Sunday, July 26, 2020

"According to the Voice of the Darkness, we are No More than Ambulatory Appetites in Search of a Feeding Trough."

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She is known as Kannon-Bosatsu in one tradition, as Harmonia in another and in other icons, this quality is part of the portfolio of several goddesses, known for other virtues as well. In whomever it appears, I imagine it is considered to be the more powerful weapon in their arsenal. Now... why did I refer to it as a weapon? (Compassion, ((according to Lao Tzu)) is considered to be a weapon from the sky against being dead). So... Harmony, which in my estimation is disarming, to say the least, could well qualify as a weapon, if it causes others to put their own weapons down.

I tend to see life in terms of the Bhagavad Gita and I think of myself as a warrior. Harmony is one of my weapons of choice. There are no greater weapons or shields than the qualities of God, which in the aggregate sense, amount to The Full Armor of God. Due to the tsunami of false information AND the press of appearances; never greater than in Time of Material Darkness, when technology is in the ascendant, the hoi poloi, salt of the Earth (with lost savor) is in a state of perpetual befuddlement. Given the force of ATTRACTION on the one side and FEAR on the other, as the carrot and stick archetypes of the age, there isn't much anyone can say that will get heard through the noise. You have to really want to hear it and most people don't... YET. They will, however, they will.

The Avatar is able to make himself heard BECAUSE he is speaking inside the minds of everyone when the time comes for him to speak. One of my regular prayers, EVERY DAY- to The Avatar is;

“Lord, PLEASE awaken Humanity! Lord... please appear in the collective minds of the populace and reveal to them the nature of their perilous state. Show them what the certain outcome of their folly is and show them the alternative.”

I don't have to think about it. The prayer just surfaces every single day without fail.

The prayer that follows, also to The Avatar is-

“Lord... PLEASE appear in those hearts that have prepared a place for you. Send some portion of yourself ahead and into our waiting hearts. Awaken us to the Spirit of Brotherhood that is the hallmark of the coming age. Let us be the heralds of your coming, Lord. Let us resonate with you and radiate your presence from within.”

We are the footsoldiers of the light of God, in advance of his coming; if we wish to be.

You have heard the statement, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" This is truth. See yourself as a representative of The Avatar, behave properly, and 'poof!' it is so. The message of the world at this time is that we are no more than ambulatory appetites in search of a table. We are demeaned and diminished in our own minds by those radiating the subliminal messages of the Infernal Realm. It is WITHIN US that everything takes place and is given whatever meaning we acknowledge as being so. WE ARE BEING PROGRAMMED EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY and NIGHT. How do we successfully resist this? We control the focus of our attention. What mediums exist for this? Prayer, manifesting the qualities of God, and those righteous austerities and a discipline of Restraint that are the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

In this world, we assess our circumstances and our mindset acts in response to the manner in which the world presents itself. It is what we see. It is the eye that identifies appearances and responds accordingly. This is why The Devil in Tarot has Ayin as its associated letter. Ayin is The Eye. It is through the eyes that we are deceived in our minds; not to mention the relentless assaults coming at us through the subconscious, which is a mechanism employed by the agents of darkness in their war against our well being.

If you want to see the power of deception, simply observe the assailants in the streets who are programmed by deception. Ask yourself WHY Black Lives Matter is a Marxist operation. WHY is there such an all-out press for Socialism by The Liberal Agenda? It is not Socialism at all. It is Communism masquerading as Socialism. WHY... is Communism so attractive to the people manipulating the people crusading for it? In Communism, ALL POWER is in the hands of the ruling junta. There are none of the individual freedoms that exist in a Democracy or a Republic. YOU CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT! I agree that what we presently have as a Democracy or Republic is a sham, where The Rich controls the system because of runaway Capitalism.

The deluded fools in the streets and in the legislative and administrative governmental bodies who support them think that through Communism, masquerading as Socialism, everyone will get a fair shake. That is a lie. In every case where Communism became the operating system of a country, was there ever a time when the common citizen got a fair shake? The answer is, emphatically, “No!” Capitalism eventually cannibalizes itself. Look at the reactions of the corporations to the demands of the militant protesters. THEY THINK they can control the narrative in the aftermath because it has always previously been... that when the tables are turned, the same people were still sitting there. This is not always the case and if you think that those taking over are going to be a kinder and gentler form of those presently running things (or thinking that they do), you are MISINFORMED. When these people (in their minds) throw off the shackles of those presently in control, they turn out to be ten times more vicious than their oppressors ever thought of being. Can you imagine the merciless courts that would be constructed by these present-day Jacobins? AOC and her squad would be sitting front and center at Madame La Guillotine, knitting like Madame Dufarge, as the heads roll in the New Age of (Un)Reason.

The good news is that IT is not going to turn out as any of us imagine. There is something else in play here this time and in the majority of perspectives, it is not even a consideration. This is not to say that a lot of damage will not get done. It already is BUT it is not going to turn out, in the end, the way that the perpetrators and backstage blood-drinking weasels and the feckless and clueless and all the rest imagine that it will. As Lao Tzu once said, “weapons often turn upon the wielder.”

If you consider yourself to be sane. If, in fact, you are sane, it is past time to appeal to Harmonia, Kannon-Bosatsu and any of the other permutations, for some measure of the virtue of Harmony as an interior protection against the ravages of the moment. When Harmony is present, as the Heavenly Virtue, that it is, Discordia has to look elsewhere for a place to do her business and that would be in those theaters of existence where Harmony is absent. Harmony, being a Heavenly Virtue, is ALWAYS more powerful than the perverted reflection of it, which has been pulled and tortured out of its essential nature, by those twisting it to their ends. It is the same as it is with Angels and Devils, Orcs and Elves, Virtue and Vice. The one is ALWAYS more powerful, due to the imprimatur of Heaven.

“Thy will be done on Earth, as IT IS IN HEAVEN.” Whatever goes on down here is permitted to go on down here, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION... but there is NEVER a time when the Will of Heaven is not completely in control, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES!

As is the case in every environment where 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is operating, you wind up with a whole lot of blind people gumming each other to death. Certain forms of behavior ALWAYS wind up the same way, as the evidence of all previous demonstrations proves. Once the changes that are intended to result by Heavenly Fiat come about, those in the vanguard of the violence that is often a part of any revolution, are pushed aside, or dealt with, depending on the tenor of the times. They do not come into power. In backward societies, this is how dictators come into power but in more enlightened circumstances, it just doesn't happen and it won't happen.

One reason it isn't going to happen the way The Dark Side wants it to happen is... The Awakening, Mr. Apocalypse and The Avatar, who is going to be appearing in a human heart, in a theater of life, near you, soon.

I look at the entirety of what is presently taking place, as theater, as a movie, as a series of changes brought about for reasons other than the reasons being given and resulting in a conclusion other than the conclusion being anticipated. This too shall pass. I know people are going to get hurt. People have already gotten hurt. This is, like it or not, the outworking of Karma AND... if your Karma does not include such a fate, you could be right in the middle of it, and not a hair on your head would be touched. There is nothing random about any of it and there NEVER WILL BE.

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

"Becoming Free of the Bad Clock Dynamic that Doesn't Know what Time It Is."

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Well now... Petri Dish eh? We're all about reporting on the more than metaphorical ooze, which slides across the surface of the Petri Dish. This is the one place we are most certainly practicing social distancing. I'm going to list a litany of facts; provable to ANYONE who cares to take the trouble to prove them. If you do... so much the better for you. If you don't, it can only be for a few, clear and obvious reasons; you don't want to know. You object to the truth because it conflicts with your own version of things, which has been constructed to justify your pursuit of whatever it is you are after. You are not smart enough to understand what is going on, or... you are either a willing or unknowing collaborator with those forces seeking to enslave humanity.

Over the course of many decades in the last century and in this century, a collective of individuals, internationally linked, and with specific material agendas, have been on a relentless course to take control of The World. Yes... it goes back much further than that but I want to focus on The Modern World, or let us say, 'that world we are familiar with as having manifested in the times following The Industrial Revolution', which began, give or take a few decades, right around the start of the 19th Century so... I guess we're talking about around two centuries, give or take a few decades.

Evil has been with us for as long as we have been keeping records and... probably well before that. I should mention at this point that this brief period of recorded history that encompasses all we have 'badly' kept track of in this particular go-around, is... just a small burp in the passage of time. Directly prior to this was the time of Atlantis and Lemuria and before that was something else and before that was something else and before that was something else. How far back it goes is anyone's guess BUT... I assure you... it goes way, way back. Under the sea, which was once terra firma AND beneath the present (not so) terra firma, which was once a sea bottom, is the residue of culture after culture, one piled on top of the other and now long forgotten.

Within ourselves is a similar state of affairs. Think of yourself as a house that has a basement, a ground floor, and an attic. These are the three separations of your mind, called successively, The Subconscious, The Self Conscious and The Superconscious. The Subconscious can be likened in construction to the cultural strata of this world; the aforementioned 'piled on top of the other'. Within your Subconscious is many a treasure chest, half-submerged, or deeply submerged and which contain the data and resources of all that you were in the long ago and not so long ago. I call them treasure chests because that is what they are.

In the western mystery tradition, we possess a remarkable tool called The Tarot. It is a pictorial garden of images that depict various archetypes. I call them that but you don't have to. I'm going to present a single example of the use to which these images can be put AND I HAVE POSTED THIS SAME EXAMPLE SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE; Mem is one of the 3 mother letters and it is symbolized by The Hanged Man. Tzaddi is personified by a fishhook and symbolized by The Star. Nun is personified by a fish and is symbolized by the Death card. One of the qualities of Tzaddi - The Star, is Meditation. You take the fishhook of Tzaddi and you drop it into the great subconscious sea of Mem and you catch the fish Nun and draw it up. Immortality awaits upon the successful performance of this act. I delineated this in a very brief and simple way but let me say that there is many and many another similar and not so similar result that can be effected by the proper placement and correct use of the placement of these cards.

The evildoers that I referred to earlier, have taken the system that brought us The Tarot and reversed it in order to practice a foul magic upon the rest of us. The ones we know of that control large industries, devoted to the deception and subjugation of humanity, are the front line workers in the efforts of evil to bring chaos and confusion upon the planet. They have accomplished this in smaller ways in the past, creating world wars, fostering the Bolshevik Revolution, and many another similar outrage. Now they are trying to do, what they have done successfully in limited theaters, to the entire world. There is a shadow cabal of linked individuals who operate out of sight and who inform and control the front line personnel. Many who are so controlled are unaware of it. Evil masquerades as Good OFTEN and the reverse is true as well. This is where Discrimination 'should' come into play.

They are quite prescient, these evildoers. They knew what conditions would be coming well ahead of time because they have access to occult powers and also... information hidden from MOST of the rest of us. This is why they took control of nearly all MEDIA early on. They also took control of most of the financial instruments in the world. They took control of everything that gave them the control needed to shape human perspective and to force and compel human behavior to achieve their ends. You can see it happening in front of you right now. All the crazy shit in the streets is their doing and it is all about bringing Marxist rule to Western Culture. Most of the manipulated puppets, who are dancing to their tune know very little, if anything, about what is actually happening and they won't find out until it is too late and they become the victims of what they brought into being.

In this physical world, the single-core from which evil comes, is an immaterial source and some element of it is at work in every country and culture. These different locations are all in a rivalry with one another and this is one reason why Evil hasn't been able to take over the whole planet. They are contending with their rivals, each of whom wants control of their own fiefdom, and however much more they can add to it. There are wheels within wheels at work in the Bad Clock Dynamic that doesn't know what time it is. They can never succeed because their entire schematic is based on fabrications and lies, with no connection to any integrity of being. This is why the forces of light ALWAYS win, once The Demonstration has concluded. Evil eventually ALWAYS destroys itself. It is not a workable model and can never continue for very long, in cosmic timelines.

These rudderless children that you see rioting in the streets are all the programmed offspring of school teachers, who have indoctrinated them with lies, under the guise of creating fairness and parity. They are the finished work of Marxist professors and Gender Studies wackjobs. They have been fairly successful at this and now... anyone who argues against Gender insanities being practiced by an infinitesimal segment of the population can be CANCELLED and left for dead, literally and metaphorically speaking. These rudderless children gone rogue have learned almost nothing useful, as one finds if you question them on what they know. They haven't learned basic geography, math, and even the proper use of their own language. They are The Stupids being massed together as cannon fodder, in a concerted war upon intelligence, social harmony, decency, and pretty much anything that makes a society function.

You can't make everyone equal because they are not and as Jesus, the Christ said, “For ye have the poor with you always.” If all the wealth in the world were equally distributed so that everyone had the same amount, it would all be back in the hands it was previously taken from in a couple of months. That is just how it is. Everyone can't be a movie star or a millionaire, or a trapeze artist or even a skilled dancer or musician in THIS LIFE. It isn't happening BUT it can if that is what you think you want.

The kicker to all of this is that both Evil and Good come from the same source. Or you could better say that the force that controls everything and itself produces ONLY good, permits Evil to flourish to whatever extent it chooses, in whatever time-frame it is permitting it. Things would not hold together without a balance of opposites and over the course of time, life can and does veer more in one direction than the other, only to come back and do it in reverse. It looks like a snake slithering across the ground. You could call it cosmic bio-rhythms, or whatever definitions work for you or... you could just say, “That's the way it is.” cause that is the way it is DOWN HERE but it IS NOT LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE and it is up to you and the good graces of the force that controls everything, whether you stay here and keep coming back here again and again. Is what you want to be found here? Well... there you go and there you keep going, until you have had it with the suffering and disappointment which, for some, can take a very long time BUT THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop mourning the seeming lack of Justice here. Even though Justice most surely comes every single day, one often cannot identify the origins it is responding to. This is a world of constant deception, ruled by appearances that are not understood by the one using a compromised mind to understand the reports of the senses. Set your ambitions upon something higher and YOU WILL GET THERE if you are consistent in your efforts to do so AND... ASK FOR HELP! You cannot do this on your own. No matter what the author of Invictus is telling you, it doesn't work like that. Alexander learned the lesson in his fashion the same as Napoleon learned in his. Socrates, Galileo, Copernicus, and my good friend, Giordano Bruno were all object lessons for The Purpose of Demonstration. Socrates didn't mind what happened. It didn't have to happen but he MADE his statement. Of course, he knew things too.

Find your hero, your mentor, whose life's story stands as the greatest inspiration to you AND WALK IN HIS/HER FOOTSTEPS. If the one you follow is a legitimate example with the imprimatur of Heaven upon him/her, then representative guides WILL APPEAR after preliminary testing.

It's all falling apart in these times. You can get a classic look at the spiritual end Here and also Here. I'm not providing these links because I support their viewpoints but I will say there is truth to be found there. The reason I am telling you all of this about evil and good coming out of the same source, or permitting Evil to operate, is to give you comfort, faith, and hope in times to come. ONE FORCE controls the whole of it all. PERIOD! Make acquaintance with it and all will be well... sooner or later. This is what I have found to be true. This is what I have proven out to my satisfaction.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

"Love is the Great Magical Agent and in These Times There are No Other Roads."

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I have lived so long with certain understandings that I don't question the validity of what I have proved out to myself often enough to feel confident about the perspective I arrived at. Also... and this is a biggie.; during my individual Kundalini experience, I had information arrive in such volume that it took a long time to integrate it all. Then there have been other Kundalini events that followed, of lesser force but still significant, in respect of what I was able to realize from them. Along with this came a great deal of knowledge from previous lives.

This in no way causes me to feel superior, or to be superior, given my unwavering awareness of the knowledge possessed by those further up the road from me and then there are the levels of wisdom and understanding that belongs to The Sun and other entities that are far beyond the human state. Given what I have been permitted to see and experience, my insignificance is indelibly branded into my consciousness. I am nothing at all and I know this. The ONLY THING that gives me any value is that which is resident in me AND... in everyone else BUT we are NOT all equal in that regard. I won't be going into why that is. If I try to explain each of the points and principles made and mentioned here I would never finish this post. It is up to the reader to do their own research and that is what you are here for anyway... unless you are not. Then you learn the hard way.

I only mention this to bring up a particular point. It seems that for most people, Karma provides a near-insurmountable obstacle for their belief systems. They seem unable to understand WHY such a force exists and why God... who is all-powerful, doesn't fix it. I am going to try, to the degree that I am able, to explain how I understand Karma and how those far past my own level of awareness understand it as well; because my understanding of many subjects is based on the conclusions reached by those of a much greater level of comprehension than I. It is also true that much of what I believe is the result of a long period of observation and not in just this particular appearance. I should also add that those whom I refer to as having a far greater level of comprehension than I are nearly all in full agreement with each other and I... am in agreement with them.

Maybe giving you something of a time frame will help with the initial hurdle of getting over how it is that so many terrible things happen to so many people and to children. Children!!! There are 4 ages in a cycle, just as we have the four seasons in a year. Each of the ages is called a Yuga and the yugas are called; Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali. The first of these, Satya, is the most light-infused and possesses the greatest amounts of wisdom and good qualities. It goes downhill from there by degrees and each succeeding Yuga has less light than the one before. The first Yuga is said to last for a little under 2 million years and each following Yuga is shorter than the previous one. Finally, there is the Kali Yuga which 'they say' lasts under half a million years.

Life is exquisite in Satya and not too bad in the next two either. As life moves to Kali Yuga, ignorance increases and so does vice. There is hardly any vice or ignorance in Satya. These numbers, however, are chicken feed to the big numbers, which are what composes a single day of Brahma and that is A THOUSAND ROTATIONS OF 4 YUGAS. Try as you might, you cannot imagine this. Although traditional Hindu pundits all more or less agree on these numbers, one realized yogi of recent vintage, attributes considerably less time to these periods and that is Sri Yukteswar. According to him, we are coming out of the Kali Yuga now and I agree with him. He wrote a book called The Holy Science and it is not for everyone. It is quite dense. BUT... BUT... even if the numbers are considerably reduced you STILL CANNOT IMAGINE SUCH A LENGTH OF TIME.

The cosmic scale of things is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals who come and go here through a rotation of lives that can amount to millions. This is also impossible to imagine. At this point, I need to mention that the universe operates according to inflexible rules of order and that there is, within this universe a consciousness that is so profound and also unimaginable that NOT A SINGLE ACT EVER COMMITTED is ever missed. It is all recorded and our personal record is imprinted into the fabric of the being of every single one of us. We take our history with us wherever we go and there is NO ESCAPING IT. The living out of Karma is what erases the magical letters of record imprinted on our being until none remain.

You may not like it. You may not understand it BUT... everything that happens to every single one of us is the result of our happening to whatever it was that then happened back on us. Whether you are a baby who cannot walk or an old person who can no longer walk, whatever you encounter is something you orchestrated at another time. The Kali Yuga is The Payback Yuga. This is not to say that there is no payback, both good and ill, in the other yugas. There is but it is in Kali Yuga where everything that didn't get resolved at another time, including whatever you got up to in Kali Yuga, is finally addressed.

This universe is the body of God and every single lifeform from those too small to be seen by the eye to massive stars- also living things- are individual expressions of God operating in that form. It is ALL God playing hide and seek with himself. Let us imagine a huge mirror that is splintered into countless fragments, each of these is a living thing. God shatters this mirror and then spends the rest of the time gathering all of the pieces back together. TRULY FORTUNATE are those with the insight and awareness that motivates them to cooperate in this activity. Everyone else is running around doing whatever it is that they do AND EVERYTHING YOU THINK AND SAY AND DO HAS COSTS AND CONSEQUENCES. That... is Karma.

Why doesn't God make it all perfect and free of cost and consequences? Well... there are places where that is the case. You need to get there if that is what you want but... YOU WON'T GET THERE IF YOU ARE MESSING AROUND WITH EVERYTHING ELSE HERE, or feverishly consumed in a feeding frenzy for this that or the other thing. It is true that we are all already perfect BUT... Realization is what is missing. You need to get realized. You need to become Jivanmukti.

Some souls there are, great souls, who are pained beyond measure by what they see here and who spend many lives of austerity and lesser selfless service, in order to get to a point where they can come back here and rescue some amount of the willing. They are among you now, whether you can see them or not. Some of us are DIRECTLY EMPLOYED BY HEAVEN to serve here BUT you can't save those who don't want to be saved. My friends... as simple as it is for those who understand it, it is a thing of the greatest complexity and NO ONE has satisfactorily explained it yet; not in any comprehensive fashion. That is why there has been more than one avatar, even if they are all the same and why there are all those religions, even if... in essence, they are all the same. That is why there are all these languages and nations rising and falling and cultures coming and going, ever and ever on.

You don't like what goes on here? Leave! You don't have to stay here. Your own actions are what keeps you here and thinking you know what's what is one of the biggest obstacles you face. Heaven awaits but there are those who will tell you that they have no interest in Heaven. They have a different objective that has to do with Total Liberation but we won't be going into that at this time. Heaven is something you can take with you wherever you go and you can share it as liberally as you wish, once you have EARNED that privilege. IN THIS PRESENT TIME FRAME... there are possibilities that are also impossible to imagine, so fine and wonderful are they. This is why the fascinations and material bondages are so great. It is all about the degree of difficulty in relation to the magnitude of the opportunities.

Under no circumstances can you do it on your own. You need help and help is there and you can contact that help within yourself, by crying out for it with the necessary force and level of persistence. That which you need to ferry you beyond the ocean of birth and death is present within you ALWAYS. It is witnessing your life through your eyes and closer to you than you can imagine. It is possible to have your slate wiped absolutely clean at this time and I am not exaggerating. It has happened and will happen to some. GRACE is ever possible. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. Nothing more is required of you. LOVE GALVANIZES THE GOD FORCE!!!

God cannot resist true love. It is the great magical secret and the great magical agent, although there are other forces available that can accomplish certain transformative occurrences. I realize and you should realize that I am leaving a lot out here but I am not leaving out critical and important details. Understanding the power of love alone is all you really need.

You may not like how things are here and you may not understand why things are the way they are. Better yet, let me say, THE WAY THINGS SEEM. You can change the whole course of your life this very moment but... you WILL need to be sincere and committed. You can't waver or backslide; keeping in mind that all of us fall to the side many, many, many times BUT... only a few of us keep picking ourselves back up and soldiering on. Like The Wayfarer said in the Stephen Crane poem, when he saw that the pathway to Truth, was overgrown not with weeds but with knives; “Doubtless there are other roads.”

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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

You are a True Celebrity Here when You Recognize the Indwelling, Everlasting Wellspring of Existence and it Recognizes You.

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Nothing succeeds like success; that’s something we’ve heard and we get the impression that it must be true. Unless you live in a cave somewhere like the long-dead Bin Laden- who doesn’t actually live in a cave since he is, in fact, long gone; dead if you prefer that term... but let’s say you did live in a cave but weren’t dead, or gone like Bin Laden and didn’t have TV and/or internet then, you might not be on the receiving end of a relentless carpet-bombing of celebrity comings and goings. Otherwise, you’re aware of the glitter and fairy dust that rains down upon those in the limelight.

Celebrity is a curious thing. There are no fixed rules concerning the possession of it. It comes and goes. Like Lady Luck, it enters the casino on the arm of one man and goes out on the arm of another. There is no fidelity involved, just degrees of time. Once you’ve spent the evening with her, you could spend a much longer period looking for her again. If you do run across her she might do no more than blow you a kiss to keep your interest. She seems to like some people more than others but no matter how she might appear to like you for a period of time, it makes what she’s inevitably going to do to you at some point, all that much harder to bear. Ah, cruel world (grin).

Anyone can have celebrity. You can get it from wearing a too-short skirt while boarding an airline and wind up with an agent before you disembark. Then you wind up in the covered dish at the back of the icebox a few days later, wondering what happened. It seems like only a moment ago that you were talking with Geraldo. Now you can’t even appear at a supermarket opening unless you’re going after groceries.

You can get celebrity from being born with a whole pot full of money, even if you have no talent at all- which has been amply demonstrated by Paris Hilton, among others- and if you possess no shame or sense of self you can arrange for the release of a sex video and via the efforts of a first-class publicity firm and, once again, a whole lot of money, you can be a star in the eyes of troglodytes everywhere, as amply demonstrated by Kimchi Kardashian.

You can be born the son or daughter of a director, or an actor, or any influential person and move through the chutes of public awareness like a greased pig. You can actually possess some amount of talent, on rare occasions, but that’s incidental most of the time.

You can be pleasant to look upon in the eyes of some particular demographic but you’ve generally got a sell by date, which can be put off only so long and then the surgeons and cosmeticians turn you into a horror movie.

One thing about celebrity, sooner or later you wind up on Larry King, or lesser venues talking about the thrill of it all; the triumph and agony of bringing your special gift to the world. I watch people toiling in the trenches of celebrity; in newspapers and magazines, in the blog-sphere, in trendy clubs, I’ve passed through, at pricey watering holes and resorts, on television, street corners, and public parks. There are more levels to celebrity than there are in the most complex video games. There’s notoriety and fame and it’s difficult to tell the difference sometimes. There’s star-power and then there’s the more difficult art of becoming a legend.

When you’re celebrated it seems that everyone wants a piece of you. It must be some kind of a rush. You’re surrounded by friends and supporters on all sides until you screw up or run out of gas and then some cosmic Houdini turns the whole thing upside down in a twinkling. Then you’ve got to work like mad for redemption or some new angle. Screwing up as a celebrity is not like screwing up as an ordinary Joe. Even when you are not screwing up, you are followed by a cloud of flies and mosquitoes that make it seem like you live in a tropical murk at the very worst season of the year. It takes a special kind of person to endure it. You have to want it so bad that nothing and no one is more important than to be celebrated. Gangway!!!

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of celebrities. All of them have their lights on. They are like the windows of an enormous apartment complex, or more definitively a department store. All of them are dancing in the window or on the shelves with the shades up. All of them imagine that the world is looking only at them. It’s fascinating. Robert Burns would be so pleased.

Sometimes I muse on the condition of famous authors and musicians; on accomplished artists of every stripe. I think about how there are thousands of famous authors and musicians... all the venues... and how everything that they’ve done was already done and often better done before they ever got here. I think about musicians, in front of large audiences, and how it must seem to some of them as if the whole world is watching. I think about the money and the sex and power; all the accouterments and trappings of the moth in the candle flame. Then I think about their lives apart from all the noise; if there even is such a place. I think about all of the demands made upon them and the difficulty they experience in dealing with all of the character defects that attend them- regardless of their status- as they negotiate the pressures and broken promises through which they pass.

Then I walk out of my door and stand in the meadow in front of my house and there’s nothing there but the wind in the trees and the birds chasing each other; the sun is shining down and there’s no one around. Sometimes the wind in the trees sounds very much like applause. The sun feels like a spotlight so does the moon. Sometimes if feels like all of creation is listening and watching through a one-way mirror. I can walk with my guitar and sing for the birds (who often join in) and clouds; let the wind carry my voice across the world and someone will hear it, in the same way, something said in Los Angeles today might be repeated in Cairo next week. I think about the way a stone thrown into a still lake will eventually ripple across the entirety of it.

Every master has a life of secret shame. No matter what sublime state they have arrived at, behind them is many a misadventure and ignominious failure. It always struck me how remarkably humble they are. Here are the true celebrities with real accomplishments and they are just so self-effacing, shy, and retiring. They must know something. Perhaps they are in the presence of something so much greater than themselves and they are constantly reminded of it so that there is no option besides humility and the most cautious and economical grace of movement; “wary as a man crossing an icy stream” as a great sage once said.

I cannot help but cringe when I see people with some one-trick pony thing that they have got going... what a roller coaster of uncertainty... cut to the Sunday morning panels of experts shouting each other down... preening at their introductions; seething at the competition for limited time and space... I wonder what difference there is between the monkeys and birds in the jungle trees and all the people talking on the radio and TV.

Now and then Nature takes it upon herself to set a laurel wreath on someone’s head. Sometimes she does it after they are gone. Sometimes one rose or another may be “born to blush unseen” ...better that than that more than your immediate company should know what a fool you are. Should that laurel arrive, I suspect the greatest art is in handling the affair; not in the further production of works.

If Nature, for reasons of her own, wants to point you out to the greater assemblage, then that’s probably the best kind of celebrity and... your golden opportunity not to behave like a celebrity, is probably the greatest joy and challenge you will have. There’s something satisfying about that. Otherwise... the sheer joy of doing what you do for the sheer joy of doing it should be payment enough. It stands to reason that in a universe as vast as this, that there are no doubt audiences unseen in far greater numbers than the population of this Earth. It’s a trick of the mind to realize what a grand stage awaits in every moment. I am always amused at the idea people have that no one is watching.

As I’ve occasionally said; 'just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is'. That would be especially true of celebrity. Help yourself to the pottage. Sucka! Ah... the Sisyphean tedium of a momentary catch of the sun's rays upon a leaf and then... comes Fall and you learn that today's dancing leaf is tomorrow's compost. Why did I use the image of a leaf? We are all leaves on the same tree and draw our sustenance and continuance therefrom. Be an evergreen, perhaps... and a needle instead of a leaf, though they fall too and make a soft carpet on the forest floor. It is the most critical understanding that life contains when one recognizes the indwelling, everlasting wellspring of existence and THEN IT ACKNOWLEDGES YOU. That is real fame and true celebrity, all else is an embarrassment, disappointment, and failure on its way to happening.

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