Monday, July 13, 2020

"Love is the Great Magical Agent and in These Times There are No Other Roads."

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I have lived so long with certain understandings that I don't question the validity of what I have proved out to myself often enough to feel confident about the perspective I arrived at. Also... and this is a biggie.; during my individual Kundalini experience, I had information arrive in such volume that it took a long time to integrate it all. Then there have been other Kundalini events that followed, of lesser force but still significant, in respect of what I was able to realize from them. Along with this came a great deal of knowledge from previous lives.

This in no way causes me to feel superior, or to be superior, given my unwavering awareness of the knowledge possessed by those further up the road from me and then there are the levels of wisdom and understanding that belongs to The Sun and other entities that are far beyond the human state. Given what I have been permitted to see and experience, my insignificance is indelibly branded into my consciousness. I am nothing at all and I know this. The ONLY THING that gives me any value is that which is resident in me AND... in everyone else BUT we are NOT all equal in that regard. I won't be going into why that is. If I try to explain each of the points and principles made and mentioned here I would never finish this post. It is up to the reader to do their own research and that is what you are here for anyway... unless you are not. Then you learn the hard way.

I only mention this to bring up a particular point. It seems that for most people, Karma provides a near-insurmountable obstacle for their belief systems. They seem unable to understand WHY such a force exists and why God... who is all-powerful, doesn't fix it. I am going to try, to the degree that I am able, to explain how I understand Karma and how those far past my own level of awareness understand it as well; because my understanding of many subjects is based on the conclusions reached by those of a much greater level of comprehension than I. It is also true that much of what I believe is the result of a long period of observation and not in just this particular appearance. I should also add that those whom I refer to as having a far greater level of comprehension than I are nearly all in full agreement with each other and I... am in agreement with them.

Maybe giving you something of a time frame will help with the initial hurdle of getting over how it is that so many terrible things happen to so many people and to children. Children!!! There are 4 ages in a cycle, just as we have the four seasons in a year. Each of the ages is called a Yuga and the yugas are called; Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali. The first of these, Satya, is the most light-infused and possesses the greatest amounts of wisdom and good qualities. It goes downhill from there by degrees and each succeeding Yuga has less light than the one before. The first Yuga is said to last for a little under 2 million years and each following Yuga is shorter than the previous one. Finally, there is the Kali Yuga which 'they say' lasts under half a million years.

Life is exquisite in Satya and not too bad in the next two either. As life moves to Kali Yuga, ignorance increases and so does vice. There is hardly any vice or ignorance in Satya. These numbers, however, are chicken feed to the big numbers, which are what composes a single day of Brahma and that is A THOUSAND ROTATIONS OF 4 YUGAS. Try as you might, you cannot imagine this. Although traditional Hindu pundits all more or less agree on these numbers, one realized yogi of recent vintage, attributes considerably less time to these periods and that is Sri Yukteswar. According to him, we are coming out of the Kali Yuga now and I agree with him. He wrote a book called The Holy Science and it is not for everyone. It is quite dense. BUT... BUT... even if the numbers are considerably reduced you STILL CANNOT IMAGINE SUCH A LENGTH OF TIME.

The cosmic scale of things is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals who come and go here through a rotation of lives that can amount to millions. This is also impossible to imagine. At this point, I need to mention that the universe operates according to inflexible rules of order and that there is, within this universe a consciousness that is so profound and also unimaginable that NOT A SINGLE ACT EVER COMMITTED is ever missed. It is all recorded and our personal record is imprinted into the fabric of the being of every single one of us. We take our history with us wherever we go and there is NO ESCAPING IT. The living out of Karma is what erases the magical letters of record imprinted on our being until none remain.

You may not like it. You may not understand it BUT... everything that happens to every single one of us is the result of our happening to whatever it was that then happened back on us. Whether you are a baby who cannot walk or an old person who can no longer walk, whatever you encounter is something you orchestrated at another time. The Kali Yuga is The Payback Yuga. This is not to say that there is no payback, both good and ill, in the other yugas. There is but it is in Kali Yuga where everything that didn't get resolved at another time, including whatever you got up to in Kali Yuga, is finally addressed.

This universe is the body of God and every single lifeform from those too small to be seen by the eye to massive stars- also living things- are individual expressions of God operating in that form. It is ALL God playing hide and seek with himself. Let us imagine a huge mirror that is splintered into countless fragments, each of these is a living thing. God shatters this mirror and then spends the rest of the time gathering all of the pieces back together. TRULY FORTUNATE are those with the insight and awareness that motivates them to cooperate in this activity. Everyone else is running around doing whatever it is that they do AND EVERYTHING YOU THINK AND SAY AND DO HAS COSTS AND CONSEQUENCES. That... is Karma.

Why doesn't God make it all perfect and free of cost and consequences? Well... there are places where that is the case. You need to get there if that is what you want but... YOU WON'T GET THERE IF YOU ARE MESSING AROUND WITH EVERYTHING ELSE HERE, or feverishly consumed in a feeding frenzy for this that or the other thing. It is true that we are all already perfect BUT... Realization is what is missing. You need to get realized. You need to become Jivanmukti.

Some souls there are, great souls, who are pained beyond measure by what they see here and who spend many lives of austerity and lesser selfless service, in order to get to a point where they can come back here and rescue some amount of the willing. They are among you now, whether you can see them or not. Some of us are DIRECTLY EMPLOYED BY HEAVEN to serve here BUT you can't save those who don't want to be saved. My friends... as simple as it is for those who understand it, it is a thing of the greatest complexity and NO ONE has satisfactorily explained it yet; not in any comprehensive fashion. That is why there has been more than one avatar, even if they are all the same and why there are all those religions, even if... in essence, they are all the same. That is why there are all these languages and nations rising and falling and cultures coming and going, ever and ever on.

You don't like what goes on here? Leave! You don't have to stay here. Your own actions are what keeps you here and thinking you know what's what is one of the biggest obstacles you face. Heaven awaits but there are those who will tell you that they have no interest in Heaven. They have a different objective that has to do with Total Liberation but we won't be going into that at this time. Heaven is something you can take with you wherever you go and you can share it as liberally as you wish, once you have EARNED that privilege. IN THIS PRESENT TIME FRAME... there are possibilities that are also impossible to imagine, so fine and wonderful are they. This is why the fascinations and material bondages are so great. It is all about the degree of difficulty in relation to the magnitude of the opportunities.

Under no circumstances can you do it on your own. You need help and help is there and you can contact that help within yourself, by crying out for it with the necessary force and level of persistence. That which you need to ferry you beyond the ocean of birth and death is present within you ALWAYS. It is witnessing your life through your eyes and closer to you than you can imagine. It is possible to have your slate wiped absolutely clean at this time and I am not exaggerating. It has happened and will happen to some. GRACE is ever possible. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. Nothing more is required of you. LOVE GALVANIZES THE GOD FORCE!!!

God cannot resist true love. It is the great magical secret and the great magical agent, although there are other forces available that can accomplish certain transformative occurrences. I realize and you should realize that I am leaving a lot out here but I am not leaving out critical and important details. Understanding the power of love alone is all you really need.

You may not like how things are here and you may not understand why things are the way they are. Better yet, let me say, THE WAY THINGS SEEM. You can change the whole course of your life this very moment but... you WILL need to be sincere and committed. You can't waver or backslide; keeping in mind that all of us fall to the side many, many, many times BUT... only a few of us keep picking ourselves back up and soldiering on. Like The Wayfarer said in the Stephen Crane poem, when he saw that the pathway to Truth, was overgrown not with weeds but with knives; “Doubtless there are other roads.”

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

In the Kolbrin it says strife is necessary for evolution. You've said that in other words yourself in past posts. Nostrils up.

Hereticdrummer said...

I seriously doubt anyone has ever said it better than you just did, VIS. I've always thought reincarnation should more accurately be termed, recycling. The ultimate goal entails breaking free of it to liberate one's higher self from this dimension of dense matter and traverse the higher realms until a state of godhood is attained. No mean feat, but nothing is worth more than accomplishing this.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a nice column. Thanks.

I want to put out a 'warning' about taking the Yuga Ages too literally. Some time ago, I summarized findings on how Yuga Ages are more 'conveyors' of astronomical data than true huge-length eras.

In my view, we have to be careful about held-over Anunnaki programming. Many millennia ago, the Anunnaki overtly held sway over Earth. Their headquarters were in Mesopotamia, but different 'fiefdoms' were established around the world. The area which is now India/Pakistan was given to an Anunnaki female who was named Inanna. My concern is that eons-long Yuga Ages were ways to psychologically-program their subjects into passivity. Why strive for change (even rebellion) if you were embedded within an unthinkably-long 'flow'?

So, I am on-my-guard around Yuga Ages. There are unmistakable cycles of growth-maturity-decay-renewal at all levels of Nature, which can be the basis for the Yuga cycle. Personally, I intend to produce/induce my own Satya age with the help of Higher Self and any other Helpers - or die trying... (grin)
One 'angle' or 'subtlety' on Karma: How much is Karma only associated with deeds, and not with intent? If you 'fake-out' someone to proclaiming "Fire" in a crowded theater, is the fake-out-er or the proclaimer more subject to the resulting Karma?

Also, there is an old tale of King Arthur meeting with Mordred (his son) on a field of truce, before an impending face-off for the kingdom of Camelot. Both armies were looking-on. Arthur and Mordred were negotiating. One escort (it is not now known which side) saw a snake in the grass, and drew his sword to chop-off the snake's head. As he did this, the cry went up of "Treachery" and the two armies lunged at each other...

So, what was the Karma of this escort? His intentions were good, but the results were the deaths of thousands and the fall of native Britain to the Anglo-Saxons.

My hope is that there is a "Solomon-ic" bestowing of Karma, so to speak (i.e., wisdom-based rather than rule-based), and that whomsoever 'bestows' Karma can separate-out the real instigators for special handling. Otherwise, the elites will get away with murder. Just my two cents...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Markus said...

I have to admit that karma is an interesting principle but is not sound in a mathematical sense for me
when it is about justice and grace, because ist would imply that „we“ would overlap - our consciousness
would overlap in a multidimensional way and how to mesasure justice in this case? Or there would never
be 100% justice.
A group and me is „climbing“ since more than one and a half decades up the higher realms of consciousness
and there seems no end upwards. And the question is: who the hell is responsible for the many lies that
lead to creation and this planet earth. The lies on earth - the lies in „heaven“?
Not a nice game.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Satanism, Sodomy and the Reversed Kundalini; the War Against Humanity."



Joseph Brenner

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