Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lurching Zombies in Cellphone Ads and Human Gods with the Head of a Monkey. Deus Ex Machina, Baby.

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We've seen it coming for some time; a blood red dawn rises upon the horizon. The lurching zombie troglodytes, are slipping in and out of the one-eyed Sauron fashioned- from an electricity everyone uses but no one understands, or can explain- mystery box-lunch, featuring the demented dreams of spiritual plunder. They're going ape-shit about the vision of putting a monkey's head on a human body and calling it God. It was either that or Deus Ex Machina. Why not do a buffet and advertise them both? On one side, at union scale wages, there are zombies working the cameras of the latest LG cellphone on the Sauron box; that family altar, before which the family sits bewitched and transfixed; eternally tumescent in their minds; fantasizing about their osculation of a goat's behind and getting Tommy Hilfiger designed, high priest robes. No one is wearing a neophyte outfit this time; it spirals down to the strangest pairs of cartoon eyes, peering over the metaphorical fences of the mind, where it's all ermine and purple satin; dressed for dining on flesh au gratin, with a fine garnish of shredded souls who have no throat to cry out from. They are mute and frozen in time... “your place or mine?”

Mr. Apocalypse is forcing vain, self adulating icons of smug to expose themselves in indefensible ways, as one lizard faced clown attacks an enduring hero of youth and men musing about their glory days on bar stools across the country; not to mention occasional reflections upon a vanished youth, oft times made more colorful by Stan Lee. “Stan Lee? He said what about Stan Lee?” This is going to come back to bite this smarmy atheist where it hurts. As Mr Apocalypse told me during a four days sustained Ayahuasca journey in Italy some years ago; not verbatim but close enough for rock and roll;

“I'm going to show up in the middle of them and take their pants down and expose them to the eyes and mockery of the world. I am going to humiliate them out of their own mouths. Their arrogance has risen to the point that it possesses its own autonomy of speech. Their false selves, lit with a false light, generated out of their own self-aggrandizement, are prancing about like one trick ponies on PCP. Nothing hurts the self fellating egotist like a diminishment of stature on the stage of the world. Every one of them is going to have their Tawana Brawley moment.”

He said a lot more but this should do for the moment. He also said it much simpler.

Life, in essence, is for the purpose of demonstration and discovery. We learn the lessons of those who acted their foolishness out in front of us, or we are motivated to do it ourselves. Everything here is arranged to show us the true value of the temporary ever changing world, through our disappointments and sense of loss... or... showcase us as one who went to the core of existence and let the beauty of it shine through them, in their realized transparency, in the aftermath of their surrender of every shadow that had previously obscured and made them a hindrance to the living light, now shining through them.

Everyone presently on center stage of the world, at this time, in it's epic degeneration into farce and futility and which has been carefully chosen for the point being made, as they slam dance their way through the mosh pit of ignorant flailing, in search of The Big One. You are either 'generally' obscure and on the high road to The Kingdom of the Ineffable, or... you are performing the ritual of your own death rites, before an audience of lemmings, waving Bic lighters in the air.

I once saw a cartoon with two book stores next to each other. One of them had a sign that said, (not verbatim) “worthless trash and superficial garbage”. It had a huge line in front of it. The other store said, “timeless books well worth reading”. There was no one in front of it. We see this now in every area of the creative arts. We see it with the visual arts, exemplified by painters. We seeit in music and what is not music, manifested in Rap. We see it in (snicker) literature. The reason for this and for other areas of enterprise that haven't been mentioned is that art is only as good as what inspires it and only as good as what passes through the artist and that is dependent on the point of its origin.

If we view the masters of past centuries... it is clear that much of it came from supernal sources. It is well known, among certain practitioners, that there are angels and muses who are as responsible as the artist is for the enduring value of their work. When we listen to the work of Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Mozart; not to mention Chopin and a number of others, it is clear that something of a nature higher than human was involved in their productions. It is patently obvious who is inspiring the garbage that is visited upon us in these times.

There is more than one reason for the horrific creations that are being promoted in every area of artistic production. One is for the purpose of illuminating just how dumbed down and easily led an unfortunate proportion of the population is and ridiculing them for it, in that place where their yet to be defined sense of perpetual uneasiness resides. Shaming humanity and coarsening human nature are two of the primary efforts of the infernal realm. It is also for the purpose of awakening people and affirming the uncompromising tastes of some who do not fear the censure of their peers. One should always remember that The Devil works for God. Even The Devils pitchfork is an example of a tool to prod humanity forward. In many cases, where appetite and desire have triumphed over restraint and objective awareness, people are being 'driven' by Old Scratch, who provides all the necessary itch. The result of the movement of those being driven is to become an example to others, as well as a telling and lasting lesson, upon the consciousness of the one driven to any particular end.

For those who have the requisite awareness and knowledge that self restraint is absolutely necessary for the performance of self inquiry, the influence of the dark side is neutralized by the discovery of the inner light and the presence of the consciousness which generates that light, which, in fact, 'is' that light.

It can seem very dark at times and appear hopeless as well, when one sees the sheer number of those who are confined in a deep and perpetual sleep of habits and patterns that repeat themselves without exception. Even more disturbing are those indifferent to the finer atmospheres of a life well lived. Pedestrian entertainments have triumphed over all interest in less tangible pursuits.

Whenever a harvesting of souls is transpiring, in any particular apocalypse where this activity occurs; chaos and confusion, as well as a multitude of pressures and enticements, are present to bewilder and enchant those so deceived by them. This present time is an amplified example, on steroids, in this regard. Because subjective awareness is the presently pervasive consciousness (and becoming ever more so) and objective awareness is becoming ever more rare, people do not see the alarming reality of their unwinding fate, which is the sum totality of their intentions and acts. Furthermore, peer pressure and the general mindset, creates an environment of support for all kinds of excess and dissipation as being fine and dandy; “if it feels good, do it.” “I am expressing my own truth.” implying that diversity is some kind of cornerstone for unity. We have come to the point where one is pressed to accept just about anything in the spirit of tolerance. Otherwise one is viewed as an exemplar of archaic values that have no place in this modern world, where such inhibitions appear to retard the free expressions of those who are living their own truth, no matter how insane that might appear to those who understand that there can be no lasting or workable culture or society where the family unit is not understood to be the basic building block of civilization.

Yesterday... I reached back into a previous template for illustrating certain things in a particular light. The result was hardly any comments, even though people present here told me they enjoyed the effort more than anything in recent memory. Possibly today will achieve the same result (grin). Sometimes one is moved to get personal about certain things in order to point out the choices we are sometimes forced to make. Sometimes it's a nice change of pace to come at what is on ones mind from a different perspective. Remaining in the province of esoterica doesn't always serve others, who live in all sorts of variations of this world, even if common themes are generally shared, the nitty gritty of this time and place is not less influential, simply because we have tried to stop talking about it.

I don't wish to censure others but sometimes telling it like it is or was helps to flesh out questions I have been asked more than once over the course of recent times and that is mostly why the tenor of the last post and this one are presented in the manner they are. If someone has a wooden leg, it isn't a criticism to call attention to it, especially if one is certain this is true and more especially if one has been hit on the head by it a time or two and then one might get into an exploration of the character of the person with the wooden leg.

Have a fantastic Sunday!!!

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Visible said...

Due to Youtube censoring my videos and labeling my sites dangerous as well and also removing the audio, the link for "The Big One" didn't work. Now I have jumped through a couple of hoops and made it available at

robert said...

[posted around 8:30 AM Sunday, to SM]

Give your faith and attention to the world and learn what a heartless lover and feckless friend it proves to be. Give it to the ineffable, or the divine mother and experience the bliss and unending joy of the inevitable union with the same. This is the guarantee of free will, you are free to do either of the things just mentioned.

Strutting the Truth out there in a fine array of words!
Thank you Visible!

Only when we have had enough suffering, doing it "our way", pursuing the two-faced chimera in the world of secondary effects, instead of the primary source, do we repent, or turn away from destruction, towards the Center of all things, the Center of all beings.

Only from experience of pain deep in our bones and soul do we finally realize that the idea of the avatar, designed over millennia to host the One Consciousness, works better disconnected from its remote owner (taking advantage of the laissez-faire, give-you-all-the-space-you-need policy of the One) is mere absurdity, supported by the chattering demonic chorus!

This humanimal resented the corrupted notion, meant to poison truth seekers and keep the livestock within the fold of religious mind-control, that we are here to be mere puppets for the higher being.

Took a long time to come to realization that the avatar is not intended to be a mind-controlled puppet, but an apprentice to becoming one with the One!

The avatar is more along the lines of:

- A child raised to aspire to a higher state of being, with the training classes held on the physical plane.

- A consciousness given sovereign control over a precious avatar resource by the true owner, the One, to see if there is willingness to learn the interface to the ways of the Timeless on the part of the avatar "owner".

- A prospective dance-of-life partner, sent to the Earth's cotillion school of dancing, to see who can learn the steps, stay in time and cooperate with the Lord of the Dance!

Though there is massive chaos and confusion to live through yet we may now see many, many cracks in the primary illusion generating machine and know that we must NOW be ready to body surf our way to the shores of justice, peace and enlightened understanding.

Onespeed, all you self-aware avatars of the One!
Continuing gratitude for all souls choosing to be here now!

Anonymous said...

the preceding post on my facebook page, next to your post.. "stalking stuffers, 2 dollars" a local selling cheap trinkets, Haha.......

Snakedaddy said...

Mellifluous in its usual beauty, Viz. Speaking of “old lurkers”, don’t lose sight of the fact that many of us old timers who used to debate the social issues of the day here long ago, when the comments would generally run over 200 per posting, are still very much around. I truly believe that we’ve simply become fatigued with the world “as is”. I think it's called "Analysis Paralysis". Not sure what inspired me to post again after 6-7 years, but then you’ve always had a way to bring out the devils (big assed grin).

Some thoughts on this beautiful Sunday morning:
As you once stated so eloquently: “This is The Apocalypse; make no mistake about that, which means that all other attendant verities and transformations are also operative.”
Agreed upon and…. confirmed. So many questions, yet so much seeming chaos and so many confirmatory events out there…as well as in here.
In fact, with such overwhelming evidence building about, almost becomes another form of “litmus test”, n'est-ce pas ?
I have found much challenge with residing in a world in which having some degree of perception and being able to see “beyond the veil”, generally leads to a loss of human relationships, opportunities, and friends. However, He never promised us it would be easy, no?
“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”
- Plato

Given humankind’s evolution or “punctuated equilibrium” with which we have contended, one could only accept with somewhat of a delayed resignation that we, as a fractal of the vast cosmos, will not go quietly into that night.
With all of the attendant forces operating here near the end, I believe it is safe to conclude that it is only going to get weirder. I, too, have become almost numbed to the levels of ignorance, self serving, and denial of the masses. I have recently, though, begun to hear some few voices beginning to cry out from their wilderness of past somnambulism actually asking “what the hell is going on?” This seems to be a phenomenon that only occurs to an individual when they are affected personally by some event that creates either trauma or wonder to an extent which they can deny no further. Unfortunately, it has not seemed to occur to those whom I love and am closest to….so the dogs bark but the caravan moves on.
Our consolation is that the current systems that are in place in order to keep humanity under control are totally inadequate as compared to the forces of change and the Eschaton that have been unleashed. In fact, with our current prostituted systems of “value” and with what we perceive to be “money”, I am told that the Fed is terrified right now, fully expecting The Reset to begin in earnest within the next 3-4 months. As fractionated as our nation is now, drastic change should lead to fulfilling the old Chinese proverb re. “interesting times”. cue Gordon Lightfoot:“Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the witch of December comes early?” I try and remember that The Master does His greatest work in what we perceive to be impossible situations.
I do believe that we will be tested to the limits of our imaginations and resources, yet somehow glorious emerging on that other side. Perhaps Terrance McKenna said it best: “So this is what it’s like when a species prepares to depart for the stars.”
Thank you again and much love.
Please keep it coming until the end. We still need your clarity.
Still rising from the miasma,

Anonymous said...

Dear Hank,
Thank you so much for your timely post. It explains a lot.

In order to keep some semblance of sanity, I’m trying to do just two things as much as possible.
1- walking my dog
2- saying The Lord’s Prayer

Les Visible (bless his psychedelic fingers and keyboard : ) is largely responsible for my late-bloomingEd sanity. Like You, I hope and pray he will keep shining until “the end”.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Regarding the current state of creative arts, you might have a look at this:

And regarding modern music in particular, this one:


Visible said...

Wow!!! Hank! Glad to see you. A lot of blasts from the past have been shaking the nitro-glycerin lately; "shaken, not stirred."

I am impressed and honored at the level of intelligence that gets demonstrated here in the comments. It's remarkable.

I sincerely thank you for showing up.

Ray B. said...

Ah, the interface of the infinite with the finite. Us. Always a good place to start. Interfaces promote growth, because that is where differences are largest...

I tend to think of our 'predicament' as the natural path. All-God is ultimately behind each person's Waking Up or not. So, each individual's Waking Up or not is part of all-God's plan. How could it be otherwise?

I suspect Waking Up or not is either a 'maturity' issue or a 'purpose' issue. Initially, we came down here to see the sights and experience everything the physical plane could provide (good, bad, ugly, and beautiful). Some are 'completed' down here, and raring to move-on to wherever is Next. Others, whether it is apparent or not, are still 'enjoying' the ride. Everything in good time. (The movie Groundhog Day portrays the sequence well.)

On the purpose side, some folks have completed down here, but are aware of interference in The Game. (All of this is still all-God based. Sucks.) So, they are down here until 'perceived' undue interference is worked out (or they Awaken to a larger Game being played on them, and opt-out). Volunteers, as it were.

Just one small aspect of the infinite, trying to make sense of it all...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

We are here on Earth in a physical body, on the plane of materiality, to experience duality and polarity. It is balance we seek, not the elimination of duality or polarity, which are here to teach us how to follow our inner guidance until we find our way back onto that wondrous path of higher awareness, illumination, and mastery.

Just as Christ cleared the path ahead for us, every victory, every gain we make, smooths the way even more for those who follow.

There is no higher purpose in life than to serve our Creator. What greater joy could there be than to help our fellow Man rise to their true potential, so they too can tap into their own higher awareness and achieve self mastery? To be a humble servant of God is better than being King of this world or the richest person in this world, because there is no greater honour than to be of service to the Divine. There are simply no words to describe what a miraculous blessing it is to be one with our heavenly Creator.

Love from one who has entered through the narrow gate

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I got audio on 'The Biggie'. Both that and this post definitely get a five nostril review.

Funny. Some are so stuck on this cess pool of a prison planet, and I can't wait to get off; though I must. As far as I'm concerned, the idiots who do cling to this place can HAVE it. At least they won't be in my 'hood when I get there.

Dodgy One said...

A summary of being could go like this that I pondered.

You see, in the being of a body trapped mind trapped spirit dwells the soul.

The soul is that part of you that constitutes your essence, it is your consciousness.

This is the prize that those that rebel against the creator are after.

Not because having trapped a soul consciousness away from the creator has any kind of reward in hell, but because like a school of fish the safety of being in a multitude offers an illusion of security and acceptance.

Your own body is the ultimate center of selfishness, its animal instincts constantly want your souls attention. The organs and the senses all have no care for the higher realms of you, let them control you and be only one third of a being at the peril of endless want.

Your mind accesses the memory and is the processor of signals from the body and the controller of voluntary and involuntary bodily actions. The human brain has three layers having developed through the R&D of evolution from reptilian then mammalian and then human. The being thus has three parts within three parts and from thus expect that the spirit is also comprised of three parts.

Your mind is wanting your soul consciousness listening to it as the center of ego its follies are innumerable.
The monkey mind will forever act like a media player that expects the tribal noises are some kind of comfort and a release from having to concentrate on creating.

If you let your mind get self inflated with its importance then you will only exist at best as two thirds of a being.

Your being is only at its full potential while your consciousness is aware of your spirit, then your mind can rest in awe of the splendor of being a creator.

Being yourself in the spirit aware fullest self you can explore the cosmos of the eternal creator on wings of truth and trust.

Break out and let your spirit soar.

Better to lurk in quiet than loon about eh.

Anonymous said...

On wooden legs and being pressured to tolerate everything (except what we're not),Robert Cialdini recounts an incident with Frank Zappa and some talk show host who was well known to have a wooden leg.The host made a comment about Zappa's long hair and asked if it would be ok for him to call Zappa a girl,to which Zappa replied "sure so long as I can call you a table".

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18-
You would be referring to Joe Pyne, the acerbic Morton Downey Jr. of the 60's.. My Dad told the story often-his version was that Joe said
"You've got that long hair-does that mean you're really a girl?"
To which Frank retorted "you've got that wooden leg, does that mean you're really a table?"

Anonymous said...

Who cares if hair is long or short
Or sprayed or partly grayed . . .

(there will come a time when you won't even be ashamed if you are fat!)



Visible said...

I should point out that we monitor these sites intuitively and have a pretty clear idea of what's going on and what the intentions of the commenters are. We tend to let things be until we note the demarcation line where hijacking and virtual piracy begins to take place. This is a note to those who think they are smarter than they are.

Thomas said...

Deus Ex Machina...

I think that The Illuminati have developed the quite brilliant strategy of using game theory (a nerdy and difficult branch of math) to achieve their aims.

In practice it means that they play the Illuminati Card Game (you heard about it, didn't you?) against each other and make their moves accordingly. That is why there is so much confusion and turnings-around in world politics.

But... It does seem a rather foolish endeavor to try to trick the Weaver of Eternities with a pack of cards, doesn't it?

Shine that Light, brother Les!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

In Honor of Gratitude and the Potential for Continuous Occasions of the Same.



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