Saturday, September 09, 2017

Is it Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven?

Dog Poet not Transitioning; Gender Solid. Flutter, flutter... NOT!

The Obama posse, Antifa Isis clone, is cooking up a pot of old hatreds.

They're back in some alley, sick all over their shoes, while I discovered there wasn't any news ...on the paper I just happened to be reading. I suppose the world was always filled with lies, I just didn't know it, even though it had been lying to me ever since I got here and I suspect it will go right on lying long after I am gone.

Innocence and wisdom are funny things. Innocence is often mistaken for Ignorance and vice versa. Wisdom is often misidentified as Foolishness and... vice versa. Seems like I heard somewhere that 'the wisdom of God is as foolishness to men. I went looking for something similar and wound up in one of those
Corinthians and located this: “the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom.” and I found, “the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.” I know that certain things which I believe and in some cases, know to be true are considered lunacy and it wasn't until I got tired of pandering to big hair radio personalities and atheistic webmasters that I soon found myself no longer a beneficiary of 'inclusiveness'.

I know that there are people of different colors who feel discriminated against and people of different sexes that feel discriminated against; there are more sexes now than there ever were before and some of them can't be identified at all because they are in a state of endless transition and never hold still long enough to be captured and labeled as anything at all.

I realize that I am out of the loop in so many ways. For instance, when I see something like this...

...I burst out laughing. Of course you know that there are collectives of forces out there who are engaged in serious social engineering. They are doing this to captivate your attention and to get you to buy into it. They got a system and that system is incremental. It's a whole lot of steps that lead in a
particular direction in which you may be aware of the landscape through which you are passing but you are not aware of the destination intended for you.

It is important to realize that you are in structure of collectively assumed reality. It is not reality but is seems to be because we move through it. We awaken in it each day and it is shared with everyone we meet but... if you are at all perceptive then you notice that there are people who see the structure much differently than you do. In fact, in some cases it is hard to imagine how the world can appear as it does to some. There are people who hang themselves from piercing hooks for sexual release. There are people like E.J. Johnson who somehow imagine themselves to look beautiful. There are Antifa thugs who are willing to kill on command for reasons they do not even comprehend and... for all of these people so engaged, there is a surprisingly wide support and tolerance group, as well as those who instruct in all phases of each.

You can see the world as a gameboard, and it is. You can see the world as a movie ...and it is. You can see the world as a dream ...and it is. You can see it as transition plane, like a bus station, with buses leaving all the time in all directions, and... it is. The one thing you should surely keep in mind is that it isn't permanent; games end. Movies end. Dreams end and eventually you have to get on a bus or some conveyance, the destination of which is determined by the manner in which you conducted yourself here. There are several types of people here, some might say many more than that but I am comfortable with definers that relate to basic and enduring truths.

Let me clarify that so there is no question of what I mean. This gameboard, movie, dream, bus station are all temporary circumstances. People have different explanations for what lies beyond. Some think we are only occasional meat puppets with a single appearance and nothing but eternal darkness following. Some think an old man in a white robe is waiting on them. The variations are many. I go with the wisest of us who have ever been here and that is the rishis. I go with the oldest and most intricately sound philosophies and there is more than one. They seem consistent about subjects like reincarnation and good and bad
destinations. It can be very complex if you enter into some of them and the words used are not accurate descriptors. Still... one feature you can take away is that there is a luminous and eternal presence which pervades existence and that there are many planes of existence.

I spent many years studying esoteric subjects; the occult, the Hermetic Sciences and I discovered that there was nothing I could discover that would equal the practice of Bhakti Yoga; most especially because of the times in which we live. Due to the menace of Materialism and interference by agents of the
darkness into every area of human thought and endeavor, one might well find what they are not looking for. As I said, there are several types of people here and each of them can be defined by intention and their level of awareness. Some of us are much more aware and of these, there are those who are very good and very bad, in the sense that we generally accept these terms. Then there are the various stages of those who are less aware and because of the state of the
times are more likely to be influenced by those who mean them ill than by those who mean them well. It has been often recorded that in times of material darkness, the wise depart into more solitary locations, until whatever the lesson to be collectively learned has been accomplished. They do not depart because they lack compassion. They depart because they will not be heard except by very few and that others can be easily outraged against them by those others who are very much aware but have evil intent. Not all of them have departed but those who remain are camouflaged. Why this is involves more than the space we have here.

Let's move on to something else because I would like to move into those useful things that I can share with you. You may find this very interesting:

Clif is talking about something called Carbon60 and a friend who has been taking it speaks very highly of it. If what Clif is saying is true, this is a remarkable discovery that has been around a long time and the behavior of animals concerning it is revealing. This is the least expensive source to order it from.

We live in a time when many remarkable possibilities are being revealed but the inane chatter of the world is concealing them from the untutored eye. It is best in these times to keep your eyes open and attentive, literally and otherwise. It might seem that this posting is all over the place and that much is
true. Usually I have my reasons and when I don't the reasons are there for me from the one whose service I labor in. Now on to yet another consideration.

As we have been pointing out here for awhile, Lady Nature is going to be making some extreme changes in the landscape. Houston was one thing. This is going to be another. There was a very large earthquake in Mexico. This is happening in Asia. People are free to argue with me until the gates open at Doomsday's Break but I maintain there is something to be said for the meaning of the word, Nature. This term covers a wide range of experiences and conditions and even a casual look at the Nature of our culture and society at this time reveals the war that is being waged against Nature. When a culture goes adrift and Normal is made into an outlaw then Nature, sooner or later is going to step in. As I said earlier, “They are doing this to captivate your attention and to get you to buy into it. They got a system and that system is incremental. It's a whole lot of steps that lead in a particular direction in which you may be aware of the landscape through which you are passing but you are not aware of the destination intended for you.”

What most people don't get about the logic behind Satanic behavior is about the payoff. Practicing Satanists have every expectation of being rewarded for leading others into perdition. The more they herd, the more they are rewarded. Now this might seem to be delusional to some (like me) when you are expecting the Father of Lies to honor a promise. I think it is in Milton's Paradise Lost where Satan says, “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” Highly intelligent people, people more intelligent than I, believe this and hope after it. As is the case wherever one serves a master, one naturally expects something in the way of a reward for service. For myself the service itself is the reward and many people do not get that either. It seems like folly to
them but ah... the joy of service is an incandescent thing. Surely there are those of you who know this and I should add that even though it is its own reward it is also rewarded in heavenly currency, which is legal tender everywhere, after a fashion. It is a currency that translates into things like protection, succor, assurance and even paradise because service is one of the keys to the gates of paradise.

It it a good thing to always remind oneself that the world can change very quickly. Fortunes shift. Landscapes can disappear. Put your faith in what is everlasting and you will be in good hands.

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Jenny said...

Oh yes.... Houston was one thing..lady nature is waking us all up!

Visible said...

I haven't seen a comment come in that fast in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Unintended consequences are now the order of the day.
They called " up is down"
"Right is wrong"
" In is out"
" Over is under"
And they are going to be surprised when their " reward is punishment"
But I will sit here on the fringe of things and nod my head and say...."Uhm hummmmm!"
Nothing is new under the sun....even sheer stupidity and hubris!
Silk purses out of sows ears....I can hear them squealing even now.

" Here's you sign!"

Thanks Jeff....

Anonymous said...

Lady Nature.
"She's gotta be jelly cause jam don't shake like that!"

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I still wonder, is all this 'natural' or geo-engineered? And a lot more are gonna die from the after-effects and the suicides than are gonna be killed directly by the disasters. I also have a feeling the death tolls are being vastly undercounted. . .and what about the homeless, who have no way out unless someone rescues them?

Yes, is this 'slum clearance' natural or man made?

I can't wait until 9/23/17. Not sure if it really means anything from an astronomical/astrological perspective, but someone can start something and blame it on the stars.


FunCoTech said...

Hi Visible, re C60 I recently was involved in a discussion on YouTube about C60 that was also trigger by Clif - I thought you, and your readers would appreciate some of the info in it.

The video is at

And this is the conversation:

Whoops "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters"

Wouldn't let me post it - even in small chunks. I hope the eMail is allowed through...

Ty said...

EDTA Chelation reduces the risk of cancer by 92%, heart attacks by 50% and death due to every other health related issue by 40%.

Vis did you know you can reduce the oxidants in your body by just blowing them out your nose? Intention and direction.

dave1010 said...

Yes sir Mr. Visible, you grow a beard and you'll look like the better looking twin of Clif. Maybe get some of those red glasses he wears at times.

Anonymous said...

It has begun in Florida! Please pray for us.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

How do I Love You? Oh... Let me Count the Ways.

Anonymous said...

Bill C. said,
Been a student of 12 step programs for quite a few years (24 hours) and this quote in the above article "For myself the service itself is the reward and many people do not get that either. It seems like folly to them but ah... the joy of service is an incandescent thing. Surely there are those of you who know this and I should add that even though it is its own reward" is so true, on many levels, that you stating the obvious, is for me, a validation of the obvious witnessed by those who earnestly serve their Higher Power with no thought of recompense, though doing the ineffable's will has its accompanying euphoric ramifications.
Thank you for all you do, have done and, my hope, continue to do. Your service is invaluable to this spiritual being on a human journey!!
God Bless you, your family and your friends-Vis and all who read and maybe even post here!!!!

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

Israel did 911. The Truth is the Same the Day After as it was The Day Before.



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