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The Fall of Ron Paul and the March of the Psychopaths

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Let me see if I have got this right. Nearly every single central bank is Zionist owned. Until they did a facelift at The Federal Reserve, everyone on the board was Jewish. Central bankers start the majority, if not all of the wars, so that they can enslave the combating nations and make huge profits on whatever is possible. Israel was founded by the most powerful central banker on the planet in order to grant protections through dual nationality and other perks of having a sovereign nation, so that crime could be practiced without fear of the usual reprisals. It was a state founded on deception and historical revision which displaced 700,000 inhabitants, who were already living in Palestine and they have been practicing genocide on them ever since.

Members of congress have to sign a loyalty oath to Israel or they will be sabotaged in their electoral pursuits. Israel was behind 9/11 and all of the following wars that were justified as a result of it. Bin Laden publicly said he had nothing to do with 9/11.

Israel started every war they’ve been involved in and where provocation was needed she practiced false flag events and then used the Zionist owned press to impress lies into the mind of the public. Israel attacked an American ship, killing many Americans in an effort to start a world war. Israel is presently lobbying internationally to have attacks launched on Pakistan and Iran.

Ron Paul has been in congress for 12 terms. He’s a financial expert. He has run for president collecting large amounts of money and then simply dropping out of the race. He has now stated that Israel is a friend of America. He says we are giving too much money to Israel’s enemies. He says he wants the Federal Reserve audited. He is a financial expert (or did I already say that?) and he must know that Zionists control the Federal Reserve but he says nothing about that. Has he always been like he is or has be been ‘reached’ finally? Israel is an enemy of the United States and controls her government at all levels. Israel controls the media. Israel sends American youth to die in her wars. Israel has bankrupted the US through gratuitous wars for profit and through criminal behavior on Wall Street via Goldman Sachs and others. The congress of the United States is an enemy of the United States and it appears that Ron Paul is also an enemy of the best interests of the United States. Please refute what I have said so far at your leisure.

Israel attacked the aid flotilla and ruthlessly killed a number of passengers including an American. Israel is intending to kill more flotilla aid workers in June. The nation of Israel is a satanic entity that worships materialism and practices human sacrifice. After peace was declared and agreed upon, Israel dropped over half a million cluster bombs on Lebanon in a war they started. 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Very few Israelis are Semitic. All Palestinians are. Israel confines the original populations of the land they stole in a concentration camp that has become the most populous place on Earth, due to the constant diminishment of their lands.

The Israeli security company ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station. I could go on and on here about known facts but there’s not much point in it, given that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is most likely a duck. Consonantly, if it drinks blood and behaves like a vampire it is, for all practical purposes, a vampire.

Obama got on his knees and performed felatio on all of the members of AIPAC on videotape. Everyone who works for him lined up behind him to do the same, there or anywhere the zippers came down. The world is in a state of outrage because Zionist bankers are looting the economies of the euphemistically named, free world. Something is moving in the hearts and minds of people around the world. Boycotts against Israel are mounting. The truth about Israel is coming out. Israel is becoming a pariah nation in the eyes of the world and Israel is planning massive false flag events to distract the hearts and minds of the world’s population from the truth of her behavior, everywhere there is money to be stolen through usury and political arm-twisting.

It doesn’t look good for the world to be under the heel of stormtrooper bankers, whose religious books refer to goyim (that would be you) as cattle and whose lives are unimportant, except as a servant class or blood sacrifices for the self chosen. In the meantime the cultural perception of what is acceptable, is controlled by a PC propaganda machine that purports to represent the rights of all people but whose main thrust is to support the behavior of those committing so called anti-Semitic acts against themselves, for the purpose of sympathy and legislative changes on their behalf. The education system is in their hands. Their progeny have first rights into all of the top schools and the curriculum is bent to serve their agendas. They collect a kosher tax on many foodstuffs and employ other hidden taxes and privileges, because they own the currency printing rights, which they have used to buy up all important agencies for the service of their elitist status.

The majority of them don’t believe in anything besides their own abilities to enslave the populations and here is where they are headed for trouble because the cosmos is alive and aware and orchestrating their doom. Otherwise, the people of the world would be toast. They eat crap diets. They get their news from the people who are abusing them. They are addicted to superficial entertainments. The lure of sleazy sex and the hope of material gain, drive them to the exclusion of other ambitions, except when they are praying to an anthropomorphic white guy with a beard, residing in a non-existent heaven. Their holy books have been altered to serve the interests of their slave masters, who laugh at them and charge for seating in their own temples, where Baphomet sits on the dais. This group of shape shifting psychopaths has been at work for centuries but now... now the old age is closing up and the summing up approaches. They know they are running out of time and the only solution, they think, is to plunge the world into global conflict. In this they are being assisted by the empty suits they shoehorned into the seats of power.

I don’t want to offend the supporters of Ron Paul but Ron Paul has revealed himself as an agent of this force because there is no way he cannot know what is going on because he is... a financial expert. I briefly supported Ron Paul but he never said what I felt he needed to say and everything else he said was not unlike what Obama said before he became the least powerful man in the world with the biggest appearance of it.

By the day, around the world, people are being thrown out of their homes and jobs. They are being reduced to fear and want in order to sap their will to resist. They are being diseased and murdered by stealth and the obvious venues. They are being poisoned and thrown into turmoil by the operations of those governing them and those governing the governors.

Most of the people who can see what is happening won’t say anything and the rest are dumber than a turtle on a fence post, hypnotized by perverted religions, or in deep denial of what is going on. Insane money junkies are betting for and against everything, while they manipulate the outcome. They are driving food and fuel through the roof and waiting upon global mega-death, to reduce the population congestion and free up the entire world for extended plunder. The big actors on both sides of the coming conflict are making their threats and shifting their game board pieces.

Tension fills the air. We await the inevitable, unless that is to be sidetracked, because everything really is under control and now, every act of evil turns upon itself and will amplify and accelerate to that effect with each passing day. I am convinced of the good that lives in the heart of humanity and of the existence of forces working to awaken it. These forces rule preeminent in the visible and invisible spheres and all arguments to the contrary are nothing more than the doubts being sown to divide the people against each other. Buckle your seatbelts because the storms are here and growing in power. Nature is not amused.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you Visible for your post.

This is a re-post of my comment at Kenny's moments ago.

I would call it (Obama's backtracking at the AIPAC conference) treason. But given the background:

Soetoro's words and actions are not surprizing.

The best I can gleen on the actual world political situation is that the present president of the US was a CIA construct/plant who was one of many groomed and vetted for the possibility of placement as key figure in the Whitehouse. His lack of a normal past, a CIA mother and his known multiple aliases are consistent with the truth that he was one of many cultivated potential frontmen for the burgeoning NWO whose ultimate frontman is Rothschild, first name Jacob.

Zionist jews are most certainly trying to get total control of the world. Rothschild's grandfather bought (sic) into existence israelwith the Balfor document, so it makes sense that Soetoro would be on the best of terms with another of his creator's creations aka Rothschildlandia. Created as a state in 1948 to centralize world banking and to, when necessary, use covert violent methods (read murder, assassination) to achieve the goals of Rothschild and the illuminati/NWO.

None of this is new. There hasn't been an non-israel/Rothschild controlled president since Rothschild had JFK killed for bucking against the private Federal Reserve in 1963, by his government beginning to print money itself.

All presidents thereafter have been thoroughly vetted though Rothschild and his agents.

The present push by Geithner and Bernanke to crash the US currency in order to make Americans and the rest of the world go crying to the World Bank to implement SDR's has encountered a problem.

DSK could not deliver the activation of SDR's on schedule so Rothschild had Geithner and the CIA take him down (my hypothesis).

The real problem with the implementation of SDR's is that China, Russia and a few other very large economy countries are not willing to go along with a world currency which keeps the US/UK/israel in total economic control. These nations want major economic restructuring of the world banking system.

Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies just want more of the same US/UK/israel control but on a bigger more stream-lined scale.

The war emerging in Pakistan is actually about the world economy system. Even the battle of Libya is about Rothschild controlled central banking not oil (or water), which are only bonuses.

The real question is if 'the handful' individuals such as the writers you regularly list here at Sideshow will have enough of a positive peaceful effect upon the general (half asleep) populace so that young men and women will refuse to go and fight and die in a world war for the Rothschild owned corporate advantage of a global money system owned and run by the zionist jews.

One can only hope all the hundreds and thousands of posts and comments written by well meaning so called truthseekers around the world, mostly since 9/11, will have a positive effect for peace, i.e. the people will refuse to send their children to pick up a gun and go off to kill other people in the name of zionist jewish profits and power.


Anonymous said...

As contrarian as I am, I can't find fault in this analysis.

I've been trying to figure out the concepts of 'division' (which is sometimes necessary to separate the the wheat from the tares) and 'collective' (which is necessary because we need a community) and came upon good synthesis, the concept of sobornost:

Explained by Nikolai Lossky:

"the combination of freedom and unity of many persons on the basis of their common love for the same absolute values."

Hmm, probably quite like New (but old) Shangri-La.

A recommended philosopher and a sophiologist:

Snake Sage

G.Scholar said...

You are correct when you point out Ron Paul has dropped the ball.

So now there is no honest footballer left that can get out there and quarterback the team.

We're f**ked - or are we?

Maybe this is a godsend. A message from heaven that peace on earth is never going to be achieved by carrer politicians.

That peace on earth can only come from ourselves.

Passive activism. Refusing at ant cost to pick up a gun and kill another person for zionist/corporate power and profits.

I think I just became a certified pacifist in my heart.


Anonymous said...

BEST EVER !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Every Blog lately shows me we are on the same path...

We are surviving in "The Kingdom Of Zion"...

A very evil takeover of this dimension...this evil demigod usurped our Divine creation cut us off from the rest of creation and imposed this materialistic hell upon it...this world was created by evil, for evil...the Gnostics have always maintained this.

Evil...and only evil...wants us to forgive and forget that it can continue to exploit physically, mentally and tortures, maims, rapes, murders, and eventually spiritually assassinates True Beings for their energy...this is why AWAKENING and PROTECTION is so important...

Awakening to your inner truth can be quite painful...but once you have accomplished sets you FREE...

Those of this ZION are the spiritual forces of evil...

Those who sustain and uphold the Kingdom of Zion and all its evil system are the favoured Sons of Darkness...demons

Best Wishes Always

tmcfall said...

Ron Paul is a stooge. We have known this because he never passed the 911 litmus test. Never even addressed it. Danced around it like it was a rattlesnake. He has served well to set up a list of supporters who will be the first to be rounded up when the FEMA shit hits the Martial Law fan. Ron Paul can rot in zionist hell for all I care, He's a diversion and he's a mason.
Tom in Tempe

DaveS said...

They gave the U.S.(us) an African President to show the world what they think of America, and also, how much freakin' power they have over the masses. I'm sure it was a big joke around zionist roundtables that America was being run by a schvartze who wasn't even a true 'Natural Born Citizen" (though the same can't be said about him being a natural born killer)

I'm not a racist... well not intentionally. Most everyone is racist to some degree, whether they admit to it or not. I personally would have loved to have a black American President: Cynthia McKinney who is a woman to boot. But she's too honest to make the cut.

I'll have to admit to having had a wee bit of hope when the current asshole-in-charge was elected. I can't even begin to imagine what this place would be like with Insane McCain and his pet bear from AK ruining, I mean running the place. I'm not saying it would be better, just hard to imagine.

I'm glad there are few of us the PTB can't pigeon hole easily ;) Keep up the good works. As a buddy likes to say, "soon come."


wv:tation... A police state where tazers are used for minor slights to the oligarchy. Instead of a nation, you've got a tation. Also called a tazer state.

DaveS said...

Sorry to do this, but it's hard to resist a WV like this:


Yup, reedlick. Sounds like something you'd call a vegetarian cajun... Ya, dem reedlickers are everywhere these days. Or maybe, "him not just a dumb coon ass, but a reedlicker too."

Maybe too much coffee?


Annsie said...

If I were to play Devil's advocate and say Ron Paul hasn't pointed out the obvious about the Zionists or 911 because if he did then there wouldn't be a snowballs chance in hell of him getting elected so its possible he is keeping that to himself.
In saying that even if he did get elected to top position there is no way he could take on tptb and survive. So I do feel its a waste of time and possibly a way to divert energy to a pointless task. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

At some point—knowing the all-too-brief nature of life—one has to stop giving over any attention to the Pauls, Obamas, etc. of this world.

If they have "achieved" any prominence on the national stage, they are, by defintion, an integral part of that which we see before us—all of this wide world that has been corrupted and made ugly.

The false paradigm of the Republican vs. Democrat; Conservative vs. Liberal, etc., is as legitimate and as relevant as the Yankees vs. Red Sox schism—to which so many devote their energies.

In politics, the late Senator Paul Wellstone may have been that rare exception.

ggeorgewashington said...

Please Sir;
We we cannot say that the author is not biased, which begins to discredit himself.

Second, calling names, only degrades Your own arguments. American to American please, if You dislike Mr. Ron Paul, then cite, with credible information, Your arguments. Open a forum for discussion instead of emotional ranting based on some "comment board regurgitation."

Thank You for your time Sir;

Repsectfully George Washington, Ron Paul Republican for 2012

Anonymous said...

Back in early 2003 when Obomma first came outta nowhere and began being jettisoned by msm, my “gut” reaction to this man was cautionary, and my gut reaction proved correct. Ron Paul looked hopeful, but I was being prodded by the same gut reaction I got with Obomma.

With Paul’s latest, I understood that my gut reaction (inner voice) is way more astute than I’ve given it credit. Not to mention that putting one’s hope into a single person is not the way to go. Even when it was Obomma being flaunted, this wisdom whispered itself to me.

My logical self wondered why Paul didn’t really get down to taking on the system. I explained it away to myself that he may end up like a host of others who bucked it, so possibly he was being a bit more cautious. Still, I wondered when they might off him. Guess this isn't necessary now. There is no doubt now, only speculation about just exactly what it is he is about. Who/What is he tasked to corral?

This latest unveiling underscores that placing hope in a single person is deadly. Centuries have proved this. It has also proven that the current set up does not work. Collectively we can change it. Success will depend on where we seek guidance.


Visible said...

You're my first keyboard stutterer g-g-g-George. Bias does not affect truth. It's there or it isn't.

I think someone posted the article at a Ron Paul forum but the person who brought the comment here is so intellectually challenged (fitting) that he can't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Although I espouse the maxim 'no fear' I still appreciate the prudent application of a condom and so...

Generic Decentralized Unstoppable Net Anonymity

Deep, I know but sooner than later we must all come to grips with the fact that the slightest derogatory terminology if detected in our transmissions or reported upon will attract unwarranted but dire circumstances to our lives (first they came for the bloggers, etc.).

I already have obfuscation applied to some of my online activity but that just re routes my connections (I think); with a little effort and know how I can still be found. But with this sort of thing (GDUNA) your transmission content is protected completely.

I hope some of Les' readers find this link helpful.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this time Ron Paul is serious about getting the Republican nomination. No way that will happen if he doesn't kiss some jew ass along the way. Same goes with the 911 false flag. He can't alarm the zombies and expect the nomination. Regardless of what he does the MSM will marginalize his campaign. The TPTW are well aware he knows the story and damn sure could articulate it if he has a mind to. Many are starting to wake up and he could do a lot of damage before they waxed him.

In the whole scheme of things it doesn't make any difference. Nobody can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The system is corrupt beyond redemption.

"One can only hope all the hundreds and thousands of posts and comments written by well meaning so called truthseekers around the world, mostly since 9/11, will have a positive effect for peace." Nice touch Mouser. That may turn the tide. But regardless there is a new earth on the horizon for those who can make it through the valley of tears.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Dear "gggeorge Washington" from the Ron Paul daily forum;

You wrote: "then cite, with credible information, Your arguments."

Permit me to disembowel you and yours.

I have been twice banned from the Daily Paul for telling the truth against zionist jews and their destructive effects on America and the world at large.

Twice. For telling the truth, No more no less. My suspicion is the web editor Michael Nystrom is gate keeping for the powers that are. Those zionist powers are killing America and the world.

gggeorge if you go back and read what your 'leader' Ron Paul has not said about the real terrorists on 9/11 and combine that truth with the recented stated friendship remarks just made by Ron Paul about israel you will see this man is not about peace and the curtailing of Rothschild/israeli influence in America.

You call yourself gggeorge washington but you are about as much of a patriot to the USA as nitwityahoo.

Puhleese go back to your pseudo zionist forum at the Daily Paul and leave us honest truthseekers to speak about how we are going to fix the zionist problem in America and in the world.


P.S. Give Michael Nyström a message in the language of his forefathers from me: Michael du är en javla tönt som arbetar indirekt för javeln genom att låtsas söker sanningen och ljus. Du är sämre än dem äkta juder som sträver öppet för världs dominans av Zionister.

WV: doymm
What we are NOT here at Visible's sites - dumb goyim.

amarynth said...

Uhm, I'm going to try to express something - not intellectually challenged but I don't always express my words right in writing. (languages).

Ron Paul .. if he is on the side of the 'light', he would not be where he is. That is also a litmus test.

Ron Paul .. if he is 'fighting an election', he is not where he is supposed to be.

What we (the humans in this equation) are dealing with, cannot be solved by a new candidate, a new appointment to court, a new election, a new administration or God forbid, a new war. Who was it that said that one cannot solve problems from the same mindset that created them.

What then will be sufficient to hopefully elegantly negotiate these times of apocalypse? Because those that consider themselves leaders of the world, will fall. Change is a constant. Those that know me well, know that I am not in the camp of 'the ET's are coming to save us', or 'there will be divine intervention'.

Having said that, the only way that we can negotiate this time and come out the other side with honor in the Face of the Divine, is to start or continue to allow 'divine intervention'. But divine intervention starts with us. We have to call out. And then, it is up to the Divine without us giving up our responsibility. It is a new dance where the Divine leads, but where we humans also dance. But it is a sacred dance.

- I hope the Divine breaks down what needs to be broken down (and I have some evidence that she will).
- I hope that those that walk in the light of the Divine, receives an opportunity to solve the problems from a Divine mindset. This is anarchy in its true definition on the physical plane.
- I hope the Divine allows us to learn.

And no, my hand is not open to those that enslave humans.

Anonymous said...

To the 3-g zio-washington troll:

On your bike mate - truth talks and bullshit walks.

Jody Paulson said...

I could never understand why so many 9-11 truth activists backed Ron Paul for president when he never directly addressed that issue. Cynthia McKinney did, and I'm proud to say I voted for her in the last presidential election. I don't think you can belong to the Democratic or Republican parties and say you represent the people. Both these entities have been purchased, body and soul, by AIPAC.

kikz said...

hmmmmm....i don't know.

let's explore that word 'friend' for a moment.

the 'password' had to be thrown. just like a rapper has to chk his mess and throw the right gangsign..just like the pope's ring must be kissed, just like a muslim must 'pbuh' w/every mention of mohammad. just like the xtian must unknowingly praise amun/amon w/every amen....

what was actually accomplished w/his words.. what factual information was allowed to flow into the MSM.. is... that israel gets 3B and others 12B, the entirety of the exercise - makes no sense..we fund both sides of a conflict we can't afford..... our foreign policy is insane .

wasn't that in actuality what he said??????

15B jackoff, we're broke, pres wants more war...our foreign policy is insane.

that's not such a bad thing to have come to the consciousness of the masses?

Anonymous said...

1968 borders?

1948 borders?

I think the 1947 boundaries of Palestine should be addressed and implemented, i.e. that all of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians both muslim, christian and jew.

Isn't that called democracy? Representation by population. One person, one vote regardless of religion or gender? Isn't anything else called opression and/or apartheid like there was in Rhodesia/S.Africa?

As George Galloway has stated: It has always been Palestine, "Israel" as a state does not exist.

Visible said...

no that's not what he said and not what I'm talking about either, which is the real point. Furthermore any one who has to lie and hide the truth to gain the power to govern does not deserve the right to. Some of us think that's okay and all of us have gotten what we deserve.

Miriam said...

Another one on your best Visible.
May 20 and onward~ Mayan Calendar Truth Telling continues and the dam is starting to break~ Ron Paul has shown his hand. It is unfortunate that he either has always felt this way and is now coming out, or he has been threatened and/or bought out. He knows the score; as Visible says he is a financial expert and so KNOWS all that the Zionazis/Israel have done/are doing.
Another one bites the dust.

Real good analysis Mouser to a complex set of issues and players.
Bill Hicks and George Carlin had it down:

But here's the catch- the Hope is still there, this is the last scene, the denouement:
"Tension fills the air. We await the inevitable, unless that is to be sidetracked, because everything really is under control and now, every act of evil turns upon itself and will amplify and accelerate to that effect with each passing day. I am convinced of the good that lives in the heart of humanity and of the existence of forces working to awaken it. These forces rule preeminent in the visible and invisible spheres and all arguments to the contrary are nothing more than the doubts being sown to divide the people against each other. Buckle your seatbelts because the storms are here and growing in power. Nature is not amused."

We are the heroes.

Unknown said...

Dude, I think this is one of the most important post you ever did, if not THE most important post. I transferred the link to my political forums (if I hadn't, someone else would have).

Rock on, even though I prefer my nose warm and dry. I get woken up several times a night by a cold and wet nose attached to a little black panther who likes to be fed every 4 hours or so.

Oh well. It's better than an alarm clock.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Let me start off by pointing out the Ron Paul is an excellent example of “Controlled Opposition.” He is kept at the margin to gather the grey sheep. Those who know they are not represented, but think the system can work. I like the guy, but I’m not likely to defend him. More on that in a minute.
Tom is right, his supporters are on a list, this information was placed in the open years ago.
Mouser’s right on with almost everything. DSK was trying to come up with his own solution for the Euro, and THAT is why he was taken down. It wasn’t failure; he was trying to go his own way. I also think it goes back a LONG way before JFK, and yeah they killed him over the money, but he was going WAAAYYY off script.
I also think there are several factions in the “banking system” and that is what you’re seeing with the BRIC Vs City tussle.

As for Paul, he is a politician. Therefore he is compromised, corrupt, and/or evil, and combinations of all three are readily available, Obama (rhymes with Osama) being just one such example. He restricts himself to his “Fiscal conservative/Libertarian” costume, and basically plays a one-trick pony. This makes him look rather Jeffersonian when you note his tendency to “limit foreign entanglements.” It’s a good act. He may even feel he is doing some good, thinking that he can be an agent of change while tiptoeing through the minefield that could get him or others of his family killed. Fud already said this well, and golly Mouser!

Like I said, I’m not here to defend him. There is only one thing you have to offer when you make a deal with the devil, and Daniel Webster he ain’t. Besides, he doesn’t seem to consider what cutting so much from the Government payroll will do to what’s left of an economy. The wars are the only thing keeping it all from a total collapse. But none of this matters. You say it better than I do Visible: “any one who has to lie and hide the truth to gain the power to govern does not deserve the right to.”

I’m here in the foothills of Appalachia because I am supposed to be. I keep my candle burning and do my best to protect and provide for the pride. The divine has seen fit to adjust my level of hubris from time to time, but I have no instruction to act…yet.

I see it, I hear it, and I feel it. I observe the oncoming storm and beseech the divine to “Show me the Magic.” I can call the lightning from a storm cloud, and can see the path the cells will take. I can both burst and grow individual clouds. This weather sense is only a minor extension since I have been able to feel an oncoming vortex (that would be a tornado) since I was six and growing up in the heart of Tornado alley. I can have extended conversations with creatures I have just met. And I can hear the words of the divine speaking in the wind as it passes through the trees that grow at the end of the cul-de-sac. And none of this means anything either. For I know nothing, and can only watch in awe as the change begins to permeate the entire environment. It isn’t any kind of power on my part, only feeling what is going to happen, and that comes from learning how to listen.

Almost all of the people I see around me are clouded, blocked and blind. I no longer try to awaken the sleeping sheep, because it annoys them and does no good. I nudge the kitten along and work with her listening and feeling skills, and she still surprises me with her insight.

Love to all of you as this begins to move beyond terrible and right out into weird.

“Darkness will turn into Light.” Some of us feel as though we are coming home Visible.


Wv: Oxida - I almost jumped into a tribute to Billy (But wait! there's more!), but I've already gone too far today.

Anonymous said...

Yup ol Ron Paul is definitely controlled op!Get's on FOX whenever he wants and usually trashes 911 truthers. Quits the 2008 campaign ala Ross Perot and pockets all those millions in campaign funds,given to him under false pretenses. His son Rand(what a piece of work IMHO). And now Israel is his friend.
What does he have to do,pee in your face?

Anonymous said...


The litmus test has been the most accurate measure of true commitment to "good". Does a person strongly object to the traitor's who planned and executed 9/11?

Ron Paul, either is deliberately holding back on what he believes, in order to have a chance, or has been bought.

There are others i wonder about, like Gilad Atzmon. I've never heard him comment on 9/11, but he seems "real" on other topics.

With the preponderance of evidence that you enumerate of the strength of the "Dark Side", it is now a true test of belief, faith, to stick to belief and action that represents the "good".

The Palestinians are true hero's in my book, and I look to them and their strength in the face of sustained torture, and it renews my faith in ordinary people to carry-on and prevail.


Visible said...

I've been hearing from some main newsgathering site managers and Ron Paul has released a shit storm in his direction. Mail is apparently coming in from all over the place, outraged at his recent comments.

Martin said...

A stolen lyric, so not really mine to give, but this is for you Vis:

"It isn't easy to believe in love today
Too many woes, too many wars
But when the greedy and the great get in my way
The hand I'm reaching for is yours

Friends Till Then

Visible said...


Yes, I've noted that. He's said nothing about the two biggest myths going; not that I have seen anyway. Someone once called me to task on that giving me a lame reference that I didn't see the use of but I'm staying away from those kinds of cat fights. I've got enough on my plate. I said what I thought I should say at the time and that's where it remains. Otherwise it looks like I'm having a spat (grin). Public figures are something else. Not quite the same as those who only think they are public figures.

Sergej said...

Ron P. was always one of them. You'll see it when you thoroughly check where he comes from. But we knew it like years ago since he's often been doing masonic hand signs during his speaches and many people spotted that.

But just by using pure logic - even if there was no clear nazi agenda behind his car salesman talk, just the fact that he would have long been "accidented" by the you-know-whom if he was real should tell you all you need to know.

In his last speech he expanded on his fed "bashing" by explaining that on the other side he'd remove all social securities altogether and "let everyone take car of himself by himself" essentially. Pure eugenicist "survival of the fittest" bullshitting dressed in sweet talk about "independence and freedom" and whatnot. Being a supposed defender of the constitution, his lack of knowledge of its contents is, shall we say, stunning.

He is just "the other" player in the old "create controlled opposition to divert the masses" game.

There is only one uncorrupted american politician left with truly deep knowlege in terms of real economy and problems of this world and that is Lyndon LaRouche. His website is highly recommended reading regardless of your political views, for educational reasons if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

PJ says:
Tough crowd. I will try to give my take on Ron Paul-First, even if he says Israel is America's friend, he would still cut off all foreign aid to all foreign countries, including, but not singling out, Israel.
Given Paul's foreign policy track record, eg., he voted against the first and second Gulf Wars, I don't think he's likely to go to war on Israel's behalf.
Promoting freedom will stimulate the economy more than any government jobs could. Seriously, the way around the Zionist problem is just to transcend it. There is no solution. Israel should be free to take any course of action they desire. The USA, of course, should allow them to suffer the consequences of their actions. Every other country in the world lives under these conditions. This is my understanding of Paul's position.

Visible said...

One honest person-

Cynthia McKinney.

f8te said...

Awesome post. I just came from the daily paul site where idiots on there are talking about courting Gen. Wesley Clark as a running mate. I grew up with Gen. Clarks son and have put a post on daily paul detailing a conversation I had with Wes Jr. back in 1991. Here it is.

"Are you people insane! This is the man who was involved at Waco, he personally was responsible for the bombing of the chinese embassy in Serbia. He also was going to attack the Russians at the airport in Serbia but the english general on the ground was quoted in saying he would not start WW3 because of his(Clarks) ego.

Also, I grew up with Gen. Clark's son Wes Jr who told me in 1992 that his dad was invited to join a secret group that really ran the world.
He asked me how I thought our presidents were elected. I told him the childish view of how we vote then the electoral college and all that hokum.
He continued to laugh at me and talk down to me, that the presidents were chosen well in advance, years in some cases. This group that his dad was invited to join was the CFR. This was before Serbia and before he was a general I think.

He then went on to say that in 20 years the United States would cease to exist in its current form and that all nation states would be absorbed into a ONE WORLD GOVT. He then bragged that he was apart of this group of elitists and "you better have some connections or royalty or something or you're basically screwed". He really just claimed that we are all f*&^%ed and nothing can save us.
This conversation really happened for all you naysayers.

So that's your hero Gen. Clark from a reluctant insider. Wes Jr was a friend of mine and I liked him a great deal up until this chilling revelation.
'Wes, sorry but you did say that shit"

Sergej said...

That McKinney link sends some buggers towards your PC and wants to ring stuff back, I'd reccomend to remove that link and check your PC thoroughly.

Sergej said...

... or maybe the bugger is from one of those many agencies monitoring the traffic, dunno for sure.

Anonymous said...

Good one Les - besides, he would never get past the Electoral College cabal. As a person I feel sorry for Dr.Paul, an unwitting Pawn.

"We will lead every revolution against us!" - Zio-diktat

So he's there to dissipate movements - I think legitgov have a better idea for those who want to keep it material and meaty:-


"I am convinced of the good that lives in the heart of humanity and of the existence of forces working to awaken it."

Those who _know_ they live in Light & Love and fully realise the multi-dimensional gifts of doing so agree with you with all their hearts ;-)


Anonymous said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again: you have to be constantly aware of the ubiquitous harm being inflicted here and abroad as a result of kike perfidy.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul....

Is like hoping that Ronald McDonald will finally reveal that bacon cheeseburgers are bad for you.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the heir to Ayn Rand, von Mises, von Hayek and a bunch of other jewish intellectuals. People need to get more rational on the obvious consequence of "liberty".

In Ron Paul's world, the very concept of a nation has no legitimacy – hence, de facto global government, run by wall street and industrial cartels (aka the British East India company). In this world, the market is "amoral" and human institutions have no right to exercise morality against it – hence, it's you vs. usury, psychological warfare, drugs, pornography and terrorism. May the best man win!

Les, have you read von Mises' "Omnipotent Government"? All this Austrian garbage is quite literally communism, just skipping the socialism phase and going strait to the feudal banker utopia.

What the world needs is not more market freedom, but more Putins, which is to say more FDRs, Lincolns, JFKs, DeGaulles (look at the hit list, then follow the economic programs) and other leaders who have morality, intelligence and are "wise as serpents yet gentle as doves".

Visible said...

I haven't noticed anything Sergej. That's Press TV and I often link to them; don't know what it could be this time.

Pigrot said...

While I was disappointed to hear Ron Paul's statements, you must remember that Ron Paul wants to cut off ALL foreign aid, and Israel is of course the main recipient. He calls on the United States to be friends with ALL countries and not to intervene in the affairs of other countries. In this way, he wasn’t actually saying anything new or preferential towards Israel. What’s more, he has not back off an inch from his insistence that we halt our overseas wars. However, he was knowingly giving the impression that he was being supportive of Israel in the face of Obama’s timid encouragement of Israel to alter its atrocious behavior, and that IS disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Les Visible!

Ron Paul is the token American of the political non-stop-decades-long-running psy-op against people of USA. His persona is offered to placate and pacify the more clever of the "goy cattle". As he comes from cowboy state, it appears his secondary purpose is as "goy-cattle" herd, leading those who have a little clue off the truth trail and back on their way to the zio-slaughter house.

To be fair - if he really knows the score, one can't blame him for not wanting to be Kennedyed (he's probably been shown the kill-films and warned about what to expect if he doesn't play the game by their rules).

In the end, it's nothing but distraction, illusion, to give the still-majority-for-now peoples the notiong that they're still "got skin in the game" (we don't);

2012 POTUS has already been selected and the zio-psyo-media brain-washing for this inevitability began May 1st, 2011; heralding the "miracles" worked by Obama the Nobel War-is-Peace Prize winner.

Obama will be re-installed as president of zio-colony USA.
Then the "real fun" will begin.

Doubting thomas said...

I want someone to set me really straight.

Did anyone actually hear/see Ron Paul say Israel is America's good friend, or did he say all foreign aide should be ended - including that to israel.

Just want to check what was actually said because old adolescent buds of future running mates to R.Paul popping up out of nowhere to bang a few nails into the coffin of running for president smells like zio-troll work to me.

Was Paul quoted in only the MSM, was it spun? What did Paul actually say about the israelis?

I just hate to think of putiing the wrong man out to pasture. To avoid confirming 9/11 truth might be tactical, what he just said about israel, verbatim, is important I think.

Gimme a link to think.

Visible said...

D Thomas; maybe if you troubled yourself to read the link in the post you wouldn't have to ask these questions. I believe I'm a tad snippy today because I am a tad provoked.

Anonymous said...

I can't read Ron Paul's mind, but just an observation... the man's been in politics and held office for over a decade. I imagine that he knows the score as well as you when it comes to this issue.

To suddenly disavow any interest in the fellow because of ONE STATEMENT that you know full well would utterly screw his chances to get elected were he to say what you preach (and what he quite possibly believes and knows full well himself), as small as they already are, might not be the best course of action.

But hey... to each their own. I still like him and will give him my vote, if for no other reason than the rest are OBVIOUS zionist stooges. At least with him, most of his positions, were they to be implemented, would help this dying country.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Visibles,

You got a cameo in this video link at Rense's.

You and your message T-shirt are famous -
keep up your great work!

Anonymous said...

I've been suspicious of Ron Paul for some time. He talks a lot of good stuff, but when push comes to shove, it's different. Some examples:

How did he wind up in the GOP to begin with? And why does he stay there, when his own party did everything to marginalize him in 2008 short of airbrushing or photo-shopping him out of the debates?

Why was he not on the floor of the House every single day while Bush was in office, stridently demanding the impeachment and removal of every single person in that administration?

Why did he have absolutely zero to say when the bailout bill was "passed" in 2008, the most blatant and egregious pissing-on of the Constitution I've seen in my lifetime? Etc., etc.

I've thought for years that he's a stalking horse, and this has only confirmed my suspicions. Of course, he realizes that he has no chance of being elected, so he'll probably do what he did last time: collect lots of money, and then decide to drop out. You can only marvel at the stupidity of the people who send him money.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add something in my post about Paul being a stalking horse.

He refuses to acknowledge the tons of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. He parrots the company line (I should say, "official" conspiracy theory) at all times.

katz said...

1st, I haven't commented for a while, bc you have this normal banter w the regulars that takes up space, and wears me out.

But, I've met Ron Paul, and he is a man of integrity. His wife ended up in the hospital, the last time he ran for President. Since then, he has been working to get more people off their collective arshes to take some control of the government.

Les, you are doing the exact same thing to Ron Paul that was done to you a few months ago. You want everyone to say everything you do. You want what you want, while you sit comfortably in Italy, or whereever the heck it is that you are staying, at this time. But, I don't see you sticking your neck out. I see you using the name "Les Visible" to be cute, and hide your real name. I don't see you running for office. People get murdered and then folks like you will write endlessly about what happened, from a safe distance, so they don't end up dead, like the DC Madam.

Fine. You can all rattle away about Ron Paul, w/o the slightest understanding of the issues that are currently being dealt with in congress or government. You are so busy hating everyone, that you can't tell anymore, who is on the side of Americans. Are you? After all, you left America in the dust. I don't see you here???

I wonder if you will post this, bc it calls you out. I know you tend to sulk, and spend endless amounts of time whining about whatever you percieve that people don't like about you.

I read your stuff, and most of the time, it's pretty good. But, you got a lot of "fans" who have really gone to your head, lately.

Don't take it so literally. Just man up. Stop trying to hurt the rest of us who are trying to do something to help, and don't just sit around in a foreign country, living off other people and complaining about the USA. Do something to help. Stop hiding.


A lot of info in such a small article. Encompassed alot of my same thoughts , on some of the worst and most damaging of zionism.
Repubs and Demos same party. Only want you to think you have a choice. Have voted only Libertarian since 1978. Glad I found this sight.

Anonymous said...

Boss, you have just got to see these israeli f**ks beating up on women.

Unfucking believable!!!

Visible said...

katzzzs............... my name is Les Visible and has been for a long time. It's on my passport and driver's license. This is just part of a litany on your part of things you don't know. As for not sticking my neck out I think my posts speak to that issue dramatically. You're just a shill. I spent four years in prison. Have had attempts made on my life and nearly wound up in prison for life because of my direct action on the powers that were. What have you done in this regard? Talk is cheap.

and to all and sundry, I do not support people who lie or feel they need to be devious to be elected. I don't buy that argument because it implies they will continue to do the same when elected. Look at Obama.

I am not an American and no longer consider myself such. I will not live under fascist rule.

Anonymous said...

1. No one in Congress is elected without the blessing of Israel and corporate America.

2. Ron Paul has been a Congressman for 11 terms.

Pretty easy math. It should be obvious that Ron Paul is a part of the misdirection. They put Paul out there to play the part of pied piper and lead all the freedom loving people into the river to drown.

Those that speak out against the hill people are tossed from the tower like Jim Traficant. Those that play the game keep their seats most of their lives.

Another good example was Arlen Specter who came up with the "magic bullet" theory while a part of the Warren Commission. He was rewarded with 30 years being a Senator which included a pension and benefits for life. It was only when he became the focus of public outrage and a liability that the hill people flipped him even though he switched parties for them.

You can reach me at woody188 at yahoo dot com if you want to trade notes on it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I know what I call a vegetarian Cajun..

A friend and a gentleman.

Until the general masses of people not only figure out the true and honest meaning of 'thou shall not kill', and also apply this first principle of spiritual life (ahimsa - nonviolence) to their own lives, there isn't any hope no matter who is elected or even if the bankers start passing out free money tomorrow.

If the masses stopped participating in the horror house of fifty billion murdered innocent animals each year after year after year, the resultant violent karmic reactions would diminish dramatically, in more ways than one.

If one participates in this anti-spiritual anti-life murder mass machine than just what is it you expect?
Smiles of angels?
Revelations of love and truth?
To be bathed in compassion?

How could this possibly be?

You don't have to charge the guns or sacrifice your first born or even suffer extremes at all. Just be a human being and stop participating in this most horrible of actions..
Everything in your life, in human society, will improve as a result.

That's a promise.

"As long as human society continues to allow cows and other animals to be regularly killed in slaughterhouses, there cannot be any question of peace and prosperity."

"To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy. In this age there is always enmity against poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally."

~ A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Jai Sri Krishna!
Jai Ananta Balarama!
Jai Maheshwara!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul can not go straight onto the dragon, if he wants to bring the dragon down. After all, he is a politician. We live in excruciating times, & some fights can not be faught straight on. If Ron Paul said the things this minority wants to hear, he would not stand a chance in continuing his race. Sorry, but we all know that certain topics can not & will not be discussed on air.

I think the worst thing we can do at this point is walk away from Ron Paul just because he does not cover every single topic, about things we know are going on.

You win the war 1 battle at a time.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic.

Supposedly "maid man" DSK was hindering the banksters' full-spectrum of plans to rape and pillage the wealth of Greece (including historical monuments), hence his very public removal from the scene.

The rape and pillage, is back on as Greece's bought politicians announce today that it will immediately begin sell off of any tangible wealth (exchanged for talmudic-funny money).

Question is - who's gonna be "buying" all of Greece's wealth and where did they get the "money" to do so.

these crooks work fast, don't they

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul may have said that because it is the only way he will be allowed to run for president with any chance to win.

Remember that in the last primary campaign, he refused to say that Israel had a "special relationship" with the US or that they deserved US foreign aid.

Right after that, the smear campaign went into high gear, Dr. Paul was accused of being "anti-semitic" and of having made anti-semitic comments, etc.

Then the votes in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary were plainly and obviously rigged against Paul and in favor of John McCain, and then it was all downhill from there.

JFK was another candidate who promised to kiss Israeli ass from here to China and back. But when he got into office he proceeded to undo everything that had been put into place by the Zionist banking cartel over the previous 50 years, angered Ben Gurion in Israel by refusing to sell them fighter jets and started blocking all plans for warfare in Vietnam, Cuba and elsewhere. And then what happened to JFK ended all of that, as LBJ cooperated fully with TPTB and the rest is history.

Maybe, just maybe Ron Paul knows that telling the truth about Israel now is not good strategy, but should he ever have a chance at getting into office, he will have other ideas. And who knows, maybe the Zionists will figure that they can use him to further the ongoing deception, but he will turn on them.

What the hell, we can always hope, right?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

I too was a Ron Paul supporter until his "Just wish those 911 truthers would just go away" speech when we were the backbone of his campaign money drives. That was a cold pail of water in the face and I tried to appreciate the position as tactical, but it just did not ring right. If we proceed to a surreal future where 911 box cutters prevail, this is not a future I want any part of. The Jewnited States of America is well on the way to its own destruction and nothing short of a veterans uprising will turn this sorry train around.

No Longer Doubting said...

I couldn't get a video of R.Paul saying these things but several independent sites have the same words in quotes, so I'm going to analyse them as from RON Paul's own mouth.

Ron Paul:
“The President gave a speech today about our foreign policy in the Middle East, and once again this administration has proven that it does not understand a proper foreign policy for America. When will our leaders finally do what’s right for America and rethink this irrational approach we’ve followed for far too long?"

“Israel is our close friend. While President Obama’s demand that Israel make hard concessions in her border conflicts may very well be in her long-term interest, only Israel can make that determination on her own, without pressure from the United States or coercion by the United Nations."

“Unlike this President, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs. There can only be peace in the region if those sides work out their differences among one another. We should respect Israel’s sovereignty and not try to dictate her policy from Washington."

“Our military is already dangerously extended, and this administration wants to expand our involvement."

"We are facing $2 trillion dollar deficits, and the American taxpayer cannot afford any of it."

“Our military’s purpose is to defend our country, not to police the Middle East."

“I am not the only one who can see the absurdities of our foreign policy. We give $3 billion to Israel and $12 billion to her enemies. Most Americans know that makes no sense."

“We need to come to our senses, trade with our friends in the Middle East (both Arab and Israeli), clean up our own economic mess so we set a good example, and allow them to work out their own conflicts.”

Taken together these quotes do indeed confirm Ron Paul is pretending israel is a friend of USA [it is not], and that the defenseless Palestinians should have to deal with the genocide being inflicted upon them by American armed israel by themselves [they cannot].

I concur with you Les Visible, Ron Paul is not honest - not even including his denial about the truth of 9/11 as being Rothschild through Mossad and US secret services.

Another one bites the dust.(cue F.Mercury)

Can we get Cynthia McKinney to run for president?


Visible said...

I appreciate the hope and faith that many of you want to put into Ron Paul but I am afraid that failing the 9/11 litmus test makes him irreparably damaged in my eyes. His comments were especially off the wall since a large number of his followers know that 9/11 was a put up job. I know that many of you are desperate for someone to believe in and you make concessions. I do not. I don't look for politicians to believe in and they only have my attention so long as they don't cross certain lines. I liked Jessie Ventura and now I think he's full of shit. I hate to have to use that kind of language and I wish I could be more understanding but I will not support those who conceal the truth or lie for personal advantage as an excuse to get into power and who then do not do what they implied they would or what their supporters hoped for. This government has to come down and then maybe there will be some honest souls to serve the public.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is on their side. He is there give people "hope" that something is being done.

He collected over 30 million of supporters money, and what has he done. NOTHING.

He is not educating Americans on the dangers it faces from the jew, nor will he ever.

Also, Zionism is all about a homeland for the jews, and has nothing to do with the way a jew lives his life. Jews lie, cheat,steal and kill as a way of life, that is not Zionism.

Jews have been hated for thousands of years because of the way they treat their host nations. They must dominate and ultimately destroy their host, because they hate their host.

People, read the Protocols of zion, read YOU GENTILES by Maurice Samual and download this free PDF book-

Get over to to read more about your enemy.

josey said...


At times I get depressed or demoralized by the array of forces fielded against us, but I do not lose faith or conviction completely. No matter, I still believe.

If it were easy to fight this kind of battle, everyone would be doing it. The rewards may be outsized, but I would do it for naught. Time to re-read the St. Crispin Day Speech.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is practicing Diplomacy toward America's Jewish shadow government. The operative definition of "diplomacy" being: "knowing how to say 'nice doggy' -- until you can find a rock." As Emerson said, you don't tell the King that you're coming to kill him.

Paul himself can't get us where we need to be; no ONE man can. But he can get us within striking distance.

forthurst said...

Please remember Ron Paul is a politician. He wants publicity; he wants to be invited on the MSM. Bearing in mind he has little power other than that of persuasion, the last thing he needs is for his enemies to be able to label him as a 'truther' or 'anti-semite' etc. Paul knows the score; he is a patriot; he hasn't turned; he is just a lot smarter than those who expect him to say what they think they know without realising as a consequence he would either disappear without trace or be treated publicly as a parahia with all the force the MSM could bring to bear. Just think of consequences of Paul's proposed foreign policy: now do you get it?

Anonymous said...

*Grabs his forehead* OMG...slow down, Dog! That article is a massive overdose of need to be more responsible when you post this kinda stuff! Next time put up some warnings, err something, will ya?

Geezus, other than my own writings, I've never read so many truthful sentences strung together in all my life!

Good work, Dog! I'll be coming back to read through your archives (I'm new here).

- little guy

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty clear that no matter where you live in the world the same diaspora is in control everywhere. One of the many problems with America is that it knows little to nothing and couldnt give a toss about anywhere else in the world. Americans were happy to be lead by these monsters when their gas was cheap but as soon as their "Standard of Living" was threatned then they got their flabby arms out of their Laz-e-boys and realized there was no bud left in the fridge. Its too late to go back... Life will never be the same again as anyone remebered it

I think the world could do well by remembering a certain William Wallace who roamed and cleansed the highlands of Scotland when their so called leaders were "squabbling over the scraps from longshanks' table"

"Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for your post and all that you do.

My comment is that I supported Ron Paul initially, until I saw him "in-person" at a campaign rally in MN. He wasn't that impressive and his body language did not match his words.

When we were at the rally there were three individuals at the front of the auditorium off to the side of the stage. They went to both sides and scanned the crowd with the biggest HD lens'd video camera I have ever seen. It looked suspicious to me, but I chalked it up to local media coverage. As I watched what they were doing, I noticed that they didn't film Ron Paul once and were VERY focused on the crowd.

After they started packing up their gear (while the rally was still going on), I went to the bathroom. It happened that after I walked out of the bathroom (located in a back hallway, near the back of the auditorium) the three men who were filming near the stage were walking quickly towards me down a long hallway carrying their equipment. As they passed by me towards the exit I gave them a long look and they at me. They were mid/late twenties, dressed almost completely in black, in shape and it was obvious they were not with the local news.

With today's facial recognition software and HD vidoeography, identifying 90% of the people in attendance would not be that difficult.

This doesn't mean Ron Paul is a fake, but I never have got the sense from him that he is exactly what he claims to be.

Being from MN, I can say that Jesse Ventura and the late Paul Wellstone, were what they claimed to be. Like their "style" or not.

Bill Rivard said...

Search "Ron Paul Illuminati handshake" over at YouTube - it's unbelieveable he has not been exposed before. Everything that Ron Paul stands for....will happen and it that the NWO....can happen. The "laws" for all of this have already been passed - by the UN - the organization that will rule the world. Yet I agree, I really believe we will wake up in time to prevent all this and I can't wait to watch all this unfold. I want so bad to be the one who puts the handcuffs on George Bush. What an exciting time to be alive!

Visible said...

Your comment went up, anonymous poster with fake name who accuses others of having a fake name when it is not so. I suggest you look closer and you will see your comment or perhaps it hasn't come through yet. I did not post your most recent comment (the one I am replying to) as I do not allow anonymous ad hominem commentary. I assure you that I'm unaffected by it, if that helps. If you feel like an idiot because you didn't see that your comment did get posted well, that's okay too and you're threatening not to return here well, that's a blessing I hadn't hoped for but am grateful for all the same.


I long thought well of Jessie Ventura but I have been watching his comments lately about 9/11 and since there's no way he doesn't know what happened by now, I don't really know what to think about him anymore. People who fail the 9/11 litmus test are either employed by the people who did it or are in fear of what telling the truth might do to them.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, it's a rare occasion to lie with dogs and not get up with fleas. (No malice to dogs intended.)


Miriam said...

To those who want to believe in Ron Paul~ I have believed in him, not listening to the twinges my heart was telling me, hoping he didn't mean what he said in his Libertarian ideology because he would say~ 'well can't do that right away of course'~
and well he did support a new 911 investigation, so maybe he knew and wasn't saying what he knew because you can't, and he wants to end the wars and bring the troops home and audit the Fed. So I looked the other way and hoped.

But now he is a friend of Israel and is willing to give Israel a free hand to determine its own future for the entire area. He doesn't want to support Israel's 'enemies' but nothing is said about how Israel GOT those enemies at all. Not a word of support for the suffering Palestinians, because that is how you get to be President.

The Zionists must not be happy with the political field(or with Paul's financial stance) and so here we have Ron Paul coming into the fray with Zio-muscle behind him.

I am nodding about everything people are saying here to expose RP, having known it but not wanting to really believe it...because once in office he would do the 'right thing'.

There are those who believed that about Obama, that he was really going to change things~ and he lied outright about what he was going to do and not going to do. In the first week it was rotten and I got to say 'I told you so'...I don't want to be in that position with RP.

RP has crossed the lines completely, has sold his integrity completely(some would say he never had any, but setting that aside for believers...) and there is no going back; watch what happens to Audit the Fed...that will be interesting. For whatever reason, he has accepted the yolk of the Zionists and there is no surviving that litmus test.

amarynth said...

Sometimes I read the comments and despair. Some people are still talking about voting. You should be turning your backs on these institutions, their people and their methods and shun them.

The institutions are institutionally rotten to the core and the systems are systemically stinking to high heaven! I don't care which side of the ocean you come from. Ron Paul, nicely placed to garner your 'dissident' votes or the equivalent of a Ron Paul somewhere else.

"The March of the Psychopaths" - Instead of talking about whether you're gonna vote for this one or that one these institutions and their systems can only be shunned. If you don't vote for them, they cannot enslave you, although their buddies will try.

Anonymous said...

Ask Ron Paul's constituents along the Texas Gulf Coast if they think he is a man of integrity. Better yet, pro-Paulers should ask them personally. 'Nuff said.


Miriam said...

amarynth, I like what you write a lot, and I agree with you on much, including this about shunning the system entirely.
I see this as another blinder that is falling from everyone's eyes who held RP in esteem, and confirmation for those who knew or have walked away. Whether there is talk about voting for Ron Paul, or supporting his activities to audit the Fed, or any of his other positions that looked like a stand against the Synagogue of Satan, it is now clear to most that he is not what he has seemed.
It is the continued cascade and further exposing of the falsity, crashing down and bringing us ever closer to the disintegration of the beast's paradigm.

You are right, there is no fixing this system, and the Apocalypse is coming.

Anonymous said...

more disinformation about Ron Paul. He cannot say what he thinks, nor can I where I work. I would be crucified as would he. what happened to peoples ability to look into the eyes and see the soul??? our 6th sense??? this has been taken from us it seems by all the media, brainwashing and making us distanced from the real world and our spiritual connection. I read honesty and decency in Ron Paul, the only person I have ever seen this since I have been of voting age(35 plus years).

spright said...

lots of comments today, rp has that following.
i agree with others who say, he has to play close to the chest just to get in the race.
don't discredit him for that. a smart move i think.
already has the mil ind complex wondering when they can shoot first. also the energy police, insert gov agency police, zionists.. should we go on?
leave him his message, "get back to the constitution" then go from there. one thing at a time i think.
thanks tho, for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I have a tough test for all politicians and power elite: What they say means nothing. It's what they don't say; what they actually DO when it comes to the crunch, and especially what they inevitably fail to do in the end. So, they get nothing from me; no tax, no vote, no allegiance. ~ Mel.S, Egypt

wv: asign - damn right!

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, according to you Paul haters, the man should show his hand before everyone puts up their bets. You people are as incredibly stupid as that notion implies.

Les, I've been a fan for a long time but you truly disappoint me here. Perhaps YOU are now a Zionist tool intent on keeping the ONLY candidate (OK, Cynthia McKinney) who could give us some sliver of hope of advancing the freedom movement. I suggest you reconsider your position or truly you have served the Zio agenda.

Miriam said...

We ARE winning!

Anonymous said...

Let me assert vehemently that I DESPISE and LOATHE Israel and I believe Israel was a major player in 9/11. I realize that Israel has MAJOR control over this country on all levels. Let me also state that I'm a staunch Ron Paul fan and supporter. I realize that people have stated that Ron Paul is a "stooge" or "controlled opposition", etc. because he hasn't come out against Israel or spoken up about 9/11. Maybe those claims are correct. However, I'm not willing to believe them just yet.

Ron Paul has given us SO much. He's successfully promulgated the principles of life, liberty, peace, and prosperity. He’s authored several books and scores of articles on these topics. He's championed the free-market and he's condemned the fascist and socialist elements of our society. He vehemently supports ENDING THE FEDERAL RESERVE. That's his stated goal.

Just because he doesn't mention 9/11 or doesn't mention the Israeli issue does NOT mean he's a “stooge”. Granted, it doesn't mean he isn't, either. But, why should we condemn him for not addressing certain issues? As I already said, he's brought great principles to the awareness of millions of people – people who have started to question the status quo because of him.

Ron Paul is a twelve-term Congressman who is fighting from the INSIDE. He can only do so much. He CANNOT be expected to fight all fronts! He's one man. He's already fighting on several fronts, and he's ignited the brush fires in the minds of the people. He's done his job and he's still doing it. What more do you expect from him? He's 75 years old! How many fights can he wage?? Besides, he cannot please everyone!

Bringing up 9/11 or Israel would be CAREER SUICIDE for Ron Paul. I think that's very unfair and disingenuous to call Ron Paul a “stooge”. He already risks a lot to do what he does. Why should he have to take on 9/11 and Israel at this point, too? He knows he would be out of a job and would be dismissed post haste by most people. His fight on all other fronts would be finished. Baby steps, man.

If Ron Paul got to be president and then didn't follow through on cutting off aid to Israel, then I might think he's been bought-and-paid-for. As of now, though, it is absolutely unfair for people to label Ron Paul a "stooge", etc., just because he won't fight every single fight. Personally, I would NOT want him risking the ground he’s gained so far by bringing up 9/11 or Israel. That would be too many steps backwards.

There are MULTIPLE battle fronts, and Ron Paul can only fight so many. He's fighting from the inside, and he's already battling against main-stream and establishment critics to save his credibility. Why should he risk destroying his credibility any further in the eyes of main-stream Americans who are finally starting to wake up??

There are plenty of people fighting the 9/11 and Israel battles, and I don't think Ron Paul needs to be involved in every battle. There should be a division of labor with regard to these battlefronts.

As far as I’m concerned, at this point there is NO evidence to support the claim that Ron Paul is “controlled opposition” or that he’s bought-and-paid-for. It’s better to celebrate Ron Paul for what he HAS done and stop condemning him for things some people claim he SHOULD do. No of you are in his shoes.

I’m fully aware of the tools of propaganda, psychological operations, disinformation tactics, poisoning the well, etc. How do we know that the people calling Ron Paul a “stooge” aren’t just disinformation agents waging their psych war?

-Chris Divona, RI

I submitted this comment as ANONYMOUS because it won't accept my Google credentials for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has done a good job of disguising his sucking up to the AIPAC lobby. But if you look at his record its there. He does what he's told despite making statements that make him appear to be a patriot....very slick indeed!!! He's just another pussyfooted politico that does what he's told by the Israeli's lobby and Jewish-Americans with dual citizenship and dual loyalty and lots of money and power. He makes noises about auditing the fed but has no real follow thru; he just makes the noises that stupid red necks will mis-interpret as Ron Paul's being a "patriot."

Rabbit said...

It is all happening a bit fast for my liking. I am trying desperately to get my fiance out of Pakistan, with the obvious US led destruction looming on the horizon. The bureacracies here and there seem to have ground down to dysfynctional circle jerks. I've also recently converted to Islam, and am having an interesting experience now as a target of the Islamophobia which infests our Zionist whore West. It is even institutionalised. What the system and society seems unprepared for however is a Muslim who is as Anglo Saxon and Western and a full blood Aussie bloke as any of them. Quite interesting as I said, watching the many double takes, and often a begrudging re-appraisal of obvious former preconceptions. It does not escape my notice however that were I more overtly Muslim, that I would be facing open hostility and bigotry at every turn.
It should never have been about religion, but the Zionist demons have made it all revolve around it, and it seems here is where the division begins. I wonder just how they think they will rise to the top of a foamy sea of blood and guts, when they number just a few millions against the billions they are attempting to set at each others' throats. If nothing else, the more than one billion Muslims worldwide at least know where the enemy lives.
Now looking for a safe third country, somewhere I can park loved ones whilst I get them out from under harms way. It must be in the Southern Hemisphere, because I don't want them breathing in more radioactive death than necessary either.
I always had a bad feeling I'd be running at the end, running as fast as I could to get someone close out from under the collapsing beast.

kikz said...

I’ve seen performance art utilized here... when it suited.

if knight paul of columbus has to utilize some minor subterfuge to wound or outright slay the overFED ziodragon... so be it.

in this instance, the end would justify the means.

Aunt Franny said...

I believe Obama represents the Death of (Political) Hope in America. He was a psy-op on the American people, another in-your-face manipulation like all those that became so obvious under Bush when this country began doing up front what we used to do covertly. Perhaps Ron Paul is another of that ilk, I don't know, but he did vote against two Gulf Wars, bless his heart, so he can't be all bad. At least he has a record that can be checked and he does want a return to Constitutional government, which means a return of powers to the States as was intended.

But anyone who tells the truth cannot possibly get elected, and the idea of a return to Constitutional government is SO upsetting to TPTB after all their careful crafty planning to destroy the rule of that particular law in this country. The Supreme Court is a joke, not in service to the Constitution or the American people. Law itself is a joke.

With 1/2 of all tax dollars going for (mis-named) "defense" spending so we can kick butt worldwide whenever we decide we want to, do you really think someone who says they want to return power to the States even has a chance?

The Ron Paul issue is just a distraction. They'll put whatever nebbish in office they want to.

Anonymous said...

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win"
— Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

That's why Ron Paul can't yet take a stand against Israel or pro-9/11 truth.
You're only sabotaging his efforts by demanding he take a stand. The Zionists would love to see him take a stand on these issues, so they can knock him down.
That is actually a tactic. Hostile interviewers ask candidate to go on record about a controversial topic and then paint him as a loon and assassinate his credentials with straw man arguments.
But then again, you understand nothing about Ron Paul. The beauty of his campaign is that its aim is to diminish the power of government, regardless of who is president. He's not looking to get there to run his pet projects, like all the others are.
Read about the principle of Liberty, underpinning the Austrian economic theory and you won't sound like such a dunce anymore.

Anonymous said...

not really Anon, ZioOgre is blocking me from my gmail acct. again... I’m with PJ. Tough crowd today & a truly xxhausting comments section.
Politics & money make we wanna FUCKING GAG anymore…
So, anyway, I feel like sharing this:

Surreal surrounds ~ indecision abounds.
Heartache is rampant & bliss has been dampened.
At a threshold we stand, not sure where we’ll land;
the outside is scattered ~ inside is shattered.
Life like a wheel, each turn is a deal
In the global casino with plenty of vino.
The center it calls, where there are no walls.
Only the promise of grace, peace & solace.
So hard to wait when it feels like I’m late.

Joy’s in the moment, at least that’s what they tell me.
What is the way? I wonder each day.
No longer patient. I don’t want to wait!
I long to be home. Oh, where should I roam
To find an oasis in physical places?
Once, so many friends, now adrift with no ends.
A child is calling “why are you falling?”
Let it all go, if you really want to know.
This is the answer & soon you’ll return.

found myself too deep in the sea today…
still livin4love360

PS -- ONE (person) will not do what needs to be done for US all anyway. All together now… all together now…

Bushukshi said...

Hey Vis,
Got back late and tuned in to “get caught up”. Been out for awhile.
Events and chaos in life reached the point a couple of weeks ago that I felt it necessary to spend some time with my surrogate brethren, so I went back to Oklahoma and was involved with some sweat lodges with the Choctaws. Very exhausting and still reeling from the experience but to say it was spiritually uplifting would be an understatement.
On the way back, I drove through the Mississippi and Atchafalaya basins and spent part of last night sitting out on the levee. I’ve always enjoyed sitting on the banks of the great river. Meditating there, watching a flow of water that has remained consistent and unwavering for millions of years has always seemed to put whatever I perceive to be a problem in its proper perspective.
Reading your thoughts and those of our family is always quite enjoyable. Moreso even lately….perhaps my soul has been more open to close listening. I agree with most of the comments posted about Congressman Paul. In a world filled with deceit and deception now, it’s often difficult to stay “sane”-much less find any real discernment.
Much of what we are fed as “news” week after week seems just like a Playboy for married men...…you know, same picture every month.
Reflecting on the last few writings on Netanyahoo and Paul reinforces what we’ve all been subjected to for most of our lives now. What is promulgated as leadership is all illusion. And who we are given as leaders and forced to accept reminds me of an apropos quote:

When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.”
- Lin Yutang

Am continuing to anxiously await further manifestation of the Eschaton in all its majesty. We verily need it.
Kind of like a giant cosmic Kimwipe coming to clean our collective dirty asses.

Thank you again and much love.

Still rising from the miasma,


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
(sorry if this is too long)
I put him in the same basket as Ron Howard (Happy Days) and Jim-Bob Walton-Junior (was a good Jew, no?) , a goody two shoes, sacharine, and an impotent whiner. Sure I can understand, if they understand, their need not to comit Hara Kiri. But I wouldnt be so duplicitous and pussy footing as him, so there! stuff the useless whiners. to blow their houses down he would huff and puff when all he has to do is pull the rug, just once (though I wonder if he really would like to open the pandora's pox that a proper auditing of the Fed would bring about and how far down that rabbit hole would he go? has he looked up WTC7 yet? duh!). Instead he rides the magic carpet of small tax, small business, small minds types that don't seem to believe in organised 'civilisation', he would dream of Little House of the Prarie but result in a Deadwood style global village (with the Hearstes still encroaching wthout limit).
also, material change won't come through pronouncements from the MSM, whomever seeks to use it to promote the truth against their powerful interests. it might seem to, "Hope" "Change", but it won't. that's what the interent is for, and they cannot control that very much.

starting on the Uphanishads. stuff I already knew (of).(was Jung a plagiarist?, was JC a star from the East?)

ps WRH is back up. It's the internet and it cannot be suppressed like the town cryer (like RPaul)

pss thanks for that Anonthy, I have some doubts about TOR and no doubt that it needs to be replaced with something (preferably not something developed by the US navy like TOR was, though source code is available). theres some good points in the Phantom docs of advantages over TOR. higher bandwidth, no exit nodes unless explicitly chosen, no non-Phantom connections/DNS leaks at the OS level etc. when we get networks going directly from user to user across the landscape without a need for ISP's, even better. (I naively assume 'do no evil' predominates). Still, anyone who doesn't use Linux other other open source OS's (?) ,IMO, is asking for it.

pss I blessedly hardly tune in to the porn that is the MSM, so any comments I make are particularly not informed (but that would be the case if I did, no?)

psss Another Leonard (Khazar) Cohen . "They sentenced me to 20 years of boredom, for trying to change the system from within". Conversely RP looks like a kid in the lolly shop.(better stop with the metaphors there).

pssss at the risk of wearing some out , did JC 'compromise'. if RP knows he isn't going to get elected/promoted then all the more reasons to spill the beans, if he has the sacks to contain them in the first place.

psss 911 is what Aborigines in Australia call "unfinished business".

wv:quidess. a new unit of currency using the feminine principles of sharing and caring , as in Brother(Sister), can you use a dime?

Anonymous said...

I had hoped Paul was the real deal until I learned of CAFR's. Every public entity generates a consolidated annual financial report. Everything is listed (all the stock and land really is government owned, either directly or through an agent). The 'tax deficeits' are only the operating revenues and expenses. It is like claiming bankruptcy because you lost your job but ignoring the 5 million you have in a savings account. Auditing the Fed is moot. If he was legitimate he would be going through cafr's line by line. If anyone wants more info look on youtube under CAFR;s. stl mike

Unknown said...

Welcome to the Grand illusion
Come on in and see what's happening
Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
The stage is set, the band starts playing
Suddenly your heart is pounding
Wishing secretly you were a star.

But don't be fooled by the radio
The TV or the magazines
They show you photographs of how your life should be
But they're just someone else's fantasy
So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because you never win the game
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same...

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same...

America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
Get yourself a brand new motor car
Someday soon we'll stop to ponder what on Earth's this spell we're under
We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do, Les.

This RP topic is an odd one for me.
I was eager to support him in his last campaign - gave money,
put out yard signs, went to RP meet-up groups.
I even joined up with the Republicans so I could attend their caucus.
Well, the Morlocks who run the caucus machinery made quick mincemeat of
those for Huckabee, as well as us Paulistas.

But, I also noticed that news of RP from the campaign trail was like watching
a kid at Disneyland. He was very surprised at the turnouts, and quite eager
to repeat how this process was raising people’s awareness.
Not the talk of a Presidential candidate IMO.

Well, we all know how that played out.
I am grateful that someone in our state had enough machinery in place to have
Ralph Nader’s name on the ballot, giving me a place to put my X.
By then, there was no way I could fall into the Obama frenzy, and McCain/Palin - get real.

Anyhow, RP has kept his mailing lists active and solicits funds regularly for
the Campaign for Liberty group.
He also solicited funds for his son’s election campaign.
I too have wondered where all his “Money Bombs” went.
I too have wondered if he is just a controlled opposition - steam valve relief type guy.

I wanted to believe, but over the past year or so, belief in stuff is becoming too hard.
I am almost convinced that only a land-mass tsunami/pole-shift event will ever wake up or destroy enough people to make any meaningful changes to our way of living together on this planet.
Political candidates seem to be irrelevant.
The answers will not come from a ballot box.

I was actually looking forward to the “Rapture Event”.
To my understanding, only the purest that lived as Christ taught would be taken,
leaving the world bereft of our best and brightest spirits.
I did/do not include myself in this chosen group which saddens me, but let’s face it
I started late on my learning, Never the less, the event would have
marked the beginning of the type of consciousness smack that the species needs, and I was eager for that.

Well, we all know how that worked out.

I guess I’d better get serious about finding that place inside me where it will
all be as it should be.

I continue to haunt your pages Les, and those of ZeroHedge, and
WRH, and a few other places looking for I’m still not sure what, but
finding some comfort in reading of other’s quests and battles, savoring the links others provide.

Anonymous said...


Amaranth 11:47 is worth rereading over & over & over. Please stop it everybody... shun the broken systems. It's our only chance.

deep seaing,

Rob in WI said...

A most interesting thread. I supported RP with both money and energy prior to 2008 (alot). My delusion was that a peaceful revolution could coalesce. The energy of the young people drew me in. Only the young can change things (other than the orchestrator of the apocalypse). I've met RP and Paul Wellstone. Their approach is (was) courage with discretion. Their opponents are without mercy, so they try to survive by waffeling(sp). Little do (did) they know it, but they play into the enemy's hand.
Such a mess. Your sites are a kind of refuge. Thanks.

VanguardThoughts said...

@ Neko Kinoshita 6:19 PM

Wonderfully expressed!

[ WV: tryin ]

siamsam said...

Ron Money Bomb Paul. My 2 cents:

Being a regular guest on old lard arse's (AJ) radio show made him suspect to me personally. Domestically he is fond of attacking the poorest in society for Amerikas financial woes.

But what clinched it for me was to see that any article referring to old money bomb on AJ's PP, which received negative comments - and they mostly do of late - are quickly removed and never make the archives.

Seems many people are on to this guy - hence his coming out of the AIPAC closet.

siamsam said...

via homer......

I chose to be vegetarian quite recently -about 4 months or so. It was much easier than i ever considered. I just decided one day, it seemed to be purely by osmosis.

Of course i was aware of the pure brutality in the slaughter and i read a book called 'The Hundred Year Lie' a few years back, which exposes the true purpose of the FDA. Did you know that it takes only 2 weeks for an egg to become a supermarket ready chicken!

Being vegetarian is so simple and is in a way spiritual. Compared to giving up booze and smoking it is a walk in the park.

Just saying ..........

Anonymous said...

Humbug. Too much humbug.

I've said for years that RuPaul would make a fine POTUS. The White House needs redecorating.

But who listens to me?

Tom Frum

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is the folowing. You cannot please the USA and israel.

Either you please USA by condemming israel for its central role in 9/11, or you please israel by ignoring it's central role in 9/11.

You can't have it both ways.

It is called a dichotomy, and like pregnancy, either you are or you are not.

Thank you Visible for the 9/11 litmus test to determine the truth from anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anyone need a love song??

or, a soul scream??

up late in the US EST, rolling in the deep...

zio-ogres blocking my gmail still... ~~~ Ellie~~~live4love360

Anonymous said...

"Dirty veil of political correctness."

Michael Savage banned in Britain for DEMANDING the right for free speech to question the jewish holocaust story.


Anonymous said...


Commission for Open Debate On the Holocaust

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, but you know what they say about nails. I really hope you do not end up like poor old Edgar Steele, of conspiracypenpal, who got framed big time.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has confirmed himself to be a Zionist stooge with that little kiss on AIPAC's trousers.

If the guy DOES get elected, and actually DOES what you think he will, he will be another Kennedy/Lincoln/McKinley (and Jackson almost got shot by the central bankers, too!)

Guaranteed. Now, you Paul fans need to face the REALITY that the system is COMPLETELY RIGGED AND CONTROLLED and that there is NO WAY TO WIN BY PLAYING THEIR GAME!

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Base of the Mountain and the Wheel of Fire.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Ron Paul, but look at the money these guys take from AIPAC! Posted on dailypaul:

No surprise on Lieberman's bribe.

Visible said...

That article is what I 'thought' the Ron Paul camp was all about and why I have mostly kept good feelings concerning him (except for his comments about 9/11. There are a lot of ways he 'could have' worded what he said and it's unfortunate he worded them the way he did)and haven't been on his case. His recent statements are well over the top as far as I am concerned but something everyone here should be aware of is that I am willing to and can always change my mind. What I say at any one time is not written in stone but simply express what I am feeling at the time.

siamsam said...

'something everyone here should be aware of is that I am willing to and can always change my mind. What I say at any one time is not written in stone but simply express what I am feeling at the time.'

Totally agree. Isn't that what it is all about - being open to new and/or different points of view. It is also honorable to be able to admit that one could have been mistaken or mislead.

However, your opinions never come across as being dogmatic and i think anyone visiting here from time to time knows that dogma is not your middle name.

Dogman - yes:)

Visible said...

I have been quoted a price of 15,000 US dollars for the following for Kumbh Mela-


Include 18 Rooms, Dining room, kitchen in guest house, Green Park

With 15 people that comes to a thousand apiece for a month and half that for thirty people. That seems really reasonable especially since most of the travel sites are listing the cost of tents at starting at 150 dollars a person.

Anonymous said...

Look, if the general consensus was that the earth was still flat, you just don’t go out there & in your debates for the candidacy of the president & start blabbing out the fact that the earth is actually round – and allow yourself to be ridiculed by everyone, including the establishment, their media (their powerful vehicle by which they continuously broadcast their lies & fabrications). What you do is, you first obtain a position of power w/ your supporters, & you then show the people that the earth is actually round. Then you can actually change things, broadcast the truth for a change, get rid of the problems, one by one, restore the Republic, the Constitution, & the Bill of Rights. Use your head. Realize what Ron Paul is actually doing, & how he is doing it. Support the only politician out there (besides his own son, Rand Paul) that is talking any sense at all. All of the rest of the politicians’ talk is simple, filled w/ lies & non-sense, catchy sounding phrases, & the stupidity they know the majority of the idiots out there will still rally behind. Look, Ron Paul is the only rational choice right now. What are you afraid of...

Anonymous said...

I'm not really an expert on American politics but here goes:

There is the direct approach to Truth - which may lead to problems with tptw and an occasional missing the mark - and the indirect one - which may lead into forgetting the Truth while beating around the bush.

It looks to me like Ron Paul at least was using the indirect one - he does deserve credit for at least mentioning the issues with Fed and opposing aid to Israel.

However, I think the idea of 'gold standard' is horribly misguided at this point - tptw have most of the physical gold because they have bought it with funny money. And the extreme invidualism will simply divide a nation against itself... Altough of course, if the current rulers are wicked then we need better ones.

RP may have served some people as sort of a 'gateway drug' to looking deeper into issues - as far as I know he doesn't go around telling people 'this is all you need to know about the issue' which would be gatekeeping.

People shouldn't hang themselves too much to an external savior, but there are always people we can learn from.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Katz is a name from a particular ethnicity isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Some nice ground strokes in the back and forth on Ron Paul. Almost like watching Nadal and Federer, with the veg heads chiming in with their righteous victim guilting addictions. From a buffalo hunter out of the north, get over your turnip sweat ..... there are no victims .... here's to guilt free thick cut maple bacon! Joy is a friggin choice …. and your manifestation winch… Get over it.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Les, I agree with your sentiments. But, in a world of lies, the truth is irrelevant, as its value is marginalized by the unwillingness of the ignorant to entertain it.

Ron Paul, simply, deserves our support. His focus is, and has always been, on one, undeniable-to-everyone, truth: the U.S. Constitution--a focus for which he has been perpetually marginalized. It stands as the one truth which cannot be dismissed as a "conspiracy theory".

Proper adherence to constitutional principles is very likely to accomplish what you wish, Les. In the case of Israel, Ron Paul's intention to eliminate all foreign aid--to everyone--is a big deal! And eliminating the U.S. military presence around the world is no less huge! If Ron Paul comes through with just these two measures (his talking points for decades) the world transforms overnight! U.S. financial hemoraging stops and Israel goes under. Without our money to fund their lobbying operations, zionist influence in Congress evaporates. If he also comes through with an end to the Fed and sound money, where then is the zionist banking power?!

For these reasons, though, the zionist media monopoly will not allow Ron Paul a fair chance at the consideration of the masses. Though he can no longer be as easily ignored by the media as he was during his previous presidential campaign, he will still be misrepresented and demonized ("you want to legalize HEROINE?!") with all the gusto of a born-again preacher.

"Truth" and "fact" are not synonyms, though they often travel together; and so it is, too, with the "lie" and the "falsehood".

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 2:42am May 24th

Your post assumes that the 'system' itself is uncorrupt.

Neither Ron Paul nor Cynthia McKinney nor Howdy Doody for that matter will 'lead' anybody out of anything.

I'll reprise my earlier post about Ron Paul[you can substitute Obama,Clinton, Palin, Newt, Romney, Trump, Bachman.... et al ad nauseum]

Ron Paul is like hoping that Ronald McDonald will finally reveal that bacon cheeseburgers are bad for you.

Anonymous said...

siamsam said:
..."I chose to be vegetarian quite recently -about 4 months or so. It was much easier than i ever considered."

Good for you. My brother went much farther. About two years ago he became a vegetarians, gave up booze, drugs, cigarettes, chasing women, exercised regularly, got plenty of rest. Let me tell you he was healthy right up until he killed himself.


Visible said...

Points made about R Paul are fine and dandy and I let him be for a great length of time but recent comments about Bin Laden, comments about 9/11 truthers that DID NOT have to be phrased the way they were and the obvious pandering to Israel; I pay care attention to word structure... I'm afraid he went too far for me. Fine and dandy if he wants The Constitution honored and abided by. Let him stick to that and simply keep silent otherwise. There's always the option of refusing to comment and letting that speak volumes.

We are all free to make up our minds and I'm fine with people supporting and not supporting him.

That rabid poster Katz is flinging all sorts of things my way about my abandoning the country. The country abandoned me and I don't have anything in common with most Americans anyway. I'm supposed to be fighting in the trenches along side him except he is certainly not doing that and I would be so better for me not to be there. It's people like this that you know, if they had any power they would be as bad as the people they complain about. I've seen it many times. But I just let it go by. If people want to get angry and froth at the mouth because I don't reflect their views, fine. I call them as I see them and am always willing to agree to disagree. Should Ron Paul prove me wrong I will be the first to admit it but I don't expect it and I don't think he's got a prayer of getting elected. He's not presidential material. Jessie Ventura is and R. Paul could be Vice President or Secretary of the Treasury but he is not of presidential fiber; not that recent occupants have been either but they had the psychopathic chops.

Anonymous said...


The penny drops. I could sense in every comment of yours in the last three years an underlying, burning emotion. The intellegence of your words betrays you. You and your brother are too good for this world. May his soul rest in peace. You Sir are using that passionate emotion to wake people up here at Visible's sites.

Your comments are especially insightful - please continue them. I never met your brother and I never met you, but I miss your brother.

Peace and love.



Neko Kinoshita said...

Tonight's the night we'll make history,
as sure as dogs can fly
And I'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time
And stay with you here to night
So take your seats and don't be late,
we need your spirits high
To turn on these theatre lights
and brighten the darkest skies
Here at the Paradise.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

siamsam, Good for you!

I hear clicks and clacks and grunts and baas and moos and coos of thanks!

Ahimsa is sattva guna and this can't but help all concerned.

fish said...

Regarding the claim that people, in general, are governed under the Jewish Shetar, you're correct and the very real evidence can be found in the United States code under agriculture, specifically TITLE 7 > CHAPTER 6 > SUBCHAPTER II > § 136, to wit:
(d) Animal
The term “animal” means all vertebrate and invertebrate species, including but not limited to man and other mammals, birds, fish, and shellfish.


This can be overcome by claiming to be man as described in Genesis 1:26-28 thereby putting "court officials" up against the ropes, so to speak.

The picture is much larger than that from a legal perspective and is actually "perfect" when operated correctly, the mirror image of that which we are taught. I would gladly speak with you at length on the latter portion of my comment as it is a peaceful way to reclaim that which is due the "non-elites" and turn the current financial system into one of beneficence as the foundation for such is laid, we just need to implement it properly. I speak from experience in court dealings, everything is prepared for the golden age, we just have to change our behavior to take our heritage back from the false claimants.

Marc Fishman

Anonymous said...

The Torah and the Talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.


Anonymous said...

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control Of America - by Bill Still - gG Video

The History Of Our Modern Day Conspiracy - by G. Edward Griffin - yT Video (p1) (p2) (p3) (p4) (p5) (p6) (p7) (p8)

The Creature From Jekyll Island - gG Video
The Birth of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - How Usury Destroyed America

Creature From Jekyll Island - A 2nd View At The Federal Reserve - gG Video

The Crash Course - In Economics - by Chris Martenson

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has even recently said that even gold & silver, since we have learned things we didn’t know during the last century, are not necessarily the entire answer to a sound currency. However, it would by far be a much better alternative for a backed currency than what we have now, which is just a fiat currency, backed by nothing. When the amount of money in circulation is backed by something of value, & thus the amount of money is also “limited” (since it is backed by something of value), that currency will barely inflate.

If you don’t believe me, check out “The Crash Course - In Economics - by Chris Martenson”

Anonymous said...

Ditto me too from California:

I continue to haunt your pages Les, and those of ZeroHedge, and
WRH, and a few other places looking for I’m still not sure what, but
finding some comfort in reading of other’s quests and battles, savoring the links others provide.

Anonymous said...

omg, what the fuck is wrong with Paul? I used to like him many moons ago in my 'youth', but this, "Unlike this President, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs....We should respect Israel’s sovereignty..."

What about fucking Israel respecting the "sovereignty" of the Palestinians???

What calms me down is the knowing that Divine Justice is going to take the back of its hand and just bitch slap the shit out of Israel and all the rest that do her bidding. No one in their right mind will overlook the crimes Israel commits daily against the Palestinian people, no matter what's being used to justify it.

All you guys standing up for Paul: I love you guys, but in my eyes Paul's just another politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. Were he elected (put there by NWO like everyone else!!!! Hello?) he would do the exact same thing Obama did; totally reverse his position on virtually everything he said before he got elected. Politicians will say whatever they think will get them the type of attention they're after. I can't say whether Paul's a good or bad human being or works for Zio-ogre, all I'm saying is he's just another politician. There's a difference between a politician and a public servant, btw.

I'm of the mind that the power to make things right lies in the hands of We The People, we the human family. We must come together as One people and revoke all allegiance to this inhuman system whose sole purpose is to keep us divided from ourselves and from each other. That was its purpose from its inception. Case in point:

A People's History of the United States

America is not a democracy it's a Fascist duopoly all run under the tight fist of the Corporatocracy, and only God knows where that fist has been. The evidence is all around us. You're not going to get anywhere relying on any pseudo-democratic-pseudo election process. You will get nowhere relying on any 'official' to make things better for you. Please - for the love of God - please stop thinking otherwise, please? Thank you.

Amarynth, Miriam, Visible et al, I thank you cats for fanning my flames; this is your fault.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Mouser. Sorry you took me serious about my brother. See, I said he gave up all the good things in life and got bored so he killed himself. It was just a joke. I guess it is only funny when you hear it in person with all the emphasis and expression. Maybe it's just me that thinks it is funny. Many times I find things funny that most people don't. You write like a guy with a lot of empathy. I guess that got in front of the joke. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Rabbit; I'm sorry you've had to go through that. Sometimes, because of the way I dress, people mistake me for being Muslim (what's the 'Muslim' look, I don't know). I let them think whatever they like.

I was on a public bus on my way home one evening, this was about 5 years ago, it was just me and this one disheveled looking man. He didn't like the way I was dressed, he thought I was Muslim. I was listening to music on my headphones so I didn't hear most of what he said but suffice to say what I did hear was rather hostile, derogatory and insulting... all because he thought I was Muslim. I didn't even react - though I was preparing to defend myself - it was all just too absurd. He got off at his stop.

I still dress the same way. fuck all those fucking haters... with love and peace :)

PS. Hiam Abbass is always awesome and I love this movie: Amreeka

Anonymous said...

I know you tend to sulk, and spend endless amounts of time whining about whatever you percieve that people don't like about you.

katz- some of your points about Visible could've had some weight had Visible not corrected you with the weight of his own very real and valid experiences. And what you said right there was a very cheap shot, a LOW blow - some ball fondling *twiddling finger gesture* ad hominem about whining and sulking. Keep it above the belt and preserve your dignity, hm? If anything's gone to Visible's head it's Mama Aya.

You can all rattle away about Ron Paul, w/o the slightest understanding of the issues that are currently being dealt with in congress or government. You are so busy hating everyone, that you can't tell anymore, who is on the side of Americans.

I can't say I hate anyone in particular. Though it looks like you're the one who lacks understanding. Since when does congress or government do anything that's not in its own best interest and to the detriment of everyone else? If they're mulling over any issue right now, it's how they're going to get away with being in flagrante delicto and with Israel, no less. It's all one poorly constructed farce. It's not about 'who's on America's side', it's about who's on the side of humankind. C'mon man, read a book:

The Franklin Cover-Up


Miriam said...

It is important to remember that All political events are orchestrated:

Anonymous said...

anon 8:02:00 PM - Kike Perfidy is my new band name.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people around here bad mouth Alex Jones. He's a disinfo specialist, Zionist, full of shit blah blah blah. I've joked about his "Arabs own Hollywood" crap but overall I have pretty much stuck up for him. Lets face it he can't say joo but does that mean he has no worth? Four days ago Alex did a You Tube interview with Jerome Corsi who wrote a book on the Obama birth certificate forgery.

Go ahead, spend a half hour and watch the three videos and then come back and explain to me how they do Obama any good. How do they do the US government any good? How could they be construed as disinfo? Isn't it reasonable to assume a light bulb might go off in a few zombie skulls when they hear Corsi. Maybe they will purchase the book. What's going on here, better check out the 911 thing again. How about the FRB etc. etc. Get the picture?

Les always laments that the people who should be reading his material aren't. For the most part he is correct. But you don't get a math novice and start him off on calculus. I would venture to say the average zombie wouldn't even understand most of what Les writes and what they do understand they sure as hell wouldn't believe. They have no background, it would simply be too much. No, start them off with Alex Jones (YouTube videos are just like watching TV, something they can relate to) and if they have the interest/intelligence they will eventually make it to sites like Smoking Mirrors.

Corsi seems to think his book might pull a Nixon ending the Obama presidency and it would appear it has the potential to do just that. I have my doubts. If congress and the MSM completely ignore all the evidence just like they did with 911 presto we have another what should we call it (Les would be good here)oh hell, 911 syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Les, Fud wrote that Corsi thing but might have forgot to sign it. If I signed it drop this post. thanks

Anonymous said...

Ellie- I like lovesongs because I'm a stupid romantic idiot douchebag, if you wanna know the truth:

"My love I am the speed of sound/ I left them motherless, fatherless/their souls dangling insideout from their mouths, but it's never love..."


Anonymous said...

to answer your question "has ron paul always been like that?"

Short answer is yes.

There was a youtube video that was up a couple years ago showing him giving their little satanic hand sign, as he steps out of a car.

Don't know if it is up anymore so go try to find it if you can.

Just like obama before him. he is just telling everyone what they want to hear.

into the wilderness said...

Hey there Visible,

This is my first time commenting here, though have been reading your writing for a little while.

The time is coming for the dirty money changers, but not before the check points go up all over the place.
They have been too long on top of the manure pile, it's about time for them to smell it from the bottom.

All the problems this world has seen (world wars, slave trade, revolutions and the subsequent massacre, executions) go back eventually to the same source, Zionists.

I agree Ron Paul is a stooge, but he fooled me in the beginning.
All politicians must pass the jew test before getting into even lower rank positions.
The whole system is corrupt beyond repair and must be dismantled.

Origen the heretic said...

Howdy, Les. I haven't commented here in a while; I've been watching the train pick up speed as it approaches the cliff—and enjoying that soothing Fukushima rain. I've never trusted Dr. Paul simply because he has been in Congress for over 20 years not to mention some of the things his son has said and done. He wouldn't be there if he weren't serving the agenda in some way. How is left as an exercise for the student.

I followed your link over to the Ron Paul site and read some of the comments. There were a couple of good ones, along with the usual zid shills, morons, and self-proclaimed Zionists. I think your article pretty well nailed the situation down. Even if Paul were all he appeared to be, a stint in the White House is not going to change anything.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

152 comments in reflections and only 138 are shown????

Anonymous said...

Wow...U guys are really out there!... knowing all about one guy Ron...when the game is still lthe same its been god knows how long..but NOT AT ALL as long as these.. u kow whos wants us to believe!..... .... I do know though that ALL religion is PSYCHOLOGY!.... snd the more Fundamentlist religion the more all the fractions of this PSYCHOlogy has in common with each other ..... ! But when it comes to HUMAN level as Cosmic Creatures all made in the same Workshop by the same Maker.... WE have screwed ourselves long enough with the BS You too still dohere!..... endless respect-showing to HUMAN ORGANIZAtIONS!.... quit that!!!

See all of the people in ANY Org / Ideology Religion Private Club of ANY sort for what they are...." We, the Insiders...." GAke each person NAKED into a naked room be naked yourself and see what happens!!... NOW YOU can start finding YOUR truth!..... and IF or when you know that YOU want a differet kind of world tha the crooks ALL you need to do is in your mind send all the Love ( = ACCEPTING the Divine in Everything Anything Everybody and so forth to the poor naked bastard in front of you in this Naked room and very quickly S/he will be indundated with this feeling of LOVE = Divine Acceptance of their own Divinity; ... they will from this second forward be confronted by Something from INSIDE of THEM!...(this they do NOT want!) but,but,but.....
They either will have to have the Change of Heart = Conscience = allow that conscience they keep in check only with ever outwinning (their) own evil actions --constantly justifying their actions/behaviour!.... OR they have to perish; be destroyed by their own doing.... These are the Options left for these Dorks regardless what Apron folds they dance inside to get some protection from you & me right now....

But for YOU...YOU have to learn to understand from your very nose down to your very toes the meaning of Yes vs No!..... All you need to do is KNOW that if you want the World to be/come a Better world START at HOME in your OWN home yard!..... BE/Do the Change you want to see as it is said. and then STICK to your envisioning of the New Better World with an OUTCRY of YES to that --as well as an even louder cry of NOOOoooo to the dork's vision of Evil that S/he has held for god knows how long in their own mind for You and me... Now it will turn back to them.
Your Yes-to-Life WILL OUT-DO their Evil one!.... this is all simple High school Physics in action! Nothing more complicated! :-)

Anonymous said...

@FUD- You correctly saw Alex Jones for what he is, then go on to defend him? This is the mental retardation Americans MUST overcome for any good to come out of this.

The jews place their agents like jones (WIFE+KIDS JEWISH) all over the net to feed you 80-90% truth, so you will believe the 10-20%% big ass LIES they tell you.

Thats the hallmark of a classic disinfo agent.

Don't fall for the "oh but they say this" bullshit. It's either straight down the line, or not at all. Many great people before them have said many great things to uncover the truth. Guys like ALex are flakes.

Tony Ryals said...

Finally someone other than me questions women's rights denier and 9/11 mass murder cover upper Ron Paul besides me.
Yes Les your perceptions re this anti birth control and pro murder scumbag and stock fraudster,money launderer and gold touter for the international elite from Israel to the EU and UK to to U.S. ARE CORRECT.
Note how he lies about American stocks that were used to defraud the American middle class and move their dollars to offhore accounts of the internatioonal elite being
'naked shorted' a term that can be traced back to James Dale Davidson founder of UK Lord or Lard William Rees-Mogg's,'s Agora Inc of Baltimore and Steve Forbes' NTU or National Taxpayers Union a few blocks from his friends at the US.SEC in Alexandria,Virginia.
And besides link to my article of 2007 below also check out the link to SEC pdf file with letter from Ron Paul lying outfront about the phony term 'naked short selling'.
In a real country he would be in jail after being tried under the RICO law.

Northern Rock,GB:Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul Lies About Naked Shorting
by Tony Ryals Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007

Dear SEC, I was only beginning to organize my thoughts about the Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul's statements re SHO to the SEC,(U.S Securities Exchange Commission),that were only recently posted here. However no sooner was I getting over the shock that Mr.Ron Paul was aiding the fraudulent penny stock naked shorting claim of his well heeled Libertarian pals such as the NTU founder James Dale Davidson, Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,,than 'news' came out of England that Northern Rock was a victim of 'naked short selling' as well.......

Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul,National Taxpayers Union's James Dale Davidson Lied About Naked Shorting
Ron Paul Lies to SEC:

the proprietor said...

Hmm, well it's all so easy to say when you're a blogger.

Try stepping into the guy's shoes, and you might not be so absolutist.

My view is, he does what good he believes he can do in the situation in which he finds himself.

I agree with Annsie: Going on about Zionists and Jews, no matter how true in any particular instance, would be pointless.

The fact some evil people are Jews and/or Zionists is significant and at the same time it's not; depends on your purpose. If your purpose is to know and dissect evil and how it works, and through what specific channels and vessels, then it is helpful to talk about these people (and other religions and sects as well, which are equally if not more significant). If your aim is to have a conversation about religion, and its dangers when perverted, and to educate the public, then that is your prerogative.

However, if your aim is to govern a nation, one for which the Constitution says there shall be no religious test for office, what then is the point of raising a hue and cry about people's religion or race? It cannot lead to anyplace good.

It is enough for a statesman to call us back to the Constitution -- which is what Paul does. If he calls us to do this, his job as a statesman is done. It is enough simply to know that the u.S. shouldn't have favorite nations – Israel or any other – and shouldn't be building foreign empire – whether on Israel's behalf or any other. The principles are the same whether it's Israel, or Zimbabwe, or Myanmar, or Bolivia.

Paul has questioned the official 9/11 story plenty. He has said more investigation is needed.

Again, put yourself into his shoes. You have to run for election (in itself, an opportunity to reach and teach millions) so what are you gonna do? They're ALREADY calling you a nut job. Are you gonna just totally play into the stereotype by coming out talking about 911 as an inside job – especially when what really happened really isn't all that clear?

Or are you gonna take the official narrative, and use it against them like judo – pointing out how even the faulty, official story shows the evil and stupidity of U.S. Imperialism?

Don't assume you know until you've been there. Talk's cheap.

It goes without saying that putting your hope in one man to save the world and right all wrongs is silly. But it's equally silly to crucify the guy because he can't. DUH …? Maybe just stop looking for human saviors? Yet at the same time, recognize those who are on the same path, recognize consistency and integrity, and give those persons the support that you yourself would want.

And if you can't trust Ron Paul, then get out on the stage and do him one better. You go out and be the absolute pure truth-telling prophet, and then after getting your ass handed to you, report back to me about how easy it all was.

As Alex Jones likes to say: If you don't believe he (Alex) is real, you know YOU'RE real, right? Well you go and be better than Alex Jones then, and quit obsessing over whether Alex is real. He knows he's for real. YOU know YOU'RE real. So quit sitting on the sidelines kibitzing, as the Jews say, and do something.

BTW I figure that a dead giveaway of a Zionist COINTELPROfessional is the ubiquitious anonymous Internet commentors who go around willy-nilly accusing freedom fighters of being "Zionist stooges," with no evidence whatsoever.

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