Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Something Very Strange is Walking Sideways, on The Inside and on The Outside.

Dog Poet Transmitting.....

{Before we get into whatever this is going to be, anyone who comes around here knows I deal in full disclosure. What that means is that when I screw up I put it out there. I have screwed up (but not in a good while) and I have sought to be as honest as possible in the process. In certain scenarios it was not I who screwed up and the followup involved a great deal of slander. Like everything else, that passes and I don't think about it. Some things have happened recently that make no kind of sense. Some things are happening in the wider world too. I don't know if they make sense or not. Perhaps they make sense to the people doing them and not to the people it is going to happen to and perhaps it is KARMA. I don't know but we are going to talk about both of them. We'll start with the wider world and then move on to the personal.}

When I saw the Eclipse phenomena... well, I didn't see it. I shut myself up in a room and pulled the shades. When I saw the astrological map of the planetary alignments and the parallels between the planetary alignments during the French Revolution, it rang several bells; none of which I wanted to hear but I heard them anyway. I looked at what I knew of the world as it is presently trending. I see the attacks on free speech; the emergence of neo-liberal Communism, the programming taking place at universities, the self appointed thought police, the specter of coming mob rule, the breakdown in long enduring traditions, the gender bending madnesses and push to violate the minds of the very young and promote sex change operations in small children. There's a lot to see and all of it bears a frightening resemblance to the precursor conditions before the French Revolution. At that time, decadence was rampant in the chateaus of the rich and titled. The poor were very poor and what we later saw at work in Communist China and Cambodia was operative in the mindset of the Jacobins and “J'accuse!”

President Trump has, since his election, been totally co-opted by the Zionist and Deep State Satanists. Today we saw this disturbing headline from the Zionist press. We saw the inclusion of Syria and Iran in the catamite presidents commentary. These are all ongoing talking points of the Zionist, dual national, neo-cons. They're running the white house. It is foolish to imagine that the reptile cabal does not have video and audio confirmation of bad behavior on the part of anyone in a position of influence.

In the meantime, the weather is going berserk; first Houston, then Florida. Now more is coming and there is more behind that. There's Hurricane Mathew and others and there are earthquakes that they can't predict, rumbling under the Earth. One should keep in mind that there are socio-cultural hurricanes and earthquakes taking place at the same time. It's getting very strange out there so... it stands to reason that it is getting very strange 'in there' as well. I am talking about in the minds and emotions of the people.

I have seen some very strange events take place lately. I'm not going to list them independently. I'll ask you to take my word because going into real detail won't be of a great deal of use since I don't know what the reasons are for why these things have happened. I'm talking about dealing with legitimate business enterprises and having them behave in very strange ways, totally outside the expected way that any of us are used to. I had a camera sent to me with no buttons for its use. I had accessories that should have come with a guitar that never showed up and the way I was dealt with concerning it has been bizarre in the extreme. I want to add that these are only two out of easily a half a dozen events in the last couple of weeks. One or two events I can live with. Anomalies happen all the time. Wait a minute... they wouldn't be anomalies then, would they?

Yesterday... a fellow that I have known for a few years had been sending me video links to a psychologist... psychiatrist... I don't know which. He also sent me a main reference page to this woman's videos. I took one look at her face and I got the internal message that she was not for me. My relationship to phrenology runs much deeper than one might think because I don't talk about it much but it influences how I read people. I need this system because it has protected me a great deal since I started employ it. The person who sent this to me was very insistent that I pay attention to what she had to say because it would answer all of the problems that I have to deal with concerning my childhood and the abuse that was the hallmark of it. As far as I know there are no perpetuating problems I am having to deal with because of my childhood. The ineffable explained it all to me and how it was arranged from the beginning to help shape me into the person I am today. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you to decide. It is up to you to decide if I provide any kind of a service as a result of the forces that shaped me. Some may think so and some may not. Either way is fine with me.

I told him I wasn't going to get anything from what this woman had to say. Then he said, “Wrong. Actually she has a lot more information about you and your childhood abuse than you'll likely ever admit or allow yourself to know know, if you are capable of it to begin with. Unless you take the time to try, you wont learn anything but whatever it is you have already made up your mind on.” Now... I don't know this fellow very well. I met him once for a few hours and he has been emailing me about his life details for a few years and asking me questions now and again. Mostly they have to do with my Kundalini experience because he believes he is having them. I don't know one way or the other about that. My friend that I live with went and listened to this woman and then came to me and said, “You're right. I mostly like everyone, as you know, but... I don't like her.” This confirmed my original perception about this woman since my friend has proven to be very accurate in the time we have known each other.

This morning I went to my Facebook page and saw a public message from this lady (on my latest Smoking Mirrors post) that I know of peripherally. She has a webpage where she posts information about a mix of metaphysical and new age issues and ideas. She has linked to me on occasion. Her and I haven't had much to do with each other. She offered to host my blogs when all that confusion went down a month or two ago and someone who works with her assisted me for a time. It was all hard to figure out and nothing came of it in the end. I must have spoken to her years ago about the Urantia Book. That's all I can figure... or she just took exception to what I had to say about using it as a doorstop since it was a huge book and that was the only use I could think of to put it to. Apparently she is really into the book and she let me know that I shouldn't be calling 'the ineffable', the ineffable, that instead, I should be using the term 'indwelling Father' and that I shouldn't even use the term God either. There was nothing about the Urantia book in the post. I don't remember mentioning the book in a very long time but... out of the blue she shows up and it is as if we were in some conversation that never happened- or I have completely blacked out- and she was aggressive about it the same way this other fellow was about the video. Meanwhile... there have been several other events of similar kind and none of them make any sense at all.

In the examples given, on the one hand I just didn't want to watch a video to fix childhood issues I don't have and in the other I was being regaled about the Urantia Book, which I haven't even thought about in years and... in the other cases, the same type of thing was taking place, having to do with things I didn't even know about and have nothing to do with me and in every case the other person was insistent that I do something, watch something, listen to something and... when I refused in a polite manner, I heard about it. Now... none of this may seem strange to any of you but if you were in my position you would find it disturbing and alarming because of the similarity across the board with all of them. Presently, posters I have never seen before are showing up at the blogs and making reference to names that I refuse to use. I have no idea what that is about.

I'm talking about this because I don't know what is going on and why any of this has been happening and I am talking about real multiples and in every case, I either didn't do what I was being told to do or... I had no idea of what was going on in the first place. Then I take a cursory look at what is happening in the world and what is being threatened to happen and... Whoa!!! My friends... some very weird things are going on. I'm comforted by not having played any part in bringing any of it about; in the world at large and in my own personal sphere. I'm telling you about this because usually strange things lead to stranger things and there's no telling what's up ahead... especially in the world at large. It looks like the neo-cons are getting ready to manifest bloodshed around the world. Lady Nature has brought out her orchestra and all of this seems to be filtering down into the personal realm.

There have been times in my life when I didn't know what was going on but usually it had to do with something I might have initiated through not paying attention. I am a very different person than I was even a short time ago. Critical mass has been reached in my life and the ineffable has become my sole focus and concern. Whatever may have been an area of interest and concern to me is no more. I want to spend ALL of my waking moments seeking to practice the presence of God as often as I can remember to do so. Nothing else has any further value or importance to me.

I don't know what else to say at the moment. The ineffable is the only important thing in my life and I intend to keep it that way. Hopefully everyone can adjust to this (grin) because it isn't going to change.

End Transmission.......


Visible said...

Speaking of subjects just mentioned in my most recent post (this one) and which only just now appeared in the news- Check this out.

David Alan McBride said...

I concur. Something strange is going on. Something different is flowing. Evidence manifests in plenty within my little edge of the world as well.

Ray B. said...

I saw the Total Eclipse in Albany, Oregon. It was spectacular! Watching the moon ‘bite-out’ the Sun through solar-filtered shades was fun, but the big *gasp* moment was when the solar-light vanished, totally. There was a black disk in a dark sky surrounded by this beautiful white ‘halo’. I had seen many eclipse photos, but the ‘shock’ of this in real life was intense!

(I can see why non-scientists were terrified in eclipses, having no ‘prelim’ of the gradual ‘biting-out’ process. You still could not look at the Sun while the ‘biting’ happened, and most were probably not aware of anything happening at all. There was only a quick ‘dimming’ at the end and a sudden sense of cooling in the air. Then *boom* the Sun was replaced by this ‘alien’ shape. Intense, indeed!)

I was fortunate enough to have seen a previous US-eclipse east of Seattle in 1979, so I knew to bring binoculars this time. Through them, the corona or photosphere was this magnificent, whitish-silver, filamentary ‘halo’ surrounding the blacked-out core. Interestingly, the ‘halo’ was not symmetric: It was ‘squashed’ on the bottom and ‘diverted’ east-west, almost horizontally. On the middle portion, it was roughly even. And on the top, it progressed-out in two ‘horn’ shapes. Cool! Also, I saw two pink-colored ‘bulges’ in the southeast-half which were probably solar prominences of some sort. And it was almost a 3D-sensation through the binoculars. Wow!

There was also the pin-hole camera effect of crescent-sun shapes being visible on the ground or a wall through ‘pinholes’ created by leaf intersections. A new friend and I even produced those crescent-sun shapes by holding left and right hands at right-angles and moving them (open-fingered) over each other until we got the crescent pinhole-phenomena within the shadows of our hands on the ground. Neat.

I had brought two binoculars, so I offered the second one to a couple up from Modesto, CA. He came up afterwards and said it really enhanced their experience. Nice...

(Back in the present, one website-holder I follow has said he is moving his family to an undisclosed-location house in early October. Based on his contacts, he expects something Big going-down in late October or so. He is pretty even-tempered, so I thought I should just pass-along a 'heads up'. No fear-porn; just be observant.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Phrenology was on my mind deeply last night.
I have been noticing for years that the self proclaimed celebrities features
and headshapes have altered very much from the time they started
their careers to the present day.
What is in your soul/mind does change your features as much as other
mental conditions that can be spotted visually.
You get the face you deserve/earned at the end of your life.
It's an undeniable "tell".
I have seen it play out in people I have personally known and it's a fact...Jack!!!!!
The unmasking is in full play for those with a mind for details.
You are not alone and I have also stopped talking about this to others because
"They can't handle the truth".

Anonymous said...

"As a man thinks he becomes"
" Picture of Dorian Grey"
" The Mind/Body Connection"

Your spiritual world creates your physical world and includes your body.
Everyone is becoming manifest visually now regarding their mind.

One thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside!

Especially now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I saw the eclipse for a split second through the clouds. Kinda cool, no harm done.

I'm going nuts waiting for the planetary alignment this Saturday. Will there be tons of earthquakes? Will NYC get wiped? Will there be even more hurricanes, natural, geo-engineered or otherwise? Will israel start something?

Well, not too long to wait, and I won't have time to think about it tomorrow with all the crap on my plate.

Visible said...

I'm getting a strong sense of a coastal Kalifornia quake but those have come and gone. It's never felt so strong as it does now though. I don't know if it means anything. My intuitive nature is 100% about some things and comme si comme sa about big picture items

Kazz said...

My advice is that the crazier things get without the more one should go within. Each of us is a little universe floating around within Creation bumping into other universes. One of the things I learned long ago about the Divine is how integral it is to our journey to free our self from the delusions of Man and their constructs, so you can become driftwood on the Divine's sea of opportunity. I can't possibly emphasise how much I love God, and how much God loves each of us. All those people who claim to serve God, whose diaries are constantly filled, where in the day do they find the time to commune with the Divine when their schedules are so demanding? How different these wolves in sheep's clothing are from our saviour Jesus Christ, who stood against and called out these very same hypocrites for the demon serving monsters they really are. There is not a day goes by that we do not hear of the elite's depravity towards innocent children, or their willingness to slaughter humanity to keep them in the opulence and grandeur to which they have become so accustomed.

So many people are bowing to the Pope, which has got to be the largest example of Stockholm Syndrome I have ever seen. Talk about falling in love with your captors! The Pope talks about love while he and his buddies are busy enslaving humanity to take over God's Creation. How can anyone deal with these people and not feel the evil in and around them is totally beyond me.

My suggestion is to sit back and watch the movie. God isn't pissed with me, but he is with all these people who have conferred upon their selves titles, to accrue wealth through the murder and enslavement of humanity. The Pope could not be anymore different to Jesus Christ if he tried. Can you imagine Jesus covering up the rape of children? Jesus loved children and the innocence that came along with them. The trouble is people have become so superficial that you can put on a mask and call yourself anything and they will believe you. I am going to let you all in on a little secret, Man is the 'namer of things', not God, so all these titles that people bow to were created by Man, not God. I don't bow to anyone! I go around the rock, just like water, because that is the smart thing to do, I suggest others perfect this art because it is going to become very helpful in coming times.

Let people get into wars and kill each other, while we side step the lunacy and follow the voice of the Divine within. Raise your energy as high as you can manage and do whatever it takes to resonate in the most loving, compassionate, truthful, and just way you can. Evil wants you to come out and play, because evil resembles 'the blob'. Anything that fights it gets absorbed. They killed the blob by freezing it, and I suggest that is what people need to do with the system, give it the big freeze. Don't serve it, don't attack it, ignore it, because if we refuse to fuel these lower dimensional entities with negative emotions they simply wither and die. LOVE GOD AND YOUR FELLOW MAN WITH ALL THE LOVE YOU CAN MUSTER, and do not become caught up in the dramas unfolding around you. The dramas are a system of hooks to catch you during your ascension. Just like one needs to focus where they are heading on a motor bike, one needs to focus where they are heading on their spiritual ascension. I AM heading straight into the loving arms of my Father in Heaven, with the guidance and love of my brother, teacher, and guide Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. There are worse things than dying folks, like turning your back on the loving Creator who really is in charge here.

Go with God and be the best you can be. Make Christ's sacrifice worthwhile and take up the life saviour being offered. Put your faith and love in that which Created this world, not those who destroy it.

Love, blessings, and guidance to you all. We are all about to embark on a most wonderful journey. God bless every one of you, and remember, life is eternal, so don't sweat the small stuff.

Lots of luv Kazz

Neko Kinoshita said...

I cannot say why these issues would appear to trigger curiosity about them in you.
(Does that even make sense?)
The world is turning for certain.
There are explanations for why the hurricanes act as they do, but not perhaps for the sunspots that trigger the changes in the storms.
There are predictions for these earthquakes, but the amount of warning is a few hours at best, and no one is listening anyway.
I know that you love the ineffable before all else, and your love for all of us who come here shows through too.
Say what you feel moved to say, and I'll listen and try to understand, and I'll continue to stumble through the dust over here.

Kitten is actually struggling with her Art class, probably because it is forcing here to stretch her ability and make it grow. (her music seems easier to her even though the difficulty of it has increased also, so go figure)

I'm just being reminded that nothing is in my control and my very existence is dependent on the generous behavior of others.

My pain is from not listening to what I am being told, and giving away all control to the only one that can control is still so very hard for this poor alley cat.


Visible said...

That giving away control is now the easiest thing for me. What is hard is knowing whether sharing all the things I share is the right idea or if I should just accept the way people behave toward me and not say anything about it. Lao Tzu once spoke about how people are fine with you so as as you do what they want you to do but when you do not do what they want you to do, "out goes their fist to force compliance." For some reason, even if I wanted to do the things that people want me to do, I wouldn't be able to. I've already tried. There is no telling how angry people can get with you when you do not comply with what they want. I have no demands to make on anyone. I wish people would extend the same courtesy to me but that is unlikely. I have often spoken of waves of insanity coming out of nowhere and I am beginning to see the inception of it.

Anonymous said...

And they hated him without a cause.
You are in a holy brotherhood.
The brightest light is what they wish to dim
Your regenerated innocence has truly
Pissed them off!

The pen is mightier than the sword!
It is an added plus if the pen itself is full of light!
En garde

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I'm getting a strong sense of a coastal Kalifornia quake but those have come and gone. It's never felt so strong as it does now though. I don't know if it means anything."

I wonder if you were picking-up on this: (JS lives in Mexico City, or near it.)
"CHAOS. The Mexican news for the most part ignored the Chiapas/Oaxaca earthquake two weeks ago. This one is wall-to-wall coverage on all channels with all regular programming canceled. Mexico City is a mess. The American media is for the most part saying this earthquake happened 75 kilometers away from Mexico City. That is really deceptive because they are referencing the city center proper, and the city itself (including suburbs) extends very close to the epicenter because it is one of the world's largest cities.

Traffic is totally jammed. There are a large number of collapsed buildings (maybe approximately one in a thousand collapsed), but the city is so huge that still represents an enormous number of collapsed buildings. The collapse scenes are pure chaos, with an ocean of people helping. As we learned from the recent hurricanes, the American government would never allow such a scene; it is literally an ocean of people at the collapse sites removing rubble with wheelbarrows, buckets, passing pieces down lines, and carrying injured people away from collapse scenes on mosh-pit-style hand stretchers and other makeshift stretchers. It is a real rescue effort.

There are so many collapses in total that I expect the final death toll to rise from the current 149 to between 300 and 700. Like I said before, Mexico City was really well built, and it handled this earthquake very well. But you can't have such a huge quake happen so close to such a huge city and have nothing go wrong."

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

I use colloidal silver, it actually saved one eye from massive infection in the three days it took to get a piece of metal taken out. I think that stuff could probably cure the clap (nobody talks like that anymore). Anyway, people are scared to buy and use silver colloid and it used to drive me insane. Not today. Didn't you say that there are things people are simply unable to hear? Vaccines, 911, name it.

So amigos stumping for their favorite shrink are like me ten years ago pushing that medicine. Your childhood served it's purpose, and people want to help out (as long as they're in charge) now that you are light years away from it and helping me out with every word you type? Nah. Geez Visible the peanut gallery never quits, it's their job.


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous time stamp 1234? Nice work, like it. I suppose I can call you anonymous time stamp 1234 because putting some kind of name or nickname here will bring the NSA to your door when you least expect it ?

Anyway I do not doubt your theory one bit.


Thomas said...

I have an idea what is going on with the weird requests and subsequent rudeness you are receiving, Visible.

I think that it is not different, in principle, from how I have acted towards you several times.

[lecture alert!]

According to Yogananda the Kundalini energy has 3 resting places on it's way back home. Although I cannot testify to the full truth of it, my own experience so far is in agreement with it. The three resting places are the 1st, 4th, and 7th chakras. At the 1st It is fully asleep, or sometimes drowsily awake. When at rest in the 7th It is fully united to God. At the 4th, with which we are here concerned, It is full of good intentions and very intensely seeks to fulfill them. It can go up there when an individual is deeply concerned for the world and wants to do something about it. This intense emotion and yearning can wake Her up and She then sets up at least a forward base in the heart.

The trouble is that the 4th chakra is not only the abode of Love, but is also home to (according to The Gita) our "individual delusions", and if they are not destroyed by genuine spiritual practice, the awakened energy only amplifies them. The problem is compounded by a 5th chakra, home to "pride", which has not been cleaned (revealing "unshakable calmness") or begun to be cleaned (by practicing calmness), and which reacts very negatively when the highly positive and intense, though delusively misguided energies coming from the heart are not met with approval. In this case, "pride" can roughly be described as a strong attachment to those ideas with which one identifies, eg. the "allowed" names of God, different spiritual or ritual practices; also ideas about society, politics, religion, culture and science, "how it is", "how it should be", and here: "what he (Visible) should do"... Witness as another example the tragic and war-like conditions on the american political stage. Can anyone with a sober view doubt that there are deeply felt, though very näive, positive intentions on both sides of the conflict?

The problem is quite common in new-age and conspiracy-circles, and not altogether uncommon in "normal" society. The best response I've found is to simply ignore it and go away, respond humbly, gently and politely, or evasively. It will not work to engage in discussion, unless it is done with deep compassion, humility and patience, as pride only begets pride.

The cure is simple, but difficult: practice staying calm, try to put yourself in the others shoes, and affirm "I don't know". It is not for no reason that this little sentence has been called the beginning of wisdom.

May God bless and keep you all.

For a relatively short text on these things, I think I can safely recommend "Raja Yoga" by Swami Vivekananda (a student of Sri Ramakrishna). I have not read it, but I have skimmed it and found it, so far as I can tell (which, admittedly, is not so very far), to contain the nuts and bolts of inner yoga. I do know, however, that its ancestry is first-rate.

_0_ said...

A long "time" ago though it seems like only yesterday, I was sitting at a stop light in my dump truck when I noticed this little mouse scurry out into the intersection. A large crow swooped down to pick him up and got him by the tail. The little mouse wiggled with all his might and got free and ran towards the light post. Caw! The crow screamed and followed him in pursuit. Around the light post they went 2 or 3 laps. The mouse running with all his might and crow stabbing at him with his beak. I looked over to the person in the car next to me as if to say, "are you seeing this " she looked at me and returned her eyes to the mouse and crow. The mouse then ran out into the intersection again and the crow swooped down and grabbed him agsin. This time he lifted the mouse about 4 feet off the ground. The mouse again wiggled with all his might and got free. Bam down to the pavement and started heading back to the light post. CAW! CAW! CAW! the crow screamed in his frustration. Now thus is no friendly game of tag between kids, this is life and death. The crow followed in hot pursuit. Stab! Stab stab with his beak. Just barely missing the mouse. The mouse did a 180 and ran between the crows legs. The crow flipped around and stabbed and missed the mouse again by millimeters. The crow then raises his head to the sky CAW! CAW! CAW! right then as if time had stopped a man drive through the intersection and killed the crow. And the mouse scurried off into the grass by the side walk free. That's the day I learned God drives a buick.

What does a little mouse know about the thoughts, hopes and dreams of a man? The internal combustible motor? The drive train of a car? Absolutely nothing.

I have been the mouse many times in my life.

Loved your latest series, Vis. Hope you have a wonderful day. Certainly there is moment within the archetypes of all our lives

Hereticdrummer said...

Trump's threat to destroy North Korea did not come from him. An American President is just a mouthpiece for the System, not the System itself. North Korea could well be the anvil that shatters the U.S. hammer. Aside from the high-tech gadgetry employed by the Red, White, and Blue Murder Machine, the armed forces are a pathetic joke with the exception of the elite units, and they are being watered down as well. Years of social engineering in the military has taken its toll. Accommodations for girl, homo, lesbian, and transgender freaks among the troops have radically lowered training standards and combat effectiveness. To wit, the vaunted U.S.military cannot defeat several thousand goat herders with AK-47s in Afghanistan. And those pentagon paper pushing politicians in uniform want to tangle with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran? I say let those pussies, who know combat from books at their preppy academies, personally lead the charge. "Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad." The earth will shake off the pestilence of humanity like a dog shakes off its fleas. Keep punching Vis.

Diane said...


The voice of insane sanity

Anonymous said...

I feel that this planet lineup has something to do with the wheel turning full on into Aquarious. Did the songwriter of the tune know something? 5th dimension indeed...

Visible said...

How Strange and synchronized these comments are this morning. Wow!

First off, Ray... I was referring to Mexico City but after writing it I went to the news to see that another one had just happened; or just been reported on.

I've used collodial silver over the years, don't have any at the moment; focused on the Carbon60 when it gets here and all the ayurveda herbs I am taking.

Raja Yoga is one of the most profound books of its kind that I have ever read. I read it in my early 20's. Vivekananda was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna, the great Hindu saint and devotee of Kali.

Heh heh... the crow and mouse story is something else.

I'll be going over to Origami now to write about WHY I refer to God as the ineffable. I think my reasons are not only sacrosanct but eminently reasonable and rational.

Laura said...

It seems the more we turn and choose the sacred/divine/ineffable as our sole focus, the more the shit comes out to deter that focus. Let's engage the devotee with nonsense to set them off track ~ distract them, if we can. Diffuse the power, because one does become God empowered and one's presence a deep light of love.

Nice work, dear Vis!

Love and Grace ~

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Why I Call God, The Ineffable ...and other Considerations..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The World Around is and... the Greater World Within



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