Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Tinder of Hell's Smorgasbord Flambe is Ignited by the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.

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I had been thinking of death in recent weeks. I don't know why that was. It simply kept creeping into my thoughts. This was to the degree that I asked about it and was told I could well be around for a good while yet. This did not make me happy but... there isn't much one can do about it.

Then... over the course of recent time, including today, I have been hearing about it more than at any time I can remember. Someone in the comments at Robert Phoenix's site said something like; “is there some kind of death thing going around?” Talking about this is not meant to diminish the importance of it or the very telling impact it has on those left behind. Even if you knew the departed was off to a very good place, as would be the case with the large majority of folks who come round here, you still miss them.

We are hammered with incredulity about this because... we remember nothing of what was, before we arrived here (in most cases) and... in most cases, don't discover very much accurate information about whence we are headed upon leaving, in most cases.

I wanted to talk about something else but I thought I would mention the other since it has been prominent in my experiences of other lives in present time. I want to talk about a certain mathematical equivalency. That is, Materialism= Insanity= Satanism. I have been watching what is going on around me; close up and at a far remove. I have been watching intently and giving focused attention to everything that has been coming up in the windshield and in the Event Horizon. Items out-picture in the Event Horizon as the logical and inevitable outcome of Trends and Patterns of Human Behavior, as influenced and forcefully managed by insane, Satanic materialists.

People are losing their minds and it has only just begun. The incidence of serious crazy is gnawing through the floorboards.

It is jumping off of buildings to the cheers of onlookers. The same crazy people that started the previous wars are back at it again. How do they manage to get into position for this? Who has the arm-twisting force of MONEY to shoehorn flaming shit into everyone's lunch? Who is it that has been doing this sort of thing over and over and over across serious stretches of time? I can find dozens of examples of really weird things happening. ♫It's only just begun♫

I get regular mailers from large musical instrument sites. I signed up for them. I like to know about new technological advances. This is how I came into the possession of this item.

If you are not a musician or a composer you might not initially think yourself interested in it but if you are the sort of person that can be surprised and amazed at how far tech has come, I think you might be impressed. Pythagoras would be thrilled to have something like this. I know I am. I have a point waiting further on, in case you are one of those people who still wonder about that (grin). You have to put up with a stupid interruption about halfway through that video but just click the skip button to the right when it appears.

Why I brought this up to begin with has to do with a site called they are a big clearing house for used instruments. I got an email today and so I went to the site to check it out. It turns out that today's item is about a bunch of brain washed or washed up musical artists, who are raising money for trannys and gender-viscous fluid youth. If you look at the picture at the top of the page, you'll see 3 female musicians. Does anyone want to tell me what the intent of the person to the far right is? I believe she is called Billie Eilish. There seems to be something wrong with her tongue. I also noted the intense spiritual gaze pouring from her eyes. The lady in the middle, who is more than 70 years old, seems to have discovered the fountain of youth. Good for her.

There's a Disqus comment section at the bottom where you can tell the good folk (snort) at Reverb what you think about this campaign. Perhaps you will note that I was compelled to say something (grin).

It is Satan and his army of fallen angels that is the motivating force behind the strange capitulation of corporations, governments, religions, education systems... all of the quick appearance of really sick behavior and crazy... really crazy things. Yikes!!! the arguments continue to get more and more and more far out. When I say crazy, I mean crazy and it has over 20 millions views!!!

AND... it's all about MONEY!!!

The incredible potential of the human race, (sigh) ...and the manifest realm, in the hands of troglodytes and perverts of every kind. The godless and the completely unrestrained by any taint of morals or inner guidance, for the most part driven by the lust for every possibility of depraved appetite and guidance courtesy of the howling demons of The Pit. All the bright promise that was generated by the blood sweat and tears of so many forgotten souls whose love of poetry and celestial music, whose love of the divine in expression in everything and whose symmetry and perfection when seen in its own true image brings a wonderland of delight and joy to every heart capable of surrender to that greater mind and guiding hand. Yet we are left with this...

...and out of so much possibility and promise; that which is seen in the magical light that shines from every child's eye is turned to this and then shuttered and blinded through the long term of remaining years, slowly turning on the wheel of a diseased fire, generated by toxic desire, implanted through telepathic invasion, by those whose hatred of life and all good and decent things is their single and consuming passion.

Back in times, now long forgotten, was the science and applied magic of the technology of light. There was the Lemurian Sun Disk. Later on and in another location was the Sumerian Winged Sun. Later on and in yet another location was the Peruvian-Inca Sun Disk. Of course, parallels are to be found in ancient Egypt, among the Chaldean's with their flame alphabet, meant to mimic; seek to render as close an approximation as was possible to the living flame alphabet, inscribed into every manifest thing and which is the vibrating integrity that holds it in place as the individual creation that it is. Now... our technology approaches a similar awareness of the occult power of light, out of which everything is composed, we and everything are, frozen sunlight, sunlight in extension.

Lurking in the shadows are those whose single intent is to turn these marvelous rediscoveries into weapons of war. I call them rediscoveries because;

“The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again. All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.”

It is my considered opinion that 'the preacher' in Ecclesiastes was Solomon.

In any case, all the bright and beautiful cultures and civilizations that once flourished here are now gone. In many cases, no evidence at all remains of their presence and many were of a much higher order of being than we are now because they came (some of them) in ages where the preponderance of light was greater than at the present. This is why those of us who manage to find that ideal upon which to focus our minds and inspire our hearts, are in a position to make a quantum leap spiritually, because of the 'degree of difficulty' It is no accident, the circumstances and condition we find ourselves in. It is no accident that such unbelievable depravity is manifest or that it intensifies by the day to lead all who are deceived by such into perdition.

At this moment, lawyers and all manner of highly placed 'influencers' are seeking to have the whole of it written into law. It is not some outrageous fantasy to imagine that one day there will be a bounty on heterosexuals; that Christians will be pursued with all the vengeance and rage that 'the enemy' can awaken in those who have lost their way.

Why is it that the LGBTQRSTVUWZYZ movement does not attack the Muslim religion? Why is it the Christian religion that is the single greatest target of those who war on Christmas and all things related? The Muslims are FAR MORE judgmental and 'actively' opposed to all these sexual low jinks. They are the ones with Sharia Law, concerning perversity in all forms. Christians are not the ones who execute and imprison gays. Yet all spiritually aware souls know that the Tinder of Hell's Smorgasbord Flambe is Ignited by the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. Just follow the money. It's always about the money.

Think about it... that really doesn't make any kind of sense, does it? All over the planet, the greatest physical enemy of the hedonist, sodomite brigade is the organized Muslim religion. Take a look around. Why is this out of bounds but the Christians aren't? Hmmm.

My friends, you have seen some small evidence here, in present time, of a logarithmic expansion of formerly human cohesion fraying into tatters. Sybaritic conflagrations of out of control, runaway madness are everywhere in action. People who walk and talk like normal people, suddenly want their children surgically altered, because of imagined behavior, manifesting shortly after the child learns to walk and in many cases this is for no other reason than the promise of celebrity for them. In schools, young children are demanding to be granted sex changes because of the popularity that follows. This has already been conclusively researched. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Visible runs screaming into the night (not really). Remember that statement... “it's later than you think”? That might just be true now.

The good news is that the Lord of Creation dwells within you and is standing by to do... everything... everything... if we would simply permit it. All we have to do is let go and let the ageless hand take the tiller. It's in your court.

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Monday, May 06, 2019

Awash in the Conscious Joy and Appreciation of an Embarrassment of Riches.

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Ah my friends; big and sweeping changes in the manifest. The totality of it all is an ocean and the transitory dramas that come and go are the waves that temporarily rise and fall upon the surface. The wiser minds identify with the ocean and remain undisturbed by the transitory changes that go on around them. How can waves threaten the ocean? They cannot.

Meanwhile a vast consciousness interpenetrates all things. It is singular and unique within the complexity and diversity of all the comings and goings; all the appearances and disappearances. Yet we are heard even amidst the uproar, in remarkable ways- as the case may be. How wonderful is that? Such miracles occur every day but are unseen by those in the thrall of it all; those whose eyes, whose hearts and minds are fixed on temporary things. The miracles happen but are seldom credited as such. God is real!!! Yes! How grateful am I? Immeasurably. I am rendered mute within the splendor and perpetual wonder of the animator of us all.

I know this is Petri Dish, designed to call attention to obscenities such as this. The vampire queen of the moment is busy as... something or other, paying law firms to take heart tugging cases for the purpose of personal celebrity and coming off as a crusader for truth, justice and personal celebrity. She is going to be a lawyer. It's too bad that William Rick Singer is tied up at the moment because he could help her a great deal to that end. She's engaged in all kinds of spiritual pursuits with the other handmaidens of purity and virtue. That's what Petri Dish has been about. I am so tired of this kind of thing. Tired also of the world celebrating these psychopaths but... that is the nature of the world. No one gets that kind of attention and wealth without terrible sacrifice. It should be none of my affair but... I live in this world (not of it though) and we are all affected by the trends and forces at work in it.

I had just written an extensive commentary on the why's and wherefore's of the sorts of topics I cover at times. I was trying to explain how it is that I don't hate these or those people and am not anti-this or that in any classic sense. I am anti-ignorance, anti-greed- anti-genocide- anti-lies and it so happens that the same people are kingpins in these areas and it is easily proven but seldom addressed with any force or clarity due to ubiquitous cowardice and indifference across the board. In times of material darkness, the servants of material darkness prosper BUT... do not prevail and I must ever remind myself of this. So I shelved my extensive commentary. You've read it all here before. I shouldn't have to keep saying it.

The standards setters and social justice warriors, as well as the PC footsoldiers are waxing various individuals off of social media and I thought I might say something about this; should I seem to disappear all of a sudden. Be assured I will resurface. I am hoping 'the elf' can find the time to get these blogs operative at another location as backup and I am going to start double posting at each place so as to continue without interruption. PLEASE NOTE; if something should happen, we will find a workaround. In the end you can email me for details of forward progress. I have been supernaturally protected in this regard; witness my coming unscathed out of Europe. That was truly inexplicable but I credit it all to the good offices of the ineffable who sees that I am looked out for. There really can be no other answer for it. It astounds me that so many people do not register the fact of an all pervasive and benevolent force that dwells in us all and is closer to us than we are to ourselves.

In the meantime, really crazy shit is going down. My reaction was to just laugh out-loud. I have people who come around here, now and again, trying to argue with me about this. I don't argue to begin with. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. Moving right along.

There are all sorts of crises at work. Some of them are just the way it goes in those places where too many people want to live for any number of reasons. Social disorder is fomenting at every level and to hear the new crop of catamite Democratic candidates for president, the possibilities for conditions becoming much much worse are flexing their muscles in the Event Horizon. These people are certifiable and 'owned' by interests that are darker than most of us have any comprehension of.

So it goes in these times. The war against Christianity has had its Fort Sumter moment at Notre Dame de Paris. People should always seek to remember that when you try to pull down something very big, there is a great likelihood that it will come down on top of them. Many things are connected to each other that might seem incredible at first glance. Vandals should beware, lest they wind up vandalizing their own existence beyond repair.

I think I have said enough now so that I can move on to what motivated me to post today. As most of you know, around Christmas, I began trying to get the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda. It was an ordeal and I didn't finally get the books until some time in February. I read the first book in a shorter time and I am still reading the second. It is densely packed with remarkable material that requires a very thoughtful ingestion. Last night, in the early hours of Sunday, I was reading the last part of “Practical Vedanta- Chapter 1”. It was quite an experience as I was drawn into the mind behind the thoughts. At the end I felt profoundly altered and am compelled to include it in this posting for you today. Some of you will get the power and meaning that affected me so deeply. I hope this stands you in good stead and you are summarily changed as a result. I have a bit of a personal note at the end; not dealing with me personally but with some of the readers who have been coming here for some good while. Thank you for your consideration;

From Practical Vedanta-
Book 2 of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekanada

“The Vedanta preaches the ideal; and the ideal, as we know, is always far ahead of the real, of the practical, as we may call it. There are two tendencies in human nature: one to harmonise the ideal with the life, and the other to elevate the life to the ideal. It is a great thing to understand this, for the former tendency is the temptation of our lives. I think that I can only do a certain class of work. Most of it, perhaps, is bad; most of it, perhaps, has a motive power of passion behind it, anger, or greed, or selfishness. Now if any man comes to preach to me a certain ideal, the first step towards which is to give up selfishness, to give up self-enjoyment, I think that is impractical. But when a man brings an ideal which can be reconciled with my selfishness, I am glad at once and jump at it. That is the ideal for me. As the word "orthodox" has been manipulated into various forms, so has been the word "practical".

"My doxy is orthodoxy; your doxy is heterodoxy." So with practicality. What I think is practical, is to me the only practicality in the world. If I am a shopkeeper, I think shopkeeping the only practical pursuit in the world. If I am a thief, I think stealing is the best means of being practical; others are not practical. You see how we all use this word practical for things we like and can do. Therefore I will ask you to understand that Vedanta, though it is intensely practical, is always so in the sense of the ideal. It does not preach an impossible ideal, however high it be, and it is high enough for an ideal. In one word, this ideal is that you are divine, "Thou art That".

This is the essence of Vedanta; after all its ramifications and intellectual gymnastics, you know the human soul to be pure and omniscient, you see that such superstitions as birth and death would be entire nonsense when spoken of in connection with the soul. The soul was never born and will never die, and all these ideas that we are going to die and are afraid to die are mere superstitions. And all such ideas as that we can do this or cannot do that are superstitions. We can do everything. The Vedanta teaches men to have faith in themselves first. As certain religions of the world say that a man who does not believe in a Personal God outside of himself is an atheist, so the Vedanta says, a man who does not believe in himself is an atheist. Not believing in the glory of our own soul is what the Vedanta calls atheism.

To many this is, no doubt, a terrible idea; and most of us think that this ideal can never be reached; but the Vedanta insists that it can be realised by every one. There is neither man nor woman or child, nor difference of race or sex, nor anything that stands as a bar to the realisation of the ideal, because Vedanta shows that it is realised already, it is already there. All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. Know that there is no darkness around us. Take the hands away and there is the light which was from the beginning. Darkness never existed, weakness never existed. We who are fools cry that we are weak; we who are fools cry that we are impure. Thus Vedanta not only insists that the ideal is practical, but that it has been so all the time; and this Ideal, this Reality, is our own nature. Everything else that you see is false, untrue. As soon as you say, "I am a little mortal being," you are saying something which is not true, you are giving the lie to yourselves, you are hypnotising yourselves into something vile and weak and wretched. The Vedanta recognises no sin, it only recognises error. And the greatest error, says the Vedanta, is to say that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature, and that you have no power and you cannot do this and that.

Every time you think in that way, you, as it were, rivet one more link in the chain that binds you down, you add one more layer of hypnotism on to your own soul. Therefore, whosoever thinks he is weak is wrong, whosoever thinks he is impure is wrong, and is throwing a bad thought into the world. This we must always bear in mind that in the Vedanta there is no attempt at reconciling the present life — the hypnotised life, this false life which we have assumed — with the ideal; but this false life must go, and the real life which is always existing must manifest itself, must shine out. No man becomes purer and purer, it is a matter of greater manifestation. The veil drops away, and the native purity of the soul begins to manifest itself. Everything is ours already — infinite purity, freedom, love, and power. The Vedanta also says that not only can this be realised in the depths of forests or caves, but by men in all possible conditions of life.

We have seen that the people who discovered these truths were neither living in caves nor forests, nor following the ordinary vocations of life, but men who, we have every reason to believe, led the busiest of lives, men who had to command armies, to sit on thrones, and look to the welfare of millions — and all these, in the days of absolute monarchy, and not as in these days when a king is to a great extent a mere figurehead. Yet they could find time to think out all these thoughts, to realise them, and to teach them to humanity. How much more then should it be practical for us whose lives, compared with theirs, are lives of leisure? That we cannot realise them is a shame to us, seeing that we are comparatively free all the time, having very little to do. My requirements are as nothing compared with those of an ancient absolute monarch. My wants are as nothing compared with the demands of Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, commanding a huge army; and yet he could find time in the midst of the din and turmoil of battle to talk the highest philosophy and to carry it into his life also. Surely we ought to be able to do as much in this life of ours — comparatively free, easy, and comfortable. Most of us here have more time than we think we have, if we really want to use it for good. With the amount of freedom we have we can attain to two hundred ideals in this life, if we will, but we must not degrade the ideal to the actual.

One of the most insinuating things comes to us in the shape of persons who apologise for our mistakes and teach us how to make special excuses for all our foolish wants and foolish desires; and we think that their ideal is the only ideal we need have. But it is not so. The Vedanta teaches no such thing. The actual should be reconciled to the ideal, the present life should be made to coincide with life eternal. For you must always remember that the one central ideal of Vedanta is this oneness. There are no two in anything, no two lives, nor even two different kinds of life for the two worlds. You will find the Vedas speaking of heavens and things like that at first; but later on, when they come to the highest ideals of their philosophy, they brush away all these things. There is but one life, one world, one existence. Everything is that One, the difference is in degree and not in kind. The difference between our lives is not in kind. The Vedanta entirely denies such ideas as that animals are separate from men, and that they were made and created by God to be used for our food.

Some people have been kind enough to start an antivivisection society. I asked a member, "Why do you think, my friend, that it is quite lawful to kill animals for food, and not to kill one or two for scientific experiments?" He replied, "Vivisection is most horrible, but animals have been given to us for food." Oneness includes all animals. If man's life is immortal, so also is the animal's. The difference is only in degree and not in kind. The amoeba and I are the same, the difference is only in degree; and from the standpoint of the highest life, all these differences vanish. A man may see a great deal of difference between grass and a little tree, but if you mount very high, the grass and the biggest tree will appear much the same. So, from the standpoint of the highest ideal, the lowest animal and the highest man are the same. If you believe there is a God, the animals and the highest creatures must be the same. A God who is partial to his children called men, and cruel to his children called brute beasts, is worse than a demon. I would rather die a hundred times than worship such a God. My whole life would be a fight with such a God But there is no difference, and those who say there is, are irresponsible, heartless people who do not know. Here is a case of the word practical used in a wrong sense. I myself may not be a very strict vegetarian, but I understand the ideal.

When I eat meat I know it is wrong. Even if I am bound to eat it under certain circumstances, I know it is cruel. I must not drag my ideal down to the actual and apologise for my weak conduct in this way. The ideal is not to eat flesh, not to injure any being, for all animals are my brothers. If you can think of them as your brothers, you have made a little headway towards the brotherhood of all souls, not to speak of the brotherhood of man! That is child's play. You generally find that this is not very acceptable to many, because it teaches them to give up the actual, and go higher up to the ideal. But if you bring out a theory which is reconciled with their present conduct, they regard it as entirely practical. There is this strongly conservative tendency in human nature: we do not like to move one step forward. I think of mankind just as I read of persons who become frozen in snow; all such, they say, want to go to sleep, and if you try to drag them up, they say, "Let me sleep; it is so beautiful to sleep in the snow", and they die there in that sleep. So is our nature. That is what we are doing all our life, getting frozen from the feet upwards, and yet wanting to sleep. Therefore you must struggle towards the ideal, and if a man comes who wants to bring that ideal down to your level, and teach a religion that does not carry that highest ideal, do not listen to him. To me that is an impracticable religion. But if a man teaches a religion which presents the highest ideal, I am ready for him.

Beware when anyone is trying to apologise for sense vanities and sense weaknesses. If anyone wants to preach that way to us, poor, sense-bound clods of earth as we have made ourselves by following that teaching, we shall never progress. I have seen many of these things, have had some experience of the world, and my country is the land where religious sects grow like mushrooms. Every year new sects arise. But one thing I have marked, that it is only those that never want to reconcile the man of flesh with the man of truth that make progress. Wherever there is this false idea of reconciling fleshly vanities with the highest ideals, of dragging down God to the level of man, there comes decay. Man should not be degraded to worldly slavery, but should be raised up to God. At the same time, there is another side to the question. We must not look down with contempt on others. All of us are going towards the same goal. The difference between weakness and strength is one of degree; the difference between virtue and vice is one of degree, the difference between heaven and hell is one of degree, the difference between life and death is one of degree, all differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything. All is One, which manifests Itself, either as thought, or life, or soul, or body, and the difference is only in degree. As such, we have no right to look down with contempt upon those who are not developed exactly in the same degree as we are. Condemn none; if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way. Dragging down and condemning is not the way to work. Never is work accomplished in that way. We spend our energies in condemning others. Criticism and condemnation is a vain way of spending our energies, for in the long run we come to learn that all are seeing the same thing, are more or less approaching the same ideal, and that most of our differences are merely differences of expression.

Take the idea of sin. I was telling you just now the Vedantic idea of it, and the other idea is that man is a sinner. They are practically the same, only the one takes the positive and the other the negative side. One shows to man his strength and the other his weakness. There may be weakness, says the Vedanta, but never mind, we want to grow. Disease was found out as soon as man was born. Everyone knows his disease; it requires no one to tell us what our diseases are. But thinking all the time that we are diseased will not cure us — medicine is necessary. We may forget anything outside, we may try to become hypocrites to the external world, but in our heart of hearts we all know our weaknesses. But, says the Vedanta, being reminded of weakness does not help much; give strength, and strength does not come by thinking of weakness all the time.

The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength. Teach men of the strength that is already within them. Instead of telling them they are sinners, the Vedanta takes the opposite position, and says, "You are pure and perfect, and what you call sin does not belong to you." Sins are very low degrees of Self-manifestation; manifest your Self in a high degree. That is the one thing to remember; all of us can do that. Never say, "No", never say, "I cannot", for you are infinite. Even time and space are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything and everything, you are almighty. These are the principles of ethics, but we shall now come down lower and work out the details. We shall see how this Vedanta can be carried into our everyday life, the city life, the country life, the national life, and the home life of every nation. For, if a religion cannot help man wherever he may be, wherever he stands, it is not of much use; it will remain only a theory for the chosen few. Religion, to help mankind, must be ready and able to help him in whatever condition he is, in servitude or in freedom, in the depths of degradation or on the heights of purity; everywhere, equally, it should be able to come to his aid.

The principles of Vedanta, or the ideal of religion, or whatever you may call it, will be fulfilled by its capacity for performing this great function. The ideal of faith in ourselves is of the greatest help to us. If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished. Throughout the history of mankind, if any motive power has been more potent than another in the lives of all great men and women, it is that of faith in themselves. Born with the consciousness that they were to be great, they became great. Let a man go down as low as possible; there must come a time when out of sheer desperation he will take an upward curve and will learn to have faith in himself. But it is better for us that we should know it from the very first. Why should we have all these bitter experiences in order to gain faith in ourselves? We can see that all the difference between man and man is owing to the existence or non-existence of faith in himself. Faith in ourselves will do everything. I have experienced it in my own life, and am still doing so; and as I grow older that faith is becoming stronger and stronger. He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in himself. But it is not selfish faith because the Vedanta, again, is the doctrine of oneness. It means faith in all, because you are all. Love for yourselves means love for all, love for animals, love for everything, for you are all one. It is the great faith which will make the world better. I am sure of that. He is the highest man who can say with truth, "I know all about myself."

Do you know how much energy, how many powers, how many forces are still lurking behind that frame of yours? What scientist has known all that is in man? Millions of years have passed since man first came here, and yet but one infinitesimal part of his powers has been manifested. Therefore, you must not say that you are weak. How do you know what possibilities lie behind that degradation on the surface? You know but little of that which is within you. For behind you is the ocean of infinite power and blessedness. "This Âtman is first to be heard of." Hear day and night that you are that Soul. Repeat it to yourselves day and night till it enters into your very veins, till it tingles in every drop of blood, till it is in your flesh and bone. Let the whole body be full of that one ideal, "I am the birthless, the deathless, the blissful, the omniscient, the omnipotent, ever-glorious Soul." Think on it day and night; think on it till it becomes part and parcel of your life. Meditate upon it, and out of that will come work. "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh," and out of the fullness of the heart the hand worketh also. Action will come. Fill yourselves with the ideal; whatever you do, think well on it. All your actions will be magnified, transformed, deified, by the very power of the thought.

If matter is powerful, thought is omnipotent. Bring this thought to bear upon your life, fill yourselves with the thought of your almightiness, your majesty, and your glory. Would to God no superstitions had been put into your head! Would to God we had not been surrounded from our birth by all these superstitious influences and paralysing ideas of our weakness and vileness! Would to God that mankind had had an easier path through which to attain to the noblest and highest truths! But man had to pass through all this; do not make the path more difficult for those who are coming after you. These are sometimes terrible doctrines to teach. I know people who get frightened at these ideas, but for those who want to be practical, this is the first thing to learn. Never tell yourselves or others that you are weak. Do good if you can, but do not injure the world. You know in your inmost heart that many of your limited ideas, this humbling of yourself and praying and weeping to imaginary beings are superstitions. Tell me one case where these prayers have been answered. All the answers that came were from your own hearts.

You know there are no ghosts, but no sooner are you in the dark than you feel a little creepy sensation. That is so because in our childhood we have had all these fearful ideas put into our heads. But do not teach these things to others through fear of society and public opinion, through fear of incurring the hatred of friends, or for fear of losing cherished superstitions. Be masters of all these. What is there to be taught more in religion than the oneness of the universe and faith in one's self? All the works of mankind for thousands of years past have been towards this one goal, and mankind is yet working it out. It is your turn now and you already know the truth. For it has been taught on all sides. Not only philosophy and psychology, but materialistic sciences have declared it. Where is the scientific man today who fears to acknowledge the truth of this oneness of the universe? Who is there who dares talk of many worlds? All these are superstitions.

There is only one life and one world, and this one life and one world is appearing to us as manifold. This manifoldness is like a dream. When you dream, one dream passes away and another comes. You do not live in your dreams. The dreams come one after another, scene after scene unfolds before you. So it is in this world of ninety per cent misery and ten per cent happiness. Perhaps after a while it will appear as ninety per cent happiness, and we shall call it heaven, but a time comes to the sage when the whole thing vanishes, and this world appears as God Himself, and his own soul as God. It is not therefore that there are many worlds, it is not that there are many lives. All this manifoldness is the manifestation of that One. That One is manifesting Himself as many, as matter, spirit, mind, thought, and everything else. It is that One, manifesting Himself as many.

Therefore the first step for us to take is to teach the truth to ourselves and to others. Let the world resound with this ideal, and let superstitions vanish. Tell it to men who are weak and persist in telling it. You are the Pure One; awake and arise, O mighty one, this sleep does not become you. Awake and arise, it does not befit you. Think not that you are weak and miserable. Almighty, arise and awake, and manifest your own nature. It is not fitting that you think yourself a sinner. It is not fitting that you think yourself weak. Say that to the world, say it to yourselves, and see what a practical result comes, see how with an electric flash everything is manifested, how everything is changed. Tell that to mankind, and show them their power. Then we shall learn how to apply it in our daily lives. To be able to use what we call Viveka (discrimination), to learn how in every moment of our lives, in every one of our actions, to discriminate between what is right and wrong, true and false, we shall have to know the test of truth, which is purity, oneness.

Everything that makes for oneness is truth. Love is truth, and hatred is false, because hatred makes for multiplicity. It is hatred that separates man from man; therefore it is wrong and false. It is a disintegrating power; it separates and destroys. Love binds, love makes for that oneness. You become one, the mother with the child, families with the city, the whole world becomes one with the animals. For love is Existence, God Himself; and all this is the manifestation of that One Love, more or less expressed. The difference is only in degree, but it is the manifestation of that One Love throughout. Therefore in all our actions we have to judge whether it is making for diversity or for oneness. If for diversity we have to give it up, but if it makes for oneness we are sure it is good. So with our thoughts; we have to decide whether they make for disintegration, multiplicity, or for oneness, binding soul to soul and bringing one influence to bear. If they do this, we will take them up, and if not, we will throw them off as criminal.

The whole idea of ethics is that it does not depend on anything unknowable, it does not teach anything unknown, but in the language of the Upanishad, "The God whom you worship as an unknown God, the same I preach unto thee." It is through the Self that you know anything. I see the chair; but to see the chair, I have first to perceive myself and then the chair. It is in and through the Self that the chair is perceived. It is in and through the Self that you are known to me, that the whole world is known to me; and therefore to say this Self is unknown is sheer nonsense. Take off the Self and the whole universe vanishes. In and through the Self all knowledge comes. Therefore it is the best known of all. It is yourself, that which you call I. You may wonder how this I of me can be the I of you. You may wonder how this limited I can be the unlimited Infinite, but it is so. The limited is a mere fiction. The Infinite has been covered up, as it were, and a little of It is manifesting as the I. Limitation can never come upon the unlimited; it is a fiction.

The Self is known, therefore, to every one of us — man, woman, or child — and even to animals. Without knowing Him we can neither live nor move, nor have our being; without knowing this Lord of all, we cannot breathe or live a second. The God of the Vedanta is the most known of all and is not the outcome of imagination. If this is not preaching a practical God, how else could you teach a practical God? Where is there a more practical God than He whom I see before me — a God omnipresent, in every being, more real than our senses? For you are He, the Omnipresent God Almighty, the Soul of your souls, and if I say you are not, I tell an untruth. I know it, whether at all times I realise it or not. He is the Oneness, the Unity of all, the Reality of all life and all existence. These ideas of the ethics of Vedanta have to be worked out in detail, and, therefore, you must have patience. As I have told you, we want to take the subject in detail and work it up thoroughly, to see how the ideas grow from very low ideals, and how the one great Ideal of oneness has developed and become shaped into the universal love; and we ought to study these in order to avoid dangers.

The world cannot find time to work it up from the lowest steps. But what is the use of our standing on higher steps if we cannot give the truth to others coming afterwards? Therefore, it is better to study it in all its workings; and first, it is absolutely necessary to clear the intellectual portion, although we know that intellectuality is almost nothing; for it is the heart that is of most importance. It is through the heart that the Lord is seen, and not through the intellect. The intellect is only the street-cleaner, cleansing the path for us, a secondary worker, the policeman; but the policeman is not a positive necessity for the workings of society. He is only to stop disturbances, to check wrong-doing, and that is all the work required of the intellect.

When you read intellectual books, you think when you have mastered them, "Bless the Lord that I am out of them", because the intellect is blind and cannot move of itself, it has neither hands nor feet. It is feeling that works, that moves with speed infinitely superior to that of electricity or anything else. Do you feel? — that is the question. If you do, you will see the Lord: It is the feeling that you have today that will be intensified, deified, raised to the highest platform, until it feels everything, the oneness in everything, till it feels God in itself and in others. The intellect can never do that. "Different methods of speaking words, different methods of explaining the texts of books, these are for the enjoyment of the learned, not for the salvation of the soul" (Vivekachudâmani, 58). Those of you who have read Thomas a Kempis know how in every page he insists on this, and almost every holy man in the world has insisted on it. Intellect is necessary, for without it we fall into crude errors and make all sorts of mistakes. Intellect checks these; but beyond that, do not try to build anything upon it. It is an inactive, secondary help; the real help is feeling, love. Do you feel for others? If you do, you are growing in oneness. If you do not feel for others, you may be the most intellectual giant ever born, but you will be nothing; you are but dry intellect, and you will remain so. And if you feel, even if you cannot read any book and do not know any language, you are in the right way.

The Lord is yours. Do you not know from the history of the world where the power of the prophets lay? Where was it? In the intellect? Did any of them write a fine book on philosophy, on the most intricate ratiocinations of logic? Not one of them. They only spoke a few words. Feel like Christ and you will be a Christ; feel like Buddha and you will be a Buddha. It is feeling that is the life, the strength, the vitality, without which no amount of intellectual activity can reach God. Intellect is like limbs without the power of locomotion. It is only when feeling enters and gives them motion that they move and work on others. That is so all over the world, and it is a thing which you must always remember. It is one of the most practical things in Vedantic morality, for it is the teaching of the Vedanta that you are all prophets, arid all must be prophets. The book is not the proof of your conduct, but you are the proof of the book. How do you know that a book teaches truth? Because you are truth and feel it. That is what the Vedanta says.

What is the proof of the Christs and Buddhas of the world? That you and I feel like them. That is how you and I understand that they were true. Our prophet-soul is the proof of their prophet-soul. Your godhead is the proof of God Himself. If you are not a prophet, there never has been anything true of God. If you are not God, there never was any God, and never will be. This, says the Vedanta, is the ideal to follow. Every one of us will have to become a prophet, and you are that already. Only know it. Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin — to say that you are weak, or others are weak.”

I cannot imagine anyone not being inspired by what they have just read. I am impacted to the very base of my being by what is written here. I pray that the same may be true for those of you capable of sifting the meaning from what has been said and integrating it into your consciousness as the truth that it is.

I mentioned a personal note earlier. Our long time reader and personal friend, Robert Hitt is still hospitalized and recovering from a stroke and other concerns. By God's grace he may yet be mobile among us again. I know the profound power that is prayer and I ask all that may be willing to seek out the ear of our creator and ask for his help in this matter. Also, long time reader and friend, Robert Pyle and his wife- Friedom. She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are experiencing great emotional and physical distress, most especially Friedom. All three of these good souls could use the great good that prayer generates when spoken from a believing heart. I appeal to all of you so inclined to add your prayers to mine that their suffering should be short or even miraculously ended. Thank you!

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

President Camacho, Dancing with Rainbow Hellelujah Morning at Coachella

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By this time, it should be unpleasantly clear that there is a concerted effort afoot to seduce the public mind into an ever more coarsening view and performance of existence. Through identity confusion, which is the antithesis of Self Realization. Through the enforced elevation of 'diversity' over 'unity'. Through the perversion of natural behavior, via the celebration of unnatural behavior and most especially (taking a page- or 2- from 1984) by hijacking the language and making it the bitch of Satanic Doctrine, we have arrived in this mysterious way station, between what we have forgotten and what we are told we know. This is the land of despotic minorities, who are made ever more cruel and tyrannous by the inner knowing that they are not what they say they are. They have been rendered into a sad mockery for the entertainment of psychopaths.

There is no difference between President Camacho of Idiocracy and the manufactured Kanye West that certain nasty cabals are grooming for a most important persona in the yet to be unveiled, brain damaged future. Presently they have him assuming the mantle of pop tart preacher of a Shake 'n Bake' gospel to D-list celebrities and the mesmerized moths who dance in and out of the invisible flames.

We've heard about his selling his soul to the devil. We've heard it about all sorts of people in 'the industry'. Generally, the media that processes the sewage of the times into the Soylent Green being served as a real meal, tends to make fun of any and all claims about what is patently obvious if one believes, as do I, that, “by their works ye shall know them” (ye?). It is observable that some number of people, possessed of zero inspiration and talent, are surprisingly successful. One could say, well, that's just another indication of how bankrupt the culture is. I happen to know that one cannot actually sell their soul, since it does not belong to them but... one can certainly be convinced that they have done so. By the time anyone is in consideration of selling their soul, they have already removed all the value. Meaning, they are already in the sway of that force, which is as misunderstood as is the presumed alternative.

There is a great deal of confusion as to what the greatest spiritual prize is. Some might think it to be going to Heaven for ever and ever, except... it doesn't work like that. Usually Heaven is on the meter and at some point one has to return here to finish 'the job'. The ultimate achievement is accomplished 'here' and that is a state of being- a state of consciousness, of awareness. Though it might be named differently at different times and in different places, it is always some variant of Self Realization. It is the result of 'know thyself' and has something to do with 'as a man thinketh'. I'm not suggesting this is the sole province of men. That has already been overruled by more than one feminine being, among them, the source of the quotes at the end of this brief.

That which is called The Devil, has as its agenda, the manifestation of confusion, discord, strife and all manner of similar and all of these are for the purpose of hindering Self Realization. The job of the Devil is to keep you from realizing who you are. Jesus Christ made this clear in his own way but that is seldom the argument given by those who purport to speak for him. It all comes back to Jesus being a man and Christ being a station; “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

It's a timeless game that goes on here and there are manufactured archetypal characters to play this role and that. In the end one might find themselves saying, as did Alice; “you're nothing but a pack of cards.” There is, of course, more than a passing association between this and the arcane meaning of The Tarot.

There's a price that comes with fame and fortune and a great many things that go on behind the scenes. Even the light of day can just as often not be the light of day. On the common level, episodes of chronic crazy are multiplying like bacteria.

There's another version here and yet another version here. You've seen the lizard person here a couple of times too.

All over the world, reality has been stood on its head, as people march to the beat of what they are told by those they have given the power to tell them. If you have a job you want to keep. If you have a family that relies on you for their bread and board. If you have a standing in your community then you have to give a certain value to them and you are well described by Francis Bacon who said; “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune.”

Certain periodicals that, with the invention of toilet paper, no longer serve their former purpose, are creatively engaged in bringing certain things to your attention. With the invention of the internet, the paperless aspect of it... heh heh. As you read these articles and if you still possess an objective mindset, you can see that much of the time, it's not about what it seems to be about, while still being about that, only coming from a more convoluted perspective. Sometimes the best way to promote something is to not appear to be promoting it but rather let the manner of presentation speak volumes.

Only a few decades ago, you would never have imagined society or the culture to be manifesting in the way that it does. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, H.G. Wells and others, were capable of seeing well ahead by simply paying attention to the trends of the moment and when one has a conscious grasp of things like Materialism, they can readily intuit what stages will occur as B follows A, as C follows B. Therefore it is not a reach to consider that where liberty is held in high regard, or where it was instrumental in the construction of a social or political form that... tyranny might well be up around the bend. It comes to you under the guise of protecting your freedoms. As Ben Franklin wisely put it; “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” One should pay careful attention to just what liberties and freedoms are most defended these days.

Those of us who know that the world is a projection of the mind, are in a position to know if the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Maybe it's two motorcycles and they will just go round you? Those who know that the world is a projection of the mind, possess a powerful magic as a defense against powerful magics. It is crystal clear that something... someone... several someones, is most tirelessly and relentlessly engaged in guiding or herding or leading the populations in a particular direction. At the same time it is easy to see that the endless creation of comforts and conveniences ever further and further removes the individual from their basic survival skills. Oh well...

It's a tough call in today's world to be on the side of the angels. Of course, given the nature of the world, this is why angels are not the dewy eyed and gentle caricatures that new agers with names like 'Hallelujah Rainbow Morning' might imagine. I've had the odd encounter a time or two so I know 'somewhat' whereof I speak. It take a degree of sand to take a stand in respect (or disrespect) of that which seeks to push you to the side, or compel you in one creative way or another to 'follow suit' as the general press of conformity might demand. There are those who wisely note but do not speak and then there are those who were constructed to speak. In certain times, the wise, knowing what the inevitable course is, retreat to whatever version of the Himalayas is available to them. Of course, those who know that the world is a projection of the mind can be anywhere for that matter and irrespective of all the best laid plans, we all have some destiny we are slotted toward until... we don't.

There is a greater and higher destiny to which we are all heir to. Unfortunately, it is a common misfortune to miss that boat because some thing(s) other attracted or interceded. That is the sad commentary of life, in one way or another out of countless ways, we concede or compromise with the manifest, as it presents itself in the bandwidth of the senses.

Let me close with a more complete selection of those thoughts which accompany that statement which I often post here about there being “a road steep and thorny” by the off maligned HPB.

The Golden Stairs

A clean life, an open mind, A pure heart, an eager intellect,
An unveiled spiritual perception, A brotherliness for all,
A readiness to give and receive advice and instruction,
A loyal sense of duty to the Teacher, A willing obedience to the behests of TRUTH,
Once we have placed our confidence in, And believe that Teacher to be in possession of it;

A courageous endurance of personal injustice, A brave declaration of principles,
A valiant defense of those who are unjustly attacked,
And a constant eye to the ideal of human progression,
And perfection which the secret science depicts—

These are the golden stairs
Up the steps of which the learner may climb
To the Temple of Divine Wisdom.

There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind,
but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe:
I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only,
and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore.
There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer;
there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through;
there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity;
for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.

Do not be afraid of your difficulties. Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.

Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. As we rise in the scale of development, we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed, we mistook shadows for realities, and the upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached "reality"; but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya [illusion].

It is an occult law moreover, that no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting, be it ever so little, the whole body of which he is an integral part. In the same way no one can sin, nor suffer the effects of sin, alone. In reality, there is no such thing as 'separateness' and the nearest approach to that selfish state which the laws of life permit is in the intent or motive.

Theosophy is who Theosophy does, not thinks, not studies, not feels but does.

The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards.

A Hindu is a born mystic, and the luxuriant nature of his country has made him a zealous pantheist.

Inaction in a deed of mercy becomes an action in a deadly sin.

Before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion.

No man can swim unless he enters deep water.

The end of man is an action and not a thought, though it were the noblest.

Key To Theosophy

From strength to strength, from the beauty and perfection of one plane to the greater beauty and perfection of another, with accessions of new glory, of fresh knowledge and power in each cycle, such is the destiny of every Ego, which thus becomes its own savior in each world and incarnation.”

I can't think of anything further to add to that. May guidance come to one and all, before catastrophe appears.

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♫ And We Could All Be Free ♫

Sunday, April 07, 2019

The Truth, Despite all Effort to Deny it, Lives Triumphant in the Hearts where it Resides

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The balance between man and woman determines the state of society and when that balance goes missing, chaos ensues and not only chaos but enmity and wrath. Still... it is of no matter what all the world may do. What matters is what you do and whether you have maintained your balance and permitted the love in your heart to turn your life into a work of art. This is present and waiting for us... every one. By the actions of each day we demonstrate what is important to us and give evidence of what defines us until it is writ large upon our person, proving that character is fate.

I went over to some Facebook sites, where there were people I had known from decades ago and it's a lesson, because every single one of them was hanging over the ledge on the Left and it more or less explains why no one from my past, except for the close friends that I never lost touch with, ever gets in touch with me. It appears that I am to the extreme right of all of them. I can't remember when it happened, or why it happened.

None of them has a clue at what happened on 9/11. All of them want the borders completely opened. It seems like pretty much whatever anyone wants, no matter what it is, is alright with them, unless they happen to be a Republican, or a conservative. If someone from the ranks of store front Socialism is selling outfits of camouflage Communism, they think it's a good idea. Where the greatest danger of Communism exists is in all the Crown Colonies (other than this one), such as United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This is where proponents of free thought and free speech are presently suffering the most; Arthur Topham comes to mind. Arthur didn't really do anything wrong, other than to say the Emperor had no clothes on and to object to the way large bodies of people are mistreated at the hands of some. Personally, I am in pretty good company.

I want to point out here that the SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE are behind the promotion of Communism, the Gay Agenda, drag queen, story-time, grooming in elementary schools, the entire transsexual and gender bender movement, the lunatic left and the atheist movement; here is a very amusing manufactured item for us to tear our hair over. AND one more non-newsworthy glaz of toxic journalistic swill. They are also verifiably responsible for reams and reams of mayhem across the bloody pages of tortured history. I didn't set out to put myself at a lifelong disadvantage with the footsoldiers of Satan (umm, it only appears that way). My search for the truth led me there and so it is. Those who do not recognize what is glaringly evident and factually supported up the wazoo are... either too stupid to be informed, cowards, or catamites in search of crumbs, dropping from tables they can't sit at.

I wonder at the mental capacity of people who will buy into the advertising before they look into the components of the item and its construction. They buy into cow fart generated Global Warming and it does not occur to them that ice ages and their counterparts are natural occurrences. What caused it last time? Dinosaur Farts?

How I came to my understanding of Global Warming; what little there is, is based on a more than cursory consideration of what the proponents of Global Warming have to say; their facts and figures and their hockey stick graphs. I am pretty much a 'truther' when it comes to anything and what that means to me is that I am looking for the truth of the matter. I never start out with a premise and then seek to prove it. I take the evidence and I weight it according to common sense and try to keep in mind that the reason things happen is less credible closer to the surface and more reliable beneath it. In other words; appearances lie. Why not ask nearly any street-side proponent of Global Warming why they believe what they do. They will be unable to tell you. They will also get angry.

Now... when you live in a time when information is generated to support an agenda, or belief construct and when you live in a time when appearances are of greater importance than the forces causing them, you wind up with orchestrated conclusions. The surest sign that someone doesn't know what they are talking about is how they react when confronted by inarguable facts, presented by someone who has their intellectual shit together. They get angrier and angrier and begin to shout and raise their fist. They also begin to insult and demean that person, as if their presentation was a personal whim, as opposed to the aggregate of demonstrable evidence.

I have come to understand that the world is the world and it will sort itself out one way or another. People will die because of it and some will get rich and some will go bankrupt. Some will be celebrated and some will be ridiculed. Some who will live on in infamy, who were formerly celebrated and some who were ridiculed, will be rehabilitated in reputation, when the revelations of time prove them to have been right ...but no one wanted to hear it at the time.

Should I move far away into a rustic setting, where my last years can be spent in solitude and contemplation? Will I perhaps make immortal? (always a possibility though you don't hear about it when it happens). Will what is now only a specter, reaching like the ghost of Sauron, across the unwritten pages of the future... flesh out and materialize into form of Winston Smith, his hands pressed to his ears like the character in Munch's iconic painting? Time will tell and we shall see. Allowed to run its course, there is no telling how brutally stupid and callously indifferent it all might become. As Hermes Trismegistus was alleged to have said; “nature unaided fails”.

The truth, despite all efforts to deny it and regardless of the persuasive seduction of powerful lies, is triumphant in the hearts where it resides. Those who posture and pretend to represent and possess it, cannot be considered true representatives. Hypocrites need not apply ...but where it is riveted into the bones of a person, it will defend against all odds. The truth is that God is real and his agents are abroad at all times. He sings his hymns in the rays of the sun and all life that lives has God as its author; though he shall not, in all cases, be accounted the author of their deeds. We are created with the right to oppose and rebel. That is what free will amounts to. We also possess the right to experience the following outcome, for the purpose of demonstration.

Nature is a mirror and will mirror your love, your faith and belief; what have you, really. My relationship to music, or what claims to be music but is not... is a simple affair. Does it kill plants or not? If it kills plants, if it incites violence and if it demeans human potential, I've no use for it. Some rock music kills plants too. I look at all Art in terms of what does it invoke and evoke concerning the human spirit. To interpret the times and predict the future, one only needs to listen to the soundtrack playing in the movie of life. To know the fate of a culture, one needs only consider the degree of Materialism that inspires the lifestyle. The offspring of Materialism IS insanity. The greater the force of materialism, the greater the pervasion and degree of insanity.

Life is the reflection in the barbershop mirror, where God has cast the original image and the image departs by degrees, away from the light that illuminates it. How dark does it have to get before you can no longer see yourself? What does it mean if you have never seen yourself? Who are you? That is the question of the ages and we all answer it according to our disposition and according to what we do or do not know. I am made in the image of my creator and the time will come when I no longer see through a glass darkly

Mr Apocalypse is a general in the Army of God. He sets the stage and then he arranges and disposes, for the purpose of demonstration. Sooner or later the bill comes due. The tale of Faust and Daniel Webster, as well other cautionary tales, are replicated in real life, every day. Just because you did not see them sign the document in blood does not mean the contract was not made. I will point out that your soul is not yours to sell but... there are any number of ways that one can find themselves in torment... or bliss for that matter, even if the origin be singular, in the one case ...and legion in the other.

We live in the performance of the demonstration of who we believe ourselves to be and the result of that exercise is the judgment of life upon the role we played. Did we play a role devised for the purpose of satisfying particular passions, or was it the celebration of a single passion, wherein the outcome was the place it brought us to? This will be the case in any case.

Base desire hollows us out from within and sets a course beyond this life, to the life form which best expresses that desire;;; something to keep in mind. Love hollows us out from within as well, eliminating everything extraneous and pedestrian, in order to make room for the greatest amount of love that can be contained therein and which is not the same for everyone. Why that is I do not know but we are not all the same in the capacity for love, or degree of passion exercised or experienced. Perhaps we all get there but not at the same time.

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“if one is not a liberal when they are young they have no heart and if they are not a conservative as they grow older, they have no brains.”
(paraphrased by me).

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Pressure of the Urban Cauldron will Make you Crazy or... make You Run for the Hills.

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So... the culture blog... It's probably a good thing that I have stayed away from direct interaction with 'kulchar' because these days it really is a landfill burbling with toxic wastes and a disintegrating culture as the masthead states. I do call attention to any number of things, especially those having to do with sexual mores of which, 'less' would be a more desirable word. I'm not surprised by what I see (indirectly) and hear about (indirectly). I've long expected pretty much everything that has appeared since some while ago, because 'trends' can be predicted simply as a by-product of observing trends, the same way that you can predict winding up in Kansas City, if you are on the road to Kansas City. It's not rocket surgery.

There 'seems' to be a lot of people screaming at each other.

I don't want to be anywhere near that. There was a time when I did a lot of performing. It went well mostly but it always 'trended' toward more and more exposure and fame. It did take a little while to realize I didn't want to go there. After awhile I just did drugs all the time but it got in the way of drinking too much on occasion. In the end I just went with drugs. I'd convinced myself that I would find God; get God's attention, if I just made a lot of noise in my head, if I stormed the Gates of Heaven. Since I knew that God was lurking in my head, this seemed (at the time) to be a good idea and it did work finally ...but it also resulted in my having to give up drugs... drinking had already gone by that time. I didn't mind. Having God is a lot like being on really good drugs all the time and that is why it is called 'divine intoxication'. I can't explain what it is like. You have to be there. Be relentlessly persistent and you will be there. Quite simply I wanted it more than anything else and that is why I often mention this; like the I-Ching says, “persistence furthers”.

Don't do it the way I did. You need a special dispensation to do that. If you don't have this dispensation you can wind up permanently disabled, or dead, in which case the latter would be preferable.

Once you have the company of the divine on a regular basis, nothing else and... I really mean NOTHING ELSE has any importance whatsoever, besides service. This is because service is the immediate and permanent offspring of meeting God and having God stick around. God will not stick around otherwise. This is best explained in the song, “Magic is Afoot”.

You simply substitute the word, 'God' for the word 'magic'.

Whenever we find an argument going on in our minds, or with another person concerning the existence of divinity. it is ALWAYS because of religion. Rather than go into why Religion (as it is generally understood- and not as another word for spirituality, as Vivekanada sometimes uses it, having come from another century) is a stumbling block, let me say with all brevity... just toss it to the side and forget about it. I'm not going to go on and on about this because that is just what 'it' does on its own. It goes on and on, like that terrible song by Stephen Bishop.

There is no such thing as forever. There is only eternity. There is no time. Time is within you, not outside of you and the same with God. Gee... that makes a whole lot of sense, Visible. That is the point of it, it does not make sense. Here, makes sense here, according to here. Outside of here, past the realm of the senses, here makes no sense. Here makes sense to itself. There... makes sense to itself and you do or do not make sense to yourself. The real question that should be asked is “do you make sense?”

Why do you insist on punishing yourself?

Because we do not comprehend or recognize the indwelling divinity, we are subject to the punishments of fate. Because we are attached to the results of our actions, we suffer under the lash of cause and effect. He who is not concerned with results is free of all that nonsense. Of course he/she was free to begin with. It was only thinking that made it seem otherwise. You have always been free... but then you talked yourself out of it, or got talked out of it. This is one of the jobs that The World does. It works to diminish you in your true being, by encouraging you to seek to amplify your false being. Don't do that. You are the Crown of Creation! Simply go about your days, in all of your thoughts and speech and acts, as if the divine being were resident within. It just so happens that this is true and the reason so many of us are unaware of that is that we prefer to go about as the poorly constructed and imaginary self we like to think of ourselves as.

Going about your life as if God were resident within does not mean strutting about with your chest puffed out, or gazing at people with a far away and distant look of manufactured wisdom in your eyes. All I can say is that you will know it when it happens. It isn't like anything else. It is unique. It possesses a startling sense of self assurance, while forever giving way before others. You don't have to declare it or adopt any particular posture. It has a way of making it felt in a peripheral manner, just as the truth is at right angles to everything else.

We are living in an age of full blown and cultivated crazy. What happens when crazy proliferates through larger environments is visible in all manner of ways. Crazy generates its own environments. Crazy has a form of complexity to it that might not seem obvious when you see it in action. Sometimes Crazy takes over an entire neighborhood or even a city.

How do you fix something like that? It will continue to get worse and urban environments everywhere are going to be exemplifying this sort of thing because when you jam people up against each other, strange and undesirable things happen. I suggest reading the article by Tom Wolfe titled, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink." It contemplates experiments with rats and then transposes it to city life; New York City is the model used. One point I will reference, the mature male rats lose all interest in the females and begin buggering the younger male rats. Interesting? Ironic? It was an extended and involved experiment.

When people are pressed up against each other, certain behaviors begin to occur and whether it is Babylon or San Francisco, some things don't change.

I sincerely and deeply wish I possessed the words... the talent... something... to transmit how incredible and astounding and joy drenched it is to have the ineffable interactive within. It is freely available. Anyone with the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination can have this. Think of it like muscle development. If you exercise something over the course of a certain length of time, you WILL get certain results. Certain laws are present in the universe. We experience the results of them every day such as; cause and effect, gravity, the law of reciprocity etc. There are a great many rules and laws in operation than are generally known.

When you want certain food items, you go to a grocery store or a supermarket. If it is an unusual item you might go to a specialty shop. Online you can order just about anything that is in common use and a lot of things in uncommon use. There are stores, both brick and mortar and virtual, where countless things are available. If you are looking for God then you must look within. Keep in mind that you would not be alive if God were not present because you are a part of God. You are a specific expression of God; 'in development'. You don't have to believe me on this matter. Many souls both here and gone elsewhere attest to what I have just said. Some of them are of the highest repute and of unimpeachable character.

Of course, if you want to argue about it you can find people to do that with. If you want to make excuses for not seeking God there are plenty of those too. If you are determined and persistent you WILL make contact. I am a person with a checkered history and someone who has made some number of errors of judgment in my life. Not being determined and persistent about searching for God is not one of them. It doesn't matter what mistakes you have made, or whether you consider yourself unworthy. We are all unworthy. Hard as it is to believe, God desires our company more than we desire the company of God. However... it is without question that God will test your sincerity and the nature of your intentions. We are talking about the most priceless and desirable thing that has been or ever will be. Of course, it is not the same as wanting to meet someone else in this life but, once again, if you are persistent and determined you will have success.

I don't know how much simpler or direct I can say this. For some, it just doesn't seem that important; at the moment anyway. Some will scoff and mock the effort, or insist that no such creature exists. As a matter of first hand experience, I can state unequivocally that a divine being does exist. I can also state that this being is incomprehensible and indefinable but that is of no matter at all. The divine is a well spring of immeasurable joy and bliss. How could anyone not want this? Uh huh. That is something to think about. This is a personal matter and something to be considered and carried out in an internal manner. You will or you won't. It is not my affair. I have taken care of my end of it and I will continue to.

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I have included here at the end, a discourse by Swami Vivekananda. It is taken from Book One of his complete works. It is in the section, “Letters and Discourses” and is titled, “The Soul and God”. I give you this link and the information, if you should wish to read it online instead of here in this posting and that is because it did not transfer as well as one might have wished. It is still readable but if you want it as it was you can find it there. The few before this one are quite amazing and you might want to read those too. I cut and pasted this because people are lazy and this makes it easy. You will find he is not like anyone else you have ever read. I think he wrote this when he was quite young. He only stayed till he was 40 years old anyway.

He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna. He was given ALL of Ramakrishna's siddhis (spiritual powers. I think he had ALL of them that are available). Ramakrishna never used his. I don't know about Vivekanada, except that I really enjoy his work. I hope you do too.

“The Soul and God”

Whether it was fear or mere inquisitiveness which first led man to think of powers superior to himself, we need not discuss. ... These raised in the mind peculiar worship tendencies, and so on. There never have been [times in the history of mankind] without [some ideal] of worship. Why? What makes us all think beyond what we see — whether it be a beautiful morning or a fear of dead spirits? ... We need not go back into prehistoric times, for it is a fact present today as it was two thousand years ago. We do not find satisfaction here. Whatever our station in life— [even if we are] powerful and wealthy we cannot find satisfaction. Desire is infinite. Its fulfilment is very limited.. There is no end to our desires; but when we go to fulfil them, the difficulty comes. It has been so with the most primitive minds, when their desires were [few]. Even [these] could not be accomplished. Now, with our arts and sciences improved and multiplied, our desires cannot be fulfilled [either]. On the other hand, we are struggling to perfect means for the fulfilment of desires, and the desires are increasing. ... The most primitive man naturally wanted help from outside for things which he could not accomplish. He desired something, and it could not be obtained. He wanted help from other powers. The most ignorant primitive man and the most cultivated man today, appealing to God and asking for the fulfilment of some desire, are exactly the same. What difference? [Some people] find a great deal of difference.

We are always finding much difference in things when there is no difference at all. Both [the primitive man and the cultivated man] plead to the same [power]. You may call it God or Allah or Jehovah. Human beings want something and cannot get it by their own powers, and are after someone who will help them. This is primitive, and it is still present with us. ... all born savages and gradually civilise ourselves. ... All of us here, if we search, will find the same fact. Even now this fear does not leave us. We may talk big, become philosophers and all that; but when the blow comes, we find that we must beg for help. We believe in all the superstitions that ever existed. [But] there is no superstition in the world [that does not have some basis of truth]. If I cover my face and only the tip of my [nose] is showing, still it is a bit of my face. So [with] the superstitions — the little bits are true. You see, the lowest sort of manifestation of religion came with the burial of the departed. ... First they wrapped them up and put them in mounds, and the spirits of the departed came and lived in the [mounds, at night]. ... Then they began to bury them. ... At the gate stands a terrible goddess with a thousand teeth. ... Then [came] the burning of the body and the flames bore the spirit up. ... The Egyptians brought food and water for the departed. The next great idea was that of the tribal gods. This tribe had one god and that tribe another. The Jews had their God Jehovah, who was their own tribal god and fought against all the other gods and tribes. That god would do anything to please his own people. If he killed a whole tribe not protected by him, that was all right, quite good. A little love was given, but that love was confined to a small section. Gradually, higher ideals came. The chief of the conquering tribe was the Chief of chiefs, God of gods. ... So with the Persians when they conquered Egypt. The Persian emperor was the Lord of [lords], and before the emperor nobody could stand. Death was the penalty for anyone who looked at the Persian emperor. Then came the ideal of God Almighty and All-powerful, the omnipotent, omniscient Ruler of the universe: He lives in heaven, and man pays special tribute to his Most Beloved, who creates everything for man. The whole world is for man. The sun and moon and stars are [for him]. All who have those ideas are primitive men, not civilised and not cultivated at all. All the superior religions had their growth between the Ganga and the Euphrates. ... Outside of India we will find no further development [of religion beyond this idea of God in heaven]. That was the highest knowledge ever obtained outside of India.

There is the local heaven where he is and [where] the faithful shall go when they die. ... As far as I have seen, we should call it a very primitive idea. ... Mumbo jumbo in, Africa [and] God in heaven — the same. He moves the world, and of course his will is being done everywhere. ... The old Hebrew people did not care for any heaven. That is one of the reasons they [opposed] Jesus of Nazareth — because he taught life after death.

Paradise in Sanskrit means land beyond this life. So the paradise was to make up for all this evil. The primitive man does not care [about] evil. ... He never questions why there should be any. ... ... The word devil is a Persian word. ... The Persians and Hindus [share the Aryan ancestry] upon religious grounds, and ... they spoke the same language, only the words one sect uses for good the other uses for bad. The word Deva is an old Sanskrit word for God, the same word in the Aryan languages. Here the word means the devil. ... Later on, when man developed [his inner life], he began to question, and to say that God is good. The Persians said that there were two gods — one was bad and one was good. [Their idea was that] everything in this life was good: beautiful country, where there was spring almost the whole year round and nobody died; there was no disease, everything was fine. Then came this Wicked One, and he touched the land, and then came death and disease and mosquitoes and tigers and lions. Then the Aryans left their fatherland and migrated southward. The old Aryans must have lived way to the north. The Jews learnt it [the idea of the devil] from the Persians. The Persians also taught that there will come a day when this wicked god will be killed, and it is our duty to stay with the good god and add our force to him in this eternal struggle between him and the wicked one. ... The whole world will be burnt out and everyone will get a new body. The Persian idea was that even the wicked will be purified and not be bad any more. The nature of the Aryan was love and poetry. They cannot think of their being burnt [for eternity]. They will all receive new bodies. Then no more death. So that is the best about [religious] ideas outside of India. ...

Along with that is the ethical strain. All that man has to do is to take care of three things: good thought, good word, good deed. That is all. It is a practical, wise religion. Already there has come a little poetry in it. But there is higher poetry and higher thought. In India we see this Satan in the most ancient part of the Vedas. He just (appears) and immediately disappears. ... In the Vedas the bad god got a blow and disappeared. He is gone, and the Persians took him. We are trying to make him leave the world [al]together.

Taking the Persian idea, we are going to make a decent gentleman of him; give him a new body. There was the end of the Satan idea in India. But the idea of God went on; but mind you, here comes another fact. The idea of God grew side by side with the idea of [materialism] until you have traced it up to the emperor of Persia. But on the other hand comes in metaphysics, philosophy. There is another line of thought, the idea of [the non-dual Atman, man's] own soul. That also grows. So, outside of India ideas about God had to remain in that concrete form until India came to help them out a bit. ... The other nations stopped with that old concrete idea. In this country [America], there are millions who believe that God is [has?] a body. ... Whole sects say it. [They believe that] He rules the world, but there is a place where He has a body. He sits upon a throne. They light candles and sing songs just as they do in our temples. But in India they are sensible enough never to make [their God a physical being]. You never see in India a temple of Brahma. Why? Because the idea of the soul always existed. The Hebrew race never questioned about the soul. There is no soul idea in the Old Testament at all. The first is in the New Testament. The Persians, they became so practical — wonderfully practical people — a fighting, conquering race. They were the English people of the old time, always fighting and destroying their neighbours — too much engaged in that sort of thing to think about the soul. ... The oldest idea of [the] soul [was that of] a fine body inside this gross one. The gross one disappears and the fine one appears. In Egypt that fine one also dies, and as soon as the gross body disintegrates, the fine one also disintegrates. That is why they built those pyramids [and embalmed the dead bodies of their ancestors, thus hoping to secure immortality for the departed]. ... The Indian people have no regard for the dead body at all. [Their attitude is :] "Let us take it and burn it." The son has to set fire to his father's body. ... There are two sorts of races, the divine and the demonic. The divine think that they are soul and spirit. The demonic think that they are bodies. The old Indian philosophers tried to insist that the body is nothing. "As a man emits his old garment and takes a new one, even so the old body is [shed] and he takes a new one" (Gita, II. 22). In my case, all my surrounding and education were trying to [make me] the other way.

I was always associated with Mohammedans and Christians, who take more care of the body. ... It is only one step from [the body] to the spirit. ... [In India] they became insistent on this ideal of the soul. It became [synonymous with] the idea of God. ... If the idea of the soul begins to expand, [man must arrive at the conclusion that it is beyond name and form]. ... The Indian idea is that the soul is formless. Whatever is form must break some time or other. There cannot be any form unless it is the result of force and matter; and all combinations must dissolve. If such is the case, [if] your soul is [made of name and form, it disintegrates], and you die, and you are no more immortal. If it is double, it has form and it belongs to nature and it obeys nature's laws of birth and death. ... They find that this [soul] is not the mind ... neither a double. ... Thoughts can be guided and controlled. ... [The Yogis of India] practiced to see how far the thoughts can be guided and controlled.

By dint of hard work, thoughts may be silenced altogether. If thoughts were [the real man], as soon as thought ceases, he ought to die. Thought ceases in meditation; even the mind's elements are quite quiet. Blood circulation stops. His breath stops, but he is not dead. If thought were he, the whole thing ought to go, but they find it does not go. That is practical [proof]. They came to the conclusion that even mind and thought were not the real man. Then speculation showed that it could not be. I come, I think and talk. In the midst of all [this activity is] this unity [of the Self]. My thought and action are varied, many [fold] ... but in and through them runs ... that one unchangeable One. It cannot be the body. That is changing every minute. It cannot be the mind; new and fresh thoughts [come] all the time. It is neither the body nor the mind. Both body and mind belong to nature and must obey nature's laws. A free mind never will. ... Now, therefore, this real man does not belong to nature. It is the person whose mind and body belong to nature. So much of nature we are using. Just as you come to use the pen and ink and chair, so he uses so much of nature in fine and in gross form; gross form, the body, and fine form, the mind. If it is simple, it must be formless. In nature alone are forms. That which is not of nature cannot have any forms, fine or gross. It must be formless. It must be omnipresent. Understand this. [Take] this glass on the table. The glass is form and the table is form. So much of the glass-ness goes off, so much of table-ness [when they break]. ... The soul ... is nameless because it is formless. It will neither go to heaven nor [to hell] any more than it will enter this glass. It takes the form of the vessel it fills. If it is not in space, either of two things is possible. Either the [soul permeates] space or space is in [it]. You are in space and must have a form. Space limits us, binds us, and makes a form of us. If you are not in space, space is in you. All the heavens and the world are in the person. ... So it must be with God. God is omnipresent. "Without hands [he grasps] everything; without feet he can move. ... " (Shvetâshvatara Upanishad, III. 19.) He [is] the formless, the deathless, the eternal. The idea of God came. ... He is the Lord of souls, just as my soul is the [lord] of my body. If my soul left the body, the body would not be for a moment. If He left my soul, the soul would not exist. He is the creator of the universe; of everything that dies He is the destroyer. His shadow is death; His shadow is life. [The ancient Indian philosophers] thought: ... This filthy world is not fit for man's attention. There is nothing in the universe that is [permanent — neither good nor evil]. ... I told you ... Satan ... did not have much chance [in India]. Why? Because they were very bold in religion. They were not babies. Have you seen that characteristic of children? They are always trying to throw the blame on someone else. Baby minds [are] trying, when they make a mistake, to throw the blame upon someone [else]. On the one hand, we say, "Give me this; give me that." On the other hand, we say, "I did not do this; the devil tempted me. The devil did it." That is the history of mankind, weak mankind. ...

Why is evil? Why is [the world] the filthy, dirty hole? We have made it. Nobody is to blame. We put our hand in the fire. The Lord bless us, [man gets] just what he deserves. Only He is merciful. If we pray to Him, He helps us. He gives Himself to us. That is their idea. They are [of a] poetic nature. They go crazy over poetry. Their philosophy is poetry. This philosophy is a poem. ... All [high thought] in the Sanskrit is written in poetry. Metaphysics, astronomy — all in poetry. We are responsible, and how do we come to mischief? [You may say], "I was born poor and miserable. I remember the hard struggle all my life." Philosophers say that you are to blame. You do not mean to say that all this sprang up without any cause whatever? You are a rational being. Your life is not without cause, and you are the cause. You manufacture your own life all the time. ... You make and mould your own life. You are responsible for yourself. Do not lay the blame upon anybody, any Satan. You will only get punished a little more. ... [A man] is brought up before God, and He says, "Thirty-one stripes for you," ... when comes another man. He says, "Thirty stripes: fifteen for that fellow, and fifteen for the teacher — that awful man who taught him." That is the awful thing in teaching. I do not know what I am going to get. I go all over the world. If I have to get fifteen for each one I have taught!... We have to come to this idea: "This My Mâyâ is divine." It is My activity [My] divinity. "[My Maya] is hard to cross, but those that take refuge in me [go beyond maya]." (Gita, VII. 14.) But you find out that it is very difficult to cross this ocean [of Maya by] yourself. You cannot. It is the old question - hen and egg.

If you do any work, that work becomes the cause and produces the effect. That effect [again] becomes the cause and produces the effect. And so on. If you push this down, it never stops. Once you set a thing in motion, there is no more stopping. I do some work, good or bad, [and it sets up a chain reaction].... I cannot stop now. It is impossible for us to get out from this bondage [by ourselves]. It is only possible if there is someone more powerful than this law of causation, and if he takes mercy on us and drags us out. And we declare that there is such a one - God. There is such a being, all merciful.... If there is a God, then it is possible for me to be saved. How can you be saved by your own will? Do you see the philosophy of the doctrine of salvation by grace?

You Western people are wonderfully clever, but when you undertake to explain philosophy, you are so wonderfully complicated. How can you save yourself by work, if by salvation you mean that you will be taken out of all this nature? Salvation means just standing upon God, but if you understand what is meant by salvation, then you are the Self.... You are not nature. You are the only thing outside of souls and gods and nature. These are the external existences, and God [is] interpenetrating both nature and soul. Therefore, just as my soul is [to] my body, we? as it were, are the bodies of God. God-souls-nature — it is one. The One, because, as I say, I mean the body, soul, and mind. But, we have seen, the law of causation pervades every bit of nature, and once you have got caught you cannot get out. When once you get into the meshes of law, a possible way of escape is not [through work done] by you. You can build hospitals for every fly and flea that ever lived.... All this you may do, but it would never lead to salvation.... [Hospitals] go up and they come down again. [Salvation] is only possible if there is some being whom nature never caught, who is the Ruler of nature. He rules nature instead of being ruled by nature. He wills law instead of being downed by law. ... He exists and he is all merciful. The moment you seek Him [He will save you]. Why has He not taken us out? You do not want Him. You want everything but Him. The moment you want Him, that moment you get Him. We never want Him. We say, "Lord, give me a fine house." We want the house, not Him. "Give me health! Save me from this difficulty!" When a man wants nothing but Him, [he gets Him]. "The same love which wealthy men have for gold and silver and possessions, Lord, may I have the same love for Thee. I want neither earth nor heaven, nor beauty nor learning. I do not want salvation. Let me go to hell again and again. But one thing I want: to love Thee, and for love's sake — not even for heaven."

Whatever man desires, he gets. If you always dream of having a body, [you will get another body]. When this body goes away he wants another, and goes on begetting body after body. Love matter and you become matter. You first become animals. When I see a dog gnawing a bone, I say, "Lord help us!" Love body until you become dogs and cats! Still degenerate, until you become minerals — all body and nothing else.... There are other people, who would have no compromise. The road to salvation is through truth. That was another watchword. ... [Man began to progress spiritually] when he kicked the devil out. He stood up and took the responsibility of the misery of the world upon his own shoulders. But whenever he looked [at the] past and future and [at the] law of causation, he knelt down and said, "Lord, save me, [thou] who [art] our creator, our father, and dearest friend." That is poetry, but not very good poetry, I think. Why not? It is the painting of the Infinite [no doubt]. You have it in every language how they paint the Infinite. [But] it is the infinite of the senses, of the muscles. ... "[Him] the sun [does not illumine], nor the moon, nor the stars, [nor] the flash of lightning." (Katha Upanishad, II. ii. 15.) That is another painting of the Infinite, by negative language. ... And the last Infinite is painted in [the] spirituality of the Upanishads. Not only is Vedanta the highest philosophy in the world, but it is the greatest poem.... Mark today, this is the ... difference between the first part of the Vedas and the second. In the first, it is all in [the domain of] sense. But all religions are only [concerned with the] infinite of the external world — nature and nature's God.... [Not so Vedanta]. This is the first light that the human mind throws back [of] all that. No satisfaction [comes] of the infinite [in] space. "[The] Selfexisent [One] has [created] the [senses as turned] ... to the outer world.

Those therefore who [seek] outside will never find that [which is within]. There are the few who, wanting to know the truth, turn their eyes inward and in their own souls behold the glory [of the Self]." (Katha Upanishad, II. i. 1.) It is not the infinite of space, but the real Infinite, beyond space, beyond time.... Such is the world missed by the Occident.... Their minds have been turned to external nature and nature's God. Look within yourself and find the truth that you had [forgotten]. Is it possible for mind to come out of this dream without the help of the gods? Once you start the action, there is no help unless the merciful Father takes us out. That would not be freedom, [even] at the hands of the merciful God. Slavery is slavery. The chain of gold is quite as bad as the chain of iron. Is there a way out? You are not bound. No one was ever bound. [The Self] is beyond. It is the all. You are the One; there are no two. God was your own reflection cast upon the screen of Maya. The real God [is the Self]. He [whom man] ignorantly worships is that reflection. [They say that] the Father in heaven is God. Why God? [It is because He is] your own reflection that [He] is God. Do you see how you are seeing God all the time? As you unfold yourself, the reflection grows [clearer]. "Two beautiful birds are there sitting upon the same tree. The one [is] calm, silent, majestic; the one below [the individual self], is eating the fruits, sweet and bitter, and becoming happy and sad. [But when the individual self beholds the worshipful Lord as his own true Self, he grieves no more.]" (Mundaka Upanishad, III. i. 1-2.) ... Do not say "God". Do not say "Thou". Say "I". The language of [dualism] says, "God, Thou, my Father." The language of [non-dualism] says, "Dearer unto me than I am myself. I would have no name for Thee. The nearest I can use is I.... "God is true".

The universe is a dream. Blessed am I that I know this moment that I [have been and] shall be free all eternity; ... that I know that I am worshipping only myself; that no nature, no delusion, had any hold on me. Vanish nature from me, vanish [these] gods; vanish worship; ... vanish superstitions, for I know myself. I am the Infinite. All these — Mrs. So-and-so, Mr. So-and-so, responsibility, happiness, misery — have vanished. I am the Infinite. How can there be death for me, or birth? Whom shall I fear? I am the One. Shall I be afraid of myself? Who is to be afraid of [whom]? I am the one Existence. Nothing else exists. I am everything." It is only the question of memory [of your true nature], not salvation by work. Do you get salvation? You are [already] free. Go on saying, "I am free". Never mind if the next moment delusion comes and says, "I am bound." Dehypnotise the whole thing. [This truth] is first to be heard. Hear it first. Think on it day and night. Fill the mind [with it] day and night: "I am It. I am the Lord of the universe. Never was there any delusion.... " Meditate upon it with all the strength of the mind till you actually see these walls, houses, everything, melt away — [until] body, everything, vanishes. "I will stand alone. I am the One." Struggle on! "Who cares! We want to be free; [we] do not want any powers. Worlds we renounce; heavens we renounce; hells we renounce. What do I care about all these powers, and this and that! What do I care if the mind is controlled or uncontrolled! Let it run on. What of that! I am not the mind, Let it go on!" The sun [shines on the just and on the unjust]. Is he touched by the defective [character] of anyone? "I am He. Whatever [my] mind does, I am not touched. The sun is not touched by shining on filthy places, I am Existence."

This is the religion of [non-dual] philosophy. [It is] difficult. Struggle on! Down with all superstitions! Neither teachers nor scriptures nor gods [exist]. Down with temples, with priests, with gods, with incarnations, with God himself! I am all the God that ever existed! There, stand up philosophers! No fear! Speak no more of God and [the] superstition of the world. Truth alone triumphs, and this is true. I am the Infinite. All religious superstitions are vain imaginations. ... This society, that I see you before me, and [that] I am talking to you — this is all superstition; all must be given up. Just see what it takes to become a philosopher! This is the [path] of [Jnâna-] Yoga, the way through knowledge. The other [paths] are easy, slow, ... but this is pure strength of mind. No weakling [can follow this path of knowledge. You must be able to say:] "I am the Soul, the ever free; [I] never was bound. Time is in me, not I in time. God was born in my mind. God the Father, Father of the universe — he is created by me in my own mind...." Do you call yourselves philosophers? Show it! Think of this, talk [of] this, and [help] each other in this path, and give up all superstition!