Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Pressure of the Urban Cauldron will Make you Crazy or... make You Run for the Hills.

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So... the culture blog... It's probably a good thing that I have stayed away from direct interaction with 'kulchar' because these days it really is a landfill burbling with toxic wastes and a disintegrating culture as the masthead states. I do call attention to any number of things, especially those having to do with sexual mores of which, 'less' would be a more desirable word. I'm not surprised by what I see (indirectly) and hear about (indirectly). I've long expected pretty much everything that has appeared since some while ago, because 'trends' can be predicted simply as a by-product of observing trends, the same way that you can predict winding up in Kansas City, if you are on the road to Kansas City. It's not rocket surgery.

There 'seems' to be a lot of people screaming at each other. I don't want to be anywhere near that. There was a time when I did a lot of performing. It went well mostly but it always 'trended' toward more and more exposure and fame. It did take a little while to realize I didn't want to go there. After awhile I just did drugs all the time but it got in the way of drinking too much on occasion. In the end I just went with drugs. I'd convinced myself that I would find God; get God's attention, if I just made a lot of noise in my head, if I stormed the Gates of Heaven. Since I knew that God was lurking in my head, this seemed (at the time) to be a good idea and it did work finally ...but it also resulted in my having to give up drugs... drinking had already gone by that time. I didn't mind. Having God is a lot like being on really good drugs all the time and that is why it is called 'divine intoxication'. I can't explain what it is like. You have to be there. Be relentlessly persistent and you will be there. Quite simply I wanted it more than anything else and that is why I often mention this; like the I-Ching says, “persistence furthers”.

Don't do it the way I did. You need a special dispensation to do that. If you don't have this dispensation you can wind up permanently disabled, or dead, in which case the latter would be preferable.

Once you have the company of the divine on a regular basis, nothing else and... I really mean NOTHING ELSE has any importance whatsoever, besides service. This is because service is the immediate and permanent offspring of meeting God and having God stick around. God will not stick around otherwise. This is best explained in the song, “Magic is Afoot”. You simply substitute the word, 'God' for the word 'magic'.

Whenever we find an argument going on in our minds, or with another person concerning the existence of divinity. it is ALWAYS because of religion. Rather than go into why Religion (as it is generally understood- and not as another word for spirituality, as Vivekanada sometimes uses it, having come from another century) is a stumbling block, let me say with all brevity... just toss it to the side and forget about it. I'm not going to go on and on about this because that is just what 'it' does on its own. It goes on and on, like that terrible song by Stephen Bishop.

There is no such thing as forever. There is only eternity. There is no time. Time is within you, not outside of you and the same with God. Gee... that makes a whole lot of sense, Visible. That is the point of it, it does not make sense. Here, makes sense here, according to here. Outside of here, past the realm of the senses, here makes no sense. Here makes sense to itself. There... makes sense to itself and you do or do not make sense to yourself. The real question that should be asked is “do you make sense?”

Why do you insist on punishing yourself?

Because we do not comprehend or recognize the indwelling divinity, we are subject to the punishments of fate. Because we are attached to the results of our actions, we suffer under the lash of cause and effect. He who is not concerned with results is free of all that nonsense. Of course he/she was free to begin with. It was only thinking that made it seem otherwise. You have always been free... but then you talked yourself out of it, or got talked out of it. This is one of the jobs that The World does. It works to diminish you in your true being, by encouraging you to seek to amplify your false being. Don't do that. You are the Crown of Creation! Simply go about your days, in all of your thoughts and speech and acts, as if the divine being were resident within. It just so happens that this is true and the reason so many of us are unaware of that is that we prefer to go about as the poorly constructed and imaginary self we like to think of ourselves as.

Going about your life as if God were resident within does not mean strutting about with your chest puffed out, or gazing at people with a far away and distant look of manufactured wisdom in your eyes. All I can say is that you will know it when it happens. It isn't like anything else. It is unique. It possesses a startling sense of self assurance, while forever giving way before others. You don't have to declare it or adopt any particular posture. It has a way of making it felt in a peripheral manner, just as the truth is at right angles to everything else.

We are living in an age of full blown and cultivated crazy. What happens when crazy proliferates through larger environments is visible in all manner of ways. Crazy generates its own environments. Crazy has a form of complexity to it that might not seem obvious when you see it in action. Sometimes Crazy takes over an entire neighborhood or even a city. How do you fix something like that? It will continue to get worse and urban environments everywhere are going to be exemplifying this sort of thing because when you jam people up against each other, strange and undesirable things happen. I suggest reading the article by Tom Wolfe titled, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink." It contemplates experiments with rats and then transposes it to city life; New York City is the model used. One point I will reference, the mature male rats lose all interest in the females and begin buggering the younger male rats. Interesting? Ironic? It was an extended and involved experiment.

When people are pressed up against each other, certain behaviors begin to occur and whether it is Babylon or San Francisco, some things don't change.

I sincerely and deeply wish I possessed the words... the talent... something... to transmit how incredible and astounding and joy drenched it is to have the ineffable interactive within. It is freely available. Anyone with the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination can have this. Think of it like muscle development. If you exercise something over the course of a certain length of time, you WILL get certain results. Certain laws are present in the universe. We experience the results of them every day such as; cause and effect, gravity, the law of reciprocity etc. There are a great many rules and laws in operation than are generally known.

When you want certain food items, you go to a grocery store or a supermarket. If it is an unusual item you might go to a specialty shop. Online you can order just about anything that is in common use and a lot of things in uncommon use. There are stores, both brick and mortar and virtual, where countless things are available. If you are looking for God then you must look within. Keep in mind that you would not be alive if God were not present because you are a part of God. You are a specific expression of God; 'in development'. You don't have to believe me on this matter. Many souls both here and gone elsewhere attest to what I have just said. Some of them are of the highest repute and of unimpeachable character.

Of course, if you want to argue about it you can find people to do that with. If you want to make excuses for not seeking God there are plenty of those too. If you are determined and persistent you WILL make contact. I am a person with a checkered history and someone who has made some number of errors of judgment in my life. Not being determined and persistent about searching for God is not one of them. It doesn't matter what mistakes you have made, or whether you consider yourself unworthy. We are all unworthy. Hard as it is to believe, God desires our company more than we desire the company of God. However... it is without question that God will test your sincerity and the nature of your intentions. We are talking about the most priceless and desirable thing that has been or ever will be. Of course, it is not the same as wanting to meet someone else in this life but, once again, if you are persistent and determined you will have success.

I don't know how much simpler or direct I can say this. For some, it just doesn't seem that important; at the moment anyway. Some will scoff and mock the effort, or insist that no such creature exists. As a matter of first hand experience, I can state unequivocally that a divine being does exist. I can also state that this being is incomprehensible and indefinable but that is of no matter at all. The divine is a well spring of immeasurable joy and bliss. How could anyone not want this? Uh huh. That is something to think about. This is a personal matter and something to be considered and carried out in an internal manner. You will or you won't. It is not my affair. I have taken care of my end of it and I will continue to.

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I have included here at the end, a discourse by Swami Vivekananda. It is taken from Book One of his complete works. It is in the section, “Letters and Discourses” and is entitled, “The Soul and God”. I give you this link and the information, if you should wish to read it online instead of here in this posting and that is because it did not transfer as well as one might have wished. It is still readable but if you want it as it was you can find it there. The few before this one are quite amazing and you might want to read those too. I cut and pasted this because people are lazy and this makes it easy. You will find he is not like anyone else you have ever read. I think he wrote this when he was quite young. He only stayed till he was 40 years old anyway.

He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna. He was given ALL of Ramakrishna's siddhis (spiritual powers. I think he had ALL of them that are available). Ramakrishna never used his. I don't know about Vivekanada, except that I really enjoy his work. I hope you do too.

The Soul and God”

Whether it was fear or mere inquisitiveness which first led man to think of powers superior to himself, we need not discuss. ... These raised in the mind peculiar worship tendencies, and so on. There never have been [times in the history of mankind] without [some ideal] of worship. Why? What makes us all think beyond what we see — whether it be a beautiful morning or a fear of dead spirits? ... We need not go back into prehistoric times, for it is a fact present today as it was two thousand years ago. We do not find satisfaction here. Whatever our station in life— [even if we are] powerful and wealthy we cannot find satisfaction. Desire is infinite. Its fulfilment is very limited.. There is no end to our desires; but when we go to fulfil them, the difficulty comes. It has been so with the most primitive minds, when their desires were [few]. Even [these] could not be accomplished. Now, with our arts and sciences improved and multiplied, our desires cannot be fulfilled [either]. On the other hand, we are struggling to perfect means for the fulfilment of desires, and the desires are increasing. ... The most primitive man naturally wanted help from outside for things which he could not accomplish. He desired something, and it could not be obtained. He wanted help from other powers. The most ignorant primitive man and the most cultivated man today, appealing to God and asking for the fulfilment of some desire, are exactly the same. What difference? [Some people] find a great deal of difference.

We are always finding much difference in things when there is no difference at all. Both [the primitive man and the cultivated man] plead to the same [power]. You may call it God or Allah or Jehovah. Human beings want something and cannot get it by their own powers, and are after someone who will help them. This is primitive, and it is still present with us. ... all born savages and gradually civilise ourselves. ... All of us here, if we search, will find the same fact. Even now this fear does not leave us. We may talk big, become philosophers and all that; but when the blow comes, we find that we must beg for help. We believe in all the superstitions that ever existed. [But] there is no superstition in the world [that does not have some basis of truth]. If I cover my face and only the tip of my [nose] is showing, still it is a bit of my face. So [with] the superstitions — the little bits are true. You see, the lowest sort of manifestation of religion came with the burial of the departed. ... First they wrapped them up and put them in mounds, and the spirits of the departed came and lived in the [mounds, at night]. ... Then they began to bury them. ... At the gate stands a terrible goddess with a thousand teeth. ... Then [came] the burning of the body and the flames bore the spirit up. ... The Egyptians brought food and water for the departed. The next great idea was that of the tribal gods. This tribe had one god and that tribe another. The Jews had their God Jehovah, who was their own tribal god and fought against all the other gods and tribes. That god would do anything to please his own people. If he killed a whole tribe not protected by him, that was all right, quite good. A little love was given, but that love was confined to a small section. Gradually, higher ideals came. The chief of the conquering tribe was the Chief of chiefs, God of gods. ... So with the Persians when they conquered Egypt. The Persian emperor was the Lord of [lords], and before the emperor nobody could stand. Death was the penalty for anyone who looked at the Persian emperor. Then came the ideal of God Almighty and All-powerful, the omnipotent, omniscient Ruler of the universe: He lives in heaven, and man pays special tribute to his Most Beloved, who creates everything for man. The whole world is for man. The sun and moon and stars are [for him]. All who have those ideas are primitive men, not civilised and not cultivated at all. All the superior religions had their growth between the Ganga and the Euphrates. ... Outside of India we will find no further development [of religion beyond this idea of God in heaven]. That was the highest knowledge ever obtained outside of India.

There is the local heaven where he is and [where] the faithful shall go when they die. ... As far as I have seen, we should call it a very primitive idea. ... Mumbo jumbo in, Africa [and] God in heaven — the same. He moves the world, and of course his will is being done everywhere. ... The old Hebrew people did not care for any heaven. That is one of the reasons they [opposed] Jesus of Nazareth — because he taught life after death.

Paradise in Sanskrit means land beyond this life. So the paradise was to make up for all this evil. The primitive man does not care [about] evil. ... He never questions why there should be any. ... ... The word devil is a Persian word. ... The Persians and Hindus [share the Aryan ancestry] upon religious grounds, and ... they spoke the same language, only the words one sect uses for good the other uses for bad. The word Deva is an old Sanskrit word for God, the same word in the Aryan languages. Here the word means the devil. ... Later on, when man developed [his inner life], he began to question, and to say that God is good. The Persians said that there were two gods — one was bad and one was good. [Their idea was that] everything in this life was good: beautiful country, where there was spring almost the whole year round and nobody died; there was no disease, everything was fine. Then came this Wicked One, and he touched the land, and then came death and disease and mosquitoes and tigers and lions. Then the Aryans left their fatherland and migrated southward. The old Aryans must have lived way to the north. The Jews learnt it [the idea of the devil] from the Persians. The Persians also taught that there will come a day when this wicked god will be killed, and it is our duty to stay with the good god and add our force to him in this eternal struggle between him and the wicked one. ... The whole world will be burnt out and everyone will get a new body. The Persian idea was that even the wicked will be purified and not be bad any more. The nature of the Aryan was love and poetry. They cannot think of their being burnt [for eternity]. They will all receive new bodies. Then no more death. So that is the best about [religious] ideas outside of India. ...

Along with that is the ethical strain. All that man has to do is to take care of three things: good thought, good word, good deed. That is all. It is a practical, wise religion. Already there has come a little poetry in it. But there is higher poetry and higher thought. In India we see this Satan in the most ancient part of the Vedas. He just (appears) and immediately disappears. ... In the Vedas the bad god got a blow and disappeared. He is gone, and the Persians took him. We are trying to make him leave the world [al]together.

Taking the Persian idea, we are going to make a decent gentleman of him; give him a new body. There was the end of the Satan idea in India. But the idea of God went on; but mind you, here comes another fact. The idea of God grew side by side with the idea of [materialism] until you have traced it up to the emperor of Persia. But on the other hand comes in metaphysics, philosophy. There is another line of thought, the idea of [the non-dual Atman, man's] own soul. That also grows. So, outside of India ideas about God had to remain in that concrete form until India came to help them out a bit. ... The other nations stopped with that old concrete idea. In this country [America], there are millions who believe that God is [has?] a body. ... Whole sects say it. [They believe that] He rules the world, but there is a place where He has a body. He sits upon a throne. They light candles and sing songs just as they do in our temples. But in India they are sensible enough never to make [their God a physical being]. You never see in India a temple of Brahma. Why? Because the idea of the soul always existed. The Hebrew race never questioned about the soul. There is no soul idea in the Old Testament at all. The first is in the New Testament. The Persians, they became so practical — wonderfully practical people — a fighting, conquering race. They were the English people of the old time, always fighting and destroying their neighbours — too much engaged in that sort of thing to think about the soul. ... The oldest idea of [the] soul [was that of] a fine body inside this gross one. The gross one disappears and the fine one appears. In Egypt that fine one also dies, and as soon as the gross body disintegrates, the fine one also disintegrates. That is why they built those pyramids [and embalmed the dead bodies of their ancestors, thus hoping to secure immortality for the departed]. ... The Indian people have no regard for the dead body at all. [Their attitude is :] "Let us take it and burn it." The son has to set fire to his father's body. ... There are two sorts of races, the divine and the demonic. The divine think that they are soul and spirit. The demonic think that they are bodies. The old Indian philosophers tried to insist that the body is nothing. "As a man emits his old garment and takes a new one, even so the old body is [shed] and he takes a new one" (Gita, II. 22). In my case, all my surrounding and education were trying to [make me] the other way.

I was always associated with Mohammedans and Christians, who take more care of the body. ... It is only one step from [the body] to the spirit. ... [In India] they became insistent on this ideal of the soul. It became [synonymous with] the idea of God. ... If the idea of the soul begins to expand, [man must arrive at the conclusion that it is beyond name and form]. ... The Indian idea is that the soul is formless. Whatever is form must break some time or other. There cannot be any form unless it is the result of force and matter; and all combinations must dissolve. If such is the case, [if] your soul is [made of name and form, it disintegrates], and you die, and you are no more immortal. If it is double, it has form and it belongs to nature and it obeys nature's laws of birth and death. ... They find that this [soul] is not the mind ... neither a double. ... Thoughts can be guided and controlled. ... [The Yogis of India] practiced to see how far the thoughts can be guided and controlled.

By dint of hard work, thoughts may be silenced altogether. If thoughts were [the real man], as soon as thought ceases, he ought to die. Thought ceases in meditation; even the mind's elements are quite quiet. Blood circulation stops. His breath stops, but he is not dead. If thought were he, the whole thing ought to go, but they find it does not go. That is practical [proof]. They came to the conclusion that even mind and thought were not the real man. Then speculation showed that it could not be. I come, I think and talk. In the midst of all [this activity is] this unity [of the Self]. My thought and action are varied, many [fold] ... but in and through them runs ... that one unchangeable One. It cannot be the body. That is changing every minute. It cannot be the mind; new and fresh thoughts [come] all the time. It is neither the body nor the mind. Both body and mind belong to nature and must obey nature's laws. A free mind never will. ... Now, therefore, this real man does not belong to nature. It is the person whose mind and body belong to nature. So much of nature we are using. Just as you come to use the pen and ink and chair, so he uses so much of nature in fine and in gross form; gross form, the body, and fine form, the mind. If it is simple, it must be formless. In nature alone are forms. That which is not of nature cannot have any forms, fine or gross. It must be formless. It must be omnipresent. Understand this. [Take] this glass on the table. The glass is form and the table is form. So much of the glass-ness goes off, so much of table-ness [when they break]. ... The soul ... is nameless because it is formless. It will neither go to heaven nor [to hell] any more than it will enter this glass. It takes the form of the vessel it fills. If it is not in space, either of two things is possible. Either the [soul permeates] space or space is in [it]. You are in space and must have a form. Space limits us, binds us, and makes a form of us. If you are not in space, space is in you. All the heavens and the world are in the person. ... So it must be with God. God is omnipresent. "Without hands [he grasps] everything; without feet he can move. ... " (Shvetâshvatara Upanishad, III. 19.) He [is] the formless, the deathless, the eternal. The idea of God came. ... He is the Lord of souls, just as my soul is the [lord] of my body. If my soul left the body, the body would not be for a moment. If He left my soul, the soul would not exist. He is the creator of the universe; of everything that dies He is the destroyer. His shadow is death; His shadow is life. [The ancient Indian philosophers] thought: ... This filthy world is not fit for man's attention. There is nothing in the universe that is [permanent — neither good nor evil]. ... I told you ... Satan ... did not have much chance [in India]. Why? Because they were very bold in religion. They were not babies. Have you seen that characteristic of children? They are always trying to throw the blame on someone else. Baby minds [are] trying, when they make a mistake, to throw the blame upon someone [else]. On the one hand, we say, "Give me this; give me that." On the other hand, we say, "I did not do this; the devil tempted me. The devil did it." That is the history of mankind, weak mankind. ...

Why is evil? Why is [the world] the filthy, dirty hole? We have made it. Nobody is to blame. We put our hand in the fire. The Lord bless us, [man gets] just what he deserves. Only He is merciful. If we pray to Him, He helps us. He gives Himself to us. That is their idea. They are [of a] poetic nature. They go crazy over poetry. Their philosophy is poetry. This philosophy is a poem. ... All [high thought] in the Sanskrit is written in poetry. Metaphysics, astronomy — all in poetry. We are responsible, and how do we come to mischief? [You may say], "I was born poor and miserable. I remember the hard struggle all my life." Philosophers say that you are to blame. You do not mean to say that all this sprang up without any cause whatever? You are a rational being. Your life is not without cause, and you are the cause. You manufacture your own life all the time. ... You make and mould your own life. You are responsible for yourself. Do not lay the blame upon anybody, any Satan. You will only get punished a little more. ... [A man] is brought up before God, and He says, "Thirty-one stripes for you," ... when comes another man. He says, "Thirty stripes: fifteen for that fellow, and fifteen for the teacher — that awful man who taught him." That is the awful thing in teaching. I do not know what I am going to get. I go all over the world. If I have to get fifteen for each one I have taught!... We have to come to this idea: "This My Mâyâ is divine." It is My activity [My] divinity. "[My Maya] is hard to cross, but those that take refuge in me [go beyond maya]." (Gita, VII. 14.) But you find out that it is very difficult to cross this ocean [of Maya by] yourself. You cannot. It is the old question - hen and egg.

If you do any work, that work becomes the cause and produces the effect. That effect [again] becomes the cause and produces the effect. And so on. If you push this down, it never stops. Once you set a thing in motion, there is no more stopping. I do some work, good or bad, [and it sets up a chain reaction].... I cannot stop now. It is impossible for us to get out from this bondage [by ourselves]. It is only possible if there is someone more powerful than this law of causation, and if he takes mercy on us and drags us out. And we declare that there is such a one - God. There is such a being, all merciful.... If there is a God, then it is possible for me to be saved. How can you be saved by your own will? Do you see the philosophy of the doctrine of salvation by grace? 

You Western people are wonderfully clever, but when you undertake to explain philosophy, you are so wonderfully complicated. How can you save yourself by work, if by salvation you mean that you will be taken out of all this nature? Salvation means just standing upon God, but if you understand what is meant by salvation, then you are the Self.... You are not nature. You are the only thing outside of souls and gods and nature. These are the external existences, and God [is] interpenetrating both nature and soul. Therefore, just as my soul is [to] my body, we? as it were, are the bodies of God. God-souls-nature — it is one. The One, because, as I say, I mean the body, soul, and mind. But, we have seen, the law of causation pervades every bit of nature, and once you have got caught you cannot get out. When once you get into the meshes of law, a possible way of escape is not [through work done] by you. You can build hospitals for every fly and flea that ever lived.... All this you may do, but it would never lead to salvation.... [Hospitals] go up and they come down again. [Salvation] is only possible if there is some being whom nature never caught, who is the Ruler of nature. He rules nature instead of being ruled by nature. He wills law instead of being downed by law. ... He exists and he is all merciful. The moment you seek Him [He will save you]. Why has He not taken us out? You do not want Him. You want everything but Him. The moment you want Him, that moment you get Him. We never want Him. We say, "Lord, give me a fine house." We want the house, not Him. "Give me health! Save me from this difficulty!" When a man wants nothing but Him, [he gets Him]. "The same love which wealthy men have for gold and silver and possessions, Lord, may I have the same love for Thee. I want neither earth nor heaven, nor beauty nor learning. I do not want salvation. Let me go to hell again and again. But one thing I want: to love Thee, and for love's sake — not even for heaven."

Whatever man desires, he gets. If you always dream of having a body, [you will get another body]. When this body goes away he wants another, and goes on begetting body after body. Love matter and you become matter. You first become animals. When I see a dog gnawing a bone, I say, "Lord help us!" Love body until you become dogs and cats! Still degenerate, until you become minerals — all body and nothing else.... There are other people, who would have no compromise. The road to salvation is through truth. That was another watchword. ... [Man began to progress spiritually] when he kicked the devil out. He stood up and took the responsibility of the misery of the world upon his own shoulders. But whenever he looked [at the] past and future and [at the] law of causation, he knelt down and said, "Lord, save me, [thou] who [art] our creator, our father, and dearest friend." That is poetry, but not very good poetry, I think. Why not? It is the painting of the Infinite [no doubt]. You have it in every language how they paint the Infinite. [But] it is the infinite of the senses, of the muscles. ... "[Him] the sun [does not illumine], nor the moon, nor the stars, [nor] the flash of lightning." (Katha Upanishad, II. ii. 15.) That is another painting of the Infinite, by negative language. ... And the last Infinite is painted in [the] spirituality of the Upanishads. Not only is Vedanta the highest philosophy in the world, but it is the greatest poem.... Mark today, this is the ... difference between the first part of the Vedas and the second. In the first, it is all in [the domain of] sense. But all religions are only [concerned with the] infinite of the external world — nature and nature's God.... [Not so Vedanta]. This is the first light that the human mind throws back [of] all that. No satisfaction [comes] of the infinite [in] space. "[The] Selfexisent [One] has [created] the [senses as turned] ... to the outer world.

Those therefore who [seek] outside will never find that [which is within]. There are the few who, wanting to know the truth, turn their eyes inward and in their own souls behold the glory [of the Self]." (Katha Upanishad, II. i. 1.) It is not the infinite of space, but the real Infinite, beyond space, beyond time.... Such is the world missed by the Occident.... Their minds have been turned to external nature and nature's God. Look within yourself and find the truth that you had [forgotten]. Is it possible for mind to come out of this dream without the help of the gods? Once you start the action, there is no help unless the merciful Father takes us out. That would not be freedom, [even] at the hands of the merciful God. Slavery is slavery. The chain of gold is quite as bad as the chain of iron. Is there a way out? You are not bound. No one was ever bound. [The Self] is beyond. It is the all. You are the One; there are no two. God was your own reflection cast upon the screen of Maya. The real God [is the Self]. He [whom man] ignorantly worships is that reflection. [They say that] the Father in heaven is God. Why God? [It is because He is] your own reflection that [He] is God. Do you see how you are seeing God all the time? As you unfold yourself, the reflection grows [clearer]. "Two beautiful birds are there sitting upon the same tree. The one [is] calm, silent, majestic; the one below [the individual self], is eating the fruits, sweet and bitter, and becoming happy and sad. [But when the individual self beholds the worshipful Lord as his own true Self, he grieves no more.]" (Mundaka Upanishad, III. i. 1-2.) ... Do not say "God". Do not say "Thou". Say "I". The language of [dualism] says, "God, Thou, my Father." The language of [non-dualism] says, "Dearer unto me than I am myself. I would have no name for Thee. The nearest I can use is I.... "God is true.

The universe is a dream. Blessed am I that I know this moment that I [have been and] shall be free all eternity; ... that I know that I am worshipping only myself; that no nature, no delusion, had any hold on me. Vanish nature from me, vanish [these] gods; vanish worship; ... vanish superstitions, for I know myself. I am the Infinite. All these — Mrs. So-and-so, Mr. So-and-so, responsibility, happiness, misery — have vanished. I am the Infinite. How can there be death for me, or birth? Whom shall I fear? I am the One. Shall I be afraid of myself? Who is to be afraid of [whom]? I am the one Existence. Nothing else exists. I am everything." It is only the question of memory [of your true nature], not salvation by work. Do you get salvation? You are [already] free. Go on saying, "I am free". Never mind if the next moment delusion comes and says, "I am bound." Dehypnotise the whole thing. [This truth] is first to be heard. Hear it first. Think on it day and night. Fill the mind [with it] day and night: "I am It. I am the Lord of the universe. Never was there any delusion.... " Meditate upon it with all the strength of the mind till you actually see these walls, houses, everything, melt away — [until] body, everything, vanishes. "I will stand alone. I am the One." Struggle on! "Who cares! We want to be free; [we] do not want any powers. Worlds we renounce; heavens we renounce; hells we renounce. What do I care about all these powers, and this and that! What do I care if the mind is controlled or uncontrolled! Let it run on. What of that! I am not the mind, Let it go on!" The sun [shines on the just and on the unjust]. Is he touched by the defective [character] of anyone? "I am He. Whatever [my] mind does, I am not touched. The sun is not touched by shining on filthy places, I am Existence." 

This is the religion of [non-dual] philosophy. [It is] difficult. Struggle on! Down with all superstitions! Neither teachers nor scriptures nor gods [exist]. Down with temples, with priests, with gods, with incarnations, with God himself! I am all the God that ever existed! There, stand up philosophers! No fear! Speak no more of God and [the] superstition of the world. Truth alone triumphs, and this is true. I am the Infinite. All religious superstitions are vain imaginations. ... This society, that I see you before me, and [that] I am talking to you — this is all superstition; all must be given up. Just see what it takes to become a philosopher! This is the [path] of [Jnâna-] Yoga, the way through knowledge. The other [paths] are easy, slow, ... but this is pure strength of mind. No weakling [can follow this path of knowledge. You must be able to say:] "I am the Soul, the ever free; [I] never was bound. Time is in me, not I in time. God was born in my mind. God the Father, Father of the universe — he is created by me in my own mind...." Do you call yourselves philosophers? Show it! Think of this, talk [of] this, and [help] each other in this path, and give up all superstition!

Monday, March 18, 2019

In Consideration of Time and Yugas, Devotion and Love

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It's not that humanity is bad. Certainly the creator did not think so, otherwise; why would so much effort have been expended? However, if you were to take a snapshot of the ubiquitous moment and compare it to some correctly imagined ideal. We are, as a collective, falling far short of our potential; to the point that the potential isn't even being considered in terms of what is rational and sane; cosmically speaking. The majority consensus, of what is good and bad, concerning what we aspire to, is... wait for it (drum roll)... material success!

Yes... material success, which is where you get more objects of desire than you neighbor; objects you are unable to truly appreciate, which, in fact, you will come to regret having and then... you will die and no longer possess them. All that you will take with you on your departure is... what you have become, in the allotted time you were here. Think upon this because... I assure you... it is true. Argue this until the cows come home, especially if you have no cows. It will make no difference. It is inarguably true. Whoomp! They it is.

Why are things as they are? I'll take that question for five hundred dollars and give you another inarguable answer. This does not mean you cannot argue; feel bound (as opposed to free) to argue at your leisure. There's a room where you go while you argue. The room is not visible but you are an occupying force in that room, I assure you and there is more than one. In some rooms of argument there are arguments being carried out with the limited amount of people who can even understand what they are arguing about; not that they actually understand it, or they wouldn't be arguing. These are the people who went to expensive schools, solely to be able to argue about this subject with other people who went to school for the same purpose and the irony is that if they did understand the subject they were arguing about, they would be silent on the matter because, as Lao Tzu said, long ago, (paraphrasing) “those who speak do not know and those who who know do not speak.” I don't think I need to itemize the short list of what those subjects are; do I?

There are some theories present; should one even know where to begin looking for them, which illustrate the several large stages through which life passes and each of which is distinctive from the other. There are two points of view that are presently considered in relation to the duration of the different yugas (or periods of time). There is the traditional perspective and the one presented by Sri Yukteswar in his book, “Holy Science”. The traditional perspective contains very lengthy periods of time ascribed to each yuga. Sri Yukteswar's version grants much shorter periods to each yuga. There are those who have expanded on Sri Yukteswar's perspective. I'm not going to debate the legitimacy of any perspective because, truthfully, I don't know. I didn't provide direct links to the traditional Hindu view or Sri Yukteswar's. You can find those if you are of a mind.

Here is what I have to say; so let me address the question of why things are as they are (no, I did not forget.). Whatever the length of these periods may be, one thing is agreed on by all of those aware of the yugas and their qualities of life AND LIGHT. Light is the differential is each yuga, in relation to the other yugas. There are four stages of different concentrations of light, beginning with Satya Yuga (sometimes called 'Krita'), which has the highest amount of light. Then comes Treta Yuga, followed by Dwapara Yuga, followed by Kali Yuga. What differentiates them and what sets the general tone of existence in each one, is their relative degrees of the presence of light and darkness. The time of most light is Satya and the time of least light is Kali.

One can presume there is more darkness than light in the Kali Yuga, where we presently find ourselves but... for how long? I surely hope it ends in 2025, as has been advanced by at least one source. It is the amount of light in each age that determines what existence will be like. Certain perspectives appeal to me more than others. I possess a way of reading that allows me to enter into the mind of the writer, if I follow certain interior adjustments. I have found this to be invaluable on many occasions and I am very grateful for having had it given to me.

I tend to more agree with certain sources than disagree. I tend to think we are on the verge of a tremendous transformation of existence. I heard something about us passing through the center of the Milky Way. If that was true, surely it was significant of something.

I have a certain measuring tool that I use to determine the value of anything; is it useful? Can I make any use of it? If not, then it doesn't really matter to me (if it is available). I make no judgments concerning other people, Perhaps someone can make use of it; whatever 'it' may be. I also measure according to whether, regardless of its usefulness, it is harmful in general, or whether it is directed toward personal profit at the expense of my fellows.

Whether we are in for a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly long tour of the Kali Yuga, or whether it is coming to an end is sort of moot. I can't do anything about it. I can do something about myself. Here is what I think I know; meaning I am more inclined to believe it to be true than not. Being that we are in a time of the least light; there is no other yuga with less light, there is ONLY ONE sure course to the divine and that is DEVOTION; call it Love if you wish. Call it Bhakti, if you are talking about yoga and what the most reliable selection might be for the times we are in. I believe only the course of Love and Devotion can be relied on in these times of darkness; in these times where there is more darkness than light.

This is why the Greatest Commandment is the greatest commandment. This is why the appearance of Jesus Christ came when it did and the same as pertains to Krishna and his message and you can add Lord Chaitanya, who is considered an incarnation of Lord Krishna and who also preached Devotion and who made it clear that glorifying the ineffable was the wisest course. It is the course I follow because I believe it to be the most certain means by which self realization can be achieved, besides Kriya Yoga and I have no one in my circle of invisible friends willing to initiate me into that one. This could also mean I made the correct choice already; not that any other of the possibilities are wrong but simply that there is one that is right for me and I lack the necessary personal assets that would make it possible for me to go some other way.

Regardless of whether the Kali Yuga ends in 2025 or not, I plan on an ever increasing pattern of applied devotion and love in my habits and overall behavior. I have finally arrived at a point where I was able to discard the majority of retardants to my spiritual progress and oh what a labor and oh what a relief that has been. I have no other concern, vocation or avocation remaining other than to glorify the ineffable in my every thought, word and deed. I am not yet at that wonderful place but I will not relent until I am.

It does not matter what the world does. It does not matter what the world offers. It does not matter what awaits or what has been. It matters what I do and do not do. I speak not just for myself here but for all right thinking people with the courage and determination to live up to their highest potential, irrespective of anything else that might transpire, whether near or far.

The Divine is resident in every living thing in one manner or another or it would not be alive. One is in a position to invoke that divine being in everyone they meet, or free to invoke whatever else they may imagine they wish to encounter or experience. There may be no evidence of one's success at the time but our actions are depth charges and time bombs. They will go off at that moment when the conditions are right. A car horn will sound. A dog will bark. Some combination of events will take place and then the sun will break through the clouds where it was formerly concealed. It was still present, nonetheless. It was simply not seen previously.

We all have business we attend to in every day. We all have plans and dreams. We all have desires and appetites and these are more harnessed in some and more free of their halter in others. Visual evidence is given every day as to the results experienced by either condition. More often it is something we hear of, rather than witness. Even when we do not witness some cardinal result of one or the other, we can read the signs of whatever is pending, if we possess the necessary vision to do so; if our vision is not otherwise clouded by our appetites and desires.

I believe that I am my brother's keeper. I do not wish to be Cain. I trust that you are the same and that there will be more and more of us among that number, as time and events progress. May the divine be with you in your every moment to come and this is something you have a hand in, should you wish it to be so.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 08, 2019

The Slippery Slippery Slope of Sisyphean Fish in Search of a Bicycle to Ride.

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“Well, it's a trick, we always use it.”

Then... of course, we have this, right out of the mouth of a Trojan horse, or a horse of the same color, if you prefer. Why would I refer to Joel Stein as a Trojan Horse? Maybe it has something to do with a Greek by any other name...

Let me explain the actual reason for the term under discussion; The Palestinians are Semitic. The AshkeNAZI's are not Semitic. The AshkeNAZI's invaded Palestine and drove 700,000 Palestinians out of the country and then claimed they had a 'genetic right' to the land by the argument of blood but... they don't have that authenticating DNA in the blood except what is on their hands, due to the regular bombing of that Open Air Concentration Camp on those routine visits, as an act of worship and remembrance, carried on on their religious holidays.

Shrinking Palestine

Look it up! So... when seeking to supplant anyone with the legitimate right of presence, it proves to be effective tactics to say that you are them; even when you are veritably not.

I bring this up today because Congress is in a horse-lather about comments made by congress member Ilhan Omar who is under attack for 'legitimate criticism' of those who shall not be named and is also under attack because, as was coined here ages ago; the truth is anti-Semitic.

This would all be a tasty Jambalaya of humor and hypocrisy if it were not evidence of the opening stages of social chaos. This is the intent of George Soros and 'the other Satanists' who have this end result in mind. They are the ones financing the various events, designed to foment anger and outrage against whomever they are drawing the attention to.

Trump's appointee to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been called a supporter of a Hate Group. Who identified her as such? Why... it was the Southern Poverty Law Center. Who founded the Southern Poverty Law Center? Right. What a surprise!!! They are now the 'go to hate group namer' in all the lands. Somehow they are the official granters of pariah status to anyone who gets on the wrong side of them.

This newly minted judge has 'ties' to an anti-gay group'. See... here's the deal... because according to me and anyone else who might be relatively sane; tolerance is not acceptance. However, this means if you are not accepting, then you aren't tolerant and you are a member of a Hate Group. I am in complete agreement with all those who object to 'weaponized ideologies'. This is when you take a lifestyle that departs from the norm and don't simply and quietly live out your preference but instead, choose to politicize your chosen lifestyle and demand obeisance from all and sundry and have such obeisance made into a law.

What this weaponizing of ideologies is all about is, first you take one cause, like the gay lifestyle. Then, having accrued a degree of power in that, you next move to something like tranny rights and gender fluid body morphing, chop shops and then there are no longer designated bathrooms for different sexes, even if there has been no chopping. Then you move on to (simply wait for it as it is already moving through the courts) bestiality -(the last sentence says it all) pedophilia -that article was 5 years ago and NAMBLA keeps gaining steam), necrophilia and well... frankly, you name it. Eventually, something like this is going to be all too common as well as move far beyond this example! (thanks for the head's up LPTB)

Here is what is happening in real time and what is intended by the Satanists and catamite money brokers, who finance, publicize and politically push for these things. You have heard of Hell of Earth? This is accomplished when the bestial is made triumphant over the human aspect through some variant on 666. This gains 'ease of passage' in times of material darkness. It is also a place-sphere of specific influence, defined most comprehensively as 'that place where God is absent.' I am not suggesting such a place actually exists, where God is not present. What I am suggesting is that the manner and persona in which God is celebrated there is defined by this understanding; the devil is way the wicked see God.

It's not so much Hell on Earth that they are after as the next step. The next step is manifested spiritual Babylon. Oh... wait a minute, it's here. I'm not a fundie but that doesn't mean there isn't truth in literal scripture. It is the interpretations that can give one pause.

Given that this is a time of Apocalypse; a time of summing up and soul harvest, as well as a time of extreme materialism and ALL THAT IS HEIR TO, Babylon is the logical progression out of the potpourri of what we presently have. Early precursors of this were in evidence during the events that were chronologized in “Wild, Wild Country” which I just saw in its entirety. There was a promotion of abandon and wild polygamous sex in this culture. At one point and they don't show this in the film, there were fifty gallon drums burning day and night for condom disposal. Basically you have to overdo excess to get past it. It is something like calling yourself a sannyasin when you most certainly are not.

I came upon this fellow, Rajneesh well before most people. In the late sixties, I owned The Ajna Bookstore in Woodstock. I had this bookstore so that I could read everything I wanted to read and I did that and then some. Peter Blum became a partner with me in the store and it rolled along for a few years. Personal note and honesty disclaimer. I have zero memory of doing naked jumping jacks in our meditation room and shouting out Yod Heh Vod Heh. Something like this might have happened once but that would be it. I was pretty much a Shaivite/Kali worshiper in those days.

I came across the Raj's books early on and two things I noticed. One was the clarity of his exposition and the other was that everything I read I recognized as something I had read/heard by someone else previously. I distrusted him from the start and caught all kinds of grief from people about it. The romance of my life named Svargo was a member of this group, though no longer commune centric. I heard all about what was what. At the time I was indicating suspicion of his groove, none of these things had happened. So far, no one has since tracked me down to retract their comments to me on the matter (grin).

Yes... if things continue at their present pace, it won't be long before Tiamat is reading to the elementary school kids in the library. So... the left thought they were on to something by shoehorning all these freshmen into congress, thinking they could take credit for diversity; not realizing that some of these people were Muslims. For them, diversity is another way to say 'divide and conquer'. Presently they are pushing this open borders thing about the yearning to be free masses huddled at the gates of America. Don't fool yourself. This has NOTHING to do with helping out the less fortunate and everything to do with increasing the number of Democrats in the electorate.

This is an apocalypse and as such, there are rules and no rules. Satanic practices only proliferate in times of spiritual darkness and spiritual darkness is always a herald of the light pending in the darkness before the dawn. This is totally unintentional on their part but none the less so. People are losing their heads for having mistaken liberty for license.

These are perilous times for telling the truth. This is why we have heard; “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” and that is why “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” We are most certainly in the time of The Emperor's New Clothes. It is a time when people, suffering some form of spiritual tourettes, blurt out the truth without thinking and then feel compelled to apologize for having said it. Because I never apologize for telling the truth, I have made it a point never to put myself in a position where I could be influenced by the loss of property or position. There is nothing I fear to lose by telling the truth and no position I would seek to defend at the cost of telling the truth. That is not subject to change. If my soapbox forum and all my creative works are vanished from their present state of operation and access, I will speak it in whatever room I inhabit and to myself alone, if there is no one else present to hear it.

I will apologize for being inelegant and for being less than comprehensive in my presentations but not for the contents contained therein. There is a reason why the wise flee to the Himalayas and other locales in times like these. There is also a cause for unshakable faith in the midst of uproar and ambulatory madness. God is real and more powerful than all the darkness gathered anywhere at any time and his chief residence is in the hearts of those providing a habitation for the residence of the indwelling. These are simply times that try our faith. I suggest one find something to believe in, more enduring and more real than anything that might seek to come against it. Such a thing does indeed exist and you must only seek within, until you find it, because it most assuredly is there. I have proven this to myself ...so... we have no problems with The Valley of the Shadow for the same reasons as the one who wrote the psalm about it.

Hold fast my friends and seek deeply and... all will be well.

Rats!!! I forgot to include the online link for this book I just finished.

It can be a little difficult in the beginning as The Tibetan is a bit imperious but that can happen when you are so far ahead of the rest of us. I'll put this in the next posting too for those who have already been and gone. Once again here are The Collected Works of Swami Vivekanada- in case you missed it previously (grin). Much love to you my friends!!!

There are some who think The Emperor looks just fine in his getup.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

From the Land of the Law of the Last Jot and Tittle on Our Way to the Kingdom of Light.

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It is visibly evident (and not because my name is 'visible') that the world is going haywire. It 'should be' also evident that there are vested interests behind the promotion of all kinds of tiny minority practices and concerns and also the promotion of those practices and concerns as being more important as well as more valid than the practices and concerns of the much larger majorities of the public, who do not practice what these minorities practice and do not have the concerns that these tiny minorities have.

When I say practices and concerns, perhaps I should list them. There are so many, however, that I think it will just confuse my point so... I'm just going to pick one where the examples have come to our attention, increasingly more and more in these times. Let us use sexual practices and concerns. I believe the arguments would be very similar across different platforms because the ones making the most noise are the radical voices from these tiny minorities, or social justice warriors, who may not be practitioners of the particular sexual practices but who have made the issues their own. To say that the examples of certain insanities, generated by blind materialism, are as amusing as they are sad would be to vastly understate the case. There are many thousands of perverse diversities such as that; some even more insane than that. All this we get under the disingenuous banners of Diversity, Inclusiveness and Living One's Own Truth!!!

The most important feature of the sexual revolution; and it is a revolution is... who is financing all of these organizations and individuals? Who is intimidating the boards of directors of large corporations to the degree that they are influencing the policies and politics of those corporations? Who is financing the multitudes of organizations that are lobbying for social change, on behalf of really tiny minorities, to the degree that they are forcing society to change the common parlance and creating language police that threaten people with the loss of their jobs and making people into social pariahs, when they don't conform to forced changes in the language and who are working tirelessly to criminalize and weaponize these transitory and superficial trends of a terminally ill culture.

The most prominent hot button, social issue is transsexualism and the slippery eel of gender fluidism. These two have emerged on college campuses as a new form of protected elitism; powerful enough to bend all other forms of behavior into a genuflecting subservience, akin to a kind of shuddering awe. From the college campuses it has matriculated down to kindergartens, where the minds of the impressionable young are being twisted and misshapen beyond human recognition. The true hellish absurdity of this is that it is being promoted and cultivated in prepubescent minds. No decisions about sexual changing should be considered prior to puberty and this is what defines the movement and those moving and being moved as Satanists.

There are the truly possessed who are living their truth, of course. There's the traditional position that, more or less, sees what's taking place. What is true cannot be articulated but it can be intuited. It can be possessed as an alternative to being possessed. Jesus Christ was clear about a great many things and had teachings for the masses and teachings for the disciples and no doubt teachings for initiates of the 4th degree as well. When I want to know the truth about anything, or at least what direction to look in (within) I refer to 'timeless wisdom. Ages change. Cultures change. They rise and fall, They appear and disappear, timeless wisdom does not. As usual, there will be a crowd around the block at the latest cellphone appearance and hardly anyone at all at the Halls of Enduring Wisdom.

Once again we will make a prima facie claim that Materialism is a sickness of the soul; easily observable by anyone still retaining the capacity for objective viewing. The offspring of Materialism is Insanity, which progresses and intensifies by degrees, until those so affected are reduced to a state of incurable and suicidal chaos. Some of the most powerful elements of Materialism are 'glamour' and 'illusion' and you can see the shape-shifting, low magic workers, manifesting shake 'n bake, death pastries, into countless forms of materialized nothingness. These are all offspring. These are all progeny of madness born of the worst sexual perversities. All of this is progressing toward a real life movie of The Omen. If you can pervert natural sexual behavior, you can pervert society and you can destroy its basic building block; the family unit. More egregious it is when you can have perversions defined as normal. Even more egregious yet... is when you can have Normal redefined as perverse and abnormal set in its place.

People are free to play all the word games they like. They WILL NOT intimidate me into bending out of shape to accommodate them. As far as the sexual trends and fads of recent times go; they are ALL a product of Materialism. These are the ways that sex is practiced in the ever more advanced stages of Materialism Carcinoma. This is a pathology of self cannibalizing that begins with eating each other. In the initial stage it is metaphorical before it turns literal.

Oh so subtly it comes and we see the new arguments; new expressions of what did not previously work. These agendas are initiated by those employed at confining us in the penitentiary of the mind. You must first be incarcerated there before they can move on to ever more 'or less' refined torments. If one's sexual nature can be perverted prior to puberty, the gates of Hell can be opened in any affected life. The gates of Hell open inwardly, in the same way as the Kingdom of God.

Within... and concealed by the false self, is the real self. The real self presses on the false self, when the false self is seduced into behaviors that are offensive to the real self. This generates ANGER. There is plenty of that, which is easily manifested from Frustration of which there is an ample supply. When we are deceived into acting against our own nature, we become angry at ourselves. It is no mean feat to create an external adversary as a target for the rage and that is what is being generated by those working behind the scenes toward the construction of a prison planet. You only become a slave when you cease to be your own master.

How are we influenced and convinced by what is not real? Who controls the information generating media? Who controls the entertainment industry? Who controls the art world? Who is it that works at shaping public opinion and who is behind changes being implemented in the educational system? It is a simple matter to discover who it is that controls the lanes of the information highway and who it is that defines human behavior, as it is presented to us through the entertainment industry... as trends are acted and validated out on the performance stages. Points are made by self appointed arbiters of social mores, by people who are practitioners of the life styles they demand be celebrated.

Will the world, as it presently misrepresents itself, auto correct? Is that in its nature? Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors have come and gone on the world's stage a time or two before. We saw it in The French Revolution. We saw it in the Bolshevik Revolution. We saw it in Mao's Cultural Revolution. We saw it in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. We are seeing it in America now. Who is it that authored the Marxist Philosophy and who were the minds employed in the creation and implementing of Communism? Have the times when this flourished proven to be positive periods in history? Were the residents under that system happy with their lot? Did Communism ever actually occur in the ways it was advertised to do or... did it serve as a rigid and confining system where THE FEW were free to commit horrible crimes upon the rest? Presently the adherents of Communism are arguing that we are all the victims of 'the haves' who have come to control an obscene percentage of the available wealth. In both cases it is THE SAME PEOPLE who are profiting from the activities of lawyers who work the process to the advantage of those who pay them to do so. Life isn't fair but... it is! We just don't see the karmic outworking, as it takes place over the course of millennia.

Everything is adjusted by the scales of fate. The Queen awakes to find herself a scullery maid. The oil baron awakes to find himself a galley slave. Those imprisoning others in one go round, find themselves imprisoned in one or many go rounds to follow. Those who were pimps awaken to find that they are whores. Everything and everyone is subject to the Law of the Last Jot and Tittle unless... unless they are the beneficiaries of Grace.

I am no maker of laws and no enforcer either. I serve a higher law that is written on the human heart in a living, vibrating, flame alphabet. I am a common worker for an invisible hierarchy. My options were to serve a temporal master, to be a servant of a visible hierarchy, to serve myself, or some variant otherwise, including being a temporal master. None of those options are attractive in the least. Of course, refusing to be an employee of a visible hierarchy and my refusal to obey laws that infringe on my God given freedom, brought me into conflict with these powers but... only for the time it took to establish that negotiation was not possible. Supernatural forces and events served to make my point that there are greater powers than those exercised by the walking blind and... since they cannot see the true and invisible hierarchy, they are impotent before the will of it and in no position to meddle with those who serve it. The point was made. They can only detain and delay you through that period of permitted testing where they play a part they are not even aware of. Following that they don't seem to be aware of you any longer. Every time they are just about to see you, something distracts them.

In this world of kaleidoscoping hallucinations, spinning on a Rolodex of reflecting delusions, acted out by those so desperate to fit in to what is not even there... those of us who seem to have little or nothing but who live by the grace of the everlasting Love of the Ineffable, are... in truth, perpetually more rich than the richest fool who ever lived; are more powerful than the most temporally powerful man or woman who ever lived and are more eternally fortunate than those historically claimed to be fortunate in this murky world, transformed by lights and mirrors, into a glittering ballroom that is actually a graveyard; filled with smiling, ambulatory corpses, draped in cobwebs and whose bones rattle and tremble in an invisible wind. It can be a shock, initially, when your eyes are opened and you see things as they really are. It can take a moment or two to become aware of the shining light within and to realize that, indeed... you carry an unspeakably beautiful world of Love with you wherever you go and that you can leave the seeds of its creation in every place you pass through. We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be.

Never has there been a time of greater spiritual opportunity as there is right now and anything close was a very long time ago. Turn into the light of the ineffable and be led to what was constructed with you in mind from the inception. It shouldn't have to take such a long time to realize that there is nothing of any value for you here... while... at the same time... yeah... you got to start somewhere.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Assembling of the Dingbats for the March of the Dingbats and the Training Wheels on the Bicycle of Life.

(So... I wrote about 90 % of the coming book in around a week- with time off on the way. Now I am two weeks into the edit and... heh heh... “what do you mean we, Kemo Sabe?” I'm just waiting on the moment and I have NEVER before felt the need to be so careful and aware of every word that gets written... so... in the mean-inbetween-time I'm going to fire up a post and when we get to Origami down the road, I should be well on the way. The good news is that practically all of it is written, except for what comes along in the process of manifesting continuity and flow. Ergo... let's write a post; a continuation of what we were saying the past weekend at Mirrors=

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This morning I had the TV on, wanting to catch the Westminster Dog Show (which for sure will be on this evening for the prime time last day and it was not to be found, although it was on yesterday). A web site said I could watch it there and then kept hassling me to put a litany of apps on my browser.; “I don't fink so!” I scroll down and there is a growing list of complaints from readers about having to install all these apps and they don't get to see the program. What a surprise.

I laughed to myself and said, “I don't care. I know what's happening here.” I could feel some entity in the invisible background that was flaming with rage because I didn't care. That made me laugh even more cause I really don't care. I'll see what I'm supposed to see and that's it. Of course I care deeply but... I don't care. I think you know what I mean. It took a long time for me to get to this place. I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon.

So I walk into the living room and out of the corner of my eye I see the words, “A Kid Like Jake” Then it switches to an action sequence and this 4 year old is dressing up like a ballerina. Of course I had to link it up for you. You can see that the comments are closely monitored because no one comes out and nails them for this gratuitous hatred of all things normal. I then turned off the TV, which will probably stay that way for awhile since Tom Brady did his “veni vidi vici” thing- as expected.

A few years ago, a 3 year old dingbat; metamorphosed into a dingbat by his dingbat parents, was refused entry to Princess Day at Disneyland in Paris. Here's the story at the mom's blog. The fifteen minutes of fame thing is turning into a real drag (heh heh... drag... unintended! Honest!). When a moth flickers around a candle, there's always the chance that the flame will catch it, alternatively and hopefully the light bulb will be at the right temperature. Unfortunately for those of us who are present in this world for things like this, we don't get the benefit of hot light bulbs and candle flames. Oh well... sooner or later, cue ♫ Mr. Apocalypse ♫

And then... just like that we get this! It's not like the press has a secret mandate to kill Christianity. Speaking of mandates, what do you think Lesley Wexler is doing in this article? And we can see without too much prodding that Wexler is one of the foot soldiers in the war against Christ-Mass and she will will coming around the mountain at some point.

I don't like disclaimers. I really don't. I attempt to spell out specifically and directly what my position on anything is, prior to going on and on about it. Then I will say whatever it is and invariably what I said in the beginning is forgotten, cause I stepped on someone's frog. I'll say it once again, comprehensively and with brevity (hopefully). It is none of my business who is intimate with whom, unless one of the parties is to young to make an informed decision. I have no opinion on any religious persuasion, except to say that religions are the training wheels on the bicycle of life. I am pretty sure most religious people are not tuned in to the mind behind the original traditions, behind whatever travesty remains, once the way-shower of that path has transubstantiated and the priest class gets their hands on the documents, on their way to confusing the letter of the law and the jingle of coins with the spirit of the law.

I've never had racial animosities. I grew up with people of all colors and cultures from childhood. Military bases were integrated well before the schools and sundry. My problem with anything, begins when it is politicized for the purpose of gain, on the part of people for whose real agenda all of these issues are secondary. That is most especially true in these tormented times.

Sex is being pulled out of shape like Playdoh taffy. Sex is the primary force in existence. It is the force in the lightning and expressed in the manifestation of all technology, which is an extension of the human body. Sex is a magnetic and attractive force. When it can be distorted it leads to the destruction of cultures and the family unit. It becomes distortion and confusion. There is a reason that such heavy intensity is being placed on PRE pubescent children to transition. How is it even possible that this is being considered? Satanism is clearly at work and has clearly taken control of government and all the critical aspects of the culture.

Under the guise of 'diversity' and 'political correctness' both race and culture wars are being orchestrated. It is happening right before your eyes. Obvious and transparent lies are being constructed. False events are being perpetrated to ignite rage in the onlooker. In truth there is 'nothing to see here' but skilled practitioners are weaving substance out of nothing to deceive the gullible. The video in the top right corner of that page, paints a movement from Hell's Unfinished symphony and to the objective and discerning eye, with a functioning mind behind it, speaks volumes of flaming bullshit and depravity. This particular site is a powerful force for ongoing deception and programming. The source of it is Old Scratch (you got an itch?) and the medium as usual is that specific cabal of entities, devoted to the cause of divided houses and chaos managed to specific ends. The Ghost of Stalin is marching with his army of will o wisps, seeking through a precipitation of dark intent to materialize a world of palpable shadows, seeming real. Never forget that the power of the ineffable can melt them away like morning mist. Each of us that houses the indwelling divine has that ability as far as the aura of that influence can extend.

There are no limits to the power of God; none whatsoever and the same is potentially true of us, once we can render our rebellion into surrender. In a war with the ineffable, fought with the weapons of appetite and personal desire and personal will, we must always lose because, in truth, we war against all of the best parts of ourselves. Shiva Nataraja dances with one foot lifted...

Shiva, one foot lifted

...and the other firmly upon Apasmara who personifies ignorance.

Shiva, foot on Apasmara

Ignorance of what? Ignorance of your own divine nature. I am a member of no religious tradition but I do seek to profit from the lessons exemplified in any of them.

These are very bad times not to be in control of oneself. All sorts of temporary possession are manifesting and more are on the way. It's been four days but no following information. Insanity is no respecter of fame or wealth.

Uniformed 'cause junkies' are frothing at the mouth of everything that doesn't meet their impossible standards. Meanwhile the hypocrisy is breathtaking. It amazes me how routinely the functional insane can go about the very behavior it was allegedly created to diminish. Corporations are in the business of generating massive profits from despicable behavior. There are no limits to the extent they will go for money.

Well folks, if we keep on keeping on in the wrong direction, one day the Warner Brothers cartoon climax is going to appear in the sky and Porky Pig will emerge with an ominous “bub ba ba bubba, that's all folks”.

Enough links? Yeah... I thought so. Thanks for dropping by and all those links are pertinent and revelatory; as if you need any more examples. Still... I have to give you one more that- perhaps you saw in the last posting? I sincerely hope you did. It tells you the state of Britain in these transforming times. It's on the march everywhere; the celebration of incompetence and mediocrity under the banner of equality. It's the Peter Principle on steroids. It's what's for breakfast and you'd better hope you didn't drink too much last night because... if you are any kind of a decent person, it's all coming back up now.

I should be working on the book but sometimes you have to let it all percolate so as to get it right. Under no circumstances do I want to publish anything that isn't clear and as precise as I can manage in this instance. I have the assistance of the one I am writing about to guide me and for the moment, I have been informed to let it rise overnight, or for several nights, or even several more nights after that before going into the oven in the hope of Bethlehem on the Event Horizon.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Covington Catholics, Gosnell Zombies, Jussie Smollett, Incredibly Stupid Tattoos and the Providence of an Internal Sun.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

(Busy with the book so... blog postings will be catch as catch can. However... today is a must and this being the Petri Dish turn and the Hog Lagoon of the American Left now exploding from the pressure of igneous shit in a molecular intensification of igneous shit, like a flaming tornado swirling in the biggest toilet ever known... some things just have to be brought to your attention, in case you missed some of them.)

In Covington, where some of the youth has still not been brainwashed into Gender Bender Purgatory, or taken to wearing Free Dr. Gosnell T-shirts, when news came out about a (in reality) non-confrontation between a young Catholic high school student and a Native American; both in search of publicity for their side of an issue, neither of which was relevant, in this case, between the two; a Saturday Night Live (writer) publicly offered a blow job to anyone who would “punch that Maga kid in the face”.

Ironically and a dark shade too conveniently, an actor from a cable series called Empire was allegedly attacked by two guys wearing Maga hats who also put a noose around his neck, called him a faggot and beat him up. Take a look at the photo and the massive damage done to this 'victim of a hate crime'. The usual suspects are crying out for Trump to disavow the association of his hats with this attack and I'm definitely getting a Maga hat.

It's mentioned that a camera sees the actor walking down the street but nothing about any assailants being caught on film because... well... there weren't any. Not everyone is fooled by this charade. I've recently come across this man from the Seventh Day Adventists; I think that he's associated with them; sorry if I'm wrong. He has a nice way about him.

As tragic as the days may be, here in the land of 'what's in it for me and the home of the slave', there are still moments of amusement to be found. Apparently there was a religious reason for this, as one of the whirling dervish stench dancers revealed to an airline employee; not for stinking but for being kicked off. It is my informed certainty that they did this on purpose in order to sue the airline. They should be locked in a room with Jussie Smollett. We have to look for episodes where the sunlight is dancing over the tension wires of the time. Personally I am seeing evidence of the ineffable , more often than at any time in my life in decades. I'm waiting for that signal moment. That moment that will send the dominoes of revelation, tumbling across the Hollywood facade of badly woven lies. I'm waiting on the glory and splendor to break forth with the dawn of a long awaited awakening from sea to shining sea. That's what's in it for me!

Are people flat out losing their minds in droves? There's a lot of evidence of this. If you scroll down the page of this tabloid and look at the pictures to the right, it clear that those in control of the media are desperate to seduce the clueless into Z-list celebrity worship. The toilet paper inventor has a lot to answer for, because back in the day, newspapers like this had a useful purpose but now people read them instead. The lady with the tattoo that really doesn't look much at all like Harry Stiles, reminds me of a joke I heard some years ago; a lady walks into a tattoo parlor and asks the ink master to put an image of John Lennon on one thigh and Paul McCartney on the other. Once he was done, the lady looked at the final product in the mirror and said, “Well, that doesn't look like them at all.” The inker said, “Lady, that's as close as you are going to get. I see the resemblance.” She retorted, “I'm going to get a second opinion on that. I'm not paying for shoddy work!” So... she walked out of the tattoo joint and nearly runs into a drunk who was trying to make his way down the street. She grabs him and stops him. Then she pulls up her dress and asks, “Do these tattoo's look like John Lennon and Paul McCartney?” The drunk squints for a moment and says, “Mam, I don't know about those two but the guy in the middle is definitely Willie Nelson.”

Dumb and getting dumber are truly remarkable. I ask myself, how can people who went to colitch and are employed in high profile positions not be terminally embarrassed at their low jinx displays? Most especially when they have a senior moment right in the middle of their press conference. Good grief!!!

It's too bad people don't have the same concerns about people.

It's really going nuts out there and I am guessing that when the cultural offal hits the fan of all fans in the wind tunnel of time, it's going to be London where it really goes off the hook. Presently the Parisian Storm Troopers, going Medieval on the Yellow Vests, puts them ahead by a nose, in the race to Global Village Armageddon ...but London has so many of the elements necessary for full blown chaos to manifest.

Her face is everywhere and she came out of nowhere, where she used to tend bar (like Obama); one more Monarch Butterfly in search of her Sacher-Masoch moment, as Venus on the Macht Schnell (alright Visible, don't get too cute). Well, I'm feeling a tad punish. Good grief an entendre yet! And that happened without my help and right before my eyes. Am I alone in here? It looks like I am but it doesn't feel like it and... appearances are deceiving; very deceiving for that matter, these days. All things considered, I feel like humming a few bars of Alexandra Leaving (with her horned lord- to paraphrase some lyrics from the song.) I've probably lost everyone by this time, in a flurry of associations, inferences and innuendos; god I'm good (grin). And I hardly even went to Colitch! I'd be one of those really dry martinis, where you turn and look giving a sideways glance at the bottle of Vermouth and then you pour the gin into the glass. Speaking of Monarch Butterflies and Dumber and Dumber.

Mr. Apocalypse is doing the not so light Fan Tango with a Kabuki mask. The fan, of course, is a martial arts weapon. One thing the bad liars don't get is that eventually even really stupid people are going to see through their fabrications and they're really going to be pissed, if only because, deep inside they know that they weren't supposed to see or hear any of this. Here they were, blithely walking off the cliff, when they caught themselves in one of those, “wait a minute' moments. Somebody is definitely going to pay for that.

Yes... Mr. Apocalypse can do subtle like no other and especially when that which he is acting upon is anything but subtle. “Hello! Comet Ping Pong Pizza, how can I help you?” “Yeah... we'd like one of your pulled pork specials, with the hog nostrils sliced really thin and extra Hellfire Sauce.” “You got it!”

I can't possibly make a prediction here on what's going to come out of the fluff and gurgle of this last gasping, dead culture walking ...but it is surely going to be entertaining, if viewed from the other side of a bridge too far. Tom Waits will definitely be doing the soundtrack, interspersed with agonizing moments of pregnant silence, just before the shudders start to roll up and down the necks of the werewolves and vampires in three piece suits, caught in the headlights and... how am I going to traverse the distance between this posting and back to the book I'm working on? This is definitely why I am NOT paid the big bucks ...but I've got my own invisible 401k, gathering interest in the place that time forgot. I'm comfortable with that... very, very comfortable. I took out a loan from a spiritual bank and have been putting it to work in certain efforts that are going to be measured against a feather in a scale at some point or... maybe I'm in the wrong allegory... uh yeah, never mind; another time, another place. It all works out; not always the way some people wish it did but then... they should have known the end from the beginning.

Well... as we draw this blog entry to a close, I wish those of you to whom it applies, a warm space for the time needed. Here the temperature is temperate and shall remain so. We've tried to make light of certain increasing and expanding features that tell me, revolution is in the air. At some point, Push and Shove are going to find themselves in the same room and it's going to prove too small no matter what size it is. What shape it will take and how dramatic it may become is not clear to me. What I do know is that the ones who are certifiably crazy from what I can see and which I have been studying at a distance for a considerable period of time, are in no mood for compromise and being deeply wrong at a deeper level, does not bode well for those whom they imagine are in their way. My considered advice is that those of us who are sane, or relatively so, keep a weather eye out and be mindful of the inner grace of the divine who, no matter what appearances may tell us, is ALWAYS more powerful than anything that is or ever has been. May God extend his providence upon you at all times and in all places where you may find yourself. God willing we shall all find ourselves.

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