Wednesday, December 21, 2022

"Today is The Christmas that We Celebrate on The 25th. It is The Birth of The Sun King... into Another Year of Seasons."

Oh my... Oh my... Oh my... It's a play about cultural implosion... the frightening speed it can reach... falling off a cliff at 32 feet per second... per second... until some limit is reached. I suspect there are few survivors when it reaches maximum velocity. For many people... it is not the fall that kills them... nor the sudden stop... it is the sucking undertow that a large ship of state can create when it goes down into the darkness of its own iniquity. All the lampreys and barnacles... even the people frantically trying to swim beyond the reach of their former reality are... going... under... too.

It's a strange dance now. I am seldom amused by what the media fashions into the news. I tire of it quickly. Surely there are more important things I could be doing instead of watching time-lapse dry rot; and then it just crumbled away... Honestly, I was standing right there and it got more and more transparent... gossamer really... then it dissolved like cobwebs or... morning dew. It was like brushing moonbeams from my eyes and then The Moon was gone.

It fascinates me. They move in collectives of hundreds... and thousands... and hundreds of thousands... and millions... like ants... like schools of fish... they make those faces just like the fish do behind the glass of the aquarium. Sometimes they are tuna and sometimes they are piranha... sometimes they are army ants. You need to be able to see that one coming. People should really pay more attention than they do. It can be the difference between life and death. If you're not paying attention, you're dreaming.

Because The World is falling into disorder... there is a mad scramble for control. Because people are losing control of themselves, the two sides of their nature are fighting. These... the clinically insane... will go to ANY length to see their ambitions materialize. God and The Lords of Destiny... also known as The Lords of Karma... all 24 of them... are happy to accommodate you, For The Purpose of Demonstration.

Have you ever been in a construction zone; a big construction zone where there are many workers scurrying around or engaged in their tasks? There is noise and dust all over sometimes. Clanging and banging. You can picture it. I've been in such places, and... I can tell you... you need to pay attention OR you can get hurt. This same rule applies when The World is in transition.

Of course... if it's your karma then it is your karma, but... you don't have to tempt the fates. They... also... are happy to accommodate you. On the other hand, I could say, “I know when I'm not wanted,” and I have no problem shaking the dust of that city from my sandals. Well... this could apply to anything really... anything at all.

Paying attention does not mean only what you see coming and going around you. It has to do with your inner life... provided you have one. It depends on whether you can hear internally... so that you can take action if need be. Then you can... also... more fully understand what is going on outside you. If you buy into appearances... you are a partner in your own deception. At the same time, you don't go hunting bears in the wilderness without a weapon. Davy Crockett might could do this but... he was another man in another time, and he still had a knife... even if the song says he was only 3 years old.

Whatever is behind the killings in Moscow, Idaho, it is either the government or a new and improved serial killer who is going to hit somewhere else soon, in... either... case. I will give you a scientific perspective on the matter. I have mentioned this before=

When The Avatar descends into manifestation, he clears the subtler planes above this one and drives all darkness down and into form, for the purpose of Judgment. This is what Heaven does about what is said in scripture; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

High places mean... The Buddhic Plane... The Causal Plane... The Mental Plane... The Astral Plane; upper and lower. These are all above The Physical Plane. Evil begins in The Mind. What inspires that evil? It's part of that 'as above, so below' thing.

The Avatar drives all the forces and entities of darkness out of their hidey-holes and box canyons. They wind up here. This accounts for the enormous wave of people gone mad under the lash of Materialism, in these times. They are possessed by the spirits of their lower nature. In Times of Material Darkness, this becomes common. They devolve into Babylon, which is... not just a town... once... somewhere... long ago. It is a state of consciousness where The Carnal Mind preempts the higher reasoning abilities.

This is all part of The Process. The cosmic construction workers ride into a place and they begin constructing it. When it is finished... it operates for a period of time until the purpose of its creation is fulfilled. Then... another construction gang comes in and tears the whole thing down. It might not look like that. It might... instead... look like revolution... or nuclear war... or an earthquake... or a tsunami; we've been getting warnings about Lady Nature putting on her flamenco clothes for a while now. Sooner or later.

Today is The Christmas that we celebrate on the 25th. It is the birth of The Sun King into another year of seasons. When Christ said, “this is my body and this is my blood.” It meant that his spirit picked up the tab for the entire age. He is The Life that lives in us for the extent of the age. A new statement on that account is soon to be made and it will happen all over again, BUT... differently... because The Age of Pisces represents... Sacrifice, and The Age of Aquarius represents... Brotherhood.

Daily... I am stunned by what I see, and the levels of depravity that The World has fallen into. Some force... some inexplicable force... is holding everyone and everything in place. It is... another form of... controlled demolition. How is Europe managing the loss of Russian fuel? Any day now, the provocation that jump-starts The War is going to take place. Only The Grace of God can impede it.

The ILLEGITIMATE... US... government is soliciting migrants from around The World to flock to the southern border. The cartels have a drug railroad that runs through the entire country. The Chinese government is manufacturing tons of Fentanyl at a very... attractive... price, and flooding America with it, and it has the tacit approval of the ILLEGITIMATE... US... government.

The ILLEGITIMATE government is intentionally aligned with the destroyers of the country. Meanwhile... everyone stands around and watches. Sooner or later... “thar she blows!”

Between Fentanyl... and The Killer Vaccines... and all the rest of it... the outlook... according to appearances... is not good. Throw in bad diet... little exercise... except for sexual push-ups, and all the rest of the suicidal- lifestyle- patterns- and- trends; no... it doesn't look good.

My mood is excellent! It's probably the dozens of sunlight cocktails I have every day, and... as I look out my window... THE BAR IS OPEN! The bar is open all day long,, and I can drink until the cows come home... even if they never do, and... all... that... happens... is... I fall more and more deeply in love with the bartender who has the face of an angel. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but even in a cross-eyed myopia, I can see the radiance and splendor overflow the sky. It is not amazing to me that I can see this. What amazes me is that so many others cannot.

I think a switch needs to be thrown because I never had these experiences when psychedelics were not involved. Now I can. The states of consciousness that psychedelics provide is part of a greater bandwidth. It's always been there. We just didn't see it because of MATERIALISM. Yogis and mystics have long known about stimulating centers through internal action.

Heaven is a massive landscape... filled with toys that do not break. Heaven is something you carry with you wherever you go; the same as Hell. In Times of Material Darkness, a greater percentage of us travel like Hermit crabs... with stolen and ill-fitting shells. Our prison cell contains us wherever we are, if... we... are... so... disposed. Either you are a captive of The Darkness or you are a dancer in The Light. You would know.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

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Friday, December 16, 2022

"The Proximity to Hellfire. Hell is A State of Being that Generates Its Own Locations and Weather Patterns."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Trends and Patterns... if you happen to be watching the fabrications streaming across print and electronic media, and you know that they are fabrications.... then you can see in what fashion they seek to tune the human mind.

The JFK papers were released (so they tell us), and... for whatever the reason... they are admitting CIA involvement in Kennedy's assassination. We KNOW that the intelligence services were not alone in this caper and that 'others' were involved, including countries. He got shot because of his intentions for The Federal Reserve, which... is... not... federal, but a group of Linked repositories and flimflam paper mills. Always follow The Money; Cui Bono.

Netflix has a series coming out called The Watchers. It's supposed to be some kind of true story, meaning that it got made up so long ago it has to be real by this time. It's got Adrenochrome in it, AND... hopefully... you remember that this is the company that put out “Cuties.” IMDB doesn't even list Cuties anymore, BUT... it's all one company now. They tell you what they want you to hear. It doesn't matter if you were standing right there, apparently... you didn't see what really happened. It's like bobbing for turds at a Sandy Hook reunion.

It's like trying to keep a straight face when Alex Jones tells you The Saudis control Hollywood. It's similar to the convoluted arguments given by The Flat Earth Society which is also an invention of the intelligence services.

It's like the UFO industry that pumps out astonishing amounts of information about whatever the traffic will bear, BUT... has... never... yet... produced a bonafide ship or alien with DNA credentials. I don't care what that roadside attraction that is Roswell has to say about it. Maybe the truth about that matter is with the other 3% of the JFK papers. Maybe they don't and never did have the truth. Don't kid yourself about what the government knows. Certain groups... fellowships... brotherhoods... members of The Alien Alliance... have ALL been getting around governments for as long as governments have been in operation.

An important feature to be aware of is that The Sensory Bandwidth is quite narrow and only a very few of us can see outside of that bandwidth because the general attention and focus is so captivated by the objects reported by physical senses. Material Culture is a prison of The Mind. It is a penitentiary. The World is a prison for those attached to its attractions. It is a liberated zone for those not attached.

Governments... like Materialists... like Atheists... like Satanists... like religions... see everything through a carnal perspective. Certain doors of perception are closed to them. Their minds are limited to specific areas of enterprise and THEY... CAN'T... SEE... OUTSIDE... THEM. It is you who should be careful not to stray into their areas of concern. They don't know what they're doing and they don't know where they're going. You can get hurt if you get in their way.

Notice the excessive lewdness and lurid detail that is so prominent in these times. Note the intensity and variety of distractions that attend the cry for Diversity that INEVITABLY winds up in Perversity. Diversity is a blueprint for destruction of the culture. All of the trends and patterns in motion today are orchestrated by certain agendas. Bill Gates and others who are possessed by The Darkness... are full throttle... to throttle life... as we once knew it.

The journalists and media whores... who are the faces of the agendas... seeking to talk you into their perception of staged reality... operate in a nearly unbroken line of rot and corruption. They lie by intention when they know the truth to be other than what they tell you it is. Nearly all entertainers are toeing The Party Line BECAUSE... otherwise... they will get no work. You cannot put the truth into words or music or you will... be... marginalized. Of course... you can't put The Truth into words or music anyway, BUT that's beside point. (grin)

It's gone up several degrees of intensity. The pressure for teaching sexual perversion in schools from kindergarten to college is hot... hot... hot! I suppose it is the proximity to Hellfire. Hell is a state of being that generates its own locations and weather patterns. You have to go there to get there. No one forces you to go there.

Day by day... the intensity rises also in the AshkeNAZI homeland of Ukraine. Certain people are feeling the pressure to relocate because it is also getting hot, AND crowded (and dangerous) where they are. They have gone about it in the wrong way and poked The Bear. That has NEVER worked out well for those engaging in it. The only time Russia was brought low was from within, and... we have The Details on that affair.

They are seriously considering a nuclear attack. Putin may be left with no choice. The problem with sowing the wind is that you do... indeed... reap the whirlwind. It is one thing to strategize and plan to rule The World, which... has... NEVER... been... accomplished. It is another thing to be able to manage the consequences and the fallout of the aftermath. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy,” and... “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

It is altogether possible that The World winds up in a real-life scenario of the reality-TV show, Survivor. It's possible all this chaos and confusion is no more than a bump in the road. It's possible it keeps getting worse and worse for an extended period of time... in a general sense. According to another of those mysterious and inflexible cosmic laws... that means it will be smooth-sailing somewhere else during the interim. If it gets really dark in certain places, it will get really bright in others. It has to do with polarities.

You know what makes Climate Change so real and present? It's everyone talking about it. Weather is generated out of The Hive Mind. It's also a big money-making scam, just like every other get-rich-quick caper.

HOWEVER... this conflict you see external to you is a projection of the conflict within you. It's not about hunger... or climate... or population... or the economy. It is all the product of spiritual warfare. In parts of The World there are groups of people using sigils and symbols and chanting in strange tongues, with the intention to bring very... bad... things... into The Event Horizon for the rest of us. This is a time of SEEMING disorder between The Supernal and Infernal Realms. This is a time of harvesting and summoning and you are seeing... in real-time... the directions that large numbers of people are moving in.

When a people separate themselves from God, they migrate into darker and darker places where certain conditions and events are commonplace. Certain deluded characters and religious fundamentalists like to tell you this is God punishing you. This is actually you punishing yourself. When you go astray from God and His Kingdom, YOU... SEPARATE... YOURSELF from his blessings and company. Where God is not... Love is not. Where God is absent, Fear is present.

The watchwords should be; do... not... separate... yourself... from... God... where all good things are present, and where his angels are present. What is that urban promise you might hear on the bad side of town? Fuck around and find out! Well... there are people so disposed... AND... indeed they do find out.

What's this button here for? I wonder what happens when you do this? I can handle it. Here... let me try.

Keep your thoughts on The Supernal Realm. The most obvious face of Heaven is The Sun. If you CONSCIOUSLY link yourself in your heart and mind with The Sun, a power for change will be initiated in you... to the degree... that you permit yourself to be energized by it. Something profoundly magical and transformational comes into play when you put your attention on The Sun and seek to emulate it in your thoughts... words... and deeds.

There isn't any more than this that you need to know, AND... IF... THERE... IS, The Sun will be sure to inform you of it. The Sun is enlightenment in action, you simply have to connect yourself to it, and not for a week... or a month... or 3 weekends and a four-day intensive, BUT... in a complete totality of surrender to its everlasting... conscious light, channeled from The Source of All Light.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

"You Have Heard that Sunlight is The Best Disinfectant? The Sun Will Spiritually Purify You, IF... You... Let... It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Mini-Madoff; 'Sleazy' Make-Bank Fraud was arrested in The Bahamas, home of Funny Money International... yesterday... breaking all the traditional mores that USUALLY take a few months to get to The Action Zone. He was going to testify (virtually- I think) before Congress TODAY, so... those about to be implicated in this hog-squeal scene out of Deliverance, went to their rental cops at The Department of W.T.F. is Justice and they put their inside guy in small-boy-pants on ice... for the time being.

In another part of town, there's this guy with the most money in The World; except for The Rothschilds and Sundry... whose fortunes are on The QT. He's got The Midas Touch. USUALLY... when someone is playing both sides of The Street, they are trying to stay ahead of The Curve, around-the-bend of which... anything... AND... who knows what else... can happen... It is there... out of sight because of the curve... where they generally tangle... in order to shift appearances in a Three-Card-Monte kinda way.

He's making himself look like a hero. The question remains, is... he... a... hero? Can he escape the blame that is soon to be heaped upon his fellows? Is that the idea from the giddy-up?

That's the general... usual way of it. Like people changing costumes off-stage to fit the necessities of the scene to come... after which they change their outfits again. I... don't... know... what Elon Musk is up to, BUT... I do know a little about all his trans-humanist sci-fi. He likes wearing that shirt that says... Occupy Mars, BUT... it probably oughta say, Occupy The Human Mind... through an electronically manipulated brain.

In another part of town... there is this guy who was President of The United States, and who got evicted from his post via election fraud. I don't know if Make-Bank Fraud-Boy was doing a black money thing with that election too OR... whether it was mostly Schmuckerberg and Soros, which sounds like a law firm in Hell. I do know that it is eerie how nearly all of the big players come out of the same demon-graphic OR... marry into it.

This former president did a lot of good things, which motivated The Deep State, that PRIMARILY only does bad and worse things, to elbow him out of the way. HOWEVER... there is the matter of The Killer Vaccines... which he was involved with promoting (and taking credit for)... due to the fabricated COVID Scamdemic. I can grant leeway as far as his ignorance might have affected his perspective. I can grant no leeway as far as his still not knowing that these are instruments of monstrous genocide.

On the other hand... The World's richest man is now going to expose Dr. Falsie, AND... who knows what is going to come out of that?

I don't know the truth... the deep truth... about these temporary-in-passing vaudeville acts. I don't know if those are actual pig bladders they are using or if it's something darker. I ONLY know what appearances AND The Intuition tell me. Sometimes appearances are not a lie... BUT, are... instead... road signs on how to get to where they make the shit that flows downhill.

What I do know is that one scene follows another to a specific end that is not always telegraphed in advance. It's probably best to talk to the backstage seamstress. She is the one who sews identifiers into the labels... inside the costumes worn by the players. They say, “Good”... “Evil”... or “Indeterminate.”

I suppose this is meant to indicate that the roles performed by different players are all temporary and that when they take off the costumes... the identifiers no longer apply... until they show up cattle-calling for the same role again. That's not going to satisfy the millions who are out for revenge against those who got their revenge the last time. Everyone gets their cup of blood if they insist on it.

The ground is freezing in Ukraine. Soon... the tanks and other artillery, along with the infantry... are going to be assembling and driving across the whole of the country, leaving a parking lot in their wake. It didn't have to happen this way. They insisted on it. Mostly... everyone gets what they have insisted on. The problem with that... is the changes that occur... between their wanting and their getting... which... affects the desirability of what they wanted. Also... they didn't know what it was that they wanted in the first place.

Everything in the human phase, and everything below the human phase... that is affected by The Human Phase ARE... IS... the fruits of bad parenting. The transmission of flaws through the generational process is an observable-given. In times of Material Darkness... the parenting gets worse and worse according to the relative intensity... of the resident force of Materialism.

We were taught wrong things, and also the tactics of wrong thinking. We pass it on to our offspring... who pass it on to their offspring, and so on... and so on. I was born with innate characteristics passed on by my physical parents. Fortunately for me... I got new parents OR... I had them all the time. It doesn't matter to me which it is, only that it is.

The beauty of finding your real parents is that you get to free the previous generations, the ancestors that preceded you... and who stuck you with all their bad programming.

The Sun is my father and The Moon is my mother or had been... unbeknownst to me... until now. If you're not coming back, that's it... as The Moon goes, BUT... The Way of The Moon is pretty much Pro-Forma in The World of Form... on The Plane of Materialization, through the process of coming and going... here.

In order for The Sun to EFFECTIVELY be your parent, you MUST assume the posture of an unknowing child, and be emptied of false information. If you don't, the information that is then transmitted from The Sun will... not... be... properly... processed.

I had to overcome the vices and weaknesses of my physical parents, AND... that was no easy task. It is not easy for the most of us. I would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of my invisible friends, who burned up my garbage with celestial fire... also known as Kundalini, and... also known as The Fire of Heaven... most-excellently exemplified by The Sun.

You have heard that sunlight is the greatest disinfectant? The Sun will... spiritually... purify you, IF you know how to permit it. In Islam... they have this terribly misunderstood term called Jihad. Once again, this is probably an invention of The Priest-Class, along with pederasty in some cases, usury in some cases, and other less than delightful things; ♫ these are a few of our ugliest things ♫ Jihad... IN REALITY... is the process of having that spiritual fire cleanse us WITHIN. It is not about slaughtering unbelievers and converting them by the sword externally... OR worse.

Bad parenting is the origin of lifetimes of misery. Right-this-minute, Social Media is trying to play Mommy and Daddy in the minds of those in the state of terminally-arrested-development. You cannot learn something if you have already accepted a meaning for it, that blocks the truth of it from appearing in your mind, BUT... that's what The Awakening is all about. Those who are relentlessly seeking to manipulate humanity know ahead of time... in the short term... what is coming. They knew about The Awakening and that is why they came up with Woke.

They know that the scales are being adjusted. They know that the hammer is going to come down, BUT... they ONLY believe in what they can see... and even what they see... they are seeing wrong. They plot and scheme for generations to bring about the conditions they seek, which is the enforced servitude of all who survive their holocausts, BUT... they... do... not... see... The Glorious Light of God which knits together ALL time and events into The Purpose of Demonstration for HIS... OWN... ENTERTAINMENT.

If you don't get with the program, you are the food of the giant who grinds your bones to make his bread. I prefer another outcome. Each of us is given ample time to make our choices. It's probably a good idea to get it right in the first place. Even if you don't, I can assure you that further opportunities to get... it... right... do appear.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 08, 2022

"The Next Stage of The Great Incest is Upon Us as The Dark Serpents make The Land of Atavistia Tremble in Situ."

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They're going for a big squeeze this winter. They've been pressing with ever-greater intensity since they orchestrated 9/11. COVID... another fabrication... was dunned up for a further intensification, and then... to introduce The Killer Vaccines. The Killer Vaccines are now in a competition... with all previous historical accounts... with the intention of becoming the biggest mass murder event of all time. They are hot on the way to bypassing their previous record-holding numbers... in the murders of tens of millions in Soviet Russia.

The next stage of The Great Incest is upon us as The Dark Serpents make The Land of Atavistia Tremble in Situ around The World. They come into The Hive Mind like a poisonous cloud.... dancing the unholy dark fire of legendary perversions... into town and country everywhere. Where they are not immediately present, they are electronically present.

We always knew The Land Down Under was in for it because it was the... mind's-eye... bolthole... for all freedom lovers when Push and Shove came into town on The Depravity Train. It was the place we all thought we would run off to when it got unlivable where we were. I dreamed of Otago Forest many times. Technically, I guess only Australia is The Land Down under, but... for the sake of literary economy... we'll consolidate.

It seems that The Land Down Under is now really down under. The heads of state are persecuting Christians and elevating the Muslim culture because of the way the mean old Christians are discriminating against the LGBTQAD-NAUSEUM collective. It's common knowledge that fundie Islam is many... many... many... many... many times more opposed... and violently so... to the sexual low-kinks crowd. IT MAKES NO SENSE, and... it's not supposed to.

I've nothing against Christians or Muslims. I have studied in both faiths. I studied Islam because Sufism is a genuine path to The Kingdom of God. I got that directly from a representative of the same. I cannot say the same about the fundamentalist churches of either one. I stay away from Cash Register Religions.

Here's the thing, Evil has always been around. Most of the time it is kept in check... confined to certain sections of town... monitored and controlled, and The Good Angels act as a sanitation service, and also keep their eyes open for souls ready to migrate toward a better state of being... by learning how to act like a better person. Now though... uh-huh... Evil is trying to organize in a wide alliance... the whole sexual perversity thing is supposed to act as a unifier of uncommon interests.

They intend for something REALLY big and a greased-skid to absolute control, in... the... near... term. In other words, they want to play God. Now... this might actually be possible for them to pull off if... as they maintain... there is no God OR... as the case may be for some of them; maybe there is a God but he is cold and distant and doesn't much care what goes on down here. Neither of these are true. God is VERY... DEFINITELY... REAL.

God-intending souls are guided and led by the higher angels of their own nature. It is all one but it is woven into a mosaic... paisley prints of complementary colors moving from shade to shade... from light to brighter... living colors that are the mood of the location. There is an emotional weather climate and you have a great deal to do with the weather than comes to you.

The look of The World as it is portrayed in today's news is grim indeed... at every level; in the local sense, and at a wider reach. The Idea... according to those seeking to manipulate our perception of reality... is to get us to be complicit in the future they are trying to shape for us. Despite appearances... Evil has no power to act any more than Good does without permission to do so. I don't care what it looks like to you. Believe what you like. I KNOW that God is in The Driver's Seat, just as I know that I am also in the car.

I have no reason to want to be here. This... the appearances of the moment... are not my cup of tea. I PREFER... in a big way... to be where everything is music. Fortunately... I can also do that here, BUT... it takes focus, heh-heh. HOWEVER... I am here... sort of... AND... if I am here... I am here for a reason. Now... whether I know... exactly and comprehensively why... why I am here is not the deeper issue. Whatever my reason is... for being here... and your reason is... for being here, that is not the big concern. The big concern is how we carry ourselves, whatever... the... circumstances.

People go from bad to good all the time. People also go from good to bad too... all the time. If you are wondering how it got so colossally screwed up, it's not just The Evil Genii or The Usual Suspects. It's not exclusively this or that entirely. It is also The Generations that have shown up in these times, with their characteristic... collective interests... agendas... virtues... and flaws.

A movie... a book... they all have characters and all of the characters are involved in the plot... the storyline. There are various wind-ups... false trails... climaxes... anticlimaxes... denouements and morals present or lacking. The stories of yesterday are not the stories of today, and yet... they are.

Despite what anyone may be telling you, no one knows what's going to happen... when or where... good or bad. These are variables that will be specific to the personalities that dialed them up. However... you... look... at... it, you are on The Playing Fields of Mortality until that changes... and THAT doesn't happen very often here, so... you are on borrowed time.

Now... it could be that you are indeed already immortal, BUT... if you don't know that as... a... living... presence... you will continue to forget having been here again... and again... and again. There are deeper issues at work in life but they do not interest many people. Often... those who give the impression of looking the hardest are looking in all the wrong directions. As long as you are looking for the key or the answer in outer realms, you... will... be... going... the... wrong... way.

The indications on The Virtual Telegraph are not good unless bad is your preferred outcome; keeping in mind that Good and Bad are relative and subjective. We've got a whole lot of retarded Crowleyites running around believing that Magic is anything they say it is. Even if that were true, what... is... your... point? Yeah... you can force your will on The World for a time. Plenty of people have done so. I don't know where they are now, but I've read about their efforts.

You can force your will on The World for a time, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. That includes everything you think... and say, and do... anyway... from the git-go. It is what is happening right now, no matter where you are this moment or where you will be tomorrow. You are living in The Purpose of Demonstration ALL... THE... TIME! You can change The Demonstration. You can even change the purpose of it. That's all a matter of personal choice.

Everything that is twisted and screwed up here is due to The Personality. Everything undesirable comes out of The Personality. In some few cases... (we are hoping for more in times to come...) there are those who have learned to step aside and allow The Impersonal Self to express THROUGH The Personality. The Impersonal Self controls all personalities... whether they like it or not. I won't have anything further to say about that... at the moment.

Just what is it that steps aside to let The Impersonal Self flow through The Personality? Oh right, I wasn't going to talk anymore about that.

The World is trembling in the imminence of great change. While everyone is looking outward toward what is happening at a distance and in the near field, they are missing what is taking place on The Inside. It is on The Inside that The Outside depends. What is controlling everything is on The Inside. It has been on The Inside since this all first began. Because it is present and REAL, you can make contact. I know this for a fact.

There seems to be a great deal to worry about, and more of it every day. In many cases there is a great deal to worry about depending on one's focus. On the other hand... there is nothing at all to worry about depending on whose hands you leave the matter in.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 05, 2022

"This Game-of-the-Moment Smells Like a Dead Cat in a Dumpster that Did Not Get a Dead Cat Bounce. It Is what It Is."

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Obviously, there is something really weird happening. Elon is going to promote free speech at Twitter. Kanye-the-Coke-Commercial-Rapper flashes a Swastika... and says a bunch of things that I didn't bother to listen to... because Kanye was doing his Pulp Fiction pawnshop basement... sexual-submissive-thing. Then Elon bans Kanye for the Swastika. He should consider banning all kinds of Buddhists and other ancient symbology too. SOME KIND OF GAME IS BEING PLAYED HERE.

That dinner with Trump made no sense at all. Kanye running for president again... when he can't even manage his own life... is yet another thing, and then insulting Trump (who has a big ego) by offering him the vice-presidency. This game-of-the-moment smells like a dead cat in a dumpster that did not get a dead cat bounce. It is what it is.

It appears they intend to suicide him, but the character assassination has to happen first. This they have gotten his cooperation in. I don't know what kind of tactics they've been using on him, and all his contemporaries as well; it's not my department.

Something is up. Something big is announcing itself on The Wind. Reality is balanced on a knife's edge. Reality is that which knows... what... it... is. Everything else does not know what it is, and all you get... is the version being presented... to the people who can't pay attention... in the first place. It is really going to get wack... and wild, ♫ Step right up! Step right up! ♫ Yeah... it's a big going-out-of-business sale... some kind of flea market in the parking lot of Armageddon Stadium, AND... the game is going to begin... soon. Oh! What do you know? It already started.

Is this all a calculated mind-fuck for minds already dead in the toaster or... is it the backdraft of a dead wind blowing from a... place... no... man... should... go? I KNOW that all things work for good for those who love God, BUT... what if the passion is directed toward something else? What if it is inspired from somewhere else? Most likely... it is going to wind up somewhere else.

I know that all this sudden exposure of the perverted tastes of the uber-rich and influential is the work of Mr. Apocalypse, BUT... it is hard to tell... sometimes... if he is stirring it up or... pouring it into someone's cup or... simply getting out of the way, and then turning his searchlight on the manner... and direction... that it goes in.

One thing that should be common sense... axiomatic... is that The Deep State has knowledge of technology beyond what it commonly resourced. You might ask why did they step suddenly to the side with Hydrogen and gravitate to the functionally useless wind power... as far as return on investment AND consistency goes... and the limitations of solar energy as PRESENTLY applied.

I think it is safe to say... given the advance of computers and everything being reduced to an algorithm... that what we see in the forms of social change are directly relevant to the race... to some distant point... by ALL involved parties, AND... it has as much to do with technology as it has the impetus toward social control.

A large collection of particular personality types are going into self-destruct mode... shortly. My best advice is to stay out of their way in the interim. You can't help them. They are bound and determined. You can injure your own possibilities for a greater detachment by connecting- for some mistaken reason – with their ambitions toward perdition. You should not step out of your dharma to fool with the destiny of others; I know... I know... you just want to help. You know how many people have said that and what the various results have been?

The best way to help someone is to not appear to be doing so. Did I mention the power of prayer? Did I mention how profound that power is when united with the faith of a true believer? Even when they are wrong, it... is... an... impressive... sight. Faith... TRULY IS... the substance of things unseen.

Too many people are caught up in their fear and outrage over all the forms they create through their negative precipitation rituals; you know? Bringing into being your worst apprehensions, simply by believing in them with too much energy? You can't out-swim a shark. You can't outrun a polar bear. Doesn't mean you need to be afraid of them. It's your fear that gives them the power to hurt you. It is your fear that attracts them in the first place. It's karma that makes certain people forget this as soon as anyone ever tells them... and life has all kinds of ways of pointing out to you that you... are... going... the... wrong... way.

Musk... Twitter... is this all a staged event to turn the focus away from a cluster bomb of exposures concerning those we cannot name? I watch the bumper car... dodge-em games of all the bad chess players trying to beat each other, and then? I look to see what God's going to do about orchestrating their swerves and crashes for the purpose of demonstration. Once you realize, I mean... REALLY... realize that God is 100% in charge of the action and outcome, you... are... playing... for... the... winning... team. You are no longer in opposition to yourself, nor wrestling with the angels of your better nature.

The World is filled with the captives of The Separated Mind, in contention with itself... out of step with divine harmony... on the treadmill of the misfortunes of age, but... just as the Lord will feed his people in the wilderness, and I have direct experience of this... he can also free you from the material sufferings caused by your attachment to the source of the pain. Age does not have to be a time of difficulty. I can assure you, things... are... not... what... they... seem.

Yes... this world is a plane of suffering, but only if you connect to the causes of the suffering.

The more completely you come into The Moment, the further you can see into The Future. If you come completely into The Moment... it goes on forever.

I need to mention something that is becoming more and more apparent to me. I have mentioned it... often, from one point of view or another, but I have kept it as a... less... important... feature of life passing... than it actually is. It is a critical condition and it is intensifying by the day... by the week... by the month. As the emergent mindset of The Age Of Aquarius comes more and more into presence, the less tightly wrapped among us are losing it.

Some are harming themselves. Some are harming others. Some are desperately trying to hold on to that elusive sense of reality that they never had in the first place. What they had were less disturbing times, but also... quite unreal as well.

To make matters worse, there are malefic forces, and... their... representatives... are... afoot. There is also the more and more frequent rumblings of Lady Nature. I don't want to focus on what I see coming into The Event Horizon. I would rather devote my observations to positive resources. Rather than to curse the night, I would prefer to carry a light.

I have this light. It is generated by the flaming certitude of Determination that is kindled by the love in my heart, which exists... perpetually... as palpable evidence of The Presence of God, who... is... your... boon... companion... through The Valley of The Shadow of Death.

The great tragedy of life is how many of us stumble through life in a state of blindness, even though The False Light makes it appear that they can see, the events and conditions they encounter are proof of their blindness. If you trouble them in an effort to help them, they might well become very angry with you.

It really looks like some form of Perfect Storm is on the horizon... in a place where several different conditions come together... and create something unforgettable, and that might be why it happens. People forget. Unless they are deeply impressed... they forget. They get distracted by the minute, both inside and outside. Life goes by in a blur. Sometimes... The Powers that Be; not The Powers that Think They Are, decide it is time to take humanity to The Next Level.

Most of Humanity does not want to be taken to The Next Level. They haven't even had what they were after on this level. So... an Awakening is required, and... people react differently, so... the levels of severity... vary... widely. You may get a kiss on the cheek if that works for you. You might get shaken with force or... your situation may require a 2X4. Whatever is required, YOU... WILL... AWAKEN.

Then there is the consideration of how much you awaken. A quantum opportunity is present. This won't interest most folk, who are only attracted to the new forms that are going to appear in the new age. The World is about to change whether you like it or not. If you adjust to the highest point of the incoming frequency, you will do very well.

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