab in the South Atlantic = ?????

Oh, and let's not forget that drug war in Mexico. It seems that a segment of a certain 0.186% of the world's population have their sights on controling the entire South American continent as a means of eventually controlling what can be extracted from Antarctica, where there are no pesky muslims and other assorted undesirables.

Forward thinking indeed.


Mark said...

"Born in sin, come on in."
-- Andre Linoge, "Storm of the Century"

I'll never forget watching my daughter being born. She was a magical little thing, a precious shining jewel. That's how we all come in, and then the world takes hold. For the most part, we all buy in, as what choice do we have? Watching our parents, following their lead. Later, when we become cognizant, some of us begin to wonder about the world, our place in it, and what is right and what is wrong.

About six years ago, Renee, the kids and I were heading down a desert road towards Katherine's Landing on Lake Mohave in Arizona. It was one of those Gwen Tower days and the thermometer could not measure how hot it was, but it was hot enough to snap our accelerator cable, and we were forced to coast down to the landing. I called a tow truck, and we began to wait in the shimmering heat.

When the driver finally arrived, we hopped into his air conditioned cab and headed for home. This driver wanted to talk...about himself. He was about 25, and said he had not long ago returned from Iraq, where he had discovered his true calling. He was in Recon, and he was a sniper, a one-shot-one-kill kind of guy. But what struck me was the milky glaze in his eyes as he described what he did. The memory brought him to a state of ecstasy, until he shook it off and refocused his attention on the road. He said he was a Christian with a wife and a little girl. He was hoping to return to his home state, Mississippi, which he described as "God's Country."

I look around and see the world in the microcosms of the individuals I know and meet, and it all makes a little more sense. This morning, I am in a forgiving mood, and I think of Jesus on the cross, saying, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Visible said...


I was living in Woodstock when the festival was being put together. i was fresh out of two years in Maximum security ward for the criminally insane. I won't drop names but the people behind the festival were not my kind of people, though the festival was a great success. I was a little offput by that element of Hippieness that involved casual and often indifferent sex, called balling and that involved phrases like 'my old man and my old lady. there were two sides to that whole period; the true representatives and the people who came to pig out. The people who came to get stoned and the people who came to get high.

So I left and went to California and wound up at Altamont; strange ironies; wound up running a battlefield mental hospital; just recently out of the real thing, about 100 meters from the stage. One of the true collective bad trips I've ever seen. We brought the good acid but there was plenty of the bad. it was even in the Californa mountain wine gallon bottles being passed around. Consider what Livermore Labs was and it says a lot. Manson was right around the corner. i met him actually and I'm proud of my side of the interaction.

The festival I played at was one of those 20th anniversary jobs, right there on the field at Bethel/White Lake (I never saw any white lakes- or was that somewhere else?) anyway, it was Yasgur's Farm and most people were drunk. I was totally straight. That was in the middle of a 4 year stretch when I didn't do anything.

Anyway, I don't mind that I missed it, since I'd already been turned on for a few years by then. I spent the whole of the Altamont concert with John Lennon's face and head space. Very often I would feel the entirety of some other person during one event or another; a kundalini byproduct. It was something. My companions were so bummed out that they were near suicidal. I didn't feel like that at all, just the usual disappointment.

Visible said...

Darn, I meant to say, Desaparecidos and I used the word for desperate; languages are not my strong suit.

Visible said...

You know Mark, it's just another excuse for gratitude and compassion. My first thought was, "thank god that's not me".

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Thanks Prabhu.

Your honesty is refreshing as always.

Not to mention you've got a heart like a wheel! (!!!)

More power to you.
You could care less..

Hari Bol!

William Freeman said...


Thank you.


William Freeman

wv: mundi - on mundi I'll be going to Turkey for a week of outward and inner cleansing via hamam, sauna and the repeated reading of the Hagakure.

Anonymous said...

"They’re after Pakistan now. I’ve been saying for some time that Pakistan is the prize. I’m not exactly sure why but it definitely ties in to China and Russia."

I sometimes wonder in what way this ties in with China and Russia.

The more I watch, the more it seems that Russia/China are the good cop to the US/Europe's bad cop.

I mean, when its looked at, aside from some bitching and complaining about the actions of the USofIsrael in the mideast, what exactly has either Russia or China done to change things?


Also, I beleive they want Pakistan for one reason and one reason only. The real prize is and always has been Iran and they are surrounding her.

I have always heard that we are in the mid east because of the oil. I also find myself wondering about this.

It seems to me to be more likely that we are over there because these country's in the mid east are resisting the implementation of the new world order. Where they want to remain autonomous, the people who are attempting to rule the world are demanding that these country's become subservient to outside rule.

I do not believe that this is really about the oil. It is about control. Once we take Pakistan, Iran will be surrounded.

Iran is the prize.Iran has always been the prize.

Of course, this is just what I see. Could be way off.


amarynth said...

Patagonia - Large swathe (how do yo spell that anyway?) of land gifted to good people to do good things with. The good things on the drawing board are in direct opposition to the viper's nest developing. I don't mean physical opposition, I mean opposition of the non-physical riding the airwaves type.

Evil is so last year's news :-)

Visible said...


I was mostly amused when I read that. Patagonia, after all, is a large place. But if coincidence is any measure of irony I'm supposing God got a chuckle out of that. The way it's going to go down, it doesn't matter where someone is because they'll be moved and directed to (allegorically speaking) Shambhala or (an appointment in) Samara.

Destiny is a cool thing and one real source of comfort to me is that with all the prophecies, I'm confident that no one really knows how it shakes out and I just don't see the whole thing going down. I think that is later on.

L.L.O. said...

Where are the Leaders? Not merely talking heads but those individuals who truly walk the talk? Ghandi, Jesus, Lennon, King, Malcolm X, all killed by those they stood up against of course.
I am not so blind as to not see the potential in myself as well as others but certainly there must be someone more qualified than me out there?
I can almost "see" how the great change will go down. Like most things it will start with ONE. Be it breaking "unbreakable" sports records or instigating a regional uprising it begins with one and then so becomes possible for all.
I'm going to feel like a real asshole if I end up following someone else's example that I could have very well done myself if I wasn't such a chicken-shit. I'm not afraid of death (been there done that) but I AM afraid of being stuck in some jail cell which is where I would probably end up if I were to stop paying taxes, make a stink about TSA molesting me, or exercise my right to replace our abusive government. Actually that last one might get me a bit of the "Manning Treatment" or worse.
Maybe its no ones place to bring it all down. At least not a mortal. Sorry for ranting, just feeling uber frustrated today.
Please Lord, make it stop.

I wish Love and Happiness to all here.
'Cause that's about the only thing I have that I know is real.

P.S. Les, how I wish Ash would materialize and start getting down with the real life Wrathsmelters...

Anonymous said...

Just the Southern tip of Patagonia. Usuaia and Rio Grande are the two cities there. The area is, effectively, a colony of zioland.


Ouzel said...

Here's Vialls in 05 suggesting that the island of Tasmania is where the rulers plan to get away to. He describes activities which he interprets as preparations.

" Latham was obviously a clear and present danger to the smooth day-to-day running of Australia, and an extreme danger to Project Ark. Shortly before Christmas 2004, the normally athletic Mr Latham suddenly became ill, and was obliged to enter hospital. He managed to get out again, but was back inside by Boxing Day. Eventually a very shaken Mark Latham made the shortest speech of his life to the media (3 minutes), in which he explaiined that he would be leaving politics forever. And despite the shortness of his speech, Mr Latham nevertheless twice managed to mention "the security of my family", which suddenly appeared to be of great concern to him."

"Every member nation of the "Coalition " has lost soldiers in Iraq, apart from Australia, whose military personnel have been wrapped in cotton wool and separated from front-line combat duties. Why is this so? Because the criminals simply cannot risk a domestic public backlash against the obsequious 'rulers' of their new Australian retreat."

Anonymous said...


If you haven’t already, read the introduction document at

It’s a tad lengthy, but worth the read, so grab a cup and take a seat. It looks like pie in the sky, but after you read it, you may see it differently. I’m an old man, but I’m going to start getting involved whatever way I can, given my limited abilities. I know you’re quite busy, but I’d be interested to know your thoughts when you find time.

All the best all the time,

Israel (no, I’m not Jewish) Davis aka ClassWarrior

Anonymous said...

Great thread today on the possible retreat of the zio-ogres to the southern hemisphere.

Mr. Israel Davis (aka ClassWarrior).
A few questions, politely intended. That you read here means you know israel was deeply involved in 9/11 which killed ca 3,000 innocent civilians and lead directly to the killing of over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, and israel's Cast Lead which killed over 1,000 innocent Palestinian civilians.

Given the horrendous reputation israel has, given you are not jewish, why do you not use another name. The name Adolph fell in strong disfavor when Nazi Germany fell - people named Adolph changed their names.

Why would you continue to call yourself Israel if you are not jewish?

Anonymous said...

Things will not get any better, even if each one of us does our duty to make our eye's single, whose body is filled with light??

The fact is this is a system that is based on the utilization of the power of death.

The powers that think they be, know nothing. They only know how to create conflagration with black ops to make people respond violently. Then they move in to kill, maim, and murder as much as possible, the more death the better the revenue.

This system can not sustain itself much longer. The Mayans found that out when there were no more people to sacrifice, and then they all fled that system, to preserve what life was left.

the meak shall inherit the earth.
There is no more law. The powers that think they be are trying hard to destroy the law. This way the world to come, won't. The world to come will only arrive with the fulfillment of the law, every yot and tittle. You can see how hard the powers that be are trying to stop that from happening.

No this system is not sustainable, and it only has a feet of clay, or a paper fiat, no matter how thin the bubble it will eventually burst.

However everyone here is supposed to be learning a lesson, the lesson is that a dog should not return to it's own vomit. Everyone is here because of the enablers.

They set up their system based on reincarnation, and it has been a caste system all along. No matter where you live in the world, there are untouchables, no matter where you live there is the highest caste, those who are in the know, and use that knowledge to keep everyone else subjugated to them, by making everyone believe in the limit of death, and using the limit of death to keep everyone in 'line.'

Step out of line and suffer a 'half' life.

All roads lead to Rome, might makes right, behind that might the false prophet and the teaching of reincarnating through a specific bloodline.

The Oligarchs rule the earth because they have 'divine' blood. A bloodline created and instituted to keep them coming back here. And you can't touch that bloodline. You are not a part of it, by it they return again and again through that same bloodline to power and money, and the knowledge to keep the minions murdering each other.

Anonymous said...

All conflagrations are false. They are instigated by the Oligarchs who will pay their servents to foment confrontation that leads to war. This has been their modus operandi. They need people to believe in the limit of death. The big lie is there is no limit of death.

It's been in front of us the whole time. We have been too stupid to see it. The continuity of consciousness is forever an eternal order, that they have no control over.

Follow the law. The law is what removes us from this hell hole. the law of love. It is by the law of love that the door is opened. He who has the key has been letting alot of us get a glimpse of consciousness past the bardo state.

The prime objective of every holy book is to fulfill the law, to destroy the limit of death.

It's getting very close. Many are awakening in their dream state and consciously journey into the bardo state out of curiosity.

It only takes an ah ha! moment to realize this. When you become aware of reality in the dream state, your first inclination is to look over the limit that we call death. When you are lucid dreaming and find yourself in the Bardo State, you realize you are alive!!

Yes it's drawing nigh time that the black whole called death, has had it's fill, it's no longer a blackout.

I have been told by those who are leaving the earth and giving up the ghost that it is now a brownout. The light has pierced that darkness, and all of that light, which represents every man woman and child murdered because they did not 'fit' into this system, will explode. That black hole is about ready to release all of that light. The light will be released of it's own volition.

This is a universal law, the sun will reach it's place of origin atop the black whole of the milky way, and there will be a massive coronal ejection that will free all of that light from the darkness. This is the very physical aspect of a very spiritual event.

Because this is the ressurection. I have seen it, and I do write about it, and many wish to hear it, but don't understand.

Sweet Dreams, Les, I know that when all of that light is released, many will be thanking you.

Not many people can articulate the spirit. It's commendable, I think you do a fine job.

However I do not believe we need to point the accusing finger. The powers that think they be, know no other way to keep this system going.

Sure they are beating that grey horse of the apocalypse to keep death following behind....

be in the world not of it. the fact of the matter is when that light comes, and it's gonna come, there's no stopping it now, no matter how many lives are taken,

will you be ready?

Visible said...

There is ONE source of power, only one and this supreme agency, literally, turns on the lights. That's what I am relying on and however that agency wants to sort things out, I'm in accord whether I like it or not, meaning, whether I understand or not but... being willing, believe I will.

Anonymous said...

one more quick note on Sirius. the secret knowledge of Sirius is how to escape judgement and reincarnate through a specific bloodline. The initiation or clearing the path is vital for those who traverse the bardo state and return here. We have all reincarnated many times, following the edicts of Sirius, this is why the saying of Jesus christ, "a dog returns to it's own vomit." because men fall in love with their own image, which can only reflect a small portion of the whole image of god.

Sirius is about taring the veil between Joachim and Boaz, then you can eat of the 'red potage' like Esau, who wished to know the secret of the blood.

Ha adameh Ha admeha, hazah, "let me eat of the red potage"

Those who practice sodomy, or the secret of the blood, get that knowledge straight from the dog, who spews it forth as vomit.

Miriam said...

L.L.O~"Where are all the Leaders?"
Here is something for you~
"First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy"

Visible~ It took me all day to read this with several hot showers in between(grin).

Eat the trolls said...

So Billie-Bob-Sue just got replaced with a better, more intelligent, more educated brand of troll to challenge us with intellect rather than nuissance.

Bring on the masters and Phd's of philosophy and religion and let us begin then.

But know this ona and all of you ivy-league educated trolls: when Jesus comes back He is going to call all of you out and say: you zionists, you khazarians, you ashkenazim, you thirteenth tribe, you are NOT JEWS you are the synagogue of Satan. What Jesus does with the souls of all you trolls, you highly educated, silver tongued deceiving false-jews and minions of the dark side who have manidulated, lied, maimed and killed in the name of mamon and evil - only God knows.

So in all the academic/spiritual/philosophical discussions we shall now be subjected to, remember you trolls are going to have to balance the books with Jesus and God on the judgement day.

Let the games begin.

I believe Les should take it as a complement the troll masters are now sending in their elite to try to bring down Visible's sites. It shows the light from Les' work and from his travelling cravan of truth is illuminating some of the darkness in the world who the workers of dark want to be kept secret and unknown.

Let's get to it then. Do your best (worse) grin.

Anonymous said...

Nice works Les Visible!

info from A Salbuchi of Argentina:

"Carlo y Luciano Benetton (Italian) Owns 900,000 Hectares (9000 square kilometers); In Neuquén and Chubut

"Ted Turner (US –CNN and TNT) – over 5000 Hectares near the city of Bariloche (privatized lakes and mountains that were formerly public tourist areas)

"Douglas Tomkins (US) – acquiring land in the Chilean side of Patagonia, virtually cutting that country in half as he acquired large tracts of land running from the Pacific coast to the border with Argentina

"George Soros (Hungarian-US Jewish “investor”) ...

Joseph Lewis- (British) owner of Planet Hollywood. Acquired huge tracts of land in Patagonia and built a (initially without informing Argentinian govt) landing strip near the Patagonian township of El Bolsón, as large as the main runway at Buenos Aires City Airport. Clearly, the GPE need to have direct access by air to Patagonia by large aircraft – both military and civilian – which is now guaranteed by the fact that there are several outlying major runways, including the one that was inaugurated in 2001 in El Calafate (Santa Cruz) just went we went into financial meltdown

"Daniel Lerner- (US) President of Walt Disney Enterprises for Latin America ..."

Bruce Hayden said...

Forget kicking the tribe and their sycophants out. Let's hang them! Down to second cousins. I'll pull that lever until my arm falls off.
Just one question though...can I waterboard them first? As some of you know, this is a bloodline thing.

Aunt Franny said...

Quoting Anonymous:
"Anonymous said...
"Since I was just a pup Orion has been my favorite constellation. Now I discover the dog star stands therein."

Well, not really, although I can understand how this would feel like a wonderful conjunction.

Sirius is not part of the Orion constellation. If you follow the diagonal of Orion's Belt to the left, you will see a very bright star (Sirius).

If you follow the diagonal of Orion's Belt to the right you will cross the "V" of Taurus and then you will see the Pleiades.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"I am convinced that we are currently in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of our neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity whose consequences are feared by so many people today. However, all facts and findings add up to the undeniable conclusion that this evolution will for the first time in human history enable us human beings to use the enormous potential of our brains."
Read the rest at
"2012" and Electromagnetic Effects on Consciousness.

Anonymous said...

I met my destiny in a toilet one fine warm summer eve in Linden, Johannesburg.
It was in a restaurant called Satori. They had one of those old-style toilets where you really had to pull the chain on a cistern that was at eye-level to a guy standing.
Being of such age and fragility, the cistern boasted a small, beautifully hand painted sign that read; "Pull the chain and let go. Always, just let go" Exactly like that.
I have lived my life according to that maxim from that day to this and have never been disappointed again.

dublnmick said...

New ABC show coming out this fall "Good Christian Bitches". I am wondering if even the talking monkeys who watch TV will notice this might be a bit strange. maybe, maybe not.

Strange I just put a link on that Sirius piece in a comment this morning before I saw it on Rixon's site or here. Synchronicity I guess.

I firmly believe the foreskin chewing mohels were not counting on something like Fukushima happening this early in the game. This threw a real monkey wrench in the plans. They can glow in the dark like the rest of us now.

As Dog knows there are a handful of prophets I put some stock in but from what I have seen on the prognosis, South america is relatively free from power plants but it will be torn to hell by volcanos. I don't think they factored that in. In fact the native Americans predict Indians from south America will be coming here to join them. That is how bad it can get down there. Nobody can predict what will happen with the south ice pack either. It might slide off it's hinges like last time.

Ride the 9th wave!

Anonymous said...

The Khazarian theory (by a British Ashkenazi Zionist Koetler, btw) is sort of an advanced cattleprod for people who aren't buying 'it's Arabs' scapegoating from the Synagogue of Satan, it is a thinly veiled assault on Russia and Turkey from the ICU Empire (Israel-Crown-USA, pronounced "I see you" in Sauron's voice). Tragicomical how British-Israeli theologicians are debating whether Arabs or Russians are Gog and Magog (or perhaps both?) while City of London parades around the statues of Gog and Magog in broad daylight.

Evil bloodlines stuff is the same old 'blot Amalek' genocide business that the Synagogue of Satan has been doing for thousands of years as whatever people they are hiding behind from.

It is about Spiritual bloodlines and fruits - by their fruits you shall know them, altough of course having traditions and a sense of community is helpful so you can have roots.

And it's not like I hate the Brits or Americans, and some Iraelis are salvageable (not that many because they do know). I would recommend the Albion-descended people here to familiarize themselves with the Celtic 'myth' about Arawn and his Cauldron-born... They can be called shit golems too or perhaps protocol droids?

Snake Sage

Eat the trolls said...

snake sage;

"by their fruits you shall know them"

That is exactly how we know the zionists are the synagogue of Satan.

ss, you got a masters or a Phd?

Aunti Zion said...

@Aunt Franny

The star of Sirius (the big Dog) is located in direct juxtaposition to the constellation of Orion (the Warrior).

...and when the Poet busts a rhyme - it always warms the cockels of my heart!

Life, love and liberty from the synagogue of Satan

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course the zionists are (a large part of) the Synagogue of Satan - I've never denied that - what I'm trying to point out is that 'they came from South Russia' storyline has ulterior motives!

Nope, don't have a masters or a PhD. Am also not rewarded with a Sonning Prize or Commander of the Order of the British Empire like Koestler. Am not rewarded by the usurper PTB in any way for meticulously digging deep into history and mythology and pretty much everything, largely because my conclusions oppose TPTB, such as my bad habit of 'denying the holocaust', opposing IMF and denying Israel both as a State and as a State of Mind.

Nope, I don't have that kind "credentials" like Koestler (among many others) has in the modern World. I don't care about them and I'm not interested seeking them - I have credentials where it matters, I hope.

Snake Sage

kikz said...

3rd try.. geeez blogger/google is farting this am..finally it sees that i'm logged in... cripez!

@peter of lone tree

thx for the article on EM, very interesting...

Mouser said...

SS; I agree and applaud everything you just wrote except your name. Maybe simply 'sage' would instill more trust (grin).


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

I laughed out loud several times you have a wonderful way expressing yourself...very well done...I repeat this comment...

It appears Mel Gibson was right but then I knew that already. Whenever you’re right the hammer comes down. Otherwise, no one pays any attention

The entire Justice system is their play book written by them for them...there is currently 9 DEAD INVESTIGATORS (researchers) that were working to expose what really happened in the Gulf of Mexico...this type of silence happens ALL THE TIME...they murder at free will.

They make the laws with no respect for them...the corruption of Satan and his money/greed system of exploitation is fragmenting...

as painful as it may be to watch remember nothing of value will be lost in the process...

Shortly the only ones living in fear will be those supporting evil...they will finally realize their evil empire and those supporting it are finished.

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

Parsley Sage? What's in a name. A snake by any other name would be a serpent and God happens to be one.

Anonymous said...

Lol, thanks for the vote of confidence, Vis. Thanks Mouser.

I picked up the name from a Kundalini experience I had, months (or maybe 2 years max or something, don't remember the exact date)... Which profoundly 'carved' (heh) a mark in my life (an understatement) in sometimes complicated ways.

I didn't even know any official info about Kundalini experiences at that point.

I suppose there are problems arising due to the fact that 'the imagination of evil' (Jungian term) for many westerners uses snakes and serpents as symbols of evil... I don't think it's a big problem though as long as people get evil right (a Corrupter devoid of Love) and good right (a Creator full of Love).

These two 'natures' - the Corrupter and the Creator - also manifest in every person... It is very easy to see in Art where it is coming from, literally.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

i'm very disappointed at some of these posts. they talk about OBL as if he really did 911..talking about is death as if he did all this before he died. we all know OBL died, but then u post as if he did the job before his death. his family did not talk to fox news, if OBL was a real muslim which in my opinion is he did not do 911, it was the jews who did it with the help of the US govt. the boogy man never was because in Islam they donot kill innocent civilians. and the egyptians are not attacking the christians because i have been watchign the egyptians and they have been hand in hand in the protests.. everythign about the west is a lie. the sad thing is i'm a westerner.

Erin Parsley said...

your last comment caught my eye: my last name is Parsley!

Erin Parsley said...

could you elaborate on what you mentioned regarding South America (volcanos, ice pack melting)?

Miriam said...

I use a Dragon(a serpent type) as a symbol on my energy healing business card, Snake Sage, and when the Jehovah Witness come around they kinda freak out seeing it as a sticker on my door thinking I have chosen sides with the devil.
They have no concept of the Dragon being a harbinger of good will, nobility, wisdom, fortune, and loyalty.

My Dragon holds a Yin-Yang, and that is well beyond their ken.

Hasn't stopped them from coming round, but it does make them leave real quick! (Grin)

Visible said...


Your spelling seems to be on a par with your reasoning abilities. I never said any such things about Bin Laden. Read more carefully or find a simpler web site more suited to your capacity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin,

Here's a joke I heard long before I realised the true genius of the 'king':

Q: What's green and sings?

A: Elvis Parsley

Keep up the great dance videos and say hello to mrs. luck if you see her (smile).


Anonymous said...

Yep, Dragons are kinda cool. Had a henna dragon tattoo on my (so far) only trip to India. It was cute. I did read once that Western princess-kidnapping kind were a different breed, hell-beasts.

(Oriental) Dragon with Yin-Yang? Powerful.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

About 10 comments have been "lost" by Blogger.

How quaint.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Men who sit Behind the Men who work The Lie Machine.

Anonymous said...

they will use haarp to keep radiation away from the south, sell food to irradiated planet at high prices, kosher of course

Anonymous said...




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