Sunday, September 24, 2017

Boats on the Water, Captain at the Helm and the Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.

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If you are not seeking inspiration from a particular source and unless your karma is very good, or you have been selected for specific work that is automatically attended with inspiration or... by some facet of mysterious grace, you will wind up with the default inspiration of your times and that can be good or... very bad, depending on the nature of the times. Imagine life as a boat sailing on the ocean. Imagine the ocean as being in a state consistent with the times. Add to this picture the many varieties of boat. Some are hardly seaworthy. Some are very seaworthy and... you can look at that as karma. In times of change, the ocean is unruly and the boats learn whether they are seaworthy or not. The fate of the passengers relies on the integrity of the boat and the integrity of the captain. If they are both strong then the fury of the sea becomes secondary because... there is at least one captain I know about who is the master of the seas. He can calm them with the raise of his hands. He can walk upon them if he wills.

According to my perspective there is no time when it is not profitable to have this captain at the helm of your ship. It is true that when the seas are calm such concerns do not arise. It is also true that the sea will not always be calm. It is then that you need that captain aboard your ship. It is so much better to have that captain already aboard the ship than to find yourself in extreme circumstances, crying out for that captain. Take my word for this. As one of the luckiest men to ever be on this planet, I have seen the truth of this more often than I can recall. The challenges are not what they were because, over time, the captain has muted them, or otherwise they have been dispensed with by having passed through them. There are degrees of 'presence' that the captain exhibits. For a time one might be far less aware of the presence. As time passes and the presence increases, so does one's awareness of the presence. If one persists in the practice of this presence, it will become total and one will not be able to tell the difference between themselves and the presence. That is THE objective and it is a certain result if one persists in the practice of the presence.

There are books and there are teachers. Some books are very profound but they cannot take you all the way. Some teachers are very profound but there is no teacher like the one whose presence appears within. There is no situation that the indwelling cannot handle. There is nothing that the indwelling is not the master of, most especially when the indwelling has become the master of you.

It would be good to point out at this juncture two of the main results that come out of practicing the presence. One can become complelely absorbed in the presence and lose all sense of former self and the separation that it provided. One can remain in a seemingly separated but highly evolved self. One's reasons for choosing one or the other (and, yes, this is a choice) depends on one's composition and the benefits that are gained from either. Personally I choose to remain spearated because that allows me to remain in the friend relationship. There is also the servant master relationship as well as the myriad possibilities that exist for back and forth interplay. Neither of these is better than the other. It's just po-tato and pa-tato.

Of course, this will not keep self appointeed experts from arguing that. It won't keep system experts from arguing about it either. System experts are those who have initials after their names like BS, MS and PHD. BS stands for bullshit. MS stands for 'more of the same' and PHD stands for 'piled higher and deeper'.

Personally... outside of the opportunity to hold the mind up as a mirror to the ineffable, I've only got pedestrian uses for the mind. It's a useful tool when one knows its limits. The mind likes to imagine it knows something, maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. Whether any of what it knows is important, I couldn't say. Love is the supreme consideration for me and the mind is not the residence of love. I believe that the heart should swallow the mind, which also results in the mind becoming educated in ways it would never accomplish on its own. It's like the actual value of humility, without it you will not be able to effectively possess or exercise any of the others.

Humility, to me is the human equivalent of the way God behaves in respect of love. It is said that the ineffable is helpless in the face of sincere love and that when a devotee embodies it the ineffable can refuse that devotee nothing.

As much as the world may be spiraling downward into darker regions where more and more people are caught up in the thrall of material attractions, at the same time, those in pusuit of the ineffable are getting impressive promotions as if in counterpoint to the other. I saw a tale in the latest Smoking Mirrors comments section that set me back and gave me a clear example of just that.

Sometimes we struggle so hard and meet with an opposition as fierce as our fervor, no matter how great that might be and... we feel like we are treading water and getting nowhere battling with the current that flows against us. We think we have made no strides whatsoever. Then the day comes when the light breaks upon our path and we look behind us and are amazed at the distance we have actually come. It is similar to what happens when one goes up a gradual incline on a mountain road. You don't seem to be climbing at all... and then, at one point, you look back and are stunned at the expanse of the landscape far behind and below you.

In that analogy about the boats and the captain and the unpredictable sea, there is a large tanker ship that is steaming along over the waves. The size of it dwarfs the other boats and its passage causes them to bounce up and down on the waters, threatening to swamp them. There is something very wrong with this boat, which also radiates an intense magnetism that causes a large portion of the boats on the water to swim in its wake. The boats and those upon the boats have no idea why this is but it is.

This tanker is doomed. You could call it collective destiny. You could call it the destiny of materialism. At some point the tanker experiences serioous distress and begins to sink. Whenever a very large ship sinks, it sucks everything in the neighborhood of it down in a kind of powerful undertow. The tow is so great that one cannot swin out of its grip and that is why one should make every effort to remember to be in the world but not of it. Grace can lift one out of the reach of the sinking ship but grace is a mysterious thing. One never knows whether grace may come or not, until it does or does not arrive.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Something Very Strange is Walking Sideways, on The Inside and on The Outside.

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{Before we get into whatever this is going to be, anyone who comes around here knows I deal in full disclosure. What that means is that when I screw up I put it out there. I have screwed up (but not in a good while) and I have sought to be as honest as possible in the process. In certain scenarios it was not I who screwed up and the followup involved a great deal of slander. Like everything else, that passes and I don't think about it. Some things have happened recently that make no kind of sense. Some things are happening in the wider world too. I don't know if they make sense or not. Perhaps they make sense to the people doing them and not to the people it is going to happen to and perhaps it is KARMA. I don't know but we are going to talk about both of them. We'll start with the wider world and then move on to the personal.}

When I saw the Eclipse phenomena... well, I didn't see it. I shut myself up in a room and pulled the shades. When I saw the astrological map of the planetary alignments and the parallels between the planetary alignments during the French Revolution, it rang several bells; none of which I wanted to hear but I heard them anyway. I looked at what I knew of the world as it is presently trending. I see the attacks on free speech; the emergence of neo-liberal Communism, the programming taking place at universities, the self appointed thought police, the specter of coming mob rule, the breakdown in long enduring traditions, the gender bending madnesses and push to violate the minds of the very young and promote sex change operations in small children. There's a lot to see and all of it bears a frightening resemblance to the precursor conditions before the French Revolution. At that time, decadence was rampant in the chateaus of the rich and titled. The poor were very poor and what we later saw at work in Communist China and Cambodia was operative in the mindset of the Jacobins and “J'accuse!”

President Trump has, since his election, been totally co-opted by the Zionist and Deep State Satanists. Today we saw this disturbing headline from the Zionist press. We saw the inclusion of Syria and Iran in the catamite presidents commentary. These are all ongoing talking points of the Zionist, dual national, neo-cons. They're running the white house. It is foolish to imagine that the reptile cabal does not have video and audio confirmation of bad behavior on the part of anyone in a position of influence.

In the meantime, the weather is going berserk; first Houston, then Florida. Now more is coming and there is more behind that. There's Hurricane Mathew and others and there are earthquakes that they can't predict, rumbling under the Earth. One should keep in mind that there are socio-cultural hurricanes and earthquakes taking place at the same time. It's getting very strange out there so... it stands to reason that it is getting very strange 'in there' as well. I am talking about in the minds and emotions of the people.

I have seen some very strange events take place lately. I'm not going to list them independently. I'll ask you to take my word because going into real detail won't be of a great deal of use since I don't know what the reasons are for why these things have happened. I'm talking about dealing with legitimate business enterprises and having them behave in very strange ways, totally outside the expected way that any of us are used to. I had a camera sent to me with no buttons for its use. I had accessories that should have come with a guitar that never showed up and the way I was dealt with concerning it has been bizarre in the extreme. I want to add that these are only two out of easily a half a dozen events in the last couple of weeks. One or two events I can live with. Anomalies happen all the time. Wait a minute... they wouldn't be anomalies then, would they?

Yesterday... a fellow that I have known for a few years had been sending me video links to a psychologist... psychiatrist... I don't know which. He also sent me a main reference page to this woman's videos. I took one look at her face and I got the internal message that she was not for me. My relationship to phrenology runs much deeper than one might think because I don't talk about it much but it influences how I read people. I need this system because it has protected me a great deal since I started employ it. The person who sent this to me was very insistent that I pay attention to what she had to say because it would answer all of the problems that I have to deal with concerning my childhood and the abuse that was the hallmark of it. As far as I know there are no perpetuating problems I am having to deal with because of my childhood. The ineffable explained it all to me and how it was arranged from the beginning to help shape me into the person I am today. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you to decide. It is up to you to decide if I provide any kind of a service as a result of the forces that shaped me. Some may think so and some may not. Either way is fine with me.

I told him I wasn't going to get anything from what this woman had to say. Then he said, “Wrong. Actually she has a lot more information about you and your childhood abuse than you'll likely ever admit or allow yourself to know know, if you are capable of it to begin with. Unless you take the time to try, you wont learn anything but whatever it is you have already made up your mind on.” Now... I don't know this fellow very well. I met him once for a few hours and he has been emailing me about his life details for a few years and asking me questions now and again. Mostly they have to do with my Kundalini experience because he believes he is having them. I don't know one way or the other about that. My friend that I live with went and listened to this woman and then came to me and said, “You're right. I mostly like everyone, as you know, but... I don't like her.” This confirmed my original perception about this woman since my friend has proven to be very accurate in the time we have known each other.

This morning I went to my Facebook page and saw a public message from this lady (on my latest Smoking Mirrors post) that I know of peripherally. She has a webpage where she posts information about a mix of metaphysical and new age issues and ideas. She has linked to me on occasion. Her and I haven't had much to do with each other. She offered to host my blogs when all that confusion went down a month or two ago and someone who works with her assisted me for a time. It was all hard to figure out and nothing came of it in the end. I must have spoken to her years ago about the Urantia Book. That's all I can figure... or she just took exception to what I had to say about using it as a doorstop since it was a huge book and that was the only use I could think of to put it to. Apparently she is really into the book and she let me know that I shouldn't be calling 'the ineffable', the ineffable, that instead, I should be using the term 'indwelling Father' and that I shouldn't even use the term God either. There was nothing about the Urantia book in the post. I don't remember mentioning the book in a very long time but... out of the blue she shows up and it is as if we were in some conversation that never happened- or I have completely blacked out- and she was aggressive about it the same way this other fellow was about the video. Meanwhile... there have been several other events of similar kind and none of them make any sense at all.

In the examples given, on the one hand I just didn't want to watch a video to fix childhood issues I don't have and in the other I was being regaled about the Urantia Book, which I haven't even thought about in years and... in the other cases, the same type of thing was taking place, having to do with things I didn't even know about and have nothing to do with me and in every case the other person was insistent that I do something, watch something, listen to something and... when I refused in a polite manner, I heard about it. Now... none of this may seem strange to any of you but if you were in my position you would find it disturbing and alarming because of the similarity across the board with all of them. Presently, posters I have never seen before are showing up at the blogs and making reference to names that I refuse to use. I have no idea what that is about.

I'm talking about this because I don't know what is going on and why any of this has been happening and I am talking about real multiples and in every case, I either didn't do what I was being told to do or... I had no idea of what was going on in the first place. Then I take a cursory look at what is happening in the world and what is being threatened to happen and... Whoa!!! My friends... some very weird things are going on. I'm comforted by not having played any part in bringing any of it about; in the world at large and in my own personal sphere. I'm telling you about this because usually strange things lead to stranger things and there's no telling what's up ahead... especially in the world at large. It looks like the neo-cons are getting ready to manifest bloodshed around the world. Lady Nature has brought out her orchestra and all of this seems to be filtering down into the personal realm.

There have been times in my life when I didn't know what was going on but usually it had to do with something I might have initiated through not paying attention. I am a very different person than I was even a short time ago. Critical mass has been reached in my life and the ineffable has become my sole focus and concern. Whatever may have been an area of interest and concern to me is no more. I want to spend ALL of my waking moments seeking to practice the presence of God as often as I can remember to do so. Nothing else has any further value or importance to me.

I don't know what else to say at the moment. The ineffable is the only important thing in my life and I intend to keep it that way. Hopefully everyone can adjust to this (grin) because it isn't going to change.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Grand Guignol has the Wind at it's Back and the Precipice before It.

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Well... it's one of those days for the self righteous to stand up and be counted. Here is a beaut, a truly revealing expression of deep and abiding caring from a real Nimrod. He says (and I quote) “Relatives and friends of those who died were just as desperate for clarity.

Kenny Nova, who was briefly married in the late 1960s to one of the deceased residents, Gail Nova, said he was consumed with anger when he learned of his ex-wife's death.

"I can't come to any reasonable idea of how this happened, how people could be that careless and that cold," he said.

Nova had not spoken to his ex-wife in about 10 years, but knew she was living in a nursing home.

"She had no way to take care of herself," said Nova, 73. "When you're dependent on somebody, people have got to step up. You can't just walk away."

I love the fact that he hasn't spoken to her in ten years but at least he knew she was in care. He had been briefly married to her in the 60s and he is consumed in anger now; sounds like my kind of guy- NOT.

Oh it is a festive day these days, as Mr. Apocalypse is ringing the bell at Notre Dame ...with the hunchback's head. They're doing it in broad daylight folks. Jeff Bezos, being the sweet and generous tax paying patriot that he is, is also loyal to that group of people he gets together with every now and again, when they don black and red robes and kick back to the one who leads them, in ceremonies held in the basement of a French chateau or somewhere in Colorado. You probably think they're dilettantes in the non traditional worship of the horned goat of Mendes ...but it's no mean feat to recite the Lord's Prayer backwards, while plunging a dagger into a gender fluid six year old. I mean, they're probably not half bad at chewing gum and patting their stomachs either.

It's not all that laborious for the self entitled to pull off their machinations given the mental level of our showbiz luminaries. I want to add an aside here... there's more to the Kardashians than is publicly reported and they're pretty high up in the black and red robe contingent. Given the rank idiocy of the Jen-Laws, it should come as no surprise that this dimwit, who appeared on Dr. Phil a little while ago when she was 13 and got famous for saying “cash me ouside”; meaning, “catch me outside where I will pound the crap out of you. As I have said over and over again, it stuns me what a large block of the population is keen on.

Meanwhile the anti life cotillion is gearing up for their debutante ball. I put this out there because- even though, supernaturally I seem to move untouched through the ferns and tangles, on down the hate laced boulevards of Agendaville, I can see where the headline of the last Smoking Mirrors may at some point come to the attention of the ones who are generating all the growing public outrage at their doing what they are being accused of doing in the first place. So... if one day you don't see me here, you will see me somewhere else. 'They seek him here, they seek him there, in the Emperor's new woven underwear. He is the Scarlet Infidel' It's a little like wack a mole.

The world is like an Escher construct of multi dimensional highways, weaving upon overpasses and underpasses. Each soul is like a slot car, with a programmed route and destination. These roads appear and disappear without warning, as these souls matriculate to planes of existence that can't be seen from other planes and the total of which contain all of the realms exhibited in the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

One can stand by the side of any of these highways and scream through a bullhorn, hold up a sign, dance naked in fluorescent body paint, glimmering under the mercury vapor streetlights but remain unseen and unheard in the main. The reasons anyone is on 'most' of these highways is because they are committed to the route. They are like a racehorse with blinders. They cannot both continue as they are and absorb input that is contradictory to what they have convinced themselves they can expect at the end of the line. It's not called, 'the end of the line' by accident.

I like to think that I am standing by the side of these highways on a course, which is also a highway of sorts ...and that I am trying to be heard and I am comforted by the fact that I am heard, if only much later on as a kind of echo. I don't know that what I have to say is all that important. It is important to the ones it is important to and meaningless to others. Still... one has to do something. I have chosen this. The ineffable made a telling and lasting impact on me and it increases by the day. The effect of it has eliminated the consideration of anything else from both my heart and mind. I have no choice. I am not what I will be when I become what I am. None of us are what we are, as we really are, in the moment we become what we are. That is the guaranteed result of consistent and conscientious house cleaning. One doesn't know the moment it will occur. It is something like critical mass and it varies from person to person, according to a form of mysterious mathematics. We know it will happen. We just don't know when. It's like the big 'Kali'fornia quake. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. In the meantime, everyone thinks it will happen when they are not there. Of course you could be preoccupied with thinking about it and get hit by a bus, while texting in a crosswalk. The crosshairs are invisibly on us all. They only light up in the moment before the backfire you don't hear, turns out not to have been caused by a car. The Sword of Damocles hangs over every head.

My friends, some of us will never meet but we have met and we will meet again on the day and in the moment that we become ourselves. We are only not ourselves for the purpose of demonstration in the dreamworks that are built up and torn down all around us as we go. None of the changing landscape serves any purpose beyond distraction. There is only one important consideration and that is the ineffable and what it means to us. It is said that the ineffable knows us better than we will ever know ourselves. The time will come though, ...when we know ...and see ourselves, through the eyes of the ineffable because the ineffable resides within us, unrecognized if we choose and incrementally more and more recognized as he sees himself through our eyes, as our eyes clear on the way, we acquire the eye of the eagle and the scorpion is no more.

They talk about red and green lions in alchemy, variations of immature and mature forces, as well as dragons and all manner of chimerical and real creatures, who symbolize the more powerful and enduring qualities asleep within us. The ineffable can awaken them all. We only have to give way to the influence of the will of the ineffable upon us. We must no longer wrestle with the eternal verity within.

When we see the clown like behavior of our celebrities of the moment and the shake n bake creations that are forced upon us, it should be a guide to the alternatives in our own lives. When one becomes incapable of embarrassment, their cluelessness has reached an apex and there is only one direction it can go in.

In the Shakespearean atmosphere we have the two masks. Our real face is somewhere between these and we only alternate between the two, while caught in the thrall of the world around us. Truly, the world is of no importance. It reflects us in a distorted mirror. There we are as one and there we are as the other, rotating back and forth in turmoil maintenance. There is a peace that comes when one is finally committed. It is the restless agony of indecision that crucifies us on the cross of fiction. Why do we bother? We are born and according to The Bard, “we strut and fret in our brief hour upon the stage” and then we die. How is it that we do not see the eternal presence of the ineffable, always there to be celebrated and adored? It is our real self and our own eternity to possess and be possessed by ...yet... we continue in the disorder of perpetual ruin. Eventually we are ruined instead of illuminated. It is the difference between regenerated innocence and senility. It is a great difference and I wish with all my heart that the former will come to you.

Take heart my friends. Let the evidence of seemingly gross injustice and ridiculous facade, convince you that you are on the right track. The ineffable sees everything. Nothing is missed. Nothing. Those who are celebrated publicly are rewarded publicly and that is the end of that. Those who come to the ineffable privately are rewarded privately and sometimes publicly as well. The ineffable is to be taken seriously, more seriously than breath itself. Confront yourself with the truth of this and live it. Live it with every breath.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Is it Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven?

Dog Poet not Transitioning; Gender Solid. Flutter, flutter... NOT!

The Obama posse, Antifa Isis clone, is cooking up a pot of old hatreds.

They're back in some alley, sick all over their shoes, while I discovered there wasn't any news ...on the paper I just happened to be reading. I suppose the world was always filled with lies, I just didn't know it, even though it had been lying to me ever since I got here and I suspect it will go right on lying long after I am gone.

Innocence and wisdom are funny things. Innocence is often mistaken for Ignorance and vice versa. Wisdom is often misidentified as Foolishness and... vice versa. Seems like I heard somewhere that 'the wisdom of God is as foolishness to men. I went looking for something similar and wound up in one of those
Corinthians and located this: “the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom.” and I found, “the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.” I know that certain things which I believe and in some cases, know to be true are considered lunacy and it wasn't until I got tired of pandering to big hair radio personalities and atheistic webmasters that I soon found myself no longer a beneficiary of 'inclusiveness'.

I know that there are people of different colors who feel discriminated against and people of different sexes that feel discriminated against; there are more sexes now than there ever were before and some of them can't be identified at all because they are in a state of endless transition and never hold still long enough to be captured and labeled as anything at all.

I realize that I am out of the loop in so many ways. For instance, when I see something like this...

...I burst out laughing. Of course you know that there are collectives of forces out there who are engaged in serious social engineering. They are doing this to captivate your attention and to get you to buy into it. They got a system and that system is incremental. It's a whole lot of steps that lead in a
particular direction in which you may be aware of the landscape through which you are passing but you are not aware of the destination intended for you.

It is important to realize that you are in structure of collectively assumed reality. It is not reality but is seems to be because we move through it. We awaken in it each day and it is shared with everyone we meet but... if you are at all perceptive then you notice that there are people who see the structure much differently than you do. In fact, in some cases it is hard to imagine how the world can appear as it does to some. There are people who hang themselves from piercing hooks for sexual release. There are people like E.J. Johnson who somehow imagine themselves to look beautiful. There are Antifa thugs who are willing to kill on command for reasons they do not even comprehend and... for all of these people so engaged, there is a surprisingly wide support and tolerance group, as well as those who instruct in all phases of each.

You can see the world as a gameboard, and it is. You can see the world as a movie ...and it is. You can see the world as a dream ...and it is. You can see it as transition plane, like a bus station, with buses leaving all the time in all directions, and... it is. The one thing you should surely keep in mind is that it isn't permanent; games end. Movies end. Dreams end and eventually you have to get on a bus or some conveyance, the destination of which is determined by the manner in which you conducted yourself here. There are several types of people here, some might say many more than that but I am comfortable with definers that relate to basic and enduring truths.

Let me clarify that so there is no question of what I mean. This gameboard, movie, dream, bus station are all temporary circumstances. People have different explanations for what lies beyond. Some think we are only occasional meat puppets with a single appearance and nothing but eternal darkness following. Some think an old man in a white robe is waiting on them. The variations are many. I go with the wisest of us who have ever been here and that is the rishis. I go with the oldest and most intricately sound philosophies and there is more than one. They seem consistent about subjects like reincarnation and good and bad
destinations. It can be very complex if you enter into some of them and the words used are not accurate descriptors. Still... one feature you can take away is that there is a luminous and eternal presence which pervades existence and that there are many planes of existence.

I spent many years studying esoteric subjects; the occult, the Hermetic Sciences and I discovered that there was nothing I could discover that would equal the practice of Bhakti Yoga; most especially because of the times in which we live. Due to the menace of Materialism and interference by agents of the
darkness into every area of human thought and endeavor, one might well find what they are not looking for. As I said, there are several types of people here and each of them can be defined by intention and their level of awareness. Some of us are much more aware and of these, there are those who are very good and very bad, in the sense that we generally accept these terms. Then there are the various stages of those who are less aware and because of the state of the
times are more likely to be influenced by those who mean them ill than by those who mean them well. It has been often recorded that in times of material darkness, the wise depart into more solitary locations, until whatever the lesson to be collectively learned has been accomplished. They do not depart because they lack compassion. They depart because they will not be heard except by very few and that others can be easily outraged against them by those others who are very much aware but have evil intent. Not all of them have departed but those who remain are camouflaged. Why this is involves more than the space we have here.

Let's move on to something else because I would like to move into those useful things that I can share with you. You may find this very interesting:

Clif is talking about something called Carbon60 and a friend who has been taking it speaks very highly of it. If what Clif is saying is true, this is a remarkable discovery that has been around a long time and the behavior of animals concerning it is revealing. This is the least expensive source to order it from.

We live in a time when many remarkable possibilities are being revealed but the inane chatter of the world is concealing them from the untutored eye. It is best in these times to keep your eyes open and attentive, literally and otherwise. It might seem that this posting is all over the place and that much is
true. Usually I have my reasons and when I don't the reasons are there for me from the one whose service I labor in. Now on to yet another consideration.

As we have been pointing out here for awhile, Lady Nature is going to be making some extreme changes in the landscape. Houston was one thing. This is going to be another. There was a very large earthquake in Mexico. This is happening in Asia. People are free to argue with me until the gates open at Doomsday's Break but I maintain there is something to be said for the meaning of the word, Nature. This term covers a wide range of experiences and conditions and even a casual look at the Nature of our culture and society at this time reveals the war that is being waged against Nature. When a culture goes adrift and Normal is made into an outlaw then Nature, sooner or later is going to step in. As I said earlier, “They are doing this to captivate your attention and to get you to buy into it. They got a system and that system is incremental. It's a whole lot of steps that lead in a particular direction in which you may be aware of the landscape through which you are passing but you are not aware of the destination intended for you.”

What most people don't get about the logic behind Satanic behavior is about the payoff. Practicing Satanists have every expectation of being rewarded for leading others into perdition. The more they herd, the more they are rewarded. Now this might seem to be delusional to some (like me) when you are expecting the Father of Lies to honor a promise. I think it is in Milton's Paradise Lost where Satan says, “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” Highly intelligent people, people more intelligent than I, believe this and hope after it. As is the case wherever one serves a master, one naturally expects something in the way of a reward for service. For myself the service itself is the reward and many people do not get that either. It seems like folly to
them but ah... the joy of service is an incandescent thing. Surely there are those of you who know this and I should add that even though it is its own reward it is also rewarded in heavenly currency, which is legal tender everywhere, after a fashion. It is a currency that translates into things like protection, succor, assurance and even paradise because service is one of the keys to the gates of paradise.

It it a good thing to always remind oneself that the world can change very quickly. Fortunes shift. Landscapes can disappear. Put your faith in what is everlasting and you will be in good hands.

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