Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Election Day... where we Celebrate and Support those Who Lie with Every Breath they Take.

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Today the mass of the American public, fulfills the vested interests of the particular forces of appearance, that control their perspective of what they think is happening, related to what they have been promised by those who have no intention of fulfilling those promises. On one side are the many, many shell organizations financed by Satanist George Soros and other interests that represent Liberty as License; where everyone, no matter how crazy or dysfunctional they are, are free to express their passions and appetites as normal behavior; because? Because we say so. On the other side you have the Fear Factor and various efforts to stem the tides of madness massing at the borders and shores.

In a time of material darkness, the minority of the Haves represent the burning desires of the Have Nots. What the Haves have is the illusion that they possess all that is worth fighting for, working for and dying for. The irony is that the giver of all things is pleased to confer anything and everything upon anyone as the result of faith and prayer, for the purpose of demonstration and sundry and... you can also get a large amount of manifest toys and trinkets from the shadow face of the ineffable at a particular cost that does not seem to be that great initially but proves to be seriously painful later on.

As evidence of the kind of recreations and persona some of them favor, let us go to that Satanic Portal, TMZ and see a few examples of the directions people think they want to go in and the sort of events and behavior celebrated by those who tune in to them and probably describe it as, “good clean fun”. We have a few others, some of them with consequences. Some of them represent the state of the culture (a picture is worth a lot of words) at a level that attracts millions of sub-creation residents and influences the minds of youth, while attempting to make these tragic, cartoon icons appear heroic.

It is fascinating to watch how the human mind processes certain experiences. For some, things like roller coasters, unprotected sex, war and driving real fast with your eyes closed is exciting. Then for others it is truly frightening. For some, certain behaviors seem to be perfectly okay and for others it looks insane. The human mind is incredibly facile. It can justify anything that it wants to do, even if it doesn't really want to do it, or later regrets it for the rest of the cycle of that life. Logic can be a useful tool, or an engine of destruction, depending on whether one employs Reason, or chooses to avoid it altogether because it gets in the way.

I justified all kinds of behavior because I was impatient to reach a particular objective. Basically I was storming the gates of Heaven. I had convinced myself that God would be impressed by my zeal and fearless enthusiasm before the possibility of death and personal destruction. The net result was continuing, momentary glimpses; snapshots of wonderland and then a continuing and incremental slide back to my starting point, accompanied by a temporary bout of depression and an enduring sense of loss that provoked yet another determined assault on some briefly shining kingdom of the mind.

The time came when every impetus of the kind simply faded away. No particular reason has since been discovered. It simply happened and I could not be more grateful. I already knew that, within a given period of time this was going to happen. I had been told in a convincing fashion that this was the case. Out of the blue, I preempted the time frame, only to be told shortly thereafter that that was one of the best decisions I could have made because the coming transition was not going to be as easy and seamless as I might have imagined...

Ordinary life, according to the back and forth of humanity in its pursuits, its struggles and strife, continues apace. Nothing overly dramatic seems to be taking place. For some, it couldn't be better, everything is coming up roses. For others, the suffering is a continuous cycle of same old same old. In all cases it is a projection of the mind in accord with karmic imperatives. Karma is like a parking meter, a pinball machine, or anything that needs to be fed quarters on a regular basis. Depending on the paucity of parking spaces, on that depends the frequency with which quarters need to be added. Depending on the skill of the player, on that depends the frequency of quarters being fed into the pinball machine. The irony of the whole process is that the people for whom everything is coming up roses and those for whom suffering is a regular affair, is that they routinely change places with each other. In some cases, karma is on a pay as you go basis. For the majority, it is a pay later construct but... pay you will in any case. Some rare souls, who have understood the essence of Karma are recipients of Grace and serendipity. As ever, this is possible for anyone who comprehends that service is the highest calling that anyone can aspire to.

Behind the island of our personal being, seemingly separate from every other being, lies a reservoir of immeasurable Love and perpetuating wonder, where one exists in a state of endless delight at the recognition of the divine in each set of eyes one encounters. Despite the opposing mindset of the self obsessed and fearful, the divine is to be found in every creature, no matter how far they may have departed from righteous behavior because, there would be no life in that creature otherwise. As one Loves the author of their existence more and more, more and more is revealed and one comes to view life through the eyes of their creator and begins to understand the profundity and power of Love in its capacity to effect positive change in every instance where the opportunity presents itself and it presents itself in a never ending fashion. This is because the hearts of those in which divinity has been awakened do not see anything else.

The sorrow that the ineffable must experience at the wayward and indifferent behavior of its offspring brings tears to my eyes. Yet beneath the sorrow is an ocean of joy at the certitude that every soul will, one day, find its way home to its true and eternal residence. Like the Prodigal Son, who awakens one day in a pig sty and remembers what it was like in his fathers home, the magnetism of that vision exerts an irresistible force that sets his/her feet on the homeward course. This is not necessarily something that occurs overnight or even in a particular life but what is sure is that the course of their return becomes more and more certain and less fraught with difficulty because all difficulty in life arises from one swimming against the tide of their own best interest. Every problem in life comes from ones opposition to the will of the indwelling deity, whose will and intention is concerned only with the opportunity to bestow liberation and self realization upon every soul who has put themselves in the way of it.

When one has become self convinced of the destiny that awaits one whose sole focus is the ineffable, their eyes are opened to the true state of the world and everywhere they look is irrefutable evidence of what occurs when ones focus is placed on something else. One is surrounded by a never ending theater of events devoted to the purpose of demonstration. The world is truly a madhouse, where the irrational is made to appear rational, where fleeting enjoyment is a mask laid over a well of pending despair. George Orwell said that a vision of the future was to “imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” The degree of suffering taking place this moment in certain parts of the world that we seldom hear about is beyond the visualizing powers of most people... yet every one of the people experiencing it got there from somewhere else.

It does not have to be like this. At any given moment one can change the road they are on. One can turn their attention to the spiritual sun that is shining within them- let it shine through them- and observe how it begins to illuminate every feature of their life, both within and without. The mind is a magic movie projector and will screen and bring into being whatever is being thrown upon the blank backdrop of life, the same way that images appear on a movie screen. Is it a drama... a comedy... a romance, a horror film, or the face of the ineffable peering out of whatever appears in every direction one turns?

Truly... we would be astounded and astonished at what is concealed behind the ordinary appearances of life. “Seek and ye shall find.” “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Each one of these statements are true. It is the task of the inquiring soul to prove them out. We have the statements of those great souls who preceded us and who have spoken with unshakable conviction concerning these statements, or a variation thereof.

We both create and define our world with every word we speak and every act we commit. Examples abound on all sides as to the value and meaning of every road taken. Once ones eyes have been opened, it is to be expected that one looks upon the evidence of manifest life with awe at the extent to which people will go to amplify their distress.

Today they go to the polls. Some to vote for things that will not happen and some to vote against what they are opposed to happening. On both coasts, so called liberal perspectives, in search of the communism concealed beneath, are in a literal war with the heartland between, that seeks to preserve traditional values in search of the fascism that is concealed beneath. Neither are aware of the peril of listening to and supporting the lying sociopaths that have trampled their way to the head of the pack, with the ruthless insistence that they should be empowered to ignore every promise they made in order to feather their own nests.

In 'interesting times' it serves the awakened soul to fix their hearts and minds upon the infinitude of light that is hidden within and which will make them equal to every challenge that may arise, knowing that nothing but the ineffable is real and that everything else is temporary and an illusion.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Moment of Epiphany that Awaits us All.

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As some of you may know I am a sports fan. That means I watch the football season. I watch the basketball playoffs and I watch the baseball playoffs. There are no hard and fast absolutes about any of it. I turned in last night when game 3 of the World Series went into the 14th inning. I can take or leave it. At the moment it remains as one of my singular pedestrian amusements. I watch movies but... far more seldom than was once the case.

While watching sports or doing anything, seldom do a few minutes go by these days when my thoughts do not raise my head upwards, as I celebrate or resonate with the indwelling God, who is the centerpiece of my life. The raising of the head is symbolic; God in Heaven. The divine is within but it is similar to kneeling in prayer or raising ones hands to the heavens; when who and what you are seeking to communicate with is within you. The entire external world is a projection of the mind. You may think you see outwardly but all you see is seen within. Get the internal world in resonance with the director of the external world (the true director) and the external world will be as you truly are within, or drab; confused, dull, frightening, desolate, empty, etc... as you are.

I find it near inexplicable what I am today, by comparison with what I was (or thought I was) a few weeks ago. On the day, or in the moment that my life changed, it was without fanfare or flashing lights. No symphony orchestra materialized. I did not walk down wide marble stairs, surrounded by angels and other luminous beings. My jeans and shirt did not morph into a flowing robe. It just happened the same way you might hit a light switch. It changed profoundly and fundamentally, as if it had always been that way. In a sense it had. The part of me that was always resident there, simply swallowed up the other parts that were adaptations I imagined I needed to get by, in this brier patch of thorns and creeping roots that snag you by the toes; this glue-board of attachments, false memory and perception. It all went away and left a feeling of enduring permanence that nothing can assail. There is no way to explain what took place except to say, 'there is no there, there'.

Somewhere in the deeper reaches of my heart and mind, “Let it Be” is playing. “I wake up to the sound of music” and prayer closes the day in a supine wonder, until sleep and dreams take me away. The dreams are like nothing that has come before. The days are like days I have not seen since I was much younger and walking through the empty deserts or the natural cathedrals of forests, before the world slot-cared me into its sham and endless confetti, flickering in the false light that adds a burnished and enchanted glow to neon and plastic... the sound of relentless emptiness echos through some kind of post apocalyptic Las Vegas, half buried in shifting sands.

I was angry and outraged. It was a true celebration of impotence and ignorance, conjoined in a Chinese water torture of a dissonant opera, where everyone dies but... not until they have suffered to the last jot and tittle. I drank an ocean and never left the shore. I became a human chemistry experiment; anything to blot out the dismal wreckage of mindless appetite that surrounded me on all sides. There was no sanctuary. They were all facsimiles of some fake Hollywood town. Every now and again I would eschew everything and live on the straight and narrow; sometimes for years but sooner or later the siren would call because I wasn't as smart as Ulysses.

Was it a couple of months ago? It was something like that. I found myself in a confined space; not sure of how I got there and toward evening of the second day I was laying on a bed and a presence came over me. It filled me and it asked me; “Do you know who I am?” Immediately I did know, though I do not remember ever experiencing this particular spiritual being before. I had sought him surely and read his words many times; prayed to him and certainly quoted him more than any other. For a passage of time- I don't know how long. It was under an hour I think but I don't know; I heard fantastic and wonderful things. He told me he had brought me to where I was in order to have this communication with me. It was easily as impactful as when Mr. Apocalypse visited me in Italy and I spent that time lying on a couch and banging my knee against that part you sit back on, punctuating the force of his words... again and again and again.

It was not so dramatic as that. It was certainly as powerful but more softly expressed. I was told wonderful things, fantastic things that I find difficult to believe. Then it ended and I got up and wandered about in thought for a good while. The next night it happened again and that was it, except for the change in me that I never really noticed until I really did notice. I had been told to simply continue in whatever I had been doing because it wouldn't matter. Somewhere between six months and a year he was going to come into my life and change it to suit whatever his purpose for me might be. Then it just happened all by itself and it wasn't the ineffable doing it because that was called to my attention and highly approved of. I was told I had spared myself all sorts of things in the transition that there is no point in pointing out now.

After that, nothing held anymore attraction for me- 'there was no there, there' so... I just stepped to the side and let everything that never was in the first place, continue on without me. No doubt there were new clients at a further reach, around the corner, somewhere. It ended with neither a bang nor a whimper. It just ended. These days I encounter the living evidence of all the things I had been saying as true here for years. The divine is the literal moment in every moment. It's early days. I forget a hundred times a day and am reminded a hundred and one times very quickly after.

I no longer care if anyone understands me, likes me, dislikes me, finds me strange or oddly familiar. All the pointless vanities and anxieties that are the fruit of a fabricated life, based on misplaced desire and... which I encounter every day, are the never ending examples of what I so recently was as caught up in (in my own way) as everyone else. I see it but I don't see it. I see the other souls that are not the facade they pretend to but which are the beautiful interior lights they cannot see but which accompany them everywhere they go. They are like those floating Chinese candle lanterns.

Chinese lanterns

The sheer beauty of the ordinary that is no longer ordinary leaves me metaphorically and on occasion, literally breathless.

It's the same world I was in before this happened but it is not the same world at all... yet it is; “first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is” It may be the same world but it is not the same me. I suppose I was like a mummy, in more ways than one. Someone grabbed a loose tail of fabric and pulled it and I unraveled until the mummy suit was gone; just in time for Halloween.

I'll close with an episode from this new life of mine, which is not new but only the aftermath of the chrysalis interlude. As a result of watching sporting events, I took a journey one day through the myriad of channels; not hardly being comprehensive at all and I landed on channel 29 and found Chris and Joanna from “Fixer Upper”. My first reaction was that I wasn't appreciative of Joanna (taking a false surface impression). I was later shamed by my uniformed judgment of her. She seemed hard to me. I got a Lucy Liu take on her ...and as I watched, I saw that she is a wonderful intelligent caring and creative woman and I watched the chemistry between her and her husband and I thought; “how many times have I been wrong like this; judging without understanding. What a fool I have been. It was a wake-up call but... every moment seems to be that these days. The thing is that you really can see God in everyone and everything, you just need the right set of eyes. Yes... there are many who seem lost and even depraved. You don't have to concern yourself with that. Nothing sets the stage for change in 'any' case like unconditional love. In a presently infinitesimal way I am beginning to understand what Jesus the Christ meant.

Watching what these two do as they transform houses for people, as the gifted artists they are has been a great experience for me. Sure it's materialism and maybe none of it is real but I will treasure what I learned about myself while watching them. Seeing the love they have for each other as they do what they do is impressive.

I then found Pawn Stars and occasionally I'll go there because it is like going to school; what I have learned about forgery and the real and surface value of things, the history behind them, as experts are called in to comment on the legacy and worth of all sorts of things has, on occasion blown me away. The individuals that own this pawn shop in Las Vegas are not attractive people by any stretch. That is unimportant to me. With new eyes and a true curiosity, I am educated and entertained about all sorts of features in humanity that I never saw before. Under no circumstances am I recommending watching television. I am trying in my cumbersome way to say something and it might come across and it might not. I'm not concerned either way. I guess I am trying to say that you can learn from anyone and everyone if you will just put away your preconceived notions and prejudices and let life speak to you.

I am looking forward to what I am convinced is on the way. At the same time I am not thinking about it much at all. It just taps me on the shoulder now and again and it makes me smile. It is a wonderful place, not to have a problem with anyone anymore. It is truly wonderful to rely on the interior light of the eternal divine, who for reasons unknown to me, took the trouble to wake me up and wash the confusion and anger and ignorance from my heart and from my eyes and to introduce me to a world that was always there and not the world I thought I was living in and to allow me to simply walk away from all the false impressions and bondage of shallow judgments that had made me a prisoner of my own shortcomings.

I could not be more grateful. There is nothing in this world or anywhere else that comes anywhere close to what the ineffable is and he lives his life within us and possesses treasures and priceless qualities which he is holding in escrow for us all, should we ever find ourselves inclined to stop foraging in a landfill and perpetually closing our eyes to the beauty of ourselves.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Search for God and the Imaginary Worlds Between.

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I wonder when God will finally get pissed off? I thought it would happen some while ago. There are many reasons for that. It's not just the possessed and insane. It's the big guns like the governments and media. It's the rogue religions; the ones who sell out their principles to give the impression of tolerance for all kinds of things; things I don't tolerate, in silence that is. Nor am I aggressive to hinder these fools. They are on the road to the destination that their life has shaped for its specific revelations.

The madness is there to be seen. If you can stand in the light of objective awareness, you can see with clarity; see in all its frightening implications. I have links upon links but let these serve for the moment. There may be more but this is not what I came here for.

First my apologies for being so absent in the last couple of months. I have really been going through it. I'll spare you the details, gruesome as they would prove to be. It is all merely changes and that is one of the basic truths of life. We change or we die. Sometimes we change and then die but there is a road of specific change where you do not die in the conventional sense; according to the Bible; “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.”

I am grateful now for all that has happened to me, crazy as that might sound but what it has done is to strip away so many of my foolish attachments which... I was unaware of. Never before, except perhaps when I was much younger and consumed with desire for the ineffable have I felt like this, which put me in many a perilous circumstance. The divine is the most important thing in life and is now the centerpiece of mine. I am so grateful!!! It is a bit vertigo enhanced. One must remember to breathe deeply and with an easy flow- remembering that the ineffable is the breath of life. Breathe God in and breathe God out.

I was going to include many excerpts from Paramhansa (apparently that is the correct spelling) Yogananda's
The Essence of Self Realization
. I recommend that everyone who reads this posting buy a copy. You won't be disappointed, you will be delighted! Or you can go to Ebay where it will be much cheaper; scroll down from there. I am sorry I have proven incapable of giving you excerpts. My hands are shaking too much from the after shock of recent events. However... I WILL finish this posting (grin). Don't be alarmed from what I just said, I often tremble from spiritual occurrences. I am finding that all experiences are spiritual; it's a matter of your perspective. God is real or (in your mind) not real. That determines your perspective on ALL accounts.

I must caution you all that the pursuit of the divine with any measure of sincerity; it is possible that all other concerns will be stripped from your being. You will to a certain degree, be rendered naked and bathed in the light. I know that sounds beautiful in a way but... the getting there can be a tad overwhelming at times and you must be aware of that. One of the greatest dangers in the search for God is discouragement, sometimes followed by despair. We must however, understand that God is a master of discernment and discrimination. He does not tolerate dilettantes or dabblers. Only the true at heart need apply because otherwise you are worse off than never having looked at all. The good news though is that if I can find the divine and be in the place I now find myself, you should be able to do it with few problems. I have had handicaps of all sorts in my quest but... God has overcome them at each turn. You must rely on the divine for EVERYTHING; not just for the things and conditions you THINK you want but for the solution to every problem or difficulty you may encounter. Quite simply you surrender it all and eject it from your heart and mind. Once you have left it in the hands of the ineffable, it is out of YOUR HANDS! There is no halfway about this. You must be determined and faith infused. There is no alternative except for total love and trust... heh heh. Yes, that is a little confusing, which is why you ask God for his qualities above anything else. Acquire the qualities of God and you are covered forever on all accounts.

You are covered on ALL ACCOUNTS! Understand that God is eager and completely desirous of granting you this but YOU MUST be willing to surrender everything to him. The greatest commandment states it clearly and simply; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” This does imply that you should love yourself (grin). The simplest way to accomplish this is to recognize with complete acceptance that the lord is indwelling. Our objective is to close the distance in our minds and hearts between God and our (imagined) self. God is our real self and any master will tell you so.

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Keep this in mind! The lake of suffering and the constant informing provided to us by our pain should let us know that there are other planes of existence, which we can hardly imagine until we find ourselves there and WE WILL find ourselves there if we persist. This is achieved by flooding our hearts with the love for and of the ineffable. Persistence is then automatic because you have realized that there is nothing in this world or anywhere else that is real; God alone is real and when you have come to this place there is no effort needed on your part. You have one responsibility, not to interfere with the almighty working out every hindrance between you and eternal Godhead.

A long time ago certain malefic individuals sought to create barriers between the different faiths of Hindu and Christian. With the former the serpent is a symbol of the interior divinity realized, the result of the Kundalini rising to the top of the head. With the latter, the serpent is crushed beneath the heel of important figures in the religion; Archangel Michael, Mary and sundry. There is a difference between the snake in the grass and the luminous divine wisdom of the serpent raised to its highest potential. It's all understandable when you recall that the first chakra is the root chakra and is much about survival. The second chakra is the sexual force. The third is somewhat about personal power so... one could say that evil is quite possible in the lower chakra windows.

In the west we talk about Salt, Sulfur and Mercury. In the west they have comparable gunas of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. We have the seven interior planets. They have the seven chakras. Just different ways to say the same thing. All of our spiritual understandings came out of Mother India and were translated into the Christian and other forms. It has long been known to informed souls that Jesus spent some years in the East, visiting masters and the like (the like?).

Once one has reached a certain level of understanding all these teachings and philosophies merge into one, or are discarded for a lack of relevance; some religions are Satanic and justify all sorts of evil behavior which continues to this very day; one has only to look at what the usurping AshkeNAZIS have done to the Palestinians for their personal gain. Their religion gives them all the support needed for any sort of acts and history is suffused with examples of every sort of outrage and lies.

Well, there is no need for me to beat this dead horse. In life everything is resolved, though it might take a long time. Otherwise it is certainly taken care of at the other end. As it stands presently, we are in an apocalypse and that is where things and events long in waiting are dealt with... and they will be.

None of that is any concern to us. The angels of the Lord take care of all that. Our job is to focus our hearts and minds upon the living, eternal, luminous light of the Lord. Let it fill your hearts and ignite the flame of realization in your minds. Any other efforts we might make are simply detours and delays upon the way. It's all a non profit excursion to Elsewhere.

The divine... the ineffable is the supreme enjoyer and goal. Meaning we can enjoy nothing unless the divine is enjoying it in us and that we have achieved nothing unless we achieve God Consciousness. This should be what one goes to sleep with and the first thing thought of and considered upon awakening. The cost is incidental when one considers the cost of temporal engagements and the so called pleasures that conceal a world of suffering within the flowers and leaves of whatever the plant is where the pleasures hang like ripening fruit, until they fall to the ground and decay. Make sure it's not a Durian!

My god! I made it through the post... heh heh. Well then my friends, I pray you have a wonderful day and rest of your life. Seek the ineffable in all things, in all you do, with every thought, word and deed. Then you will be where you REALLY want to be. I hope to see you there!!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

By Way of Explanation for my Absence in Recent Times.

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(Whoa... well... before beginning this writing I went ahead and ordered all of the readers suggestions, such as Kratom, Boron and EDTA. We shall see. For the moment, I'm sitting down. I ache if I move and getting up and using this walker... is always an experience. Thankfully I have received serious pain medication from visible and invisible friends. I would call it a kind of stalemate of slow motion moving toward the physical recovery. So if I appear a tad ambushed in my presentation of what ever it is that you are going to get here; there are reasons.)

What I have noticed through this torment is how much closer God has been. Before I even ask he is there. That is the most impressive thing to me. If that is the long range objective of this suffering then I will say it is worth it. My position is; get God, no matter the cost. Hang the cost! I'm moving around okay- a couple of weeks will tell me where I am... in the meantime we chop wood and carry water (metaphorically speaking- I certainly cannot chop wood or carry water), to the extent that we are able and we rest on the support and generosity of the ineffable for all else, as the ineffable expresses through us and everyone else.

This is days later and I have removed the third paragraph which may well have been the most negative and depressed thing I have ever written and I do not want to subject the reader to this. The reader relies on me to be upbeat and positive and no matter what has happened to me in recent times, it is my responsibility to stick to this.

I have no choice today but to go into detail about what has been happening to me. I apologize for the subjectivity that is to follow but there is no way around it and nothing of real importance cosmically, that can be spoken of, that is happening in the world at the moment, or I am not seeing it.

Until a couple of days ago I have been experiencing the most intense and egregious pain of my whole life. As some of you are aware, some time in April my gall bladder was removed. Then later on my other hip was broken and the rehabbing of that has been taking a great deal of time. I think it's five weeks now and after the next week passes, I will find myself at the same place in time where I was when the first hip broke in Germany, a couple of months before I relocated to the US; if Hawaii can be considered a part of the US.

A couple of months after my gall bladder was removed, I was hit with some of the greatest and most extended pain of my life from the same location as where it had been present before the removal of my gall bladder. Now it seems to me if the source of the pain is removed there should be no further pain from that location. About a week and a half ago the pain returned to the same location and it was crippling and terrible and I was beside myself, not knowing what to do. At various times I was up all night suffering in a horrific manner. Over the weekend the pain returned again and was at times unbearable. A couple of days later it returned again. I had to go to the doctor. I was concerned that I might die and I assure you that would have been preferable to me rather than to continue living. The doctor gave me a medication to put under my tongue to militate against the spasming pain. It was not strong enough, so I got something similar a couple of days later... but much more powerful. That has proven to be a great deal more effective. At the same time a friend was able to provide me with some serious pain medication and for the last several days I have been much better off. Never in my life have I had such pain as has come to me in recent times.

The doctor told me that just because they removed the gall bladder that did not mean that stones would not still pass. Why then did they take the gall bladder out at all then? This is an insanity of the allopathic medical system that I am unable to make any sense of. I will see a new internist next week and I hope the matter will be resolved then.

I have been unable to write any posts. I had been wresting with whether or not to mention any of this to the reader. There seemed no reason to me to lay this on the reader but I finally decided to at least provide an explanation for why you have heard nothing from me. I felt no motivation to attempt to speak on the positive side of life, with so much negative happening in the manifest side of existence. I have always been an optimist, regardless of the difficulties and suffering of my existence. I have believed that the ineffable was working on my karma toward the purpose of liberation and because I KNOW that the divine is wise and compassionate beyond the understanding of the mortal mind, I trust the ineffable regardless of the seeming darkness of whatever state I may imagine I am in, of late.

There were periods in recent time that I despaired of the presence of the light no matter what direction I might be seeking it in. I was astounded and astonished at my ability to bear what was being visited upon me. I never thought I had the stamina and endurance to go through and get past it. For the moment I am on the other side of it. I don't know how long that will last but as there have been a few days now where I have been free of pain, I am, as usual, immediately gravitating toward the positive, regardless of what was so recently being visited upon me.

I don't know what the cause of this all has been. Is it just a period of natural transition from some state of awareness being transferred into a new one, where attachments and the bondage of the dream state are being dissolved so that I can be free of some long standing imprisonment? Is it enemy action from the dark side? Is it something having to do with something other that I am not informed of? I don't know. I pray that it is coming to an end but this I do not know either.

My job and avocation is to love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my strength, with all my mind and with all my soul (not verbatim for sure). I see with a greater clarity than I have ever before been capable of that my best position is to maintain a state of emptiness of mind and a sustained expectation that it will be filled by the presence of the divine at the moment of his choosing, which then will resolve every apprehension and confusion that might have been previously extant. That seems to be the case. The ineffable told me a couple of months ago to just continue in behaviors, struggles and occasional excesses I had previously been engaged in and that at some point he would step in and wipe it all away, while at the same time coming into a resident and sustained presence in which everything would be explained. He said it might be six months and it might be a year but it would be no longer than that and at that point there would be no future concerns for me in the manifest. How I hope and wish that this will be so!

Earlier in my life I was reckless, fearless and impassioned. It has occurred to me that this might have been the cause of my present difficulties, still, all of the recklessness, fearlessness and passion was motivated and directed by Love. In later years my behavior and objectives have been resonant with divine imperatives, as much as has ever been true at any previous point in my existence. I thought my confusions and ignorance were being washed away and at some pending moment all would be revealed and I would be free of limitations that had plagued me for so long. That has not been the case until this moment but I do know that those who persist in the love of the ineffable and have as their greatest priority, being consumed in the service of the ineffable, must at some point achieve a lasting contact with the divine and arrive at a sustained sense of the presence of the Divine at the center of one's being.

I must once again apologize for sharing the details of what has proven to be one of the worst periods of my life but so many people are asking what has been happening to me; why they are not hearing from me, why I do not answer communications, that I have felt I had no choice but to be as candid as possible. In the meantime, certain friends and readers have sought to visit me from countries outside the borders of the United States and the authorities from government have refused them entry into this country, even thought there was no problem with this previously. It has seemed to those so involved in this effort that it had everything to do with visiting me personally and not having to do with entering the country in general. I've no idea what this means.

I pray that you are all well in your lives and that events and circumstances move in a positive fashion for you. You and I cannot be forever trapped in the web of Maya or subjected to the rigors, disappointments and suffering of the Kali Yuga. I've had a great deal of communications with Kali in recent times and I am grateful that she has been so sweet and loving to me. It's not something you usually expect from her, unless you are RamaKrishna (grin).

I will endeavor now to post in a regular fashion, as was previously the case ...and hope that this will be permitted from now on and that what has been happening will have ended and not return. Time will tell and we shall see.

Much Love to you all-

End Transmission.......

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Prison House of the Punishment of Flesh... in Search of Liberation.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ah... the blooming... ever loving beauty and wonder of God. There is nothing in life that can be compared in value, metaphorical or literal that can come close to the presence of God in your life. Without God you have nothing. Every shine. Every impression of wealth. Every imagined security. Every concept of influence you may have is meaningless, if God is not in your life. Isn't it remarkable that God is real? More remarkable is that God is good. God is the ever loving beauty and wonder of God.

These are shameful times. People are pressing and pressing for this or that and the ironic truth is that everyone is looking for God. They just don't know that and that is why everything else is a disappointment and that is why we all grow weary. We get tired and stumble along with a saddlebag filled with regrets. Paramahansa Yogananda once said something like; take all your cares and sorrows and woes and put them in a bag and throw them in the ocean and then walk away with God. That's not verbatim but it is the solution. When you do this, what you are doing is handing your life over to the ineffable, who knows all the comings and goings, who is at the beginning and the end of all things and the certainty of continuance, through the process, between the beginning and end.

Once you know that God exists. That is all it takes. From then on, having turned the rudder over to the steady and unshakable hand of the supreme being, your life then moves through the most expedient and righteous way home ♫homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound♫

It seems so complex somehow. They say the devil is in the details. Confusion is the order of his disorder. It does not have to be so hard. Trust and Faith are two of the important qualities of God. The confusion makes us weak and hesitant. We drift. The hand on the rudder is not steady. Sensations come from every angle and direction. Look at me! Look and me! Desire me! Conspire within to acquire whatever it is that is acquiring you in the process ♫take another little piece of my heart now baby♫ So it is that we become divided against ourselves, conflicted, the punishment of the prison house of flesh. We torture ourselves. Nothing in this world is worth having and you never really have it. There is no war. There is no natural disaster. The war is within. The unnatural disaster is the push and pull of the planets within. A wise man rules the stars. You are on a surf board in a sense and here is one of those areas that the New Age tricksters like to work... go with the flow. Right. Flow right into the abyss. It is true that this is true in a sense. Going with the flow is the right idea when it is the right idea at the time. Timing is the thing and perfect timing is being in tune with God.

You do not have to be in tune with anything else, only God, because God is highest resolution to each and every situation. This isn't something that anyone can explain. It is experiential and that is the job of the guru- internal teacher- guide, what have you. The Lord within takes control and then there is the knowingness, which comes along with Certitude and Certitude leads to Determination walking hand in hand with Faith. These interlinking qualities of the ineffable, the true armor of God, are the most valuable items in all the universe. My constant prayer is; Lord, please grant me your qualities. Can you acquire the qualities of God without acquiring God? No. Of course, God is already there to begin with because you would have no life were God not present. God is the dynamic animating principle- DAP.

Just as the sun is responsible for all life on the manifest planet and without which there would be none, so it is in the metaphysical. It is what you do with it that counts. It is a matter of INTENTION. Intention manifests direction. That is the way you are going. It makes all the difference in the world. You can take the high road, or the low road, depending on whether you like crowds or not. Visible does not like crowds. Visible has been in the middle of it, a time or two, when crowds panic.

If I could only touch you, just once... and you would see... that all you have forgotten is remembered here in me. Waxing poetic, Visible? Moi? Heh heh.

Oh my friends, my beloved friends. Here we are, in this moment and... where are your thoughts? What is on your mind? If the divine is the centerpiece of your existence, then the divine is in your thoughts and wherever you may be, there is no better place you can be than there. The tragedy of this situation is that inevitably, in almost every case, this is where you will find yourself, eventually. Will it take a million lifetimes of tedious and painful repetition? Will you suddenly awake and comprehend what was the initial purpose of your having come into manifestation in the first place? “Success is speedy for the energetic.” That's what Krishna says.

What are you doing anyway? Really. If you take an assessment of your moment, what will you find? This, that... or the other thing? There is only one reason that any of us are here and that is to discover why we are here. We are playing hide and seek and someone once said, “Seek and ye shall find.” After all, the same person also said;

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

It's right there in front of you. It's right there in front of you all the time, if you can see it. It is so completely obvious, or there is no evidence at all. This depends entirely on your perspective. If you believe and know that God is real, you see God everywhere. If you preempt God for yourself because you are the only God in town, as far as you're concerned; Mr. Invictus, you can't see God anywhere because you've blocked him out in the mirror with your make believe face.

That is the timeless problem. We usurp the master of every mind and every heart to the fulfillment of the ultimate desire and put a fool in his place, while demons drink his wine and laugh at him in his disgrace. Then we wander on unknown roads in search of ourselves and the one place we don't look is within.

"Spread your wings, close your eyes,
let your love flow, come inside
Spread your wings, close your eyes,
let your love flow oh come inside."

Spread Your Wings

What a terrible waste of beauty and being. We're so close, so... close!!! My friends, remember, the more difficult the circumstances, the higher the return on your investment. It's no cakewalk. Because of the degree of difficulty, the result is exponential. Be aware of this. In other times it was never so hard. Kali Yuga is when the summing up and the harvesting takes place. ♫If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere, it's up to you, even in New York♫

You should be excited. Each day should be a promise of discovery. There is only one item we need to acquire, out of all the tens of thousands of objects on display (and not on display) and that is our self. Find yourself and you need look no more for anything at all. You are the great prize to be won, if you can evict the impostors. Oh sure, I have a personality for every occasion! Actually one size (face) fits all. What is that face? It is the face of the sun. It is not the face of the moon. Here is another of those ageless truths. The moon has no light. It has only the light of the sun reflected. The Tibetan Book of the Dead illustrates this; When you pass, you see a brilliant light. It becomes too intense, then you see a softer light and you gravitate toward that. Then that light becomes too intense and you see another softer light and you gravitate toward that and so on and so on. We become food for the moon and the moon dutifully suits us up with another body so we can repeat our previous mistakes... or not. So it goes... or not. What's it going to be?

I could be saying this, one way or another, day after day and it seems like I do, which... in a strange fashion, accounts for me going missing for a week now and then. I like to put some space between the moments of repeating myself. What can you do... after all? Time was that I had tens of thousands of visitors every day but the more I brought God into the equation, the more the big news linking sites dropped me from the menu. I wrestled with that for some time, always thinking that I could slip God in here and there. It's like having too many commercials in your program. Well... now, the important thing is to be on God's cable channel and those who care more about the initial product know where to go and if some tens of thousands shift in the wind of whatever the wind presents, as it goes back and forth, at the whims of planetary influence and chance... so be it. Eventually... everyone comes home. God is not complete without all of the parts, however long that takes, is... how long it takes ...but it does come round. That is destiny. How long has this been going on? How many Yugas? How many Kalpas? The years are like grains of sand on an endless beach.

Thank you for coming by today. It is 11:30 PM where I am right now. Not the usual time for this but there you are and here I am and we are one and always shall be and time is our friend, not our enemy. God bless you all and you have my love and my never ending appreciation for having cared enough to come by. It is a great privilege to be able to do this and a wonder and a marvel of great gratitude for me that it happens at all. Thank you so much, truly... thank you.

End Transmission.......

Saturday, July 28, 2018

You Never know Until You Know and... You Still Don't know.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It never fails that a post with some amount of esoteric power; at least appearing to have, seems to take a nose dive into quick obscurity and those that to me seem to be tres ordinaire, stimulate more than the usual chatter. It's not a complaint on my part; more of a curiosity than anything else. I seldom take credit for whatever I write since it is clear to me that I didn't write it. This has been going on for so long that the only time I notice it is when I am reviewing it for errors in the text and find myself wondering where some of the content came from.

God is an endless and enduring wonder to me. The intimacy is wonderful. It 's like an old friend walking through the door every day. I cannot imagine anyone more fortunate than I. At the same time there are any number of people who don't see anything fortunate about my situation at all. God? What's that? I look at the concept of God, as the source of everything of value and the absence of God as the absence of everything of value and am mystified that it is not a common theme, like the sun in the sky and the dew upon the grass, with the former being the cause of the disappearance of the latter. For me, everything connects to God. Everything visible is dependent on the invisible. Nothing has beauty except for God being resident in it. Nothing has meaning or validity, or reality, except that God is present. God is the melody in music, the coherence in form and the meaning in anything that has meaning, as well as the nonsense in the absence of.

How many times have I looked around me at the composition of human faces and seen God gone missing, or the sudden appearance of laughter and a smile and know that what has made it incandescent is the fleeting presence of the light of this world.

Yesterday this young lady cried out from her register and said, “Hey! How are you doing?” The person sacking bags was between us and I felt certain that is who she was talking to but she kept staring right at me- smiling to beat the band- and so I said, “Are you talking to me?” “Yes.” she cried. She was smiling and all lit up and I couldn't figure out why she was talking to me. My friend, said, “Don't you remember? You were talking to her the other day.” Vaguely the memory came to me. It seemed out of proportion to our brief encounter but she was so into it that it made me thoughtful for a moment and then I realized it wasn't her usual self that was talking to me. It was that persona behind the ordinary persona and it has been that persona which I had been talking to in the previous encounter. As soon as that occurred to me, I felt an unshakable conviction that it was God saying “Hi” to me; “just wanted to let you know, Visible, that I didn't miss you talking to me the other day.” It was surreal. The face smiling at me was timeless and radiant. You had to be there. I didn't know this young lady at all but I did know the life force behind her.

Life is magic if we let it be so. This is another part of Mr. Apocalypse, who is revealing the usually hidden essence of the almighty, who is behind every animate form and without which there is no animation. Mr. Apocalypse is not just exposing the falsity that has been deceiving us for so long but is also revealing the poetry and warmth that is the spiritual sun in each and every one of us. For those of us that have invested in that side of existence, it is now coming to fruition as the kingdom of heaven is exposed in every formerly and seemingly mundane effort on our part. I've been telling myself for years that God and the Devil are accessible in every human being and it is up to us who we invoke. In times of material darkness, we call forth the uninformed desire side of each human mirror we look into and that is what returns on us further up the road. For those of us for whom light is the only option... later up the road... light is what returns to us. I'm seeing this on a regular basis now. This is the other side of Mr. Apocalypse, as he makes clear that there are two banks in and out of this world. There is the spiritual bank and The Bank of Marley's Ghost, rattling the chains he forged in life.

I see now that regardless of the impression of madness and folly on my part, there has never been anything mad or foolish in my way of being. It was just early and waiting for Mr. Apocalypse to add the meaning and seasoning to it.

Dear God I love you so much, words can never, ever sum up... or articulate what you mean to me. You are the be all and end all of my life and everything else has never been any more than a waste of time. All those hard, hard miles out there on the high, wide and lonesome have now begun to pay off. Like Jeremiah and that voice crying in the wilderness, it is no longer wilderness but “paradise enow.”

I was 18 and had hitchhiked to Washington D.C. I got a job in the Gospel Union Mission, where I was running the front desk; each evening signing in drunks, junkies and lost souls for one of the three nights of lodging that they were allowed each month. I got free room and board as well as a dollar a day and worked in my off hours at the Blue Bell Cafe across the street. I met a lot of interesting people there and one of them was this fellow, whose problem I don't know what it was ...but one day in the hallway he was reciting portions of The Rubaiyat to me and I was transfixed by it. I asked, “Who is that!?!? He told me and I was at the public library the next day on New York Avenue, listening to Lord Alfred Drake recite the 114 quatrains. In less that a week I had memorized it.

Funnily, some months later I ran into this fellow and invited him to stay at my place (I was working at the Division for the Blind at the Library of Congress then). He moved in. I had wanted to see “Psycho” which was playing at the theater down the street but was afraid to do so, living alone and having such an imagination. So... I went down the street to see it and it scared the shit out of me. I returned home to find him gone and couldn't take a shower for a week. Later on, nothing scared me anymore except that I might offend God.

I was 6 to eight years old- in my childhood- and every night I could hear werewolves howling and vampires in the corners of the room and I would huddle under my blankets, shivering with fear and... never again. Nothing from the darkness scares me anymore, because my world is filled with light now. It's amazing how things change... amazing!

I want to leave you with this today; Mr. Apocalypse is not just showing you all the dark uglies that we have become so used to, where the bad guys are caught with their pants down. Mr. Apocalypse is not just catching the bad guys with their naked butts waiting on the math teachers paddle ...but he is also showing us how sweet and true is the love of heaven, impersonally expressed in each of us being on equal footing with one another... oh yeah!!!

How many times have I said to the ineffable... “Lord... let me sit at the outskirts of your kingdom, where light and shadow touch one another and no one wants to sit there except for me. All the important folk are crowding the main stage and I just want to be off to myself there, with no one crowding me and I know... deep in my heart I know that the last thing I want to do- or be- is pressed up against everyone else, when I can be isolated and free. It's hard to explain but you don't have to explain it to me. To truly love God and be immersed in the beauty of what God is, cannot be expressed in words; not ever. God is so amazing that no one gets it till later and then... like Mr. Apocalypse showing the good side, instead of the bad side that we have seen for far too long... somehow... God shows the light side, instead of what we have grown so used to... so let me say it again:::::

'Dear God I love you so much, words can never, ever sum up... or articulate what you mean to me. You are the be all and end all of my life and everything else has never been any more than a waste of time. All those hard, hard miles out there on the high, wide and lonesome have now begun to pay off. Like Jeremiah and that voice crying in the wilderness, it is no longer wilderness but “paradise enow.”

Just in case I missed something.

So... like I said-------------------

“It never fails that a post with some amount of esoteric power; at least appearing to have, seems to take a nose dive into quick obscurity and those that to me seem to be tres ordinaire, stimulate more than the usual chatter. It's not a complaint on my part; more of a curiosity than anything else. I seldom take credit for whatever I write, since it is clear to me that I didn't write it. This has been going on for so long that the only time I notice it is when I am reviewing it for errors in the text and find myself wondering where some of the content came from.”

I love you all, as I suppose you know, or not... God bless you one and all.

End Transmission........

Monday, July 23, 2018

An Interview with James Jancik of Feet to the Fire Radio.

This should be available for viewing sometime Sunday evening. James and I battled some amount of supernatural forces to get this done and a creative workaround on his part made it happen.

God Bless you One and All.

Feet2theFire Radio.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pouring Paisleys out Upon the Persian Carpet Tapestry of Life.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this won't wait and I am writing it on the same day as the Smoking Mirrors you saw earlier. What am I talking about? I am talking about this loverly contribution to brain and body rape. Don't ask about the heart; that got mulched and mixed with the Hamburger Helper they serve at their retreats and getaways. How can people be so stupid and deluded? Why are they so lonely and needy and ripe for the picking by the Infernal Orchard Workers, who have been set loose in what might have been paradise, long ago... long, long before any of us got here?

This is why I am not a fan of the New Age. I have people giving me grief about that regularly. I have people cherry-picking one thing or another to say; “Look! This isn't shit! It's the white spot on top of chicken shit!” Here's a wake-up. That white spot on top of chicken shit? That's chicken shit too.

I'm going to go out on a limb and point a few things out. You can agree to see it as a possibility or you can discount it, or whatever you want to do. I'm going to throw it out there anyway. ----In an age of accelerated materialism, the devil is loosed and raging with appetite, seeking about for whom he can devour. That is how it is and if you have your eyes open, you can all too clearly see that this is so, if you can make the connections between thought and action, between, intention and result, between amateur hypnotist, Eckhart Tolle Booth and the sound of your coins jangling through the machine for the enrichment of greedy little shits who got first class PR that proliferates their slick 4 color adverts right into the space that stands between the heart and the mind and right between where your good sense used to be and where your exposed neck presently is so that the creatures of the night can play Taps on your arterial system for the disappearing image of your Gone Dead Train of Zombies. If that is life then give me death.

These people should be stripped naked and marched down 5th Avenue and shamed in every possible way. The problem here is that these people are shameless and because lawyers can be had for every purpose as long as you got the money to tell them to assume the position, which they are more than happy to do as long as the money comes in.

I was feeling a series of eerie emotions for the last couple of days. Then I heard from a friend who tells me his life is on the verge of falling apart. A few days ago I heard through someone close to me that all was not well in the lives of two people I think highly of and that I played a role in bringing together. As you should know by now, I am an observer of trends. I could say I don't like what I am seeing but I'm trying not to have an opinion on what I can't change; to know what is none of my business and so on and so forth.

If you see something out of plumb with someone; something that looks like it wasn't fitted, maybe forced, maybe just fallen into... you go to that place in yourself and you fix it, even if it isn't broken, you fix it for them. That is the best you can do. Some people are too hard on themselves. Some people are too hard on others- the imperatives of command might apply here but whatever the case is, how any person measures themselves against anyone else; if they do or they don't, or they don't care, you fix it in yourself. As for conduct becoming or unbecoming, I always defer to Lao Tzu=

“People through finding something beautiful, think something else unbeautiful, Through finding one man fit, Judge another unfit. Life and death, though stemming from each other, seem to conflict as stages of change, Difficult and easy as phases of achievement, Long and short as measures of contrast, High and low as degrees of relation; But, since the varying of tones gives music to a voice

And what is is the was of what shall be, The sanest man Sets up no deed, Lays down no law, Takes everything that happens as it comes, As something to animate, not to appropriate, To earn, not to own, To accept naturally without self importance: If you never assume importance, You never lose it.”

He pretty much sums up every possible life experience that I could have and shows me the way thru;

Man at his best, like water,
Serves as he goes along:
Like water he seeks his own level,
The common level of life,
Loves living close to the earth,
Living clear down in his heart,
Loves kinship with his neighbors,
The pick of words that tell the truth,
The even tenor of a well run state,
The fair profit of able dealing,
The right timing of useful deeds,
And for blocking no one's way
No one blames him.

I love him for that. He is my living guide book to living. I say living because I KNOW he is still around because of things like this;

Be utterly humble And you shall hold to the foundation of peace.
Be at one with all these living things which, having arisen and flourished,
Return to the quiet whence they came, Like a healthy growth of vegetation
Falling back upon the root.
Acceptance of this return to the root has been called 'quietism,'
Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as 'fatalism.'
But fatalism is acceptance of destiny
And to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes,
Whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfold.
He who is open-eyed is open-minded
He who is open minded is open hearted,
He who is open hearted is kingly,
He who is kingly is godly,
He who is godly is useful,
He who is useful is infinite,
He who is infinite is immune,
He who is immune is immortal.

You either get it or you don't. I hear about people's problems all the time. They don't usually look like problems to me. They look like choices people made that became problems. Either they didn't know what they really wanted, or they wanted it then but they don't want it now. Stop wanting and you will immediately solve almost every problem you will ever have. Lao Tzu says, “cut down on senseless craving” I'll go along with that. Sometimes people are lonely, or think they are. They find someone to share their space with and up or down the road, they want to be alone again; they are searching for that greener grass and they keep getting astro turf, or so they think. Relationships are give and take. I like to see where the common ground is and stay there. Some people... the best you can do is say hello and then go your way. Do that as well as you can. Some people you can discuss the weather with and ask about their kids, their wife, or whatever there may be. Do that in the best fashion you can. There are levels and degrees of intimacy and you can feel your way AND... if you don't want anything. If you are there to serve, you'll know more than most from the get go.

Everyone has a place where their humanity can touch your own. Find that place and stay out of everywhere else. Everyone has the potential of expressing the almighty or the devil through them. Invoke which of these you are after. You can be sure there are those doing either for reasons of their own. You want to live in the kingdom of God? Go about as if you were already resident there, wherever you are and bring out the best in people and watch them shine. Be pleased by this and you need never betray what you are up to. If you have that capacity to step back and put the spotlight on others, letting them find their wings and soar... you will be in the kingdom of God. This is no job for the vain and the self involved. It is no place for jerks and opportunists. They think they are getting what they want but they are missing the cream. They are spoiling their own cream. I am sad for them but... that is their way. I am glad it is not mine.

You will find if you can do these and... a few other things that life will become a magical adventure and people will love you because you are loving them. You are letting them be themselves. You are rooting for them. You will have effectively set them free. What finer task is there than this? I know of no other. Yes. We make mistakes as we go but eventually we will no longer make mistakes and what mistakes we do make will be not nearly so egregious as what went before and you may find that sometimes the seeming mistakes are only a crack in the personality through which the humanity can flow.

You are an instrument and it would behoove you to find out what sort of instrument that is and let God play you. Some people hate God. Some people do not believe in God. Some people hate religion and think God is responsible. These people are wrestling with their own ignorance and that will go on for as long as they compromise their humanity, for as long as they sacrifice their humanity on the altar of their desires. Don't desire anything, let God surprise you. We all have good things coming now and again and if you behave in the ways presented, soon enough you will have ONLY good things coming.

Stop letting yourself down. People are more prepared to love, accept and forgive you than you might presently realize. Go forward loving, accepting and forgiving... automatically... everyone you meet. You don't have to sleep with them. You don't have to have dinner with them or move into the apartment next door. Serve as you go along. Open your eyes in that way you never did before; whether that was due to fear or the terror of naked vulnerability. You are going to be very surprised if you do this. Remember, God is watching. Make him/her proud. God sits there all day, hoping someone will do what he would do and he's generally left with a whole lot of disappointments because we are living in a time of material darkness. It doesn't have to be a time of spiritual darkness.

Arrange the cosmology of your spiritual hierarchy however you wish. I have The Lord Ineffable at one location and Mother Kali at the other. Then there is the chorus of my invisible friends. I am never bored. Me and Greta Garbo get it. Anyone can get it. The most priceless things in life are cast aside by fools in pursuit of yellow rocks or polished stones. They spend their lives seeking to impress people who don't even care about them. They are too busy looking in the mirror. What it is they see there is anyone's guess. I don't spend much time looking in mirrors, unless you count the times I am looking in someone's eyes. Life is my mirror. That is where I find out how I'm doing.

Okay... it's time to go play the guitar and all those other things that compose my day. It's time for you to do something else too; now that you are done reading this. Have a great day. Especially have a great day by making it possible for someone else to have one too. Have a great day with everyone and everything. Draw close to this one and draw away from that. It is an elegant dance and from this is woven the Persian Carpet tapestry of Life.

End Transmission.......

♫ You Could Dance With Me ♫

Friday, June 22, 2018

Anthropomorphic Prisons, where Reality Equals MC2 Escher.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......It's been the general feeling around here. Around here meaning where I happen to be... in any case; the general feeling has been that Magic, in its truest and most sincere fashion, is always in action but we fail to see it; meaning those who can't see it, fail to see it because the spider web dream has taken over the bandwidth of the senses. This happens following the onset of puberty when the world is transformed from a unified awareness, to a dual interactive that then manifests a 'me and them'; 'I and it', 'now and then' as well as 'before and after'. This last occurs when 'now' no longer takes place. There are many permutations of the aforementioned, indicating a mirror that reflects what is before it, giving the impression that you can be in two places at once, while at the same time being nowhere at all.

So, I was thinking about Road Runners and wondering if you could make a pet out of one. That seemed like it might be difficult, given the observable personality of them; as far as I have seen. They remind me of velociraptors. I heard a faint voice in my head that seemed to be saying, “So... you like them, do you?” Reflexively, I responded in the affirmative. Yesterday 4 of them showed up in the backyard where none had ever been there before and they had to come through a fence. I did not see this. My friend told me about it.

Let's expand on that a bit. Two mornings ago, the day after I was thinking about The Road Raptors, one of them came up to the glass patio door and was looking into the house (for me?). I was told this by a friend but this is just the source of that info speaking. I wasn't there. It was a day after when the four of them showed up and were doing mating dances. Perhaps this was meant to get my attention? Then, yesterday, one came into the yard. This time I was there and it jumped up on a rock and started preening and such. What will today bring? It's early times yet. I've probably got the time sequencing wrong but the story is as it was.

A couple of days ago, I noticed a rabbit. It is a tiny rabbit and I pointed it out to my friend. For some reason, unknown to me, I started looking out at the Spool (there is a Spool in the backyard) frequently. I had no particular reason for this. Today, I looked out and I saw a creature swimming. It was swimming in a situation that it couldn't get out of. Last month we had to pull a dead rabbit out of there.

I yelled to my friend and ran out and got the pool skimmer and lifted the creature out. My friend was saying it was a frog. I said, “No, it's a rabbit.” It was the same rabbit I mentioned. It had stopped paddling just moments before I lifted it out; giving up I believe. It lay motionless for a few seconds and then it hopped off into a bush.

Some very odd events have been going on since I survived the recent incident that went on for several days and which reduced me to a house guest at a cottage in Wits End. I've had bad trips before and consider myself a seasoned traveler in the Sudds of the Astral Planes ...but I had never experienced anything like this before. It was as if I had been alienated from every other living thing; that I was despised on all sides and in the middle too. How it did not break me I will never know. When it ended, it was as if it had never happened but... it did happen. As shocking and- here words fail me- etc. as it was, it was near immediately changed into a memory that doesn't appear for the remembering. It was as if someone had put a band aid over a deep cut and then removed it and there was no wound and no scar.

Yesterday evening, all of a sudden and with no warning, I was moving at speed all round the house in an extraordinarily positive state. This went on for a few hours. I kept saying that I felt fantastic but there was no reason given. There was no criteria to pass judgment on. I have no clue so we will move on and talk about something else.

Jurassic Pork is coming out this weekend; is it? It's all about how they make Green Bacon out of fiat currency, looking for a fractal edge. The LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ cotillion was hoping to book the Overlook Hotel ballroom and the deal went South. Excuses for WHY this happened are numerous and all lies. The reason the scene was deleted is because the big money for films like this is garnered by 'Kids'. They didn't want to say this, however. I will leave it to you to figure that out. They be keeping it Unreal from other sidewinder ports of call. Are these two links related; incest or another example of intention created the Usual Suspects?

Ann Coulter brings us her perspective on the latest liberal left photo op. She's probably right because The Chorus is singing anything but that. For instance, here's something from a savvy intellectual who won't be putting any of these kids up at any time. Speaking of photo ops; this wouldn't be one of them, would it? Then there are those things we didn't even know about.

Let's move on to something useful that showcases the finest journalist of this century so far. No one tells the truth like this man whose industry and integrity shame the sidewalk ho's with their miniskirts and thigh high, white plastic, Louboutin boots. It is the sad testimony of the human race that in our hours of the most dire need so few of us answer the call. There's a place for this man and it's nowhere near The Fire Down Below.

These are strange times, if you doubt that you're probably texting one of these. As revolutionary as these times are with technological breakthroughs that you seldom hear about, but which are most certainly happening, there are a number of unfortunate trends, emerging in an unbalanced manner from trembling dominoes. Enough with the links already, Visible! Sometimes you have to paint a picture sourced from all sorts of places to set the atmosphere.

This brings me back to something that has been coming back in my mind, over and over again. When this happens, I get the sensation that there are elements of truth to it and I feel confident that there are elements of truth in this meme. Usually when the idea simmers in my mind I will make reference to reality equals= MC2 Escher. That is that once the apocalypse has concluded, portals will open in space and through which one will enter into dimensions that resonate with the state of their heart and mind. Each individual will be choosing their next destination, instantaneously, based on what they are by their works being known. It's all a matter of ♫ Patterns ♫; that which we have woven out of and into ourselves.

We are all a message in a bottle on an unpredictable ocean. Back and forth and up and down we go and of course, in and out. It all started with a bit of the old in and out and we have continued in that process by going in and out of lifetime after lifetime. All because of the desire to experience and possess, which leads to being possessed by the addiction to experiencing what we keep forgetting we have experienced so that we can experience it again. There are not enough tears to define the sorrow of this. That ocean is composed of tears and yet there are never enough. Occasionally some tortured soul will say, “No mas! No mas!” Meanwhile Vishnu dreams on a sea of milk, churned I suppose into butter. I've probably got that all wrong; just add some wine and you have French Cuisine!

I don't know jack about Vishnu and the sea of milk or blue throated Shiva. What I do know is that god is incomprehensible and these and hundreds of other stories illustrate this. Sometimes one of these enduring and eternal principles- also called gods- may choose to enter into the consciousness of one of us. It happens more often than you think. Sometimes it is to witness or experience and sometimes the host is aware of this and sometimes it is not ...but at all times, the deity is present to witness all that is seen and heard and felt and smelt and whatever that other sense is. The deity is there to observe and record, all that is thought and said and done. CAVE DEI VIDET.

How can it take so long for us to register the secret nature of life? Obviously there is a force who works through appetite, attraction and the never ending magnetism of hearts and minds that will not be free. The bondage is less of a concern than the naked hungry need for illusions, given importance through the hearts and minds deceived into feeling and thinking these things into being.

I want God. I want that which is imperishable and everlasting! I want what will dispel all of my wants, or compress them all into a single want that puts an end to wanting. There is a nectar there that is indescribable. There is a nectar that with a single exposure, will fill the heart to overflowing with love that makes the heart a chamber larger than the universe itself; some mysterious dynamic that sets the measurements of Science aside and works according to its own demands, made definite and real because the powers of the ineffable are limitless and it has but to think it and it comes into being.

We limit the divine by placing our own limitations upon the divine. Once again we are in Anthropomorphic Prisons, where the bars are fashioned from the ego and the amenities from whatever paucity of imagination we are operating out of.

This is a true tale formed from poetry. Richard Lovelace was one of the richest men in Europe. He wasted (He didn't think so) his fortune financing wars against his own country. Now that... that is a poet!

To Althea from Prison

“When Love with unconfinéd wings
Hovers within my gates,
And my divine Althea brings
To whisper at the grates;
When I lie tangled in her hair
And fettered to her eye,
The birds that wanton in the air
Know no such liberty.

When flowing cups run swiftly round,
With no allaying Thames,
Our careless heads with roses bound,
Our hearts with loyal flames;
When thirsty grief in wine we steep,
When healths and draughts go free,
Fishes, that tipple in the deep,
Know no such liberty.

When, like committed linnets, I
With shriller throat shall sing
The sweetness, mercy, majesty,
And glories of my King;
When I shall voice aloud how good
He is, how great should be,
Enlargéd winds, that curl the flood,
Know no such liberty.

Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for a hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.”

End Transmission.......

♫ Patterns ♫

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Oxycontin Sadder Bud-weiser, Drawn and Quartered, Dark Night of the Rigmarole of Relentless Resistance to Positive Change.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Good day my friends! Welcome to Reflections in a Petri Dish; be sure to wear your Hazmat suit, as there are strange, toxic burblings transmutating upwards from the darkness below, as we move deeper and deeper into the pornographic mutations of the Oxycontin, Sadder Budweiser, drawn and quartered, dark night of the rigmarole of relentless resistance to positive change (say that five times real fast and... I think we have our title for this posting (grin).) Hollywood is planking over the coffins waiting for those vastly informed representatives of celluloid cellulite; from the neck up, looking for darkness at the break of noon (cue Bob Dylan). It's even better when the sexually dysfunctional Nimrods speak in large type for the mentally impaired. Of course the Pseudo-Intellectual sophists; a mile wide and an inch deep, break new ground on old arguments and the larger the empty and irrelevant words used are, the more full of shit the agenda driven Nabobs will be.

“We gotta get outta this place (cue the animals) if it's the last thing we ever do.” And, speaking of things that come and which we never in a million years would have expected, here's a shocker of a surprise. Gee... you just couldn't imagine this happening... eh? Meanwhile, the truly beautiful (NOT) among us, rise up in their incredible plumage and set the tone for the new standards coming.

But it's not all darkness and detritus, not hardly. Take for example, this which you have to watch all the way through...

...and if you find your jaw has hit the floor and you are thinking, WTF?!!! Possession? Channeling? A new species? Then you are pretty much where I was after I saw it. Whatever it is it's a migration into another dimension from Jackie Evancho at ten years old.

It is to weep to see her. It is proof positive that whatever density of darkness we must contend with, there are angels of light among us. There are always examples of the sacred muses, bringing hope and healing through the arts, which otherwise are twisted and bent and buggered by demons in drag, so as to cause us to lose all faith, in ourselves and each other.

You've heard it, perhaps; Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” If we focus on the desiccated and dishonored evidence of a dying age, we will be unable to see the advance of the coming age, in which we are to be redeemed by taking the attention off of ourselves and putting it on each moment of contact with another. Why do so many people wind up alone at the end of their lives with no one but themselves and the howling unknown in approach? They did not seek to make wise investments in others but chose the selfish route of everyone for themselves. We are leaving that zone of fatuous self indulgence and entering into the Age of Brotherhood. Cue Shakespeare for “a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

There is no excuse for selfishness and there was never a time when there was not enough for everyone and more. As an illustration of this, enter the orchards of the world and note the branches of the trees, low to the ground and heavy laden with fruits, more than any of us individually could eat. Meanwhile, observe and ponder the experts as they explain to us how desperate our situations are. Watch them paint gigantic specters of chimerical beasts, coming to devour us one and all. It should come as no surprise to any of you that these belaboring, argle-bargling, cretins from beneath the valley of the blatherskites are all talking off of cue cards and possess zero freedom to speak truthfully. These callithumpian reprobates embarrass themselves and the whole of the human race for having abdicated their place, in the wonderland of God's ever flowing grace ...and beauty, to lie down with swine and transform themselves into foodstuffs for demons. These ecdysiast's remove their outer garments to reveal nothing at all.

These meacocks having surrendered their humanity for less than a mess of pottage, now find themselves incapable of finding themselves and will bite every helping hand extended to them for they imagine they have something worth stealing but... tis not the case.

We live in a time of devout anthropomorphism, where those measuring the right dimensions of forgiveness, imagine that what they would confer is the same as the forgiveness of the divine. The god they have constructed is simply a larger version of themselves and no such god has ever existed. You will note the sun and all the stars that twinkle at night (unless you are in an urban location) have as their chief contribution the giving of light. All those stars were once someone like us in a time so very long ago. In the Hindu tradition, the Sun God is called Lord Surya. However, the present regent there is Lord Vivasvan. A cabal of illustrious mortals sit in Lord Surya's seat for periods of time. Lord Vivasvan is (according to my tortured math) but a little way into his reign which is said to last for 400,000,000 years.

In times of material darkness, it is a natural progression of moral and spiritual decay that attends the degeneration of humanity into a state that requires divine intervention. In such times, the wise camouflage themselves or retreat to hidden fastnesses to wait out the period of judgment that humanity has called down upon itself.

It is in times like these that great opportunity appears for spiritual advancement and liberation from the dream web. A large amount of humanity is wandering lost in a house of mirrors, where absurd and fantastic reflections are the order of the day. They provide no true likeness at all and one must find the cloistered sanctuary of the living God, who can protect them beneath his sheltering wings. Only a fool believes himself capable of personally triumphing over various entities that are many thousands of years old; some of whom are set in place as the guardians of the mysteries of light. For anyone possessing the average awareness of their times, simply to look upon the faces of these guardians is to be driven mad.

At any point where the larger portion of humanity is being dragged down into perdition, those who are able to focus their attention upon the Lord of Light will find portals into which they may pass into worlds that contain states of enduring rapture that no tongue nor pen call tell. Truly in these times one is advised to pray without ceasing.

In recent days, I have found myself awakening from sleep to hear my mind's voice speaking; “I love you Lord! Thank you Lord!” Over and over. It is literally speaking itself. Through the following day these phrases come and go. If it is possible for me, it is assuredly possible for you. Always remember that you came into this world with nothing. I, and my teachers advise that you take with you only the enduring qualities of the ineffable that you have managed to acquire and surely can acquire with diligence and Love. Nothing else will come with you anyway, except for your sins and there you will find how true and lasting is the forgiveness of the almighty.

People have convinced themselves that they are unworthy or that the wonders of Heaven are beyond their reach (we are all unworthy- all have sinned and come short of the glory of God). The entire tapestry of life here is about your finding your way out of the darkness and into the light and every sure soul is a convinced soul; convinced of the compassion and forgiveness of the master of us all. Negative thinking is a tool of the devil. God loves you more than you imagine; it is unfortunate that you have measured the divine's compassion and forgiveness by how these qualities are expressed by you. If you limit the capacity of the ineffable, you have spiritually hamstrung yourself.

The joy and bliss, far past every effort of measurement, that is extended to us by the one from whom all blessings flow; from whom all creation came into being, seeks through every available medium to reach us and grant us the strength and endurance needed to find our way home. The one who shattered itself into billions of pieces, so as to author manifest existence, for the purpose of self discovery, is actively and presently engaged in recovering each and every piece of itself back into the unity of the whole. This is the true nature of existence; God playing hide and seek with himself.

Let us seek to view life with new eyes and to hear the music of creation with new ears. Then we shall see the planets in their personalized expression of each and every one of us. We will see the unspeakable beauty of ourselves and dance to the music of the spheres as the planets rub against one another in joyful song.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

A song for ♫ Materialism ♫:

End Transmission.......