Sunday, December 22, 2019

"At The Moment of Change, All Will Go Still and a Great Silence Will Cover the Land."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Many a day, days past counting, I would sit down and begin to write... something. Most of the time I wouldn't know what it was going to be, I'd rev the engine a little bit, blow some of the carbon out of my jets. This is the reason I would take psychedelics, to offset the covering dust of the material world that, by degrees, would blur my (in)sight. The force of programming is great in these times. I find meditation and prayer to be a very effective counter-punch to the billowing, swirling dream dust, which radiates from the black towers of the lower astral plane. You can't hear it usually but... you can feel it. It transmits a general sense of fear and uneasiness, along with perpetual discontent.

So... here I am, this early afternoon, permitting my thoughts to billow and swirl like the aforementioned dream dust but hopefully with a more salutary effect. There is something that keeps coming to mind, It's pretty much always there and it's the result of all the other events and conditions that keep appearing in my windshield; Kalifornia going mad, the sharp political and social divide in America, the relentless pace of materialism ...and the crazy pursuit of convenience and appetite satiation. The hits... and misses just keep on a coming.

I am most reminded of cognitive dissonance and epidemic denial. “If I see it and I tell myself that it's not there, is it there?” Even more alarming is the way life imitates bad art. Most people can't do ten push-ups anymore. Most people can't do two push-ups... one? Who listens to classical music anymore? Who reads the great novels? …much less the Vedas and the Upanishads or so many of the other books of wisdom. The vast threshing machine of The New Age, swallows people whole and now religious practice is half Lunatic Wonderland and half Walmart.

The moment is a tenuous and fragile affair. Can the situation get any worse before it implodes? What do you know, apparently it can. For a good while now, it all teeters on the verge of collapse but... somehow it doesn't collapse. It gets more and more absurd and still... still... the lumpen proles don't see it. Certain urban landscapes now resemble a violent cartoon.

It just doesn't go on and on like this, rapidly downhill, never reaching bottom and I suspect there is another feature at work as... Lady Nature awaits the bidding of her lord. To me... it seems as if a large segment of humanity is being given time to come to their senses. The likelihood of this happening seems unlikely for some, while that segment of humanity is plunging its snout ever deeper and deeper into the trough of licentious excess. It's the fall of Rome with video and THX sound. It's the sinking of Atlantis, with genitally pierced men, marching naked down the street outside a Catholic elementary school and drag queens bouncing small children in their tumescent laps. It's the end of a era with nothing but error. It's rectal bleaching and every strange, arcane body morphing with frantic pursuits of distractions... ANYTHING... ANYTHING!!! Anything that will take the mind away from the fear of The Great Howling Unknown that is wailing in hypnotic ululations from the rocks of The Island of Monsters.

The Island of Monsters rises, in the ocean of the minds potential to form whatever it fears, once it has lost faith in the institutions that formerly protected them; that they thought protected them. Once the infrastructure of the passing age, begins to crumble in the wake of its departure and before the new infrastructure of the coming age has materialized, there is a period of great uncertainty, where things go out of wack and people go wack. You are seeing it NOW.

For those of little faith, this is a time of apparitions and phantasms. Those with little knowledge of themselves, need to put a face to their dread and foreboding, so the Island of Monsters, appears upon the mirror of the trembling Mercury of the mind. Nervous fingers pluck at the heartstrings causing shadows to become ominous and threaten to manifest. This is how your fears come upon you. You think them into shape. You send out a mating call. There is a vibratory resonance. The predator can smell the agitation and unease of the prey. This DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN but... what do you believe in? Is it real? Is it more real than the phantoms in your mind? Can the heart compel the mind to the necessary stillness THAT IS the power of the real over the unreal? Tune in next week.

What I suspect, as far as Reason and Logic can take me and then, once I have passed through the portals of the intuition and find it confirmed, is... people are being given a period of Grace. You see the utter depravity and squalor on The Left Coast. You see the Satanic mindset of the leaders of that realm.

GOD... however you understand GOD and... you DO NOT UNDERSTAND GOD, is patient and possessed of a compassion and mercy beyond mortal ken AND GOD is immeasurably more powerful than whatever thinks to set itself against God; God is waiting to see the effect of The Awakening, upon humanity. Will their snouts, in the unawakened dream of the Prodigal Son, continue to quiver with excitement and hunger in the trough... OR... will they rise from their narcotic stupor and remember that they were once human?

The Devil works for God. Whether it be willingly or not DOES NOT MATTER. EVERYTHING works toward the fulfillment of the Will of God; EVERYTHING! When those who have preyed upon humanity, are called for reckoning before the throne of God, guess who the District Attorney is going to be? That's right. It will be The Devil, who advised them in all they did and The Devil will also be the witness for the prosecution. This is why you should forgive the evildoer because... ♫there's no hiding place before the kingdom throne♫ Oh there are other reasons; when you consider the wrath and fury they bring down upon themselves and the punishments that, they themselves, will sentence themselves to. It is also because, as Jesus the Christ said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I hear many these days, talking about the terrible things to come and how the psychopathic Tribe are going to enslave us and kill the rest. I hear all manner of things from people WHO DO NOT KNOW. I admit that I do not know what shape events will take... BUT WHAT I DO KNOW is that God is triumphant over all and I work for God and anyone else who cares to do so, can do so too. You simply step to the task and put your shoulder to the wheel of positive change (it might help to know what that is; scripture advises us of the courses to taken). There are no interviews. You are taken on faith and then? By your works you will be known.

Lady Nature is waiting in the wings, with her hand upon the surface of the Earth. She has only to speak and it will move at her will. The ground will shake and the ocean will rise. It is mercy and compassion that holds it back now. We wait upon The Awakening as Mr. Apocalypse, lifts the skirts of appearances and reveals the truth of our state and the possibilities of our future. Let those who are wicked be wicked still and so forth and so on.

I don't listen to the doomsayers. I've no interest in despair and fear; Faith and Love displace them both. If you are looking for weapons of defense and a fortress of succor and sanctuary, simply get Faith, Certitude and Determination. How will you get these? PRAY and go about your life as if you already possess them. Let NOTHING deter you. Give not a moment's thought to negativity or fear. Give no power to the enemy of humanity through Fear. Fear is what empowers your nemesis. YOU CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!

And what is Death? For the righteous, Death is a promotion to a finer world of more lasting duration. This world is a rumor of false promise, wrapped in the substance of dream, formed out of Ether. There are two things, from which everything is generated, one is of substance and the other of force and they are Akasha (ether) and Prana. ALL GROSS OBJECTS ARE PERMUTATIONS OF AKASHA and all power and force are expressions of PRANA. Terms may differ, according to the cultures and religious, or metaphysical systems they appear in, but THEY ARE THE SAME, ESSENTIALLY... just as there is, ONLY ONE GOD; no matter what the uninformed may insist upon. You can tell me whatever you like. I don't argue. I prove all things out to my own satisfaction and then? I await confirmation from above. I DO NOT GO TO MORTAL SOURCES FOR ETERNAL VERITIES.

A little time remains before the Earth begins to shake. Something is needed, to punctuate the awakening. Something is needed to shake the captive mind awake and it WILL BE a material manifestation. I do not know what shape it will take but I suspect, I strongly suspect that the Earth will shake. This is mere prelude however; wonders and marvels are due to come as well. Celestial music may appear for those with ears to hear. Not everyone will awaken and not everyone will see but EVERYONE WILL BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. It all comes down to where your heart and your treasure are.

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” DO YOU NEED ANYTHING MORE THAN THIS TO GALVANIZE YOUR FAITH AND CAUSE YOUR HEART TO SURGE WITH JOY AND LOVE??? There is nothing more for me to say.

End Transmission.......

I will be gone away tomorrow until the end of the week, lest anyone wonder what is up... but I will have the means to communicate if need be.

TO ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless and Merry Christmas

I will try to post a couple of videos today.

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Anonymous said...

Bill C. said
What and awesome tome my friend! Your spiritual download has touched my heart and soul leaving me all atwitter in anticipation yet also comforted in knowing that my favorite prayer speaks to all you've said. The prayer will be included at the end of this comment.
While reading your blog I was amongst a multitude of people, with a TV blaring in the background, and decided to play some soft music to help me concentrate on your rhyme and reason, which by the way is impeccable.. Qued up was a song by The Guess Who called 'Hang on to Your Life' that was like the soundtrack to this most important message ever read by myself. The epilogue speaks to those who choose the way of self instead of the way of God! Am still in awe of the whole of what was read and how my soul longs for the Joy and Love!!

All shall be wetland all shall be well
And all manner of things shall be well
Today, I accept that all will be well

Bill C.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Merry Christmas back. I'm still a'waitin' for the moment.

Stef64 said...

Thanks for your beautiful posts and Merry Christmas.
Greetings from Stef

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Vis

riseandshine said...

Merry Christmas Vis.. Please if you have the time, would you consider listening to this brave man speak his truth (It is difficult listening though and brutally honest).I'm sure this post/your truth was meant for him to hear. Love,from Jean.. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Concerning the Actual Heritage of Jesus the Christ and... Merry Christmas!!!"

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Visible & Friends!

Heart touching, soul moving wisdom shared with hope, faith, certitude & determination. Thank you Visible for sharing these truths.

5:5 loud and clear, may The Awakening occur for all...

Thank you for the best Christmas gift, your generosity of spirit, wisdom & gentle urgings for all that is good.

Merry Christmas & a healthy, happy New Year.

From NJ With Love

Ray B. said...

Vis, an excellent column. Thanks!

Vis: "...the billowing, swirling dream dust, which radiates from the black towers of the lower astral plane. You can't hear it usually but... you can feel it. It transmits a general sense of fear and uneasiness, along with perpetual discontent."

I can feel this, especially with the contrast between being with Higher Self and then being on my own (so to speak). There is an 'energizement' while being over-lighted or semi-merged, and kind of a background sense of Wellness. When I come back to ordinary reality, this diminishes. Then, the 'dream dust' slowly takes over, until the next time HS flushes it out...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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