Sunday, September 24, 2017

Boats on the Water, Captain at the Helm and the Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.

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If you are not seeking inspiration from a particular source and unless your karma is very good, or you have been selected for specific work that is automatically attended with inspiration or... by some facet of mysterious grace, you will wind up with the default inspiration of your times and that can be good or... very bad, depending on the nature of the times. Imagine life as a boat sailing on the ocean. Imagine the ocean as being in a state consistent with the times. Add to this picture the many varieties of boat. Some are hardly seaworthy. Some are very seaworthy and... you can look at that as karma. In times of change, the ocean is unruly and the boats learn whether they are seaworthy or not. The fate of the passengers relies on the integrity of the boat and the integrity of the captain. If they are both strong then the fury of the sea becomes secondary because... there is at least one captain I know about who is the master of the seas. He can calm them with the raise of his hands. He can walk upon them if he wills.

According to my perspective there is no time when it is not profitable to have this captain at the helm of your ship. It is true that when the seas are calm such concerns do not arise. It is also true that the sea will not always be calm. It is then that you need that captain aboard your ship. It is so much better to have that captain already aboard the ship than to find yourself in extreme circumstances, crying out for that captain. Take my word for this. As one of the luckiest men to ever be on this planet, I have seen the truth of this more often than I can recall. The challenges are not what they were because, over time, the captain has muted them, or otherwise they have been dispensed with by having passed through them. There are degrees of 'presence' that the captain exhibits. For a time one might be far less aware of the presence. As time passes and the presence increases, so does one's awareness of the presence. If one persists in the practice of this presence, it will become total and one will not be able to tell the difference between themselves and the presence. That is THE objective and it is a certain result if one persists in the practice of the presence.

There are books and there are teachers. Some books are very profound but they cannot take you all the way. Some teachers are very profound but there is no teacher like the one whose presence appears within. There is no situation that the indwelling cannot handle. There is nothing that the indwelling is not the master of, most especially when the indwelling has become the master of you.

It would be good to point out at this juncture two of the main results that come out of practicing the presence. One can become complelely absorbed in the presence and lose all sense of former self and the separation that it provided. One can remain in a seemingly separated but highly evolved self. One's reasons for choosing one or the other (and, yes, this is a choice) depends on one's composition and the benefits that are gained from either. Personally I choose to remain spearated because that allows me to remain in the friend relationship. There is also the servant master relationship as well as the myriad possibilities that exist for back and forth interplay. Neither of these is better than the other. It's just po-tato and pa-tato.

Of course, this will not keep self appointeed experts from arguing that. It won't keep system experts from arguing about it either. System experts are those who have initials after their names like BS, MS and PHD. BS stands for bullshit. MS stands for 'more of the same' and PHD stands for 'piled higher and deeper'.

Personally... outside of the opportunity to hold the mind up as a mirror to the ineffable, I've only got pedestrian uses for the mind. It's a useful tool when one knows its limits. The mind likes to imagine it knows something, maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. Whether any of what it knows is important, I couldn't say. Love is the supreme consideration for me and the mind is not the residence of love. I believe that the heart should swallow the mind, which also results in the mind becoming educated in ways it would never accomplish on its own. It's like the actual value of humility, without it you will not be able to effectively possess or exercise any of the others.

Humility, to me is the human equivalent of the way God behaves in respect of love. It is said that the ineffable is helpless in the face of sincere love and that when a devotee embodies it the ineffable can refuse that devotee nothing.

As much as the world may be spiraling downward into darker regions where more and more people are caught up in the thrall of material attractions, at the same time, those in pusuit of the ineffable are getting impressive promotions as if in counterpoint to the other. I saw a tale in the latest Smoking Mirrors comments section that set me back and gave me a clear example of just that.

Sometimes we struggle so hard and meet with an opposition as fierce as our fervor, no matter how great that might be and... we feel like we are treading water and getting nowhere battling with the current that flows against us. We think we have made no strides whatsoever. Then the day comes when the light breaks upon our path and we look behind us and are amazed at the distance we have actually come. It is similar to what happens when one goes up a gradual incline on a mountain road. You don't seem to be climbing at all... and then, at one point, you look back and are stunned at the expanse of the landscape far behind and below you.

In that analogy about the boats and the captain and the unpredictable sea, there is a large tanker ship that is steaming along over the waves. The size of it dwarfs the other boats and its passage causes them to bounce up and down on the waters, threatening to swamp them. There is something very wrong with this boat, which also radiates an intense magnetism that causes a large portion of the boats on the water to swim in its wake. The boats and those upon the boats have no idea why this is but it is.

This tanker is doomed. You could call it collective destiny. You could call it the destiny of materialism. At some point the tanker experiences serioous distress and begins to sink. Whenever a very large ship sinks, it sucks everything in the neighborhood of it down in a kind of powerful undertow. The tow is so great that one cannot swin out of its grip and that is why one should make every effort to remember to be in the world but not of it. Grace can lift one out of the reach of the sinking ship but grace is a mysterious thing. One never knows whether grace may come or not, until it does or does not arrive.

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_0_ said...

Sometimes a spiral looks like a circle, a door, flower, a frequency, a wave and even a life. It is only in added dimension that it can be seen properly.

I leave you all with this poem, I wrote many years ago. Or those who dont know, Google the 'bundle of his.' It's thoughts are more the the human brain. Fair thee well.

Infinitely NOW!


Title: The Earth child's twilight might.

Wings of the soul
In the blink of an eye
The wings of the soul
Clear vision
The wings of the soul

The Bundle of His
Keeps the heart in balance
The Bundle of His
Keeps the heart in rhythm
The Bundle of His

The hymnal played by humming birds flight
The dragonflies sight
The Wing of the soul
The Bundle of His
Lightnings dance of life

Beyond the complexity of mind and thought
twinkling the eye
Is I
The Bundle of His
The wings of the soul.

Sun by day
The Bundle of hymn
Moon by night
Shines the wings of the sol
And I,
the Earth child's twilight might.

Is I
the tree of life.
The bundle of his.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I can't wait until the wait is over for all this unsustainable garbage to explode. Yes, another NOSTRILS UP!

Kazz said...

My Captain is the Holy Spirit, which has instructed me to stay on my original course, because that setting will take me out of the doldrums. My compass is my heart, which acts just like a depth sounder, because apart from having more neurones than my brain, it is highly attuned to the supernal realm, which enables me to pick up on the dangers that lie beneath the sea in the infernal realm to avoid them.

The ship you speak of, that the majority follow, is a ghost ship of illusion that is hypnotic in its wake, which is why so many are drawn to its ghostly apparition. This ship projects an image of strength, dependability, and protection, but it is manned by the dead who have come to collect their bounty. It draws out for destruction all vessels that are not captained by that which holds the keys to the infernal and supernal realms.

Luv the living Christ's first mate

Visible said...

Karen; that is one and... at the same time, the most succinct and lyrically poetic and scripturally precise and eloquent comment you have EVER made.

Kazz said...

I guess hanging around here has allowed some of your good communication skills to rub off on me a bit Vis. Keep up the good work ;o).

I thought the song by World Party was really fitting for the occasion too.

Luv Kazz

_0_ said...

Karen, it is the benevolent way.

3 or 4 months ago, I was late for a very important meeting. I was having one of those kinds of days where it seemed I could not be on time for anything and I was irritable because if it wasn't for traffic or some person counting out penny's at the convienece store, delaying me in some fashion I would have been on time for every appointment. Hurry up and wait seems to be the theme of my day. And I apologised for not being laye at every meeting.

I remember thinking, ahhh yes! Last appointment then I can go home. Here i was 20 min late.

As I went to park, I saw something In my pick up truck mirror, that didn't register at the time. So I did a double take. There in the parking lot was woman laying on her side next to her jeep. I got out and a soft voice in me said run. So I ran as fast could toward this woman. When I got got her I shook her and said are you ok. No responce. I looked around to see if anyone was near. I immediately checked her pulse and there wasn't one. So I called 9-11 and started cpr. About 2 min later she sat straight up and started saying she was sorry and crying. Then she clung to me and just sobed these great heaving sobs. I just held her and said everything is okay, I'm here. I didn't even know what I was saying. It just came through me.

It didn't matter if she was white, black, yellow skinned. It didn't matter if she a good or bad mother or a mother for that matter. It didn't matter if she was a christian, Muslim, Hebrew or some new age stuff. In that moment, I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. I prayed for her silently as she called me an angel. The paramedics showed up, put her in the ambulance and took her away. I never even know her name, nor her mine.

I was an 40 late for the meeting but it didn't matter. I walked in the door, they took one look at me and said yes. That is all I really needed to know anyway.

Thank you for your words Kazz, they are no different then me doing CPR. They are life giving.

I gotta roll, seriously.

Until we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Hello Visible....your words are always an anchor in a sea of humanity.... onelove. Terrance

Voltman said...

Les wrote:

"You could call it collective destiny. You could call it the destiny of materialism. At some point the tanker experiences serious distress and begins to sink. Whenever a very large ship sinks, it sucks everything in the neighborhood of it down in a kind of powerful undertow."

I have plunged "beneath the sea in the infernal realm", into the murky dephts of the Deep Swamp and, since this is the Petri Dish, here is my ghastly Deep Blue Swamp Report.

Close your nostrils, it gets rather stinky...

Tanker Ghost Ship Headed for the Bottom of the Deep Blue Swamp

Once upon a swamp, there was a petro-dollar town
Close to the sea, it wasn't built on solid ground
The people had forgotten to unplug their dirty drains
In came the hurricanes and they were swamped by heavy rains

They had cried out loud for a chump to drain the swamp
But the hurricane came, turned the swamp into a dump
Now the dirty stinking swamp is like a deadly sea
The houses are all flooded as far as you can see

The petro-town is floating in a kind of petri dish
The town is full of garbage and smells like stinky fish
Like the pentagon, Washington and the Sayanim
Houston Town is sinking and I don't Want To Swim!

Welcome to my nightmare... The Devil's Wet Dream

The Deep Swamp is gurgling with deadly pharmaceuticals, bubbling with fuming petrochemicals and teeming with vicious neoconderthals.

The Deep Swamp is overflowing with the rotten corpses of hildabeasts, rodham rodents, senseless obamanations, psychopunks, mindless drunks and spineless skunks, feasting on the bloated carcasses of oilodon gluttons infested with slithering nuclear snakes, poisonous Komodo Dragons and Trumped-up lizards.

The Deep Swamp is spinning like a hurricane of lying hypocritters swimming in a pool of slimy money monsters.

The Deep Swamp is booming with the thundering sound of hippos stomping and pentagoons galloping across Syria in the wrong direction with their pantaloons ass-backwards.

The Deep Swamp is oozing with rabid zio-zombies and exploding with seditious, traitorous tyrannosaurs and rotten children from the Rothschild empire of usury, misery and tyranny.

The Deep Swamp is the Devil's Wet Dream



Visible said...

Holy shit, Voltman! or... maybe not so holy.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. Karen/Kazz, heartfelt comment!

There is indeed a 'division' as one climbs the mountain. Two destinations, as it were. I think there is still a crossover possibility:

Some years back, I commented about 'bringing back in' a past life who was apparently a quite-accomplished oriental master. (You should have seen the Buddhist-style yantra & mantra imagery! Which I have not studied this lifetime.)

First, this 'soul-fragment' did a thorough sweep of the planet through some form of astral travel or remote viewing. Blink; blink; blink. Many scenes. He was very angry at what he found.

Then, a strange thing happened (grin). This person 'reached' up into another acquaintance's Nirvana-land and literally yanked them out of that space. He was proclaiming "What are you doing!" while indicating the state of the planet. And again and again and again... Apparently, the time for 'contemplating your navel' in isolation is long gone (at least according to this soul-fragment).

These were Accomplished folks. So, I think we got several Empowered ships added to our fleet, that day...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, I have always loved your work and felt that no one said it like you do or with half the eloquence but now with this new change you have gone through as I see it demonstrated in your writing------- you were always unique but now you are exceptional. I didn't always trust you because you were so good at what you did I was sure there was a catch but try as I might, the sheer simplicity and power of your words these days and that you have dumbed yourself down to do it is irrefutable truth that you work for who you say you do and I intend not to miss a moment now. Thank you for all the good things you did for me over the years but most truly for what you are doing for me now. It takes my breath away. I wonder if you know who you are and I am now convinced that you do not. Thank you. Thank you and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Vis. I was away for awhile and then came back. Your words help me through these difficult times. That's an understatement, your worlds are a lifeline. it is very hard not to get sucked into taking sides when everything seems to be collapsing around me. Then I read your precious words and get centered again , relying on the ineffable to guide my ship to still waters. The comments inspire strength as well where most know there is no side to take. You have woken me up and I take the path that leads home while your words save me from distraction Thanks

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Musing on Invictus, while Trapped and Riding in Slot Cars on the Freeway of Karma.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post les, it was lovely to read, thanks

Regarding the comment that you have not much use for your mind, does that mean your spiritual path of love and devotion doesn't really need the mind to work.

Because I feel brain dead most of the time. And yet somehow I can still practice the presence even if I can't do much else...

Shortttt bus!!!!!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Religion is a Carnival Mask set Upon the Ever Shifting Features of Mystery.



Joseph Brenner

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