Thursday, November 29, 2018

Judas Ghosts and Hungry Hearts and Angels with their Beakers of Christmas Spirit.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As I observe the world around me, knowing it is a projection of the mind of God (from the dawn of creation) and knowing that the personalized perspective is my own, it does not deter me from stating, inarguably (it can't be argued against, even if it is something another might claim to be delusional, or some presumption along the lines of Rashomon) that Materialism and Insanity are soulmates. I have been watching intently. I have been observing the incremental progression of Materialism through its various stages of madness and I can define it as only that; stages of progressive insanity. There's plenty of this sort of thing. The nature of it is truly insidious because it provides a presumed logical argument, replete with a fabricated personal struggle along the lines of;

“I've always been a defender of tradition and cultural normality. I'm a rational person but now... I have to expand my borders. Oh... I agonized and struggled with this but when I saw in real life, when I saw in my own life!!! and in the life of my batshit crazy daughter and when I was approached by heavyweight Satanists, (who are the ones promoting the gender bending meme and offered all sorts of infernal perks whose point is the promotion of confusion and disorder for the purpose of the manipulation and control of the general public mind) especially when Huffington Post offered me the opportunity to be celebrated as a courageous supporter of the imperative of 'living one's own truth' and when I was also given the chance to whore out my professional capacity and present myself as an expert on the matter, given my credentials as a wholly owned zombie of the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine, I just had to throw my Zippy the Pinhead hat into the arena. I feel so cleansed and validated!!!”

Progressive Insanity is not the only thing that is interchangeable with Materialism. Satanism is also interchangeable with Materialism. When you ask the Satanists about what they stand for and how they interpret the individuals place in the world and what value systems they represent, you get a kind of accelerated -fit to the page of time- Calvinist world view. Christianity is a burbling swamp of competing sects but most of them have a similar theory about Calvinism (or insert your favorite protagonist. Since most theories are theories for a reason, I don't think I need to elaborate on that, which if you don't get it, you don't get it, or if you get it, one doesn't have to explain it.

Really off the wall speculations are playing ping pong with the mind's testicles, as one gropes for the itch and finds it has been transmitted through the fingers. Look at your palm; it's a road map of your mind and your subconscious trajectory, toward the incline of your disposition, toward this or that or the other, as it comes up in your event horizon. Yes, you can see it but can you read it and if you can, can you interpret it? Can you analyze the projected course of your inclinations? I'm speaking in code here, meaning, if you get it, you get it, otherwise one cannot explain it to a mindset that is crippled by sensation triggers. There is no hidden message. It is simply inconvenient to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing; “cause we wants it. Yes we wants it” and then we wants that and that and this. Lao Tzu had it right and his sense of brevity cannot be matched. “Cut out senseless craving”.

Many of the times when life is difficult it is because you want something. If you don't want anything you will no longer be hindering the arrival of the things that are meant for you. It is only our interference in life that makes life less than pleasant. So many of our concerns could be eliminated if we only had more faith. One of our biggest problems is that we have imagined that God is like us. This leaves us driving blind on the highway of life, not hearing what is actually being said. Interpreting everything according to our own standards and judgments and all of that, all of the false construct we have made of ourselves then comes into conflict with others.

The one sane thing anyone can do is to let God live their life for them, through them. That is performed initially by giving way. Simply give way before others. Let them be the ones who are driven and in a hurry. Powerful forces move through this world and each of them creates a slipstream. By inclination, or through similarities of desire, we can be swept up in a slipstream and wind up somewhere we would never have considered going to if we had initially perceived what the end of the course would be before starting out.

When I was in prison, it was normal to encounter people who did not remember how they got there. If one would only stand guard at the gateway of their mind, they would very soon see and feel the force of the enticements and attractions of the world in time to defend themselves against becoming caught up in any number of slipstreams. People see the commercials that are screening on their television. Every one of them is created by vested interests which prey on appetites and/or fears.

I understand why I was sent to prison and mental institutions. It was so I could learn, first hand, what the criminal minds motivations are. It was so I could experience the myriad of insanities through proximity to them and via the agency of telepathy. This was how I came to understand that everything happens in the mind first and then illustrates itself outward into thoughts materialized as speech and action. As Lao Tzu also said, “even a fish would be safe, if it kept its mouth shut.” The force of desire drives us into experience and in the process we develop our own understandings of good and evil. Good and Evil only have meaning in relation to each other and they consistently change place with one another as customs change. Good and Evil are always in transition and vested interests work to shape our perception of what is good and what is evil for their own profit. We are not unlike animals led to slaughter through the deceptions of Judas Goats.

Reality is something one can experience internally. It has no counterpart externally. Nothing happening outside of you is real. Now... if you are real, it is no task at all to shape the circumstances you encounter by being more real than what is taking place all around you. There is a reason why Love is the most powerful force in existence, though few understand why that is, preferring to interpret love according to pedestrian perspectives. As conditions degenerate, due to ever greater increases in the force of Materialism, life becomes nonsensical. Trivia is celebrated and social networking has reduced humanity to an aggregation of twits; ergo Twitter. Life is not a stream of smilies and LOL's. Life is not an amusement park of appetite satisfaction and that is why indigestion is so epidemic and why the more powerful pharmaceuticals that treat this condition are so expensive.

If you can come to a state of not wanting anything, you will be at peace. There will be no reason to scheme, or connive, plot or strategize... you are no longer a fish who is caught on the hook of desire. Whatever is intended for you is on the way. Everything else that you have mistaken for what you truly desire is kind enough to disappoint you until you get this. This is one of the reasons that so many rich and powerful and successful people are so angry and frustrated. The same difficulties that they had before they got rich and successful still plague them. There are any number of things you can't throw money at, or armtwist for results, lest you wind up twisting your own arm behind your back.

There is only one thing worth having and that is the thing that completes you, so that you don't want anything else. Surely you can enjoy whatever comes and also enjoy being still and empty of the smoke and fire that tapestries across the senses and which is driving people all round you in every direction after whatever it is that they have, for the moment, confused with what they really want. This is the source of the frustration and anger and what then precipitates unfortunate events, which are brought about to bring this to their attention but for some reason, people go right on, flailing around in their dream state, imagining they are awake and they are not awake. If they were awake they would not be suffering and so inclined to share that suffering with everyone else.

I was in Costco a couple of days ago and I was constantly being reminded of the urgency of pushing and pressing that was going on all round me. I had to consciously keep pulling back and waiting for people to pass on their way. A thousand hungers were swirling in the atmosphere of the store. People with zero spacial awareness were blocking others from negotiating past them and there was cellphone after cellphone being hammered on or spoken into. It was funny and tragic at the same time. I could look down the road and see where this activity would eventually lead; to zombification and cannibalism, which are already occurring after a fashion but not that far off in terms of the reality of them. It reminds me of Cool Hand Luke;

“Stop feeding off me.”

I'm doing what I usually do at this time of the year; waiting for the Christmas Spirit to hit me, so that I break into tears at the least indication of that deeper emotion that swims just under the surface of my being. I went on line in the course of a morning and bought all the gifts I had in mind for people and then put it out of my mind. Now all I have to do is feel the presence of the ineffable, which will most assuredly come my way because there are still enough people around who value that feeling, so it will be in the air and... as well... the angels in their timeless and regular passage, will be animated to the same end and be seeking out wherever there are open hearts, to pour the wondrous beauties of the spirit of the divine into each one of those hearts. One of those hearts will be mine.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a good, deep column. Thanks!

In my opinion, Materialism is a sign that a person has lost contact with their reason for coming 'down here' (this lifetime). This leads to a gaping hole within a person, which is apt to be filled by anything to shunt-off the feeling of deep sadness. (This is also a reason for rampant drug abuse, etc.) If you have come 'down here' for the soul-purpose of experiencing Plenty, that is perfectly cool. 'Motive' is everything...
One teacher said that you could tell whether you were following your soul-path by how 'effortless' it was. In effect, it had to do with whether you were fighting yourself (or your Self). Go where you were meant to go anyway, and much of the useless drama disappears. I have found this to be true. (You can also tell by mood. Everyone has had the feeling that they just took the wrong path, and the tiny sadness that results. That is why becoming sensitive to feelings - and intuition - is so important.)
Also, a vast majority of people are completely wide-open to 'suggestions' from the aethers (and I am not meaning commercials or fads). This propels their actions, from sublime to bizarre. It takes a brave person to acknowledge that they are, basically, vulnerable beyond their worse fears. And second, to develop their own set of 'indicators' that they are being accessed. There are a few that may be common, so I'll mention them for consideration: A sense of something 'shifting', like a glitch in a newsreel. A sudden 'whistling' in the ear (and no, it is not the change in pressure from a weather front coming through). A sudden pain, out of nowhere. A sudden shift in mood, without preceding thoughts or interactions. Third-eye pressure. Feeling 'disconnected' or 'floaty' for no apparent cause. Etc. When you know what is happening, you can take steps to change things...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. Babylon 5 TV series, "A Late Delivery from Avalon" (1996)
Marcus Cole (Ranger): "I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, 'Wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?' So now, I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmm. What I want is an Akashic Library Card. Omniscience, but I hear if I had that, my brain would explode or sumthin'. I have so many questions, and so few answers. Then again, there's the other side of The Veil, and some say that's where it's at, so hey.

OK, I admit it. A red nose hair coat and a 6 foot prehensile tail would be icing on the cake, though that doesn't look any more promising than that ALC.

Great couple of posts you just put up.

robert said...

Now all I have to do is feel the presence of the ineffable, which will most assuredly come my way because there are still enough people around who value that feeling, so it will be in the air and... as well... the angels in their timeless and regular passage, will be animated to the same end and be seeking out wherever there are open hearts, to pour the wondrous beauties of the spirit of the divine into each one of those hearts. One of those hearts will be mine.

Dear Visible shines on, like a not so crazy diamond.
Deep gratitude for your inspired wordsmithing given freely without expectation!

On the relative nature of the good and evil yin yang:

Our perception may certainly be biased and unless blessed, raised up by divine vision, misses the totality, the big picture, which shows how events are created for the learning of all parties involved.

However, at the deepest level, there are forces which directly support life and those which destroy to create new space time for learning.

These forces are in a super nested balance, with the bias in favor of life, most fortunately for us!

Evil has been defined in its basic function as opposing the life or creative force.
If an individual willfully adds their consciousness to the destructive side of the balancing act, let no sophistry convince them that they are serving the Divine!

Seems theoretically possible BUT more likely, this particular self-delusion is a double jointed pat on the back, while heading for a lesson in hubris and humility!

We can conceive that a serving soul my be tasked to perform an act in the play which appears to human consciousness as resisting or degrading the life force, yet ultimately be in the service of the divine plan.

However, we must all remain discerning about our motives and NEVER pretend that destruction is the favored form of creativity, because we are here to learn the hard stuff, not the easy stuff!

Destruction may be at times necessary but Creativity is the way of long term sustainable soul growth and it requires much more commitment to learn and master than destruction!

Leave the destructive plays to the divine, while we learn to sift through all our impulses and respond only to those which ring from the deepest strata of the heart!

May the One bless all seeking souls for being here now!

barbarossa58 said...

Spent several years in prison because the one I loved and trusted, gave all my money in the world, set us up in an apartment (she was homeless at the time) lied and took all I had... I was homeless at the time too and involved me cashing all I had, a life insurance policy...
Took all I had and told authorities I was going to kill her. I am fine now, sixty years old and though the memories are very bitter at times, I persevere...

_0_ said...

"One of our biggest problems is that we have imagined that God is like us." <-- *stands and applauds.

I quoted you and posted it on my social media account. I think i have posted maybe 2 other quotes from anyone in the last 7-10 years. Maybe...

I mostly remain quiet. I dont post often and i dont do forums or other venues anymore.

Im still resonating and digesting the concept that "Love is a singularity." The only revelation that came to me after a 24 hour stint in the mountains. I went to.the mountain's and i said i am here, im willing, u an open to recieve, i will wait for what you have for me. So, i sat and i waited. Smoked sime cigarettes and drank some coffee and didnt move for 24 hours except to relieve myself and then i quickly retured to my spot. I saw many shooting stars, the sun rise, the sun set... a few deer and some other small critters. I just came to listen, away from people, and "things" and thoughts and my adjendas and tasks and goals and wants and desires and likes and dislikes and all the distractions. 24 hours seems like a long time when You are practicing the art of being still, no cell phone, no distraction, no music just sat for 24 hours silent.. doing my best to keep my mind still, and open to receive.

And about 15 min before my aloted time was up, i simply heard in a female voice i had never heard before in my life, say softly "love is a singularity. " i smiled and i got all goose bumped and i felt a warm sensation pour through my body. And i smiled, and said thank you. And the presence left me.

I didnt see anything weird, no out of body experiance, no hunger nor thirst
Nothing out of the ordinary. I didnt see any people or danger or anything.

I took it to mean, that upon entry into the universe, before Love ever existed within the material plane, it instantly became a point at which the function took on an infinite value.

Otw the way home, i had a mild/imaginative vision of it as if, the single point of entry where love entered it simultaneously spread in every direction re-catagorizing, re-asembiling and re-aligning all things in the universe to recognize and the superupr order, to give birth to juxtaposed position and all creation itself fundamentally began to function itself fully autonomous synchronicity within a karios time structure.

I cant really put it in to words dude. But my brain almost popped trying to fully conceptualize the whole thing. Lol. Kinda like rhe univers and the whole material plane got hooked to one of those AED heart jumpnstart things and bam everything became alive.

Anyway, good words Vis.

_0_ said...

Oh..... i just read all your other thoughts! The one on love, well that just jives with what the lady on the mountain told me. Lol

Anonymous said...


I am familiar with this female voice. Came to me on a heavy dose of mushrooms.


jamesC said...

Visible, another excellent post, thank you. I recently brushed up against some Calvinism and was glad I caught it early. Seems like willful blindness and really sad which may be why they tend to be grouches. I'm happy my prayers are heard.

Ray B, can I get your thoughts re: being accessed? I've had 3rd eye pressure routinely during my meditations for years and pressure on the crown of my head happens frequently. Always felt like a good thing, and sometimes quite a mystical thing. I'm a regular reader, and you've mentioned ear ringing etc before, so I've paid some attention to their comings & goings and some of them feel like being visited. I always say a little protection prayer, and try to observe. No sense of danger, and no sense of them communicating to me. I'm kind of counting on a good relationship with Jesus Christ & All-God to have my back in everything. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Those Purple Mountains Travesties, Above the Looted Plain. Amer- hic! Caw!!! and The Unshakable Timeless Unity Within...

Ray B. said...

JamesC, December 04, 2018 4:20:00 AM : "Any thoughts would be appreciated."

I used the word accessed deliberately as a 'neutral' term, as an accessor's intent can be good, bad, ugly, or beautiful. In the past, there were a lot of 'bad guys' in the aethers, so I almost recommended a beginner not to allow contact from those realms. However, much has been cleared-out in the past few years, so such a blanket statement is unwarranted. Just be cautious, put up safeguards, and trust your intuition/feelings.

On the good side, each person's Higher Self (sometimes called the Holy Spirit within Christendom) is trying to reestablish contact. I get a high-pitched 'whistle' and sometimes a sensation like a light wind blowing at the top of my head when he/she/it 'reaches down' for contact. (You can 'reach up', too.) Third-eye pressure can be knowledge/visions trying to get through. Most of us had our third-eye region pretty banged-up while getting 'down here', and I know my HS has spent plenty of time in that zone doing repairs and clean-out (so to speak).

Other good-guy entities often like to 'visit', too. See this series of posts for a tiny portion of what is 'out there'. Some of us like to dabble with higher-level humans, others like to dabble with different species. Be aware that as you 'go up', whomever you are interacting-with is less and less human-like. (I.e., they are not Star Trek figures with paste-on face-masks. They are Alien.) One of my favorite experiences was when an accessor 'touched' my heart chakra, and I was instantly in Bliss...

One way you can distinguish good-guys from bad-guys is their method of operation. Good-guys tend not to interfere unless asked. (This could be why you had "no sense of them communicating to me." Did you specifically ask for contact?) Bad-guys have no qualms about doing whatever they want. By their fruits, you shall know them and all that.

An important thing I want to emphasize is that - unless they are very close to you in consciousness level - you will not see what is really there. Your brain will attempt to 'fit' something/someone that is close enough to your life's experiences and expectations. That is why Hindu mystics 'see' Krishna or Shiva (etc.), Buddhist mystics 'see' Siddhārtha Gautama (etc.), Islamic mystics 'see' Mohammad (etc.), Christian mystics 'see' Jesus Christ or one of the Marys (etc.), and so on.

Just be aware that something/someone is 'out there' and your brain is fitting an image or concept in a 'best match' way. Don't take anything literally; probably best is symbolically. As well, when you ask questions of something/someone, don't take the responses you get as Literal Truth - it may have been 'filtered down' through layers of brain massage-ing. This is where feeling/intuition comes into play, sorting-out what what was probably said from what was received. (Real) Elves were this way; developing a common 'language' of symbols/images took some time...

One good thing: If you have been 'practicing' for some time, you have likely been noticed. I would suspect that some folks have been 'assigned' to you. Just to be helpful, and to even the odds...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

jamesC said...

Thanks Ray. My experiences are not as direct and personal as yours (which are fascinating). More simplistic, and visual. During meditation & prayer, I do ask for help & guidance, and most recently it's been a circular stream of purple light coming at me. And the difficulty at hand in the material world moves smoothly to resolution. The whistles & sounds are sometimes related to my emotional states, others it is the wind blowing through as you mentioned. Maybe the good ones will stay, even if it's alien. As Winnie the Pooh says "one can never have too many friends". thanks again.



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