Sunday, December 29, 2019

Discourse #2 from The First Church of the Presence of God

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Greetings my dear friends!!! It was late in the evening, or actually early in the morning... a handful of hours ago and I was permitted to make a second video from our virtual cathedral here at The First Church of the Presence of God.

We're going to insert this as a reflection in The Petri Dish and have a more traditional Petri Dish in a day or so but.. for the moment, bless this SUNday and your attention to our celebration of The Presence of God.

The glory of The Lord breaks upon the horizon of our long expectant heart and even though there will be words here, THERE REALLY ARE NO WORDS...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Visible,
I just watched your video 1st church of God. Thanks for putting that together.
Now I can put a personage to all your writings.
You are a funny guy, and that is refreshing.
Have yourself a Happy New Year.
BTW, 2020 will be an interesting year, new energy sources are coming.
Last thing, what do you think about 'mediums'? Check this out
and let me know what you think. When I listen to these 'readings'
I somehow get the 'feeling' its true.
Your friend Alex in Manitoba.

Visible said...

Hi Alex; I'll give it a look tomorrow and let you know what I think. I'm not much for channeled information but I do know that some of them are authentic. I will give you my honest impression. There's two Church of the Presence videos out, by the way. Good to hear from you. If I remember correctly and there's no guarantee on that, it's been awhile since you checked in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Just watched discourse #2, I really enjoyed your message, but I do have some suggestions on a technical basis for your future presentations.

#1: Get a better camera if you can, something with a fixed focus that won't go in and out of focus every time you use your hands to gesture. Higher resolution would also be welcome.

#2: Get a better microphone, ideally a directional one that will reduce or eliminate the room noise and focus more on what is coming out of your mouth. As it is, it's difficult at times to understand what you are saying, your final words in this are unfortunately garbled, and I really want to hear everything you have to say.

#3: Better lighting, the ideal would be the classic "three point" lighting setup, where you have an overhead light that's slightly offset, a side light, and a "kick" that illuminates what is behind and around you. The overhead should be brightest, the kick light the dimmest, and the side light should be somewhere in-between. Pro tip: When someone takes a picture or a video of someone and sets the lights up down low (below your eyes) they're setting you up to be a bad guy, think about the classic "flashlight under the face" effect used to tell scary stories around campfires, and you'll see what I mean.

#4: The general shot: Try to be a little more focused on yourself, and show less of the room, ideally have a plain background behind you, even a shower curtain would work. Consider standing while you talk. This helps to keep the focus of the viewer on you and your message, and the eye is less inclined to wander around looking at the various objects and art around you.

#5: I recommend not smoking on camera, or doing anything that detracts from the primary focus, which to connect between yourself and the viewer.

I greatly appreciate you and your efforts, Les. I just finished reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" based on your encouragement, and am grateful to have read it. Thank you for your work, you've helped me to become a better person with the things you have had to say over the years.

With respect, gratitude, and reverence,

Elliott E.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible,
I read everything you write, years now. I believe it started with that video Black Swan is on the Wing. Snordelhans. I thought it was the most awesome and brillient thing I heard in 20 years, a new form of poerty. Blew me away. Most everything you write is refreshing in some way. I'm the Hermit of the Tarot. And the crayfish is my avitar. I live in a frozen wasteland of souls. Yet each spring we re-awaken, now we sleep and rest. Ever spent months and months completly alone, except for some of nature and God? Did i leave the world or did it leave me? That guy Banksy is brilliant too. His symbolism is much like your writing, fucking obvious to the point very few see it for what it is. Some of the 'mediums' are true, there is no way way they could know how to say what they say otherwise than being 'guided' by spirit. Tarot cards? I burnt mine in a pit of fire and despare. Who really wants to know what the future holds, I said fuck it, I'm on my own and let fate do its best.
Take care my friend, use your talent as best you can.
Alex in Manitoba

Visible said...

About the camera work... I am grateful 'and aware of all you said'- except for not smoking on camera. OF COURSE I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT. I DO IT DELIBERATELY and possibly you noticed that I ONLY DID IT ONCE?

I've noted everything you said (except for the smoking) any number of times. Here is the reality of it. My level of expertise, juxtaposed with my drive to acquire it are not in sync. This is unlike the matter of the music where I had to record all the instruments myself and do all the technical things like singing the harmonies, or mostly programming them... because I didn't have a band and in the past I always had THE GUY who did the tech. When I went to Europe that ended and is still ended. I NEED A LEFT BRAIN SIDEKICK, PARTNER WITH THE SKILLS. MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN DO THE ONE CAN DO THE OTHER. God has not seen fit to send me such a person to this point.

With the music I did have the drive and I powered through the obstacles but ANY COMPETENT ENGINEER will tell you my work could have been improved on. It was at least good enough to put out there and that is the case with the videos as well. I AGREE THAT MUCH COULD BE IMPROVED. I will also say that you are the only one to have complained... or the only one in a long time so... that is a factor. Many hundred watch the videos so it is getting through (the point I mean)

I bought X-Split but can't seem to get it to sync up with my Logitech webcam and I have the best camera available by that firm. I agree that the lighting is shit. This I can and will fix (or try to). Here is what I think. If I am industrious with this (and I think I will be), God will step in. All the previous videos (which I have deleted) were not nearly as good and frankly an embarrassment. I'm much improved now so we'll see.

I DON'T HAVE THE FUNDS FOR THE CAMERA. I did buy a Canon G-20 and ALL THE ACCESSORIES and it is too complicated for me. I'd better sell it while it's still valuable. BOTTOM LINE I NEED A TECH GUY WHO LIVES IN ARIZONA. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU TELLING ME THESE THINGS!!! I love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I do the smoking (rarely) deliberately. VERY UNFORTUNATELY people are always trying to turn me into a guru or spiritual teacher. At times people would follow me around the country. Maybe there are people who like that attention (this is getting too long- I've have to make another comment (to be continued)

Visible said...

CONTINUED FROM LAST COMMENT- whew! I must have just gotten in under the wire for maximum characters in a comment. I'm thinking about counting them to see how close I got (seriously).

Anyway... I do not want to be one of those people who let people turn them into something extra special. I've seen those people. I don't want to be one of them. I understand the level I am at, as well as certain things I can't talk about BUT... NO FUCKING WAY! (sorry about the language but that is another effort on my part to dissuade) I am not a dancing bear. SO I PURPOSELY DO THINGS THAT CURTAIL THESE EFFORTS. I have gotten raging drunk (in a nice way) to keep people from claiming I'm the avatar. I've behaved badly ON PURPOSE a number of times. I did it in India, Mexico, Switzerland and other places. Sometimes it was pretty funny. Sometimes is was not too funny and there are people who, to this day, have not forgiven me, although I have forgiven them and there was cause on both sides.

I've seen a number of these dime-store gurus, Pop Tart Gurus, Insta-gurus, Stove Top Gurus and assorted. I found something through dint of hard work, passionate zeal, determination and HEAVENLY GRACE. I actually found it and my job is to talk about it (at a distance) and to help where I can. I seek no favor, no reward, no recognition, no nothing. God compensates me VERY WELL. So I am not that concerned about the technical side of what I do. It might even be advantageous in a way. I DO WANT TO DO THE BEST I CAN SO... I will give real thought to this. I DO HAVE STUDIO QUALITY MICS. I could watch some videos on X-Split, if I can find the time. I really do work from the time I awaken until (and even while) I sleep. PERHAPS YOU COULD RECOMMEND A CAMERA THAT IS 'USER FRIENDLY'? If it is only a few hundred 'maybe' I can swing that or find it used on EBAY. Believe me, I put a lot of time into researching cameras. I got that light that is behind me. I can move that.

By the way... did you notice the point in the video where I was talking about 'coronas of light' and all of a sudden the light flashed, shifted... something? My friend noticed. That was eerie. AND THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO ME EVERY DAY and they happen around other people and that is another reason I keep to myself.

Anyway... sorry to have written War and Peace here but I've been meaning to talk about that other thing for awhile now. It seems I have to bring that up now and again, so that's that sorted. I PROMISE TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER ANY INSTRUCTIONS, ADVICE OR DIRECTION YOU WOULD WISH TO GIVE ME. You can count on that. Once again, thanks for being helpful.

Anonymous said...

I watched your video and thought it was well done. I would not take you seriously if you showed some professional quality video, then I would think it was scripted bullshit to get advertising revenue. There is enough scripted material in the world already. Don't take these people who critisise your work seriously, just do what you do, the medium is not the message, the message is the message. Stick to that and dont fret about some stupid details. Also, please keep smoking doesnt bother me (I smoked while watching your video). Even when the light dimmed due to the monitor light going off, you corrected it and that was real. I trust what is 'real'.
Have a prosperous and happy new year.
Alex from Manitoba

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alex! Just do what you do, Visible. The transparency is brilliant.



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